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Wyatt confessed, and Hope postponed her and Liam's wedding. Bill stripped Wyatt of all his Spencer accoutrements and went to appeal to Steffy once more for a future together. Steffy threw Bill out, tripped, and went into premature labor.
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The truth about Bill's fake affair spreads

The truth about Bill's fake affair spreads

Monday, May 28, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy attempted to send a text message to ask how things were. She deleted it and hugged a stuffed animal. Ridge called Steffy, who assumed the wedding had taken place. Ridge said it hadn't, and that was why he was calling. He explained that Wyatt had taken Liam upstairs in the middle of it, and Ridge promised to update Steffy when he knew more.

In the living room, the wedding guests were growing anxious about the holdup, and Carter volunteered to go upstairs. The upset Rick wanted to do it, but his wife said to let Liam and Wyatt work it out. Ridge believed the problem was about Bill, who was playing his boys again.

Brooke didn't want to jump to conclusions, but Rick told her that it was weird for Wyatt to stop the wedding for no apparent reason. Quinn didn't think her son would do it without reason. Carter and Donna tried to calm things down because they believed the wedding would shortly resume, but Eric asked what Ridge knew about it all. Ridge assumed that Wyatt had figured out that Bill had lied about something to do with Steffy, and Wyatt was telling Liam about it.

As time went on and the guests whispered among themselves, Katie texted Wyatt to ask if he was telling Liam. Donna wanted to put on music, but Maya didn't think it was time to dance. Thorne wondered if there would be a wedding at all, and he asked Katie what she thought the drama was with Wyatt. Katie replied that she couldn't imagine what Wyatt was saying to Liam.

Katie wandered by the stairs. There, Ridge pressed her about what Wyatt could be saying to Liam. Katie said she had no idea, but Ridge whispered that he thought Wyatt had figured out that Bill had been lying about his continued relationship with Steffy. Ridge asked if he was right.

More time passed, and Hope sent Liam messages. She was upset that he wasn't answering her. Brooke said that he was probably in a conversation with Wyatt still. Hope asked what Wyatt could possibly have to say to Liam. Hope decided that the men had been up there long enough, and she needed to know what was going on.

In Brooke's bedroom, Liam was anxious to get back to his bride and didn't think Wyatt was making any sense. Wyatt insisted that Bill had led Wyatt to believe something that wasn't true. Liam recalled that Wyatt had seen it with his own eyes. Wyatt replied that it had been a scam that their father had set up because Bill had believed Wyatt would take what he'd seen straight to Liam. Wyatt believed that Steffy had been fully committed and had never stopped loving Liam.

As Wyatt's words sunk in with Liam, Wyatt stated that Steffy hadn't been unfaithful after the one time, and she was devoted to a future with Liam. Wyatt had had to tell Liam so that Liam could make his own, unmanipulated decision before he married Hope.

Later, the men checked their phones. Liam said Hope was messaging him again, wondering what was wrong. Liam yelled at Wyatt, wondering what he should do. Wyatt was sorry and said he hadn't known what else to do. Exclaiming that it was "so messed up," Liam asked for the details about what had gone on.

Wyatt explained that Bill had gotten Justin to set up the romantic scene in the office with the candles and the lipstick on the pillow. It had been a trap and a con job that Wyatt felt he'd walked right into. Liam recalled that Wyatt had seen Bill and Steffy hugging in the corridor near the elevator. Wyatt agreed, saying Bill had milked it, knowing Wyatt had been watching. Wyatt believed that Bill had made it look as if Steffy had been doing more than expressing gratitude for him selling her the cliff house.

Wyatt went on to explain that he'd figured it out and confronted Bill, who'd tried to convince Wyatt to stay quiet because Liam and Hope were really meant to be with each other. "'Look at how fast he proposed to her,'" Wyatt quoted. Liam realized that Bill had given Wyatt the car to keep his mouth shut. "And the painting," Wyatt murmured.

"What the hell, man!" Liam screamed. On the defensive, Wyatt said Bill had played into Wyatt's desire for a relationship with Bill, and Bill had promised Wyatt a future at Spencer. Liam called Wyatt a Judas. Liam said that Wyatt had had the car and painting for a while; Liam was enraged that Wyatt had waited until that moment, in the middle of the wedding, to be honest.

Liam didn't get why Wyatt hadn't told Liam sooner. Liam felt that Wyatt's statements about that day at the office had literally changed Liam's life. Wyatt replied that it had been killing him, but he'd bought into the idea that Hope and Liam needed another chance. Citing how quickly Liam had proposed, Wyatt stated that it was kind of true. Wyatt asserted that Liam knew the truth, so Liam got to make his own decision about the facts -- not Wyatt and not Bill, but Liam alone.

Liam still brooded about Wyatt not saying anything sooner. Wyatt admitted that he'd been wrong, and he was sorry about it. Wyatt believed that they were each all the other had, and they needed to stick together. Wyatt felt that he was about to lose everything. "Including the car and the painting," Liam quipped.

Wyatt said Bill could have it all because Wyatt's relationship with Liam meant more, and Wyatt was sorry for what he'd done. Liam knew it and said he was too freaked out to be upset with Wyatt. Liam stated that he and Hope had been about to say their vows and would be married at that moment. Wyatt asked what Liam would do.

Hope bound into the room, upset that Wyatt had interrupted the wedding. She asked Wyatt to go downstairs to tell the guests that they'd be restarting soon. Wyatt quietly left, and Hope asked Liam what Wyatt had needed to talk about.

Liam couldn't believe "him." Hope asked what Wyatt had done, and Liam stated that he was referring to Bill. Hope wanted to know what was going on and why Wyatt had stopped the ceremony. Liam explained that Bill had set Wyatt up. Hope asked what Liam was talking about, and Liam explained that Bill had staged scenes to make it look as if he and Steffy were still involved, hoping that Wyatt would see them and tell Liam.

Hope surmised that Steffy and Bill weren't seeing each other. Liam said it had been a part of Bill's plan to take Liam's wife and daughter. Hope realized that Steffy had been honest the whole time, and the whole reason Liam hadn't gone back to Steffy had been based upon a lie.

Back downstairs, Rick asked Wyatt what the interruption had been about. Wyatt apologized to the guests and said that Hope wanted them to know that she and Liam would be down shortly. Carter asked if there would be a wedding. Wyatt stammered that Hope had said so. The guests began questioning Wyatt. They wanted to know what had gone on and if it had had to do with Bill. Ridge suspected that Wyatt didn't think the wedding would really happen.

Brooke said that Wyatt had just told them that the bride and groom would return. Wyatt told everyone that he didn't know what would happen. Wyatt announced that Ridge had been right, and Bill had been pretending that he and Steffy had been having an affair when they really had not been. Wyatt explained that he'd felt he'd needed to tell Liam the truth.

Bill and Justin collided

Bill and Justin collided

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

by Pam

Upstairs at Brooke's mansion, Hope and Liam discussed what they should do. They reiterated what they had learned and that they had discovered that Bill had fooled Wyatt into believing that Steffy had been with Bill "so he could have Steffy."

Hope noted that it had all been a lie. "You were going back to her before the lie. You sent her all those roses," Hope noted. Liam hoped that there was a hell for his father, and Hope said that people often damned themselves. Liam lamented that he had not believed Steffy even though she had tried to tell him. He worried that she had tried repeatedly. "Why didn't I listen? Believe her?" he wondered.

Hope noted that was a question Liam might want to consider in the future, but they agreed it was no help at that time. Hope suggested they needed to consider what they would tell their wedding guests downstairs.

Hope wanted to remember what had changed and what hadn't. She pointed out that Steffy had broken Liam's trust. She grew tearful and asked if Liam regretted making love to her or proposing to her. She cried, and Liam said he regretted nothing. He and Hope discussed that it was no one's fault but Bill's. Hope recalled that no matter what had happened, her answer to his proposal was always yes, "but not today, not like this."

Hope removed her veil, and Liam said he hated himself because he had hurt her. Hope said she wanted to be his wife, and she'd loved knowing that Liam had wanted to be her husband. Liam lamented that his father had tricked them, and a tear rolled down his cheek. Liam and Hope held each other.

Downstairs, Carter, Brooke, Ridge, Wyatt, Katie, Donna, Quinn, Eric, Thorne, Rick, and Maya waited and discussed what was happening upstairs with Liam and Hope. Brooke said she wanted to know, and she planned to head upstairs. Ridge and the others stopped her.

Brooke insisted the wedding hadn't been called off, and the ceremony would go on. Everyone looked to Wyatt to see if he agreed. He said Hope had wanted the ceremony to go on, but he was unsure what would happen. He apologized for the interruption. Ridge advised him it hadn't been his fault. Bill was to blame for everything. Wyatt promised he would never be manipulated by his father again.

Ridge discussed that Steffy had been truthful and that the only time she had been with Bill had been in the previous year, but Bill had tried to make Wyatt believe that he and Steffy had been having an affair so that Wyatt would tell Liam, so Liam would leave Steffy. Ridge noted that Bill had duped Wyatt. Wyatt was apologetic.

Brooke wondered why Wyatt hadn't said something sooner. She accused him of knowing that Bill had lied, but he had waited until the middle of the wedding to interrupt and ruin the wedding. "Brooke, you're right. I'm sorry," Wyatt said. Ridge suggested that Wyatt stop apologizing. He worried that they had "planned this quickie wedding" when they shouldn't have. Brooke looked angry.

Hope and Liam interrupted and thanked everyone for their patience. Hope carried her veil, and Brooke offered to help her put it back on, but she refused. Brooke insisted the wedding was "still happening," but Hope said it was not. Rick wondered if Liam had called it off. "No, I did," Hope said.

Hope explained that they had wanted to celebrate their future together, but the event had been pushed back "out of respect" for extended family. She announced that they would postpone the wedding, and she thanked everyone for understanding.

Katie and Wyatt had a moment alone, and Katie said that she was happy Wyatt had shared the truth. Wyatt said he couldn't live with himself even though Katie had said that Liam and Hope would be happy together and deserved a future. Wyatt understood. Wyatt said he would have to return everything to Bill and would lose everything including his job and house. Katie advised him not to worry because she had "lots of Bill's money to take care of us." She smiled.

Privately, Ridge sent Steffy a text message that Liam and everyone had learned what had happened and that Bill had lied to everyone. Ridge added that the wedding was off.

At the cliff house, Steffy read the message and was pleased. Later, Ridge called to tell her that Bill had created a plan to make it look like she and Bill had been together in his office, and Bill had made Wyatt believe that it was an affair.

Wyatt had also seen Bill hug Steffy at the Spencer elevator, and he'd shared all of what he'd thought was an affair with Liam. Steffy was surprised that it had been Wyatt who had misunderstood and told Liam. Ridge explained that Bill had set it all up and had known that Wyatt would tell Liam. Ridge encouraged Steffy to visit Liam at the cabin. "Go to him," Ridge said.

Later at Brooke's house, Liam and Hope were alone in the living room, and he wondered where everyone had gone. Hope explained that everyone had things to do, and things had changed since that morning when they'd believed they would get married. Liam wished he could fix everything. Hope told him she had to change out of her wedding dress. "You know I love you, right?" he asked.

Hope agreed and said that none of it had been Liam's fault. She said she believed in them. She told him not to say anything, "I wish I had half your grace and courage," Liam said. "I wish I had your name," Hope said, and she walked up the stairs.

At the cabin, Liam was ready to leave, and Steffy arrived. She wondered if Hope had been there with Liam. "I think she had enough of me for one day," Liam said. He told Steffy that he'd been on his way to see her. Steffy said her father had told her what had happened.

Liam explained that he should have listened and believed her when she'd told him there was nothing going on with Bill. "Life's not about getting it right because nobody does," she said. Instead she begged Liam to return home with her and the baby. They both put their hands on her belly, and Steffy wondered if the baby recognized Liam's voice.

At Spencer Publications, Bill quizzed Justin about what had been taking so long at the wedding. Justin made fun of the fact that Bill felt someone at the wedding should have been thinking of him. Bill encouraged Justin to call Donna to find out what had happened. Justin refused, and they argued about Bill's self-importance.

Bill changed the subject and ordered Justin to make arrangements for alterations at his house to accommodate Steffy when she moved in. Justin doubted that would ever happen, but Bill insisted it would. Justin felt everyone would find out the truth. "Wyatt will keep his mouth shut," Bill insisted. Justin disagreed.

Later, Wyatt arrived in Bill's office. Bill wondered if his son had delivered a piece of wedding cake, and he joked that it was good luck. Wyatt wasn't joking. He said only one man in the world cared about him, and "it sure as hell isn't you." Wyatt shared that there had been no wedding. "And I told Liam everything," he said.

Steffy and Liam discuss their future

Steffy and Liam discuss their future

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke, Hope, and Ridge discussed that Hope had called off the wedding. Ridge admitted that he'd talked to Steffy and had told her to visit Liam. Brooke and Hope were shocked, but Ridge said the situation affected Steffy and her baby more than anyone else.

Hope countered that she had chosen to not marry Liam that day, but she still wanted to marry him. "I didn't want our wedding day to be surrounded by all this," she said. She was clear that she wanted to reschedule the ceremony.

Hope angrily glared at Ridge and left for the cabin. Ridge insisted that Liam finally had all the facts and would return to Steffy, but Brooke said Liam's future was with Hope.

At the cabin, Liam and Steffy discussed what to do next. Steffy insisted it was time for Liam to "come home." She added that she and their baby had lived too long without him. "Time to come home," Steffy said. Liam looked tired.

Steffy understood that Liam had not believed her and wasn't ready to forgive her after Bill's manipulations, but she reminded him that he'd been ready. "If Bill had not manipulated this, we'd be together right now," Steffy said. Liam agreed, but he added that Hope still wanted to get married.

Steffy assumed Liam had called off the wedding, but Liam corrected her and said that Hope had called off the wedding because she didn't want every anniversary to be tainted with bad memories. Steffy insisted that Liam should return home with her. Liam reminded her that he'd asked Hope to marry him, but Steffy insisted it was time to restart their life together.

"I need you, Liam. She needs you," Steffy said of their daughter. She wanted them to be parents together. "Don't marry Hope. Don't marry Hope. Not now," Steffy begged.

Steffy and Liam agreed they would be parents together forever, but Steffy wanted them to be the "family we always wanted to be." Liam said he needed some time. Steffy pressured Liam not to rush into another wedding with Hope.

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Bill argued about what had happened during the wedding. Bill insisted he had done Liam and Hope a favor by creating a situation that would have resulted in their marriage. Wyatt reminded his father that it hadn't happened. Bill scoffed, but Wyatt said that Bill had used him to get Liam and Hope together to free Steffy up for Bill. Bill felt that Wyatt thought he was some kind of hero, but he had made a mistake -- "the biggest mistake of your life," Bill said.

Bill insisted that Wyatt would regret it. "Liam and Hope were happy," Bill said. Bill added that everything he had given Wyatt was gone. "Neon sign gone," Bill said. Wyatt countered that the car, the painting, and the heir apparent news meant nothing to him. "You threw it all away for what?" Bill asked. "For the truth, Dad. The truth," Wyatt answered.

Bill rolled his eyes and poured a drink. Wyatt dished that he hadn't wanted all the toys Bill had offered. He had wanted Bill's respect. Bill cruelly responded that all Wyatt would get was nothing. Wyatt noted that Bill's idea of loyalty meant hurting his brother. Bill called Wyatt a fool. He added that Wyatt didn't have the guts to run the company.

Wyatt said he wasn't as coldhearted as Bill. He would never meddle in his brother's marriage or be tricked or manipulated to ruin Liam or Steffy's lives. Bill said Wyatt would be rewarded with the "grand booby prize" and an exit from the company. Bill insisted it would all be for nothing because he would end up with Steffy.

Wyatt replied that Bill was sick to think he could have Steffy. Bill called Wyatt weak and insisted that no one would stand in his way to be with Steffy. Wyatt felt that Bill was insane. They argued more, but finally, Wyatt had had enough. "You're done with me, and I'm done with you," Wyatt said.

Hope entered the cabin and saw Steffy. She explained that Liam had left "to confront his father." Hope and Steffy argued about who would end up with Liam. Steffy insisted she had waited long enough for Liam to return to her. Hope said it had all been a horrible experience, but she was convinced she belonged with Liam.

At Spencer, Liam entered Bill's office and noted that Bill was looking out over Los Angeles and expecting the city to bow to his needs. Bill said he'd already heard from Wyatt about the wedding. Liam noted that Bill had tried to trick him into rejecting the mother of his child. He scoffed that Bill had demanded loyalty and respect, but Bill had a "creepy obsession with Steffy" and had exploited everything.

Liam wondered how Bill could be so cruel to Steffy, his granddaughter, and his family. Bill was unfazed. Instead Bill said that Liam was the one who was sick because he had constantly pitted Steffy and Hope against each other. "How fast did you run back to Hope?" Bill asked. He observed that every time Steffy had an issue, Liam ran back to Hope.

Steffy throws Bill out and has a perilous fall

Steffy throws Bill out and has a perilous fall

Thursday, May 31, 2018

In Bill's office, Liam was outraged that Bill thought he was the man for Steffy. Bill advised Liam to save the misplaced outrage because Liam had just attempted to marry Hope, which Liam wouldn't have done had he not believed that Bill and Steffy were destined to reunite. Liam noted that, because of Bill's tricks, Liam's outrage wasn't misplaced, and Bill was sick.

Bill stated that he was smart, and his union with Steffy was inevitable. Bill persisted to believe he was righting wrongs for himself and Steffy and for Hope and Liam. He advised Liam to return to his bride because Liam was meant to save the world with Hope. Bill stated that Steffy was meant to be with him. "Shouldn't we have the women we deserve?" Bill asked.

Liam asked if Bill realized he was talking about his son's wife. "Ex-wife," Bill clarified. He told Liam to face that fact that Steffy had only been Liam's wife because it had been what Bill had wanted. Bill said he'd had Steffy once, and he'd have Steffy again.

Liam replied that Steffy wasn't an object; she was a person who'd made it clear that she didn't want Bill. Liam asked if Bill thought his obsession was endearing. Bill replied that he'd have Steffy, and there was nothing Liam could do about it. Liam quipped that he didn't have to because Steffy already had. Liam stated that Steffy didn't want Bill and never had.

In Liam's view, Bill had created the one-sided relationship in his head. Bill understood how an outsider would see it that way. Liam asked how he was on the outside, adding, "I am the situation." Bill clarified that Liam was outside of what Bill and Steffy had had with each other. Bill felt that Liam was in denial about the intensity of what Bill and Steffy shared.

Liam felt that Bill was the one in denial, and Bill had twisted a crush into something that it had never been. Liam asserted that whatever Bill thought he had with Steffy was long gone. "Buried, not gone. Steffy and I buried our feelings," Bill persisted. Liam thought it was nonsense and said he knew Steffy better than Bill ever had or would.

Liam granted it to Bill that he'd had a flirtation. He felt sorry for Bill because Steffy had matured and moved on to becoming a woman who'd keep turning Bill down until it sunk in. Liam added that she was also a woman carrying Liam's child, not Bill's. Liam wondered if Bill had thought about his granddaughter. Liam questioned what had happened to Bill being all about family.

Liam wondered if it had been Brooke leaving. Liam recalled that Bill had obsessed over the skyscraper, but when it hadn't been enough, Bill had turned his attention to Steffy. Liam declared that Bill had no chance with Steffy and had made it worse after the newest thing he'd done. "You have no chance! None!" Liam yelled.

Bill quietly said he would once Liam choose Hope. Liam claimed that the only thing he was choosing was to be a good father, which meant keeping his child from Bill. Liam thought it was insane that he'd respected Bill and had been proud to be a Spencer. Liam felt sad to see Bill back where he'd been before he'd found his sons.

Liam said all Bill had was his scotch and work because Bill had pushed away his sons and every woman he'd ever touched. Liam wondered if the paid relationships Bill had with Alison and Justin would comfort Bill. Liam doubted it and told Bill to enjoy the well-earned solitude.

In the cabin, Hope told Steffy that the wedding had been postponed, not canceled. Steffy couldn't believe Hope still thought she'd marry Liam, and Steffy reminded Hope that Liam would still be with Steffy if it hadn't been for Bill's manipulations. Hope stated that she and Liam hadn't changed their feelings, and she asked Steffy how it felt to be stuck in the gondola.

Steffy sensed that Hope was really enjoying "this." Hope assured Steffy that it wasn't the case, and Hope was merely pointing out facts. Hope told Steffy that Hope had had to watch Liam marry Steffy. Hope asked if Steffy knew how cruel and malicious it had been. Hope was upset, saying that Steffy had taken Hope's place and trapped Liam into a marriage he hadn't been ready for. Hope wondered if Steffy, after becoming Bill's victim, finally understood how painful it had been.

In Brooke's living room, Brooke and Ridge argued about which of their daughters Liam would be with. Ridge understood Brooke's feelings as Hope's mother, but he said that, as Ridge's wife, Brooke had to learn to accept that Liam needed to go back to Steffy. Brooke said she could -- if it was what Liam wanted. Ridge thanked her and moved in for a kiss. Brooke halted him and asked if he, as her husband, could accept it if Liam chose to remain with Hope.

Ridge believed Liam wouldn't have to choose because Hope would step aside. Ridge said Hope would let Liam have his family because she was a good person who'd do the right thing. Brooke responded that Hope wouldn't step aside and shouldn't. Brooke didn't think Liam could let go of the pain from the betrayal. Ridge said that Liam had forgiven Steffy, and the pain was fading.

Brooke didn't think Liam would get over it, and she didn't blame him. Ridge insisted that Steffy and Liam had been manipulated. Brooke considered it ironic due to Bill and Steffy's past manipulations. "Karma isn't necessarily swift, but it does come around," Brooke concluded.

Later, Brooke was alone when Hope strode into the living room from the terrace. Brooke asked how it had gone. Hope said Liam had been off confronting Bill, but Steffy had been in the cabin. Brooke guessed that Steffy had already pleaded her case to Liam by that point. Brooke still couldn't believe Ridge had sent Steffy. Hope said it didn't matter -- at least she hoped it didn't.

Brooke didn't think Steffy had said anything that could change Liam's mind. Hope said Wyatt's confession might have changed Liam's mind. Brooke believed that Steffy had gotten to Hope and advised Hope not to let Steffy do that.

Hope asked how, and shrugging, Brooke suggested an elopement. Hope was shocked by the suggestion. Brooke asked why the couple shouldn't do it. Brooke advised Hope to go to Liam and say she wanted to get married right away. Brooke felt that they'd waited long enough.

Back in the cabin, Liam was alone when Ridge arrived to check on him. Liam claimed to be fine but then admitted that he wasn't because he'd just confronted his father. Ridge thought that it was a good thing Liam knew, and it was time for Liam to reunite with Steffy and put his family back together. Ridge stated that it had been what Liam initially had set out to do.

Liam shrugged, mumbling about how it had been before. Ridge said Hope would understand. Liam asked if Hope really would and wondered how she could. Ridge stated that Steffy would understand that Steffy and Liam would be together if it hadn't been for Bill. Ridge asked if Liam understood it. Liam said he did. Ridge urged Liam to go back to Steffy to live the life Liam had chosen.

At the cliff house, Steffy heard her front door opening. The moment she saw Bill walking in, she ordered him to leave. Bill wanted to explain himself, but she said he was done. Bill admitted that his actions had been ill-advised, but he claimed he'd done it for her and their future. Steffy stated that she had a wonderful future ahead that didn't involve Bill.

Steffy declared that it was her house. She wanted Bill to leave. Circling her finger between them, she told him to stop trying to make "this" happen because it wouldn't. Bill began talking about the night they'd made love, but Steffy yelled that it hadn't been love-making. Bill said she could pretend it hadn't happened, but it had.

Steffy said that Bill disgusted her. Bill replied that he thrilled her. He believed she'd eventually admit it and also acknowledge that Liam was meant to be with Hope. "Because you want it," Steffy said. Exasperated, Bill replied that it was just the truth, and Hope had always been Liam's first choice. Bill believed Steffy's time with Liam had happened because she and Bill had interfered with Hope and Liam.

Bill figured that Steffy could interfere again, maybe use her child as leverage, but Bill insisted that even if Liam was with Steffy, his heart would be divided. "You know that," Bill stated. Bill told her that she deserved a man who was completely committed to her.

Agreeing that she did deserve it, Steffy stated that she'd end it if all Liam could offer was half of his heart. She would end it the way she'd ended it with Bill. Steffy said she did not want Bill. Bill replied that she had once and would again. Steffy disagreed, and Bill asked why she couldn't see that he was looking out for her and the baby.

Steffy told Bill that he was lying and trying to separate her baby's parents. Bill claimed to be trying to give the child a stable home. Steffy yelled that Bill had taken away the stable home the child had had, but Bill replied that Liam and Hope had done that. Believing that Liam would have eventually left Steffy for Hope, Bill said Steffy could blame him for speeding up the process.

Steffy insisted that Liam had chosen her for a reason. Bill said the reason was that Hope had left the country. Steffy yelled that she and Liam brought out the best in each other. Steffy didn't want anything to do with Bill if he couldn't support her trying to put her family back together.

Bill agreed to support Steffy. He said he'd believe in her and Liam for as long as she did; however, when Liam left her for Hope eventually, Bill would be there for Steffy and would love her. Steffy said she didn't want Bill. Steffy wanted her family, her husband, and her daughter. Bill repeated that he'd support her, but she said he was just biding his time until Liam left her for Hope.

Steffy told Bill to get out. She said she'd call the police if he returned. Bill replied that she didn't mean it. Steffy refused to let Bill bully her and exclaimed that it was her life. "Get out! Now! Leave!" she screamed. Bill strode to the front door. Steffy hurriedly followed him and slammed the door behind him. She swiveled, tripped, and landed on her stomach. Grabbing her stomach, she gasped, "Oh, no!"

Liam helps Steffy through a complicated labor

Liam helps Steffy through a complicated labor

Friday, June 1, 2018

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge urged Liam to go Steffy, but Liam said that doing so meant turning his back on Hope. Liam's head was spinning, and he didn't know what to think yet. Ridge replied that Liam had all the information he needed about what Bill had done, and it was time for Liam to take his life back.

Liam began talking about Hope, but Ridge said to forget about Hope and concentrate on the idea that every choice Liam had made had been based upon Bill's lie. Ridge recalled the day Liam had decided to return to Steffy. Ridge claimed that nothing had changed since then, and he believed that Liam should just go home.

Liam noted that Ridge was missing the whole other piece, which was that Liam was in love with Hope. Ridge said Liam had opened his heart to Hope because he'd thought his wife hadn't been there for him. Ridge stated that she really had been and still was. He asked Liam not to punish Steffy for a crime she hadn't committed.

Ridge exited, and Liam received a call from a frantic Steffy. She conveyed that she'd fallen down. She was cramping. Her water had broken, and she wanted to go to the hospital. Liam offered to pick her up, but she'd ordered a car already. She asked Liam to meet her at the hospital right away.

At the hospital later, a nurse settled Steffy into bed. Dr. Phillips arrived and asked what had happened. Steffy explained that she'd tripped and her water had broken. She was upset because it shouldn't be happening so soon.

Liam rushed into the room, anxious to know what was going on. The doctor said she'd order an ultrasound. She asked Steffy to keep calm because panicking would worsen things. Before the doctor could leave, Steffy wailed in pain. Dr. Phillips decided that Steffy had gone into labor.

Liam asked if they could stop it. The doctor explained that the water had broken prematurely, which had triggered the labor. Steffy had another contraction. The doctor became concerned that the water had broken due to an infection, and it was best to get the baby out in case she had contracted it.

Dr. Phillips ordered an I.V. with fluids to help brain and lung development and then left to get some monitoring equipment. Liam held hands with Steffy and comforted her through another contraction. She asked him to call her father.

In Brooke's living room, Brooke told Hope that there was only one thing Hope and Liam could do. In Brooke's view, the wedding was long overdue, and too many things were trying to keep them apart still. Hope assumed Brooke meant Brooke's husband. Brooke believed Ridge would advocate for Liam to return to Steffy, so Hope and Liam needed to get married "tomorrow."

Hope assumed Brooke believed that Hope would lose Liam without being married. Brooke said she believed it was easier to drive a wedge between unmarried people. Brooke wanted Hope to get out ahead of things before Steffy and Bill hatched other plans. Hope asserted that she had no intention of letting them ruin her future with Liam again.

Brooke and Hope discussed how hard it had been for Hope to postpone the wedding. Brooke understood that Hope hadn't wanted her day to be filled with chaos; however, in Brooke's view, love was fragile, and Brooke advised Hope to cement her bond with Liam. Hope wondered if they should wait until after the baby was born, but Brooke replied that doing so would be like gift-wrapping and hand-delivering Liam to Steffy.

Hope laughed, but Brooke said she was very serious. Hope asked if she should give Liam time to process what he'd learned. Brooke replied that there was no time, and Hope couldn't give Steffy an advantage. Brooke didn't know if Steffy was aware that she'd do it, but Brooke was sure Steffy would use the baby to get between Hope and Liam.

Closing the front door behind him as he arrived, Ridge said Brooke had an interesting point of view, but it was Liam's baby, too. Ridge felt that Brooke was right about one thing -- the baby would tie Liam and Steffy together forever.

Later, Hope was gone, and Brooke and Ridge were arguing about their views of their daughters' situations. Ridge said it might not be Hope's time or guy, but Brooke refused to let Steffy take advantage of Hope again. Ridge wondered what Hope's view was. Brooke said Hope had a mind of her own. Ridge agreed, but he said Hope also listened to Brooke. Ridge asked Brooke to back off a bit.

Ridge received a call from Liam, who said that Steffy had fallen. Liam stated that the baby was on the way, and Steffy wanted Ridge there. Ridge got off the call and explained it to Brooke. She asked if the baby and mother were okay. Ridge didn't know, and he was worried because of the last time Steffy had fallen while pregnant. Brooke reassured Ridge and offered to go with him, but he said he'd be okay on his own. Brooke kissed him, and he left.

Hope returned to the room to find out how things had gone with Ridge. Brooke seemed uneasy, and Hope asked what was going on. Brooke explained that Steffy had fallen and was in labor at the hospital, according to Liam. Hope was glad that Steffy and Liam were together and said they needed each other. Hope also wanted the baby to be okay.

Back at the hospital, Ridge arrived and spoke to a nurse in the corridor about Steffy's condition. The nurse didn't have much information but offered to see if Steffy wanted him in the room. Ridge asked if the father was there. The nurse affirmed it. Ridge opted to remain in the hall, and the nurse said she'd let Steffy know Ridge was there.

In Steffy's room, the doctor had hooked up heart-monitoring equipment. Liam and Steffy panicked because they couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat, but to their relief, it began sounding through the machine. The doctor seemed nervous and said the heartbeat was decelerating.

Later, Liam helped Steffy through a contraction and gave her ice chips. The doctor was monitoring the heartbeat, which was still decelerating. She said it happened during contractions normally, but it would go back up. Kelly was experiencing variable deceleration, which could be due to umbilical cord restriction that was lowering the child's blood pressure. The doctor believed she might have to do a cesarean section.

Steffy didn't care how it happened, as long as the baby would be okay. Liam said it was happening, and they'd bring the baby into the world together. Steffy moaned through another contraction. Another contraction arrived after that, and Dr. Phillips realized there was no time for a procedure because Steffy had fully dilated.

Liam urged Steffy to hold his hand and said she could break it if she had to. Steffy groaned and pushed, and Liam said they were about to meet their daughter.

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