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Liam assisted Steffy through the rough birth of their daughter, Kelly, and before Liam could make a choice between Hope and Steffy, Hope broke off her engagement to him. Brooke believed Liam would be back, but Liam reconciled with Steffy instead.
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Steffy gives birth to Kelly

Steffy gives birth to Kelly

Monday, June 4, 2018

At Forrester in the evening, Brooke and Hope filled in Eric, Quinn, Pam, and Thorne about Steffy's morning fall and the resulting premature labor. Pam became really concerned about Steffy and the baby. Hope and Brooke assured everyone that Steffy was strong, and Steffy had the best doctors and the support of her father and Liam.

Pam wished there was something they could do to help. Brooke advised that everyone send positive thoughts. Pam wondered how the fall had happened. Hope was sure they'd find out in time. Quinn guessed it had to be hard on Hope, but Hope said she didn't want to go there. She just wanted to focus on Steffy and the baby. Pam said they hadn't even thrown a shower for Steffy, and Hope replied that they'd do it after Steffy delivered a healthy baby.

Brooke exited the CEO's office and went into the corridor to call Ridge, who was pacing outside Steffy's room. He was tearful and worried about Steffy because of the last time. Brooke asked if he wanted her to be there, but he said, "No, that's okay." Ridge was worried because the nurses weren't telling him anything, but he sensed they knew something was wrong.

Brooke reminded Ridge of how strong Steffy was. Brooke said that Steffy's dream of being a mother would be true, and Steffy would have a healthy baby. Ridge conveyed that he could hear Steffy crying, and he couldn't do anything about her fear of losing the baby. Brooke said that he was a great, loving father. She named all the people that were there with her and said they were all sending their love and support.

Ridge decided to get off the phone. Brooke said that she loved him. She asked him to stay strong because it was what Steffy needed. Brooke believed that soon, he'd be holding his granddaughter in his arms. "God willing, yes," Ridge replied.

After the call, Ridge looked into Steffy's room through the rectangular door window. He saw Liam coaching Steffy. Dr. Phillips was at Steffy's feet as Steffy pushed with all her might.

Back at Forrester, Brooke informed everyone that Ridge was worried. Quinn stated that Steffy was tough under pressure and would own the delivery room. Thorne said he was a little young to be a great uncle, but he was looking forward to meeting Kelly. Quinn was, also, and Eric said it would make her a step-great-grandmother. Thorne asked how that made Quinn feel.

Quinn claimed that it made her feel fine. Quinn knew that she couldn't replace Stephanie, but Quinn still planned to be the best step-great-grandmother. Pam figured that she had to move faster with the sweater she was crocheting. Hope was sure "she" would love it. Hope believed that Steffy and Liam would be great parents. Hope wished the baby would be okay.

While Brooke, Hope, and Pam conversed by the CEO's desk, Thorne, Eric, and Quinn talked amongst themselves by the conference table. Thorne asked Quinn about Wyatt. She said she'd messaged him, but she didn't know if he knew about the baby yet. Eric and Thorne discussed the hard decision Wyatt had made to disrupt the wedding. Eric blamed it on Bill. Thorne thought it was for the best, even though it had been hard for Hope.

Quinn was curious about how things would unfurl from there and said it wouldn't be a fun position for anyone. Thorne agreed, especially with Liam holding his baby for the first time. Eric thought it might help reunite that family. Glancing at Hope, Thorne said that Hope and Liam had a lot of history. Eric stated that those in question needed to sort it out because the baby deserved a strong beginning.

By the desk, Hope wanted to hear news. Brooke was sure they would. Emotional, Hope said she knew Steffy, and Steffy would protect the baby. Hope believed that Liam would, too. Hope said that Liam was probably holding Steffy's hand and giving her strength every step of the way. Claiming to know those two, Hope was sure they'd love and support the child forever. Hope stated that Steffy deserved to be a mother, and the baby deserved a beautiful life.

In the delivery room, Dr. Phillips was monitoring the baby's heartbeat, which was still lower than she'd like. She said she still might have to do a C-section, but Steffy believed she could keep going naturally. Dr. Phillips had administered a steroid shot to help with the baby's breathing. Steffy expressed her fears. Liam assured her that he was there, and they'd do it together.

After another contraction, Dr. Phillips received a note from a nurse. Upon reading it, the doctor said that Steffy needed to give it everything she had to get the baby out on the next push. It didn't happen that way after two more pushes, and Dr. Phillips received another note. It was about the baby's failing heart rate.

Steffy was afraid of losing the baby, but Liam reassured her. Steffy pushed more and deliriously said she was trying. She seemed ready give up and started begging Kelly. Liam made Steffy look him in the eyes. When she did, he told her, "You got this."

With renewed determination, Steffy sat up. She screamed and pushed for a long time, and Liam exclaimed that he could see the baby. Steffy continued to push, and Dr. Phillips exclaimed that the baby was there.

Liam and Steffy didn't hear any crying, and Steffy desperately asked what was wrong with her baby. Steffy began crying, and Liam asked her to let the crew do its work.

The baby still had fluid in her lungs. Dr. Phillips was doing something to the baby behind the blue tarp over Steffy's legs. Dr. Phillips kept urging the baby, and then finally, they heard cries. Steffy laughed, and Dr. Phillips congratulated Liam and Steffy and placed Kelly into Steffy's arms. Steffy sobbed about how beautiful the baby was and introduced her to Liam.

Liam was in awe of the baby's beauty and size for a premature baby. Dr. Phillips said that, for as far along as Kelly had been, she wasn't premature, just early. Dr. Phillips planned to do some more tests on the baby after the parents bonded with her.

Steffy and Liam awed and cooed over the baby and said they were proud of each other. Liam said that her parents would take care of her together, always, and he kissed Steffy.

In the corridor, Ridge stared at the family through the door window.

Liam and Steffy bond with Kelly

Liam and Steffy bond with Kelly

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

by Pam

At the hospital, Steffy held her baby daughter, and Liam marveled at both of them.

Ridge entered and said he had been outside her door the whole time. "The nurses told me. Meet your new granddaughter," Steffy said.

Ridge greeted his granddaughter and said she was beautiful. Steffy said she had to call her mother. Liam formally introduced Kelly Spencer to her grandfather. Liam said Ridge was the renowned designer and spoiler of granddaughters and daughters. Steffy agreed and said that Kelly already had everyone wrapped "around her finger."

Dr. Phillips entered and greeted everyone. She congratulated the parents and grandfather and said she needed to examine the baby and Steffy. Ridge told Liam it was their cue to leave. He and Liam walked outside the room.

At Forrester, Eric, Quinn, Pam, Thorne, Hope, and Brooke worried that they hadn't heard anything from the hospital. Pam said Steffy was strong like her namesake grandmother.

Brooke admitted that she missed Stephanie because she had always been able to pull the family together during a crisis. Pam said it wasn't a crisis. She added that plenty of babies were born before their due dates, and she had been one of them. Pam assured everyone that Steffy and the baby would be fine. Hope eyed a photo of Steffy with Liam in the office and looked nervous.

Brooke's phone rang, and it was Ridge. He reported that Kelly had arrived, and Steffy and daughter were fine. Brooke announced the news to everyone, and they were relieved and yelled "Congratulations" to Ridge. Brooke asked about Liam, and Ridge said he was a proud papa. He added that he planned to stay longer at the hospital, and Liam had gone out to get some air.

Ridge thanked Brooke for her confidence that everything would be fine. They hung up, and Thorne announced it was time to celebrate the newest member of the family. He and the others left to find a bottle of Champagne and other treats.

Brooke and Hope discussed that it had been an "intense" day. Hope said it had been frightening to think that Steffy could have lost the baby, but Liam "is finally a father to that precious little girl."

At the hospital, Liam returned and embraced Ridge. They peeked in the hospital room window at Steffy as she slept. Ridge said he had talked to everyone, and they were all thrilled. Liam smiled.

Liam wondered how a new father was supposed to feel. He explained that he'd felt every possible emotion all at once. "Sounds about right," Ridge said. Ridge and Liam chatted about how Kelly's birth could change the course of their lives. Ridge advised Liam to give Kelly a loving home with two parents.

Ridge admitted it might not be the perfect time to offer such advice, but he didn't want Liam to someday have regrets that he should have made it work with Steffy. "That's your family in there. They're here because of you. Choose them," Ridge said. Ridge added that Liam had learned the truth from Steffy about Bill and how he'd tried to derail Liam's marriage. Liam entered Steffy's room, and Dr. Phillips joined them with the baby.

Phillips said the baby was fine, and she gave her back to Steffy, who cradled the baby in her arms. "Just look at her," Steffy said. She and Liam were amazed at the feeling of being parents. They recalled that they had wanted her for "so long." Steffy said she had recalled the motorcycle accident in which she'd lost their first baby.

Liam said they had no worries. "She will be fierce like her mama," Liam said. He grasped Steffy's hand and kissed it. They talked about how Kelly was a miracle, and she looked like Steffy. They were both tearful.

Steffy told Liam she had to tell him something that would make him unhappy because she always wanted to be truthful. She explained that Bill had shown up at her house, and she had screamed at him to leave. When he'd left, she'd slammed the door and then fallen. "It was all because of him," Liam said. He was angry, but Steffy encouraged him not to express any negativity around her or the baby.

Kelly started to cry, and Liam apologized. "I love you," Liam said to Steffy. She was surprised, and they kissed. "Cha cha cha," she whispered. They both laughed, and Liam whispered "Cha cha cha" to Kelly. Ridge watched from the window and smiled.

At Forrester, Hope and Brooke discussed that Liam had a new life. Hope lamented that she had wanted to be Mrs. Liam Spencer, but she was happy for him. She knew he had to make a choice, but she felt she'd lost him.

"He just saw his daughter for the first time," Hope said. Brooke argued that Hope and Liam were meant to be together. She didn't want Hope to worry. Brooke embraced Hope.

Liam visits Hope

Liam visits Hope

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

by Pam

At the hospital, Steffy held a sleeping Kelly and said, "I can't believe we made you. Daddy and I made you!" Liam laughed, and they both agreed that the baby was amazing. Steffy added that she had spoken to her mother and brother, who were happy for them.

Steffy gushed that she and Liam had a daughter, and Liam was grateful that Steffy had suggested they name her after his mother. Steffy said it "made her (his mother) a part of our family forever."

Liam and Steffy stared at the baby and agreed that she was beautiful. Dr. Phillips entered and said Kelly was fine and that the family could return home later in the day. She congratulated Liam and Steffy and encouraged them to " be a family."

Steffy looked hopefully at Liam. Liam noted that Kelly slept soundly and had had a busy couple of days -- just like her mom. Steffy said it was all worth it. Liam looked at his watch and said he had to leave and would return before she was released. Steffy understood. "Hope must be hurting," Steffy said. She lamented that Bill had hurt all of them. "Hope didn't deserve that, and neither do you," Steffy said.

Liam agreed. "It's okay, go. I'll be fine, more than fine. I'm a mom to a beautiful little girl. Thank you for being here and supporting us. I appreciate it. Kelly appreciates it, too. I'm a mom now. I love you, Liam, but she's my life now," Steffy said.

Steffy added that she wanted to share her life with Liam, but she didn't know what he wanted. She added that she knew he would be an extraordinary father, and she couldn't ask for any more.

At Brooke's, Brooke asked if Hope had heard anything from Liam, and Hope said it was a special time for all of them and was also a "game-changer" for her relationship with Liam. Brooke encouraged Hope that she and Liam would find their way back to each other. Brooke blamed Wyatt for waiting until Hope's wedding day to admit that Bill had duped everyone.

Hope wasn't sure she and Liam would be able to work through it, and Brooke embraced her and told her it would work out. Hope said she had to be realistic, but Liam was on his way to see her. Brooke believed that Liam and Hope were meant to be together.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt discussed that Wyatt had interrupted the wedding, but it was good that he'd told the truth. They laughed that "Uncle Wyatt" had a nice ring to it, but Wyatt grew serious and said that he had no job, no inheritance, and no car. Quinn said Bill was a "hateful manipulator." Wyatt said, "He is who he is."

Wyatt lamented that he'd changed Hope, Liam, and Steffy's lives forever. He and Quinn discussed that Wyatt didn't regret telling the truth, but he regretted that Bill had played him.

Quinn said it made her blood boil. She didn't want Wyatt to blame himself. She promised that Bill would get an earful from her, but Wyatt said it wasn't worth it. Wyatt planned to visit and apologize to Steffy and Liam. He also felt horrible for what the truth had done to Hope. "She lost big in this situation," Wyatt said. He added that Liam and Steffy had a beautiful daughter. "Hope's whole life hangs in the balance," he said.

Quinn said Bill had messed with too many lives and ruined one marriage -- and possibly two. "He's pining away for a woman he is never going to have," Wyatt said. He figured Hope hated Bill more than anyone.

Later, after Liam had left, Quinn and Brooke met, and Quinn asked about Hope and added that Wyatt felt horrible. Brooke said Hope was waiting to hear from Liam, but she was upset with Wyatt for waiting so long to tell the truth.

"Wyatt was played by his own father," Quinn said. Brooke was angry that he'd "sat on that information." Brooke added that Hope's heart had been broken, and she didn't know if Hope would ever get over the pain. Quinn defended Wyatt, but Brooke was angry that he had kept the information to himself.

At the hospital, after Liam had left, Wyatt visited Steffy and apologized to her. Steffy said she understood how Bill had fooled Wyatt, but she was upset that he'd learned the truth and not shared it earlier. "Dad has a way of getting inside your head," Wyatt said.

Steffy was upset that Wyatt had lied to her, but she said it didn't matter. Her life had changed. "First and foremost is this little peanut right here," she said about the baby. She wondered if Bill had taken all the bribes back, and Wyatt said he had.

Steffy held Wyatt's hand, and he wondered if she knew what Liam would do. She said she had no idea, and she, of course, wanted him to stay with her and Kelly. She said she would give her daughter "a secure home regardless of what Liam decides." She knew he would be a great father no matter what.

At Brooke's, Liam entered, and Hope congratulated him. Liam gushed about how beautiful his daughter was and how scared he and Steffy had been. Liam recapped how the baby hadn't cried right away at birth, but when she had, "it was beautiful." He added that he'd cut the umbilical cord.

Hope asked about Steffy. "She's happier than I've ever seen her," he said. He added that he was proud of her. Hope looked sad. Hope said it all sounded amazing. She knew he would be a great father. Liam admitted his priorities had changed because he'd become "responsible for a little life now."

"And I'm thrilled for you. Really, I am, but what does this mean for us?" Hope asked

She reminded Liam that they had almost been married, and she had been wearing his ring. "Do you want a future with me, or has that changed, too? Do you want to reunite with Steffy and your little girl?" Hope asked. Liam looked thoughtful.

Hope makes it easy for Liam

Hope makes it easy for Liam

Thursday, June 7, 2018

At the hospital, Eric and Ridge fawned over Kelly and Steffy. Eric said Steffy was lucky that Kelly had picked her, and Steffy liked the idea of Kelly picking her. Dr. Phillips arrived with discharge information. Eric asked if the doctor had given Steffy "the handbook."

Dr. Phillips didn't know what it was, and Ridge said it was the guide to keep parents from screwing up. Dr. Phillips was fresh out of those, but she believed Steffy had good instincts. Steffy added that she also had Eric and Ridge, who'd teach her all about parenting.

The doctor left to get papers, and Steffy couldn't believe she was finally going home with the baby. Ridge thought she'd have her husband, too. In Ridge's view, the baby was real, not just an idea for Liam, and Ridge was sure the three would go home as a family.

Later, Eric was gone, and Ridge and Steffy watched the baby and talked about how much Eric would probably be visiting Kelly. Steffy hoped Eric would be in the child's life for a long time and hated that Stephanie didn't get to be there for it.

Ridge figured that Stephanie would be giving Liam a lecture. Steffy wondered if it would really be that way because Liam had been pretty wonderful. Ridge revealed that he'd chatted with Liam earlier, and Steffy guessed that was why Ridge was confident about Liam going back home. Ridge asked where else Liam would go but to the family that he'd created.

At Forrester, Thorne looked for Ridge in the CEO's office. There, Brooke explained that Ridge had taken Eric to see the baby. Thorne asked if she hadn't wanted to go, and she replied that she was giving them time alone. He assumed it was difficult for Brooke, who had to be wondering what it all meant for Hope.

Brooke was happy for the family, and she was trying to stay positive for Hope's sake. It just wasn't easy because Liam and Steffy had become parents. Thorne said it made Hope's future uncertain. Brooke believed Kelly would be loved, but it didn't mean Liam had to give up Hope.

Later, Thorne was with Eric in the CEO's office, going over Eric's cell phone pictures from the hospital. Thorne said that Brooke thought Liam and Hope would still get married. "After this?" Eric asked. He believed that Liam wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he didn't do everything to give Kelly a family.

Eric and Thorne agreed that it would be hard for Liam do it to Hope, but family came first. Thorne said it was the family motto. "Family first," Thorne stated, and Eric repeated it.

At Brooke's house, Hope understood that things were changing for Liam, but she wanted to know if he still wanted to be her husband. Liam claimed that it was hard to focus on anything but Kelly. Hope believed it should be that way, and she planned to enjoy watching him be a father. She didn't think it would take too many nights away from the child to realize that he needed to be with the child, and it meant he needed to be with Steffy, too.

Hope refused to get between Liam and his child. "Hope, I -- " Liam stammered. Hope said she'd hate herself if she got in the way of him being there for his child. Liam said he would be there, but Hope replied that it wouldn't be part-time. She recalled that he'd been on his way back to Steffy before Bill's manipulations had made Liam give up on a marriage when he hadn't been ready. Hope could see in Liam's eyes where he felt he needed to be, even if he couldn't say it.

Though it hurt, Hope was okay with it. Liam stated that he loved her. Hope replied that she hadn't doubted it, and she loved him, too. She cared too much to get in the way of his family. Hope removed her ring and placed it in his hand. Liam started to speak, but she implored him not to say anything. Liam hugged Hope, and she sobbed.

Later, Brooke descended her staircase and asked Hope, who was solemnly standing in the living room, what had happened and if Liam had been there. Hope showed her naked left hand to Brooke and said it was how it had to be. Brooke disagreed, but Hope said she couldn't keep Liam away from his child. Hope believed he'd have a good life with Steffy and possibly more children. Hope couldn't deprive him of it.

"You broke it off?" Brooke asked as Ridge entered the house. Hope replied that it had only been so Liam hadn't had to do it. She'd seen in his eyes where he needed to be. Ridge thanked Hope for putting the baby first. Hope said it was the only way. Almost bursting into tears, Hope excused herself. Brooke told Hope to wait, but Hope said she'd be fine, like always.

Hope went upstairs, and Ridge told Brooke that Hope would be fine and was doing the right thing. Ridge felt that they needed to support the family the way that Hope was, and he asked if Brooke understood that. Brooke slowly agreed. She said she'd love Ridge's grandbaby. It just wasn't easy to see what was happening to Hope, who didn't deserve it.

Upstairs, Hope sulked and flashed back on times with Liam and the wedding. She twisted her naked finger and fought back sobs.

Back at the hospital, Liam arrived just as Dr. Phillips was checking Steffy out. Steffy thanked the doctor and hugged her. Liam hugged Dr. Phillips, too, and she exited.

Steffy wished she could take the hospital staff home with her. Liam was willing to hire help if she needed it. Steffy was sure she'd be fine. Liam didn't want Steffy to feel alone and said that, no matter what happened between them, they were parents together. He stated that they'd have each other's backs for the rest of their lives.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam arrived with the baby. A few balloons and celebration decorations were around the living room. They talked about the memories Kelly would make there, just like her parents had. Looking at the picture on the wall, Liam said hanging it had been one of them. They preferred it to the priceless art.

Steffy said that she and Kelly were home safe, and Liam could go if he had more important things to do. Liam didn't know what things would be more important than "this." He said nothing would be more important than the baby,

no matter what else he had going on. Steffy replied that she was being realistic and knew he had other people in his life.

Chuckling, Liam stated that it was Kelly's first night home, and he wanted to be there. Steffy was surprised that he wanted to spend the night. Liam hoped it was okay. Steffy asked Kelly if she'd heard that her father wanted to spend the night. Steffy stated that she wanted the baby to be their priority, and she didn't want Kelly to know about what had gone on the last months.

Steffy just wanted Kelly to know that she had her parents, whether they were together or not and no matter what the future held. Liam agreed. For Steffy, it felt like a new beginning as parents. She asked if Liam felt how powerful it was. Liam said it was all he felt and all he wanted to feel. Liam told Kelly that her father was home and wouldn't go anywhere.

Liam makes another decision about the future

Liam makes another decision about the future

Friday, June 8, 2018

At Brooke's house, Hope was still upset about the breakup. She felt bad about sulking, but Brooke said Hope had every right to be upset. Hope stated that after all the false starts, it had been finally set to happen. Hope felt it had been the last chance, and she'd lost Liam forever.

Hope believed she should have known because Liam had been about to go back to Steffy before the engagement. Hope had been up all night, thinking of how she'd handle encounters with Liam, Steffy, and the baby. Hope even began to question her decision to return to Los Angeles. Brooke asked Hope not to say such things.

Though Hope and Liam had only been back together for a short while, it had felt real to her. Brooke believed it had been real, and it still was. Hope felt bad about rushing it, but she said she and Liam had both wanted it. Brooke asked Hope to stop being hard on herself, but Hope wished she hadn't gotten her hopes up. She wished she hadn't let herself believe that she could have a future with the man she loved, only to have it taken away.

Brooke asked Hope to stop it and to not give up yet. Brooke said that Liam would spend time with Steffy and the baby and get acclimated to being a father, but it didn't mean the end of Liam's feelings for Hope. Hope said they'd called off the wedding. Brooke stated that it didn't mean it was over, and she suggested that the couple was just taking a break.

Brooke didn't think Hope should give up on the love of her life. Hope stated that Liam had a child with Steffy. Brooke started to say what would happen once Steffy and Kelly got settled, but Hope interjected that she wouldn't get between Liam and his child. Brooke said she wasn't telling Hope to do that, because he'd figure it out once things settled down.

Brooke referred to herself and Ridge and said anything could happen -- Liam could walk through the door at any moment. "You have to believe, honey," Brooke said. Brooke stated that Steffy had done something horrible. It had been something Hope would never do, and Brooke had to believe that, for as good as Hope was, some good would return to her. Hope wanted to believe it. Brooke didn't think Liam had forgotten why he loved Hope.

At the cliff house, Steffy sneaked into the living room after getting the baby to sleep. Liam handed her some coffee. He had poured himself a cup, too, because his herbal tea days were over, and he needed high octane. The two discussed Kelly being awake for Taylor's visit, and Steffy remarked that the baby was attached to Liam.

Steffy wanted Liam to spend as much time as he could with the baby, and Liam assured her that he had nowhere to be. She alluded to other things in his life, and Liam revealed that he and Hope had broken off their engagement. Steffy was surprised to hear it. Liam said he and Hope had talked, and she'd removed her ring.

Steffy had believed Liam was just there to help out. She recalled him saying he wasn't going anywhere. The baby started crying, and going into the other room, Liam decided it was his turn to check on her.

At Forrester, Thorne and Ridge had a meeting about some sketches. Ridge approved Thorne's bohemian chic design, and Thorne offered to tell Hope. Ridge didn't think Hope would be in that day. Assuming Hope and Liam had broken up, Thorne said he'd wondered how that would go. Ridge didn't know why they hadn't waited until after Liam's child had been born. Thorne wondered if it meant a reconciliation for Steffy and Liam, but Ridge said he didn't know.

Later, Ridge was alone as he called Steffy to check on her and the baby. Steffy let him know that Liam had spent the night and was helping. Glad to hear it, Ridge said she could call if she needed anything. Steffy relayed that Liam and Hope weren't engaged.

Ridge said he'd seen Hope after the breakup had happened. Steffy didn't want to get her hopes up about Liam telling her that he wasn't going anywhere. Ridge advised that she just rest assured that she was Liam's priority.

Ridge ended the call, and Thorne returned to the room. Ridge told his brother what was going on with Steffy and Liam, and Thorne said it was a good start. Thorne supported it, but he felt bad for Hope. Ridge believed it would be hard on Hope. Thorne was adamant that it would be hard on Ridge, too, because Brooke wanted Hope with Liam.

Ridge felt that he and Brooke would figure it out like they always did, and it was about the baby at that point. Thorne said it might have been before Liam had proposed, but at that point, Hope and Liam had thought they'd have a future together. Thorne believed that had changed things, but Ridge felt that the baby had changed things. Thorne wondered what Liam would do about it.

Back at the cliff house, Liam returned to the living room after putting the baby down. He expected she'd need another feeding soon. Steffy asked to talk about the breakup with Hope, and Liam said Hope had realized that she couldn't stand in the way of "this." He felt bad for taking it so far and hurting so many people. He said he was supposed to be a person who didn't let people down.

Steffy noted that Liam had been there for the baby from the moment they'd found out about the pregnancy. She felt that everyone made mistakes, but he'd been amazing with their daughter. Liam believed that what Steffy had done had been the amazing thing, and he, Steffy, and Kelly were a real family. Steffy didn't want to pressure Liam, but she needed to know what he meant.

Liam felt that Steffy had a right to know what was going on, but before the conversation went further, the baby cried. Steffy said she'd feed Kelly and return to talk. Once Steffy was gone, Liam flashed back on times with Hope.

In the bedroom, Steffy got the baby back to sleep. As she stared at Kelly, Steffy flashed back to Liam saying that when he looked at her, all he could see was Bill's hands on her. Steffy returned to the living room to resume the talk with Liam.

Steffy told Liam that she'd thought about the day he'd said he couldn't look at her, but before Bill had stepped in with his scam, something had happened to make Liam find forgiveness. She asked if it was still possible. Liam said he'd meant it when he'd said he wasn't going anywhere. He wanted to be a family in every sense of the word -- mother and father, husband and wife.

Steffy grew tearful and asked if Liam was just caught up in the birth of the baby. Liam stated that she was the mother of his child, and he felt for her more than he ever had. Liam believed that they'd been sabotaged, and he didn't want Bill to win. Liam didn't want Kelly to grow up without the kind of love in the portrait they'd put up.

Tired of being angry, Liam wanted to use the wounds his father had inflicted upon him to be the best father he could be. Liam believed he'd found forgiveness in Kelly, and he could see it in Steffy's eyes. Liam no longer saw the past; he saw a future that he wanted to spend with Steffy and their daughter. Steffy was sobbing, and Liam told her that he loved her and would never leave her again.

Liam leaned in and kissed Steffy. She asked what the smell was and if he smelled it, too. From her pocket, she retrieved a dirty diaper. They laughed, and as she threw it away, she asked if they were doing it, dirty diapers and all. Liam said they were, and they kissed.

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