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Katie and Wyatt parted ways for good, and Thorne pounced on the newly single Katie. The new Forrester interns collided, and Xander was quite happy that Emma had hit him in the face. Wyatt helped Sally and found himself on the wrong end of a gun.
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The new Forrester interns collided
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Justin wants Emma to keep her identity a secret from the Forresters

Justin wants Emma to keep her identity a secret from the Forresters

Monday, June 11, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy had just put the baby down. Steffy's anxious father was willing to watch the baby while his daughter rested. Steffy planned to take Ridge up on the offer, but for the time being, she didn't want to miss a thing.

Steffy stated that she, Kelly, and Liam were finally a family, and Ridge asked if it meant what he thought. Steffy replied that Liam was returning home. Ridge was excited and couldn't believe what he was hearing. Steffy said it was true. Liam wanted to be a family, and they'd make it work that time. The ecstatic Ridge swept Steffy into a hug.

Steffy believed Liam had finally found forgiveness, and he'd never leave her again. Ridge thought she looked happy. Steffy said she was happy, excited, and exhausted. The baby's cries floated in through the monitor. Steffy looked at the live feed on it and went into the bedroom.

When Steffy returned, Ridge inquired about the photo of Liam and Steffy on the wall. Steffy said she'd wanted it to be there so that Kelly could feel her father's presence, but with Liam returning home, it was just another picture on the wall. Ridge expressed happiness for Steffy.

At Brooke's house, Brooke handed Hope some tea and said it would make Hope feel better. Hope thought it would take more than tea to fix her. Brooke felt that Hope needed some self-care, but Hope stated that she might need to get back to HFTF, which she'd let slide. Brooke insisted that everyone would understand, and Hope needed to take care of herself.

Hope felt split in two. She'd looked forward to being a stepmother. Hope said Liam had it all, and she asked when she got to be as lucky. She believed they'd been so close, minutes away from being married. Brooke still couldn't believe Wyatt had interrupted the ceremony. Brooke was angry at Bill for what he'd done to Wyatt, Steffy, and Liam, and for Hope's heartbreak.

Hope said she'd be fine. Brooke thought Hope should be happy with the man she loved, and Brooke wished Wyatt had waited until after the wedding, so that Liam and Hope could deal with Bill's lie as husband and wife. Hope didn't blame Wyatt for being truthful. Hope blamed Bill and said that if it weren't for him, she'd be happy.

Putting on her shoes, Hope said she couldn't sit there when she had a purpose, a line, a team, and people depending on her. For Hope, work would be a welcome distraction. She said Brooke was not only her mother but also her best friend and a safe place where she was never judged or diminished. Hope was grateful for it, and having Brooke in her corner made Hope's trials easier for her to get through. Brooke shed tears and hugged Hope.

Hope invited Brooke to go to work with her, but Brooke decided to wait for Ridge. Just then, Ridge arrived, and Brooke asked where he'd been. Hope assumed he'd been at the cliff house. Ridge said he'd been checking on the mother and baby, and Steffy was running on a first-time mother high. Hope asked if Liam had been there, and Ridge said Liam had been running errands. Hope asked if Steffy and Liam were back together.

Ridge affirmed it, and Hope said it was how it had to be. Ridge was surprised she supported it. Hope stated that the parents had to do what was best for the child, and it didn't get better than two parents in a stable home. Ridge said Hope was remarkable. Brooke agreed. Deciding that it was time for her to be remarkable at work, Hope exited. On the doorstep, she started sobbing.

Back inside, Ridge told Brooke that he loved Hope, and he wanted her to be happy. "Just not at Steffy's expense," Brooke murmured. Ridge replied that Liam had decided to put his family first, and he wouldn't leave again. Ridge wanted Brooke to encourage Hope to move on.

Brooke was tired of Hope being hurt all the time. In Brooke's view, it wasn't fair. Brooke said Liam had chosen Hope, and they should have been together for years. Brooke even felt that the baby should be theirs. Ridge stated that it wasn't, and wagging her finger, Brooke said it was because of Bill's constant interference.

Ridge admitted that it was probably true, but to him, Hope still needed to move on. He felt Hope needed to hear it from Brooke and asked if it was what Brooke was telling Hope. Brooke said it wasn't exactly, and he asked what she was doing. She stated that she'd been telling her daughter to follow her heart and have faith. Ridge groaned. Brooke added that she'd been advising Hope to go after what she wanted.

"Why would you do that?" Ridge pointedly asked. Brooke said to look at them. She said that she and Ridge had done it, and "here we are today!" Ridge glared at Brooke, and she relented, admitting that she had to respect that Liam and Steffy were a family. "I don't have to like it, though," Brooke concluded.

Pulling out his phone and showing pictures of Kelly and Steffy, Ridge asked if Brooke liked that or not. Brooke said the baby was beautiful. Ridge stated that Steffy and Kelly would be best friends like Brooke and Hope. Ridge was sure Brooke didn't want to wish ill on them.

Brooke replied that she didn't. Ridge hoped that he and Brooke were okay. He said he loved her. Brooke reluctantly got off her defense and said she loved Ridge, too. They hugged.

At Spencer, Justin was happy to see Emma, his niece. She was surprised that he felt that way. Justin apologized for not being available, but he said that he was the number two guy who had to step up when Bill was out of town "like this." Justin asked how the internship was and how the Forresters were treating her.

Emma raved about the job. Justin asked if the Forresters knew that Emma was a Barber. Emma replied that they didn't. Justin stated that he'd been married to Donna, but his name wasn't too good around Forrester due to his association with Bill.

Emmy arrived to drop off papers and asked who the young lady was. Justin introduced the ladies, and Emmy cooed that she and Emma had similar names. Justin claimed to have hired Emmy because she reminded him of his niece. Emmy quipped that Justin hadn't hired her.

After Emmy left, Justin asked Emma what she liked about the internship. Emma loved working with Hope, whom Emma had idolized for years. Emma's phone chimed, and after checking it, she decided that she had to get to work. Justin had one more question before Emma left, and he asked if his talented niece was still dancing. Emma replied that she was still taking classes. She felt most alive when she was dancing.

Justin asked what Emma did at Forrester. "Intern stuff," she responded. Excitedly, she added that she'd been assigned to the HFTF relaunch. He considered that to be huge, and he urged her to find ways to stand out, whether it be being the best coffee runner or having the next big idea in the fashion world. Justin cooed over his niece and the big things she'd do at Forrester.

At Forrester, Maya and Pam offered their advice on a design Thorne was working on for HFTF. The three briefly discussed Thorne stepping up to help Hope while she dealt with her issues, and Maya said that Hope at least had work to fall back on. Checking her watch, Maya wondered why Emma the intern hadn't made it to work yet.

Later, Maya wondered if one of them should call Hope. Thorne didn't want to pressure Hope. The three discussed how Kelly's birth had changed things. Pam said the baby had to be first, and Maya agreed. Thorne believed that, despite her love for Liam, Hope did, too.

As they continued to work, Maya wondered if Thorne ever took a break from his sketchpad. He said he couldn't with all the deadlines looming. Emma arrived, and Pam asked where Emma had been. Emma claimed that a stop she'd needed to make had taken longer than expected.

Pam said they needed to know Emma's whereabouts during business hours. Emma apologized, and Thorne asked if Emma had seen Hope on the way in. Emma hadn't. Thorne wanted to talk to Hope about the rehearsal before their preview, and he wondered if she'd be in that day. Maya offered to call Hope.

The office door opened, and as Hope entered, she said it wouldn't be necessary. Hope's team crowded around her, wondering if she was really okay, and they expressed a willingness to give her more time. Hope asked if the time would be to sulk in her bedroom. Emma assumed it meant Liam was with Steffy. Hope replied that Liam was where he needed to be.

It had been a few crazy weeks for Hope, but she was ready to return. Pam said they had her back. Hope didn't think she needed propping up, and she decided that her personal problems were nothing compared to the problems in the world. It was why she'd created HFTF, and she'd devote her time and energy to it.

Katie and Wyatt break up

Katie and Wyatt break up

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

by Pam

In Katie's office at Forrester, she was on the phone with an advertising rep while Wyatt and Will sat at a nearby table. Katie had told the rep she needed a younger demographic for Hope for the Future. Will pretended that he was on the phone, as well, and he repeated his mother's statement about a "younger demographic."

Will pretended he had called his dad, " Bill Spencer." "No don't put me on hold," he said. Wyatt laughed, but then Will reminded Wyatt that he was talking to his dad, and Wyatt was "my brother."

Katie was surprised at Will's response to Wyatt. Pam entered, and Katie asked her to take Will outside for a moment. Pam suggested that lemonade was in short supply, and she had some. She wondered if Will wanted any "before it's all gone." Will raced out with Pam.

Wyatt and Katie looked at each other, and Katie announced that Will's relationship with Wyatt would never be as a father-son because Wyatt was his brother. She announced that they would never be able to overcome that.

"Have we been kidding ourselves?" Wyatt asked. Katie felt they had wanted to be happy, but it turned out they had been selfish too. "I've been so happy," Katie said. Wyatt agreed they had become engaged too quickly. Katie added that their current "no strings" relationship also meant "no future."

Katie added that she sensed the confusion Will would feel with Wyatt as a stepbrother/stepfather. "We have to stop," Katie said with tears in her eyes. She and Wyatt agreed to break up. She cried that she wanted the best for him, and he said the same to her. Wyatt asked her not say goodbye.

Wyatt turned to leave, but before he walked out, Katie told him that she had changed because of Wyatt. "I will never be that woman that Bill Spencer left," she said tearfully. They agreed they had found love again. Wyatt exited, and Katie cried.

In Maya's office at Forrester, Xander looked through a publication and noted, "She's hot." Maya chastised him for using the employee directory as a dating guide. She reminded him that he was an intern. Xander replied that he was interested in graphic design, but Maya advised him to keep an open mind because he would be assigned a lot of different types of work at Forrester.

Julius and Vivienne entered, and Xander greeted them as his aunt and uncle. They all hugged. They discussed Xander's parents -- and his British roots. "Everything in Los Angeles surprises me," Xander said. He thanked Maya for the opportunity to be an intern and repeated his interest in graphic design. Vivienne worried that he wasn't eating enough. Maya encouraged him to visit Rick and her at Brooke's place.

Xander said he was going to be "as American as apple pie" while he was at Forrester. Julius wondered why he felt the need to hide his accent and history. Maya understood, but everyone laughed.

Maya promised to give Xander a tour and noted that girls in the employee directory were around. She added that the showroom had a Hope for the Future fashion preview going on. She encouraged Xander to meet fellow intern Emma at the preview. "She's very sweet," Maya said. She suggested he visit the showroom and introduce himself. Xander considered it his first assignment.

In the showroom, Hope, Emma, and the Hope for the Future models discussed Hope's personal life and wondered if she was ready to be back at work. Hope answered that it was a good distraction. She admitted that she'd expected to be married, but she said it was time to move on.

Hope and Emma encouraged everyone to "rock the theater preview" and said they all had a "generation to inspire." Thorne and Hope discussed that the designs were basted together, and they might want changes after the preview.

The models strutted through the room in new designs, and Hope recorded it on video. She thanked Emma for her help, and Thorne insisted the clothes needed some "fine-tuning."

Emma asked about the music and the pace and said she didn't want to be critical, but the models "walk like unhappy robots." Emma said she had some professional dance experience and showed Hope some moves. She swung her arms out and smacked Xander in the face after he'd entered right behind Emma. She knocked him out cold. Hope and Emma wondered who he was, and Emma said she'd like to get to know him.

Later, at Pam's desk, Thorne showed up to talk to Katie, but Pam discouraged him from entering the office because Katie had been in a serious discussion with Wyatt. She announced that she was watching Will and couldn't find him, but she pointed under her desk so that Thorne knew where he was.

Thorne and Pam saw Wyatt leave, and Thorne knocked on the door. "I'll be out in a minute," Katie said. Thorne entered and said he'd seen Wyatt leave. Katie was embarrassed that she had been crying. Thorne explained that he and everyone thought that Katie and Wyatt had broken up. Katie responded that it was what they had wanted, but they had remained together in private. She said they had to break up to avoid problems.

Thorne joked with Katie and made her smile. Katie said she had been humiliated. She had recalled the looks on everyone's faces when she and Wyatt had announced their engagement. Thorne said there was nothing humiliating about doing the right thing.

Katie said that Wyatt had been amazing, but they knew it wouldn't work out or last. However, her relationship with Wyatt had made her feel good. Thorne wondered if she had shared the news with Brooke, who might help her. Katie said she didn't want to discuss it. She felt she had to decide between being a good mother and being good to herself. She wanted to be a good mother.

Thorne wiped Katie's tears and made her laugh. Katie ordered him not to kiss her and feel sorry for her. Thorne promised he wouldn't, but he kissed her. They both smiled.

Hope and Brooke meet Kelly

Hope and Brooke meet Kelly

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

by Pam

In the showroom, Emma and Hope tried to revive Xander after Emma accidentally knocked him out while she was dancing. Emma apologized, and Hope used the phone to call for help. Xander started to regain consciousness. "Well, whoa," Xander said when he saw Emma. "Whoa is right," Emma said.

In Maya's office, Julius, Vivienne, and Maya discussed that Xander had a good head on his shoulders, but Julius worried that he had promised his brother to take care of Xander. Pam interrupted and said that something had happened to Maya's cousin in the showroom. Julius, Vivienne, and Maya raced off to see what had happened. When they arrived in the showroom, Xander was alert but woozy. Hope and Emma wondered why all the Avants were there, and Maya explained that Xander was her cousin and had started his internship that day. "Welcome to Forrester Creations," Emma said.

Julius wanted to know who Emma was, and Hope said she was an intern also. Maya offered to get Xander some ice for the bump he had. Xander complimented Emma on her punching skills. Julius joked about Xander's British roots, and Emma apologized again to Xander.

At Steffy's, Brooke visited. She said that Kelly was beautiful, and Steffy handed her daughter over to Brooke to hold. Brooke called Kelly precious, and Steffy said her daughter was also feisty and ate "like a champ." Brooke was happy to see Kelly and Steffy "thriving."

Brooke said she'd been happy for Steffy. Steffy noted that Brooke wasn't in an easy position because she was Hope's mom. Steffy and Brooke discussed that Brooke was a step-grandmother, and Brooke said she would wear the title proudly. Steffy figured that Ridge had sent Brooke over to visit, but Brooke said Ridge didn't know she was there.

Steffy said she was sad for Hope. She felt that it had to be hard for her. Steffy recalled that her own world had been torn apart months earlier. She added that she and Liam were "in a good place right now," and he was committed "to me and my daughter." Steffy added that she wanted Hope to be happy and someday have a family and a wonderful man of her own. Brooke was tearful.

Steffy thanked Brooke for visiting and said that it had meant a lot to her. The women agreed they wanted to get along.

Brooke opened the door to leave, and Hope entered with a gift for the baby. Hope greeted Steffy, and Steffy admitted she was getting little sleep. She added that Liam was out getting baby gear. The baby cried, and Steffy went to get her. She and Hope gushed over the baby, and Hope noted the giant picture of Liam and Steffy on the wall.

Hope gave Steffy a gift of a cute dress for Kelly. Hope added that Steffy's daughter was beautiful, and life was all about what Kelly needed. Hope wished Steffy well and said that Steffy and Liam were blessed. Steffy rocked Kelly, and Hope watched.

In another office at Forrester, Thorne and Katie chatted after Katie had broken up with Wyatt. They joked that it had been too soon to be kissing because she'd been broken up with Wyatt for five minutes.

Katie worried about being a good mother to Will, but she didn't want to end up alone. She worried that Will could sense she'd been having a bad day and hadn't seen his dad in a while. She asked Thorne not to worry about her. She said that every choice she made had to be for Will, and she often questioned herself. Thorne said she had been doing everything right.

Will and Pam entered, and Pam said that they had played hide-and-seek. They all discussed that Will also liked candy -- chocolate candy. Pam and Will left, and Katie said that she loved being a mom. Thorne briefly remembered Aly and said he missed her every day.

The conversation switched to Will's favorite toys -- cars, and Thorne said he loved cars. He suggested that they have a first date at a monster truck show with Will. Katie said she looked forward to it.

Thorne and Katie discussed that Katie had been hung up on Wyatt for a long time. But Thorne reminded her that he'd kissed her at her sister's wedding. Katie promised she would enjoy life more and raise her "beautiful, mischievous, smart boy."

Katie and Thorne laughed and agreed to go out on a date. Thorne promised that Katie would not be alone. He would be there for her. They kissed and embraced.

Hope makes herself face Liam's new family

Hope makes herself face Liam's new family

Thursday, June 14, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke was surprised to see Liam on her doorstep. He said he'd been out running errands for the baby. He and Brooke talked about how cute and smart Kelly was, and Brooke asked why he was there. Liam stated that he was there to see Hope. Liam claimed to very much care about Hope and said he always would.

Brooke understood how Liam felt, but she noted that he was building a life with Steffy and his daughter. Brooke admitted that she was heartbroken for her daughter, whose whole world had changed. Brooke thought it was amazing the way Hope was finding a way to get through it and rise above it, and Brooke informed him that Hope was at his house, meeting his daughter.

Liam seemed surprised to hear that Hope had gone for a visit so soon. Brooke explained that she'd been leaving his house when she'd encountered Hope there with a gift for the baby. Liam thought Brooke had raised Hope to be just that thoughtful.

Brooke admitted that she hadn't been there when Hope had needed her, and it was why Brooke had fought so hard for Hope and Liam, even after the wedding hadn't happened. Brooke said she supported Liam and Steffy, but she couldn't help thinking of the life Hope and Liam could be sharing if it had turned out differently.

At Forrester, Ridge welcomed Xander aboard at the company. Maya and Emma were there with them, and Ridge was interested in seeing Xander's portfolio. Ridge discussed introducing Xander around and learned from the ladies that Xander had already met Hope, whom Xander said Emma liked. Ridge guessed that Xander liked Emma, and Xander replied that he'd seen stars the first time they'd met. Ridge asked to be let in on the joke.

Emma expressed her embarrassment about accidentally hitting Xander. Maya asked if Ridge would start her cousin in graphic design, but because Xander was already familiar with Hope and Emma, Ridge decided to let Xander work on HFTF. Xander thought he should check to see if Hope had returned. Ridge asked where Hope had gone. Emma conveyed that Hope had had to meet someone, and it had seemed important.

Later, Maya received a message from Thorne, who was looking for Hope. Ridge became concerned about where Hope had gone and if she'd been upset. Maya said Hope hadn't seemed to be, but Maya didn't think Hope would let on if she was upset. "That's our Hope," Maya concluded. Xander curiously repeated Maya.

Emma chimed in, saying everyone idolized Hope. Maya remarked about Emma brainstorming ideas to help the models flow better. Emma didn't think Ridge had time to hear about it, but Ridge said he always had time for ideas. Emma and Xander talked about Emma's dancing, which had led to her hitting Xander in the face.

Maya decided that they'd disturbed Ridge enough. The interns departed. Ridge, who was concerned about Hope, asked Maya to let him know if she happened to see Hope before he did.

Later, Xander and Emma were working at the conference table. Ridge had left earlier, and Xander hoped it hadn't been because of anything he'd done. He worried that he hadn't made a good impression. Emma assured him that he had and said he had nothing to worry about because Maya was married to a Forrester.

Because Hope hadn't returned yet, Emma decided to take Xander to meet the other interns. He followed her to the door, and when she opened it, he joked about giving her a lot of room to move, so she wouldn't hit him with the door.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke was surprised to find Ridge working on paperwork in the living room. Ridge said he'd tried to work at the office, but he'd kept getting interrupted. He kissed Brooke and talked about meeting Xander that day. Brooke let her husband know that she'd met their granddaughter that day. Brooke said they were all family, and she always wanted Kelly to feel a part of it. Brooke had wanted to check on Steffy, too, and was happy to say that the mother and daughter were thriving.

Brooke mentioned that Hope had been arriving as Brooke had been leaving. Ridge asked if Brooke hadn't thought she should stay there just in case. "No, I didn't think that," Brooke pointedly replied, and she asked what he was afraid would happen. Ridge replied that he just didn't want more tension between their daughters.

Brooke didn't think there was. She believed Hope was coming to terms with Liam being with Steffy and his daughter, and Hope would not cause drama. Ridge knew it and felt that Hope had been very dignified about it. Agreeing, Brooke said Hope had kept her head up and hadn't felt sorry for herself. Brooke assumed Hope was over there to get closure. Brooke thought that taking a good look at Steffy, Liam, and Kelly was the first step toward letting go. Brooke believed Hope was letting go. Ridge hugged Brooke.

At the cliff house, Steffy asked if Hope wanted to hold the baby. Hope shied away from it, but cupping Kelly's head as Steffy rocked Kelly, Hope said she could see Liam in the baby. Steffy took Kelly to the bedroom, and Hope stared at the wall at the picture of Liam and Steffy.

When Steffy sat down with Hope in the living room, the two women discussed how much Steffy wanted to be a mother, and Steffy opened up about her fears after she'd fallen. She had been worried about losing another child. Hope was sure Steffy could have gotten through the loss. Steffy asked if Hope was getting through the one of her own.

Hope stated that there was something she wanted Steffy to know -- if Steffy didn't already. Hope explained that when she'd decided to return to town, she hadn't had ulterior motives about Liam. Hope said she wouldn't interfere with the choice Liam made. Steffy appreciated the support.

Hope believed that Bill had done a bad thing to her, Steffy, Liam, and Wyatt; however, Steffy had suffered the most. Steffy was surprised Hope would say after what she'd lost. Hope said Liam had made a decision to do right by Kelly, and it was the kind of man and father he was.

Just then, Liam arrived. Steffy said Hope had stopped by to see Kelly. Steffy held up the dress Hope had given to the baby. Liam thanked Hope and asked if Kelly was the most beautiful baby in the world. Agreeing, Hope added that Kelly was also the luckiest because he was her father.

Liam joked about the dress being pink when Steffy liked leather. Hope watched as Liam and Steffy discussed whether to have Forrester make Kelly a leather jacket. Liam said he had the new diapers and more coffee in the car. Steffy called him a lifesaver, and Hope murmured that the two had gotten the parenting thing down. Steffy didn't know about that but thought every moment with the baby was important.

Kelly cried, and Steffy went to feed her. Hope told Liam that she was glad she'd met the baby, and she wished the family the best. As Hope walked to the door, Liam said he wanted to tell her something before she left. Liam wanted Hope to have what was best for her, too, and he was sorry for all she'd had to go through. Hope said she hadn't "come here for all this."

Liam asked if Hope was really okay. Hope replied that she was fine, and she had to be. She figured it would take time, but she'd get there. Liam added that Mr. Right would be waiting for her when she got there. Hope said there was only one Mr. Right for her. She guessed she shouldn't say it, but there wasn't another man who'd made her as happy as Liam. She didn't want to change his mind about putting his daughter first.

Hope felt that she had to tell Liam that she couldn't work with him on HFTF. Hope predicted that Liam would visit Steffy at Forrester, but Hope didn't think she should see him on a daily basis. Hope said she was sorry, but Liam didn't think she had anything to be sorry for. He felt that she'd been there for him in some of his darkest and happiest times. He was sorry he'd caused her pain. Hope intended to only remember the good times, and she intended to treasure them.

Hope was glad she'd met Kelly and glad to have been able to see how much Liam loved Steffy and Kelly. Hope called them a beautiful family and said she was happy for Liam. Hope left, and after she closed the front door behind her, she sobbed on the doorstep.

Wyatt's kindness leads to a gun in his face

Wyatt's kindness leads to a gun in his face

Friday, June 15, 2018

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke were in the bedroom, looking at pictures of Kelly. It felt good to Brooke to be a grandmother again, and she wondered what Steffy would want Kelly to call Brooke. Ridge hoped Brooke's visit to the cliff house meant Brooke would support the family. Brooke wasn't thrilled about things, but she said she would. Brooke and Ridge hugged.

As Brooke removed her jewelry, she and Ridge talked about a message he'd gotten from Thomas that said Caroline and Thomas had reunited. Ridge said Steffy wasn't the only child of his who was putting her family back together, and both of his grandchildren had their families. Brooke was confused because Thomas had taken Sally to New York. Brooke figured that Sally had to be furious and not taking it well.

Later, Brooke emerged from the bathroom in a short robe and asked what she had to do to get Ridge off that phone of his. Ridge tossed the phone away and gave her his full attention. Brooke said he'd been in mid-text. Ridge replied that it had just been about his son's future, but in front of Ridge was his own future. He began kissing Brooke.

Brooke stopped Ridge and asked what Thomas had said about Sally. Ridge said Sally had been ranting and raving. Ridge was just glad Thomas had the crazy redhead out of his life. "Hi," Ridge said and kissed Brooke.

At the cliff house, Steffy noticed that Hope had gone and said it had to be hard for Hope. Liam replied that Hope understood, and Hope was right. He asked where else he'd be but with his girls. Steffy kissed him. As Liam rubbed her feet, she read her messages and asked if he'd talked to his cousin. She announced that Thomas and Caroline were reunited.

Liam exclaimed that Thomas had been very angry. "When a couple's meant to be..." Steffy stated. Liam asked what that meant for Sally. Steffy asked if Liam had really thought Thomas and Sally had been a good match. Liam was happy Caroline had her family back together, but he had thought Thomas had never wanted to have anything to do with Caroline again.

Steffy assumed that Thomas had had a knee-jerk reaction to Caroline's lie, but he'd softened once his anger had faded. Steffy didn't think living with Sally was easy, and Steffy was surprised it had taken as long as it had for Thomas to leave. Liam knew Steffy didn't like Sally, but he didn't think Steffy really thought Sally deserved everything Bill had done to her. Liam had finally thought things were going Sally's way. Steffy said that nothing ever kept Sally down for long.

Later, Liam put a blanket on Steffy, but she popped up, asking if Kelly needed to be fed. Sitting beside her on the sofa, Liam said the baby was asleep. Steffy crawled in his arms, and he asked if she'd thought "this" was what parenting would be like. Steffy hadn't known what to think, but she was glad she wasn't doing it alone.

Liam said it hadn't been just for Kelly, and he hoped Steffy knew how much he loved her, too. He smiled when he saw that Steffy was still wearing her wedding ring and said she'd never given up. Liam started to remove the ring. Steffy began complaining, but he asked her to trust him. Reluctantly, she let him take it.

Liam stated that Steffy had had faith in them when he hadn't, even after the annulment papers had been signed. He was grateful that his daughter was half of Steffy, who was the example Kelly needed. He believed that together, he and Steffy could be an example of how to love. Liam asked if Steffy would do him the honor of wearing the ring again and being his wife. Steffy readily agreed, and they kissed. Steffy said she'd never take the ring off again.

Kelly began to cry, and Steffy offered to play rock, paper, scissors. Liam said they'd go together. They'd do it together, and it was going to be Liam, Steffy, and Kelly.

At a bar in the evening, Wyatt ordered a drink and was surprised to see Sally there. He asked why she wasn't in New York. Sally told him not to act as if he didn't know. In Wyatt's silence, she stated that they were back together. Wyatt asked who, and Sally said it was Thomas and Wyatt's definitely-not-dying cousin.

Sally recalled that Grams had said Sally was just Thomas' flavor of the month. Sally believed that Grams had been right. Wyatt stated that Thomas had moved Sally all the way to New York "just to..." Completing the sentence, Sally said it was to realize that Thomas couldn't live without his socialite, or son, or both. Sally had stopped listening halfway through Thomas' over-the-top breakup speech, and she'd promptly hopped a plane to return home.

Wyatt didn't know what to say. Sally said it had been a lesson learned; liars always won in the end. The bartender set down more drinks and offered to call them rides home. Wyatt said he lived within walking distance and would make sure Sally got home. Sally didn't know where that would be. She'd given up her apartment when "Mr. Tall, Dark, and Flaky" had asked her to move to New York, and she couldn't sleep on the pile of rubble that had once been Spectra.

Wyatt told Sally that he'd had nothing to do with Spectra. Sally deemed Wyatt guilty by association. She complained that she was dumped and penniless, and it was all because of Wyatt's father. Sally asserted that every last Spencer made her sick. Wyatt pointed out that only two Spencers had wronged Sally, and he noted that Caroline was likeable -- eventually.

Sally cut Wyatt off and asked the bartender to close her tab. Wyatt wondered what he'd said. Sally had figured he didn't want to hear what she had to say, and she mocked him, saying, "Caroline's very likeable." She warned him not to defend his father.

The bartender returned with Sally's declined credit card. Sally scrambled through her purse to find something else to use. Wyatt offered to pay, but she refused to be a charity case. Finding nothing else in her purse, she offered to wash the dishes, but Wyatt took over her bill, saying it was the least he could do in light of what Sally had gone through with Bill and Caroline.

Sally started to leave, and Wyatt asked where she was going. She intended to sleep on the beach, but Wyatt wouldn't let that happened. Instead, she'd sleep on his couch. She refused, but he replied that he wasn't asking. "Let's go," Wyatt said.

At the beach house, Sally stared at Wyatt's couch and decided it was a bad idea and that Wyatt should stay away from her. Wyatt doubted she'd destroy his life in one night. Sally wanted to go. Wyatt said that she was stubborn and prideful, but with no money, she had to be realistic. He asked where she'd go and warned her that he'd flip out if she said to the beach.

Steffy yelled that she didn't know. She revealed that Grams, Coco, Darlita, and Saul were gone. Wyatt asked why Sally had even returned to Los Angeles. Sally blamed it on her instinct. She'd always believed she'd make something of herself, but it was a really stupid idea because all that people like her did was fail. Wyatt said she hadn't failed.

Sally ranted about failing at relationships and failing at business. She said it had been failure after failure. Assuming it was the alcohol talking, Wyatt advised her to sleep it off, but Sally refused to sleep on a Spencer couch. Wyatt told her that his name wasn't relevant. He said she could sleep it off and apologize to him in the morning.

"Apologize?" Sally indignantly asked. Sally asked if she was supposed to apologize for what Bill had done to her. She asked how Wyatt would feel if a powerful man was out to destroy him. Wyatt said he'd feel horrible. He understood why she was upset, but sleep would help. He grabbed her to lead her to the sofa, but she pulled back. In the tussle, her purse fell, and items spilled across the floor. As she picked up the items, the camera focused on a black gun.

Sally picked up the gun. She said her money and dignity were gone. She was dumped and alone. Wyatt told her that she wasn't alone. Sally stood and turned to Wyatt. Raising the gun, she said she was alone, and it was because of his father. Wyatt backed up and asked her to put the gun down. "Your damn father. Your whole damn family," Sally said.

Wyatt told Sally that he was trying to say he wasn't those people and hadn't done those things to her. Wyatt pleaded with her. The screen went black. A gunshot rang out.

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