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Emma had a lot of explaining to do when Maya caught her photographing designs. Bill threatened to send Taylor to prison if Steffy married Liam, and Liam was puzzled by Steffy's decision to delay the wedding.
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Bill threatened to send Taylor to prison if Steffy married Liam
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Maya catches Emma photographing designs

Maya catches Emma photographing designs

Monday, June 18, 2018

At the beach house, Sally aimed a gun and seethed about Wyatt's father. She fired the gun, and Wyatt shrank back defensively as the bullet crashed through a framed picture of Bill on the mantel. Wyatt inspected the broken picture frame and asked if she was crazy. He asked what she was doing, and she handed over the gun.

Sally apologized. Wyatt put the gun on the mantel. He said he'd been traumatized by his father, too, but he wasn't going around shooting at people. Sally claimed not to be thinking and said she'd left it in her purse after being at the gun range earlier. Wyatt advised her to lock up the gun if she planned on drinking. Sally said she'd remember the tip. Wyatt thought she might not have to, because his father wouldn't abuse either of them again.

Wyatt poured a couple glasses of wine. Sally asked if it was wise, and he said he was doing it for himself. She apologized for scaring him, but he denied that he'd been scared. Sally said she had never felt so alone in her life. She felt as if she was a ship set adrift.

Wyatt toasted to the two of them as castaways. Wyatt explained that Bill had kicked Wyatt out of Bill's life for defying him, so Wyatt was jobless, fatherless, and single. Wyatt thought he and Sally would be okay, but he didn't understand how Bill could hurt so many innocent people who didn't deserve it. Wyatt squeezed Sally's hand as he spoke. Sally noticed it, and he pulled back.

Wyatt said he had wanted Sally to know she wasn't alone. Sally thanked him for sharing his wine and sofa, but she decided that she should go. She had her pride and refused to let another man save her. Sally stood with her bag, but Wyatt said he wouldn't be able to sleep if he knew she was just on the beach somewhere.

Sally joked that Wyatt had such a busy day the next day. Wyatt quipped that it wasn't busier than hers. He asked her to stay so he wouldn't have to search for her all night. Sally assured him that she was tough, but he said she could be tough on the sofa. He even offered to take the pillows away so she could feel as if she was roughing it.

Relenting, Sally decided to stay. She said Wyatt didn't have to pretend to be so nice. Wyatt replied that she didn't have to pretend to be so tough, and the two started kissing.

In the design office, Maya and Thorne discussed gown designs. Maya mentioned that Hope was staying late to see something that Emma was working on. Thorne thought it was impressive for Emma to put in extra effort. Maya wondered why the name Emma Barber seemed familiar. Recalling a Barber she knew, Maya asked if Emma and Justin could be related.

Thorne understood Maya's wariness about Bill. Maya wondered what kind of guy Justin was to stick by a vulture like Bill and to stomach that kind of immorality. Thorne didn't think it necessarily applied to Emma -- even if she was related to Justin.

Though Emma hadn't done anything suspicious, Maya theorized that Emma could be hiding something more in addition to being related to Justin. Thorne said it could be a coincidence. Maya hoped it was but noted that Emma was trying awfully hard to impress Hope.

Thorne left for a while, and when he returned, Maya said what she was doing was ridiculous. As she closed her laptop, Thorne asked what she'd been doing. Maya had been looking for a connection between Justin and Emma. Maya decided to ask Emma herself.

In the studio, Emma gave the models coaching tips on how to move and reminded them to keep it all about HFTF. Xander arrived with Simon to announce that Hope was on her way. Simon left, and Xander and Emma talked about her being nervous about blowing it. Xander joked that Emma would knock Hope out.

Simon and Xander huddled together alone to discuss Ridge's need for some promos. Simon noticed Xander's accent and assumed that Xander was making fun of Simon for being British -- though Xander's accent sounded authentic to Simon. Xander admitted that his father was American, and his mother was British. He said he'd been raised in England.

Simon wanted to know what the secret was and why Xander was ashamed. Changing to an American accent, Simon used some surfer-like dialect and said he could speak that way, too, but he knew who he was. He asked if Xander knew who Xander was. Xander explained that he was just starting over and had thought the change in accent was part of it. He asked Simon not to tell anyone about it, and Simon agreed.

Xander meandered away, and Emma approached to thank him for helping her with the logistics of her presentation. Xander said he still hadn't seen her moves, and Emma realized it was because he'd been knocked out. They joked about him never forgetting how they'd first met. Emma decided to take a selfie with Xander to mark their first presentation.

Hope arrived and thanked the interns for staying late to set up the presentation. Emma thanked Hope for giving Emma the chance to show Hope some ideas. Emma had decided to show Hope what Emma had been talking about regarding incorporating some choreography into the models' routines. Hope got excited about it, and Emma told Xander and Simon to get started.

Emma said HFTF had always been about youth, creativity, and changing the world. The change was reflected in the designs, but not on their runway. Emma thought fashion shows with models walking up and down the runway was from her grandma's time. Emma thought HFTF could do something new to reflect the spirit of the new generation.

Xander started the music, and the models danced into the backstage area. Emma joined them, dancing to an upbeat song with the lyrics, "Boy, you better pump, better pump your brakes." They ended by slouch-posing with their elbows on each other's shoulders. Hope applauded.

Emma thanked the models, and Hope was impressed that Emma had even had the time to do it. Xander said Emma had choreographed it herself. Hope said she was also impressed by the initiative and effort they'd all put into it. Emma didn't think she could have done it without help from the guys. Xander emphasized that it had been Emma's idea.

Hope thought it was fresh and original and said it would be a great way to show off their designs. Hope realized it was a lot to ask of an intern, but Hope wanted Emma to do whatever she had to do to get that energy onto the runway. Emma agreed to do it, and Xander said she'd have all the help she needed. Hope stated that the threesome made a great team.

Hope asked Simon to take her to meet the dancers, and once Xander was alone with Emma, she said they'd done it. Xander thought it was a good thing they liked working together.

Later, Hope went to the design office and updated Thorne about the choreography changes from Emma. Hope offered to have another presentation, but Thorne said he was good with it if Hope was. Thorne wanted to address with Hope what he and Maya had been discussing earlier and asked if Hope thought Emma Barber could be related to Bill's trusty sidekick Justin.

Hope was speechless in thought. Thorne said no one was accusing Emma of anything, but if Emma was related to Justin and had kept it a secret, they might have a problem.

Back in the studio, Emma was alone. She looked at the picture she'd posted of herself and Xander. Emma wandered over to a gown rack and started clicking pictures. Maya stepped out from the shadows and demanded to know why Emma was taking pictures of the designs.

Maya said the designs hadn't been shown yet. As if she suspected she was in trouble, Emma uttered that she knew, but it was for work. Maya asked if Emma was using her personal phone. Emma began explaining that they'd done a presentation, and Hope had told Emma to do something. Maya asked if Hope had told Emma to take pictures. "No..." Emma replied.

Maya called Emma the star intern, Emma Barber. Maya said she'd wondered about Emma's last name and had realized it belonged to the man who'd helped target Maya, her family, and Forrester. "Justin Barber," Maya stated. Emma admitted that Justin was her uncle.

Maya decided that it wasn't a coincidence that Emma was related to Justin and in there cozying up to Hope and taking pictures of her line. Emma claimed it had nothing to do with her uncle, but Maya asked why Emma hadn't said anything when she knew how people around there felt about Bill Spencer. Emma replied that she should have. Maya asked if Emma understood why it was a problem and if Emma understood the damage Bill had done to Maya and her family.

Emma said she wasn't there for her uncle. She was there to be a part of Forrester. Maya berated Emma for not being honest and wondered what else Emma hadn't told them. Maya would not stand for Emma trying to con Hope or sabotage the line because it was her family's business and her husband's legacy. Maya believed Rick would want her to protect it and his sister.

Emma stated that it wasn't what Maya was thinking. Maya stated that she was sorry, but there was no place for Emma at Forrester Creations, and she was fired.

Emma gets a break at Forrester

Emma gets a break at Forrester

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

by Pam

At Wyatt's, he and Sally Spectra were making out, and things got steamy. They started removing each other's clothes and lay down on the couch. Things got more heated, but Sally put on the brakes and apologized. She said she wasn't ready to start another relationship and was "a little ragged."

Wyatt understood, and Sally felt she should leave, but Wyatt offered Sally a place to stay while she worked out a plan for what she would do next. Sally replied that she didn't have a plan, and Los Angeles might be "a pit stop on my way back home." Wyatt said he'd like to get to know her. Sally said that she didn't think it was a good idea for her to be connected to a Spencer. She dished that Wyatt's father had destroyed her dreams. Wyatt said he'd been disillusioned by Bill as well.

Wyatt teased that he hadn't been angry enough to shoot anything. He looked up and said, "There's a hole in my wall!" Sally apologized for firing a weapon into the wall. She felt she was broken, and it wasn't just Bill she blamed. She'd expected that she and Thomas would have a life together. She lamented that she'd been totally blindsided by Thomas. She had loved him, and he had been another mistake. She had never seen a breakup coming and wondered if Thomas had used her to get back at Caroline.

Wyatt said Thomas was an idiot. He felt that Sally had associated with the wrong people and had experienced a patch of bad luck. He felt they could change that if she started over and stayed with him for a while. She needed to be somewhere safe, and Wyatt felt he could provide that. Sally smiled but shook her head.

Sally agreed she might have judged Wyatt too harshly based on his name. Wyatt offered her a place to stay and a distraction. He felt they'd both been lost and needed to work together and figure out what they would do next. They smiled and kissed.

Sally noted that Wyatt was a "really charming guy," but she wasn't sure she could trust anyone again. Wyatt persuaded her to start slowly, and maybe they could make it work. Wyatt offered that she could sleep on his couch, and that would give her a roof over her head. Sally agreed, and they cuddled and held each other.

At Forrester, Hope and Thorne discussed that they'd had some suspicions about Emma. Hope said it had never crossed her mind that Emma had the same last name as Justin Barber and could be directly connected to Spencer Publications. Hope was concerned and hoped that the common name was a coincidence, but Thorne said they needed to find out.

At Spencer Publications, Justin welcomed Alison back to Spencer and said that Bill would be glad she'd returned. Justin explained that his niece was in town and was working at Forrester. He gushed that she was extraordinary and talented. He received a text message and appeared worried. "Something's wrong," he said. He noted that Emma was upset and wanted him to meet her at Forrester

In the showroom at Forrester, Maya fired Emma. "I'm fired?" Emma asked. Maya reminded Emma that Forrester had a zero tolerance policy for taking photos of designs in any stage. She advised Emma to pack up her things. Emma said she'd texted her uncle, and he would explain everything.

Xander entered and was shocked that Maya would think that Emma had been a spy or a plant for Bill Spencer. "Why else would she be taking pictures?" Maya asked. Xander was surprised. Maya noted that Emma had taken the photos on her phone, and Maya had also found out that Emma was Justin Barber's niece. "And that's why I fired her," Maya said.

Hope entered with Thorne. Emma swore she wasn't a spy. She tried to explain that she'd wanted to choreograph dance moves that were more specific to the designs. Maya interrupted and asked why Emma hadn't thought to ask someone. Xander tried to defend Emma, but Maya warned that Xander didn't know the corporate policies and that corporate espionage was a real thing. Hope and Thorne agreed they had all seen it in action, and Forrester had been a victim on previous occasions.

Hope was disappointed and said that Bill Spencer and everyone who worked for him had no scruples. A security guard entered with Justin Barber and said that someone had asked Justin to meet them. Hope agreed they needed to talk to him. Justin asked Hope if everything was okay.

Hope explained that they had discovered that Emma was related to him. "Maya found her taking photographs of designs," Hope said. Justin explained that he had told Emma not to mention that they were relatives because he knew that he was not well liked at Forrester, but he knew Emma was talented and deserved to work there. He added that she had clearly impressed everyone at Forrester and deserved another chance.

Hope reminded everyone that the zero tolerance policy had been made clear to Emma on her first day. Hope was disappointed in Emma because she felt Emma had potential. Hope turned to Emma. "This is a warning," Hope said.

Justin reminded Hope that Emma had earned the job on her own merit. "Please believe me. Is there any way I can keep my internship?" Emma begged. She said that being on the Hope for the Future team was the most important thing to her.

Hope explained that she was not pleased with the connection between Emma's uncle and Bill Spencer because they had caused her family a lot of pain. Hope added that Emma had a lot of potential and had been given opportunities, but she'd also broken their trust. Hope demanded loyalty in the future as well as transparency. She decided not to fire Emma. Maya sighed.

"Give the kid a break," Justin said. Maya noted that Hope had given Emma a break -- she had let her keep her job and had been more than fair. "Please don't make me regret it," Hope added.

Hope sent a text message to security to take Justin out of the building. Justin and Thorne started a discussion, and Hope called Maya aside. They discussed that Maya was upset because Hope had overruled her decision to fire Emma and had done it in front of others.

Hope told Maya that it was not Maya's decision to fire people from the Hope for the Future line. Hope appreciated Maya's concern for the line and the family but noted, "this is my line." Maya was upset but agreed it was Hope's decision.

Hope turned to Justin and warned that everyone would be watching Emma. She advised Justin that if there were any more suspicions of sabotage, Forrester would press charges, and his niece would never work in fashion again. Emma was grateful to have her internship, and a security guard escorted Justin from the building.

Later, in private, Xander said that he was sure Emma needed a friend. Emma thanked him and explained that she felt awful. She'd had a great opportunity but had messed up and lost Hope's trust. Xander reminded her that Hope had given her another chance.

Emma said she'd been scared and lamented that Maya wanted her out the door. Xander explained that corporate espionage was a big problem in fashion, but he joked that Emma wouldn't be very good at it. Emma smiled and wondered if he thought she'd be a lousy spy. Xander agreed and said she was too honest. "I got your back," he said. He offered her a hug, and Emma accepted, but she looked thoughtful.

Bill wants to meet his granddaughter

Bill wants to meet his granddaughter

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke discussed that Liam and Steffy planned to marry. Brooke wanted Hope to hear if from her and not someone else. Hope wasn't surprised. Brooke said it would happen soon. Hope understood and said it only made sense that they would reunite and marry.

Brooke confided that Ridge wanted her at the wedding, and Hope understood. Ridge entered and said that he knew it was all hard on Hope, but he was happy for Steffy and for his granddaughter. He added that it was a first step toward the future for Hope.

Hope said she had to leave for work. Ridge didn't want her to leave a room every time he entered. Hope understood, but she couldn't pretend that everything was all right. Ridge told her she was "handing this with incredible grace." Hope thanked him but said it just "feels too soon to watch my wedding day turn into hers." Hope left, and Brooke embraced Ridge.

Later, Ridge had made lattes to taste with Brooke, and Brooke joked that she was his guinea pig, since he said it was the first time he'd used the machine. He felt bad that the very thing that made his daughter so happy was breaking Hope's heart. Brooke understood, and she promised to be supportive to Liam, Steffy, and their daughter.

At Wyatt's, he and Sally Spectra discussed breakfast, and Sally offered to make breakfast but was concerned about what was in Wyatt's refrigerator. He commented on her outfit -- one of his shirts. She thanked him for his hospitality and said she'd done some laundry including the only clothes she'd had for a few days.

Wyatt thanked her and said she could make breakfast but warned that the coffee maker was temperamental. They discussed that Sally had been depressed the previous evening and had had a lot to drink. She explained that Thomas had given her "a lame apology and a first-class ticket." She lamented that she'd once had a fortune cookie that had said she "lacked foresight." Wyatt called Thomas a sleazeball.

Later, Wyatt covered the bullet hole that Sally had shot into the wall and noted that it would need some professional help. He worried that his father could evict him at any time. He added that his trust fund was probably gone too. Sally teased that she was hoping he had the house and a trust fund because she was going to "make a play" for him.

Wyatt approved and said he had really good qualities. Sally rattled off a few of them, including that he had let her ramble on the previous evening and had not fallen into bed with her. Wyatt joked that he was good at seduction and had a really good haircut. She grabbed his hand and said he made a lot of sweet gestures and was funny.

Wyatt and Sally ate breakfast and agreed they had both learned to like themselves a lot, no matter what happened. Wyatt encouraged her to like herself more. He added that she was funny and talented, and she had great hair and an incredible body. They both laughed, and Sally said that she'd given up on men until she met him. They kissed.

At the cliff house, Liam called a caterer to check on menu items. Steffy joined him after she'd put the baby down for a nap. She said she'd overheard him ordering polentas, and he said he'd overheard her on the baby monitor, saying, "Oops, I did it again." Steffy laughed and attributed it to fatigue.

Steffy told Liam she wanted to go for a run and get her pre-baby body back. Liam told her she was perfect just the way she was. Talk returned to the polentas, and Liam said he'd wanted to have people over. Steffy teased that it wouldn't happen until their daughter was in school.

Steffy and Liam discussed a wedding, and Steffy wasn't sure she was ready for the chaos. Liam disagreed and said he wanted it all -- the cheesy toasts, cake, and more. He said they could do anything Steffy wanted to "as long as you marry me." Steffy agreed and became teary-eyed. She reminded Liam that in her mind, they had never been unmarried.

Liam said he had to talk to Carter to discuss wedding plans, and he added that Ridge had been especially excited when Liam had shared the news. Liam just wanted to make it legal. They heard the baby cry on the monitor.

Later at Forrester, Liam talked to Carter, and they discussed that things had gone wrong with Hope. Carter was understanding and said that the heartbreaking news of what Bill had done wasn't Liam's fault. It often happened that the person who did the damage in a relationship wasn't the person who could fix it. Carter promised to do whatever Liam needed. He added that Liam needed to approve press releases on the desk, and he left.

Liam looked at the desk and saw a press release with a picture of Steffy and the baby. He walked toward the door and nearly ran into Hope, who was entering the office. She asked about the baby and Steffy, and Liam worried that they had been reduced to small talk.

Hope said she and Liam had known each other for a long time. She didn't want him to feel sorry for her, because everyone else did. Hope said they had to learn to be friends again.

Liam shared news about the baby, and Hope wished him and Steffy well in their marriage. Liam apologized that he hadn't been the one to tell her. She said it was fine.

Liam regretted hurting Hope. She reminded him that it had all been because of Bill. She said she would never "wish away what we had."

At the cliff house. Steffy checked on the baby and discovered that Bill had entered the house. He said that Steffy had chatted about changing the locks, but he knew she wouldn't do it. Steffy asked what he wanted, and Bill answered that he wanted to see his granddaughter. Steffy looked upset.

"I'm not letting you anywhere near her," Steffy said. She threatened to call the police, and Bill offered her his phone and said he had one of the officers on speed dial.

Bill shared that he'd spent time at a wellness retreat and wanted to mend fences with her. Steffy said he would never get back into Liam's and her good graces. Bill had given up on Liam. He announced that he knew Steffy planned to marry Liam, but Liam was never going to be good enough for her.

Bill maintained that Steffy would find that she would never have the "same passion you felt with me." He insisted that Steffy was pretending.

Steffy hissed that Bill had caused so much damage in her family. "We're getting married any day now," she said. Bill refused to believe that Steffy would ever marry Liam. He added that she would marry him, not Liam. Steffy glared at Bill.

Bill warns Steffy against remarrying Liam

Bill warns Steffy against remarrying Liam

Thursday, June 21, 2018

In the design office, Maya and Julius discussed her concern about who her cousin was spending time with. Xander arrived, and when Xander greeted his family without a British accent, Julius encouraged Xander not to be shy about who he was. Maya mumbled that Xander wasn't shy around Emma, and Maya was concerned about his budding interest in Emma Barber.

Julius asked if Emma was the one who'd knocked Xander out. Maya added that Emma had also been caught photographing designs. Julius stated that Emma might actually be a little bit of a problem if she'd done that, too. Xander said Maya was assuming the worst. In her defense, Maya said it was because of Emma's relation to Justin, Bill's right-hand man, and Xander wasn't doing himself any favors by associating with that family.

Outside the door, Emma approached with papers and began listening in on the conversation. Xander was saying that he wished Maya would give Emma a chance and that Emma might not have revealed her relationship with Justin because she'd wanted to prove herself without any preconceived notions.

Maya repeated that Emma had been photographing designs, but Xander insisted that it hadn't been for any nefarious reason. Xander was sure Emma would do all kinds of good at Forrester. He said she was special and talented. Maya wasn't so sure.

Emma entered, and Julius said they'd just been discussing her. Emma replied that she'd heard. She tried to hand him the papers she had, but Maya said she'd take them. Emma explained that she had been caught up in the moment and had forgotten about the zero-tolerance policy on photographing designs. She swore she hadn't meant to be sneaky.

Maya asked about hiding the relationship to Justin Barber. Emma said she hadn't known how connected Bill Spencer was to everyone there. Emma felt lucky to be interning there. She'd admired Hope and the HFTF message for years. Emma was honored to work with the talented group of people. Xander and Emma smiled at each other.

Maya said it was about more than the job. It was about family, and she didn't want Xander to be affected by Emma's bad decisions. Emma understood that Maya didn't trust her, but Emma promised that she wasn't a threat. Julius advised Maya to ease up on Emma and give her a chance to prove Maya wrong.

Xander said he knew what it was like when people had the wrong preconceived notions about a person. Julius started to discuss a preconceived notion about Xander, but Xander cut Julius off with a joke about people thinking Xander was a supermodel when he was really a nerdy graphics designer with a hard head.

Emma expressed gratitude for her second chance. Maya attributed it to Hope and said security would have escorted Emma out if it had been up to Maya. Julius decided to break the tension by inviting Maya to lunch. Looking suspicious, she agreed and told him to not even mention golf. Julius thought hitting a few was a great idea. Maya agreed but refused to carry his golf clubs.

Xander and Emma laughed as Julius and Maya left. Emma appreciated what Xander had said about her earlier. Xander stated that he'd meant it, and he always had her back.

In the CEO's office, Liam was apologetic about his intention to remarry Steffy, but Hope said she didn't expect anything less of him. It just hurt her to think of the life they could have had, and she wished things had turned out differently. Liam didn't want Hope to feel alone and said it was because she wasn't. Hope was grateful for the time they'd had together. Liam said he was, too.

Hope didn't want Liam to feel guilty, and she didn't regret taking the chance. She believed they'd been in an impossible position because of Bill. Liam remarked that he hadn't talked to his father in a long time, and Hope said it was bad that Liam's father wouldn't be in the baby's life. Liam stated that he didn't want Kelly around a man like that.

Liam said Bill had done it to himself, and Liam was completely done with Bill. Hope thought that it was good that Bill couldn't manipulate them anymore. Agreeing, Liam said Bill had no more power over him, his life, or his family, and there was nothing more Bill could do to hurt Liam.

Hope wished she and Liam had had a happy ending. Even though they'd still be friends, she felt that "this" was where their story ended. Liam said they'd been there a few times before. Agreeing, Hope said it was different, and there was a child that had to be first. Liam responded with his desire for Hope to know he knew how hard it was for her to be understanding.

Hope agreed, saying they had been close. She'd been looking forward to being a stepmother and having kids with him. She couldn't keep looking back to the past, and she had to try to move on. Liam said she would, and she'd find someone. "Maybe. Hopefully. But he won't be you," Hope concluded.

At the cliff house, Steffy told Bill that he was out of his mind, but Bill said he'd never been more in his right mind. "You're so selfish. I have not slept, Bill; I have a child!" the worn-out Steffy responded. She insisted that Bill couldn't get between the soon-to-be-married Steffy and Liam. Bill believed she'd be married soon, but to him.

Steffy said Bill could forget that, and he was delusional. Bill stated that he had a new resolve, and his future was with her. She told him to stop kidding himself because she was marrying Liam again. Though Bill didn't want to play hardball with Steffy, he felt he had no choice. He asked how Taylor, the lunatic who'd shot him, was doing.

Steffy asked if Bill thought he'd just steal her away from Liam. Bill said he was there for her. His love for her was never ending, and one day, she'd have the same clarity. He was sure Liam would hurt her again, and when it happened, Bill would be there for her. Steffy told Bill that he'd robbed her of her happiness for her pregnancy. She said she'd fallen the last time he'd been there, and this time, he was there to blackmail her. "Get out!" she growled.

Bill claimed that he wasn't threatening Steffy. He was just looking out for her. "By threatening my mother's freedom?" Steffy sked. Bill said Taylor had threatened her own freedom when she'd shot him. He said Liam had agreed to marry Steffy, but he'd been just about to marry Hope. Steffy said it had been because of Bill's scam, but Bill asked how long it had taken "Flash" to get to Hope.

Bill stated that Liam had broken speed records in proposing to Hope, and Bill reminded Steffy that Hope and Liam had slept together. Bill asked if it bothered Steffy. He said Hope and Liam had always wanted each other. Bill believe that for the time being, Liam was "committed" to Steffy because he was caught up in the baby.

In Bill's view, Liam had always wanted Hope and always would. Steffy denied it, but Bill said she knew it was true. Bill felt that he had to take a hard line with Steffy because she couldn't be honest with herself. He asked if she wanted better or deserved better. Bill said she deserved a man who'd be totally committed to her.

Later, Steffy carried the baby into the living room. Bill was humbled by the child's beauty. He hadn't thought Steffy would let him see the baby. Steffy said Bill needed to know who he was messing with. Bill claimed he wanted what was best for the baby, too. Steffy said that if that was so, he'd leave because he needed to stop it. Bill replied that he would if he could, but he couldn't. He believed one of them had to be honest about their feelings.

Steffy didn't know how Bill could say that. She said she was holding his son's child, and he was threatening to tear the child's parents apart. She felt he was perpetuating the history of the Spencer men not raising their children. Bill replied that he could commit on a whole other level. "Liam's a good man. You are evil," Steffy asserted.

Bill asked if an evil man protected his shooter. "And there it is," Steffy bit out. She didn't believe he could care about her while threatening her and her mother, and she said that blackmail would not make her want him. Steffy stated that she'd marry Liam and give the baby the life she deserved, and Bill would not send Taylor to prison. "Is that understood?" Steffy asked.

Later, Steffy returned to the room after putting the baby back down. She was adamant that Bill wouldn't get what he wanted. Bill said she was fooling herself. He could see and feel her passion and desire, which she could never feel for Liam. Bill believed he could fulfill her on a whole new level, and he suggested she give in to it.

Bill reached for Steffy's face, but she told him not to touch her. Bill asked if Steffy wanted to spend her life worrying about Liam's feelings for Hope and how Steffy would feel if Taylor got arrested. Steffy's eyes widened, and Bill said Detective Sanchez called almost daily about the open attempted murder case that the court wanted to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Steffy said that Bill wouldn't. Bill replied that he would, and if she married his son, he'd have no choice. Steffy asked if he heard how disgusting he sounded and told him not to think she wouldn't tell Liam. Bill figured Liam knew about Taylor, and Steffy affirmed that Liam did.

Bill told Steffy that if she said another word to Liam or to anyone else, Bill would go to the police. He claimed to be doing what he was doing for Steffy and for himself because Liam belonged with Hope, and Liam would eventually and inevitably marry her. Bill believed that the sooner Steffy accepted it and made a life with Bill, the better it would be for everyone -- especially Taylor. "If you marry Liam, your mother goes to prison," Bill concluded.

Taylor agonizes about Bill turning her in

Taylor agonizes about Bill turning her in

Friday, June 22, 2018

In Bill's office, Justin arrived and was glad Bill was back from his trip. He filled Bill in about Emma being in town and said everything had been going great until Bill's "old friend" Maya had found out that Justin was Emma's uncle.

Justin asked if Bill was listening, and Bill replied that he was thinking about Steffy. Bill conveyed that he'd just been with Steffy, and he'd made her a proposition that she shouldn't refuse. Justin had believed that Bill's time away had been for Bill to get perspective, and it disappointed Justin that the moment Bill had returned, he'd been making some proposition on Steffy's doorstep.

Justin hoped it had to do with Bill's granddaughter. Bill said he'd seen the child, but his intention had been to visit Steffy. Bill claimed he had put things into perspective, and he'd realized that he needed Steffy more than ever.

Later, Bill fantasized that Steffy was sitting on his desk, waiting for him. The two had finished their big power deals for the day, and Bill told her that someone named Annie was taking Kelly to the jet. He planned to take them all to the Stephanie, formerly known as the Stella Maris, for a getaway. Caressing his neck, Steffy said Bill had been right, and it had always been him. She was glad he hadn't lost faith, and they could take on the world together. "I love you so much," Steffy said as he emerged from his fantasy.

At the cliff house, Steffy paced, thinking about Bill's threats against Taylor. Taylor arrived, and she was a nervous wreck. Taylor fretted about how hard she'd been trying, but her therapy wasn't working. Taylor didn't think anything would ever be okay again after what she'd done. Taylor believed she'd be in jail if Steffy hadn't convinced Bill to keep quiet.

After Steffy got Taylor to calm down, Taylor asked how her granddaughter was. Steffy said the child was sleeping. Taylor wanted to hold the baby, but she began to sob, saying that she couldn't because the baby would sense that she wasn't okay.

Steffy suggested that the exhausted Taylor lie down. Taylor said she couldn't sleep, and if she happened to snooze for a moment, the incident haunted her dreams. Even though things were bad, Taylor believed they'd be even worse if she were in prison. Taylor was grateful Bill had kept quiet. "I know I wouldn't last. I wouldn't last! It would literally kill me," Taylor asserted.

Taylor tried not to let it get to her; however, she felt that there could be a knock at the door at any moment, and she'd be dragged away in handcuffs. Someone knocked on Steffy's front door, and Taylor hopped out of her seat. She panicked, shrieking, "That's the police! They're here to get me! They're here to take me away! They're here...they're here..."

Steffy promised that it wouldn't happen. She answered the door. A deliveryman named Sawyer was there to deliver a miniature model of the latest Forrester boutique. Steffy accepted the package and returned to her mother to say that it had just been a messenger. Taylor said it had been so that time, but she wondered about the next time. She stomped her feet, worrying that something might change Bill's mind about being silent.

Steffy flashed to Bill's threats. Taylor's cries grew louder as she agonized over her fears. Steffy grasped her mother's shoulders and promised that it wouldn't happen. Taylor sobbed, saying Steffy couldn't make that promise. Taylor asked if Steffy could talk to Bill to get some reassurances and to find out if he'd promise not to change his mind. "Please help me!" Taylor pleaded and broke into tears. The shocked Steffy hugged Taylor as she cried.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Liam wanted to know if Hope was okay. Hope said he didn't have to keep asking that. Liam felt their breakup was different that time, and Hope didn't "have to -- " Filling in the rest of his sentence, Hope figured he was saying she didn't have to accept the fact that he'd remarry Steffy soon, but Hope felt that she did have to. Hope just couldn't stop thinking of how close she'd been to her happily ever after with Liam.

Hope said she was not trying to make Liam feel bad. She claimed to have a plan to get through it, which was to focus on her line. Liam said it wasn't just a line; it was also her message, and he asked who would be better at sending the message than the most positive person he knew.

Hope recalled that she'd said she couldn't work with Liam, but she figured that a girl could change her mind. Liam asked what she was saying, and Hope asked if he was up for returning to work on HFTF. Liam asked if she really thought it would be a good idea. Hope hadn't at first, but she noticed that she and Liam seemed to be getting on with each other okay.

Liam offered to consult and to help Hope get the website up and running, but he couldn't commit to it full-time because it wouldn't be fair to Steffy. He also needed to talk to Steffy about it first. Hope agreed, and extending her hand, she said, "Maybe, possibly, welcome aboard again?" Liam shook her hand. He decided to get going and said he'd give Hope's greetings to Kelly.

When Liam returned home, he found Steffy in the living room, folding baby laundry. He told her that Carter was fine with marrying them the following week or sooner. Steffy asked if he'd been with Carter the entire time, and Liam said he'd run into Hope. Steffy asked how that had been.

Liam said it had been weird but good. Steffy nodded, recalling in her mind that Bill had said Liam would always want Hope. Liam broached with Steffy the request Hope had made of him to return to HFTF. "I thought it was too hard to be around you," Steffy replied in a snippy tone. He guessed Hope had changed her mind. Steffy asked what he'd said to Hope.

Liam explained that he'd told Hope that he'd discuss with Steffy the possibility of consulting on HFTF. Steffy assumed that he'd be side by side with Hope. Liam said he'd be there in a limited capacity because he wasn't committing full-time. Steffy was oddly quiet, folding clothes a little more aggressively. He said the bonus was that he and Steffy would see each other at the office -- but only if it was okay with her.

"Well, you know, you love what you do," Steffy snapped. Liam stated that he wouldn't work for his father. As a side note, Liam said it was nice to know Bill couldn't interfere anymore.

Later, Liam exited the bedroom after checking on the baby and found Steffy staring at their photo on the wall. Liam said he stared at it a lot, too. Liam was anxious to go ahead and get remarried and stated that nothing was standing in their way. Steffy seemed crestfallen, and he asked what was wrong.

Steffy stated that she wanted to marry Liam, but she needed time to figure it out. Surprised, Liam asked what she had to figure out. In her mind, Bill's threats against Taylor echoed. Liam asked what was going on with Steffy and why she didn't want to get married right away.

In the Forrester design office, Xander arrived with a daisy he'd taken out of Pam's vase. He handed it to Emma, and they talked about the incident with the photos. Xander said Emma hadn't realized she'd been breaking any rules about photographing designs. "They must have gone over it in orientation," she replied and claimed she'd been too excited that day to retain much.

Being at Forrester was Emma's dream, and she said it would have ended if it hadn't been for Xander. She and Xander discussed Maya's reaction to the photograph incident. Emma thought it had been understandable, but she hoped Hope understood Emma's mistake.

Hope had been the reason Emma had made good grades, and as soon as she'd been old enough, she'd applied for the internship. Hope was Emma's role model, and Emma felt that the last thing Hope needed was for Emma to let Hope down -- especially with all Hope was going through.

Emma returned to stapling, and the stapler conked out. She guessed it wasn't her week. Xander believed a big turnaround was on the way, and he wanted to speed things along by inviting her to go out to the beach or hit up a club. He said she could show him her dance moves. Giggling, Emma replied that she wasn't the only one with moves.

Later, Xander browsed the Forrester handbook for policies against Forrester employees dating each other. Emma thought he was ribbing her about forgetting the other policy. Xander told her to forget about it already. Emma said that she could have used her connections to Justin and Bill, but instead, she'd done it on her own, just like Hope, whom Emma admired so much.

Emma stated that she'd never try to take or steal anything. Xander didn't believe anyone so sweet and beautiful would ever do such a thing. She was surprised that he thought she was beautiful. Xander moved in and kissed her.

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