The Bold and Beautiful Recaps (The week of July 23, 2018)

Steffy walked in on Liam making out with Hope. Brooke believed the incident sealed Hope's destiny with Liam. Steffy signed herself away in marriage to Bill in exchange for his Forrester stocks. Ridge took his employees' advice and told Zoe to walk a runway out of town.
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Steffy catches Liam kissing Hope

Steffy catches Liam kissing Hope

Monday, July 23, 2018

At the cliff house, Bill implored Steffy to let him be the man she needed. Steffy was upset and asked how Liam could do it. Bill replied that there would always be an underlying connection between Hope and Liam. Bill didn't want to hurt Steffy. He just wanted to wake her up.

Amelia, the new nanny, arrived. After Steffy introduced Amelia to Bill, Steffy said she was headed to Forrester. Bill assumed Steffy would confront Liam and said she knew where to find Bill if she needed him. Steffy silently exited.

At Spencer, Bill arrived with Justin. They discussed how the showing had gone, and Bill thanked Justin for the photo he'd sent. Justin assumed Bill had shown it to Steffy, and Bill replied that Steffy was tracking down Liam at that moment.

Bill said the photo had reinforced everything that Bill had been telling Steffy about Liam, who'd definitely wind up with Hope. Bill stated that Hope and Liam were meant to be, just like Bill and Steffy were meant to be, and Steffy would soon learn that she wasn't the woman Liam wanted.

In the Forrester design office, Emma was enraged about Zoe, who'd become the darling of the fashion industry. Emma didn't think it could have gone better for Zoe if Zoe had planned it. Emma wondered if Zoe actually had planned it. Xander said he wouldn't let Zoe get away with it.

In the CEO's office, Ridge was alone with Zoe, thanking her for saving the showing. He asked her to tell him a little about herself. Xander burst into the room and said he could tell Ridge all about her. Ridge asked if they knew each other. Xander said he'd tell Ridge the truth about Zoe.

Xander explained that he and Zoe had been involved back in Europe. He'd cut things off and moved, but she'd followed him to Los Angeles. He explained that she wasn't even a model, but an artist. Zoe offered to do Ridge's portrait. Xander said Zoe hadn't listened when he'd told her to stay away. Ridge was glad for it because Zoe had saved the show.

Thorne, who was entering with Emma, said it was ironic because Zoe had been the one threatening the line. Emma corrected that the posts hadn't been meant for Hope; they'd been meant for Emma. Ridge asked for someone to explain things to him.

Zoe volunteered and was sure Ridge would see things as harmless. She hoped he'd even consider letting her work there. Upset, Xander said he knew he was just an intern, but he had to ask Ridge not to let Zoe work there.

Later, Zoe summed things up by saying Xander had his secrets, too, and she and Xander had both gotten carried away -- Xander with his secret and her with her posts. Emma asserted that they'd been threats. Zoe claimed she hadn't meant any harm; she'd just been a little jealous and acting out. Zoe said she was known to do it on occasion, but it was very innocent. She said she just simply liked to stir the pot. "Come on," the sarcastic Emma replied.

Zoe claimed the jealousy bit was all behind her, and Ridge had nothing to worry about. Thorne concluded that it meant there was no reason for Zoe to hang around, and Xander said there was every reason for Zoe to return to London. Zoe asked Ridge for a compromise.

Xander asked what that would be. Zoe offered not to interfere with Emma and Xander, and in exchange, Zoe could stay around longer. She said the weather was better there, and everyone had grown on her. She asked Ridge to give her a chance. Ridge thanked Zoe for her help with the show, and he asked her to leave her information with Thorne, who'd cut her a check for her work. Zoe asked what it meant.

Ridge said it meant that he agreed with his brother, and it was best that Zoe went back to the U.K. -- the sooner the better. Zoe silently left the office with Thorne. Emma and Xander thanked Ridge, and they also exited the office.

Ridge turned away from the door and turned back, surprised to hear Steffy greet him as she entered the office. He was happy to see his daughter, but the preoccupied Steffy asked if he'd seen Liam or Hope. Ridge asked what was going on, and Steffy asked if Hope was around. Ridge asked if Steffy thought Liam was with Hope.

Back in the design office, Xander located Emma. He was sorry Zoe had shown up. Emma assumed Zoe thought there was a chance with him, "and maybe there is." Emma called Zoe beautiful and sexy and said Zoe and Xander had history. Xander agreed about the history and said it was in the past. Emma had never felt the way she did about a guy before, and she didn't want to get hurt. Xander promised he wouldn't hurt her, and they kissed.

At Zoe's place, Zoe made tea and told Harry how intoxicating it had been on the runway. She said "they" still wanted her and Harry to go; however, Harry didn't want all that travel on his old bones. She said Harry wanted to stay and have daddy back with them. Zoe assured Harry that daddy would be back with them. She could feel it. She just had to deal with "that little Emma."

Backstage, the crew broke down the fashion show as Hope and Liam ecstatically discussed the event. Hope wanted to find and thank the woman who'd filled in for the model named Bailey. Liam wondered who the substitute model even was.

Hope started looking for her purse. She asked Pam about it, but Pam hadn't seen it. Pam congratulated Hope on the showing and sternly reminded Liam to go home to Steffy and his daughter. Pam walked off, and Liam said he hated the position he'd put Steffy and Hope in.

Hope stated that her baby was nothing but a blessing, and the night couldn't get more wonderful. Liam told her that everyone loved her. He nervously chuckled. Hope claimed to understand that he couldn't stay on because he had a daughter that needed him -- just like her and Liam's child would need him. Liam claimed that he'd be there for Hope and her child.

Hope decided to keep looking for her purse. Liam choose to look in the main area while she headed to the dressing room.

Later, Hope was in jean shorts and a bra when Liam entered her dressing room. He embarrassingly turned away. She hurriedly put on a robe and said she was sorry, too, but it wasn't as if he hadn't seen her before. Throughout their conversation, she kept adjusting the robe, flashing her bra and stomach. Liam had her purse for her. She took it as she explained that she'd decided to finally take a moment to change out of her show look.

Liam guessed Hope hadn't had time to change because everyone had been "harassing" her since her huge success. Liam believed Hope's message had been a success and said their child would be lucky to have a mom like her.

Hope never wanted to come down from her high. She prattled on and on about the show and said the best part was that she'd shared it with "our little critter." Liam asked what part the baby had liked, and Hope said the dancing.

Liam loved seeing Hope so happy. He said she'd had a vision and purpose and had delivered on it in a unique and inspirational way. He said she lived it every day, and it was why she had so many admirers, including him. Hope asked him to stop, but he said she deserved it.

Hope said that when she'd been self-exiled for all those years, she'd never thought that there had been a chance for her and Liam. It was why her line had been so important to her, but even more than Hope for the Future, Hope had begun thinking about "this" future. Hope gestured to her belly, and Liam excitedly agreed. Hope stated that she'd dreamed of that moment, and it was there. It was finally happening.

"It's really happening!" Liam exclaimed. Liam and Hope gazed at each other, and Liam lurched forward, grabbed her, and started kissing her.

In the backstage area, Steffy arrived, and Pam greeted her. Steffy was looking for Liam. Pam explained that he was taking Hope's purse to Hope. Steffy asked where, and Pam guessed they'd be in Hope's dressing room.

Inside Hope's dressing room, Liam had Hope sitting on a table almost against the wall. He was standing between her legs, kissing her, and her robe had slipped off her shoulders. Behind them, the door slowly opened.

"Oh, my God!" Steffy exclaimed, entering the room. Liam and Hope panicked and scrambled to face Steffy. "How could you?" Steffy cried out.

Steffy confronts Liam and Hope

Steffy confronts Liam and Hope

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam and Hope made out passionately. Liam pushed her robe up and grabbed her thighs, and things became heated. Steffy walked in and expressed her shock.

"How could you?" Steffy shouted. She added that she had been taking care of their child, and Liam had been off with Hope. Steffy was furious. Hope tried to cover up. Liam looked guilty. Liam apologized, but Steffy told him not to bother. She accused him of acting like what she had just seen was "inconsequential."

"You can't just throw it away," Steffy shouted. Liam stammered that he was sorry, but Steffy fumed. She angrily told him that he talked about principles and values, but they didn't apply to him. "Look at you. How could you to this me -- to Kelly, our little girl?" Liam looked guilty.

Steffy reminded Liam that she hadn't wanted him to be at the fashion show or to work with Hope. She'd thought they were going to get married. Liam said the situation had changed. Hope said she should leave them alone.

Steffy fumed again that Liam and Hope had made her feel so guilty for what she'd done with Bill, but they were both hypocrites. Liam said that he and Hope had not planned what had happened. He hadn't been sneaking around behind her back. He reminded her that he'd said he had a lot to figure out. Steffy said Liam's defense was that he had just "gotten caught up in a moment," and he had given in. Steffy said, "I just had your child, Liam. I can't even do that yet."

Steffy tearfully recapped how guilty he and Hope had made her feel for her indiscretion with Bill. She recalled how he had acted so innocent, and she had "begged and pleaded" for him to forgive her.

Steffy glared at Hope and Liam. "You have destroyed our family," Steffy seethed. She walked out and slammed the door. Liam had a tear in his eye. Outside the door, Steffy shook and grabbed the wall to catch her breath.

Inside the office, Hope said she'd never seen Steffy like that. "She was also hurt," Hope said. She added that Steffy was heartbroken. Liam convinced himself it would be okay, but he had to find Steffy.

In her car, Steffy was driving and recalled happy times with Liam: their trips together, their second wedding, the birth of their daughter, reuniting and bonding over the baby, and then the image she'd seen of Liam making out with Hope. A car honked, and Steffy swerved. She calmed herself and suddenly looked resolved.

At Ridge and Brooke's, they discussed the fashion show and what a great day it had been. They agreed it had been a long day but a great show. Ridge remarked that Hope, Thorne, and everybody had made it happen. Ridge admitted he hadn't been all for the relaunch of Hope for the Future, but it had been a great success.

Ridge and Brooke kissed. They agreed that Hope needed time to focus more on the baby. Ridge cooled off and backed away from Brooke. Ridge agreed Hope needed to take care of herself. Brooke said that Liam's support -- his attendance of the fashion show -- "had meant the world to Hope."

Ridge rubbed Brooke's feet and reminded his wife that Liam had a family with Steffy and Kelly. Brooke noted that Liam would have two families. Ridge countered that he'd be a good dad, but his commitment was to Steffy. Brooke smiled and nodded.

Later, Ridge said that Steffy hadn't attended the fashion show, but she had been upset and was looking for Liam. Ridge felt there was something wrong.

Brooke wondered why Steffy had been upset and had driven to the office to see Liam. She knew that Hope's pregnancy had complicated things for all three of them -- Hope, Liam, and Steffy. She claimed that Liam and Hope were meant to be, but Ridge disagreed and said that Liam and Steffy were meant to be. Ridge added that everyone had a right to be upset because of the things that Bill had done. He said that Hope's relationship with Liam only existed because of Bill.

At the cliff house, Liam ran into the house, looking for Steffy. The babysitter shushed him because Kelly was sleeping. Liam asked about Steffy, and the sitter said Steffy had gone to Forrester to speak to him earlier in the day. Liam maintained that everything would be all right. "Where are you, Steffy?" Liam whispered.

At Spencer, Bill told Justin that he was convinced Steffy had caught Liam and Hope together at the fashion show. Justin reminded Bill that he had proposed to Steffy again. Bill said it was a way out for Steffy.

Bill promised to make Steffy happy. She needed that, and he added that Steffy had been a pawn in Liam's game of moving to and from Hope and Steffy. Bill called his son a "windshield wiper."

Bill said it was time for Steffy to move on with him. Bill said that Steffy didn't deserve to be mistreated by Liam. Justin agreed, but he didn't believe that Steffy would ever return to Bill.

Justin maintained that Steffy would be hurt if she discovered Liam and Hope together. Bill agreed it would "hurt like hell, but Steffy needed to know the truth and see it for herself." Bill said he was sure it had been an ugly confrontation and that Liam had made it a mess and apologized and begged for Steffy's forgiveness. Bill mocked Liam and his waffling.

Bill reminded Justin that he'd been right all along about Liam and Hope. They belonged together. "I was right about all of them. Liam and Hope will end up together," Bill announced. He added that "Steffy and I are written in the stars -- it was obvious to me from the beginning."

After Justin left, Steffy walked into Bill's office. He turned and looked at her, and she tearfully explained what had happened and how she had caught Liam and Hope together. "I get it now," she said. She said she kept replaying everything Liam had done and how she had begged for his forgiveness. "I still don't believe it," she said. Bill said he would always be there for her. Steffy lamented that Bill had told her about Liam and Hope, but she had refused to believe him.

"You were right. You've always been right," Steffy said to Bill. She angrily recalled the many times that Liam had "accused and judged her" and she had begged for him to return to her. "We have a child together," Steffy said. She muttered that Liam had been with Hope half-naked while she'd been taking care of their little girl. "How could he do this to me, Bill? How could he be with Hope?" Bill watched while Steffy pushed over a chair and broke glass. She covered her face with her hands.

Later, at Brooke and Ridge's, Hope showed up and said she had to talk to Brooke. She asked if Ridge was home, and Brooke said he'd gone out. Hope stammered that she had been with Liam. Brooke waited for an explanation, and Hope painfully stared at her mother and worried how to tell her something.

Steffy strikes an arrangement with Bill

Steffy strikes an arrangement with Bill

X Steffy strikes an arrangement with Bill

Steffy strikes an arrangement with Bill

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

by Pam

Steffy stood in Bill's office and was visibly upset with Liam. She couldn't believe Liam had hurt her again. Bill wasn't surprised. Steffy lamented that new mothers stayed at home, and new fathers apparently "hooked up" with old girlfriends.

Bill said he knew there was nothing he could say that wouldn't be "the wrong thing." Steffy and Bill bantered about what Steffy wanted. She said love hadn't worked for her. Bill said he loved her. He wondered if Liam would be there soon, pounding on the door, looking for her.

Steffy said Liam wouldn't be following her "this time." She felt his actions with Hope were revengeful and deliberate. He had wanted to prove that if she could fool around, so could he.

Steffy's phone kept beeping because Liam had been sending her text messages. Bill noted that someone was trying to reach Steffy. She maintained that Liam wanted to feel like a good man. Bill surmised that Liam had apologized and would continue to apologize.

Steffy said Liam was "not my job anymore." Bill wondered if that meant that Steffy had planned to leave Liam. "Did I ever really have him?" Steffy wondered. She said she had thought they were together again, but Liam had wanted to hold her to standards that he couldn't attain himself.

Bill wondered if Steffy was there because she had wanted to be with him. Steffy noted that Bill was vain and cruel at times. He lied and "confused love with leverage," but she added that there was never any guesswork with him. Bill admitted that he would lie to get what he wanted. "You know what I want most, or you wouldn't be here," Bill said. "I won't come cheap," Steffy said. Bill nodded.

Steffy told Bill not to ask for things she couldn't give him. Bill said he had always promised to "protect you and your daughter and your mother." Steffy agreed. Bill asked what she wanted. Steffy said she wanted her own future, and stability for herself and her daughter. She handed him some papers and asked him to read them.

At home, Liam continued to send text messages that begged Steffy to return home. The nanny was with Kelly, and the nanny told Liam that Kelly had settled down after her bottle. She noted that Liam seemed worried about Steffy. Liam admitted that he was worried. He wondered about the strange weather they were having.

Liam sent the nanny home and told her to be careful. Liam called Steffy again and left a message that she needed to return home. "I have a bad feeling," he said, but he didn't have a chance to finish because her voice mailbox was full.

At Brooke's house, Hope told Brooke that something terrible had happened at work. Brooke wondered if Liam had said something hurtful, but Hope said it was the opposite. Brooke said that Hope and Liam had had a triumphant day, and it had to have been difficult to know that they could work together but couldn't be together.

Hope shook her head and explained that she and Liam had been happy after the fashion show, but Hope had lost her purse and gone to her dressing room to find it. It hadn't been there, but Liam had found it and delivered it to her dressing room, and Hope had been changing. She said she should have asked him to leave, but she hadn't even thought about being undressed in front of him.

"We got caught up and kissed pretty intensely," Hope said. Brooke expected her to be happy, but Hope said Steffy had entered and seen them. Steffy had been terribly hurt and angry. She'd accused Liam and Hope of having an affair.

Brooke said that would have been impossible because Liam had been working at home, and Hope had been working at the office 14 hours a day. Brooke explained that new mothers were "riding an emotional roller coaster," with hormones out of control. Hope told her mother that hormones weren't to blame, but Hope was to blame for breaking Steffy's heart. Hope assumed Steffy would never forgive her.

Hope added that Liam had gone after Steffy. Brooke reasoned that Liam was not a married man and that Hope was being too hard on herself. Brooke was confident that Liam wanted Hope, not Steffy.

Brooke said that Steffy was Ridge's daughter, and Brooke loved her. "She's a talented, remarkable person," but she was not suited for Liam. She was more suited to his father. Brooke said that she knew Liam loved Hope and trusted her "completely." Hope said she didn't want to assume that anything would change. Brooke urged her to stop sulking because Steffy wouldn't feel as bad if the same thing had happened to Hope.

In Bill's office, he read the papers that Steffy had given him. They would transfer his Forrester Creations stock to her. Bill didn't think she was serious. Steffy explained that no Forrester woman had ever held a top leadership position for long. Bill reminded her that she was CEO. She replied that it would be much harder to oust her with the shares.

"It's too much. You're asking too much," Bill said. "You always do," Steffy countered. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door, but Bill stopped her. "What is this really about?" he asked. Steffy said she wanted stability on her own. Bill said he loved her, and he wanted to know it meant something to her. He wondered what she offered in return.

"Right now, I have more faith in you than anyone else on the planet," she said. Bill called Justin on the intercom, and Bill started typing into his computer. Justin entered and greeted Steffy. Bill announced that he and Steffy had an agreement. He handed Justin Steffy's documents and said he had sent a few more. He asked for his Forrester stock certificates. He eyed Steffy, and she looked unemotional.

Justin left to draw up papers. Bill asked Steffy if she would be uncomfortable living in his house -- the house she had grown up in. He also wondered if it might be like "coming home." Bill said he'd sell the house if she wanted him to. "You can pick out anything you want," he said.

Later, Justin entered with all the paperwork and added that the current value of the shares was substantial. Justin recommended that they wait until the banks were open the following day to complete the paperwork and the transactions. However, Bill dismissed him, and Justin left again.

Steffy read the documents and asked about an addendum. Bill explained that the official transfer would be complete "when you become Mrs. William Spencer." He reminded Steffy that he had his price, too. Steffy looked pained, and a tear ran down her cheek. Bill noted that it was clear that Steffy still loved Liam. "He will never make you happy. He made a choice tonight, and that choice wasn't you," Bill said.

Steffy took the pen Bill offered and signed the paper. Bill asked her if it was what she really wanted. "Yes," Steffy answered. Bill signed the document, and Steffy watched. She seemed nervous.

Bill took off his necklace and put it around Steffy's neck. Tears flowed down her cheeks, but she moved her hair out of the way for Bill to fasten the necklace. He looked at her and moved in to kiss her, but she turned away. He moved to kiss her on the cheek, but a crack of thunder and lightning made her jump.

Ridge learns that Steffy caught Liam and Hope in the act

Ridge learns that Steffy caught Liam and Hope in the act

Thursday, July 26, 2018

In Brooke's bedroom, Hope was there when Ridge entered. He said she wasn't his wife. Hope hurried toward the door, saying she was sorry, but Ridge stopped her. "Let's not do that. Stay," he decided. He said it had been a long day for everyone and a success for Hope.

Ridge looked for Brooke in the bathroom, but Hope said Brooke had gone to see Liam. Ridge asked why, and Hope said it was because Hope hadn't been able to stop her. Hope explained that something had happened. In her stammering, she blurted out that Steffy had walked in on Hope and Liam.

Later, Ridge asked what Hope had been thinking. Hope said there hadn't been any thinking; it had just happened. He replied that it wasn't an excuse, but Hope quipped that it had been when Steffy had slept with her father-in-law. Ridge bellowed that Bill had taken advantage of Steffy.

Hope decided that it wasn't a good topic for Ridge and her. Ridge retorted that they wouldn't have to talk about it if she wouldn't make out with his daughter's husband. Hope corrected that Liam and Steffy weren't married. Ridge yelled that Steffy was the mother of Liam's child. "And so am I!" Hope yelled back. "I'm aware of it. Man, am I aware of it," he said.

Hope didn't want to fight. Ridge apologized for raising his voice, and Hope apologized, too. It was hard for Ridge because he knew that Liam and Hope were good people. For Ridge, it was just that Steffy had fought hard to get her life back after all Bill had done to her. "And this is what you do? This is what you and Liam do to my little girl?" Ridge asked. Hope claimed that it wasn't like that, and she and Liam loved each other. Ridge asked if Hope was that na´ve.

Ridge advised Hope not to look at what Liam said, but at what he did. Ridge noted that Liam was at Steffy's house, trying to get her back, and when it didn't work, he'd be back in Hope's presence with his tail between his legs. "And what are you going to say?" he asked.

At Spencer, Steffy said she was starting over. Bill offered to make it much easier for her. He said he'd talk to Liam with her, but she replied that she'd do it herself. Bill believed they were each richer than they'd been earlier. He wanted her to go home with him, but when she hesitated in response, he said he understood because of the baby. Bill wanted Steffy and the baby to live with him eventually and added that a small ceremony was fine. He didn't need to announce to the world that she'd become his.

Later, Justin was in the office with Steffy and Bill, who wanted Justin to notarize the documents. Justin said it was illegal. Justin was required to witness the signing, and he could be fined or jailed for not following protocol. Bill asserted that he and Steffy had wanted privacy and asked if Justin wanted them to sign again.

Justin stated that Bill had refused to part with his Forrester shares for many years. Bill replied that he no longer needed them. Justin asked if Steffy understood that the shares were not hers until she became Mrs. Spencer.

Bill said they'd gone over the details already, but Justin said he was required to make sure everyone knew what the documents committed them to and that there was no coersion. Justin asked if Steffy was sure she wanted to do it, and she asked if they could just get it over with.

After fingerprinting Bill and Steffy, Justin said it was the last chance for anyone to reverse course. Bill grew impatient, but Justin claimed that he was being cautious. Bill ranted about Steffy walking in on Liam and Hope kissing and said they might have been caught doing the deed had Steffy arrived later. Justin said it was an eye for an eye.

Steffy asked if it was better with candles, pillows, and lipstick. She insisted that she was fully aware of what she was doing, and no one was forcing her. Justin notarized the documents and told them to have a happy, long "whatever the hell this is."

Justin left, and Bill said all he and Steffy needed was a wedding. Steffy claimed that there was time for that. Bill was concerned about what she'd face if she went home. Steffy said she'd approached Bill, and she wouldn't have done it without knowing what she'd be walking into. She said that they might not trust each other, but he could trust her to handle herself.

Steffy decided to leave, and handing her a copy of the papers, Bill offered to drive her. He said he could take the brunt of Liam's displeasure. Steffy thought of Liam and Hope kissing. Steffy said she'd be fine, and it would be almost anticlimactic. Bill stated that there was finally a clear path ahead for them, and Steffy replied that it was better to be decisive than wait on others.

Bill noted that it was another way that they were alike. He loved Steffy and saw himself in her. Bill asked her to do something for him. She asked what it was. Bill wanted to know if she'd let him know if she cared about him. Steffy sadly sighed.

Bill stated that he knew love was the enemy to Steffy, and he wasn't asking for it. He was a transactional guy and claimed no one liked to buy and sell things more than he; however, he'd like it if things between him and Steffy didn't feel that way.

Steffy stated that Bill knew she cared about him. He'd been a rock for her, and he'd never made her feel as if she wasn't good enough. Bill stroked her hair and said he wouldn't sleep that night because he'd be thinking of ways to spoil her. He planned to be thankful every day that she was his wife. "Goodnight," Steffy said, and she walked out. Outside the door, she tucked the sword necklace charm underneath her shirt.

Justin returned later, and Bill welcomed Justin to have a drink with him. Justin noted that Bill had gotten what he wanted, but it had cost a lot. Bill quipped that Justin would have a bow on him if Steffy wanted Justin. Justin wanted to be happy for Bill, but he asked Bill to suppose that the best thing that had ever happened to him was the worst thing to happen to his firstborn son. Bill said Liam always had a backup plan. It was the only kind of plan Liam ever made.

At the cliff house, Liam still had no luck reaching Steffy. Brooke arrived, and she and Liam remarked about the unseasonal rain. Brooke said she was there because Hope had conveyed what had gone on in the dressing room. He didn't know what to say and uttered that he was ashamed. Brooke said it was what she'd been afraid of, and he shouldn't be.

Brooke asked what Steffy had said. Liam relayed that Steffy had said many things at the time, but he hadn't been able to locate her since. Brooke didn't think that was a good way to solve problems and asked about the baby. He asserted that no one was neglecting the baby, and he'd give Steffy time if she needed it. Brooke asked why he thought it kept happening.

Liam replied that nothing kept happening. Brooke cited that Steffy had been with Bill, and Liam with Hope. Liam murmured that he and Hope "didn't slee..." Cutting himself off, Liam stated that Steffy could be back soon, and he needed to "talk to my..." Brooke said, "That's right. She's not your wife. You're freer than you think."

To Brooke, the relevant facts were that Liam had children with the two women, but he wasn't married to either woman. Liam replied that it was what made him cringe. Brooke noted that he seemed to feel disgraceful. She believed it was his prerogative, but because "disgraceful" had been a life companion of hers, she could tell him that his situation didn't rate.

Brooke understood that Liam felt bad about Steffy, but Brooke emphasized that he was free to make decisions about his life. Liam replied that he might not want to be free to decide. "Yeah, I know that about you," Brooke responded. Brooke compared Liam to herself. When she loved, she wanted to give everything. She equated "everything" with getting married.

Liam said he hadn't been able to stand the sight of Steffy due to her betrayal, but then he'd betrayed her. Brooke explained that people crossed lines they shouldn't; Liam had done it with Hope, but Steffy had chosen to do it with Liam's father. Liam claimed that Steffy hadn't chosen Bill, and Brooke asked if Liam was going to think about it the way Ridge did.

Liam didn't want to talk about it and changed the subject to whether Hope was okay. Brooke believed Hope was better than okay, just as she was every other time Liam let her down. Brooke asked if he intended to let Hope down yet again.

Brooke apologized for being unkind, but Liam claimed to get it because he was a protective parent. Brooke said she was protective of Liam, too. Thunder rumbled, and Brooke decided to go before the roads got bad. She saw the baby monitor on the table, and looking at the video feed on it, she said the baby was precious. Liam stated that the baby was everything, and not in a day of his life had he ever been as perfect as Kelly.

Brooke advised Liam to stop beating himself up over what he wanted. She said Steffy and Bill never would.

Later, Liam was alone and expressed relief when a morose Steffy arrived. Steffy asked about the baby, and Liam said there were two more bottles. She murmured that she'd take care of it. He stated that he'd been really worried, and as she folded clothes, she murmured that there hadn't been a reason to be -- as he could see.

Liam asked Steffy to hear that he was sorry. Steffy replied that it was late, and she was tired. Liam asked her not to shut him out. He claimed to get how she'd felt all those months. She replied that he didn't. Liam said he had hurt her for months and was unable to take it back, and he wanted forgiveness but doubted he deserved it. "Yeah, I get it," he insisted.

Liam asked if Steffy had gotten his messages. "Probably," she replied. He stated that she hadn't been answering her phone, and she said he hadn't gotten the hint. Liam asked her to stop. Steffy put the laundry down and faced him. He asked where she'd been. Steffy said she had been where Liam always accused her of being -- hooking up with Bill behind Liam's back.

Steffy said she'd done everything possible to get the house and get rid of Bill. Liam replied that he finally realized that. She asked what he thought had been going through her mind when he hadn't returned from the fashion show. She stated that she'd been thinking he'd been hooking up with Hope. Steffy asked what type of apology he'd make to Kelly for the terrible position he'd put them in of waiting for him to grow up and decide what he wanted.

Liam replied that Steffy was right, and she snapped that she didn't need him to tell her that. He said he couldn't defend all he'd done; however, everything he'd thought to be true hadn't been, and he'd been the last to know it. Steffy corrected that she'd been the last to know. She'd thought Liam was truer than true, yet he was no better than his father.

Steffy had thought she and Liam had been meant to be together -- until she'd seen him hook up with Hope in the dressing room. She stated that a light inside her had turned off. Steffy bent over to pick up a stuffed animal, and the sword necklace swung from beneath her shirt.

Upon seeing the necklace, Liam backed up. "You didn't." Steffy touched the sword on her neck and knowingly replied, "Oh, yes. I did."

Steffy stands by her new man

Steffy stands by her new man

Friday, July 27, 2018

Outside Brooke's bedroom, Brooke heard Ridge yelling at Hope and asking if Hope felt bad about making out with Liam or about getting caught doing it. Brooke entered the room and warned him not to talk to her daughter that way. Ridge retorted that after what Hope had done, he could talk to her any way he wanted. Brooke gave him ten seconds to apologize. He questioned his need to do so after what Hope had done. "Five seconds," Brooke persisted.

Ridge guessed he needed to choose his words more wisely. Agreeing, Brooke said that Hope hadn't set out to hurt Steffy. Hope added that Liam hadn't, either. Ridge noted that Steffy had gotten hurt, and so had Kelly. Brooke thought Ridge should be able to see why Kelly's parents shouldn't be together after what had happened. Brooke said Liam's future was with Hope.

Ridge asked where Steffy's was, and Brooke replied that it was with Bill. Ridge was surprised Brooke wanted Steffy with Bill. Brooke said she hadn't said that, but Steffy had done it before. Ridge stated that Steffy had done it when she'd been at her lowest point, and Liam had just pushed her there again. Brooke roared that Liam might be realizing that he was meant to be with Hope, and Brooke asked Ridge why he thought the kissing had happened in the first place.

Brooke didn't get why Ridge would urge Steffy to hang onto Liam after what he'd done instead of telling her to let him go. Ridge figured Steffy might have already let go. Brooke said it was good because Hope and Liam could be together. Brooke started to say where Steffy would be, but Ridge said not to tell him that Steffy would be with Bill. According to Ridge, it wouldn't happen. Ridge left the room, vowing to make sure of it.

Later, Hope moped on Brooke's bedroom sofa. Hope recalled how hurt Steffy had been, and Hope didn't want to take Liam from Kelly. Brooke said Hope was always putting others first, but she asked about Hope's desires. Brooke noted that Kelly wouldn't be the only baby in the family, and Liam was a grown man who could make his own decisions. In Brooke's view, his actions indicated that he'd decided. Steffy had to accept it, and so did Ridge.

Brooke wanted Hope to look at the bright side and cited the fashion show's success. Hope replied that Steffy's pain had dampened it. Brooke believed that someday, Hope would see "this" as the start of her life with Liam. Brooke figured that Liam didn't realize it yet; however, in that moment with Hope, he'd made a decision, and Hope's family was forming.

At Bill's house, Justin and Bill had drinks, and Justin said he missed Bill's sword necklace. Bill replied that change was good, and it looked better on Steffy. Justin asked if the Forrester shares did, too, and he lamented Bill's decision to give them to Steffy. Bill corrected that they'd go to Mrs. William Spencer. Justin predicted that they would see a day when Justin would say that he'd tried to warn Bill.

The front door opened, and in walked Wyatt, who said he'd gotten Bill's message. Wyatt instantly noticed something different about Bill, and after a few moments, he asked where Bill's necklace was. Justin responded that Bill had given it away. Bill said he'd given it to his soon-to-be wife. "I'm sorry -- wife?" Wyatt asked. Bill said the woman was Steffy.

Wyatt was confused and asked if Bill was imagining things. Bill said Steffy had finally given in to her feelings for him. Wyatt cocked his head like a confused pet, and Justin said, "He's not lying." Bill stated that Liam had let Steffy down. Wyatt asked how, and Bill replied that it was the do-gooder whose named rhymed with "dope."

Later, Wyatt reeled after hearing about Liam and Hope in the dressing room, but Wyatt didn't get how it had led to Bill and Steffy. Shrugging, Bill said the heart wanted what the heart wanted. Justin quipped that the heart wanted shares of Forrester, and he prompted Bill to tell Wyatt the whole story about the necklace not being the only thing Bill had given his bride-to-be.

"You didn't," Wyatt said to Bill. Bill asked if Justin needed to shave his head. Justin said he did, and as he exited the house, he advised Wyatt to make sure Bill told Wyatt everything.

Alone with Wyatt, Bill reasoned that the shares were proof that he'd never hurt Steffy, which was something Liam had done again and again. Wyatt asked if Bill had bribed Steffy. Bill corrected that he'd sealed the deal and secured the future of their family with Steffy and him at the helm. Wyatt said Liam wouldn't take it. Bill replied that Liam was done with Bill, but Bill still had Wyatt, with whom Bill wanted to share the greatest chapter of the family.

Wyatt asked if Liam knew about it. Bill assumed Steffy was telling Liam at that very moment. "By herself?" Wyatt asked. Bill said Wyatt had a good point. Backing himself toward the door, he told Wyatt to pour himself a drink. Wyatt yelled that it wasn't what he'd meant. "You're my favorite!" Bill shouted, closing the door as he left.

Later, Wyatt heard two knocks on the front door, and Ridge barged into the house, asking if Wyatt's daddy was home. Wyatt said it was nice to see Ridge, too, but Bill had gone. Ridge asked where Bill had gone, and Wyatt claimed to have no idea.

Wyatt guessed that Ridge had heard about Liam and Hope. Ridge asked how Wyatt knew about it, and Wyatt said his father had divulged it. Ridge asked where Bill had heard it, and Wyatt explained that Steffy had gone straight to Bill after it had happened. Ridge didn't believe it. He asserted that, for comfort, Steffy would have gone to him, Thomas, or her mother, not Bill.

Wyatt hinted that Steffy might not have wanted comfort. Ridge asked what Wyatt meant. Wyatt didn't think Ridge wanted to hear it. Ridge told Wyatt to be very careful. Wyatt stated that it was happening between Steffy and Bill.

At the cliff house, Liam asked Steffy to explain why she was wearing Bill's necklace. Steffy said Liam had constantly accused her of running to Bill, and if one said something enough, one could make it happen. "So, yeah, I went to your father. Right to him," she concluded.

Liam claimed that what he'd done had been wrong, but he felt she knew that he would have told her right away. Steffy said he would have apologized for losing track of time because he'd been making out with Hope. Steffy was glad she'd seen what everyone, most of all Bill, had been trying to tell her. Liam told Steffy that she'd succeeded in hurting him, and she needed to take off the necklace and forgive him.

Steffy thought it was ironic that Liam wanted her forgiveness after she'd begged so long for his. She said she'd humiliated herself, pregnant on her knees, but he'd walked away. He'd walked right to Hope. Steffy said she couldn't forgive. She'd always care for Liam, but she couldn't trust him or handle the back-and-forth.

Steffy said that Liam wanted her one moment and cheated on her the next. She felt she owed it to her daughter to be stronger than Taylor had been, and Liam never knew Steffy at all if he thought she would raise the child in an environment like that. She didn't care if it meant giving up on love, and she ordered him to be with Hope.

Liam kept trying to get Steffy to listen, but she insisted that he could have the life he'd always wanted instead of pretending with her. Steffy didn't think he really wanted a life with her, or else he wouldn't have gotten caught up with Hope. Steffy yelled that Liam had a newborn, but he'd been so starry-eyed about the baby inside Hope that he hadn't been able to keep his hands off Hope.

Steffy asserted that she didn't know what would be incentive to keep a promise to her if Kelly wasn't enough of one. Liam wanted to talk about it, but Steffy was done talking. She said they were done, and she'd never allow them to be a family.

Liam said he'd made a mistake. Steffy recalled that she had, too, and he'd put her through hell for it until he'd finally decided to make it work. Steffy said Hope had thrown one fashion show, and Liam had drooled so hard that he'd forgotten about Steffy and Kelly. Liam wanted to explain, but Steffy didn't need it. She understood that he wanted Hope.

Steffy figured that she'd been an adequate stand-in while Hope had been in Europe, but Hope was back and had become pregnant. Liam's dream family was within reach, and Steffy told him to go live it. Liam replied that she didn't get him if she thought it was just about fooling around.

Steffy stated that she wasn't like her mother and wouldn't put up with occasional commitments. She believed that Liam had had a choice, and he'd chosen Hope. Liam noted that, somehow, Steffy's choice had become his father after months of denial. Liam questioned which way it really was. He believed she was either trying to hurt him or had had feelings for Bill all along.

Bill appeared in the shady foyer as Steffy was saying that it no longer mattered. She had clarity and knew that Liam would always let her down. In her view, it was better that it happened sooner than in months or years down the line. Steffy declared that they were done and that it was easier that way. Liam told her not to act like it was his choice. Steffy asserted that it had been his choice, and he'd made it in the dressing room.

"She's right, Liam," Bill said, stepping into the room. Bill stated that Hope was the woman Liam wanted, and Liam should have a happy life with her. Bill claimed that God knew Steffy would have a happy one with Bill. Bill quipped that Liam was sitting tall in the self-righteous saddle, but it was a long way to fall in hypocritical judgment of Steffy and Bill.

Liam claimed that one couldn't compare what he'd done with Hope to what Steffy and Bill had done. Liam was sorry he'd hurt Steffy, but he insisted that the kiss still didn't compare. He stated that he'd taken a long time to forgive her, but sleeping with his father was "kind of unforgivable." He'd gotten to forgiveness, anyway, and he needed Steffy to get there, too.

Liam claimed he'd made a mistake and had gotten swept away. He was sorry for kissing the only woman besides Steffy he'd ever loved, a woman who happened to be carrying his child. Steffy said she couldn't forgive his indecision, and she couldn't see how she'd put up with it for so long, unaware that it would never end. Bill said she'd put an end to it.

Liam yelled that no one was talking to Bill, and it was Steffy's decision. Bill asserted that Steffy had made it, and she'd committed to him. Liam asked if Steffy knew that it was wrong and that they had a daughter together. Bill chuckled at Liam's concern for his daughter. It was a concern that hadn't been there when Liam had been making out with Hope.

Bill said that Kelly would be raised with stability and would never know the instability there would be if Liam was the man in her house. Bill decided that they'd all look after Kelly together, but Liam would answer to Bill and Steffy. Liam asked who Bill thought he was, and Bill roared that it was over. Bill said he was stepping in to give Kelly and Steffy the lives they deserved, and Steffy would never question whether she was first with him.

Liam told Steffy that she didn't have to do it. Silently, Steffy walked over and stood by Bill. She had a face of stone as she gazed away from Liam. Bill told Liam that he'd known it had been coming, and Bill and Steffy were together the way it had always been meant to be.

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