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Bill prodded Steffy to the altar but couldn't get her to put on the wedding dress. Steffy wanted to be alone, but upon deciding that Liam was destined to marry Hope, Steffy proposed to Hope for Liam. Emma was shocked to overhear Thorne offering Zoe a modeling job.
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Ridge demands that Steffy stop the madness. Ridge demands that Steffy stop the madness.

Monday, July 30, 2018

At Bill's house, Bill giddily answered the door for Justin and Wyatt and welcomed his favorite guys in. The leery Wyatt wondered, "What now?" Bill said the sun had risen again, marking another glorious day. Justin asked if it was the new Bill. "Bingo!" Bill responded. Justin murmured that it was a little unsettling.

Bill announced that he was the new and improved Dollar Bill Spencer, courtesy of the woman by his side. Justin said it was Steffy, and Wyatt said that it was Liam's Steffy. Bill replied that she wasn't anymore, and he'd had nothing to do with it. Bill stated that Liam had sealed his own fate. Wanting to do the same, Bill said he'd begin planning his wedding to Steffy right away.

Justin advised Bill to slow it down. Agreeing, Wyatt noted that Steffy was making the fastest rebound in the history of rebounds. Justin said Bill was losing his mind over a woman. Bill quipped that he'd done it a long time back and wasn't ashamed to admit it. Bill wanted to make the wedding happen fast because he'd waited long enough for a future with Steffy.

Wyatt thought that Steffy agreeing to a rushed wedding should tell Bill something. Justin stated that Steffy wanted Forrester stock. Bill said that it was what he loved about the tough Steffy, who was his equal. He couldn't say it about any other woman.

Wyatt didn't want Bill to take it personally, but Wyatt wanted to sit that one out. He'd been in the middle of Liam and Bill enough and preferred to miss the finale. "Finale?" Bill repeated. Wyatt said Bill had to be living in a delusion if he didn't know that marrying Steffy would be the last blow to his relationship with Liam.

Bill believed that Wyatt was right, and it was Bill's greatest regret; however, Liam hated Bill because of Steffy. There was no fixing it because Bill would marry her. Wyatt said Bill could always bow out and give up on Steffy, but Bill said it would never happen. Wyatt told Bill that it was just one woman, but Bill countered that it was the only woman.

Wyatt stated that Steffy would have Bill's Forrester stock instead of a bouquet. Bill thought it was the best investment he'd ever made with the greatest future returns. Wyatt asked about Liam, and Bill replied that Liam would cash in with Hope.

Bill revealed that he'd had his doubts and had almost given up on Steffy, but he thought it should be a lesson to Justin and Wyatt that things could turn around at any moment. Bill asked if Wyatt was sure he wouldn't participate in Bill's happiest day. Wyatt continued to take a neutral stance. Accepting the choice, Bill said he couldn't wait around for Wyatt to change his mind.

Justin wondered why Bill was in a rush and asked if Bill feared Steffy would back out. Bill didn't. Justin asked if buying and paying for a bride was the best way to start a marriage. Bill said that if Justin couldn't be happy about it, he could at least check his cynicism. For Bill, it was all happiness from that moment forward.

At Wyatt's beach house, Liam emerged from the bedroom and went into the living room. He flashed back on what had gone on with Steffy and Bill. Hope arrived, saying she'd gotten Liam's message. She assumed that if Liam was crashing with Wyatt, things hadn't gone well with Steffy the previous night.

Liam still couldn't believe Steffy had gone there. Hope asked where, and Liam replied, "Straight to my father." Hope was amazed Steffy would do it, knowing how Liam felt about it. He didn't think his feelings had mattered. He said he'd tried apologizing, and gesturing to his neck, he said he'd seen it right there. Hope asked what, and Liam said his father's sword necklace.

Hope was sorry for hurting Steffy but amazed that Steffy had turned to Bill again. Liam said he was finding it hard to stand on moral high ground. Hope reasoned that everyone -- including Steffy -- knew that Hope and Liam had loved each other for years, and though they shouldn't have done what they'd done, it had been in a moment between connected people.

Hope didn't know what it was between Bill and Steffy. It was a twisted alliance Hope hadn't ever been able to understand. Liam replied that Steffy and Bill would simplify it for everyone. Hope asked what that meant, and with mirthless cheer, Liam said Steffy and Bill would get married.

Liam guessed it meant Bill had been right about him and Steffy being inevitable. Hope said she was sorry. Liam imagined that marriage meant that Bill would be a father to his own granddaughter. Liam called it sick and said that, to add insult to injury, Bill had shown up with a lecture about how he would be the one to give Steffy the things she deserved.

Liam told Hope that he'd begged Steffy not to let Bill ruin her life. "And you know what she did? She walked over to him, and she stood beside him. And it was like a united front. It was like Steffy and Bill, together," Liam explained.

For Liam, the fear that Steffy and Bill would do it again had overshadowed Liam and Steffy's relationship ever since that one night they'd been together. Liam finally felt free of that shadow. "Because of you," Liam said, taking Hope's hand. Liam didn't know what the future held, but he had to let go of Steffy and Bill. Liam didn't know if the pair was meant to be together or not, but it wasn't his burden anymore.

Hope stroked the back of Liam's head. She told him that she was there, and he wasn't alone. Liam and Hope hugged.

At the cliff house, Ridge was visiting Steffy. He said he knew about Hope and Liam, and it was unbelievable. As he began to say what else was unbelievable to him, he saw Bill's sword necklace around Steffy's neck. Ridge said she couldn't do it -- not with Spencer.

Ridge knew that Steffy was hurting. Steffy uttered that he didn't. Disagreeing, he stated that walking in on Liam and Hope would be awful. Steffy said she'd thought she'd loved Liam, and she'd believed "the whole happily ever after thing;" however, they were called fairytales because they were stories fashioned to make people feel good about a world in which love didn't matter.

Ridge asked what Steffy was saying. Steffy claimed that she'd wised up. She'd given Liam everything she'd had. She'd set up a home for him and had given him a daughter. "And how does it end?" she asked. She answered her own question, "With Hope and Liam hooking up while I'm at home with our little girl." Ridge didn't think it meant Steffy had to hook up with Spencer. Steffy said it was more than that, and she and Bill would get married.

Marrying Spencer was out of the question, according to Ridge, who wanted Steffy to take off that ridiculous necklace. Steffy said she deserved to be treated with respect. Ridge agreed but said Bill had done nothing but use her. Ridge didn't believe she loved Bill. Steffy replied that she didn't believe in love. Ridge claimed that it was okay for her to be upset and hurt, and he advised her to do something to hurt Liam.

Steffy said she wasn't playing any more games, and Liam was welcome to be with Hope. Steffy was done and would be with Bill. Ridge asked if Bill would have his grubby, filthy hands all over her. It was Ridge's worst nightmare. Steffy told him that it wasn't about him. Ridge asked if it was about Kelly and if Steffy wanted Bill to be a constant force in Kelly's life.

Ridge urged Steffy to stop before she was in too deep. Steffy argued that she'd wanted Liam, but that night had happened and had changed everything. Ridge yelled that Bill had taken a wrecking ball to Steffy's whole life, and Ridge refused to let her marry Bill.

Steffy said Ridge didn't know what it was like for her to constantly walk on eggshells, doing penance for one mistake, only to find Hope and Liam hooking up in a dressing room, of all places. It was disrespectful, and Steffy was done -- over it. Ridge asked if she would sell her soul to the devil. Steffy replied that she was taking control of her life and knew where she stood.

"With Spencer?" Ridge asked. Ridge said Steffy knew what Spencer had done to Katie, Brooke, and his own children. Ridge stated that Bill didn't care about anything but money. Steffy replied that life was a business proposition, and she and Bill had made a deal. She revealed that she'd negotiated getting Bill's Forrester stock upon marrying him, and that meant the company would be "ours" again.

Steffy began to discuss the implications of the deal, but Ridge roared that he didn't care about the shares or the company. He cared about his daughter. The thought of her being with such a despicable man worried Ridge. He couldn't understand why she'd want the man who'd ruined her family to be a force in Kelly's life. Steffy said Bill would love Kelly, who was his blood.

Ridge asked where his capable, clear-eyed daughter had gone. Steffy claimed to be seeing better than she had in a long time. Though Ridge didn't condone what Liam had done, Ridge believed the whole thing had started because of what she and Bill had done. Liam had found forgiveness, and it was Steffy's turn, according to Ridge.

As far as Steffy was concerned, it was too late. She asked her father to hear her that it was over with Liam. Ridge said he heard her. He suggested that she just be alone for a bit. Steffy asserted that she'd made her decision. She knew her father didn't approve, but she had to do what was necessary to take control of her life.

Ridge noted that something was shutting down within Steffy, and it broke his heart to see it. He asked if she thought Bill would fix it. Ridge said Bill would dismantle her and turn her into what he wanted her to be. Ridge became tearful. He said he was her father, and it was his job to protect her from that. Steffy fought back tears, but they fell fast, threatening to crack her resolve.

Ridge said he'd been protecting Steffy from the moment she'd been born, and he wouldn't stop at that point. He ordered her to take off the necklace and stop talking about marrying Spencer.

Bill urges Steffy to marry him right away Bill urges Steffy to marry him right away

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke thought it was crazy that Steffy had run to Bill after the dressing room incident. Brooke was unable to imagine what it had done to Liam to see his father's necklace on Steffy and to hear that she'd marry his father.

Hope validated Steffy's hurt feelings over what Hope and Liam had done, but Hope thought turning to Liam's father, of all people, really spoke to Bill and Steffy's relationship. Brooke wished Ridge could see it that way.

Brooke couldn't believe Steffy would consider marrying Bill. Hope said Liam was washing his hands of the situation, and Hope didn't blame him. Brooke wondered what it meant for Hope and Liam. Hope didn't want to get her hopes up and wondered if Steffy would really alienate the father of her child to be with Bill.

Brooke didn't think Steffy would let anything interfere with Liam and Kelly, but Brooke did believe the path was clear for Hope and Liam. Hope didn't want to get too far ahead of things, but Brooke said it was inevitable. Hope replied that there was a little girl to think of. Agreeing, Brooke stated that the child would be cherished by them all, maybe even Bill.

The subject changed to Hope's baby, and Brooke felt it would be blessed to have Hope and Liam as parents. Brooke suggested that Hope embrace the idea that she and Liam would be married because it would happen. The two hugged.

At the beach house, Ridge arrived and asked Liam how he could do it to Ridge's daughter. Liam said he'd tried to rectify things, but Steffy had gone to the dark side and was even wearing Bill's necklace. Liam asked if Ridge thought that Liam liked what was happening. Ridge roared at Liam to do something about it and to stop Bill.

Liam believed that Steffy going to Bill so quickly should tell Ridge something. Ridge yelled that she was messed up, and Liam had broken her spirit. Liam said she'd broken his first. Ridge felt that Liam should have stopped Steffy from going to the guesthouse that night. Ridge said Liam had failed her that night, and calling Liam a boy, Ridge said Liam was about to do it again.

Liam wanted to know why what was happening was his fault. Ridge yelled that it was -- at least partly -- but Liam had done the right thing in forgiving Steffy and taking her back. Ridge said that, out of nowhere, Hope had become pregnant. Rewording, Ridge said it hadn't been out of nowhere, and they knew how it had happened. Liam claimed that it had just been one night.

Ridge agreed but said Liam wouldn't have been there with Hope if it hadn't been for Bill manipulating Liam and Wyatt. Shrugging, Liam replied that it didn't matter much. "Really?" the surly Ridge asked. Ridge felt it mattered more than ever.

Ridge asserted that Steffy had been vulnerable at the guesthouse because Liam had made out with someone else, and Steffy was vulnerable once again because, once again, Liam had made out with someone else. Ridge ordered Liam to take some responsibility and fight.

Liam said he was trying, but he was done with all the uncertainty surrounding Steffy and Bill. Ridge stated that Steffy didn't want to be with Bill and was just lashing out at Liam. Ridge believed that she wanted to hurt Liam, but she'd wind up hurting herself and the baby. Ridge wanted Liam to fight and prevent the delusion with Bill from becoming a reality. Ridge asked if Liam really wanted a father like Bill raising Kelly.

Bringing up Hope's baby, Ridge was at a loss for what to tell Liam and ultimately advised him to follow his heart and honor his commitments. Ridge figured both roads led to Steffy. Liam began stammering. Ridge assumed Liam was trying to say that Steffy didn't want him. Ridge was sure she did and had only run to Bill out of anger, frustration, and pride. Knowing that Liam didn't want that for Steffy or Kelly, Ridge urged Liam to do something before it was too late.

At the cliff house, Steffy was discussing the baby with Amelia when one of Bill's drivers arrived. Bill had sent the man to pick Steffy up, and the man said that Bill was expecting her.

At Bill's house, Bill touched the spot on his neck where his sword had hung. Justin thought Bill looked naked without it. Bill believed the necklace was where it should be, and he asserted that Steffy would become his wife that day. Justin wondered if Bill was rushing because he thought Steffy would change her mind. Bill replied that he wasn't taking any chances.

Later, Bill and Justin returned to the living room from the corridor under the stairs. Bill said he couldn't wait to show Steffy, and Justin replied that she'd be blown away. Bill thanked Justin for helping to set it up, and Justin said he was the set-up guy.

Steffy arrived with the driver, and Bill thanked the man for getting her there safely. The driver departed, and Steffy inquired about what was happening. Justin decided that congratulations were in order. Steffy looked quizzically at the men, and Bill said he'd see Justin at the office. Justin grabbed his bag and bade them farewell as he exited.

Bill guessed the baby was with the nanny. He stared at his necklace and said it looked better on her. Steffy asked why he wanted her there, and he said it was to talk about their future.

Later, Steffy stated that Bill wanted to get married that day. Bill reasoned that there would be a line of people telling her not to do it, and he didn't want her to listen. Steffy advised him not to tell her what to do. Bill decided to tell her what he'd do, which was to give Steffy and Kelly a life they couldn't imagine. Steffy snapped that she could imagine the life she wanted for her daughter, and she'd make sure her daughter got it.

Bill stated that he could help, and he asked that Steffy follow him. He took her through the corridor under the stairs and opened a door to a room. Steffy was amazed to see a baby's room fit for a princess. She asked when he'd done it. He said it had been after she'd started wearing his necklace.

Steffy wondrously said it was a little over the top, but Bill didn't think it was because it was for a child he adored. She saw a garment bag hanging on a coat stand and asked what it was for. Bill explained that it was a wedding dress. He'd wanted to take her to an island he owned in the South Pacific for the event, but because it wasn't suitable for Kelly, he'd decided that they'd do it there, in their home.

To Steffy, it looked like Bill had it all planned out. Bill asked if that offended her. She told him that she was in charge of her life. He hoped that didn't mean he couldn't surprise her and said she had to leave room for them, so that he could give her the life he'd said she couldn't imagine. Steffy flatly said she'd had enough surprises.

Bill understood that it was hard for Steffy to imagine a life with a man who wouldn't let her down. He said she and Kelly wouldn't want for anything, and Steffy would have all of him. Every day would be a celebration. She replied that it couldn't always be a celebration and advised him not to try to live up to it. She'd tried to -- until life had taught her otherwise.

Bill said that life was full of lessons, and Steffy was about to learn new ones. He warned her not to underestimate him. Steffy wanted Kelly to know the truth, and the truth was that life would be painful at times. Agreeing, Bill said they'd help Kelly through those times together, and Bill vowed to be the greatest stepfather Kelly would ever have.

Steffy assumed Bill would be spoiling the child, and Bill replied that it was what he did for the people he loved. He showed Steffy a blanket he'd picked out himself and said it was as soft as it could be. Steffy told him that it was precious. He said she was, too.

Steffy wished she had a picture of all the serious shopping Bill had done. Bill said he'd loved every moment of it, and he wanted a different life. Holding up the blanket, he said he wanted "this." Steffy asked if he meant taking her and Kelly over profits and takeovers. "In a heartbeat," he replied. She asked about "Sky," and Bill said it meant nothing to him.

Only a future with Steffy and Kelly mattered to Bill. He wanted to dig Steffy out of the hole she'd been in. Steffy said she didn't need rescuing. Bill felt she needed more than Liam had given her. Bill insisted that she'd changed his outlook, and nothing compared to what they'd shared.

Bill knew that Steffy's father was appalled, but with the shares, Steffy and Ridge would control the company. It all began with the marriage, and Bill feared that she might back out if she listened to her father. In Bill's mind, it would be the worst mistake she could make.

Bill noted that Steffy had seen for herself that Liam had chosen Hope. Bill believed that he was the man for Steffy, and he wanted to give her what she'd given him and for her to feel what he felt when they were in a room together. He didn't want to waste another moment.

Bill and Steffy went into the living room, and by the fireplace, Steffy asked if he really wanted to get married right there. "Right now," Bill added. "I, William Spencer, take you, Stephanie Forrester -- yes, your given name. That's who you are."

Bill said Steffy was a strong, confident woman, like her namesake, and he wanted to help her get back there. Steffy began to say that she didn't want to do something. Interjecting, Bill assumed she was saying she didn't want to lean on a man or be dependent. Bill said he didn't want to "usurp" her. Instead, he wanted to help her be all she could be.

Bill said Steffy would be a great mom and powerful businesswoman who answered to no one, including him. He imagined her as strong and in control, and he wanted to nurture it if she'd let him. Bill said Stephanie had been the Forrester matriarch, and it was time that Steffy be the matriarch of the Forrester family "and the Spencer family, as well."

Though Bill knew that Steffy didn't love him yet, he believed that she would. He said she had once, and it still lived in her. He knew she would because he brought out in her the most talented, kick-ass woman on the planet. He declared that it started right then and there. He urged her to put on the dress and exchange vows with him. He believed that they'd be the most incredible couple the world had ever known, Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer.

Steffy makes a stunning declaration Steffy makes a stunning declaration

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

At the beach house, Ridge persisted in trying to get Liam to do something about Steffy, who was slipping away and about to marry Bill. Ridge claimed that Liam was like a son to Ridge, and Ridge respected him. Liam said that if Steffy chose to lean on his father, Liam couldn't stop her.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke continued their conversation about the direction Hope's life would take. Brooke sensed it was Liam and Hope's time and said Hope had a life and baby of her own to worry about instead of worrying about Steffy. Hope wished no one had to get hurt.

Later, Brooke was alone when Ridge arrived after talking to Liam. Brooke asked what Liam had said. Ridge asked what Liam could say and expressed relief that Steffy hadn't walked in on the incident any later. Brooke didn't think Ridge had to make it sound so cheap. Ridge stated that it was cheap and inappropriate.

Brooke was sorry Steffy had had to experience it, but to Brooke, it was pretty clear that Liam had chosen Hope for his future. Ridge didn't want to talk about that. He was worried about his daughter, who didn't need Bill Spencer. Brooke noted that Steffy kept leaving the door open for Bill, which meant she might indeed have feelings. Ridge grew obstinate, but Brooke said it was something he had to consider. Ridge refused and said he'd never accept Bill for Steffy.

Ridge was sure Steffy wouldn't be with Bill. Ridge said Steffy didn't want Bill or even like him. Brooke cited that Steffy had just become a mother and might feel the need to have a man around to support her and the baby. Ridge wouldn't accept it, but Brooke insisted that he'd have to deal with it if it happened. Brooke said Steffy needed his blessing, and Hope and Liam did, too.

Ridge reasoned that Steffy didn't need Bill because she had a lot of people in her life. Brooke agreed but said Steffy had lost Liam. Brooke believed Steffy was finally accepting it.

Back at the beach house, Liam scrolled through pictures of Kelly. Hope arrived and wondered if she should have called first. Liam said he was alone and didn't know where Wyatt was. Liam was still thinking about Steffy. Hope was, too, and felt terrible about what had happened. He said there was nothing they could do about it, but he was still worried about Steffy.

Hope couldn't feel bad about her feelings or for wanting to spend a life with Liam. She wanted the best for their child. Liam did, too. Hope said she knew he felt the same for Kelly, and Hope didn't want to pressure him. Liam didn't feel pressured, and he was excited about their baby.

Hope still believed it was a lot to take in. She gave Liam her mother's opinion that Steffy and Bill had been connected all along. Hope knew it would be hard for Liam if Steffy married Bill. Liam said he didn't want Bill near Steffy or Kelly, and Hope reasoned that a part of Steffy might fear being alone. Liam replied that Steffy wasn't afraid of anything.

Hope replied that the stakes had changed, and Steffy was a mother. Liam was worried that Steffy was buying into Bill's false promises. Hope said it was out of Liam's control, and Steffy knew the kind of man Bill was and what he was capable of. That was what bothered Liam; it was that Steffy knew what she was signing up for and was doing it anyway. It confused Liam that, after all the chaos Bill had wreaked, Steffy still wanted to be his wife.

At Bill's house, Bill urged Steffy to put on the wedding dress. He had someone on standby who could marry them. Steffy asked what the rush was, and Bill said he didn't want her to change her mind. He thought it would be the worst mistake she could make.

Bill said he'd done things for Steffy that he wouldn't do for anyone else. He'd taken a bullet from Taylor, and he'd take another for Steffy. He vowed to work daily to put a smile on Steffy's face and give her a fresh start. He asked her to marry him. Bill noted that Liam had always waffled between two women. The pain of it was etched on her face. He wanted to replace it with joy.

Steffy thought things were happening way too fast. Bill didn't know a reason to wait. He saw her at a crossroads with two ways to go. On one road, there was Liam, who never fully committed to her and was having a baby with Hope. On the other road, there was Bill. He wanted to protect her and give her a lifetime of happiness. Bill felt that he was the clear choice for her future.

Steffy decided that Bill was right, and she did need to make a choice. She had to make a commitment. She asked if she should forgive Liam and continue to fight for her family. Bill said she couldn't do that after catching Liam with Hope, and Liam had made his choice the night he'd gotten Hope pregnant. Steffy felt it was hard to argue with that one.

Looking at Bill, Steffy said they'd had a strange relationship with moments she'd always remember and some she'd like to forget. She appreciated his sentiment and willingness to give her the shares; however, she couldn't marry him. She wasn't in love with him. Bill believed that she'd get there. "No. No, I won't," Steffy replied.

Bill decided that it was too soon, and he and Steffy would just be together. Steffy said she wouldn't do that, either. Bill couldn't believe she'd go back to Liam. She stated that Bill had forgotten another choice she had. "Me. My choice is me," Steffy uttered.

Bill stated that he'd been certain when Steffy had accepted the necklace. She replied that her head had been spinning. He was sure it had been, and he noted that Liam had cheated on her. Steffy believed Bill had wronged her, too, by using her to trick Liam.

Steffy said Bill had lost his way, and he'd stopped putting his family first. In Steffy's view, Hope wouldn't be pregnant had it not been for his manipulations. Bill had pitted his sons against each other and had blackmailed her to keep her from marrying Liam. Steffy felt she needed to rise above the heartache and pain to focus on herself and her daughter.

Bill didn't think Steffy should be alone. Steffy believed that she was independent enough to take care of herself. He asked about them. She admitted that she'd lashed out in anger at Liam. "But this isn't me. This isn't what I want," she decided.

Bill asked that Steffy say she'd keep her heart open to him. Steffy started to speak, but he told her to wait. He signed a contract that was on the coffee table. Steffy told him that she didn't want the shares. Bill said the contract had been her wedding present. He wanted her to have it. He implored her to take them as a symbol of his love for her.

Steffy didn't think it would be right. Bill replied that it couldn't be more right. Forrester was her family business, not his, and she deserved them. He said there were no strings attached, and he just wanted the best for her. Steffy took the papers and thanked him. She believed her grandmother would be thrilled that the shares were back in the family, and she'd be passing them down to her daughter someday.

Steffy wanted to show Kelly the good of being true to one's self and said she'd raise Kelly the best way she could. Steffy planned to give all her strength, love, and encouragement to Kelly, who was Steffy's life. To raise a strong, thoughtful girl, Steffy believed she needed to be on her own for a while until she found someone who really appreciated her, but it was okay if she didn't find anyone.

Steffy said she had her family, friends, and career. She didn't need a man to make her whole. It was her job to do that. She took off the sword necklace and handed it back to Bill. "I don't belong to anyone, Bill," Steffy stated and walked out the door.

Steffy announces changes at Forrester Steffy announces changes at Forrester

Thursday, August 2, 2018

In the backstage inventory area, Emma and Xander worked. He teased her about the sexy moves she'd conjured up for the showing. Emma said she'd been going for sophisticated. He asked if sexy sophistication was a thing. She didn't know, but she bet Zoe did.

Xander asked if Zoe's part in the show still bothered Emma. Emma didn't like it, but she was glad they didn't have to worry about Zoe anymore. He suddenly decided he had to take off for a bit, and Emma offered to finish up the work alone for a kiss. Xander kissed her and left.

Maya approached, guessing that Emma was into Maya's cousin. Emma asked if it was that obvious. Maya called Xander handsome and more experienced. Emma didn't know what that meant. Maya said it had been pretty intense between Xander and Zoe. Emma guessed it had been that way, but it was over. Maya figured that Emma wanted her shot.

Emma said that she loved working at Forrester. Maya tried to coaxed Emma to admit that Xander was a big reason the internship meant so much to Emma. Emma was embarrassed that her feelings showed and said she and Xander had hit it off until Zoe had shown up. Maya asked if Emma felt threatened by Zoe.

Emma said she got along with almost everyone. Maya sensed that Zoe was an exception. Emma said Zoe hadn't had any right to travel there and stalk Xander. Maya guessed Zoe hadn't gotten the message. Emma quipped that Zoe had ignored the message. It didn't matter to Emma because Zoe was gone, and Emma and Xander wouldn't have to see Zoe again.

At Zoe's place, Xander arrived. Zoe was in a white micronet swimsuit and asked if he liked what he saw. She claimed to be working on her tan lines on the roof and asked if he wanted a peek at them. He was surprised she was still in town, and Zoe told him to admit he didn't want her gone.

Zoe claimed not to want to put Xander on the spot. She'd really missed him, and it had been crushing to learn that he'd moved to Los Angeles to get away from her. She didn't blame him because she knew she hadn't handled things well. She loved him and hadn't wanted things to end, so she'd turned up in America. She said she'd made a mess of that, too.

Apologizing, Zoe said she'd never meant to cause him any trouble. In his silence, she said it was his turn to forgive her and say he knew she hadn't meant to cause trouble. She wondered if she had to keep groveling. He said she wasn't the groveling type. Zoe responded that she was willing to do it "if..."

"If what?" Xander asked. Zoe stated that she'd leave if he felt she was crimping his style. She just wanted him to know she loved him -- but not in a crazy, obsessive way. Knowing that she was pressing her luck, she asked if any part of him still had feelings for her.

Xander said he and Zoe had had a good thing going, and then they hadn't. Zoe asked if he'd missed her. He stated that part of him had missed her. Zoe looked away upset, and he corrected, "Misses you." She smiled. He continued, saying it was true, but then he'd think of things she'd been doing. "Vintage me," she replied.

Zoe said her offer to leave still stood. It wasn't what she wanted, but the world didn't revolve around her. "See, I'm learning," she told him. Xander stated that she knew he wished her well. She gathered that it meant he wanted her to leave. "For now," he responded. Xander gave the sad Zoe a long hug.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Liam returned inside after catching morning waves. Liam thanked his brother for letting him stay there while he got his bearings. Liam still couldn't believe that Steffy would marry Bill after what he'd put them all through.

Wyatt revealed that Bill had wanted Wyatt at the wedding. Liam thanked his brother for not going and remarked upon Ridge asking him to talk Steffy out of it. Liam said he probably should have because his making out with Hope had been the cause of it. Liam didn't get it because he felt that, even with the dressing room incident, Steffy and Bill didn't add up to Liam. It just wasn't the woman Liam knew and loved.

Over breakfast with Wyatt, Liam discussed how odd it was for the strong Steffy to be standing by Bill and wearing the "stupid sword necklace." Wyatt assumed Liam was worried about Kelly. Liam claimed that the one thing he didn't want to happen was to have Bill in Kelly's life, and Liam didn't want Kelly exposed to Bill's toxic love.

Wyatt asked what Liam would do. Liam didn't know and said he didn't even know what was true. "Except for the fact that you still love two different women," Wyatt reminded Liam.

Later, Liam thought about changing clothes to visit Kelly. Wyatt asked about the possibility that Steffy and Kelly had moved in with Bill. "Bro, they're married now," Wyatt said. Liam replied that they didn't know that for certain, and for Steffy and Kelly's sakes, he was still holding out hope that Steffy had found her senses. Wyatt asked about Liam's sake.

In the CEO's office, Eric, Quinn, Thorne, Pam, and Katie wondered why Steffy had called them to a meeting. By the desk, Hope, Brooke, and Ridge wondered if they should tell everyone about Steffy and Bill. Ridge was worried that Steffy had done the unthinkable. Just then, Steffy arrived, wearing black and sporting a genie hairstyle. She said she had big news to share.

As Thorne jokingly guessed that Ridge would be replaced, Hope gulped, noticing to herself that Steffy wasn't wearing Bill's necklace. Katie said Steffy was banning Pam's lemon bars. "Nice," Pam bit out, glaring at Katie. Steffy said she'd been away and hadn't meant to return so soon after giving birth, but something had happened to put her back in the middle of things.

Steffy announced that Forrester Creations was a family-owned business again. Quinn and Katie asked what had happened to Bill's shares. "I suppose this means you married Spencer," Ridge said. "What?" Katie and Quinn said. Steffy stated that she'd told Bill she wouldn't marry him, and Ridge grinned.

Thorne, Pam, Eric, and Quinn shot questions at Steffy about why she'd marry Bill when she was with Liam. Ridge told them not to bombard her with questions, but Katie thought they had every right to be curious about Bill handing out proposals and shares. Eric asked why Bill would do it. Steffy replied that it was a long story that she didn't want to get into, but she would say that she never had any intention of going through it again.

Because Forrester was a big part of who Steffy was, she'd decided to return and implement changes. Eric asked what those would be. She intended to relaunch the lingerie line with an update she'd reveal later, and she would be the model for it. Brooke asked if HFTF would continue. Steffy said it would, and congratulating Hope on the success of the line, Steffy said she saw nothing but bright things ahead for Hope.

Ridge didn't understand how Steffy had gotten Bill's shares without marrying him. Steffy said that Bill had given them to her with no strings. Ridge was amazed. None of it made sense to Eric, who noted that Liam and Steffy were a family. Steffy said it was just her and Kelly.

Steffy knew they all had questions, but Steffy didn't want to get into it. She just wanted to focus on her daughter. Steffy stated that it was all she had wanted to update everyone on. Katie got a call, and she and Thorne left. Eric and Quinn congratulated Steffy, and Pam said her sister was smiling down on them. Eric made Steffy promise to have some Steffy-grandpa talk when she was ready, and Pam, Quinn, and Eric exited the office.

Ridge excitedly gripped Steffy's arms. Pam ducked her head back in and said Brooke and Ridge had a conference call. Ridge and Brooke left, and Steffy asked the lingering Hope if there was something else. Hope noted that Steffy hadn't said if Liam knew of the developments. Steffy replied that he didn't, but she wanted to tell him.

Hope didn't know what it was worth, but she was proud of Steffy for not marrying Bill and staying true to herself and daughter. Steffy replied that it was worth more than Hope knew.

Hope went to the design office, where Brooke later found her alone. Hope still couldn't believe Steffy hadn't married Bill. Brooke said that Ridge had been relieved, but Brooke couldn't help but think of what it meant for Hope's future with Liam.

Back in the CEO's office, Steffy called Liam and asked him to meet at Forrester. He asked if she wasn't at his father's house. She said she wasn't and asked if he'd meet her. Liam replied that the was on the way.

Ridge entered, guessing Steffy had been talking to Liam. Ridge said Steffy had "scared the hell out of" him, and he wanted to know what had happened. Steffy explained that she'd been hurt. She'd shut down. She hadn't thought she could love again, but then she'd looked at her daughter. She'd looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she needed to keep loving and living her life.

Ridge was relieved to hear it. Steffy said she wouldn't fall into Bill's arms, and Bill wouldn't be around, expressing love anymore. The news thrilled Ridge. Steffy was sorry for what she'd put Ridge through. She said it hadn't seemed that she'd been listening to him, but she had. Ridge's guidance and strength had helped her, and it was time to move forward.

Steffy believed that with her family's love and support, she could do it. Ridge agreed. He'd been worried for a while, but he'd had to remind himself of what a strong woman she was. Ridge didn't think his granddaughter could have a more amazing role model. The father and daughter expressed love for each other and hugged.

Steffy proposes to Hope for Liam Steffy proposes to Hope for Liam

Friday, August 3, 2018

At Forrester, Liam walked into the CEO's office in time to hear Ridge saying that Bill had given Steffy his Forrester shares. Liam said it was a hell of a wedding gift. Steffy replied that it would have been. Ridge decided to let the two talk. He kissed his daughter and left.

In the design office, Hope claimed to be happy that Steffy hadn't married Bill. Brooke said it would have been easier on Hope if it had happened. "Maybe," Hope murmured. As Ridge entered, Brooke wondered how Liam would react. Ridge said Liam and just gotten there, and Steffy was telling him at that moment.

Hope was sure Liam would be relieved. Agreeing, Ridge said the thought of Steffy marrying Liam's father was sickening to them all. Ridge was sure Liam had a big smile on his face. Brooke hadn't seen Steffy fired up in a long time. Ridge was glad Steffy had gotten past the pain she'd been feeling over the past few months.

Hope wanted Liam, Steffy, and her to all get over the pain and find a way to move forward. Agreeing, Brooke said it was why Hope had to go to them. Hope and Ridge expressed surprise. Brooke stated that it was about Hope, too, and Hope needed to know what Liam was thinking. Brooke felt that Hope had given Steffy plenty of time to talk to Liam, and it was about Hope and her baby's future. Brooke prodded Hope to go and to fight for her future.

Hope left, and Ridge questioned Brooke's judgment about sending Hope across the hall. Brooke thought Hope deserved to have a voice in it. Ridge thought it could happen later. Brooke felt it should be right then and said Hope needed to learn to stand up for herself. There was another life to consider. Brooke asked Ridge not to be angry.

Ridge just wished Brooke wouldn't meddle. Brooke asserted that she wasn't. She was standing up for her daughter, just as Ridge was doing. She asked what it mattered and said Liam would be the decision maker. Ridge said it might be the decision of Steffy, who'd had enough.

Back in the CEO's office, Liam stammered to ask a question. He couldn't get it out, so Steffy said, "No, I didn't marry your father." Liam giggled excitedly. She showed Liam that she wasn't wearing Bill's necklace and that the only ring she had on was the one Liam had given her.

Steffy said she hadn't been able to do it, and "I'll never feel that way I...the way a wife should feel for her husband." Liam told Steffy that she didn't know how happy it made him. Steffy said she was ready to move on and start living her life again. Liam's grin widened. "Alone," Steffy added. His grin fading, Liam repeated the word. She said it was what she needed.

Liam didn't understand why Bill had given Steffy the shares. Steffy said Bill had wanted to prove his feelings were real. Liam assumed his father still thought there was a chance. She replied that Bill had given the shares while knowing there wasn't a chance. She didn't want Bill. She'd always wanted Liam. Liam didn't understand why, if she wanted him, she'd want to be alone.

Steffy gave Liam a knowing look. Liam said he'd hurt her. She replied that they'd hurt each other. She felt she needed to step back and focus on what was important -- her daughter and her work. Steffy said she hadn't been able to give him forgiveness when he'd asked, but she offered something she could give him.

Steffy stated that Liam was in an impossible situation, and being divided had to be tearing him apart inside. She understood his situation, and she wanted him to understand hers. She needed to take herself out of his indecision. As much as she wanted to spent the rest of her life with him and to keep fighting, she had something more than her needs and desires to fight for. Kelly's needs and desires mattered, and part of Kelly's needs were happy and fulfilled parents.

Steffy believed that Liam loved her, but he loved Hope, too. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been with Hope so easily. Steffy said that if he wanted to be with Hope, he should be with Hope. Liam was confused. He claimed to love that she hadn't married his father. "But what you're saying right now..." he added.

Steffy said she was saying they should live their best lives, and hers was at Forrester and with Kelly. Steffy knew he'd always have a place in Kelly's life, but she suggested that his best life might be with Hope and the growing family he had with her.

Hope was standing in the doorway. She tensed, but Steffy said it was okay to enter. Steffy was glad Hope was there. Liam asked Steffy what she was doing, and Steffy said it was okay.

Steffy told Hope that fighting over Liam had caused them unnecessary pain, and Steffy was tired of it. She was at a stage in her life where she was too proud to beg for a man who'd kiss another woman while she was at home with their daughter. Seeing Liam and Hope in the dressing room had hurt a lot, and Steffy wouldn't go through it again.

Steffy stated that she'd always thought she'd been better for Liam, but the truth was that Liam had always wanted Hope. Steffy said she'd tried to interfere and stop what couldn't be stopped. She felt she was paying the price for it, but she'd get by because she had her daughter, who was worth it.

Steffy believed Hope would also have her child -- and marriage. Steffy wanted to be the first to congratulate them and said Hope and Liam would have a great life and beautiful family. Steffy stated that it was the way it should be.

Steffy said Liam and Hope had to think she was crazy. Hope asked what Steffy was doing. Steffy felt she was doing what was best for them all, including their children. She asked what they wanted their children to see and feel. Steffy assumed it was to feel safe with adults they could count on. Liam and Hope agreed.

Steffy said she had a great mother, and Brooke was pretty awesome, even if Steffy hadn't always admitted it; however, the women hadn't been the best examples. Fighting over Ridge wasn't right, and Hope and Steffy hadn't needed to see Brooke and Taylor do it. Steffy wanted them to do better, find friendship eventually, and give the next generation of Forresters, Logans, and Spencers more than Steffy, Liam, and Hope had had growing up.

Taking off her ring, Steffy said it was special to Liam and represented his devotion to the woman wearing it. She felt that Hope should have it. "May I?" Steffy asked. Liam began stammering. She told Hope to be Liam's bride and have a life with him. Steffy looked at Hope and then at Liam, who said nothing. Steffy slipped her ring on Hope's left hand.

Steffy kissed Liam's cheek and said Hope was his. Steffy stated that it couldn't happen before because they wouldn't have had Kelly, and Hope's child wouldn't be in the way. Steffy asked that they put the conflicts behind them for the five of them. Steffy said it was time for them to take care of themselves and heal.

Hope hugged Steffy. Hope then hugged Liam, and he stared over her shoulder at Steffy.

In the photo studio, Thorne was showing his phone to Xander and remarking that Zoe had fans. There was usually buzz about models after showings, but Zoe's had gone on longer than usual. "It almost makes me think we should have -- " Thorne said and cut himself off.

Xander asked what Thorne meant, and Thorne dismissed it, changing the subject to Zoe's posts. He wondered if Zoe was dangerous. Xander replied that she was intense, but deep down, she was a good person.

Emma arrived and noticed that Xander hadn't made a dent in their work. Thorne decided to leave them to it, and he took off. Emma noticed a look on Xander's face and asked what was on his mind. Xander kissed her and said that was all that was on his mind.

Xander noted Emma's good mood. She stated that she had a dream job and dream coworkers, and his ex was headed out of the country. To Emma, life was good. Xander seemed to drift off. She wondered if she should have mentioned his ex. Every time she did, he got a foggy look on his face, and she didn't want to cause him any unpleasant memories.

Xander said it was okay. Emma thought it was unnecessary to talk about Zoe, who was on her way out of town. Xander guessed they'd never see Zoe again. He turned back to his work, and the foggy look Emma had seen on his face returned.

At Zoe's place, Thorne arrived and reintroduced himself to Zoe. She let him in, and he noticed that she was packing. Zoe stated that London was calling. He replied that Forrester was, too, and he asked if he could convince her to stay.

Zoe was surprised to hear it. Thorne said it had been a gutsy move to put on the showstopper, and it had been a move that got one noticed. She reasoned that it hadn't been in a good way, and Ridge had asked her to leave. Thorne said to let him handle Ridge. She asked what Thorne was saying. Thorne believed people deserved second chances. He asked her to take a break from packing and accompany him to Forrester.

Later, Zoe and Thorne arrived in the photo studio. Xander was working alone and was surprised to see Zoe there. Thorne remarked about Zoe leaving for London. Xander replied that it was best. Thorne guessed Xander meant that in light of the online comments.

Zoe stated that she hadn't meant any harm. Xander responded that he'd told Thorne that. Thorne said it was the reason he felt comfortable offering Zoe a job. "What?" Xander and Zoe asked in unison. Thorne asked if Zoe would like to be a Forrester model. Zoe stared up at the grinning Xander, who quickly dropped the smile from his face.

Emma approached from behind a clothes rack. Over the top of it, she saw Xander from behind and the front sides of Zoe and Thorne. Thorne congratulated Zoe and welcomed her to Forrester. Zoe asked if Xander could believe it, and she hugged him. Emma frowned, looking on.

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