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Xander and Zoe shared a kiss while grieving for Harry. Maya strongly advised Xander to get Zoe and Emma to get along at work. Bill apologized to Liam. Hope gave Steffy's ring back to Liam, and Steffy secretly watched Liam propose to Hope with Hope's own ring.
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An upset Emma confronts Thorne and Zoe

An upset Emma confronts Thorne and Zoe

Monday, August 6, 2018

Backstage, Emma watched Thorne congratulate Zoe and leave to process her paperwork. Emma followed him and slipped up behind him as he thumbed through papers by Pam's desk. "Did you just hire Zoe?" Emma asked. Startled, Thorne turned around and asked how Emma knew. Emma said he couldn't do it because Zoe had sent the posts and crashed the showing.

Thorne felt that Zoe had saved the show, but Emma stated that Zoe wasn't supposed to have been there. He replied that it was a good thing Zoe had been because she'd saved the show. He added that people were still talking about Zoe.

Thorne guessed Emma had a problem with it. Emma replied that Zoe was Xander's ex-girlfriend and couldn't work there. Though Thorne understood it would be complicated for Emma, he said he'd hired Zoe, and Emma had to put her personal feelings aside.

Back in the backstage photo studio area, Zoe and Xander discussed his feelings about her modeling at Forrester. She hoped that he could be happy for her. She didn't want him to be mad at her and said she'd been packing to leave when Thorne had approached her about the job. Xander understood why Thorne had done it and said she'd crushed it on the runway.

Zoe called it beginner's luck. It was an incredible opportunity for her, and she wanted to explore it instead of leaving Los Angeles. She wanted Xander to be happy for her, but she wouldn't give up the job even if he wasn't. She'd just like it if they didn't have to ignore each other in the hallways.

Xander expressed concern about how Emma would feel, and Zoe asked why the "teeny bopper's" feelings mattered. Xander replied that Emma was a sweet, talented person who meant something to him. He wanted them all to get along. Zoe replied that she was chuffed about the job and wouldn't do anything to mess it up. She felt it was her chance, not just to be a model, but to remain in L.A. with him.

Later, Thorne and Zoe reviewed racks of lingerie, and he explained that Steffy wanted to revive the lingerie line. Zoe asked if it was what she'd be modeling. Thorne asked how she felt about it. Sizing a teddy against her body in the mirror, Zoe said it was a perfect fit. Glad to hear it, Thorne left to set up a run-through with all the models.

Zoe put the garment back on the rack, and turning around, she was startled to see Emma standing behind her. Zoe called Emma sneaky. Emma said she'd heard the news, and she wanted to know Zoe's objective. Zoe said it was to get changed. Emma said Zoe had stalked Xander, posted threats to the website, somehow wound up in the showstopper, and "boom," she had a modeling job at Forrester.

Zoe thought she'd gotten lucky. Emma didn't think it was lucky for Xander, who'd left England to get away from Zoe. Emma said Zoe didn't deserve to work at Forrester and needed to tell Thorne she didn't want the job. Emma asserted that Zoe needed to respect Xander's feelings. Zoe asked what Emma knew of his feelings, and Emma said she knew he didn't want Zoe there.

"Little Emma," Zoe replied, scoffing. Zoe said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her to be to represent one of the greatest fashion houses in the world. "And to be with Xander again," Emma quipped. Emma felt that Zoe needed to know that Emma and Xander had kissed and were dating.

"Had a snog, did you?" Zoe retorted. Zoe decided that Emma needed to know that Zoe and Xander had had a very intense, very mature relationship, and the three of them had been inseparable. Emma questioned there being three. Zoe elaborated that the third in the trio was their dear old cat Harry, who she'd taken with her on the trip to L.A. Harry had been all she'd had after Xander had gone, but she'd since gotten the tremendous opportunity at Forrester, and she planned to make the most of it.

Emma asked if Xander was in Zoe's plan. In Zoe's silence, Emma decided she'd only say once more that Zoe needed to leave. "Or what? What are you going to do about it?" Zoe asked.

Later, Xander located Thorne in the design office and said Zoe would do a great job for Thorne. Xander was just worried about what Emma would do when she found out. Thorne replied that Emma already knew, had confronted him about it, and had seemed very concerned.

Alone in the CEO's office with Steffy, Liam noted that she'd taken off her ring and put it on Hope's finger. Steffy replied that Hope was the woman he should be with. Liam said that if Steffy felt that way, she could say it; however, proposing to Hope was something he should do himself, and he'd told Steffy he'd needed time to think.

Steffy replied that Liam could take all the time he needed, but she was done. He reasoned that ending their engagement was one thing, but giving her ring to Hope was "...not that..." Steffy hoped he and Hope would be happy together.

Liam stated that the decision should have been his. Steffy said he'd made his decision when he'd been in the dressing room with Hope, and after Steffy had caught him, she'd made hers. Liam said Steffy had gone way beyond her decision and had made a call that hadn't been hers to make.

Steffy felt that, as Kelly's mother, it was her job to provide the child with a stable life, and Steffy couldn't wait around for Liam to decide which family to live with. She knew she'd made her mistakes; however, she'd paced around her entire pregnancy, and she was over it. She reasoned that she might have needed to hit rock bottom, and thinking of going through with Bill's proposal had made her conclude that she was stronger than "that."

Steffy told Liam to be with Hope. In Steffy's view, it didn't need to be complicated because he loved Hope and her baby. Liam admitted that he did, but he felt that, for Hope's sake, where he went from there needed to be his decision. Steffy said that he could make it, but she was no longer an option for him.

Steffy didn't believe women waited around anymore and said Hope wouldn't, either. Steffy believed that Hope wanted a life with Liam. "And I...and I want something else," Steffy concluded. She controlled the company and her life, and her destiny would be the one she provided for herself and her daughter. Liam said she wouldn't be raising the child alone.

Steffy knew it, but for her, the dream of having a life with Liam was over. Liam was sorry and said he hadn't meant to make it feel like a competition. Steffy replied that it had felt just that way, and even with her flaws, she'd loved him completely. She said he'd "hemmed and hawed" and asked for more. "You had every right to," she stated, but she felt she needed to take control of her life and maybe find a guy who was ready to be with her.

Steffy wouldn't put her life on hold to wait for another man, and she wouldn't be like Brooke, defined by the man she was seeing at the moment. Steffy didn't need a relationship to make her whole or secure. She could do it herself and for their daughter. Liam didn't want her to doubt how he felt about their daughter.

Steffy knew Liam loved Kelly, and Steffy knew he loved Steffy, too. Though she loved him, too, it was time for her to get on with her life. Steffy said she'd still like him to work on HFTF if Hope wanted him to. Steffy felt that they were adults and could work and parent together.

Steffy wanted to get back to work, but Liam had more to say. He agreed that it hadn't been just his decision to make, and he admitted that he'd been selfish. Though he knew they were beyond apologies, he said he was sorry. He stated that each of them had a right to choose what they wanted out of life. He respected her decision. "I guess I just wasn't ready to feel what I'm feeling right now," he uttered, and he and Steffy fought back tears.

In the design office, Hope said that Brooke wouldn't believe what had just happened. Brooke giggled upon seeing the ring. She said she'd known it all along, and she asked what Liam had said when he'd put the ring on Hope's finger. Hope revealed that Liam hadn't done it -- Steffy had.

Hope explained that Steffy had put her own ring on Hope's finger and had said Liam should be married to Hope. Confused, Brooke asked if it was what Liam wanted. Hope replied that she and Liam had been too stunned to say anything. Hope said Steffy had called a truce. The war had been exhausting for Hope, and she wanted the half-siblings they'd be raising to grown up with peace and harmony.

Hope wanted peace for all of them, and she couldn't believe it had all fallen magically into place. She didn't think it could be better than that. Brooke disagreed, saying that, though the developments were positive, the decision was Liam's, not Steffy's.

Later, Hope found Liam alone in the CEO's office. He said he'd been about to look for her. Hope still couldn't believe what Steffy had done. "Playing matchmaker for us?" Liam asked. For Hope, it had been unexpected, but she admired Steffy's strength. Though Steffy had gotten lost the one night with Bill, she seemed to be finding her way back.

Liam agreed, but he said that Steffy sometimes went a little far -- like with the ring. Hope replied that Steffy had been making a point by ending the cycle and had taken herself out of the equation. Agreeing with that statement, too, Liam added that Steffy had done more than that.

Hope said she was carrying Liam's child. She'd wanted a family with him, and it hadn't been that long back that they'd been standing at the altar together. Hope stated that she was wearing his ring again. She wished he'd been the one to put it on her finger.

"Well, yeah," Liam murmured. Hope said that Steffy hadn't been wrong in saying that Hope and Liam belonged together. Hope felt that they deserved to have the chance, but she needed to know if it was what he wanted. Hope asked Liam if it was what he wanted.

Zoe makes a sad discovery at her house

Zoe makes a sad discovery at her house

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Hope told Liam that she didn't want to assume things, and Liam wasn't a possession that Steffy could pass along. Hope remarked that she and Liam were nice people. Sometimes, they were too nice for their own good; however, it wouldn't be fair to her to let her wear the ring if a married future wasn't what he wanted with her. "So, is it?" she asked.

Hope said she wasn't pressuring Liam. Liam noted that he hadn't asked her to take the ring off, but she responded that he might not want to hurt her feelings. He joked that he'd better marry her so she wouldn't be offended. Taking her hand, he said the ring might be where it belonged.

Liam stated that love meant accountability, and he couldn't make amends if Hope wouldn't admit that he'd hurt her. Hope replied that he hadn't meant to, but he told her that the pain wouldn't go away just because he hadn't meant to cause it. Hope refused to join him as he beat up on himself. She wanted him to just tell her if he also wanted a life with her and their child.

Liam said it was what he wanted; of course, it was. He couldn't picture the future without her. She'd been his friend and lover, and she'd been by his side. He asked how he couldn't want a love like that for the rest of his life. Hope said that was where she'd be, and they hugged.

Liam didn't think he deserved Hope. Hope said he didn't get to decide it, and he asked if she was in charge. He thought it might be a good thing because he'd been overwhelmed. She replied that he expected too much of himself. He said they had that in common. She thought it was up to them to pull each other back to earth. She didn't want him to stop dreaming, and she asked that he promise to teach their child to dream like he did.

Smiling, Liam said he'd forgotten that love could be easy. Hope replied that it could be, and he should follow her lead. Liam uttered that he'd follow her wherever she'd go, and they kissed.

In the design office, Emma was brooding alone about Zoe. Xander arrived, wondering why Emma wasn't in receiving. Emma said Simon had decided that he could handle it. She asked when Xander had intended to tell her, and he assumed she was referring to Zoe's job. He'd planned to say something the next time he saw Emma, but it seemed to him that somehow, she already knew. Emma asked if he was going to do something.

Xander replied that he was just an intern. Emma reasoned that he could say something. He asked if she meant to his cousin, but Emma replied that Maya might prefer to have Zoe there because of Emma's uncle. Xander stated that he was just as surprised, and he'd thought Zoe had been going back to London. Emma said Zoe might need him to remind her of her trip.

It was obvious to Xander that Emma was unhappy about it. Emma had thought he'd be more unhappy about it, but she sensed that he might not mind having a beautiful model around who couldn't get over him.

Xander explained that he'd left his family and friends to put an ocean between Zoe and him. Emma said that was the reason she didn't understand why he was so calm about things. He reasoned that he might have gotten too wound up. He'd needed a break from London and his life, not just from Zoe. He'd been desperate to leave, and Zoe had been desperate to not let him. In his view, things had changed since then.

Emma asked if things really had changed and said the woman wasn't stable. Xander asked what Zoe had actually done. He said Zoe had written posts that hadn't been nice, painted a mural, and donned a dress that hadn't been hers.

Emma said Zoe wasn't letting go. Xander questioned what Zoe could do. He stated that they weren't sharing a flat anymore, and he wasn't the only thing in her life. He noted that Zoe was starting a career, and he wasn't comfortable taking it away.

Emma wanted Xander to live his life, surrounded by people who appreciated him. She took pity upon herself because she wasn't a model or an artist. She was an intern -- and only as long as she stayed on good behavior. Xander said she was more than all those things; she was good for him. The two kissed.

In the backstage photo studio area, Steffy was with Ridge and Thorne, who'd gathered models for a lingerie run-through. Steffy welcomed back Carmen and Veronica and introduced them to the male models, Tommy and Danny. Danny and Carmen recognized each other from the time they'd worked together at Bikini Bar, where Danny had become the manager.

Ridge introduced Steffy to Zoe, who said she tried not to be as saintly as the martyr she'd been named after. Thorne said he'd hired Zoe after all the buzz she'd made by stepping in at the last showing. Steffy thought it had been a good idea and asked if everyone wanted to get started.

Steffy let the models know that she'd be the spokesperson and also a model for the line. She wanted to energize the line. She was tired of overly airbrushed models. She wanted people to be comfortable in their own skin and to accept and own their flaws. She asked if the others were ready to create that world with her, and the group responded positively.

Steffy put on some music, and Thorne used a tablet to film the impromptu run-through. Carmen modeled the first two-piece outfit, and Ridge asked her to stop holding her breath. Thorne asked the next model, Veronica not to frown like Ridge. When Zoe pranced out, Steffy asked if Zoe was sucking in her cheeks. Zoe said she was channeling Gisele. "You do you," Steffy replied.

When the men modeled, Ridge frowned and shook his head at Danny's outfit. Tommy had barely pivoted on his strut out there when Steffy shut the music off on him and said it had been a fantastic day. She sent the models off for additional measurements.

Thorne joked that Steffy needed to slow down because she'd just had a baby. Steffy continued the joke, saying she'd wondered who it had been. Thorne frowned when Ridge said that his "illiterate brother" was trying to say that she was a rock star and could do anything she wanted. It meant other people at the company needed to step up their game.

Steffy said it wasn't a competition. In the past, she'd waited to be chosen, but she was in a position where she'd do the choosing. She was happy that she was the one to choose the life she wanted for her and her daughter. Ridge was proud of his daughter, and he hugged her.

Alone with Steffy later, Ridge said she scared him at times. She joked that it was another life goal met. Ridge remarked that he'd been in a cold sweat when he'd thought she'd marry Spencer. He loved that she was fearless, but he said some things should scare her. "Not modeling lingerie," she replied. He said that would scare him, and he'd be looking away.

Steffy stated that being alone didn't scare her. She was a strong, independent woman who could take care of herself. She didn't want to always be wondering if she was good enough. Ridge asked if she'd given Liam back his ring. Steffy explained that she'd been the one to put her ring on Hope, and she'd told Liam to marry Hope.

Ridge asked what Liam had said. Steffy was vague about it, but eventually, she said she knew Liam loved her. She'd made a mistake, but it had been exhausting waiting for someone who couldn't make up his mind. Ridge asked if Liam had said he'd been ready to give her up. Steffy replied that it didn't matter what Liam had said because she'd decided that there would be no choice.

Steffy repeated that she'd told Liam to be with Hope, and she wished them the best. She wanted everyone to be adults about it because they'd be a family. Ridge replied that Steffy was what Wonder Woman wanted to be when she grew up. Steffy said she'd always love Liam, but she wouldn't let a man define her.

Back in the design office, Xander was working alone when Thorne ducked his head through the doorway to say that he wanted Emma and Xander at the next HFTF meeting. Xander asked how Zoe had done at her first run-through. Thorne entered the room and said she'd stood out. Xander guessed Thorne wasn't firing her then.

Thorne said he'd thought Xander wanted Zoe gone. Xander had thought so, too, but at that point, he just didn't want her to be a problem. Zoe didn't have much to go back to in London, and she had even less in Los Angeles besides Harry. Thorne asked if Harry was her boyfriend. Xander explained that Harry the cat was like a child -- if children got to be ninety years old. Xander figured Zoe had to be on a high because she'd started at Forrester Creations.

Thorne inquired about how Emma was handling the hiring. Xander believed Emma would be fine once the shock wore off. Thorne had had his concerns, but in the end, he'd believed it would be bad business to not hire Zoe. Xander understood Emma's concerns, but he wanted good things for Zoe. Thorne gave Xander a knowing look.

Xander stated that he and Zoe weren't together any longer, but he'd forgotten why they ever had been. The distance had helped, and he only wanted to see her succeed. Things hadn't always been the best for Zoe, who deserved happiness. He hoped the job would be good for her.

At Zoe's place, Zoe opened the door, saying that she wouldn't keep Harry in suspense. She put down her things and continued chatting with Harry, who was not in sight, about her day. Noticing that Harry hadn't eaten, she said he'd made his point about the dry cat food, and she had the caviar of cat food. Zoe started the electric can opener but quickly stopped it when she noticed that the sound hadn't caused Harry to appear.

Zoe searched the one-room place, which looked like the same tiny hideaway Quinn had lived in when she'd started her affair with Eric. Zoe began worrying that Harry had slipped out the door earlier that day, but then she located him beneath the pillows at the head of the bed. Zoe shook him and told him to wake up. A dark look crept over her face as she stared at the motionless cat.

Bill and Liam hash out their feelings

Bill and Liam hash out their feelings

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

At Bill's house, Bill was surprised to see Liam, who Bill never thought he'd speak to again, on the doorstep. Liam said that he still might never speak to Bill after that day, but at that moment, Liam did have some things to say. Bill let Liam in.

Liam assumed that Bill had alienated everyone who'd ever cared about him except Will. Holding up his youngest brother's picture after retrieving it off the mantel, Liam asked when Bill had seen Will. Liam tossed the picture on a piece of furniture off-screen and said, "Karma's a bitch." He observed that Bill was all alone after Steffy had shot him down. Liam was proud of her.

Liam stated that Bill had targeted his own son's wife over a night that she'd regret for the rest of her life. Liam was there to tell Bill that there would be no more, and Steffy was off limits. Liam said that if Bill wanted a woman in his life, he could find one his own age that hadn't given birth to his own grandchild.

Liam said Bill had put the hateful sword around Steffy's neck like it had been a brand, and he'd tried to sweeten the pot with the Forrester shares and only God knew what else. Liam complained that Bill had done it with no consideration that he'd been ruining Liam's already suffering relationship.

Liam thanked God that Steffy had seen Bill for the soulless creature he was. Liam said Steffy was too good for Bill, and Bill agreed that she was. "And you're too good for me, too," he added. Bill was still trying to figure out what had happened to him. Lim warned that he wasn't falling for Bill not remembering anything again.

Bill said he was just trying to explain himself, if only to himself. Bill stated that Justin had warned Bill that he'd been losing it over a woman, and it could cost him everything; however, Bill hadn't been able to hear it. He'd convinced himself that he and Steffy had been meant to be, and it had been his justification to do anything, including destroying his son's life.

Bill believed that Justin had been right: Bill had lost his mind and all objectivity. It had resulted in Steffy being lost to Bill and in Wyatt's guard being up so high that Bill couldn't see around it. Bill added that there was also the way Liam looked at him. Bill felt that his worst nightmare had become true, and he'd become his father.

Bill sensed that Liam was wary of him, and Bill couldn't blame Liam. Bill said that he had betrayed Liam with no compunction. Bill had manipulated Liam and Steffy for Bill's own desires. Bill said that, for what it was worth, he'd genuinely loved Steffy. Liam asked if that was supposed to make him feel better and justify what Bill had done.

Bill said it might mitigate it a bit. Bill stated that he couldn't erase Steffy's love for Liam, and Bill should have respected their family. Instead, Bill had only been a "selfish bastard" who'd accomplished nothing but alienating his family. It made him sick. "It makes me my father. That's something I swore I'd never become," Bill uttered. It hurt Bill that he'd looked at his father the same way Liam was looking at Bill. The worst part for Bill was that he'd brought it on himself.

Liam didn't know what Bill wanted from him and said that if it was absolution, Liam didn't have it. Bill stated that he was just hoping Liam could hear Bill because Bill had never meant anything more than what he was saying at that moment.

Bill apologized for trying to break up Liam's family. Bill didn't have an excuse. He'd just lost his way, and in the process, he'd lost Liam. Bill intended to hold onto the fact that Liam had a big heart, which meant there might be hope down the road that they could be a family again, father and son.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge let Steffy know that he'd stop by to see Kelly later. Steffy said she couldn't breathe at times when she looked at Kelly. Ridge replied that he felt that same way about Steffy. It was why he panicked when she made the wrong choices. He was relieved that she'd gotten back to being the woman he knew and loved, but he still had some concerns.

Steffy felt that she was getting back on track with work and the baby. Ridge wasn't sure how Steffy had gotten Bill's stocks, but he wanted her to be careful. She responded that Bill had given them to her with no strings. Ridge warned that with Bill, there were always strings.

Ridge became worried about whether Steffy should keep the stocks and said Bill always found a way in. Steffy replied that she owned the stock free and clear. Ridge insisted that Bill always had an angle, but Steffy said it wasn't so that time.

The conversation turned back to Ridge's prior worries about her marrying Bill. Ridge had seen a scary look in Steffy's eyes, and she'd said she hadn't believed in love anymore. Steffy replied that something had snapped when she'd seen Liam and Hope in each other's arms, and Steffy hadn't thought she could love again. She'd gone to Bill because she didn't love him. She guessed she'd been trying to hurt Liam.

Ridge asked if Steffy was really ready to close the door on Liam, the love of her life. To Ridge, it had been a bold move to put the ring on Hope's finger, but he thought it was a little extreme to walk away from one's soul mate. Steffy said she wouldn't rule out any possibilities, and Liam would always be in Kelly's life. Ridge wondered if that was enough for Steffy.

In the design office, Hope met with Thorne, Maya, and Xander. Thorne had a new collection of sketches for Hope, and as Hope reached for them, Maya noticed the ring on Hope's finger. Hope informed everyone that she and Liam were getting married -- for real that time. She asked that they stay on business and wondered if there was anything else she should know.

Thorne revealed that he'd hired Zoe, after all, and Hope asked Xander how he felt about it. Xander said that Zoe was intense but a good person at heart. He didn't think she'd let the company down. As Hope started to move on with the meeting, a "Bad to the Bones" ringtone sounded in the room. "Speaking of Zoe, can I take this?" Xander asked, gesturing to his phone.

Hope excused Xander, and in the corridor, Xander answered his phone and told Zoe that he was in a meeting. The upset Zoe said she needed him. She explained that Harry was just lying there, barely breathing. She wanted to send Xander the address of the animal emergency clinic she'd chosen, and she asked him to meet her there. Xander said he was on the way.

Later, Emma arrived with Quinn's jewelry sketches and noticed that Xander wasn't in the meeting. Thorne said Xander had left. Emma asked what had happened. Hope explained that Xander had left to take a call from Zoe, and he'd never returned.

Emma questioned Xander running out on work due to a call from Zoe. Maya replied that everyone had a past, and Zoe was his. Emma quipped that Zoe was pushing herself into his present. Thorne replied that relationships could be complicated, and Hope stated that they didn't always resolve neatly.

Emma remarked that Xander had left London to get away from Zoe, but he'd be seeing her every day at work, all glammed up in her new modeling position. Hope noted that Emma already knew about Zoe's hiring. Emma nodded, saying that she did and that it concerned her. Emma thought she should be a bigger person and forgive Zoe, but she couldn't.

Hope remarked that Zoe regretted what she'd done. Emma replied that it was because Zoe had been caught. She stated that Zoe had played it off as if it were no big deal, but the posts had cost the company time and resources, and Zoe's actions had been calculated and wrong. Emma hadn't forgiven Zoe.

Thorne hoped Emma would get there. He remarked that the posts hadn't been Zoe's finest moment, but they hadn't been threatening. He believed Zoe had already done a lot of good for the company and deserved another chance. Prefacing that she knew interns didn't have pull and that decisions shouldn't be made personally, Emma hoped that Forrester would change its position about hiring Zoe.

At Zoe's place, Xander entered with an empty pet crate, and Zoe clutched a cat collar. The place already felt empty to her. Xander offered to sit outside with her until she was ready, but she said it would just put off the inevitable. She didn't understand how it had happened so fast. Xander remarked that she'd said Harry had been slowing down.

Zoe contended that Harry's appetite had been normal, and he'd been into all his routines. She explained that she'd found him curled up beneath her pillows. When he hadn't met her at the door, she'd suspected it. "Xander, our baby's gone," Zoe sobbed, and Xander hugged her.

Xander offered to put Harry's things away, but it was too soon and too final for Zoe. Xander said they'd do whatever felt right for her. "This feels right, having you here to go through this with me," she replied. She didn't think she could have driven her car. He replied that he'd get her car back to her. She said he'd always taken care of her, and she was grateful.

Finding Harry's favorite toy on the floor, Zoe began reminiscing about when she and Xander had found the cat at the shelter. Zoe joked that it had been as if Harry had picked them. He'd made their home his, and it had been as if they'd just been living with him. Xander had never loved an animal the way he'd loved Harry. Zoe couldn't believe they'd never see him again. She started sobbing, and Xander hugged her again.

Liam questions Steffy's readiness to move on

Liam questions Steffy's readiness to move on

Thursday, August 9, 2018

At Bill's house, Liam asked if Bill really thought Liam could forgive Bill. Bill didn't. To Bill, forgiveness was a long process, and because of what Bill had done, he knew it might take an entire lifetime. Bill could see that he had betrayed and hurt Liam, Hope, Wyatt, and Steffy. Bill wasn't expecting forgiveness, just hoping for it.

Holding a photo of himself and his grown sons, Bill murmured that his motto had been to put family first. Liam asked if Bill had seen Will. In Bill's silence, Liam wondered if Bill had forgotten the boy due to Bill's obsession with Steffy. Liam asked if Bill had seen Will the previous week or if it had been the previous month.

Bill said he'd told Liam already that he'd lost his way, and he gave Liam permission to slam him for it. Liam said he wasn't there to do that. Bill advised Liam not to hate Bill the way Bill had hated his father. Doing so would make Liam turn out like Bill, and Bill didn't want that for Liam.

Apathetically, Liam said he hoped Bill was being genuine, but Bill had a track record. Liam also hoped Bill knew he couldn't do anything to change the way things had become. Bill doubted that he had the right to ask, but he wondered what Liam would do about Hope and Steffy.

Liam agreed that Bill didn't have the right to ask, but Liam could promise that he'd be a better father to his children than Bill had been. With that, he left Bill alone.

In the CEO's office, Steffy showed Ridge pictures of Kelly. Ridge wanted Kelly and Steffy to have everything. Steffy said she had everything -- almost. Though Ridge was glad she'd walked away from Spencer, he questioned whether "this" was really what she wanted.

Ridge hoped he wasn't being overbearing. Steffy assured him that she'd be fine. He stated that parents controlled their children for a dozen years or so, and then the kids no longer belonged to the parents. They belonged to themselves. Steffy said she appreciated his advice, and he'd always be the number one man in her life.

"I don't want to be your number one man! That's weird. I want to be a close second," Ridge bashfully replied. Steffy replied that he had that position for the time being. He'd been her rock, and she felt blessed for it. She believed that Liam would be the same for Kelly.

Later, Liam was there with Steffy, asking if he could still see the baby after work. Steffy said he could do it at any time. She told him that she'd made changes at the house, and the nursery was finished. Steffy let Liam know that she hadn't removed their picture from the wall. She wanted it to be a reminder to Kelly of how much "we love each other. Always will."

Liam remarked that he'd seen his father and "might have" told Bill to stay away from Steffy. Steffy appreciated it but felt she could handle herself, even with Bill. She guessed it was hard to deal with Bill, knowing they'd never have their family relationship.

Liam said Bill had at least admitted to losing his way. Steffy was surprised to hear it and asked what Liam had said. Liam stated that he hadn't forgiven Bill and might not ever. She replied that Bill was Liam's father. She didn't want Liam to shut Bill out.

Liam conveyed that Bill had asked what Liam would do about his future and children with two different women. Steffy asked what Liam had told Bill. Liam quipped that he'd said it wasn't Bill's business. Steffy reasoned that it wasn't hers, either. Liam murmured that she'd made it hers by putting the ring on Hope. Steffy asked if he was still upset about it, but he said he wasn't.

"I just...I wanted to do the ring thing, you know?" Liam replied. Steffy looked as if she'd been slapped by a cold wind, but she shook it off. He got that she'd done it because she was taking charge of her life, and he was the one who'd put her in that position. Steffy replied that she'd put herself in it, and he wouldn't have to see Bill when he looked at Hope.

Steffy stated that she and Liam had Kelly, and that was as far as it went. She planned to be the best role model for the child. Liam said Steffy was killing it. She replied that it was a different life, and the picture on the wall made her smile about the happy times. He agreed. She said it was over and something that had to be put away and remembered.

"Whew!" Liam exhaled to fight off his emotion. He repeated "put away and remembered" and asked if he could ask her a question. "Are you really ready for that?" he asked.

In the design office, Emma was pleading with Hope, Maya, and Thorne about firing Zoe. Pam opened the office door a crack but stopped herself from entering upon hearing Emma's complaints about Zoe. Pam listened in as Emma reminded everyone that Zoe had sent the posts and stalked Emma and Xander. Maya replied that Zoe had apologized for it.

"Right," Emma sarcastically replied. She added that Zoe had also promised to leave town, but instead, she'd somehow wound up in the showstopper and landed a modeling job. For the good of the company, Emma implored them not to keep Zoe.

Hope wanted Emma to try to get over what had happened because Emma, Zoe, and Xander would be working together. Emma claimed to get it, but she warned that Zoe was trouble -- and not just for Emma. Emma strode out of the office through the door that a vanished Pam had left open.

Maya turned the topic to how Hope was feeling. Hope steadied herself and said it was morning sickness, which happened at all times of the day for her. Maya stated that Liam and Hope would be great parents.

At some point after the meeting had adjourned, Ridge was in the office with Hope. They briefly discussed business and Zoe's hiring. Hope felt that he'd be happy with the quarterlies. Hope didn't know how Steffy found the time to do all she was doing, and Hope said that Steffy was amazing.

"She put that ring on your finger. I'm not happy about that," Ridge bit out. Hope revealed that she and Liam had shared Ridge's opinion because it was up to Hope and Liam to decide what was best for themselves. Ridge asked if Hope was deciding what was best for Liam's family. Hope stated that Liam had two families, but he'd chosen Hope.

Ridge believed there was a lot to consider. Hope replied that she'd never pressure Liam to marry her. She knew that he loved her and wanted a life with her and their child. Hope said she was only wearing the ring because Steffy had given her blessing.

At Zoe's place, Zoe thanked Xander for being there. Xander said he wouldn't let her go through it alone. He'd loved the cat, too, but she was the one the cat had cuddled with every night. She thought of how empty the bed would be without Harry. Xander hugged her, and they kissed.

Xander asked if Zoe was good. Zoe asked if he felt guilty. He said he didn't, and she replied that it had felt like their first kiss. She realized that he should get back to work, but before he left, Zoe decided to tell him that Emma had given Zoe an ultimatum and had suggested that Zoe turn down her job. Xander was shocked to hear it. Zoe said she'd just wanted him to know that Emma might not be as sweet as she seemed.

Later, Zoe arrived at Forrester, and as Zoe passed Pam's desk, Pam noticed how sad Zoe was. Zoe told Pam about Harry. Pam showed Zoe a framed picture of Tiny and gave her a hug. Zoe mentioned that Xander had been there to help her, and Pam remarked that Emma wouldn't be happy about it. Zoe asked what was going on.

Pam wasn't sure she should say anything. Zoe pressed, and Pam revealed that she'd overheard Emma in a meeting. Pam had been surprised by Emma's tone and said that even Pam, a family member, didn't talk to Hope and Thorne that way. Zoe asked what Emma had said, and Pam revealed that Emma wanted Zoe to be fired.

In the backstage photo shoot area, Emma encountered Xander and noted that he hadn't been in the meeting. Xander replied that Zoe had called him because "our" cat had died. Emma questioned the use of the possessive regarding the cat. Xander stated that it had been Zoe's cat, but he'd been with her when they'd found it at the shelter.

Emma was sorry for the loss. Xander said he'd loved Harry, and so had Zoe, who'd been really torn up about his death. "So, she called you," Emma noted. Xander said Zoe had needed him, and he was glad he'd been able to be there for her.

Though Emma felt sorry that Zoe had lost her pet and was hurting, Emma still didn't trust Zoe. Emma said Zoe had followed him to the country and was calling him every chance she got. Xander tried to say that Harry had been his cat, too, but interrupting him, Emma reminded him that Zoe had stalked and trolled and that he'd said himself that she could be obsessive.

"And now she's working here," Emma pointed out. Xander replied that Emma was right, but because Zoe was working there, he hoped they'd all get along. Xander got a message on his phone. He said he had to run upstairs, and he kissed Emma's cheek before darting off.

Emma took a clipboard and started working around the clothes racks. Zoe appeared, and, startled, Emma asked Zoe not to sneak up on her. Zoe asked Emma what she was afraid of. "I don't know...Someone stalking me, threatening me," Emma replied. Claiming it had been a different Zoe, Zoe wished Emma would understand it like everyone else did.

Emma said she was sorry about the cat and was surprised Zoe had decided to work that day. Zoe mumbled that she'd had to get out because the apartment was too depressing. Zoe was grateful for the job but assumed that Emma still wanted Zoe to quit. Emma was sorry for Zoe's loss but remarked that there were other jobs.

"Modeling jobs?" Zoe replied. Zoe asked if Emma would turn down a modeling job with a premiere fashion house that she'd gotten with no experience. Zoe doubted Emma would but said it was what Emma had asked of Zoe. Zoe asserted that it had gone further, and Emma was actively trying to get Zoe fired. Emma replied with a stubborn shrug.

Upstairs, Xander encountered Maya and Thorne in front of Pam's desk. Maya asked what had happened. Apologizing for bolting earlier, Xander said something important had come up. Thorne questioned it being more important than a Forrester meeting. Xander promised not to do it again and asked what he'd missed. Maya said she'd tell him later, but he did need to know that Emma had tried to get Zoe fired.

Steffy delivers life-altering news to Hope and Liam

Steffy delivers life-altering news to Hope and Liam

Friday, August 10, 2018

In the Forrester corridor, Xander was surprised to hear from Maya and Thorne that Emma had asked that Zoe be fired. Maya said that the women were both part of the Forrester team and needed to find a way to work it out.

Xander thought it was bold of Emma, who was just an intern, to be asking for firings. Thorne said Emma had only asked it for Xander's ex. Maya stated that Xander had a history with Zoe, but he was spending time with Emma. Thorne sensed a little jealousy between the women. Maya suggested that Xander meet with the women and figure out how to get along.

In the backstage area, Emma stood by her attempts to have Zoe fired. Emma didn't think Zoe deserved a place at Forrester after all she'd done. Zoe didn't believe it was about that. Instead, Zoe suspected it was about Emma's feelings for Xander.

Emma asked if Zoe wanted a litany of her crazy behavior. Zoe replied that she'd apologized, and everyone had moved on and accepted her working there except Emma. Zoe believed that Emma was threatened by her. Emma denied it, but Zoe insisted that her history with Xander bothered Emma.

Just then, Xander arrived backstage. Zoe announced that Emma had tried to get her fired. He said he knew and asked Emma if it was true. Emma owned that she'd done it and said she'd been looking out for Forrester and for him. Zoe accused Emma of being threatened by her, but Emma reminded Zoe that Xander had moved to another country to get away from her.

Xander stated that neither woman was wrong. Zoe complained that Emma had almost cost Zoe her job. When he replied that Emma had been looking out for him, Zoe asked if he was really taking Emma's side. He claimed he wasn't taking any side and hoped there wouldn't be any sides to take after they talked things through.

Xander said Zoe had to admit that she'd done some sketchy things when she'd first gotten to town. He didn't blame Emma for worrying, but he said Zoe had been given an opportunity of a lifetime and deserved the chance just like Emma. He thought the women were super talented, and each had something unique to contribute to the brand.

By making the project better, Xander felt the women would make each other better. He claimed not to expect Emma and Zoe to be best friends, but he hoped they'd find common ground.

In the design office, Brooke walked in as Ridge was telling Hope that he was hoping Liam could talk Steffy out of leaving the father of her child. Brooke told Ridge that Steffy and Liam had made their intentions clear, and everyone needed to accept Liam and Hope's engagement.

Ridge didn't think Steffy had thought things through. He said that Steffy sleeping with Bill had been a mistake. Hiking his thumb in Hope's direction, Ridge added that it had also been a mistake for Steffy to turn to Bill after finding "this one" and Liam backstage. Hope scoffed. Ridge believed that Steffy still wasn't herself and had given up Liam when she still cared about him.

At home later, Brooke and Ridge arrived in their bedroom. Ridge was saying that it had to end at some point. Brooke replied that it already had ended with Steffy wisely and graciously throwing in the towel. Brooke wanted him to take it from someone who'd fought for him most of her life -- it was exhausting. Ridge quipped that Brooke had ended up with him, so it had been worth it.

Brooke said she'd ended up with Ridge, and Hope had ended up with Liam. "Yeah, maybe," Ridge murmured between kisses from Brooke. Brooke said that someone had to move on, and he replied that it should have been Hope. Brooke ordered him to bite his tongue. She was happy for her daughter and excited for his. Ridge wasn't sure Steffy was ready to walk away. Brooke replied that time would tell.

Brooke stated that as much as she'd adored Ridge's mother at the end, she really did not want to be like her. She asked if she and Ridge could let the kids handle it on their own without Ridge and Brooke interfering. Ridge thought it would benefit Hope.

Frustrated, Brooke patted her thighs repeatedly as she hammered home the facts that Liam and Hope were engaged and having a child. Brooke believed they'd be a blended family. Ridge called it a sweet story and fairytale, but he knew that she knew it would end in heartache. Brooke appreciated the concern but hoped he was wrong.

Brooke didn't want just her daughter to be happy. She wanted Ridge's to be happy, too. She respected his daughter and was impressed with the stock coup. Brooke believed that Steffy had proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman and leader by reinventing the bedroom line and coming up with sleepwear for women and men.

"That reminds me," Brooke said, reaching behind the pillows on her settee to retrieve a gift box. She handed it to Ridge. Inside it, Ridge found some royal blue boxers. He said it was funny, but Brooke stated that she'd worn a lot of teddies for him over the years. She believed he could do something for her; in her opinion, it would be nice to see him in a silky boxer occasionally. "Go on. Bathroom's right there," she said.

As Brooke sat on the bed and took off her strappy heels, she called to Ridge and told him that she was waiting. He replied that "this" looks ridiculous. She wanted to be the judge of that, and she ordered him to get his butt out there.

Ridge exited the bathroom. He was in the tight blue boxers and a half-buttoned, sleeved shirt. He tapped his butt and asked what Brooke thought. Brooke called him sexy. Agreeing that he was, he turned to head back into the bathroom. "Wait! That's all you got?" she asked.

Ridge claimed to have plenty more, but he didn't think Brooke could handle it. Brooke crawled across the bed to him, uttering that she could handle anything, and the two kissed.

In the CEO's office, Liam wanted Steffy to be honest about whether she was really okay with things and ready to move on with her life without him. Steffy pointed out that she'd given Hope the ring. Liam wanted to make sure Steffy wasn't being heroic and that she was really okay with him moving on with Hope.

Steffy said it was the best decision for everyone. She didn't want any more struggling to deny feelings or to forgive. She wanted to be able to look back fondly on the past and focus on the future. She asserted that it was time for her to move on.

Steffy asked Liam to believe her. She had many great things in her life, and they'd given each other the greatest thing: Kelly. Kelly would always connect them, and that would be enough. She knew there would be challenges ahead, but she'd handle them. Steffy advised him to be with Hope, who was more suited for him, anyway. "Even though I thought we were good together, too...You'd better go before I change my mind," Steffy said, and the two laughed.

Hope entered. She saw Liam and Steffy together and decided to return later. Steffy said to stay because she had something to say that would affect their futures. Hope looked panicked and asked what Steffy wanted to say. Steffy replied that she was just reminding Liam of her plans to focus on her work and daughter and to build the life she wanted for herself.

Steffy saw that Hope still wore the ring and was glad about it. Steffy wanted them to focus on their babies, whom Steffy wanted to be close because they'd share the same father. Steffy believed that the magic of the children would take over, Hope and Liam would be married, and Steffy and Liam would be the best co-parents for Kelly.

Hope wanted Steffy to be okay. Steffy said she would, and the five of them could do it. Liam was happy that Steffy was going after what she wanted, and he hoped Steffy found what she was looking for because she deserved it. Hope understood that Steffy kept saying the kids mattered, but Hope asked about Steffy's happiness. Steffy said she'd be fine, and she left the office.

Hope told Liam that it had taken guts for Steffy to let go and move on without Liam. Liam said they'd been through a lot and would always love and respect each other. He was still trying to process it all, but he believed that Steffy really wanted to go her own way and let him and Hope be together. Hope said Steffy had been magnanimous, but Hope preferred not to wear Steffy's engagement ring. It didn't feel right, so she gave it back to Liam to give to Steffy.

Taking the ring, Liam asked about him and Hope. Hope reached in her purse and pulled out a black box with her old ring in it. She said she'd gone home to retrieve it. Hope asked if he remembered that she'd tried to give it back to him, but he'd told her to hold onto it because he knew how much she'd loved it. She said she could wear it forever, but she wanted him to put it on her finger only if it was what he wanted.

Hope wanted a life with Liam, but she wanted it to be his choice, not hers or Steffy's. In Hope's mind, it was his decision whether to fully commit to her and make a life with her, and Hope said that if he was ready, he could show her.

Steffy looked through the cracked doorway at Hope and Liam, who were by the CEO's desk. Liam asked if he could borrow the ring from Hope. He got down on his knee and formally proposed to Hope, asking her to make him the happiest, luckiest guy in the world by spending every day with him and their family for the rest of her life.

Hope agreed to marry Liam, and Steffy bit back sobs as she watched Liam slip Hope's ring on Hope's finger and kiss her.

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