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Hope invited Steffy to the wedding, and Taylor hoped to win a game of wedding chicken by making Liam say vows to Hope in front of Steffy. Thorne staked his territory at Katie's house, and Bill struggled to bridge the gap between him and Will.
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Katie and Wyatt witness each other moving on

Katie and Wyatt witness each other moving on

Monday, August 13, 2018

In the CEO's office, Hope said she'd never take her ring off again. She was much more comfortable with the ring Liam had picked out for her than the one he'd gotten for Steffy. Hope couldn't believe it was finally happening, and Liam replied that baby made three.

Steffy slipped away from the office door. Hope decided to head home to tell her mother the news. Liam had a couple things to check for the website but said they could do dinner out later. He decided to go with Hope to walk her out of the building.

Once Hope and Liam had gone down the corridor, Steffy slipped into her office. She said that Liam had forgotten his phone. He entered the room, saw her holding it, and said he'd just been returning for it. Liam saw tears on Steffy's face. She pretended nothing was wrong, but when he pressed, she said she'd seen him propose to Hope.

Steffy didn't blame Hope for not wanting to wear Steffy's ring. Giving the ring back, Liam said it had been a beautiful gesture. Steffy got that it hadn't been her place and wondered if Kelly would want the ring someday. Liam thought it was a good idea and said they'd all be okay.

Steffy knew it, but it was hard to accept a future alone with Kelly while Liam moved on with Hope and her baby. It was the right choice for Steffy but the hardest thing she'd ever do. She said she wouldn't look back.

Steffy said that too much had happened, and it couldn't be taken back. She wished she could take things back. "I never would have gone to your father. I would have stayed by your side," she said. Liam replied that he knew. "Stick it out. Talk it through. Hold each other even when it seems impossible," Steffy stated. She wanted that for Liam and Hope.

Liam thanked Steffy. He wanted it for her and the right man when she was ready, and he was glad that she'd figured out that it hadn't been his father. Steffy said she didn't know what she'd been thinking; she'd just been in shock after seeing Liam with Hope.

Liam said Steffy wished she could take back the night in the guesthouse, and he wished he could take back Steffy seeing him with Hope and any other time he'd hurt Steffy. She replied that they'd hurt each other too much, but they had to be the best example for their daughter. It would be only love, even when they were apart, and they'd always have that.

Steffy was glad to have her ring back. It was part of her and Liam's history, and Kelly deserved to have it. Steffy felt that Kelly deserved to know that she hadn't been a mistake, and her parents had been meant to be for a short time. Liam said they'd make sure Kelly knew, and they had stories -- their wedding being one. A flashback played of the Australia wedding.

Liam said that they didn't have to sweep it under the rug or pretend it hadn't been real. He thought they should keep their story alive for Kelly. Steffy decided to keep her ring in a safe place until she could give it to Kelly one day.

Liam didn't think there was a better role model for Kelly than Steffy, the tough, single, working mother. He'd never seen anyone more prepared for what life threw at her, and he believed Kelly would soak it up. Steffy asserted that Kelly's mama didn't need a man to define her.

Liam said Kelly wouldn't, either, but just because mama didn't need a man didn't mean that mama didn't have one. Liam stated that he was a phone call away. He wasn't going anywhere because they were family, even if a nonconventional one.

Liam fantasized about watching Kelly grow up. He said she'd meet a man, have kids, and make him and Steffy grandparents. He was amazed that he and Steffy would share in it. He said he would think about what could have been, but he'd always love Steffy, respect her, and be grateful that Steffy was the mother of his daughter.

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke and Ridge were in bed. Brooke pulled the silk boxers from beneath the covers and said she'd order plenty of them for her handsome man. Ridge replied that he'd only wear them in their bedroom. She called him the sexiest man in the room. Noting that he was the only man in the room, he told her trust him that no one needed to see that.

Ridge wished he could go back and tell the young Ridge that everything would work out okay. Brooke assumed he meant with their relationship. He said with that and everything. She stated that, even in hard times, they had to remember that there were moments like "this one."

Ridge thought it was cool that he'd worn Brooke's Bedroom in Brooke's bedroom. Brooke noted that it hadn't been called that in a while, but he said that the subsequent name, Intimates, didn't have the same feel. Brooke replied that "Brooke's bedroom" had always been their haven for peace. Ridge said they'd always find a place to block out the world.

Brooke wondered if it would be that way even if Liam and Hope were starting a life together. "Yeah, I wish for that. I really do," Ridge responded.

Later, Brooke was dressed, and Hope entered the room. Ridge, also dressed, exited the bathroom, and Hope wondered if she'd interrupted them. Brooke said they'd just been deciding what to do about dinner, and Ridge asked if Hope would join them. Hope said she'd be having dinner with Liam later to celebrate.

Hope held up her hand, and Brooke gasped. She asked if it was Hope's ring. Hope replied that she and Liam were officially engaged. Brooke and Hope hugged as Ridge stared at them. Hope appreciated Steffy's ring gesture and Steffy's support. Ridge just hoped they were happy. Brooke said they were -- or would be -- thanks to Steffy doing what was right. Hope stated that she couldn't be more grateful.

Later, Hope and Brooke were alone in the bedroom. Brooke believed Ridge had appreciated what Hope had said about Steffy. Hoping so, Hope stated that she and Steffy had been at odds for too long; they were stepsisters and would be connected by their children, too. Hope believed that she and Steffy wanted peace and would find it.

At Bikini Bar, Katie and Thorne arrived after getting off work earlier. They heard some people being loud and wondered if they should sit with the people who knew how to have fun. Seeing that the people were Sally and Wyatt, Katie started to change her mind; however, Wyatt and Sally spotted Katie and Thorne and Wyatt waved them over to the bar.

Thorne and Katie joined Sally and Wyatt at the bar. While ordering drinks, Thorne recognized Danny, the bartender, as a new Forrester model.

Wyatt said that Thorne and Katie looked good, and Katie replied in kind. Wyatt said she seemed happy, and she indicated that she was. He slowly nodded. Wyatt asked if Thorne had gotten Bill's approval, and Thorne quipped that it was the first thing he'd done. Wyatt thought Katie was lucky that Bill couldn't disown her, and she replied that they were all lucky that none of them had to worry about getting Bill's approval.

Katie asked why Wyatt made dating choices that would set Bill's hair on fire. Wyatt pretended not to know what Katie meant. She said that he'd dated Bill's ex-wife and then moved on to date the woman on top of whom Bill had blown up a building. Katie asked where Wyatt would go from there. Sally asked why Wyatt had to go anywhere and said "this" might be it. Wyatt stated that it might be so for all of them.

As Wyatt paid his tab, Thorne wondered why Wyatt and Sally were leaving when the sun hadn't set. Thorne said the night was still young. Wyatt hoped Katie and Thorne would enjoy the night as much as Sally and Wyatt intended to, and Wyatt and Sally took off.

Thorne asked if it bothered Katie that Wyatt had moved on. Katie replied that she'd be hypocritical if it did because she'd moved on, too. Danny remarked that Wyatt and Sally could be rowdy at times. Katie asked how rowdy Thorne wanted to get. "Check, please!" Thorne exclaimed.

As Katie talked about getting dinner, she received a message from her sick sitter, who had to bail on taking Will to the movies. Katie told Thorne that they'd have to get together the next night, but he doubted it with a sick sitter. "I'm Katie Logan. I know how to make things happen," Katie replied and kissed him.

At the beach house, Sally and Wyatt agreed that they'd had fun. She asked if he wasn't feeling weird. He asked if she meant about Katie and Thorne. Sally noted that it hadn't been that long back that Wyatt and Katie had been hot and heavy. "That was B.S.," Wyatt replied. Sally said she'd thought the two had been legit, and he responded that it had been before Sally.

Wyatt wanted to stop talking about Katie. Sally said that she just didn't want him to have to pretend if he still happened to have feelings. He cut off her sentence with a kiss and asked if she still wanted to talk about residual feelings. Sally didn't, and he said it was good.

Later, Sally and Wyatt cuddled on the sofa after having sex. She wondered if she'd ever thanked him for showing up at Bikini Bar the night she'd arrived back in town. Wyatt asked if shooting Bill's photo counted. They joked about her state of mind that evening. He told her that she was welcome -- for the past night, the present night, and the future nights.

Thorne and Bill clash over Will and Katie

Thorne and Bill clash over Will and Katie

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

At Forrester, Thorne was on the phone with Katie, who was making sure they were on for a special evening at her house that night. She thought they were overdue for a romantic time. Thorne asked if Will would be with the babysitter. Katie informed Thorne that Bill would take the child, and it was about time Bill stepped up as a father "again."

After the call, Thorne walked into the CEO's office and saw Quinn, Maya, Brooke, and Hope sitting for a meeting. Heading the meeting was Steffy, who asked where Katie was. Thorne said Katie was with Will and probably wouldn't be in that day. Steffy decided that Thorne would sit in for Katie, and he begrudgingly agreed and took a seat.

Steffy had convened the meeting to discuss a new women's empowerment initiative at Forrester. Assessing the room full of women, Thorne said they were doing well in that regard. Steffy wanted Forrester to set the standard for other companies to follow. Relaunching HFTF had been a great start. The line had inspired women everywhere, and Steffy wanted to do more.

Thorne tried to leave the meeting, but Steffy insisted upon having a male's perspective. Quinn and Maya discussed how complicated the issue was because it extended into society and institutions at large. Quinn recalled facing sexism when she'd run her own company.

Steffy felt that Forrester could lead by example, and it was fortunate to already be ahead of other companies. She felt there was more they could do, and some of it was outlined in the packets that she'd given them.

The females in the room liked what they were hearing. Thorne did, too, but he didn't want them to forget about their male clientele, which also mattered to the company. Steffy agreed that all their clients were important and said the clients were mostly women. She wanted to reach out to them, starting that day, and she admired Forrester's powerhouse of women.

Steffy lauded Maya for her strength in adversity and success in showing how to live as one's authentic self. Steffy applauded Hope's strides with young women and Quinn's success in creating a new department at Forrester. Steffy spoke about Katie, who'd run Spencer Publications and had moved on to take Forrester's marketing to new, global heights. Steffy added that between the BeLieF Formula and Brooke's lines and modeling success, Brooke's talent and tenacity had gotten her to where she was that day.

Steffy wanted to highlight the women and put their contributions front and center in campaigns with more interviews, blogs, and podcasts. Steffy claimed they weren't throwing the men under the bus, but she wanted to empower women and be inclusive in shared goals, like daycare.

Steffy believed that Forrester had been ahead of its time when it had opened its first daycare. She wanted to expand it and offer early education programs. Steffy wanted Kelly there, seeing her work. She desired to have all the children there and to help them thrive as they played and learned. Maya, Quinn, and Hope loved the sound of it. Brooke said that Stephanie had been a pioneer, and Stephanie would be proud of her namesake, Steffy.

After the meeting, Hope was alone with Steffy. Hope expressed her enthusiasm for the new initiative. Steffy asked how Hope was, and Hope talked about her morning sickness. Steffy recommended peppermint tea. The women discussed how they were really trying to make their situation work, especially for their "little ones."

At Katie's house, Bill arrived. He'd gotten her message and asked what was going on. Katie said she had a date. Bill congratulated her but didn't know what it had to do with him. Katie noted that Bill should have had Will for the past three days. She wanted Bill to step up and said it was long overdue after he'd obsessed for months over his daughter-in-law.

Bill asked if Katie wanted him weighing in on her personal business, and she asked when he was not doing so. He claimed that it was only when she was screwing up her life. Katie figured she could return the favor because Bill was doing that to his own life, Liam's life, and Steffy's. Katie wondered if Steffy had been worth it.

Bill asked why he and Katie were talking about it. Katie was trying to figure out how he'd wound up held hostage. "Hostage," he repeated. Katie said he'd been hostage to his own obsession, and his relationship with Liam wouldn't be the same. Katie wondered if Bill was done. She said he usually liked to win, and that time, he'd lost big -- including his Forrester shares.

Bill corrected that he hadn't lost them; he'd given them to Steffy. Katie asked if the gift had been out of guilt for turning Steffy's life upside down. Katie was happy the mess with Steffy was over and that Bill could start focusing on Will. "While you're on your date," Bill said. Katie told him to be careful not to sound jealous. Bill didn't think of Katie as a woman to kick a man when he was down. She replied that he'd brought it upon himself.

"I suppose I did," Bill replied, and he asked if it was what Katie wanted to hear. She wanted to hear that he'd learned from it and changed. He asked if she'd believe it, and she replied that it made her sad that she didn't know if he was capable of it. Bill said he'd asked Liam for forgiveness, but Liam hadn't been ready to hear it. Bill still didn't know how he'd lost his way.

Katie didn't buy that Bill didn't know how it had happened and asked how he thought it would turn out when Steffy had been married to Liam and pregnant with his child. Bill uttered that he'd loved Steffy. Katie said many had paid the price, including Will, who needed his father.

Bill said Katie never let him get away with anything. She quipped that she wouldn't start then, either. She felt that she'd been raising Will alone, and Bill had been M.I.A. Bill assumed the child was doing fine. Katie said it was true, but she was the one helping Will with his homework, soothing his fears, and taking him to his activities. Will had a mother but needed a father.

Bill claimed to have been at the last soccer game, but Katie noted that it had been months back. Bill said he should have been paying more attention. She asked Bill to not let himself lose out on Will. The child was growing and changing every day, but Bill was missing it.

Bill asked if he'd keep Will for a couple of hours. Katie replied that it would be all night. Bill complained that it was too soon for that, but she insisted that it wasn't. Bill gave in and said he'd keep the child overnight, so she could have her date. He asked who the guy was.

Someone knocked on the door, and Katie said Bill could meet the guy. Katie opened the door for Thorne, who greeted her and Bill. "Wow. This is what you're dating?" Bill asked. Katie enthusiastically said "this" was "what" she was dating. She decided to go upstairs to get Will.

Alone with Bill, Thorne thanked him for giving the shares to Steffy. Bill asked what Thorne was doing and if he knew Katie was the mother of Bill's son. Thorne was aware of it and aware that Katie and Bill weren't married, which meant Bill had no say in Katie's life. Bill retorted that he tended to stretch those boundaries, and he and Katie were a family regardless of marriage. Bill asserted that he'd always look out for both of them.

Thorne replied that he'd been seeing Katie for a while and knew that Bill had been absent in a big way. Thorne said Bill had also hurt his grown sons. Bill replied that his family was his business, and he warned Thorne not to fill Will or Katie's heads with "this B.S." Thorne claimed he wouldn't put Bill down to his child, but Thorne would always be honest with Katie.

Thorne believed that he knew for sure that Bill wasn't a good example of a father. "Let me tell you what you don't know," Bill responded. Bill said they were from different worlds, and he warned Thorne, who'd grown up with an entitled silver spoon in his mouth, not to fly in Bill's airspace.

Thorne responded that, like Liam, Thorne had grown up with morals and values. Thorne believed Liam had benefited from Bill not being there -- not that Thorne would wish it on Will. Thorne believed that sons needed their fathers, but not if the father was too1bTkwfum self-absorbed. "Maybe you'll spare Will the curse of being a Spencer and possibly ending up like you," Thorne concluded.

Bill squashes Katie and Thorne's romantic date

Bill squashes Katie and Thorne's romantic date

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam kissed by the fire in the candlelit room. Liam wasn't sure he should be there again because of Ridge. Hope didn't think Ridge would throw a party, but she said that Ridge was respecting Steffy's wishes. Liam responded that Ridge was protective of his daughter, and Liam believed he'd be the same way.

Liam touched Hope's stomach. Hope said she and the baby were lucky to have Liam in their life. To Hope and Liam, it felt like a new era. Hope said she couldn't feel better about their future. He asked what she saw in the future. Hope replied that it was more like a feeling. She felt a sense of peace for them. All she'd ever wanted was a stable, happy life with the man she loved. She knew Liam would be there for her. He said they'd be there for each other.

Hope and Liam began kissing and taking off each other's clothes. After they had sex, they curled up under a blanket by the fire. It seemed like déjà vu to Liam because they'd done it the last time they'd become engaged. Hope believed it was different because the last proposal had been about healing the past. The new proposal was about the future and their child.

Hope always wanted their lives to be full of good surprises. Liam said he could make that promise immediately without vows. Hope was grateful to have Liam and the child she'd always wanted. Liam decided to have a talk with the baby. He put his ear to Hope's belly and pretended to listen to what the child was saying. Liam replied that they couldn't want to meet the baby, either, and then he and Hope kissed.

At Bill's house, Bill had toy cars spread out on the coffee table, and he revved up his favorite one. Will sat on the sofa, engrossed in a video game on a hand-held device. Will didn't flinch when the car zoomed off the table. Bill asked what was wrong and said Will loved to play with the cars. Will replied that he liked video games.

Bill offered to learn how to play the video game, but Will said it was a one-player game. Bill suggested that they shoot hoops. The video game made a loser noise. Will exclaimed that Bill had made him mess up. Marching off, the boy complained, "This stinks!"

Later, Will was back to tapping on the gaming device. Bill offered to watch a movie and then recalled how much fun they'd had playing stock forecasting in the past. Will wanted to go home, but Bill told the child that he was at home and had a room upstairs. Will asked when he could see his mother. Bill said they were having a boys' night. "I want to see mom," Will replied.

At Katie's house, Thorne and Katie stood in the candlelit living room, staring out the window at the moon. They talked about Will being at Bill's house for the night, and Thorne relayed that he'd expressed his disappointment in Bill's parenting skills to Bill. Katie figured it hadn't gone over well. Thorne and Katie believed Will missed and needed his father.

Thorne was sorry he'd mentioned Bill. Katie replied that Bill and Will hadn't spent much time alone. Thorne believed that Bill was a resourceful guy, and the father and son would find a way to entertain themselves. "And so will we," Thorne added.

Katie and Thorne made out on the sofa. She took his hand to lead him upstairs. Her phone rang. "No," Thorne said. Katie stated that she had to. She answered the phone for Bill and asked if Will was okay. "Sort of," Bill replied. Bill said Will didn't want to play with his cars or do any of the things they had done in the past, and it wasn't working.

Katie said Bill was the father, and Will was Bill's son. Katie was sure that Bill would figure it out. Katie heard Will asking if she was on the phone and when he could go home. She told Bill to tell the child that she'd pick him up in the morning. Bill replied that she'd heard the boy, and Will didn't want to be there. Bill wanted to take Will home.

Katie suggested dessert. Bill had already given the child dessert and refused to bribe the boy to spend time with his father. Katie had put books in Will's bag. It was near bedtime, and she suggested that Bill and Will read together. Bill stated that they'd have to do it another time. Katie asserted that she'd asked for just one night, and Thorne was already there.

In the background, Will said he didn't want to stay at Bill's house. Bill told Katie that he'd been right about it being too soon. He offered to make it up to her and watch Will while Katie and Thorne went to dinner. Katie said Bill was the father, not the babysitter. Bill replied that she was the mother, and the child wanted her. Katie had faith that Bill could handle it.

Bill asked what would happen if Will woke up at night. Katie said Bill would comfort Will and sleep in the same room with him. Katie asked Bill to be patient and tell Will that his mother loved him and would see him in the morning. Katie hurried off the phone before Bill could say more.

Back at Bill's house, Bill and Will stared at each other.

At Katie's house, Thorne asked if Bill was having problems. Frustrated, Katie replied that Bill might be a little rusty. Thorne thought she'd given good advice. Katie was sorry. She'd wanted the night to be their night. Thorne refused to let a call from her ex ruin anything. She said that she'd wanted them to focus on each other, but he replied that he never expected her to turn off her focus on Will. It was one of the things he admired about her.

"I'm in love with you," Thorne stated. Katie was surprised. She hadn't expected him to say that. He said life was short, and he didn't want to hold back feelings. He wanted to tell her and show her what she meant to him. The two kissed, and Thorne took her hand to lead her upstairs.

There was a knock at the door. Thorne rolled his eyes. Bill called out from the other side of the door. Katie opened it. Bill and Will stood on the doorstep. Bill said the child had insisted upon going home. Will nodded in agreement, and Katie took the child upstairs for bed.

Thorne told Bill that Katie had asked for one night, and Bill couldn't even do it. Bill replied that he and Katie would do what was best for their son, regardless of any plans Thorne might have made, and it was Bill's job to look out for both of them. Thorne stated that it had been Bill's job to look after Will that night. Bill asked if Will or a botched attempt at a date was more important.

Thorne asked when Bill had ever put anyone's feelings above his own and what caring about Will and Katie really meant to Bill. In Thorne's view, Katie didn't ask for much, and she couldn't even depend upon Bill for one simple thing. Thorne believed that she deserved better, and Bill asked if that was supposed to be Thorne.

Blowing out candles around the room, Bill declared that the party was over. Thorne didn't think Bill even realized how lucky he was to have the precious time with Will. Thorne wished he still had it. Thorne believed that kids didn't push to make one go away, but instead, to see if one would stay. He didn't think Bill understood that and said Bill had let his son down that night.

Bill replied that he might be interested in what Thorne had to say if Bill had an interest in dresses. Thorne asserted that he didn't have respect for Bill as a person or as a parent, but Bill had a great kid who loved and needed his father. Entering the room, Katie agreed that it was true.

Katie apologized to Thorne for the abrupt end to their evening. They kissed, and Thorne exited.

Katie demanded to know what had happened. Bill said Will had wanted his mother. Katie asked if Bill had tried, and he bellowed that he had tried. Bill said he'd tried everything he could to make Will happy, from cars to video games, but it was like they didn't know each other.

Katie thought Bill was reading too much into it, but Bill disagreed. He said he'd told her it was too soon for an overnight stay, but she'd had to push it. Katie replied that Will had spent the night with Bill a lot in the past. Bill said things were different, and Will wasn't the same kid.

Katie enthusiastically agreed that Will had changed. It amazed her, and she often wondered where her baby had gone. She said Bill had missed a lot, but it wasn't too late. It didn't have to be the way it had been with Liam and Wyatt. Katie reminded Bill that he'd promised it would be different with Will and that Bill had been excited for it.

Recalling Bill's feelings about his father, Katie asked if Bill wanted Will to think the same way or for Will to feel neglected the way Bill had. She implored Bill not to make the choices that Bill's father had made. Bill said he busted his butt to make sure Will had an inheritance. Katie asked who cared about money. She said she had money; Bill had money. They'd always have money, and Will didn't care about it.

Bill believed that Will would care, and it was Bill's legacy to Will. Katie said it would never be as important as Bill's love and attention. Katie asked if Bill understood that the most valuable thing Bill could give their son was himself. Bill shed a tear.

Taylor and Brooke finally agree on something

Taylor and Brooke finally agree on something

Thursday, August 16, 2018

At the cliff house, Hope watched Steffy open a gift Hope had gotten for Kelly. It was a pink stuffed rabbit. Steffy loved it but thought Hope could have given it to Steffy at the office. Hope had another item to give Steffy. From her purse, she pulled out an envelope with Steffy's name on it. Steffy asked what it was, and Hope replied that it was a wedding invitation.

Hope believed that she, Steffy, and Liam would be in a blended family, and their children would have three parents who loved them. Hope wanted to start setting the example for all to see. Hope understood if it was too much to ask, but she said that she and Liam would be honored to have Steffy at their wedding.

Steffy asked if Liam had suggested the invitation. Hope replied that he hadn't. For Hope, it was about Steffy and her. The women had known each other all their lives and would continue to know each other for the rest of their days. Hope wanted to build on the relationship between them. Steffy did, too, but she said it might be too soon.

Later, Steffy returned to the living room after feeding Kelly. Hope and Steffy discussed life choices. Hope asserted that it would be unacceptable for anyone at the wedding to think that she'd won and that Steffy had lost. Steffy replied that it was true that Hope had won. Hope stated that it had been Steffy's choice, but Steffy said Hope knew why Steffy had made the choice.

Hope decided that it was the reason Steffy needed to be at the wedding. That way, everyone could see that it wasn't about winning or losing, but about their family coming together. Steffy said Hope was right. Steffy decided to go, but she wanted to invite someone to go with her for support. Steffy conveyed that Taylor was in town, and Hope replied that it was fine. Hope knew it wouldn't be easy, but she believed they'd get through it as a family.

Later, Hope had gone, and Taylor had arrived. Steffy joked that Taylor needed to devote her life to babysitting. Taylor didn't know if that would be her thing or if she even knew who she was. Steffy said they'd work on it, but she had a favor to ask. Steffy remarked that Hope had been there. Taylor wondered what Hope could want after taking Liam.

Steffy replied that it had been her decision, and even though Taylor didn't agree with it, she had to accept it. Taylor murmured that it didn't happen overnight, and she asked what Hope had wanted. Steffy explained Hope's idea about starting right away on being the family their children deserved, and Steffy said she'd decided to go to Hope's wedding.

"Like hell you are!" Taylor yelled. Taylor said Hope wanted to park Steffy in the front row to show how magnanimous Hope was. Taylor asked if Steffy was supposed to watch Hope steal Steffy's husband as Brooke had done to Taylor again and again. Admitting that it wasn't pleasant, Steffy said Hope was right about the principle of it.

Taylor replied that Hope was Brooke's clone, decked out in virtue instead of lingerie. Steffy said to stop because it wasn't easy for Hope, who'd done nothing wrong. Steffy believed she was the one who'd screwed up. Disagreeing, Taylor called it revenge for whatever imaginary injury Hope believed Steffy had done to Hope, and as retribution, Hope had set her sights on Kelly's father.

Steffy replied that Liam had proposed to Hope, and Hope wasn't imagining things. Taylor stated that it wouldn't be happening had it not been for Bill. Steffy told her mother that none of them was innocent. Taylor replied that she knew and had apologized in every way she knew how.

Steffy didn't want to be at the wedding alone, and she figured people wouldn't even know what to say to her. She wanted Taylor to go with her. Angry, Taylor couldn't believe that Liam would even let it happen. She asked if he'd said he wanted Steffy there. Steffy didn't know. Taylor decided that it had to be Brooke's idea.

Steffy reminded Taylor that she'd supported Taylor. Steffy needed the same thing in return. Taylor took issue with cooperating in the humiliation of her daughter. Steffy said she'd made her own decisions and mistakes, and no one could shame her for them -- including Taylor.

Steffy wanted Taylor to accompany Steffy, but Steffy wanted Taylor to promise not to cause trouble at the event. Taylor flashed a defiant look. Steffy said that she meant it, and she ordered Taylor to say she wouldn't cause trouble.

In Brooke's cabin, Wyatt and Liam squabbled about how Hope would feel about seeing Wyatt at the altar. Wyatt wondered if he was being punked or if Liam had lured Wyatt there under false pretenses. Wyatt had thought Liam had promised to make Wyatt breakfast. Liam replied that the vegetable hash was on the stove. "I thought you said you were cooking me breakfast," Wyatt responded.

Liam said that if Wyatt declined being best man, Liam would have to ask their father. Wyatt assumed that meant Satan was busy. Liam said Bill had apologized, but Wyatt advised Liam to get that apology in writing or on a check. Liam dropped the pretense of seriously considering Bill and suggested Rick. Wyatt said he'd thought Rick, Maya, and Lizzy were traveling.

Liam suggested Thorne. Wyatt called Thorne a vulture and hoverer. Liam decided that Wyatt should just do it. Wyatt yelled that he would because someone had to protect Liam. Liam gazed knowingly at Wyatt, conveying that he'd tricked Wyatt into agreeing. Wyatt said it was fine, and he'd be honored. The men hugged.

Later, Liam was walking out of the kitchen as Wyatt reentered the cabin with a plastic bag of bacon. Liam asked if Wyatt had stolen Brooke's bacon. Wyatt said it had been in the fridge. He shoved it at Liam and said to make it. Liam claimed not to know how to make it. Wyatt murmured about a microwave and paper towels.

Wyatt wanted to make sure Liam really wanted to get married and said it seemed like half Liam's heart was still with Steffy. Liam quipped that Wyatt just needed to give Liam the ring the next time. Wyatt asked Liam if he'd be content to have a house with Hope and one with Steffy.

Liam wasn't one to fantasize about harems and said the world didn't work the way Wyatt was depicting. Wyatt asked Liam to just say if he could be happy that way. Liam replied that it wasn't just about who he wanted to be with. It was about who Liam wanted to be.

The subject changed to Liam being a different person with each woman. Wyatt said Steffy bossed Liam around, but Hope went along with whatever Liam wanted. Liam disagreed that Steffy was like that or that Hope simply deferred to him. Liam said Hope just wanted to know what he was thinking. Wyatt asked if it was a good thing.

Liam replied that it required him to know what he was thinking, which wasn't always the case. Wyatt told Liam to at least fake it. Liam accused Bill of being that way and said that Wyatt took after Bill. In Liam's view, the men flew by the seats of their pants but acted like their actions had been written in the heavens.

Wyatt insisted that he could have semi-profound thoughts and offered Liam one of those thoughts, saying that while Steffy didn't really boss Liam around, she, not Liam, was the one who'd decided that Liam should marry Hope. They heard a beeping sound, and Wyatt stated that his bacon was done.

As the men ate breakfast, Liam expressed admiration of Steffy's courage to reevaluate her life. Wyatt reminded Liam that his last wedding to Hope had been predicated on Bill's lies, and if not for that, Liam would have been back with Steffy and wouldn't have a baby with Hope. Liam said it was complicated, but he really did want to marry Hope.

Wyatt didn't want to talk Liam out of it. Wyatt thought he was giving awful advice for a best man, but he couldn't help thinking about how different it would all be if it hadn't been for Bill.

At Brooke's house, Brooke said the problem was Liam. Ridge replied that he couldn't agree more. Brooke meant it was a problem that Liam was a vegetarian. Ridge thought she should simply order roast beef and tell Liam it was soy meat. Brooke replied that Ridge might have to plan a wedding someday. Ridge replied that he'd planned one before. He just didn't feel good about the one before them. Brooke replied that Steffy had given her blessing.

Brooke was in awe of Steffy, who was taking her life in a new direction. Ridge said his daughter was strong and independent, but "independent" was just another word for being lonely. Brooke growled and said she loved him. He replied that she was good at it, and she said she'd done it for years.

Brooke wanted Ridge to accept that the wedding would take place in their home. She offered to let him see the wedding gift, so he could pretend he'd picked it out with her. Ridge asked if he was a terrible person. She said he was just disappointed. He stated that the most amazing thing he'd ever done had been to fall in love with Brooke, and he hadn't even done it on purpose.

Later, Hope arrived, and Brooke was alone and busily working on a reception menu. Hope wanted to add two names to the guest list. Brooke prepared to type them into her tablet, but she paused when Hope said Steffy's name. Brooke said that Hope couldn't be serious. Hope replied that she was, and it was her wedding. She asked Brooke to please add Steffy.

Brooke explained that it was finally Hope's wedding day, and they shouldn't take any chances. Hope didn't believe Steffy would cause a disturbance. Brooke said it was what everyone had said about Taylor, the famous psychiatrist. Brooke couldn't imagine Steffy would want to do it, anyway. Hope said Steffy and she were in agreement, and it was time they acted like a family.

Brooke suggested that the women save it for the holidays because there was no time for rivals and surprises at a wedding. Hope said she'd invited Steffy, Steffy had accepted, and Hope needed Brooke to help Steffy feel welcome. Brooke gave in and decided that she had to call the caterers right away. Brooke asked who the other person was. "Her mother," Hope replied.

Immediately, Brooke opposed, calling it a recipe for disaster. Hope said it was the right thing to do, and it had already been done. Brooke wanted it undone and didn't care what excuse Hope made. Brooke insisted that she would not have those two people at Hope's wedding, ruining Hope's special day. Brooke thought Steffy might behave, but Taylor would cause a scene.

Taylor decides to play wedding chicken

Taylor decides to play wedding chicken

Friday, August 17, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke tried to convince Hope to work on the family dynamics with Steffy another time, but Hope was insistent upon inviting Steffy to the wedding. Brooke didn't know why Taylor, a loose cannon in the best of scenarios, had to be there. In Brooke's mind, it was a disaster waiting to happen, and she decided that Taylor and Steffy weren't invited.

At the cliff house, Steffy wanted her mother to accompany her to Hope's wedding. Taylor called it emotional abuse for Hope to expect Steffy to smile and watch Hope steal Steffy's husband. Steffy replied that Liam wasn't hers anymore. Steffy didn't think she ever asked for much, but it was one of the rare times she needed her mother. She asked if Taylor could go to the wedding without causing a scene. Taylor didn't think she could.

As Taylor insisted that Steffy should fight for her daughter to have a two-parent home, the way Taylor had when Steffy had been growing up, Taylor's phone rang. On the line was Brooke, checking if Taylor was still in town. Taylor said she was, and she agreed to meet Brooke at her house.

After the call, Taylor prepared to leave, but Steffy said Taylor didn't really have to go. Disagreeing, Taylor said she did, and the conversation had been a long time in the making.

Later, Ridge and Steffy had just put the baby down, and he decided to leave. Steffy ribbed him for trying to take off after seeing the baby, but he replied that he was trying to give her a chance to rest. He remembered how hard it had been for him and Taylor with Thomas and twins.

Steffy said Ridge had just missed seeing Taylor. Steffy was worried about her mother. Ridge asked why, and Steffy replied that Taylor could be walking into a disaster. When Steffy filled Ridge in about her and Taylor's invitations to Hope's wedding, Ridge was shocked that Steffy had agreed to go. He assumed it was why Taylor had gone to speak to Brooke.

Steffy explained that Brooke had called Taylor about meeting. Ridge asked why. Steffy didn't know why but assumed that Brooke wasn't happy about having to put Taylor and Steffy on the guest list. Ridge didn't think it was good. Steffy replied that Brooke and Taylor could argue all they wanted, but Hope wanted Steffy at the wedding. Ridge asked what Steffy wanted.

Steffy wanted to include her mother. "That's nice," Ridge quipped. He asked if Steffy really thought Taylor wanted to sit and watch another "Logan happily ever after." Steffy replied that Taylor would also see Steffy and Hope overcoming their differences to put their children first.

Ridge sarcastically said it was "so nice" that Hope and Steffy could work it all out at Steffy's expense. "I'm not gonna let that happen," Ridge declared. Steffy noted that her mother felt the same way. Ridge wasn't surprised and said Taylor was protective of Steffy. "Almost too protective," Steffy quipped.

Ridge asked what that meant and said it was what parents did. He believed that parents would do anything they could to make their kids happy. Steffy replied that it was what she was afraid of. She didn't even want to think about what Taylor was saying to Brooke.

Looking at the picture of Steffy and Liam that hung on the wall, Ridge asked if it was a good idea to have it there, reminding her of the past. Steffy said it was best for Kelly, and she pointed out that Ridge had said parents would do anything for their children. "But I also said not at your expense," Ridge stated.

Ridge asked if Steffy was okay. Steffy wasn't. She asked how she could be. She stated that there were consequences to one's actions, and hers were losing Liam and living without the father of her child for the rest of her life. Steffy believed Kelly would think she was born from something beautiful, and it would never occur to Kelly to feel sorry for Steffy.

Steffy said she didn't feel sorry for herself and wouldn't, not when she had something more important to feel. Kelly would look up to Steffy, and Steffy would give Kelly something to look up to. It meant no more begging for Liam or wondering if she was the woman for him. Seffy said he was marrying Hope and was where he was meant to be. Steffy asked how she could claim to love him if she couldn't find happiness in it.

Ridge asked if it meant Steffy would go to the wedding. Steffy replied that for Kelly, she could do anything.

Hope arrived at the cabin. Liam told her that he'd asked Wyatt to be the best man. Hope thought it was good and said she'd realized that someone was missing from the guest list. Liam didn't know the person Hope meant.

Later, Hope asked if Liam thought she'd made a bad decision. Liam didn't know. He was just trying to imagine how Steffy would feel about watching him and Hope exchange vows. Hope said it might help the three of them move forward as a family and commit to a different future for their children. It would also show their three families that they could rise up and move forward.

Hope thought it would a be a huge step forward. Liam hoped she was right. Hope felt that Steffy had been an important part of Hope's life, and it no longer felt right to be at odds with Steffy. Hope hoped that Steffy would actually attend the wedding.

Assuming that not even Nostradamus could have predicted Steffy's desire to attend the wedding, Liam asked if Hope was sure Steffy wanted to take part in it. Hope replied that Steffy had said so, and Hope wouldn't want it if Steffy would be uncomfortable. Hope wanted their wedding -- their last wedding -- to be a drama-free celebration with friends and family, and Steffy was both.

Back at Brooke's house, Taylor arrived. She said she'd been visiting her granddaughter, and she was glad that she and Brooke could "do this over here" because babies picked up on toxic energy. Brooke claimed that there was nothing toxic about it. Brooke had just wanted to talk to Taylor. Taylor corrected that it was to argue, because they didn't see eye-to-eye on anything, including the adulterous wedding Brooke was planning.

Brooke wondered if inviting Taylor there was a mistake. Taylor didn't think she should be surprised by any of it because Hope was the daughter of Deacon, "the man you had an affair with after you stole my husband." Taylor called Hope a carbon copy of Brooke and said Brooke had another thing coming if she thought Taylor would take more of Brooke's abuse.

Brooke wanted to start over. Taylor decided that they could pick up back when her kids were young, and Brooke was throwing herself at their father. Brooke didn't think Taylor should be stuck in the past. Taylor claimed that she'd moved on but said Brooke needed to think again if she thought Taylor would let Brooke step on Taylor's daughter.

Brooke said they couldn't do anything about Liam's decision to make a life with Hope, and after all Brooke and Taylor had been through with Ridge, Brooke assumed one would think the women would understand the position Liam was in. Brooke asserted that they needed to support Liam's decision.

Taylor said Liam had made the decision only because Steffy had taken herself out of the equation. Taylor also thought Brooke's support was really Brooke micromanaging the wedding plan. Brooke refused to apologize for throwing a wedding for two people who wanted to be married. Taylor claimed that the two already had been married, and it hadn't worked; however, Brooke wanted to throw another wedding disaster as a show of support.

To Taylor, it made no sense, and she suggested that Hope and Liam at least get counseling. Brooke roared that the couple didn't need counseling; they needed to get back the life Steffy had stolen from them. Brooke said Steffy understood it, and it was why Steffy wanted Hope and Liam together. Brooke added that Hope had invited Steffy to the wedding for the sake of peace.

Taylor stated that Steffy, who thought the same thing, had agreed to be at the event. Brooke replied that Steffy didn't have to be there, and it would be better if Taylor and Steffy stayed away. "Excuse me?" Taylor replied. Brooke felt that Steffy's presence wouldn't bring peace. Instead, it would make people uncomfortable.

"And you, Taylor, you can't even control yourself," Brooke added. Taylor replied that the statement was just rude. Brooke insisted that it was true, and Taylor was liable to cause a scene. Brooke wouldn't have it. She asked Taylor to do the right thing and convince Steffy to stay away. Taylor wondered which was more appalling -- Hope's wedding invitation or Brooke's gall to disinvite Steffy.

Brooke said it was fine if Steffy went. Brooke just didn't know why Steffy would want to watch Hope and Liam say vows or why Taylor would want to watch Steffy suffer through it. Taylor said Hope had talked Steffy into it. Brooke imagined that it would be heartbreaking and said she shouldn't have to explain it to Taylor, the psychiatrist. Taylor replied that she shouldn't have to explain why there shouldn't even be a wedding.

Taylor blamed Bill for breaking up Steffy and Liam. Brooke doubted it did any good to wonder about what might have been or to be negative about things. Taylor asked if Brooke would be all "rainbows and unicorns" if the situation was reversed. Brooke said Taylor's attitude was exactly why Taylor and Steffy couldn't go to the wedding.

"No. Your daughter invited us. We're going to be there," Taylor decided. Taylor said that Liam could stand there, knowing that the mother of his child was watching him make the biggest mistake of his life. Brooke guessed that Taylor wanted Steffy to be in pain so that Liam would become uncomfortable enough to call off the wedding.

Taylor yelled that Steffy was already in pain. Taylor told Brooke to put down two more and count them as confirmed, and they would see if Liam could make it through the vows or not. Brooke warned Taylor not to disrupt the wedding. Taylor replied that Liam's conscience would.

Brooke asserted that Liam had chosen her daughter, and it was something that Taylor had to deal with and accept. "Don't you dare do anything to interfere in their special day," Brooke warned.

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