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Hope and Liam got married and honeymooned in Brooke's cabin. Bill canceled a visit with Will, and Thorne urged Katie to sue for sole custody of her son.
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Brooke orders Taylor to sit and be quiet

Brooke orders Taylor to sit and be quiet

Monday, August 20, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor were dressed for Hope and Liam's wedding. Steffy gave the nanny instructions, and Taylor griped that it was wrong for Steffy to watch Hope steal the man that Steffy loved. Taylor believed that it was cruel and that Hope just wanted to rub Steffy's face in it. Steffy stated that it was about the children, and she didn't want any drama. "You understand?" Steffy asked. Taylor scowled.

At the cabin, Wyatt helped Liam get ready for the wedding. Liam didn't sense a lot of enthusiasm from his brother. Wyatt was happy for Liam and the family he was creating. "But?" Liam asked. Wyatt asked about the other family Liam had made with Steffy and Kelly.

Later, Wyatt expressed shock that Steffy would attend the wedding. Liam thought it was a testament to her character and commitment to a functional family for the kids. Liam said the gesture meant a lot to Hope.

Wyatt helped Liam put on his jacket and said he would have been mad if Liam hadn't asked him to be the best man. Liam replied that there hadn't really been a choice, and Wyatt was Liam's brother and best friend. The men hugged, and Wyatt said it went both ways. Wyatt asked if Liam wanted to have one last walk as a single guy, but Liam said he needed a minute.

Wyatt told Liam that Liam had been caught in an impossible position, but he'd gotten through it. Wyatt admired that Liam had been sensitive to two families. Wyatt respected it and Liam.

At Brooke's house, Brooke, the matron of honor, reported for duty in her bedroom, where Hope was getting ready for her wedding. Brooke said there would be no more surprises -- except one. Brooke opened the bedroom door, and Hope got emotional upon seeing Bridget enter the room.

Donna and Katie arrived, and Bridget helped Hope with her makeup as Katie and Donna scrolled through photos of Logan on Bridget's phone. Brooke was excited to have her daughters in the same room. Donna didn't think anything would stop the wedding. Hoping not, Brooke revealed that they'd have two unpredictable guests.

Katie asked if it had been a good idea to invite Steffy and Taylor. Bridget was shocked the women had accepted. Hope said she and Steffy wanted what was best for their family, and Steffy wouldn't make a scene. Brooke stated that it wasn't Steffy she was worried about.

The Logan women shared a family hug and cooed about it being time to get things started. Brooke said she wanted to have a few words with Liam first, and she took off.

In the kitchen, Pam and Charlie arrived with the cake, and Xander reached to swipe some icing off it. Emma's brow furrowed as she watched Pam cut Xander off and warn him that he'd lose a hand if he tried it again.

Sally was impressed with the floral detail and piping on the cake. She'd never learned to do it well at "the bakery." Pam offered to give Sally a lesson someday, and Charlie murmured that he'd hide the recipes.

In the living room, guests gathered for the wedding. Quinn, Thorne, and Eric were there with Ridge, who was bristling about the wedding being a slap in his daughter's face. Thorne said that Steffy was rising above the feelings Ridge claimed were involved, and Ridge replied that they'd see about it. Eric asked what that meant.

The subject changed to Maya and Rick, who couldn't be there. Thorne said it was too much to fly Lizzy back and forth. Steffy and Taylor arrived, and Ridge greeted them, followed by Eric. Quinn introduced herself to Taylor, and Thorne welcomed Taylor home. The group started talking about Kelly, and Taylor quietly slipped out of the house through the terrace doors.

A short while later, Wyatt entered the main house through the terrace. Sally, Quinn, and Eric greeted him. Nearby, Carter tried to soothe Ridge's anxiety and reminded him that Steffy had ended things with Liam, and Ridge needed to take her at her word for what she wanted. Ridge said Steffy should have just attended the reception. Carter replied that Steffy had Taylor for support. Ridge cynically asked where Taylor was.

Back at the cabin, Taylor entered, and Liam said he was surprised to see her there. Taylor claimed to be surprised to be there. She said Liam and Hope should have been over, especially after he'd had a child with Steffy. Taylor had never worried about Steffy when she'd been with Liam because the two loved and cared for each other. A love like that didn't just disappear, and Taylor was there to make a last plea on behalf of Steffy.

Liam said he understood it wasn't a good day for Taylor. Taylor thought it was a travesty that Steffy was paying for what Bill had done, and Taylor asked how it was fair. Liam said Bill had done a lot of damage. Taylor called it an understatement and said Steffy and Liam would be together if it hadn't been for Bill.

Taylor didn't care if Steffy had called it consensual. Taylor believed Bill had taken advantage, knowing that Steffy had been hurting and vulnerable. As Taylor went on, talking about Bill trying to make it look like the affair had still been going on, Brooke reached the outside of the cabin. Hearing voices, she listened outside the door as Taylor insisted that the wedding wouldn't be happening if Hope wasn't pregnant. Taylor begged Liam not to marry Hope.

Liam replied that he loved Steffy, and it had been a blessing to be her husband. He stated that it was over, and he was marrying Hope that day. When he said he had to go, Brooke rushed away from the door, and as soon as he left, Brooke entered the cabin and said Taylor had nerve.

Taylor wasn't scared to admit that she'd urged Liam to call off the sham wedding, and she said Brooke had to see on some level that it wouldn't be happening if it hadn't been for Bill. Taylor believed Steffy was vulnerable for Bill to ride to the rescue. Brooke wasn't concerned about it that day. Brooke's only concern was that Hope got back the life Steffy and Bill had stolen.

Taylor yelled that it was in the past, and everyone had moved on except for Brooke and Hope. Refusing to argue with Taylor on Hope's wedding day, Brooke ordered Taylor to leave. Taylor replied that she was Steffy's guest. Brooke didn't care and refused to have Taylor's negativity around on Hope and Liam's special day. Brooke yelled that she wanted Taylor gone.

Back at the house, Steffy and Liam encountered each other. Ridge looked on as Liam expressed surprise that she'd actually shown up. Steffy said they had to make an effort if they were serious about the extended family. Steffy stated that Hope was a lucky woman, and Steffy predicted a bright future for the couple. Liam wanted the same for Steffy.

A short time later, Steffy spotted Taylor strolling through the living room and asked where she'd been. Steffy guessed Taylor had talked to Liam, and Taylor admitted it. Steffy said she'd asked Taylor not to interfere, and Liam marrying Hope was the right thing. Taylor responded that it was not the right thing for Steffy. Steffy asked that they not do "this" in public.

Ridge approached and asked if everything was okay. Steffy replied that it was just a mother and daughter disagreement. He told Steffy that it wasn't too late, and he'd cover for her if she wanted to get out of there. Steffy insisted upon staying.

Upstairs, Brooke returned to her room just in time to help Hope, who was alone, with the dress. Hope asked if Brooke had spoken to Liam, and Brooke replied that she'd missed him. To Hope, Brooke seemed distracted. Snapping out of it, Brooke said she just didn't believe Hope wanted to wear that dress after the last time.

Hope replied that Brooke had given it to her, and Hope wanted the connection of getting married in the same dress as her mother. Hope couldn't believe it was happening. Brooke stated that it was, and nothing and nobody would take the life Hope deserved.

Brooke went downstairs to ask everyone to take their seats. As the guests strode about, Brooke snagged Taylor's arm and whispered that Taylor clearly hadn't been listening when Brooke had told her to leave. Taylor said she was there to support her daughter. Not wanting to make a scene in the quiet room, Brooke suggested that Taylor take a seat and keep her mouth shut.

Brooke took her place at the end of the aisle with Carter, Liam, and Wyatt. A bridal instrumental played, and Hope descended the staircase. As Hope and Liam grinned at each other, Brooke and Taylor glared at each other.

Hope and Liam wed

Hope and Liam wed

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's, Liam looked up at his bride on the staircase, and Hope looked at Liam. She finished her descent of the stairs to meet him for their wedding. Steffy and Taylor looked on, and all the guests watched. They included Eric, Quinn, Wyatt, Charlie, Pam, Bridget, Katie, Donna, Thorne, Xander, Ridge, Brooke, and Emma.

Taylor watched Steffy and grabbed her hand. Carter, the officiant, noted that ceremonies and celebrations of love came in all forms, and he added that children and parents were all present for this one.

Carter decided to start the ceremony with the question that asked if anyone had just cause to say that Hope and Liam should not be joined in marriage. Liam looked at Wyatt. "I'm good this time," Wyatt said. Everyone laughed. Brooke eyed Steffy and Taylor. Steffy thanked her mother for not saying anything. Taylor said that she just wanted her daughter to be happy.

Carter said that Hope and Liam had decided to bring the spirit of good will into their wedding and had wanted him to ask guests to share words of encouragement for their wedding. Liam teased that he wanted advice.

Eric spoke first. "Devotion," Eric said. He noted that devotion was what had brought Hope and Liam together. "May your love grow every day that you're together," Eric said.

Emma said her dream had come true that she was working with Hope, and she was honored to be at Hope's wedding. Xander agreed and said he wished them all the happiness they both deserved.

Bridget spoke next. Bridget called Hope her baby sister and said that she had never seen Hope smile more brightly or more proudly than when she was with Liam. "Rick wanted me to tell you to treat her right," Bridget added.

Pam encouraged the couple to "feed each other with compassion, understanding, and a lot of laughter, good conversation ..." She added that they needed to add a lot of homemade food, since Hope was eating for two.

Thorne noted that Hope had united the Forrester and Spencer families together with another link and bond that connected them. He wished her the best. Katie and Donna spoke next. Katie said that Hope and Liam's love was an inspiration. "Hope never stopped loving you," Donna said. She and Katie added that they'd been a constant in each other's lives.

Wyatt said his brother made him proud of to be a Spencer. He felt the family legacy was brighter because of Liam and Hope "moving it forward." Brooke said that the love Hope and Liam shared and their growing family was what the day was all about. "I am certain this ceremony will unite you forever," Brooke said. She added that family and friends were there to support them, and the wedding would unite everyone on "a very meaningful day." Brooke glanced at Ridge and at Steffy and Taylor.

Steffy rose and told Hope that she admired her for inviting Steffy to the wedding and for "having the courage to acknowledge our connection." Steffy glanced at her mother and said it was new day and that Hope and Liam had united "this great big blended family." Hope was tearful, and Liam smiled.

Carter asked Liam and Hope to join hands and recite their vows to create a lasting bond. Hope started and said she was happy standing with her friends and family "knowing that this is just the beginning." She knew they would be happier every day and after their baby was born.

Hope wanted to remember and honor everything they had been through to get there. She acknowledged that it had not been an easy road, but she was grateful for all the lessons that had helped them grow as people and as a family. She promised to always have "an open heart and an open mind and to have faith in you and our future when we face adversity."

Hope promised to love Liam, to be devoted to him, and to make a welcoming home for his daughter Kelly and her mother. Brooke wiped away a tear. Hope said their love gave her strength, and his gave her courage, which was "a guiding light in our lives together."

Liam wondered how he could follow Hope's vows. He thanked Hope then acknowledged how Hope had promised a welcoming home for Steffy and Kelly. He thanked Steffy for her support and acceptance. Ridge smiled, and Taylor looked down. Liam said he was confident they had a good future together with the kids. He noted that "together" was a powerful word. "And it's the most important word in my life lately," he said.

Liam promised that every decision they had to make in the future would be made together, and their marriage would be a union and a partnership. He valued her judgment and admired her goodness and compassion. He was "filled with gratitude," and he felt privileged to be her husband and the father of her child. He wanted to kiss Hope, but everyone said he had to wait.

Carter noted that both Hope and Liam had spoken from the heart. He asked for the rings, and Wyatt presented them. Hope and Liam said their "I do's" and exchanged rings. Carter pronounced them husband and wife. Everyone stood up and clapped. Brooke looked over at Ridge, and Steffy stood and encouraged Taylor to do the same. Taylor stood. Liam and Hope kissed and stared at each other.

At Spencer, Bill met with Justin, and Bill was in a bad mood. He discouraged Justin from arguing with him. Justin noted that Bill was angry he hadn't been invited to Liam's wedding. "Do I even need to ask? You didn't expect to be invited, did you?" Justin asked.

Bill acknowledged that he hadn't expected to be invited to the wedding, but he had hoped to be forgiven. "Liam is not in a place where he's ready to let me make amends," Bill said, but Justin noted it was a start that Liam and Bill were talking. Bill agreed and said that he wanted to be a part of his sons' lives.

Later, Bill ordered Justin to get out of his office -- not sit around to keep him company. Justin noted that making amends wasn't easy. Bill said he had no illusions but was committed to regaining his sons' respect.

Bill added that he had not been around much during his older sons' lives, but he was glad that they had turned to each other when they had turned against him. He had missed a lot of time with his sons, and he had missed a lot of time recently with Will because he had been so busy pursuing Steffy. He realized he had fractured relationships with all his sons, and they had to be repaired.

A food fight highlights the reception

A food fight highlights the reception

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's, after the wedding ceremony, everyone celebrated Hope and Liam. The bride and groom kissed. Photos of the wedding scene flipped through on-screen like a photo book, but Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy looked unhappy. Wyatt proposed a toast to the happy couple. "I love you both and wish you guys a lifetime of happiness," Wyatt said.

Bridget congratulated Hope, her "baby sister," and noted that Hope had "wanted to marry Liam for so long, and dreams really do come true." Donna and Katie chimed in that they were "way too young to be great-aunts again," but they couldn't wait for the newest Logan baby. "We're always gonna be here for you," Donna said. Katie and Bridget agreed. Ridge sighed and wished Liam and Hope well and hoped they'd found happiness.

Liam thanked everyone for sharing in the special day. Steffy chimed in that she was "really happy for the both of you." Liam and Hope thanked Steffy and agreed they appreciated her. Hope said that being together was a big step forward. Hope noted that they planned to "put all differences aside and make it work -- all of us together." Steffy nodded.

Donna told Carter it had been a lovely ceremony, and the crowd agreed. Taylor stepped up and said she had a few words to say. She noted that everyone had had their say about Hope and Liam, but she had something to say. Steffy looked shocked, and Brooke interrupted. Brooke said that Donna was about to start the music and dancing. Taylor was quiet for a moment.

Brooke walked over to Taylor and whispered that Taylor could voice her opinion in private. Brooke refused to allow Taylor to ruin the wedding. Taylor hissed that Steffy was devastated, and no one gave "a damn." "This isn't about you or Steffy," Brooke said. She added that she'd known it had been a mistake to invite Taylor to the wedding. Brooke escorted Taylor to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Charlie and Pam were putting the finishing touches on the wedding cake, and Brooke said she needed to speak to Taylor privately. Charlie said there was plenty of room for all of them in the kitchen, but Brooke asked them to leave. Pam and Charlie quickly exited.

Brooke encourage Taylor to say whatever she wanted, since they were in private. Taylor let loose with an emotional outburst. "This is all a mistake, and it never should have happened!" Taylor shouted. She cried that her daughter, Liam, and their baby had been cheated out of their family "all because of Bill Spencer." Taylor blamed him and his manipulations for Liam choosing to marry Hope.

Brooke argued that Liam loved Hope and always had. Taylor countered that Brooke had done everything she could to destroy Steffy's family just as Brooke had destroyed Taylor's family and stolen Ridge. Taylor insisted that Liam's real love was Steffy.

Brooke reminded Taylor that the wedding had nothing to do with their pasts. She accused Taylor of showing up only to ruin the day and called her a "bitter, jealous woman." Taylor scoffed and said "Jealous of what? You?" Taylor laughed and glared at the cake and said it was a symbol of all that Brooke had stolen from Steffy. Brooke told Taylor she was crazy.

Taylor poked a finger into the cake and licked her finger, claiming it was buttercream frosting and very good. Brooke was alarmed, and Taylor put her hand up to the cake to dig in again. "You wouldn't dare," Brooke hissed and warned Taylor to get away from the cake.

Taylor dug her hand into an entire layer of the cake and tasted it. She said it wasn't too bad. She held up the giant handful of cake and shoved it into Brooke's face. Taylor laughed maniacally. "Now you can have your cake and eat it, too," Taylor said.

Brooke was covered in cake and grabbed a layer and shoved it into Taylor's hair. An all-out food fight ensued, and they threw cake at each other and dropped it all over the floor, where they started to slip and slide on the frosting.

While Brooke and Taylor were gone from the main party, Steffy showed Liam photos of Kelly. "Look at our girl," Liam cooed. Wyatt and Sally shared a kiss and said the wedding had been enjoyable. Xander and Emma were thrilled to be at their first big Forrester wedding, and Emma said it had been a nice event and was "chill." Xander agreed and said it was almost "too chill" for a Forrester wedding. Thorne and Katie kissed and discussed that they had gotten together during a Forrester wedding, and they were glad to have connected with one another.

Steffy and Hope shared a moment and promised again that there would be no more conflict and no more fighting. Suddenly, they realized their mothers had been alone in the kitchen for far too long. Steffy and Hope entered the kitchen and caught their mothers fighting and throwing cake. "Mom!" they both shouted. "What are you doing?" Steffy yelled.

"Put the cake down," Hope ordered them. Taylor and Brooke tried to make excuses, but Hope noted that the cake was ruined. Taylor insisted that the wedding should never have happened and that Brooke and her family were ruining Steffy's family exactly the same way that Brooke had ruined Taylor's family in the past.

Steffy was furious and said that she and Hope didn't want the anger and resentment that Brooke and Taylor had shared all their lives. Brooke apologized and said that she and Taylor had let anger get the best of them. Taylor apologized to Steffy.

Steffy and Hope were unsympathetic. They ordered their mothers to get back to the reception. Brooke and Taylor said they couldn't return to the reception covered in cake. "The two of you deserve a little walk of shame," Hope said. Steffy agreed.

Hope, Steffy, Brooke, and Taylor returned to the party. Pam looked pained and assumed the cake was ruined. The rest of the guests smirked and drank their drinks. "I actually hear it's good luck in some cultures," Thorne said with a smile. Quinn asked if there was any cake left.

Steffy and Hope agreed their mothers had something to say. Brooke apologized and said she and Taylor had gotten "a little carried away." Brooke noted that Steffy and Hope had wanted peace in the family and had set an example for everyone. Brooke apologized for letting everyone down. Taylor agreed she was also sorry.

Brooke walked over to Liam to apologize, and Steffy met privately with Taylor. "This isn't normal," Steffy said to her mother. Taylor said she was fine. She tried to hug Steffy, but Steffy held up her hand to stop her. They promised to talk later.

Brooke apologized to Liam, and he smirked and asked if the cake was good. Brooke laughed and said it was delicious. Ridge joined Brooke and picked some cake off of her shoulder and ate it. "It's almost as sweet as you," he said with a laugh. Ridge kissed Brooke and wound up with cake and frosting all over his face. Everyone laughed.

Later, Brooke and Ridge were alone, and Brooke apologized for nearly ruining the wedding. Brooke said she'd known it was a bad idea to have Taylor at the wedding. Ridge told her to forget about it because they had celebrated Hope and Liam together, and that had been a success.

Brooke said she was proud of Hope and Steffy, who had been "way more mature than Taylor and I were at that age." Ridge raised an eyebrow, and Brooke acknowledged that she and Taylor had still not shown maturity. Ridge and Brooke laughed and agreed it had been a great day, "food fight and all."

At the cabin, Liam spread flowers and candles around the room. Hope entered in sexy lingerie. "You have outdone yourself, Liam Spencer. It's beautiful," Hope said. Liam said he hadn't had enough time to plan a real honeymoon, but they would have one. Hope said she didn't need to go anywhere. "I just want to be here with my handsome husband," she said. She opened her robe and showed off some sexy underwear.

Hope and Liam made love and later reminisced about the day with a flashback of the entire wedding ceremony, dancing, and partying. They discussed the memories that they had enjoyed and "the cake -- what was left of it." They marveled that they had finally done it and gotten married. They exchanged I love you's and kissed.

Thorne advises Katie to get full custody

Thorne advises Katie to get full custody

Thursday, August 23, 2018

In the design office, Thorne and Katie discussed the wedding. She couldn't believe Bill had been cut out of it. She didn't want that for Bill and Will. Believing it was Bill's own fault, Thorne asked if Bill even had a relationship with Will. Katie replied that it would change that day.

Later, Katie was saying that Thorne probably thought she was crazy. Thorne didn't, but he also didn't want her to get her hopes up. Katie said that she and Bill had had an intense conversation, and she believed that he'd heard her. She had misgivings, but Will needed his father. She wouldn't let Bill disappoint Will again.

Katie decided to go home to get Will ready for his day with his father. Thorne said to let Will know that Thorne would be there later. Thorne wanted to be there in case Bill was a no-show. Thorne recalled that Bill hadn't been able to spend an hour with Will the last time. Katie replied that Will had been acting out because of the previous no-shows and excuses. She'd talked to Will a lot about it, and she was sure Will wanted to see his father.

Thorne wanted it to work out for Will, who was part of the package. Thorne loved both Katie and Will, and Thorne pledged to be there if it didn't work out. Katie thanked him and left.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge and Brooke kissed, and she thanked him for supporting Hope and Liam. Ridge replied that another couple needed their help -- Katie and Thorne. Brooke asked what Ridge meant. She was glad Thorne and Katie were together because Will needed a positive role model. Agreeing, Ridge said it would compensate for Will's idiot father.

As Ridge and Brooke worked, he glanced at her and admired her smile. Brooke said she'd been thinking of how good it would be if Katie didn't have to be a single parent anymore. Ridge believed that Thorne would be a great role model and that Spencer was useless. Brooke had heard that Bill was making amends and wanted to keep an open mind.

Ridge didn't have high hopes after what Bill had done to his sons. Brooke said Bill had suffered as a result and had no one left but Will. She hoped and prayed Bill would be there for Will.

Later, Brooke had gone, and Thorne was in the office with Ridge. Thorne was distracted, and Ridge assumed it was about Katie. Thorne said he couldn't get her off his mind. Ridge thought it was a good thing and noted that Thorne had been happy -- until that day. Ridge asked what was wrong. Thorne mentioned that Will would be spending time with Bill that day.

Ridge asked if Thorne had a problem with it. Thorne replied that he had a big problem with Spencer being Will's role model. Thorne couldn't imagine being raised by that guy. He revealed that Bill ignored the kid and couldn't even spend a night with him. It worried Thorne.

Ridge said that Thorne could be there for Will if Katie permitted it. Thorne imagined that he'd be the stepdad helping Will through the crap Bill would lay on him.

Carter arrived with some modeling contracts. He apologized for interrupting Thorne and Ridge. The two men decided to draw Carter into their conversation, and they relayed that Thorne was dating Katie. Carter offered his wedding services, but Thorne didn't need them yet and said they had bigger problems at the time. Ridge added that Bill had been an absentee father.

Carter assumed it was Will's good fortune and remarked that Bill hadn't been good to his older sons. Agreeing, Thorne said he was watching Bill treat the youngest son as an afterthought, and Thorne had been there when Bill had disappointed Will. Carter asked if Bill didn't like his child. Ridge replied that Bill had been obsessed with Ridge's daughter.

Thorne claimed to never want to separate a father from his child, but he thought it might be wise if Katie had full custody of Will. Carter felt like a judge might agree. "If what you're saying is accurate, and I know for a fact that it is...then there is a case," Carter concluded. Carter stated that Bill's sordid behavior with Liam and Steffy, Bill's lack of a moral compass and manipulation, and Bill's absenteeism might give Katie a strong case.

Later, Ridge was alone when Brooke arrived. She had seen Thorne leaving the parking lot and guessed he was on his way to see Katie. Ridge revealed that he and Thorne had been talking to Carter about what a bad father Bill was to Will. Brooke replied that Bill wasn't that bad.

Ridge said that, as an attorney, Carter would disagree with Brooke. "'As an attorney?'" Brooke repeated. She asked what Ridge was getting at. Ridge replied that Katie was going to sue Bill for full custody of Will. Brooke asked if Katie would take Bill's son from him.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill discussed Liam's wedding. Justin had heard it had been quite the event, and he was surprised that Bill hadn't just shown up to it. Bill replied that he wouldn't do that to Liam, but the next step was making amends, starting with his youngest son, who was excited to see him that day, thanks to Katie.

Bill was excited about spending time with Will that day and intended to be the father that Will could look up to. "About that..." Justin said. Bill replied that he knew what Justin would say, and Bill assured Justin that Bill had brushed up on his gaming skills. Bill had even learned a few tricks to skip levels and keep up with Will.

Handing his phone to Bill, Justin said to read it. Bill read it and was excited that there a message from the Asian Consortium, who were finally ready to come to the table. Justin stated that they were in town and wanted to meet -- that day.

Bill instructed Justin to put it off until the next day. Justin said Bill couldn't just blow them off. Bill didn't intend to and said Justin would be the entertainment ambassador. Bill instructed Justin to show the executives around, take them to clubs, fly them to Vegas on the jet, and tell them that they'd see Bill the next day.

Justin said the people were CEOs with schedules, and Bill couldn't just do "this." Bill replied that he couldn't disappoint his son. Justin offered to call Katie. "The hell you will!" Bill replied.

Justin told Bill to make the call himself. Justin instructed Bill to say he'd love to be with Will; however, there was the opportunity for Spencer that had been years in the making. Bill couldn't pass up, so Bill would see Will the next day. "Tell her the truth?" Bill asked. Justin said Katie had worked at Spencer and would understand. Bill replied that he had a better idea.

Later, Justin returned to Bill's office, and Bill asked if Justin had handled it. Justin had only been able to reach the assistant. That person had said they were only still in town because the jet had maintenance issues, but they were headed to New York once it was fixed. Bill asked whom they knew at the airport. "Oh, come on, Bill," Justin replied.

Bill wanted Justin to call the people back and say that Bill was sick. Justin replied that Bill would appear weak. Cursing, Bill said there had to be a way to get him out of it so he could spend the day with his son. Justin reminded Bill that they had a lot of money riding on it. It was the answer to their logistics issue, giving them streamlined access to manufacturing and distribution. Justin emphasized that Bill had one shot at it and wouldn't get another one.

Bill asked if he was supposed to just cancel on Will. Justin asked why it had to be that day. Bill said he'd promised that it would be that day, and he and Will were excited about it. Justin reasoned that they'd be just as excited the next day or the next. Justin insisted that Bill call Katie and tell her that it had to be any day but that one.

At Katie's house, Katie asked Will how his morning had been with his nanny and if they'd gone to the park. Will didn't know why they'd go to the park to play video games. Will said it had been fine and asked when he'd see his father. She replied that Bill would be there soon. "Sweet!" Will excitedly said. Katie believed Bill was excited to see Will, too.

Thorne arrived and saw Will wearing a backpack almost as big as he was. It appeared to Thorne that Will was all packed up and ready to go. As Thorne checked out the snazzy bag, he "found" a large candy bar in a pocket. "Seriously?" Will exclaimed. Thorne said it was for Will.

Will asked where his father was. Katie was sure Bill would be there soon and asked the child to wait upstairs. Will left, and Katie told Thorne not to say it. She knew Bill was late, but he'd promised to be there and wouldn't let their son down.

Just then, Bill called. Katie answered the phone and asked where he was. Bill replied that he was at work, and a huge meeting had just cropped up. Katie said to cancel it. Bill wanted to, but he explained that it was the Asian Consortium. He said she knew how long he'd been working on it, and he had to meet them that day. Katie replied that Will was counting on Bill. Bill knew it, but the meeting could not be rescheduled. "And our son can be rescheduled?" Katie asked.

Katie didn't care how long Bill had been courting the deal. In her view, there would always be another deal or something more pressing; however, it was their son, and Bill had to choose Will. Bill claimed to want to, but he couldn't. Bill wanted to make it up to Will the next day.

Katie asked if Bill knew how hard it had been to get Will excited to see Bill. She said Will would be let down, but she should have known. Katie clicked off the line.

Upset, Katie began saying that she'd really thought Bill was recommitting himself. She didn't know what she should tell Will. Thorne said they'd handle it, but she replied that they shouldn't have to handle anything. Katie stated that it was like Bill didn't "give a damn." Thorne didn't think what Bill was doing was right. Katie asked what she was supposed to do about it.

Thorne advised Katie to create stability in Will's life. She didn't know how to if she and Will couldn't count on Bill. Thorne advised Katie to take control of how much time Bill spent with Will so that Bill couldn't disappoint Will anymore. "You file for sole custody of Will," Thorne said.

Katie threatens to sue for custody of Will

Katie threatens to sue for custody of Will

Friday, August 31, 2018

At Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam entered after being at the "resort" pool. They raved about their "California cabin-themed suite." Hope said it had all the comforts of home. Liam claimed to have ordered room service. He said there was a six-star restaurant on site, and there would be only the best for their "staycation" honeymoon.

Later, Hope opened the front door for Liam, who was dressed in a white shirt, black bow tie, and shorts. He carried a tray of food and drinks. Hope said she and her husband had been expecting him. Liam spoke with a French accent as he apologized for the delay in preparation of the finest appetizers.

Hope let Liam in, and he set the tray down. She stroked his shoulder. "Madam?" Liam nervously replied. Hope told him to kiss her and then pour her drink. He readily complied.

Later, Liam was dressed in an unzipped hoody with no shirt beneath. He spoke in a Swedish accent as he bragged about his massage skills to Hope, who was on a table, purring beneath his kneading hands. Hope said she'd had a different masseur in mind when she'd booked the massage. Liam replied that she'd asked the best, strongest, and most handsome. Hope said she'd meant her husband. Dropping the accent, Liam said it could be arranged, and they kissed.

Sometime later, Hope and Liam cuddled on the sofa under a blanket. Hope thanked Liam for having a fake honeymoon and insisted that they'd do a real one once she got over the morning sickness and once work calmed down. Hope was glad to spend time alone together without worrying about travel arrangements. She said it was just the three of them.

Liam remarked that the baby was getting bigger and bigger each day. Hope couldn't wait to meet the child and complete their family.

The topic turned to the wedding, and Hope and Liam joked about the fiasco Taylor and Brooke had caused. Hope and Liam were glad the mothers had made it through the ceremony. Liam said he could tolerate a cake fight, but not anyone ruining the vows. Hope asked if Liam regretted anything, such as Bill not being there. Liam didn't. He said there had been no place there for hurt.

Liam didn't want to talk about Bill or anything negative. Liam only wanted to focus on them, their future, and being better parents than their own. He felt that Hope and Steffy had shown that they could do it, and Liam hoped to be a better father than his. Hope said he already was.

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge discussed Katie going after custody of Will. Ridge said Carter had thought it was a good case. Brooke asked if Thorne was pushing for it. Ridge replied that Thorne wanted what was best for Will.

Brooke contended that they all did, and equal access to both parents was the best thing for the child. Ridge thought Katie had to at least consider other options if the equal access wasn't in the child's best interest. "It's not the case at all," Brooke replied. She was concerned that Katie might think it was or that anyone could feel right about suggesting that Bill lose his son.

Brooke wanted to support her sister, but she also wanted Ridge to understand that she and Katie hadn't had their father while growing up, like Ridge had had in his family. Brooke wished it had been that way in the Logan house, and she wished it could be that way for Will. Ridge reasoned that Will would have it if things worked out with Katie and Thorne.

Brooke figured Thorne would be a great stepfather "if it came to that," but it didn't mean that Katie should go for full custody of Will. Ridge said Thorne was trying to convince Katie, and for Will's sake, Ridge hoped it worked. From Brooke's scowl, he gleaned that he hadn't convinced her. Brooke said it wasn't black and white. She saw gray and assumed Katie would, too.

Ridge assumed that he and Brooke had to agree to disagree, and she replied that it was all they could do sometimes. He asked if they were okay. Brooke smiled, and they kissed.

At Spencer, Bill and Justin met with two representatives from the Asian Consortium. Bill thanked the two remaining representatives for staying longer than the others, who'd gone on to the airport. The male rep said his assistant was updating them on the jet issues. The female rep explained that they just wanted to make sure a few allocations were adjusted to cover their costs, but it would barely touch Bill's profit.

Bill wasn't listening, and when the woman called him to attention, he apologized and said they had to wrap it up. The male quipped that Bill was joking. Bill said that he'd gone to great lengths to alleviate their concerns, and he had a family matter to attend to. He believed that he'd exceeded their expectations, and it was time to do the same for his son.

The representatives frowned as they stood. They appreciated that Bill had family issues, but they felt the issues could surely wait until the meeting was done. They valued their opportunity with Spencer, but there were other companies to partner with. "True. Bill?" Justin responded.

Bill agreed that they could go elsewhere, but he said they were already working with the best. He suggested they look at the proposal and fine-tune it a bit.

The meeting continued, and the reps became surprised that Bill wanted to give them seven percent when they'd only asked for five. Bill said he'd told them that he'd exceed their expectations, and they could reevaluate the percentage in a year. Bill asked Justin to get the paperwork done before the reps left town.

The reps thanked Bill and said it had been a pleasure doing business with him. Bill replied that he didn't hear something like that very often, and he looked forward to what the future held.

At Katie's house, the morose Katie talked to Thorne about how Will had handled hearing that Bill had canceled. Katie was in tears, upset because Will had wondered if he'd done something wrong or if Bill was upset with Will not spending the night before.

Thorne stated that it was time for Katie to do something about it, and she knew what needed to be done. Katie asked if getting full custody was really the right thing. Thorne replied that she'd been the sole provider for months, and Bill had started making promises that he couldn't keep. Thorne asked how much disappointment Will was supposed to take.

Thorne urged Katie to take control and provide the child with stability. He sensed her hesitancy, and she said growing up without a father, as she'd done herself, was rough. Thorne said he didn't mean to take Will completely away. Thorne just wanted her to make the visits be at her discretion. Katie wasn't sure she'd stand a chance in court, but Thorne relayed that Carter had said she had a compelling case.

Katie was surprised to hear it. Thorne said she had to do what was best for Will. Katie wasn't sure she was ready for the fight and wondered if she should just let Bill continue drifting in and out. Thorne insisted that Katie should be the one to decide how much time Bill could spend with "your son." Thorne thought that, with Bill for a father, Will needed his mother to protect him.

Outside, Bill knocked on the door and announced to Katie that he was there. Thorne and Katie were surprised because Bill had claimed to have meetings all day. Katie opened the front door, and Bill entered, asking if Will was ready. Katie said the child wasn't ready, and Bill had canceled. Thorne murmured that Bill should have called first.

Bill told Thorne to mind his own business. Katie decided to check if Will still wanted to go. Bill asked why the child wouldn't. Katie said it might be because Bill had canceled. Bill replied that he was late, not absent, and Katie knew how important the meeting had been. Thorne remarked that Bill had neglected the child for months. Bill said Thorne was like a buzzing insect.

Katie claimed Thorne cared for Will and didn't want Will hurt. Bill concluded that all the adults were on the same page, which was why Bill was there on the day he'd scheduled. Bill also asked Katie to stop exposing his son to the losers she was dating. Thorne asked who Bill thought had spent time with Will when Bill had been busy at work.

Bill said Thorne could pat himself on the head for being a good "manny." Thorne replied that Will deserved better than Bill. Bill stated that he was all the boy had, but Thorne reasoned that it could always change. Bill shot back that it couldn't because Bill was the boy's father.

Thorne stated that Katie couldn't change that, but she could limit Bill's influence on Will by providing Will stability. Thorne revealed that she'd do so by filing for sole custody. Bill told Katie that the bozo was more than irritating; he was delusional. Katie crossed her arms over her chest. "Katie!" Bill exclaimed.

Katie asked if Bill knew what it was doing to Will. Bill said he did, and it was why he was there. She responded that he'd be there until the next thing cropped up. She asked how many times Will had spent the night over the past few months. It had been none, and Katie had been tracking it on her calendar. Caught off guard, Bill said she didn't have to track it because they shared custody. She replied that it was only on paper, not in reality.

Bill asked if Katie was gathering evidence against him. Katie said she'd tracked every missed night, every cancellation, and every missed game. Katie was sick of the disappointment and seeing Will question himself. Katie claimed not to get it because Bill's father hadn't acknowledged his existence. Bill had said he'd wanted to be different and better, especially after missing out on raising Liam and Wyatt.

"Wait! Whoa! I didn't miss out!" Bill exclaimed. Katie told him to keep his voice down. Bill stated that two selfish women had robbed him of the opportunity to raise his sons. He said that Katie was trying to take the opportunity with Will away, but she had no case and would fail.

Katie claimed to not be trying to take Will away, but she'd be protecting him and making sure his needs were first. She explained that Thorne had spoken to an attorney who thought she had a case. Bill quipped that she was a walking ATM machine to the attorney. Katie wanted a father who loved her son and was involved, and she claimed Bill hadn't been for a long time.

Bill reasoned that taking the father away made no sense. He was willing to admit that he hadn't been the best father in the last months. "You know, just recently. But only recently," Bill conceded. He said that Will could be upset and angry at Bill for it; however, Katie's plan would backfire on her, and Will would hate her more than Bill.

Bill said that he and Katie had been married, and there had been a time that they'd cared for each other. He believed that they still did care about each other. He asked if she could look him in the eye and tell him that she wanted to do that to him and hurt him that way. As Katie shed tears, Bill asked if she was really threatening to take his son from him.

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