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A romantic date with Xander got too hot for Emma, and Zoe offered to pick up where Emma ran out. Brooke was unhappy that Ridge chose the Intimates line over HFTF. Grateful for Brooke's attempt to reason with Katie, Bill kissed Brooke. Thorne proposed to Katie.
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Ridge's decision fuels turmoil at Forrester

Ridge's decision fuels turmoil at Forrester

Monday, September 10, 2018

At Spencer, Bill wanted Justin to hop to it and help get as much as possible settled between Bill and Katie before they hit the courtroom. Justin thought the next step was mediation, but Bill refused to concede anything. He believed he just needed time with Katie to reason with her. Justin replied that what Bill was saying to Katie wasn't working. Bill stated that he had new hope.

Later, Justin was surprised that Brooke had given Bill the time of day and that she'd actually agreed to reach out to Katie for him. Bill said Brooke didn't want him to lose custody of Will, and she was a remarkable woman who could be levelheaded -- except for when she'd left Bill for that loser.

Justin thought Bill had done good work to get Brooke on his side. Bill said he hadn't had to do much because Brooke just got him; however, she didn't want anyone, including the poser, to know that she supported Bill.

Bill was grateful for the communication with Brooke. Justin noted that Bill and Brooke had meant a lot to each other. Bill believed that he and Brooke always would, and he didn't want Brooke to be disappointed. Bill sensed that Brooke would be exactly that once Ridge made his decision on whether to put extra funding into either Steffy or Hope's line. Bill banked on Steffy getting the cash and Brooke being disappointed again.

In Bill's view, styles came and went, but a man would always want to take lingerie off his woman. The Intimates line was a cash cow for Forrester, but it would leave Hope out in the cold. That wouldn't sit well with Brooke, who expected Ridge to support her daughter's happiness. Bill was sure Ridge wouldn't because he never did. Ridge never had Brooke's back, and that time wouldn't be any different.

In the photo studio, Hope was glad that Liam was there. Liam sensed that something had happened. Hope conveyed that Steffy had asked Hope to stop fighting for her line. Liam asked why Hope would do that, and Hope replied that it was compensation for Steffy losing Liam.

Hope didn't want to be at odds with Steffy, with whom Hope had started to feel close. Liam had liked seeing it. Hope conveyed that Steffy had acted like Hope owed it to Steffy to let her have the additional funding, and Liam replied that Steffy probably really thought that. Hope believed the additional funding could help her vision for the line, but she wondered if she had a chance of getting it when she was up against Ridge's daughter.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke vowed not to let Steffy steal Hope's future. Steffy retorted that she'd given Hope that future. Brooke ordered Steffy to stop lashing out at Hope just because Liam had chosen Hope over Steffy.

Brooke accused Steffy of using her influence with Ridge, but Steffy said she would weigh in on issues because she was co-CEO. Brooke thought Steffy was just using her position to hide her jealousy over Hope's life with Liam. It was a life Brooke accused Steffy of stealing countless times in the past.

Just then, Ridge entered. He'd heard the women yelling in the hallway, but he couldn't have his wife and daughter fighting over which line he'd fund. He decided to call a meeting so he could make a decision that day. Brooke insisted that Ridge be fair and not be the father who gave baby girl whatever she wanted. Ridge resented Brooke saying that. Brooke told him to do what was best for the company -- and the best thing was to allocate the resources to HFTF.

Later, Quinn, Thorne, Steffy, Ridge, Hope, Liam, and Brooke sat down to discuss which line they should amp up, HFTF or Intimates. Thorne made a pitch for HFTF, and Quinn made a case for Intimates' broader appeal and inclusion of menswear. Steffy and Brooke compared the successful histories of the two lines. Brooke touted the success of HFTF's relaunch and said it was time to infuse the line with resources, not scale it back.

Hope said that they weren't just selling clothes. They were making a difference and empowering women. She believed it would create a lifetime of new customers who'd transition into couture. Quinn asked if there was a way to split the allocations. Ridge wished that there was a way, but there wasn't. Ridge stated that it was hard because both lines had value.

Ridge didn't know if he loved the lingerie line more because Brooke had started it or because Steffy had continued it. He acknowledged HFTF's social relevance, something they'd never had in a line before. Ridge was proud of Hope for her talent, her voice, and her execution. Ridge said he had to make a financial decision. He said he was sorry, but he chose Intimates.

Steffy tried to suppress her happiness. Liam asked Ridge to reconsider. Hope wondered how long it would be until Ridge dropped HFTF altogether. Ridge claimed not to be abandoning the line. He just felt that Intimates was the better choice. Deciding to ask the question no one else was asking, Thorne wondered if Ridge's choice had to do with his daughter.

"Exactly!" Brooke exclaimed. Ridge replied that he'd chosen in the best interest of the company. He asked everyone except Steffy, Hope, and Brooke to leave. Once the four were alone, Brooke said she couldn't believe Ridge had done it to her daughter. Ridge didn't want Brooke to look at him the way she was. Brooke asked what he'd expect after he'd picked his daughter over hers.

Ridge claimed he'd made a business decision, and they wouldn't abandon HFTF, which was still an important part of the company. "But you're giving the money to Steffy," Brooke asserted. He corrected that he was allocating it to the Intimates line, and they'd reevaluate things later.

Brooke raged about the work and love Hope had poured into her line. Brooke said the clients appreciated the positive messaging. Accusing Ridge of buckling under Steffy's pressure, Brooke said that if Steffy wanted to lose herself in her work, she didn't have to do it there. Brooke reasoned that Steffy could do it anywhere, but instead, Steffy had played upon Ridge's sympathies to get what she'd wanted. Brooke called it sick and said she was out of there. "Logan...Logan!" Ridge called after Brooke, who stormed out of the office.

Alone with Ridge later, Steffy said he'd made a good business decision. Ridge wished it didn't have to be at Hope's expense. Steffy believed that Brooke's business sense would kick in, and everything would be okay.

In the photo studio, Liam consoled Hope. He said they had it. "With no money..." she murmured. Liam thought it just meant they had to look at things differently, scale back, and compromise. He suggested upping their social media game, which was in his wheelhouse and cost absolutely nothing. He urged her to believe that HFTF was still viable. Liam was confident that, after they figured it out, Ridge would be begging Hope to take his money.

Hope asked if Liam really believed in her that much, and Liam asked if it was a serious question. Though Liam had made Hope feel better, she became worried about her mother. Hope didn't want the decision to interfere in Brooke and Ridge's marriage.

At Il Giardino, Brooke was deep in thought at a table when Bill walked up and guessed it was his lucky day to see her there. He asked if she'd had a bad day. Brooke replied that she'd had better. He offered to join her, but she said she wouldn't be good company. Bill was willing to take his chances, and she agreed to let him stay.

Bill assumed Brooke had had a fight with Katie, but Brooke replied that she hadn't had a chance to talk to Katie yet. Bill figured the only other thing it could be was that Ridge had chosen Steffy's line. Brooke didn't want to talk about it. He claimed she'd once said he was a good listener. She quipped that he was when he wanted to be. "This is me wanting to be," he responded.

Brooke decided to take Bill up on it and began pouring out her feelings. She felt that Hope had worked hard and had had a great showing. Forrester should have supported Hope, and in Brooke's view, Ridge should have supported her. Bill agreed, and Brooke asked if she'd been wrong to expect it. In Bill's view, she hadn't been, but he wasn't surprised by Ridge's actions.

Bill stated that Brooke had been there for him, and he wanted to be there for her for anything she needed, big or small. Brooke thanked him and said it was nice. He replied that he was honoring their history, "and what a history it was." He said they'd always love and care about each other, and he was there for her always.

Steffy and Hope battle again

Steffy and Hope battle again

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy met with the models and announced that Ridge had given the Intimates Line additional funds and that they were revamping the line and hoping for a big success. "It's important to each and every one of you," Steffy said. Ridge looked in on the meeting, and Sally Spectra and Quinn were on hand. Steffy was glad Sally and Quinn were there.

Steffy said she would be modeling with the other models, and they were glad she would be joining them. Sally and Quinn expressed their support for Ridge's decision to amp up funding for Steffy's line. Steffy said she wanted to prove that it was the right decision.

In another area, Xander and Emma chatted about plans after the fashion run-through.

Emma said it was a busy time, and Xander expressed dismay. He'd hoped that they could hang out at the Bikini Bar. He pointed out that they'd been working a lot lately. Emma agreed, and they made plans to go to the Bikini Bar after the run-through. Zoe kept her eye on Xander and was eavesdropping on the conversation.

In an office at Forrester, Hope was on the phone, telling a caller that she was no longer able to partner with them. She said that Hope for the Future's budget had been cut, and she planned to promote the Hope for the Future message and maintain the caller on the Forrester-approved charities list. "Thanks for your understanding," she said.

Brooke entered and noted that Steffy hadn't wasted any time in getting her line ready for a relaunch. "The models are backstage," Brooke said. Hope countered that she'd had to downgrade her materials. Brooke felt terrible for Hope. "Forget about me," Hope said. She added that everything her line stood for was the big loser. Hope lamented that she'd thought the line would get additional funds for women's causes, "and now we're scaling back."

Hope said she wasn't surprised that she'd lost out to Steffy. Brooke sighed and said that Steffy had reminded her father that Hope had Liam, and all Steffy had was her child and her work. "I feel for Steffy," Hope said. Hope noted that Steffy had let go of Liam, and it had been a terrible sacrifice for her. But she added that Steffy's mentality was that "sex sells."

Brooke said she felt bad and responsible for the decision because she had been the founder of Brooke's Bedroom, and it had been an extremely successful line. Brooke promised to talk to Ridge. Hope argued that she did not want Brooke and Ridge to argue over Steffy and Hope.

Brooke countered that she and Ridge could argue politely, but Hope refused to allow business between Steffy and Hope to interfere with Brooke's marriage. Brooke worried that Steffy and Hope would "duke it out." Hope said that wouldn't happen, but Brooke said that she regretted that the progress Hope and Steffy had made was in danger. Hope doubted that she and Steffy would ever see eye to eye.

Brooke agreed. She noted that Hope had integrity and principles. Brooke admitted that Steffy was continuing the success of Brooke's Bedroom, and it reflected in her "sex sells" line. Hope left.

During the fashion show preparation, Steffy had an outfit on, and the models teased that she didn't look like she'd recently had a baby. Steffy said that she wanted to prove to mothers that they could still be sexy after motherhood. Sally suggested that she had done some designs for Intimates, and Steffy approved. "Stop by the office," Steffy encouraged.

Xander prepared to capture the show on video, and the group began the fashion run-through. Models walked the runway, and Steffy, Quinn, and Sally checked designs and jewelry. Men and women walked the runway, and Zoe was one of the models. She gazed at Xander.

Steffy modeled her outfit and praised everyone. She promised notes on the designs later. Ridge told her she'd done a great job. Hope showed up, and Steffy greeted her. "I didn't realize you were here," Steffy said.

Hope said she'd wanted to see it for herself. Steffy wondered if Hope had a problem. "Not at all." Hope said. Hope complimented Steffy on her appearance, and Steffy encouraged that Hope would look fine after delivery, as well. Steffy said that she was sharing a message of empowerment that was different from Hope's message.

Hope admitted it was not her style, and then Hope and Steffy argued about ethics. Steffy noted that Hope disapproved of Steffy. Hope disagreed, but Steffy said that the Intimates Line was "rather tame compared to Brooke's Bedroom."

Hope countered that it shouldn't be a competition between them. Hope knew that Steffy had argued and won her father's decision. Steffy said she'd brought up past history and revenues. Hope said she'd argued her position based on logic and performance. Steffy said she needed the line.

Hope and Steffy argued about how they had both made devotion to family a priority. They accused one another of being insincere. Steffy blamed Hope for thinking she was better than Steffy. "You think you're better than me. You always have, and you always will," Steffy said.

In the showroom, Xander and Emma discussed that they would head to Bikini Bar, and he would pick her up when she was ready. Emma left, and Zoe greeted Xander in her outfit from the show. She moved in to kiss him, but Xander made excuses and backed away. Zoe said that Xander would never get anywhere with Emma. Xander shook his head and left. Zoe looked thoughtful and flashed back to times that she and Xander had been together.

Later, at Bikini Bar, a server greeted Xander and Emma and took them to a romantic cabana. Emma was surprised, and Xander served her non-alcoholic champagne. They toasted, and Xander said it was the first of many surprises.

"This place is unreal -- like something you see in the movies," Emma said. Xander said he'd wanted to show Emma how much he cared about her. He kissed her, and they smiled.

Later, Ridge joined Brooke in an office at Forrester, and he reported that Steffy's line had been impressive. He reiterated that It had been a tough decision to choose one line over another, but he'd had to make it. Brooke questioned if it had really been necessary. Brooke felt betrayed. Ridge reminded Brooke that Hope's line was intact, but Brooke countered that it was on a shoestring budget.

Brooke angrily said that when it came to decisions that pitted Hope against Steffy, "your daughter will always come first." Ridge said the decision had needed to be made, but it wasn't personal. Brooke disagreed.

Ridge believed that it was important long term. Brooke lamented that Steffy and Hope had fought hard to work things out, but Ridge had pitted them against each other again. Ridge argued that it had never been his intention. He maintained that he'd done what had been best for the company and the bottom line.

Hope and Steffy discuss goals

Hope and Steffy discuss goals

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

by Pam

Hope and Steffy argued about their opinions of one another. Steffy maintained that Hope had always looked down on her and judged her. She accused Hope of getting along with her as an act. Hope disagreed. She said she admired Steffy, particularly "your fearlessness, your bravery," Hope said.

Hope apologized if her actions had seemed judgmental. Hope said she felt Steffy was unhappy that Hope and Liam had ended up together. Hope maintained that she and Liam were creating a future together and had similar values. "We're more in sync and compatible," Hope said. She apologized if it hurt Steffy, but she couldn't help but feel that Steffy had wished she had everything that Hope had. "I don't think everything you have was meant for me, and I'm happy for you," Steffy said.

Steffy explained that she'd wished things had worked out with Liam, but they hadn't. Steffy said she'd chosen a life for herself and her daughter. She'd been fed up with waiting for a man, and she promised to never do that again. She wanted to remove herself from the competition between Hope and Steffy for Liam.

Steffy explained that she'd wanted to be a success as a mother and a businesswoman, and she wanted it all for her daughter. "I'm proud of the road I am taking," Steffy said. She wanted to set an example for Kelly and for all young women.

Hope congratulated Steffy for taking on the world as a single mother and supporting women. Hope was happy for Steffy.

Hope shared that she was disappointed that she'd had to scale back on her line and her commitments to nonprofits that helped women because her line's funds had been reduced in favor of the Intimates line.

Steffy reminded Hope that Hope still had her line. "Hope, you're making it personal," Steffy said. Steffy insisted that Ridge had made the decision based on what was best for the company.

Hope disagreed and said that Ridge had chosen his daughter's needs over the company's needs. Steffy shook her head, and Hope looked disappointed. Hope noted that while Steffy had said she'd lost herself in her work and motherhood, she was really "a daddy's girl." Steffy looked surprised.

"I'm not condemning it," Hope said. She added that she wished she'd had a father pulling for her. Steffy smiled and said Hope had Brooke, who had often played favorites in the past at Forrester, favoring Rick and Bridget. Hope smiled and said Brooke would have done anything for her children, but she maintained that she had never wanted Brooke to give her a better position because she was Brooke's daughter.

Steffy explained that increasing funding for the Intimates line had been a lifeline, but Steffy insisted that she hadn't sabotaged Hope. She didn't expect Hope to understand, but Steffy reminded Hope that she was a major shareholder and co-CEO. She advised Hope to accept it.

Hope and Steffy agreed that they didn't want to get stuck in a lifelong competition like their mothers had -- fighting over Ridge. Steffy believed Ridge had made his decision based on merit and had been objective about profit and revenue. Hope smirked and told Steffy that Hope for the Future had exceeded projections.

Steffy sighed. "You worry about you, and I'll worry about me," Steffy said. She advised that Hope should uncomplicate her life. Steffy said she wanted to be the best mother and woman she could be, and no one would get in her way. Hope nodded.

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge discussed that Brooke was angry with Ridge for cutting the budget for Hope's line and increasing it for Steffy's. Brooke said Ridge's actions were going to sabotage Steffy and Hope's efforts at finally getting along.

Ridge wondered if it was realistic that they would ever get along for a long time.

Brooke was angry that Ridge had chosen Steffy's line over Hope's. Ridge maintained that it hadn't been an easy choice. "Steffy needs this more than Hope," Ridge said. Brooke countered that Ridge was punishing Hope and Liam. Ridge disagreed and said that there was no reason to coddle two young women. They had to understand that someone would often be disappointed in business.

Brooke told Ridge that it was a family business. Ridge agreed, but he reminded Brooke that he had been passed over numerous times, and that was part of business. He acknowledged that it didn't feel good, but it was business. He wanted to move on.

Ridge asked Brooke for a cease-fire. Brooke was angry. Ridge stated it was a financial decision. "Don't blame me," Ridge said. He didn't want to fight and wanted a truce with Brooke.

At the cabana at the Bikini Bar, Xander wanted Emma to have a special day. Emma thanked him and said the entire day had been amazing. They kissed, and Xander massaged Emma's shoulders. Emma said it felt good.

Xander kissed Emma's neck, and they made out. Emma put on the brakes and said she didn't want to get carried away. "I'm super attracted to you," she said, but she added that she wasn't ready to take their relationship to another level anytime soon. Xander nodded, and Emma said she knew it wasn't what he wanted to hear. "I hope you can understand," Emma said.

Xander said he was glad that Emma was honest with him, and he wanted her to be comfortable with her decisions. "It was so special. Thank you for doing this," Emma said of the private afternoon in the cabana. Emma had to leave, and Xander looked disappointed.

In the Bikini Bar, Zoe entered in a low-cut, tight pink dress. She looked around for Xander and Emma but didn't see them. When Zoe wondered where they'd been, the lingerie model/bartender said he hadn't seen the couple. Zoe looked around and watched Emma exit the bar.

Zoe found Xander in the private cabana and said they shouldn't let everything go to waste. "Quite a setup you've got here," Zoe said. She added that it was obvious what Xander had wanted to happen.

Zoe apologized to Xander for being too intense previously. She said she'd learned her lesson, "but I couldn't let you forget how great we were." She added that they could pick up where they'd left off in the California sunshine. She unbuttoned Xander's shirt, and they started to make out.

At home, Emma flashed back to happy times with Xander.

Brooke appeals to Katie on Bill's behalf

Brooke appeals to Katie on Bill's behalf

Thursday, September 13, 2018

In a cabana at Bikini Bar, Zoe kissed Xander. He slowed it down, and she asked if she'd taken it too far. She refused to apologize because she, not "little Miss Emma," knew what he needed. In Zoe's view, she and Xander had been hot together and still could be if he'd let himself go. Zoe poised herself for a kiss, and Xander's lips engaged hers.

Zoe and Xander kissed, but pulling away, Xander said he couldn't do it. Zoe contended that they already were. He said he cared about Emma and didn't want to hurt her. Zoe asked what life was without a little danger. He replied that it was easy for her to say because she wasn't involved with anyone. Giggling, Zoe expressed surprise that he'd consider what he had with Emma as being "involved."

Xander said not to throw shade. Emma was important to him. Zoe recalled that she'd once been important to him, and he hadn't been able to get enough of her. She wanted to think he still couldn't. Her mouth gaped for a kiss. Xander said she wasn't hearing him. Zoe didn't think he was hearing her, but she was willing to wait until he realized that, while Emma was just a girl who couldn't give him what he wanted, Zoe could.

At Forrester, Emma watched behind some clothes racks as Xander used a tablet to record two models who were showing off HFTF looks on the backstage runway. The models chatted with him about not seeing him as much, and he said he'd been working with Intimates. Stroking his cheek, Bailey said the Intimates team was lucky to get to see his face.

As Carmen teased that she should leave Bailey and Xander alone, Emma strode out from behind the racks and greeted everyone. The models took off for a fitting, and Emma let Xander know that she appreciated what he'd done for her at "Bikini."

Emma knew that Xander hadn't been trying to take advantage of her. She just wanted to take it slow. Though she was sure it was frustrating for him, Emma hoped he could understand. Xander hugged Emma and recalled Zoe saying she could give him what he wanted.

At Il Giardino, Bill sat down with Brooke and thanked her for meeting him again. He was hoping that Brooke had talked to Katie about the custody situation. He wanted to put an end to it before Will got caught in the crossfire. Worried that Brooke had changed her mind, Bill impressed upon her the importance of Bill spending time with Will and mending the relationship before Will grew up and made his own life, and Bill wanted to avoid the unnecessary court battle with Katie.

Brooke stated that she'd already said that Katie was overreacting. Bill hated to put Brooke in an uncomfortable position, but he felt that Katie would listen to Brooke. He asked Brooke to talk to Katie that day.

When Bill got back to his office, Justin relayed that Carter had been messaging Justin about the custody issue. Justin thought their silence was starting to get to the opposing camp, and Justin wondered if it was a part of Bill's strategy. Justin wasn't accustomed to Bill not being in full attack mode. Bill replied that he'd been hoping the mess could still be avoided. Bill replied that he was praying that Brooke could pull through for him and Will.

Justin didn't think many ex-wives would be as generous as Brooke. Bill explained that Brooke was empathetic to Katie, but Brooke knew that keeping Bill and Will apart would only do more damage to Brooke's nephew. Bill hadn't had the chance to be there for Wyatt and Liam's childhoods, and Bill claimed it would kill him not to be there for Will's.

Bill believed Brooke knew that and knew he could be the kind of father Will needed. Bill couldn't do it if he didn't get the chance, and he hoped Brooke could convince Katie of it.

At Katie's house, Katie, Thorne, and Carter didn't know what to make of Bill's silence on the custody front. The men assured her that she was doing the right thing.

Just then, Will arrived home. He saw the three adults huddled together and asked what was going on. Katie ducked her head out the door and yelled a thanks to Eva for dropping the child off. Leaving the door open, Katie turned around and asked Will if he'd had fun at the beach.

Shrugging, Will said it had been all right. Thorne asked if the child had gone boogie boarding. Will told Katie that Alonzo's mother had said the waves had been too high.

Katie sent Will upstairs to change out of his swim clothes. Carter decided that he should be going. Thorne thanked Carter for his help. Behind her, Katie heard Brooke asking what the help had been with. Brooke had slipped in through the front door that had been left ajar. Katie asked why Brooke was there. Brooke replied that she wanted to talk to Katie alone.

Carter and Thorne headed out, and Brooke expressed a desire to see Will. Katie asked what Brooke was doing there. Brooke changed the topic to Katie's progressing relationship with Thorne. Brooke approved of it but wondered if Katie knew what she was doing regarding the custody issue with Bill.

Glaring at Brooke, Katie said she wasn't suing for custody on a whim. Brooke replied that Bill loved his child. Katie said it didn't change the fact that Bill had been absent for the better part of a year, and Will couldn't trust his father. Brooke asked how going after sole custody would change that.

In Brooke's view, Bill had done questionable things in his life, but he adored his son. Brooke said Katie knew it, and Brooke wondered how Katie could even consider keeping his son from him. Katie claimed to want the father and son to spend time together, and it wasn't about taking the boy away. Brooke replied that it could look to Bill as if Katie was stripping his son from him.

Katie said she'd agonized over it and didn't want to go to war with Bill any more than she'd wanted her family torn apart; however, it was where they were after Bill had completely neglected Will while panting over Steffy. Katie had to protect Will and give him stability because Bill was missing from Will's life. She felt that Brooke had to understand that.

Brooke understood and knew what Katie had risked to birth Will. Brooke said parents, like everyone else, made mistakes. "To think that you're going to punish him -- " Brooke started to say. Cutting in, Katie exclaimed that she wasn't punishing Bill. She insisted that she wouldn't use her son like that. Figuring Brooke had talked to Bill, Katie asked what he'd been saying.

Brooke skirted the question and asked if Bill had been attentive before his bout of neglect. Katie affirmed it but didn't think it excused what had happened since. Brooke wanted Katie to realize that she was dragging Will into a war that she couldn't protect him from. Brooke asked if Katie wanted that for the boy. Katie didn't, but she felt she had no other choice.

Brooke reasoned that Katie did have a choice and needed to recall why she'd loved Bill and all the good things Bill had put in her life. Brooke asked Katie to remember how much Bill loved the son whom Bill and Katie shared. Brooke implored a sobbing Katie to drop the custody battle. "Do it for Bill. Do it for yourself, and most importantly, do it for your son," Brooke instructed.

In the Forrester corridor, Quinn saw Ridge pacing in his office. She stepped in and ordered him not to second-guess his decision about the lines because it had been for the best. Ridge wished his wife felt that way, and Quinn wondered where Brooke was.

Later, Quinn was about to leave with some paperwork for Katie but stopped mid-stride, asking if Katie was even at work. Ridge said Katie was working from home. Quinn noted that it had been happening a lot. Ridge explained that it was because Katie had many things going on with her son, and Ridge supported her about the custody issue.

Quinn supported Katie, too, and said she'd testify for Katie if need be. Ridge pondered Bill's destructiveness and said Brooke always found a way to forgive Bill or feel sorry for him. Ridge didn't understand why.

Thorne arrived, and Ridge asked how things were with Katie. Thorne remarked that she was holding up. Quinn asked if Bill and his lawyers were making Katie's life "hell." Thorne said it hadn't happened yet, but he was sure it would. Ridge thought any judge would see that Bill was a horrible father, and Bill would learn his lesson about ignoring his kid the hard way.

Later, Quinn had gone, and Thorne expressed his gratefulness to know that his brother was in his and Katie's corner. Ridge said that Bill was useless as a father and was a horrible human being. Ridge believed Will would be better off without Bill in his life.

Thorne asks Katie to marry him

Thorne asks Katie to marry him

Friday, September 14, 2018

At Forrester, Steffy entered the CEO's office as Ridge was saying that Katie was lucky to have Thorne. Steffy said it was obvious how much Thorne had fallen for Katie. Thorne replied that he cared about Katie and Will. Steffy said she was family, so Thorne could be honest about it with her. Ridge asked Steffy not to do that to Thorne.

Steffy said everybody knew about it -- everybody. "Everybody," she repeated. Thorne said he and Katie were trying to keep it low-key around the office. Ridge thanked his brother for that much. Just then, Pam entered to let Thorne know his appointment was awaiting him in the design office.

Thorne left, and Ridge sharply said, "Hey!" Chuckling, Steffy asked what. Ridge told her not to embarrass Thorne. In Ridge's view, Thorne was a good man and a better role model for Will than "that rat Spencer." Steffy denied that she was defending Bill's parenting skills, but to her, the lawsuit was a bit much when Katie was used to handling Bill on her own.

Ridge believed Katie still could handle Bill, but Carter would show the court that Bill was a horrible parent. Steffy hoped Ridge knew Bill would fight back. Ridge disparaged Bill's machismo and said it would have nothing to do with the child because Bill just liked to fight and win. Ridge didn't know why Bill wouldn't just give Katie what she wanted. The idea of giving up custody rights was unbelievable to Steffy.

Ridge said the best parent should raise the innocent little boy. Spencer would go back to playing with his towers and ruining people's lives. Steffy tried to tell Ridge that Katie didn't question Bill's love for his son. "Stop it," Ridge cut in. He asserted that if there was any justice in the world, Bill would lose his son. Steffy asked if it was about justice or payback.

Ridge replied that it had nothing to do with him. He hoped Katie won, so she could take care of her kid. It was what real parents did. "So, real parents don't make mistakes?" Steffy asked. Ridge believed they did all the time; however, Bill was just who Bill was. Ridge claimed that Bill liked to hurt people and destroy lives when he should be taking care of his little boy.

Ridge believed that Bill would pay the price for ignoring Will. Steffy concluded that Ridge wanted Katie to win so that he could watch Bill suffer. Ridge claimed he wanted it so that Will would stop suffering. It wasn't payback to Ridge, but Bill would get what he deserved. Ridge said no matter how badly Bill hurt, he wouldn't feel the misery he'd caused others.

Steffy began to say something, but Ridge cut her off again. He said Bill had taken advantage of Steffy. Ridge didn't care what happened to Bill and didn't think anyone else should, either. Ridge stated that Bill would lose his boy, and no one could stop it.

At Katie's house, Brooke tried to convince Katie that she didn't have to go for full custody of Will. Taking custody from Bill to benefit Will didn't make any sense to Brooke. Katie was scared that it would affect Will's psychological development because Will was withdrawn and confused.

Brooke said that Bill hadn't been there before; however, he was ready to be there going forward, but Katie wouldn't let him. Katie stammered, and Brooke implored her sister to reconsider. Brooke was sure Katie didn't want to ruin Bill and Will's relationship. Brooke said it wasn't too late to let Bill be a good father to Will.

Katie replied that she'd finally said it had been enough. She asked how many times Bill promised to change but never did. She refused to change her decision and put Will through more hurt. Brooke stated that Will loved his father, and if the relationship could be repaired, then Katie should allow it.

Brooke sensed that Katie knew Brooke was right and knew that it was dangerous to go to war with Bill. Brooke also knew Katie didn't want to drag Will into it. In Brooke's view, if Katie wanted to protect Will, she'd protect him from the custody battle.

Later, Thorne had arrived. Brooke had gone, and Thorne was talking to Will about a book Will was reading. Katie sent Will up to get ready because Caleb's mom was on her way to get him. Will did a hand jive thing with Thorne and ran upstairs.

Thorne kissed Katie and asked what Brooke had wanted. Katie explained that Brooke wanted Katie to drop the custody suit. Thorne asked if Brooke was worried about how Bill would react. Katie said Brooke was worried about Bill and Will and wanted Katie to give Bill another chance.

"What?" Thorne exclaimed. Katie stated that Brooke had valid points. Thorne asked if Katie had changed her mind. Katie still believed that going after "full custody" was the best thing. Thorne claimed it was about providing stability for Will, not punishing Bill. Katie replied that Brooke and Bill didn't see it that way. Thorne asked if it was strange that Brooke was agreeing with Bill.

After Will had left the house later, Katie thanked Thorne for offering to read with Will. She'd been worried about Will cutting himself off, but she noted that he was able to be himself with Thorne. She thought Thorne was a good influence on Will. Thorne hoped she knew how important she and Will were to him, and Katie said she and Will felt the same way about him. Thorne believed there was a brighter future for all of them, and it could start that day if she wanted it to.

Thorne felt that he and Katie had known each other too long not to be completely honest, and they were blessed to have the time together. He said he loved her and her son. He treasured time with Will and watching Will grow up. Thorne had returned to town for a fresh start, and he'd gotten a new career and a new relationship.

Thorne could see a wonderful future with Katie and Will, but first, Katie had to win her custody case. Thorne wanted her to be in the best position possible to do that, which meant showing the judge that "we" provided a more stable environment than Bill. Katie repeated the word "we," and Thorne said they were in it together.

Katie said she didn't want Thorne to think he'd pressured her into the custody case because she'd made her own decision. Thorne stated that they should be a united force in front of the judge. He asked what better way to do it than with "this."

Thorne pulled a ring box from beneath the couch pillows and opened it to reveal an engagement ring inside. Katie gasped. Thorne said he loved her, and he asked if she'd marry him.

At Spencer, Justin still couldn't believe Brooke had put herself in the middle of the custody battle, especially because it put her at odds with her husband. Justin didn't think it was an easy place for her to be. Bill said it was why he'd agreed to keep his and Brooke's meetings secret.

Bill asserted that the dressmaker didn't tell Brooke what to do. Justin emphasized that she was siding with Bill over her sister and keeping secrets from her husband. Bill said it was because Brooke understood the reality of the situation, and if she got through to her sister, the whole thing could just go away. If Brooke didn't, it would get a lot messier for everyone.

Later, Justin had gone, and Bill ushered Brooke into his office. He asked if anyone had seen her and said he could have met her somewhere else. No one had spotted Brooke, who told Bill that she'd wanted to see him right away. Brooke said she was sorry that she couldn't get Katie to change her mind.

To Brooke, Katie's plan didn't make sense, but Katie had said it was best for Will. Bill replied that it wasn't. Brooke conveyed that she'd told Katie that they could still work it out. Bill said they apparently couldn't. Brooke didn't think anyone wanted to see Will in a tug-of-war between his parents. It was inevitable in Bill's mind because he intended to fight for his son.

Bill knew it would be an uphill battle because he hadn't been the father that Will deserved, but Bill didn't think he could rectify it if Katie wouldn't give him a chance. Brooke was sorry. She'd really thought she could get through to Katie. Bill said that he and Will needed each other. Brooke replied that Katie had said Bill could still be in Will's life.

"On her terms!" Bill exclaimed. Bill yelled that once Katie got full custody, she could do whatever she wanted. Brooke advised Bill to calm down because it was just a matter of certain concerns Katie had. Brooke didn't plan to give up. Bill said if Katie didn't listen to Brooke, Katie wouldn't listen to anyone. Brooke promised to keep trying.

Bill asked if Brooke would do it for him. "For you. For Will. For Katie," Brooke responded. She didn't want any of them living with that kind of conflict. Bill said that Brooke understood, and it meant a lot to him. He said she didn't have to do it, and though he certainly didn't deserve it, he was very grateful for it.

Brooke believed there had to be some common ground, but Bill doubted there was at that point. She said he'd made mistakes, some even she couldn't defend, but he shouldn't have to lose his son because of them. "And you won't. Not if I have anything to say about it," Brooke concluded.

Bill wanted to be the father Will remembered, had counted upon, and had looked up to. It wouldn't happen if Katie had her way. Brooke said that Will was her nephew, and she wanted the best for him. Though Bill had done things Brooke didn't even want to discuss, she'd never thought he didn't love Will or that he deserved to lose Will.

Brooke wasn't giving up and said Bill shouldn't, either. Brooke vowed that, one way or another, she'd convince Katie to let it go. Bill thanked Brooke, and they hugged. Bill kissed her, and the shocked Brooke pulled herself away and stared at him.

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