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Behind the scenes, Brooke tried to undo the damage Ridge's extortion of the judge had done, but Bill's appreciation kiss to Brooke threatened to destroy her marriage. Brooke called upon Katie to do the right thing by Bill, but the conflicted Katie believed that the judge had already done it.
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Brooke gets Judge McMullen to tell her the truth

Brooke gets Judge McMullen to tell her the truth

Monday, October 8, 2018

In Judge Craig McMullen's chambers, Brooke accused Craig of letting Ridge get to him. Craig found it delusional, but Brooke persisted and speculated that Ridge had been text-messaging Craig from a secret phone to get Craig to rule as Ridge saw fit. Brooke asserted that Ridge hated Bill so much that he'd try to take Bill's son, and Ridge had determined the outcome of the hearing.

Brooke didn't want to believe it. Craig told her not to believe it and instructed her to walk out of there and put it out of her mind. Not about to do that, Brooke asked if Craig thought she could let Ridge and Craig take away Bill's rights as a father. Craig noted that Katie was more than willing to give Bill access, but Brooke ruminated over Ridge hating Bill so much that Ridge would bribe a judge to rule against Bill.

Craig claimed it hadn't been bribery. Brooke asked what it was and instructed him to tell her what it was and what he'd done. Craig confessed that, before the hearing, Ridge had told Craig how he'd wanted Craig to rule and to make sure that Brooke's sister won.

Brooke was disillusioned by Ridge's actions, but Craig reasoned that it didn't matter because there had been no bribe. Ridge had merely reached out to Craig and had talked about the horrible things Bill had done to his sons and Ridge.

"And he got you to rule against him," Brooke concluded. Craig said he'd gone into the hearing with Ridge's request, but he'd made his ruling based upon the evidence. Brooke told Craig that he could say it all he wanted, but they both knew it wasn't true. Insisting that the evidence supported the ruling, Craig asked Brooke to let that be the end of it.

Brooke asked if Craig's father had been around during his childhood. When Craig affirmed it, Brooke revealed that hers had taken off when she'd been young. She'd often wondered what her life would be like if she and her siblings had had their father. Her brother had needed a father, and she believed that children needed their fathers.

Craig replied that it wasn't always possible. Brooke theorized that not all fathers should be in their children's lives, but Bill should be and wanted to be in his. It was Craig's understanding that Katie wanted Bill to be as involved as he'd like to be. Brooke quipped that it was her understanding that Craig had let her husband manipulate him.

Warning Brooke to be careful, Craig figured she knew what could happen if it got out. Brooke was sure there would be severe consequences. "For me and for Ridge," Craig added. Without another word, Brooke strode out of the judge's chambers.

At Katie's house, Katie instructed Will to pack some things to occupy his time while she ran errands. She remarked that the "DMV" would be good for people watching. Will wasn't thrilled to go, but Katie told him that his nanny wasn't available to watch him, so he was stuck with Katie. Will sighed, and she asked what was wrong. Will replied that he wanted to see his father.

Katie was surprised to hear it because Will had been reluctant to spend time with Bill. Will remarked that he felt bad for his father because of the sole custody. She replied that Bill wouldn't want Will to feel bad, but Will was able to see his father whenever he wanted -- for as much time as Bill was able to give. Will requested to see Bill that day.

At Forrester, Bill figured that there was nothing Ridge wouldn't do to get back at Bill. For Bill, the feeling was mutual, and Bill encouraged Ridge to relish in Bill's pain. Bill believed he'd do the same thing and kick Ridge if he were down; however, it was about Bill's son, who didn't deserve Ridge's hate. Ridge replied that he didn't hate Will; Ridge loved that little boy.

Bill accused Ridge of being giddy about taking Will away from Bill. Bill was sure Ridge wasn't thinking about what was best for Will and insisted that taking the boy from his father wasn't the answer. Bill hoped that hating him wasn't more important than Will's needs.

Ridge quipped that hating Bill was important indeed, and Ridge got to hate Bill while doing the right thing for Will. Ridge believed Will was better off with Thorne. At first, Bill scoffed, but then he decided that he could support that thinking, because the more positive role models in Will's life, the better. "Of course, that would have to include me, his father, and I can't for the life of me figure out how a judge could see otherwise," Bill added.

Ridge wondered if Bill was really so naive. Bill said the idea that a judge could consider giving a child equal access to both of his parents wasn't naive. Ridge replied that Bill had never had a chance. Opening the office door, Ridge asked if they were done. Bill asked if he'd convinced Ridge to work with Brooke and not against her in getting Katie to reconsider.

"No," Ridge replied. Bill said Ridge was a father. Ridge agreed, saying he'd never forget what Bill had done to Ridge's daughter and family. Ridge asserted that Bill was never going to convince Ridge. Turning to leave, Ridge said he had a meeting. "See yourself out. Don't touch anything," Ridge said and strode out.

After Ridge had gone, Bill received a call from Katie, who asked if he was busy. Bill said his schedule had just opened up. Katie explained that Will wanted to see him. Thrilled, Bill was ready to head to Katie's right then.

Katie preferred to meet at Spencer because she was about to run errands. Bill agreed to it and thanked her. Katie replied that she didn't want to keep Will from Bill. She wanted the two to be close, and Bill just had to prove that he could do it. "I will," Bill responded and ended the call.

Later, Bill had gone, and the morose Brooke entered the CEO's office, deep in thought about her past conversation with Ridge about the custody battle. She grew upset, thinking of Ridge's insistence that Bill lose custody.

Ridge entered and greeted his beautiful, hot wife with a kiss on the cheek. Brooke stiffened when he touched her. Ridge wanted to know if they were still having dinner together and said there was a lot to talk about. He informed her that Bill had been there to talk about Ridge helping with the custody thing. Ridge asked if she could believe it after what Bill had done to Steffy. "Enough," Brooke uttered.

Continuing, Ridge said he understood that Brooke was empathetic to Bill. "I said enough!" Brooke roared, striding away from Ridge. Ridge asked what he'd done. Brooke yelled that she wasn't going to listen to his talk about Bill after what he'd done. Ridge asked what he'd done.

Brooke couldn't believe it was possible, and even though she knew Ridge hated Bill, she felt that it was crazy. She said Ridge had gone too far. Stuttering, Ridge claimed not to know what she was talking about. Brooke revealed that she knew what he'd done.

Ridge didn't know what Brooke was talking about, but Brooke ordered him not to pretend. She conveyed that she'd read the texts from the secret phone in his bag. It was the phone he'd used to communicate with Judge McMullen, she noted. She'd also heard the message of thanks Ridge had left for the judge.

Livid that Ridge had had a secret phone, Brooke asked how he could even do something like that. Ridge knew that it looked bad. Brooke roared that tampering with a judge did look bad, and she knew it was true because the judge had admitted it to her. She asserted that it had been a crime. Ridge quipped that Bill having custody of Will was the crime.

"Oh, my God!" Brooke scoffed. Ridge admitted that he'd known McMullen for a long time, and McMullen had owed Ridge a favor. Brooke assumed Ridge had used the favor to take Bill's son from him. Ridge asked if she wanted Bill to do to her nephew what he'd done to Liam and Wyatt. Ridge insisted that Bill was a bad man.

Ridge was sorry, but he insisted that he'd done it for Katie, Thorne, and Will. Brooke accused Ridge of doing it for himself and to get payback. Ridge yelled that Bill had taken his daughter. "And you take his son?" Brooke asked, and she said Ridge had risked going to jail. Ridge replied that he wasn't going to jail. Brooke insisted that he could because it was a crime.

Ridge reasoned that no one knew about it. Brooke cited that she and the judge did. Ridge stated that it ended there, and she'd eventually see that it was best for Will. Ridge told Brooke that she couldn't say anything. "You're not actually asking me to -- " Brooke started to say.

"Oh, I am asking you," Ridge responded. He directed her not to say anything to Katie or Thorne. Brooke was adamant that Bill needed to know, but Ridge ordered her not to say anything to Bill. Ridge stated that it was his and Brooke's secret forever.

On the phone at Spencer later, Bill instructed someone to cancel his meetings and get Will his favorite "bars." When Katie and Will entered, Bill swept Will up into his arms. Katie explained that the visit had been Will's idea, and Will had missed Bill. Bill had missed Will, too, and said Will could stop by whenever he wanted, as long as it fit Katie's schedule.

Will thought it would be great. Bill noted that Will hadn't been there in a while. Will said it would be cool if they hung out more. Bill thought it would be super cool to do it because Spencer was Will's birthright. Will didn't understand what that meant. Bill explained that Spencer Publications was Will's legacy, and if Will wanted to, he'd be working at the place someday.

Will asked what would happen if he didn't know how. Bill replied that he'd teach Will and pass the place on to Will -- if Will was interested. Bill asked if Will would be up for it. Will replied that he got confused sometimes -- "You know, like the stock market." Bill claimed to feel Will on that one and said it confused him, too. Bill believed the super smart Will would get the hang of it.

Will asked if he'd get used to being too busy. Bill agreed that it could be hectic there, and he advised Will to learn to prioritize. Bill said it was what he'd had to learn to do. Work was really important to Bill, but Will was Bill's number one priority. Bill wanted Will to remember that very day as the first of many in which Bill had showed Will that.

Later, Bill was showing Will something on a laptop. Katie ended a call and said Jeremy's dad could pick Will up later. It would save Katie a trip if Bill was okay with it. Bill agreed to let Jeremy's dad pick up Will and told Katie she was free to run her errands. Taking a seat, Katie brushed off her errands and said she was enjoying watching Will and Bill.

Katie received a text message from Jeremy's father, asking if Will had the next book in a series that the boys were reading. Will had it, but he wasn't finished reading it. Bill inquired about the book, and excited, Will said it was a detective series. He loved figuring out the mysteries. Bill asked if Will had been able to figure them out. Will had figured out most of them. When he couldn't, he'd reread to figure out where he'd been fooled.

Bill decided that Will would have no problem running the Spencer empire. Will thanked Bill for making time for him that day. Bill said Will didn't have to thank him, and though the custody stuff was confusing, what wasn't confusing was that Katie and Bill loved Will and were always there for him.

Bill knew he'd made mistakes, and it was probably why the judge had put Katie in charge of Will's schedule. Bill stated that it was okay, and moving forward, Bill would prove to Will, Katie, and the judge that Bill was committed to being the best father he could be.

Brooke offers to enlighten Bill

Brooke offers to enlighten Bill

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

At Spencer, Katie continued to watch Will and Bill interacting with each other. When Will said "the more zeros the better," Bill exclaimed that Will really was his boy. Katie slapped her hand to her head. Bill said he and Will had covered world dominance and would move on to pie charts.

Later, Bill showed Will a date on his calendar. The only thing written on it was Will's name. Bill said he had cleared the whole day for Will, and they'd hang out and do whatever he wanted. Will thought it was awesome. Bill said it was "totally awesome" and would be the highlight of his week. Will was Bill's focus, and Bill didn't want anyone to question his love for Will.

Later, Katie returned to Bill's office, saying that Alison was walking Will down so that Jeremy's dad could pick him up. Bill recalled that the guy was a hockey player. Katie was impressed that Bill remembered. Bill mentioned a desire to go to more school events to get to know "these people." Katie offered to sign him up for school events like the dunk tank at the Spring Fling.

Bill figured Katie would love to see him get dunked, and Katie said she really would. Bill didn't blame her. He said Katie had seen Will and him together; she'd seen that they missed each other and wanted to be together. Katie was glad the two had had a good visit. Bill wanted more than that. He wanted to be in Will's life day to day and said Will wanted it, too.

Bill wanted to help Will with his homework and pick Will up from school. Katie replied that Bill had never done that before. Instead, he'd sent his driver. Bill vowed to get in that carpool lane with all those regular folks, and Katie replied, "I would pay money..."

Bill didn't care where it was or what they were doing. He just wanted to hang out with Will. Bill asked her to reconsider the custody decision the judge had handed down. Katie said Will needed consistency and order. Bill replied that he was Mr. Schedule, and he could do whatever Katie wanted. Bill felt that a day "here or there" at Katie's discretion wasn't enough for the father and son. Bill wanted to lock something down that they could count on.

Katie assured Bill that they would eventually; however, it had only been a couple days since the hearing. She felt that they should just sit with the judge's decision for a while. Bill asked how long, but Katie didn't know. She wanted to just see how everything went. Bill asked if he had to live with it and if there was nothing he could do. Katie said she was sorry, and she left.

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge continued their heated discussion about Ridge's interaction with the judge. Ridge claimed that he hadn't bribed the judge. Instead, he'd been protecting a little boy. He assumed that the ruling would have gone Katie's way anyway. Brooke persisted in accusing Ridge of manipulating everything and ruining lives. She didn't think Bill and Will's relationship would ever be the same.

Brooke asserted that Bill loved his son, but Ridge replied that Bill had abandoned his son. Refusing to let Ridge justify what he'd done, she told him that he should have just stayed out of it. Ridge insisted that he'd been protecting a little boy and his mother, and he felt Brooke couldn't deny that the child was better off with Katie and Thorne.

Brooke replied that it hadn't been Ridge's decision to make, and he'd taken away any fair shot Bill might have had. Ridge insisted that Bill hadn't had a shot, and it would have played out the same way without Ridge's help. Though Ridge understood why she was upset, he asked her not to defend Bill. Brooke replied that she couldn't believe what Ridge had done.

Brooke demanded to know every detail of what Ridge had done with the judge. Ridge explained that he and Craig went way back. Brooke noted that the two were on a first-name basis. Ridge revealed that he and Craig had gone to school together, and Ridge had helped Craig through law school later. Brooke assumed Ridge had gotten a big return on his investment.

Ridge asserted that Bill didn't deserve to be a father to anyone. Brooke replied that Bill was trying. Ridge figured that Bill could keep trying until he convinced the judge and Katie. Brooke insisted that Will needed a full-time father, but Ridge didn't want to hear it after what Bill had done to their loved ones. She said it was a for a court to decide, and Ridge quipped that a court had decided. "With your influence," Brooke emphasized.

Ridge insisted that the ruling would have been the same either way. Brooke wanted to know why Ridge had intervened if he really believed what he'd just said. Ridge replied that Bill was dirty, and for once, Ridge wanted to have the upper hand. Ridge had wanted to go to the judge before Bill could. "Oh, okay. So you did exactly what Bill would do," Brooke bitterly concluded.

Brooke said Ridge had tampered with a judge, committed crimes, and manipulated others. Ridge insisted that he had been protecting Will. Brooke, however, believed Ridge had wanted payback, and she couldn't accept it. Ridge asked what she meant, and she said the truth had to come out. Ridge stated that the truth was out; everyone knew what kind of father Bill was, and that was the reason the judge had ruled the way he'd ruled.

Brooke wasn't sure how the judge would have ruled without Ridge's influence, and Brooke couldn't accept Ridge interfering in a man's life. Ridge asked how many times Bill had interfered in their lives, and Ridge reminded her that she'd left Bill because of how dangerous he was. Ridge believed that Bill hadn't changed. Brooke said it was about Ridge, not Bill.

Brooke said she knew Ridge, her husband, better than anyone, but what he'd done had been crazy. She believed Ridge could go to prison. Ridge asserted that he wouldn't go to prison because Brooke wouldn't say anything to anyone. He reasoned that it would ruin things for everyone if she did. "Leave it alone," Ridge stated. He kissed Brooke's cheek and left the office.

Brooke was upset and deep in thought after Ridge had gone. Suddenly, the office door opened, and Bill entered, saying he'd tracked her down like a bloodhound. He had amazing news and announced that Will had asked to see him that day.

Bill beamed about how well it had gone. It meant everything to Bill that Will had requested the visit, and Bill said the pair had gotten along like old times. Brooke was glad it had gone well. Bill told Brooke that he'd asked Katie to reconsider the custody agreement, but Katie wanted things to stay as they were for the time being. Bill had gotten the impression that reconsidering would be a long way off.

Brooke said she was sorry. Bill still couldn't wrap his head around the idea that he had more money and power than he knew what to with, but he had strained relationships with his sons. Bill could not understand how the judge could just take Will away and strip Bill of his parental rights. Bill wanted someone to tell him "how the hell" it could happen.

"I could tell you exactly why the judge ruled the way he did," Brooke replied.

Wyatt was backstage, thumbing through lingerie on a rack. Steffy surprised him by raking back the clothes. She said that if he was shopping, they had nice boxers for men. Steffy assumed he was looking for Sally. Wyatt affirmed it, but first, he had something to say to Steffy.

Wyatt was impressed with Steffy for giving Sally a chance. Steffy replied that Sally was an important part of the team. Wyatt said he was trying to say something more than that. He felt that Steffy had given Sally a chance and had decided to share creative control when Steffy really hadn't had to. He was grateful for it.

Glad they'd had the talk, Steffy said she'd been thinking about Wyatt a lot recently. Wyatt replied that it had only been a matter of time. She asked what he meant, and he responded that she wanted to ask him to model the men's intimates. When Steffy said it was funny he should mention it, he stated that he'd only been joking.

Steffy noted that Wyatt was between gigs. Wyatt thought that was just a polite way to say that he was unemployed, but he still refused to model. Steffy figured he wasn't on the best of terms with his father. Wyatt agreed that he wasn't, but he did feel for Bill because of Will. Steffy reminded Wyatt of the great job he'd done with their social media platform and asked if he'd be willing to do it again.

Wyatt was surprised that Steffy was offering him a job. Steffy asked if he'd accept. Wyatt accepted and said it would be awesome. Steffy deemed him the social media manager and said he was charged with making them the most recognizable fashion house in the world.

Steffy wanted Wyatt to start that day. Wyatt contemplated when he would move his foot massage appointment to, and then he exclaimed that he could start that day. Steffy wasn't so sure he should give up his fun-filled sabbatical, but Wyatt replied that he was ready to get back to work and to contributing again.

Later, Wyatt was at a desk backstage, tapping away on a laptop. Steffy said the job meant he could spend more time with Sally. Wyatt promised not to be a distraction for Sally, but Steffy was sure he definitely would be. Wyatt claimed to know how to be professional in the workplace, and Steffy replied that he might inspire Sally's designs. Wyatt quipped that if Sally started designing flannel gowns, that meant there was trouble in paradise.

Ridge arrived and asked why Steffy had asked him to meet there. Steffy announced that she'd rehired Wyatt as the social media manager. "Okay, good," the distracted Ridge bit out. Sensing that something was off, Wyatt abruptly left to work on something.

Steffy tried to talk to Ridge about why she'd rehired Wyatt, but because Ridge seemed really antsy, Steffy asked what was going on.

Steffy gets an eyefull of Brooke and Bill

Steffy gets an eyefull of Brooke and Bill

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In the design office at Forrester, Wyatt arrived as Sally was sketching at the drafting table. He lassoed his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck. Sally pretended that he had to be one of her male models. Wyatt said he had better not be. Feigning surprise that it was Wyatt, she teased him, saying she had temptation everywhere.

Kissing Sally, Wyatt replied that it was a good thing that Steffy had taken care of it. Sally gave him a curious look, and he added that Sally had just been kissed by Forrester's new social media manager. Sally expressed surprise and asked if he'd just said what she'd heard him say. Wyatt told her to warn her male models.

Sally and Wyatt were excited about his new job, but he believed he had to find a way not to get distracted by her. Stepping away from him, she decided that, from that moment forward, they'd cease and desist. "Good luck with that," he replied, pulling her close.

Wyatt told Sally that he'd already promised Steffy that he'd behave, and someone had to have control. "Oh, and that's gonna be you?" she asked. Kissing his neck, Sally said he should have consulted with her because she didn't think he was strong enough to resist her. Wyatt uttered that he should go, but she replied that he should lock the door. He agreed and kissed her.

Later, Wyatt salivated over Sally's lingerie sketch. Sally said he wasn't supposed to see it yet, and he replied that "now" she had to wear it.

Sally thought Wyatt's mother would be thrilled that he was working at Forrester, but she wondered if he'd told his father. Wyatt had been waiting to do that because he didn't want to kick Bill when he was down about the hearing. Sally was surprised that Bill hadn't burned the courthouse after the ruling.

Wyatt stated that Bill's fire-starting days were behind him. Sally said that, if it were true, Bill should be happy for Wyatt about the new job. Sally expressed her happiness about the job and remarked that the private dressing rooms backstage were nicer to snuggle in than the office. In a sexy voice, she said it would be great to work with Wyatt intellectually, personally, and intimately.

Backstage, Steffy could tell by the way Ridge looked that he and Brooke had gotten into an argument. Ridge was dismissive about it. Steffy said she always knew when something was off with Brooke and Ridge's marriage. She assumed it was about the judge's ruling and didn't know why it was a problem when Ridge hadn't had anything to do with it. Steffy didn't get why Brooke had latched onto Bill in the custody thing. "Do you?" she asked.

Steffy found it odd that Brooke wasn't siding with her sister. Ridge wanted to drop it, but Steffy said it shouldn't even be an issue. Steffy didn't know why Brooke would side with Bill while knowing how Ridge felt about him. Ridge stated that he and his wife loved each other, and that was the end of it.

Steffy was surprised that Bill hadn't pulled one of his signature moves on the judge; however, he hadn't, and the judge had ruled against him. She said Brooke had no reason to fault Ridge for it.

Ridge changed the subject to how Steffy and Kelly were doing. Steffy reported that things were fine, even though she was operating on a lack of sleep. She steered the conversation back to his problem with Brooke but then decided that she was being overbearing.

Ridge just wanted to get back to the topic of his granddaughter, whom he offered to watch so that Steffy could have a night out. Steffy told him that he didn't have to worry about her. Ridge wanted to make a deal with her that they'd stop worrying about each other. Steffy received an alert and said she had to go to a meeting upstairs.

After Steffy had gone, Ridge flashed back on his heated discussion with Brooke about tampering with the judge.

Outside the CEO's office, Steffy encountered Pam, who mentioned that Bill had been there to talk to Ridge. Steffy seemed surprised to hear it. Though Pam would never be a fan of "that fool," she had to say that the custody battle had humbled Bill, who hadn't been his usual, annoying self. With that, Pam took off down the corridor.

In the CEO's office, Bill repeated Brooke's assertion that she knew why he hadn't gotten shared custody. He figured everyone knew, and the reason was that he was a lousy father. Brooke disagreed; however, Bill said the judge hadn't seen it that way, and that had to be the reason the judge had awarded Katie sole custody.

Brooke flashed back to her heated conversation with Ridge about him taking away Bill's shot at a fair hearing. Brooke told Bill that it hadn't been due to his parenting. "Then why?" he asked. Bill reasoned that Katie had presented a strong case, but even her star witness, Liam, had wound up helping Bill. Brooke replied that the judge had had every reason not to.

Assuming Brooke meant because of his history with Ridge, Bill asked what judge couldn't see Ridge's testimony for what it had been. In Bill's mind, it had been nothing but bad blood and not a reason to take Bill's son from him. Brooke replied that it hadn't been Ridge's testimony. Bill wondered if he could have said or done anything to make a difference, but Brooke asserted that there had been nothing Bill could have said or done to make a difference to the judge.

Bill admitted to checking into the judge's background, but he'd stopped it there, per Justin's advice. Bill guessed it was better to lose a fair fight than win a fixed one. Brooke stated that it was a new way of thinking from Bill, who'd deserved to win. Bill asked why she felt that way.

Brooke had hoped the judge would rule in a fair and honest way, but in her view, what had happened to Bill had been very unfair. Bill appreciated her saying so. Brooke wanted him to be proud of the honest way he'd handled himself during the hearing. Bill was grateful that Brooke was still in his corner, especially after he'd put her in the middle between himself and Ridge.

Brooke uttered that there was still so much she could do. "My biggest loss," Bill said. She replied that he hadn't lost Will. Nearing Brooke, Bill replied that he'd meant her, not Will.

Bill felt that his life had gone out of control when he'd lost Brooke. Brooke stated that she wasn't perfect, but Bill reasoned that she was close to it. Bill said that, instead of pursuing what had been most important in his life, he'd gone after Steffy, and he'd alienated his sons. Doing so had left him alone, but on the bright side, he'd managed to do some soul-searching.

Bill said his brief, enlightened moments had led him to listen to Justin instead of going directly to the judge. Back then, Bill had decided that the only advantage he'd needed had been himself. He'd wanted the judge to see that he wasn't that same guy who'd gone after Steffy and ignored his son. Bill had wanted to show the judge the father and the man he'd become.

Brooke felt that the judge hadn't listened to the truth, or else he'd have given Bill shared custody. Bill said his next realization had been that Katie had given him his son, but Brooke was "the one." He believed that Brooke understood him and brought out the best in him. She was the one he could count on to tell him the truth.

It was amazing to Bill that he could open up to Brooke and say things to her that he couldn't to anyone else. Bill imagined that she and Ridge were open with each other. "At times, yes," Brooke replied. Bill wondered if she meant it was always that way. Brooke said that she loved her husband, but he wasn't perfect.

Bill assumed Ridge was honest with her, and in Bill's view, honesty mattered most. Bill had had to learn that lesson the hard way after the lies he'd told Liam and Wyatt about himself and Steffy. Bill no longer had what mattered most in life -- his family. He wondered who'd believe he was capable of feeling like that. He didn't think anyone would, but it was still how he felt. Brooke replied that she believed it.

Bill said that Brooke had always helped him to be a better man and to see things that he didn't. Brooke replied that she knew he loved his children. Bill believed that Brooke had helped guide him to be the father he wanted to be and that his sons deserved. He wondered what life would be like if he and Brooke were still together. He figured he'd still have relationships with his older sons and shared custody of his youngest.

Bill called himself an idiot for letting Brooke slip through his fingers. "It's you, Brooke. It's always been you," he told her.

Back in the corridor, Steffy wandered over to the door of the CEO's office. She opened the door in time to see Bill sweep Brooke into a kiss.

Steffy and Brooke expose explosive secrets

Steffy and Brooke expose explosive secrets

Thursday, October 11, 2018

In the backstage area at Forrester, Ridge was deep in thought about his conversations with Craig and Brooke. Katie arrived to thank Ridge for going above and beyond at the hearing. Ridge said he hadn't always been there for Thorne and had wanted to help. Katie believed that Ridge's testimony had had a big impact on the judge.

After Katie had gone, Ridge called Craig. The antsy Craig didn't want Ridge calling or contacting him anymore and said Ridge's wife had been to see Craig. Ridge knew it but didn't know why Craig would tell Brooke anything. Craig said he'd tried to get rid of her, but she'd used his number from Ridge's phone to call Craig right in front of his face.

Craig asked why Ridge hadn't deleted everything, and Ridge replied that he hadn't thought. Craig figured Ridge hadn't thought about anything, and Craig could lose everything. Ridge assured Craig that he'd talk to his wife, and she wouldn't tell anyone, especially not Spencer.

In the main corridor at Forrester, Steffy opened the door of the CEO's office and breathlessly gasped upon seeing Bill inside, kissing Brooke. Steffy closed the door and stared in disbelief.

Inside the office, Brooke told Bill that it was unacceptable to kiss her. Bill didn't feel sorry about it. Brooke said Bill had to respect that she was married to Ridge. Changing his mind, Bill decided that he probably should apologize and that impulsiveness wasn't working out for him. It was just that he was touched that Brooke had supported him when no one else had, and she'd stood by him as opposed to by her sister.

Brooke understood where the kiss had come from, but she didn't want it to ever happen again. She empathized with Bill, but she let him know that she wasn't trying to ignite anything between them. She was in love with her husband. Bill said he heard her. Brooke advised him to focus on Will and be the best father he could be. Bill said it was what he intended to do.

Brooke asked Bill to go before Ridge saw them together. Bill stated that the time they'd spent together "recently" reminded him of how good they'd been together. He was sorry about what had happened between. He believed he'd been his best self with Brooke by his side.

Bill silently exited, and Steffy returned to the threshold of the office. Steffy sensed that there was something wrong with Brooke. Brooke said that the custody hearing had been draining on everyone, especially Bill, who hadn't deserved to lose his son. "Wow," Steffy tonelessly responded. She wondered how Brooke's support for Bill was affecting Brooke's marriage. "Or do I have to ask?" Steffy said.

Brooke explained that Bill had been devastated by the hearing results. Steffy guessed it had affected Brooke to watch a powerful Bill be emotionally on his knees. Brooke replied that it had made her sad. Steffy noted that her father loved seeing it, which explained the tension between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke proffered that disagreements happened in a marriage, and Steffy should know it. "You sided with Bill," Steffy responded.

Brooke corrected that she'd sided with Will. Steffy felt that part went without saying, but otherwise, Brooke had been the only one in the family to break ranks to side against Katie. Brooke stood by her belief that the hearing had been a mistake. Steffy wondered if Bill had made a grand gesture to thank Brooke for all the support.

Brooke asked why Bill would do that, and Steffy responded that it was because he was Bill. Steffy wondered if Bill was causing distance between Ridge and Brooke. Brooke became puzzled by the need for all of Steffy's questions, and Steffy said it was because she loved her father. Steffy asked if there was something Brooke wanted to tell her.

Brooke insisted that everything was fine and thanked Steffy for the concern. Brooke left, and Steffy rolled her eyes.

Moments later, Ridge arrived, looking for his wife. Readily, he noticed that his daughter seemed off. She admitted that she was and that she'd also seen Brooke. Ridge assumed the women had argued. Steffy replied that she hadn't always liked Brooke, who had a habit of doing shady things and thinking of herself. Ridge wasn't sure where Steffy was going with the conversation.

Steffy asked if Ridge would tell her something, even if it was difficult for her to hear. He agreed that he would and said it was what people who loved each other did. Steffy explained that she'd seen Brooke, but Brooke hadn't been alone. Brooke had been with Bill.

Ridge looked away, and Steffy said she'd expected a bigger reaction. She asked if Ridge already knew. Ridge asked what there was to know, and Steffy replied, "About the two of them." Ridge didn't get what Steffy meant.

Steffy said she'd walked in and seen Brooke and Bill together, in each other's arms. "They were kissing," Steffy added, repeating, "Brooke and Bill were kissing."

At Spencer, Justin was going over Bill's schedule with Bill, who was blankly staring off. "Or we could sell the company," Justin said and stared expectantly at Bill. Bill replied that they'd do whatever Justin thought was best. "Seriously? We're doing this again?" Justin exclaimed.

"What?" Bill replied, shrugging. Telling Bill to look at himself, Justin accused Bill of being distracted. Bill replied that he was just grateful, and Justin assumed it was about Brooke. Wondering what he'd been thinking back then, Bill felt he should have fought harder to make Brooke stay. Bill believed he'd had his soulmate in Brooke, and he'd let her walk away.

Justin reasoned that Brooke was still in Bill's life and still cared. He believed that Bill could count on her support, as evidenced by the hearing. "But she goes home to the dressmaker," Bill said. Bill stated that Brooke had deserved better from him.

Changing the subject, Bill beamed about Will's decision to see Bill that day. Bill said there had been no eye rolling or sighs, and Katie had witnessed how great it had gone. Bill revealed that he'd asked Katie to reconsider their arrangement, but she'd said it was too soon.

Justin expressed disappointment. Bill said it killed him to have to ask permission to see his own kid. Justin thought that Brooke was an ace in the hole, who could bring Katie around.

Later, a song played to a montage of Brooke and Bill's courtship over the years. "Can't get enough of you..." the singer sang, and Bill stared at a framed picture of himself and Brooke.

Back at Forrester in the design office, Brooke walked in and saw Katie working at the desk. Katie couldn't wait to tell Brooke that Will had wanted to see his father and had been excited to spend time with Bill. Katie noticed that Brooke seemed distracted. Hesitantly, Brooke stated that no one could know what she was about to say -- including Thorne and Donna.

Katie asked what it was. Brooke started out rehashing her feelings about the hearing. Katie knew those feelings well but said the judge had ruled in her favor. Brooke replied that once Katie heard what Brooke had to say, Katie would have to reconsider the custody agreement.

Brooke and Katie began going back and forth about the merits of the custody hearing. Katie didn't know why they were doing it because the judge had sided with her. Brooke replied that he hadn't done it on his own, and Katie asked what her sister could possibly be talking about. Brooke repeated that Katie had to keep Brooke's information secret because of the dire consequences, and Katie said to just tell her what it was.

Noting that Ridge had been too close to the custody battle, Brooke said she'd thought he had been doing it for Will, but Ridge had really only wanted revenge on Bill from the helicopter incident to Bill's involvement with Steffy. Confused, Katie said Brooke was acting like the decision had been Ridge's, not the judge's. "It was!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke had thought she'd known Ridge so well, but she'd been blindsided. Katie asked what had happened. Brooke revealed that Ridge and Judge McMullen were old friends, and Ridge had paid for McMullen's law schooling. Brooke said McMullen wouldn't be on the bench if it hadn't been for Ridge, and as a repayment, Ridge had asked for a favorable ruling for Katie in the case. "Oh, no..." Katie murmured. Brooke said that Ridge had gotten revenge on Bill by making sure Bill had lost custody of his son.

Ridge questions Brooke's actions

Ridge questions Brooke's actions

Friday, October 12, 2018

In the design office, Katie couldn't believe what was happening and asked if Brooke was seriously telling her that Ridge had coerced the judge to take custody from Bill. Brooke replied that Ridge had admitted it, and her husband could go to jail if anyone found out. It was why Katie couldn't tell anyone, especially Bill.

Shaken by the news, Katie asked what Brooke wanted Katie to do about the information. Brooke asked Katie to do what was right. Brooke wanted Katie to reconsider the ruling, and in the meantime, give Bill the access to Will that the courts had taken away. Katie asked if Brooke really believed that Bill would have shared custody if Ridge hadn't interfered.

Brooke replied that she knew Bill loved his son very much. Bill wanted to be the best father her could be, and it had killed him when the court had taken his rights away. Brooke knew that it bothered Katie as much as it did Brooke, and Brooke believed that Katie could fix it without the court. "And in the meantime, I protect your husband, as well," Katie concluded.

Brooke didn't understand Ridge's actions. She believed that he'd started out with genuine motives, but his anger for Bill had driven him to extremes. Noting Brooke's passionate defense of Bill, Katie said it was obvious her sister still cared about him.

For Brooke, it wasn't about taking sides, and she understood Katie's position. Brooke also understood Bill's position about the court taking away his rights as a father. Katie stated that the courts hadn't done that. Agreeing, Brooke replied that Ridge had by pressuring the judge, and "we" needed to act quickly to make it right. By "we," Katie believed Brooke really meant Katie.

Katie said she was the one who had to keep Ridge's involvement secret, and she had to go to Bill to offer him more time with his son and reconsider the agreement. Katie asked if Brooke understood how Katie had agonized over the decision to start proceedings and wondered if Brooke had considered that the judge would rule in Katie's favor regardless.

Brooke knew it hadn't been an easy decision. Katie agreed and said Ridge had been absolutely wrong to do what he'd done; however, it didn't change Bill's past behavior or that Katie had had to act in the best interest of her child. Brooke replied that Katie didn't have to make decisions about shared custody overnight, but it was really killing Bill.

Brooke reasoned that the judge might have ruled in Katie's favor regardless, but the judge had been compromised. Brooke said Bill was tormented. He missed Will and needed access to his son. Brooke wondered how Katie could refrain from going to Bill while knowing what she knew.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge told Steffy that Brooke wouldn't do it, and it was impossible. Steffy insisted that she'd seen it with her own eyes, and the kiss between Brooke and Bill had happened. "Spencer and Logan..." Ridge uttered.

Steffy said she'd talked to Brooke afterward and had given Brooke the opportunity to tell her. Steffy wondered if she should just stay out of it, but Ridge said she couldn't keep something like that to herself when it involved her father and when the other man was Bill Spencer.

Though Steffy figured the news was upsetting, she reasoned that Bill and Brooke had been married before. "She's married, too, now! She's married to me," he replied. He didn't know how Brooke could do it with a man he hated more than anyone in the world. He'd thought the worst thing Brooke could do was support Bill during the hearing. Ridge guessed he'd been wrong.

Steffy asked what Ridge would do.

Later, Ridge was alone and quietly stewing when Brooke entered the office. The two stared at each other for a long moment, and Ridge uttered the he knew she'd been with Bill. Closing the door, Brooke asked who'd told Ridge that. Ridge informed her that his daughter had seen the two of them in there together.

Brooke said Ridge believed he knew what had happened between her and Bill. Ridge replied that he did. Brooke insisted that he didn't, and she hadn't revealed what he'd done with the judge. She understood that Ridge had acted because he cared for Will and because he'd believed Bill had hurt the people Ridge loved.

Ridge snippily asked if that was what he believed. Brooke yelled that it was true, and he'd gone too far in playing God. Ridge said he'd had a tough time with her siding with Bill. Brooke insisted that she hadn't done that and wasn't doing it. She'd just been against complicating things in court, and it had become complicated in more ways than expected.

Ridge agreed that it was complicated. He hadn't understood why Brooke's energy had been focused on Spencer or why she was looking out for Spencer and defending him. Ridge hadn't understood why she'd put first a man whom Ridge despised, but he finally got it. He figured that she'd been disillusioned with Ridge because he'd had a secret, but she had a secret, too.

"You and Spencer, really? How could you do that to us?" Ridge asked.

In the backstage area, Wyatt and Quinn greeted each other. Quinn wished he was there to see her, but she had the feeling that Sally was the bigger draw. Wyatt replied that Sally had something about her, but Quinn would always be his number one. Quinn told him that he was her favorite son. "I'm your only son -- God help me," he responded.

Wyatt revealed that Quinn would see a lot more of him around there because he'd taken Steffy up on a job she'd offered him. He said it was Quinn's cue to jump and exclaim her happiness. Quinn only glared at Wyatt. He asked if she was okay, and she replied that it wasn't good news.

Wyatt didn't get it. He'd thought Quinn would be happy about his new social media management position. Quinn asked if he didn't get it that she was pulling his leg. To her, it wasn't good news -- it was the best news she'd had all week. Quinn grabbed him and squealed for joy.

Quinn was giddy about all the time she could spend with her son on breaks at work. Wyatt joked that he needed to rethink the job and asked if she would work on not being so clingy. He didn't want her to embarrass him, either, but she reminded him of what a good job she'd done of doing that to him when he'd been in the second grade.

Quinn wasn't sure how Bill would take Wyatt choosing Forrester over Spencer so soon after Bill had just lost Will.

Later, Steffy arrived, and Quinn embarrassed Wyatt by introducing him to Steffy as the newest, hottest employee. As Quinn went on and on about Steffy's great decision, a decision Quinn would have made herself if she'd still been CEO, Wyatt ushered Quinn out of the area. He apologized to Steffy and said his mom got carried away at times.

Alone with Steffy, Wyatt started to go over some of his ideas for their social media campaigns. Steffy seemed distracted, and he asked if she was okay and if Kelly was okay. Steffy said she and the baby were okay, and it was about Brooke -- and Wyatt's father. Wyatt asked what had happened that time. Steffy decided she didn't want to talk about it, and they should get back to work.

At Spencer, Bill contemplated putting a roller coaster on the property for the next time Will visited. Bill asked Justin if kids still liked coasters. Justin wondered why Bill was asking Justin because Justin's son was a grown man, and Justin had no clue what kids were into. What Justin did know, though, was that Bill was going a tad bit overboard.

Bill asked if it was a crime to make sure his son had a great time the next time he visited. Justin reasoned that it was a testament to how much Bill loved his son. Bill thought it was too bad the judge hadn't seen it, and Bill still didn't get the judge's ruling.

Still believing that Brooke was the key, Justin theorized that Brooke could keep working on her little sister. Bill replied that Justin didn't have to worry about Bill giving up on Brooke.

Bill decided against the roller coaster and ordered Justin to get Bill and Will tickets on the fifty-yard line. Justin tried to say how difficult the task was, but Bill didn't want to hear it. He had limited time with his son and wanted to make the most of it.

Later, Justin let Bill know that Justin had gotten the tickets. Bill guessed he'd have to call Katie and "clear" it with her first. Justin understood Bill's annoyance about the custody thing, but Justin advised Bill that there was no need for him to try to impress the son who already loved him with roller coasters and football tickets. "Just be in his life, man," Justin said.

Bill believed it was what he was trying to do. He just felt that, due to the ruling, he had limited time to show Will that he meant more than anything in the world to his father. Bill was just trying to do right by his son.

Later, Bill was alone when Katie arrived with Will. Bill hugged his son and said it was a great surprise. Katie asked if it was okay and if Bill wasn't too busy. Bill said it wouldn't matter if he was too busy. He was happy to see Will. Will said his mother had said Bill wanted to see him. Bill stated that he always wanted to see Will.

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