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Ridge insisted to police that Bill's fall had been an accident. Bill lay unconscious in the hospital, and Brooke urged him to open his eyes. Quinn took a stand about her place in the Forrester family, and Eric felt torn between Pam and Quinn.
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A heated confrontation turns deadly

A heated confrontation turns deadly

Monday, October 22, 2018

At the hospital, Liam and Hope were about to find out the gender of the baby. Liam joked that if it was a boy, the boy could teach Liam to play catch. Dr. Phillips explained that they needed to catch the baby in the right position and to hear a heartbeat. Hope quietly said it was all that mattered, and a concerned Dr. Phillips asked if Hope had had more cramping.

Hope hadn't, and Dr. Phillips urged her not to worry. The doctor began the ultrasound and said Liam and Hope were about to see a happy, healthy baby. Viewing the baby on the monitor, Dr. Phillips liked what she was seeing. The child had a healthy heart and was a healthy size. Hope cooed, looking at the baby's hand, and Dr. Phillips said Hope would soon hold it in hers.

Dr. Phillips asked once more if Liam and Hope really wanted to know the gender. Hope and Liam decided that they did want to, and that way, they could focus on names and the nursery. Dr. Phillips replied that "she" wouldn't like to be named Liam Jr. Liam replied that the doctor had said "she," and the chuckling Dr. Phillips announced that it was a girl.

Liam and Hope were awestruck as they'd stared at the baby and each other.

At the end of the appointment, Dr. Phillips gave Liam and Hope a new sonogram photo. Hope asked if the doctor was sure everything was okay with the pregnancy, and Dr. Phillips assured Hope that everything was going fine. Dr. Phillips knew that Liam and Hope were freaked out about what had happened before, but cramping wasn't uncommon.

Hope asked if it could happen again. The doctor didn't know, but she advised Hope of some simple things to do if it happened again, like drinking water and shifting positions. She didn't want Hope to hesitate to call if there was any bleeding. Liam and Hope had no further questions, and Dr. Phillips announced that she had to get to a patient in labor.

After the doctor left, Hope and Liam gazed at the sonogram and said the baby was beautiful. They were amazed that they were having a daughter. Hope asked if he was happy about it. Liam was, and Hope said he'd have his hands full with two girls. Liam stated that there was enough masculinity in the Spencer clan, and strong Spencer women would do it good.

At Forrester, Brooke told Katie that she'd made the right decision about letting Bill see his son. Katie said that nothing had changed, and all she'd ever wanted was for Bill to see his son. Katie sensed something was wrong with her sister, and Brooke replied that it was just that she was in the middle, caught between Ridge and Bill.

Katie sighed sardonically and asked what that meant. Brooke wanted to forget she'd said anything, but at Katie's prodding, Brooke revealed that Bill had kissed her. Katie asked if Ridge knew, and Brooke stated that Ridge knew about both of them. "Both...Hmmm..." Katie responded. Katie assumed the kissing had happened more than once.

Brooke asked Katie to understand that it had all been on Bill's initiative. Brooke had told him that it had been unacceptable and that Bill had to respect her marriage. Katie doubted that Ridge was thrilled about it. Agreeing that he wasn't, Brooke emphasized that it had been Bill's mistake, she hadn't kissed Bill back, and she'd told Bill it couldn't happen again.

Katie wondered if Brooke telling Ridge that she'd told Bill those things had helped Ridge feel better about it. Brooke revealed that it hadn't, and Brooke was really worried about Ridge's anger. She said that when Bill and Ridge got angry, they seemed to lose all common sense. She wanted the men to stay away from each other until it all blew over.

Katie didn't think that Ridge was the only person who needed to steer clear of Bill. Brooke knew it and said Ridge had been adamant that he didn't want Bill touching her or anywhere near her. Katie said Ridge wasn't being unreasonable. Brooke agreed but said it wasn't realistic. Because Bill was Hope's father-in-law, Brooke believed that she was bound to cross paths with Bill.

Brooke revealed that she'd already "bumped" into Bill at Il Giardino. Katie glared at Brooke, who stated that it hadn't really been a coincidence. Bill had known Brooke would be there. Katie scoffed. Brooke insisted that Bill had just been thankful that he got to spend time with Will and that Brooke had been by his side. Katie said Brooke needed to tell Ridge.

Stating that she'd done so, Brooke told her sister that Ridge hadn't been happy about it and was convinced that Bill was going after Brooke. Katie quipped that it sounded like Bill really was going after Brooke. To Brooke, it didn't matter because she loved Ridge, not Bill. Brooke believed that Ridge knew her heart, but he just couldn't see through his anger.

Katie thought it had to be genetic, because Thorne had lost his mind over Bill, too. Brooke grew concerned to hear that and worried about what would happen if things got out of hand. Brooke hoped that Ridge hadn't gone over to Bill's, and she reminded Katie that Ridge liked to provoke Bill. Katie asked if Brooke was worried that it would get physical.

Brooke believed it was possible, but Katie said the men knew how Brooke felt about violence. Katie stated that her husband was a kind man. Katie hoped that Thorne would be there if Ridge did confront Bill, and that way, the brothers could keep each other in check.

At Bill's house, Bill thought it was really something that "Needle and Thread" were threatening him in his own home. Ridge replied that no one was threatening Bill, and Thorne said he and Ridge just wanted Bill to forget any thoughts of going after Brooke. "Because the fabulous fashion boys say so?" Bill quipped.

Ridge told Bill there would be no more secret meetings or kissing, and Bill and Brooke would never be alone again. Bored, Bill decided that it was time for the brothers to go. Thorne and Ridge agreed to go once Bill understood that Brooke was off limits. Bill said he understand that something was going to happen if the two bozos didn't get out of there, and it was going to be something they'd all regret. Ridge told Thorne that Bill's words had sounded like a threat.

Bill asserted that Ridge and Thorne had shown up uninvited to threaten Bill, and they knew Bill enough to know he'd defend himself. Ridge replied that he was going to defend his wife, and he asked if Bill really thought Ridge would let Bill make Brooke his new obsession, so that Bill's brain could claim Brooke as his as it had done with Steffy. Thorne said to just put a stop to it.

Bill said Ridge didn't tell Bill what to do or who to see. Ridge replied that it was exactly what he'd do after what Bill had done to Steffy. Ridge ordered Bill to stay away from Brooke. Bill noticed the smell of fear in the air and asked if Ridge's marriage was really so fragile that Ridge had to prevent Brooke from seeing Bill. "Who could blame her? She would be trading up," Bill quipped.

Ridge stated that Bill was making a play for a woman who wanted nothing to do with him. Bill didn't think Ridge really believed it, or else Ridge wouldn't be there. Bill noted that Ridge was shaking in his boots, but Bill hadn't even really done anything yet. Bill declared that he'd talk to and see Brooke whenever he wanted to, and there was nothing Ridge could do about it.

"Except take your son away. That get your attention?" Thorne asked. Thorne said that if Bill kept up the disgusting behavior, he might never see Will again. Bill stated that they'd been having a nice and friendly conversation, but Thorne had just had to cross the line. Thorne retorted that Bill had crossed it a long time back.

Bill stated that Will was his boy, and Thorne didn't get to decide when Bill saw him. Bill's advice to Thorne was to not interfere. Thorne stated that he was Katie's husband, and Will was a part of Thorne's family. Thorne pledged to protect Will if the need arose. "Protect him from me if I talk to Brooke? That doesn't even make any freaking sense," Bill replied.

Thorne reasoned that Bill had neglected Will before and was about to do it again with Brooke. Thorne vowed to protect Will from that kind of disappointment. Ridge asked how Bill thought a judge would feel to learn that Bill was chasing yet another married woman who didn't want his advances. Thorne stated that instead of Bill taking Brooke from Ridge, Thorne and Ridge would be taking something from Bill. "Permanently," Ridge added.

"Try it," Bill uttered. "I want you to. I really do," Bill added. He said that if Ridge tried to take his son from him, he would destroy Ridge. Thorne reasoned that it didn't have to go down that way, and to keep access to Will, all Bill had to do was to stay away from Brooke. Bill asserted that his access to his son had nothing to do with Thorne.

Ridge asked how Bill didn't see that Katie's husband had influence over Katie. Bill replied that Katie was a smart woman and knew bullying when she saw it. Ridge asked how telling Bill to stop harassing Ridge's wife was bullying. Bill explained that friendship wasn't harassment.

Ridge claimed that Brooke only pitied Bill because of his son, and any of her past feelings had vanished when she'd figured out who Bill really was. Ridge said Bill's only friends were people Bill paid, and if Bill died that day, no one would show up to the funeral -- not even Will.

Bill punched Ridge. Thorne tried to push the men apart, but Bill shoved Thorne out of the way. Ridge and Bill struggled together. They fell onto the coffee table and smashed it as they punched each other. Thorne tried to pull Bill off Ridge, but Bill knocked Thorne in the face and punched him to the ground.

Ridge began punching Bill, and the men knocked over more furniture. By the time Thorne got on his feet, the fight had spilled onto the balcony. Bill screamed. A moment later, Ridge strode back into the house. Thorne rushed out on the balcony and looked down. He saw Bill sprawled out on the grass below the balcony.

Pam threatens to drop a house on Quinn

Pam threatens to drop a house on Quinn

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In the design office, Quinn rolled her eyes hard as Pam told Quinn and Eric that Pam's baking club friends had insisted upon making her wedding cake. Pam wanted to know if the friends could use Eric's kitchen because all of Pam's wedding pans were there. Eric said it wasn't a problem. "Is it, honey?" he asked Quinn.

Quinn began to speak, but Pam chimed in, saying how excited she was. Having Stephanie's portrait up for the wedding would top everything for Pam. Pam asked if it would be fun to put the portrait up a couple days early, so that Stephanie could preside over the wedding setup. Upon receiving no message, Pam decided to leave. She thanked them on her way out.

Once Pam had gone, Quinn wordlessly took a seat. Eric sensed that someone wasn't happy, and he said he knew Pam could be a little much. Quinn complained that Pam was more loopy than usual. Eric chuckled it off, but Quinn wondered how Pam would behave after the wedding.

Eric asked if Quinn wasn't happy for the couple. Quinn replied that she'd be happy if the couple wasn't getting married in her living room and it wasn't too late to rescind the offer. Eric stated that getting married at the house meant a great deal to Pam. Quinn believed that Pam wanted to switch out the portraits in the hopes that Quinn's portrait would stay down for good.

Eric tried to reason with his wife, but Quinn insisted that Pam was trying to get at Quinn, as usual. Eric said he'd thought the women were getting along better. Stating that looks could be deceiving, Quinn revealed that she'd held back when Ridge and Brooke had wanted to get married beneath Stephanie's portrait, but "this" was different.

Eric didn't understand why. Quinn asserted that she did not want Pam and Charlie getting married in her living room, and Pam hated Quinn. Quinn also didn't think Charlie should be marrying the kooky Pam at all.

Questioning whether Eric was taking her seriously, Quinn said that she might not be the one to judge because of her own track record; however, Pam was more than lemon-bar crazy. Quinn also thought they had to consider Charlie. Eric was surprised that she was worried about Charlie. Quinn called Charlie a dimwit for proposing to Pam at all, but Quinn didn't think he should have to be saddled with crazy Pam for life.

Upset, Eric asked where Quinn was getting it all from. Quinn stated that Pam had never been nice to her. Eric asked if Quinn was trying to sabotage Pam's happiness because of it. Quinn wanted to look out for Charlie; however, she said it was Charlie's decision, and she still didn't want the wedding in her living room. She again asked Eric to rescind the offer.

Quinn was prepared to talk to Pam at that moment, but gripping Quinn's shoulders, Eric said he didn't want Quinn to do anything but be patient because they'd already agreed to host the wedding. "You did," Quinn quipped. Eric said they would just do it and get it over with.

Eric left, and Quinn began slamming small things around on her drafting table.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke and Katie discussed Brooke's fears about what Ridge might do while under the assumption that Bill was trying to destroy Ridge and Brooke's marriage the way he'd destroyed Steffy and Liam's. Brooke suspected things would not end well.

Brooke called Pam into the office to inquire about Ridge's whereabouts. Pam assumed that Ridge had gone to see Bill Spencer. Brooke asked why, and Pam explained that Ridge had had her find out Bill's location earlier, and she believed that Ridge was headed to Bill's house, where Pam had learned Bill would be. Pam elaborated that Thorne had probably gone with Ridge because Thorne had been there when she'd given Bill's location to Ridge.

Pam stated that Thorne and Ridge had looked upset, and she asked if something was wrong. Brooke stated that things were fine, but Pam asked Brooke to say it again like she meant it. As Brooke dialed a number on her phone, Katie said that Pam wasn't helping.

Later, Pam returned to the design office and saw Quinn in there alone. Pam was disappointed that she'd missed Eric. She'd wanted to show Eric her guest list. Pam was trying to keep the list small, but it was mushrooming due to all baking club, knitting club, and Medieval Knights friends. Quinn suggested that Pam get a bigger venue to accommodate all her friends.

Pam thought about whittling down the list, but Quinn said all the people were super important to Pam. Pam didn't know if they all were "super" important, but they were a lot of fun. Quinn asked if Pam could imagine how Mildred would feel if Pam said there wasn't enough room to invite her. "Mildred? Who's Mildred?" Pam asked.

Quinn guessed it was Pam's best friend from her knitting club. Chuckling, Pam said that person's name was Gladys. Pam didn't know a Mildred. Quinn suggested a beach wedding, but the fair-skinned Pam said she'd turn into toast at the beach. Pam started to thank Quinn for all the suggestions, but then Pam realized that Quinn didn't want the wedding at Eric's house.

"For the record, it's my house, too," Quinn replied. Pam began to say that Quinn couldn't stand something, but Quinn cut Pam off, yelling that what Quinn couldn't stand was the way that Pam dictated to Quinn what would happen in Quinn's house. Quinn declared that she was Eric's wife, and Stephanie was gone. Pam feigned a gasp, but Quinn continued, saying that putting up the portrait, even for one day, would not bring Stephanie back or negate anything that had happened after Stephanie's death.

Quinn told Pam that Quinn and Eric were happily married, and Pam needed to respect it, just like Pam needed to respect that Quinn was asking Pam to find somewhere else to get married. Pam said to look at who was showing her true colors. Pam felt she should have known Quinn would pull something like that.

Quinn asserted that she wasn't pulling anything. Instead, she was asking, woman-to-woman, to have the ceremony elsewhere. Pam suspected that Quinn was doing it behind Eric's back because there was no way Eric would renege on letting Pam get married in a home her sister had lived in and raised her children with Eric in for nearly a decade before Quinn had ever swooped in on her broomstick.

Telling Pam to calm down, Quinn asked if Pam had taken her medication. Pam ranted about Quinn's nerve to question Pam's stability. Quinn hoped Charlie knew what he was getting into with Pam. Pam claimed that she hadn't cast a spell over Charlie as Quinn had over Eric, and Pam and Charlie had a love that a woman like Quinn could never understand.

"A woman like me?" Quinn questioned. Pam called Quinn a sociopath who'd never measure up to Stephanie. Pam declared that Quinn would never keep Pam from getting married in Eric's house. Pam decided that Eric had to ask her himself not to do it, but he was too graceful to do that. Pam threatened to break Quinn's broomstick into pieces and have someone drop a house on Quinn if she tried to ruin Pam's wedding day. With that, Pam stomped out.

Back in the CEO's office, Brooke and Katie tried to call their husbands, to no avail. Brooke wanted to go to Bill's house, but Katie thought they should give it more time for one of the men to call back. She believed Thorne could keep things from escalating between Bill and Ridge and wanted to believe that everything would be okay.

At Bill's house, a brutal fight between Thorne, Ridge, and Bill ensued. As Thorne recovered from a blow, the fight between Ridge and Bill spilled over Bill's balcony, leaving Bill flat on his back on the ground below. As Thorne and Ridge stared down at Bill, Thorne said they should get down there. Ridge called for an ambulance and continued to stare at Bill.

At the hospital later, a doctor talked to the paramedics who'd wheeled Bill off the elevator. They explained that Bill had hit his head hard after falling over a two-story balcony. The doctor asked if anyone had been with Bill, and Thorne stated that he and Ridge had been.

The doctor sent the paramedics into a treatment room with Bill and introduced himself to Ridge and Thorne, whom he'd recognized, as Dr. Chester. Looking the brothers over, Dr. Chester offered to get them checked out, too. Ridge said to just tell them Spencer's condition once it was determined. The doctor went into Bill's room. Thorne asked if Ridge thought Bill would make it. Ridge just clicked his jaw angrily in response.

Thorne decided to call Katie. On the call, he said he was at the hospital. She asked what was going on. Thorne told her that it was Bill, and she should get down there. Thorne advised her to tell her sister, too. Katie tried to ask more questions, but Thorne clicked off the line.

Thorne told Ridge that people would want to know what had happened, including the cops. Thorne wondered what he and his brother would say.

Back at Forrester, Brooke was full of questions about Bill being in the hospital. Katie said Thorne had told her to get there right away. Brooke asked if Ridge was there. Katie assumed that he was. Katie didn't want to tell Will anything about it and decided to call Donna, who was staying with Katie, to ask her to watch Will.

Later, Brooke and Katie arrived at the hospital. They questioned Thorne and Ridge about Bill's condition, but the brothers didn't know anything yet. Katie was shocked by the look of the men, and Brooke asked what had happened. Katie said Pam had said that the men had gone to Bill's.

Ridge explained that he'd gone to Bill's house to get him to stay away from Brooke. Katie asked why Thorne had been there. Thorne replied that he'd just accompanied Ridge. Brooke asked if they'd beaten Bill up. Ridge replied that Bill had thrown the first punch, and it had gotten out of hand. Katie asked how. In the men's silence, Brooke asked Ridge to say how.

Ridge admitted that he'd charged Bill, and Bill had gone over the balcony. Katie and Brooke were shocked. Brooke couldn't believe the brothers had attacked Will's father. Thorne asserted that Bill had attacked Ridge. "I don't care. You two shouldn't have been there in the first place!" Brooke exclaimed. Ridge started to defend himself, but Brooke cut him off.

Brooke said that while Bill was fighting for his life, Ridge was trying to defend what he'd done. In her view, it wasn't right that Bill had punched Ridge, but Ridge should not have been there. She stated that he'd had to know something bad would happen, but he'd charged over there anyway. "If that little boy loses his father, it's all on you, Ridge. It's all on you," Brooke said.

Family and police question Ridge and Thorne

Family and police question Ridge and Thorne

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

At the hospital, Brooke told Ridge and Thorne that they'd had to know what would happen if they went to Bill's house. "Not this," Thorne replied. Ridge insisted that they'd just wanted to make sure Bill had gotten the message. Thorne said it hadn't had to escalate, and Ridge added that Bill had done that part. Katie asserted that all she knew was that Bill was unconscious in a hospital room because of Ridge and Thorne.

Liam and Wyatt arrived and asked what had happened. Katie told them about the fall. Dr. Chester approached to tell the group that Bill was still unconscious. There were no skull fractures or seizures, but the doctor couldn't see the full extent of the damage until Bill regained consciousness. "Can I go see him? We have a child," Katie said.

Dr. Chester allowed Katie to go into Bill's room. After she'd gone, Wyatt asked if Bill had passed out or something. "How did this happen?" Wyatt asked. Liam and Wyatt wondered how Bill had fallen off his balcony and what he'd even been doing. "Anyone?" Wyatt asked in the silence.

In Bill's room, Katie said Bill shouldn't be there. Instead, he should be sparring with her or asking to spend more time with Will. Taking Bill's hand, she said that his son needed him to be okay, and so did she. The custody hearing had made her think of when Will had been born, and the helplessness Bill had felt back then. She said Bill had helped her fight her way back.

Crying, Katie claimed that she'd fought her way back because she'd wanted to watch Will grow up with Bill. She knew that Bill had so many things he'd wanted to do with Will and so many words he'd wanted to say. They were words Bill hadn't heard from his father, like, "You matter," and "You're special." Katie told Bill to fight hard for their son, who loved Bill very much.

When Katie returned to the lobby, she was visibly shaken and said Bill didn't look good. Thorne stated that he and Ridge hadn't meant for it to happen. Ridge added that they hadn't wanted a fight, but Bill had thrown the first punch. Liam asked if it had been two against one. Ridge didn't want to talk badly about a man in Bill's condition, but Ridge said everyone knew how Bill flew off the handle, especially when he was wrong.

Upset, Wyatt asked if "we" were pointing fingers at that time. Liam quietly suggested that Wyatt go into the room to see their father. Wyatt said Liam could go, but Wyatt wanted to wait for the test results. Liam went into Bill's room, and Wyatt silently squared off with Ridge.

Ridge said Wyatt had wanted to know what had happened, and Ridge had told him. Thorne said it had been an accident. Wyatt recalled that they'd said it had been a fight. Ridge stated that Bill had started it. Brooke said Bill hadn't deserved to wind up in the hospital. Katie added that Will didn't deserve it, either.

Just then, Detective Sanchez arrived to hear news about Bill Spencer. Sanchez had already talked to the doctor and to the paramedics who'd been on the scene. He knew that Ridge and Thorne had been at the house and that there was evidence of a fight.

Flashbacks of the fight played on the screen, and Sanchez asked how Bill had fallen. Thorne and Ridge just stared at Sanchez. "Was it an accident?" Sanchez asked. "Or was he pushed?" he questioned.

Back in Bill's room, Liam hovered by the door and joked that people might start thinking Bill liked being hospitalized. Liam knew Bill hated being hooked up to the machines. Nearing the bed, Liam urged Bill to open his eyes.

Liam stated that all Bill ever did was pick fights, and it was his whole thing. Liam noted that Bill finally had something worth fighting for because he had a chance to reverse the whole custody thing, but he had to show up for it. Liam said Bill had declared that he'd wanted to spend more time with his family and granddaughter. "Granddaughters...plural," Liam corrected thoughtfully. Liam revealed that he and Hope were having a girl.

Sighing, Liam was frustrated that "this" was the only way he felt comfortable talking to Bill. Liam lamented the good relationship he and Bill had once had. He felt that he should be able to talk to Bill about anything, but Bill had made it very difficult. Liam said he had to put up "this wall" to protect himself, and it was a shame. "Because underneath all of this, deep down, Dad -- just wake up! Come on!" Liam shouted.

In the Forrester design office, Danny announced that there were surprise visitors for Quinn. He ushered in Tyler and Brett, who had gifts for Quinn. The young men wanted to thank her for the jewelry she'd donated to make their silent auction fundraiser at "Bikini" a success. Quinn said they hadn't had to give her gifts. They said they felt it was the least they could do and said people would be enjoying cleaner beaches because of her.

Charlie arrived with a black box of "bling bling" that he rated at security level six. Brett and Tyler took off, and Quinn said Charlie could just put the box on the desk. Charlie preferred to put it in the vault. Quinn noted that he was a cautious guy and said it was why his engagement seemed out of character. Quinn told him that it wasn't too late to reconsider.

With a nervous smile, Charlie replied that Quinn had almost gotten him there. Quinn stated that they'd all heard the tales of crazy aunt Pam, but Quinn and Charlie had actually seen Pam's dark side. Quinn thought Charlie had to ask himself what life would look like with a person like Pam, and Quinn suggested that Charlie really think it over. Charlie asked why he'd do that and why Quinn would suggest it. Quinn said Pam had issues.

Later, Charlie had put away the jewels, and as he prepared to leave, Quinn stopped him. She said she liked him. "No, you don't," Charlie retorted. Quinn replied that "like" was a strong word, but she did worry that he was putting himself in a precarious situation. Charlie replied that he could remember when people had said the same thing to Eric about Quinn.

Quinn recalled the stories of what Pam had done to Donna, from the honey and the bear to the snakes at the office. To Quinn, someone who talked about her sister as if the sister still had control over Quinn's house didn't have a firm grasp on reality. Quinn advised him to think long and hard before going through with a marriage to Pam.

In the CEO's office, Pam wanted Eric to give him a straight answer. Eric assumed it was about the wedding cake. Pam said it was about where they would be having the cake. Eric replied that they'd have it at his house, but Pam quipped that they wouldn't if his wife had anything to say about it.

Pam asked if Eric felt the same way as Quinn and would prefer Charlie and Pam to get married elsewhere. Pam claimed that Eric was her best friend other than Charlie, but she understood if she needed to find another place for the ceremony. Eric replied that he hadn't changed his mind, and he wouldn't let Quinn's reservations interfere with the wedding. Eric and Pam hugged.

In the corridor, Charlie watched a person changing a window display as the person peeled the word "future" off the window. Pam arrived and said he wouldn't believe what Quinn had said to her. Charlie replied that Pam wouldn't believe what Quinn had said to him, either.

Pam called Quinn unbelievable and said it would be a "cold day in hell" before anyone but Eric took Quinn seriously as the Forrester matriarch. In Pam's view, that title would always belong to her sister. Charlie replied that Quinn was aware of Pam's feelings.

Pam started complaining about Quinn, who'd said that having the portrait over the mantel wouldn't bring back Stephanie. Pam stated that Eric knew how important it was to her to have Stephanie watching over them on their wedding day.

Pam said Quinn had suggested that Pam and Charlie get another venue because of their huge guest list. Charlie reasoned that the list was swelling like a soufflé in summer. Pam guessed Quinn had used the same argument on him. Charlie said Quinn had advised him not to marry Pam at all.

Pam began to gasp in disbelief. Charlie told Pam to breathe. He didn't want to upset her or hold things back from her. Pam agreed to breathe. Charlie explained that Quinn had said that Pam was crazy, and he shouldn't marry her. Pam gasped again.

At the Forrester mansion later, Quinn arrived home at Eric's behest. She said they could have talked at the office, but Eric replied that he'd wanted to talk in private. Eric brought up his conversation with Pam and said he'd thought he and Quinn had settled it already. Quinn replied that she'd thought she'd expressed her feelings, but Eric apparently hadn't been listening.

Eric told Quinn that he'd said to drop it. Quinn couldn't do that. She said she'd put up with Pam's disrespect and snide remarks for Eric's sake. Pam and Charlie had been to every family gathering and holiday, and Quinn felt like she'd been a gracious host. She said she wasn't a doormat, and she didn't want Pam replacing her portrait with Stephanie's. Quinn wondered if it was too much to ask her husband to support her on it.

Quinn declared that she was the one and only Mrs. Eric Forrester. Agreeing, Eric stated that he'd be the first person to defend her if someone disrespected her; however, he didn't see what Pam's wedding had to do with it. Quinn replied that it wasn't the wedding. It was the assumption that any relative of his late wife had more claim to the mansion than Quinn did.

Eric conveyed that it wasn't true. Quinn asked if Pam could just go over to Brooke's house and take down pictures or if Pam could rearrange the CEO's office at work. Quinn expressed that the problem was how Pam saw Quinn and what Pam thought of Quinn's standing in Eric's life. Quinn felt that Pam was making it clear that Quinn was replaceable.

Eric began saying he understood that Pam and Quinn had had a hurtful conversation. Cutting him off, Quinn asked if she could decline and if she had a say in what went on there. "Yes, of course you do," Eric replied. Quinn asserted that she was going to say it again: her portrait would not be taken off the wall, and Pam and Charlie were not getting married in Quinn and Eric's living room.

Stephanie is injured when Pam and Quinn fight

Stephanie is injured when Pam and Quinn fight

Thursday, October 25, 2018

At Forrester, Charlie tried to distract Pam by saying they had a caterer's appointment, but Pam was fixated on the fact that Quinn had told Charlie not to marry Pam. "Because you're crazy," Charlie added. Pam screamed, "I'm crazy?"

Pam asked if Charlie believed it. In Charlie's silence, she said his name. Snapping out of it, he said he didn't believe it, and he was crazy about Pam. Pam called Quinn the poster child for crazy and said Quinn needed to worry about her own weird life and stop interfering in Pam's.

Charlie asked Pam to calm down, but grabbing her purse, Pam declared that she wouldn't let Quinn get away with it.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn persisted to demand that Pam and Charlie not get married in Quinn and Eric's living room. Eric replied that it was just one day; however, Quinn felt that it wasn't. Quinn said it was all the days leading up to it, and it was all the years of gloating afterward. Quinn didn't want Pam ordering Quinn around and demanding that Quinn take down her portrait and put up Stephanie's. It was just too weird.

Quinn sensed that Pam got a kick out of knocking Quinn down a peg. Eric didn't know why Quinn let the harmless Pam bother her so much. He said he knew the women didn't always get along. Quinn guessed that she and Pam had hidden it well because, deep down, the women couldn't stand each other.

Quinn insisted that Pam knew what Quinn's portrait meant to Quinn, and because Pam couldn't undo Quinn's marriage to Eric, Pam just had to try to take something else away from Quinn. To Quinn, her portrait represented Eric's love, faith, and forgiveness. It represented the goodness Eric had put in her life, and she didn't want Pam to degrade it.

Quinn respected the fact that Stephanie would always be a part of Eric's life, history, and family; however, in Quinn's opinion, Pam was more interested in getting her way than in paying tribute to Stephanie. Eric got a message and said he had to take care of a Dallas deal.

Gripping Quinn's shoulders, Eric said he heard what she was saying, but he needed her to be patient with Pam. It was a special time in Pam's life, and he didn't want to put a damper on it. Eric left, and Quinn stared at her portrait and huffed.

A short time later, Quinn was sitting on the coffee table, studying her portrait, when Pam walked through the front door. Quinn jumped with a start and said Pam had scared her. Pam retorted that she was "so" scary that Quinn had told Charlie not to marry her.

Quinn replied that she didn't think Pam was ready for marriage. Pam replied that she was older than Quinn. "In years, obviously, but you have the emotional maturity of a seventh-grader at a Justin Bieber concert," Quinn stated. Pam scoffed at Quinn's attempt to lecture Pam on maturity, but Pam guessed that Quinn thought being married to Eric made her all grown up. Quinn emphasized that she was indeed married to Eric, and Pam needed to respect that Quinn was the woman of that house.

Believing that respect was earned, not given, Pam asserted that Quinn had done nothing to earn Pam's respect. Quinn said she felt sorry for Pam at times, but it wouldn't make her keep quiet about Pam. Pam asked Quinn not to ruin it for Pam. Quinn said that Charlie was simple-minded, and she'd wanted to give him a heads-up because he couldn't see Pam for what she really was.

Pam was upset that Quinn had told Pam's fiancé that Pam was crazy. Pam warned that Quinn would find out how crazy Pam could really be. Pam didn't know why Quinn would put those ideas into Charlie's head, and Pam insisted that she was not crazy. Quinn welcomed Pam to prove her wrong.

Though Pam believed it would be the craziest thing she'd done yet, she decided to take Quinn up on the offer in the hopes that Quinn could finally understand. Pam admitted that the wedding stuff wasn't easy for her. She'd tried to put on a happy face, but deep down, she was terrified.

Pam confessed that she had no idea how to be in a real relationship. It had been why she hadn't dated when she'd been younger. She revealed that her father had beaten her sister within earshot of her, and her father had never loved her. She'd never thought she'd been worth anything, and then Charlie had proposed to her.

Pam had been shocked and scared, but she'd decided to go with it. Pam was trying to push beyond her fears and hang-ups, but Quinn was trying to get into Pam's head and mess everything up. Pam couldn't allow Quinn to do it. Pam yelled that she couldn't let Quinn put doubts back into Pam's head. Pam asked if Quinn could understand that.

Quinn was sorry about the things Pam had gone through, but she said it was Pam's mind that she was concerned about. Pam decided to just forget it because Quinn had no idea how to be a Forrester matriarch, and Quinn was nothing like Stephanie. Pam screamed that Quinn wasn't "the" Forrester matriarch and never would be.

Screaming also, Quinn declared that she was the woman of the house and would not have Pam speaking to her that way. Pam argued that she was getting married in that house. Eric had approved it, and it was happening, no matter what Quinn said. Pam said her sister's portrait would be over the fireplace. As Pam stomped away, Quinn asked where Pam was going.

"I am going to get her out of that closet!" Pam replied, jerking open the closet door beneath the stairs. Quinn said to leave "her" in there, but dragging out Stephanie's portrait, Pam said she couldn't believe Quinn had stuffed "her" under the stairs that way. Pam and Quinn began struggling over the portrait. Pam told Quinn to let go of Pam's sister. "Your sister is dead! You let go of her!" Quinn yelled.

As Eric entered the house, Pam yanked the top of the portrait toward herself. The abrupt motion pulled Quinn forward, and Quinn's foot sliced through the bottom of the portrait's canvas. Eric stared in shock, and Pam sobbed that she couldn't believe Quinn had done that.

In Bill's room at the hospital, Liam asked the nurse if Bill would be okay. She replied that they were still waiting for Bill to wake up. After she'd gone, Liam said that they'd just been there. He hadn't wanted to lose Bill then, and he didn't want to lose Bill "now." Liam wondered if Bill could hear him. Liam really wanted to know what had gone on because people didn't just fall off balconies, even with fists flying.

Next, Wyatt spent time alone with Bill. He promised Bill that his sons would be there for him. Bill had always said that family found strength in togetherness. Wyatt vowed to do it for Bill and said Bill had to do it for his kids. Wyatt didn't know where everyone stood or all the details of what had happened, but Wyatt did know Ridge and Thorne were the reason Bill was in there.

Wyatt recalled times that he'd been so mad at Bill that Wyatt couldn't see straight. Bill was a tough guy to love, but Wyatt did love him. Wyatt wanted Bill to pull through and said he hadn't had Bill as his father long enough. Wyatt had thought he'd known the kind of man he was until he'd learned that "the Bill Spencer" was his father.

Wyatt said that Bill was not like the other khaki-wearing fathers who gently encouraged their kids. Being Bill's kid was like being pushed into a bull ring without a helmet or pads. "Ride or die, baby," Wyatt said, chuckling. Bill had taught Wyatt to never quit, and Wyatt was asking the same thing of Bill in that moment. He felt that Bill still had a lot of life left in him. "Just ride or die, baby," Wyatt repeated.

In the lobby, Detective Sanchez proceeded to question Ridge and Thorne about whether they'd been at Bill's house when Bill had fallen. Brooke didn't understand why Sanchez was there for something that was clearly an accident.

Sanchez explained that he'd heard that a prominent member of the community had been taken to the hospital, and he'd wanted to assure himself that everything was on the up and up. "Especially when I heard you were involved," he said to Ridge.

Katie asked if they really needed to do it right then, because they were still waiting to see if Bill would survive. Sanchez offered to take Ridge and Thorne's statements at the police station, but Thorne replied that it wouldn't be necessary.

Sanchez asked to know what had happened at Bill's house. Ridge said Bill had fallen off his balcony. Sanchez asked if Bill had fallen on his own. "No," Ridge replied. Sanchez asked if Ridge had pushed Bill. Katie started to interrupt, but Ridge said he had nothing to hide.

"Yeah, I pushed him," Ridge admitted. Quickly, Thorne added that he and Ridge each had issues with Bill; they'd only wanted to talk, not fight. Sanchez had a hunch that Ridge had wanted to confront Bill about something new Bill had angered Ridge about.

Ridge corrected that he'd never stopped being angry from the last time, and he hated Bill "now more than ever." "But I didn't try to kill him. It was an accident," Ridge claimed. Sanchez asked if Ridge was sure about that. Taking a look at Thorne, Sanchez noted that he obviously hadn't been just talking to Bill, either, and it looked as if Thorne had taken a few hits, too.

"Two against one?" Sanchez questioned. Thorne explained that Bill had thrown the first punch, and Thorne had been trying to stop the fight between Ridge and Bill. Liam asked why the brothers had even gone over there. Ridge said they'd wanted to see Bill face to face, and Ridge asked if that was okay with Liam.

Sanchez asked what they'd talked about and why Ridge was so fired up. Ridge called Bill a jerk. Sanchez remarked that there were lots of jerks, but Ridge couldn't go around throwing them off balconies. Katie reminded Sanchez that it had been an accident. Sanchez surmised that Ridge had a hard time controlling his rage against Bill Spencer.

Ridge stated that he didn't like the guy, but he wouldn't try to end the guy's life. Sanchez said they'd find that out when and if Spencer woke up.

Later, Wyatt exited Bill's room. Thorne, Ridge, Brooke, and Katie were still there with Liam. Wyatt asked where the detective was. Liam replied that Sanchez had gone, and Thorne added that he and Ridge had given Sanchez the truth.

Wyatt asked if that truth was that Ridge and Thorne had jumped Bill like thugs outside a bar and had pushed him off his balcony. Liam told Wyatt that they'd said it had been an accident. Ridge decided to see Bill, but Wyatt didn't think it was a good idea. Ridge stubbornly stomped toward Bill's room, anyway.

In Bill's room, Ridge strode in and looked at Bill. Ridge said they could have been friends. Bill Spencer and Ridge Forrester could have created something together, but Bill didn't play well with others. Ridge said that Bill just took and took without knowing how to give or back off.

Ridge stated that Bill was always rude, calling Ridge a "dressmaker" and "poser." Ridge noted that Bill was vulnerable in bed, tied to all kinds of tubes, and Ridge was being questioned by the police. Ridge didn't like to see anyone in that position, not even Bill. Ridge had many reasons to hate Bill, but Ridge claimed that he didn't want Bill to die.

Thorne sneaks into Bill's hospital room

Thorne sneaks into Bill's hospital room

Friday, October 26, 2018

At the mansion, Pam wailed upon seeing Quinn's foot through the bottom of Stephanie's portrait. Horrified, Eric looked on as the women shrieked and yelled at each other. Quinn tried to pull her foot back through, but Eric yelled for her to stop because she was making it worse. Quinn jerked her foot out anyway, and the husband and wife stared at each other.

Pam sobbed that it was ruined. She decided that she wasn't the one Quinn hated, and she wasn't good enough for Quinn's hate. Pam surmised that it was Stephanie that Quinn despised and didn't want in Quinn's living room. Quinn shouted that it wasn't true.

Propping the portrait against a chair, Eric hopelessly said that it might be repairable, but he didn't know. Pam complained that it wouldn't be the same. Quinn asserted that she'd never ruin the portrait on purpose. Citing that there were many pictures of Stephanie around the house, Quinn suggested that they find one to replace it.

Pam said that when remembering Stephanie, Pam never knew if she had the right face in mind, but that portrait always reminded her of Stephanie's look. Eric said he had little left of Stephanie, and the portrait had been a precious heirloom in the family. He asked how Quinn could do it.

Quinn told Pam that Quinn needed to talk to her husband alone, and Eric and Quinn would see Pam at work that next day. Scoffing, Pam asked if it had become Quinn's house to throw Pam out of whenever Quinn liked. Quinn hardly thought asking to speak to her husband in her own home constituted that. Talking over Quinn, Pam asked Eric if she was no longer family.

"Pam, of course you are!" Eric declared. He admitted to feeling helpless when the two women he cared about most in the world were at each other's throats. He felt that Pam was asking him to choose, and he couldn't. "That means you already did," Pam decided. Eric told her to stop and that he was still in shock over "this."

As everyone looked at the portrait, Quinn said it had been completely unnecessary, too, because she'd stored the portrait in a safe place away from heat, humidity, and dust. Pam complained about it being stuffed in a closet beneath the stairs, and Quinn asked if it should have been in a vault. Pam suggested it go back on the wall, where it belonged.

Quinn accused Pam of dragging the portrait out and trying to replace Quinn's that very day. Quinn believed Pam was trying to erase Quinn. Pam corrected that she was angry because Quinn was trying to erase Pam's future. Pam ordered Quinn to tell Eric what she'd said to Charlie, or Pam would.

Quinn tried to downplay her suggestion to Charlie, but Pam cut in, telling Eric that Quinn had said that Charlie shouldn't marry Pam because Pam was crazy. Quinn said she'd rendered her opinion, not an order. Pam asked if Quinn had done it because she didn't want Charlie and Pam to get married at the mansion or because Quinn didn't want Pam to be happy.

Quinn replied that everyone deserved to be happy, even Pam. Pam asked why Quinn had said it to Charlie then. Quinn answered that she thought Pam was unstable. Quinn described Charlie as a limited person, but she believed he was the same person every single day she saw him at work. Quinn said that no one knew what they'd get from Pam on any given day.

Pam stated that Charlie loved her the way she was. Quinn was sure that he'd probably ignore her advice. Pam asked what stable meant, and if it was to be in a lousy mood each day like Quinn. Eric decided that Quinn was right, and he needed to talk to her alone.

As Pam turned to leave, she decided to say that when people got marriage certificates, they didn't have to be perfect. All they had to be was willing. She admitted that she might not be a brilliant designer or brilliant anything, but she wasn't a charity case, either. She believed she'd done a lot for the family and the business. She accepted that she might be a little crazy, but she asserted that on her craziest day, she wouldn't do to anyone what Quinn was trying to do to her.

After Pam had gone, Quinn refused to apologize for her feelings. Eric noted that the house had once been Pam's, too, because Pam had lived there when she'd first arrived in town. Quinn was well aware of how many people had lived there and called the place home.

Quinn said she hadn't picked out the furniture or decorated the place. Looking at her portrait, she remarked that there was only one thing in the house that represented her and proved that her life was there. Eric asked if Quinn wanted to pick the furniture. In his view, it was a "damn sight easier" to do than to pick out new relatives.

Eric yelled that he had a big life, and Quinn had known it when she'd married him. He'd loved more than one woman and had had children with more than one woman. In his view, it was a tangle of people who shouldn't get along; however, they did, and he was proud of it. He'd wanted Quinn to be part of it, and he'd thought she was.

Quinn stated that Eric had also known who she was when he'd married her. She asked if he'd thought marriage would improve her. She felt that it had, but it wasn't enough for him. Eric said he hadn't seen that side of her in a long time. Quinn replied that it wasn't a side. It was all of her. She asserted that Eric was very familiar with seeing her fight for him, but she hadn't forgotten how to fight for herself.

In Bill's room, Ridge was still talking to Bill. Ridge was used to men being fascinated by his wife, but he didn't think it was about Brooke. Ridge believed that Bill was obsessed with him. Ridge noted that Bill had gone after Forrester, Ridge's daughter, and Ridge's wife. Ridge suggested that Bill wake up because professionals like them didn't like unfinished business.

Ridge reasoned that Bill should just wake up because everyone was on his side, and everyone knew that Ridge had pushed Bill. He mentioned that Sanchez was back in town, and he'd also told Sanchez the truth about what had gone on.

Ridge expressed that he hated Bill, but he didn't like to see Bill that way. Ridge knew Bill could hear him and joked that Bill could probably hear Ridge in his sleep. Ridge asked Bill to get up out of the bed and teach Ridge a lesson.

Dr. Chester arrived and said Ridge shouldn't be in there. Ridge strode to the door.

In the corridor, Wyatt was upset that Ridge was in Bill's hospital room. Thorne asked if Wyatt thought Ridge was in there, choking the life out of Bill. Liam stated that no one thought such a thing, but Ridge had already admitted being the reason that Bill was there in the first place.

Thorne replied that Bill had thrown the first punch. Liam reasoned that it didn't take much with two captains of industry with no self-control. Katie stated that no one was getting murdered that day. Wyatt asked what would happen if his father didn't wake up.

Katie asked how it had even happened in the first place. Thorne again said that Bill had thrown the first punch. "So what?" Katie shot back. Citing that Thorne and Ridge were grown men, she wanted to know why there had to be a second, third, or even tenth punch.

Thorne replied that they'd gone over there to have a conversation. Katie wondered how the men had thought it would go if they showed up on their adversary's doorstep, and she asked what they'd thought they'd talk about. "Brooke?" Katie asked. Brooke said to leave her out of it. "If only Bill would," Katie sniped. Katie asked what they'd tell Will if Bill didn't wake up.

In Bill's room at some point later, Thorne had slipped in. Alone with Bill, Thorne noted that security at the hospital was lax. Thorne didn't know why he was in there, but he guessed he should say he was sorry about everything. Thorne figured Bill knew Thorne didn't like Bill, and Thorne said it had nothing to do with their past. It was about Will.

Thorne had tried to step up to the plate for Will, but Thorne knew that what Bill had kept gracelessly reminding Thorne was true -- Bill was Will's father. Thorne asked Bill to start acting like it, and Thorne promised to try to get along with Bill for Will's sake. Thorne said Will needed his father. "That's it. That's all I got for you," Thorne concluded.

Back in the corridor, Wyatt and Liam stopped Dr. Chester, who was walking by, to ask if Bill had awakened. Bill hadn't. Noting that Bill was on oxygen, Liam asked if Bill was having trouble breathing. Dr. Chester said there were using it because the scarring from the gunshot wound was possibly lowering Bill's oxygen levels.

Brooke asked about brain bleeding. The doctor said there was none, and Bill's glucose levels indicated brain activity. Katie asked if Bill was dreaming, and Ridge wondered if Bill could hear them. Dr. Chester replied that they wouldn't know until Bill awakened. Katie asked if Dr. Chester had found her husband, who'd gone off looking for the doctor. Dr. Chester had not seen Thorne, and Ridge wondered where Thorne had gone.

The doctor additionally explained that radiology had said that Bill's condition wasn't worsening. Dr. Chester asked who Bill's next of kin was in case Chester needed approval to do additional testing. Liam volunteered to authorize treatments.

The doctor announced that he was going back into Bill's room, and Brooke asked if she could accompany him. "Logan," Ridge uttered. Brooke told Ridge that she just needed to see Bill. Brooke went with the doctor, and Ridge stared off in frustration.

After a while, Ridge hopped up from his seat, determined to get Brooke out of Bill's room. Liam asked Ridge to be realistic about it because it might be the last time they all saw Bill. Liam said that they'd all gotten their time with Bill, and Ridge needed to just "let her."

In Bill's room, the doctor checked Bill's eyes. A nurse dropped a steel tray, and Brooke noticed some spiking on Bill's vitals monitor. Dr. Chester believed that Bill had heard it. He called to Bill, but Bill didn't stir. Brooke wanted to be alone with Bill, who knew her and her voice. She figured Bill had to be disconcerted about his location and the noise.

The doctor and nurse left, and Brooke sat beside Bill. She let him know that she was there by his side, if it had been what he'd aimed for, and she wanted him to wake up and tell her that he was okay.

Brooke told Bill that everyone was worried about him, even Ridge. She knew that Bill could hear her. She said that he was in a faraway place, but he needed to return. She asked him to return and find her there. She said it was even better if he found her in Aspen and asked if he remember the hot air balloon.

Flashes of Bill and Brooke in cities around the world played, and she asked if he remembered Monaco, Abu Dhabi, or finding her in Sydney. She needed him to find her again, right there by his side. Taking his hand, she implored him to open his eyes.

Bill's eyes fluttered open. Brooke gasped, grinning. She said he was back, and he'd found her.

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