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Hope refused to allow her daughter to grow up with Kelly as long as Taylor was around, and Steffy pondered adopting a sister for Kelly. Reese continued to put the moves on Taylor. Maya revealed that she and Rick were headed for divorce.
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Maya returned to Los Angeles with news that she and Rick were ending their marriage
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Hope tells Liam to choose her or Steffy

Hope tells Liam to choose her or Steffy

Monday, December 17, 2018

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Sally lingered in bed. Sally said she was in the mood for more. Wyatt's interest was piqued. She figured he could use the practice. She hadn't realized how bad he was at it. Confused, he asked if they were talking about the same thing. "Yoga?" she replied.

Wyatt claimed that he'd enjoyed yoga, but there were more fascinating poses they could do without having to leave the bed. His ideas involved meditation and stretching. He said it was pretty spiritual stuff. Sally quipped that his cuteness balanced out his corniness.

Wyatt said he hadn't expected anything in return when he'd said the "L" word, and Sally hadn't had to say it back if she wasn't ready. Sally asked if she seemed to be the type to do or say things she wasn't ready for. She stated that she'd say it again. He replied that he would, too.

For Wyatt, it was an overwhelming, never-been-happier, see-his-entire-future kind of feeling. "I love you, too, Wyatt," Sally uttered. Wyatt liked being able to say the words, and he wanted to make it a daily part of their lives. He wanted to make sure that he showed it, too.

Sally said that Wyatt did show it. He stated that if there was a day that he didn't show his support or appreciation, he wanted her to call him on it. "Only if you do the same," she replied.

Later, Wyatt and Sally cuddled in bed. He asked if she wanted him there when she pitched the activewear line. Sally said he would be, even if he wasn't, because she carried his faith and belief in her wherever she went. She guessed it sounded weird, but he replied that it was as it should be. The two kissed.

At Spencer, Bill was ordering courtside basketball tickets for himself and Will when Brooke arrived. Bill joked that she should ditch the dressmaker and join Bill and his son, but the fired-up Brooke was in no mood for sports or jokes. She asserted that they needed to talk about Taylor.

Brooke was adamant that Taylor was dangerous. Brooke believed Bill could defend himself, but his granddaughters were vulnerable. She asked if it was wise for Liam's girls to be around someone so unstable. Bill replied that Steffy had promised that Taylor was getting help.

Brooke didn't fault Steffy for defending her mother, but in Brooke's view, it should be obvious to anyone that Taylor shouldn't be alone with an infant. Bill reasoned that Taylor wasn't a constant presence, and Steffy could supervise when Taylor was in town.

Brooke said it was funny that he should say that, because Brooke had just found Taylor alone with Kelly at the cliff house. Taylor had had exciting news for Brooke. "News?" Bill replied. Brooke announced that Steffy had asked Taylor to move in, and the woman who'd shot Bill was living with his granddaughter.

Bill found the news concerning, but he guessed that Steffy was comfortable with it. Brooke asked if he was. He reasoned that Taylor had shot him in defense of her daughter, and her fighting spirit was there for her granddaughter, too. Bill suggested that they keep a watchful eye on Taylor, but he didn't believe that she would hurt her own flesh and blood.

Brooke said Taylor wouldn't do it on purpose, but he should ask Thorne what Taylor was capable of doing by accident. Brooke insisted that it was serious, and he had to protect his granddaughters. Bill understood Brooke's concerns, but he felt that it was up to Kelly's parents.

Brooke said Bill could step in, but he replied that he'd already talked to Liam and Steffy. Brooke stated that it was because of Bill's kindness that Taylor wasn't in jail and was free to live with Kelly. Brooke felt that Bill had the power to ensure Kelly's safety.

Bill asked what Brooke was asking him to do and if she wanted him to call the police. "That's what you want me to do, isn't it? You want to see Taylor behind bars," Bill concluded.

At Forrester, Hope didn't think Liam could possibly be okay with Steffy moving Taylor in without his permission or with letting Taylor watch Kelly without supervision. "Seriously, Hope!" Steffy yelled. Steffy said Taylor had raised three children with no supervision required.

Hope replied that it had been before Taylor had shot someone. Steffy persisted in believing her mother wasn't a threat and would never harm either of their daughters. Hope thought Steffy was defensive and trying to sweep something very serious under the rug. Steffy reasoned that Hope would feel the same way if Brooke was the one in question.

Steffy didn't like the conflict and wanted them all to get along. Hope agreed with Steffy about getting along, but to Hope, getting along didn't mean keeping quiet about safety issues. Hope decided that she couldn't do anything if Liam and Steffy wanted Taylor to be alone with Kelly. "But I'm telling you right now -- she isn't getting anywhere near my daughter," Hope declared.

Liam acknowledged that tensions were high, but they all wanted the best for the children. He figured that they had different ideas about what it looked like. Steffy asked how exiling her mother could be best for Kelly. Hope claimed that no one was talking about exile, but Steffy cited that Hope had just said she didn't want her child anywhere near Steffy's mother.

Steffy asked how much Hope needed to take from Steffy before Hope was satisfied. "What?" Hope replied. Steffy claimed that she'd lost her marriage to Hope, and Kelly had lost full-time access to her father. "And now you're trying to take my mother away? It's enough," Steffy said.

Hope clarified that the situation had nothing to do with taking things from Steffy, and it really had nothing to do with Hope and Steffy's relationship at all. For Hope, it was about protecting the children and providing the most stable family life possible. Steffy asked if threatening her mother was Hope's idea of security. Steffy stated that she'd wanted their daughters to be close.

Hope believed that their daughters still could be close, depending upon what Liam and Steffy did about Taylor. Hope couldn't envision their happily blended family with Taylor in it. Hope didn't enjoy having to say what she was saying, but she insisted that their daughters couldn't be as close as Steffy and Phoebe had been as long as Taylor was part of their lives.

Unable to believe what Hope was doing, Steffy wondered if Hope had been lying the whole time about wanting their daughters to be close. Hope said it wasn't true, and Steffy asked why Hope would use the issue to separate the girls. Hope shook her head in disbelief.

Steffy asked for Liam's opinion about the terrible things Hope was saying. Liam replied that it wasn't terrible to worry about one's daughter. He understood why Hope was freaked out. He was, too, and said that Steffy couldn't tell him that, if it was anyone else, she wouldn't be freaked out about the person being alone with Kelly.

Steffy yelled that it wasn't just anyone else. It was her mother. Liam said that was why he kept going back and forth on it. He didn't know the perfect solution, but he felt they had to find a way to unite and look past it. "Look past?" Hope repeated.

To Hope, it was like Liam was willing to forget what Taylor had done. "Not forget. Not forget. But we have to find a compromise here," Liam replied. Hope didn't know what kind of compromise there could be when it was about the safety of their children. Hope said that Steffy and Liam might be able to look the other way, but Hope wouldn't.

Liam reassured his wife that the safety of the children was the biggest priority, and the children's well-being was a part of any decision they made. "Yeah, like choosing not to have an attempted murderer play a prominent role in their lives," Hope quipped.

Steffy accused Hope of not listening to reason. Hope said she was scared, and Steffy should be, too. Liam asked if fear was causing Hope to lose perspective. "Liam," Hope said in a warning tone. He asked if Brooke and Hope could be feeding off each other's fears.

For Liam, it boiled down to whether Taylor would harm her flesh and blood, and he didn't believe she would. Recalling that it was about Taylor getting the help she needed, Liam theorized that the best thing for everyone might be to support Taylor instead of kicking her to the curb, which could trigger her again. "So, you're allowing this?" Hope gleaned.

Liam wanted Hope to consider allowing it, too. He knew that when it was about their daughter, he couldn't force her. He thought they could arrange it so that Taylor was never alone with Hope's daughter. Hope looked away. Liam said they'd been talking about being one family, but they should actually mean it. Hope concluded that "one family" might have been too idealistic.

Hope refused to take chances with her daughter's life. Liam began to speak, but Hope cut him off. She was fine with everyone thinking she was too cautious and overprotective because it was her job to be those things. Hope knew she couldn't protect the baby from the dangers of the world for much longer, but she declared that she could protect the baby from "this."

It made Hope sad that the girls couldn't be close because Taylor was around. Steffy claimed that Hope would never take her baby's sister away if Hope had been through what Steffy had by losing a twin. Steffy said most people would be appalled by Hope's pregnancy, and Steffy had been until she'd realized that Kelly would have her own Phoebe. Steffy implored Hope not to take that from Kelly.

Hope didn't want to do it, but it was what felt right. Liam asked if finding common ground didn't feel right. He believed Hope knew it was possible. He claimed to love and respect Hope and Steffy, and he believed that if anyone could pull it off, they could. Hope said she understood that what he'd said was supposed to be a compliment, "but I am your wife, not her."

Liam began stammering that it wasn't what he'd meant. Hope declared that he was married to her, and they had a child on the way. She vowed to protect the baby. In Hope's view, it meant not having Taylor in the baby's life. Hope said the truth was that Taylor should be in prison. Hope did not think it was unreasonable to ask that Taylor not be a part of the life of Hope's baby.

Liam glanced at Steffy, who stared back at him with her lips pursed. Hope said they obviously thought it was. "Right? Is that what that look was?" Hope asked. Liam glanced around as if confused, but Hope said she'd noticed. She always noticed. Steffy conveyed that Liam was merely trying to get through to Hope. Hope replied that Steffy was hoping for so much more.

Hope asked Liam if they'd made a huge mistake. Liam asked what that meant. Hope reasoned that many extraordinary circumstances had led to them getting married and Steffy raising her child on her own. Hope said it might have been hasty, and she didn't want to live with any doubts. She didn't want Liam to, either. Liam told her to stop and asked what she meant.

Hope said she'd always admired Steffy's strength, but Hope was just as strong. Hope believed she could raise a child on her own, too. "What?" Liam asked. Hope asserted that Steffy's mom had shot his dad, and Hope was just asking him to keep that stress away from their children.

"And still, you side with her!" Hope yelled. "And seeing that connection you two share, still to this day, even though we're married now, and I'm the one that is carrying your child. Yes, it makes me wonder." Hope said that she'd give Liam one opportunity. If he had any regrets or wanted to go back in time, he needed to say it.

Hope stated that they kept talking about being one blended family, but the truth was that he had two. "So, if you want to be with Steffy and Kelly, now is your chance. You will be raising your child with one of us, so who do you want to share your life with? Steffy or me?" Hope asked.

Hope stands her ground about Taylor

Hope stands her ground about Taylor

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

In the studio, Emma excitedly told Xander about the spread in Eye on Fashion that Wyatt had gotten for the Intimates models and designers. Zoe approached, and Xander told her about the upcoming spread. Emma was very happy for Xander. "But not for me? I mean, you do know, don't you? That Xander and I are seeing each other again?" Zoe asked.

Zoe said that Emma could let her have it for not respecting Emma's relationship. Emma affirmed that Zoe hadn't respected it because Zoe had just wanted Xander for herself. Xander asked the ladies to play nice. Emma replied that she was, and playing nice was her problem. Zoe was sure Emma wanted to scratch Zoe's eyes out.

Emma admitted that she would have liked to at times, but she'd been over her head emotionally. "That was then. This is now," Emma dismissively said. Emma was in a good place in her life. She loved working at Forrester, and her dancing was going well. She said that one day, when she was ready, she'd find a guy as awesome as Xander. Emma just hoped Zoe would appreciate Xander the way he deserved to be appreciated.

Later, Zoe was alone. Xander walked in, wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. He said they were Sally's latest. Zoe told him that he was rocking them. Embarrassed, he said he was still new to the modeling thing. Zoe reassured him that he was a good model.

Xander replied that it was because of Zoe, who'd really been there for him. Zoe said she always would be. She was glad Xander was back in her life, especially with her father in town. It was a lot easier to deal with Reese when Xander was by her side.

Zoe said her father was a good guy. Reese hadn't always been in her life much, but when he was, he treated her like a princess. Her problem with Reese was that he took unnecessary risks. She didn't want Reese to jeopardize everything she'd built for herself. Xander understood. He said he had her back, and she wasn't alone.

At Spencer, Bill assumed that Brooke wanted him to call Detective Sanchez about the shooting, but he said that it would result in Taylor being arrested that day. Bill asked if he was sure Brooke wanted to go that far. Brooke replied that she didn't want Bill to go that far. She said that Taylor was still Steffy and Thomas' mother. Bill added that Ridge also cared for Taylor.

Due to Taylor's emotional and psychological states, Brooke didn't know how Taylor would survive in jail. Bill figured that Brooke wanted him to get directly involved in the situation with Taylor. Brooke said he had to get through to Steffy and Liam before it was too late.

Bill was touched that Brooke was concerned for Kelly when it would be easy for Brooke to resent the child instead. Brooke said the baby was innocent, and she wanted it to stay that way. He guessed the way to do it was to keep the baby from Taylor.

Brooke insisted that it didn't have anything to do with her and Taylor's history. Brooke believed that Taylor was a time bomb, and Steffy was creating a potentially dangerous situation for Kelly.

As Brooke prepared to go, she spotted some construction plans on Bill's desk and asked if he was building a new tower. Bill explained that it was the same property, but there would be no tower. He had decided that, instead of building a monument to himself, he'd put the land to charitable use. Brooke gave him the side eye, and he said he was a different man. He was making real changes to himself and his family because of her.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Hope noted that Liam had said he loved her, and he loved Steffy. Hope asked what that meant. "Seriously?" Liam replied. Hope asked if Liam had any regrets. If he did, she wanted him to say it right then. She asked if he wanted to be with Steffy and Kelly.

Liam didn't even know why Hope was asking him such a thing. He said they were married and expecting their first child. Hope stated that he wanted them to be one big family, and she'd been in agreement about it until Taylor had returned and moved in with Steffy. Hope felt that she had every reason to be concerned about Taylor, and Hope could not buy into the idea of a big, happy family as long as Taylor was in the picture.

Once again, Hope asked Liam if he wanted a life with Steffy and Kelly. Steffy's eyes bulged as she listened. Hope told Liam that if he did, he needed to say so. Liam responded that Hope's heart was always in the right place, and he loved the way she cared deeply and passionately. He was "totally, totally" committed to their family. "But -- " Liam stated, gesturing to Steffy.

Liam affirmed that he was also committed to Kelly. He said he and Steffy would always have a bond as parents. Hope conveyed that she never wanted to interfere with that, but "this" was different. She needed him to see what she saw, which was the threat Taylor posed to the well-being of the children. It concerned Hope that Taylor had begun a fight to stay sober.

Hope said she prayed to God that Taylor wouldn't snap again. Crying, Hope stated that she couldn't stress enough how important it was that she did everything she could to protect their daughter. Liam claimed it was important to him, too, but disagreed with Hope and insisted that it didn't mean he was secretly longing to be with his other family.

Hope refused to minimize the threat Taylor posed to their children. Hope understood that Steffy wanted to defend her mother, but Hope asserted that she'd defend their daughters first and foremost. Shrugging, Hope told him that she was sorry, but if Taylor was in the picture, they couldn't be one big, happy family.

Hope exited the room. Steffy told Liam that he didn't have to say anything because she understood -- more than he knew.

At the cliff house later, Liam and Steffy relieved the nanny. As Liam told Kelly joked, Steffy cooed that Kelly was already Daddy's little girl.

Liam put Kelly down in the bedroom and offered to help Steffy fold blankets. Steffy said she had it, and he replied that she had the whole parenting thing down pat. She claimed not to know about all that. Liam said she was an excellent mother, and she was doing it alone. She replied that she had Amelia, and Liam was just a phone call away.

Steffy remarked that Kelly lit up when she saw Liam. Liam was worried that Kelly lit up like that because she hadn't seen him in a while. Steffy had wanted the two families to get along and for Kelly and her sister to grow up as Steffy and Phoebe had. Steffy thought Hope was depriving the girls of something special. Liam said not to give up on it because it could still happen.

Steffy noted that Liam had been shocked when Hope had asked if he'd rather be with Steffy and Kelly. In Steffy's view, there had been a moment when the picture of her and Liam on the wall had seemed as if it could be more than just a photo. She didn't want him to feel bad about it. She was proud of her decision to put herself and Kelly first.

Liam wanted Steffy to know that he'd still spend as much time as he could with Kelly after his next daughter was born. He didn't want to miss Kelly's milestones. Giggling, Steffy said one milestone would be Kelly's first words. Steffy and Liam guessed that they'd be "cha-cha-cha."

Crying, Steffy said she wanted Kelly to always see her parents "like this," happy and smiling. Liam wanted it, too. He promised that Steffy's wish for Kelly would come true.

At the cabin on Brooke's estate, Brooke had just informed Hope about Brooke's visit with Bill. Hope didn't seem thrilled that Bill would get involved, but Brooke felt that Kelly needed his protection if Steffy continued to deny the truth about her mother. Hope revealed that it had gotten worse because Liam was siding with Steffy about Taylor.

Brooke was outraged that Liam had no problem with his father's attempted murderer living in the same house with his daughter. Hope said Liam felt they could get beyond the concerns and live as some big, happy family. Hope revealed that she'd also had to ask Liam if his family with her and future with her was what he really wanted.

Brooke assumed that Liam had reassured Hope of his love for her. Nodding, Hope said he had, and she wished she hadn't had to ask the question. Hope wanted a shared future for the children, but not if it included Taylor. Hope was adamant that she had to do what was best for her child. She just hated that it was putting her and Liam at odds.

Reese comes to Taylor's defense

Reese comes to Taylor's defense

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

by Pam

At Steffy's house, Steffy finished decorating her Christmas tree, and Taylor asked where to hang the mistletoe. Steffy suggested over the doorway, but she added that there wouldn't be any kissing going on in the house. Taylor flashed back to kissing Reese. "You never know," Taylor said.

Steffy noted that Hope wouldn't be accompanying Liam to holiday events at her house. Taylor replied that Liam surely wouldn't want to miss his daughter's first Christmas. Steffy agreed but said that Hope wouldn't be with him. "What happened to your big, happy family?" Taylor asked. Steffy looked away, and Taylor realized that Hope wouldn't be there because of her.

Taylor said she would move out. She added that Los Angeles had once been her home, but it was time to leave. It would always be "the scene of the crime." Steffy shook her head. Taylor sighed. "That's enough. You're not leaving," Steffy said.

Taylor agreed that parents made sacrifices for their children, and she knew how important it was to Steffy that Kelly would be close to Hope's baby. Taylor recalled how close Steffy and Phoebe had been. Steffy agreed, but she wouldn't allow her mother to move out. She offered to adopt a daughter someday in order for Kelly to have a sister and keep Taylor in her life. Taylor was shocked.

Steffy explained that Hope had taken away her family, and she wouldn't allow Hope to take away her mother. "I don't want you to leave," Steffy said. Taylor agreed, and they tearfully embraced. Taylor said she had to run an errand, and Steffy sighed.

At Forrester, Hope, Brooke, and Liam discussed the situation with Taylor. Hope suggested that she might be willing to spend time with Taylor if Taylor completed a course of anger management classes.

Liam refused to suggest any more therapy to Taylor because she was already in intensive therapy several times a week. Brooke said Taylor would "fake her way through it," anyway, because, as a psychiatrist, she knew what counseling was like.

Hope and Brooke agreed that Taylor had a lot of issues and had been hysterical every time she'd been in a room with Hope or Brooke.

Liam was angry and said he refused to miss his daughter's first Christmas. He added that other than shooting Bill, Taylor had had a "pretty blameless life." Brooke reminded him that vehicular manslaughter seemed to have slipped his mind.

Discussion turned to Brooke's visit with Bill, and Liam was surprised. Brooke and Hope agreed that Taylor didn't belong behind bars, but Liam needed to resolve his "rift with Hope" about spending time with his daughter and Taylor. Brooke offered her opinion, but Liam noted that Brooke was a little too involved in his marriage.

Hope said she didn't want to spend time with Taylor and worried that Taylor always had issues with Brooke. Liam countered that Ridge had pushed Bill off a balcony "with both hands and considerable force," but no one was concerned about spending time with Ridge or leaving babies alone with Ridge. Brooke argued that it had been an accident. Liam disagreed. Brooke insisted that Hope was right to worry about Taylor. Hope said they were "talking in circles," and she wanted to do something about it. She left.

Hope arrived at Steffy's and said she didn't want to argue with Steffy, and Steffy agreed. Hope was nervous, and Steffy said that her mother had gone out. Hope suggested that Taylor could live nearby rather than with Steffy, but Steffy said Taylor needed her family close to her. Hope said the situation had been hard on Liam. Hope wanted to agree to put their daughters first and find a way to work it out.

In another part of Forrester, Zoe and Tiffany were at work, and Reese showed up. Tiffany greeted him as Dr. Buckingham, and Reese suggested she call him Reese. Zoe interrupted that he should be at the hospital, and he said that he had wanted to see his daughter. He asked if Tiffany was like that with her parents. Tiffany laughed and left.

Zoe complained that Reese had been pursuing her boss's mother. Reese wondered if Hope's mother worked there. He said Taylor had mentioned Brooke Logan.

Zoe said he didn't need to worry about any of the Forresters. Reese had to take a call and was arguing with someone on the phone over a transfer of funds and a vehicle. Then he had issues with cell service. Zoe noted that she'd never had trouble with cell service and observed that her father was probably overextended again.

Reese changed the subject to Taylor again, and Zoe begged him not to embarrass her and to stop the fascination with her boss's mother. Reese reminded Zoe that she had chased Xander 5,000 miles to Los Angeles. Reese said he and Taylor had kissed, and Zoe didn't want to hear any more. Zoe seemed disgusted.

In another office, Brooke was alone, and Taylor entered. Taylor worried that Brooke had started a smear campaign to get her to leave Los Angeles. She added that Brooke was clearly trying to keep Liam away from Steffy. The argument escalated, and Taylor said that Hope had won Liam and didn't need to prevent him from seeing his daughter. Brooke told Taylor to stay away from Hope and Kelly. Brooke refused to allow Taylor to ever be near Hope's daughter once she was born.

Reese walked down the hallway and overheard the women shouting. He entered the office. "How dare you talk to Dr. Hayes that way?" he said to Brooke. Taylor and Brooke looked shocked.

Maya returns with heartbreaking news

Maya returns with heartbreaking news

Thursday, December 20, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy said Hope sounded just like Brooke, and things had to be their way or no way. Hope offered to find a compromise, but Steffy wasn't interested in banning her mother from the family. Hope claimed that she'd never suggested such a thing.

Steffy cited the fact that Hope had told Taylor to leave town. Hope countered that Steffy had invited Taylor to move in without asking anyone about it first. Steffy said Hope was the one putting up barriers, not Steffy. Hope insisted that she and her mother had every reason to be concerned about Taylor, and Steffy wouldn't change Hope's mind about it.

Later, Steffy returned from checking on her baby and noticed Hope eyeing the portrait on the wall. Steffy asked if it bothered Hope that it was there. Hope claimed that it didn't bother her; however, it was a little weird to her that it was blown up and hanging there like that.

Steffy asked why it was weird. She noted that she and Liam shared a daughter and had been together for a long time. Hope pointed out that they weren't together anymore, and she asked if seeing the picture every day made things harder for Steffy.

Steffy said the portrait was significant to her. Though Hope validated Steffy and Liam's special bond, Hope questioned what kind of message the portrait sent. To Steffy, the message was that she and Liam loved each other and had created a child out of that love.

Steffy expected her daughter to see her parents on the wall, happy, smiling, and loving each other. Steffy said it was her goal for her daughter to always see her and Liam that way. It was also Steffy's goal that everyone be one happy, loving family. Hope claimed to want it, too, but only on one condition.

Hope began talking about the holiday at Eric's house and how much she wanted everyone to be together -- everyone except Taylor. Steffy immediately said Hope couldn't just go around making demands like that, but Hope asked if Taylor's presence at the holiday gathering was even appropriate. Hope cited the cake fight at her wedding as evidence of inappropriateness, but Steffy said that had been just as much Brooke's fault as it had been Taylor's.

Hope asked whose fault the incident with Bill had been. In Steffy's silence, Hope insisted that Taylor was unstable and shouldn't be around a lot of people. "Isn't that the holiday spirit?" Steffy asked. Hope wished it didn't have to be that way, but in Hope's view, Taylor couldn't be with the family over Christmas.

In the Forrester studio, Xander and Zoe were discussing Reese's flirtation with Taylor when Maya arrived. Xander welcomed his cousin back. He guessed Rick was home, too, but Maya said that Rick was still in Europe. Maya had heard that Zoe was modeling for Forrester and assumed it meant that Zoe and Xander were back together.

In Zoe and Xander's silence, Maya recalled that Xander had moved to town to get away from Zoe. Xander said that he and Zoe had put their problems behind them. Maya asked if he'd put Emma behind him, too. He clarified that Emma had broken off their relationship after realizing that they were in different places in their lives.

Maya was sorry to hear it, but she respected Emma for making a mature decision. Placing her hand on Xander's arm, Zoe replied, "We do, too." Maya guessed that answered her first question about Zoe and Xander being back together.

Xander said that a lot had changed since Maya had been gone. Maya had heard about some of the changes, and she congratulated him on becoming a model. He replied that he'd learned from the best. Maya had also heard that Xander and Zoe would be featured in the Intimates line, and Maya hoped their relationship wouldn't get in the way.

Xander assured Maya that he and Zoe were professionals. Zoe added that they were taking care not to let personal issues get in the way of work. Maya hoped Zoe always remembered what a great guy she had in Xander.

After Maya had gone, Zoe noted that Xander's cousin kept a watchful eye over him. She didn't think Maya liked her very much. He told Zoe that she'd more than made up for the past; no one was thinking of it, and even Emma had moved on. In his mind, Zoe had proven herself at Forrester, and he believed in her. He was sure Maya would soon see what he saw in Zoe.

Later, Xander told Zoe that Quinn and Eric had invited them to the mansion for Christmas. He was excited about their first American Christmas. Zoe said they'd be together like old times, but she couldn't help her persistent worry about her father.

In the CEO's office, Reese told Brooke that there had to be a better way for her to address Dr. Hayes. "Excuse me?" Brooke replied. He said he'd heard Brooke disrespecting Taylor. Scoffing, Brooke asked who he was. Reese replied that he was Dr. Buckingham, and even if the women had old grievances between them, he couldn't let Brooke speak to Taylor that way.

Reese's last name sounded familiar to Brooke, and she wondered why. Reese gave her his first name and said he was Zoe's father. Brooke shook his hand but told him that her private conversation with Taylor was none of his business.

Reese decided to make it his business because Dr. Hayes didn't deserve to be treated that way by anyone, especially Brooke. He called Taylor a kind and principled woman. Brooke quipped that he didn't know Taylor very well.

Brooke asked how Reese knew Taylor, and he revealed that he'd met her years back at a medical conference. He claimed that they'd become friends when he'd relocated to Los Angeles. Taylor said that she and Reese had become good friends. Taylor appreciated him standing up for her, but she assured him that she could do it herself, as she'd done for years.

Reese told Brooke that he didn't know the whole story, but he did know that Brooke was trying to drive a wedge between Taylor and her granddaughter. Brooke asked if Taylor had told him why it was so. He didn't think Taylor needed to and said there was no excuse to treat someone like that. Brooke stated that if Reese knew the backstory, he'd know that she was only looking out for the child's best interest.

Reese asked how Brooke could say that keeping the child from her grandmother was in the child's best interest. Brooke asked Taylor if she wanted to explain it to him. Reese revealed what he knew about it, which was that Steffy was alone while Brooke's daughter was with Kelly's father. Brooke said her daughter was having a baby with Liam. Reese stated that it only further complicated matters. Reese added that Brooke was married to Taylor's ex.

"Do you see what I'm getting at here?" Reese asked. Brooke stated that Taylor had given him some bullet points about their past, but he was missing a lot of information. Reese decided that he saw a pattern of behavior with Brooke and Hope. "I beg your pardon?" Brooke asked. Reese said he couldn't begin to understand Brooke and Taylor's complex history, but he was compelled to defend Taylor and help her in any way that he could.

Later, Brooke was alone, working, when Maya entered. Brooke was happy to see Maya and asked where her Lizzy was. Maya had left Lizzy with the babysitter. Brooke asked where Rick was, and Maya said he was still in Europe. Disappointed, Brooke offered to call Rick to try to get him to return home for Christmas. Maya looked sad, and Brooke asked what was wrong.

Maya was dismissive about it, but Brooke insisted that she could tell something was wrong. She asked why Rick hadn't returned home with Maya. Maya replied that there was no easy way to put it. "Rick and I are over," Maya revealed.

Scoffing, Brooke asked what had happened and if the couple had fought. She assumed that Maya and Rick were on a break, but Maya stated that she and Rick were getting a divorce.

At Il Giardino, Taylor and Reese looked over the menu. Taylor said it had been a good idea to get lunch together after the morning she'd had. She stated that he could have wine if he wanted it, but Reese chose to have iced tea in solidarity with her.

Taylor claimed that her life wasn't always so dramatic. Reese understood her need to defend her family, and he could tell that the rift with Brooke had caused Taylor a lot of pain. He said Brooke didn't deserve to have that kind of power over Taylor. Picking up the bread basket, Reese decided "to hell" with Brooke and "to hell" with carbs on that beautiful day.

Taylor thanked Reese for defending her. He said he'd done what any man would and should do. It was a new concept for Taylor. She claimed that her ex-husband Ridge hadn't been the greatest at standing up for her and her children. She claimed Ridge had forgotten what mattered. Ridge had allowed Brooke to tear their family apart, and then he'd married her.

Reese stated that he and Ridge were very different people. Reese couldn't imagine how anyone would let Taylor go, and he called Ridge a fool for walking away. Reese told Taylor that he wasn't going anywhere. He was there to uphold her in any way that he could.

Reese understood that Taylor didn't have financial problems, but in other ways, she was struggling. He sensed she'd been isolated for a few years, but he stated that, with him around, it didn't have to be that way. Even though she could do things on her own, he let her know that she didn't have to. She could talk to him, and he'd be there for anything she needed. Reese asked Taylor to give him her hand. She extended it, and he kissed it.

Maya reveals more about the breakup

Maya reveals more about the breakup

Friday, December 21, 2018

At the cliff house, Hope and Steffy continued to debate whether Taylor should be at Eric's Christmas party. Hope did not want Taylor at the event. Steffy thought Hope had some nerve to try to ban Steffy's mother from a party thrown by Steffy's grandfather.

Just then, "Daddy Santa" waltzed through the front door with another gift for Kelly. Liam saw Hope and said he hadn't known she'd be there. Steffy announced that Hope was there to say she didn't want Taylor at Eric's house for Christmas.

To Steffy, it seemed that Taylor was supposed to be banished from the family, even though Taylor had been in the family before any of them had been born. Liam asked if Hope was being extreme. Hope denied that she was -- not when she considered what Taylor was capable of. Hope wanted everyone together for Kelly's first Christmas, but not if Taylor was there, too.

Liam understood Hope's position and reminded Hope that he'd shared it at one point. He'd since decided that the shooting didn't mean Taylor was a danger to children. Hope didn't think anyone could know what Taylor would do if she got pushed or started drinking again. Steffy said none of that was actually happening; Taylor was doing well and not drinking.

Hope, who'd been around a worked-up Taylor, did not trust that Taylor could control her emotions. Liam didn't want to jeopardize his daughters' futures together over it, but Hope insisted that her daughter not be exposed to Taylor.

Steffy said it was out of her hands what Hope decided to do, but Steffy's daughter would grow up with a sister. Steffy had wanted it to be Hope's daughter because the girls had the same father; however, Steffy reasoned that one didn't have to be blood to be family. Liam asked what Steffy meant, and she revealed that she had made an appointment to look into adoption.

Steffy wanted a sister for Kelly, but Steffy wouldn't turn her back on her mother to have it. Steffy claimed not to be minimizing what her mother had done, but she refused to ostracize Taylor, who needed support and encouragement.

At Il Giardino, Taylor didn't know what to make of Reese, who'd entered her life out of nowhere. Reese said he was there because it was where they were both supposed to be. He didn't know where it would go, but he'd be there through the battles she faced.

Taylor apologized for being taken aback. Reese tested his breath, wondering if it stunk. She laughed and explained that she was overwhelmed by his charm and supportiveness. He told her that he'd experienced adversity, and to make it through, it helped to have someone in one's corner. He wanted to be that someone for her, and he hinted that it could be a win-win.

Taylor noted that she and Reese were spending all their time talking about her. Wanting to know a bit about him, she asked how he'd handled his adversity. He said one got knocked down and got up again. Reese claimed that he wasn't as interesting as she was, and she guessed he was one who didn't like attention.

Reese admitted that he normally sought it, but at that moment, his focus was on Taylor. He still couldn't believe that Brooke wanted to keep Taylor from her grandchild. Taylor didn't expect anything less from Brooke, but what really hurt Taylor was Brooke's plotting against the children. Taylor believed Brooke was using Hope to wreak havoc. Reese assured Taylor that if she and Steffy needed anything, he'd do it for them.

Taylor told Reese that Steffy wanted her daughter to be close to Hope's because Steffy had been close to her twin sister, who'd died in a car accident. Reese was sorry to hear about the death. He didn't know how he'd survive if he lost Zoe.

Taylor said Reese didn't want to know, and she went on to explain that, because of the problems with Hope, Steffy was contemplating adopting a sister for Kelly. Taylor didn't know if it was the right choice. Reese said it might be too soon because things might turn around with Hope and Brooke. Taylor didn't know if it was possible as long as she was around.

Reese hoped Taylor wouldn't think about leaving town again and said they were just getting to know each other. Taylor had considered it. She didn't want to leave her daughter and grandchild, who were her lifeline, but she didn't want to negatively impact them, either.

Hesitantly, Taylor admitted that she'd done something horrible. Reese doubted that. Taylor said that Brooke was holding it over Taylor's head. Taylor didn't want pity and said she was dealing with it. She just had to keep reminding herself that she was blessed and financially independent. In Taylor's view, all the money in the world meant nothing without Steffy and Kelly.

Reese assumed that Taylor had thought about leaving town because of what Brooke was holding over her head. Taylor said Brooke wouldn't stop and would create something to drive Taylor out of town. Taylor stated that it might be a relief for everyone if she left.

Mirthlessly chuckling, Taylor realized that she was once again dumping garbage on Reese. Reese was glad she could be open with him. Taylor said she hadn't felt that she could confide in a man in a long time. He replied that he hadn't felt that drawn to a woman in a long time.

Reese kissed Taylor. He said he cared about her. She'd touched something inside him. He wanted her to believe that he was there for her, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her.

At Forrester, Maya knew that her news was a shock to Brooke. A divorce was the last thing Maya wanted, but the issues between her and Rick had been compounding. Brooke hugged Maya, who sobbed, saying she'd needed that.

Vivienne and Julius arrived, and Maya put on a happy face as her parents greeted her. Julius was excited that Maya, Rick, and Lizzy were home for the holiday. Maya's parents immediately noticed that something wasn't right with Maya. Believing that there was no easy way to say it, Maya announced that she and Rick were getting a divorce.

As Maya took a call from her babysitter, Vivienne and Julius told Brooke what they'd noticed about Rick and Maya in Paris. In their view, Nicole and Zende had still been acting like honeymooners, but Rick and Maya had been noticeably going through something.

Maya ended her call and returned to the conversation. Julius asked what the living arrangements would be for the couple -- if Rick would stay on in Paris or if Maya would return to Paris. The decision to divorce was still new to Maya, and she wasn't sure about the logistics.

In the meantime, Maya had gotten a hotel room. Brooke wouldn't allow Maya and Lizzy to stay in a hotel. Brooke insisted that Lizzy and Maya stay with Brooke and Ridge.

Julius was disappointed by the divorce news. Maya and Rick had made a believer out of Julius, and Julius had thought the couple would last at least as long as Julius and Vivienne. Vivienne asked if there was really no way to save the marriage. Maya stated that it was over, and there was no getting back what she and Rick had had.

Maya claimed that she'd made her peace with it, and it was how it had to be. Julius didn't think his daughter was being forthcoming with them. He wanted to know the reason for the divorce. "Did Rick cheat on you?" Julius asked. Vivienne called her husband's name in a warning tone, and he yelled that he was trying to make sense of it.

Julius said that Rick and Maya had faced a lot in order to be together. He was puzzled that Rick and Maya would just let it go. Maya asserted that if there was a way to be together, she and Rick would be. The breakup was very painful for Maya, and she had no idea what her life would be like moving forward.

"Did Rick do something that I should be ashamed of?" Brooke asked. Maya said that Rick hadn't and was an honorable man. She and Rick had just grown apart, and it was enough for her if Lizzy's existence was the only reason she and Rick had come together. Maya had believed that she and Rick would be together forever, but it wasn't meant to be. Vivienne hugged Maya.

Maya was sorry for dropping it all on everyone without notice, but while Rick had wanted to stay in Europe, she'd wanted to be at home with her family. She was glad she could still consider Brooke to be family. "Once a part of the family, always a part of the family," Brooke replied.

Maya said she was in a lot of pain. She was disappointed in Rick and in herself. It felt like a failure to her, and she was afraid of how Lizzy would be affected. She said she and Rick were determined to make it as painless as possible for the child.

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