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Bill's helicopter pilot flew Liam to Catalina Island, and Liam arrived at the clinic after Hope had given birth. Joy turned to mourning when Hope learned that Beth hadn't survived the delivery.
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Hope cradles her dead baby while Liam and Reese look on
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The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Monday, December 31, 2018

Due to the extended New Year holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not broadcast a new episode. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, and picked up where the Friday, December 28, 2018, episode concluded.

The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Due to the New Year holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not broadcast a new episode. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, and picked up where the Friday, December 28, 2018, episode concluded.

Hope is in labor, and Reese is the only doctor

Hope is in labor, and Reese is the only doctor

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

by Pam

Hope was on Catalina Island, and Liam was still grounded on the mainland in Long Beach due to high winds. He had tried to get to the island, but the winds were too strong. He called Hope, and she explained that her water had broken and that she was feeling contractions.

Liam was worried but advised Hope to call the front desk and get their help. "You need to see a doctor as soon as possible," Liam said. He promised that everything would be fine. "I love you -- both of you," Liam said. Hope hung up.

On the mainland, Liam begged the reservation employee to help him. "I gotta get to Catalina right now," he said. He explained that his wife was in labor, and the reservationist tried to help, but she said the ferries and helicopters could not run due to the weather.

At the airport, tourists Kieran and Matt Cannistra were sympathetic. They discussed that Hope was sweet, and they hoped everything turned out okay. They offered snacks, but Liam wasn't interested. They discussed that he was about to have his second child. He'd had his first daughter with Steffy when he'd been married to her. Matt said they called the winds "devil winds," and they were preventing Liam from getting to his wife. Matt said he would swim to Catalina if he'd had to get to Kieran. He could understand that Liam was desperate.

At the hotel in Catalina, Hope explained to the hotel employee, Lisa, that she'd had contractions and that her water had broken. Lisa promised to get her to the island clinic. Hope added that Liam was desperate to get there. Lisa understood, but she said the weather had been getting worse. Hope worried that they might have trouble getting to the clinic. Lisa said they had to be careful because there were downed trees and high gusts.

Hope lamented that she and Liam thought they'd had weeks before the baby would arrive. Lisa told Hope to calm down and promised to get her to the clinic.

At the clinic, Hope and Lisa entered, and Reese Buckingham greeted her. He said he was the only staff member available and would be taking care of her. Lisa got a call that she had to return to the hotel for an emergency, and she asked Reese to take care of Hope. Reese realized who Hope was when she introduced herself as Hope Logan Spencer. Hope explained that Liam had been trying desperately to get to Catalina. Hope added that their baby's name was Beth, "after my grandmother."

Reese checked Hope's vitals and helped her into a room. She continued to have contractions. Reese promised to take care of her. Hope said that she and Liam had been taking birthing classes to together. "He was excited to be with me," she said.

Reese understood things weren't working out the way she had planned, but he promised he could handle it and was an OB/GYN at University Hospital in Los Angeles.

Hope wondered if there were other doctors and nurses, but Reese said it was a small clinic with a small staff, and his nurse couldn't get to the clinic because the roads were impassable. Reese assured Hope that she was in good hands because he was a highly accredited physician. Hope tried to call Liam but didn't have any cell service. Reese suggested she try to text because the storm might have made cell service difficult. Hope was worried. Reese left to care for another patient.

In the hall of the hospital, Reese reminded a female patient that what had happened wasn't her fault. The woman looked emotional and nodded her head. He advised her to be careful in the storm, and she left.

Reese rejoined Hope and realized her contractions were more intense and closer together. Hope worried that Liam would miss Beth's birth. Reese wanted Hope to focus on herself. Hope said she was thirsty, and Reese promised to get her some ice chips. Before he left, Hope had another contraction, and he offered his hand to Hope. He encouraged her to squeeze his hand, and she did. She found a way to breathe through the contraction.

At Spencer Publications in Los Angeles, Wyatt entered Bill's office and said the winds were strong outside. Bill teased that Wyatt might lose his red slippers. Wyatt and Bill bantered about how Bill had been trying to improve his image. Wyatt couldn't believe that Bill had not been wearing his sword necklace. Bill said he'd heard it all -- that he was like Superman without his cape. He professed that he didn't need a necklace.

Wyatt wondered how it had been going with Bill trying to be a better man, and Bill said it was harder than he'd thought. He mainly wanted to be a better father to Wyatt, Liam, and Will. Minutes later, Will called to share that he had straight A's on his report card.

After Bill hung up with Will, he and Wyatt discussed that Wyatt had not been as smart as Will in school and had been more interested in girls. Wyatt stated that he guessed Liam had been a geek. Bill teased that Wyatt was jealous, but Wyatt said that he was proud of his brothers, especially Liam.

Bill gushed that he was proud of his sons. He was thrilled that he had a second granddaughter on the way. Bill and Wyatt agreed that Liam was a great role model for his daughters, and they were lucky to have him as father.

Liam called his father and desperately asked Bill to help to get him to Catalina. Bill promised to help and said that his pilot had been on combat missions and flown in worse conditions than they currently had. Bill arranged to get Liam to Catalina. Liam thanked his father for helping. Bill said he couldn't wait to meet his new granddaughter.

At the hospital, Hope groaned and tried to breathe through contractions. She asked Reese about additional staff, but he said no one could make it in. Suddenly, the power went out, and Hope worried, but Reese said the generators would kick in, and they did. Reese tried to calm Hope down, and he left to make a call. Outside her room, he called someone. "I need someone here, stat," he said.

In her room, Hope was tearful, and Liam called. She told him the power had gone out, but the generator had clicked in. She admitted she was scared. Liam said the Spencer helicopter would be arriving to take him to Catalina. Hope was emotional. "I'm scared, Liam...please hurry. I need you."

Liam flies through the night in the Spencer chopper trying to get to Hope

Liam flies through the night in the Spencer chopper trying to get to Hope

Thursday, January 3, 2019

At Forrester, Reese's debt collector hid in the bushes and took pictures of Zoe outside beside a Forrester logo sign. He messaged a picture to Reese, asking if Zoe was worth two hundred thousand dollars.

At a dark clinic on Catalina Island, Hope sobbed and moaned through contractions, adamant that it was too soon for the baby to arrive. Sitting at Hope's feet, Reese said that the baby didn't agree with Hope.

Reese held Hope's hand as she breathed through the pain. Hope thanked him for being there. Reese said he was her doctor for the foreseeable future, so she'd better get used to his face. He let her know that he was Zoe's father. Hope said that was random. He asked if it made her uncomfortable. Hope was just glad that he was an OB/GYN and there for her and Beth.

Later, Reese tried to comfort Hope, who wished she'd never planned the trip. He said she couldn't have predicted the wind. She wished she'd planned a getaway at a local hotel, but she said she'd wanted to do something special for her husband before their lives changed forever.

Reese received a text message and excused himself from the room. He called Zoe, who was in the Forrester studio, to ask if she was okay. Looking at Xander, she said she was better than ever. Reese told her that he wanted to be involved in the good things in her life and deal with the issues they had. He stated that, as imperfect as he was, she meant the world to him.

Stating that it wasn't like her father to get all mushy on her, Zoe asked if Reese was in trouble. Reese said that he was the only doctor at the clinic on the island. There was no power, and his patient was about to deliver a baby. "Whoa," Zoe replied.

Reese added that the patient was someone Zoe worked with. Zoe guessed it was Hope, but he said he couldn't confirm or deny it. Zoe exclaimed that Hope was on Catalina. Reese told Zoe that he had to get back to his patient. After the call, the troubled Reese sighed.

Reese called the debt collector, upset about the texted picture of Zoe. The collector told Reese to pay up, or they'd find other ways to collect. Reese insisted that he'd send the money, but he ordered the collector to leave his daughter alone. The collector hung up the call in Reese's face.

At the helicopter terminal, Kieran and Matt tried to keep Liam calm as he awaited the Spencer chopper. Nathan, a Spencer, pilot arrived. He told Liam that there was a window of opportunity to take off, but it would be a bumpy ride. Liam didn't care and wanted to take the chance.

As Nathan made a call, Kieran and Matt conferred with each other about whether they wanted to try to hitch a ride with Liam. Kieran thought they should sit that one out. Hugging her, Matt said they were on the same wavelength, as usual. They waved farewell to Liam as he exited the building with Nathan.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke was with Ridge. Bill called to inform Brooke that Liam's flight had been grounded, and Hope was in labor. Upset because it was too soon for the baby, Brooke exclaimed that she needed to be with her daughter.

Bill didn't know what else they could do with the wind issue and conveyed that he'd sent the Spencer helicopter to take Liam to the island. Brooke thanked Bill, and Bill said she didn't have to thank him. There was nothing Bill wouldn't do for his son and their granddaughter.

After the call with Bill, Brooke called Hope to find out what was going on. Hope said she was scared. The winds were worsening, and the power at the clinic had gone out. She relayed that she and the doctor were alone in a clinic, and the roads were blocked, preventing the nurse from arriving. She told Brooke that the doctor was Zoe's father.

Brooke stated that she'd met Dr. Buckingham. Hope asked if he was any good. Brooke guessed that he was -- unless he'd done anything to give Hope doubts. Hope stated that it wasn't that. It was just that she didn't know him and had thought she'd be with Dr. Phillips. Brooke responded that it was what it was, and Liam would be there soon via the Spencer helicopter.

Hope asked her mother to thank Bill because Hope really needed her husband. Brooke said Bill would do everything he could, and Brooke assured Hope that she'd have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Hope was exhausted and wanted her mother to get there. Brooke said Beth needed Hope to be strong, and Brooke would be there with Ridge as soon as possible.

After the call with Hope, Brooke began panicking about her daughter's situation. Ridge tried to calm his wife down. He said the doctor knew what he was doing, and Hope was strong. Ridge believed Hope and Beth would pull through it.

Brooke felt that the whole situation screamed disaster and said that, after the way Hope's first pregnancy had gone, "this" shouldn't be happening. Ridge asked Brooke not to panic, but the tearful Brooke was upset that Hope was in a clinic, not a hospital, with a doctor that didn't even know her history. Ridge asked Brooke to be positive and send that positive energy to Hope.

Brooke found it hard to do. Ridge said Liam would be there, even if Bill himself had to fly the helicopter. Brooke wanted to be aboard that helicopter so she could be there for her daughter.

Bill arrived, and Brooke asked if there was any news. Bill relayed that the winds were supposed to worsen as the night progressed. "I don't want to hear that!" Brooke replied. She said that Hope was alone and terrified, and Liam needed to get there.

Ridge asked Bill if there was another way for them to get to the island. Bill stated that the boats were all docked until the morning. Brooke exclaimed that Hope was isolated with only a doctor and a generator.

Ridge urged Brooke to be positive. Bill conveyed that Ridge was right, and Hope needed Brooke's positivity. Ridge said that if he and Bill could be on the same page, then anything was possible. Brooke refused to relax until she knew that Hope and Beth would be okay.

Zoe and Xander arrived to tell Brooke that they'd spoken to Reese, and Hope was in labor. Zoe said her father was a phenomenal doctor, and Hope would get fantastic care. Brooke prayed that it was true and said they were counting on Reese to get Hope and Beth through it.

Later, Bill told Brooke that he'd tried to find a way to get Brooke to Catalina, but he hadn't had any luck. Just then, Bill received a message that Liam had gotten off the ground. Brooke sighed in relief and hugged Ridge.

Back at the clinic, Hope received a message from Liam that he was in the helicopter and on his way. She relayed the message to Reese as he texted on his phone. He said the information about Liam was good for her and the baby because it would lower her stress. Reese assured her that she was in good hands, and he'd delivered more babies than she could count.

Hope didn't doubt Reese's skills, but she noted that Reese seemed distracted. Reese assured her that he was focused on her and the baby. Hope said the baby's name was Beth. Another contraction hit Hope, and she wailed and moaned.

A montage played of Reese at Hope's feet, coaching her through delivery, and Liam on a dark and bumpy chopper ride. Suddenly, a reading on Hope's monitor began dropping. Hope closed her eyes and fell back on her pillows. "Hope! Stay with me, Hope!" Reese yelled.

Hope sobs as she holds Beth

Hope sobs as she holds Beth

Friday, January 4, 2019

At Forrester, Bill was trying everything he could think of to get transportation to Catalina, to no avail. Ridge reassured Brooke that Liam would be in Catalina, and Hope wouldn't be alone. Brooke wondered if Liam would make it in time or if Hope had already had the baby.

Bill sarcastically asked if anyone wanted to kayak. Brooke replied that, at that point, she was willing to do anything to get to Hope.

Brooke stared at her phone, pacing and wondering why Hope wasn't responding to any of Brooke's messages. Bill and Ridge assumed it was because Hope was in labor. Brooke thanked Bill and Ridge for being reassuring in their own ways. She felt helpless, and she just wanted to put her arms around Hope and Beth. Ridge hugged Brooke.

Later, Bill conveyed that Liam wasn't responding to texts, either. Ridge imagined it was because Liam was with Hope, admiring the new baby. Brooke decided to send just one more message before she put herself into waiting mode. Brooke spoke aloud her text as she wrote it. In the text, she asked Hope for an update and said she couldn't wait to meet Beth.

The tearful Brooke wished that she could just be there. Ridge believed that Hope would be quite a mother because she'd learned from the best.

Later, Bill was on the phone in the corridor, telling someone that they'd meet them right away. He ducked his head into the CEO's office and told Brooke and Ridge that the flights were back on. Bill had reserved a helicopter that would pick them up right away.

Ridge thanked Bill. Bill said it wasn't every day that their kids brought children into the world, and they needed to be there. "Especially you, Brooke," Bill added. Looking at a picture of Hope, Brooke said her daughter was an inspiration and a great role model. She believed Beth would be lucky to have Hope.

At the dark clinic on Catalina Island, Hope awakened. Through the slats in the blinds on the viewing windows, she saw Dr. Reese walking by her room. She smiled when she saw Liam enter the room. The exhausted Hope was glad he'd made it.

"And Beth? I had the baby?" Hope asked. Liam said that she had done it. Hope stated that she'd passed out before she'd seen Beth. He revealed that he'd arrived minutes after the birth, and Dr. Buckingham had been filling him in. Liam stated that she'd been brave.

Hope recalled how scary it had been and how much pain she'd been in. She decided that none of it mattered because Beth was there, and they had their daughter. Hope talked about the exhausting labor. She only remembered that she'd pushed really hard, and then she'd passed out. "But I got her here. It was enough," Hope uttered. Liam said she'd done well.

Hope asked if Liam had seen her. "Briefly," Liam responded. He'd seen the baby for a moment before he'd conferred with the doctor. Beaming about them finally being parents, Hope asked if Beth looked like one of her parents or a combination of both. Liam replied that Beth looked like an angel. Hope asked where Beth was and if the doctor was doing tests on her.

Liam said that Beth was in the other room. He didn't know if Reese was performing any tests. Hope wanted to see Beth. Liam sadly gazed at Hope, and Hope asked again to see the child. Liam replied that he'd asked the doctor for a few minutes alone with Hope first.

Grinning, Hope assumed it was because Liam was trying to give them their babymoon and have some alone time with his wife before their lives changed forever. He nodded. Hope felt lucky to have Liam. She said they'd gotten close "so many times." She stated that they'd fallen in love at such a young age and had almost lost each other. Hope recalled that she'd moved halfway around the world, but they'd always found their way back to each other.

Hope asked if Liam could believe they'd be meeting their daughter on the island. She got the idea to make Beth's middle name Avalon, for the city she'd been born in. Liam said it was lovely. Hope beamed that Beth was there, and she was a living, breathing version of them. Hope asked Liam to tell the doctor that she was ready to meet their daughter.

Hope sat up, anxious to see the baby. Liam got her to lay back down. He said he wanted to drink in the glow surrounding her. Hope replied that he could drink it in while the baby was in her arms. Liam wanted her to know that he was proud of her, and she was stronger than he'd ever be. She asked if he was saying that because he felt guilty that she'd done it alone.

Liam replied that part of him always would. He didn't want Hope to minimize what she'd done. He felt that she'd been amazing, and he wanted her to celebrate it and remember it, knowing that he was by her side. He said there was nothing they couldn't handle together.

Hope said she knew they could handle anything as a couple and as parents, and when one would be weak, the other would be strong. Liam stated that at times, they'd both be weak and wondering how they'd move on, and in those times, they'd step up for each other.

Believing that Liam felt bad for not being there, Hope told her sullen husband that he couldn't control the weather and had done all he could to get there. She didn't blame him. Liam said he believed it, and goodness radiated from her. Hope replied that it was the same with him, which meant Beth was destined to be a troublemaker who'd test them.

Hope was surprised she didn't hear Beth, who should be in the other room. Liam struggled for something to say. Hope asked him to tell the doctor she was ready to see her baby. When Liam didn't move, Hope started to cry. She said he was scaring her, and she wanted to know what was wrong. Repeatedly, she asked where Beth was and said she needed to see their daughter.

Liam tried to calm Hope down as she tried to get out of the bed. He settled her back in bed and insisted that she had to recover. She asked what she was recovering from. "She didn't make it," Liam uttered.

Hope told Liam not to say that. She said he'd just seen the baby. Hope muttered over and over that Beth was fine, and Hope needed to see her. Liam replied that Hope needed to be prepared because he hadn't been. Hope insisted that Beth was fine, and said she hadn't carried Beth all that time for Beth to not be fine. Liam said he was sorry, and Hope began sobbing.

Reese entered with a baby bundled in a blanket. Reaching her arms out, Hope begged to see the baby. She cried that Beth needed her mommy. Reese claimed it had been a placental abruption, and he'd done everything he could do. He silently exited the room.

Hope kissed the baby and wailed and moaned as she cradled the bundle in her arms. Liam wrapped his arms around Hope and the baby as Hope sobbed.

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