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Florence posed as a mother in need of a speedy adoption. Reese pressed Taylor to adopt the baby, but Taylor and Steffy needed more time. Donna noticed that, as Will bonded with his parents, Thorne struggled to fit in the equation. Hope exploded on Sally about a puppy.
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Reese asked Florence to pose as a mother in need of a speedy adoption
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Reese offers to facilitate an adoption

Reese offers to facilitate an adoption

Monday, January 14, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke comforted her daughter about the loss of her baby. Hope sobbed, unable to understand how it could have happened. Brooke wanted Hope and Liam to find a way to work through it together. Hope said that they were trying.

Brooke advised Hope not to isolate herself and suggested that Hope join a support group. Hope claimed to understand what Brooke was saying, but all Hope wanted was to hold her little girl.

Hope had gone for a walk after the memorial. She'd thought the sounds of nature might give her some peace. Brooke said it could be comforting for Hope to feel Beth and know that Beth was looking down upon her. "Except I didn't feel anything like that," Hope replied. Hope asked if she was being foolish to search for Beth's spirit in the clouds and trees.

Brooke didn't think so. Hope asserted that Beth hadn't been there. Brooke replied that Hope would find the spirit in other places. Hope said she just wanted to know that her little girl was okay, and she wanted to feel some sort of connection to Beth.

Hope wanted to hold her own baby instead of letting her mother hold her. Brooke said she'd hold Hope for as long as she needed it. Hope replied that it was what mothers did, and it was what Hope would have done for Beth. Brooke knew that and said Hope would get through it by being patient with herself. Brooke was sure that somehow, some way, Beth would know how much Hope loved her.

At the cliff house, Liam arrived, wanting to see Kelly. He explained to Steffy that Hope had wanted him to get out of the house. He hadn't wanted to leave Hope. He'd been driving around until he'd arrived there. Steffy said that Kelly was sleeping but feeling better.

Liam felt as if he were under water. He had thought he might breathe again if he held Kelly, but to him, the thought was selfish. Steffy said it wasn't, but he believed that it was because Hope couldn't do it, too. Steffy thought Hope would understand. Liam said he was trying to be the husband he needed to be, but there was nothing anyone could do to take away Hope's pain.

Liam guessed it was hard on Steffy, who'd wanted Kelly and Beth to be close. He believed that they would have worked through the Taylor issue. Steffy was sorry they hadn't gotten the chance. He asked if she was still looking into adoption. Steffy said they didn't have to discuss it.

Claiming it was okay with him, Liam assumed adoption would be the only way for Kelly to have a sister near her age to share things with the way Steffy had with Phoebe. Steffy explained that she'd met with an agency, but adoption took a lot of time. Due to the stillbirth, Steffy's attention had shifted from adoption back to Liam, Hope, Kelly, and Taylor. Steffy thought adoption would be a wonderful idea, but she didn't know what would happen.

Later, Steffy carried Kelly to Liam. He sobbed as he talked to Kelly about her sister. He believed that Beth was watching over Kelly and would want them to be happy and love each other.

At Reese's apartment, Taylor insisted upon knowing where the child Reese was holding had come from. A woman named Florence entered the living room from the bedroom and claimed that Reese was holding her baby.

Florence claimed to be a dealer at a big casino in Las Vegas and that Dr. Buckingham was helping her with the baby. Taylor asked if Reese was Florence's doctor. Florence revealed that she'd found Reese through an agency that helped people find homes for their babies. Taylor assumed that Florence was putting her baby up for adoption. Florence affirmed that she would if Reese helped her find the right home for the child.

Florence claimed that Dr. Buckingham had helped her through everything. She said she should have known her rotten boyfriend wouldn't stick with her. Taylor assumed that meant the boyfriend "knows." Florence affirmed it and said she couldn't be a single mother. To Florence, adoption made the most sense, and though it sounded awful, she just really needed the money.

Reese told Taylor that it had all happened quickly, and he hadn't had a chance to tell her sooner. Taylor didn't know what he meant. Reese mentioned the conversation they'd had about adoption, and Taylor realized that Reese was saying Steffy might be able to adopt the baby.

Reese conveyed his impression that Steffy was serious about adoption. "Well, she's made some inquiries," Taylor replied. He recalled that Taylor had asked if he could do anything to help. She responded that she'd thought he'd merely give her advice or recommend an agency.

Reese said that, at first, he'd intended to merely give Taylor advice; however, when Florence had reached out to him on the network, he'd decided that he could help her and Steffy. Reese understood that the timing wasn't ideal. He said Steffy might not be ready, but a miraculous opportunity like that might not materialize again.

Though Taylor hadn't been expecting such a thing to happen, she offered to talk to Steffy about it. Reese advised Taylor to leave his name out of it because of Zoe working at Forrester and the incident on Catalina.

Taylor agreed not to mention Reese and told Florence that it was a brave decision to give up her baby in the hopes of the baby having a better life. Taylor didn't know how Florence had found the courage. Reese said that the baby would thrive in the right environment. Taylor told him that she'd talk to her daughter about it as soon as she could.

Taylor tells Steffy about the baby needing adoption

Taylor tells Steffy about the baby needing adoption

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In the Forrester studio, Zoe and Xander kissed. He said he liked the new them. She asked what had been wrong with the old them -- despite her bouts of being possessive. Xander didn't want to harp on the past, but he believed he better understood what had gone wrong in London. Xander said that after Zoe had confided in him about her father, he'd concluded that she had a fear of abandonment.

Later, Xander, who'd changed into a robe, was glad that Zoe and her father were reconnecting. Zoe remarked that she was thinking of asking her father to move in with her -- just until he sorted himself out. Xander asked where Reese lived.

Zoe didn't know but remarked that, the other night, Reese had declined her offer to stop by with dinner and a movie. Xander asked why. She assumed that Reese was proud and didn't want her to see him like that. She hoped Reese's mood was about Hope's baby and not trouble.

Zoe wanted to find a way to ask her father if he needed to borrow some money. Xander suggested that she just ask. She asserted that it would never work. Zoe proposed offering her father five thousand dollars and giving her father the "what do I know about money" routine. She figured that if she never got it back, she would know what kind of investment she'd made.

In Xander's silence, Zoe guessed he didn't approve. Xander said she'd just reminded him of the wise, generous girl he'd fallen in love with in London. Stating that he was falling in love with Zoe all over again, he kissed her.

In Reese's apartment, Taylor felt that Reese and Florence had given her a lot to think about. Taylor just didn't know if her daughter was ready to adopt. Reese said that the big things in life didn't ask if one was ready. Taylor agreed to talk to Steffy, and as Reese went to put the baby down, he said he hoped to hear from Taylor soon.

While Reese was in the bedroom, Taylor asked Florence how she'd found Reese. Florence claimed that someone at "the agency" had suggested that she look into private adoption to help place the baby girl quicker. Taylor remarked that Florence had exerted quite a bit of trust. Florence replied that Taylor saw the kind of man Reese was.

Dubiously, Taylor agreed that she did. Florence felt that she'd made the best choice because the red tape in a public adoption would leave the baby without consistent care during the placement process. Taylor noted that Florence had many tough decisions to make.

As Taylor exited, Florence stopped her at the door and asked what her daughter was like. Taylor described Steffy as grounded, strong-willed, and independent. Florence thanked Taylor for stopping by. "Ha, yeah. It's been a revelation," Taylor replied with a nervous chuckle.

Florence closed the door as Taylor walked away from it, and Reese emerged from the bedroom. Assuming he'd been listening, Florence asked how she'd done. Reese told her that she could have said less. Florence contended that Taylor had had questions.

Reese reasoned that the more Florence said, the greater the risk was that she'd get it wrong. Florence asked if she'd gotten anything wrong, and Reese admitted that she hadn't. He said that he owed her. He'd known she could pull it off, and she had.

Later, Reese carried a delivery of baby supplies into the apartment. Florence asked if there was seriously an app for that. He asked if he was supposed to go to the store himself. She wondered how big of a secret the baby was.

Looking for her phone, Florence checked to make sure the casino had given her the time off she'd asked for that week. Reese remarked that Tony always said that she was his best craps dealer. She stated that Reese had always said she was his favorite. She figured that was why Reese was her best tipper. He noted that she'd said she'd make it up to him someday. She quipped that she'd just done that.

Florence asked if she'd see more of Reese because of his move. Reese said he didn't know how long he'd be around, but he still had stuff to square away. She asked if Taylor was a part of it. Reese got touchy about all the questions, and Florence asked what was really going on.

Reese said that he wouldn't be able to find a decent home for the child without Florence's help. Florence noted that Taylor looked at Reese in a certain way. He asked Florence not to give him a hard time and said she didn't know what it had been like for him.

Florence offered to take a getaway with Reese once the baby was relocated. She remarked that she'd never been to Catalina. Reese quickly squashed that, saying he wasn't going back there. He revealed that he'd worked at a clinic there, and it hadn't ended well. He'd had to make a tough decision and take a big gamble.

To Florence, Reese didn't sound like the unsinkable man she knew. Reese revealed that the project had been difficult. He said Florence had arrived when he'd called her, and no one "does that" for him. She responded that she wouldn't do it for anyone else. "I mean, the drive alone, taking care of a baby and pretending to be its mom..." Florence added.

Reese stated that there was money in it for Florence once everything was done. He had always been able to trust Florence, and he needed her trust in return. Florence suggested that Reese needed a birth certificate. He told her that it was easy to draw one up.

Surprised, Florence responded that Reese needed a "social security number and everything." Reese told her that the less she knew about it, the better. The worried Florence felt compelled to ask if he was in some kind of trouble. He asked why he'd be in trouble.

Florence told Reese that he was in a city that he didn't live in with a baby that wasn't his, and he had no traveling papers for the child. In her mind, that type of thing wasn't normal. Defensive, Reese asked if he was a wanted criminal for trying to do something nice for someone.

Florence reasoned that if the situation was stressing him out, it might be time to return "little baby nameless" to the person he'd gotten her from. Reese claimed that if he seemed off, it was because he was worried about his daughter. He knew that none of it made sense to Florence. He asked her to trust that they were doing something beautiful.

Reese's phone rang with a phone call from a new enforcer. Reese answered it and said he couldn't talk at the time. The enforcer said Reese had told the enforcer's colleague that it would be a week. Reese claimed that he was almost there. "And we are almost at little Zoe's front door," the enforcer replied.

Claiming to almost have the money, Reese asked the man to request a few more days from his boss. The enforcer chuckled, saying those were his boss's least favorite words. The enforcer said that he had his orders, "and you have yours." With that, the enforcer clicked off the line.

At the cliff house, Taylor arrived and told Steffy that an incredible thing had happened that day. Taylor revealed that she'd met a woman who was giving up her little girl for adoption. Taylor thought that Steffy should want to meet the woman, too.

Steffy asked if some woman had just approached Taylor and offered to give her a baby. Taylor explained that she'd told a trusted colleague that her daughter was interested in adoption. She'd had no idea it would go anywhere. Steffy asked if Taylor had met the mother.

Taylor wanted to keep the mother's statements confidential; however, she'd determined that the single woman was decent, honest, and healthy. Taylor said the woman had no family support, and the baby's father wasn't around. Steffy asked if the woman was going through an agency.

Taylor explained that it wouldn't be with an agency; it would be a private adoption that her colleague was facilitating for the woman. Taylor excitedly called the newborn girl precious. She said she hadn't committed to anything, but it was a way for Steffy to have a sister for Kelly.

Taylor knew that there was a lot to process, but she believed that things like that happened for a reason. Steffy said adoption had only been an idea, but upon being faced with an option, she wondered if she could actually do it. Taylor stated that it was a lot to take on another baby.

"Yeah, of course, I can do it. I know I could," Steffy decided. She was just worried about the timing. Thinking more, she stated that Liam had actually brought up the adoption when he'd visited earlier, and he understood that Kelly had lost a half-sister. Taylor asked if Liam was opposed to Steffy adopting. Steffy stated that Liam wouldn't tell her what to do.

Steffy asked to see a picture of the baby, but Taylor replied that she hadn't thought of taking a picture. Recalling that the baby was beautiful, Taylor said that if it worked out, Steffy could give Kelly the sister that Steffy had wanted for Kelly.

Taylor received a call from Reese, who'd wanted to make sure she'd made it home safely and see if she'd talked to her daughter. Taylor indicated that she had, and she was talking to Steffy right then. He reminded Taylor to keep it confidential, and Taylor stated that she wouldn't use names. He reiterated his idea that it could be awkward because his daughter worked for hers.

Taylor remarked that the adoption proposal was sudden, and she and Steffy might need more time. Reese snapped that he couldn't promise her time. "Well, maybe this won't work," Taylor retorted. Upset with her mother's tone, Steffy frowned, saying, "Mom!"

Taylor remained sternly silent until Reese spoke again. Reese apologized and said his words had come out wrong. He told her that she had to understand that he wouldn't have a baby in his apartment unless he'd thought it would be short-term. He was sure the baby would be placed quickly, and he warned that there were other families out there willing to adopt.

Taylor responded that the mother was welcome to look at other options. Reese conveyed his strong feeling that the baby belonged with Taylor and her daughter. "Thank you. I'll get back to you soon," Taylor said and ended the call, leaving Reese frustrated on the other end of the line.

Steffy assumed that the birth mother was looking at other options. Taylor said it might be true, but the woman hadn't come off that way, in her view. Taylor didn't know how private adoptions worked. She assumed the child could go directly into her new home without going to foster care. Steffy responded that public adoptions took a long time.

Taylor didn't want Steffy to have to worry about public adoption with everything else Steffy had going on in her life. Taylor thought Steffy would have a lot to juggle with two babies, but she understood that Steffy wanted to do it because of Phoebe. Steffy stated that she wanted Kelly to have a lifelong bond right from the start, and Steffy asked if the girl had a name.

Taylor said that the baby didn't have a name that she knew of. Steffy replied that she already had a name picked out for any girl she'd adopt. "Phoebe," Taylor guessed. Taylor wasn't sure she should say her next words. Speaking them anyway, Taylor expressed confidence that Steffy would fall in love with the baby. Taylor didn't know what it was, but the moment she'd looked at the baby, she'd known that the baby was meant to be Kelly's sister.

Steffy discusses adoption with Liam

Steffy discusses adoption with Liam

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

by Pam

At Steffy's house, she and Taylor discussed that it was a dream for Steffy that her daughter Kelly would have a sister close in age just like Steffy had had a twin sister in Phoebe. Steffy was floored that Taylor had told her that she'd found a baby "that needs a family." Steffy felt the baby needed her. "I could do this," she said.

Taylor agreed and said that Kelly could have "her very own Phoebe." "Wow," Steffy said. She and Taylor agreed. "Things like this just don't happen," Steffy said. "It was meant to be," Taylor said.

Taylor said she would call her colleague to research the medical records of the biological parents. She and Steffy agreed it was easy to get caught up in the idea, and they wanted to "make an informed decision." Steffy said she needed to talk to Liam because it affected him and Hope. Steffy didn't want to be insensitive to Liam and Hope because they had just lost a daughter and she was going to adopt one. "As much as I want this for Kelly, it could wait," Steffy said.

At Reese's place, he and Florence discussed why he'd needed a favor and why he'd asked her to pretend she was the mother of the baby. She wondered who the actual mother was. Reese ignored the question but told her she'd done a good job. He wanted to make sure she didn't say too much to Taylor because that was where they'd get caught.

Reese received a threatening text message about his daughter. Florence noted that he was distracted by the message. He dismissed it. He didn't want to screw things up for his daughter. Reese promised that if Florence helped him pull things off, there would be a big tip in it for her.

Florence laughed and reminded Reese that she'd driven there from Vegas, where he'd always been a big tipper. Florence said she was trying not to be jealous. Reese wondered what she meant, and Florence said she could tell by the way that he'd looked at Taylor that he was crazy about her. Reese started smooth-talking and said he hadn't noticed Taylor "with you in the room."

Florence laughed and said that Reese had the ability to get every single woman he met to do whatever he wanted. He said that this time, he wanted Taylor to adopt a baby. Florence wondered why it was important to get Taylor to adopt the baby and whose baby it was. Reese said they were doing something good for the child, for Taylor, for her daughter, and for their bank accounts.

The baby started crying in another room, and Florence said she had expected the baby to sleep more. Reese took a call from Taylor, and Reese asked about Steffy's response to the offer for adoption. Taylor confessed that Steffy was in shock but had some logistical questions. Reese promised to explain everything to her.

At Liam's, Wyatt visited, and Liam explained that Hope was at the main house with her mother and Aunt Donna. He added that they always managed to band together "in times of crisis." Wyatt said he felt the same thing about Spencer men. They embraced, and Liam was tearful.

Wyatt said he didn't know what to give Liam. He thought of bourbon but said that was more like something their dad would do. Liam questioned why it had happened, why they'd lost Beth. He expected to have some lesson to learn, but he was not ready for it and didn't want to hear it. "I just want my daughter," Liam said. He and Wyatt embraced.

At Spencer, Will visited Bill and showed his father an origami pterodactyl that he'd made. Bill admired it and noted that it was made out of a $100 bill. Will proudly said that he'd read a book and "made a zillion different ones." Bill hoped Will hadn't used $100 bills, and Will smiled and said they were ones, but he'd sold them for three dollars each at a school event and made a tidy profit.

Bill was thrilled his son liked working with money and encouraged him to make more of a profit. They agreed they had brightened one another's day. Will said he had girl troubles, and a girl had called him "moneybags." Bill said that was the "ultimate compliment."

Bill and Will discussed that money was important, but so were people and family. Will said that Thorne was a good guy, but he missed being a family with Bill and Katie. Bill said they still spent family time together, but Will said it felt fake. Bill countered that there was nothing fake about it.

At Steffy's, Liam joined her. She explained that she had an opportunity, but she worried that it would be hurtful to Liam and Hope. She told Liam about the opportunity to adopt a baby girl a little younger than Kelly. Liam understood, but he looked pained.

Steffy said her mom had a colleague who had a baby to adopt. She tried to be sensitive, but she wanted to meet the baby. She asked Liam to accompany her because it would be a sister to his baby girl.

Liam blinked away tears and nodded but took a deep breath and noted that Steffy was moving fast. She agreed but said there was something about the opportunity that felt right. "But not if you or Hope object," Steffy said. Liam stuttered that it was difficult with an empty crib at home. Steffy was tearful, and so was Liam. Steffy said she had a feeling that "Kelly and this little girl are meant to be sisters."

Sally's attempt to help Hope backfires

Sally's attempt to help Hope backfires

Thursday, January 17, 2019

At Spencer in the evening, Bill realized that it was getting late, and he and Will needed to call Katie about Will's transportation home. "Already?" Will replied. Bill said he was bummed, too, but they'd do it again whenever Will wanted. Bill called Katie, who had been just about to call him. She said she'd be on her way to pick up Will, but Bill offered to take Will home instead.

After the call, Bill helped Will get his stuff together. Will noted that Liam was sad about losing the baby. "What should I do?" Will asked. Bill asked what Will meant. Wanting to help his brother, Will asked if he should offer or if mentioning it would make things worse.

Bill's best advice was for Will to be the same caring, sensitive brother he'd always been and to be especially nice to Hope. Bill didn't want Will to worry because, even though Hope and Liam were going through a hard time, they'd make it through just fine eventually. Bill and Will hugged, and Bill expressed his happiness that Will had visited him that day.

At Katie's house, Thorne saw Katie grinning as she ended her call with Bill, and Thorne asked what had made her smile. Katie was happy about the way Bill had stepped up as a father. She kissed Thorne and headed for the kitchen. Thorne sighed.

As Katie set the dinner table, Donna entered and thanked Thorne and Katie for letting her stay there. Katie asked if Donna had seen Hope while at Brooke's house earlier. Donna had briefly seen their niece, who'd gone for a walk while Donna had been there. Brooke had told Donna that Hope was spending a lot of time alone.

Katie wished there was something to make it better. Donna feared that Hope would think something was wrong with her because she'd lost a baby before. Katie said they had to make sure Hope didn't go down that road.

Bill and Will arrived. Helping Will remove his backpack, Katie asked if he'd had a good time. Will exclaimed that he and his dad had played games and talked about money and women. "Women?" Katie, Thorne, and Donna exclaimed in unison. Will figured that Marsha Whitaker was actually still a girl. Thorne asked who Marsha Whitaker was.

Bill replied that Marsha was Will's girlfriend. "She is not!" Will exclaimed. Bill asked what other reason there would be for Will caring about what Marsha thought. "Anyways, Dad gave me good advice," Will concluded.

Deciding she didn't want to ask what the advice was, Katie instructed Will to get washed up for dinner. Bill hugged Will and headed for the door. He halted when he heard Will ask Katie if his dad could stay for dinner. Bill told Will that Bill didn't want to impose. Throwing up her hands, Katie decided it was fine, and they'd eat casually around the coffee table.

Bill asked Thorne's feelings about it. Thorne said it was dinner, and they'd survive. Will implored Bill to stay. Bill agreed and asked Will what Will should say to Thorne and Katie. Will thanked them for letting Bill stay. Bill sent Will upstairs to wash his hands.

Thorne noted the Will and Bill had had a good time. Bill agreed and thanked Katie and Thorne for the invitation to dinner. Donna asked how one denied a little boy who didn't want his father to leave. Katie loved seeing how much Will loved his father. Bill replied that he loved the kid more than his own life. Katie said she had no doubt. Thorne's expression darkened.

Later, everyone sat on the floor around the coffee table. To Bill, everything looked good, and he mentioned that he hadn't forgotten what a good cook Katie was. Donna quipped that Pam didn't think so. Katie said it was because Pam thought Katie was guilty by association with the kitchen disasters, Brooke and Donna. Thorne vouched for Katie's cooking skills.

Noting that they didn't do "this" often, Katie asked if Will would say grace. Will asked everyone to join hands. Will thanked God for the food, the family, and having his father over for dinner. He asked God to keep an eye out for Beth, who probably felt lost because she hadn't gotten to know her parents.

After the prayer, Katie slipped over to Will and Bill's side of the table. She rubbed Will's shoulder, and her hand fell onto Bill's arm as it rested on the couch cushions behind Will's head. Bill and Katie expressed pride in Will. Thorne said the prideful feeling was unanimous. Will expressed sadness about Beth, but it made him glad that they were all there together.

In the design office with Sally and Wyatt, Emma couldn't imagine what Hope was going through. "Yeah...again..." Wyatt murmured. Emma asked what he meant, and he informed her that he and Hope had had a miscarriage during their marriage. Sally thought it was too cruel for it to happen to Hope twice. Even though Hope was strong, Wyatt was worried about her.

Emma left. Wyatt thanked Sally for being by his side. Sally grabbed her keys. Wyatt offered to drive. Sally mysteriously said she had a way to help Hope deal with the pain. He asked what it was; however, all Sally said was that he would see, and she'd meet him at the cabin.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam handed the reticent Hope a condolence card that they'd received. He asked if she wanted water or tea. She declined with a shake of her head. He told her that it would get easier, but not much time had passed yet. Hope said that she'd grieve their daughter even if a millennium had passed.

Hope didn't understand how it had happened when Beth had been fine in the womb. Liam began to reiterate what Dr. Buckingham had told them, but cutting Liam off, Hope asserted that she didn't care what the doctor had said. Medical explanations meant nothing to Hope, to whom it felt unresolved. To her, it felt as if Beth were there, even though Beth was gone.

Liam replied that he knew. Hope flashed him a resentful look. Changing the subject, Liam said Wyatt had conveyed that he and Sally wanted to stop by that evening. Liam thought it would be good for him and Hope to have the visit. Hope didn't think she was up for visitors.

Liam understood, but he thought they should let the people who loved them be supportive. She replied that all the support in the world wouldn't bring Beth back. He understood Hope's desire to lock herself away in the cabin. The idea sounded good to him, too, but he said they couldn't.

Hope asserted that she couldn't act like Beth had never existed. Assuring Hope that he wasn't asking that, Liam said he didn't want her to become unreachable. He believed that they had to let the people who loved them in and that she might find more comfort in it than she thought.

Wyatt arrived and said Sally should be there soon. He thanked Hope for letting him and Sally stop by, but he understood if Hope just wanted to be alone. He and Sally wanted Hope to know that she wasn't alone, and many people were on hand to help her.

Hope appreciated what Wyatt was trying to do, but she said he knew that nothing but her baby girl could close the hole in her heart. Hope apologized, but Wyatt said not to be sorry for what she was going through.

Liam received a message from Brooke, who wanted him to retrieve some plates from her house. Hope said she wasn't hungry, but Liam told her that she'd have to eat eventually.

After Liam had gone, Wyatt sat with Hope. She said that what he was trying to do was kind -- especially after what they'd gone through. He replied that he hadn't wanted to bring it up. Hope said it was a fact; they'd lost a child, too. Wyatt felt bad that Hope was going through it again.

Speedily speaking, Hope said she'd never thought it would happen in a million years. Everything had been fine, but then she'd suddenly been in labor. She'd never thought she'd lose the child, and she asked what Beth had done to deserve death. Crying, Hope asked why the sweet, innocent life had needed to be taken away.

Later, Wyatt was alone in the living room when Sally arrived with a black and white puppy. Wyatt asked what she was doing with it. Sally had volunteered at a rescue shelter in the valley, and she'd thought the puppy could help. Wyatt seemed uncertain, but she said animals were therapeutic. Wyatt wasn't sure it was a good idea to give Hope a puppy at that time.

Sally insisted that studies showed the benefits of petting a dog, and she dared Wyatt to say that the adorable puppy couldn't cheer Hope up in some way. Wyatt admitted that the puppy was adorable. Sally decided to take the puppy in to Hope, who was in her bedroom.

In the dark bedroom, Hope faced away from the door. Sally entered with the puppy. She apologized for Hope's loss. She said she'd wanted to help, and that was why she'd brought "this little guy." Hope turned and saw Sally kneeling with the puppy. Sally explained that animals could be therapeutic, and the puppy was sweet, affectionate, and needy enough to distract Hope from her thoughts.

Hope asked what was happening and if Sally had gotten her a puppy. Hope asked if Sally thought a puppy could replace Hope's daughter. Sally tried to say that it wasn't her intention, but Hope berated Sally for thinking that some "damn" puppy could replace Hope's little girl. Hope sobbed that nothing could take away the pain of losing her Beth.

Donna observes Katie's family dynamics

Donna observes Katie's family dynamics

Friday, January 18, 2019

During dinner at Katie's house, Bill learned that Will had volunteered his father to speak on career day. Bill thought Katie's job would be much cooler to learn about, but Katie concluded that their son had volunteered Bill, not her. Thorne quipped that Bill loved to hear himself talk, and Bill said he couldn't even argue with that.

Bill agreed to speak at the event if Will ate his vegetables. As Bill and Katie joked with Will about the vegetables, Donna gazed at Thorne, who was putting on a gleeful facade.

As the dinner progressed, Will asked when he could have his own office at Spencer. Will also wanted his own assistant -- Justin. Upset, Bill asserted that Justin was his man. Will giggled, and Bill figured out that his son was joking. Bill decided that when the wise guy Will did finally get his office, it would be by the bathrooms.

Gesturing to Thorne, Katie said the fashion business was exciting, too, especially if one was a big-time designer like Thorne. Donna added that Thorne got to work with gorgeous models, too. Thorne stated that none were as gorgeous as Katie. Katie asked if everyone saw why she loved that guy. "You love Dad, too, though. Right, mom?" Will asked.

Later, Katie served Will's favorite ice cream for dessert, and he announced that he'd open ice cream stores and make a lot of money. Bill replied that it was great to watch one's empire grow, but there were more important things in life. Will assumed that his father meant things like family, and Bill guessed that Will had been listening earlier.

Will asserted that he listened to everything his father said. Donna cut her eyes to Thorne to gauge his reaction. Katie wished Will listened to everything she said, like about cleaning his room. "She gets after Thorne, too. It's pretty funny," Will told his father. Bill asked if Thorne left his toys lying around the house.

Donna relayed that she was impressed by all the things Thorne did around the house, and she hoped to be lucky enough to have a helpful husband like Thorne. Katie replied that she and Will were lucky. Will felt lucky that his parents were getting along again, and they were like the family they'd once been. Katie and Bill glanced at each other and then patted Will.

Once dessert was over, Bill told Will that they should help clean up. Katie replied that everyone took turns, but it was nice of Bill to offer. Bill asked Will if he wanted to do a sleepover at his dad's house. "Can I, Mom? Please!" Will asked Katie.

Thorne reminded Will that they were going to the new skate park in the morning. "Right," Will said in a small voice. After a moment, Will asked if they could do it another time. Thorne readily agreed. Donna gazed at Thorne as he got up and strode into the kitchen.

Later, Bill, Will, and Katie were still sitting on the floor at the coffee table. Will said he knew his parents were divorced, but he wondered if his father loved his mother. Bill replied that he did, and Katie was a wonderful mother. Will asked his mother the same question about Bill. Katie affirmed it. She said Bill worked hard, he was smart, and he was a good father.

Will was happy that he and Bill were spending so much time together. Bill started to say, "If you ever get sick of me -- " Will exclaimed that there was no way. He liked hanging out with Bill. He liked hanging out with his mother, too. To him, she was the greatest mother there was.

Katie was happy to hear it. Will said Bill had told him to say it. He turned to Bill and demanded his hundred-dollar payout. Bill didn't know what Will was talking about. Katie asked if Bill was bribing the child to be nice. "Kidding!" Will stated.

Saying that Will was making her crazy, Katie hugged Will. "Dad, too?" Will asked. She agreed to include Bill, and the three hugged. Thorne leaned on the wall behind them and watched.

In the bedroom at the cabin, Hope held the crumpled sonogram photo and sobbed and yelled at Sally for daring to think a puppy could replace Hope's daughter. Sally tried to apologize, but Hope cried that Sally thought holding the puppy would make Hope forget that she'd never hold her little girl. Sally tried to say that she'd never meant that. Hope didn't care what Sally meant. "My baby is gone, and you're trying to give me a dog!" Hope wailed.

Sally asked Hope to listen for just a moment. Sally said people always talked about the healing powers of animals. She had experienced it when her parents had dropped her and Coco off to live with their Grams. It had hurt, and they had kept to themselves in their room until Grams had taken in a new puppy. Sally and Coco had instantly fallen in love with him.

Sally started to say that it wasn't that a puppy had made everything okay. Cutting Sally off, Hope decided that Sally still didn't get it. Sally persisted in trying to explain, but Hope interrupted. Hope was sorry that Sally's parents had abandoned her, and she was glad a puppy had helped Sally through a tough time. "But our situations are nothing alike!" Hope bellowed.

Hope yelled that she and Liam had created a life, and she'd felt that life inside her every day. Before Hope had gotten to meet Beth, Beth had been gone. Hope cried that her baby was gone forever, and no puppy would change it. Hope implored Sally to take the puppy and go because Hope couldn't look at it anymore.

In the living room, Wyatt watched Liam arrive with two foil-covered plates. Liam said Brooke was thankful that Wyatt and Sally were there because it helped prevent Hope from walling herself off from everyone. Wyatt asked if he thought Hope would do that.

Liam believed that Hope was in the greatest pain of her life. He felt that, until she reached a point of healing, everyone should just take their cues from her. Wyatt assumed that meant not to push, as he and Sally had done. Liam didn't know what Wyatt meant.

Wyatt revealed that Sally had thought a puppy might help. "A puppy?" Liam exclaimed. Wyatt replied that he thought it had been presumptuous, and he'd told Sally that Hope might be too raw for it. Wyatt said he could be wrong, and an adorable puppy might be what Hope needed.

The bedroom door opened, and Sally walked out into the living room. Wyatt said he and Liam had been about to go in and check on things. Liam saw Sally's tears and asked what had happened. Sally cried, saying Wyatt had been right, and it had been a stupid idea. Wyatt replied that he hadn't said the idea had been stupid. As Wyatt tried to comfort her, Liam looked around with a defeated expression.

Sally was angry with herself for upsetting Hope and thought that it was no wonder Hope had gone off on her. Liam asked if Hope had gone off on Sally. Sally said it was because Hope thought Sally believed that the puppy could replace the baby. Sally insisted that she'd never thought that. Knowing that Hope was an animal lover, Sally had just hoped that it might help ease some of Hope's pain.

Wyatt said that Hope wasn't herself. Liam thought it wasn't Hope lashing out. Instead, it was the pain. Wyatt explained that Hope had an emptiness. "Like a puppy was going to magically heal it," Sally sarcastically said. Liam affirmed that Sally had had good intentions, and he believed that Hope knew it, too.

Liam went into the bedroom to talk to Hope. He found her lying on the bed. He lay with her and hugged her from behind. "A dog. She thought a dog could take Beth's place," Hope uttered.

Liam acknowledged Hope's pain and said he was hurting, too. Hope asked what was wrong with Sally and how anyone could be so insensitive. Liam asked Hope to listen. "No. No, not if you're going to defend her," Hope replied. Hope began to say more, but she stopped and sobbed that she missed "her." Hope cried, saying "she" was gone. Liam held her as she continued to sob.

Back in the living room, Sally continued to berate herself. She hoped Hope could forgive her. Wyatt thought that there was nothing to forgive, and Hope would realize it in time. Sally was sad because she'd wanted to help Hope lift some of her pain. Wyatt hugged Sally.

Liam emerged from the bedroom. He was glad that Sally and Wyatt were still there because Hope wanted to talk to Sally again. Wyatt stood up, saying, "Okay, Bro, look. Everybody's been feeling a lot of things tonight. I think it's better if we just go and take the puppy with us."

Hope entered, asking Wyatt and Sally not to. No longer holding the sonogram photo, Hope stated that she felt terrible about what she'd said to Sally and didn't know why she'd reacted that way. Hope understood that Sally had been trying to be kind, and Hope didn't know why she'd gone off on Sally. Hope apologized and said she needed all the support she could get. She asked Sally to forgive her.

Sally didn't think Hope should have to apologize for anything. Sally felt that she should apologize for her own impulsiveness. She figured that she should have talked to Liam before waltzing into the bedroom with a puppy and making things worse. Sally asked if Hope could forgive her. Sally conveyed that Hope had no idea how much she wished she could take away Hope's pain. Hope hugged Sally and sobbed.

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