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Hope sought answers about Beth's death, but Reese was unable to provide any. Steffy and Taylor finalized the adoption of the newborn. Reese paid his debt and gave the remainder of his apartment lease to Florence. Hope unwittingly held her daughter for the first time.
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Hope and Liam both unknowingly met Beth when they were introduced to "Phoebe"
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Liam feels an instant connection to the infant Steffy is adopting

Liam feels an instant connection to the infant Steffy is adopting

Monday, January 28, 2019

At the cliff house, Steffy was glad that she and Liam felt the same thing about the newborn in his arms. Liam said Steffy was lucky to have located the child, who'd make a great addition to Steffy's family. "Our family," Steffy responded. She said they'd promised Kelly that they'd remain a family, and therefore, the baby belonged to Liam, too. "To all of us," Steffy determined.

As he fed the baby with a bottle, Liam remarked that it had to be hard for the birth mother. Steffy thought it took courage to make the best decision for one's child. Liam told the baby that her birth mother had no idea how privileged the baby would be to have Steffy as a mother and Kelly by the baby's side.

Kelly awakened, and Steffy asked if Liam was all right with the other baby. Liam assured her that he was more than all right. Steffy exited, and alone with the baby, he asked how old she was and if she was older or younger than Beth. He wondered what her name would be.

"Phoebe," Steffy said as she returned with Kelly. Steffy wondered if she was getting ahead of herself, but she couldn't help her feelings. She urged Liam to look at the girls together. Liam replied that they were sisters, and he saw good things for Steffy and her daughters.

Later, Liam and Steffy exited the bedroom without the children. Steffy wondered if she should hold off on calling the newborn Phoebe until it was official. Liam asked if Steffy thought there was a reason it wouldn't happen. He reminded her that she felt it was right, and he stated that he shared the feeling that the child was there to stay.

Steffy hoped so. She wanted it for Kelly. Steffy realized that the children weren't twins, but she asked if he saw how the girls had fallen asleep together. Liam smiled. She stated that the adoption had to happen, and they were close. She was still leery of getting excited about it, even though her mother was taking care of the down payment right then.

Liam said they could all use a little excitement. He noted that Steffy's mother was pretty involved. Steffy told him not to dare say anything negative and that her mother would not hurt those girls. Liam responded that he hadn't even been thinking that.

Liam recalled that Taylor had been talking to a colleague about the adoption. Steffy explained that the colleague had introduced Taylor to Florence, the birth mother, who couldn't handle motherhood due to adversities in her life. Steffy said the father didn't want to be involved.

Liam couldn't imagine feeling that way. He figured there would be plenty of father figures around in Steffy's family, and he hoped there would be room for him. Steffy insisted that there would be room for her daughter's father. "There I go again, saying all this before it's a done deal," Steffy said. She asked if she were crazy.

Liam replied that Steffy was crazy about the little girl. In his opinion, Steffy had gone out and found the best for Kelly. He'd been skeptical at first, but Steffy had proven him wrong about it. He wanted it as much as Steffy did. He wanted the newborn to have a life and home with Steffy.

Steffy received a text message and said the mom was on her way back. Liam told Steffy that she was the mom. Steffy hoped so, "but until we sign that paperwork..." Liam decided that he should go. She wanted him to stay, but he didn't want to get in the way or complicate things.

Liam stated that he was still grieving. He didn't know if the feeling ever went away, "but then there's this." Liam wished he had Beth, but it felt good to him that Kelly had a sister. He felt good for the first time since he'd lost Beth. He thanked Steffy for what she was doing.

Steffy said it was unconventional, and she was sure the press would have a field day with her decision to adopt after just having a baby. Liam assured her that she'd get good and positive feedback about opening her home to a child in need.

Steffy wanted it whether people thought it was right or not. She asked what she was waiting for. "The right man? A husband?" she asked. She figured that, by the time she was ready for that, Kelly would be older. Steffy wanted to give Kelly a sister close to her age, and Steffy was fine doing it alone. Liam corrected that Steffy was single but not alone. He said he'd be a father figure. He vowed to be there for Steffy, Kelly, and, if all went well, Phoebe.

The newborn baby stirred, and Liam asked if he could retrieve her. Steffy agreed, and when he returned with the baby, Steffy was surprised the crying hadn't awakened Kelly. Liam told "Phoebe" that he was glad she was there. He said there was something about her, and she belonged in his daughter's life, in all their lives.

At the audition, a skeptical Zoe interrupted practice with Emma and Tiffany and wondered if they were really doing it. Emma said they were fine. Tiffany replied that the judges wanted spectacular -- like the guy juggling a dozen knives. Deciding that they could always fall back on their fashion careers, the ladies chuckled and continued singing together.

Nearby, Reese saw the henchman charge out from behind a mobile piece of lighting scaffolding. Reese jerked the man back behind it and ordered him to stay away from Zoe. The man said Reese didn't have all the cash. Holding a small duffel bag, Reese revealed that he had fifty thousand of it and asked if the man wanted it or not.

The henchman asked when Reese would have the rest of the money. Angry, Reese guessed it would be a few days. He shoved the duffel bag filled with money at the man and told the man to just leave his daughter alone.

The man checked the bag and decided it was a start. Reese ordered the man to tell his boss that once Reese gave the rest of the money to them, he never wanted to see them again.

Liam tells Hope about the adoption

Liam tells Hope about the adoption

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

At the cliff house, Taylor decided to babysit Kelly instead of going with Steffy to the adoption meeting. Steffy was surprised that Taylor wouldn't go with her. Taylor said that it was Steffy's day. Steffy still couldn't believe that she could be bringing home Kelly's new sister. "As long as nothing goes wrong," Steffy apprehensively added.

Steffy asked if Taylor thought Florence would back out at the last minute. Taylor reminded Steffy that Florence hadn't even named the baby. It had been as if Florence had already known that the baby would be someone else's.

As Steffy and Taylor awaited Carter's arrival, Steffy decided to call Liam with an update. Taylor advised against it because Hope might overhear the conversation. Taylor didn't know if Liam had had time to tell Hope, and Taylor advised against Steffy wading into it. Steffy said she wanted Hope to know that Steffy hadn't purposely jump-started an adoption.

Taylor figured that Liam would explain to Hope that Steffy hadn't been able to turn her back on the opportunity. Steffy was worried because Hope had already been through a lot. Taylor told Steffy that there would be some resentment, but Hope would get beyond it in time.

Later, Carter had arrived and was reviewing paperwork that Steffy had handed him. "What is all this?" he asked. Steffy said it was her background check and financial statements -- for the birth mother. He asked if the social workers who'd done the home study had seen those papers. Steffy affirmed it. Taking a document out of the stack, he decided that all they needed was the document saying that it had all been completed.

Carter told Steffy to be glad she'd completed so many steps back when she'd first started thinking about adoption. Steffy said Taylor had advised her to do it. Carter was still missing the birth certificate, though, which he had assumed Florence's lawyer would have messengered to him. Taylor said she was sure that her contact should have gotten that to Florence "by now."

Carter asked if the costs involved were being handled separately, and Taylor responded that she was handling it. Carter stated that in an independent adoption, he didn't need to know what the costs were; he just needed to know they were being handled. Carter and Steffy stood to leave for the appointment, and Taylor wished them luck.

At Reese's apartment, Reese lost at an online gambling game and asked himself when he'd ever learn. Florence entered from the bedroom, saying she'd just changed the baby -- maybe for the last time. Reese said it depended upon Florence and Taylor, but he didn't want Florence to hand over the baby until he told her that the account had been settled.

Florence asked how much Reese was getting for the baby. Reese advised "Flo" not to be crass in front of Steffy because Steffy wasn't buying a baby -- nor were he and Flo selling one. Florence asked how much he was getting for not selling the baby.

Florence was shocked when Reese revealed that he was getting two hundred fifty thousand dollars for the baby. "That's how much you owe?" she asked. Reese nodded.

Later, Reese held up baby outfits and wondered which one the child should wear for her big day. Studying the adoption papers, Florence said she had questions about them. "No, you don't," Reese quipped. He said he'd told her to familiarize herself with them, but understanding them was her lawyer's job. She asked who the lawyer was.

Reese pointed to a spot on the papers. Florence asked if she knew the lawyer. Reese replied that he did, and she asked if Reese knew the lawyer or had invented the lawyer.

"She has to have a birth certificate," Reese insisted. Pointing to the papers, he said there was a copy for Steffy and one for her lawyer. Reese noted that the birth date had been changed to a few days before the real one -- just in case. Florence asked how Reese had gotten the baby a Social Security number. Reese told her that the less Florence knew, the better.

Looking at the spots on the pages for her own signature, Florence exclaimed that she'd be breaking the law. Reese replied that they'd crossed that line awhile back. Florence asked what would happen if Steffy found out.

Later, Reese noted that Florence looked shaky. Florence admitted that she felt that way, too. Reese assured her that Steffy wouldn't question it and that they had the proper documentation. Florence asked how much trouble Reese was really in. He said that he'd already told her that the people had threatened to hurt his daughter -- or worse.

Florence asked how Reese knew the payment would make the debt collectors back off. Reese said that the people only wanted the rest of their two hundred thousand dollars. "I thought you said it was two hundred fifty," Florence stated. Reese revealed that the additional fifty thousand was for her. He hoped that amount would take care of her.

Florence reasoned that taking the money would make her an accomplice "or whatever." Reese replied that the ship had already sailed on that one. He said he'd text message her once he had the money in hand. He wished her luck and told her no one would challenge the adoption.

Florence asked how he could be sure. Reese insisted that there was no reason to question it because everyone got what they wanted. He stated that the sharks got their money, he got safety for Zoe, Florence got a nest egg for the future, and Steffy got the baby that she'd already fallen in love with. Reese added that the child got a privileged life.

Florence asked what the real birth mother got. Reese replied that the real birth mother got a lifetime to forget the worst night of her life -- and his. He was sure the birth mother would be helped along by the healthy children whom he was sure she'd have one day.

Later, Florence was alone when Steffy arrived with Carter, whom she introduced as her lawyer. Carter thanked Florence for the thought and care she'd put into the process and said it had made his job easier. He asked if her attorney would be joining them. Florence replied that she hadn't been aware that her attorney had needed to join them.

Carter decided to call the attorney, but as he pulled out his phone, he saw legal papers on the coffee table. He flipped through them and noted that there was a certified birth certificate copy and ICPC clearance, which was required to adopt babies from another state. Carter pulled out what he called the most important of the papers, the termination of parental rights.

Florence said she hadn't looked at it yet. Carter advised her to do it before she signed. Steffy stated that a social worker had told her that the biggest problem they ran into was that some parents became unwilling to sign off. "I don't even know where we'd find him," Florence replied.

Carter noticed that the hospital had listed the father as absent/unknown. Florence guessed it was pretty accurate. Carter explained that a person who didn't claim paternity had no parental rights. "So, all we need is your signature, Florence," Carter concluded and handed her a pen.

The baby cooed as Florence poised herself to sign the papers. Picking up the baby monitor, Steffy said she loved the sound, and the child never seemed to cry. Florence agreed. "Does her mother?" Steffy asked. Florence became tearful and emotional.

Steffy apologized for forgetting it wasn't a happy day for Florence. Steffy vowed to cherish and protect the child. "But if you need time, if you change your mind, I respect your decision," Steffy decided. Wiping away her tears, Florence said she was ready -- or at least she thought she was. She picked up the pen again and looked at the papers.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam discovered that Hope was on hold with her doctor's office about her final appointment. Liam offered to take her, but she said she was canceling it because she wasn't pregnant or sick. "Are you feeling well?" he asked. Before she could answer him, the agent returned to her on the phone. She told the person that she'd decided to keep the appointment.

After the call ended, Hope recalled that Liam had been talking about something earlier. Liam replied that it was about Steffy. Hope guessed it was about the adoption Steffy had contemplated. Hope figured Steffy had just been upset about Hope's feeling regarding Beth and Taylor. "But obviously that's not an issue anymore," Hope concluded.

Liam revealed that Steffy was still serious about having a sister for Kelly. "We tried, Liam," Hope responded. Liam continued, saying, "And I think she's found one." Surprised to hear it, Hope assumed the baby was in some other country.

Liam revealed that the adoption was local, but the birth mother was from somewhere else. Hope asked if it was a boy or girl. Liam said it was a girl, and Hope realized that it had to be a girl because Steffy had wanted a sister for Kelly. "A sister that wasn't Beth," Hope added. She asked if the process had started, and Liam replied that he was pretty sure it was well on its way.

Liam explained that Steffy was sensitive about the timing, and he felt that Steffy was mourning Beth in her own way. Hope replied that she knew. Liam added that Steffy had been planning the adoption "even before this happened" and that Steffy had met with social workers.

Liam claimed that the child had shown up out of nowhere, and Steffy hadn't been given the luxury of waiting to adopt. Hope assumed that Steffy had agreed to it. Liam wasn't sure how Steffy "had gotten to the yes." He assumed that Steffy had been gently testing the news out on him, and he believed that if he'd told her that it was too painful, she would have let it go. "But you didn't," Hope replied. Studying the look on her face, he asked if she'd wanted him to.

Hope asked the age of the baby, and Liam said the newborn was about a month old. "Yeah, I know," he added, assessing the look on Hope's face. Hope assumed that Steffy had fallen in love with the baby. Liam said the baby was a perfect, beautiful little girl.

Assuming Steffy had sent him a photo, Hope asked to see it. Liam said he'd actually met the baby. He'd been debating when and how to tell her. Hope said she'd been closed off and not easy to talk to, but she was listening to him. He felt that it was hard to talk about, but Hope said it couldn't be harder than what they'd been through.

Liam stated that he hadn't been prepared to hold a newborn so soon, and the baby had been tiny, trusting, and beautiful. "And I'm not saying this to add to the pain. I'm just saying it because it's true: I thought of Beth," Liam told Hope. He said that while holding the baby, the nightmare hadn't hurt as much. He'd realized that he couldn't be bitter toward other parents birthing children and giving the children happy lives.

Hope agreed. She said they were grieving parents, not monsters. She asked if Steffy was happy, and Liam affirmed it. Hope wondered if Steffy had a name, and he revealed that it was Phoebe. Hope nodded and said it was perfect.

Hope was happy for Steffy. She figured that Steffy was giving Phoebe a new beginning and replacing death with life. Hope concluded that Kelly had lost a sister, and it was God's way of providing one. Liam cupped Hope's face and said he loved her "so much."

Steffy adopts Phoebe

Steffy adopts Phoebe

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

by Pam

At the OB/GYN office, Reese encountered the guy who had threatened his daughter. Reese wondered if the man was crazy, showing up at Reese's office. Reese said he would have the rest of the money that same day. Reese threatened the man to stay away from his daughter and his workplace, or he would call the cops and didn't care about the consequences. Reese left.

At the same OB/GYN office, Hope and Liam waited for her appointment. Hope said she felt "really empty here and not being pregnant." Liam kissed her hand. In the office, Doctor Lin entered. "I'm so sorry," she said. Doctor Lin told Hope and Liam that ablation was rare and uncommon. They didn't know what had caused it.

The doctor added that it could "have some bearing on future pregnancies." She said they would complete some lab work and perform an exam. "I want you both to understand you didn't do anything wrong," she said.

After the exam, the doctor said that everything was fine, and there were no complications -- nothing to prevent a healthy pregnancy in the future. Hope said she was unprepared to think about it.

Suddenly, Reese walked into the room by mistake. Hope and Liam stared at him, and Doctor Lin asked Reese what he was doing there. Reese replied that he'd entered the wrong examining room and didn't want to keep his patient waiting. He tried to leave, but Hope stopped him.

Doctor Lin said she would step out to let them talk. Hope and Liam said they wanted answers. Reese called it a terrible night. Hope and Reese agreed that everything had been against them. She thanked him for trying to help. Reese said he didn't have any answers but was willing to listen. Hope wanted to know "why we lost our little girl."

Hope said she remembered pushing, and she questioned that before she'd passed out, she'd heard the baby cry and felt the baby moving, but she'd blacked out. Reese claimed it was a tragedy that he had been unable to prevent. Hope wanted to know if he was sure the baby hadn't moved. Reese said there was nothing anyone could have done. He apologized and said he wished they knew how sorry he was. He left.

Hope and Liam held each other. Hope cried and said she had to accept it and let it go. Liam said she needed to let it go when she was ready. Hope and Liam agreed that Beth would always be with them. "Mommy will always love you," she said. Hope cried with Liam.

At Steffy's house, Ridge showed up, and Taylor greeted him because Steffy was gone. Ridge had worried that something was wrong with Kelly because of the message he'd received from Pam. Taylor said she never should have left the message with Pam because Pam had been confused.

Ridge said he had been worried, but Taylor told him he needed to be prepared because Kelly was going to have a baby sister. Taylor and Ridge discussed that Steffy had discussed adoption, but Ridge didn't think she was ready. Taylor said that Steffy "should be bringing home the baby today."

Ridge was shocked that an adoption had happened so quickly. Taylor said that how it happened didn't matter. Steffy had already bonded with the baby. Ridge was suspicious, and Taylor said he always thought the worst of everybody. She explained that she had checked out everything. The baby was healthy, based on OB/GYN reports and labs. "Something doesn't feel right," Ridge said.

Taylor scoffed and said that he would think everything was fine when he saw Steffy with Kelly's new sister. Taylor said she was waiting for a text from Steffy to deliver the money. Ridge opened a suitcase full of cash and was shocked. He asked if Taylor had bought the "whole orphanage." Ridge and Taylor discussed that Taylor had used her own money to pay $200,000. "For one kid?" Ridge exclaimed.

Taylor insisted that she hadn't had time to "haggle." She said it was none of Ridge's business. "I don't need a financial advisor," she said. She added that Steffy was going to name the baby Phoebe. Ridge smiled.

At Reese's place, Carter, Steffy, and Florence met to complete the adoption papers. Carter discussed the multiple documents that Florence and Steffy had to sign. Carter explained each document, and Florence hesitated on one that she would not contact the child. Steffy said they could discuss it, but Florence said it was fine. "I don't think of her as mine. I never really did," Florence said.

Steffy offered documents about her own health -- to provide Florence with "peace of mind," but Florence said it was unnecessary. Steffy told Carter that Florence was special -- a special person, and Carter nodded. Florence said she "used to be a good person, or I thought I was."

Steffy called Florence unselfish. "Your daughter will be surrounded by love every day of her life," Steffy promised. As Carter presented more documents, Florence questioned her privacy. She didn't want anyone to know anything about her. Carter said that there was no public disclosure in California.

Florence apologized to Steffy and said that she knew Steffy would be a better mother than she would be, but she needed to protect herself. Steffy understood. Florence, Steffy, and Carter signed all the documents, and Carter left copies for Florence and headed to the courthouse to file the documents. Steffy smiled and sighed in relief when she was done.

Steffy thanked Florence for everything, and they hugged. Steffy reminded Florence that she was naming the baby Phoebe after Steffy's twin sister who had died in an automobile accident. Florence went to get the baby and her things. Florence took the baby to Steffy and said, "This is your new mommy." Steffy held the baby and greeted her as Phoebe. "Mommy will always love you," Steffy said.

Reese pays the money he owes and pleads for Zoe's safety

Reese pays the money he owes and pleads for Zoe's safety

Thursday, January 31, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam had just told Brooke that they hadn't been able to get more answers from Dr. Lynn or Dr. Buckingham about why the stillbirth had occurred. Ridge arrived with news about Steffy's adoption meeting. Brooke, who'd known that Steffy had contemplated adoption, was surprised to hear how far along Steffy had gone in the process.

Liam said that nothing was official yet. Ridge announced that there was an update, and he relayed that "Phoebe" would be arriving home that day after Steffy completed the paperwork. Nodding, Hope acknowledged that Kelly had a sister -- "Phoebe."

Liam said Steffy probably hadn't expected it to happen that quickly and probably would have waited if it had been possible. Ridge hoped he'd done the right thing by telling Hope. He'd wanted her to hear it from family and not anywhere else. Brooke thanked Ridge.

Hope marveled at the idea that Steffy had two girls all on her own. Liam said he'd be helping with Kelly. Ridge added that Taylor and Amelia would also be helping with the children. He stated that Taylor was at the cliff house, awaiting the arrival of her new granddaughter.

Liam asked if Hope was okay. Claiming that she was, Hope reasoned that the news was hard, but it was also something to celebrate. She said Steffy was giving a needy child a home, a sister, loving grandparents, and an incredible father figure. Liam gazed curiously at Hope, and she told Liam that he should go over there and help out.

Ridge told Hope that Steffy wasn't alone. Hope figured that the baby should feel part of the family from the start, and she wanted Liam to be there to welcome Kelly's new sister. Liam didn't feel right about leaving Hope alone, but Hope insisted that he go and be with "them." She said that they were his family, too.

After Liam had left, Brooke said Hope hadn't had to do that. Hope explained that Liam wouldn't have gone otherwise. Brooke replied that Liam wasn't "Phoebe's" father. Hope reasoned that Ridge wasn't her father, but he'd helped raise her. Ridge said he was still there for Hope. Hope stated that Liam should be there for Kelly and "Phoebe."

Brooke thought that Hope was being incredibly brave, and Ridge was sure it couldn't be easy for Hope. Affirming that it wasn't, Hope refused to begrudge Steffy an ounce of happiness that day. Hope couldn't mother her own child, but she'd decided to find peace in the fact that another child got to have a loving mother.

At Il Giardino, Taylor met Reese to finalize the adoption payment. Reese figured that Steffy was overjoyed about it. Affirming it, Taylor said that Carter, Steffy's attorney, was filing the papers as they spoke. Taylor couldn't thank Reese enough for facilitating the adoption. It was thanks to Florence and Reese that Kelly would get a sister, and Taylor would get an adorable grandchild.

Gesturing to a briefcase on the floor by her chair, Taylor remarked that everything they'd agreed upon was there. Reese knew that it seemed like a lot. Taylor reiterated her commitment to doing anything for her daughter. Sliding the briefcase to his side of the table, Reese said he'd let Florence know that Steffy could go ahead and take "Phoebe" home.

Taylor wished she could spend more time with Reese because he'd probably be leaving town soon, but at that moment, she was anxious to get to the house to await Steffy and the baby. Reese and Taylor stood, and she thanked Reese again for all he'd done. Reese and Taylor hugged, and Taylor exited the restaurant.

Later, Reese checked his phone and glanced around anxiously. The henchman from the audition incident approached and asked if Reese had something for "Mr. Thig." Reese asserted that he'd said he'd wanted to deal with the man's boss directly. A man in a suit placed his hand on Reese's shoulder and said, "I decide who I'm going to talk to, Doctor."

The man sat with Reese at the table. He hoped that Reese wasn't wasting his time and had what he wanted because, if not, he'd send his associate and Reese to a less public place to talk about it. Reese handed over the briefcase and said it was all there. "All of it?" the man asked.

Reese told the man to count it himself. Not wanting to do that at the restaurant, the man stated that Reese knew the consequences he'd pay for shorting them. Reese insisted that he'd met his obligations. Reese didn't want to see the man or his thugs near Reese or his daughter again.

The man explained that Reese was the one who hadn't made good on his debt, and that was the reason the man had had to motivate Reese. Reese stated that they'd threatened his daughter. The man reminded Reese that he'd been warned from the start that the man collected on loans. The man said Reese's daughter was safe "now," and he'd see Reese the next time.

Reese declared that there wouldn't be a next time, but the man was sure that the next time would happen the next time Reese was at the tables. Reese insisted that he was done, and there would be no more trying to win himself out of his bad decisions. "Sure, Doc. That's what they all say," the man concluded, and he and his henchman left the table.

Reese requested his bill from his server. As he counted out his cash for the payment, he flashed back to his encounter with Hope and Liam at Dr. Lynn's office. He recalled the pain Liam had experienced upon hearing that Beth had died. Reese ruminated on Hope's question about whether they'd have their Beth if she hadn't passed out.

In Reese's apartment, Steffy offered to give Florence time with "Phoebe" before the adoption became final. Declining it, Florence expressed comfort in seeing the baby with Steffy and knowing the baby would get the best Steffy could offer. Florence said Steffy would love the baby just as much as the birth mother would, and that was why Florence was able to sign the papers.

Florence received a text message. She said that Steffy's mother had completed the payment. Steffy and Florence guessed that it was concluded. Florence became reticent. Steffy reassured Florence that Steffy would love "Phoebe," who'd be safe and happy. Steffy promised that Florence would never have to wonder if she'd done the right thing.

At the cliff house later, Steffy arrived with the baby and was surprised by the welcome decorations around the living room. Taylor entered from the bedroom and immediately began gushing over her new grandchild.

Taylor had set up the nursery, and everything was there -- just like it had been when Steffy and Phoebe had been little. Steffy felt lucky to have Taylor, the experienced grandmother, to help Steffy through. "I can't believe she's here. She's really here!" Steffy exclaimed.

Taylor assumed it had been hard for Florence to finalize the adoption. Steffy responded that Florence had probably said her farewells to the child before Steffy had arrived at the meeting place. Steffy conveyed that Florence felt that Steffy would love the baby like a birth mother would. Taylor thought it had been a beautiful thing for Florence to say.

Steffy was still blown away by how quickly it had all happened. She recalled that she hadn't even wanted to broach adoption with anyone because of how Liam and Hope might have reacted. "Their little girl was supposed to be Kelly's sister," Steffy said.

Later, Taylor showed Steffy the extra baby monitor that Taylor had set up in "Phoebe's" crib. The women talked about the special bond Kelly and "Phoebe" would have.

Liam arrived, and Steffy expressed surprise to see him. Liam stated that Ridge had told him that the adoption had gone through, and Liam was floored that it had actually happened. He believed that Kelly and "Phoebe" would have a wonderful life together. Taylor said that they all would, and Liam would be a part of it.

Taylor left the room. Liam asked how the mother of two was. Steffy was overwhelmed. She'd wanted to give her daughter a sister, and her mother had made it happen. Liam said that Steffy was the reason that it all made sense, and the girls were lucky to have the chance to grow up together. He felt that it was the first of many gifts Steffy would give them.

Steffy asked if Liam wanted to hold the baby. He did, and she handed the child to him. Steffy said that she'd been the one to adopt the baby, but he was Kelly's father and "Phoebe's" father, too. Liam burst into tears and nodded.

Hope pays "Phoebe" a visit

Hope pays "Phoebe" a visit

Friday, February 1, 2019

At Reese's apartment, Florence told Reese that the adoption had gone well. Reese said he'd paid off his debt, and his daughter was safe. He insisted that he never would have crossed the lines he'd crossed for any reason other than his daughter. Florence was happy for him that it was over, but she noted that he didn't seem happy for himself.

Reese handed Florence a manila envelope containing the payment he'd promised her. He apologized for getting her involved in it and repeated that he wouldn't have done it had it not been to protect his daughter. Florence stated that they'd all done bad things, but life went on. "Better for some than others," she uttered sadly then added, "Fifty thousand dollars to give one woman a child while robbing another of her baby."

Later, Reese ended a call with Zoe. Florence was fanning a stack of bills. Reese asked if she wanted to count the money. She joked that she wanted to roll around in it naked on the floor. Her face darkened. She stated that it wasn't true, and even though she needed the money, it was like blood money to her.

Reese urged Florence to take the money, live a happy life, and forget about what had happened. He tried to convince Florence that she'd helped him safeguard his daughter and give the baby a happy home. Florence became silent and seemed to be deep in thought.

Later, Reese exited the bedroom with suitcases. Florence asked if he was going somewhere. He answered that he was going to London. She asked for how long, and when he didn't reply, she guessed that he wouldn't be back. She wondered how Zoe would feel about it.

Reese said that trouble followed him, and he didn't want his actions to endanger his daughter. Florence, who'd never been to London, offered to go with him. She imagined that he'd show her around, and they'd spend some of the money. He replied that he'd thought she had bills to pay. Florence guessed he didn't want her tagging along.

Reese claimed to want Florence to be happy. He wanted her to find a man who wouldn't pull her down into his mess the way Reese had. He wanted her to find a man to respect her and be there for her in a way that he couldn't.

Reese thought the best way for Florence to make a fresh start was to pay her debts and keep his apartment. He remarked that his lease wasn't up for a while. Florence thought she'd die of boredom without him around. Reese said they'd shared something powerful, and it was a secret they had to keep between them forever. He told her that no one could know about it, especially not the baby's real mother.

At Brooke's cabin, Ridge and Brooke were concerned about Hope, who'd just learned that Steffy had gone through with adopting a child. Hope claimed to be okay. Brooke thought it had been sweet of Hope to insist that Liam go to Steffy's house to be with Kelly and Kelly's new sister. Hope replied that Liam had had a family with Steffy before Hope's pregnancy, and Liam should be there to welcome the child into her new home and family.

Brooke and Ridge were concerned that Hope was just saying she was okay with Liam being at Steffy's house with Steffy and her children. Ridge felt that it was understandable for Hope to be upset. In his view, the timing hadn't been great, and Liam and Hope were still healing. Hope said that healing was the point, and she felt that holding the baby would be good for Liam.

Hope affirmed that no other child could replace what she and Liam had lost, and Beth was gone. Hope acknowledged that it hurt to know that Steffy had a baby girl when Hope didn't have hers, but Hope refused to deny the family their once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Later, Hope wondered how things were going with the new baby. She asked Ridge how much Steffy knew about the birth mother and if the baby looked like the birth mother. Brooke wondered what made Hope ask that. Hope recalled holding Beth and searching for a bit of herself and Liam in the baby's face. Shrugging, Hope said it didn't matter; all that mattered was that Steffy was the child's mother.

Brooke said that Hope had a lot of questions, and it might help if Hope went over there to meet the baby. Ridge asked if Brooke thought it was too soon. Brooke didn't. She asked what Hope thought about it. Hope didn't know what to think. She said that, on one hand, seeing the baby might worsen her grief. On the other hand, Hope felt that she had to acknowledge Kelly's sister. Hope said that prolonging the meeting might make it harder on her later.

Ridge told Hope that she didn't have to rush anything. Brooke agreed and said it was fine if Hope wasn't ready. Hope decided that she should to do it, and if it got to be too much, then she'd just leave. Hope felt that she needed to do it for herself and for Beth.

At Forrester later, Ridge and Brooke arrived in the CEO's office. They agreed that Hope had made the right decision about seeing the baby, but as parents, they were still worried about her. Ridge said that Hope was his daughter in a way, and he didn't like what she was going through. He hoped seeing the baby would be a step toward healing for Hope.

Brooke loved how Ridge cared about her daughter. She believed Hope was showing her goodness by putting her feelings aside for the sake of the baby. Ridge said Beth would always be a part of their lives, and it would never change. Ridge and Brooke hugged.

At the cliff house, Liam held Phoebe. He couldn't get over the resemblance. The likeness wasn't physical, but the way the baby looked at him reminded him of the way Kelly looked at him. He thought he was being silly, but Steffy said he was being a dad.

Steffy reiterated that, even though she'd adopted the child on her own, the child was and always would be Liam's daughter. Liam said he could imagine Kelly and Phoebe ganging up on him and Steffy. Steffy said they'd gang up on him, not her. She stated that Phoebe's father had wanted nothing to do with her, but Phoebe had a loving, caring father in Liam.

Later, Steffy put the baby to sleep in the bedroom. When she returned to the living room, she found Liam deep in thought. She asked what he'd tell Hope, who had to know that he was there. Liam revealed that Hope had urged him to be there to welcome the baby into her new family.

Holding the child had made Liam think of Beth. He'd only gotten to hold Beth once. Steffy wondered if it was all too soon for him. Liam said that wasn't what he meant, and Hope had been right about him being there. Beth would always be in his heart, but he couldn't get Beth back.

Liam said that when he looked into Phoebe's eyes, he saw hope. He saw the future. He didn't want his sadness about Beth to cloud the fact that the baby was a gift to Steffy and Kelly. "To you, too, Liam," Steffy added. Liam thanked Steffy for including him. She said he was always welcome, and he was already wonderful with Phoebe.

To Liam and Steffy's surprise, Hope knocked on the door and entered the house. Hope said she'd thought she'd needed to stop by because the adoption news was amazing. Steffy explained that it had happened fast, and she wouldn't have purposely done it during the loss that they were all suffering. Hope claimed to understand and said it was a gift, no matter the timing.

Hope heard the baby cooing. Steffy said she'd just put the baby down for a nap. She asked if Hope wanted to meet the child. Hope agreed to it. As Steffy retrieved the child, Liam commended Hope for being there.

Steffy carried the baby into the living room and introduced Hope as the baby's aunt. Steffy asked if Hope wanted to hold the child. Hope agreed. Liam asked if Hope was sure. Wordlessly, Hope took the child into her arms. Emotional music played as Hope rocked the baby and kissed the baby's forehead. Hope gazed up at Liam, who smiled at her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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