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Wyatt refused to return to Spencer Publications unless Bill revived Spectra Fashions. Justin attempted to enlist Donna in his plan to reunite Bill and Katie. The guilt-ridden Hope ordered Liam to be with Steffy and his other family.
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Hope felt she was taking Liam away from the family he already had with Steffy
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Katie tells Donna and Brooke the Thorne has left town

Katie tells Donna and Brooke the Thorne has left town

Monday, February 18, 2019

In Reese's apartment, Zoe couldn't believe that her father had done something as heinous as he had. Though Reese insisted that he'd done it for her, she refused to let him put the blame for his actions on her. She declared that Hope deserved to know the truth about Beth.

Reese knew that he'd screwed up. He couldn't sleep or eat, and he hated what he'd put Hope through. He swore he'd only done it to save Zoe, whom he loved more than anything. Reese was certain that if Zoe went to Hope, he and Flo would go to jail, and life as he knew it would cease to exist. Zoe asked about Hope and Liam's life and family.

Reese was truly sorry about it, but he felt his job was to protect his daughter. He warned Zoe that if Hope went to the police, the police would sniff around Reese's loan sharks, who wouldn't respond positively to the attention. He believed the goons would go right back to the start, using Zoe as leverage against him.

Reese implored Zoe to leave things as they were. He said Steffy would be a wonderful mother, and Hope would still be in the baby's life. Zoe noted that he'd found a way to justify the horrible thing he'd done. He claimed to be ashamed of it, but said that, as selfish as it sounded, he didn't want to go to prison. Yanking open the door, Zoe said that she didn't know if she could keep quiet.

Later, Reese was drinking alone when Flo arrived, wondering if he'd talked Zoe down. He replied that it wasn't happening. Flo said he had to do it because Zoe knew too much. He asked whose fault that was, and she wondered if he was really blaming her. He apologized.

Flo demanded to know if she was about to be named an accomplice, so she could get out of there. Reese replied that he didn't know what Zoe would do. Flo reasoned that Zoe wouldn't turn in her father. "Right?" Flo asked. Reese didn't think Zoe would go to the police but figured that she might go to baby Phoebe's mother.

In the Forrester studio, Xander greeted Zoe upon her arrival and noticed that she was upset. Zoe revealed that she'd argued with her father about how selfish and reckless he was. She asked why Reese couldn't just do the right thing. Xander asked if it was about Steffy's mother. Zoe asked if Xander had time to go with her to Steffy's house.

At the cliff house, Steffy noted how comfortable baby Phoebe was in Hope's arms. "She fits. Just like -- Well, you know, when they're this tiny, they're easy to hold," Hope replied.

Steffy took baby Phoebe back to bed. Steffy returned to the living room and remarked that she'd check in with Hope occasionally to make sure that the visits continued to do more good than harm to Hope. Hope understood but reassured Steffy that baby Phoebe was filling a void within Hope -- "And Kelly, too," Hope added.

Later, Hope straightened up in the living room alone. She glanced at the portrait on the wall, and her mind churned in thought. Steffy returned to the room, saying that everything took twice as long when both girls were awake. Hope thanked Steffy for letting her be a part of it. Being with baby Phoebe gave Hope peace, and Hope thought Steffy was lucky to be the child's mother.

Hope left, and sometime later, Zoe and Xander arrived at the house. Zoe asked if she could talk to Steffy about Hope's baby, Beth. Steffy expressed surprise that they wanted to talk to her about Hope's baby. Zoe mentioned that losing Beth had been hard for Hope. Steffy replied that her heart broke for Liam and Hope, especially Hope.

Zoe stated that it shouldn't have happened, and there had been no reason for Hope to lose her baby. Steffy said that Hope had just been there, visiting the girls. Zoe expressed surprise, and Xander remarked that being with the girls had to be a painful reminder to Hope. Agreeing, Steffy said she'd been concerned about it, but Hope seemed to find comfort and peace there.

Steffy assumed it was because baby Phoebe was the same age as Hope's lost child. Steffy said that when Hope held the child, it made Hope's darkness go away. Baby Phoebe made Hope light up with life. For Steffy, it was heartbreaking but beautiful to see their connection.

Zoe noted that Steffy sensed a connection between Hope and baby Phoebe. Steffy responded that the connection had been there from the moment the two had met. Steffy had to keep reminding herself that Hope wasn't holding Beth. Noting that Hope's instincts for that child were intense, Zoe reasoned that there might be a reason that it seemed as if the baby was Hope's own daughter.

At Spencer, a woman ushered Wyatt into Bill's office. Bill was happy that his son had arrived so quickly, and Wyatt replied that he'd been summoned. Wyatt claimed that he would have stopped by there, anyway, because he'd just gotten news that would change Will's life. Wyatt revealed that Katie and Thorne had annulled their marriage, and Thorne had gone back to Paris for good.

Taken aback by the news, Bill thought it wasn't good for his son, who'd been attached to "that loser." Wyatt informed Bill that Katie had said Will had seen that Thorne had been uncomfortable in the marriage before Katie had seen it. It had sounded to Wyatt like Will was okay with what had gone on. "What about Katie?" Bill asked.

Wyatt conveyed that the rattled Katie hadn't seen any hint of trouble beforehand, and Wyatt guessed that Thorne hadn't set off any alarm bells. Bill replied that the good part about dealing with him was that one knew exactly where he stood; however, with a guy like Thorne, one hardly knew what was going on inside. Bill had thought Thorne had been in it for the long haul -- or would have made it a few years at least.

Wyatt said Thorne had bailed on what Thorne thought was inevitable. Bill asked what that meant. Wyatt replied that Thorne had a number of reasons for going, and one of them was Bill. Instantly ticked off, Bill asked what he had to do with it. He said he hadn't messed with them. Wyatt agreed, saying Bill wasn't doing anything on purpose, and Bill had turned into someone Will could look up to. Bill claimed he always had been -- except in a few distracted moments.

Wyatt replied that a lot of damage had happened in those moments -- enough to warrant a custody battle -- and that had been when Thorne and Katie had gotten married. "See! That's why I said they got married!" Bill exclaimed. Wyatt claimed that the love and marriage between Thorne and Katie had been real, but during the custody hearing, presenting a stable family for Will had been important to contrast Bill's "benign" neglect.

Wyatt said that Bill had become the kind of parent Will needed and deserved, but it hadn't gone unnoticed by Thorne. Bill didn't "give a damn" what Thorne noticed or didn't notice and said he didn't need Thorne's approval. Wyatt replied that Bill was missing the point, which was that Katie and Bill had started co-parenting again. Wyatt said Thorne had seen it and become convinced that she was still in love with Bill.

Bill decided that Thorne was just scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses to leave Katie. Wyatt said it could be true. Bill stated that he and Katie would always care about each other -- as Will's parents. Bill believed in family support, and he wanted to get their family back on track. He explained that he'd asked Wyatt there because he needed Wyatt's help in doing that.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke and Donna stared at Katie's annulment papers, and Brooke remarked that the breakup was out of the blue. Agreeing, Katie stated that she'd had no idea that Thorne had wanted to leave her, and she guessed Thorne hadn't been happy. Shocked and saddened by the news, Donna and Brooke hugged Katie.

Donna and Brooke wondered how Katie and Will were handling it. Katie was in shock but said she'd be fine. She told her sisters that Will had been confused and sad at first, but she believed he understood why Thorne had left. Donna didn't get it and asked why Thorne had gone.

Later, Brooke stated that she didn't understand why Thorne had to go all the way to Paris to deal with his grief. She thought he could have done it just as well in town with a therapist, a support group, and loved ones to lean on. Katie stated that he hadn't wanted to handle it in those ways, and he was trying to save Will and her further disruption in the future.

It still didn't add up for Donna. She figured that either there was something Katie wasn't telling Donna and Brooke, or there was something Katie wasn't aware of herself. Brooke said that they wouldn't judge Katie. Katie snapped that she hadn't done anything to deserve judgment. "Okay...So, where is all that coming from?" Brooke asked.

Apologizing, Katie said it was a bit hard to absorb. She stated that unresolved grief wasn't the only reason Thorne had left her. She revealed that he also thought she was still in love with Bill. Donna asked if Katie had given Thorne a reason to think such a thing, and Katie exclaimed, "No, of course not!" Donna and Brooke gave Katie long, contemplative stares. Katie asked why they were looking at her like that. "You think I'm still in love with Bill, too?" Katie asked.

Later, Brooke was working alone in the office and expressed surprise when Hope arrived. Hope said she was trying to get back into things or at least fake it until she made it. She admitted that she actually felt good that day. Brooke smiled, glad to hear it. Hope said that baby Phoebe had that effect on her. "Phoebe?" Brooke replied, her smile fading.

Hope conveyed that Steffy had been great about letting Hope spend time with the girls, and Hope had just been over there. Brooke asked if Hope thought it was a good idea. Hope stated that it was the only thing that kept her spirits up and helped her to believe that she might get through it with her sanity still intact. Brooke looked concerned as Hope said holding the baby made Hope's pain go away.

Zoe tells Reese and Flo that she did not rat them out

Zoe tells Reese and Flo that she did not rat them out

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

At Spencer, Wyatt asked how his presence in Bill's office would help unite their family. Bill explained that he'd asked Wyatt there because he wanted to prove his loyalty to Wyatt.

Bill noted that Wyatt had liked working at Spencer. Though Wyatt agreed, he stated that he was doing well at Forrester. "Really? What? Post some things on social media all day? You know, like 'tap, tap?'" Bill asked, tapping his finger on his desk.

Wyatt said he did much more than that. Believing that his son was wasting his talent at the dress farm, Bill asked Wyatt to return home where Wyatt belonged. Wyatt said he recalled a conversation in which Bill had concluded otherwise.

Bill admitted that he could lose his temper and say things he didn't mean, but he was working on it. Wyatt reminded Bill that he'd said Wyatt didn't have any guts, and Wyatt asked if Bill wanted someone like that working for him. "Yes -- No!" Bill asserted.

Shaking his head, Bill said he meant that Wyatt did have guts. Wyatt had stood up to Bill, and Bill was certain that he wanted Wyatt working there. Wyatt replied that Bill had kicked him out. Bill said he'd been wrong, and he'd do whatever he could to fix it. Bill was willing to fall on his own sword if he still had one.

Wyatt reminded Bill of what had gone on at the time Wyatt had left. Bill didn't want to discuss it, but Wyatt insisted upon recalling that Bill had been bribing Wyatt to stay silent about Bill's lies regarding the so-called affair with Steffy. Wyatt asked, "Who does that?" Bill stated that he'd done it; he'd screwed up big time, and he'd do whatever he had to in order to make the family right.

Bill believed that the Spencers could have their family back. He cited that he'd stepped up for Will, and he would step up for Wyatt, too. It was the kind of man Bill wanted to be and the kind of father Wyatt needed Bill to be. Bill asked Wyatt to return to Spencer, where Wyatt belonged.

Wyatt felt that he was working with good people at Forrester. One of those people was someone with whom he lived and someone to whom Bill had been cruel. Wyatt's voice escalated as he continued speaking, but Bill cut him off, roaring, "Bring her!"

Wyatt said Sally liked fashion. "We publish fashion magazines, hello!" Bill replied, waving around magazines. He was willing to find a place for Sally if it meant getting Wyatt back there. Bill stated that he'd do anything to get their family back on track.

Wyatt stated that Bill had given him a lot to think about. Bill replied that all he'd been doing was thinking. He'd thought about what he'd done and lost and what he didn't want to be -- alone. Bill wanted to be a better father. He asked Wyatt to help him be the father he knew he could be.

At the cliff house, Steffy asked what Zoe was getting at. Xander figured Zoe was saying that there was a connection between Hope and baby Phoebe because the child was close in age to the one Hope had lost. Grinning nervously, Zoe said it couldn't get much closer, and she asked how Hope could not see Beth.

Zoe stated that there was something Steffy should know. Just then, baby Phoebe began to cry. Steffy trotted into the bedroom, and Zoe sighed and stood up. Xander asked Zoe what she was about to tell Steffy. Zoe replied that she didn't know if she should say anything at all.

Steffy returned with the infant and introduced the child to Xander and Zoe. They watched Steffy feed the child, and Zoe noticed that the baby fit in as if she'd always been Steffy's. Steffy said she had to remind herself that she hadn't birthed the child. She didn't care if she hadn't, and she considered the child as much hers as Kelly was.

Steffy remembered that Zoe had wanted to tell her something. Zoe said she'd just want to express how happy she was for Steffy. Steffy asked what it had to do with Hope. Claiming that they'd talked about it, Zoe said that she and Xander wanted to be there for Hope due to her loss and also be there for Steffy, who'd started a new chapter in her life.

At Reese's apartment, Flo urged Reese to call his daughter. Upon doing so, all Reese got was voicemail. She asked if they were supposed to just wait until the cops showed up. Flo guessed they deserved it. She couldn't imagine what the real birth mother was experiencing.

Reese stated that Hope would get better, and Zoe was safe due to the arrangement he'd made. Flo shot back that Reese was the one who'd put Zoe in danger to start with. Reese prayed that Zoe would see that it did no good to expose the situation at that point.

As the time ticked by, Reese began thinking of ways he could mitigate Flo's involvement in his crime. He intended to tell authorities that Flo hadn't known what she'd been getting into and didn't even know the birth mother. Flo replied that she felt as if she did know Hope. Flo could picture Hope's guilt and confusion. It was turmoil that Flo believed she and Reese had caused.

Flooded with guilt about it, Flo said she wouldn't be able to forget Hope. Reese claimed that he never would have done it if his child hadn't been in danger. He knew it didn't make it any better to say that the child had a good home. Agreeing, Flo said it didn't -- not even a little.

Just then, Zoe arrived. "Did you tell?" Flo asked. Zoe replied that she should have, but she hadn't. She asked if she could talk to her father alone, and Flo went into the bedroom. Zoe asked Reese if she'd just made a horrible mistake.

Reese said he'd thought Zoe would have gone to Hope. Zoe replied that she'd gone to see Steffy and Hope's baby instead. Zoe still couldn't believe what he'd done. He claimed that he'd do anything to keep Zoe safe. "Except for stop gambling," she responded. It was hard for Zoe, who thought the right thing to do was obvious.

For Zoe, the right thing was to run to Hope, Liam, Steffy, and the police about what Reese had done. "But you're my father, and that baby is in good hands," Zoe concluded. Zoe claimed that Steffy was the baby's mother in every sense of the word, and it seemed cruel to take her child.

Zoe hated what Reese had done and felt that he'd put her in a terrible position. She didn't know if she'd forgive him, but she loved him. She didn't want him to go to prison and had decided not to say anything. Zoe concluded that she'd keep his ugly secret.

Reese thanked Zoe. He said that, thanks to her, Steffy would keep her baby, and Hope would never know that the girl was really hers.

At Forrester, Brooke was leery of the time Hope was spending with baby Phoebe. Hope insisted that it was helping. Hope could hold the child, sing to her, and briefly experience what it would have been like with Beth. Hope couldn't explain it, but holding the baby made her feel complete.

Hope believed that the baby was there for a reason. Even though she understood that the baby was Steffy's, Hope couldn't help feeling that the child was there for Hope, too.

Brooke gave Hope a cup of coffee and noted that Hope was deep in thought. Hope admitted that she felt guilty about the kind of life Kelly and baby Phoebe would have if Liam was living with them. Brooke didn't get what Hope was talking about or what she felt guilty about.

Hope said that the family she'd dreamed of wasn't happening, but Liam still had a family with Steffy, his daughter, and the new little girl. Hope stated that Beth was gone, and the other children deserved to have him. Brooke replied that Hope always thought about other people first, but Hope needed to focus on herself.

Brooke insisted that Hope's relationship with Liam took nothing away from those girls. Hope said the girls could have a full-time father. She added that it would be different if she and Liam had their own child to raise. Brooke reasoned that the marriage hadn't been based upon Beth, and Hope needed to stop pushing her husband away.

"I understand, but -- " Hope said. Brooke refused to take any exceptions. Hope asked why. Brooke replied that Liam was Hope's husband, and Hope needed to be there for him. Hope asked why her child was gone. In Hope's view, it had changed everything.

Wyatt devises a plan to resurrect Spectra

Wyatt devises a plan to resurrect Spectra

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Sally and Wyatt made out. Sally thought he'd wanted to remain in bed because he'd wanted to sleep longer. He joked that she had him wide awake. She'd noticed that he'd been awake awhile and guessed he'd had something on his mind. Wyatt revealed to Sally that Bill had asked Wyatt to return to work at Spencer Publications.

Wyatt figured that Sally wasn't thrilled to hear it. Sally asked if it was what he wanted, and he admitted that he'd been thinking about it. She said she didn't want her issues with Bill to interfere with Wyatt's decision. Wyatt replied that it was because she was amazing like that.

Alerting her that he had an idea, Wyatt hopped out of bed and asked Sally to let him show her something. As Sally watched him get up, she tried to hide her lack of enthusiasm about the job. She put on her robe, and Wyatt handed her a crumpled press release for Spectra Fashions.

Sally didn't know why she still had the paper. Wyatt replied that reviving the company had been her dream. She said it had been that before Bill had blown it up. Wyatt told Sally that Bill was willing to do anything to get Wyatt back at Spencer. Sally stated that he loved his job at Forrester. Wyatt reasoned that he could do that job and much more at Spencer.

Wyatt said that Bill wanted to make things right, and Wyatt wondered if "we" should give Bill the chance. Wyatt was game to return to Spencer, but only if his father did right by Sally. "Me?" Sally asked. Wyatt stated that if his father wanted him back, then his father would have to resurrect Spectra Fashions.

Shocked to hear it, Sally said she was happy designing for Forrester. Wyatt was happy at Forrester, too, but it was only because she was there. He figured that they could work together at Spencer. Wyatt wasn't looking for Sally to forgive Bill. Wyatt was seeking a business arrangement in which Bill could prove that he'd really changed; however, Wyatt was adamant that he would not go back to Spencer unless Sally was part of it.

Sally was touched by the sentiment, but she didn't want Wyatt to feel as if he had to repair the issues between her and his father. She insisted that she'd never been happier than where she already was -- with him and working at Forrester. Wyatt said he felt the same way.

Wyatt remarked that finding his father and building a legacy with his father and brother had been more than he'd ever imagined. "And then Dad went off the rails...everything he did -- he turned his back on his family," Wyatt explained. It had all fallen apart, but Wyatt was willing to help put it all back together.

Sally understood and knew how important the Spencer legacy was to Wyatt. Wyatt said she had great talent and had built herself up in the Forrester ranks. He believed she could accomplish much more on her own and that she already would have if Bill hadn't sabotaged her. Wyatt believed that it was Sally's time to shine and that her future could be incredible.

Wyatt's love and support meant more to Sally than success. She said he'd given her the confidence to give designing another shot, and he'd changed her life. Sally had no doubt that her future would be what he believed it could be as long as he was in it with her. "Always," Wyatt replied. Sally told Wyatt that she loved him very much, and they kissed.

At Spencer, Justin had just heard from Bill that Thorne had left Katie and taken off for Paris. Bill quipped that Thorne had learned it from his brother. Justin didn't see Thorne leaving as a bad thing for Bill. Bill stated that Katie and Will would always be a big part of Bill's life. Bill was pulling his family back together, and Will and Katie had been the first step.

Bill informed Justin that Bill had practically begged Wyatt to return to Spencer Publications. Justin quipped that he would love to have seen it. Bill said Justin knew what Bill meant, and it hadn't been literal begging. Justin asked how Wyatt had responded to the offer, and Bill reluctantly revealed that Wyatt hadn't given an answer yet.

Justin joked that Bill had made one "hell of a pitch." Confident about Wyatt, Bill believed that he and Wyatt spoke the same language. Bill thought it would be harder with Liam, but Bill was determined to unite his family. Justin told Bill that he was off to a good start.

Rising from his seat, Bill decided that he'd check on how Will was coping after Thorne's departure. Justin asked if Bill had heard from Katie, and Bill replied that he'd check on her, too. Justin pointed out that Katie might not want company. "We're family!" Bill exclaimed. In his view, family didn't need invitations, and Katie and Will needed to feel Bill's support.

Justin warned Bill to go easy on Katie, who didn't need to hear that Bill had told her so. Bill claimed that he wasn't "that guy" anymore. Justin recalled that Bill had turned into a family man, and family had become Bill's focus. Spinning around and snapping his fingers, Bill affirmed that there was nothing more important.

At Katie's house, Donna wanted to be there to support Katie and give Katie someone to talk to. Donna asked for the truth about how Katie was really doing. Still in shock about Thorne's departure, Katie said Thorne had been there to give her and Will stability.

Donna thought it was sad that Thorne still wasn't over Darla and Aly. Katie felt that she and Thorne could have dealt with it if it had been their only issue. She said that he'd also left because he had the impression that she was still in love with Bill. Aware of that, Donna said she had to be a good sister and ask if it was really true.

Katie thought the idea was ridiculous, and she reminded Donna of all the turmoil there had been between Katie and Bill. Donna stated that the two had put it behind them. Katie conveyed that she had done it for Will's sake, not because she wanted a future with Bill. Donna asked for the truth about Katie's feelings for Bill.

A knock upon the front door interrupted the conversation. Katie opened the door. On the other side stood Bill, who said he'd been thinking about Katie and Will and had wanted to check on them. Donna remarked upon Bill's uncanny timing, and Bill thanked her for helping Will with a history project. According to Katie, dioramas had always been Donna's thing in school.

Donna claimed that she'd been just about to leave. Grabbing her coat, she decided to take off to let Bill and Katie talk. After Donna had gone, Katie was curious about the reason for Bill's visit, and he revealed that Wyatt had told him about Thorne.

Katie wasn't in the mood for a diatribe about Thorne and how she shouldn't have rushed into marriage. Interrupting her, Bill said he wasn't there about Thorne. "Actually, I don't give a damn about him," Bill added. Katie and Will were what Bill cared about.

Bill couldn't say that he'd miss Thorne, but Bill was sorry for Katie and Will. Bill wanted to make sure that Will understood what was going on with Thorne's departure and that Will didn't think it was his fault. Katie assured Bill that she and Thorne had talked to Will and had made things very clear. Bill recommended that Katie use a sports analogy to explain it to Will.

Bill suggested that Katie tell Will that it was like an injured athlete who really wanted to get back into the game. The athlete returned too soon, experienced pain, but kept grinding through. Doing that only prolonged the injury. Bill concluded that it was sometimes best to just stay away from the game for a while.

Katie said she hadn't thought of it that way. Bill was willing to talk to Will about it. She agreed to let him as long as there was no Thorne bashing. Bill joked about the put-downs he could make, but Katie called his name in a warning tone.

Putting the jokes aside, Bill said he'd been worried about Katie and Will, and he was there for them. Katie hadn't been sure how Bill would take the news, and she didn't blame him if he felt vindicated. Bill said that he was only concerned about his family, which Bill had told Wyatt during what Bill considered to be the most important conversation he'd ever had.

Katie wondered how much Wyatt had told Bill. She said that she and Thorne hadn't told Will about Thorne's concerns about her connection to Bill and feelings for Bill. She revealed that one of the reasons Thorne had left was because he thought she was still in love with Bill.

Just then, Will arrived home. He was excited to see Bill, who said he was there to check on Will and his mother. Will assumed that Katie had told Bill about Thorne. Bill replied that he knew and was sorry about it. Bill wanted to make sure Will knew that Bill was there for Will and his mother and said that Will was free to tell his father anything he felt. Will thanked and hugged his father.

Back in Bill's office, Donna arrived, and Justin thanked her for meeting him. She greeted him with a friendly embrace and asked if he held secret meetings in Bill's office often. Justin joked that at times, it felt like his office because of the amount of time he spent in there.

Donna became concerned that Justin wanted to tell her about an issue with Marcus. Justin assured her that their son was fine. He'd asked her there to talk about Bill and Katie.

Recalling that Donna had said in her text message that Bill was at Katie's house, Justin asked how Bill had seemed when Donna had seen him. Donna replied that Justin was a better judge of Bill's moods than she. Justin wanted Bill to be happy and noted that he'd never seen Bill happier than when he'd been with Will and Katie.

Bill makes a pledge to Katie and Will

Bill makes a pledge to Katie and Will

Thursday, February 21, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Sally cuddled together in bed. She thought it was crazy that, thanks to him, Spectra might rise from the ashes. Wyatt stated that he and Sally were a package deal, and Bill needed to revive Spectra if he wanted Wyatt back at Spencer. Sally conveyed that she didn't want Wyatt jeopardizing his family or future at Spencer because of her.

Wyatt said that Bill was preaching family. Wyatt wanted to believe it and guessed they'd soon find out if it was true. She called him a knight in shining armor. Not wanting her to waste the title on him, he said she wasn't exactly a damsel in distress, and he was more of a court jester.

Sally replied that she'd been no match for Bill Spencer. Wyatt reasoned that Bill had used every trick imaginable to thwart her, and it had been unfair. She noted that it had all been for a monument that had never even been built. Wyatt felt that Bill owed it to Sally to resurrect her business, and Wyatt planned to make it clear to Bill: no Spectra Fashions, no Wyatt Spencer.

At Spencer, Justin told Donna that the new Dollar Bill was Bill Spencer at his best. Bill had started focusing on the right things, and in Justin's view, it would be great to get Bill's family back together. Justin asked her to think of how happy Will would be to see his parents together.

Donna called Justin a softy, and Justin asked her not to let it get out and ruin his wickedly deserved reputation. She claimed she'd never seen a bad side of Justin, who she'd always known as her son's father. Tugging her by her hand, he said he was also the man who'd stolen her heart. Retracting her hand, she sighed, saying a lot had happened to them since then.

Donna said that her and Justin's greatest accomplishment was Marcus. Agreeing, Justin was glad she was back and thought that she looked great. He stated that they'd shared something special and could do something special together again. They had a chance to reunite a family. "Of course, that comes with the perk of spending more time with you, too," Justin added.

At Katie's house, Bill visited Will and Katie and quizzed Will on the history of currency in the United States. Will was glad Bill was there. Bill said there was nothing more important than his family and no place else he'd rather be. Their talk turned to a chess club Will had started at school. He beamed that his team was already beating the fourth graders. Katie sent Will to retrieve a medal he'd won in the game, and Bill asked Katie about the source of Will's affinity for chess.

Katie explained that Will had done a report on a chess prodigy, and she joked that they should have been teaching Will the game instead of letting him play in the sand. She thanked Bill for visiting and checking on her and Will. Though she believed that they'd be fine, she said it meant a lot to Will to have a caring father.

Will returned with his medal and ribbon. Bill complimented it, and Katie informed Bill that Will had also done well on his currency exchange project. Bill realized the project had been the reason Will had called him about the topic. Will told Katie that Bill had canceled a conference call to explain exchange rates to him. It had made Will feel good. Understanding the feeling, Bill promised to never let Will or his mother down ever again.

Later, Katie was alone when Donna returned and told Katie about her visit with Justin. Donna remarked that she and Justin had talked about their son, but Justin had also had a plan brewing. Katie became intrigued, and Donna said that, like Thorne, Justin believed that something could happen between Bill and Katie.

Katie wished Justin wouldn't encourage ideas like that. Donna repeated that Thorne had thought it, but Katie replied that it didn't make it true. Donna asked if Katie was denying that she and Bill could have something. Katie asserted that there was no her and Bill; they were Will's parents, and that was it. Katie wanted Donna and Justin to get a reunion out of their heads.

Back at Spencer, Justin applauded Bill for spending time with Katie and Will. Bill asked how many times he had to say that he was all about family. "I truly hope you mean that," said Wyatt as he arrived. Bill asked if Wyatt needed proof. Wyatt thought it was funny that Bill should ask because Wyatt was there with an answer to Bill's offer.

Believing that Wyatt would turn him down, Bill attempted to make one more pitch to get Wyatt back into the family business. Wyatt said he got that family was Bill's first priority, and that was why Wyatt wanted to return. Bill asked how many hoops he needed to jump through.

Suddenly, Bill stopped speaking and realized that Wyatt had said he'd return. Bill grabbed his son, hugged him, and said he'd have Justin draw up the papers. Wyatt announced that there was one thing he wanted in return. "Justice for the woman in my life -- Sally. I want you to revive Spectra Fashions," Wyatt stated.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam let Hope know that Pam had been sending messages to check on Hope. He suggested that he and Hope drive down to the beach for a walk, but Hope claimed to have a better idea. She thought others needed him more, and he should be with baby Phoebe and Kelly. He figured that he could see the girls another time, and Steffy had it under control.

Hope insisted that caring for two children was exhausting, and Steffy would appreciate a break. Liam asserted that he wanted to be at home with Hope. Hope claimed that he'd been there every day since the incident, and she felt as if she were keeping him away from the girls.

Liam told Hope that she wasn't, but Hope was adamant that he visit the girls. Liam told her that he'd always be there for Kelly and "now Phoebe." In his view, he and Hope were still working through the loss of their own child. He felt that Hope needed him just as much as the girls did.

Brooke arrived, and Hope deemed it perfect timing. Hope told Liam that her mother was there, and it was fine for him to visit the girls. Hope didn't want to keep him from them. Acquiescing, Liam sighed, kissed her cheek, and said he wouldn't be long.

Liam left, and Brooke put down the covered dish in her hands. Hope knew what Brooke was going to say, but Hope insisted that Liam should be able to see his other family without worrying about her. Brooke stated that Hope was important to Liam, too, and Brooke was concerned that, "if you keep pushing him towards them -- well, I'm concerned where this might lead."

Hope didn't believe she was pushing Liam, who she felt loved being with the girls. Brooke said it wasn't what she'd meant. She thought Hope was being too hard on herself in thinking that she was keeping Liam from his daughter. Brooke said it wasn't true because Liam wanted to be with Hope, too. Hope insisted that the babies needed him more.

Though Brooke believed it was sweet of her daughter to show concern for the babies, Brooke stated that the children were fine. Hope was the one in a fragile state, and in Brooke's mind, Hope needed to think about herself. Brooke wanted Hope to focus on her healing, Liam, and the family and future he and Hope would have.

Hope doubted she'd ever have a family. Brooke told her not to think like that, but Hope said she'd already lost two children. Brooke urged Hope to get beyond the pain and negativity and believe that she and Liam would have the family they'd always wanted "I'm not sure I want that anymore! Not if it means having to go through this kind of heartbreak again, Mom," Hope yelled.

Hope claimed that she was miserable. Being with her husband was supposed to comfort her, but it didn't. All Hope felt was guilt for depriving those little girls. Hope insisted that they needed Liam. Brooke said that Liam was only the father of one of the children, not two, and Hope needed to stop feeling so guilty about things.

Hope persisted in believing that she was keeping Liam from his family. She felt that she'd be fine, but the innocent children needed him. She asked how she could keep him from them. Hope asserted that his place was with baby Phoebe and Kelly, and it was where he belonged.

At the cliff house, Steffy did laundry and smiled to herself as she thought of giving birth to Kelly. Steffy started cooking, and soon, both of the little girls began crying. Steffy seemed flustered as she tried to hurry the meal. The cries grew louder. She stopped cooking to make bottles, but she accidentally knocked a package of formula onto the floor. The crying continued, and Steffy glanced around in dismay.

Later, Liam and Steffy exited the bedroom, and he went on and on about how cute the girls were. Steffy thought his arrival had been a godsend, and she noted that he had a special bond with both girls. He said he'd be there whenever she needed him. Steffy was glad but thought Hope should be his first priority.

Liam revealed that Hope thought he needed to be there instead, taking care of Kelly and little Phoebe. Steffy was surprised to hear it. He explained that Hope worried about the girls as if they were her own children. He'd thought it would get better. Liam reasoned that it was better at times, but it was still hard.

Steffy stated that Hope had been ready to be a mother. Liam assumed that Hope's maternal instincts had kicked in, and it made it even sadder that she didn't have her own daughter to love and protect. He figured it was why Hope was looking out for Kelly and baby Phoebe.

Hope tells Liam to be with his other family

Hope tells Liam to be with his other family

Friday, February 22, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Hope refused to keep Liam away from his family. Brooke asserted that Liam only had one child with Steffy, but Hope was adamant that baby Phoebe deserved to have a father, too. Brooke ordered Hope not to do it to herself. Expressing guilt over what she was supposedly doing to Kelly and Phoebe, Hope said it was wrong, and she had to fix it.

Hope claimed that it was eating away at her that she could be ruining the lives of two girls. Brooke said Hope wasn't doing that. Hope stated that when a person loved someone, she should set him free. "So, what are you going to do? Set Liam free?" Brooke asked.

At the cliff house, Liam said he guessed that he needed to get back to Hope. He and Steffy discussed the hard time Hope was having, and Steffy expressed her concern that Hope was transferring her motherly feelings onto baby Phoebe. Liam suspected the same thing.

Later, Liam had gone, and Brooke arrived to discuss her concerns about Hope. Brooke knew that Liam had been there. Steffy said it was sweet of him to want to be there for the girls, and he'd told her that Hope wanted him to be with the girls as much as possible. Brooke stated that Liam would be there for the girls, but he wasn't baby Phoebe's dad.

Steffy sighed and resumed folding laundry. Brooke explained that Liam and Hope were suffering over the loss of their child, and Hope had taken on a misplaced sense of guilt. Brooke conveyed that Hope had started believing that Liam should be there with the girls. Steffy wished Hope didn't feel that way and said she had sympathy for Liam and Hope.

Glancing at the portrait on the wall, Brooke remarked that it took her back in time. Steffy replied that it was up there so that Kelly could see that her parents had once been happy. Brooke stated that it was just a moment from the past. "I know," Steffy responded, rolling her eyes.

Brooke said Liam and Hope were married, and Brooke expected Steffy to help the couple and support their relationship as much as possible while they went through the trying time. Steffy claimed that despite what Brooke thought, Steffy genuinely cared for Hope. Steffy's heart broke for Liam and Hope, and Steffy claimed she wouldn't do anything to undermine the marriage.

Later, Brooke had gone, and Steffy flashed back over times she'd shared with Liam.

Back at the cabin, the moment Liam walked in the door, Hope told him that he should have stayed with the girls. He said the girls were fine, and he'd wanted to make sure that she was okay. Claiming to be fine, she told him that he needed to stop worrying about her. She appreciated their time together, but she felt guilty that he wasn't with the girls. She asked him what he was even doing there.

"What am I doing here? I'm your husband!" Liam replied. He wanted to take care of Hope. Hope said she didn't need him to. She could take care of herself, but the children needed him. Liam told her that they'd both be there for the kids and have the blended family that they'd talked about. Hope replied that it wasn't the same.

Liam asked Hope to listen to him when he said she wouldn't feel that way forever. He insisted it would get better, but she had to let him help her through it. "Because we are family," he said. Hope thought he desperately wanted them to be a family, but she noted that he already had a family with Steffy. Hope said they knew how much he cared about Steffy.

Liam asked what Hope was talking about and what she was doing. Hope told him that it was okay for him to go over there and be with his children. Liam said she couldn't push him away at a time like that. Hope claimed that it wasn't just him; it was the thought of Steffy alone with two girls. Hope insisted that she was keeping the girls from having a father.

Liam decided that Hope didn't even know what she was saying. He asserted that he was married to her, and he was committed to her. He was sorry, but he wasn't going down "that road." He insisted it wasn't the answer. Hope claimed that thoughts of keeping him from the children kept her up at night. She hadn't had her father, and she wouldn't keep Kelly and baby Phoebe from having one.

Liam responded that it wasn't the time for her to be heroic. Hope said she wasn't doing that; she was trying to do what was right for the kids. He asked about what was right for her and what was right for Hope and him. She replied that he loved her, but he also loved Steffy. Steffy, not Hope, was the mother of his child. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God," Liam hopelessly murmured.

Hope persisted in telling Liam to make a life with Steffy and her children. Hope wanted him to find forgiveness, be happy, and move on. She said she could still be in the family as Aunt Hope, but his life was with them. "Your life is with Steffy and those girls," Hope concluded.

At Forrester, Sally was sketching in the CEO's office, thinking of Wyatt's offer about Spectra. Eric arrived. He said that for a while, he'd wanted to tell her how impressed he was with her contributions to the Intimates line. Sally expressed that it was an honor to work for Forrester.

Sally mentioned that Thorne had left for Paris. Eric said Thorne's departure had created a void at work. Sally asked if she could be considered for lead designer on HFTF. Eric said they hadn't had time to consider staffing changes. He felt that Sally had proven her talent, and he stated that they'd definitely keep her in mind. Sally looked a little disappointed.

Eric said that Forrester was happy with Sally's work. Designing wasn't easy, in his opinion. He claimed that he'd been doing it for fifty years, and it was hard to keep the ideas going and anticipate trends. "Without being too trendy," she responded. Eric noted that she was an out-of-the-box person, just like her aunt. Sally stated that not everyone saw it as a good thing.

Eric did and believed that Sally had all of her aunt's best qualities. Sally thanked Eric, whom she saw as supportive and forgiving. He felt that she was good for the company and for Wyatt.

Sally said that Wyatt was amazing and always looked out for her. Eric replied that it was too bad that Wyatt had Bill for a father. Sally suspected that Wyatt and Bill were getting back on track. Smiling, she added, "At least I hope so."

At Spencer, the conversation became a bit heated when Wyatt demanded that Bill revive Spectra Fashions in exchange for Wyatt returning to Spencer. Wyatt said Sally deserved it after Bill had sabotaged her, and it was only fair that she got a chance to run her own company again. Bill cited that it was Spencer Publications, not Spencer Fashions.

Wyatt recalled that Bill was always looking to diversify and said it could make them a lot of money if Spectra was under the Spencer umbrella. Bill repeated Wyatt's decision that he wouldn't return to Spencer unless Bill restarted Spectra "Three-Ring-Circus" Fashions. Wyatt affirmed that Bill had the deal right but said Bill couldn't call Spectra that.

Wyatt argued that Forrester saw Sally's talent. He believed that Sally had learned a lot while working on HFTF and leading Intimates. Wyatt believed she could do much more. Bill tried to explain that owning a fashion house and owning a publication that covered fashion were two different things. "I'm not in the dress-making business, and I don't want to be!" Bill exclaimed.

Wyatt knew it, but he put the blame for Sally's failures on Bill, who'd sabotaged Sally's career and blown up her building for an ego-gratification project. Wyatt insisted that the revival would be good for all of them. Bill asked if Wyatt really believed in Sally that much.

Affirming it, Wyatt said he and Sally were building a future. He asked why Spencer couldn't be a part of it. Bill hadn't realized that Wyatt felt so strongly about Sally. Wyatt quipped that Bill would have known it if he'd been around more.

Bill said his greatest fear was turning out to be like his father, whom Bill had met later in life. Bill Senior had never shown his son affection and had never said that he had been proud of him. All Bill Senior had cared about was money and the company, and business had been the only way that Bill Junior could prove himself.

Bill concluded that he'd inherited his father's way of thinking. It had resulted in Bill being on top but alone, just like his father had been. Bill didn't want that kind of life. He refused to have that kind of life. Bill started speculating about Wyatt returning to the business and reuniting the family, and Wyatt cut in and asked if Bill was saying he'd revive Spectra.

Before Bill answered the question, he had a question of his own for Wyatt. Bill asked if Wyatt really felt that strongly for Sally. Readily affirming it, Wyatt proclaimed that he was in love with her. Bill was amazed to hear it and said he just wanted Wyatt to be happy. He also wanted Wyatt to be back at Spencer where he belonged. Wyatt asked what Bill was saying.

"I'll do it," Bill replied, feeling that it was the least he could do. Wyatt thanked Bill, but Bill said that it would be over if Wyatt ever, even once, referred to Bill as a dressmaker. Wyatt promised that he wouldn't do it, and Bill guessed that they had a deal. There were details to iron out, according to Bill, but as far as he was concerned, they were in the fashion business.

Ecstatic, Wyatt said it felt good, and he wanted the family to be the best it could be. Bill was sorry for the problems he'd caused, and he hoped that Liam could forgive him someday. Bill said that, in the meantime, it was just him and Wyatt. "And Sally," Wyatt added.

Slowly, Bill repeated, "And Sally...yeah." Bill imagined that Spencer would be a place of honor and mutual respect. Wyatt hoped so. Bill stated that he knew so because he was going to do it right "this time." The men hugged.

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