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Steffy decided to take the girls on an extended business trip to Europe. The Spencer and Forrester families grieved the loss of Caroline Spencer. Just as Flo convinced Zoe to tell Hope the truth, Reese arrived, determined that his misdeeds remain hidden.
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The Spencers and Forresters were rocked by news that Caroline had died suddenly
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Flo convinces Zoe to tell the truth

Flo convinces Zoe to tell the truth

Monday, March 11, 2019

At Wyatt's beach house, Sally and Wyatt cleaned up after dinner. Sally wanted to see his yearbooks. She was sure he and Flo had gotten the "cutest couple" award in high school. Wyatt replied that Sally didn't need to know about his marching-band past. Sally imagined that he'd been the star quarterback, but he quipped that he was better at second string.

Sally asked if Flo had changed after high school. Wyatt thought that Flo was just about the same, but she had a new intensity about her. Sally asked if he was referring to the way Flo had been with Hope. To Sally, it had seemed as if Flo had been almost obsessed with Hope.

Sally remarked that it was weird that Flo was Phoebe's birth mother. Wyatt thought it was weird that the women had bonded over their baby situations. Sally reckoned it was because each woman had given birth, but neither woman had a baby to go home to.

Later, Sally and Wyatt sat on the sofa and drank beers. He thought it was strange that Flo had given up her baby and said Flo had always wanted to be a mother. Sally reasoned that wanting it and it becoming a reality were two different things. Wyatt couldn't shake the fact that when he'd seen Flo at Bikini, she'd told him that she didn't have any kids.

Sally said that Flo hadn't felt comfortable sharing deeply personal details at the moment she'd reconnected with her high school boyfriend. Wyatt groaned. Sally said Flo hadn't completely lied; Flo had given birth, but she didn't have the baby anymore. He stated that Sally was probably right. She insisted that she always was. He agreed, and they kissed.

Later, Sally and Wyatt cuddled under blankets on the sofa. She was glad Flo had encountered Wyatt at the bar because Flo didn't seem to have friends in town. He said it seemed as if Flo had had a rough go of it. Sally anticipated that it would change if Flo remained in town.

Wyatt asked if Sally would be okay with Flo being in town. Sally said she would. He asked if Sally really wouldn't be uncomfortable with Flo around. Sally asked if she should be. He replied that she shouldn't, and she had nothing to worry about. The two kissed.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope joked that she'd become a social butterfly that day, and she wondered where Liam would take her next. "The couch," Liam responded. He figured that she'd earned a foot rub. She was glad that he'd talked her into going to Wyatt's, and she still couldn't believe that Wyatt's high school girlfriend was baby Phoebe's birth mother.

As Liam rubbed Hope's feet, the two talked about Flo feeling guilty about their loss. Hope mentioned Flo's insistence that Hope and Liam have another child. Hope said Flo was convinced that Hope was meant to be a mother. Liam thought it was probably the last thing Hope had wanted to hear at the time. Hope said Flo had been caring about it, as if she had a personal investment in Hope and Liam's life.

Hope and Liam concluded that they liked Flo. Liam said Flo was a bit awkward, but he liked her. Hope chalked it up to Flo being nervous about being around Wyatt again. Hope wondered if Wyatt had elaborated on his past with Flo. Liam said Wyatt hadn't, but Liam guessed Flo intrigued Hope. Hope said there was something about Flo that made Hope want to know more.

Liam thought they would know more about Flo, who was "basically part of the extended family." Hope added that Flo was the baby's birth mother. Hope didn't know if she'd been staring at Flo out of awe or jealousy. "Jealous?" Liam asked. Hope said Flo had been able to accomplish what Hope hadn't. Hope was jealous of that -- but in the best possible way.

Hope was amazed by Flo and grateful to know the woman who'd given them baby Phoebe. Liam had an inkling of why Hope felt connected to Flo. He figured that a piece of Flo's heart was missing, just like a piece of Hope's was. Hope said she'd give anything to trade places with Flo because Flo at least knew her child was still there, safe and cared for. Hope wished she could say the same about her own.

At Flo's place, Flo text-messaged Wyatt to thank him for dinner earlier that evening. She was glad they'd reconnected, and she thought Sally was a lovely woman.

Someone knocked on Flo's door. Flo answered it, and Zoe barged in, asking Flo what she'd been doing with Wyatt. Flo was surprised that Zoe knew Wyatt. Zoe said she'd seen the picture he'd posted of himself with Flo, and Liam and Hope were in the background of it. Flo explained that Wyatt had invited her to dinner, and she'd had no idea that Liam was Wyatt's brother.

Zoe asked why Wyatt would invite Flo to dinner, and Flo revealed that he'd been her boyfriend back when he'd been Wyatt Fuller. "Yeah...This is -- this is too much," Zoe responded, shaking her head. Flo didn't know what the big deal was. Zoe yelled that Flo shouldn't be in the same city as Hope, let alone having dinner with her.

Zoe asked if Flo knew what would happen if the secret got out. Flo replied that Reese would go to jail. Zoe yelled that they would all get in trouble. Zoe asked Flo to do the smart thing and pack her bags. Flo, however, was determined not to leave. Zoe said Flo had to. Flo disagreed. In Flo's view, what she had to do was to tell Hope the truth.

Flo thought that Hope and Liam were great people, and she didn't want to make them continue to think their baby was dead. Zoe conveyed that her first instinct had been to tell them, but then Zoe had thought about the consequences. Flo replied that actions had consequences, and Reese should face his. "But do we deserve to go to jail?" Zoe asked.

Flo asked what she and Zoe had done. Flo reasoned that Zoe had only kept her father's secret, and Flo had been dragged into it by helping a friend. Zoe reminded Flo of the papers she'd signed and the money she'd taken. Flo decided that it was best to reveal the truth before more damage occurred. Zoe asked how much more damaging it could get.

Flo figured that the revelation would be more traumatizing for everyone as the baby got older. She asserted that it was only a matter of time before it got out. Unable to take the guilt and stress of the secret, Flo was determined to tell Hope that her baby was alive. Zoe begged Flo to see the bigger picture.

Flo insisted that she was seeing it. Flo was thinking of Beth. "Phoebe," Zoe corrected. Flo asserted that the child's name was Beth, and her parents were mourning her. Zoe replied that time would stop the pain. Flo informed Zoe that Hope was too scared by the whole situation to even try to become a mother again. Zoe insisted that time would change it.

Flo asserted that she would change it. Zoe refused to allow Flo to put them all in jail. Flo wondered if she could reason with Hope and convince her not to press charges against them. Zoe asked if that would include her father. Flo said that Reese was a different story, and he deserved to pay for what he'd done.

Zoe asked if Steffy deserved to pay and lose the baby she'd adopted. Flo didn't think Steffy deserved it, but Flo also didn't think Steffy would want to keep Hope from her daughter. "And neither should we," Flo concluded.

Though she didn't want to keep Hope from Beth, Zoe felt that she had to do it for her father. Flo said Reese had gone too far, but they had the power to fix it. "Okay," Zoe responded, sobbing. Zoe figured that they had to fix it. Flo stated that they could go together and do it that night.

Just then, the front door opened. Reese entered. He hadn't expected to see Zoe there. He asked what was going on and what he'd just walked into.

Zoe said she hadn't known that Reese was in town. Reese stated that he'd returned to check on things. Reese asked why she sounded different, and she dismissively said her new accent was due to a bet between her and Xander. Zoe wanted to talk to Reese about something more important than that.

Flo deduced that Reese was there to check on her. Reese replied that she hadn't been answering his text messages. Flo claimed that she'd been busy. Reese believed that the secret had gotten to Flo. He claimed that he knew her, and he knew she felt guilty.

Yelling, Flo asked if he didn't feel guilty and if he was fine with it. Reese claimed to hate what they'd done. "We?" Flo asked. She insisted that it had been all him. He defended his actions, saying the goons had threatened to hurt Zoe. Flo replied that he'd decided to hurt Hope instead.

Reese asserted that Hope was a young woman and would bounce back. Flo divulged that Hope was completely devastated and unable to move on. He didn't think there was any way Flo could know that. Flo revealed that she'd met Hope, who thought it was her fault that the baby had died. She asked if he really thought Hope and Liam would never figure it out.

Flo told Reese that Liam and Hope would figure it out that night because "we" would tell them. Reese looked at his daughter, and Zoe said it couldn't go on. Reese stated that he'd been trying to protect Zoe. Though Zoe knew it, she believed that Flo was right, and the truth had to be revealed. Flo affirmed that it would be revealed because they'd tell Liam and Hope.

Reese said that Flo couldn't do it, but Flo yelled back that she could. Flo claimed that she'd arrived in the city to help a friend, and she had been naive to not ask questions and to blindly trust him. She said she'd had no idea what he'd been capable of doing. Flo called his actions not just criminal but absolutely disgusting. It was tearing her up inside to keep the secret.

Flo repeated that she'd met Hope, who was heartbroken and blaming herself. Flo said it wasn't Hope's fault. It was all Reese's fault, and it was very wrong. Flo believed that she could fix it and make it right. She said she would tell Hope the truth. Reese tried to reason with Flo, saying they'd all go to prison. Flo didn't care and said it might be what they deserved.

Flo was determined to tell Hope the truth. She said that Hope would learn that night that her baby was alive, and there was nothing Reese could do to stop Flo.

Reese overestimates his powers of persuasion

Reese overestimates his powers of persuasion

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

At the cabin, Hope retrieved beers for her and Liam as he texted-messaged Wyatt to thank him for dinner. In Hope's view, it was an amazing coincidence that baby Phoebe's birth mother was Wyatt's high school sweetheart. Though Hope liked Flo, Hope couldn't help but sense that more was going on than Flo was letting on. Hope hoped that Flo was okay.

Discussing the dinner party they'd attended earlier, Liam said he'd been amazed that Sally hadn't expressed any jealousy of Flo. Hope didn't know why Sally would be jealous. It was clear to Hope how Wyatt felt about Sally. Liam reasoned that there had been the potential for awkwardness, but Sally hadn't let it happen. "Kudos to her," Liam concluded.

Someone knocked on the door. Liam answered it for Tiffany, who was delivering new HFTF designs to Hope. Hope said Tiffany hadn't had to go out of her way. Tiffany had wanted to do it because she hadn't had the chance to express her condolences for Hope's lost little girl. Hope thanked Tiffany, and Tiffany exited.

Liam asked if Hope was okay. Hope knew that Tiffany had meant well. Hope said that everyone meant well; however, each time they said those things to her, it served as a reminder that Beth wasn't there.

Later, it was bedtime, but Hope didn't think she could sleep. Liam figured that she was still thinking about Flo. Hope couldn't forget the conviction in Flo's voice when she'd said Hope was supposed to be a mother, and Hope acknowledged that Liam had been saying it all along.

Liam stated that he'd said it because it was true. In his mind, Hope would always be Beth's mother, and there was no limit to the love Hope could give. Even though Hope's heart was shattered, it was a big heart. He believed that Hope was meant to be a mother and that there was a child waiting to be loved by her, waiting for her to be his or her mother.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Sally were in bed when Wyatt's phone chimed. Confiscating the device, Sally insisted that phones were off limits for the night. Wyatt kissed her and sneaked the phone away from her. He read a message from Liam, who'd thanked Wyatt for dinner and called Sally a consummate hostess. Sally didn't believe Liam had said that about her.

Wyatt admitted that he'd added it to Liam's statement. Wyatt thought Sally had done a good job with dinner. He was proud of her and said she'd really gone "with the Flo." Sally asked what was with him and the terrible puns. He countered that puns were signs of wit, and they just "flowed" from his mouth. She wondered if he'd tortured Flo with his so-called sense of humor.

Wyatt replied that he'd have Sally know that all of his exes thought he was hilarious. Sally reasoned that his humor might be why they were exes. She asked if all of his exes were as beautiful as Flo. He conveyed that he'd always had good taste in women, but none were better than the woman he had right then. "Nice save," Sally responded.

The topic turned to Sally's future with Spencer. She wondered if he'd heard more from his father. Wyatt hadn't, and she asked if Bill was getting cold feet. Wyatt said it wouldn't happen because reneging on the deal meant losing Wyatt, too. Sally said they still hadn't ironed out all the details -- only that the fashion house would be named after Spencer.

Wyatt asked if Sally would be okay with it and if Sally's great aunt would be okay with it. Sally said that her aunt just wanted her to do the thing that she loved. Sally still couldn't believe Wyatt had been willing to give up his future at Spencer for her sake. He replied that she was due the opportunity, and he knew she'd make the best of it.

Later, Wyatt joked that they'd worked up an appetite. He said Sally was insatiable, and he was quite a catch. Sally was eager to list his attributes, but he wanted to talk about all the things she'd brought to his life. He said they were good as a couple "for the next millennium or two and beyond." Sally believed him. She said that before him, she'd given up on men and herself.

Everything had changed for Sally when she'd met Wyatt, including the way she felt about herself and her life. She owed it all to him. "Chicken legs," she said. Upset, Wyatt asked why she had to ruin the moment by calling him names. Sally clarified that she wanted to eat the chicken legs leftover from dinner. They laughed about the miscommunication and kissed each other.

At Reese's apartment, Zoe looked on as Flo told Reese that Hope would know the truth about her baby that night. Reese tried to get Flo to listen to him. She refused, saying she was sick of living that way. She knew he'd flown there to get her to keep quiet, but it was not happening.

Flo decided that she didn't know who Reese was. She said he was supposed to bring life into the world, but instead, for money, he'd taken a child from her mother during labor. Reese explained that he'd needed the money to protect his daughter.

Flo asserted that he'd done it to repay a gambling debt. She pulled a stack of money out of her purse. Tossing it at him, she yelled, "You did it for you!" In her view, he'd created the situation and had sucked her into it. Helping Reese had been the worst decision of her life.

Flo said that Reese just wanted her to move on and forget about it. She asked how she could do that. Each time she closed her eyes, she saw Hope, who'd had her heart ripped out. Reese asked if Flo and Zoe didn't think it was killing him, too.

Appealing to Zoe, Reese told his daughter that he wasn't a monster. He claimed to be a good man who'd gotten caught up in something he couldn't control. He repeated that he'd been trying to protect Zoe. Reese apologized to Zoe for putting her in that position, but he insisted that no one could know. He said the truth couldn't get out.

As flashbacks of the night on Catalina Island played, Reese claimed he'd change it if he could. He recalled that the first mother had had the stillborn, and Hope had arrived in active labor. He said "those bastards" had threatened Zoe's life, and meanwhile, Hope had pushed until she'd passed out. When Liam had arrived, Reese had done the hardest thing he'd done in his life.

"I lied to their faces, and I put a dead baby in Hope's arms," Reese confessed. Flo asked if he had any idea how awful it was. He yelled back that he did, but all he'd been able to think about had been the threat the animals had made against his daughter. He told Zoe that he was sorry, but all he had been able to think about back then had been keeping Zoe safe.

"And Hope has been devastated ever since," Flo added. Affirming it, Reese said Hope was a wonderful woman and hadn't deserved it; however, Hope would get through it, and she and Liam would have another child. Flo replied that Hope didn't want to go through the pain again.

Reese instructed Zoe to make it her mission to convince Hope to conceive again. He figured that if it happened, Hope would go on with her life -- just like he, Zoe, and Flo had to go on with their lives. Reese didn't want to see his daughter go to jail for something he'd done.

Flo bit out that he was just trying to protect himself. Reese stated that he didn't want any of them to go to jail. He advised Flo to return to Las Vegas, because it was torture for her to remain in town. He asked Zoe to promise to convince Hope to have another child. "And then we will never speak of this again, okay? Not another word," he instructed.

Zoe told Flo that her father was right. "What?" Flo exclaimed. Zoe said she didn't want to go to prison. Though she hated the situation, Zoe vowed to convince Hope and Liam to have their family. Zoe said that no one could ever know. Reese hugged the sobbing Zoe.

Reese said that he loved both women, and he didn't want to see anyone go to prison. He again asked Flo to return to Las Vegas and pretend it had never happened. He asked if they understood each other. Zoe affirmed it, but Flo averted Reese's expectant gaze. "Okay," Reese responded. He hugged Zoe and exited the apartment.

Flo shook her head, and with a sweeping gesture, she knocked all the items from a table onto the floor. "I cannot believe you!" Flo raged. She said Zoe's father had just had to say he was sorry -- as if they hadn't heard it a million times before. "We made a decision to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences!" Flo yelled.

Zoe whined that her father might be right. Zoe asked if Flo wanted to go to prison. Speaking for herself, Zoe affirmed that she didn't. Zoe said she'd get through to Hope, but Flo had to go back to Vegas. Flo screamed that she was not going back to Vegas.

Zoe said it was okay if Flo didn't go, but no one could ever know -- especially not Hope. Flo stood in stubborn silence. Zoe called Flo's name, but Flo refused to reply.

Steffy makes a life-changing announcement

Steffy makes a life-changing announcement

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

In the design office at Forrester, Donna took coffee to the busy Katie. As Katie worked, Donna noted that Bill had picked Will up for school that morning. Donna also noted that Katie looked "extra glam" that day. Surprised to hear it, Katie thanked her sister.

Donna asked if Katie looked the way she did because Katie had seen someone special. "Are you talking about Bill? Seriously?" Katie asked. Shrugging, Donna claimed to merely be saying that Katie looked pretty -- in her new outfit.

Katie replied that she'd had the dress in her closet for a long time. Additionally, she liked to think that she usually pulled herself together for work -- not because she was trying to seduce her ex over her son's bowl of cereal. She was adamant that she hadn't thought of Bill while dressing that day.

Donna guessed it was a coincidence that Kate looked all glam on the day Bill had picked Will up for school. "Or maybe you're falling for him again, and you just don't know it yet," Donna concluded. Katie didn't remember asking for Donna's opinion. Katie said that Bill stepping up as a father didn't change things between them. Donna thought Katie wasn't giving it a chance.

Katie stated that they'd been married twice. Donna reasoned that the third time could be a charm. Katie asked if she had to remind Donna of all Katie and Bill had gone through. Donna said Katie needed to see herself whenever she talked about Bill.

Donna figured that Katie was accustomed to pushing Bill away and afraid of being hurt, but she could tell that Katie longed to reunite her family. She thought it would be the smartest thing Katie could do. Donna said it would be beautiful if Katie and Bill found each other again.

Katie quipped that her life wasn't a romance novel. "No, but it could be," Donna replied. Donna exited, and Katie received a phone alert that she was supposed to have lunch with Brooke at Il Giardino. Katie seemed puzzled by the alert.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Sally met with Justin and Bill to go over phase one of the design house. Justin stated that things were moving slowly. He assumed it was because Bill's attention was focused on Will and Katie, which Justin wholeheartedly approved of. Bill didn't appreciate Justin giving out play-by-plays of Bill's social life.

Wyatt thought that it was great that Bill was spending more time with Katie and Will. Bill didn't care what the men thought. Pointing at Sally, he ordered her not to chime in. Sally said she hadn't planned on it, "but now that you mention it..."

Deciding to set "you clowns" straight, Bill insisted that it ended with parenthood between him and Katie. Justin and Wyatt pretended that they believed it. Bill insisted that he and Katie respected each other and were doing well raising their kid. He wanted to leave it at that.

Sally said they made a cute family. Wyatt thought of how happy Will would be. "Not to mention how happy Katie would be," Sally added. Justin thought that if Katie and Bill weren't so stubborn, it might happen. Bill exclaimed that Katie wasn't interested in him that way, and she'd just gotten rid of the loser Thorne. Bill figured Katie needed space. Sally replied that one only lived once, and Bill should tell Katie how he felt.

"I'll tell the three of you how I feel -- annoyed! And as far as Katie is concerned, I don't feel any kind of way," Bill responded. Wyatt said Bill wasn't fooling anyone. Justin believed that Bill was his best when he was family-focused. In Justin's opinion, working on his relationships with his sons was the right thing for Bill. Justin asked why Bill couldn't take the next step and reunite his family with Katie.

To Bill's chagrin, Justin and Wyatt persisted in trying to convince Bill that he should reunite with Katie. Bill received a phone alert. Chuckling, he said it was too bad that they had to wrap things up. He had a meeting with the mayor at Il Giardino. He said that while he was gone, they needed to stop focusing on his love life and get some work done.

Later, Donna arrived as Justin, Sally, and Wyatt seemed to be concluding their meeting. Justin's eyes drank her in, and he said it was always good to see her. Donna noted how well he looked, and Wyatt asked if the two of them wanted to be alone.

"Not if you want to hear that good news," Donna replied. She revealed that a reconciliation between Katie and Bill could happen. Wyatt replied that they'd just been talking about that. Sally asked if Katie had said she'd be into it. Donna said she could tell that Katie was hiding her feelings. Wyatt asked who else would have the patience to put up with his father.

Donna asked where Bill was. When she heard that he was headed to Il Giardino, she scoffed and revealed that Katie was on her way there, too.

At Il Giardino, Katie saw Bill at a table. She asked if he'd seen Brooke. Bill hadn't. Katie replied that she was supposed to meet Brooke for lunch -- or at least that was what she thought. Katie said she might have the wrong day, and she didn't remember making the plans with her sister.

Bill said he'd had a meeting, too, and it was odd to him that the person who he was meeting wasn't on time. He asked Katie join him, and she took a seat. Bill decided that he wouldn't be upset if the meeting didn't happen because it meant that Katie might have lunch with him.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam rushed to answer his phone. Steffy was on the line. She needed to talk to Hope and Liam about something. He asked if the girls were okay. Steffy assured him that they were fine, but she needed to talk to Hope and Liam together.

At the cliff house, Hope and Liam arrived and wondered what was going on. Steffy had news, and she said it affected Liam and Hope, too. Steffy announced that she was heading to Europe. She had presentations at International and meetings with buyers in other cities. It all had developed quickly, and Steffy was leaving in a few days.

Liam assumed the girls would go with her. Steffy said it would be their first trip abroad, and she was taking the nanny with her. She hoped her mother would visit, too. Steffy said she wasn't going just for herself. She hoped her time away would help Hope. Steffy believed that time away from her and the girls would help Hope get over losing Beth.

Hope didn't want Steffy leaving and taking the girls from Liam because of Hope. Steffy said it wasn't the only reason she was leaving, and her stepping away would be good for Hope. Liam believed that Steffy had a point and said it would give him and Hope time alone together. Insisting that his place was with the girls, Hope decided he should go with Steffy.

Steffy said they'd already been over it, and Hope couldn't push Liam and Steffy together. "No way. This is settled. This is not happening. Can you stop bringing that up? Please?" Liam said. Hope insisted that she was messing everything up and keeping them from being a family.

Steffy asserted that they weren't going there again. Steffy said she was taking the girls for a little while, and Liam would be able to talk to them and video chat with them. Hope was worried about what Liam would miss out on. Steffy knew that Hope was worried about the children, but Steffy believed that Hope needed to focus on herself and her marriage.

Hope didn't know why Steffy's trip had to be about Hope's grief. Steffy said she and Liam were worried about Hope, who needed to banish the idea that she was keeping a family apart. Asserting that Hope wasn't doing that, Steffy explained that she'd chosen how to raise the girls, and Liam had chosen to be married to Hope. Steffy stated that Hope was his wife, not Steffy, and his place was with Hope, not Steffy. Liam repeated that his place was with Hope.

Hope said it made sense, and she understood what Liam and Steffy were saying. Hope still didn't understand why she had a strong connection to the baby. The girls stirred, and Steffy and Liam went to get them. Hope glanced at the portrait on the wall and gazed around the room.

Liam and Steffy returned with the children, and Steffy gave baby Phoebe to Hope. Steffy said that, after that day, they would not have the conversation again, and Hope needed to stop insisting that Liam be with Steffy. Steffy wanted Hope to take the time to heal, to strengthen her marriage, and to reconnect with Liam. Steffy even hoped Hope might have another baby.

Steffy hadn't thought she'd have a baby after her miscarriage, but she had two little girls. She hoped that, by the time she got back, she'd hear that Hope had started to rebuild. Hope didn't know if she could. Steffy believed Hope could do it and was certain Hope would be a mother. Steffy wanted Hope to be smiling and to have a little one of her own when Steffy got back from Europe.

Taylor and Bill are rocked by horrible news

Taylor and Bill are rocked by horrible news

Thursday, March 14, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge arrived and said he'd seen Hope's car leave the house. Liam replied that it was good for her to get out of the cabin and into the real world. Ridge stated that most of the focus was on Hope, but Liam was also grieving. Ridge wondered how Liam was.

Claiming to be fine, Liam said he was waiting to get back to normal. Ridge asked what happened to Liam's grief in the interim. Liam said he screamed into the abyss, but "other than that..." Ridge affirmed that he was there if Liam needed him.

Liam asked if Ridge knew that Steffy was taking the kids to Europe. Ridge knew about it and asked how Liam felt about it. Liam handed Ridge a beer. Liam had been surprised to hear about the trip and said he hadn't gotten any warning. Ridge asked if Liam had pushed back about it.

Liam conveyed that he hadn't resisted because he understood Steffy's career demands. He knew that the kids had to go with Steffy. Liam added that there was the "Hope issue," which was probably why Steffy had chosen that time to actually go.

Liam informed Ridge that Liam and Steffy were concerned about Hope's attachment to the new baby and Hope's insistence upon pushing Liam and Steffy back together. Ridge said Steffy had told him about it, and he wondered if it could happen. "Umm, no," Liam replied.

Ridge asked how Liam felt about being apart from the girls. Liam felt that it would be hard, but he was glad that Steffy had thought about Hope's needs. Ridge didn't find it surprising. Liam said it was just the kind of person Steffy was. Ridge was glad Liam remembered what a remarkable woman she was. Liam claimed that he always would.

Ridge knew that Liam loved Hope but wondered what life would be like if Bill hadn't taken advantage of Steffy. Liam said that Steffy had never accused Bill of that. Ridge asserted that he and Taylor saw it that way, and Liam should, too, because he had two daughters. Ridge realized that baby Phoebe wasn't biologically Liam's child, but she was family. Liam replied that he and Steffy agreed wholeheartedly on that point.

At Spencer, Donna joined Justin, Wyatt, and Sally for Chinese takeout in Bill's office. They discussed what a coincidence it was that Bill and Katie had lunch appointments at the same time and in the same place. Justin wondered if the busy mayor would be a no-show.

Wondering the same thing about Brooke, Donna suddenly recalled that Brooke was supposed to be out of town. Donna said Katie and Bill might be inspired to have lunch together. Wyatt and Sally exchanged glances. Sally reminded them that Bill had warned them to stop gossiping about his love life.

Quipping that it wasn't like Bill had a love life, Donna said they were speculating about what could be. Wyatt conveyed how thrilling it would be for Will to have his parents reunite. Justin believed that, deep down, Bill really wanted to reunite the family. Donna thought the same about Katie. Confident that a reunion would happen, Donna said she'd bet money on it.

Donna was also certain that Bill had changed -- or else Wyatt wouldn't trust Bill with Sally. Affirming it, Wyatt said he'd seen changes in Bill and believed Bill's commitment to the family. Sally said it did mean something that Bill was willing to make amends with her. Justin noted that it wasn't something the old Bill would have done.

Justin, Donna, Wyatt, and Sally talked about Bill's missed chances to raise Wyatt and Liam. Wyatt said Bill had the chance to do that with Will. Donna replied that no one knew what could happen over an accidental lunch date.

At Il Giardino, Bill and Katie were puzzled about their missing lunch partners. It wasn't like the mayor to be late, and Katie had no recollection of making lunch plans with Brooke. Bill received a message from Emmy that his meeting with the mayor was the next month, not that day. Katie noted that she'd received a message from Brooke, who was actually out of town.

Bill asked if Katie was thinking what he was thinking. Katie was thinking that someone was messing with them. Bill would normally be irate about someone playing around with his calendar, but that time, he didn't mind it at all.

The server arrived and said Bill and Katie's meals had been ordered. The selections were written on the individualized menus that she handed to each of them. Katie said the choices were all her favorites, and Bill said his favorites were on his menu. The server left, and Bill and Katie speculated about who could have set up the lunch.

Bill thought the culprits could be Justin and Wyatt, who'd been vocal about his personal life. Katie nominated the hint-dropping Donna. Bill said whoever it was had good taste in wines. Katie raised her glass of wine, and she and Bill toasted.

As they ate lunch, Katie said she'd never imagined Bill would do magic. Bill called himself the Great Spencerini but doubted he'd headline in Las Vegas. Katie thought it said a lot that he'd learn something new for his son. Bill replied that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Will.

Bill said he was officially not angry with whoever had set up the lunch. Katie stated that the food was delicious, and Bill replied that the company was, too. He always enjoyed himself with Katie. "Thorne's an idiot," Bill blurted out. Though Bill understood Thorne was still dealing with his loss, Bill thought Thorne had been a fool to walk away from Katie.

Having a meal with Katie had once been Bill's favorite time of day. Katie recalled how amazing his ability to dial down after work had been. He attributed it to her calmness and her steadiness and said he found himself wound up all the time -- except with Will.

Bill decided that he had to get back to the office. Katie wanted to freshen up but said he could go on back to work. Bill replied that he was happy to wait for her. Katie went to the restroom, and Bill flashed back over times with her from their first marriage to baking with Will.

Later, Katie asked her server if she knew who'd set up the lunch, but the server claimed to have no clue. When Katie returned to the table, Bill looked pale and upset. He said he'd just gotten horrible news. It wasn't about Will, he quickly added. Katie asked Bill to say what it was.

At the cliff house, Steffy did laundry as Taylor questioned Steffy's decision to go abroad with the girls. Taylor didn't know why Rick couldn't attend to things in Paris and said that baby Phoebe still needed to get acclimated to her new life. Steffy replied that her life was her children's lives, so they had to get used to it. Steffy reminded Taylor that Steffy was co-CEO, and sometimes, the buyers and players needed to see her in person.

Taylor wondered if Liam knew about the trip. Steffy informed Taylor that she'd invited Hope and Liam to the house to tell them together. Taylor didn't understand Steffy's need to report to Hope. Steffy claimed that she didn't need to report to Hope, but there was also no reason to keep Hope out of the loop.

Steffy thought the separation was necessary because of Hope's attachment to baby Phoebe. Steffy felt that Hope also needed to get it out of her head that Steffy and Liam would reunite and stated that he was Hope's husband. Taylor couldn't believe Steffy was advocating for Hope and Liam and asked why Steffy would do that.

Steffy felt that Hope needed a little consideration. Taylor contended that the children were the ones that needed consideration, and Taylor said that Steffy should be urging Liam to be there with "his daughters," not pushing him toward Hope. Taylor ordered Steffy to fight for her family.

Steffy refused to fight Hope for her husband. Taylor blamed Bill for Liam being with Hope and blamed Hope and Brooke for all the other family troubles. Steffy told Taylor that she couldn't compare Hope to Brooke. Taylor reasoned that Hope wasn't as brazen as Brooke, but Hope had seen Steffy's troubles with Bill as an opportunity. "And she took it!" Taylor exclaimed.

"Mom...I love you, but I can't take you bashing Hope," Steffy asserted. Taylor claimed not to be doing it. She said she just wanted her daughter to do what Hope had said to do, which was to give the girls the family they deserved. Steffy exclaimed that it would be at Hope's expense.

Steffy said Hope had just lost a child, and Taylor wanted her to take Hope's husband away. In Steffy's mind, it wouldn't happen. Taylor sighed hopelessly, and Steffy stepped away to check on the girls. When Steffy returned, Taylor was holding her phone and sobbing, saying that it couldn't be. Steffy asked what had happened.

Family and friends mourn Caroline's death

Family and friends mourn Caroline's death

Friday, March 15, 2019

At Brooke's house, Quinn asked Ridge where Brooke kept the serving pieces. He told Quinn to check in the hutch in the kitchen. Ridge thought he should help her, but he didn't even know what was in there. Quinn said it was fine, and she'd handle everything.

The somber Taylor and Steffy arrived. Steffy hugged Ridge and said she was sorry. Ridge informed her that Eric was in the den, making phone calls. Taylor replied that with one phone call, one's life changed forever. Ridge hugged her.

Eric joined everyone in the main room. He said he'd called Bill, who'd sounded shaky. Quinn asked Steffy to help her in the kitchen. As they walked through the living room, their gazes narrowed on a framed photo on the table, and they stopped to stare at it. Ridge said he'd put it out there. Picking it up, he said, "Caroline...such a terrible loss."

Later, Ridge, Steffy, Taylor, Eric, and Quinn had coffee in the living room. Quinn asked how and when it had happened. Taylor replied that it had been a sudden blood clot, and she hadn't wanted to push for details from Thomas. Ridge reasoned that Thomas could tell them when he arrived.

Eric suggested that one of them return to New York with Thomas to help him "square things away." Taylor said that they should let Thomas tell them what he wanted. Steffy figured he'd want to be home. Ridge told them not to overwhelm "the boy," who'd tell them what he wanted when he was ready. Taylor said that, so far, Thomas had only wanted to know how to tell Douglas.

Ridge responded that the child was very young. Eric said Douglas might be too young to understand, and it might be a good thing. Steffy assumed Douglas would feel abandoned. Eric said they wouldn't let Douglas feel that way, and they'd keep his mother's spirit alive.

Looking at Caroline's picture, Ridge said he'd loved everything about her. Caroline had lived life out loud, and she'd unapologetically relished it. He had, too. He said she'd been full of joy, laughter, and tears. She'd had a passion for work and the world. He added that she'd also had a passion for the people in her life. He'd never met anyone like that, and he didn't think any of them ever would again.

At Spencer, Katie arrived as Bill stared out of his window. He said that it was a beautiful day, and people were going about their business. He asked if she'd told Will yet. Katie hadn't because she'd figured that Bill would want to do it. "Not today," Bill replied. She stated that she'd dropped Will off at school and had driven to Spencer to check on Bill. He thanked her, and she hugged him from behind.

Later, Wyatt, Sally, Hope, and Liam had arrived. "A blot clot?" Wyatt said. Bill replied that he hadn't wanted to tell them on the phone. Hope asked if the Forresters knew. Bill said that Eric had called, and Hope asked what they could do. Bill replied to keep them in her thoughts.

Bill was sure that the news would soon be out, and he said that Karen was sending him a draft of the obituary so that he could add details of Caroline's life in California to it. Katie said Caroline had grown up a lot in a short amount of time, professionally and personally.

Bill knew what everyone was thinking. He stated that it was about the lie he'd told. "Now, it's become true," he sadly said. Katie told him not to think that Caroline's death was his fault. Hope said that every life changed the world, and their lives were influenced by people who might or might not be there anymore.

Later, Katie, Bill, Wyatt, Liam, Sally, and Hope arrived at Ridge's house. Katie and Ridge said that they'd talked to Brooke about Caroline. Katie added that Brooke wanted to catch a flight home, but the weather was bad. Ridge wished Brooke would remain put and concentrate on Rick. Eric chimed in that he'd talked to Rick. Ridge figured there was nothing Brooke could do at home, but Katie stated that Brooke could be there for Ridge.

Wyatt, Liam, Hope, and Sally talked to Steffy about how Thomas was doing. Steffy relayed that her father had said Thomas was numb and not sleeping. Steffy asked how they were. Wyatt said that Caroline had been the closest thing to a sister he'd had. Liam recalled that Caroline had just sent him a photo of Douglas at a sleepover.

Just then, Thomas arrived with Douglas. A voiceover announced that the role of Thomas Forrester was being played by Matthew Atkinson.

Ridge greeted Thomas and Douglas with hugs. Taylor sobbed that she was sorry and heartbroken for Thomas, and they hugged. Steffy told Douglas that he was handsome enough to model for the company. He replied that his mommy "used to" say that, too.

Eric let Thomas know that they were all there for him and for whatever he needed. "That would be this," Thomas replied, and Steffy hugged him. Bill and Sally hung back as the others gathered around Thomas and Douglas near the foyer.

Later, Liam and Wyatt mentioned to Thomas that Caroline had said he'd had something to ask them. Thomas conveyed that Caroline had wanted her cousins to be Douglas' godparents in case something happened to her and Thomas. The brothers were honored to be the two godfathers.

Bill approached, and Liam and Wyatt strode off. Thomas said that he was sorry for Bill's loss. Bill appreciated the sentiment, but he believed that he'd lost Caroline long before the others had. Thomas said that Bill was mistaken, and Caroline had looked up to Bill as the male authority in her life, even when he hadn't deserved it.

Bill admitted that things hadn't been good between him and Caroline when he'd last seen her. Thomas replied that Bill should know that Caroline had forgiven him.

On the sofa, Hope got Douglas settled in with a tablet. Hope asked Douglas if he was looking for someone. Douglas stared around blankly. Hope said that sometimes, they couldn't help but look for people who weren't there anymore, and Hope did it, too. Hope asked if he wanted to get a drink from the kitchen, and he readily nodded.

Wyatt found Sally in a corner. She didn't know what to say to Thomas. Wyatt was sure Thomas didn't know what to say, either, but Wyatt thought it would still be okay. Sally strode up to Thomas and welcomed him home. Thomas said that it was her home again, too.

Sally replied that it hadn't been a soft landing. Thomas apologized, but she concluded that it had been the best thing for both of them. Sally was sorry for every wrong and hurtful thing that had happened between them, and she was very sorry that Caroline was gone. Thomas and Sally hugged each other.

"Daddy, mommy's here!" Douglas said. The room grew silent, and Douglas pointed to the photo on the table. Hope stated that she and Douglas were on the way to the kitchen, and she prodded the boy to continue walking with her.

Thomas picked up the photo. He told everyone that they were giving him what he needed. Being there reminded him that they understood him, and he said that Caroline had gotten him, too. He stated that Caroline had known he hadn't been at home in New York, and "we'd talked about the possibility -- we talked about a lot of the things we'll never do now."

Thomas said that Caroline would be glad that he and Douglas were there. The sobbing Taylor said they were, too, and they'd missed Thomas terribly. Ridge added that it wasn't easy, but Thomas was home, surrounded by friends and family. Steffy approached, and Thomas, Taylor, Ridge, and Steffy all held each other.



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