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Ridge made Sally an offer she couldn't refuse, and Wyatt wondered where that left him and Sally. Quinn questioned Flo's ambivalence about finding her birth father. Thomas talked Taylor into going to Europe with Steffy. Katie and Bill found themselves in another romantic ambush.
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Ridge made Sally an offer she couldn't refuse
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Bitterness reignites between Brooke and Taylor

Bitterness reignites between Brooke and Taylor

Monday, March 25, 2019

At Brooke's house, Taylor asked what Brooke was talking about. Brooke yelled that she'd seen Taylor kissing Ridge, and Taylor guessed Brooke had been spying on her. Exclaiming that it was her own home, Brooke asked how Taylor dared to make moves on Brooke's husband there.

Taylor denied it. Brooke asserted that Taylor was embarrassed about getting caught and said embarrassment was exactly what Taylor should feel about what she'd done. Brooke was livid about Taylor disrespecting Brooke and her marriage in Brooke's home.

Taylor said to stop being dramatic and reminded Brooke that Taylor and Ridge had once been married. Brooke didn't want to be reminded of the marriage -- which had been a long time back. Taylor claimed she'd just been sharing her grief with Ridge, but Brooke noted that she'd overheard Taylor say that she missed Ridge and was in love with him.

Taylor claimed she'd always love Ridge, and she was sorry if it made Brooke feel threatened. Brooke didn't feel that way and was secure in her marriage. Taylor said the battle had ended decades earlier, and Brooke should be gracious in her victory.

Brooke asked if Taylor thought it had all been just a game. Taylor accused Brooke of being the game player, seducing Taylor's husband in lingerie. Brooke ordered Taylor to get out of the house. Agreeing to leave, Taylor said she'd be back whenever she wanted to visit Thomas and Douglas, whom Ridge had invited to stay there.

Brooke said that Thomas and Douglas were more than welcome to be there. "And I'm not?" Taylor asked. Brooke shook her head. Taylor asked what was wrong with Brooke, and Taylor stated that Douglas had just lost his mother. Brooke replied that she was sorry about it.

Offering to call a truce, Taylor said they needed to stop it all. She added that Hope wanted peace and had taken off her wedding band. Brooke replied that Hope hadn't been thinking clearly. Taylor believed that Hope was the only person thinking clearly.

Brooke asked what "this" was really all about. Huffing, Brooke deduced that it all went back to Steffy and Liam. Brooke stated that Liam and Steffy had moved beyond it, and the only person who couldn't do so was Taylor. Taylor insisted that Bill had interfered with Steffy and Liam.

Brooke suggested that Taylor talk to Bill instead of blaming Brooke for all that went wrong in Taylor's life. Taylor claimed that it wasn't about her, but Brooke hollered that it was always about Taylor. Taylor asserted that it was about her granddaughters, whom Steffy was raising all alone.

It was wonderful, according to Brooke, and it was a choice that Steffy had made. Brooke felt that Steffy was lucky to have two healthy babies while Hope was struggling with the loss of her own. Brooke ordered Taylor to leave Liam and Hope alone to grieve.

Taylor exclaimed that Hope wanted Liam to go back to Steffy. Brooke yelled that Hope was in a very dark place. Brooke had thought Taylor would empathize with Hope, but Brooke had realized that Taylor just wanted to take away what little happiness Hope had left.

Warning Taylor to not think about manipulating the situation, Brooke reasoned that, even if Hope and Liam didn't have a child, Liam wouldn't leave Hope. "So, get that through your thick skull!" Brooke raged, driving her finger toward Taylor's forehead.

Taylor knocked Brooke's hand away just as Brooke made contact. Brooke repeated that it wasn't going to happen; Hope and Liam were married, and Steffy was dealing with the consequences of her questionable choices.

Scoffing, Taylor asked to be spared. Brooke said Taylor was transparent, and it was obvious Taylor wanted Liam in Steffy's home. Taylor readily admitted it and said he needed time with his daughters. "He has one daughter! He's not Phoebe's father!" Brooke yelled.

Taylor said that the baby needed a father, too, and Hope could see that. Brooke asked if Taylor wanted Hope to throw her husband away. Taylor replied that Hope could find someone else. Brooke called Taylor ridiculous.

Claiming to be standing up for her grandchildren, Taylor asked if Brooke could respect Taylor's family for once. Brooke said she could do it, but she wondered if Taylor could respect Brooke's family, Brooke's marriage, and Brooke's husband.

Brooke asked where the respect had been when Taylor had been kissing Brooke's husband. Brooke asked how they could have Taylor's so-called truce when Taylor was making out with Brooke's husband and trying to break up Hope's marriage. Brooke understood that Taylor wanted the best for her children, but to Brooke, facts were facts.

Brooke insisted that Steffy and Liam weren't together because of Steffy, not Hope. Steffy had destroyed her marriage by turning to her father-in-law, which had been the worst betrayal. In Brooke's view, Taylor could blame Bill, but Steffy had confessed to being a willing participant.

Brooke stated that Steffy had hurt Liam, and instead of swooping in, Hope had supported Liam and his marriage for months. When it hadn't worked out, Hope and Liam had gotten married. Brooke stated that Hope and Liam needed love and support due to the loss of their daughter, and they did not need Taylor calling for Liam to leave Hope and reunite with Steffy.

Brooke asked if Taylor didn't see that she was pitting them all against each other -- the blondes versus the brunettes -- as if, by moral virtue of hair color, one group could stand on higher ground. It had been going on for decades, and in Brooke's view, Taylor had revised the story, making Taylor and her daughter the virtuous ones.

It was over, as far as Brooke was concerned, and Brooke refused to let Taylor judge Hope. Brooke called Hope moral and kind, all the things Taylor wished she was. Brooke vowed to protect her daughter and swore that Taylor would have to go through Brooke first if she intended to hurt Hope and Liam. Brooke snatched at Taylor's chin, and Taylor batted her away.

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt and Liam continued to discuss Caroline's death. Wyatt figured that it was reminding Hope and Liam of their loss. Liam felt that he and Hope would be okay, and Hope would find her way through it. Wyatt could see the pain his brother was in and said he would have traded places with Liam if he could have.

Liam replied that Wyatt was a good brother. Liam and Wyatt discussed the pain of Caroline's death reopening the wound of Beth's death. Liam stated that it brought up a lot of emotions, but he didn't know what anyone could do about it.

Liam and Wyatt's conversation turned to the new fashion house. Wyatt said he and Sally had been hoping to get it started sooner rather than later, "but..." he trailed off. Wyatt added that he and Sally had a few free weekends on the horizon, in case Hope and Liam wanted to go to the beach. "Maybe in a few months," Liam responded.

Wyatt asked if Hope was feeling any better. Liam said that, in some ways, the cloud had lifted, but it would be a long road. Liam had been reading up on grieving mothers, and he remarked that the pain was incomprehensible for him and Wyatt. Liam said a piece of Hope had died with Beth, and it had become about adjusting to the new normal.

Wyatt figured that it was something they just had to go through, and there was no right or wrong. Liam replied that Hope was comforted by Phoebe. Liam felt that Hope had strong maternal instincts, despite her belief that she was too heartbroken to have another child.

Wyatt thought that Hope needed space. Liam said he'd been trying to let Hope guide the process. He sensed that Hope had lost confidence in herself and her ability to have and protect a child.

Wyatt believed Hope would be a wonderful mother and felt it was natural to feel hopeless after such a loss. Wyatt said Hope was a strong fighter, who'd get stronger and want to have a family again. Liam seemed skeptical. Wyatt repeated that Hope would want to and said Liam just had to give it time.

At Brooke's cabin, Douglas was outside, looking for pine cones, something he'd done with his mother back home, and Hope and Thomas were in the living room. Thomas thanked Hope for being there for his son.

Hope thanked Thomas for the messages he and Caroline had sent when Hope had lost the baby. She wished she'd been better at communicating with Caroline. Thomas said that he was there for Hope and for Liam. For Hope, it was nice to have Thomas back in town. She just wished it was under better circumstances.

Hope looked sad, and Thomas asked if she was okay. She admitted that she wasn't. She said it took time to heal, and that was something that Thomas and Douglas had to go through, too. Hope stated that she had lost her child, and Thomas had lost the mother of his child.

Thomas remarked that the memorial service had been a blur to him. He hadn't even processed it all. For Thomas, it had been sweet that Sally had been there, and he'd wanted to reach out to her. Hope rendered him an odd look, and he guessed it seemed as if it was too soon for that.

Thomas revealed that he and Caroline hadn't been in a romantic relationship. Confused, Hope said she thought he'd left Sally to be with Caroline. He explained that he and Caroline had tried to get back what they'd had, but they'd discovered that they were really amazing at co-parenting. Caroline had been a dear friend to Thomas, and they'd focused on Douglas.

Thomas stated that Caroline was gone, and he was a single father. He hadn't been prepared for his child to lose a mother at such a young age. Hope was sure Thomas would get Douglas through it and keep Caroline's memory alive. Hope wished she could say it got easier, but she was still suffering through it herself. She urged him to rely on his loved ones.

"Mommy! I saw mommy!" Douglas yelled, barreling into the cabin. Douglas swore he'd seen his mother by the birdhouse outside. Thomas tried to tell the boy that he was mistaken, but Douglas insisted. Hope explained to Douglas that, when people missed a loved one, their memories sometimes brought the person back visually.

Douglas guessed that Caroline really hadn't been there. He cried, asking where she was. Thomas reminded his son that she was in heaven, but Douglas replied that he couldn't hug her there. Hope said he would always feel his mother's love, and his mother would feel his. Douglas asked Hope if she'd be his mother.

Taylor seems nervous about Hope and Douglas' relationship

Taylor seems nervous about Hope and Douglas' relationship

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

At the cabin, Thomas tried to distract Douglas by offering to take him to Brooke's fountain staircase, but Douglas asked Hope again if she'd be his mother. Thomas said that Hope was already family, and Douglas was just scared because he thought he'd seen his mother.

Douglas asserted that he wasn't scared. Hope told the child that his mother was still watching over him, and anything Caroline couldn't do, Hope would try her best to do.

Later, Hope helped Douglas blow his nose. Noticing that the child's shoe was untied, Thomas asked what should happen in that instance. Douglas said it took too long. Hope offered to tie the shoe and told Douglas that he'd get the hang of it soon. Douglas hugged her and thanked her.

Thomas offered to take Douglas to the main house to get a snack. Before Douglas exited the cabin, he asked if Hope would leave. Hope said she'd stay right there. Douglas nodded and left. Hope apologized to Thomas for overstepping, but Thomas said she'd been perfect.

At Brooke's house, Brooke wanted Taylor to leave. Taylor questioned Brooke's order to vacate the home where Taylor's son and grandson were staying. Brooke didn't know what else Taylor would expect after she'd kissed Ridge. Taylor claimed that she wasn't going after Ridge.

Putting the kiss aside, Brooke noted that Taylor wanted Hope to be with anyone but Liam. Taylor wouldn't deny that she thought Liam and Steffy should be a family. Taylor believed Liam thought so, too. Brooke asked if Taylor had learned to read minds in medical school.

Taylor yelled that her grandson had no mother, and her granddaughters had no father. Brooke repeated that it wasn't an excuse for Taylor to kiss Ridge and manipulate Hope's marriage. Brooke warned that Taylor would have to go through Brooke if Taylor wanted to spew that garbage to Hope. Taylor asked if Brooke was threatening her.

Brooke claimed that she was defending herself and her family from Taylor, who was waiting with her daughter like vultures for Hope and Liam's marriage to fall apart. Taylor claimed she was trying to help her son and grandson. Brooke replied that they needed support, the same way that Hope and Liam needed it.

Decrying Taylor's innocent facade, Brooke said that Taylor wasn't a saint or a victim. Brooke suggested that Taylor count her blessings and focus on her children and grandchildren. Taylor claimed to be doing that. Brooke thought Taylor's affirmation meant Taylor would drop the insanity about Liam leaving Hope for Steffy. "They're a family, Brooke!" Taylor insisted.

Slapping her hand on her forehead, Brooke strained to understand Taylor. She noted that Taylor had been through a dark time. Taylor quizzically repeated Brooke, who elaborated that Taylor had shot Bill. Taylor was mortified that Brooke would bring that up. Brooke said it showed how unstable Taylor was, and Brooke wouldn't allow that in her home or around her daughter.

Rushing in from the other room, Ridge asked what was going on. He couldn't believe that Taylor and Brooke were carrying on like that on the day that they were mourning Caroline.

Taylor readily said his wife was telling her that she was crazy and wasn't welcome there to visit her own son and grandchild. Taylor decided that if he went along with it, she'd take Thomas and Douglas out of there with her.

Brooke said she wasn't in the wrong, and she refused to defend herself in her own home. Taylor asked if she should tell Ridge what Brooke had said. Ridge yelled that he didn't need to hear anything. He asked why they were doing that "today," when everyone was on edge.

"And I'm glad you're home. Hi," Ridge interjected, abandoning the argument. He kissed Brooke's cheek, and Brooke said she was sorry about Caroline. He asked when Brooke had arrived. She said it had been just before he'd left. He said that he hadn't seen her. "Well, I saw you. I saw Taylor kissing you and telling you how much she loves you," Brooke quietly added.

Taylor told Ridge that Brooke was feeling insecure. Brooke called it repulsion, not insecurity, and noted that Ridge had seemed pretty shocked when Taylor had zoomed in for that kiss. Brooke stated that she hadn't been spying. She just hadn't been able to believe what she'd seen.

Thomas and Douglas entered the house through the terrace, and Brooke greeted them. To Thomas, she expressed her condolences about Caroline and apologized for not making the memorial. Thomas understood and knew that Brooke had wanted to be there.

Brooke greeted Douglas and asked if he was big enough for college yet. Douglas chuckled, dismissing the idea. Thomas said he was about to make Douglas something to eat. Brooke took Douglas' hand to lead him to the kitchen, but Taylor said she'd do it. Brooke replied that Taylor knew where everything was. "No, but I know how you think," Taylor quipped.

Taylor strode toward the kitchen with Douglas. Thomas glanced warily at his father. Ridge shook his head and sighed. Thomas followed Taylor and Douglas into the kitchen.

"Welcome home," Ridge said to Brooke. She quipped that it was some welcome. Ridge asked how mad she was. Brooke replied that she wasn't mad at him. Surprised, he surmised that it was okay to kiss women as long as it was at the house.

Scoffing, Brooke asked how he'd ever lived with that woman. Attacking Brooke wasn't enough for Taylor, in Brooke's opinion. Brooke said Taylor also wanted to attack Hope and get Liam to leave Hope for Steffy and her daughters.

Ridge replied that Brooke had heard that theme before. Brooke asked if Taylor really thought Hope deserved to be alone and childless. "I don't think so," Ridge responded.

Later, Ridge asked Brooke how her meetings had gone. Brooke said they'd been fine; she'd just wished she could have been at home. She asked how things had gone there. Ridge said that Pam, Quinn, and Hope had played hostesses, and it had been nice.

Brooke asked what Thomas' plans were, but Ridge wasn't sure. She was glad Thomas was staying with them and that she could spend time with Douglas. "But not if it means mortal combat with Taylor every single day," Brooke murmured. Ridge said Taylor wasn't easy.

Brooke assumed that Ridge would say she wasn't, either. Ridge stated that Brooke wasn't easy, and Brooke sighed. She said she shouldn't let Taylor get under her skin. Agreeing, Ridge replied that Taylor knew how to push Brooke's buttons, but things would get better once Taylor's practice was running again.

Brooke guessed Taylor would no longer have to play a professional victim, something Taylor had a knack for. Claiming that she'd earned it, Ridge said Taylor had had a rough life, and "now losing a daughter-in-law and looking at that little boy and trying to figure out what to do next..."

Brooke felt petty and decided to try to rise above it. Ridge stated that if she did, he'd nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize. Brooke committed to try as long as Taylor didn't try to mend her family by breaking up Hope's marriage. Ridge replied that he'd told Taylor the same thing. Brooke was pleased to hear that.

In the kitchen, Douglas finished his snack, and Thomas said he'd meet Douglas "over there" to watch a movie after Thomas talked to Taylor. Douglas left the kitchen, and Thomas told Taylor that Steffy had messaged him from the plane. Thomas knew that Taylor would do anything for him, but he really wanted her to go to Europe with Steffy and the girls.

Taylor replied that Thomas and Douglas had just gotten there. Thomas said that he and his son were staying with Ridge, and there was plenty of family around. He stated that Steffy was strong but stressed, and if Taylor really wanted to help him, she'd go with his sister.

Taylor hadn't wanted Steffy to go without her and agreed to go as long as she and Thomas could video chat. Thomas and Taylor hugged, and he asked what was going on with her and Brooke. Taylor quipped that it had started before he'd been born.

Taylor noted that Douglas seemed better. Thomas attributed it to Hope, who'd gotten through to Douglas when he'd thought he'd seen Caroline in the garden. Taylor said Hope was amazing with Steffy's girls.

Thomas revealed that Douglas had asked Hope to be his mother. Thomas didn't know how it had affected the grieving Hope. Saying that it was intuitive of Douglas to sense Hope's loss, Thomas concluded, "Out of the mouths of babes." Knowingly nodding, Taylor said, "Indeed."

At Spencer, Liam questioned what kind of father he'd be to Kelly. Wyatt was confident that Liam would be a loving and understanding father. The question in Wyatt's mind was how Liam would be such a father if he had a wife who was afraid to be a mother.

Liam stated that Hope couldn't face losing yet another child. Wyatt asked if the couple had considered adoption. Feeling that it was too soon for that, Liam remarked that it would be like Sally and the puppy all over again. Wyatt asked if it was really ever too soon to start living again.

As Liam prepared to leave, Wyatt said Liam looked as if he were afraid to go home. He wondered what Liam thought he'd find there. Liam claimed not to mean to look that way. To Wyatt, it seemed as if Liam was looking for Hope but couldn't find her.

Liam admitted that he felt as if he were failing his wife. He said that the only thing that seemed as if it could get Hope back to normal was the one thing Hope wouldn't consider -- another child.

Later, Liam arrived home and saw Hope sorting baby things. She promised that she was okay. She had realized that they had to do something with the items and said they hadn't even written "thank you" cards for them. Liam replied that no one expected that.

Hope conveyed that Brooke had said returning the items would make people feel bad, but Brooke had suggested writing notes to let people know that Hope and Liam had donated the items. "We could do that, or -- " Liam stated. Hope replied that there wouldn't be another child.

Hope remarked that there might be something among the items that Douglas would enjoy. Liam noted that the things were for a newborn. Holding a stuffed animal, Hope said Douglas might like it. She held up a blanket and said he might like it, too.

Liam called Hope amazing. He reasoned that Douglas having stuff of his own that he'd gotten in Los Angeles might be just what Douglas needed. Hope said the boy needed more than that, and he'd asked her to be his mommy. Liam asked how Hope had handled it.

Hope explained that Douglas had thought he'd seen his mother on the grounds. She assumed that Douglas didn't have the right words to express what a comfort she'd been to him. Liam noted that it had gotten to Hope. She replied that she'd thought it would be Beth's first word -- or second after "Da-Da."

Liam stated that he should have been there, and he was sorry. Hope thought there was enough sorrow to go around, and even though the moment with Douglas had been jarring, it had helped her get out of her own pain. It had helped her get out of herself and open herself up to the sweet boy who was in need. Liam hugged her.

Quinn reconnects with Flo

Quinn reconnects with Flo

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester, Eric, Quinn, Brooke, and Ridge met to discuss upcoming lines. They discussed a possible new designer. Quinn said she wanted to revive her rose gold collection with bigger, chunkier pieces. Everyone agreed.

Eric announced that Sally was in the building and wanted to see them all. He called Pam and asked her to escort Sally in. Sally and Pam entered. Sally said she wanted to thank everyone for the opportunities they had given her at Forrester. She said it was bittersweet to leave. Eric said he was proud of her. She said she had never thought her time would end at Forrester or that Bill would give her the chance to design her own line. "I think you're making a mistake," Ridge said suddenly.

Xander and Tiffany burst into the office, wearing prototypes that Sally had designed for her athletic line. Xander admitted they had seen them in the sewing room and worn them to lunch. They had met an influential person they did not name, and "she" had loved them and wanted to know where she could get them. Using Xander's phone, Xander and Tiffany showed pictures of the woman to Quinn, Brooke, Ridge, and Eric, who were all impressed.

"We didn't think anybody would believe us," Xander said, explaining why he had taken the photos. He added that the influential person wanted the designs for a huge music video. Xander said they had explained that they couldn't buy them yet.

Eric, Quinn, Brooke, and Ridge agreed that sales would be "insane," and Xander offered a business card for Sally to contact the woman. Xander had to leave. "Congrats again," Tiffany said, and she left. Brooke, Ridge, Quinn, and Eric agreed it was good news. "It's a great opportunity for us. I don't want you to leave. I don't want you to go to Spencer," Ridge said.

Ridge understood there was an extra bonus waiting for her at Spencer because she would run her own fashion house and Wyatt was there. Ridge explained it would be under the Spencer house, not her own name. He wanted her to have success under her own name and the Forrester label. Eric and Ridge wanted her to stay at Forrester, a worldwide company and iconic brand. Quinn and Brooke agreed.

Sally was flattered, but she didn't know what to say. Ridge promised she would have her own name and "all the accolades you deserve." Sally admitted she hadn't expected an offer when she'd entered to say goodbye. Eric said he valued her, and Brooke called her designs edgy and urban. Sally said she had to discuss it with Wyatt. Everyone understood, and Sally left.

Eric congratulated Ridge for making a good pitch to Sally. Eric and Ridge agreed it was what was best for her. "Bill doesn't know what he's doing," Ridge said. Eric worried about Sally's relationship with Wyatt and said if Sally changed her mind, it could cause a big problem in their relationship. Eric felt Wyatt and Sally were a good couple. "I hate to see anything come between them," he said.

At Spencer, Watt's phone was ringing with multiple lines lit up, and he couldn't find his assistant. In walked Flo, and she placed all the lines on hold and asked where his assistant was. He said they had lost their assistant and had hired temps who were not working out.

Flo asked how Wyatt had been, and he explained that his cousin had died. It had been a bad week. He explained that sudden blood clots had killed Caroline, and she'd been young and talented and a mother to a little boy who missed her. Flo was sympathetic, and she asked if there was anything she could do. Wyatt hoped she wasn't planning to leave Los Angeles. Flo agreed she planned to stay and liked it there.

Flo marveled that, after he'd left Las Vegas, Wyatt had found his father and found a great life with a beach house and an incredible life at Spencer. "Dad built this thing, and I walked into it," Wyatt said. He was thrilled that his dad had embraced him. Wyatt stopped and said he hadn't meant to be insensitive because he realized that Flo had known nothing about her own father. "We don't all win the dad lottery," Flo said. Wyatt explained that he and his father were not always involved in a good relationship.

Flo noted that Wyatt was always supportive of Sally. Wyatt agreed and said Sally was an amazing woman and incredible designer. He praised her as "witty, smart talented, and easy on the eyes." Flo asked how long they had been together. Wyatt said it hadn't been long, and Flo asked about the future, but Wyatt said they were living "in the moment."

Flo noted that Wyatt and Sally lived together and would soon be working together. Wyatt agreed, and Flo said it had been no coincidence that Sally had gotten her own line at Spencer. Wyatt said she "deserves this opportunity."

Wyatt's phones were ringing again, and Flo reminded him he couldn't put them on hold all day. Wyatt insisted that she promise to not go anywhere and to make a life in Los Angeles. Suddenly, Quinn entered and gushed at seeing Flo. Quinn hugged her. "Why didn't you tell me Flo was in town?" Quinn asked Wyatt.

Flo explained that she and Wyatt had run into each other while Flo was in town on an extended visit. Quinn asked about Flo's mother, who had apparently been a good friend of Quinn's when Quinn and Wyatt had lived in Las Vegas. Flo said her mother had missed Quinn, and Quinn said she had missed Flo's mom. Quinn and Flo exchanged compliments on their appearances. Quinn asked what Flo was doing in Los Angeles. Flo said she was planning to make her stay more permanent. Quinn added that she had a special place in her heart for Flo.

Quinn hoped that Wyatt and Flo had been able to patch up their relationship because Wyatt had really loved her and because she had been perfect for Wyatt. Quinn expected Wyatt and Flo would have been married "if fate hadn't intervened." Quinn continued to gush, and Sally was at the door, listening. Quinn said no one had ever been "more suited" for Wyatt.

Sally bumped open the door, and Wyatt wanted Quinn to understand that he and Sally had been seeing each other and living together. He wanted Quinn to be supportive. He insisted that Quinn apologize to Sally. Quinn sighed. "I mean it. Apologize," he demanded. Quinn looked at Sally but said nothing.

Wyatt is disillusioned by Sally's new plans

Wyatt is disillusioned by Sally's new plans

Thursday, March 28, 2019

At Forrester, Eric, Brooke, and Ridge discussed the offer that Ridge had felt compelled to make Sally. Eric wondered if Sally would accept, and Brooke asked how Sally could refuse the opportunity to have a great future at Forrester Creations. Eric thought Sally would be at Forrester at that moment if it was purely a business decision.

Brooke wanted to be sensitive to the fact that it wasn't and that Wyatt's employment at Spencer could affect Sally's decision to accept or decline Forrester's offer. Ridge loved working with Brooke; however, he felt that Sally was her own person and should make her own decision. Eric sensed that Ridge wouldn't let Sally decline it. Ridge was adamant that he wouldn't because it was a good opportunity for them and an even better one for her.

Ridge commended Wyatt for the deal he'd gotten Sally. In Eric's view, the deal was fitting because Bill had caused Sally to lose Spectra. "Now she can start from scratch with no one to advise her," Ridge quipped. Eric reasoned that Wyatt had helped Quinn start her business, but Ridge contended that Quinn's business hadn't been a fashion house.

Ridge was sure Wyatt and Bill didn't know how to run a design business. Brooke said they wouldn't run it because it was Sally's company. Citing that it was Bill's company, Ridge said the egomaniac would be all over the fashion division, trying to put his hands in everything. Brooke argued that Ridge was that same way at Forrester.

Ridge contended that it was different because he was a designer who knew what he was talking about. He asserted that everything he did was for the best of the company. Bill, on the other hand, only cared about the bottom line, and Sally would be just another employee.

Ridge asked what would happen if Sally had a question about fashion. He figured that Bill wouldn't know what to do. Ridge said to look at how Bill dressed. To Ridge, Bill looked like an unemployed pirate. Brooke stated that Bill published the most respected fashion magazine.

"So what? He doesn't write it!" Ridge responded. He explained that Bill sold advertising, but Sally had fashion running through her blood. Ridge thought the best thing for Sally was to be at Forrester with them. He was confident that Sally would take the offer. Eric hoped it didn't drive a wedge between Sally and Wyatt.

At Spencer, Sally decided that she'd interrupted Wyatt, who was catching up with his mother and Flo, and Sally said she'd just talk to Wyatt at home. Stopping Sally from leaving, Wyatt explained that Quinn had just been reminiscing with Flo and that Quinn knew he was in a committed relationship with Sally, with whom he lived.

Flo remarked that Sally and Wyatt's home was beautiful, and she thanked them for having her over for dinner. Wyatt said they'd have Flo over to the house again, but he wanted his mother to stop making things awkward all the time. Quinn replied that she hadn't even known Sally had been there, as Quinn had been talking to Flo. Quinn said she apologized that Sally might have misconstrued Quinn's words and taken them as a slight.

Wyatt complained that Quinn could have stopped at the apology. Quinn insisted that Sally knew that Quinn hadn't been trying to denigrate "whatever" Wyatt and Sally had together or hurt her feelings. Quinn was just excited to see Flo and felt that he was making it awkward.

Sally tried to leave again, but Quinn insisted that Sally and Wyatt needed to talk. Flo hoped she would see Wyatt and Sally again. Quinn invited Flo to have coffee, and after Flo and Quinn exited, Sally quipped that it was clear who Quinn's favorite was.

Wyatt replied that Quinn hadn't meant to hurt Sally's feelings. Sally claimed to be tough and unafraid of competition, but she had a problem with how perfect Quinn had made Wyatt and Flo's past relationship sound. Wyatt reasoned that Quinn had just been surprised to see Flo, and it was no reflection upon how Quinn felt about Sally.

Sally conveyed that Quinn had never been warm with Sally -- or anyone other than Wyatt and Eric. Sally hadn't taken it personally because it had seemed as if no one woman would ever be perfect for Quinn's darling son -- no woman except Flo.

Wyatt wanted to help Sally put Quinn out of her mind. Sally quipped that there wasn't much room for Quinn in there, anyway. Assuming Sally had designs in her head, Wyatt said they hadn't set up an office for her yet. He offered to order her a drafting table. She suggested that he hold off on that until they discussed something that could significantly change their lives.

Sally reiterated her appreciation for Wyatt's support and said that the idea of working together at Spencer and creating a future together had been really exciting. Wyatt noted that she'd used the past tense. She revealed that she was reconsidering working at Spencer.

Wyatt expressed confusion. Sally said that she couldn't have predicted what had happened. She explained that Xander and Tiffany had worn the athletic designs to a launch party, and something incredible had happened. Sally showed Wyatt the photo that Tiffany had taken with the celebrity. Wyatt was amazed by it.

Sally told Wyatt that the celebrity wanted Sally's designs in a new music video. She said that her designs would be on the biggest star on the planet and the dancers, too. The singer had been excited about Sally's designs and link to Forrester. Wyatt thought it was incredible. Sally said that Ridge had made an incredible offer to stay at Forrester.

Wyatt was speechless. Sally said starting over at Spencer was a big risk, but Forrester already had the infrastructure and experience. She asked him to say something. Wyatt responded that they'd had a plan to work at Spencer together and rebuild the Spectra legacy. He asked if one conversation with Ridge had changed it all.

"What about us? What about our future together?" Wyatt asked. He said he'd risked his future at Spencer to find a place there for her, but she wanted something else. Sally claimed to still want to revive Spectra, but she wondered if Ridge was right. Wyatt asked if she knew that Ridge hated Bill. Sally knew it and said she wasn't a fan of Bill's either.

Wyatt reasoned that it was a chance for Sally and Bill to get beyond it. "Maybe we would have," Sally replied; however, according to Sally, Bill had never run a fashion house before in his life. Wyatt said Bill had owned a portion of Forrester, but Sally contended that Bill hadn't built it from the ground up. Wyatt believed Sally could do it and said he'd intended to help her.

Sally asked if Wyatt realized that it was because of him that she had each opportunity. Wyatt replied that Bill had been set to give her everything she wanted, things that she hadn't thought she'd get at Forrester. "Now I can," Sally replied.

Sally conveyed that Ridge had made her a generous offer and had sweetened the deal. Wyatt quipped that Ridge had suddenly realized how valuable Sally was and asked how she'd responded to the offer. Sally said she'd told them that she needed to talk to Wyatt first. Working with Wyatt at Spencer was tempting, but she didn't know if she could pass up the chance to be an integral part of Forrester.

Disillusioned, Wyatt said he'd had plans for them and their future. He had wanted to be involved in Sally's passions and dreams, but he was hearing from her that Ridge could do more for her over there. Sally asserted that no one could do more for her than Wyatt had.

Struggling to say the words, Wyatt figured that he couldn't tell Sally not to do it if it meant that much to her. He said that he had to be a Spencer, which meant things would change for them. Wyatt wanted the best for Sally, no matter where she went. He believed in her and wanted her to be a success. Wyatt understood why Ridge wanted to keep her, but Wyatt told her to just know that Wyatt would never let her go.

Sally hugged Wyatt. She said she'd thought she'd hit the lottery with the music video opportunity and new offer from Ridge, but nothing compared to how she felt about Wyatt. She was grateful for his faith in her and for his support and understanding. She loved him even more and said she'd never let him forget how much. Wyatt kissed her.

At Il Giardino, Quinn and Flo ordered drinks. Quinn couldn't believe Flo was in town, and Flo said she'd been thinking of going back home. Quinn replied that it couldn't happen because "this" was meant to be. Quinn felt she knew her son better than anyone, and she could tell that he'd been thrilled to see Flo, too. Flo said it had been good to see Wyatt and meet Sally.

Quinn claimed that she was just getting to know Sally, who hadn't been with Wyatt that long. Flo thought Sally and Wyatt's hospitality had been sweet. Quinn said Wyatt had never been sweeter than when he'd been with Flo. Flo replied that he was just that way, but Quinn insisted it had had something to do with Flo. Quinn thought Flo and her mother were generous people.

Quinn asked if Flo's mother was still in marketing. "A little," Flo replied. Quinn recalled how busy the mothers had been, working and raising their children. Quinn said she and Flo's mother had planned out Wyatt and Flo's future at the kitchen table. Flo was in wonder at how things had unfurled. Quinn agreed, noting that Flo had encountered Quinn and Wyatt again years later.

Flo marveled about Wyatt's life as "Wyatt Spencer." Quinn said meeting Bill had changed Wyatt's life. Quinn explained that she'd kept Wyatt away from his father because she hadn't wanted the man influencing Wyatt at a young age, and nothing had been more important than Wyatt's well-being.

Flo figured that Wyatt's father had probably changed. Quinn quipped that Bill thought he was a changed man. She concluded that Wyatt had grown up and could look after himself.

Quinn recalled that neither Flo nor Wyatt had known their fathers while growing up. Flo said she still didn't. Quinn apologized for broaching the topic with Flo. Claiming it was okay, Flo stated that it wasn't something she thought about. Quinn was amazed that Flo never thought about finding out who her father was.

Flo said it wasn't something she thought about or that she and her mother discussed. She was happy for Wyatt but asked how many times one's father turned out to be a billionaire. Quinn agreed that it was rare but thought there were other reasons to want to know.

"Not for me," Flo replied. Quinn believed she'd made the best decision for Wyatt's earlier years, but once he'd become an adult, finding his father had changed Wyatt for the better. Quinn asked Flo to imagine the impact that finding her father might have on her.

The mystery cupid sets up Katie and Bill again

The mystery cupid sets up Katie and Bill again

Friday, March 29, 2019

At Spencer, Bill met with Justin to inform him that, just as quickly as they'd been in the fashion business, they were right back out of it. Bill announced that Sally was remaining at Forrester. Justin asked if Wyatt would, too. "Hell, no. My son's no dummy. He knows his future is at Spencer, working alongside his daddy," Bill responded.

From the doorway, Katie said it was good to hear that about Wyatt. Bill was pleased to see Katie. She said that he'd text-messaged her that he'd wanted to see her. Bill hadn't done that, and he questioned whether Justin was playing matchmaker. Denying it, Justin decided he had somewhere to be. Justin exited, and Bill said it was always good to have time alone with Katie.

Caroline's memorial had been a few days back, according to Katie, and she asked how Bill was doing. Bill said he'd always miss Caroline, who'd be the first to say that life was for the living. "So that's what I think we should do," Bill concluded.

One of Bill's assistants arrived with a chef who wheeled in a romantic dinner for two and asked where to set it up. Katie and Bill exchanged glances and guessed that their matchmaker had struck again. Bill asked the chef who'd ordered it, and she answered that William Spencer had. Bill affirmed that it was his name but said he hadn't ordered it.

The chef asked if Bill wanted her to take it away. Bill hadn't eaten yet and asked if Katie had. Katie hadn't, either, and Bill decided to keep it. He pulled out his wallet, but the chef said the tip had been included. "On me, of course," Bill assumed. As the chef set up, Katie decided that she and Bill needed to solve the mystery before their cupid booked them a honeymoon suite.

Later, the chef had set up the meal and built a fire in Bill's shelf fireplace. Bill and Katie sat at the table, and he complimented the chef on her setup. She said he knew who to call if he needed anything else. "The one and only Chef Chambre," he replied, and she exited.

Bill lifted the Champagne bottle. He remarked that it was a very expensive bottle and hoped it wasn't on his tab. Holding out her glass, Katie replied that Mr. William Spencer was paying. Bill filled their glasses and toasted to nice -- expensive -- surprises.

Katie wondered if Bill was really behind the dinner. He denied it and asked if she was. She denied it, too, and asked how desperate he thought she was. "Don't answer that," she added, pointing her fork in his direction. Bill said she wasn't desperate; she was radiant.

Katie wanted to make a crime board, complete with all the photos of their suspects. Bill said it was too much, and she'd be color-coding it. Katie replied that she was an organizer. Discussing the culprit, she noted that the person knew Bill's favorite dishes and taste in Champagne. "And they also know my favorite person to be surprised with," he added.

Later, Katie and Bill were laughing about their past memories as they ate dinner. Bill said it was a nice experience after Caroline's memorial. Talk turned back to their mystery cupid, and Katie figured it was driving Bill crazy not to know who it was. Bill decided that they should just do nothing about it at the moment, and instead, they should enjoy each other's company and concentrate on each other. Katie said she'd drink to that, and they toasted.

At Katie's house, Will was beating the money out of Donna at a card game. She asked if his parents really let him play with real money. Will said his father had taught him all about risk and return tradeoff. Donna wasn't surprised that Bill had taught Will.

Entering the house, Justin asked if Donna really had to ask. He said Bill had never lost a poker game in his life. Will asked if Justin wanted to play, but Justin wasn't interested if real money was involved. Donna called him a chicken. "You have to know when to fold them, Will. You have to know when to fold them," Justin asserted.

Deciding to get a snack, Will hopped out of his seat. On the way to the kitchen, he warned Donna that he'd counted his stack of money. Donna scoffed, and Justin chuckled.

Alone with Justin, Donna said his message had been intriguing. Justin had been on his way home and had wanted to stop by to tell her that Katie and Bill were having another impromptu meeting. Donna was surprised to hear it. Justin asked if she'd had anything to do with it. "What -- me?" Donna replied.

As Donna and Justin partook of snacks with Will, Justin asked again if Donna was the matchmaker. The flirty Donna asked what would make Justin think that. He told her to fess up, but she merely shrugged noncommittally.

At the cabin, Hope returned home from work, and she and Liam discussed how their days had gone. Liam was proud of her for taking the steps to heal, and he knew that some days were hard. Reading his mind, Hope added that he'd be there to support her, no matter what.

Hope and Liam discussed the Forrester employees' inquisitiveness about Thomas and Douglas' plans. Hope figured that Thomas wouldn't rush back to New York because he needed his family. Liam assumed it was hard for Dani and Karen to be away from Douglas. Hope remarked that Brooke had said that the grandmothers video-chatted with him.

Hope asked Liam, who'd been working from home that day, if he'd seen Douglas or Thomas on the grounds. Liam hadn't and assumed she was still thinking of the time Douglas had asked her to be his mother. Hope looked away, and Liam asked if she wanted to talk about it.

Hope said she hadn't known how to react to it. She'd tried to reassure Douglas that his mother was still watching over him, and she'd promised to do the things for him that his mother could no longer do -- not that anyone could replace his mother.

Hope felt that she and Thomas understood each other and shared a connection beyond their grief. It was hard for her to put into words, but she felt that Douglas sensed it, too.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke arrived home and found Douglas and Thomas in the living room. They asked Thomas how Douglas was, and Thomas said that some days were better than others. When the adults sat down to talk to Douglas, Douglas expressed how much he missed his mother, and the others exchanged sympathetic glances.

Douglas had a superhero book, and Thomas recalled that Douglas had been Spiderman for Halloween. Douglas said that his mother had made the costume. Ridge replied that he and Thomas were designers and could make the next costume.

Douglas wondered if he'd still be living there by then, and Brooke hoped that he would be. She loved having a little boy around the house and was enjoying having Thomas back, too. Douglas said that Brooke was nice. Brooke felt flattered, and he added that Hope was nice, too. Douglas hoped that Hope wouldn't lose Brooke the way that he'd lost his mother.

Douglas recalled that Hope had made him mac and cheese the way Caroline had done it. Thomas asked if Douglas wanted more, but Douglas wasn't hungry. Douglas wanted to see Hope. He said he liked her. Thomas replied that the feeling was mutual.

Brooke offered to call Hope for Douglas. During the call, Brooke informed Hope that Douglas wanted to see her. Hope was thrilled to have a visitor, and Brooke said Douglas would be right over. After the call, Brooke offered to take Douglas to the cabin, but Thomas decided to do it.

Thomas and Douglas left through the terrace doors, and Brooke noticed something off with Ridge. Shrugging, Ridge remarked that Taylor had mentioned something about Hope, Thomas, and Douglas. Brooke asked why Ridge was concerned and what Taylor had said.

Back at the cabin, Liam was pulled away from home by a technical issue at work. Before leaving, Liam asked Hope if he should get dinner on the way home and suggested that they include Thomas and Douglas. Hope offered to ask and send Liam a message about it.

Liam wanted to support Douglas and Thomas, but Liam also wanted to be cautious about Hope's feelings. Hope assured him that it was okay. She appreciated the concern but said it was about a boy in need. Liam got that and wanted to help Douglas through it. "But he is Thomas' boy, and we have our own future to think about -- " Liam said.

Interrupting, Hope asked that she and Liam refrain from thinking about it at that time. Liam started to speak again, but Douglas and Thomas arrived. Liam quickly explained to Thomas that he had a work thing to do but would be back. Liam dashed out, and Thomas asked Douglas if they'd just seen Liam or the Flash.

Thomas remarked to Hope that Douglas was into superheroes. Douglas asked who Hope's favorite hero was. Hope said that it was Douglas. Thomas replied that Douglas was Thomas' favorite, too. Douglas stated that he'd missed Hope. She responded that she'd missed him, too.

Douglas missed his mommy and asked why she'd had to go. Hope said it was sad and hard to lose a loved one, but a mother's love never went away. Hope told him that his and his mother's love would live forever in his heart, where he carried a piece of his mother. Douglas was glad that Hope was there. Hope replied that she'd always be there for him, and they hugged.

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