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Ridge reminded Thomas that Hope was a married woman. Bill and Katie finally unmasked the mystery cupid. Sally abruptly left town, leaving Wyatt to focus on helping Flo find her father. Flo's mother arrived in town and was stunned to hear that Bill was Wyatt's father.
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Flo's mother, Shauna, arrived in L.A. and was stunned to learn that Bill was Wyatt's father
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Bill and Katie catch the mystery Cupid

Bill and Katie catch the mystery Cupid

Monday, April 1, 2019

Over dessert at Spencer, Bill and Katie speculated about who kept setting up their encounters. Tossing down their napkins, they vowed to get to the bottom of it that very evening.

At Katie's house, Will was raising bets on the poker game to five bucks. He scoffed, saying Justin and Donna had spent that on their morning coffee. Deciding to fold, Donna said she needed her money to buy that coffee in the morning. Justin wanted to fold, too, and he and Will got into a debate about Justin's bluffing skills.

Wyatt arrived. He said Bill had asked that Wyatt meet him there. "Hope you brought your wallet," Will told his brother. Wyatt replied that he'd already learned his lesson about playing poker with Will. Justin conveyed that he'd also learned his lesson, and unless Katie had an ATM installed there, Justin would soon be out of the game.

From the door, Katie asked what was going on in there. Bill and Katie entered, and Katie told Will that she'd said he could only play with chips, not real money. Will claimed that it was all in good fun, and he'd intended to give the money back. Donna was surprised and happy to hear that. Will asked who was in for the next hand. Bill told the kid to switch to solitaire because the adults needed to have a talk.

Later, Bill informed Donna, Wyatt, and Justin that Bill and Katie had narrowed the mystery cupid suspects down to the "three of you bozos." Katie and Bill explained that they'd been ambushed with a catered meal earlier. The food had been great, and they'd enjoyed the company; however, in their view, enough was enough. "Donna," Katie said, looking at her sister.

Donna acted as if she were innocent, and Katie said Donna hadn't been subtle in pushing Katie toward Bill. Donna promised that she hadn't been doing the "setting you up on dates" kind of pushing. Standing between Wyatt and Justin, Bill had one of each of his hands on the men's shoulders. Bill squeezed Justin's trapezoid muscle, but Justin said he knew better than to set Bill up.

Bill dropped his hand from Justin's shoulder and curled his other arm around Wyatt's neck in a very loose, but nonetheless ominous, headlock and said, "And then there was one."

Wyatt swore to God that he hadn't done it. Katie figured it had to be one of them because the chef had said William Spencer had ordered it. She said not many people would even attempt to get ahold of Bill's credit card.

Will, who'd been quietly sitting at the coffee table, decided to head off to bed and said he'd see everyone at the next poker game. Justin indicated that he'd take that night off and joked that Will certainly took after his namesake. Everyone chuckled, but instantly knowing, Bill and Katie stopped laughing and glared at each other. "William," Bill stated.

"Spencer," Katie concluded. Everyone stared around in wonder and disbelief.

In Will's room, Will prepared for bed. He was surprised when his parents entered the room. They claimed that they'd wanted to tuck him in together -- like old times. Will liked it when his parents did things together. Hopping into bed, Will remarked that some kids' parents didn't get along at all, and Kate and Bill should hear the cafeteria stories.

Katie and Bill sat on the bed. Katie replied, "We don't gossip." Will replied that it wasn't gossip; he was just saying that he liked that his parents still did things together, like tucking him in or going to a basketball game. Bill added having meals together and mentioned that he and Katie had just had a beautiful dinner together. "Really," Will responded.

Bill said it had been a pleasant surprise that had cost him three thousand dollars, not even including the expensive Champagne. "Three thousand? It didn't cost that much -- and the Champagne was supposed to be normal," Will responded. Bill exclaimed that Will was busted. "Oops," Will replied, and Bill concluded that Will had been setting his parents up.

Will explained that Bill talked a lot about putting the family back together, and Will had wanted to help. He liked moments like those, where both his parents wished him a good night. Katie said that just because she and Bill weren't married anymore didn't mean they couldn't have nights like that. Katie concluded that they were still a family.

Will knew that, but he also believed he could see something that Katie and Bill couldn't. Katie replied that most kids wanted their parents together. Will didn't want it just for himself. He wanted it for his parents, too, and believed they were great together.

Apologizing for stealing the credit card, Will said he'd known it was wrong. He'd just wanted to do something nice for them and to help them remember how much they liked each other. Though they were still a family, it wasn't the same. He knew it would never happen, "but -- "

Interrupting Will, Bill said to never say never. He cited that they'd said they'd never bring back the two-dollar bill, but they had done it. Will asked if that meant there was a chance. Bill replied that he was saying that he was proud of Will for taking action and making a power move.

Bill conveyed that most people had ideas but never acted on them. As a kid, Will was making moves "that most people don't have the balls -- don't have the guts -- to make." Bill called it the mark of a true Spencer. Bill believed one had to try to make the impossible possible. "Having said that, credit card fraud will never happen again," Bill asserted. Will said he got it.

Will asked what the chances were, on a scale of one to ten, of his parents reuniting. Bill couldn't answer that because there were no guarantees in life. Looking at Katie, Bill added that anything was possible -- anything.

At Brooke's house, Ridge didn't want to tell Brooke what Taylor had said because he didn't want to create any friction. Reasoning that friction would be there regardless, Brooke concluded that he might as well tell her. He stated that Taylor thought it was good for Douglas and Hope to spend time together. Wondering if that was really all there was to it, Brooke replied that she agreed with Taylor on that.

Brooke asked what else Taylor had said. Ridge replied that Taylor was just happy that Hope was there for Douglas. Nodding, Brooke stated that Taylor saw Hope as a mother figure for Douglas. "This whole Thomas thing is just -- " Ridge said.

Brooke asked what "Thomas thing" Ridge was talking about. It suddenly dawned on Brooke that Taylor wanted Hope to be with Thomas. "Oh, my God, Ridge! That is what Taylor is thinking?" Brooke asked. Ridge claimed that Taylor was looking out for her family, but Brooke was adamant that Taylor just wanted to break up Hope and Liam.

Brooke thought that it was all about Taylor blaming Brooke for the way Taylor's life had turned out. Ridge didn't think Taylor blamed Brooke for anything. Insisting that it was so, Brooke said it was why Taylor was obsessed with getting Liam and Steffy back together.

In Brooke's view, it was all a competition for Taylor, who thought she'd lost out to Brooke and wanted to make sure that Steffy didn't lose out to Hope. Brooke asked if Taylor really thought she could make Hope and Thomas happen.

At the cabin, Hope promised to always be there for Douglas, but Douglas wondered what would happen if Hope got taken away, too.

Changing the subject, Hope said she and Douglas were alike in that they missed their loved ones. She asked if he wanted to make a deal to help each other out by talking about their loved ones who'd passed away, sharing memories, and playing games together while Caroline took care of Beth in heaven.

Douglas said that Caroline was a good mother and would take care of Beth. Hope was counting on it. Thomas said that Caroline was probably thinking the same thing about Hope. It sounded like a good deal to Thomas, and he advised his son to shake on it. Douglas and Hope shook on it, and each said, "Deal."

Later, Hope presented a plate of cookies to Douglas, and Thomas was surprised that they were homemade. Hope asked if that meant Thomas had changed his mind about having some. She had more because Pam had been dropping off care packages daily. Thomas said he was fine.

Douglas saw Hope's sonogram photo and asked if it was Beth. His mother had had the same kind of photo of him, and he asked if Hope had any other photos of Beth after she'd been born. Hope didn't, but she said she had lots of pictures of his mother that he probably hadn't seen before. Hope sent Douglas to the bedroom to retrieve her phone, which contained the photos.

After Douglas trotted off, Thomas said that Hope could kick them out whenever she wanted. Hope replied that she was enjoying the company. He appreciated what Hope was doing and said she was good for Douglas. Hope responded that they were good for each other. Thomas said that Beth would have been lucky to have Hope as a mother.

Thomas didn't know what Hope's actual beliefs about heaven were, but he knew that Caroline, wherever she was, would be pleased that Hope was there for Douglas. Hope was sorry things hadn't worked out between Caroline and Thomas. Thomas said he'd been disappointed at first; however, they'd turned out to be a terrible couple but great parents. At least that was what Thomas liked to think. Hope assured him that Douglas was an awesome kid.

Douglas returned with the phone and hopped on the sofa next to Hope. As Hope scrolled back through the phone, she told Douglas that his mother had been a selfie queen and had taught Hope everything she knew. Hope showed the child a picture of her and Caroline with a model who was wearing one of Caroline's designs.

Hope remarked upon Caroline's impeccable design skills, and Douglas asked what Hope's favorite design of Caroline's was. Hope said it was a good question. She thought about it and decided that it was a showstopper for one of the collections.

Hope started scrolling through her phone to find it, and she and Thomas smiled at each other. As they viewed a picture of Caroline smiling, Douglas asked if angels could laugh or talk. Hope believed so, but Douglas questioned it because they didn't have bodies. Hope said they didn't need to have bodies.

Douglas asked how they'd see Beth or Caroline if either of them was around. Hope wasn't sure. She said it was okay for her and Douglas not to understand it all or if they couldn't hear or talk to Caroline or Beth. Hope decided that they could sense their loved ones, and to receive messages from them, all Hope and Douglas had to do was close their eyes and feel it.

Douglas closed his eyes and said Hope was right. He could feel that his mother was there. Hope thought Caroline was there and happy that Hope and Douglas were together.

Ridge reminds Thomas that Hope is married

Ridge reminds Thomas that Hope is married

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

In Will's room, Will asked if Bill was mad. Bill asked if Will was referring to being mad about Will charging expensive meals on Bill's credit card. Will meant for that and for trying to set up his parents. Bill and Katie said they weren't mad about it.

Will bet he was the last person his parents had suspected. He asked if it had worked. Though Bill wouldn't answer that question, he expressed pride in Will for believing in his dreams. Bill said it was equally important to believe in the power of family.

Downstairs later, Katie and Bill affirmed to Donna, Wyatt, and Justin that Will was the mystery cupid. Bill said it figured that it would be his "genius" son. Wyatt scoffed. Bill said he should have known it hadn't been "any of you clowns," who weren't smart enough to pull it off.

Justin wondered who'd known that Will was such a romantic. Taking credit for it, Bill said Will had learned from the master. Donna thought Will would make a good boyfriend. Katie said it would be twenty-five years from then. Donna believed guys could learn a lot from the classy Will. Proud of Will, Justin said it showed how much Will loved his parents and family.

Wyatt wondered how Will knew his parents' passwords. Katie replied that her password was Will's birthday. "Oh, my God," Donna scoffed. Bill added that his was, too, and Donna raged that even she knew better than that. Bill stated that it was just their personal tablets, and it might have been destiny for him and Katie to be hacked by their son.

Bill was proud of Will, who'd said something profound. He stated that Will had said that he might see something that his parents didn't. Wyatt, Justin, and Donna griped that they'd been saying that for months. Katie said everyone was getting too caught up in it. Agreeing, Bill replied that the distraction had been fun, but they could go back to their regular lives at that point.

Justin couldn't believe Bill and Katie expected everyone to drop it. Donna noted that Bill and Katie had been enjoying themselves together. Katie affirmed that it had been fun, but she said "this" was where it ended. Katie decided that the show was over, and Bill said it was time for everyone to leave. "I live here!" Donna exclaimed.

Bill asked Justin to take Donna to dinner on Bill and to take "this one" with them. Wyatt said he'd normally be offended, but he liked a free dinner and a really expensive bottle of wine. As Justin, Donna, and Wyatt left, Bill warned Wyatt that he'd take it out of Wyatt's paycheck.

After the others had gone, Katie asked if Bill could believe them. Bill asked "what about that son" of theirs. Katie replied that Will was just like his father. Citing that Will was outsmarting them already, she believed that she and Bill were doomed. Bill hoped Will didn't get into cryptocurrency and try to buy a jet. "Yeah, we need to change our passwords," Katie concluded.

The doorbell rang, and Katie answered it. A delivery guy had arrived with a bakery package for William Spencer. Bill tipped the delivery guy, who then left. Katie and Bill called Will downstairs and asked him to explain what the box was.

Will said he'd forgotten that he'd also ordered dessert. In the box were cookies with dollar signs on them. He hoped his parents liked them. Katie and Bill said they loved them, and they loved Will. They were proud of Will, and Will quipped that he'd learned from the best.

As Bill, Katie, and Will ate cookies, Will warned Bill not to eat the dollar sign on the cookie. Bill said everyone knew that he'd eat money if he could. Chomping on the dollar sign cookie, Bill decided that he'd eat the dollar sign, and he'd eat Will. Bill grabbed Will and pulled him in to fake bite him and tickle him. Beside them, Katie laughed and put her hand on Bill's back.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was still upset about Taylor's nerve. Ridge said Taylor just wanted her grandson to have a mother figure. Brooke did, too, but said that Hope was married to Liam. Ridge claimed that Taylor got that, but Brooke asked why Taylor kept talking about Hope and Thomas. Ridge didn't have an answer, but he stated that he'd put an abrupt stop to it.

Ridge didn't want Brooke to make a big deal out of it, but Brooke asserted that Taylor had admitted to wanting Liam to return to Steffy. Ridge said Taylor would never use Douglas to make it happen. Brooke asked if he was sure about that. Brooke believed that Hope and Douglas could help each other heal but was adamant that Hope and Thomas wouldn't happen.

At the cabin, Douglas was excited because Hope said she'd skateboarded as a child. He wanted to skateboard right then, but Thomas replied that it was bedtime. "But I want to hang out with Hope," Douglas said. Hope promised to take the child to the boardwalk at some point.

Douglas wanted to stay and watch movies at "the cool place." Hope said they could watch movies together another time. He told her that he'd watched movies with his mother all the time. Hope stated that nothing could replace his mother, but Hope was there for him if he needed a friend.

Later, Hope was alone when Brooke arrived. Hope said that Liam had been called away for a late meeting. Brooke became excited about spending time alone with her daughter. She asked how things had gone with Thomas and Douglas, and Hope said she'd just committed herself to skateboarding. Brooke thought it was adorable.

Hope was leery because she hadn't skateboarded in years, but Brooke assured her daughter that it would come right back to her. Brooke suggested that Liam and Hope take Douglas. Hope said that would be fun. Brooke noted that Hope and Douglas had developed quite a rapport, and Hope revealed that, the other day, Douglas had asked if she could be his mommy.

Surprised to hear it, Brooke asked how Hope and Thomas had handled it. Hope replied that they hadn't known what to say, and it had been difficult for Hope to hear a child wanting to call her mommy. Brooke said she could imagine that it had been. After a pause, Brooke affirmed that Hope was not Douglas' mommy.

Hope replied that she obviously wasn't Caroline, but she'd assured Douglas that she'd be there for him. Brooke looked as if she wanted to say something, and Hope told her hesitant mother to just state it. Brooke conveyed that she wanted Hope to take care of herself. Hope claimed to be.

Brooke wanted Hope to focus on her life, her marriage, and her future with Liam. Hope scoffed. Insisting that it was a priority, Brooke said that Hope and Liam might want to have a family someday. Hope glared at her mother, and Brooke added, "When you're ready."

Hope didn't want to talk about having another baby. Brooke stated that Liam and Hope wanted a family together, and life wasn't so cruel as to make another stillbirth happen again.

Changing the subject, Hope stated that her heart was breaking for Douglas. Brooke replied that Hope was a sweet, kind woman who did a lot for others; however, Brooke insisted that Hope had to sometimes think about herself and her own recovery. Brooke believed that Hope had a wonderful husband, and Brooke implored Hope not to let anything get in the way of it.

Back at Brooke's house, Thomas had put Douglas to bed and was in the living room, thanking Ridge for letting him and Douglas stay there. Thomas was still struggling with how to help Douglas and was sad that the child wouldn't even remember Caroline later. Ridge said Thomas would keep the memory of Caroline alive.

Thomas felt that he could be the best father in the world, but things wouldn't be the same for his son. Agreeing, Ridge said that the mother-son bond was special, but Thomas needed to know that he was still a good dad. Thomas remarked that he was having a hard time connecting with the child, but there was one person who seemed to be able to get through.

Neither Ridge nor Thomas was surprised that Hope was good with the child. Thomas just didn't want it to be a reminder to Hope of her own loss. Ridge thought it was healing for Hope. Thomas said that Hope's ability to put her heartbreak aside for Douglas said a lot about who she was. Thomas felt lucky to have Hope nearby.

Ridge agreed with the sentiment but asked Thomas to keep something in mind. "She's a married woman. She's married to Liam," Ridge asserted. Thomas was aware of it and asked why Ridge had thought Thomas needed a reminder. Ridge replied that it was because Hope was a beautiful woman who was giving Thomas' son something the son needed.

Thomas appreciated the concern but said his focus was on his son and guiding his son through losing his mother. Ridge stated that he just wanted to make sure there was no confusion. Thomas replied that there was nothing to worry about, and Thomas and Ridge hugged.

Quinn spars with Sally

Quinn spars with Sally

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester, Sally met with Eric, Quinn, Wyatt, and Ridge to discuss that she wanted to remain at Forrester. Ridge was curious about what Bill had said about Sally choosing to remain at Forrester. Wyatt explained that Bill had never really wanted to be in the fashion business, but he had agreed to it to get Wyatt back at Spencer.

Sally thanked Ridge and Eric for their support and belief in her. She was elated that a music icon had chosen her athletic wear for a music video. "I promise I will not let you down," Sally said. Eric noted that her line would be called Sally Spectra Athletic Wear.

Sally had plenty of other ideas, as well. Eric was impressed. He said that she never had just one concept. She had ten more. Wyatt commented that he would remain at Spencer with his dad rather than return to Forrester. He joked that he had to keep his dad honest. Quinn said she hoped that wasn't part of his job description.

Wyatt said he would miss working with Sally, but Quinn chimed in that not every couple could spend that much time together. Wyatt replied that it had never been too much for Quinn and Eric. "Well, that's different ... dear," Quinn snarked. Sally sneered at Quinn's comments.

Later, Wyatt and Quinn talked alone, and Quinn gushed that she'd had lunch with Flo. Quinn praised Flo and said she had always loved Wyatt and Flo as a couple. She also missed Flo's mother. Wyatt brought up that they had missed out on time with Flo and her mother because Quinn had insisted they leave Las Vegas in the middle of the night. Quinn shushed him. Quinn added that Flo was impressed at how Wyatt's life had changed after he'd met his dad.

Quinn encouraged Wyatt to help Flo find her father because she might need some help. Wyatt scoffed, but Quinn noted that some people were afraid of the unknown. She encouraged him to help Flo.

At Forrester, Hope and Zoe were discussing that they needed a new designer for Hope for the Future, since Thorne had left. Hope said she had looked at a lot of designers but hadn't found one that jumped out at her. Zoe recalled that Thorne had hired her. Zoe was worried if she was still on the team. "You and I pretty much are the team," Hope said.

Zoe commented that they needed some more people to take over in case Hope wasn't around. Hope seemed distant, and talk turned to another pregnancy. Hope was dismissive and looked uncomfortable. Zoe apologized but said that Hope was a natural as a mother, and she remembered how happy Hope had been when she'd been expecting. "Well, that didn't happen," Hope said coldly. "Yet," Zoe responded.

At the cabin, Brooke entered and greeted Liam. Liam said that Hope was still at the office. Brooke noted that Hope had stopped at the house earlier to make sure that Douglas had liked the cereal she had bought for him. Brooke and Liam agreed that Hope and Douglas were good for each other.

Liam noted that Hope understood the tremendous feeling of loss that Douglas felt. He believed it was comforting to Hope to help Douglas. Brooke wondered what comforted Liam. He said he was all right. Brooke wondered if his "other family" comforted him. Liam replied that he felt he had one big family.

Brooke smiled but said she was worried. "I have to tell you there is one person who doesn't think that way," she said. "Taylor still confides in Ridge," Brooke explained. Liam understood that Taylor often shared her opinions. Brooke lamented that Taylor felt Liam should be raising the girls with Steffy and that "Hope and Thomas should be together, raising his son." Liam looked surprised, but he said Taylor was safely in Europe and hadn't said anything.

Brooke wondered if Taylor had said something to Hope, but Liam said they hadn't had any conversations that he was aware of. Brooke worried because, at one time, Hope had given her ring back to Liam and said he belonged to Steffy and the girls. "She tried to give you back," Brooke said.

Liam agreed, but he told Brooke not to worry. "I don't think you have to worry. I love your daughter," he said. He added that he planned to keep it that way. Brooke was glad to hear it. She grabbed Liam's arms and encouraged him to remind Hope how much he loved her. Hope walked in the door and wondered what was going on. "Did something happen?" Hope asked. Liam and Brooke looked at each other. Brooke left, and Liam wondered why Hope was home so early.

Hope quizzed Liam about what her mother had wanted. She worried that Brooke was accusing Liam of "not doing something for me you should be doing." Liam defended Brooke. He told Hope that her mother loved her and worried about her. Hope understood, and she knew everyone wanted her to feel better; however, she couldn't meet an unreasonable schedule and didn't feel she could be the same as she had been before.

Hope shared that Zoe had encouraged her to try again, but Hope said not everyone's dreams of a baby came true. Liam understood, but he said he wasn't ready to give up on a baby. He said they would never forget their firstborn, but her brothers and sister would know about her. Hope was despondent and said she had lost two children. She couldn't be that selfish. Liam disagreed and said that she was already mothering Phoebe, Kelly, and Douglas, but Hope felt she might only have maternal instincts for other people's children.

Liam said he loved Hope too much to let her think negatively. He wanted her to trust her own body. He was her husband, and he planned to stay her husband. He had faith that there was another child in their future, and he asked her to share his faith. He promised there were children waiting for her to love them.

At the Bikini, Flo and Danny prepped the bar, and Zoe showed up. Zoe asked for coffee and lamented that she had spent the morning with Hope, and Hope had been depressed. Flo noted that one phone call could change that. Zoe said she prayed that Liam could persuade Hope to try again for another baby. She reminded Flo that Hope's daughter was with Steffy in Europe.

Zoe encouraged Flo to take her father's advice and return to Las Vegas. They traded insults, and Zoe reminded Flo that she was the one who had pretended to give birth to the baby that Steffy had adopted, even though it was Hope's. Wyatt entered, and Flo encouraged Zoe to leave. Wyatt wondered how Flo knew Zoe, and Flo attributed it to knowing Danny, the bartender, who was also a model with Zoe at Forrester.

Wyatt discussed that his mother had become a great fan of Flo, and he worried that she might have been out of line when they'd met for lunch. Flo said Quinn had been sweet. Wyatt scoffed that no one used that word to describe his mother. He grew more serious and said that if Flo wanted help in finding her father, he would be happy to help her.

At Forester, Quinn was in her office, and Sally joined her. Quinn dismissed her because Wyatt had gone, but Sally said she wanted to talk to Quinn.

Sally wanted herself and Quinn to be okay to work together, but Quinn was rude and said she doubted they would be working together because women wearing athletic clothes didn't need jewelry. Sally argued that women wearing yoga pants liked to dress up the look.

Sally worried that Quinn didn't support her or her line. "My husband supports you, and I support my husband," Quinn said. Sally wanted Quinn's support at more than work. She said she loved Quinn's son, and he loved her. Quinn was critical and said that Sally had some feelings of inadequacy. Quinn said her son was a free spirit and had had many wonderful women in his life in the past, but he'd had some who were not so wonderful. She had faith in Wyatt.

At Ridge and Brooke's place, Ridge was eating cereal, and Brooke walked in. He told her that the cereal that Hope had bought for Douglas tasted pretty good. He wondered where Brooke had been. She admitted she had talked to Liam and Hope. Ridge looked worried. "You didn't talk to him about the crazy idea Taylor had," Ridge said. Brooke admitted that she had. Ridge wondered why she would do such a thing when it was never going to happen.

Flo decides to go against her mother's wishes

Flo decides to go against her mother's wishes

Thursday, April 4, 2019

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke disagreed about the motives behind Taylor's approval of Hope with Douglas. They did agree that it was wonderful that Hope was consoling the grieving child. Brooke believed it was actually helping Douglas.

As Thomas entered from the terrace, he affirmed that Hope was helping and said that Hope was a godsend to him and Douglas. Ridge asked where the child was. Thomas said Douglas had rushed over to the cabin because the door had been open.

Thomas believed that Douglas would spend every moment over there if he could. He'd explained to the child that Hope had her own things going on. Thomas didn't want Hope to feel obligated to spend time with the boy. Brooke replied that Hope didn't, and neither of them did.

Thomas stated that Douglas was doing really well, and they had Hope to thank for it. Hope had gotten Douglas to talk about his feelings. Thomas didn't know how he and Douglas would have made it through without her.

At the cabin, Hope flashed back to times with baby Phoebe. Douglas arrived. He said his father was with his grandfather. Douglas wanted to go skateboarding. Hope said they couldn't at that moment, but she was glad to see him. He noted that she looked sad and guessed she'd been thinking of her baby. Hope acknowledged it but wanted to talk about him instead.

Douglas looked sad, and Hope asked what was going on. The child missed his mother, and he admitted that he cried sometimes. Hope admitted that she did, too. She said it was okay. In her view, it was also okay to feel mad, confused, or scared. She added that he might feel happy at times. It was okay to feel that way, and it didn't mean that he didn't miss his mother.

Hope said that Douglas would feel rainy and gloomy on the inside at times, and at times, he'd feel like sunshine. She told him that she felt the sunshine when she was with him. Hope hugged the child and offered to give him a hug whenever he wanted.

In the doorway, Thomas asked if that went for him, too. Douglas affirmed it and rushed to hug his father. Thomas sent Douglas to check out the beetles near the front porch.

After Douglas left, Thomas said he lived for the times Douglas ran into his arms like that. Thomas hadn't been certain that Douglas would ever be that happy little boy again, but because of Hope, Douglas was a happy child who was excited to see some bugs. Thomas couldn't express how much it meant to him.

Hope said that Douglas had been good for her, too. Before him, baby Phoebe had been Hope's only source of relief. When the baby had been there, Hope had been able to hold her and think of Beth without feeling pain. Thomas believed it was the same for Douglas when he was with Hope. Hope hoped it was the case. Her heart broke for Douglas -- and for Thomas. She was glad that being around her could help.

Thomas asserted that it did help, and he didn't think Hope realized how much. He thought Hope was remarkable. Her goodness had attracted him to her when they'd dated, and he could see it was attracting Douglas. Thomas recalled that Hope had once said she'd felt safe with him. He conveyed that it was how he and Douglas were feeling with her at that moment. Thomas wished there was a way to repay Hope's kindness and to ease her suffering.

At Forrester, Sally wanted to get along with Quinn and felt that it started with the truth about how Quinn felt about Sally's involvement with Wyatt. Quinn claimed to only want her son's happiness. Sally affirmed her commitment to making Wyatt happier than any woman ever had.

Quinn remarked that her son was generous. Sally said she loved that about Wyatt, and Quinn quipped that she didn't doubt it.

Eric arrived and asked if Sally and Quinn were working on something. Quinn said they'd been talking about Wyatt, and Eric remarked that he'd miss Wyatt around there. Eric asked if Sally had settled back in, and she replied that it was as if she'd never left.

"That's because you didn't!" Quinn snapped. Eric had never wanted Sally to leave in the first place and said she reminded him of himself as a young, determined designer. Sally was honored by his words. Sally hoped that they wouldn't regret rehiring her because, as it turned out, she needed to go out of town to see her Grams.

Quinn's thoughts immediately began turning. Sally explained that she wanted to visit her grandmother before she became swamped with working on her collection. Eric supported Sally's trip and said it was thoughtful of her to go. Sally stated that she was devoted to her loved ones.

Later, Sally had departed, and Eric wanted to know what the tension between Sally and Quinn had been about. Quinn replied that Sally had been singing Wyatt's praises and talking about how grateful she was for all he'd done for her. Eric thought that it should please any mother to hear that from a son's girlfriend.

Quinn found it hard to be positive about a person who'd stolen her husband's designs. Eric noted that he'd forgiven Sally for it. Quinn said that Wyatt had given his heart to someone else once, and that woman was in town. Quinn gushed that she'd been very good friends with the woman's mother. Saying he saw where things were going, Eric asked who the woman was.

Later, Quinn gushed about how wonderful the Fultons were and again mentioned what great friends she'd been with the mother. Seeing Flo had made Quinn want to get back in touch with Shauna.

At the Bikini Bar, Wyatt recalled that, in the past, he and Flo had talked a lot about finding their fathers. Flo said she'd let it go after Wyatt had left town. He offered to help Flo find her father if she ever changed her mind about doing it. He didn't want to push, but he wondered how incredible it could be if meeting her father changed her life the way his father had changed his.

Later, Flo and Wyatt were in Flo's apartment with an ancestry DNA kit. Wyatt said that her father wasn't guaranteed to be in the DNA database, but she might find another relative. Flo seemed overwhelmed that after all those years, her father might no longer be a mystery.

Flo and Wyatt remembered that they had once planned to hire a private detective to find her father. They laughed about it, and she said she'd known she'd be able to face whatever she'd found with Wyatt beside her. Flo guessed her mother had hidden the man's identity for a reason, and Wyatt remarked that his mother had told him that his father had been dead.

Wyatt didn't think Flo's search would end the way his had, but he felt that she might be able to find some answers about herself. Flo stated that she had convinced herself that she didn't need it, but talking about it with Quinn had revived Flo's latent feelings about it.

Wyatt said that Quinn had seen what knowing his father and brother had done for him, and she wanted the same thing for Flo. Though Flo wanted it, too, she said that she'd seen how things didn't always work out the way one wanted them to -- even if one had the best intentions.

Wyatt stated that he was there for Flo, no matter what she decided to do. He remarked that they could step back if it was too much. Flo figured that it was time to do it. She just thought that she should call her mother about it first.

Flo called her mother, who was happy to hear Flo's voice. Flo said she'd been texting her mother. Shauna replied that it wasn't the same. Flo told her mother that she'd never guess who Flo had encountered in Los Angeles -- Wyatt. "Your Wyatt?" Shauna dreamily replied and figured he had to be the reason Flo had been too busy to call.

Affirming that she Wyatt had been hanging out a bit, Flo said it wasn't why she was calling. Flo asked if Shauna remembered when Wyatt's father had "died." Flo explained that Quinn had made it all up, and "a couple of years ago," Wyatt had found out who he was. It had completely changed Wyatt's life, and it had made Flo think of her dad.

"We don't talk about him, honey," Shauna responded. Flo asked if he'd even known about her or that Shauna had been pregnant. In Shauna's silence, Flo began saying she was an adult and could handle it. Shauna asked if Flo hadn't been happy and if Shauna hadn't given Flo everything that she'd needed. Flo affirmed it but said it wasn't why she was asking.

Shauna asserted that Flo hadn't needed the man as a child, and Flo didn't need him at that point, either. She loved Flo but insisted that Flo needed to drop it. Shauna warned that looking for the man was a mistake. Flo wondered if Shauna was saying that because she was ashamed. Shauna said they'd talk later, and she clicked off the line.

After the call had ended, Wyatt was amazed to hear that Flo's mother was still shutting Flo down -- even after all that time. Flo stared at the ground. Wyatt said he didn't want to put Flo and Shauna in a bad spot, but he agreed with what Flo had asserted about being an adult. He believed that her answer was in that ancestry kit if she wanted it.

Flo replied that she'd lived a lifetime with the question overhead. She believed that it was time. She wanted to find out who her father was. Before, she'd ignored the feeling, telling herself that she knew who she was; however, she'd started to wonder about that and whether the whole trip to Los Angeles had been a mistake. She reasoned that it might not be, and finding her father could change her life. If it did, it was all because of Wyatt. Flo hugged him tightly.

Shauna is stunned that Bill is Wyatt's father

Shauna is stunned that Bill is Wyatt's father

Friday, April 5, 2019

At Spencer, Justin teased Bill about being tired and possibly having a late night with Katie and Will. Bill asked Justin to stop nagging like a grandma. Justin claimed to just want Bill to be happy. Wanting Justin to be happy, Bill inquired about Justin and Donna.

"Moving on," Justin said, handing Bill an estate waiver regarding Quinn. Justin didn't think the waiver was necessary. Bill thought Justin was probably right; however, Bill didn't want to take any chances. Wyatt was back in the company and stood to gain a lot, and Quinn was still listed as Wyatt's power of attorney. "It's Quinn. I'm not taking any chances," Bill concluded.

Justin warned that Quinn was going to take offense to it, even though it excluded her from something she had no right to in the first place. Bill said it was why he would "charmingly" handle her personally, but it wasn't a visit he was looking forward to. Justin asked if Quinn and Bill were getting along. Bill said things were great because he had zero contact with her.

Katie and Will arrived, and Will, who was on skates, rolled over to his father, yelling, "Surprise!" Katie asked if it was a good time, and Bill said it was always a good time to see them.

Later, Justin complimented Will on his resourcefulness as the mystery cupid. Will was disappointed that he'd been found out so quickly. Bill said Will needed to remember who had made him. Will was satisfied that he'd accomplished his mission of getting his parents to remember how much fun they had together and that they could make each other laugh.

Bill affirmed that he and Katie had enjoyed themselves and said the setup had been a smart move. Katie stated that they were raising a smart boy.

Later, Will asked Justin if lawyers made good money, and Justin said that it depended upon the type of lawyer. Katie asked if Will wanted to be a lawyer. Will replied that he was keeping his options open. Will wanted to make lots of money and asked what kind of lawyer he should avoid being. Katie scoffed, and Bill said Will would be a lawyer, working for his father.

Will asked what would become of Justin. Bill quipped that they'd put Justin in a rocking chair. Katie imagined that Justin might travel during retirement. Will added that Aunt Donna would go with Justin, and Bill called the kid relentless. Will decided that Katie and Bill would travel, too, and Will would run the business with his brothers.

Chuckling, Katie said Will just didn't give up. "Never say never, right?" Will asked.

Justin decided that he had lawyering to do. He took off, and Bill said he needed to explain something to Will. Though Bill lived by the "never say never" creed, he warned that determination wasn't always enough, especially when the outcome involved others with different ideas about how things should be.

Bill was trying to tell Will that he really didn't know what the future held for himself and Katie. Katie said she and Bill didn't want to get Will's hopes up. Will was willing to give each of his parents five hundred dollars if they did not reunite. Bill asked if Will wanted to blow that kind of money. Will was confident that he wouldn't have to. Katie laughed, and kissing her son, she said she wanted to know where Will's money stash was.

At Flo's flat, Wyatt arrived with coffee and wondered if he should have called first. She didn't think he should have had to -- as long as one of the coffees was for her. Wyatt explained that Sally had left town to visit her grandmother, and he had time on his hands. He'd wanted to see if Flo had gotten any results back from the DNA test.

Flo had been checking her phone every minute, but no test results had arrived. She began worrying if her father would turn out to be a serial killer or something. Wyatt chuckled about her jumping to such a conclusion. Agreeing that it was far-fetched, Flo figured that there still was a reason why her mother had kept it a secret.

Flo asked if Wyatt had had a hard time connecting with his father. Wyatt felt that it had been easy because Bill had welcomed Wyatt, the son most like Bill, with open arms. Connecting had gotten harder as Wyatt had begun to see the differences between himself and Bill. In Wyatt's view, he and Bill weren't perfect, but Bill had done things that Wyatt could never do. It bothered Wyatt how easy some things were for Bill.

Wyatt thought that Bill was trying to be better. Flo asked if he regretted knowing Bill and if Quinn had warmed up to the father and son relationship. Wyatt didn't regret it and said Quinn hadn't been able to prevent it.

Flo wondered how her mother would react to her discovery. She could talk to her mother about anything, but not her father. Shauna always shut that topic down. Wyatt reasoned that the DNA test kit might provide Flo with some answers. She didn't want to get her hopes up about the man even being in the database.

Because the tests were gaining in popularity, Wyatt reckoned that they could find the father or a relative. Wyatt didn't want Flo to needlessly worry about the guy because the test could turn up nothing. Flo said that part of her would be very relieved if she did find something because it would put an end to the questions. Flo didn't expect her father to be some rich guy, but she felt it would be nice to know who he was and to look into his eyes to see if they were the same color as hers.

Wyatt understood. Flo was glad he was on the journey with her. She wouldn't be doing it on her own. Wyatt having her back made her feel as if she could handle anything.

At Forrester, Quinn told Eric that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Shauna, her only friend. Quinn really missed that relationship and revealed that she'd reached out to Shauna. Quinn further explained that Shauna was in town to see Flo and had messaged Quinn. Shauna was on the way to Forrester, and Quinn couldn't wait to see her.

Quinn asked if her jewelry was too much and told Eric that she'd been in a different place when she'd known Shauna. Eric thought Quinn was who she had become, which was simply wonderful.

Pam ducked her head into the office to announce that Shauna Fulton was there. When Shauna entered, Quinn jiggled with glee and hugged her, saying she looked the same. Shauna responded that Quinn had moved up in the world. Shauna asked if Quinn worked at Forrester. Affirming it, Quinn replied that she worked alongside her husband, Eric Forrester.

Shauna had had no idea that Quinn was married. Quinn stated that a lot had changed. She was eager to catch up with Shauna. Shauna couldn't get over how sleek and polished Quinn was. Quinn said she was just herself, but Shauna boasted that Quinn's self was Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Eric left to take a conference call, and Shauna and Quinn sat at the conference table. Shauna regretted losing touch with Quinn, and Quinn quipped that it was what happened when one had to take off in the middle of the night. They recalled how close they'd been and agreed that they'd been the best of friends.

"By the way, I saw Florence the other day," Quinn remarked. Quinn said Shauna should be proud of her daughter, who was modest -- unlike Quinn, who'd take every opportunity to brag about her son. Quinn waved her hands to prompt Shauna to ask how Wyatt was.

Shauna asked, and Quinn bragged about her gorgeous, successful, and grounded son. To Quinn, Wyatt was perfect, despite her. Shauna said it was because of Quinn, and Quinn had every right to take credit. The mothers wondered what could have developed between their children if Quinn hadn't had to leave Las Vegas, and Quinn said they could have been in-laws.

Later, Shauna pulled out a scrapbook of old photos of Wyatt, Flo, Quinn, and herself. Quinn was embarrassed and excited about them. She said they'd been so young. Quinn saw a photo of them at a club. Shauna recalled dancing on a table until dawn. Quinn replied that it had been Shauna, not Quinn. Shauna said the kids had been at middle school camp.

Looking at pictures of the kids, the mothers remembered how close their children had been. Quinn said Wyatt had believed he'd marry Flo. Shauna replied that it might have happened if Quinn hadn't had to leave suddenly. Quinn replied that the mistake had cost Wyatt and Flo. Shauna stated that things happened for a reason and the way they were supposed to.

The topic turned to Shauna's life. Shauna was still working at a small casino boutique. She had a condo with nice neighbors. Quinn wanted to know if Shauna was involved with anyone. Shauna wasn't and said her life hadn't turned out to be as exciting as Quinn's. She wondered how Quinn had wound up where she was.

Quinn explained that she and Wyatt had moved to Los Angeles and had been working on her jewelry line. They'd been doing okay, and amazingly, she'd gotten involved with Forrester Creations. Shauna said Quinn seemed happy. Quinn was. She didn't think Eric's family approved of her, but it hadn't stopped Eric, who was as committed to her as she was to him.

Shauna called Quinn by her maiden name then corrected it to Forrester. Quinn noted that Wyatt was no longer a Fuller, either. Shauna was surprised to hear it. Quinn announced that Wyatt had found his father. Shauna said Flo had mentioned it, but Shauna was confused because Quinn had said the man was dead.

To Quinn, the man had been dead. She said that the father and son had had their ups and downs, but Wyatt meeting his father had changed his life. Quinn asked if Shauna had considered putting Flo's father back into the picture.

Shauna's face darkened, and she looked away. Quinn noted that Shauna had just literally recoiled. Quinn recalled that they'd agreed not to discuss the birth fathers. Shauna asserted that her feelings about the man hadn't changed, and she'd thought Quinn would understand that. Quinn did, but she'd learned to coexist with Wyatt's father because it was what Wyatt wanted.

Shauna asked how it had been to see him again. Quinn called Wyatt's father a jerk and a bully but said that, sometimes, a tiny bit of a human being would peek out. She attributed that part to his sons. "Then there's the money," Quinn added. Interested, Shauna asked if the man was rich. Quinn replied that he was loaded. Shauna asked if she knew him.

Quinn guessed that he was kind of famous and said he was Bill Spencer. Shauna blinked in disbelief. "Wait. Bill Spencer? Bill Spencer is Wyatt's father?" Shauna asked. Quinn wondered what was wrong, but Shauna just repeated, "Bill Spencer is Wyatt's father."

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