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Shauna accused Bill of abandoning her and fathering Flo. Flo's ancestry test delivered shocking news to Shauna. Quinn, Shauna, and Wyatt rushed to tell Flo the truth about her father, and Bill basked in the glow of losing at the paternity test game.
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A DNA test showed Storm Logan was Flo's father
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Shauna confronts Bill about one night in Vegas

Shauna confronts Bill about one night in Vegas

Monday, April 8, 2019

At Spencer, Will went to Justin's office, and Justin called Bill to ask if it was okay to teach Will a few things. Bill and Katie approved it. After the call, Katie and Bill agreed that their son was "something else." Bill said that nothing made him prouder than fatherhood.

Katie understood how much Bill's sons meant to him. Bill wondered how different things would have been if Liam and Wyatt's mothers had given Bill a chance. Bill didn't want to speak ill of the dead Kelly, but he would always resent Quinn for keeping him from Wyatt.

Katie asked how it was to have Wyatt back at work. Bill was thrilled about it. The only complaint he had about Wyatt was Wyatt's mother. Though Katie wasn't fond of Quinn, Katie gave Quinn credit for raising Wyatt well. Katie added that Bill didn't have to deal with Quinn much. Lifting a document from his desk, Bill said he'd ensure that it remained that way.

Katie asked what that document was. Bill explained that it was something he should have given Quinn when he'd first met Wyatt. Bill felt that he had financial obligations to his son, not Quinn, and he wanted to make that clear. Katie doubted that "Mrs. Eric Forrester" would care about that, but she said Bill should do what he needed to do.

Bill prepared to head to Forrester to give the papers to Quinn, and Katie decided to swing by Justin's office. Bill suggested that he and Katie arrange their next chance meeting before Will did it for them. Katie said she'd like that. He joked that he'd talk it over with Will and have the boy select the meals.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Shauna was shocked to hear that Bill was Wyatt's father. Quinn said it had been a very brief relationship. Shauna asked why Quinn had never said anything. Quinn asserted that Shauna wouldn't have mentioned it, either, if she'd been treated the way Bill had treated Quinn. Shauna asked if Quinn was absolutely certain about Wyatt's paternity.

Asserting that it had been no fairytale romance, Quinn said there was a reason she hadn't disclosed that Bill was Wyatt's father. Shauna believed it. Quinn added that Wyatt loved and looked up to his father, so it was no longer about Quinn's feelings about it.

Because of Quinn's experience in dealing with her child finding his father, Quinn urged Shauna to let Flo know about her father. Shauna was adamant that it wouldn't happen and said Flo could never learn the truth -- never. Quinn apologized for overstepping. Shauna said it was okay, but "the thought of opening that door again...ugh..."

Shauna excused herself to go to the bathroom. She left the office and went down the corridor. Just as she rounded the corner and went out of sight, Bill arrived from off the elevator.

Upon greeting Pam, Bill pretended to be excited about her lemon bars. Pam asked him to say "pretty please." Pointing at her, he said "Pretty," and pointing to the plate, he said, "Please." Pam giggled and offered him the whole plate. He asked if Quinn was in the CEO's office. Pam lifted her phone, saying she wanted to check if Quinn was available. As he went into the office, anyway, Bill said Charlie was a lucky man. Pam put down her phone, still smiling.

In the office, Bill greeted Quinn, who groaned, "Speak of the devil." He asked if she'd been talking to herself about him. Quinn asked what he wanted. Bill replied that he'd been doing some estate planning and had a waiver for her to sign. "Seriously?" she responded.

Quinn said she didn't have any rights to Bill's estate. Bill agreed and stated that it was why he had the document. He explained that once someone died, others tended to get confused and selfish. Quinn offered to look at the papers later, but Bill wanted her to sign them right then.

Quinn sardonically asked if Bill was at death's door. She explained that she had a friend in town and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Quinn offered to pinky swear not to go after Wyatt's half of Bill's estate if Bill happened to die by the next day.

Shauna entered and saw a man, with his back to her, talking to Quinn. Shauna offered to return later, but Quinn ushered Shauna in, saying that Shauna might as well meet him while he was there. Shauna asked whom, and Quinn replied that it was Wyatt's father, Bill Spencer.

Bill turned and barely looked at Shauna as he fiddled with his phone. "Nice to meet you," Bill grumbled. The indignant Shauna repeated him and guessed he didn't remember her. Bill rolled his eyes, and she proclaimed that she was Shauna -- Shauna Fulton.

Bill couldn't believe that Quinn had any friends. Asking if Bill remembered Vegas, Shauna said he'd told her that he'd gone there a lot -- not that she'd ever seen him again. Bill asked her to repeat her name. Shauna repeated it, and Bill quizzically repeated her first name.

Shauna wasn't surprised that Bill didn't remember her, but she remembered hearing a lot about him, his private jet, and his expense account. Quinn asked what was going on. Bill wanted to know the same thing. Shauna remembered Bill offering to take her to any show that she'd wanted and saying that she was just his type. "For a night, I guess," she figured.

Bill claimed that he rarely attended Vegas shows. He always went straight to the blackjack table. Shauna said they'd done that, too, and the pit boss had watched them cash out on the way to the elevator. "Magic show...sleight of hand," Bill replied, his memory sparking.

"Sure was. Boy, did I fall for it," Shauna replied. Bill said it had been one night -- a great night -- but only one night. Shauna claimed that one night was all it took. Behind Bill, Quinn's eyes bulged. Bill asked, "All what takes?"

Shauna explained that she had a beautiful daughter, and the daughter had grown up with Wyatt. Quinn said they'd been high school sweethearts. Shauna stated that Flo had always asked about her father, and Shauna had just chosen to never say anything about him. Shauna stated, "Had I known..."

Quinn asked Shauna to wait. Confused, Quinn started to ask if Flo and Wyatt could be something. Shauna interrupted, affirming, "Brother and sister. That's exactly what I'm saying."

At Flo's place, Wyatt and Flo ate and discussed the chances of her father being in the database. Wyatt reiterated that a relative could be in the database. Flo guessed that her father was a remote fisherman in Sweden. She said she knew the kind of people her mother dated, and the guy was more likely to be a man sitting at a casino, knocking back shots.

Wyatt contended that the man could be the filthy rich owner of the casino. Wyatt stated that no matter who the man was, his life would be better with Flo in it. Flo was glad she'd decided to take the chance on the ancestry kit. Wyatt replied that there was something cool about knowing from where one had originated.

Flo wondered what would happen if she didn't like what she discovered or if the father didn't like her. She didn't know how the man would react to finding out he had a daughter he knew nothing about. Wyatt didn't know how it was possible that the guy wouldn't like her. He also asked her to consider that her father might have learned about the pregnancy and willingly walked away.

Flo was frustrated because her mother hadn't told her anything about it. Wyatt told Flo to be glad that Shauna hadn't lied to Flo the way Quinn had lied to him. Flo thought it would be just her luck to discover that her father actually was dead.

Flo asked if a DNA test had led Wyatt to his father. Wyatt replied that he'd believed Quinn when she'd said his father had died, so he hadn't gone looking. He explained that as it had turned out, the solution had been hanging around his neck the whole time, and Hope had recognized the sword necklace Wyatt had worn because Bill and Liam had worn identical ones.

Wyatt explained that Quinn had made the necklace for Bill, and he'd worn it as a symbol of power. Flo asked if her necklace could be someone's symbol of power, and Wyatt advised her to stick to the DNA test. She asked if Quinn had been upset about him finding out. He stated that there had been "growing pains," but it had been worth it. Wyatt thought it might be silly to say to an adult, but he believed that one was never too old to need her dad.

Flo and Wyatt discussed Shauna's insistence that the information remain buried, and Flo said she'd stopped asking about it. Wyatt respected Shauna's decision to withhold the information when Flo had been a child, but Wyatt said that Flo had become an adult and had every right to know. Flo asked if she had the right even if it was painful for Shauna.

"What was years ago!" Wyatt exclaimed. It didn't matter to Flo, who contended that the guy could have been abusive. Wyatt reasoned that if that was the case, Flo could back off, and Shauna didn't have to know that they'd gotten a match with the kit. Flo wondered if her father could be in jail. She guessed he was a criminal, and that was why Shauna had kept it a secret.

"Or he could be a crime-free guy, living in Mayberry and wondering about the family he never had," Wyatt contended. He said the man might be thrilled to meet his beautiful daughter.

Later, more time passed without a result. Flo wondered if her tests had been lost. Wyatt reminded her that they'd paid for rushed results. He told her to check the website. When she did, her account indicated that the test was still being processed.

The wait was driving Flo crazy. Wyatt wanted to help her stop obsessing about it. He reminded her that he was there for her and had her back. She thanked Wyatt and said it was sweet of him to help her with it. Flo kissed Wyatt, and he grunted uncomfortably.

"I know; I know," Flo quickly replied. She explained that Wyatt being there for her was bringing up old feelings. "Right," Wyatt replied. She said that she'd loved him once, and she guessed that she always would.

Wyatt learns that he might have a sister

Wyatt learns that he might have a sister

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Quinn and Bill were flabbergasted by Shauna's claim that Bill was Flo's father. Bill stated that it was sad, but he was used to it happening to him because it was, "Well, it's me," he concluded. He stated that he was an easy target for paternity claims.

Shauna swore that wasn't what she was doing. Quinn asked how it had even happened that Wyatt and Flo could be siblings. "How does it happen, Quinn? Really?" Bill asked. Bill contended that they didn't even know if it had happened, and so far, all they knew was that a dangerous accusation had been hurled at him.

Pam entered to announce a phone call for Quinn. Quinn anxiously told Pam that they were in the middle of something important. Bill told Quinn not to be rude to Pam, and he politely asked Pam to give them a moment.

Pam left, and Bill berated Quinn, saying, "That's just great! Now we got nosy Pam sniffing around in here, getting wind of something so she can just spread it all over the place." Bill decided that they were done talking there, and they'd get to the bottom of it in his office.

At Spencer later, Bill, Quinn, and Shauna filed into Bill's office. Bill wanted some answers. Quinn did, too, but Shauna said she wasn't sure about her claim. "But you have no problem outing me as her daddy," Bill responded. Shauna proffered that her Vegas days had been wild. She'd been impulsive and seeing men besides Bill, "but like [Bill], none of them remained in my life."

Shauna said she'd raised Flo on her own and had chosen not to tell Flo about her father. "Well, how could you? You couldn't possibly know who he was!" Bill retorted. Shauna ordered him not to judge her and declared that she'd done a good job with her daughter.

Quinn agreed but said Shauna hadn't been honest with Flo. Shauna asked how she was supposed to tell her child that she didn't know who the dad was. Quinn didn't know what to do in that case, but she was very concerned about it because Wyatt and Flo had not only dated, but they'd been high school sweethearts.

Bill asserted that none of it even mattered if he wasn't the father, and he was adamant that he was not. Noting that Wyatt had been getting closer to Flo, Quinn told Shauna that Wyatt and Flo should know that they could be siblings.

In the design office, Hope and Zoe were in a meeting. Zoe asked if anyone had heard from Steffy and said the Intimates team was curious about things in Paris. Hope answered that Steffy was in contact with Ridge about work and with Liam about the girls.

Zoe felt bad for Thomas and Douglas and asked how they were. Hope replied that it was rough, and losing a loved one created a huge hole in one's heart. Zoe gingerly suggested that having another child would fill the hole in Hope's heart. Though she appreciated Zoe's advice, Hope wasn't sure she'd be able to do that.

Hope remarked that helping Douglas had reminded Hope of her special connection to Phoebe. Hope felt the same connection with Flo but didn't know why. She wondered if she should spend more time with Flo. Zoe was against the idea, but Hope felt that reaching out to Flo would be worth it if it could offer Hope any level of peace.

At Flo's place, Wyatt awkwardly reacted to Flo's kiss. "What's a kiss between friends?" he said, shrugging. Flo replied that they'd been more than friends once, and she didn't think she'd ever gotten over him. He quipped that she would eventually, just as "they" all did. Flo stated that he'd moved on and fallen in love with Sally, but a part of Flo would always love him.

Flo figured that she was making Wyatt uncomfortable. Backing away from her, Wyatt grinned nervously and said she could never do that. Wyatt was sorry that he'd never had a chance to tell her why he'd had to leave Las Vegas suddenly. Flo replied that she'd never held it against him.

Flo just wished what had happened when she'd first arrived in Los Angeles hadn't happened. Wyatt stared curiously at her. She was hoping that finding her father would turn things around and change her life. "Speaking of which," Wyatt said and suggested she check for test results.

As she accessed her phone, Flo mentioned that she'd put Wyatt's email address in the system to receive alerts, too. She also planned to text message her login information to him just in case she lost her nerve to view the results. Flo stated that she hadn't gotten any results yet. Wyatt advised her to stay positive because it was only the first day that results could be available.

Hope called Flo and asked to meet with her at Forrester. Flo asked what it was about. Though Hope knew it was a long shot, she was hoping Flo could help her. Flo agreed to meet.

After the call ended, Wyatt sensed Flo's reluctance to leave. He offered to keep her abreast of any emails he got about the tests. He expressed excitement about her finding her father and hoped she'd be as lucky as he'd been when he'd found his father.

In the Forrester CEO's office later, Hope and Flo entered. Hope had just given Flo a tour of Forrester. Flo asked if Hope's mother worked there. Hope explained that her mother did, and she was married to Ridge. Hope added that Brooke had also been married to Eric, but it was a long story.

Flo figured that the Forresters and Logans went way back. Hope agreed but noted that the Logans were a working-class family, and the Forresters -- "Well, yeah. Need I say more?" Hope asked, gesturing around her.

Donna entered, and Hope introduced her to Flo as Brooke's sister. Donna wondered how Hope and Flo knew each other. Flo permitted Hope to divulge that Flo was Phoebe's birth mother. Donna expressed surprise. Hope informed Flo that Steffy had taken her daughters overseas, and Hope really missed them.

Later, Hope had just finished explaining to Donna how Flo and Hope had met. Donna quietly said she could appreciate how hard it had been to give up Phoebe, who was a beautiful child. Hope announced that it was the reason she'd wanted to meet with Flo that day.

Pam called Donna away to help with the busy phones. Flo asked Hope to elaborate on what she needed. Though Hope knew that her situation was not the same as Flo's, she noted that Flo had managed to find peace. It was something Hope desperately wanted to do, too, and she believed that Flo was the key to Hope moving on. Hope hoped that Flo could help Hope in a way that no one else could.

Back at Spencer, Shauna was impressed that "all of this" would be Wyatt's one day. Quinn didn't get what Shauna meant. Shauna stated that Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications were just like another world to her.

Bill put away his phone and announced that Wyatt was on the way up. Shauna decided to leave, but Bill said she wouldn't go anywhere until he got some answers. He didn't want to be trapped in a shakedown.

Shauna asserted that it wasn't a trap, and she didn't want anything from him. "Yeah, right," Bill quipped. Quinn reasoned that Shauna would have tried to get something out of Bill a while back, but Bill contended that Quinn couldn't know Shauna's motives.

Quinn still couldn't believe Shauna hadn't told her about Bill. Shauna reminded Quinn that they'd agreed not to talk about the fathers and that Quinn had claimed that Wyatt's father had been dead. Shauna stated that she'd never thought that their kids could have the same father.

Wyatt entered the office. "Mrs. Fulton?" he said. Glancing at his mother and father, Wyatt asked what was going on there. Shauna said that Wyatt could call her Shauna. Wyatt was amazed that her mother was with Bill, who Quinn normally avoided at all costs. Wyatt remarked that he'd just been with Flo, who hadn't said that Shauna was in town.

"You were just with Flo, Wyatt? Uh, in what way?" Bill asked. Wyatt asked what Bill meant. Bill was sure Wyatt knew what he meant. Wyatt couldn't believe Bill would broach that topic with him in front of Flo's mother. Instructing Wyatt not to worry about Shauna's virgin ears, Bill began to ask if Wyatt and Flo had just been doing a certain activity.

Before Bill could name the activity, Wyatt yelled out a denial. He said that he was in love with Sally. "Remember?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt apologized to Shauna for his father's behavior.

Guessing that Shauna had just learned about his paternity, Wyatt revealed that he and Flo had been talking about it. He thought it probably wasn't the right time to say it, but he stated that Flo was curious about her paternity. Wyatt noticed that Bill, Quinn, and Shauna were staring at him, and he asked what was going on.

Stammering, Quinn informed Wyatt that it was why Bill had messaged Wyatt. She said they'd learned something shocking about Flo's father. Wyatt asked if they knew who the father was. Quinn replied that they might.

Bill interjected that nothing was certain. Quinn told Bill to shut up, and they began quibbling. Wyatt demanded that they both shut up and that someone tell him what was going on.

Quinn prefaced that she hadn't known anything about it, and none of it was Shauna's fault because the mothers had made a pact not to discuss the children's fathers with each other. Quinn stated that she and Shauna had never discussed Bill.

Wyatt's gaze darted to Bill. Quinn blurted out that what she was trying to say was that Flo's father could be Wyatt's father, and Wyatt and Flo could be brother and sister.

"Flo -- Flo might be my sister?" Wyatt replied.

Wyatt finds out Bill could be Flo's dad

Wyatt finds out Bill could be Flo's dad

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt met with Shauna, Bill, and Quinn. They shared that it was possible that Bill was Flo's father. Wyatt asked if they were trying to freak him out.

Wyatt reasoned that Shauna lived in Las Vegas and Bill had lived in Los Angeles, but Shauna replied that she and Bill had been together one night. Bill couldn't deny that they might have had a night together when Shauna had been a showgirl. Wyatt was furious.

Wyatt looked at Shauna and told her she was the only one in the room who had not yet lied to him. "Could Flo really be my sister?" Wyatt asked. He begged her for answers. Shauna admitted it had been a long time before. Wyatt said that it was impossible because Flo was nothing like Bill or Shauna.

The three of them discussed that Shauna basically had no idea who the father was. Wyatt groaned. He prepared to leave, but Bill demanded that he stay. Shauna felt that it was unnecessary for Flo to find out who her father was. Wyatt scoffed and sarcastically reminded her that strategy had worked out really well for his mother.

Quinn, Bill, and Shauna all agreed they needed facts, and a DNA test was necessary. Wyatt said that Flo had already taken a DNA test. He had helped her with the test and sent it in and put a rush on the results. Quinn, Bill, and Shauna wondered how long it would take, and Wyatt answered that the test would be in that same day.

Quinn, Bill, and Shauna were surprised and wondered why Wyatt had helped Flo find her father. Wyatt answered that Flo had a right to know.

Bill said there was no record of his DNA in any database. Wyatt said that the test would link Flo to her family, Karen Spencer might have records, and any potential Spencer would be a match.

They all argued about the test, and Wyatt's cell phone signaled that he and Flo had received an email with the results.

Quinn, Bill, and Shauna wanted to know the results immediately, but Wyatt felt he had to let Flo know before they opened the email. Wyatt called Flo.

At Forrester, Hope and Flo had a discussion, and Hope apologized for telling Donna that Flo was Phoebe's birth mother. Flo said she would rather not be known as Phoebe's birth mother. Hope apologized again for embarrassing Flo.

Hope had wanted to be friends with Flo, but Flo said she didn't think it was possible. Hope said she felt they had a lot in common. Their daughters had to be about the same age, and they had been pregnant at the same time. They had both lost their daughters in different circumstances, but Hope felt a bond with Flo.

Hope said that she felt Flo could understand what she felt. Zoe entered and interrupted. Zoe was insistent she had to see Hope about graphics for the new line, but Hope told her she would review them before the end of the day. Zoe tried to intervene, but Hope dismissed her. Zoe and Flo exchanged a look, and Zoe left.

Hope told Flo that she wanted what Flo had. Flo was confused and reminded Hope that her family owned a successful fashion house and had power and money. Flo had nothing.

Hope said she had sadness, and everything had changed. Everyone in her family was concerned about her and treated her differently. Flo interjected that they all loved her and wanted to help her. "I can't seem to find peace," Hope said.

Hope explained that she couldn't eat and couldn't sleep because she was panicked that something was missing. She lamented that she had barely been a wife to Liam. Flo told her not to worry about Liam because she could tell that Liam adored Hope, just by the way he looked at her.

Hope said she wanted to know how Flo could carry on when she had to be hurting and grieving, but she'd handled it differently. Doctors had told Hope her hormones were unbalanced, and she wondered how Flo could be so different -- able to work in a bar for eight hours a day and have fun.

Hope wanted to be as carefree as Flo. "I'm not as carefree as you think I am," Flo said. She added that she had not experienced the issues that Hope had. Hope felt they could help one another. Flo doubted they could be friends.

Flo's phone rang, and she answered. It was Wyatt, and she told him she couldn't talk. Wyatt was insistent it was important and about the DNA test. Flo didn't care. She promised to call him back. "I'm in the middle of something," Flo said. She hung up on Wyatt.

Hope asked about Phoebe's father and wondered if she ever heard from him. Flo explained that she had done everything for the father, not for herself. "He wasn't who I thought he was," Flo said. Hope and Flo discussed that Flo felt alone and used, but Flo added that the father was not a bad person. "Or he doesn't think that he is," Flo said.

Hope said there was some undercurrent between them. However, she said she was always looking for some hidden message or clue from random strangers that would give her some reason or message about what had happened to Beth, but it was all fate. "It wasn't fate that took Beth from you," Flo said.

At Spencer, Quinn, Bill, and Shauna told Wyatt to open the email. They needed to know the results. Bill demanded to know the truth. He couldn't handle the aggravation. Quinn agreed they had to know.

Wyatt logged in on Bill's computer, and everyone was rushing him to read the report. Wyatt was frustrated with all of them because he had to read through a lot of pages. Bill rushed him, and Wyatt told Bill to look. Bill looked at the pages on his computer and found the right one. His mouth dropped open. "Oh, my God," Bill said.

At Forrester, Zoe was in her office. Xander entered, and they kissed. Xander asked about travel plans for a vacation, but Zoe apologized and said that she needed to return to London by herself.

Xander wondered if something was wrong. Zoe answered that she and her father had some unfinished business that had to be taken care of in person. Xander wondered if Reese was in trouble, but Zoe said she needed Xander to do something for her. She asked him to text or call her if something happened with Hope. Zoe wondered if Hope would take off for Paris. Xander hugged Zoe but looked confused.

Lives are forever changed when Flo's paternity DNA tests are revealed

Lives are forever changed when Flo's paternity DNA tests are revealed

Thursday, April 11, 2019

At Brooke's house, Donna, Brooke, and Katie ate in the living room and discussed Donna meeting Flo, Phoebe's birth mother. Donna shared her sense that Flo hadn't wanted to discuss that topic. Brooke didn't think it was a good idea for Hope to hang around Flo.

Donna accidentally spilled some water on Katie. It went down Katie's shirt, and Donna noticed Katie's chest scar. Donna said she hadn't noticed it in a while, and she knew Katie was self-conscious about it. Katie replied that she wasn't anymore. She'd thought about having it removed, but she'd decided to keep the reminder of Storm.

Donna remarked that she'd been thinking of their older brother that morning. A flashback played of children playing with a wagon. Scenes from when Storm had killed himself to give Katie his heart appeared on the screen.

Donna recalled that Katie had been dying, and Storm had figured out a way to give her exactly what she'd needed. Brooke stated that Katie was there that day because of Storm, who'd taken his life so that Katie could have her life. The sisters talked about what a good big brother he'd been. Donna said he'd given her and Brooke the ultimate gift: more time with their sister.

Katie felt that Storm had missed out on a lot. He'd never gotten to have his own children or family. Brooke replied that they'd been his family, and his sisters had been his world. It was still hard for Katie to accept why he was gone. Donna said Storm wouldn't want Katie to feel guilty.

Katie tearfully stated that Storm's heart was beating inside of her, keeping her alive. She'd always be grateful for Storm. The sisters agreed that their family had suffered a lot of loss, but they'd made it through because they stood by each other in hard times.

Donna noted that Hope was having a challenging time, and Katie affirmed that they'd be there for Hope, no matter what. Katie couldn't imagine what Hope was going through, but Katie knew that her niece was strong and resilient. Being so was in Hope's blood. Katie said that they were Logan women, who were strong survivors and who fought for each other. She asserted that they'd rally around Hope and help her get through losing Beth.

At Spencer, Bill stared at the laptop on which the results of Flo's ancestry kit were displayed. Wyatt panicked about Flo being his sister and insisted that she know the truth. Bill replied that the truth was that he'd been right all along, and he wasn't Flo's father.

Wyatt checked the results and affirmed that Bill was correct. Wyatt was shocked, though, by what the results revealed. He turned the laptop around for Quinn and Shauna to see Flo's family tree. At the top of it was Stephen Logan, Jr. Shauna sighed and grinned. She said Storm had been a sweetheart, and they'd only been together a few times.

Shauna gushed about the handsome Storm, who she'd met in Vegas. She said they'd lost contact, but he'd been kind and considerate. She was happy that he was Flo's father. Bill, Quinn, and Wyatt exchanged somber looks, and Shauna asked what the problem was. She wondered if any of them knew Storm.

Bill replied that they knew the family, and Storm was the late brother of Bill's ex-wife. "He passed away?" Shauna asked. Bill stated that it had been a tragic story. Wyatt said that if Storm was Flo's father, it made Flo a Logan, and it meant that Hope was Flo's cousin.

Wyatt wanted to call Flo right away, but Quinn said Shauna might want to tell Flo herself. Shauna said that Wyatt could call Flo. Accessing his phone, Wyatt remarked that Flo would flip out. Bill advised Wyatt to take it down a notch and keep in mind that Flo's father was no longer with them. Wyatt agreed that Bill was right and put away his phone.

Quinn said the bright side was that Bill wasn't the father. Bill praised God for that. Wyatt said Flo had a connection, and Flo and Shauna had a family. He told everyone that Hope and Flo had really hit it off, and Flo was with Hope at Forrester at that moment.

Shauna, Quinn, and Wyatt decided to head to Forrester. Before they left, Bill apologized to Shauna for his harshness earlier. He asked her to understand that he'd had more than a few false paternity claims. He was glad things had worked out and said it had been nice to see her again. "You, too," Shauna mirthlessly bit out.

Quinn and Shauna exited, and Wyatt asked if Bill was going with them. Bill decided that he'd stay there and bask in the glory of losing the paternity contest. "Bill Spencer, you are not the dad!" Bill announced and laughed.

At Forrester, Flo informed Hope that someone was responsible for Beth being gone, and Flo knew who that someone was. Hope figured that Flo would say that Hope was to blame. Flo denied thinking that, but Hope began regretting her decision to even go to Catalina.

Flo urged Hope to listen to her. Hope implored Flo to help her. Flo said that she was trying to help Hope, but Hope wasn't listening. Insisting that she was, Hope said she'd do anything. She was desperate to learn how to move forward without her daughter.

Flo asked Hope to hear Flo out and not to say anything because Flo was trying to help. Hope assumed Flo was trying to make her feel better. Agreeing that she was, Flo added that she was also trying to give back something that had been taken from Hope. Hope said that no one could ever do that. Hope then realized that Flo couldn't give Hope peace, either.

Even though nothing could bring Beth back, Hope was glad that she had met Flo. Hope felt that they shared a connection. Flo agreed that they did share one, but she said it wasn't the way Hope thought it was. Hope elaborated that they'd been pregnant at the same time, and neither of their babies was in their lives anymore.

Begging Hope to listen to her, Flo said she wasn't who Hope thought she was. Flo needed to tell Hope something -- the truth.

Continuing to not listen, Hope said it meant a lot to her that Flo cared about Hope losing Beth, especially because it wasn't a part of Flo's life. Flo insisted that it was. Hope guessed Flo meant it was because Flo was Phoebe's mother. Flo corrected that she wasn't Phoebe's mother.

Hope replied that, even though Steffy had become the baby's mother, Flo had given birth to the child and had had the strength to let her baby go, something Hope couldn't do. Hope said she'd tried very hard to let her baby go, but something inside her refused to do it.

Flo told Hope that Flo knew why. Hope replied that it was because Flo could relate to what Hope was going through, and Hope was glad to have Flo as a friend. Hope felt that she could open up to Flo in a way that she couldn't with anyone else. It was a bond or tie Hope couldn't understand. Flo told Hope that it was because Hope didn't understand.

Hope wanted to tell Flo something she hadn't even told Liam. Sometimes, Hope went to the rooftop of Forrester. When she looked at the view, she could see the ocean. She could see Catalina Island. Hope's entire life had stopped there. Crying, Flo whimpered that she was sorry.

Hope stated that Flo had nothing to be sorry about. Flo asserted that she did have something to be sorry about. She was sure that Hope would be upset at her for not saying anything sooner. Flo stated that it would be completely shocking. Flo hoped it would be good news for Hope but suspected that Hope would never see her the same way again.

Just then, Shauna rushed into the room with Wyatt and Quinn. Flo was surprised to see her mother, who hugged her. Shauna had something to say to Flo. Flo asked if they could talk later. Wyatt stated that Flo really wanted to hear what Shauna had to say. Flo replied that she and Hope were in the middle of something.

Wyatt revealed that it also affected Hope. Quinn announced that the DNA test results were in. Shauna said she wanted to tell Flo about her father. She stated that the man hadn't been in her life for a long time, but he would have been a good father to Flo.

Shauna announced that Flo's father was named Storm. "Storm?" Hope breathlessly repeated. Shauna continued, saying he'd been Storm Logan. Wyatt added that it made Flo a Logan, and Hope and Flo were cousins.

Flo finds out that her father is dead

Flo finds out that her father is dead

Friday, April 12, 2019

At Spencer, Justin was trying to talk to Bill about new ventures for the capital freed up by the collapse of the fashion deal. Bill's mind seemed to be elsewhere, and Justin assumed that Bill was thinking of Katie. Bill remarked that he was thinking of a Logan, but it was not Katie.

Later, Justin looked somber. Bill guessed Justin needed a drink. Justin asked if Bill really wasn't that girl's father. Bill informed Justin that they needed to draw up another will. "Seriously, Dollar Bill?" Justin asked. Chuckling, Bill said he really had Justin worried that time.

Realizing that Bill was joking, Justin said he'd started to get worried about Wyatt, who'd dated the girl in school. Bill told Justin to imagine sitting in on those therapy sessions if Bill had been Flo's father. Justin quipped that Bill could "joke about it now." Nodding, Bill said he could joke about it because he'd dodged a bullet that day. Justin asked if Bill was sure.

Bill explained that he'd definitely been on a list, and Shauna had wanted him at the top of it. He admitted that he'd been shaken up, but he'd become just a bystander in what he was sure would be a "hell of a show." Bill told Justin to wait until he heard who the girl's father really was.

Bill urged Justin to guess who the father was. Justin told Bill to leave the magic tricks and guessing games to Will, but Bill nagged Justin about playing along. Justin didn't care who the father was as long as it wasn't Bill. "I want you to play with me!" the amused Bill yelled, banging his hand on the desk. He even offered to give Justin a hint.

Bill asked what it was when a weatherman predicted thunder and lightning. Justin guessed it would be a typhoon. Bill revealed that it was a "storm" and announced that the father was Storm Logan. Justin couldn't believe it. Bill said to imagine what Storm's sisters might think.

Justin replied that Storm had been his sisters' hero. Bill said that he didn't know how Storm had been with Shauna, but the Storm who Bill knew about had been pretty messed up. Justin had heard that Storm had had issues, but Justin also knew that Storm had died so that Katie could live. Bill stated that the selfless act had changed many lives. In Bill's view, Storm was the reason that Katie and Bill had Will, and Shauna could say the same thing about having Flo.

At Brooke's house, Brooke, Donna, and Katie vowed to keep Storm's memory alive. Katie believed that Storm lived on inside them and in their values. Katie wanted them to ensure that the next generation carried on the legacy Storm had left for them.

The Logan sisters discussed memories of Storm and the times he'd held the family together. Brooke said she'd told her children stories about Storm's compassion. Katie had told Will the stories, too, and wanted him to know that his uncle had loved them and had wanted to protect him. Katie said Storm hadn't been perfect. Agreeing, Brooke said he'd gone through hard times.

Katie asserted that she wouldn't have allowed Storm to do what he'd done if she had been able to stop him. She felt compelled to live the best life that she could because of what he'd done for her. Katie said she had to experience all the happiness and joy that Storm had given up. She couldn't help but wonder how Storm's life would have been had he lived.

The sisters imagined the kind of things Storm could have done with his life and what kind of father he would have been. Donna said he'd done a good job raising his sisters. Brooke replied that he'd been filling in for their father, who'd left them.

Donna revealed that when she'd been in Dallas with their father, they'd done a family tree. "You know, there's this DNA test. The one where you map out your family history? Well, the results came back, and surprise -- we're European!" Donna exclaimed.

Donna said that while they'd been doing the family tree portion and uploading photos, Stephen had become overwhelmed with guilt for leaving the family and for how his absence had affected Storm. It had been hard for Donna to see their father that way.

Donna and Katie believed that Storm would have made a good father and husband. Brooke said that their brother had really wanted those things. It made Katie feel fortunate but sad to know that her brother had given up having a future, a family, and a child of his own for her.

Katie believed that Storm would have been devoted to his wife and kids. In her view, it was a shame that he'd never had a family. Katie asserted that any child of Storm's would have been a lucky kid.

At Forrester, Hope and Flo were stunned to find out that Storm was Flo's father. Hope said it made them cousins. "I know. That's absolutely crazy," Flo murmured. Wyatt took the statement to mean that Flo had already known that she was related to Hope, and he assumed that Flo had probably looked at the results, just as he and the others had.

Flo didn't correct Wyatt. Instead, she said she hadn't known that the kit would turn up a name. Wyatt was surprised that it had produced a name, and he said that Shauna had confirmed it. Shauna introduced herself to Hope, saying that she was Flo's mother and "your aunt, I guess."

Hope asked to see the results. Wyatt handed her his phone. On the screen was a zoomed-in picture of Storm Logan. Below his photo, the result read, "Match 52%."

Flo asked if Shauna had known about it the whole time and could have told Flo that Stephen Logan had been her father. Shauna asked Flo to understand that Shauna had been young, on her own, and meeting new people. She'd dated a few men but no one serious. She had gotten pregnant and hadn't known who the father was until the results that had just come in.

Wyatt figured that they should have waited to view the results, but he said Shauna had wanted to see them. Quinn added that they'd all been together when the email had arrived. Shauna didn't blame Flo for doing the test and was glad the mystery had finally been solved. "You're one of us," Hope pronounced.

Flo didn't know what to say. Shauna apologized for not being honest. She hadn't known how to tell her daughter that she hadn't known who her child's father was. There hadn't been great guys in Shauna's past, and she hadn't wanted to talk about it. Storm had been different, and Shauna believed that he would have been a devoted father if he'd known about Flo.

Hope believed it, too. She'd heard wonderful stories about Uncle Storm, who she said had been an incredible man. "Was?" Flo asked. Hope informed Flo that Storm had died. Flo became disillusioned by the news. Hope said he'd died years back.

Flo uttered that she'd assumed that there could be the chance that her father would be dead. Tearfully, she expressed the hope she'd had to meet him and to see how alike they were. She'd thought she would get to know her father, hear him talk, and see him laugh. Shauna hugged Flo.

Hope said that Storm's sisters made sure that Storm's memory lived on. Hope knew the stories and had planned to tell them to Beth. Though Hope couldn't imagine how it felt for Flo to find her father and learn that he was dead, Hope reasoned that his family was still there. She said they were Flo's family. Hope was stoked that Flo and she were more than friends. "We're gonna be in each other's lives forever," Hope concluded.

Flo was bewildered by Hope's kindness and acceptance. Hope replied that Flo had been just as kind to her, and Flo's concern and compassion meant a lot to Hope. Flo stated that it was more than that. Agreeing, Hope said she hadn't been able to understand their connection because they'd been complete strangers. "We weren't. I was trying to tell you that we -- " Flo said.

Interrupting, Hope said she understood what Flo had been trying to say. Hope recalled that Flo had said Hope would see Flo differently once the truth was out and would be angry with Flo. Hope didn't know how she could be angry with Flo for telling Hope the truth. Flo replied that she had been trying to tell the truth.

Hope assured Flo that there was nothing to be afraid of, and it was incredible that Flo was a Logan. Hope stated that she understood what Flo had been trying to say. Flo had been trying to say that they were family. "So, this is your big secret," the giddy Hope concluded.

Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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