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Shauna raged at Flo for participating in a baby-selling scam but doubted that blood was thicker than the conviction the Logans would seek against Flo for the crime. Thomas' feelings for Hope resurfaced, and he agreed with Hope that Liam should be with his family in Paris.
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Shauna learned that Flo helped steal Hope's baby
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Shauna blows Flo's cover

Shauna blows Flo's cover

Monday, April 15, 2019

At Forrester, Hope was ecstatic that Flo was her cousin. She guessed that it was the news Flo had wanted to tell her. "Unless there was something else?" Hope asked.

In Flo's silence, Wyatt assumed Flo had read the ancestry email and had been about to tell Hope about it. He apologized for taking away Flo's opportunity to announce the news herself. Flo replied that she hadn't known what to say.

Hope couldn't imagine how it felt to learn that one's father was dead before getting a chance to meet him. Shauna took the blame for that and said that if she'd known Storm was Flo's father, she would have told Flo sooner. Shauna felt that it was her fault Flo would never know Storm.

Quinn stated that Flo would know "of" him. Hope was certain that her mother and aunts would tell Flo plenty about Storm. Hope decided that Flo needed to meet them. There was no doubt in Hope's mind that the Logans would welcome Flo into the family.

At Spencer with Justin, Bill was relieved that he didn't have to put another kid on the payroll. He remarked that having a daughter might not be so bad. "Daddy's little girl," he imagined. Justin quipped that Bill wouldn't know what to do with a daughter.

A "temp" named Georgina announced that Mrs. Forrester was there. Thinking it was Brooke, Bill said he always had time for her. Quinn entered, and Justin decided to take his leave. As Justin left, Bill advised him to tell Georgina to be more specific when she mentioned "Mrs. Forrester."

Figuring that Quinn had a paternity update regarding their mutual friend, Bill immediately said he wasn't interested. Quinn gleaned that he didn't even remember Shauna's name, and Quinn still couldn't believe that Bill had hooked up with Shauna. "What are you talking about? She was hot. She's still hot!" Bill replied. Quinn grimaced. Chuckling, Bill assured Quinn that it had been a one-time thing, and there was no reason for Quinn to be jealous.

Quinn mirthlessly told Bill that he was very funny, but she wasn't jealous. Quinn was glad that Bill wasn't Flo's father because that meant the door was wide open for Wyatt and Flo. Bill reminded Quinn that Wyatt was in love with Spectra.

Quinn frowned, and Bill admitted that Wyatt did seem fond of Flo. Quinn explained that Wyatt and Flo had been close. Wyatt had had Flo's back when they'd been younger, and he still did. Quinn revealed that Wyatt had even gone with Flo to meet the Logans.

Bill wondered how that was going. Quinn imagined that the Logans would be full of tears. She said they'd cry, hug Flo, and cry some more before welcoming her into the family. "At least they better," Quinn concluded.

Later, Bill was saying that he was sure that Flo was terrific, but he didn't need to be related to her. Quinn responded that he kind of was related to Flo. Bill froze, listening. Quinn mentioned the baby that Steffy had adopted. Bill asked what about his granddaughter's sister. "How's this for a small world? Flo is Phoebe's birth mother," Quinn divulged.

At Brooke's house, Katie, Brooke, and Donna were still together when Hope arrived with Flo, Shauna, and Wyatt. Brooke was surprised to see so many people with Hope, who'd messaged her earlier. Hope said she'd decided to bring everyone over because Brooke had said that she was with her sisters. Katie asked what was going on, and Wyatt said that they had news.

Hope introduced her mother and aunts to Shauna and her daughter, Flo, and said the women were about to change the Logans' lives. Brooke and her sisters realized that Flo was the Flo they'd heard of before and that Donna had met. Katie asked what was going on. Hope stated that Flo and Shauna had quite the connection to them.

Katie asked how it involved Wyatt, and Wyatt explained that he and Flo had dated in high school. Flo and Wyatt divulged that they'd each wanted to find their fathers, and after Wyatt had found his, he'd encouraged Flo to do the same thing. Donna asked if Flo had found anything.

Hope said it was where "we come in." Brooke asked if the Logans knew the father. Shauna remarked about how it had felt to hear Bill Spencer's name again when she'd learned he was Wyatt's father. Brooke's mouth dropped open in shock. "Oh, my God. Again?" Katie asked.

Shauna said she hadn't known for sure, but she'd thought it could be Bill because of the timing. Katie seemed relieved when Wyatt said the DNA test had revealed that he and Flo were not related. Hope started going on about the big secret Flo had been trying to tell her. Wyatt promised to make it up to Flo for upstaging her moment with Hope.

Hope asked Wyatt to show Brooke, Donna, and Katie. Wyatt handed them his phone. Katie and Brooke didn't understand what they were looking at. Donna recognized it as the DNA project that she and Stephen had worked on. "Our brother is your father?" Brooke asked. Hope affirmed that Flo was their niece. "Flo's a Logan!" Hope exclaimed.

Brooke asked if Wyatt was certain about it. Wyatt replied that the proof was right there. Donna was confused about Shauna's connection to Storm and said Storm had never lived in Las Vegas. Shauna stated that he'd visited, and he'd been around during a crazy time in her life.

"But you didn't tell him?" Brooke asked. Shauna conveyed that she hadn't known that Storm was Flo's father, but had Shauna known, she would have told him. She was sure he would have wanted to know Flo and make her a part of his family.

Donna became emotional. It hurt her to learn that her brother had a daughter. She was sad upon thinking about the life Storm could have had, the different direction his life could have gone in, and the different choices he could have made. Donna believed that Storm would have given Flo everything he'd missed in a father. She figured that she and her sisters would have to do it for their brother, who was no longer there.

Katie agreed that they would and said that Flo was one of them. Brooke added that Flo was a Logan. Wiping away tears, Katie chuckled and said they had a lot to catch Flo up on. Shauna wanted Flo to know as much as she could about her father.

Brooke replied that there would be plenty of time for that, but for the moment, Flo just needed to know that Storm had been a kind man who'd stepped up to care for his sisters. Brooke believed he would have loved Flo very much.

Giggling, Donna noted the resemblance between Hope and Flo. Brooke saw it, too, and noted that she could see Storm in Flo's face. Flo was humbled upon hearing it. Brooke asked if she could welcome Flo into the family, and Brooke hugged Flo. Donna and Katie gave Flo hugs.

Shauna had been shocked to hear that Storm had died. Noting that she and Storm had been about the same age, Shauna asked if there were medical issues that Flo should know about. Brooke assured Shauna that there was nothing at all. Flo asked what had happened to Storm.

Donna asked Katie if she wanted to tell Shauna and Flo. Katie explained that she'd been shot in the heart, and she wouldn't have made it without a new heart. Unfortunately, none had been available. Donna and Brooke explained that they'd gathered around Katie to say their goodbyes. Flo asked how Katie had survived.

Katie said that Storm had felt guilty about what had happened. It had been his gun, and there had been a struggle. Katie said it had been an accident and that it wasn't really important to get into at the moment. Brooke didn't think Storm could have carried on if Katie had died. Donna added that Storm had known that he'd been a match. Katie said Storm had known that she couldn't live without a heart, and he'd wanted her to have his.

Touching her chest, Katie stated that Storm was a part of her. She asked if Flo wanted to feel Storm's heart. Flo did, and Katie let Flo put her hand over Katie's chest. After feeling Katie's heartbeat, Flo thanked Katie. Flo was grateful to all the Logans for welcoming her. She was looking forward to getting to know them and hearing stories about her father.

Hope exclaimed that Flo was one of them. "Maybe in time," Flo replied. Hope insisted that it was already so because of the connection they'd felt and the goodness within Flo. Hope said that Flo had already done much for their family and had given them an amazing gift. She couldn't thank Flo enough for what she'd done for Steffy. In Hope's view, it had been quite a sacrifice.

Flo didn't think that Hope needed to talk about it at that moment. Hope, however, affirmed that she did because it was a testament to Flo's character. Hope told Shauna that she'd raised an extraordinary woman, and Hope couldn't be happier that Flo was family.

Hope was stoked because Flo got to be a part of her daughter's life. Flo began to tell Hope again to stop talking about it, but Hope interrupted, saying that even though their circumstances were different, neither of them was raising the daughters that they'd given birth to. "What?" Shauna asked.

Hope told Shauna that Hope admired Flo for making the choice to give her daughter a chance at a better life. "Daughter? Daughter? What -- What -- What daughter?" Shauna asked. Shauna decided that Hope was confusing Flo with someone else because Flo had never even been pregnant. Everyone else in the room exchanged puzzled glances.

Hope asked Flo what Shauna was talking about. Hope stated that Flo had given her baby up, and Steffy had adopted the child. Hope was confused by Shauna saying that Flo had never even had a baby. "Is Steffy's daughter...Is Phoebe...? Oh, my gosh, Flo...Oh, my gosh...!" Hope exclaimed.

Shauna forces the truth out of Flo

Shauna forces the truth out of Flo

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

At Spencer, Bill was surprised to hear that Flo was Phoebe's birth mother. Quinn asked what the odds were that Flo would be related to the same family Quinn and Wyatt had found when they'd moved to Los Angeles. The whole thing was uncanny to Quinn, right down to Shauna and Quinn being with Bill around the same time but never discussing him.

Quinn was relieved that Bill wasn't Flo's father. "Well, I don't make girls. I think I'm biologically incapable," Bill concluded. She believed that was a good thing because a female Dollar Bill would be kind of scary to her.

Bill figured that Quinn was glad to have friends in town. Quinn was elated about it and remarked that Wyatt had said Hope and Flo really got along and had felt a connection to each other. Bill thought it made sense that Hope and Flo had felt their family connection.

Later, Bill asked if Quinn really would have approved of Wyatt and Flo marrying right out of high school. Quinn said she would have been deliriously happy. To Bill, that said a lot because Quinn was "a tough nut to crack" regarding women their son got involved with.

Quinn wanted Wyatt to have the best, and she felt that he'd had that in Flo. In Quinn's mind, Flo was smart, funny, beautiful, and kind. Flo would have loved Wyatt fully and unconditionally. Quinn felt that Flo would have saved Wyatt a lot of heartache because she never would have intentionally hurt him. Quinn stated that Shauna had raised a wonderful human being.

"Well, you know what, Quinn? So did you," Bill said. Noting that he'd just complimented her, Quinn asked if he was feeling okay. Bill replied that he might have a slight fever.

Quinn still couldn't believe Flo was a Logan. Shivering, Quinn said the Logans weren't her favorite. Bill reasoned that Flo might change that for Quinn. He added that Will had a new cousin. "The Spencers, the Forresters, and the Logans? Flo has no idea how dramatically her life is about to change," Quinn concluded.

Quinn changed the subject to how good Bill had to feel about himself for luring Wyatt back to Spencer. She just hoped it wasn't lip service. Bill replied that Wyatt had always been an asset to the company. Quinn claimed that Wyatt had been an asset at Forrester, too, where he'd been creatively fulfilled. Bill argued that Wyatt would have stayed if that had been the case.

Quinn intimated that Bill had used the deal with Sally to get Wyatt there, but Bill told Quinn that Wyatt had floated that deal. Bill had accepted it to get Wyatt back there. Bill assumed that Sally added something to Wyatt's life. Quinn said that if Wyatt was happy, so was she. She just hoped the move paid off for Wyatt.

Bill asked how it couldn't when Spencer was Wyatt's birthright and when Wyatt was no longer wasting his time doing social media at the dress farm. Bill was thrilled to have Wyatt back and said he wouldn't do anything to compromise it. "I love him, too, you know," Bill said.

Quinn admitted that she knew it was true and said Bill's only redeeming quality was his willingness to walk through fire for his sons. "And here, I speak so highly of you and your broomstick," Bill quipped. With a wry chuckle, Quinn stated that the one man who she'd gladly never see or hear from again had given her the greatest gift she could ever have.

"Well, number one: You're welcome," Bill quipped. For number two, Bill stated that Wyatt was the best thing that Quinn had ever done -- by far. Quinn agreed that Wyatt was, and she wanted him to achieve his full potential and be happy. She believed that, with Flo back in the picture, his chances had vastly improved.

At Brooke's house, Brooke suggested that everyone take a breath. She conveyed that she was confused by why Shauna would insist that Flo had never been pregnant. Shauna stated that it was because that was the truth; Flo had never been pregnant, nor had she given a baby up for adoption. To Shauna, the idea of it was absurd.

Brooke asked Flo what was going on. Shauna wanted to know that, too, and asked why Flo had gone around telling people she'd been pregnant when it hadn't been true. Wyatt said that if Flo had said she'd been pregnant, then she had been. He didn't think she'd lie about something like that. Katie and Brooke assured Flo that the family wouldn't judge her.

Hope decided that she knew why things were unfolding as they were, and she apologized for being insensitive. Hope had assumed that Shauna and Flo had a close relationship, but Hope concluded that it couldn't be the case because Flo hadn't told her mother about the pregnancy. Brooke suggested that they all give Shauna and Flo some privacy. Flo agreed with the idea, saying that she really wanted to talk to her mother.

Later, Flo and Shauna stood by the terrace, and the others congregated in the living room. Donna whispered that she could see Storm in Flo. They all thought it was a miracle that Storm's child was with them. Brooke felt it was odd that Shauna hadn't known about the pregnancy. Disagreeing, Donna said it was personal, and it was something one might not be able to tell loved ones.

Katie wondered if Shauna and Flo had been distant. According to Wyatt, it had been just the opposite when he'd known them. He said they'd been close. Hope concluded that Flo might not have wanted to talk about giving her baby away.

By the terrace, Shauna demanded answers from Flo. Flo asked her mother to go along with her. Shauna didn't know why her daughter would lie to such fine people. "And you gave up an imaginary child? What is wrong with you?" Shauna asked. Flo promised to tell Shauna everything later, but she couldn't do it right there.

Hope approached to apologize. She said she'd assumed that Flo and Shauna had a mother-daughter relationship like Hope had with her mother. Hope hadn't meant to make the situation worse. She asked Shauna not to be angry at Flo because Flo had done what she'd thought had been best. Flo said that it was okay, and she and her mother would work it out.

Later, Flo announced to everyone that it was the first her mother had heard of the pregnancy, so they had a lot to catch up on. Brooke said it was a good idea. Donna reminded Flo that she and Shauna weren't alone anymore. Flo replied that it was still a bit of a shock. Donna was amazed to have a living, breathing part of Storm before her.

Shauna remarked that everyone was generous for welcoming her daughter into the family. Brooke said that Shauna was a part of the family, too, and Donna stated that they wanted to get to know Shauna. Brooke planned to have dinner for Flo soon and invited Shauna to attend.

Later, Wyatt, Flo, and Shauna had gone, and the Logans were still animated about what had just transpired. Katie said that it was crazy that the birth mother of Steffy's adopted baby was a Logan. Brooke wondered if it could change Flo's decision. Hope suggested that they not to go there at that time.

Donna thought that Shauna had been sweet. Hope felt that it was sad that Flo and Shauna weren't best friends like Hope and Brooke were. Brooke sympathized with Shauna and said that Shauna and Flo had a lot to work out.

At Flo's apartment, Flo was emotional about what had just happened at Brooke's house. As she babbled about what she'd learned, Shauna interrupted, saying, "Okay, you know what? I went along with this because you asked me to, but there's something that I'm missing." Shauna wanted to know why people thought Flo had given a baby up for adoption.

Flo glanced around aimlessly. Shauna reminded Flo that she could say anything to her mother. Shauna felt that Flo was so upset because, deep down, Flo was a person of integrity. Flo didn't feel like that kind of person anymore. Shauna figured something had gone terribly wrong to make her daughter feel that way.

In a jumble of words, Flo explained that she had an OB/GYN friend named Reese, and she'd hopped on a plane when he'd needed help. She wished she'd questioned things more, but she hadn't. Flo explained that he'd arranged a private adoption to raise money to pay off a gambling debt, and he'd needed a birth mother.

Shauna assumed Reese had wanted Flo to play the birth mother. Flo said she knew it had been wrong, but she'd thought it had been harmless at the time. "Harmless?" Shauna cynically repeated. Flo explained that she'd thought the baby would get an amazing home with the adopted mother, and she'd helped relieve the threat upon Reese's daughter. "You posed as this baby's mother," Shauna concluded in a knowing tone.

"I know, I know. It was the worst decision of my life," Flo replied. Shauna asked where Reese had gotten the baby. Flo repeated Reese's profession, but Shauna said that those doctors didn't just procure babies. Shauna demanded to know where he'd gotten the baby, why the birth mother hadn't been involved, and why he'd needed Flo.

Flo admitted that the real birth mother hadn't known. Shauna asked what that was supposed to mean. Flo stated that the real mother had thought the baby had been stillborn. Shauna asked if Flo knew who the birth mother was.

In Flo's silence, Shauna said, "Florence, answer my question." Flo confessed that she knew who the mother was, and Shauna ordered Flo to say who it was. Flo admitted that Hope, her new cousin, had given birth to the baby.

Back at Brooke's house, Hope was alone in the living room with her phone, scrolling through pictures of Phoebe.

Hope and Liam discuss when Steffy should learn the truth about Flo's father

Hope and Liam discuss when Steffy should learn the truth about Flo's father

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Brooke greeted Eric, Quinn, Ridge, Pam, and Charlie and thanked them for meeting with her. She said she had some good news to share. Charlie and Pam thought it was about the new secret ingredients that Pam had put into her lemon bars. "Not exactly," Brooke said.

"I've discovered I have a new niece," Brooke said excitedly. Pam next assumed Donna had "a bun in the oven," but Brooke said, "It's my brother Storm's daughter." Ridge looked at her, and Eric said he hadn't realized that Storm had had a daughter. Brooke explained that Storm had never known he had a daughter, and his daughter hadn't known who her father was.

Charlie wondered if the daughter could be trusted, and he warned that it could be "some sort of shakedown." Brooke explained that Storm's daughter had found the family because of an online DNA test. She added that many family members had already met Storm's daughter. She was connected to the family as the birth mother of Phoebe.

Quinn said that Flo was like a daughter to her because she had known Flo and her mother when they had all lived in Las Vegas. Ridge worried about Steffy and Taylor hearing the news. Ridge encouraged Brooke and everyone not to say anything right away because it would be a shock to Steffy.

Later, when Ridge and Brooke were alone, they discussed that it had been a big day for the Logans. "I feel like I have my brother back," Brooke said. She knew it was awkward but amazing that his daughter had found her way to the family. Ridge called Brooke fierce. They canoodled and made out.

At Liam and Hope's cabin, Liam entered and said that he had received her urgent message. Hope said it was good news but "a little crazy." She announced that it was about Phoebe's birth mother. Liam said it was time they found something to call Flo other than Phoebe's birth mother. "How about Cousin Flo?" Hope asked.

Liam smiled, and Hope explained that Flo had learned from a DNA test that Hope's Uncle Storm had been Flo's father. "Whoa," Liam said. Hope said that she'd always felt some kind of bond with Flo. She felt it was incredible that Logan blood was running through the veins of Phoebe. It explained the attachment that Hope felt to her.

Liam and Hope cuddled on the couch, and he asked about her uncle. Hope said he had died when she'd been young, so she didn't know a lot about him, but she had heard he was "kind, loving, and very protective."

Hope explained that Flo's mother, Shauna, hadn't known who Flo's father was, and Flo had never checked. In fact, Shauna hadn't known that Flo had been pregnant with Phoebe.

Hope wondered if Liam had talked to Steffy. He said he'd talked to her and missed the girls, but he added that he was happy to have time alone with Hope. Hope and Liam discussed going out to dinner or ordering in, and he said he was happy to be lazy and "not the best vegan." Hope teased that Flo was a "Las Vegan." They both laughed, and Hope said her sense of humor was returning.

Liam hugged Hope and said that he had missed her sense of humor and her laugh. He wanted her to be at peace. They kissed and started to make out. Hope pulled away from the kiss but snuggled with Liam.

At Flo's, she tried to explain to her mother that she had been involved in a dishonest deal that had taken Hope's baby from her. Shauna was shocked and was sick that Flo had been responsible for devastating Hope. Flo tearfully explained that she hadn't known about it initially.

Shauna hugged her daughter but worried that Flo was cheating her cousin out of raising her own baby. Shauna wanted an explanation. Flo explained that Reese hadn't told her that the baby he had put up for adoption was Hope's baby. She said that Reese had been the doctor who had helped Hope deliver her baby, but she had passed out during childbirth. Reese had told her that her baby hadn't made it. He had placed another woman's stillborn baby in Hope's arms.

When Flo had found out that the baby was Hope's and that the adoptive mother was Hope's stepsister Steffy, she'd been sick. Reese had begged Flo to remain quiet because he'd needed the adoption money to pay off a huge gambling debt. If he hadn't paid the debt, the people to whom he owed the money had said they would kill his daughter, Zoe. Flo cried and shook her head.

Flo said she had never felt she would meet the birth mother, let alone end up a member of her family. Shauna asked who else knew the truth, and Flo said that Zoe knew the whole story and had been suspicious of Reese's actions from the beginning.

Flo said that it should have been a happy day because she had found out who her father was, and he sounded like an amazing man. She felt she had to tell Hope the truth. Shauna worried that Flo could go to prison, but she and Flo agreed that the Logans seemed like wonderful people and might find a way to forgive her.

Flo said she couldn't sleep and had to tell the truth. Flo envisioned what would happen when she told Hope the truth and explained how sorry she was. She felt Hope would be grateful to learn that she didn't have to blame herself anymore for what had happened to Beth and that Beth was alive and being raised by Steffy.

Flo believed that Hope would be happy to find that Phoebe was Hope. She cried, and so did her mother.

Thomas admits his resurging feelings for Hope

Thomas admits his resurging feelings for Hope

Thursday, April 18, 2019

At Brooke's house, Thomas entered, drying himself off after a swim. Ridge greeted Thomas, who said that Douglas was with Brooke in the kitchen. Deciding that Thomas should know something about Hope, Ridge revealed that Hope had found out that she had a cousin whose name was Flo Fulton. Thomas wondered why the name sounded familiar to him.

Later, Thomas said Storm Logan's name and wondered how Hope felt about having a new cousin. Ridge stated that the women had already been friends, which was cool. Thomas agreed that it was cool, and Ridge asked what the look on Thomas' face was about. Thomas claimed it was nothing and said he'd just been thinking a lot about Hope.

Grimacing, Ridge repeated Thomas' statement that he'd been thinking about Hope. Thomas asked if it was surprising. "She's married to Liam. Don't forget that," Ridge asserted. Hopping up from his seat to leave, Thomas sarcastically thanked Ridge for the reminder.

Ridge stopped Thomas from exiting and stated that it was the time for mourning and for caring for Douglas. Thomas said he'd told Ridge that Caroline and Thomas hadn't been together. They'd just been co-parenting, and that had been it. Upset, Thomas asserted that Caroline had said she'd been dying so that they'd stay together.

Thomas claimed that his focus was on Douglas, but when Douglas went to school or fell asleep, Thomas had begun thinking a lot about Hope. Thomas was starting to think that he might not have gotten over his feelings for her.

At Flo's apartment, Flo was frantic and wanted to tell Hope the truth. Shauna instructed her daughter to calm down and do nothing until Shauna had a chance to talk to Quinn first.

At Forrester later, Quinn ecstatically greeted Shauna. Quinn figured that Shauna and Flo had a lot to digest after meeting the Logans. Shauna said that Quinn didn't have any idea of all the shocking things Shauna had learned since she'd arrived in town.

Sitting at the conference table, Quinn and Shauna discussed how things had gone with the Logans. Shauna said it had gone better than she'd expected, and she'd been surprised by how warm and kind the Logans had been. Quinn reasoned that the Logans got to shower their late brother's daughter with the love that he hadn't had the chance to give.

Shauna remarked that the Logans had seemed excited about it. Quinn figured that it had to be a little bittersweet for Shauna, who'd been Flo's only family for years. Shauna replied that she was happy for Flo but also worried that it wouldn't work out.

Quinn wanted to help Shauna, but Shauna concluded that it was a complicated situation that she needed to sort out on her own with Flo. Quinn urged Shauna to consider doing that in Los Angeles and reminded Shauna of the opportunities they'd dreamed of giving their children. Wyatt had found those opportunities, and Quinn believed that Flo could, too, as a Logan.

Stating that being a Logan was practically being part of the Forrester family, Quinn didn't know how Shauna could even hesitate about staying. Shauna wanted opportunities for Flo, but she said Flo had done things and wasn't perfect. Scoffing, Quinn replied that Quinn wasn't, either, but Eric had forgiven her. To Quinn, becoming a Forrester had been life-changing.

"And so what if Flo made mistakes in the past? Leave them in the past," Quinn urged. Quinn said that Shauna deserved it and couldn't pass it up, and Quinn suggested that there might even be a future for Wyatt and Flo.

Back at Flo's place, Wyatt arrived to check on Flo. He was sorry about how Shauna had learned the baby news. Flo said that it was okay, and it hadn't been as if she'd been intentionally keeping it from her mother. She was sure that Shauna would have eventually found out.

Figuring that Flo was going through a lot, Wyatt asked if there was anything he could do. Flo stated that she had put herself in the situation, and she had to deal with it. He noted that she was practically shaking and wondered if more could be going on than he already knew.

In Flo's silence, Wyatt began discussing how life-changing and overwhelming finding one's family could be. He said his life had changed for the better, and he was hoping hers would, too. Flo stated that she really wanted to be excited about it. He was sure that she'd get there, and he asked her to promise that she'd go to him if she needed anything. Flo hugged Wyatt.

Later, Flo was alone when Shauna returned. Shauna revealed that she hadn't told Quinn about the baby, but Quinn had very strong feelings about Flo's new family. Flo asked what that had to do with anything. Shauna respected that her daughter wanted to tell the truth, but she thought that Flo was being naive. Shauna was sure that family wouldn't matter, and upon learning what Flo had done, the Logans would call the police and put Flo in jail.

Flo shouted that Shauna had agreed that Flo needed to tell the truth. Shauna asked if Flo remembered Shauna's "go the with flow" mantra. Flo could not believe her mother was saying that after a lifetime of teaching Flo to be honest and discern right from wrong. Shauna replied that Flo was full of integrity, but Shauna didn't want to lose Flo.

Shauna asked if Flo understood that she could go to prison for who knew how long for the crime. Flo asked what would become of Hope and her child. Shauna admitted that it wasn't right, but it was an awful situation that Flo had unknowingly gotten involved in. Shauna added that it was her understanding that the baby was in a loving home and being cared for.

"By Steffy! Not by her own mother!" Flo replied. Shauna said that becoming a Logan was Flo's birthright and heritage. It was what Flo had waited her whole life for, and Shauna implored Flo not to throw it all away. Though the secret was killing Flo, Shauna told Flo not to reveal it.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam wanted to figure out how to help himself and Hope move forward. He didn't want her to feel rushed, but he did want them to heal together. He missed Hope. He missed touching her and holding her.

Liam kissed Hope, but she pulled away. He told her that he just wanted to be close to her again. Hope wanted it, too. She knew it wasn't just physical for him. Liam replied that he wanted to reconnect. Claiming that she did, too, Hope stated that she just wasn't ready yet. Liam sadly nodded and tried to smile in response.

Later, Hope asked Liam not to be sad. Liam claimed to understand why Hope wanted to wait. Hope said that Liam was the sexiest and most handsome man she'd ever seen. She was just as attracted to him as the day they'd met. She hoped he knew that it would never go away.

Hope wished she could get out of her head. She knew how good it would feel. She wanted to be close to Liam and lie in his arms. "I want to want that," Hope said. Part of her had shut down after losing Beth, but it wasn't just losing Beth that haunted her.

Liam urged Hope to let go of the guilt. Doing so was hard for Hope, who also still thought she was keeping Liam from Kelly and Phoebe. He insisted that she believe him when he said that she was not keeping him from the girls. Hope replied that he could be in Europe with his family.

"You're my family. You're my wife. I love you. This is where I want to be. Right here. Right now. No place else," Liam affirmed. Hope figured that he was just worried about her. He insisted that he wasn't worried. He just loved her; he loved their life, and he wanted it back.

Hope replied that she did, too. Liam stated that a lot of couples didn't survive losing their children. He asked if they were supposed to let it destroy them and their marriage. He didn't think they could allow that to happen. Liam needed Hope, and he felt that they needed each other. He wanted them to remain strong, and he felt that he'd be good if she could just say that she understood that.

For Hope, it all went back to the awful night that haunted her. It haunted Liam, too. He said he hadn't even been able to get there to protect his wife and daughter, but things might have been different if he had been there. Hope told him that he couldn't have done anything. "Okay, then neither could you have," Liam responded. He concluded that torturing themselves for the rest of their lives would not bring the child back.

Hope knew that she had to move on, but a part of her wouldn't let her. She felt as if Beth was just out there, lost and looking for her mother. Hope sobbed, and Liam hugged her. She looked as if she might kiss him again, but instead, she walked away and stared at the crumpled sonogram photo that was propped up on a table nearby.

Thomas encourages Hope to have Liam visit Steffy and the girls in Paris

Thomas encourages Hope to have Liam visit Steffy and the girls in Paris

Friday, April 19, 2019

At Brooke's house, Thomas played checkers with the sullen Douglas. The child didn't really want to play the game. Thomas guessed that Douglas probably wanted to visit someone. Douglas nodded, grinning. Thomas assumed that Douglas missed Hope and wanted to see her. The boy nodded. "Well, let's go see her," Thomas decided and added that he missed Hope, too.

At the cabin, Liam concluded a call with Steffy and the girls. Hope asked if anyone was getting homesick. He said that the girls were fine as long as they were with Steffy. Hope believed that Liam should be with them, too, and urged him to get on a plane to visit his family.

Liam stated that Steffy and the children wouldn't be in Europe forever. Hope could see how much he missed them, and she again suggested that he go. Liam said it would be a great trip if it was a good time for him and Hope to get away. Though Hope claimed to miss the girls, she felt that the girls needed him. He conveyed that his place was with Hope.

Checking his phone, Liam announced that at that moment, he actually had somewhere to be. He also had a surprise for later that didn't involve jet lag, and he didn't think Hope would be disappointed. Hope stated that he could never disappoint her. Liam wanted her to know that it went both ways, and he wasn't with her because she "needed" him to be. He was there because he belonged there, and the life he wanted was the life he had with her.

Later, Hope was alone when Douglas and Thomas arrived. Douglas handed Hope a flower he'd picked on the way to the cabin, and Thomas hoped that Brooke wouldn't mind. Hope said her mother had plenty of flowers and knew that fresh ones cheered Hope up. Thomas responded that seeing Hope cheered him and Douglas up, and everything was better with Hope.

Hope told Douglas, who had a special place in her heart, that he brought her the coolest gifts. Douglas replied that his father had known she'd like the flower. Thomas bet that Hope would like one of the rocks by the tree outside. Hope indicated that she liked the sparkly ones, and Douglas rushed out the front door to start his hunt.

After Douglas had gone, Thomas said that the flower had really been Douglas' idea. Hope claimed that she knew and said Douglas had told her that his mother had liked to take gifts to the people she visited. Thomas remarked that if Douglas dreamed about Caroline, he'd awaken and look around his room to see if she'd left anything.

Thomas conveyed that Douglas' dreams about Caroline no longer upset Douglas because Hope had shared how happy her dreams about Beth made her. Thomas couldn't thank Hope enough for how good she was with his son. He felt that she was exactly what the child needed. Hope replied that, on some level, the boy was exactly what she needed, too.

Hope decided that she didn't want to dump her issues on Thomas. Thomas told her that she could talk to him about anything. Hope said she kept expecting the hole in her heart to get smaller, but it wasn't. She missed Beth, and holding Phoebe had been a respite from her grief.

Hope revealed that she felt guilty for keeping Liam from being a father to Phoebe and Kelly. Though Phoebe wasn't Liam's child, she needed a father, too, and it was why Hope had told Liam to be with Steffy and the children. Hope stated that Liam had assured her that his place was with her, but she still felt guilty. She asked Thomas if that was crazy.

Thomas didn't think it was crazy. In fact, he thought Hope was right. Hope asked if he agreed that Liam should be with Steffy. Thomas said he didn't want to seem as if he were insensitive or out to defend his sister. He conveyed that he remembered the plans that Steffy and Liam had made when Steffy had been pregnant and how excited the couple had been.

Thomas didn't know if he should be telling Hope those things. Hope urged him to be honest with her. He believed that the girls would have a great life with Steffy, but fractured families took their toll. He hadn't wanted that for Douglas. That was why he and Caroline hadn't been a couple, but they'd been a team.

Thomas assumed it was what Hope wanted to happen for Steffy's girls. Hope zealously affirmed it. He didn't think it was selfish of Hope at all. He said she was generous with her time and her heart. He'd seen it in how she'd been there for Douglas and for him.

Thomas remarked that Hope had been through a lot. Hope warned him not to tell her to focus on herself more. He replied that she wasn't the type to do that. Instead, she focused on others. He cited HFTF as an example of that, and he wanted to talk to her about the line. He'd put together some sketches. Hope said she'd love to see them.

Thomas figured that she'd been easing back into work. Hope replied that she'd been crazy to try to jump back in. To him, what mattered was that she was trying. He wanted to see her happy and fulfilled. He also wanted that for himself and figured that they could help each other.

Hope stated that she had some ideas, and though she wasn't back full-time, she appreciated him thinking of her. "I'm always thinking of you, Hope," Thomas responded. He asked how he could "not" after all she'd done for Douglas.

Douglas returned to the house in a sad mood. He said he'd been remembering when he'd thought he'd seen his mother in the garden. Thomas was sorry that it had made the boy sad. Douglas said that his mother was in heaven. Thomas conveyed that Caroline was looking down and watching over Douglas. Thomas knew that it wasn't the same and said that maybe there would be another woman in their lives someday who could look after Douglas.

"Like Hope?" Douglas asked. "Yeah, like Hope," Thomas replied and handed the child to Hope.

At Wyatt's house, Sally wondered how long she'd been gone. She couldn't believe what had gone on while she'd been away. She was amazed that Wyatt had helped Flo find her birth family and that it had led to Hope and Flo being cousins.

Thinking of Hope made Wyatt become awkwardly silent. Sally asked why he was gloomy. Wyatt expressed concern for Hope and Liam's marriage. He said that Liam wanted to meet and talk, and Wyatt was worried that Hope and Liam's marriage was in trouble.

Sally remarked that Hope and Liam were going through a hard time, but she believed that they were committed to each other. Wyatt said he wasn't questioning the couple's commitment. He just sensed that Hope was stuck, and he wondered if it was beginning to take a toll on the marriage.

Later, Liam had arrived, and Sally and Wyatt were discussing the events that had led to Hope finding her cousin. It was wild to Sally that Flo was Phoebe's birth mother, and Sally asked how Liam and Hope were handling it. Liam said they were handling it as well as anything else.

Sally offered to let Wyatt and Liam talk alone, but Liam asked her to stay. He felt that he could use a woman's perspective. Liam confided in Wyatt and Sally that he was worried about his marriage. He understood that it took time to work through grief, but he felt that the coping methods he was trying to help Hope employ weren't working. Instead of things improving, he felt as if they were kind of getting worse, and the wall between them was getting higher and higher.

Sally gleaned that Liam didn't believe he was getting through to Hope. Liam explained that he and Hope weren't together on any level, not emotionally or physically. Sally took that to mean that "you guys aren't..." Affirming it, Liam said that he and Hope hadn't since Beth had died. Liam was trying to be supportive and not push. He didn't know what to do and didn't want it to become another thing between them.

Liam couldn't believe he was even talking to Sally and Wyatt about it. Sally said that he was giving Hope the space she deserved. Wyatt suggested that Hope still needed time. Liam said he was trying to give her that. He wanted to give her space but not pull back too much.

Wyatt noted that Hope and Liam were at least communicating. Liam agreed that they were, but to him, it was like they were just filling the space between them. Wyatt suggested that what they needed was a break. Liam stated that Hope needed one, and he mentioned the break Steffy had taken by traveling to Europe with the girls. He said Steffy had thought Hope had been getting too attached and might be able to move forward with the girls out of the picture.

Sally asked how Liam felt about it and if he missed his daughter. Liam did miss Kelly. Sally asked if he'd thought about seeing the child. Liam replied that he needed to be with Hope. Sally asked if Hope didn't want him to go. Chuckling, he said Hope wanted him to. Sally didn't know what was stopping him and said they were his family, too.

Liam didn't think he could just hop on a plane and said Hope needed him. Sally asked if Hope had said that. Liam repeated that Hope wanted him to go, but he didn't think it was what she needed. Sally replied that Hope knew herself pretty well. "But I love Hope, and I'm committed to her," Liam stated. Sally said he also had a commitment to Steffy, the mother of his child.

Liam responded that he loved Steffy, too, and always would. He was trying to do the right thing, but he didn't know what it was. He wanted Hope to get better, and he wanted to see his girls. He knew that Phoebe wasn't his, but he missed her and had instantly connected to her. When he'd first held her, he had wanted to claim her as his own.

Liam guessed that he felt like a father to both girls, but his problem was that, no matter what he did, he was letting someone down. Wyatt said he hadn't had any idea Liam was struggling like that. Sally noted that Hope saw it, and it was why she'd told him to go. Liam had heard the stories of what something like that could do to a couple, but he was determined to fight it and not give up.

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