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Wyatt asked Flo to move in with him, and Shauna left town. Suspicion surrounded Thomas after Emma's tragic death, and those who knew about Beth continued to hold their silence. Thomas procured some pills and slipped their contents into Liam's drink.
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Suspicion surrounded Thomas after Emma's tragic death
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The news of Emma's death spreads

The news of Emma's death spreads

Monday, June 24, 2019

On the roadside, Emma observed a fast-approaching her car in her rear-view mirror. She glanced to her left and gasped. As crashing noises rang out, Thomas hopped out of his car and stared down the steep incline at Emma's car, which had landed sideways in the ravine. Emma lifelessly slumped down in her car.

At Il Giardino, Brooke drank lemon water at the bar and thought about her warning to Hope that Thomas wasn't the most stable member of the family. Bill approached and asked if she'd mind him sitting with her until Justin arrived to meet him. Bill noticed that Brooke was deep in thought and asked if everything was okay.

Brooke was glad to see Bill. She'd been meaning to call him to tell him how proud she was of him for reuniting his family. Bill was gleeful about the reunion and asked who could resist all of his wonderfulness. "That's what I'm saying," Brooke responded, giggling.

Bill noted that Brooke had deflected his question, and his Spency senses were telling him that something was bothering her. He offered to be a sounding board if she needed it. Brooke said that her mood had to do with Thomas. She didn't trust Thomas or his intentions toward Hope.

Surprised to learn that Thomas was interested in Hope, Bill said he'd thought that flame had gone out years back. Brooke stated that there had never been a flame for Hope, who'd always been in love with Liam. Brooke believed that Thomas was taking advantage of Hope's issues.

Brooke said Thomas was practically throwing Douglas at Hope, and Hope was vulnerable to the child, who'd lost his mother. Bill asked whether Brooke thought Thomas had influenced Hope to end her marriage. Although Hope had been contemplating it already, Brooke certainly believed that Thomas had nudged Hope in that direction.

Bill stated that Thomas was actively working against his son Liam's best interest and guessed that things were awkward at Brooke's house. Brooke replied that she had to be cautious about what she said and how she said it. She was really worried that Thomas was pushing way too hard too quickly, and she didn't trust his so-called love for her daughter.

Brooke conveyed that Ridge couldn't see Thomas objectively. Instead, Ridge blamed himself for any of Thomas' shortfalls and made excuses. Brooke said that Thomas blamed everything on his unstable childhood, but he couldn't blame her and Ridge forever. In her view, Thomas needed to become a man, and because he had a child, he had to be responsible for his own behavior and for who he was as a person.

Bill replied that Thomas had skated on the edge more than once. Brooke recalled that Thomas had set Rick's house on fire, blown up Rick's car, and thrown Rick through a window. Bill added that Thomas also possibly could have taken advantage of Caroline back in the day. Bill thought that Brooke should keep an eye on Thomas, who was capable of taking advantage of Hope at her most vulnerable.

As Brooke thanked Bill for listening and understanding, Bill received a call from Justin, who was so broken up that he could barely talk. Bill asked what had happened. "I got a call from my sister -- Emma's mom. She said that the police notified her...ah..." Justin was saying.

"The police?" Bill repeated. Justin informed Bill that there had been an accident near Brooke's house, and Emma's car had gone off the road. "My niece is -- is -- dead, Bill," Justin stammered. Bill immediately said he was sorry and that he'd meet Justin immediately.

After the call, Brooke asked what had happened. Bill told Brooke that Emma was dead and that her car had gone off "Mulholland." Brooke became upset and said Emma was like a part of their family. Bill needed to get to Justin. Brooke instructed him to go and said she'd tell everyone at the office what had happened. Brooke thought of Hope, who'd be devastated by the news.

At Forrester, Flo said she'd arrived as soon as she could. She asked Zoe and Xander what the urgency for their meeting was. Zoe and Thomas informed Flo that Emma had overheard them talking about Beth, and horrified, Emma had left there on a mission to tell Hope the truth. Flo thought that was it then. "Not if Thomas finds her first," Zoe replied.

Zoe was hoping that Thomas could reason with Emma. Xander didn't know a force on earth that could stop Emma. Zoe stated that they'd all seen how persuasive Thomas could be. Flo thought that was an understatement and said his threats were still giving her chills. Xander asserted that they should never have caved to Thomas because, if they hadn't, Beth would be with her birth parents, and Emma would have never been dragged into it.

Flo stated that the secret just kept growing. Xander responded that it was hard to keep a lid on secrets, and theirs was about to go sky high. Zoe insisted that Thomas would stop Emma because he wouldn't stand for any threats to his future with Hope. Zoe was adamant that Thomas would find a way to stop Emma.

Later, a distraught Pam entered. She couldn't believe what she had to say, but Brooke had asked her to inform everyone of something. With a heavy heart, Pam stated that there had been an accident, and Emma was dead. Xander repeated Pam. Zoe asked what had happened, and Flo wondered how it could be.

All Pam knew was that Emma's car had gone off the side of Mulholland Drive, and there hadn't been anything the paramedics could do upon arrival. Pam stated that it was insane; Emma had just been there, looking for Hope. Pam conveyed that she'd told Emma that Hope had probably been going home, and later on, Pam had seen Thomas and Emma together.

Pam noted that it had been strange. Xander asked what had been strange. Pam recalled Thomas being clearly upset about something and very intense. Xander asked if Emma had said anything. Pam replied that Emma hadn't and had left quickly. Knowing that Xander had been friends with Emma, Pam had wanted to tell him first. She apologized for having to tell them the awful news, and she left.

Flo and Zoe were silent. "So, no one else is going to say it?" Xander asked. The women remained silent. Xander stated that Emma had been determined to tell Hope, and Thomas had been equally determined to keep the secret. "Suddenly -- conveniently -- Emma is just dead? Where is Thomas, anyway?" Xander asked. Flo asked if he thought Thomas had killed Emma.

At Brooke's cabin, Hope looked at photos of herself and Phoebe that Hope had taken earlier that day. Through her window, Thomas watched Hope sit down at a table. He opened the front door, and Hope wondered where he'd arrived from. He had assumed she'd heard him knock and said he could have sworn she'd said to enter. "No," Hope nervously replied. She said he'd just taken her by surprise by entering, but it was fine.

Thomas told Hope that she was amazing, and he was proud of the decisions that she'd been making. Shrugging, Hope replied that she was trying. He thought it was even more amazing because she could have just given up, and no one would have blamed her. In his view, losing Beth had been horrible, but Hope had pushed forward and made the painful but necessary steps for everyone involved.

Hope replied that Kelly and Phoebe deserved to have a full-time father. Thomas replied that Douglas deserved to have a full-time mother, and Thomas was willing to wait. Thomas said that he was willing to protect that dream, and he wouldn't let anything or anyone get in the way of it.

Thomas claimed that he wasn't fooling himself. He knew it would take time, and he had plenty of it. He felt that it was his job to be vigilant about their future. He said that she couldn't see it yet, but he knew he was right. He figured that not everyone would be behind them. He mentioned Brooke and was adamant that he'd win her over. Thomas told Hope to trust and believe that he was doing all that he was doing with her best interest in mind.

Hope received a call from Brooke with bad news. As Brooke tried to figure out how to say it, Hope urged her mother to just tell her. Brooke explained that a car had gone off a road near their house. It had been Emma's. Brooke was sorry to say Emma hadn't made it. "No, that can't be," Hope replied. Brooke had wanted to tell Hope before she saw it on a notification.

After the call ended, Thomas asked what had happened. The shocked Hope informed him that it was Emma. Hope stated that Emma was gone. Thomas asked where Emma had gone. Hope explained that Emma was dead. He gasped and asked how. Hope explained that Emma had gone off Mulholland. Hope didn't understand how something like that could happen. Thomas hugged Hope.

Questions surface about Thomas and Emma

Questions surface about Thomas and Emma

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas was sorry for Emma's death and said he knew Emma had been devoted to Hope. Hope was thinking about Emma and her family. Wondering how it had happened, Thomas suggested that Emma had had car trouble. Hope dismissed the idea, saying that a wealthy man like Justin had probably made sure that Emma had driven a reliable car.

Hope wondered if Emma had been driving too fast because she'd been in a hurry to get somewhere. Thomas asked where and then concluded that they'd never know. Hope wondered if there had been a mix up and if the dead person just had the same name as Emma. Thomas replied that he'd thought the same thing when he'd learned of Caroline's death.

Hope became emotional about Emma, who'd died so young. She wondered if anyone had told Tiffany. Thomas admired Hope for always thinking of others and asked what she needed. Hope shrugged, and he offered to say there on the sofa in case she needed him.

Thanking Thomas, Hope said she'd be okay. She asked how he was and noted that he seemed shaken up. "Well, we've all done things we regret, but I will never give you any reason to doubt how much I care about you," Thomas replied.

Thomas didn't want Douglas to know about Emma. The boy had experienced enough death and was praying for Beth and Caroline every night. Thomas didn't want Douglas to be preoccupied with babies and young people dying. Hope asked what Thomas meant when he'd said people had all done regretful things.

Thomas asked if it was true. He said he'd been referring to Emma, who hadn't cared much for him and had let him know it. That didn't sound like Emma to Hope. Thomas didn't blame Emma and said he could be tough at times. He was glad that he and Hope had each other and didn't know how they'd get through difficult times without each other. She noted that she'd been relying on him a lot. Thomas stated that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her -- nothing.

At Brooke's house, Brooke had just delivered the news of Emma's death to Ridge. They discussed spreading the word to everyone. As Brooke said she'd enlisted Pam's help and started listing people to tell, Ridge asked about telling Thomas.

Brooke didn't think Thomas had known Emma that well. Brooke had told Hope, who Brooke was sure would take it hard. Ridge said that his son could be the shoulder Hope couple lean on. "My daughter has two shoulders of her own, and she has me," Brooke quipped.

Ridge figured that he and his wife needed to talk about his son. Brooke knew that Ridge believed that Thomas meant well, but she was of the opinion that his son was too dependent upon her daughter. Ridge suggested that it could be the other way around. Brooke explained that Hope was just being sympathetic about Caroline's death, but a therapist, Hope wasn't.

Ridge doubted that Thomas saw Hope as a therapist. Deciding to broach the "elephant" in the room, Ridge stated that his son was in love with Brooke's daughter. "And you think that's appropriate?" Brooke asked. Ridge asked why not.

Brooke replied that with the losses that Hope and Thomas had incurred, it was time for some counseling. "For him or for her?" Ridge asked. Brooke asked Ridge not to take it the wrong way, but she thought that, for years.Thomas could have benefited from professional help. "Wow," Ridge replied. Brooke insisted that Ridge knew that Thomas was with some issues.

Ridge believed that he was the reason for those issues, and he claimed that it was because he hadn't been there for Thomas. Ridge felt that Thomas was getting better and getting through it. It made Ridge happy that Thomas was ambitious and wanted to take over the business someday. As far as Hope was concerned, Ridge said Thomas had always been good to her.

Later, Hope was alone with Brooke in the living room. Brooke believed that she'd gotten the word about Emma out to everyone but Thomas. Hope said Thomas had been with her when she'd found out, and Brooke asked why he'd been at the cabin.

Hope said Thomas had been visiting, and she asked if he wasn't at the house right then. Brooke replied that she hadn't seen his car outside. Hope stated that Thomas had been shaken by the news. Brooke was surprised because she hadn't been sure he'd known Emma's name.

Pam arrived from the back with a box. Ridge had let her in the side door. She'd boxed up Emma's things at work but hadn't known where to take them. Pam was upset and said she might have been the last person to see Emma alive -- besides Thomas. Hope said that Thomas had been with her when they'd found out.

Surprised, Pam stated, "Really? Well, it must have been pedal-to-the-metal from Forrester then." Pam conveyed that Thomas hadn't been in the best of moods, either. Hope stated that he'd seemed fine to her. Brooke asked why Pam thought that about him, and Pam replied that he and Emma had gotten into it about something. Pam figured that he probably felt awful about it after what had happened next.

Brooke asked what Thomas and Emma had been arguing about. Pam didn't know. She'd gone in to ask Thomas about the baby shower, which she wasn't sure would still happen. Asking if Pam was sure, Hope said Thomas didn't mention seeing Emma. Brooke asked if Pam was sure she hadn't heard anything that could give insight into Emma's state of mind.

Pam recalled that Emma had wanted to go, but Thomas had wanted her to stay. It was strange to Pam because Thomas wound up leaving immediately afterward. He'd tried to catch up with Emma, but she'd already gone. Hope asked if Pam was sure, because Thomas hadn't mentioned any of that to Hope. Pam figured that he was probably just in shock. Pam was, too.

Pam told Brooke and Hope about a rose Emma had brought to Pam that morning. Emma had bought the rose from a homeless person outside her building. Pam had forgotten had forgotten to put it in water, and most of the pedals had fallen off. She hadn't realized it would be the last thing she'd ever see of Emma.

Alone with Brooke later, Hope figured that Thomas hadn't talked about his argument with Emma because he felt bad about it. Brooke replied that there was more to him than met the eye.

At Forrester behind the locked door of the design office, Zoe was in denial about the possibility that Thomas had been involved in Emma's death. Xander and Flo tried to explain to Zoe that Pam had heard Emma and Thomas arguing at the same time that Emma had been on her way to tell Hope everything. Zoe said Emma could have swerved to miss something or could have been driving way too fast. "Or there are other ways to scare drivers off the road," Flo concluded.

Zoe told Xander and Flo that if they went to anyone with their suspicions about Thomas, they'd have to unveil the whole story that Emma had been ready to tell Hope. Zoe asked what the reason would be to expose them all to jail when, in the end, Thomas was not a murderer.

"And you know that how?" Flo asked. Zoe said that Flo and Thomas were step-cousins. "Who cares? Something is not right about him, Zoe, and you know it," Flo persisted. Flo asked if it sounded normal for Thomas to be in love with Hope but not want to tell her about her child. Flo asked if that sounded like love.

Xander said he wasn't willing to do nothing about the information they had. Zoe asked what they knew. Xander replied that they knew Beth was alive, but Emma wasn't. Zoe stated that it was because of a terrible accident. "Zoe, you gotta stop with the denial already!" Flo exclaimed.

Flo asked if Zoe really couldn't see that there was a possibility that Emma had been chased and had been trying to get away. Xander felt that he owed it to Emma to find out the truth. "She loved me. That has to mean something," Xander figured.

The door knob of the office door jiggled, and someone pounded on the door. Xander unlocked the door, and in walked Thomas. Xander stated that Emma was dead. Thomas replied that he was there to tell them that. Flo asked where he'd been. "Excuse me?" Thomas responded.

Flo stated that Thomas had been in the building, and then he hadn't been. Xander added that Emma had been on her way to tell Hope everything, and Thomas had known it. Xander figured that Thomas would have done just about anything to stop Emma. Thomas advised Xander to be very careful of his next words, and Xander asked if Thomas had killed Emma.

Thomas locked the door, and Xander stated that they knew Thomas had been with Emma. "With her?" Thomas asked. Xander clarified that it had been before she'd left the building. Thomas acknowledged seeing Emma briefly. Flo revealed that Pam had heard Thomas arguing with Emma. "What did I say?" Thomas asked. Xander assumed it had been threats.

Thomas replied that Emma had been all over the place, and he'd had to raise his voice to be heard. He reminded them that he'd talked to Emma because she'd been on her way to Hope, and Flo and Emma had been on their way to jail. Zoe asked what Emma had said.

Thomas claimed that Emma hadn't listened; he'd tried to catch her in the parking lot, but she'd already gone. Flo assumed that he'd gone after Emma. He asked what the point of that would have been -- unless he'd had a plane. He claimed he hadn't known what route Emma had taken, so he'd he'd done what he thought had been best. He'd decided to go to Hope with the information himself.

No one believed Thomas, who was saying that he'd intended to make them all look like victims, cornered by the guilty party who had fled the country. He asked them how they thought he knew about Emma and said it had been because he'd been there with Hope, trying to formulate his story, when Brooke had called with the news.

Flo asked how Thomas had beaten Emma there if Emma had left first. Thomas stated that he'd grown up in the hills and knew how to get somewhere fast while avoiding Mulholland. Zoe asked if Hope, who'd been close to Emma, was okay. Thomas relayed that Hope was devastated, but they were safe because Hope knew no more about Beth than before.

"We're 'safe?'" Xander asked. Thomas stated that they were safe from the story getting out, but Flo asserted that Beth was not a story. In Flo's mind, the story was what they were all pretending was true. Xander asked if Thomas knew who was not safe. "Emma," Xander stated.

Thomas asked what he was supposed to do about that. Xander asked what Thomas had done about it already. Thomas asked if any of them seriously thought Emma had driven herself off a cliff because he'd raised his voice or because he had a magic book of spells.

After gazing over each of their faces, the shocked Thomas stated that they thought he'd killed Emma. Flo replied that they didn't know what had happened, but they did know that the secret had killed Emma.

Stating that Emma had been his first friend -- more than a friend -- in Los Angeles, Xander asked how much loss they were willing to stand by and watch. He thought it was a sign that the truth should come out, but Zoe asked if they were all supposed to throw themselves off a cliff.

Thomas said that it was a sign. Thomas reasoned that Emma had been on her way to tell hope, but fate hadn't allowed it. "Fate?" the resentful Xander questioned. Xander asserted that fate had had nothing to do with it.

Flo sighed. She said the adrenaline had worn off. She'd been afraid that she wouldn't see her family or loved ones again until her court date. Thomas replied that it was what stood to happen if the truth got out. He stated that their futures would be erased, and their families would wash their hands of them.

Instead of them continuing to blame him, Thomas wanted Xander, Zoe, and Flo to look at what had really set Emma off -- their carelessness. He insisted that they could not talk about Beth inside that building again. Thomas asked if they were clear about that.

Thomas told Zoe, Flo, and Xander what they stood to lose. Thomas stated that he could lose Hope, and that, he could not allow

Forrester holds a memorial for Emma

Forrester holds a memorial for Emma

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester, the entire team held a memorial for Emma. Ridge welcomed people and greeted them. Eric and Quinn looked at a portrait of Emma and remarked on how young she was. Eric thanked Donna and Pam for preparing everything for the event. They all agreed it was a "tragic accident," and they couldn't believe Emma was gone.

Zoe, Flo, and Xander overheard people discussing the accident. Xander was unconvinced it was an accident. He was worried for Emma's family and wondered if Thomas might have had something to do with it.

Thomas entered and looked at the portrait of Emma, and Steffy greeted him and said it was a tragedy that Emma was gone. Thomas agreed and asked if Steffy had seen Hope. Steffy answered that Hope was in another office.

In a private office, Justin was with Bill and some of the Forresters. He was emotional and said that he had loved his niece, and it was a shock to his sister that Emma was gone. Bill tried to comfort him. He said that Katie had wanted to be there, but Will had a fever.

Bill, Ridge, Brooke, Quinn, Eric, and Donna offered comforting words to Justin and shared their memories of Emma. They all said that Emma had made a big impression on everyone at Forrester. Justin thanked Eric and Ridge for their kindness to Emma and for holding the memorial in her honor. Brooke said that Emma was knowledgeable about everything at Forrester. Justin said Emma was devoted to all of them, and she had loved her job there. Donna hugged Justin.

In the memorial area, Hope touched the photo board and greeted Tiffany. Hope and Tiffany shared memories of Emma. Tiffany said that Emma had always been encouraging to Tiffany and all the interns. Hope agreed and said that Emma had always cheered her up. "She always knew the exact things to say," Hope said. She and Tiffany agreed that Emma always made things better. Tiffany later cried on Pam's shoulder.

Thomas sat by himself and flashed back to his last encounter with Emma. He recalled that they had argued about Emma's plan to tell Hope the truth about Beth. Thomas remembered driving and following Emma. He had honked his horn and tried to get her to pull over. In his car, he'd kept saying that Emma would not tell Hope anything. He'd watched as Emma's car had left the road. He remembered the tires screeching. "Oh, my God," he'd said. Thomas recalled looking over the accident scene, where he had seen Emma in her car, and she had been unresponsive.

Xander interrupted Thomas' thoughts and said they had to discuss something. Flo and Zoe joined Thomas and Xander, and Thomas told them that no one would ever know their secret. "Emma is dead," Flo said. "And only the four of us know why," Thomas replied. "Or do we?" Xander asked. Thomas glared at him.

In the office with Justin, the Forresters took turns speaking to Justin. Steffy said that Emma had never been afraid to help or ask questions. Hope arrived and said that when Emma had seen a problem, she hadn't thought twice about trying to solve it.

Thomas, Flo, Zoe, and Xander entered and told Justin they were sorry for his loss. Thomas insisted it was a horrible accident that no one could have prevented. Justin thanked everyone and noted there was no ruling on Emma's death. He added that the police had found her cell phone and that she'd had a text on her phone that hadn't been sent. He added the text was for Hope.

Thomas, Flo, Zoe, and Xander looked at each other. "Texting me?" Hope asked. Justin revealed that Emma had been on her way to see Hope. Hope was surprised and had no idea why Emma had been on the way to see her. Bill could tell that Justin was upset, and he promised to find a drink for Justin. Bill was convinced that Eric had to have scotch somewhere. Bill went to look for Eric. Justin thanked him.

Later, when they were alone, Flo, Xander, and Zoe said that Emma was too good of a person to keep the secret, and she was better than all of them. Xander flashed back to his times with Emma, dancing, kissing, hugging, and shooting selfies. Zoe interrupted Xander's thoughts and insisted that Emma might have had an accident, and it could have all been due to texting and driving. Xander didn't trust Thomas, and he was worried that Hope was getting involved with a very dangerous man.

Later, in another office, Brooke met privately with Hope and said that texting and driving didn't sound like Emma. Brooke said that Emma had always looked up to Hope. Hope said she was lucky to have been a friend of Emma's. Brooke added that Pam had said Thomas had been arguing with Emma before Emma had gotten into her car and left Forrester. Pam had said that Thomas had left quickly after Emma had. Brooke wondered if Thomas had said anything to Hope.

Hope said she hadn't brought it up to Thomas because she knew he had to feel horrible that he'd been the last one to see Emma alive. Thomas entered, and Brooke and Hope shared that they were confused about what Pam had seen and overheard. "Why were you arguing with Emma, and why didn't you tell me you were with her?" Hope asked.

Brooke squinted at Thomas, and Thomas calmly replied that he understood how Pam might have misinterpreted things. "Emma was upset," Thomas agreed, but he said they'd been discussing that Emma had wanted to dance at the next fashion show, and Thomas had told her that he didn't think it would work with the current designs for Hope for the Future.

Thomas said that Emma had been insistent that it would work, and she had planned to go over his head, directly to Hope. After the accident, he hadn't shared what had happened with Hope because they had found out Emma had died, and there was enough to deal with. "It wasn't the right time," he said. Brooke stared at him, and Hope was tearful.

Later, after Brooke had left, Hope and Thomas discussed that losing Emma was very emotional for Hope. Thomas made excuses for seeing Emma. "I tried to stop her from leaving. I told her to stay, but she wouldn't listen," Thomas said. Hope shook her head. Hope said that Emma's attitude and excitement had made her a valuable part of the Hope for the Future team. Thomas held Hope in his arms and said that he would always be there for her. "I'm here," he said, and he repeated it several times. Xander looked on from the doorway and worried.

At Wyatt's house, Sally entered and said that she was glad he had called. Wyatt noted that it had to have been a sad day at Forrester, with Emma's death. Sally agreed and said she had attended Emma's memorial service. Sally admitted that she had missed Wyatt. She wondered why he had wanted to see her.

Wyatt answered that he had wanted to discuss their future. He reminded Sally that they had decided to take a break, and he had been dating Flo. Sally understood, and she shared that she had the awkward experience of working with Flo and listening to Wyatt's mother rave about how perfect Flo was for Wyatt and how Wyatt and Flo had history and had been so in love when they'd been younger.

Sally said that she and Wyatt had history, too, and had made some wonderful memories. Many of them had taken place in Wyatt's house. "Some of my happiest memories were right here in this house," Sally said. "Me, too," Wyatt agreed. Wyatt and Sally discussed that they had never made a formal commitment to one another, but they had discussed a future together.

Wyatt sadly shook his head and said that he cared about Sally, but things had changed. Sally interrupted and said that she didn't want to know the details. Wyatt apologized, and Sally said she had been dreading that he would end it with her. "You can be angry," Wyatt started to say, but Sally sarcastically thanked him for allowing her to be angry. She softened and said she had screwed up. She wished that their exes had never shown up.

Sally cried and said that they had had great times, and she still loved Wyatt. Wyatt looked uncomfortable. Sally realized that it had all been bad timing, but she warned that he would one day regret that he had let her go. She added that there was no such thing as "a perfect woman." She cried.

Vinny delivers Thomas a bag of pills

Vinny delivers Thomas a bag of pills

Thursday, June 27, 2019

In Thomas' room, a phone call interrupted the shirtless Thomas as he did push-ups. He answered and asked the caller to drop "it" off at the house. After the call, Thomas flexed in the mirror and stared intently at his form.

Douglas entered the room. Thomas noticed that the child was not wearing his swimsuit. Douglas stated that he didn't think he wanted to go. Thomas told the child that they were going to see Steffy and his cousins and that they needed Hope to go, too. Douglas asked why. "Everything's better when we're with Hope, right? Come on. It'll be fun, okay?" Thomas said.

Douglas quietly agreed, and Thomas asked the child to be more enthusiastic. Douglas pepped up and said it would be fun. Nodding, Thomas said that it was a day he didn't want to miss.

Later, Thomas had gotten himself and his son dressed. As Thomas did Douglas' hair, Douglas said he didn't like that stuff because it made his hair crunchy. Thomas replied that it was too bad because Douglas had to be extra handsome.

Douglas asked if he had to go swimming in the ocean. Thomas said the boy could play with his cousins. "But they're babies. I'm a big guy," Douglas replied. Agreeing, Thomas showed Douglas how good he looked in the mirror. Thomas wanted Hope to be really happy to see them, so he told Douglas to give her an extra big hug.

In the living room, Hope arrived in a beach jumpsuit with slit sleeves. Her bikini top showed through the low-cut front. Brooke complimented Hope on her summery look. Hope intended to accompany Douglas and Thomas to Steffy's house for a day at the beach. Brooke was surprised that Hope really wanted to do that.

Hope really wanted to never get out of bed, but citing Thomas' advice, Hope said she had to get on with her life. Brooke didn't think that staying in bed was good for Hope; however, she didn't think spending time with Thomas was a good idea for Hope, either.

Ridge entered the room as Brooke was advising her daughter not to let anyone pressure her into anything she wasn't ready to do. He noted that Hope hadn't left for Steffy's house yet. Brooke said Hope wasn't feeling up to it. Hope, on the other hand, insisted that she was fine. She didn't want to disappoint Douglas and was looking forward to spending time with the girls.

Brooke figured it would be hard to see Steffy and Liam together. Hope reminded Brooke that Hope had ended her marriage and insisted that Liam move in with Steffy and the girls. Hope added that it wasn't like Steffy and Liam were back together "in that way"-- at least Hope didn't think they were.

Douglas and Thomas descended the stairs. Douglas gave Hope an extra big hug. Brooke told Thomas that she had just been saying that he and Douglas should go to Steffy's house without Hope. Thomas claimed that would be no fun and said Douglas was looking forward to having Hope there. Hope promised her mother that she'd be fine. Ridge urged Hope to go and enjoy herself.

Someone rang the doorbell. Thomas answered it and immediately asked if the man at the door had "it." Excited, Ridge went to the door, asking, "Vinny, is that you?" Ridge asked Brooke to look at who it was. Brooke greeted Vinny, who noted that it was nice to see all of them again.

Thomas said that Vinny had just stopped by for advice. Ridge asked if he could help, but Thomas said it was personal. Thomas and Vinny went outside, and Thomas closed the front door. Vinny remarked about Thomas living with his hot stepmom. Thomas ordered Vinny to just give it to him. Vinny produced a bag of three white capsules. Thomas asked if they were any good. Vinny affirmed it, and Thomas said they had better be because he had a big night planned.

Later, Brooke and Ridge set up for an afternoon by the pool. Brooke hoped that her daughter had made the right decision to go to Steffy's house. Ridge replied that Hope was a grown woman and had made the right decision. Brooke was worried about the pressure Hope was under to move on with her life. He asked if she thought Thomas was pressuring Hope.

"Yeah, I do a little bit," Brooke responded. Brooke wanted Hope to work through her life changes on her own and not rush into a relationship with Thomas. Ridge asked if Brooke was worried about a relationship or about Thomas. Brooke was worried about both. Ridge suggested that Brooke should give Thomas a break and saw nothing wrong with Thomas' interest in Hope.

Brooke insisted that it was too soon, and Hope, who was still hung up on Liam, was having a hard time letting go of her marriage. Ridge pointed out that Hope had wanted to annul her marriage. Brooke stated that Hope been convinced, somehow, that it was the right solution.

Ridge contended that it might be the right solution. In his view, Thomas wasn't caught between two women and could be there for Hope. That sounded good to Ridge. Though she respected her husband's feelings, Brooke said they couldn't forget things Thomas had done in the past.

"But we can because it is the past, and we're trying to think about the future. And maybe you can not be so negative about my son. What do you think?" Ridge asked. Brooke just wished Thomas would realize that Hope needed some space to heal. Ridge believed that Thomas did realize it and that Hope was helping Thomas and Douglas as they were helping her.

Brooke couldn't help but worry because Hope was fragile and trusting. Ridge didn't think there was a need to worry because Thomas was a good man, devoted to his family and the company. Ridge said that Thomas and Douglas might be a part of Hope's journey toward healing, and he asked if Brooke could at least be open to that.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam discussed Emma's horrible accident, which had occurred a few days prior. As they set out food trays, Steffy wondered if it was too soon for the beach party they'd have that day. Liam thought it was fine because she'd planned it prior to Emma's death, and only family would be there.

Liam wasn't excited about seeing Thomas. Steffy replied that it wasn't about them. She wanted Douglas and the girls to bond, and she thought it would also be good for Hope. Liam expressed surprise that Hope would be there. Steffy said Thomas was hoping for that. "Oh," Liam bit out.

Later, Liam was alone, staring at the portrait on the wall. Steffy entered in her bikini and advised him to put on his swimsuit. He assumed he should because their guests would be arriving soon. Liam still wasn't happy about dealing with Thomas all day. Steffy gave Liam a stern look, but Liam said he didn't trust Thomas or Thomas' intentions toward Hope.

Liam wondered if Hope was really okay with the beach day. Steffy didn't think Hope would have accepted if she hadn't wanted to be there. He replied that Thomas could be persuasive. Steffy argued that Hope liked being around the girls, and Phoebe was Hope's favorite person on the planet. Liam asked if it wouldn't be weird for Hope to be there with them and the kids.

Steffy replied that it was what Hope wanted, and Thomas might be good for Hope, who'd been spending a lot of time with him. As he started to speak about Thomas, Liam growled and mimicked choking someone. Liam didn't like the way Thomas was moving in on Hope. Steffy didn't want to focus on Thomas because the day was about the children.

Hope and Thomas arrived with Douglas. As Steffy greeted her nephew, Hope quietly told Liam that it was good to see him. Thomas reached out to grip Liam's hand, and Liam reluctantly gripped hands with Thomas. Hope asked where the girls were, and Steffy said they'd probably be up soon with so many visitors around.

Steffy showed Douglas some beach toys she had for him on the coffee table. Thomas remarked that the child would be in good hands with Hope if he wanted to get into the water. Liam rendered a troubled expression then offered beer to anyone who wanted it. Hope asked for water, and Steffy followed Liam into the kitchen area to retrieve it.

In the kitchen, Liam expressed how obvious it was that Thomas was using Douglas. Steffy ordered Liam to let it go, so they could have a happy, positive day. She gave Liam a bottled water and called Thomas into the kitchen to help her.

Liam took the water to Hope and sent Douglas to play on the other side of the room. Liam said that while he was alone with her, he had to ask Hope something. He asked if she really had to spend all her time with Thomas, whom he didn't trust.

From the kitchen, Thomas watched Hope and Liam and pulled out the pills from his pocket.

Later, Thomas thanked Steffy for having them all over, and she said they should do it more often. Douglas asked where his cousins were, and Steffy took the boy to the couch to listen to the baby monitor to see if the girls were still napping.

Liam noted that Steffy had relayed some details about Emma's death to him, and he'd heard that Thomas and Emma had argued. Thomas affirmed it, and Liam asked what it had been about. Thomas lied that it had been about incorporating dancing into the next showing. Thomas had thought it wasn't a good idea. He said they'd done it before and couldn't do the same things over and over again. He guessed Emma's feelings had gotten hurt.

Liam questioned whether that had been why Emma had been so upset and had had to see Hope immediately. Thomas replied that Emma's reaction hadn't been his fault, and he'd been reasonable. Thomas had tried to keep Emma from going to Hope, but Emma had kept pushing.

A baby cooed through the monitor, and Steffy told Douglas that Phoebe was awake. The two went to get Phoebe, and Hope said that she couldn't wait to see the child. Thomas stated that even though Hope had a soft spot for Phoebe, Hope was still mourning Beth, and it wasn't a good idea that Hope spent too much time with Phoebe.

"Are you for real right now?" Liam asked. Liam wanted to know how it was Thomas' business. Liam said that Hope had been finding comfort in Phoebe, and he and Steffy were fine with it. Liam asserted that if Thomas understood Hope's connection to Douglas, then he should understand her connection to Phoebe. Even though Phoebe wasn't his and Hope's daughter, Hope was welcome to see the child at any time.

Thomas said that Liam was right -- Phoebe wasn't Beth. Thomas stated that Beth was gone and would never be back, no matter how much Thomas wished she could be. Apologizing to Hope, Thomas said he didn't know how hard it was for her, but it was why he didn't think she should get too attached to Phoebe. Hope replied that she liked being around Phoebe.

Steffy and Douglas returned with Phoebe, and Hope asked to hold her. "Hey, sweetie, I missed you. I think about you every day, Beth," Hope greeted Phoebe. "Oh, my God," Hope stated, realizing what she'd said. Liam rushed over, asking if Hope was okay. Staring at the baby, Hope uttered, "...Beth...Beth..."

Thomas slips something into Liam's drink

Thomas slips something into Liam's drink

Friday, June 28, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt was with Flo, expressing his feelings for her. He wanted her to say "yes" to the next phase of the relationship. Flo, however said she didn't know that they were in a relationship. Wyatt was sure that they were, but he was willing to convince her of it. He kissed her and told her -- just so she knew -- that Sally and he had officially ended things.

Flo expressed surprise. Wyatt said he'd felt the need to say something to Sally and that doing so had freed him to be with Flo. Flo was happy to hear that, but she wasn't sure what Wyatt wanted her to agree to. He presented her with a key and said it was to his front door. He asked if she'd move in with him.

Flo asked when he'd had the key made. Wyatt asked if Flo had meant to ask him when he'd decided to ask her to move in. She said he had to have thought a lot about it. Wyatt replied that, unlike his over-thinker of a brother, he just did what felt right, and "this" felt right. Wyatt didn't want to pressure her if she wasn't ready. It was just that he liked waking up with her next to him.

Just then, Shauna entered for a surprise visit. She offered to return at another time, but Wyatt asked her to stay. He announced that he'd just asked Flo to move in with him. "I love her," Wyatt said. Looking at Flo, he stated, "I mean, I love you."

Flo looked touched, but Shauna said it couldn't be a surprise to Flo. Flo asked what her mother thought about it. Shauna asked if Flo loved Wyatt. Flo replied that she did. To Shauna, it meant an obvious "yes." Shauna urged Flo to accept the key. Flo did so, and Wyatt spun her around.

Wyatt thought it called for a toast. Shauna suggested Champagne, but Wyatt was out of it. He left for the store to pick some up, and Shauna and Flo hugged each other. Shauna was happy for her daughter and said it made it easier for her to do what she had to do. Flo asked what that was, and Shauna revealed that she was leaving town.

Flo asked why. Shauna was doing it for Flo. She didn't want Flo to be haunted by what Reese had done. According to Shauna, it had to stay a secret, just like Thomas had told Flo. Shauna figured that if she wasn't there, it was one less way for the truth to get out. She asked Flo to concentrate on her new job, new love, and new place as a Logan.

Shauna conveyed that all of Flo's happiness rested upon Flo staying silent about Beth. All Shauna and Flo talked about when they were together was Beth. Shauna insisted that she had to go because she was a painful reminder for Flo. Shauna would be back to check on Flo and wouldn't fall out of Flo's life. She wanted Flo to embrace her life and not throw it all away.

At the cliff house, everyone stared at Hope as she referred to Phoebe as Beth. Liam asked if Hope was okay and what she had just said. For a few moments, Hope gazed in wonder at the child in her arms and repeated, "Beth."

Snapping out of it, Hope apologized. She became emotional and asked Steffy to take the baby. Steffy said everything was okay, and Hope asked if Steffy would forgive her.

Later, Steffy tended to Phoebe on the sofa, and Liam observed Hope on her phone in the kitchen. Thomas watched Liam go to the kitchen to join her. Steffy told Thomas that Liam was worried about Hope, and after what had just happened, Steffy was worried, too.

In the kitchen, Hope asked if Liam ever second-guessed himself. She'd wanted Liam to be with the girls while she was there for Douglas. "But the reality of seeing you in this home that you share with Steffy is, uh..." Hope started to say. She claimed that she was happy for the girls and Phoebe. "But when you hold her...when I hold her..." Hope tearfully said.

Hope said that she might have made a mistake by showing up there. Liam told her not to leave. He stated that he wasn't her husband, but he'd never stop caring about her, worrying about her, or being there when she needed him. Thomas glared at Hope and Liam.

Later, Hope wanted to apologize to Steffy again for what had happened earlier with Phoebe. Steffy dismissed it, saying that she just wanted Hope to heal, and Steffy hoped that being with Douglas was helping. Liam entered with Kelly in tow, and Hope hid what seemed to be uncomfortable feelings that surfaced as she watched Liam and Steffy interact with the girls.

Thomas sent Douglas to find some cards for a "Go Fish" game with Hope. Liam and Steffy took the girls to the kitchen to feed them, and Thomas asked Hope if she was okay. Hope wanted to help Douglas find the cards. Gesturing to the people in the kitchen, Thomas told Hope that she should be proud of herself for making that happen. He said that Liam was fully committed to Steffy and the girls. "He's moved on. You should, too," Thomas added.

After Steffy and Liam had fed the girls, and Thomas, Douglas, and Hope had finished their card game, Steffy took Kelly to change for the beach. Thomas offered his and Douglas' help with the girls. As Liam reluctantly gave Phoebe to Thomas, Thomas told Liam that he'd put Liam's margarita on the mantel.

When Hope and Liam were alone together, Liam seemed to want to say something. Before he could, Hope went to the kitchen to pack their cooler. Unable to resist speaking, Liam followed her into the kitchen area.

Hope asked if Liam read bedtime stories to the girls. Liam went on and on about acting out the stories to the girls, and then he realized that he was being insensitive. Hope told Liam not to be sorry because it had been what their choices had been all about.

Thomas peeked out of the bedroom and observed Liam and Hope in the kitchen. He sneaked by the sofa and hid by the wall near the fireplace. Liam and Hope talked about Steffy enjoying the help around the house, and he said he and Steffy made a good team. Hope assumed they were getting close, but Liam said he was sleeping in the guest bedroom.

Hope asked if it was selfish to say that she was glad Liam was taking his time. Liam didn't think so. She said that she'd always love him. He replied that he'd always love her, too. He wanted what was best for her, too, which was why he struggled with how much Thomas was in her life. Liam asked her to promise to be careful.

Thomas broke a pill open over Liam's drink, which was still above the fireplace. Interrupting Hope and Liam's conversation, Thomas made them aware that he was cleaning up glasses around the room. Thomas handed Liam his drink and said that Douglas wanted to see Hope in the bedroom.

Hope went into the bedroom to retrieve Douglas. Thomas watched as Liam took a few sips of his drink. Internally, Thomas said that day was the beginning of the rest of their lives. "Goodbye, Liam," Thomas murmured aloud.

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