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Hope revealed to Thomas that she might not ever be ready to be intimate with him, but Thomas persisted in planning a quickie wedding. Liam and Brooke desperately tried to stop the wedding, to no avail. A drunken Flo became desperate to relieve her conscience.
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Despite objections, Thomas and Hope's wedding day arrived
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Hope questions her decision to get married Hope questions her decision to get married

Monday, July 15, 2019

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam chuckled about it taking two hours to finally get both girls down. Steffy liked sharing the experience with him. Liam replied that it was where he was supposed to be. She said she understood if he was still thinking about Hope. He expressed worry about Hope, and Steffy told him that Thomas wasn't a bad guy.

Liam believed that Thomas was bad for Hope and manipulating her left and right. Admitting that Thomas had been pushy in the past and could be a little intense, Steffy said it had nothing to do with Hope, to whom Thomas was devoted. Liam cringed at the thought of it.

Liam just wanted Hope to be happy. Steffy advised him to let Thomas make Hope happy. It felt wrong to Liam, who wasn't convinced that Thomas was acting in his son's interests. Steffy felt that everything Thomas did was for Douglas' sake and that Thomas would do anything to keep his son happy and safe.

Steffy said the reality of it was that Hope and Thomas were getting married. Liam told Steffy to wait a minute because Hope had said she wanted time between her engagement and wedding. He was willing to wait to see if a marriage actually materialized. Steffy said that Thomas would get married the next day if it were possible.

Liam knew that and believed that Thomas was aggressively using Douglas. Steffy replied that Hope wasn't a pushover and wouldn't have taken a ring if she wasn't into it. Agreeing, Liam explained that Hope thought being there for Douglas would make her and Douglas' pain go away, but it wouldn't. Steffy thought it was reasonable that after Hope and Douglas had helped each other so much, Hope would want to officially be his stepmother.

Liam replied that Thomas was driving the whole thing and pressuring Hope to get what he wanted. Steffy said that, whatever way one looked at it, "our family" was getting closer. She suggested that Liam accept it and maybe support Hope and Thomas. Liam growled.

Steffy let Liam know that it was his turn. Liam was set to do the overnight shift, and he offered to wake up with the girls. He was trying to make up for lost time and figured he'd be even after three hundred mornings.

It meant a lot to Steffy that he was there with them. Liam stated that they were a unit, the Fab Four. Steffy felt that every child deserved it, and Hope and Thomas were giving it to Douglas.

In Brooke's room, Brooke had left her charger downstairs, but Ridge offered to let her use his. Brooke called it true love and kissed him. He asked if she wanted to talk more. She opted to go to bed. His giddy mood irked her, and she asked why he was so happy about "this."

Ridge said that the engagement made it an exciting time. Brooke insisted that it was too soon and that Hope was nowhere near over Liam. Ridge noted that Hope wouldn't have accepted Thomas' proposal if she hadn't been ready. Clarifying that Hope had accepted "Douglas'" proposal, Brooke stated that Hope didn't love Thomas but had compassion for the boy who'd lost his mother. Ridge said they'd love each other by the time they married each other.

Brooke stated that it was strange to become engaged to someone that one didn't love. She didn't think the couple was in it for the right reasons. Ridge felt that the couple was in it for the right reasons, which were family and stability. Brooke didn't think that Thomas could offer Hope that and prayed that they would have a very long engagement.

While in bed, Brooke and Ridge's conversation continued. Ridge wanted Thomas to have what Ridge and Brooke had, but she said Thomas would never have that because Hope didn't have feelings for him. Brooke asked if Ridge wanted Thomas to be with someone who had feelings for someone else. Ridge denied wanting that.

In Brooke's view, it was what was happening. Hope loved Liam and always would, and he was Hope's soul mate. Ridge wished it didn't weigh on Brooke so much. Brooke said her daughter's well-being was at stake. He replied that the well-being of his kids and grandkids was, too. He stated that Liam had tried; it hadn't worked, and Thomas might be the answer.

Brooke reasoned that Hope needed room to breathe. She didn't think that being with Thomas would fix Hope; instead, Brooke worried that it would do the opposite. Ridge said that a doctor had told him to make out with his bedmate when excessive worry occurred.

Brooke kissed Ridge and said she just wanted Hope to do what was best for Hope. Ridge contended that Hope had done that with the annulment, and whether Brooke liked it or not, that chapter of Hope's life was over. He wasn't dismissing Brooke's feelings; he just didn't want himself and Brooke to interfere in their kids' lives the way his mother had in theirs.

Brooke quipped that Stephanie had been a wise woman and that they probably should have listened to her more often. Ridge agreed about Stephanie being wise but said Stephanie had driven them crazy, and they couldn't do that to their kids. He stated that it might be that Hope and Thomas would fall madly in love. "Yeah, I just don't see it," Brooke replied.

Ridge stated that Hope wasn't with Liam, and that part of her life was done. Douglas and Thomas were with Hope, and Hope might fall in love with Thomas the way Brooke hadn't been able to help but fall in love with Ridge. Brooke laid her head on Ridge's shoulder.

In Douglas' room, Douglas was still wary of the ghost. He wanted Hope to stay with him and not leave. Hope assured him that she wasn't going anywhere. Flashing her ring, she said that she was wearing it, just as Douglas had wanted, and they'd be a family.

Hope asked Douglas to tell her and Thomas what he'd seen. Douglas explained that he'd seen a ghost near the wall across the room, but it had gone into hiding. Thomas opted to check around the room and found no ghost behind the curtains or in the closet. He ducked down beside the bed, retrieved his projector, and told Douglas there was no ghost under the bed.

Douglas insisted that it had been right there. Thomas said that it was gone and wouldn't be back. He figured that because he and Hope would get married sooner, they could protect Douglas even better, and there was no way the ghost would be back.

Hope lay with Douglas and promised him that no ghost would mess with him. She offered to stay with him as long as he needed her to. As Hope told Douglas a story about a chipmunk, Thomas gazed over Hope's legs and stared at her mouth.

In Thomas' room later, Thomas noted that Hope had known just how to calm Douglas down and imagined that it had been scary for Hope to hear Douglas' screams. Hope said she'd run up there as quickly as she could. He claimed he'd been in the shower and hadn't heard the boy's cries. He was grateful that she had.

Hope inquired about Douglas' nightmares. Thomas revealed that Douglas had been having them since his mother had died, but they'd never been that bad. Hope hoped that the child could sleep through the night. Thomas was sure Douglas would and predicted that there would be no more ghosts.

Thomas said that Hope had been great with Douglas, and he felt she was ready to be Douglas' mother and ready to be Thomas' wife. It was clearer than ever to him. He'd been surprised to hear her tell his son that the wedding would happen sooner, and in his eyes, there was no reason to wait.

Guessing that meant they had a wedding to plan, Thomas said he and Hope could have a big one or a small one. It didn't matter to him. He took her in his arms and said he couldn't wait to be her husband.

With a nervous laugh, Hope replied that she couldn't stop thinking about Douglas. She wanted to sleep in the boy's room to make sure he'd be okay. Thomas stated that there was no reason to do that. He asked her to listen. "Nothing. He's asleep. And if he wakes up, we'll hear him," Thomas reasoned.

Thomas thought that getting married was something to celebrate, and he asked her to stay there with him that night. He didn't think they had to wait anymore because they were getting married. Hope knew that but said that she couldn't take her mind off Douglas, who might have another nightmare. Though he was willing to bet that it wouldn't happen, Thomas said they'd be right there if it did. In his view, they were alone and didn't have to hide their feelings anymore.

Thomas stated that when they'd been in Cabo, they'd had their chance, but Hope hadn't been ready. "Now you are, and you are wearing my ring. There's nothing stopping us, Hope," he said and kissed her. Hope allowed the quick kiss, but when he moved in more aggressively, she tensed and put her hands up. She said she just wasn't ready.

Thomas said that Hope was about to be his wife. She knew that, but she wasn't sure when she'd be ready. Thomas got that she was a woman of principles and wanted to wait for the wedding night. She said she wasn't even sure she'd be ready then. He asked if she wanted to wait for the honeymoon. "Honestly, I don't know," she replied.

Thomas asked what that meant, and Hope replied that "this" might be a mistake. "No, no. It's okay. You're not ready. I'm sorry. We'll get there," he decided. It was hard for him to wait, but he felt that she was worth waiting for. He said that when the time arrived, it would be incredible.

Hope admits that she is still drawn to Phoebe Hope admits that she is still drawn to Phoebe

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

In the morning in Douglas' room, a shirtless Thomas swapped out framed photos of Caroline and Douglas for various photos of himself with Douglas and himself with Douglas and Hope. Hope entered, looking for Douglas. "Hey...You caught me," Thomas stated.

Thomas claimed that he'd been checking under the bed to make sure that there were no monsters. Hope didn't want Thomas to joke about it because Douglas had been terrified and had wanted his mommy to hold him. Thomas affirmed that it had been exactly what had happened: Hope had held Douglas and chased away the nightmares.

Hope replied that Caroline would always be the boy's mother. "Of course," Thomas agreed. To him, it felt as if Douglas had been without a mother for a long time, but Hope would change that. Thomas had been up all night, thinking about it, about Hope, and about the wedding. He wanted to ask their parents if they could get married there, where Douglas' home was.

Hope thought it was a wonderful idea. Thomas had another idea. He wanted to make it a happy time for the kids, too, with balloons and stuffed animals. She liked the idea and said they should include the kids as much as possible.

Thomas had a best man in mind, and he wondered if she had thought of a maid of honor. Hope replied that she had. Thomas was interested to know who the lady would be, but Hope wanted to talk about that once she returned. Hope was headed to the cliff house. She wanted Liam to hear about the wedding date from her.

Downstairs, Quinn and Eric were with Ridge and Brooke, and Eric was informing them of Xander's sudden departure. Xander had contacted Eric the previous night, saying he'd had to leave right away. Brooke asked if anyone was ill in Xander's family. Xander hadn't said any more to Eric than that he'd had no alternative but to go.

Quinn wondered if Zoe and Xander had had problems. Eric said that might be the case. He thought they'd never know the true reason that Xander had gone.

Thomas arrived downstairs, greeted Eric and Quinn, and thanked everyone for meeting him. Eric asked where Thomas' fiancée was, and Quinn stated that she hadn't had a chance to congratulate Hope. Thomas had big news to share. He said that Hope wanted to get married as soon as possible and was just as anxious as he was.

Brooke didn't understand and said she'd thought Hope had wanted to take her time. Thomas stated that Douglas' nightmare had reinforced the importance of uniting the family. Brooke replied that all children had nightmares. Thomas said it had been like nothing he'd ever seen, but Hope, who loved Douglas, had been there for the child.

Brooke didn't think it meant Thomas needed to rush the wedding. Ridge said it was what Hope wanted. Thomas claimed that he hadn't pressured Hope in any way.

Quinn and Eric offered to host the wedding, and Brooke's eyes bulged when Thomas said he wanted to have the wedding there at the house. Ridge readily agreed, and Thomas said it would be the next day. "Tomorrow?" Brooke asked, scoffing. "At least we can have a week or two!" she said.

Just then, Douglas entered, and Quinn told him that she and Eric had just heard the big news about the wedding. Douglas beamed that he couldn't wait for Hope to be his new mommy. Thomas asked if Douglas knew what a best man was, and when Douglas said he didn't, Thomas explained the function of a best man at a wedding.

Douglas assumed that Thomas would ask Douglas' grandpa to be the best man, but Thomas actually wanted Douglas to do it because he was an important part of Thomas' relationship with Hope. Douglas agreed to do it, and Thomas said Hope would be happy about it.

Later, the group discussed the wedding, and Thomas had the idea of incorporating a petting zoo. Quinn thought it was sweet that Thomas was including the children in the wedding. Ridge agreed. He said it had been a long journey for Hope, and he empathized with her loss. He thought it would be a new beginning for everyone, especially Hope.

Brooke swallowed a swig of water like it was a shot of liquor. Eric and Quinn assured Brooke that the wedding would turn out fine, and they knew what to do to help.

Eric and Quinn took off, and Ridge told Brooke that he wanted the wedding day to be a day the betrothed wouldn't forget. Brooke wished she could be happy, but she believed that Thomas was manipulating Hope and using Douglas to get what Thomas wanted. Brooke was sorry to say it, but she insisted that Thomas had had an agenda from the moment he'd arrived in town. She said that Thomas wanted Hope and would stop at nothing to get her.

Upstairs, Thomas flashed back to Hope saying that she didn't know when she'd be ready for intimacy with him. Looking at the bed, he envisioned himself standing beside it with a nightie-clad Hope. She said she couldn't wait for the wedding night, and she had to have him "now and forever." They kissed and fell on the bed. Snapping out of it, Thomas seemed surprised by the strength of his own fantasy.

At the cliff house, Liam received a message from Hope, who planned to visit for a talk. He wondered what was up. When Hope arrived, Steffy hugged her and congratulated her on her engagement. She asked when the wedding date was, and both she and Liam were surprised to hear that the wedding would be the next day.

Liam asked why Hope would do that, and Hope said that Douglas had had a bad nightmare. Liam asked what that had to do with moving up the wedding. In Hope's view, Douglas was struggling due to the loss of his mother, and the previous night had shown her that he needed a mother more than ever. Liam asked where Thomas had been.

Hope explained that Thomas had been in the shower, and Hope just wanted everything to be okay for Douglas. She knew that she could help him get there. Liam figured that it was Thomas' idea, but Hope said it had been hers. She assured him that, even though he thought Thomas was using Douglas, there had been nothing fake about Douglas' fears or need for Hope to be his mother. Steffy felt that Douglas was lucky to have Hope.

Steffy asked what she could do to help with the wedding. She was shocked when Hope asked her to be the maid of honor. Hope claimed to admire Steffy for many reasons, but especially because she'd built a loving home for Liam and the girls. Hope wanted to do the same thing for Douglas. Hope restated her wish that she and Steffy could raise their children together, as they'd planned.

Steffy agreed to it and said she'd be honored. She hugged Hope, and a baby cried. Steffy guessed that someone was awake, and she went into her bedroom.

Liam urged Hope to grasp that marrying Thomas sooner would not change anything about her relationship with Douglas; it wouldn't make her more loving, protective, or available, but it would lock her into an adult relationship that she wasn't ready for. He begged her not to do it.

Later, Steffy and Liam watched Hope give Phoebe kisses before Steffy returned to the bedroom to check on Kelly. Liam sat with Hope and Phoebe. Hope felt compelled to take the path with Thomas because she still felt the pull toward Phoebe, another woman's child. Even though Phoebe was a Logan born around the time that Beth had been, Hope didn't think her feelings for Steffy's daughter were proper -- especially when there was a young boy who needed her.

Hope felt that she could be a mother to Douglas. She knew that Liam didn't trust Thomas and wanted her to wait, but she believed that she knew what she needed to do. Liam didn't know how to accept it. Hope marrying Thomas in a day was on a whole other level for Liam.

Liam felt that what had happened the night of the party was the catalyst for it. He was sorry that he'd hurt Hope. "If what happened between me and Steffy is in any way -- God! I don't know what I'm doing here!" Liam stated. At a loss for what to do, he asked if he should pack his bags and move out. He asked if "that" was what had pushed Hope toward Thomas.

Hope told Liam that he and the girls were a family. They were his life, and so was Steffy. Hope knew that he loved Steffy. Liam said it didn't mean that he'd ever stop feeling protective of Hope or that he'd ever stop loving Hope. She said she'd never stop loving Liam, her true love, even while she was getting married the next day.

Hope conveyed that being there like that, imagining the family they could have had with their sweet angel, was too painful. Beth had been taken from them, and she hadn't been the same since. It was the reason she had to marry Thomas the next day. It would fill the emptiness in her heart to mother a child who truly needed her. She wished they'd had the chance with Beth, but they had to stop living in the past. Beth was lost to them forever. Hope would never be able to hold her again, so she had to let go.

Brooke encourages Hope to call off the wedding Brooke encourages Hope to call off the wedding

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

by Pam

At Brooke and Ridge's, Ridge had been on the phone and ordered decorations for Thomas and Hope's wedding scheduled for the next day. He paused repeatedly to ask Brooke what she thought. He wondered if they should have balloons, but he didn't want it to look like a circus.

Ridge asked Brooke how many people would attend, and Brooke replied that 15 people had confirmed that they would attend, but it was such short notice that a lot of people could not attend. Ridge hung up. Brooke said that Pam and Charlie would be cooking all night, but Ridge noted that Charlie was out of town, so Pam was on her own. Brooke thought it was funny that Douglas had called Pam's lemon bars alien candy.

Ridge sensed that Brooke was upset with him, and he wondered why she hated the idea of Thomas and Hope's marriage so much. Brooke didn't understand the rush, and they discussed that most of the family was out of town and couldn't attend.

Ridge said that he would make more calls, but Brooke said she could help. Ridge didn't want her to invite people to a "wedding you don't believe in." Brooke apologized and said she wanted to be happy for Thomas, but she thought it was wrong for Hope. Ridge disagreed and reminded Brooke that Hope had annulled her marriage to Liam.

Brooke said that Hope hadn't been right since she had lost her baby. Ridge insisted that Hope had said yes to Thomas, but Brooke noted that Hope had said yes to Douglas. Brooke felt Hope had feelings for Douglas but not for Thomas. Ridge got defensive and was concerned that Brooke felt something was wrong with Thomas.

In Hope's cabin, Thomas and Hope explained to Douglas what Douglas would do as best man. Hope told him that his Aunt Steffy would help him because she would be the maid of honor. Thomas was pleased and surprised that Hope had asked Steffy. Douglas left, and Hope explained that she and Steffy had planned to raise their daughters together as sisters, but it hadn't worked out. She still looked forward to being a stepmom in one big blended family. She hoped that Thomas and Liam could get along.

Thomas called Hope Mrs. Thomas Forrester. He kissed her, and Hope pulled back. He looked forward to seeing her the next day and said it was the last time he would have to leave the cabin. She looked away. Thomas wanted to spend the night, but Hope declined.

Thomas kissed Hope, and she backed away again. "I love you so much," he said. Hope nodded. She said the next day would be a good day. He kissed her again, and Hope seemed uncomfortable. Thomas apologized for getting "a little carried away." "Tell me you love me," Thomas urged. Hope smiled and hugged him but said nothing. Thomas left.

Later, Brooke joined Hope at the cabin and asked about how Hope would wear her hair and what dress she planned to wear for the wedding. Hope seemed ambivalent. Brooke advised her daughter to call off the wedding because she was marrying a man "you don't love and I don't trust." Hope said she had hesitation and doubts, but she had doubted every decision she'd made since she'd gone to Catalina.

Hope insisted her marriage would be good for Douglas, "and he is good for me." Hope said that she loved her time playing games with Douglas, and she loved pictures he had made for her. She also had mentioned a letter that Caroline had written that Thomas had shown her about Caroline's wishes for Douglas to find a new mom if anything ever happened to Caroline.

Brooke understood that Hope loved Douglas like a son, but she reminded Hope that Thomas would have expectations of her. Brooke worried that Thomas was obsessed with Hope "or something even darker." "I know that you don't have any feelings for him whatsoever," Brooke said. She added that Hope's vows the next day would be nothing more than lies. Tears streamed down Hope's face. After Brooke left, Hope looked out the windows of the cabin and stood on the patio. Hope closed the door and looked sad.

At Steffy's, Steffy and Liam played with Kelly and Phoebe and discussed why the three bears from the fairy tale lived in a house. They all laughed. Talk turned to the wedding, and Steffy wondered if Liam wanted to avoid it and stay home. "I am not going to make it that easy," he said.

Liam urged Steffy to go to bed. He would make sure the girls were all tucked in and all right. They discussed that Hope finally got to be somebody's mother, which was what she had wanted. Liam didn't trust Thomas. Steffy asked Liam to recognize that Thomas was doing something good for Hope. Liam disagreed.

Steffy didn't want to argue with Liam, and she noted that Liam acted like Thomas had been the reason Liam and Hope were apart. Steffy reminded him that Hope had annulled his marriage. Liam agreed and said that he had lost Hope just as they had lost Beth. Liam added that Hope's relationship with Thomas had made her weaker, not stronger. Steffy countered that Liam saw it that way because Hope wasn't doing what Liam felt Hope should be doing. Steffy urged Liam to dislike Thomas silently and to try to be happy for Hope. Liam sighed, and Steffy went to bed.

Liam sat alone in the living room then walked outside and looked at the moon. He flashed back to watching fireworks with Hope and her announcing she was pregnant. He recalled his wedding to Hope and slipping the wedding band on her finger. Then, he remembered the first sonogram of their baby and crying with Hope when they'd lost Beth. He remembered saying goodbye to Hope when she'd removed her rings.

At Brooke and Ridge's house, Thomas showed up, and Ridge quizzed his son about the short engagement and felt it was because Douglas needed a mother. Thomas avoided the question and said that "in every relationship, one person loves more than the other." Ridge asked about the loving relationship that Hope and Thomas had, and Thomas interrupted and said they had not been intimate -- yet. He said the next day would be different because they would be married.

Ridge worried that Liam would show up at the wedding, but Thomas didn't care because "Hope ended their marriage." Thomas wondered if Brooke had gotten to Ridge, but Ridge said he wanted to be supportive. Thomas was unconcerned that Liam might show up and said it wouldn't matter. He excused himself to read Douglas a story.

Thomas and Hope's wedding ceremony inches closer to reality Thomas and Hope's wedding ceremony inches closer to reality

Thursday, July 18, 2019

At the cliff house, Liam was in his suit as he helped Steffy close the back of her dress. She turned around, and he noted that she was distractingly beautiful. As Amelia went to the car to wait with the girls for Liam and Steffy, Steffy asked Liam to at least try to be happy for Thomas and Hope. "Let's just get today over with," Liam replied.

In Thomas' room, Thomas and Douglas stood before the mirror in their tuxedo shirts and ties. Thomas wanted to trim the boy's hair more, but Douglas liked it the way it was. Thomas said Douglas couldn't look shaggy on Thomas' wedding day. Crossing his arms over his chest, Douglas said, "Please, Dad." Thomas agreed to leave Douglas' hair as it was but said they had to look their best when they married Hope.

Ridge entered to find out how Thomas was doing. Thomas was excited for Hope to be his wife. "And my mommy," Douglas added. Thomas wished his mother could be there. Ridge said the wedding was last-minute, and Taylor was doing noble human rights work in Africa. Thomas sent Douglas to brush his teeth, and Ridge asked how Thomas was really feeling.

Thomas said that he could use more support. Citing Brooke and Liam's disdain for the wedding, Thomas stated that he could handle Liam, but Ridge had to do something about Brooke. He said that Brooke had already broken up Ridge and Taylor, and he asked if he and Hope would be next. Thomas was adamant that Brooke had to stop.

Downstairs, Ridge and Thomas complimented Pam on the food spread. Cooking had been a lot for her to manage with Charlie out of town, which was why she wanted to emphasize to Thomas the importance of a partner. She felt that Stephanie was smiling down on Thomas that day.

Quinn and Eric entered with Douglas from the terrace, and Quinn stated that it was like a carnival outside. Steffy arrived with Liam, Amelia, and the kids. They'd previewed parts of the festivities outside, and Steffy was sure the kids would have a blast. Amelia took the kids outside, and as she headed upstairs to help Hope, Steffy warned Liam and Thomas to play nice.

In another bedroom of the house, Hope solemnly walked around in her robe. She gazed at herself in the mirror, hugged a framed photo of Douglas, and stared gravely into nothing.

Brooke arrived and asked why Hope wasn't getting ready. Hope claimed that she was, but she'd just been distracted by thoughts. Brooke stated that if Hope was having second thoughts, all she had to do was say the word, and Brooke would handle the rest.

Steffy entered, apologizing for being late. "It's not like we're in any hurry," Brooke replied. Steffy excitedly hugged Hope and said they'd finally have the family they'd planned on. Hope said that was the point -- to build a stable, blended family that the kids could depend upon. Brooke stated that they could have that without going through with "this."

"Okay," Steffy snapped. Striding toward the door, Brooke insisted that Hope could change her mind, and Brooke hoped that Hope would. She intended to resume the conversation with Hope before the ceremony.

Once alone with Hope, Steffy said she didn't like Brooke dissing Thomas, but Brooke did have a point. Steffy knew how Hope felt about Liam. Hope said it didn't matter. Though Steffy supported the marriage, she wanted happiness for Thomas and Douglas. "So, for everyone's sake, only marry my brother if you mean it," Steffy advised. Steffy concluded that if Hope couldn't, Brooke might be right about calling off the wedding.

Hope said she'd always love Liam, and their future had seemed limitless until that fateful night. She needed to move toward the family she could have and the mother she could be to Douglas. Steffy asked where Thomas fit in. Hope said she and Thomas would co-parent and give Douglas the best life possible. Claiming that she'd been honest with Thomas, Hope said it wasn't just about "our feelings for each other," but a child in desperate need of a family.

The emotional Steffy hugged Hope and exclaimed, "We're sisters!" Hope and Steffy laughed and hugged each other. Steffy was happy for Hope and said it was time to get her ready.

Later, Steffy stood behind Hope at the dressing table. Steffy said that Hope was beautiful, and Douglas was lucky to have a mother like her. Hope began to cry, and Steffy asked if she'd said anything wrong. Hope stated that she'd become a person of heightened emotions, and the thought of being Douglas' mother brought tears to her eyes.

Hope had never thought she'd be a mother again, and she wouldn't be able to get over losing a third child during a pregnancy. She said she was barely keeping it together as it was, but the kids were the only thing getting her through it. Steffy said they'd come a long way, and she was proud to welcome Hope into her family.

Steffy asked if Hope was ready to marry Steffy's brother. Hope let out a breath and asked if Steffy could get Hope's mom.

Back downstairs with Liam, Thomas hoped Liam hadn't felt obligated to be there. Liam quipped that Thomas should get used to Liam's face because Liam would always be where Hope could find him. Thomas advised Liam to focus on his own family.

By the fireplace, Donna and Katie approached Eric, Quinn, and Pam. Eric and Quinn had been wondering if the sisters would even make it to the wedding. Donna admitted that she and Katie had had to talk themselves into it a little. Katie said they'd concluded that their feelings for Hope had outweighed their reservations about the wedding.

Carter arrived, and the guests joked with him about how many Forrester weddings he'd officiated. He didn't know how many there had been but claimed that it was always a pleasure. That day's wedding had surprised him. Others agreed that it had been surprising.

Brooke joined the group and said Hope was getting ready with the maid of honor. Eric thought it was remarkable that Hope and Steffy had overcome their differences to become close and combine their families.

Ridge pulled Brooke aside to remind her that it was supposed to be a happy day. Brooke wasn't happy. She still had her concerns. Ridge stated that Hope and Thomas were getting married. "I'm well aware...unfortunately," Brooke bit out.

Nearby, Carter asked Liam if everything was okay, and Liam openly stated that it was not. Carter took that to mean that Liam wasn't a fan of the wedding. Liam added that he wasn't a fan of Thomas, who was a facsimile of a human being. Carter asked if Liam really meant that. Liam asked what one would call it when someone used his son to manipulate a grieving woman.

Thomas stared around at everyone, apparently sensing their disapproval. Donna asked if Flo would be there. Quinn thought Flo would be there, since she was a Logan. "More than you know," Thomas bit out. Katie asked what that meant. Thomas replied that, just like the other Logan women, Flo disapproved of him.

Eric stated that Thomas knew that wasn't true. Sarcastically, Thomas agreed, saying that it was actually Hope being with him that the Logans found distasteful. "Right, Liam? Right, Brooke?" Thomas asked. Eric wanted everyone to calm down because the wedding was a blessed event, and they were all there to support Hope and Thomas' mutually agreed-upon path. He asked them to, at the very least, keep the negative energy at bay.

As time moved on, Carter wondered if the ceremony should have started, but Eric said that Carter knew that brides didn't care about the time. Donna nudged Brooke to check on Hope. Nodding toward Thomas, Quinn noted that someone was getting impatient.

Ridge approached Thomas to see how he was doing. Thomas murmured that it was taking too long. Steffy descended the stairs, and Thomas asked if Hope was ready. Steffy said that Hope almost was, and Steffy let Brooke know that Hope wanted to see Brooke.

As Brooke went upstairs, Ridge led Steffy toward the terrace. Thomas was trying to ask Steffy if Hope was okay, but Steffy was already out the door with her father. Liam asked if Thomas meant whether Hope was okay with Thomas tricking her into marrying him.

Thomas said to get over it because the wedding was happening. Noting that no one had exchanged vows and that Hope had just asked for her mother, Liam said things might not work out the way Thomas wanted.

Back upstairs, Brooke stated that Hope still wasn't dressed. Hope replied that she was getting there. Brooke recalled that Hope had been bursting with joy and radiating love when she'd married Liam. Brooke didn't see any of it that day, and Brooke told Hope that she could call it off. "Douglas needs me," Hope asserted.

Brooke said that if Hope got married that day, it should be because she wanted to be Thomas' wife, not just Douglas' mother. Brooke urged Hope to mother Douglas. It was fine with Brooke, who said that no one was telling Hope not to do it. Brooke just didn't want Hope to marry Thomas, a man Hope didn't love. Brooke could see Hope's true feelings for Thomas and said Hope was distant with him and kept him at arm's length.

"I've never seen you touch him or kiss him," Brooke cited. In Hope's silence, Brooke acknowledged that Hope cared about Thomas, but in Brooke's mind, that was very different from loving him. Hope repeated that it wasn't about her and Thomas; it was about a boy in need of a mother. In Hope's mind, Hope needed to fill that role.

Brooke said she understood that it had broken Hope's heart to lose Beth and that Hope felt that her life would never be the same. "But it will be. It will. But you can't marry Thomas!" Brooke insisted. She felt that something bad would happen and that marrying Thomas would be the biggest mistake of Hope's life. Brooke begged Hope not to marry Thomas.

A guest unexpectedly disrupts the wedding A guest unexpectedly disrupts the wedding

Friday, July 19, 2019

At Forrester, Zoe went through modeling pictures of Xander. Flo waltzed in, glad she'd found Zoe. Flo was dressed for a wedding and blabbing about how she couldn't let Hope marry a guy who'd let her think her child was dead just so she could raise his.

"God, have you been drinking?" Zoe asked. Flo claimed it was fine, and she had a driver. She needed Zoe to go with her to the wedding because she couldn't do it alone. Zoe said that Flo wouldn't go anywhere. Flo replied that she couldn't no-show her cousin's wedding, and she insisted that she and Zoe both knew the ceremony shouldn't be happening.

Zoe thought the truth would make the situation worse for everyone. Flo said Zoe, who'd lost Xander, should think about Liam and Hope's loss. Flo didn't know why they had to suffer for what Reese had done. Zoe said it was because he'd done it for her.

Flo called that B.S. She said Reese had made his own choices and had left them to pay for them. Flo believed that they had the power and could go over there and tell everyone the truth at once. She reasoned that if they undid the wrongs, Xander would forgive Zoe.

Adamant about doing the right thing, Flo regretted letting Hope believe her baby was dead. She said she'd done nothing when Hope's marriage had fallen apart, and it had gotten to the point that Hope was marrying a man whom she didn't love and who could be a murderer. Zoe said they didn't know any of that, and she told Flo to keep her voice down.

Flo whipped out a half-pint of liquor and took a swig. Taking the bottle from Flo, Zoe said they needed to calm down and figure out what to do. Flo swiped the bottle back from Zoe, drank more, and said that was what she was trying to do. Zoe instructed Flo to go home and text-message Brooke that Flo wasn't feeling well enough to attend the wedding.

Flo affirmed that she didn't feel good and wouldn't feel better until she admitted the truth. She figured that Xander thought running off to London would make it better, but they would all be miserable until the secret got out. Flo stated that they couldn't do anything about Emma, but if they told the truth, Xander would forgive Zoe.

Zoe noted that no one would reward them for doing the right thing. It was too late for that, and too much had happened. Flo yelled that they had to stop that wedding. Zoe insisted that the marriage wasn't a disaster because, if she and Flo kept quiet, Steffy wouldn't lose Liam, and Douglas would never be motherless again.

Flo didn't want to listen anymore because Thomas and Hope could be saying vows at that moment. Zoe yelled that it could be meant to be. In Zoe's mind, it might be that Liam was supposed to be with Steffy, Kelly, and Phoebe, and Hope was supposed to be with Thomas and Douglas. Flo said Zoe could tell herself that if she wanted to, but they both knew that none of it would be happening if Liam and Hope knew about Beth.

Upstairs at Brooke's house, Brooke begged Hope not to marry Thomas. Brooke offered to relay to Thomas whatever excuse Hope wanted to give for her change of heart. Hope didn't need Brooke to help her get out of the wedding. Hope needed support to go through with it.

Adamant that she was protecting Hope from Hope's own best intentions, Brooke asked if Hope couldn't see that Thomas was using Hope's desire to be there for Douglas to get Hope to marry him. Hope said that if that was how Brooke felt -- and if Brooke wasn't even trying to understand why Hope was doing it -- then Brooke needed to go downstairs. Hope was unwavering in her decision to go through with the wedding.

In the living room, Thomas coached Douglas to say "I do" during the ceremony when Thomas asked if Douglas loved Hope. Thomas explained that it was what people said when they got married. Douglas stared at Thomas without answering.

Near the stairs, Katie and Donna murmured to each other about whether it was a good thing that Brooke was still upstairs with Hope. Thomas asked Carter and Ridge if getting everyone to their seats would speed things up. "If she's not ready, she's not ready," Liam quipped. Thomas said Brooke was holding things up, but Liam suspected that Hope had had a moment of clarity.

As time crept by, family members began to notice that Thomas was antsy. Ridge insisted that Thomas was fine. Thomas tried to send Steffy to get Hope, but Steffy said Hope had wanted to talk to her mother. Just then, Brooke arrived downstairs and solemnly announced that Hope would be down in a moment. Liam and Brooke exchanged leery gazes.

Everyone took their places, and Thomas put Douglas on a carpeted stair-step behind Thomas at the altar. It raised Douglas high enough to see over Thomas' shoulder. The bridal march played, and Hope descended the stairs. She flashed back to marrying Liam and strode down the aisle and smiled at Liam and the girls.

Carter began the ceremony. Instead of gazing at her groom, Hope focused on Douglas. Carter said that Thomas and Hope's love had dispelled tragedy and loss. Even though losing people caused suffering, it could also unite people. He said the guests could see that through Hope and Douglas' bond. Carter stated that Hope, Thomas, and Douglas were starting a new chapter of their lives.

Carter prompted family members to speak. Ridge readily stood up to say how proud he was of the man Thomas had become. He said that Thomas had found a way to put a smile on Douglas' face and navigate through a difficult time. Ridge claimed that Hope was a wonderful woman, and he was grateful that she'd somehow found the strength to open her heart to his son and grandson. He was grateful that the three of them had found each other.

Ridge sat down and nudged Brooke to get up. Brooke stood. In a serious tone, she said that marriage was sacred and a lifetime commitment. Steffy smiled at Liam, and he looked at the girls. Brooke stated that marriage wasn't vows or an act of will or compassion. In her view, it should be an expression of loyalty, devotion, passion, and love. That was what Brooke wanted for Hope. Brooke wanted Hope to have the marriage she deserved.

Carter prompted Thomas to speak next. Thomas and Hope hadn't prepared vows, but he had something to say. He stated that all he'd done thus far had been for Hope and the family they were building. He planned to do all within his power to defend that family.

Liam sneered as Thomas spoke, and Hope gazed and grinned at Douglas. Thomas said he was a better father and man -- a better everything -- because of her. He hadn't known what would have happened to him and Douglas if Hope hadn't been there when they'd returned to town.

"I loved you before. I love you now. But once I saw how much Douglas loves you..." Thomas said. Looking at Douglas, he asked if the boy loved Hope. "I do," Douglas responded. Liam and Brooke looked on, trying to hide their displeasure with Thomas' use of the child. Meanwhile, Hope grinned at Douglas, and he smiled back.

Liam placed Phoebe on the floor at Hope's feet. Carter instructed Hope and Thomas to join hands. He asked if it was Hope and Thomas' intent to be married and pledge their love and fidelity to each other. Hope looked at Brooke, and Brooke expectantly stared back. "And to me," Douglas added, and Hope gazed lovingly at him.

Hope told Douglas that he was a big part of it. Carter asked if he could take that as an affirmation. Thomas affirmed that it was his and Hope's intent to be married. Carter asked if Thomas took Hope to be his wife until death do they part. Thomas said that he did. Carter asked the same of Hope, who had an uncertain look on her face.

"Mama...Mama...Mama..." Hope heard from the ground. Looking down, she saw Phoebe, who kept saying, "Mama." Steffy apologized and scooped the baby off the ground. Hope became disconcerted. Carter repeated the question to Hope about taking Thomas as her husband. Hope gazed back at Liam and her mother.

B&B's most Taylor-made moments


B&B's most Taylor-made moments
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