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Thomas got his bride to the altar but couldn't get his wife into the marriage bed. Wyatt learned that Flo had a secret with Thomas, and his suspicions led Liam to investigate Phoebe's adoption. Defying his father, Douglas exposed the truth about Beth.
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Douglas overheard that Phoebe was actually Beth
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Liam overhears intriguing information Liam overhears intriguing information

Monday, July 22, 2019

At Forrester, Zoe told Flo to drink up because she didn't want Flo to drive to the wedding, anyway. Flo reminded Zoe that Flo had hired a driver, but Flo offered to go to the wedding with Zoe. Zoe refused, and Flo vowed that she'd put an end to the secret once and for all.

Flo acknowledged that many mistakes had been made along the way, but in her view, the wedding didn't have to be one of them. Zoe didn't think it was a mistake, but Flo felt that Hope deserved to know what kind of man Thomas was. "And if I have to go to jail for it, so be it," Flo decided and charged out of the office.

At the wedding, Hope was disconcerted when Phoebe tugged Hope's gown and called her mama. Steffy apologized and scooped the child up off the floor. Carter asked again if Hope took Thomas as her husband, and Hope gazed around, unsure. Thomas said that he was nervous, too, but he and Douglas were there for Hope.

Phoebe continued to call for "Mama." Steffy apologized again, but Hope said that it was okay. In Hope's view, the children were very important. Hope focused back on the ceremony and agreed to take Thomas as her husband and Douglas as her son. She said she took them as a family until death do they part.

Carter asked Douglas for the rings and instructed Thomas and Hope to exchange them as symbols of their love and faithfulness. Concluding the ceremony, Carter pronounced Hope and Thomas husband and wife and instructed Thomas to kiss the bride. The guests clapped. Brooke shed a tear, and Liam and Hope exchanged a sad gaze.

Later, the guests were mingling, and Eric and Quinn congratulated the newlyweds. Hope wondered where Douglas was, and Thomas said Amelia had taken the kids to the bouncy house. Eric wanted to know the age limit for it. Thomas wanted to see pictures if Eric climbed in it. Eric declared that it was happening. "No, it's not," Quinn replied, but Eric insisted that it would.

Across the room, Brooke empathized with how hard it had to be for Liam to watch the newlyweds. Liam said Hope didn't even love Thomas. Brooke knew that and said everyone could see it. "See what?" Steffy asked. Brooke asked what Steffy thought.

Steffy asked if she and Liam should congratulate the newlyweds. Shrugging, he guessed so, and he trailed behind Steffy and stopped as she enthusiastically hugged her brother.

Steffy congratulated Thomas on finally getting married without having to keep a girl in the country. Pulling Hope close, Thomas said he loved that woman right there, but Steffy, he'd tolerate. Thomas asked if Liam would congratulate him and Hope. Liam told Hope that he only wanted her to be happy. He hoped that the marriage -- or at least the family -- would bring Hope joy.

Steffy apologized again for Phoebe interrupting the wedding. Thomas asked when the child had started crawling. Steffy replied that it had been a week, and that day had been the first time the girl had said mama -- while pulling on Hope's dress.

Liam stated that Phoebe had been making her way to Steffy. Steffy corrected that Phoebe had been going toward Hope, "but whatever. It's fine." Thomas decided that it hadn't been directed at anyone, and Phoebe knew that Steffy was her mother. Hope added that Steffy had cared for Phoebe almost from the day she'd been born, and Phoebe definitely knew who her mother was.

Later, Thomas and Hope approached Brooke and Ridge. Ridge asked where Hope's Champagne was. Hope didn't want any. She wasn't feeling well and thought she needed to collect herself. Brooke offered to let Hope rest in the master bedroom. Thomas asked Hope not to take too long because Pam would soon be ready to cut the cake. Hope excused herself, and Ridge murmured that he hoped she'd feel better.

Alone with Brooke and Ridge, Thomas said he knew that Brooke had hoped Hope wouldn't go through with it, but once she saw the joy he brought to Hope's life, Brooke would be their primary supporter. "I promise," he said and strode away.

Thomas encountered Liam and asked if Liam had decided to congratulate him, after all. Liam congratulated Thomas on wearing Hope down. Thomas quipped that he'd thought Liam would be an adult about it. Liam asked what kind of man would take advantage of Hope. "Hope's man," Thomas replied, flashing his ring. He said he was Hope's husband, and there was nothing Liam could do to change it.

At the door, Flo had barely gotten into the foyer before Pam accosted her, shoving a tray of dishes into her hands. Shuffling Flo toward the kitchen, Pam admitted that she was overwhelmed and needed help, but she asked that Charlie never hear about.

Later, Flo set a tray of food on a table. Donna and Katie greeted Flo. Flo was sorry for being late and wondered if Hope had left. Donna hoped not because Donna had a bouquet to catch.

Brooke approached and greeted Flo. She said Hope was upstairs, regrouping, and would be happy to see Flo. Flo asked how the ceremony had been, and the Logans explained that Phoebe had made it eventful by crawling up to Hope and crying, "Mama! Mama!" Shocked, Flo said it shouldn't be happening. Katie replied it had been awkward, but it had turned out fine.

Liam approached, greeted Flo, and asked where Hope was. Brooke said that Hope was resting in Brooke's room, and Brooke suggested that he check on Hope. Liam decided to do that.

At the champagne table, Thomas poured himself a drink and scowled as he watched Liam go upstairs. Thomas continued to scowl when he looked over at Flo chatting with the other Logans.

Upstairs, Hope smoothed her dress before a mirror and had a quick flash in her mind of Liam on their wedding day. Liam entered the room. He said he'd had to see her. Hope asked why. Liam replied that she knew why; it was because she'd married the wrong guy.

Liam had watched Hope say her vows and noted that she'd been looking at Douglas, not Thomas. Hope replied that Liam knew where her heart was. Agreeing, he said it was why he didn't understand it, and he felt that things could be very different. Hope affirmed that he was right; things could be. Hope felt that Beth had been reaching out to her through Phoebe.

Liam's brows furrowed as he listened to Hope say that Phoebe had called her what she was -- a mother who'd commit herself to Douglas. Hope guessed that Beth had tried to send her approval of it. The tearful Hope said it was silly that she had to find meaning in the little things and signs that Beth was reaching out and letting them know she was okay.

With resolve in her voice, Hope asserted that she'd give Douglas everything she had and be the best mother she could be. She felt that she and Liam both knew that each day, she'd still be wondering why their daughter had been taken from them. Liam hugged Hope.

Back downstairs, Steffy was ready to leave with the girls, but Ridge didn't want them to go. She said the girls were super cranky, and she asked him to tell Liam, once he returned downstairs, that she and the girls had gone. Ridge asked why Liam was upstairs, and Steffy said he was talking to Hope. Ridge hoped he didn't have to remind Liam that Hope was a married woman.

Ridge and Steffy went outside, and Thomas strode over to the Logans to greet Flo. He asked if he'd seen Liam go upstairs. Brooke said Liam was checking on Hope. "That's inappropriate," Thomas declared. He felt that anything Liam had to say to Hope, he could say in front of her husband. "You're married now. Everything should be out in the open, right?" Flo asked.

Later, Flo and Thomas were alone by the stairs. He asked if she'd been trying to threaten him earlier. Flo, who merely thought things should be out in the open, said it wasn't her fault if he felt threatened. He asked if she was drunk. Flo replied that she wasn't. He said she'd been drinking, and he could smell it on her. Flo stated that he'd been drinking, too.

Thomas pulled out his phone to call Flo a cab. Flo said she'd heard what Phoebe had done. "Crawling up there and calling Hope mama. 'Mama. Mama,'" Flo taunted. Thomas told Flo to keep quiet, but she contended that everyone was outside and couldn't hear her. Thomas said he couldn't risk anyone hearing her and finding out.

Flo was amazed that Thomas had just watched it happen without saying a word. She said he could have ended Hope's pain in that instant, but he'd chosen not to. Thomas believed that he had ended Hope's pain by marrying her. Flo deemed it twisted to manipulate Hope into a marriage she didn't even want.

Thomas stated that Hope was his, and that was how it would stay. "She's yours? Like she belongs to you now?" Flo asked. She mocked him for making vows of truthfulness and honesty while he was keeping the disgusting secret.

Liam walked on the overlook and headed toward the stairs, but he stopped upon hearing Thomas and Flo's argument directly below him by the front door. He hid out of sight as Flo told Thomas that Hope never would have married him if she'd known the truth. Flo was determined to tell Hope.

Thomas stated that Flo wasn't telling anyone anything. He grabbed her by her wrist, dragged her closer to the front door, and yanked the door open. Liam continued to listen as Flo stated that the wedding shouldn't have happened and that Thomas was a liar. Thomas ordered Flo to go back to Vegas and declared that no one would learn the secret.

Yanking herself away, Flo ordered Thomas not to touch her. Flo was adamant about telling Hope the truth. Flo couldn't take it anymore and didn't know what else she was supposed to do. Pointing out the open door, he stated that he'd tell her exactly what she'd do -- she'd keep her mouth shut, and she'd keep the secret until the day she died. Flo wordlessly left the house.

"What secret?" Liam quietly wondered.

Wyatt urges Flo to tell him the truth Wyatt urges Flo to tell him the truth

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

At the Bikini, Liam thanked Wyatt for meeting him. He informed Wyatt that the wedding had taken place, but things were worse than Liam had once thought. Liam revealed that he'd overheard Thomas and Flo talking, and apparently, the pair had a secret regarding Hope.

Wyatt gasped in surprise and wanted to know what had gone on. Liam stated that Thomas had threatened Wyatt's girlfriend, and Flo had called Thomas a liar. Taken aback by it all, Wyatt conveyed that he hadn't even known that Thomas and Flo knew each other that well.

Liam thought Thomas was trying to stop Flo from letting whatever secret they had slip out. Trying to make sense of it, Wyatt backtracked to the beginning and said that Flo had gone to the wedding. "She didn't. Not really," Liam replied.

Liam explained that Flo had missed the ceremony. When she'd arrived at the reception, she'd been disconcerted by something. Recalling that Flo had said it had been so wrong to do it to Hope, Liam surmised that the secret was tearing Flo apart.

Wyatt couldn't believe it was happening again. He said Flo knew that he hated secrets and that a secret had destroyed his last relationship. Liam added that it was another secret with Thomas, and it was always Thomas. Liam sensed that Thomas was forcing Flo to keep the secret, and he asked Wyatt to see if he could get Flo to open up and tell him what the secret was.

At Wyatt's beach house, Flo received a message from Thomas, who thought she never should have shown up at the wedding. He ordered her to keep her mouth shut -- or else.

Shauna arrived. She said she'd just gotten into town when she'd received Flo's message. Seeing that her daughter was distraught, Shauna assumed that Flo and Wyatt were having problems. Flo replied that they were fine -- for the moment. "It's him, Mom. It's Thomas," Flo said.

Flo quivered in fear of Thomas, who'd cornered her at the wedding reception. Shauna's brows rose, and she asked if he'd really done that. Flo said he thought she was still a threat. Shauna asked Flo to say she wasn't still thinking of revealing the truth about Beth. Shauna said that Hope had become married, and Flo had everything going for her.

"Everything except a clear conscience," Flo concluded. Seeing Hope always reminded Flo of that. Flo argued that Hope should be raising her daughter with Liam, but Thomas wouldn't let it happen. Flo showed her mother the threatening text message from Thomas.

"Oh, he's threatened you," Shauna noted in a knowing tone. Flo said Thomas had ordered her to keep the secret until the day she died. Upset that Thomas had threatened her daughter, Shauna said, "I have half a mind to just -- " Flo didn't want Shauna to get involved. Shauna agreed not to if Flo would give up the notion of going to Hope.

Flo couldn't do that when Hope was with a man who was lying to her. Flo reasoned that she wasn't any better than Thomas when it came to the truth. Shauna asserted that the time had passed for trying to undo what had been done. She said that Beth was Phoebe, and Hope had become a mother to a little boy who needed her. That was Hope's life.

Shauna told Flo that Flo couldn't risk her life, job, or relationship, and Flo couldn't risk setting off Thomas. She advised Flo to do as Thomas said. Shauna was adamant that Flo never utter another word about Beth.

Later, Flo was alone when Wyatt arrived home. He asked how the wedding had gone. She said she hadn't made it to the ceremony, but she wasn't a fan of the marriage anyway. Flo became emotional as she said Thomas knew that Hope loved Liam but was "so arrogant that he -- "

Wyatt assumed that Flo didn't like Thomas. She said she didn't, but she had her reasons. Wyatt wanted her to open up and talk to him. He said she could tell him anything. He valued honesty and wanted to help her if he could. Flo replied that it would kill her if she lost him.

Wyatt asked why she thought that would happen. He noted that she wasn't acting like herself, and he asked her to say what was going on with her. In her silence, he stated that they loved each other and had to be truthful with each other. He asked her to tell him what she was keeping from him.

In her mind, Flo recalled her mother telling her to never utter a word about Beth. "No! No! I can't do it anymore!" Flo yelled. She told Wyatt that he was right. Something was going on, and she couldn't keep it in anymore. She said she loved Wyatt, but she needed to tell him the truth.

In Douglas' room, Thomas watched as Hope tucked Douglas in. Douglas asked her to leave on the nightlight to scare away the ghosts. She told him that sweet dreams also kept ghosts away and asked if he'd said his prayers. Douglas conveyed that he'd thanked God for letting her be his new mommy, and he said that he loved her.

Thomas told Douglas that his mommy and daddy would see him in the morning, but Hope told Thomas that she was thinking of staying with Douglas that night. Thomas grimaced.

Alone with Douglas at his bedside later, Thomas stated that, even though Hope had said she wanted to stay with Douglas that night, she really wanted to stay with Thomas. "She does?" Douglas asked. Thomas claimed that Hope had been trying to be nice and trying to make sure Douglas would be okay. "But you're okay, aren't you?" Thomas asked.

Douglas said that he was. Thomas advised Douglas to tell Hope that he was a big boy and that he could stay in his room by himself. If Douglas did that, Hope and Thomas could stay together like "a real mommy and daddy." Thomas asked if Douglas wanted them to be a real mommy and daddy. "Yeah!" Douglas enthusiastically agreed.

Hope returned to the room in her robe and pajamas. She called for lights out. "You should be with my daddy tonight. I'd like that a lot," Douglas responded. Hope looked at Thomas, who asked if Douglas was sure about it. Douglas claimed that it was okay because she'd showed him how to handle ghosts. Hope offered to read Douglas a bedtime story. Douglas said it was okay because he was kind of sleepy.

Thomas noted that it was past Douglas' bedtime -- and Hope's, too. Douglas warned Hope not to let the bedbugs bite. Gazing at Hope, Thomas said he'd make sure that she'd be just fine.

Hope and Thomas went to his room. Hope was inwardly startled to see the room decked out with candles and rose petals on the bed. Thomas said that Douglas was right -- it was Hope and Thomas' night, and they should spend it together. Thomas had set the room up "just in case." He asked what Hope thought of it. She called it thoughtful.

Thomas repeated the word and asked what was wrong. Hope said it had been a big day. "Our wedding day," Thomas added, and he said they had memories they'd never forget. Hope didn't think she'd forget Phoebe calling her mama. He suggested that Hope take a step back from Phoebe, who had Liam and Steffy. "Your place is here with Douglas now," Thomas reasoned.

Noting how beautiful Hope was, Thomas was amazed that the day had finally arrived, and they were married. He touched her face. He knew it might take time for Hope, but he said Douglas wanted them to be together. Thomas also wanted them to be together. He said she was a mother, they had their family, and that night was their wedding night.

"I want you so much," Thomas uttered and kissed her. Hope and Thomas kissed. The kiss turned passionate, and he removed his shirt. When he undid her robe, Hope pulled back and said that she couldn't. He asked what she meant. Hope repeated that she couldn't.

Thomas decided that it was okay because they had the rest of their lives together. Hope thanked Thomas, kissed his cheek, and left the room.

Thomas strode around the room, putting out candles and talking to himself aloud. He asked what kind of girl wouldn't sleep with her husband on her wedding night. He decided that it was okay because Hope loved him and would come around. Thinking of Liam, Thomas said Liam had better return to Steffy and stay away from Hope. "And Flo," Thomas stated.

Thomas wondered if Flo wanted to go to prison. He felt as if he were surrounded by idiots. He told himself to chill. He said Douglas had a mother, and Hope had become "mine." Things hadn't started out great, in Thomas' view, but he told himself that it would all work out.

Downstairs, Hope had made a sleeping area on the couch. She received a call from Liam, who was surprised she'd answered on her wedding night. She replied that she couldn't. "Oh, thank God!" Liam knew he shouldn't say things like that, but he felt that Thomas didn't deserve her.

Liam told Hope that there were forces at work against them. He'd called to tell her that he loved her and to ask her to hang in there while he got to the bottom of it. Hope didn't know what Liam was talking about in reference to forces, but she told him that they couldn't keep talking like that. She reminded him that they were where they should be. Liam stated that Hope might have given up, but he still thought there was a future for them.

"Mommy!" Douglas yelled from upstairs. Hope told Liam that she had to go. He replied that he loved her. Douglas cried out again, and Hope clicked off the line.

After the call, Liam recalled Flo and Thomas' argument at the reception. Thomas had told Flo to go back to Vegas and that no one would find out about the secret.

Brooke encourages Hope to call off the wedding Brooke encourages Hope to call off the wedding

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

by Pam

At Brooke and Ridge's, Hope walked down the stairs in the middle of the night and looked at her wedding ring. Brooke heard her, and Brooke wondered what was wrong. "Or do I really have to ask?" Brooke asked. She advised her daughter that the marriage between Hope and Thomas was a sham.

Hope responded that she was tired and didn't want to discuss it. Brooke noted that Hope was alone on her wedding night and clearly needed time away from her new husband because she didn't love him. Hope responded that she'd made a promise and was Mrs. Thomas Forrester. Hope insisted she had to give it a chance. Brooke disagreed and said that she could call Carter first thing in the morning and start the annulment proceedings.

Hope refused, and Brooke clucked that it would be a loveless marriage. Hope added that she would be there for Douglas. Hope and Brooke discussed that Phoebe had called Hope "Mama" during the ceremony, and Hope had wanted to "reach down to pick her up and hold her like my own daughter." Hope added that it wasn't fair to Steffy to do that. Hope needed to move on. She knew that Brooke didn't understand that.

Hope added that there was something about Phoebe, and Hope felt drawn to her. Tears rolled down Hope's cheeks, and she said the incident had reminded her of what could have been. Brooke said that Hope could have the family she wanted with the man she loved. Hope insisted it was no longer an option. She worried that she would lose a third child, and she couldn't do that. She felt that Douglas brought meaning to her life, and she had to get past losing Beth. "It hurts too much," Hope said. Brooke embraced Hope.

Hope was alone in the dark and had sheets on the couch so she could sleep there. She tried to close her eyes, but she looked at her ring and thought of happy times with Liam when they'd had the sonogram of their baby. She sighed, and tears were in her eyes. She turned out the lights and stared into the darkness.

At Steffy's, Steffy sympathized with Liam that it had to have been hard to watch Hope marry Thomas. Liam agreed, but he said there was something he was curious about. "What do you know about Flo Fulton," Liam asked. Steffy wondered why Liam had a sudden fascination with Flo. Liam explained that Flo had missed the ceremony and had seemed extremely emotional afterward when she'd arrived.

Steffy said she hadn't noticed anything because she had been busy with the girls, but she added that Flo was a Logan, Hope's cousin, and had done a lot for Steffy. "We wouldn't have Phoebe" if it weren't for Flo, Steffy noted. Steffy felt that Liam was too focused on Phoebe's birth mother.

Liam felt it was odd that neither Flo nor her mother had any interest in seeing Phoebe. Steffy felt it had to be painful for both of them. She added that Flo had no power to take Phoebe away, and Liam said he understood, but he felt there was something more to Flo than they knew. Steffy shrugged and said that it wasn't important. She suggested that Liam check with Wyatt if he wanted to know more about Flo. Steffy went to bed.

At Wyatt's, Flo was panicky and had admitted to Wyatt that there was a lot he didn't know about her, but he needed to know. Wyatt encouraged her to tell him what had been bothering her. Flo worried that he was never going to want to speak to her again, but Wyatt insisted that they could handle whatever was wrong -- together.

Flo continued to worry aloud that Wyatt would hate her, and Wyatt begged her to tell him. "It can't be that bad," he said. Suddenly, Flo looked at her phone and saw another threatening text from Thomas. She admitted she was stressed then she tried to dodge his questions.

Flo stated that her life had become incredible, and she worried that she didn't deserve it all. She even said she'd thought about returning to Las Vegas. Wyatt looked disappointed, and he said they had just gotten a fresh start. Flo said she didn't want it to end. "I love you so much," she said. Wyatt agreed he loved her, too.

Flo started to list things she wanted to do for the first time with him and included getting married and having a baby. Wyatt was confused about her wanting to have a baby -- for the first time -- when it was something she'd already done. Flo was nervous. She looked away and said it was difficult to talk about it. Flo flashed back to her encounter with Thomas when he'd threatened her at the wedding that she would keep the secret about Beth "until the day you die."

Flo changed the conversation to ensure Wyatt knew she was grateful Phoebe was with Steffy, but it had been painful. She knew Phoebe would have a good life with Steffy. Wyatt apologized. Flo wanted to stop talking about it and take a shower. Wyatt stopped her and reminded her that he would always be there for her. Flo nodded and left the room.

Liam called Wyatt, and Liam asked if Wyatt had learned anything about the secret that Liam had overhead Thomas and Flo discuss at the wedding. Wyatt said he hadn't made much progress because Flo had been upset but hadn't shared what was wrong. Liam begged his brother to find out more because he was worried about Hope. "We know she is being manipulated," he said. Wyatt agreed and said that Flo had seemed overwhelmed.

Wyatt shared with Liam his conversation with Flo in which she seemed to have stated that she'd never had a baby. Wyatt said he had called it to Flo's attention, and she'd said she'd been upset and not making sense. Liam said he felt the secret that Flo was keeping was really bad. Wyatt agreed and said that Flo had considered returning to Las Vegas. "Something is up," Wyatt said. Liam prodded his brother to find out what the secret was. Liam and Wyatt hung up.

Liam checked on Phoebe then had an idea. He looked through Steffy's papers for Phoebe's adoption papers and found Phoebe's birth certificate from Nevada. He looked thoughtful.

Thomas threatens Douglas Thomas threatens Douglas

Thursday, July 25, 2019

At the cliff house in the morning, Liam reviewed Phoebe's adoption papers and recalled overhearing Thomas and Flo's argument. Steffy wondered why he had Phoebe's adoption papers. He stated that he was curious, and Steffy offered to help answer any questions he had.

Noting that Flo had given birth in Las Vegas, he asked how Flo had wound up in Los Angeles. Steffy didn't think it had been Flo's initial plan to stay in L.A. "What is Flo's relationship to Thomas?" Liam asked. Steffy didn't know that there was a relationship outside of work. Liam revealed that he'd gotten the impression that they didn't like each other. Acknowledging that Thomas could rub people the wrong way, Steffy asked what it had to do with the adoption.

Liam said he'd realized how little he knew about Flo and the adoption process. He asked Steffy to walk him through it. She assured him that the adoption was legal and that Carter had insisted upon doing everything by the book. Wanting to begin at the beginning, Liam asked how long Steffy had known Flo. Steffy said he'd have to ask her mom.

Liam was surprised that Taylor had known Flo. Steffy explained that Taylor had known a colleague who'd helped Flo with the adoption. He took that to mean that Flo had a connection besides Wyatt in L.A., and he asked who that person was. "I couldn't tell you," Steffy replied. Liam was surprised that Steffy hadn't asked questions about the adoption facilitator.

Steffy said that she'd asked questions, and no one was nosier than she. Liam agreed. She said she didn't remember if her mother had told her, and she'd grown up knowing that there were things doctors would and wouldn't talk about. She figured that if her mom had wanted her to know the colleague's name, her mother would have told her. Liam asked how Steffy knew the person was legit. Steffy said all the documents were there.

"Not really, though, 'cause look," Liam said, exhibiting the documents. He saw all the necessary signatures from Steffy, Carter, Flo, and Flo's lawyer. There was also hospital documentation of the birth, but Liam saw no reference to Taylor's colleague. "Well, she vouched for him or her. I don't know," Steffy said, shrugging.

Liam questioned Taylor vouching for the anonymous person. Steffy stated that Taylor had known how much Steffy had wanted Kelly to have a sister, so Taylor had taken care of everything -- including the money. Liam asked how much it had been. He saw a box on the papers where a fee should go, but the only information within the box was a payment acknowledgement.

Steffy thought that Liam sounded suspicious. Liam said that, if he was to raise Phoebe, he needed to know all there was to know about her. Steffy advised him to be careful with the birth certificate because it was her only copy. The certificate didn't look like an official copy to him.

Steffy explained that the official one was the one with her name listed as the mother. The document listing Flo as a mother had been locked away. "Why?" Liam asked. Steffy didn't know. She figured that it was just how it was unless Liam wanted to formally request it; however, she suspected that Flo wanted her privacy.

Later, Liam was alone, perusing the adoption papers. He recalled Wyatt saying that Flo had mentioned having a baby among the list of things she wanted to do but seemingly hadn't done. It had seemed to Wyatt as if Flo had never given birth.

Liam called Saint Vincent's Medical Center and learned from a clerk that the office kept birth certificates on file for six years. He wanted to know about the doctor on Phoebe's certificate but could only make out the doctor's last name, which was Cortez, on the paper.

The clerk tried to refer Liam to another agency that handled birth certificates, but Liam said the official birth certificate wouldn't contain the information he needed about his adopted daughter. The clerk was leery about violating confidentiality laws. Liam asked if the clerk could confirm that Flo Fulton had been a patient on a certain date.

At Brooke's house, the shirtless Thomas was in his room. Hope walked past his open door, and he called out, "Good morning, Mrs. Forrester!" Hope backtracked, entered the room, and greeted him. She asked how he'd slept. He replied that his sleep had been passable, but something had been missing.

Thomas kissed Hope, but she abruptly cut it off. He asked how she'd slept. She said that all the excitement had kept her up for a bit. He told her that she should have knocked on his door. He asked if she'd had good or bad dreams.

Unable to remember which, Hope figured that Douglas was done with breakfast by then. Thomas asked if Brooke wasn't down there with Douglas. Hope guessed that Brooke was. Taking Hope into his arms, Thomas said "this" was what he'd dreamed about.

Thomas tried to canoodle with Hope, but she reminded him that the door was open. He said they were married and not doing anything wrong. Claiming to get it, he figured that being in her mother's house with their son down the hall wasn't an ideal setup for newlyweds, so he'd booked them a stay-cation honeymoon that night -- just the two of them.

Because Hope and he couldn't get away to Paris or Fiji, Thomas had booked them a room in town. She asked if Douglas was going with them, but Thomas figured it would defeat the purpose. Hope asked what the purpose was. Thomas stated that everything had happened quickly, and they hadn't planned a honeymoon.

Hope wondered if he'd asked their parents to watch Douglas or if Thomas had just assumed that Brooke and Ridge would do it. Thomas was confident that he could make arrangements for Douglas. Hope asked if Thomas should have talked to his wife about the hotel stay first. Thomas didn't think he had to ask his wife's permission to surprise her.

"We'll see," Hope concluded and began to head out of the room. Stopping her, Thomas asked what that meant. Hope told him that she had to work. He gave her permission to go in for a half day but said that afterward, she'd be with him.

Thomas imagined that they'd get room service and Champagne and have a long, fun night. Hope advised Thomas to try to make a plan for Douglas, "and we'll see." Hope awkwardly backed away from Thomas and left the room.

In the Forrester design office, Flo flashed back to her last conversation with Thomas. Ridge knocked on the door and said that it was locked. Flo let him in. She hadn't realized that she'd locked the door. He joked that when he was in there behind locked doors, he'd usually be up to no good.

Ridge informed Flo that one of Hope's supply orders had been returned as discontinued. Flo said she'd just put the order in. He asked if she was Hope's right-hand person. Flo stated that she'd let Hope know about the order when Hope got to work. Ridge wasn't sure that Hope would be in because she'd just gotten married the previous day.

Flo was sorry for being late to the wedding. Ridge figured that she'd done what he usually did when he didn't want to be at a function -- show up late and leave early. Flo replied that it hadn't been her intention. He noted that the other Logan women had reservations about his son. She responded that Hope had known Thomas for most of her life and saw a different version of him.

Ridge figured that Flo didn't know his son well. Flo blamed it on chemistry and said Thomas wasn't fond of her, either. Ridge explained that Thomas got his supercilious nature from his father; however, just because Thomas looked down on her didn't mean he didn't like her. Flo told Ridge that he was humorous. Disagreeing, Ridge said it was that he had no filter.

Ridge asked Flo to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt. Flo replied that she hadn't said anything bad about Thomas. Ridge stated that she just had one of those tell-all faces. She asked if she seemed like an open book. Ridge figured that they were all that way in the beginning. Ridge told Flo that Thomas was a good guy, who'd do anything for his son, and Thomas got that trait from his father, too.

Later, Flo was alone when Thomas called. He asked if she had sobered up yet. Flo clicked off the line. He called her again, and without greeting him, she said she was sober enough to know that she had nothing to say to him. Staring at himself in the mirror, Thomas warned that she'd regret hanging up on him again. Flo asked what he wanted.

Thomas was trying to make sure that she'd gotten the message about keeping her mouth shut. He said that her name was the one written all over Phoebe's bogus adoption papers. Flo told him that the child's name was Beth. He asked if it made her feel better to say that Phoebe was Beth or say that Beth was Phoebe. He insisted that no one would know that Beth was alive.

As Thomas asked if Flo understood, he saw Douglas behind him, standing halfway in the room and halfway behind the door. Thomas ended his call and asked Douglas what the rule was about knocking. Douglas apologized and entered the room, saying that Hope had suggested that he brush his teeth after eating, so he had done it.

"That's my boy," Thomas replied nervously. Donning a shirt, Thomas asked if Douglas knew what a honeymoon was. Douglas assumed it was something sweet. Agreeing, Thomas added that it was a trip that newlyweds took alone. Douglas asked if Thomas and Hope would take one. Thomas explained that it would be just one night, and Douglas could hang out at Aunt Steffy's with his cousins.

"Cool! And Liam," Douglas added. Thomas stated that Liam did live there, too. Douglas thought Liam was a nice guy. Thomas instructed Douglas to pack a bag. Douglas went to the door, turned, and asked, "Daddy? Why did you say baby Beth was alive?"

Thomas claimed that he hadn't said that, but Douglas replied that he'd heard Thomas say it while on the phone. Closing the door, Thomas told Douglas that it wasn't funny. Douglas repeated that Thomas had said baby Beth was alive. Thomas lied that he'd never say something so wrong, and he didn't want to hear it from Douglas, either.

In Douglas' silence, Thomas yanked Douglas' arm and said to answer him. "Ow! You're mean," Douglas stated. Thomas declared that he was Douglas' father, and he was serious. He didn't ever want to hear those words again, and he asked if Douglas got it.

Thomas expressed disappointment in Douglas and asked what he had to say for himself. Douglas replied that Thomas had said that Phoebe was Beth. Thomas claimed that he'd been talking about a different Beth. Douglas stated that Thomas had said that Beth was alive.

Thomas ordered Douglas to stop saying it. He declared that he was the boy's father and would be obeyed. Thomas claimed he'd given Douglas food, a bigger house, room to play outside, and Hope. "You don't talk about Mommy anymore," Douglas responded.

"Mommy is dead. Hope is mommy now," Thomas replied.

Douglas said that he loved Hope -- but only if Mommy was mommy. Thomas decided that if Douglas was so unhappy, Thomas would go to New York and leave Douglas there. Douglas stated that Hope would take care of him. Thomas claimed that Hope had to go with him because she was his wife, and Douglas would be on his own.

Douglas didn't want to be on his own. Thomas replied that Douglas didn't know how to obey. "Yes, I do," Douglas responded. Thomas asked what he'd told Douglas to do. "To not say what I heard," Douglas said. Thomas told Douglas that it was what Douglas thought he'd heard. He told Douglas to never say Beth's name again.

Deciding that they were done with it, Thomas strode out of the room. Douglas walked to the mirror, stared at himself and repeated, "Beth is alive. Beth is alive. Baby Beth is alive."

Back at Forrester, Hope arrived, and Flo informed her about the discontinued order. Hope claimed that the supplier usually said that when he wanted to jack up the price. Hope was sorry that she'd missed Flo at the reception. Flo thought she should apologize for missing the ceremony. "Well, if you've seen one wedding, you've seen them all," Hope concluded.

Flo hoped that Hope didn't mean that. Hope mirthlessly smiled. Flo remarked that Wyatt had shown her photos of Hope and Liam's wedding in Italy, and Flo thought Hope had seemed really happy. Hope said it was easy to be happy about the future when one didn't know what was in it. Hope stated that her wedding to Thomas had been different. It had been about a little boy and his happiness, and that was enough for Hope.

As Flo and Hope worked, Hope asked how the job was. Flo said that Hope probably shouldn't have hired her. That statement sounded serious to Hope. Flo said she hated everything that was going on and asked why Hope was at work the day after her wedding.

Hope began to say it wasn't that type of something. Cutting Hope off, Flo readily agreed that it hadn't been that type of marriage. Flo knew that Hope hadn't wanted to leave Liam or marry Thomas and wondered why Hope was forcing herself to do things she didn't want to do.

Hope replied that love was hard, and one wound up disappointing loved ones by not being able to give them what they wanted, no matter how hard the loved ones tried. Hope said she had a little boy who needed her. She guessed that it didn't sound like much of a life, but it was a task that she could actually do.

Douglas defies his father's orders Douglas defies his father's orders

Friday, July 26, 2019

In Thomas's room, Douglas kept repeating to himself that baby Beth was alive. Thomas returned to the room and apologized for getting heated earlier. Douglas replied that Thomas had gotten mad at him. Thomas hadn't meant to be so harsh, but he didn't want Douglas to repeat what he'd thought he'd heard. Douglas stated that baby Beth was alive.

Thomas told Douglas that those words could never come out of his mouth again. Thomas had worked hard to build a life for them with Hope, and he didn't appreciate Douglas defying him. He asked if Douglas loved Hope. "But I miss Mommy," Douglas responded.

Thomas said that Mommy was never returning, and Hope was Douglas' new mommy. Thomas began to say what would happen if Douglas repeated what he thought he'd heard, but Douglas interjected, "But I did hear it. You said Phoebe is Beth. Beth is alive."

Thomas pretended that he hadn't said it and didn't even know how Douglas had interpreted whatever he'd heard in such a way. Thomas was adamant that he hadn't said it, and he told Douglas not to say it, either, because it could hurt Hope and Aunt Steffy. He asked if Douglas wanted to hurt them. With a stubborn shake of his head, Douglas indicted that he did not.

Thomas asked if Douglas understood that he couldn't say anything to anyone about Phoebe, Beth, or babies. Douglas curtly nodded, and Thomas took it as an affirmation. He sent Douglas to pack for his overnight stay at his aunt's house. "And no more pouting. You be a big boy," Thomas said and sent the child out of the room.

Later, Douglas returned to the room with his backpack. Thomas wanted Douglas to loosen up and smile because he liked his aunt and cousins. Douglas stated that he liked Liam. Thomas asked why Douglas had said that. "Liam's nice to me," Douglas replied. Thomas told Douglas to be a good boy and remember that he couldn't say anything about baby Beth.

In the Forrester design office, Hope described her feelings for Douglas to Flo. Hope saw Douglas as a strong, loving, but confused boy who was trying to be brave due to the loss he couldn't begin to understand. Hope was compelled to help him. Though Flo understood it, she didn't think Hope was considering how her choices would affect her for the rest of her life.

Flo thought that leaving Liam was a huge thing. Hope stated that she and Liam had to end so that he could be a father to the girls and so that she could care for and protect Douglas.

As Hope took a call, Flo read a text message from Thomas, who warned her not to cross him. After Hope's call had ended, Flo said that she was worried about Hope. She wanted Hope to be happy, and in her view, it wasn't fair that Hope and Liam had lost each other on top of everything else. Hope replied that she didn't even know what "fair" meant anymore.

"Marrying Thomas?" Flo said. She hadn't thought Hope would go through with it. Hope replied that she had, and though Thomas was an amazing father, Douglas needed a mother, too.

Hope took a call from Thomas, who was excited about their evening plans. Hope tried to interject, but he cut her off, informing her that he was taking Douglas to Steffy's house. Viewing it as an excuse to see Phoebe, Hope decided to meet Thomas at the cliff house.

After the call, Hope told Flo about the staycation that Thomas had planned. Flo asked if Hope was ready for that. Hope didn't respond, and Flo remarked that Hope's silence spoke volumes. Shrugging, Hope said her husband wanted to whisk her away. Flo sensed that the feeling wasn't mutual, and she warned Hope to be careful. Chuckling, Hope, who'd known Thomas all of her life, said he wouldn't hurt her, and Flo didn't have to worry about her.

Later, Hope had gone, and Zoe was there, questioning Flo about what had happened at the wedding. Flo had messaged Zoe that she hadn't told Hope about Beth, but Flo hadn't returned any of Zoe's calls since. Flo explained that she hadn't arrived at the wedding in time, and her cousin was married to a maniac who'd stop at nothing, not even murder, to get what he wanted.

Flo hated feeling trapped and helpless. She felt that she had once been a good person, and she was tired of lying. Zoe said she and Flo were good people who'd gotten caught up in a bad situation. Flo wished she'd never met Reese. Zoe asked if Flo had spoken to Hope. Flo said Hope was on her way to an in-town honeymoon, and Hope being alone with that creep made Flo nervous.

Zoe figured that, because Thomas had what he wanted, he'd chill out and have no reason to continue the threats. She said that if they all could make peace with the new reality, things could go back to normal. Flo was certain that it would never happen.

Zoe asked why Flo thought that, and Flo gave Zoe a detailed description of her argument with Thomas at the reception. She said Thomas had gotten really dark and scary. He'd told her that she'd keep the secret until the day she died. She believed that Thomas had threatened her life, and he was dangerous. She said Zoe knew what had happened to Emma, and that same man had become Hope's husband.

Zoe asked Flo to elaborate on Phoebe calling Hope mama. Though Flo hadn't seen it firsthand, she was somehow able to explain to Zoe that Thomas had just said his vows, and before Hope had been able to say hers, everyone had heard, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" Flo said that Phoebe had been saying it while tugging on Hope's dress.

Zoe was amazed that it had happened. Flo didn't think it was out of the realm of possibility that the child could recognize her own mother, and Flo said that they were dealing with nature. It was bigger than they were. She suspected that Hope could find out that Phoebe was really Beth without any input from them.

At the cliff house, Liam attempted to find out whether Flo Fulton had given birth at the hospital on Phoebe's birth certificate. The clerk refused to give out that kind of information but agreed to have the doctor contact Liam later.

After Liam's call had ended, Steffy entered the living room with Phoebe. Liam was amazed by how the pieces had just happened to fall into place with the adoption. Steffy said it was as if Phoebe had been meant to be there. It was fascinating to him that Flo had just happened to need to give her baby up and had sought help from Taylor's friend.

Steffy added that Beth was amazingly a Logan. Steffy said she and Liam had the wonderful little girl to care for, and Flo had her family. "If only Beth had lived," Steffy stated. Liam replied that Beth hadn't, and nothing had been the same since.

Liam occupied Phoebe while Steffy did laundry. Steffy noticed that Liam was checking his phone. He said he was expecting a call. He remembered that she'd mentioned something about Douglas being there that evening. Steffy said that Thomas was taking his bride away for a night alone. "Predator," Liam murmured.

Steffy ordered Liam to stop, but he wondered what the problem was. Steffy stated that Hope had made her decision, and Liam needed to be supportive. Under his breath, Liam told Phoebe that they were not going to be supportive. "No, we're not," he said to Phoebe.

To Liam and Steffy's surprise, Hope arrived. The bubbly Hope was excited that Phoebe was awake. The adults spent time with Phoebe, and Hope noted that the baby kind of favored Liam. Steffy said she'd noticed it, too.

Douglas and Thomas arrived, and as everyone greeted each other, Thomas readily took Phoebe away from Hope, juggled her a bit, and handed her to Steffy. Liam checked his phone by the dinette set, and Thomas slipped up beside him to ask how he was.

Liam asked why Thomas was asking. Thomas guessed it had been hard for Liam to watch Hope marry Thomas. Liam warned Thomas not to hurt Hope. Thomas gloated about having a night in store that would leave Hope breathless. "You're disgusting," Liam said and walked off.

"Was baby Phoebe's name always Phoebe?" Douglas asked Steffy. Thomas turned around to listen in. Steffy explained that she'd named the baby after the adoption and asked why he was curious about it. Douglas glanced at Hope and then at his father. Thomas gave Douglas a stern look, but unaffected, Douglas stared right back.

Thomas suggested that Phoebe should have a nap so that she could be rested up for the sleepover. Steffy asked him to help her, and Thomas followed her and the baby into the bedroom.

Hope set Douglas up to play on the sofa and strode over to talk to Liam. Liam couldn't believe that Hope had actually gotten married. Hope replied that he knew why. Liam had a problem thinking of her alone with Thomas. "Liam," Hope said. He didn't care. He said that good people didn't use their children as battering rams. Hope insisted that she knew what she was doing.

"Oh, do you? Really?" Liam asked. Hope felt that she couldn't keep being drawn to Phoebe. Hope had married Thomas so that she could be the mother to Douglas that she couldn't be to Beth, who was gone.

"No, she isn't," Douglas stated. Hope asked him what he'd said. Douglas told her that baby Beth wasn't gone. Hope knelt before Douglas and asked what he was saying. "She's alive. Baby Beth is alive," Douglas proclaimed.


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