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Steffy's heart imploded as she relinquished Beth to Hope. Ridge searched for Thomas and Reese and gained more insight into the adoption from the cohorts the men had left behind. Wyatt apologized to Sally. The Logans confronted Flo and Shauna.
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The Logans and Spencers welcomed Beth to the family
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Steffy comes to terms with losing Phoebe

Steffy comes to terms with losing Phoebe

Monday, August 12, 2019

In the design office, Sally wanted more details about Wyatt's visit. Wyatt said she'd been the only person he'd wanted to see. She assumed he meant after his fight with Flo. He didn't see it as a fight. He saw it as a revelation, an unwelcome one. He reminded Sally that he hated secrets, and he said that Flo had kept the worst secret imaginable -- about Phoebe and Beth.

Sally asked what Flo had to do with Beth. Wyatt said it was a long story, and he didn't even know where to start. Sally replied that she had time. Wyatt explained that Liam had overheard Flo and Thomas talking about a secret they'd had. Douglas had later told Liam that Beth was alive.

Sally asked if Douglas had dreamed something like that up. Wyatt replied that Douglas had heard it from his father. She wondered why Thomas would say that. Wyatt told her that it was the truth, and the hospital where Flo had allegedly given birth hadn't even heard of her. Wyatt divulged that Flo had never given birth, and Phoebe was really Beth.

Later, Sally couldn't believe what a "bastard" Thomas was. Wyatt assumed it was a good ending for Hope and Liam but asked if Steffy was supposed to just give her daughter up. Sally couldn't even imagine it. She was glad, for Wyatt's sake, that Wyatt had ended things with Flo. Wyatt huffed, and Sally said it kept him from being blinded enough to accept Flo's excuses.

Wyatt hadn't known that Flo could be capable of that kind of deception. He wasn't sure if he could accept that she really hadn't known what had been going on. He reasoned that a secret like that had to eventually get exposed. He didn't get why Flo hadn't put a stop to it sooner.

Sally replied that the perfect woman from his past hadn't been perfect, and no one was perfect. Wyatt knew it. It was the reason he'd shown up there to apologize to Sally. He was sorry for the way he'd ended things with her and for taking up with Flo so quickly.

Sally replied that Wyatt had dropped her the moment his high school sweetheart had landed in town. "Just like that, because I made one mistake," she added. Sally told Wyatt that people made mistakes, even Flo. Wyatt replied that Sally's secret didn't even register on the scale anymore after what Flo had done. Sally assumed that after Blondie had disappointed him, he'd decided to go to Sally with his hat in his hand.

Wyatt claimed that it wasn't so. Sally asked why not. She cynically reasoned that she was used to being treated terribly by men, so she'd be grateful to get him and the attention back. She asked if that was how he'd seen it as going. He replied that he'd just wanted to talk the way they had before. He didn't have any expectations. He just wanted her to know that he regretted how he'd ended things, and he cared about her.

Claiming it was sweet and all, Sally stated that she knew Wyatt better than he knew himself, and he couldn't admit what was really going on there. She asked who he thought she was and if he thought that she was a hopeless romantic who'd drop to his feet. She said she wasn't that type of girl and could have her pick of men when she was ready. She asserted that the chances of her probably taking him back "are like..." She shrugged.

Wyatt repeated that he hadn't visited Sally to get her to take him back. "Really?" Sally asked, giving him a knowing smirk. "If I were to give you a second chance," Sally posited. Wyatt looked confused, and she emphasized, "If I were." She told him that he'd really have to work at it. She wanted to be wined and dined with luxury weekends away and oodles of spa treatments.

Wyatt figured that he'd probably have to take Sally to Hawaii on a "getting to know you again" type of trip -- hypothetically. Agreeing that it was all hypothetical, Sally imagined that it would be like boot camp and said she'd really make him suffer. Wyatt replied that it would be worth it if it meant keeping that smile on her face. Wyatt and Sally hugged.

At the cliff house, Steffy sobbed because it was all happening too fast. Ridge suggested taking more time, but Brooke said that Hope shouldn't be apart from her child for one more moment. Hope stated that they wouldn't be, and Beth would go home with Hope that night.

Ridge saw no reason to uproot Beth right then. Disagreeing, Brooke cited the time Hope had already lost with Beth. He stated that Steffy hadn't known it. Brooke concluded that Steffy was also a victim. He wanted to take a step back and see what worked for everyone.

Hope felt that they'd had enough time stolen from them already. Hope said Steffy hadn't stolen it. She was grateful to Steffy and sorry for the loss Steffy would experience. Steffy noted that Beth would be confused. Steffy said she and Beth had bonded, and Beth depended upon Steffy. Hope asserted that she'd been kept from her daughter for too long, and Steffy had to see that. Hope stated that Beth would go home with them to be the family they'd been meant to be.

Steffy sobbed that it was a life-changing moment for Hope, but it was for Steffy, too. Steffy had been the baby's mom. Hope was sorry that Steffy's heart was breaking and wished it didn't have to. Hope said that Beth was "ours." Hope stated that if Steffy wanted them to, they'd do whatever testing. Brooke told Hope that they all knew it wasn't necessary.

Hope said Beth loved Steffy and Kelly, and they would be in Beth's life; however, it was time for Steffy to let go. It was time for Beth to go home. For Steffy, it was hard to grasp. She couldn't just flip a switch. Ridge asked if they could take a few days to adjust. Hope looked away.

Steffy asked how Zoe's father could do it and if Flo had known all along. Liam replied that Flo had pretended to be the birth mother, signed fake documents, and "the whole thing." Hope still hadn't wrapped her mind around Flo's part in it. Brooke said they couldn't forget about Thomas, who'd known but hadn't said a word to Hope. "Can we not do this right now?" Ridge asked.

Liam's heart was breaking for Steffy, who didn't deserve any of it. He told her that Beth was the person she was because of Steffy and the way Steffy had raised her. He said Hope had been robbed and had never gotten a chance to raise, teach, or love Beth. He relayed that Hope had believed that it had been her fault, and it had sent Hope into the worst depression imaginable.

Liam said that reconnecting could give "us" a chance to heal. He told Steffy that the way they chose to move forward would be a defining moment for them and their daughters. Hope stated that they'd work together to overcome the pain and heartbreak, but it was time for them to take control of their lives. Hope needed to start living her life again -- with her daughter.

Steffy stated that Phoebe had been her daughter from the beginning, and her daughters had changed her life. Steffy had had sleepless nights, worrying about them and their futures, knowing that she'd do anything, even give up her own life, to protect them.

Steffy hadn't been prepared for anything like this. Sobbing, she said she wanted to fight it for her daughters and "for us," but she loved them too much. She knew that it wouldn't be good for them in the long run. Gazing at the baby, Steffy uttered that it was Beth. Beth was Hope's baby and needed to be with her mom.

Later, Ridge was pacing and wishing he could get a piece of Reese. Liam murmured that Ridge could take a number. Ridge was sure "they" would find and arrest Reese.

Steffy exited the nursery with a bag of Beth's favorite things. Hope said she'd never forget who'd cared for Beth when Hope hadn't been able to. Liam told Steffy that she'd always be a part of the baby's life. Hope said they were a big, extended family and always would be. She stated that the girls were half-sisters and would see a lot of each other.

Steffy wanted to hold Beth. Hope handed Steffy the baby. Crying, Steffy told Beth that it had been amazing to watch her grow, but Mommy had to let her go. Steffy stated that it wasn't goodbye because they'd see each other all the time. Sobbing Steffy stated that she had to give Beth to her mommy; she had to give Beth to Hope.

Hope took the child, and Brooke led the way out the front door with Liam right behind her. Hope turned on the threshold with Beth in her arms and paused for a few moments. Hope left through the door, and Steffy began hyper-sobbing. She collapsed, but Ridge caught her. They sank to the floor together, and Steffy cried, "My baby!"

Hope thanks Douglas for reuniting her family

Hope thanks Douglas for reuniting her family

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

At Brooke's house, Brooke told Ridge that she'd had the cabin set up with all the things that had been in storage. Ridge thought Hope and Liam would appreciate that. Brooke said Hope and Liam wouldn't as much as Brooke appreciated what Steffy had done for them. In Brooke's view, it had taken incredible strength to let Hope and Liam leave with their child.

Ridge wished he'd stayed with Steffy. Brooke noted that Steffy hadn't wanted him to. Ridge uttered that there was no reason to doubt Flo's story. Brooke said what had happened had been unimaginable, but she was happy that Beth was alive and coming home.

Brooke knew it was hard for Ridge. Brooke felt for Steffy, too; however, Brooke was also happy for Hope and Liam and wished she could see their faces when they walked into the cabin. Ridge wondered if Brooke would go to the cabin, but Brooke said she wanted to give Hope and Liam time alone with their little girl.

Later, Brooke asked if Ridge had heard from Thomas. Ridge hadn't, and Brooke wondered where Thomas was and what he was thinking. Ridge called Thomas and left a message, saying that it was Thomas' father -- again. Ridge planned to keep calling until Thomas answered. He stated that Thomas couldn't just disappear. Ridge offered to meet Thomas anywhere Thomas wanted. He said Thomas had a responsibility and needed to pay for what he'd done.

After Ridge left the message, Brooke asked what they'd tell Douglas. Ridge didn't know. Brooke decided that they'd look after Douglas. Ridge said he'd encouraged Hope and Thomas' relationship because he'd believed that Hope would give Douglas some needed stability.

Camille arrived with Douglas. Ridge apologized to her for the change in plan. Camille stated that Douglas and Ethan had had a good time. Douglas cooed that they'd made brownies. Brooke said Douglas would have to teach her the recipe.

Ridge escorted Camille out. Douglas asked if his father was there. Ridge replied that Thomas wasn't. Douglas stated that his father was angry with him. Ridge said they'd sort it out. Douglas conveyed that he'd told a secret when his father had said not to. Brooke replied that they knew. Douglas asked if she was mad at him, too. Brooke assured him that she wasn't.

Douglas revealed that he'd told Hope, but she hadn't believed him. Brooke told him that Hope did believe him. Eyes widening, Douglas asked if Hope knew that Beth was alive. Brooke affirmed it and said that it was thanks to Douglas. Douglas grinned.

Douglas asked if there was no longer a secret. Brooke stated that it was true because of Douglas. Douglas explained that he'd had to tell the secret, even though his father, who'd been mean, had said not to. Ridge was sorry that Thomas had gotten upset with Douglas. Douglas stated that his mother had taught him not to lie because lying hurt people.

Ridge said that Douglas was kind and strong like his mother, but Ridge didn't believe that Thomas had meant to hurt Hope. "He knew she was sad. He said we should help," Douglas replied. Brooke told Douglas that he had helped, and Beth was home at the cabin with her mommy and daddy, where she belonged. Brooke affirmed that it was all due to Douglas, and no one would forget what he'd done. Douglas grinned proudly.

Later, Douglas had gone, and Ridge was frustrated with someone on the phone about the lack of progress in locating Dr. Buckingham.

After the call, Ridge apologized to Brooke. She said he'd just been supporting his son. Ridge reasoned that he shouldn't have been supportive because Thomas "is the same. He -- he uses people. He manipulates people. You tried to tell me, but I didn't listen." Brooke said it was okay because Thomas and Reese hadn't succeeded, and Beth being home with Hope and Liam was something to celebrate.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam arrived with Beth and grinned at each other. Unable to believe that Beth was there, Hope told the girl that it was where she would live and be nurtured and loved by her mommy and daddy.

Hope and Liam gave Beth a tour of the house. Liam was amazed that Brooke had really gotten the rocking chair and crib and had set up the nursery. Hope figured that Beth's excited grandmother would want to put Beth to bed, too, but that was Hope's job. Hope refused to give the task up to anyone -- except Liam. He compromised, saying they'd do it together.

Liam noted that Beth was comfortable with Hope. Hope said she'd never forget telling him that she'd been pregnant. He stated that it had seemed as if the whole city had been celebrating.

A flashback of Hope revealing her pregnancy to Liam during a fireworks show played on the screen. A montage of other scenes followed as, in a voiceover, Hope explained how excited she and Liam had been about having their little girl. "And then, the unthinkable happened. We thought we lost you," Hope said. Scenes of Hope suffering the loss of Beth played on-screen.

In the voiceover, Hope said Beth had never left her thoughts, especially when she'd been holding Beth in her arms. Scenes of Hope and Beth together played. Hope explained that the connection hadn't made sense, and it hadn't crossed her mind that Beth could be hers; however, Beth's father had figured it out and had run to tell Hope the most amazing news.

After a flashback played of the rooftop scene in which Liam had told Hope about Beth, Hope said it had been an amazing journey. All the pain was behind them, and they had their miracle in their arms. Liam took Beth into his lap, and the family huddled together on the sofa.

Later, Hope and Liam watched Beth play in her playpen. Hope wanted to freeze time. Liam was sure people would understand if they locked the doors and shut off their phones. Hope wanted to share the joy with everyone, and she needed to tell Douglas how grateful she was. Liam figured that there would be time for that -- and everything else.

Hope guessed that Liam was worried about Steffy and Kelly. Though Liam was, he said he was also thinking of Thomas. He was sorry to be talking about Thomas at the moment. Cutting Liam off, Hope replied that she was the sorry one. Liam stated that he hadn't been about to let Thomas kidnap her.

Hope remembered that Thomas had been frantic after Douglas' call, ordering her to get dressed so they could go. "'Get dressed,' huh?" Liam asked. He tried to say it was fine because she'd been on her honeymoon, but Hope interrupted. She explained that it hadn't been what he was thinking; Thomas had gotten her lingerie. She'd known what Thomas had wanted, but she hadn't been able to do it. Even with Thomas' ring on her finger, she'd still loved Liam.

Relieved, Liam nodded and kissed her forehead. Disgusted with Thomas, Hope yanked off the ring he'd given her. She expressed that she'd thought ending her marriage to Liam had been best for the children, but she had never stopped loving him.

Liam and Hope made a pallet to play on the floor with Beth. Hope said that, thanks to Douglas, they knew why Hope had felt like a mother all that time. She wondered where it left Douglas, whose father had run off and mother had died. She stated that he was a victim, too.

There was a knock at the door. Liam worried that it could be Thomas but expressed relief when he saw that it was Douglas. Douglas stated that Brooke had said they wouldn't mind. Hope was overjoyed to see Douglas and asked him to look at how he'd brought her baby back. Douglas asked why she was crying, and she said it was because her heart was so full.

Hope was sorry that she hadn't believed Douglas at first and said she should have known he wouldn't lie. She stated that he'd been the only one who'd cared enough to tell her the truth. She knew that it had been hard for Douglas to go against his father. Douglas explained that Thomas had said Douglas had been wrong, but Douglas had heard Thomas say that Phoebe was Beth. "Why did he lie? You're so nice. You wanted to take care of me," Douglas said.

Hope affirmed that she still did, and she said she and Liam would always look after Douglas. She assured him that the bad things were behind them, and the family was together because of Douglas. Hope scooped up Douglas and held him tightly.

In Hope's view, Douglas was the bravest boy she'd ever met, and Beth was lucky to have him looking out for her. Hope said Douglas knew the difference between right and wrong. For Douglas, it wasn't hard. "Just be nice. Don't lie or keep secrets," he explained. Liam said it was good advice, but Douglas stated that his father hadn't thought so.

Liam asked if Douglas had tried to give Thomas that advice when he'd called Thomas at the hotel. Douglas replied that Thomas had said no one would believe Douglas, but Douglas had told Thomas that Liam had believed him and would make Hope believe it, too. Hope stated that Douglas' phone call had been really important.

Brooke arrived to get Douglas ready for bed, but she melted upon seeing Hope with Beth. Brooke sat on the pallet with them. Liam thanked her for the groceries and for setting up the house. Hope said they'd been thanking Douglas for all he'd done. Brooke expressed pride in the boy, and Hope told him how much she loved him.

Douglas said he loved Hope, too. He was glad Beth was home. He blew the baby a kiss, and he and Brooke left the cabin.

Hope noted that Thomas had wanted Douglas to lie, and Liam doubted there was a line for Thomas. It was hard for Hope to think of the firsts they'd lost with Beth, but there was more that Hope had to be excited about. Hope said she'd kiss every skinned knee, read Beth stories, and sing her to sleep.

Liam decided that it might be bedtime for Beth. Hope eased into the rocking chair with the child. Reaching into her purse on the table, Hope retrieved the sonogram photograph. She told the baby that she'd carried it around for months, unable to let go of the memory. It had been all Hope had had of Beth. Hope turned the photo facedown on her purse.

Hope said that Beth was there in Hope's arms and in their home. Beth had become a part of their lives and their future. Liam slipped onto the edge of the seat of the rocking chair and hugged his family.

Beth spends her first night with her parents

Beth spends her first night with her parents

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

by Pam

At Brooke and Ridge's, Donna and Katie greeted Beth's proud grandparents and wondered where Hope, Liam, and Beth had gone. They all gushed that it had all been "so incredible" that the family had been reunited. Brooke explained that "Mommy and Daddy" wanted to spend the morning alone as a family with their daughter. The Logans and Ridge agreed they were all anxious to welcome them.

The Logans and Ridge felt they were meeting Beth for the first time even though she had been there all along. Brooke and Ridge agreed a weight had been lifted. Eric and Quinn entered and agreed they had been shocked to hear the news. Eric was happy for Hope, but he felt for Steffy and said that he'd already told Steffy they would be there for her and anything she needed.

Quinn was upset and said that she was happy for Hope and Liam, but she couldn't believe that Flo had been involved because she was a good person. Ridge and Brooke argued that she was not a good person, but Quinn said that she'd known Flo since she'd been young. Quinn claimed there had to be more to the story. Everyone reminded Quinn that Flo had had ample opportunities to tell the truth.

Quinn understood, but she said she had to find out for herself what had happened. She left to visit Shauna and Flo. Eric, Donna, Katie, Brooke, and Ridge discussed that Dr. Buckingham was to blame, but Flo wouldn't get away without being punished for what she'd done. Ridge noted that police were searching for Buckingham, and Shauna, Flo, and Zoe wouldn't be going anywhere.

At the cabin, Liam and Hope discussed that it all felt like a dream. Hope admitted she hadn't slept much because she'd just stared at Beth and watched her sleep. Hope added that Beth had never woken up once and appeared to know it was where she belonged -- with her mom and dad. Hope said they were a family again.

Hope dressed Beth in a new dress, and Liam kissed Beth. She started to fuss, but Liam teased that she was going to be overwhelmed with hugs and kisses all day. Hope and Liam were thrilled that they could introduce their daughter to Hope's family. Hope thanked Liam for figuring it all out, and she said they owed a huge debt to Douglas for telling the truth he'd overheard from his father.

Liam and Hope joined Eric, Brooke, Ridge, Donna, and Katie at the house with Beth. Everyone cooed over the baby and gushed that she looked just like Hope. The discussion turned to how everything had turned out well, but many people had maintained the secret about Beth, including Thomas. Eric and Ridge said there would be consequences for all of them.

Hope praised Liam because he had figured it all out, but there was another hero: Douglas. He had told the truth in spite of instructions from Thomas to lie. Douglas entered, and everyone praised him. Douglas was glad to see Beth was with Hope and Liam. Douglas added that he knew his father was mad at him. Eric and Ridge said not to worry about that. They were happy he'd been honest.

The Logans, Eric, Ridge, Liam, and Hope discussed that Beth was Katie, Donna, and Brooke's mom's namesake. They added that Beth was a part of the Logan pack, and they were all emotional. Katie and Donna knew that Hope had always had a mother's instinct and mother's love. She'd had an inexplicable bond with Beth all along but had never known why.

The Logan sisters, Ridge, and Eric all called Beth a blessing, and Hope praised her family for taking care of her. Liam added that he was proud to have his daughter surrounded by strong, dynamic women. He and Hope kissed. Katie wanted her turn to hold Beth, and the family relished their time with the daughter, niece, and granddaughter they'd thought had died.

At Vinny's place, Thomas had slept on Vinny's couch. Thomas looked at photos of Hope on his phone and was angry. Vinny asked him if he wanted something to eat. Thomas was irritable and said he had to buy Vinny a new couch. Vinny laughed and said that Thomas should make himself at home. Thomas shouted that he should be with his wife.

Vinny suggested that Thomas needed to get some air. Thomas was angry and wanted to return to his honeymoon with Hope. He insisted she belonged with him. Thomas' phone rang, and Vinny wondered if it was Hope. Thomas said his dad kept calling, and Vinny suggested that Thomas take his dad's call. Vinny felt Ridge would understand. Thomas disagreed and said his dad would lecture him.

Thomas wanted to talk to Hope. He knew he could make her understand. Thomas was angry with Douglas, too. He felt that everything had been messed up. Thomas felt he was the only one who truly loved Hope. He wanted her back, and he knew he could convince her to stay with him. He knew she wanted her baby, too. Thomas felt he had given Hope a family with him and Douglas.

Thomas blamed Liam for taking Hope away from him. Thomas wanted to hold her and kiss her and convince her that he truly loved her. He insisted that no one would stop him from getting what he wanted. Thomas was angry that no one cared about him -- he'd lost his wife Caroline. No one cared about Steffy or about Kelly. Thomas continued to rant and then insisted that no one would stop him from getting to Hope and getting her back. She was his wife, he shouted.

Xander reveals Thomas' role in the conspiracy

Xander reveals Thomas' role in the conspiracy

Thursday, August 15, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was asking Liam about some of Beth's "firsts" when someone knocked on the door. At the door was Will Spencer, a baby inspector who'd heard reports of an uninspected baby. "Surprise!" Katie announced, arriving behind Will.

Katie had been on the grounds earlier, but she said Bill and Will had just returned from their father-son trip. Bill entered with a pink stuffed bear that was taller than Will. Katie said they'd had to ride with the top down to get it there.

Bill gazed at Beth. Liam said Bill had seen Beth before. Bill replied that she'd been incognito and had had a different name. Will asked if she'd looked different. "She looks like a Spencer now," Bill proudly concluded.

Later, Bill ordered his sons to stop wrestling with the stuffed bear. Liam said they were trying to find somewhere for it, and he complained that Bill always bought gifts that belonged in a safe or storage shed. "That's the ABC's of me," Bill responded.

Will thought it might be a sign of deep-seated inadequacy, manifested as an obsession with size. "What did you say?" Bill asked. Katie swore Will hadn't heard it from her. Will explained that he'd seen a post about it in his comic book group's discussion of characters. Bill denied he had the problem. Will cited "Sky," and Bill ordered Katie to monitor what Will read from then on.

Liam joked that he was just glad Bill hadn't gotten Beth a sword necklace. Bill admitted that he'd considered it in the event that Beth got lost again. He said the necklace would be a signal to return her to the nearest Spencer. Hope said that Beth would never be lost again, and Liam added that they'd lost enough time with their daughter already.

Agreeing, Bill asked if there had been any word about that "low-life, scum-sucking Buckingham." Liam only knew that Ridge was coordinating a search with the London authorities. Bill had heard about that and stated that Buckingham had better hope they found him before Bill's people did.

Later, Will told Beth that, as her uncle, he'd teach her about investing. Bill called Will his pride and joy. Liam asked what that made him. Bill replied that Liam was the firstborn son, the man who'd changed everything.

Liam was satisfied with that, but he did wonder how it felt to have been raised by Bill. Bill claimed that Liam wouldn't have wanted that back then. Back then, Bill hadn't been ready and hadn't known what would make him happy. He'd acquired things and people without regret or a conscience. Bill concluded that "that was then, and this is now."

All Bill wanted to do at that point in life was to spoil his granddaughters and leave it to Liam and their mothers to fix it. Liam wanted to set ground rules -- like no Ferraris until the girls were at least 25. Grimacing, Bill whispered to Beth that he was going to work on her dad.

As Will, Katie, and Hope played with Beth, Bill told Liam that he hadn't known what to say to Liam when Beth had been gone. Liam said that Bill had been fine. Bill replied that he hadn't been, but he hadn't seen the point of burdening Liam with his feelings.

Bill had always had a complicated relationship with the Man Upstairs, but erring on the side of caution, Bill had said a prayer. Changing his mind, Bill said it had been more of a request. Bill had requested that He watch over Liam, Hope, and Beth. Liam stated that prayers were great, and so were grandfathers. "She's got me," Bill pledged.

Liam thought it was nice to have Bill there, covering Liam's blind spots. Liam had needed that. He'd needed his dad. "And you've got me," Bill responded. He stated that there was something he needed from Liam. Irritated that Bill was ruining the moment, Liam asked, "What? What? What?" Bill noted that he hadn't held his granddaughter yet.

Realizing that it was true, Liam repeated it, and Hope carried Beth to Bill. Bill held the child and called her Beth Spencer. He figured that Liam had looked a lot like her at that age. Bill hadn't gotten to hold Liam back then, but he decided to tell her what he would have told baby Liam. Bill proclaimed that life would be good for her because her daddy would see to it.

In the design office, Zoe paced. Xander arrived. Surprised, Zoe asked if he'd returned. "Yeah, last night," he responded. Maya had notified him of what had happened. Zoe was scared and said that Ridge was waiting to talk to her. Xander replied that she wasn't in prison; that was at least something. Zoe stated that she'd been lost without him and had never needed him more.

Xander remarked that it was sad that Zoe hadn't realized that back when he'd tried to prevent everything that was happening to her at that moment. He asked where Thomas was and noted that Thomas' son had tipped Liam off. She responded that no one knew where Thomas was, but it was true about Douglas tipping off Liam.

Deducing that Zoe had never come clean on her own, Xander asked if she'd ever questioned why she reserved her loyalty for her father instead of for the people who'd stood by her like him, Hope, and the Forresters. He decided that it didn't matter; none of the devastating things he'd wanted to say even mattered anymore. "So, let's go," he said, headed to the door. "Ridge is waiting for you, right? Well, then, we'll face him together."

In the CEO's office, Brooke ended a call with Wyatt, who didn't know where Flo or her mother were. Brooke asked Ridge if they should call the police. Sure that the two wouldn't go anywhere without their licenses, Ridge said they'd find the women and make them pay for what they'd done. He checked the time and cited the fact that Zoe wasn't late -- yet.

Brooke figured that Ridge was reluctant to call the police because of Thomas' involvement in matters. In his silence, she asked if he'd reached Thomas. Ridge replied that when Thomas was ashamed or afraid, the last person he wanted to see was his father.

Zoe entered with Xander, and Brooke and Ridge expressed surprise. They'd thought Xander had gone to London. Xander affirmed that he had, but he hadn't been hiding. Ridge asked if Xander had gone to warn Buckingham. Xander stated that he wanted that man to pay as much as Ridge did, and after Maya had told Xander about the turn of events, he'd decided to return to make sure that everyone knew the entire truth.

Ridge asked when Xander had found out about Beth. Xander said it had been the day that Liam and Hope had signed annulment papers. "Then you could have prevented it?" Brooke asked. Zoe said he'd tried, and Xander asked if Thomas hadn't explained it already.

Brooke recalled that Hope had conveyed that Xander had been at the house on the day in question, but he'd disappeared. Xander said it had been because Thomas hadn't let him back into the house. In Xander's view, Thomas had wanted that marriage to end, and once Thomas had learned from Flo about the secret that very evening, he'd threatened everyone into silence.

"Threatened you how?" Ridge asked. Xander replied that he'd thought it had been a bunch of hot air -- until Thomas had driven Emma to her death off Mulholland Drive. "Till he what?" Ridge asked, and Brooke gasped.

Xander explained that Emma had overheard him and Zoe talking about the secret. There hadn't been anything they could do to stop Emma from going to Hope -- until Thomas had found a way. Ridge responded that it was a serious accusation. Xander claimed to have proof. Though it wasn't completely conclusive, he felt that it didn't leave many dots to connect.

Xander was glad that the truth was out. Ridge stated that it was because a five-year-old boy hadn't been afraid to tell the truth.

Later, Zoe explained that she'd first learned about the secret after receiving a key to her father's apartment from the hospital. Zoe hadn't even known where her father had been living before that, and when she'd gotten to the flat, it had appeared lived-in. Flo, a stranger to Zoe at the time, had been staying there, and while snooping around, Zoe had found the adoption papers.

Zoe said Flo had only known that the real mother had been someone named Hope, but Zoe had put the pieces together. Brooke asked why Zoe hadn't gone forward that day. Zoe stated that she wasn't trying to defend her father. Brooke asserted that Zoe was. Zoe explained that Reese had owed a gambling debt, and goons had been threatening her life.

Ridge asked why Reese hadn't gone to the police. Zoe had questioned her father about that, but by the time she had, it had already been too late. Ridge noted that it hadn't been too late to go to Beth's family with the truth. Zoe replied that she hadn't wanted her father to go to jail. "Why? It's what he deserved," Ridge quipped.

Zoe said that it was because her father had cared about her -- finally. Xander remarked that she'd never articulated that before. Zoe stated that her father had never been there for her after her parents had divorced, but he'd said he'd arrived in Los Angeles for her.

Xander broke it to Zoe that, in reality, Reese had been on the run, and the goons had traced him from London to L.A. Zoe had believed Reese loved her and had wanted to make up for lost time. Ridge guessed that keeping the secret had been her way of loving Reese.

Brooke asked if Zoe had spoken to Flo since the truth had been revealed. Zoe hadn't, but speaking on Flo's behalf, Zoe said that, whatever they might think of Flo, she'd been taken in by Reese, too. She claimed that Flo had wanted to tell the truth many times, but Zoe and Reese had stopped Flo. Ridge didn't care about any of that. He was concerned about what to do with Zoe and Xander.

As Brooke and Ridge conferred near the desk, Zoe expressed to Xander her fears about going to prison. Xander told her that he wouldn't leave her.

Ridge received a call with the news that Reese was in custody. Ridge was pleased but knew that the extradition of a UK citizen would be complicated. He planned to get his attorneys on it.

After the call, Ridge told Xander and Zoe that he wasn't a lawyer and didn't know what they'd be charged with. "Conspiracy after the fact, accomplice to a kidnapping, trafficking," Ridge speculated. Noting that a lot of money had exchanged hands, he asked them to affirm that they hadn't taken any. Xander and Zoe readily affirmed that they had not.

Ridge concluded that all the two had done had been to lie. It was a crime against Ridge's family, not society, and one didn't go to jail for lying. "But I love my family. Don't even step foot in this building again," Ridge told them. Xander stated that he and Zoe were sorry and knew who they'd let down, including their own families.

Brooke noted that the Avants were Brooke and Ridge's family, too. She stated that Maya had been Hope's sister-in-law, but it hadn't mattered to Xander. Zoe said that Xander had only kept his silence due to threats from Thomas and because she'd asked it of Xander. Ridge advised Zoe to take care of herself because her father would do all he could to blame someone else for what had happened.

Zoe knew it sounded hollow, but she was glad Beth was back with her family. "Even though you'd tried to prevent it?" Brooke asked. Zoe nodded and said she was.

Flo commits a new crime to apologize to Hope

Flo commits a new crime to apologize to Hope

Friday, August 16, 2019

At Brooke's house, Hope and Beth sat with Katie and Donna. In a nearby seat, Brooke asked if Beth had heard how her aunts were fawning over her. Katie suggested a shopping spree on Uncle Bill. Hope recalled how excited they'd been to welcome another Logan woman into the family earlier that year. Hope still couldn't believe what Flo had done to her and her daughter.

Donna tried to figure out if Beth was hungry or not. Hope believed it was naptime. She and Beth bade their family goodbye and exited through the terrace. So happy for Hope, Donna became emotional, causing Katie to tear up, too. Brooke said Hope's hard time was behind her, and nothing would ruin the joy that she and Beth were experiencing at that moment.

In Brooke's cabin, Flo told her mother that it was crazy to be sneaking in like they were. Shauna noted that Flo wanted to apologize to Hope. "But not by breaking and entering," Flo responded. Shauna said the door had been unlocked, and the gardener had said Hope was at the main house. Shauna figured that Hope would be back soon.

Flo didn't know what she'd say to Hope. Shauna urged Flo to try because Flo was a good person. Flo asked if that meant Hope wouldn't look at her and tell her to "go to hell." Shauna doubted that Hope would do that. Flo wouldn't blame Hope and her family if they erased Flo from their lives forever.

Shauna urged her daughter to stop assuming the worst. Flo still couldn't fathom that she hadn't been arrested. Shauna didn't think Hope would go that far. She said Hope wasn't vindictive, and she believed that Flo just had to tell Hope that Flo had been suffering, too.

Flo was appalled at the idea of comparing her suffering to Hope's. Shauna hadn't meant it that way and urged her daughter to explain how tortured she'd been. Upon hearing Hope and Beth outside the cabin, Flo and Shauna ducked through a door near the fireplace and windows.

Back at the main house, Donna suggested having a party for Hope, Liam, and Beth. Katie thought they should wait because they still had Steffy to think about. Agreeing, Brooke stated that Steffy had lost a daughter and needed time. Donna wanted to strangle Reese and Flo for what they'd done.

"My daughter never meant to hurt anyone," Shauna asserted, entering the house through the open terrace. The Logan women hopped to their feet, unnerved by Shauna's audacity to be there. Shauna said that she'd say it again -- she was very sorry for what had happened. "But at least Hope's reunited with her little girl," she reasoned.

Brooke asserted that Shauna and Flo would have kept their little secret if it hadn't been for Douglas and Liam. Shauna explained that she hadn't wanted her daughter to go to jail. Katie was astonished by Shauna's justification for it.

Shauna said she wasn't trying to justify anything. Brooke argued that Flo and Shauna had stood by while Hope had gone through something unimaginable. All Flo and Shauna had needed to do was say three simple words -- Beth was alive. However, they hadn't said those words because they hadn't wanted to be in trouble.

Katie asked where Flo was. Donna said being a Logan couldn't mean anything to Flo, who'd betrayed the family in the worst way. Brooke repeated Katie's question about where Flo was, and Shauna revealed that Flo was at the cabin with Hope.

The Logan women became infuriated that Flo was intruding upon the time Hope was making up for with Beth -- time that Flo had initially stolen from them. Katie said Flo had taken enough from them. Shauna asked if they didn't think Flo realized that.

Brooke didn't know what Flo realized. Brooke said they'd thought they'd seen their brother's goodness and decency in Flo, but Flo was obviously nothing like Storm. Shauna painted Flo as an innocent girl who hadn't known what she'd been getting into. "Are you kidding me? No one was holding a gun to her head!" Katie bellowed.

Shauna responded that it hadn't been literally, but Flo had been under pressure from Reese and Thomas. Brooke preferred not to go rounds with Shauna, who'd do or say anything to protect her daughter, but Brooke warned that Flo had better not upset Hope. Certain that Flo wouldn't, Shauna said Flo just wanted to see Hope with the baby and explain things.

Katie asked if Flo was trying to explain how she'd empathized with Hope's loss while knowing that Steffy had been raising Hope's daughter the entire time. Shauna claimed it hadn't been like that, but Katie concluded that it had been exactly that way. Katie accused Shauna of doing nothing as Flo avoided the ramifications of her role in the disgusting secret.

Brooke wanted to intervene at the cabin and said Hope shouldn't have to go through it with Flo. Donna said it might be cathartic for Hope to look her cousin in the eye and say what it felt like to be betrayed by someone she loved, who she thought loved her, and who didn't deserve to be a part of the family.

Shauna suggested that the Logans be more concerned about Thomas than Flo. Brooke stated that he wasn't Shauna's concern. Katie said that no one wanted to hear anything from Shauna, who had zero credibility. Shauna reminded them that Flo hadn't planned it with Reese, who'd used her. Donna contended that Flo should have exposed him the moment she'd found out.

Shauna insisted that Reese had pressured Flo, and Thomas had threatened Flo. Katie asked where Shauna had been in all of it, and Donna wondered why Shauna hadn't done anything. "I did do something. Unfortunately, it was the wrong something!" Shauna replied, and Katie and Donna grimaced in unison. Shauna expressed regret for advising Flo to remain silent.

Brooke decided that it didn't matter. She said that Flo could plead her case all she wanted, but Hope would not forgive Flo for what she'd done.

Back at the cabin, Hope entered with Beth, asking if she should tell the child a story. Flo opened the side door and stood by the fireplace, listening to Hope talk to Beth. Sensing a presence, Hope turned around and was shocked to see Flo in her living room.

Hope asked how Flo had gotten in there. Flo began to explain about the unlocked door, but interrupting, Hope instructed Flo to leave because Hope didn't want to do "this" in front of her daughter.

Flo noted that Beth looked happy. Flo had wanted to see Hope holding her daughter for a long time. It made Flo happy to know that Beth was in her real home. She knew that Hope didn't believe it, but Flo was sorry for her role in it. She said that Hope had been robbed of months with her child, but finally, she could start making up for missed memories.

Hope said she would put Beth down. She advised Flo to stay there. Once Hope had gone into another room, Flo flashed back on meeting Hope and her various attempts to tell Hope the truth.

Returning to the room, Hope agreed with Flo that Hope had been robbed, and Hope accused Flo of stealing precious months that a mother should have with her child. Though Flo hadn't started the deception on Catalina Island, she'd perpetuated it, which made Flo responsible for it. Hope demanded to know how Flo could do something so heartless to her flesh and blood.

Hope recalled the day that she and Flo had met and the bond they'd formed over losing their daughters. They'd gotten even closer upon learning that Flo was a Logan. Hope looked back over the times that Flo could have told the truth and turned Hope's despair into joy but had chosen not to. Instead, Flo had urged Hope to have another baby and to just keep carrying on.

Hope yelled that she hadn't been able to think about another child because she'd wanted her Beth. She'd wanted her child, the one she'd given birth to and the one who'd been stolen from her. "And you said nothing. My own cousin, someone that I thought actually cared about me. But I was wrong. I have never been more wrong about anything in my entire life," Hope said.

Hope conveyed that her world had been upside down. She'd ended her marriage, and her daughter had had a different name and woman raising her. Flo asked if Hope would let her explain. Hope didn't want to hear it. Flo insisted, saying Hope would never have to see her again.

Hope rolled her eyes and waited for the explanation. Flo said that she wouldn't have gotten involved if she'd known what had been going on. She'd agreed to do a favor for a friend and hadn't known that he'd been capable of doing what he'd done.

Flo confessed to pretending to be the birth mother and to signing fake adoption papers, but she claimed she hadn't known what had really been going on until it had gone too far. Flo had wanted to tell Hope the truth many times but hadn't done it. Flo had found her family and found love with Wyatt again. She'd been living in a dream, but it hadn't mattered because she'd been plagued by the secret.

Flo felt that she deserved to go to prison. She hated herself for hurting everyone involved. Despite what she'd done, she cherished being a Logan woman. She loved Hope and always would, no matter what happened. It was a lot to ask, Flo knew, but she wondered if there was a way that Hope could forgive her. "Please, Hope. Is there any way you can find it in your heart to forgive me? Please," Flo requested.

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