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Suspicion surrounded Brooke as Thomas lay in a coma at the hospital. Detective Sanchez questioned whether or not Thomas' fall had been an accident. Quinn refused to help Shauna and Flo. Wyatt and Sally decided to give their relationship another chance.
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Detective Sanchez questioned whether Thomas' fall had been an accident
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Ridge casts blame for Thomas' fall

Ridge casts blame for Thomas' fall

Monday, August 26, 2019

At Spencer, Bill wound down a meeting with Wyatt and Justin, praising them for jobs well done. Wyatt asked for an update on Katie and Bill, and Justin asked if there would be wedding bells. Bill told them to chill on that. He and Katie were just enjoying reuniting as a family at the time.

Wyatt remarked that Hope and Liam were doing the same thing. Unable to believe that his granddaughter was alive, Bill thanked Justin for helping Liam and Hope with their legal matters. Justin was glad Hope would be free of Thomas. Justin wasn't surprised that he'd heard from authorities that Emma's case had been reopened with Thomas as a suspect.

Bill wasn't surprised, either, and asked if there were any leads. There weren't yet, according to Justin. Bill said that even if Thomas hadn't been responsible, he was still a total loser. In Bill's mind, the only good thing Thomas had ever done was produce a stand-up kid with Caroline. Bill didn't even want to think about what he'd do to Thomas if Douglas wasn't around.

Bill wondered how one served papers to a coward in hiding and remarked that they didn't even know if Thomas was still in the city. Wyatt bet that Thomas was in town. Bill figured that Thomas would be because of Douglas. Wyatt didn't think Thomas would give up on his son or on Hope.

Justin said Hope had probably already told Thomas that he'd be served. Bill thought Hope telling Thomas something like that could set Thomas off. Justin conveyed that he'd advised Hope of that. Bill asserted that Thomas wasn't playing with a full deck, and Bill hoped Ridge could realize that Thomas was a "nut job" before Thomas caused more damage.

Wyatt admonished himself for how wrong he'd been about Flo. Bill said Wyatt hadn't been able to see something like that on the horizon, and Bill asked who'd do something so insane besides Wyatt's mother. It was unbelievable to Bill that Flo had gone along with the sale of Bill's grandchild.

Justin said the nightmare could have ended sooner had Zoe and Xander spoken up. Wyatt thought Xander and Zoe were lucky they'd only gotten fired. As far as Bill was concerned, all of those involved were guilty, but the only one who hadn't been dealt with yet was Thomas.

Bill affirmed that Thomas had helped put Hope and Liam "through hell" by perpetuating a lie. Justin added that Thomas might be responsible for Emma's death. Bill said that Thomas deserved whatever he got for the part he'd played in things.

Wyatt figured that Thomas would have to show up at some point. Justin said that Thomas would show up if he cared about his son. Bill felt that Douglas had been through a lot. Wyatt said a lot of people had been hurt by Thomas' actions.

Bill was upset at the thought of his granddaughter spending the most critical months in someone else's home. In his view, Steffy had taken great care of Beth, but Beth should have been with her real mother. He said that Thomas had known it but had kept it from Hope because Thomas was a spoiled, selfish, entitled freaking brat. It was taking every ounce of self-control Bill had to not hunt Thomas down and make him suffer as he'd made the people Bill loved suffer.

At the cliff house, Brooke broke Thomas' hold on Hope by wedging herself between Thomas and Hope. Thomas pawed at Brooke's backside, and Brooke whipped around and shoved him, ordering him to get away from her and Hope. Ridge arrived as Thomas flipped backwards over some bushes and landed on the beach below the cliffs. Ridge glared at Brooke and shouted for someone to call emergency services.

Brooke and Ridge rushed down the cliffside steps to Thomas. Ridge checked Thomas' vitals as Thomas lay spread out on the ground, face up. Ridge asked if Thomas could hear him. Thomas was unresponsive, and Ridge glared at Brooke. Hope was on the phone with emergency services as she approached them, and Ridge assured his unconscious son that it would be okay.

Later, the shaken Hope was alone in the house, reliving what had just happened by the cliff. Liam arrived, saying he'd left Beth with Maya and Lizzy. Noting Hope's daze, Liam asked what was going on. "Thomas..." Hope uttered, shaking her head.

Hope explained that Thomas had been there, desperate to talk about their marriage. She'd tried to leave, but when he'd stood in her way, she'd gone out the back door. She hadn't been sure of what Thomas would do or the lengths he'd go, and then he'd grabbed her.

Upset that Thomas had put his hands on Hope, Liam headed toward the terrace to confront Thomas. Hope stopped Liam, saying it wasn't how it sounded. He asked what that meant. Hope explained that she'd been frantic, and she thought Thomas might have just been trying to get through to her. She said he'd probably wanted her to go inside to talk.

Liam asked Hope to say she hadn't done that. Hope affirmed it. She said she and Thomas were over, and there was no apology or explanation for what he'd done to her. Liam stated that Thomas had had no right to grab her. Hope knew that. "But looking back...I don't think I was in danger. But I could see how it may have seemed that way to my mom," Hope said.

Hope explained that Brooke had been calling her to warn her about Thomas, but none of the calls had gone through. Brooke had driven to the cliff house, and when she'd arrived, she'd seen Thomas holding Hope. Hope understood Brooke's desire to protect her.

Liam asked what had happened. Hope said that Brooke had rushed over, and Hope had managed to get away from Thomas. She stated that Brooke had pushed Thomas. "Good," Liam responded. Hope assumed that Thomas' foot had slipped, sending Thomas over the cliff.

Hope said that it was even worse because Ridge had arrived in time to see Thomas go over the side. Liam asked if Thomas would make it. Hope wasn't sure. She said he'd been still, barely breathing. She wondered if he might die. Liam offered to take Hope to the hospital, but Hope said that Ridge had asked her to stay to tell Steffy what had happened to her brother.

At the hospital, Dr. Armstrong received Thomas and heard an update on his condition from EMTs. He took Thomas into a room. Ridge tried to follow them in, but a nurse said they'd talk to Ridge after they examined their patient. Ridge stared through the observation window as they worked on Thomas. Behind Ridge, Brooke reached out but decided not to touch him.

Later, Dr. Armstrong emerged from the room to talk to Ridge and Brooke. Thomas was still unconscious, which was to be expected, but the longer he remained that way, the worse things could be. Ridge asked if they'd do a CT scan. Dr. Armstrong said that radiology had another patient at that moment. Ridge got upset about the wait but calmed himself down.

Dr. Armstrong was empathetic and said he was a father, too. Brooke asked about other injuries or broken bones. The doctor was waiting on test results. He asked about Thomas falling off a cliff. Brooke uttered that it had been a terrible accident. Ridge got an aggravated look on his face. He asked if he could see Thomas. Dr. Armstrong said he'd let Ridge know when.

After the doctor left, Brooke tried to assure her husband that Thomas was strong enough to get through it and had family support. She believed Thomas would wake up from the accident. Noting that she kept saying that, Ridge asked if she really thought it had been an accident.

Time progressed with no changes, and Ridge said he should be in there with his son. Brooke offered to check with the doctor, but Ridge didn't respond. Brooke knew that Ridge was scared. Ridge said that he could lose another child, and Douglas could lose a parent.

Ridge wondered what had been going on in Thomas' head to make it all happen. He guessed that it had fallen apart for Thomas when Caroline had died, but Hope had given Thomas solace. Ridge said Thomas had thought Hope was the mother Douglas needed. Ridge didn't want to make excuses for Thomas, but he asked if Brooke thought Thomas deserved his fate.

Ridge feared that Thomas might wake up disabled and unable to speak. He was worried that Thomas wouldn't be able to care for Douglas. Brooke didn't want Ridge thinking that way. She urged him to be strong and positive for Thomas.

Taking Brooke's hands, Ridge said they all had to be strong and positive for Thomas. Ridge figured it would be hard for Brooke, who'd taken every chance to tell anybody how screwed up Thomas was. He said that Brooke hadn't wanted Thomas to get between Hope and Liam and had hated Thomas for doing it.

Ridge had known something would happen. "I just didn't think it was going to be you pushing him off a cliff. That's not -- I'm sorry. That was an accident, right? He accidentally fell. My son might be dead because of you," Ridge told Brooke.

Brooke and Hope's views of events conflict

Brooke and Hope's views of events conflict

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

At the cliff house, Hope couldn't stop reliving the moment Brooke had pushed Thomas, sending him over the cliff. As Hope went on about how horrible it had been, Liam unapologetically bit out that Thomas wouldn't have been there had he told the truth about Beth. It was hard for Hope to just wait around for Steffy. Hope felt as if she needed to be at the hospital.

At Spencer, Justin was angry that Thomas, on top of everything else he'd done, might be responsible for Emma's death. Bill said one couldn't be surprised, because Thomas had always been a screwup. Justin added that a lot of people had troubled youths, but he'd thought Thomas had gotten himself together and become a father since then.

Wyatt thought Thomas was "some father" to use his son the way he had, and Wyatt wondered what kind of man kept such a hateful secret as Thomas had. Bill said Thomas had kept it from a woman whom Thomas supposedly loved, and Bill was glad Hope had cut the scumbag loose.

Katie arrived and guessed they were talking about Thomas. Each time Katie thought about his actions, they made her furious. She imagined that Brooke probably wanted to kill him. Katie had thought that they'd lose Hope over Beth's "death." Katie reminded them that she knew what it was like to climb out of a dark place.

Justin asked if Hope had gotten therapy. Katie stated that Hope had thought she'd been making the right choices for Liam, his children, and Douglas. Bill said it hadn't helped that Thomas had been manipulating Hope and reinforcing her bad choices.

Bill asked if Wyatt had talked to Liam. Wyatt got on the phone with Liam and was shocked when Liam said there had been an accident and that Thomas had fallen off the cliff at Steffy's house. "And it kind of sounds like Brooke pushed him," Liam added in a hushed tone.

After the call, Wyatt shared the news with the others in the room. Katie couldn't believe it, and Bill was hopeful that Thomas wouldn't make it. Wyatt said Thomas was alive but unconscious. They discussed Ridge seeing Thomas go over the cliff, and Katie said that if Thomas died, Ridge would never stop reliving that moment. She wondered if they should go to the hospital.

Wyatt didn't know about that. He figured that it had to be pretty tense there and said they'd call if they wanted the Spencers there. Wyatt called upon his quiet father for an opinion. "Karma," Bill replied with a shrug, adding, "It's a bitch, isn't it? Everything Thomas did. Look at the result. Liam and Hope are reunited with Beth, and that loser is lying in a hospital bed, unconscious."

Wyatt had to agree that it served Thomas right. Katie theorized that Thomas had tracked Hope down to talk her out of the annulment. Justin said Thomas had been off the radar, and Hope ending the marriage had brought Thomas out of the woodwork.

Bill was certain that if Brooke had seen a desperate Thomas bending Hope to his will, Brooke would definitely get in the middle of it. Justin said Brooke would throw herself in front of a train to defend her children. Katie agreed that Brooke was fiercely protective of her children, but she asserted that Brooke would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Katie believed that Ridge knew that. "Don't count on it," Bill responded. Katie said Bill couldn't possibly believe that Ridge would blame Brooke for Thomas' accident. Bill was willing to guarantee it. He said Ridge didn't care what Brooke had to say and never had. Ridge didn't value Brooke, either. Bill asked why he was the only one who understood that.

Katie asked if Bill could possibly be wrong. Bill told her to doubt his Spency senses and wait to see. Bill theorized that, true to form, Ridge would side with Thomas against Brooke, despite what that crackpot had done to her daughter.

Katie hoped that Bill was wrong but stated that, if he wasn't, Brooke would have a lot of support. In Katie's view, everyone knew what Thomas had done. Katie believed that everyone would see that Thomas had chased Hope down because he hadn't been able to take "no" for an answer. Katie asked what mother wouldn't intervene. She insisted that Brooke had been protecting her daughter, not trying to hurt Thomas.

"Whatever. If Brooke did hurt Thomas, she would have had every right," Wyatt replied. In his view, Thomas could have ended Hope's struggles if he hadn't guarded that secret with everything he'd had. "Possibly at the cost of my niece's life," Justin added. Justin had many questions about what had happened to Emma and said the police did, too.

Wyatt asked if Justin really thought Thomas had had something to do with it. Justin conveyed that, based on what had happened and all that Thomas had done, "hell, yes." Katie said that her sister had been trying to warn Ridge about Thomas for a long time, and Katie could only imagine what would go through Brooke's mind if Brooke had seen Thomas confronting Hope.

Bill had no doubt that what had happened to Thomas had been an accident. After all, it was Brooke they were talking about. Bill affirmed that Brooke would hop to her daughter's defense, but he questioned whether Brooke would push Thomas -- even if he deserved it -- or anyone else off a cliff, intending death. Bill said it would never happen.

Katie affirmed that Brooke wasn't capable of it. Wyatt replied that even if Brooke had done it, no one would blame her. "That's all I'm saying," Wyatt added. He stated that what Thomas had done had been horrible, and as far as Wyatt was concerned, there was no coming back from Thomas keeping Beth from Hope.

Justin wasn't feeling sympathetic toward Thomas, either. Justin said that if the investigation proved that Thomas had had a hand in Emma's death, Thomas would be wishing that the fall had killed him.

In Katie's view, no matter what had gone on, they needed to wish Thomas a speedy recovery. Triggered, the men in the room all asked why. Katie explained that anything less than that was trouble for her sister. "Brooke's already in trouble if Ridge or anyone else thinks she's responsible for Thomas' fall," Bill surmised.

At the hospital, Brooke watched Ridge pace in the waiting room. He finally sat beside her and stared blankly ahead. She offered to get him something, but he murmured that he didn't want anything. She asked if Thomas was moving yet. Ridge said Thomas was just lying there. "He accidentally fell off a cliff, you know," Ridge added.

Brooke asked Ridge to believe her about what had happened to Thomas. Ridge asserted that Thomas had gone from her hands to the bottom of a cliff. Brooke said she hadn't pushed him, and Ridge knew that. Ridge stated that she'd always had major issues with his boy. Brooke didn't deny it, but she asserted that she wouldn't try to kill Thomas.

Dr. Armstrong strode down the corridor. Ridge stopped him to ask about Thomas. There had been no change, but they were taking Thomas to radiology to find out if he had head trauma.

The doctor continued on his way, and Brooke assured her husband that Thomas would be fine. Ridge asked if Brooke really wanted that. Brooke affirmed it. She was worried about Thomas, too, and she would never deliberately harm Thomas. She said it had been an accident.

Brooke wanted to help Ridge in some way and to feel useful. Ridge didn't know what to tell her. She asked him to say he believed her, but Ridge insisted that he knew what he'd seen. She replied that he'd seen an accident without malicious intent.

Though it had been a shocking and terrible fall, Brooke believed Thomas would pull through. She had faith and urged Ridge to have faith for his son's sake. She was certain that Thomas would pull through and have a complete recovery. She asked Ridge not to give up on Thomas.

Liam and Hope arrived and asked how Thomas was. Brooke explained that Thomas was undergoing testing. Hope said that Steffy still hadn't arrived home by the time Hope and Liam had left. Ridge decided that he'd contact Taylor and Steffy once he had more information. Looking at Brooke, he said they didn't need more stress in their lives at that moment.

Later, Brooke told Hope and Liam that regardless of what had happened, none of them had wanted that outcome. Liam said he hoped that Thomas pulled through -- so Liam could kill him.

Ridge approached, saying that there hadn't been an update yet. Hope inquired about Douglas, who Brooke said Amelia had taken on a playdate. Hope assumed Douglas didn't know what had happened. Ridge stated that Douglas was still grappling with his mother's death, and Ridge didn't know how to have the conversation with Douglas about Thomas.

Brooke wanted to believe that it wouldn't be so bad. Ridge wondered how she could say that when Thomas might not wake up from a terrible fall. Brooke told Liam and Hope that Brooke had been trying to explain to Ridge that she hadn't deliberately pushed Thomas over the edge. She asked why she'd do that.

In Brooke's view, Thomas had been out of control -- again. Brooke recalled that he'd grabbed Hope by the arms and had been holding her. He'd been intimidating and in Hope's face, and being a mother, Brooke had needed to protect Hope. Ridge asked if Hope thought she'd been in danger and if Thomas had threatened her.

Brooke instructed Hope to go ahead and speak. Hope explained that she'd been alone at the cliff house, and Thomas had just appeared. Ridge asked if Thomas had knocked on the door, and Hope stated that Thomas had startled her. He'd just been there, upset about the annulment.

Flashbacks of the conversation between Thomas and Hope in the living room played on the screen as Hope explained that she'd told Thomas that there hadn't been anything more to talk about. She said he'd refused to accept it, and when she'd tried to leave, he'd blocked her path. She'd run out the back door, and Thomas had followed her.

Hope assumed that Thomas had believed that she'd find forgiveness for him if she'd hear him out. Brooke said Thomas couldn't justify keeping the secret about Beth, and Liam added, "Or tricking you into marriage." Hope replied that she'd just wanted Thomas to leave.

Agreeing, Brooke said it had been what she'd seen. She'd seen Thomas grab Hope, and he'd been shaking her. To Brooke, it had been intimidating. Brooke said she'd gotten between them and had pushed Thomas away. She stated that she hadn't done it to push him over the edge, but to get them away from each other.

Brooke didn't know what had happened after that. It had happened fast, and Brooke had been trying to protect her daughter. Ridge asked if it was true and if Hope had been afraid. Hope flashed back to trying to jerk herself away from Thomas, who had refused to let go of her. Ridge asked if Thomas had threatened her. "No," Hope replied.

Hope told Brooke that she'd misread the situation. Thomas hadn't been threatening Hope. Instead, he'd been apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Brooke gasped in shock.

Dr. Armstrong discusses Thomas' condition

Dr. Armstrong discusses Thomas' condition

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

by Pam

At the hospital, Ridge, Brooke, Liam, and Hope discussed what had happened at the cliff house. Brooke had been convinced that Thomas would hurt Hope because he'd had his hands on her. Hope told her mother that she understood what Brooke had seen, but Brooke had misread the situation because Thomas had been apologizing to her. Brooke was teary-eyed and reminded her daughter that Thomas had had Hope near the edge of the cliff. Hope understood but maintained that she had not been in danger.

Ridge was upset that Brooke had pushed Thomas without knowing what had happened. Brooke tried to argue with Ridge, but Hope intervened and said that she knew how it had to have looked to her mother. Ridge angrily said there had been no justification for Brooke's actions. Hope responded that she had been worried at first, but then Thomas had seemed to become reasonable and had begged her to forgive him. Ridge was angry. "You saw what you wanted to see. Life will never be the same again," Ridge said to Brooke.

Arguing ensued, and Ridge blamed Brooke's actions on things Thomas had done in the past. Brooke tried to convince Ridge she would never intentionally hurt Thomas, but Ridge didn't listen. The doctor and medical team wheeled Thomas into a nearby room, and Ridge begged the doctor to provide some news. The doctor promised to return with an update.

Ridge told Brooke that none of it should have happened. "Did you see him?" Ridge asked Brooke. Hope took her mother aside and said that Thomas would be all right. She knew that he would have to fight, but he would do it to be with his son. Liam said it was about time, and Ridge glared at him.

The doctor returned and told Ridge, Liam, Brooke, and Hope that Thomas was still unconscious, but he had no skull fracture, which was good news. The doctor was worried about brain swelling, and the medical team was treating it with oxygen therapy. They would have to see how Thomas progressed, but there was a possibility he would need surgery.

The doctor said he needed to better understand what had happened. He wanted to know if Thomas had fallen or seemed confused or if he'd had any medical issues before he'd fallen over the cliff. Brooke, Hope, Liam, and Ridge looked at one another, and Ridge answered that he needed to see his son. The doctor agreed that Ridge could see Thomas briefly. Ridge looked at Brooke then went into the hospital room. Brooke cried.

Liam and Hope tried to console Brooke and remind her that Ridge was angry, but he had to understand that Brooke had never meant to hurt Thomas. Brooke worried that Thomas had to recover because his son Douglas loved him so much. Hope encouraged her mother to tell Ridge that she'd never meant to hurt Thomas. "I just don't know how he's going to react if Thomas doesn't recover," Brooke said through tears.

In the hospital room, Ridge looked at Thomas and acknowledged that Thomas had tried to apologize to Hope for what he had done to keep Hope from her baby. Ridge felt that he couldn't tell Taylor or Steffy about Thomas' condition because he wanted to protect them until Thomas was feeling better. Ridge understood that Thomas had always protected his mother and sisters when he had been younger. Ridge took Thomas' hand and told him that his family loved him and that he had to get well for all of them, especially Douglas. "That little boy loves you so much," Ridge said.

Ridge advised his son that he had a long journey ahead of him, and Ridge promised to take the journey with him. He said that Thomas had made some bad decisions, and he couldn't do that anymore. Keeping Hope and Liam from their baby had been wrong, but the fact that Thomas had apologized and tried to explain that he'd lost his way was good. Ridge promised that Thomas' family and friends would be there to help him. "But first, you have to wake up," Ridge said. Brooke entered, and Ridge said nothing to her.

At Forrester, Eric and Quinn discussed that Thomas was in the hospital, and Quinn wondered if Eric wanted to go to the hospital. Eric said that Ridge had promised to call them when he had news, but Eric was worried that it had to be pretty bad. He knew they were doing tests at the hospital. "This is too much. This family cannot deal with another loss," Eric said.

Eric worried that Thomas had kept the news of Hope's baby from everyone. Eric lamented that the family had experienced one bad thing after another. "All this unnecessary pain," Eric said. He attributed it to Quinn's friend and her daughter, Flo. Quinn tried to justify that Flo and Shauna were good people, and Flo was facing years in prison.

Eric had no sympathy. He reminded Quinn that Flo had confessed. Quinn countered that she couldn't wrap her head around Flo knowingly stealing a baby. Eric was angry that Quinn defended Flo after all the damage she had done to the family. Eric felt Shauna and Flo deserved to suffer the consequences of what they had done. He added that it had been "a big mistake ever letting them stay at our house."

Quinn understood, but she said that Shauna and Flo had been like family to her and Wyatt for years. Quinn admitted that she had hoped that Flo would be her daughter-in-law. She said that Flo was a good person, just as Eric believed Thomas was a good person who'd made bad decisions.

Eric was unmoved. He reminded Quinn to take a look at what Flo and her mother had done to "our family." Quinn agreed, and she became emotional about how devastated everyone had been to think that Beth was dead. Flo again suggested they visit the hospital. Eric said he was worried that there had been no call yet and feared his grandson's condition was "very grave."

At the jail, Shauna visited Flo; she wanted to hug her daughter, but the guard warned her there would be no contact. Shauna hated to see her daughter locked up but promised to find a way to get her out. Flo said she was scared, and she worried that they didn't even have enough money to make bail, let alone get an attorney.

Shauna promised to find a way, but Flo was despondent and said she was where she belonged. She had betrayed her family, become a part of something illegal, and let Hope suffer in pain for months. "Why should anyone do anything?" she asked. Shauna begged her daughter to have faith because Reese Buckingham was the real criminal. Shauna promised to visit Quinn to see if she could help. Flo was doubtful, and the guard entered to tell Shauna that visiting hours were over.

Later, at Forrester, Shauna showed up in Quinn's office. Quinn was shocked and worried that someone might have seen her enter the building. Shauna begged Quinn to help her daughter because they couldn't afford bail. She was also worried about a lawyer.

Shauna reminded Quinn that they had been friends for years and raised their kids together. She hoped that Quinn knew that Flo was not a horrible person; she had been caught up in something awful and had made terrible decisions. Quinn asked if everything about Flo knowing about Beth had been true. Shauna admitted it, but she said that Flo didn't belong in jail. "I really need your help to get her out," Shauna begged.

Sanchez investigates Thomas' fall

Sanchez investigates Thomas' fall

Thursday, August 29, 2019

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Shauna hoped that Quinn never had to sit at a dirty table in a jail, wondering if her child would ever see daylight again. Quinn didn't foresee such a predicament happening. Shauna asked if Quinn thought Shauna had. Quinn thought Shauna's response meant that Shauna had thought Flo would get away with it.

Shauna was ashamed to beg and asked if Quinn knew what that felt like. She said Quinn was the only Forrester who knew Flo. Quinn questioned whether she really did after Flo had stolen and sold another woman's baby.

Shauna claimed that hadn't been what had happened. She insisted that Flo was a victim just as much as Steffy was. Quinn, who'd been trying to withhold judgment, said she needed to know what Shauna and Flo had known and when they'd become aware of it.

Later, Shauna had finished her explanation and swore that she was telling the truth. Quinn asked if Shauna had known "all this" the whole time. Insisting that she hadn't, Shauna revealed that Flo had called her to learn more about her father after she'd reconnected with Wyatt and learned that he'd found his. Shauna had traveled to Los Angeles a few days later to check on her daughter. Quinn's location in L.A. had been another incentive for the visit.

Quinn asked when Shauna had found out about everything. Shauna explained that it had been when Hope had remarked that Flo had had a baby. Shauna had known it hadn't been true and said she'd never gone nine months without seeing Flo. Shauna had wanted Flo to fess up, but she'd also wanted Flo to embrace being a Logan.

Quinn grimaced, but Shauna recalled that Quinn had said that same thing to Shauna. Shauna didn't want to make excuses. She'd been trying to do the best thing for her daughter. She asked if Quinn could say that she wouldn't have done the same thing. Quinn affirmed that she'd do anything to save her son from the consequences of a horrific mistake, but in her mind, Wyatt wouldn't make the mistake of partaking in a plot to steal a child.

Shauna insisted that Flo hadn't known. "Until she did!" Quinn replied. Quinn had tried to believe that there had been more to the story. She'd even attempted to defend Flo but couldn't do that any longer. Quinn said Shauna had known about it when she'd walked through the door and hugged Quinn.

Quinn was angry and disillusioned because she'd never felt closer to a friend on the planet than she had to Shauna. Quinn would never have it again because she wasn't a person to make friends. In Quinn's view, what Flo had done and what Shauna had done by covering for Flo had been an attack on Quinn's family.

Quinn saw it as an attack on Steffy and Wyatt. It had been an attack on Quinn, too. Quinn asked how Shauna had been able to live in Quinn's home while knowing what Shauna had known. "And now you're calling on our friendship, so that I can help you? Where was our friendship then?" Quinn asked. She wondered if all Shauna had seen were dollar signs.

Shauna tried to speak, but Quinn stopped her. Quinn decided that, after hearing all Shauna had just said, Flo shouldn't expect Quinn's help. "And neither can you," Quinn concluded.

At the jail, Flo waited in a room for a surprise visitor. It was Detective Sanchez, who was looking for a little cooperation. He said Flo didn't have an attorney on record, and Shauna was insisting that Flo not be questioned without one. Though Flo knew Shauna was trying to protect her, Flo said that she was an adult and was fine with a court-appointed attorney. She gave Sanchez permission to question her, stating that a lawyer wouldn't change her responses.

Sanchez turned on a recorder. First, he asked when Flo had become aware that what Buckingham had wanted hadn't been a favor from a friend. Flo claimed that it had been when she'd seen the fake birth certificate. It said she'd given birth in some medical center on some date, cared for by some doctor she'd never met. She stated that it had been all lies about the same lie she'd been telling.

Sanchez asked where Buckingham had gotten the documents. Flo replied that Reese hadn't told her. She'd just gotten the shocking story about the baby's origins and hadn't pressed about the origins of the papers. Flo added that she hadn't known Hope or that they were relatives.

Sanchez informed Flo that there was an ongoing investigation into the black market that dealt in such fraudulent paperwork. He said she might be able to help with it if she was willing. Flo asked what she had to lose.

Sanchez asked if Flo had thought of confessing. Flo affirmed that she had thought of it, but she'd had a lot to lose. In the end, she'd wound up losing it, anyway. He asked if she'd been advised not to speak up. Flo flashed a look, which caused him to shut off his recorder. Flo said she didn't intend to incriminate anyone else -- with one exception. Sanchez resumed recording.

Flo asserted that she'd told someone the entire truth. It had felt good to unburden herself, but she'd told the wrong person. She revealed that Thomas Forrester hadn't wanted the truth to get out, and he'd threatened her life to make her keep her mouth shut. Turning off the recorder again, Sanchez stated that it was new information. Flo replied that he hadn't asked.

A phone chimed. Sanchez received a call about another incident he needed to get to. He apologized to Flo for having to cut things short, and he exited the room.

At the hospital in the corridor, Brooke believed that when Thomas awakened, he'd tell Ridge that Brooke wouldn't do anything to hurt Thomas. Hope didn't think it was good to assume anything Thomas might say or do.

Liam approached and said Ridge was still speaking with the doctor. Liam asked what the women were discussing. Brooke explained that they'd been discussing the fall. To Brooke, it had looked like Hope had been in trouble. Liam affirmed that Hope had been. "I know -- but Hope says -- " Brooke started to say.

Interrupting Brooke, Liam said they had to stop giving that guy the benefit of the doubt. The fact of the matter was that Thomas wasn't safe to be around. Liam wondered if Thomas was really unconscious or just avoiding facing them.

Hope said the doctor would be able to detect that, but Liam stated that the doctor didn't know who he was dealing with. "We do," Liam concluded and entered Thomas' room. Hope asked her mother if they should do something. Citing that there was no love lost between Liam and Thomas, Brooke didn't see the difference of Liam standing in the room or in the corridor.

Ridge approached but had no news. He asked where Liam was. When Brooke stated that Liam was in with Thomas, Ridge asked if she thought that was a good idea.

In Thomas' room, Liam leaned forward on the footboard of the bed. He wondered if radiology was still counting Thomas' broken bones. It was amazing to Liam that Thomas hadn't died. He said Thomas' death would be a tragedy for many people. "But I'm not one of them," Liam stated.

Liam said that it was a shame that there wasn't a law against using a woman's broken heart to fill one's bed or against getting a child to help make it happen. Ridge, who'd slipped into the room, asked if it made Liam feel powerful to talk to a defenseless man. Liam replied that it was the opposite. Liam knew that Thomas wouldn't pay for what he'd done. He was certain that Ridge, with all his money, would see to it.

Ridge told Liam that he shouldn't be there. Liam started to leave, but Ridge stopped him. Ridge was sorry for what Thomas had done to Liam and stated that Thomas would face the consequences. "But you're right. I'm only going to let him fall so far. Not because he's my son, but because of something that you couldn't possibly understand," Ridge said.

Ridge told Liam that Liam had never loved anyone deeply enough to stand by them, support them, or forgive them, not even for something as awful as what Ridge's child had done to Liam. Liam shook his head in dismay and walked out of the room.

Later, Ridge stood aloof from the rest of the group in the corridor. Brooke approached him and apologized for what she'd said. He told her that they'd drop it. Changing his mind, he took exception to Brooke calling his son, who was fighting to live, violent. Brooke replied that she'd apologized. She said there was an unstoppable instinct that arose when one thought one's child was under threat. Ridge replied that he was picking up on that.

Brooke wanted to sit with Thomas for a while. She asked if it was okay. Permitting it, Ridge said Thomas might respond to her. Brooke entered Thomas' room, and Hope offered to get something for Ridge. Ridge didn't respond.

Hope stated that her mother hadn't known what had been going on. Ridge said Brooke hadn't taken the time to find out what had been going on. Hope asked if that was fair to say when they all knew Thomas' motives weren't always good. Hope reasoned that they didn't know what would have happened if Brooke hadn't shown up when she had.

Ridge asked if throwing his son off a cliff had turned Brooke into a hero. Hope thought it was a matter of love gone wrong. She said Brooke loved Hope and loved Ridge. Hope stated that Ridge had to know that Brooke wouldn't deliberately hurt his son.

In Thomas' room, Brooke observed Thomas in his slumber. Tearfully, she said his father might never forgive her. She wondered if she'd ever be able to forgive Thomas. She stated that he'd thought he could trick Hope into marriage as long as she hadn't known that Beth was alive. Brooke asked why she wouldn't think Hope had been in danger.

Crying, Brooke asserted that she hadn't wanted what had happened. She hadn't wanted Thomas to wind up in a hospital bed. "You wouldn't have if you'd told us the truth about Beth!" Brooke bitterly concluded. Turning toward the door, Brooke saw Sanchez peering in through the viewing window. She wordlessly walked toward the door.

Back in the corridor, Sanchez was talking to Ridge, Hope, and Liam about who'd witnessed Thomas' fall. Brooke joined the group as Hope explained that she and Ridge had been there, but Liam had arrived at the house after it had happened. Ridge affirmed that he was a witness.

Sanchez asked how it had happened. Liam said Thomas had fallen. Sanchez asked how Liam, who hadn't been there, would know. Hope stated that she and Thomas had been in a discussion. "With you and your mother?" Sanchez asked.

Hope said that it had been her and Thomas talking. Sanchez imagined that emotions had been running high because Thomas had kept the secret about Hope's baby. Sanchez asked if that had made Brooke unhappy. Affirming it, Brooke asked if it would make him that way, too.

Sanchez asked if the discussion had been hostile, and Hope conveyed that she'd been afraid. "And yet he was the one who fell," Sanchez noted. Hope said she hadn't known what Thomas had wanted. "Until he told you," Ridge asserted. Hope acknowledged that Thomas had tried to apologize. Sanchez assumed it had been too little, too late.

Liam asked the detective to stop because he was putting words into Hope's mouth. Noting that none of them was saying much, Sanchez thought that they should have a lot of questions. He posed questions he thought they should have such as how similar survivors of falls might fare, if the fence at the house had been to code, and if the homeowner was liable for the fall.

In Sanchez's view, they seemed like a bunch of people with a secret. He asked Ridge if someone could be angry enough with his son to help him off a cliff.

Thomas awakens to a police inquiry

Thomas awakens to a police inquiry

Friday, August 30, 2019

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt discussed Quinn's decision to turn down Shauna's plea for help. Quinn had been conflicted. She'd tried hard to feel pity for Shauna and Flo but had only felt betrayal. Wyatt felt the same way, but he was just trying to move on.

Assuming that Wyatt meant having a rebound, Quinn wondered if that was a wise thing to do. Wyatt suggested that he might have already had the rebound with Flo. Quinn implored him to say that he wasn't talking about going back to Sally.

Wyatt knew that Quinn would say that Sally had lied, too, but he reasoned that Sally hadn't lied about Liam's baby. "Well, if we're ranking lies -- " Quinn shouted. Questioning Sally's loyalty, Quinn reminded him that Sally had put Thomas' needs first and had stolen from Forrester.

Wyatt asked if Quinn had heard about Thomas. Quinn said it was terrible. Wyatt quipped that it was terrible that Thomas was in a hospital instead of rotting in a jail cell where he belonged.

Later, Quinn was on the phone, asking the person on the line to let her know if anything changed with Thomas. She said she was sending Thomas positive thoughts. "Mother, positive thoughts?" Wyatt asked after the call had ended. She asked what he'd expected her to say.

Wyatt didn't know, but he figured the positive thoughts should go Liam, Hope, and Steffy's ways. Quinn agreed, and Wyatt asked her to have positive thoughts about his relationship with Sally. Quinn didn't understand why he couldn't just take a moment to breathe after Flo.

Wyatt hoped Quinn didn't think that relationship still had a chance. Quinn understood that it had been a fantasy about high school sweethearts, but she suggested that Wyatt see it as a lesson about reuniting with exes -- including Sally.

Wyatt defended Sally, who'd thought she'd been helping a friend. He said Thomas had betrayed her trust. Comparatively, Quinn cited that Sally's secret had also affected Liam. Wyatt stated that infuriating things happened in relationships, but he shouldn't have just walked away.

Sally opened the door to the office. She heard Quinn and Wyatt talking and pulled the door back just enough to listen in. Wyatt said that Flo had returned to his life. He'd wanted to see if they could pick things up where they'd left off, but it hadn't been fair to Sally.

Wyatt told his mother he didn't think he deserved a second chance, but he hoped Sally would give him one. He wanted to show Sally how awful he felt about how he'd reacted to things. He felt that he'd let the memory of his high school sweetheart get the best of him. He affirmed that he would not run again -- even if a hundred ex-girlfriends showed up.

"A hundred?" Sally said, entering the room. As Wyatt stammered in surprise, Quinn quipped that some were more memorable than others. He stated that his mother was just leaving. Quinn decided to check with the hospital, and she left the room.

Sally inquired about Quinn's hospital comment, and Wyatt guessed that she didn't know about Thomas' accident. Wyatt stated that it didn't look good. Sally felt sorry for Douglas, who'd lost one parent already. Wyatt said that, even if Thomas did make it, he wasn't fit to take care of the boy, not after all he'd done.

Sally said that the Thomas who she knew would never be involved in something like that. She'd known him to be a good guy, devoted to his son. Wyatt noted that Thomas' twisted devotion to Douglas was what it was all about. Sally wished she'd spoken up when Thomas had said something to her. Wyatt said she couldn't have known how far Thomas would take it.

Deciding that it wasn't a good topic for them, Wyatt wanted to talk about something else. Sally didn't mind talking about what she'd just overheard him say to his mother. He affirmed that he'd meant every word of it. He regretted letting her go and the way he'd ended things.

Sally stated that it was a big city with many beautiful women, and just because it hadn't worked out for him with Flo, it didn't "mean that..." Understanding what she was saying, Wyatt replied that he was luckily in the same room with the most beautiful and intelligent of all those women. He didn't think he deserved a second chance, but he felt he'd be a fool to refrain from trying.

Sally liked being pursued. Wyatt recalled that she'd said he had to work for it. She asked if he'd booked the spa weekend yet. He asked if she'd been serious about that. Sally quipped that she hadn't called it boot camp for nothing, and she ordered him to get on it. She figured they could get away to Fiji or France. "For a weekend?" Wyatt questioned.

Sally said that they were young, and the world's beaches awaited. After giving it some thought, she decided that a getaway might be a bit much. If they tried for a second chance, it should start in Malibu, where it had all begun for them. Wyatt asked what she was saying.

Noting that she'd been given a lot of second chances in her life, she said she needed to return the favor. Wyatt smiled. She told him that it was a good time to kiss her, and he readily obliged.

At the hospital, Ridge asked what Detective Sanchez was looking for. Sanchez wanted answers. He assumed that Ridge did, too. Sanchez asked to hear more about "this fight," but Liam didn't understand why Sanchez was calling it that. Apologizing, Sanchez said he'd assumed it hadn't been friendly due to the role Thomas had played in keeping the baby secret.

Hope revealed that Thomas had been grabbing her but had also been trying to apologize and explain. Sanchez asked if Thomas had explained. Hope said Thomas hadn't gotten the chance. Assuming that it had been due to the fall, Sanchez turned to Brooke in hopes that she could shed light on it. Brooke didn't know what to say and stated that it had all been a bit of a blur.

A nurse emerged from Thomas' room to tell Mrs. Forrester that she could sit with her husband if she'd like. Startled, Hope realized that the nurse was referring to her. Liam told her that she didn't have to go in there, but Hope figured that time with Thomas might be good.

Hope went into Thomas' room, and Sanchez asked Ridge if he was okay with Hope being in there with his son. With his arm around Brooke, Ridge stated that Hope was no threat to his son. Sanchez asked if someone else was. Ridge asserted that he was concerned about his son's recovery, not Sanchez's ridiculous accusations.

In Thomas' room, Hope stood by the bedside. She said that Thomas shouldn't be there, and he wouldn't be if he'd done the right thing. She'd never forgive Thomas for what he'd done. She said that, as a parent, Thomas knew what he'd been stealing from her; he just hadn't cared. She said he'd seen her pain and suffering, but it hadn't mattered, due to his selfish desires.

Hope didn't think she'd ever hated anyone in her life. "But I hate you, Thomas. I hate what you did. I hate your lies, and I hate who you've become," Hope bit out, glaring at Thomas. Hope told him that he'd lied and used her. She didn't know how he could claim to love her while hiding the truth from her. She supposed that it made two of them, because she hadn't loved him, either.

Hope accused Thomas of manipulating her grief and using his son. She said he'd told her the only way to be a mother was through Douglas, all the while knowing that Beth had been among them. It made Hope sick. She wished he could be awake to hear her and hear the pain in her voice. She yelled at him to wake up for Douglas' sake.

Hope wondered what had happened to Thomas to make him that way. She wondered if it had been losing Caroline. Hope said that, despite it all, she didn't think "that" was the real him. She urged him to wake up for Douglas, who needed his father.

Thomas' brows furrowed, and he swallowed. Hope saw it and rushed into the corridor to announce that Thomas was waking up. As Ridge took off to find the doctor, Sanchez stated that Brooke had to be relieved. Brooke said that she was. Sanchez shared that relief because Thomas awakening meant that Sanchez could get some answers.

Later, everyone was in the room with Thomas as Dr. Armstrong checked him out. The doctor wanted to run more tests, but he was pleased by what he'd observed with Thomas. Thomas' voice was raspy as he called his father's name. Ridge neared the bedside, and Dr. Armstrong, who didn't want Thomas to be overwhelmed, asked everyone but Ridge to leave the room.

Sanchez stated that he had a few questions for Thomas and would be on his way afterward. The doctor agreed to it, and everyone watched as Sanchez introduced himself to Thomas. He asked if Thomas knew why he was in a hospital. "Hospital?" Thomas replied.

Ridge told Sanchez that Thomas was ready, but ignoring Ridge, Sanchez persisted, asking if Thomas remembered how he'd fallen. Thomas looked around quizzically. Ridge explained that Thomas had been at Steffy's house with Hope when something had happened, causing Thomas to fall off the cliff.

Sanchez asked if it was a mere fall. He stated that Thomas had been there with Hope and Brooke, two women who'd been angry with him due to his lies about Beth. He told Thomas that they'd said it had been an accident. Sanchez questioned whether that were true or whether someone had tried to kill Thomas. Thomas thought about it, and his gaze fell upon Brooke.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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