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Ridge urged Brooke to thank Thomas for not implicating her in his fall. Brooke, Liam, and Bill insisted that Thomas be brought to justice. Hope and Liam reconnected. Ridge learned the truth from Thomas about the night Emma died.
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Ridge learned the truth from Thomas about the night Emma died
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Thomas reports his version of the cliff fall

Thomas reports his version of the cliff fall

Monday, September 2, 2019

At Forrester, Wyatt asked how Sally liked their kiss. He'd enjoyed it, but she said that it had been merely all right. He wanted her to give him another try, but as he moved in for another kiss, she told him to slow his roll. She wasn't sure if she was ready for whatever "this" was, but he told her that "this" was whatever they wanted it to be. It was too good to be true to Sally.

Wyatt offered to take it slow, but he warned that he erred on the side of fast. Sally was glad that he was even talking to her after what she'd done. He replied that he hadn't been very mature, and he'd overreacted. Sally hated that she'd been Thomas' confidante and said he'd been just using her. Wyatt replied that Thomas would use anyone or anything to get what he wanted.

Though he hoped Thomas would recover, Wyatt felt that Thomas had gotten what he'd deserved. Sally said that people had to pay the price for their actions. Sally was concerned because of Douglas and said that even if Thomas wasn't in the hospital, he'd be in jail. "Where he belongs -- like Flo. She's sitting in a jail cell for what she did," Wyatt responded.

Sally asked how Wyatt felt about it. Wyatt believed that Flo should pay for her part in it. He hoped that he could get over it all. Sally liked the sound of that. He hoped that he could do it with her. She replied that he sounded pretty confident about it, but they'd see.

Though they couldn't erase what had happened, Wyatt wanted to push a reset button. He knew what he was getting with Sally, who complained about his driving and the way he chewed. Sally replied that if they were starting over, she had to confess that she thought he chewed adorably. He assumed that she found his chewing sexy, but Sally said she wouldn't go that far.

Wyatt offered to test it by chewing something at dinner. He wanted to take her to dinner and on a real date. Wyatt said he wanted to treat Sally the way that she deserved to be treated. He didn't want to miss any more opportunities. He wished to start over that moment. Sally asked what he was getting at, and he kissed her.

At the hospital, the doctor and Ridge tried to persuade Detective Sanchez to question Thomas at another time, but Sanchez persisted in asking Thomas what had happened by the cliffside. Thomas grunted and indicated that he wanted to talk to the detective.

Sanchez asked if Thomas remembered what had happened. As Sanchez told Thomas what had happened, a montage of the cliffside events played on the screen. Sanchez said Thomas had been on the cliff with Hope, having a heated conversation with her, and Brooke had been there, too. Sanchez told Thomas that both women had been very angry with him.

Thomas uttered that he remembered. He stated that he'd been near the edge. Sanchez asked how Thomas had gone over the cliff. Thomas uttered that he'd fallen. Sanchez explained that Thomas' family was calling it an accident, but Sanchez needed to know if someone had pushed Thomas. Thomas replied that no one had pushed him, and it had been an accident.

Sanchez asked if Thomas was sure, and Thomas affirmed it. Sanchez asked Thomas and the rest of them to call if anything changed. He quipped that stories had a funny way of changing. Before leaving, Sanchez asked Thomas to stick around town because Sanchez needed to talk to him about information Sanchez had received from Xander and Flo.

Sanchez exited, and Dr. Armstrong advised everyone that Thomas needed time alone to recover. Thomas asked if he could say something to Hope. Dr. Armstrong permitted the family to have a few more minutes, and he headed out of the room.

Thomas told everyone that he had no one to blame but himself, and Brooke, who'd thought he'd been hurting her daughter, had just been trying to protect Hope. He didn't know why he'd done what he'd done, and he was ashamed. He said there had been no excuse for it.

Thomas said he'd been selfish, taking away precious time from Hope's family to build his own. He felt that he'd done it to himself and had put himself there. He promised never to do anything like that again. He wouldn't blame Hope if she never forgave him, but he hoped she would.

Ridge suggested that Thomas rest, but Thomas wanted to talk to Hope alone. Brooke didn't think it was a good idea. Hope said there was nothing Thomas could say. Liam refused to leave Hope alone with Thomas. Thomas said it was okay for them to stay and listen.

Though Thomas was horrified by what he'd done, he'd done it out of love for Hope. The love had been real, and he'd meant his vows. Thomas pitied Douglas, who'd really wanted Hope to be his mother. Thomas claimed that he'd refrained from telling the police the truth about Brooke pushing him, and he hoped that it showed his willingness to put Hope's well-being first.

Thomas said that Hope couldn't get back the time she should have had with Beth. He hoped that one day, Hope could forgive him. Dr. Armstrong returned to clear the room. Liam was ready to go. Thomas stated that he'd meant what he'd said, and he did love Hope.

In the corridor later, Ridge and Brooke talked with Dr. Armstrong about the remarkable condition Thomas was in after his fall. Dr. Armstrong was amazed that there wasn't any internal bleeding or paralysis. He planned to run more tests, but aside from bruises and swelling, the doctor didn't see any impediments to Thomas' recovery.

Dr. Armstrong left, and Brooke commented on how lucky Thomas was. Ridge figured that Brooke had to feel pretty lucky that Thomas hadn't told Sanchez the truth. Ridge asserted that he'd seen her push Thomas, and whether it had been an accident or not, she'd done it. He felt that it was a miracle that Thomas hadn't died.

Brooke understood where Ridge was coming from, but she needed him to understand her view. She'd seen Thomas with his hands on her daughter, and she'd just reacted. Ridge decided that they wouldn't see it the same way. She asked him to remember why they'd rushed to the house in the first place. It had been because they'd each been concerned.

Ridge replied that he hadn't been concerned about anything, and he'd told Brooke that he'd handle it. Brooke stated that she hadn't been able to reach her daughter. Thoughts of what Thomas might do to Hope had flashed through Brooke's mind, and she'd been worried about her daughter. Brooke hated feeling that way about Thomas.

Ridge focused on the fact that Thomas had given Brooke a break. Brooke scoffed. Ridge reasoned that Thomas could have told Sanchez what had happened. "Instead of bad-mouthing him out here, why don't you go in and thank him?" Ridge suggested.

Brooke scowled, repeating Ridge's request that she thank Thomas. Brooke was offended that Ridge would say that after what Thomas had done to her daughter and granddaughter. "You want me to grovel at his feet and to show my gratitude? No! It was an accident!" she yelled.

Ridge rolled his eyes. Brooke said that she didn't believe for one second that Thomas' apology was real. She believed that he was still trying to manipulate Hope. Ridge couldn't believe Brooke's attitude and said Thomas was in the hospital because of her. She shot back that Thomas was in a hospital bed because of his sick obsession with her daughter.

Brooke stated that it wouldn't just end there, and Thomas wouldn't just walk away from it. "He's gonna have to pay, Ridge! Thomas has to pay for what he's done to Hope," Brooke concluded.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam sat on the sofa with Beth. They discussed Thomas' motives for telling the police that his fall had been an accident. Hope said she and Liam knew why Thomas had done that. Liam said that Thomas was trying to score points and sympathy.

Hope didn't think anything could make it right or make up for all the firsts they'd missed with Beth. Liam agreed, but he said they had many more firsts to look forward to. He thought they'd appreciate them even more. Hope was mad and said Thomas' apology wasn't nearly enough. Liam felt the same way.

Sighing, Hope decided that she was tired of being upset. She was done with it. She wanted to focus on Beth and the future they'd have as a family.

Ridge lashes out in defense of his children

Ridge lashes out in defense of his children

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

At Spencer, Katie kissed Bill, but it didn't make him any less furious about the way that people had manipulated and harmed Hope and Liam. Katie hoped that Reese and Flo rotted in prison.

Bill wanted all of them, including Zoe and Xander, to suffer. He felt that everyone involved was suffering except for Thomas, who'd perpetuated the lie in the most heinous way. Bill didn't care if Thomas was in the hospital. Bill fumed about what Thomas had done. It was unforgivable. Bill vowed to make sure that Forrester's mess of a son paid for what he'd done.

Katie was glad that at least Hope and Liam were making up for lost time with Beth. Bill bellowed that it wasn't even possible for the couple to get back those first months with Beth. He asked how heart-wrenching it had been for Steffy to have to give up her adopted baby in an instant. Katie couldn't imagine it.

Bill stated that Thomas could have ended the deception, but instead, he had doubled down on his own agenda and let everyone suffer. Rising to his feet, Bill stated that if Thomas thought that falling from a cliff would be the worst thing to happen to him, he was sadly mistaken. As Bill charged toward the door, Katie asked where he was going.

At Forrester, Ridge received news from the doctor that Thomas had a few broken ribs and a concussion but was on the mend. Brooke was happy to hear it. She said she meant it. She hadn't wanted Thomas harmed; she'd just wanted him away from her daughter. Ridge quipped that Brooke had gotten that.

Claiming not to be making excuses for his son, Ridge said that Thomas would pay for what he'd done. First, Ridge wanted to talk to Thomas and get to the bottom of it. He didn't think Thomas should lose his life over it. Huffing, Brooke asserted that it had been an accident. Ridge said she could call it what she wanted, but his son had almost died because his wife hated his son.

Brooke didn't hate Thomas. She hated what he'd done. She understood that Ridge wanted to forgive Thomas, but she asked if he really needed to defend Thomas. Ridge claimed not to be doing that. He wasn't forgiving Thomas, either. Ridge just wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Noting that Thomas had apologized, Ridge said it was a start. Brooke felt that they'd been down that road before. Thomas always apologized after doing something horrible or life-threatening. Citing that Thomas had done it to Rick and to Hope, Brooke affirmed that it was enough. She wouldn't have Thomas targeting her children.

Ridge asked if Brooke understood that Thomas hadn't stolen Beth. Even though Reese and Flo had done it, the only person Brooke seemed to be pointing a finger at, in Ridge's view, was Thomas. Brooke said she expected a lot more from family than she did a couple of strangers. She felt justified in her feelings for Thomas because of the way he'd tricked Hope into marriage.

Ridge asked if Brooke didn't think it bothered him. He thought about it all the time. Ridge also thought about Thomas' decision not to turn Brooke in for pushing him over the cliff. Ridge believed that she'd be in jail with Flo otherwise. He said Thomas was protecting her, so she should give Thomas a break.

Ridge couldn't get over Brooke pushing his son over a cliff. Brooke asserted that she hadn't meant for Thomas to go over the edge. Ridge asked her how she'd feel if Buckingham hadn't meant what he'd done. Buckingham was the one Ridge wanted. Charging toward the door, Ridge said he couldn't get to Buckingham, but he could get to Flo.

Ridge left, and Pam entered, bewildered by the way he'd just blown by her in the hallway. Brooke was barely listening to Pam. Pam repeated that Ridge had stormed out. Brooke said he'd gone to see Flo. Glad, Pam said someone needed to confront that girl. Pam was outraged that Flo had innocently sat at the Logan table while being responsible for the horrible secret.

Pam had picked up on the tension between Brooke and Ridge earlier. Brooke scoffed as if unsure of what to say. Pam thought the tension was understandable because of the turmoil embroiling their children and the fall Thomas had taken under strange circumstances.

Brooke stated that she really didn't want to talk to Pam about it right then. Bill appeared in the doorway, and Brooke was surprised to see him. Pam decided to take her leave.

Once alone with Brooke, Bill said it looked like she'd been right about Thomas. Brooke replied that she hadn't wanted to be. She assumed that Bill knew what had happened. Bill stated that the perpetrators had to pay, each of them, including Thomas. Bill had arrived to tell that to Ridge, and he asked where Ridge was.

Later, Bill was glad to hear that Ridge had gone to see Flo and was seeking justice, but in Bill's view, that justice had to include Thomas. Brooke sighed. Bill said he wouldn't let Thomas skate on it. She didn't want to keep talking about Thomas.

Bill figured that Brooke and Ridge probably had issues because of the cliff house incident. Surprised that Bill knew about it, Brooke explained that she'd seen Thomas and Hope out back. Thomas had been holding Hope, yelling at her, and shaking her. Bill thought Brooke had been right to jump into the middle of it and affirmed that he would have done the same.

Brooke asserted that she certainly had done that. She'd been tired of Thomas victimizing and bullying Hope. Brooke explained that she hadn't realized how close they'd been to the cliff. She'd been focused on Thomas' hands on Hope's arms.

Bill said Brooke didn't have to defend herself. He completely understood. She snapped that Ridge didn't. Bill believed it was because understanding it meant that Ridge had to admit his failures as a father. Bill said Ridge was instead trying to defend Thomas' indefensible behavior.

Brooke stated that she hadn't meant to push Thomas over the edge. It had been an accident, and her momentum had pushed him backward. She believed that she was to blame. She noted that Ridge had seen the whole thing. She didn't think they could get beyond it.

At the jail, Shauna visited Flo and noted that her daughter didn't look so great. Shauna sadly reported that Quinn wouldn't help Flo get out of there. Flo didn't know any reason that Quinn should help. Flo said everyone probably thought she was getting what she deserved, and they were right about it.

Shauna hated to hear Flo sound defeated. Flo replied that she wasn't exactly a winner. She guessed she had been for a few moments when she'd had the glamorous job, the new family, and the man that she loved. Shauna insisted that Flo had been manipulated by Reese and Thomas, and Shauna was glad that Thomas had gotten what he'd deserved.

Flo asked what that meant. Shauna revealed that Thomas was hospitalized after falling off a cliff. Flo was shocked to hear it. Shauna relayed what she knew about it, which wasn't much -- except that Hope, Brooke, and Ridge had been there. Shauna assumed that Hope might have flipped out on Thomas. Flo said she wouldn't blame Hope if she'd gotten fed up after the way she'd been treated and if she'd caused the fall to happen.

Shauna blamed the bulk of Hope's turmoil on Thomas and Reese. She saw her daughter as a victim, but Flo said she'd let things happen. She asked if Thomas was okay. Shauna grumbled that he would be, unfortunately, which proved that there was no justice. Shauna was angry that her baby was in that hole while Thomas got to live his cushy life. She hoped that wasn't how it ended and said someone needed to make him pay.

Later, Ridge entered the visiting room, where Flo stood alone with a guard. She was surprised to see him. He asked her to sit down. He showed her a photo of the Logan women. He said they'd loved Storm's long-lost daughter, and the Forresters had loved her, too. Ridge stated that Flo had been lying to them since day one. Flo replied that what she'd done had been wrong.

Ridge figured that Flo could have been the voice of reason and said that Thomas would have listened if she'd talked to him. Shaking her head, Flo said she wasn't trying to defend herself; however, she'd told Thomas to do the right thing many times. Every time she had, he'd threatened to destroy her life. She believed that he'd meant it, and she'd feared him.

Flo said she should have gone forward, anyway. She mentioned that her mother had told her about Thomas' fall. Despite all that had transpired between Flo and Thomas, Flo was glad he'd survived. Apologizing, Ridge said he'd tuned Flo out. He asked if she expected him to believe any of it. Flo stated that he didn't have to, but she was out of reasons to lie.

Noting how pretty she was, Ridge said Flo could have had everything -- a family, a career, Wyatt, and Hope's gratitude. Instead, Flo had opted to lie. He didn't understand that. Flo explained that she'd been afraid of what Thomas would do, but she'd also been afraid of losing everything and winding up in jail. Ridge concluded that she'd only thought of herself.

Flo asserted that Ridge had visited her to learn why she'd done the things she'd done, and she was merely trying to explain it to him. She had felt guilty every day, but she'd tried to convince herself that people would be better off if things had remained unchanged. She said Liam and Hope had ended their marriage, and Liam had been back with Steffy.

Ridge asked if Flo understood what she'd done to his daughter. He said the lie had broken Steffy's heart into a million pieces. Steffy had been strong and had surrendered the baby with grace. He explained that he'd watched Liam and Hope walk out with the baby. Steffy had remained strong until she'd heard the click of the door closing on that part of her life. He described how it had been as if someone had ripped the spine out of Steffy, and Steffy had collapsed into his arms. There had been nothing he could do to help her.

Ridge stated that he was there to see Florence face to face to tell her about all the hearts she'd broken. He wanted her to acknowledge the pain and suffering she'd caused. He included Thomas in it. He claimed that Thomas had gotten caught up in her web of lies and had almost died.

Ridge asked if Flo had anything to say about it. Flo didn't think she had anything to say that would matter. She'd already told Ridge that she regretted everything. In her view, it hadn't helped, and it didn't mean anything to him.

Ridge agreed that it didn't. He said it did give him comfort to know that she'd be there for a long time. Year after year, her youth and beauty would disappear, and she'd only have the thought of what she'd done to so many people. Ridge didn't consider himself to be a bad person, but he wanted her to suffer the way his family had suffered. He vowed to make sure she kept suffering until the last broken heart was mended.

Bill confronts Thomas and Ridge

Bill confronts Thomas and Ridge

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Bill discussed the situation with Thomas. Brooke said she had never wanted to intentionally hurt Thomas, but he could have been killed because she had pushed him. Bill said that Brooke could never have lived with that. Brooke was more concerned that Ridge would never forgive her for hurting Thomas.

Brooke said she had been running at Thomas because she'd thought "he was attacking my daughter." Bill agreed. "He's a lunatic," Bill said. Brooke said that Ridge didn't see it that way and blamed her. Bill blamed Thomas for the situation he was in. Bill assumed that Thomas was "playing the sympathy card" in the hospital. Brooke said that Ridge wanted her to apologize to Thomas and thank him for not telling the police that she had pushed him.

Brooke confessed that she couldn't ever be kind to Thomas after all he'd done. Thomas had never shown any kindness to Hope and Liam -- he had hidden the fact that Beth was alive so that he could marry Hope. Bill said that Ridge had been conned by his own kid.

Bill and Brooke discussed that Thomas still wanted to be in Hope's life and wanted her to forgive him. Brooke was thankful that Hope had seen through his lies. Bill said there was something seriously wrong with Thomas, and Ridge needed to see it. "He's a sociopath," Bill said. Bill promised he would take care of Thomas. "Leave him to me," Bill said. Brooke didn't want Bill to do anything, but Bill left.

At the jail, Ridge confronted Flo and said that everyone who had been involved in hurting Hope and Liam was "gonna pay." Flo understood and said she wasn't expecting any forgiveness. She did try to make Ridge understand that she hadn't originally known what Reese had done. Ridge interrupted and reminded her that she'd found out about Beth and done nothing. "You stole a baby twice. Once from Hope and once from Steffy," Ridge said.

Ridge accused Flo of hiding the truth so she could enjoy her new life as a Logan. Flo said she couldn't enjoy it because "I hated myself every single day." Ridge was unmoved. He reminded Flo that she didn't care. Flo disagreed and countered that Thomas had threatened her and others who knew the truth.

Flo said that Thomas had married Hope, and he had known all about Beth. He had threatened Emma, and Emma had never lived to tell Hope about Beth. "You don't know. There are a lot of people who think Thomas is responsible for Emma's death," Flo said.

Ridge ignored Flo's accusations of Thomas and said Thomas hadn't stolen a baby. He'd made bad decisions and kept a secret. "Thomas did more than lie," Flo countered.

Flo added that Thomas had been obsessed with Hope. She added that Emma had tried to tell Hope the truth, and she'd ended up dead. Flo said that Thomas had "serious issues." Ridge glared at her. Flo said they were done. "Guard, I'm ready," Flo said. She glared at Ridge and left.

At the hospital, the doctor examined Thomas and noted that his vision had improved. Thomas said his headache had not improved. The doctor said it would take some time. He added that Thomas would have aches and pains along with the broken ribs he had. "Your symptoms should improve -- you should be happy to be alive," he said. The doctor added that Thomas had survived "a helluva fall."

Thomas flashed back to Brooke pushing him away from Hope and him falling over the cliff. Later, Bill entered, and Thomas asked, "What do you want?" Bill said he wanted Thomas' full attention. Bill angrily reminded Thomas that Thomas had hurt his family. Bill calmly explained that he had been working on himself for a while and had learned to keep his temper in check.

Bill was proud of himself and his own progress because he normally would have choked Thomas -- and Thomas deserved it. "But I'm not gonna do that, and I'm so proud of myself," Bill said. But he promised that Thomas would not get away with what he'd done. Thomas' apologies were not going to help him. Bill promised to teach Thomas how it would all work out.

"Are you threatening me?" Thomas asked. Bill joked that Thomas might have misinterpreted his visit. Thomas wanted Bill to leave and reminded Bill that he hadn't stolen Liam and Hope's baby from them. Bill countered that Thomas had done everything he'd been able to do to prevent them from getting Beth back. Bill added that Thomas had been fixated on Hope and had watched her and the family "mourn the loss of a child."

Bill called Thomas a variety of things: sick, a twisted freak, an obsessed lunatic, and a loser. Bill hoped Thomas would lose everything and said that Ridge couldn't save him "this time." Bill continued a series of insults until Ridge entered and told him to get out.

Bill turned his insults on Ridge and blamed him for coddling his son. Bill warned that if Thomas could be connected to Emma's death, he'd be in more trouble. Ridge advised that Bill had no proof. "You know me. I don't bluff, and I don't blink," Bill said.

Shouting ensued, and the doctor entered and reminded everyone that Thomas needed rest. Bill and Ridge continued to taunt each other until Bill left and warned that no one would be able to protect Thomas. "Justice will be done," Bill promised.

Later, outside the hospital room, Ridge and Bill had another encounter. Ridge told Bill that he'd been worried about Thomas because he'd made so many bad decisions. Ridge said that Thomas had almost died because of his actions. Bill felt Thomas belonged in jail. He left, and Ridge looked through the window in the doorway to Thomas' room.

At Forrester, Katie and Brooke discussed that Brooke and Ridge were at odds. Brooke said that Ridge felt Brooke should have been grateful to Thomas because he had not turned Brooke in to the police for pushing him off the cliff. Brooke refused to thank Thomas, and it was a source of tension in their marriage.

Brooke worried that she and Ridge had never been so far apart. She didn't want an argument with Ridge, but she didn't trust Thomas. She didn't want him to walk away from what he'd done. He had to learn a lesson.

Ridge asks Thomas to be truthful about Emma

Ridge asks Thomas to be truthful about Emma

Thursday, September 5, 2019

At Brooke's house, Brooke's sisters arrived. Brooke let them in, and Katie asked if Ridge was at the hospital. Brooke didn't know where Ridge had gone while she'd been out running. Brooke's sisters asked if things were okay between Brooke and Ridge and if he was still defending Thomas. Brooke hinted that Ridge was Thomas' father.

Donna concluded that meant Ridge was still defending Thomas. Donna was amazed that Ridge was still doing it after all Thomas had done. Brooke informed her sisters that Ridge was probably waiting for her to apologize to Thomas. Katie and Donna scoffed and expressed disbelief. Donna asked if Ridge realized that it had been an accident.

Brooke replied that Ridge believed that she'd overreacted because she hated his son. Katie flashed an incredulous look, and Brooke affirmed that Katie had heard it right. Katie asked how Thomas was doing, and Brooke said he was healing. Donna wondered what would happen when Thomas was released from the hospital. Katie hoped that Thomas surely didn't think that he'd return to his life as if nothing had ever happened.

Donna hoped Thomas didn't think he'd get away with the things he'd done. Citing things that Thomas had done to Rick, Katie said Thomas had never had to pay for anything. She didn't know why that time would be any different. Entering from the terrace, Liam said Thomas would be held accountable. Liam intended to make sure of it.

Later, Katie ended a call encouraging Will about his tae kwon do test and letting him know that his father would pick him up.

After the call, Katie sat with Liam and her sisters in the living room. Katie and Donna lent their support to Brooke and Liam regarding Thomas. Donna still couldn't believe that Ridge thought Brooke had pushed Thomas on purpose. Brooke figured that Ridge had just been upset because Thomas had been fighting for his life in the hospital.

Liam didn't think that excused what Thomas had done. Liam understood a father wanting to support his child, but he said that Thomas was a grown man who'd manipulated everyone to get what he'd wanted. In Liam's view, the whole cliff incident had happened because Thomas wouldn't accept the annulment. Liam felt it was still unclear if Thomas ever would accept it.

Liam said Thomas hadn't fallen and turned into a completely different person. Thomas was still the same guy, and it made Liam leery of what Thomas would pull next. Donna didn't know what more Thomas could do and said that, because the marriage was a fraud, Thomas would lose any fight against the annulment. Katie replied that Thomas was unpredictable and calculating.

Liam was sure that Thomas had cleared Brooke of the fall to score points with everyone. Brooke said it hadn't worked with her. She'd watched Thomas take advantage of Hope's suffering, and she said Ridge and Thomas couldn't expect Brooke to get past it. Concerned about Brooke's marriage, Donna didn't want Brooke and Ridge to let it get between them.

Brooke didn't want that, but she wondered what would happen once Thomas left the hospital. Thomas had been staying at her house ever since he'd arrived from New York. She was sure Ridge would want Thomas there to recuperate, and she questioned what would happen then.

Liam believed that Ridge had to see what a bad idea that was, especially because Liam and Hope also lived there with Beth. Liam was sure Thomas wouldn't respect that. Katie didn't see it ending well. Liam asked if they were supposed to pretend that they were having a fresh start.

Liam refused to let Thomas keep manipulating people and using Douglas, and Liam doubted that Brooke could allow that, either. Liam was sorry for putting Brooke on the spot. He knew she was in a difficult position, but he found it hard to believe that Brooke would let Thomas get away with hurting her family. Brooke said she wouldn't just sit back and do nothing.

Sensing her sister's quandary, Katie said it was a matter of how to take action without jeopardizing Brooke's marriage. Donna hated to see Brooke risk her marriage after Brooke and Ridge had gotten so far together.

Brooke didn't want to risk it. She said Ridge had sworn that he didn't have blinders on, and though Ridge had realized the harm Thomas had done to many, he wouldn't hold Thomas accountable. Instead, Ridge got defensive, and Brooke had to push back. Brooke didn't want it that way, but she felt it was that way because of Thomas, who put her in a position where she either had to fight to protect her daughter or fight for her marriage.

Later, Liam and Brooke were alone. Liam ended a call with Hope in which he'd let her know that her aunts were on the way to the cabin. After the call, Liam resumed the conversation about the tenuous position Brooke's marriage was in due to Thomas and the crimes he'd committed -- like running Emma off the road. Brooke replied that Thomas hadn't been charged with that.

Liam agreed but said that, until charges were filed, Thomas was a free man, which had to scare Brooke as much as it did Liam. Liam didn't want Hope and Beth near Thomas, and if Thomas moved back in, it meant that Liam and Hope had to move out. Liam wondered if he and Brooke could work together to make sure that Thomas didn't cause more damage to the family.

At the hospital, Thomas sat up in bed and watched Dr. Armstrong log information into a computer. Thomas was anxious to know if he could leave that day. Ridge entered, asking if Thomas could check out of the hospital. Dr. Armstrong stated that even though Thomas had made excellent progress, it was risky to be released too soon. He wanted everyone to keep in mind that Thomas was lucky to be alive.

Thomas asked if he could go if he promised to take it easy. Dr. Armstrong asked Ridge if his son was always so persistent. Answering for himself, Thomas affirmed that he was and said he was anxious to get back to his life.

Dr. Armstrong did some coordination and strength tests with Thomas. Thomas asked how he'd done and guessed that it was probably the same as the day before and "the day before that, and the day before that, and probably the day before that, as well."

Dr. Armstrong thought that things were going well. He'd prefer that Thomas remain hospitalized for one more day, but he also understood that Thomas had a son at home to return to. He agreed to sign off on Thomas' release as long as Thomas followed strict instructions for recovery. Ridge said he'd make sure of it. "Stay away from cliffs," Dr. Armstrong advised.

Dr. Armstrong left, and moments later, Detective Sanchez entered. Sanchez had just heard that Thomas was being released and assumed that meant that Thomas was up to answering questions about the death of Emma Barber. Ridge said it had been a tragic accident. Sanchez asked how Ridge, who hadn't been there, could know.

Sanchez asked Thomas what he thought. As Sanchez detailed the accusations Xander had leveled against Thomas, Ridge interrupted to cast doubt upon Xander's statements, saying that there had been no love lost between Xander and Thomas. Sanchez said Ridge thought Xander was retaliating against Thomas. Ridge replied that those were Sanchez's words.

Sanchez was sure it was what Ridge thought, but Sanchez had to consider the serious allegations from Xander, who'd claimed that Thomas had not only been at the crash site but had also been chasing Emma to stop her from telling Hope the truth about her baby. It was a secret that Sanchez knew Thomas had wanted to keep so that he could have Hope for himself.

Ridge decided that it was enough, and any further questioning should happen with a lawyer present. Sanchez backed off but quipped that facts had a way of getting out. Sanchez told Ridge and Thomas that he'd questioned Flo, and her testimony could be damaging. Sanchez told Ridge that he understood Ridge wanting to protect Thomas, but Emma's death and the conspiracy about Hope's baby would catch up with Thomas.

Sanchez left, and Thomas chuckled, asking if Ridge could believe the nerve of Sanchez for trying to get Thomas to confess to something he hadn't done. Thomas called it a joke. Ridge asked if Thomas really thought he could joke about it and shrug off the serious accusations. Ridge stated that he'd talked to Flo, too, and she could make life difficult for Thomas.

Thomas replied that he'd thought Ridge was on his side. Ridge stated that being his son didn't give Thomas a pass for the things he'd done to Hope and Emma. "I can't believe this. That you could actually think that I killed -- " Thomas began to say. Interrupting, Ridge said it didn't matter what he thought. He urged Thomas to think because the situation was dangerous and could cause Thomas to lose his freedom.

Thomas said he hated that it all had happened and that he'd gotten caught up in lying. He was sorry for all the people he'd hurt. He apologized for letting Ridge down. Thomas was scared. He said he couldn't go to prison, and Douglas needed a father -- just like Thomas needed Ridge. Thomas said Ridge was the only one there for Thomas, and Thomas urged Ridge to help him.

Noting that his father had defended him to Sanchez, Thomas said he hadn't deserved it. Thomas conveyed that even though he'd done horrible things that he was ashamed of, Ridge was still there. It meant a lot to Thomas, who needed his father more than ever.

Ridge asked if he could pose a question. He wanted Thomas to be honest. It was about the night that Emma had died. Ridge told his son to look at him and tell him the truth about that night.

"Did you do it? Did you chase Emma?" Ridge asked. A flashback of Emma and Thomas arguing at Forrester played on the screen. "Did you follow her all the way up to Mulholland?" Ridge asked. The scene of Thomas following Emma in his car, honking at her, and flashing his brights, played on the screen. "Did you run her off the road?" Ridge inquired. The scene played of Emma looking in the rearview mirror and crashing played.

"Are you responsible for that young woman's death?" Ridge questioned. The scene of Thomas standing at the top of the ravine as Emma died appeared on the screen. "Tell me the truth," Ridge said.

Ridge rages at Thomas about Emma's death

Ridge rages at Thomas about Emma's death

Friday, September 6, 2019

At Brooke's house, the doorbell rang. She immediately answered the door, saying that Ridge wasn't home. On the stoop stood Bill, who asked how she'd known he wasn't there to see her. Brooke had presumed that Bill had rung the doorbell to annoy Ridge. Bill said Ridge had thrown him out of Thomas' hospital room the other day. She advised Bill that Ridge was at the hospital, and Bill could head there if he wanted to be thrown out again.

Bill entered, asking if he and Brooke were alone. Brooke said Hope and Liam were at the cabin. Bill asked where Douglas was, and she replied that he was at a swim lesson. Bill wondered where Douglas thought his loser father was. Brooke stated that the child thought his father was away. Thomas had told the boy that he'd be home soon, but that was all Brooke knew about it.

Brooke asked what Bill wanted that required no witnesses. "Justice. Same as you," Bill responded. Brooke wasn't optimistic about getting justice, but Bill wasn't willing to shrug off what Thomas had done to Hope and Liam's marriage and Bill's granddaughter.

Brooke wasn't, either. She wanted Thomas to be shunned, punished, and evicted from her house. Bill asked what she'd think about it if there was a way to do all those things without Ridge being able to do "a damn thing" about it.

Brooke refused to plot against her husband with Bill. Bill said she wouldn't have to. She asked what he was thinking about doing. Bill asked her if she'd let him into her garage. Bill wanted a look at Thomas' car, which had been there when Emma had gone over the cliff.

Bill asked if the police had investigated Thomas' car. Brooke assumed so. She said Jake had seen caution tape around it when Ridge had sent Jake to pick it up. Brooke had looked at it herself. Bill said that great minds thought alike. She revealed that there hadn't been a scratch on the car. Bill asked if the key was there or if Ridge had it.

Later, Brooke and Bill strode back into the living room. Brooke said it had been at least worth a look. Bill began talking about how they could find another way, possibly through a GPS system that could place the car on Mulholland. Brooke warned him about saying "we." She hadn't signed onto any project with him.

Bill asked if Brooke would just be indifferent. Brooke knew that Thomas had to pay for what he'd done, but she couldn't align herself with Bill. "Because of Ridge," Bill guessed. He asked if she really thought her husband would hold Thomas accountable.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam arrived and found Hope and Beth playing together after attempting to make cookies in the kitchen. They talked about the cookie dough all over the floor and cabinets. Hope said she hadn't wanted to stifle Beth's creativity. Liam offered to clean it, but Hope suggested opening the windows and letting the sun bake it like a gingerbread house.

Hope handed the baby to Liam, who said he loved Hope's mom. "Said every male ever," Hope replied. Liam bet that was true, but he meant that he and Brooke had had a good chat. Hope rendered him a suspicious look as he took Beth to her crib for a nap.

Later, Liam returned to the living room alone. Hope was there in a negligee. She said he was much better at those things than she was. He joked that he'd look silly in that outfit. Hope had meant the romantic things, and she uttered that she'd missed him. Hope gave Liam a long, gentle kiss and asked if it was okay. He nodded.

Liam stated that he hadn't been sure. Hope replied that she'd hurt him, and she'd been selfish in her grief, unable to see beyond her pain. Liam said he'd never blamed her, and he'd been in pain, too. She told him that they should never have been apart.

Liam asked if it was okay that Hope was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. Hope said she could live with that. They kissed, said they loved each other, and began to make love on the floor of the cabin.

Later, Liam and Hope lay together on the floor, beneath a blanket. Hope said that every decision she'd made had taken her further from her real life. He mentioned that she'd had bad information, but she noted that he'd tried to warn her. Agreeing, Liam concluded that it meant she couldn't question anything he said ever again. Hope said she wouldn't go that far.

Hope stated that she'd sent Liam away, straight to Steffy. Liam wanted to make sure Steffy knew that they didn't blame her for anything. Hope didn't want to get into the details of it, but she wondered if Steffy would be able to let him go. "She knew where my heart was," he replied.

Hope felt that she should have believed in her and Liam. Liam replied that they'd let go of the dream, but it had materialized, anyway.

At the hospital, Ridge demanded to know if Thomas had caused Emma's death. Thomas began mumbling about Xander's story. Interrupting, Ridge asserted that he didn't care about what Xander had to say. He ordered Thomas to be a man and tell the truth. Ridge asked if Thomas had chased Emma. "Yes!" Thomas affirmed. "But I didn't kill her. Would never..."

Thomas felt he couldn't take responsibility for something he hadn't done. Ridge emphasized that Thomas had chased Emma. Thomas claimed that it was all he'd done. Ridge asked what the purpose had been. Thomas said Emma had been about to tell Hope. "Emma is the only person who was going to tell Hope the truth!" Ridge bellowed.

Thomas claimed it wasn't true, and he'd gone straight to Hope. Ridge said to stop lying. Thomas said he wasn't lying. He'd just known that if Hope knew, she'd leave him. Figuring that it meant Thomas had felt that he had to stop Emma, Ridge asked how following Emma would do that. Shrugging, Thomas stated that Emma had known it had been him.

Ridge asked if that meant Emma had pulled over. Thomas replied that she'd sped up. Ridge asked what Thomas had done. Thomas admitted that he'd done the same thing. Ridge guessed Thomas had been riding Emma's bumper and had side-swiped her. Thomas stated that his car had never touched Emma's. They'd been driving too fast; she'd lost control, and her car had gone through the railing.

Ridge recalled that Xander had said Thomas' car had stopped there. Thomas affirmed that he'd stopped. Ridge asked what Thomas had done. Thomas said it had happened so fast. Ridge asked what Thomas had done. In Thomas' silence, Ridge gleaned, "Nothing. You did nothing."

Thomas didn't know what he could have done. The space had been narrow, and it had been dark. Ridge assumed that Thomas had gotten out of his car. Thomas affirmed it. Ridge stated that Thomas had gone to Emma. Thomas replied that it had been too late. Ridge asked how Thomas had known that and if it meant that he had gone to Emma.

Clearing his throat, Thomas quibbled that there had been steam, and the car had been so far down. Ridge understood that and assumed that Thomas had called emergency services. Tearfully, Thomas replied that he'd known what it would look like if he'd been the one to report it. "You just left her there?" Ridge asked. Thomas said that it had been too late.

"You don't know that," Ridge responded. Thomas claimed that he could see. Ridge didn't know what Thomas thought he'd seen. Thomas said something incoherent about a dash light. Ridge raged, asking if Thomas had seen that there was nothing anyone could hsve done for that poor little girl, who'd been just down there. "You just left her there?" Ridge asked.

Thomas admitted that he'd made mistakes. Ridge asked who Thomas was and where the boy Ridge had raised had gone. Ridge asked where Thomas, the man who knew right from wrong, had gone. Thomas insisted that he hadn't killed Emma. Ridge stated that it had been worse than that. In Ridge's view, Thomas had been indifferent about it, and it hadn't mattered to Thomas if Emma had lived or died.

Thomas claimed that it wasn't true. He said he'd known what it would mean. Sighing, he stated that he was sorry. Ridge asked why Thomas was apologizing to Ridge, who hadn't had his child ripped away from him. "Or maybe I did," Ridge concluded.

Thomas asked Ridge not to say that. Ridge stated that he saw a despicable human being. Ridge was ashamed to be Thomas' father. Thomas sobbed. He asked if Ridge would put him in jail. Thomas was sure it was what Liam would want, and Thomas remarked that Hope hated him. Ridge asked how Thomas thought Hope should feel.

Thomas asked about Douglas. Ridge asked if Thomas had been thinking of the boy when he'd planned his helicopter escape or had been bunking with his lowlife friend. "The only time you think about Douglas is when you need him to do something for you -- like break up a marriage so you can have a woman that would never be yours!" Ridge concluded.

Thomas responded that Hope had made her own decisions. Yelling, Ridge said Hope had made those decisions because Thomas had told her to, and Thomas had also threatened everyone else to be quiet. Thomas tried to say that Xander, Zoe, and the rest were throwing him under the bus to make themselves look good. Speaking over Thomas, Ridge conveyed that he didn't care about the rest of them. Ridge cared about what Thomas had known.

Ridge said three words would have ended the nightmare, but Thomas had done nothing. Ridge asked what else Thomas had done to get what he'd wanted and what other surprises might be in store. Thomas said it hadn't been like that. He just hadn't been able to leave things to chance.

Ridge stated that it was because people would make their own choices, and they would never choose Thomas. Thomas figured that he'd wanted too much. Ridge sarcastically said Thomas knew all about wanting things. "When did you ever want for anything?" Ridge wanted to know.

Ridge pointed out that Thomas had been loved, and he'd had everything he'd ever needed while growing up. Ridge said he would never let Thomas fall. Thomas stated that he'd wanted to be happy and claimed that he'd never known what that felt like. Ridge asked if Thomas found joy in hurting others. Ridge wondered where his son had gone -- if he'd ever been there at all.

Ridge asked if Thomas had anything else to say -- anything that wasn't a lie. Thomas stated that he'd just been doing what he'd thought had been best for everyone, like Ridge had advised.

"I never said that," Ridge replied. Affirming that Ridge had, Thomas reminded Ridge that he'd told Thomas to be there for Hope, have that family for Douglas, and send Liam back to Steffy, where he belonged. "You act like you don't know, but I'd do anything to make you proud," Thomas claimed.

"Oh, so this is on me?" Ridge responded. He said it was an easy way out. Thomas claimed that it wasn't. He told Ridge to wash his hands of his son. Thomas felt he deserved it.

Ridge decided that, if Thomas was done feeling sorry for himself, he could tell Ridge about the tracking system in Thomas' car. Thomas said he'd deleted the history after Xander had seen it. Ridge wanted to know if there were other loose ends. Thomas asked why Ridge was asking. Ridge said he would never turn his back on his son.

Thomas admitted that he'd been in a fog since Caroline's death. He sobbed that he didn't know how to be a single parent. Ridge assured Thomas that they'd work it out together. Thomas didn't think he was good enough for Douglas. Ridge said that Douglas believed in Thomas. Ridge did, too. As Thomas sobbed, Ridge took him into his arms and said it would be okay.

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