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Dr. Armstrong diagnosed Katie with kidney failure. Quinn erupted upon hearing that Wyatt had proposed to Sally. Danny gossiped to Vinny about Ridge and Shauna. Thomas pretended to be reformed around Ridge, but in private, Thomas bullied Douglas and Brooke.
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Sally and Wyatt solidify their commitment

Sally and Wyatt solidify their commitment

Monday, September 23, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt looked up at Sally, sure that she hadn't been expecting the proposal. He hadn't expected it, either, or else he'd have a ring with him. He wanted Sally to be his wife, and he asked her to say that she'd marry him.

Wyatt wondered if he needed to be more convincing or to have a romantic speech. Noting that Sally liked surprises, he asked what better surprise there was than him proposing marriage. Wyatt felt that he and Sally were better together than apart. He said that they brought something unique to each other's lives, and it was something they could build on for their kids.

In her silence, Wyatt told Sally that he was dying down there. "Either say you're going to marry me or -- or say you're going to marry me, because those are the only two options you have right now!" he playfully demanded. Sally became emotional, and he asked what she'd say.

Wyatt's knee was starting to cramp as he awaited Sally's answer. She offered to help him up, but he vowed to stay down until he got an answer -- even if it took ten years. She pulled him to his feet. As she became tearful, he asked again if she'd marry him. "Wyatt, I -- " Sally said.

Wyatt became leery due to the way she'd said his name. Sally asked him to let her finish. Sally had been really hurt by the way their breakup had gone and by him gravitating to Flo so quickly afterward. Sally revealed that she'd never given herself over to Wyatt completely, and she'd told him that she'd needed more reassurance. "This is more reassurance than I could have ever asked for!" Sally claimed.

Wyatt asked what Sally was saying. Sally stated that he always knew how to come through for her, and she couldn't imagine her life without him. She wanted him, and she wanted "this." He asked if she was saying what he thought she was. Sally exclaimed that she'd be his wife. Wyatt twirled her around and kissed her.

Looking at her left hand, Wyatt wished he'd had a ring at the time. Sally believed that anything he'd choose would be perfect. What mattered most to her was what he'd said and that his words had been from his heart. Wyatt's heart was racing. He said it was what she did to him. She'd changed his life in many ways, and he felt that it had been "one hell of a ride" with her.

Sally and Wyatt began making out, and she turned so that he could unzip her dress. She pushed him onto the sofa, dropped her dress, straddled his lap, and kissed him passionately.

Later, Wyatt and Sally were wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. She asked if it could get any better than that. Wyatt replied that everything was better with her. Sally stated that she'd had to fight for everything her entire life, and it had been Sally against the world. "Until you. Until now. Your commitment is everything. You are everything to me," she uttered.

Wyatt noticed that he'd forgotten to close the blinds on the door that gave a direct view of the sofa. Sally didn't care if anyone had seen them, but he remarked that his neighbor was a prude. Sally threw off the blanket and strode to the door, naked. Wyatt swiveled his head to watch her go. She closed the blinds to keep from offending the neighbor and returned to making out with Wyatt on the sofa.

At Forrester, Brooke watched from behind the CEO's desk as Ridge took fittings with two models. Brooke liked what she saw but thought the jewelry was too casual for the neckline of one of the resort wear pieces. The model said the jewelry was one of Quinn's favorites, but Ridge replied that he'd handle Quinn.

The models left, and Brooke asked how Ridge did it. He didn't know what she meant. She noted that he'd been tweaking couture that morning and had moved on to resort wear by afternoon. She told him to never run out of ideas. He said that whenever he did, he looked at his beautiful wife to regain inspiration.

At that moment, Ridge was inspired to have his resort wear on the cover of Eye on Fashion. Brooke thought that their head PR person being with the magazine's owner might mean good press for them. Ridge didn't know what Katie saw in the guy and didn't think Bill would always be there for Will and Katie.

Brooke understood Ridge's misgivings about Bill, but she said it might change. Ridge thought it was sweet that she thought he and Bill could be BFFs, but in Ridge's mind, it would never happen. Ridge wondered if Katie was in her office, so he could talk to her about Bill putting them in the magazine. Ridge noted that they hadn't been featured in a while

Brooke said that no one knew what would happen regarding Ridge and Bill. Ridge marveled at how she could be positive in any situation. She felt that there was a lot to be positive about regarding Beth. She suspected that he felt good about it, too, despite his daughter's pain. He replied that his son was in pain, too. Brooke grimaced.

Trying to remain positive, Ridge decided that they should talk about something else. Brooke changed the topic to Katie, the survivor and fighter, who always wound up on top. In Brooke's mind, Katie was an amazing sister and an accomplished businesswoman, who was reuniting with her love.

Ridge had no use for Bill but thought no one deserved happiness more than Katie. Brooke felt that she couldn't be more proud of her sister, who'd gone a long way since her childhood. She didn't think she could love Katie more.

At Bill's house, Bill tried to rouse Katie, who'd passed out by the bed. He called emergency services and ordered an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, EMTs rushed Katie in on a stretcher. Dr. Jordan Armstrong became her attending physician, and Bill explained that Katie had been out for twenty minutes.

After Dr. Armstrong had evaluated Katie and ordered tests, Bill demanded some answers about her condition, but the doctor didn't have information yet. Bill offered to fly in the best specialists at a moment's notice, and Dr. Armstrong agreed to keep that in mind.

The staff wheeled Katie out for tests. Dr. Armstrong followed them. Bill pulled out his phone to make a call. He let Brooke know that Katie had collapsed and was having tests at the hospital. Brooke said she'd be on her way immediately.

When the staff returned with Katie, Bill demanded to see her. Dr. Armstrong asked Bill to give the staff a moment to settle her back in first. After a short while, Bill entered the room. The nurse exited, and he sat on the side of the bed.

Bill hated seeing Katie hooked up to the monitors. He asked her to wake up and say that she was okay. He told her that he and Will needed her. Bill knew that she was a fighter. He said she'd beat the odds again, and they'd walk out of there to live their lives and raise their son. Tearfully, Bill stated that he loved her and always would. He was adamant that she would pull through.

Dr. Armstrong gives Katie's family grave news

Dr. Armstrong gives Katie's family grave news

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

At the hospital, Bill set up vigil at Katie's bedside. He urged her to fight, saying that they were unstoppable and always won. He urged her to awaken so that he could take her home and give her all the love that she could stand.

In the corridor, Brooke and Ridge arrived and talked to Dr. Armstrong about Katie's condition. He was still awaiting the results of some tests. Brooke hoped that it wasn't Katie's heart. Donna arrived, and Bill exited Katie's room. Donna asked him what had happened.

Bill explained that he and Katie had been talking about her health because she'd been feeling tired and weak and suffering from back pain. Bill said he'd started to call the doctor, and the next thing he'd known, Katie had fallen on the floor. Brooke assured him that Katie would be okay.

Later, as Katie's sisters fretted about her condition, Dr. Armstrong let the family know that Katie was experiencing kidney failure. He said Katie could merely require an antibiotic infusion, or correcting the problem could require surgery. In the worst case, she'd need a transplant. Bill asked if it was a life-threatening situation. Dr. Armstrong replied that it was too soon to tell.

Katie's loved ones entered her hospital room and gathered around her. Brooke let Katie know that she, Donna, Bill, and Ridge were all there. Bill said that everyone was there, talking about how happy and full of life Katie was. He told her that they'd discussed him and Katie putting their family back together. Bill and Will needed her to get better, so they could make it official.

Brooke asked Katie to listen to Bill and said Katie's life was right there, waiting for her. Bill uttered the Will needed Katie, and Bill couldn't do it alone. Brooke said that Bill wouldn't have to, because Katie wouldn't want to miss it. Donna began sobbing, and Ridge comforted her.

Brooke told Katie that everyone was there and loved her. Brooke said that Katie was literally the beating heart of the family. She urged Katie to muster up her strength and fight for her family. Brooke implored Katie to wake up and return to them.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Eric talked to Quinn about how happy Hope was. Quinn thought it was amazing that Hope had her daughter back and remarked that Shauna and Flo were remorseful. Eric thought that it was the very least they should feel for their deception. He recalled that many lives had been affected by Flo's act, Wyatt's included.

Agreeing, Quinn said that was just how life was, and people had to buck up and move on, a little wiser, hopefully. Eric asked if she thought that Wyatt would buck up about Flo. Quinn replied that she hadn't given up on Wyatt and Flo yet. Eric didn't know if Quinn's devotion to Flo was commendable or worrisome.

Quinn didn't condone what Flo had done, but she saw Flo as a young woman who'd made a mistake. Quinn hadn't wanted Flo to go to prison. Quinn felt that, because it hadn't happened, Flo could show herself to be the honorable woman who Flo knew her to be and reunite with Wyatt, who still loved her.

Eric ordered Quinn to let Wyatt decide whom he loved. Quinn replied that Wyatt had done that a long time back. "First doesn't always mean forever," Eric responded. He reminded her of how much Flo had hurt their family, but Quinn insisted that Flo had also been a victim.

Eric didn't think Wyatt would be likely to forgive Flo. Quinn agreed that it wouldn't happen if Wyatt continued to stew over it or sought consolation from Sally. Quinn thought Flo needed to put herself back in the running. Eric asked if Wyatt got a say. Quinn felt that Flo needed to be front and center so that Wyatt wouldn't make a rash commitment to Sally. Quinn decided that a visit with her son was long overdue, and she strode out of the office.

At Wyatt's house, Sally and Wyatt languished in each other's arms on the sofa. Sally received an alert, reminding her that she'd scheduled a supplier meeting at the Bikini Bar at that time. She'd rather stay with her new fiancé all day, but Wyatt said that time was their friend. He believed that they'd have plenty of time together.

Sally started to get up to get dressed and leave. Wyatt pulled her back. He told her that he hadn't said she couldn't be just a little bit late. The two began kissing.

Later, Sally asked for help with her zipper. When Wyatt tried to zip it down instead of up, she reminded him that time was their friend. He said it was sexy when his fiancée quoted him. She was in wonder that they were really doing it, and it didn't seem real to her. Wyatt thought it was because she didn't have a ring, and he promised to remedy that.

Sally asked Wyatt not to get his mother's opinion. Sally was sure that Quinn wouldn't be happy about it. Wyatt asked how his mother had crept into the conversation. He instructed Sally not to worry about his mother or about anything at all.

Later, Quinn arrived and asked if a bomb had gone off in there. Wyatt was alone, folding the blankets on the sofa. She asked if he was up for a visit. He said that if she cared about whether he was, she would have called ahead to give him a chance to decline. She noted that he looked suspiciously happy. He wondered if that was a bad thing.

It wasn't, in Quinn's view. She said he'd been happy a short time back, and she hoped he would be again. Wyatt didn't think she had to worry about that. It was awesome news for Quinn, who said happiness would only be found with the woman he was supposed to spend his life with. "No argument here," Wyatt responded, smiling.

Quinn remarked that she'd been reeling from Flo's actions, too, but Flo had made a mistake. In Quinn's view, Flo wasn't perfect, but she was the woman whom Wyatt had always loved. The love transcended time and separation, and Wyatt couldn't be careless or take it for granted.

Wyatt agreed. Quinn said that Wyatt had to find a way to move forward, find forgiveness, and learn to love again. Wyatt replied that he had, and he'd gone all in. She asked what that meant. "I proposed," he informed her. Quinn became ecstatic. She was thrilled and proud of Wyatt, who'd been able to move beyond the dishonesty. To her, it proved that "you two" belonged together. Wyatt replied that those were his sentiments exactly.

Quinn proclaimed that it was the beginning of Flo reclaiming her life. She said they'd bring Shauna and Flo back into the fold, and Flo would be able to win the Logans back over because -- "well, who doesn't like Flo?" Pulling out her phone, Quinn decided to call Shauna, who'd been "in" earlier. Quinn began blabbering about Flo wearing Quinn's wedding dress.

"Mom, Mom, Mom!" Wyatt exclaimed, cutting Quinn off. Quinn asked what he wanted. "Sally," he stated. Quinn asked why he was bringing Sally up. "Because I proposed to Sally, not Flo," he clarified.

At Bikini, Flo was working behind the bar and thanking Danny for her old job back. She walked off, and Sally arrived. Danny let Sally know that the person she was meeting had had to leave to take care of an emergency.

Sally sat at the bar, and Flo whisked back behind it with some bottles. She expressed surprise to see Sally, who guessed that Flo was back to the old grind. Sally ordered an iced tea. She said she'd been where Flo had been before, which was on the brink of having everything she wanted, only to have the rug pulled from beneath her.

Flo couldn't fathom that Sally was being empathetic. In Flo's view, Sally was usually gloaty. Sally remarked that when one thought she'd hit rock bottom, sometimes, there was more falling ahead. Flo asked Sally to just say what she had to say. Sally replied that she hadn't decided if she wanted to yet.

Flo asked if anything was going on for Sally that day. Sally remarked that she was thinking of going back to Wyatt's, which was where she'd been before the canceled meeting. She asked when Flo had last seen Wyatt. Flo replied that she'd seen him earlier that day.

Sally remarked that it had been quite a bit earlier. She asked if he'd invited Flo over there, and Flo said he hadn't. Sally revealed that she'd seen him and had told him that she hadn't been willing to completely trust him and would need reassurance if they were to reunite.

"So, imagine my surprise when he got down on one knee, and he proposed," Sally stated. Shocked, Flo asked what Wyatt had done. Sally informed Flo that Sally and Wyatt were engaged.

Katie awakens to a life-threatening diagnosis

Katie awakens to a life-threatening diagnosis

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

In the hospital corridor, Donna wondered how kidney failure could be sudden. Brooke asked Bill how long Katie had been complaining about it, and Ridge chimed in that "some people" didn't listen. Taking offense, Bill doubted he needed a lesson in listening from the man who'd ignored signs about his psycho criminal son. Brooke asked the men not to do "this now."

Eric arrived, and Dr. Armstrong informed the family that he'd found significant structural damage in each of Katie's kidneys. Bill offered to hire the best surgeon, but Dr. Armstrong said the kidneys were beyond repair. He planned to consult with his chief of staff and return later.

Bill charged into Katie's room. He asked the sleeping Katie to revive herself for Will's sake. Bill said they couldn't end things that way, and he couldn't lose her. He admitted that she was scaring him. Katie grimaced, and Bill called her name.

The groggy and fearful Katie removed her breathing mask and asked where she was. Bill explained that she'd collapsed and was in the hospital. He asked how she was feeling. "Far away," she responded. He told her that she wasn't far away; she was right there with him, and her loved ones were right outside the room. Bill said Katie had had him worried, and he was very happy to see her beautiful eyes.

Bill went into the hallway and announced that Katie was awake. Ridge hopped up to find the doctor. Eric offered to stay in the corridor while Bill, Brooke, and Donna went in to see Katie.

When Ridge returned, Eric wondered if they would be able to see Katie, whose visitation was restricted. Ridge arrogantly asked what the staff would do " -- kick us out?" Eric felt bad for being in good health when the vibrant Katie was sick. He guessed that martinis killed germs. Ridge replied that Eric was alive and well because Ridge needed him to be.

In Katie's room later, Katie tried to get out of bed to see about Will, but she noted that she felt like lead from the neck down. She asked what was happening to her. Dr. Armstrong suspected that Katie had been experiencing symptoms for a long time. Bill asked Katie if it were true.

Katie admitted to feeling the pain and having swollen ankles and legs; however, it happened whenever she was overheated. She wanted to go home, but Dr. Armstrong said Katie was in kidney failure. Trying to sit up, Katie said her kidneys could fail just as easily at home.

Katie had seen too many hospital rooms in her life. Dr. Armstrong said they could get her feeling better by morning, but she'd be seeing the inside of the hospital room for a while.

As Eric and Ridge entered, Dr. Armstrong revealed his best guess as to the reason for the failure. Because her test results hadn't uncovered any of the standard problems, like cancer, he assumed that the kidney damage stemmed from years of anti-rejection drugs for her heart.

Katie said she'd never had problems, but the doctor informed her that she had developed them. He felt that the good news was that they had better medication combinations than when she'd had her transplant. He intended to start her on a new anti-rejection regime, but nothing could reverse the damage that had been done -- except a new kidney.

Katie didn't think she could go through a transplant again. Though Dr. Armstrong would normally discourage it in cases like hers, he felt that she was an excellent candidate. The doctor wanted to start her on dialysis. She asked if she could go home. Because of the risk of infection, it was hard for Dr. Armstrong to say when she would return home.

Brooke and Donna offered to be tested for a kidney match. Dr. Armstrong said that getting Katie off dialysis as soon as possible would be optimal, and if they found a donor immediately, Katie wouldn't go on a waiting list. Dr. Armstrong conveyed that his colleague, Dr. Davis, would be in with a nurse to set Katie up on dialysis, and he exited the room.

Eric told Katie that there were a lot of kidneys in that room and a lot of people who loved her enough to give her one. At Bill's request, everyone left to give him time alone with Katie.

Once alone with Bill, Katie uttered that they had to tell Will. Bill said Will had understood about her heart and would understand about the kidney. Katie feared that Will would see her as a sack of spare parts. Bill told her not to say that. She bitterly joked about needing someone's eye, lungs, or foot. She wondered who she'd be once all her damaged parts were replaced.

Bill replied that Katie would be the woman he loved, the mother of his son, and the woman who'd taught him what happiness was. She'd be everything Bill had ever wanted. He said he loved her, and he kissed her.

At Wyatt's house, Quinn assumed that Wyatt wanted to make her head explode. She asked him to say that he hadn't really proposed to the redheaded grifter. "You prefer the blonde one instead?" Wyatt quipped. He noted that Sally had stolen a few designs, not a baby.

Quinn asked if Wyatt had forgotten what Sally had done to him. Proffering that it had been wrong of Sally to trust Thomas, Wyatt reasoned that Sally hadn't been the only one to do that. Quinn argued that Flo hadn't become a completely different kind of person. Quinn reminded him that he'd just told her a month prior that Sally was completely wrong for him. Quinn knew that Flo had hurt Wyatt, but she warned him not to hurt himself just to get even.

Wyatt couldn't believe Quinn was defending Flo. Quinn said she didn't expect the people in her life to be perfect. "Only Sally," Wyatt contended. Quinn claimed that Sally cut corners, went for what was easy, and never learned her lesson. Flo, however, had chosen not to decline Reese, and by the time she'd realized what had been going on, she'd been trapped.

Wyatt replied that Flo could have stepped forward months back, but she hadn't. Quinn figured that he felt guilty by association. Wyatt denied it, but Quinn insisted that he needed to feel innocent and expel the wrongdoer -- even though there had been extenuating circumstances.

Quinn asked to hear about the proposal. Wyatt said it had been a pretty standard one on bended knee. Quinn wondered if she should be offended that he hadn't had her design the ring. He didn't think so. She asked to see the ring and if it even existed. He asked if a piece of metal was really that essential to a proposal.

Quinn crowed that she'd known it. In her mind, Wyatt hadn't planned on proposing, but the redhead had conned him into it. Wyatt said Sally had been skeptical, but it was normal to have trust issues. Quinn exploded, ranting that her impulsive son had thought proposing marriage would make a difference. He thought impulsiveness could be good and said he'd seen in that moment that it had been what he'd wanted.

A call to Quinn from Eric about Katie interrupted the conversation. Wyatt wanted to go to the hospital, but Eric said Katie was on restricted visitation. He promised to keep them posted.

At the Bikini Bar, Flo was stunned that Wyatt and Sally were engaged. It just didn't seem like something he would do, in her opinion. Agreeing, Sally said that she had Flo to thank for making her look good in comparison.

Sally apologized for hurting Flo's feelings but admitted that she'd kind of wanted to do it -- which usually wasn't her style. Flo replied that she just hadn't seen it coming. Sally revealed that it hadn't been premeditated. She believed that Wyatt had been trying to prove something to her. Flo replied that he might be trying to prove something to her, too.

Flo claimed that she probably had kept the secret because she'd known it would ruin her and Wyatt. Sally replied that they all told themselves stories that others knew weren't true. Sally said she'd told herself that Thomas had been a good man. It was crazy to Flo that Wyatt had just turned around and proposed to someone else.

"Someone else? I am the woman that you elbowed aside," Sally rejoined. Flo claimed that it had been on Wyatt, and she hadn't even known Sally at the time. Sally explained that Flo had just kept silent, knowing that she was ten times worse at lying to him than Sally had been.

Sally assumed that Flo had never seen Sally as a contender in her grand romance with Wyatt. Flo said she'd felt good about her relationship with Wyatt and hadn't been concerned about his feelings for Sally. Sally figured that was because Flo had thought he felt for Sally as he did for vegetables or cold turkey. Sally noted that Flo even thought Sally's engagement was about Flo and the message he wanted to send to Flo.

Flo conveyed that Sally hadn't seemed like the type of person who wanted marriage. Sally asked if it was because she was a free spirit. She admitted that the whole "put a ring on it" thing had seemed possessive to her. Flo noted that Sally wasn't wearing a ring.

Later, Sally called Wyatt to tell him about her canceled meeting. She wanted to return to his house. He informed her that "we" had learned that Katie was in the hospital with kidney failure, and he needed to make calls on Katie's behalf. Sally asked him to keep her posted.

After the call, Flo asked Sally to order because her lease on the stool was about to expire. Sally told Flo that Flo's aunt was in the hospital, and it didn't look good.

Thomas accuses Douglas of betraying him

Thomas accuses Douglas of betraying him

Thursday, September 26, 2019

At Flo and Shauna's house, Flo expressed concern about Katie but doubted that Katie's family would call her with an update. Flo said she wouldn't have known about the illness if Sally hadn't told her. Flo knew that her ostracism was her own fault, and she couldn't believe that Wyatt had proposed to Sally. Flo wished she could have another chance with Wyatt and the Logans, but it was becoming clear to her that neither thing would happen.

In Shauna's silence, Flo asked what Shauna was doing. Shauna displayed her tablet and said she was scrolling through pictures of the very sexy Ridge Forrester. Shauna showed Flo pictures of Ridge at various events. Flo suspected that Brooke had attended the events, too. Shauna said she'd filtered Brooke's pictures out.

Flo scoffed, but Shauna insisted that she was having fun and that her fantasy was harmless. Flo replied that Shauna hadn't stopped thinking about Ridge since the night at the bar. Shauna asked if Flo could blame her. "Do I have to take away your screen time?" Flo asked. Shauna saw nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy time with an attractive man.

Flo contended that Shauna had only been with Ridge while he'd been passed out. Shauna said she'd been there for Ridge and had repaid him for helping Flo. When Shauna had lain beside him, she'd felt a strong connection. She'd just had to kiss him. She believed that Ridge could be her Prince Charming. Flo glared at her mother.

Claiming that she wasn't delusional, Shauna said she understood that Ridge had been drunk. She doubted that he'd given the night another thought, but she'd felt a chemistry between them. She hadn't been able to resist. Flo didn't want to hear about it anymore, but Shauna persisted in talking about a bolt of electricity in the kiss. She was sure Ridge had felt it, too.

Flo reasoned that if Ridge weren't married, he'd feel lucky to have Shauna in his life; however, from what Flo had heard, no matter what Brooke and Ridge went through, they always wound up back together. Shauna contended that they couldn't be that committed if they were always splitting up. Flo said her mother was ridiculous at times. Flo walked off, and Shauna grinned.

At Brooke's house, Ridge offered to make sure Douglas got to his play date so Brooke could go to the hospital. Brooke thanked him for taking a donor test for Katie. Ridge was sorry that neither Bill nor Hope was a match, but Ridge was sure that, between all of them, they'd figure it out.

Feeling guilty for not noticing that Katie had been sick, Brooke said she'd been preoccupied with Flo and Thomas. Ridge didn't want to discuss that. Brooke couldn't help it. Each time the bell gate chimed, she became worried that it was Thomas, and she also kept worrying that Thomas would take Douglas from school.

Ridge didn't want to go there, but Brooke was fearful that, at any moment, Thomas would strike. Ridge insisted that his son wasn't a monster and just needed help. Brooke asked if Thomas was getting any help. Ridge said Thomas was trying and wanted to go back to the office. She yelled that Thomas couldn't just go away for a while and think everything would be fine upon return.

In Brooke's view, no one who'd kept the secret deserved a second chance. Ridge refused to turn his back on his son. Brooke refused to turn her back on Hope and Douglas. Ridge suggested that they be reasonable about it. Brooke wanted to prioritize the innocent Douglas, but Ridge said the boy had nothing to fear from his father.

Brooke hadn't seen any evidence that Thomas was better. Ridge said it was because she wouldn't allow him in the house or see him. Brooke insisted that Thomas couldn't just run off to Vinny's and think that everything was resolved. Ridge claimed to not be making excuses. He said that Thomas was facing things and talking to Taylor.

"Taylor?" Brooke replied and scoffed. Brooke didn't think Thomas needed to be holding his mommy's hand. Instead, he needed to go to jail for what he'd done. "Wow," Ridge responded. Brooke said Ridge had agreed that Thomas had been deplorable to Hope and his sister. Ridge stated that Thomas was trying to rebuild relationships and be a better father.

Brooke wanted Thomas to stay as far away from Douglas as possible. She noted how secure the child was with Hope and Liam. Ridge was grateful for it, but he said that Douglas wasn't a Logan or Spencer; Douglas was a Forrester, and, like it or not, Thomas was his father.

Brooke reminded Ridge that Thomas had brainwashed Douglas into believing that Hope would be his mother, and Douglas still believed it. "So...if I were to pick a parent -- " Brooke said. Interrupting, Ridge told her that she didn't get to do that, and they hadn't been the best parents, either. He still believed that he hadn't been there for Thomas.

Ridge didn't want to fight with Brooke. He wanted to work through the problem. He felt that the only way to do that was for him and Brooke to remember who they were to each other. He believed that if they stuck together, they could survive anything. Brooke agreed. She said she loved him. He said he loved her, too. Brooke and Ridge kissed.

Brooke decided that she'd head to the hospital. As she strode to the door, she said she didn't want to fight. She remembered that the last time it had happened, he'd wound up drunk at "Bikini" all night. She didn't want that to happen again. Brooke was trying to get beyond the issue about Beth, but the lies people had told had nearly destroyed her daughter's life.

Upstairs, sinister music played as someone watched Douglas play with trucks. Douglas turned and saw Thomas in the doorway. Thomas claimed that Douglas was just who he wanted to see. Douglas asked where Thomas had been. Thomas noted that it had been awhile.

Thomas said Douglas was back in school. He was sure the teachers loved Douglas, but he wondered if Douglas tattled on the other kids like Douglas had done to his father. Thomas asked how Douglas could have done that to him and where the loyalty was for Douglas' father.

Douglas assumed that Thomas was mad at him. Thomas said that Douglas had disobeyed him, and he asked what that made Douglas. "A hero. Hope and Liam say I'm a hero," Douglas responded. Thomas said, "No. You are not a hero. You defied me. You didn't listen."

Douglas recalled that Thomas had said Douglas was a great kid and that Douglas and Thomas were best friends. Thomas replied that best friends wouldn't rat each other out, and Douglas had gone behind Thomas' back and betrayed him. Thomas couldn't go to work, and he couldn't return home. Douglas persisted in saying that Hope and Liam thought he was a good kid.

Thomas contended that Liam and Hope were not Douglas' parents, and Douglas had to listen to his father. Even if Douglas didn't like Thomas, Thomas was the only parent Douglas had. Douglas responded that Hope could be his mommy. Thomas said that it could have been, but Douglas had ruined it by saying that Phoebe was Beth.

Douglas didn't want to talk to Thomas any further. He wanted to play with Sam. Thomas asked who was taking Douglas there, and Douglas conveyed that his grandparents were. Thomas wondered if Douglas liked living with his grandparents and why he wasn't living with the people who thought he was a hero. Douglas said he could see them when he wanted to.

Thomas wondered if Douglas ever heard Liam and Hope arguing. Thomas claimed that Hope wanted to see Thomas, but Liam wouldn't let her. Douglas hadn't heard that and said Hope was always happy. Thomas said Douglas was saying that just to hurt Thomas. Thomas believed that Hope wouldn't be happy with Liam.

Ridge entered the room and stared at Thomas. Thomas apologized for sneaking into the house. He knew how Brooke felt about him. Looking at Douglas, Thomas added that he hadn't wanted to get his father in trouble. Ridge asked why Thomas was there.

Thomas said he'd wanted to see his son and tell him that he missed him. "Isn't that right, bud?" Thomas asked, pulling Douglas close.

Douglas ran into Ridge's arms. Ridge said he'd told Douglas that his father missed him every day. Thomas replied that he wasn't sure because Douglas had been with Hope and Liam a lot. Ridge stated that it was nothing to worry about. Ridge remarked that Douglas was a good boy. "Not like me," Thomas assumed. Ridge replied that he hadn't said that.

In Thomas' mind, Ridge hadn't had to say it. Thomas had done things he hadn't been proud of, and he'd been angry at himself. He hadn't known how it had seemed to Douglas, and he'd wanted to make sure that he and Douglas understood each other. Thomas told Douglas that he wasn't mad at him. It was just that the life he'd tried to make for them had been ruined.

Ridge instructed Douglas to get ready to go while Ridge and Thomas talked downstairs. Thomas asked where Brooke was, and Ridge revealed that she wasn't there. Thomas asked if she'd talk to him if she were there, and he noted that the situation was causing tension between Brooke and Ridge. Ridge didn't answer, and Thomas followed Ridge out of the room.

Downstairs, Thomas opened his satchel and pulled out some designs. He'd planned to have Douglas pass them on to Ridge, but because Brooke wasn't there, Thomas chose to show them to Ridge himself. Ridge was impressed by the work and glad Thomas had been productive.

Thomas said he was a Forrester. He'd lost access to the business, but not his talent. Ridge asked Thomas to be patient. Thomas understood that he'd messed up, but he didn't think he should be exiled. Ridge claimed that it wasn't happening. Not buying it, Thomas asked Ridge to say that Brooke wouldn't go berserk if she saw him there.

Ridge bellowed that Brooke had every right to be upset with Thomas. Thomas knew that and said keeping Beth a secret had been a terrible decision. Thomas didn't think he'd handled anything well. Caroline's death had affected him more than he'd realized. "I see. That's why you hurt all those innocent people?" Ridge responded.

Thomas knew that he needed to make amends. Ridge believed that Thomas' remorse was genuine. Thomas noted that Brooke didn't. Ridge conveyed that she was concerned about Hope and Douglas. Thomas didn't think Brooke wanted him to see the boy anymore. "He's my son!" Thomas exclaimed. Ridge replied that they were taking good care of Douglas.

Thomas ranted that Buckingham had stolen the baby. The others had known about it for months, and Thomas had been the last one to find out. Ridge asked why Thomas had lied about it. Thomas claimed that his mother had helped him realize that he'd been scared. As he'd reeled from Caroline's death, he'd thought Hope had been the only answer.

Thomas knew that he'd been wrong, but he'd acted out of love for Douglas, Hope, and Steffy, from whom he hadn't wanted to take a child. He was trying to be a better man and didn't think his mistake called for him to be ostracized from the family. He felt as if he were being kicked out of the family -- and not by a Forrester, but by Brooke and the Logans.

Thomas said he loved his father. He said Steffy and he had lost Ridge to Brooke. Ridge began to speak, but interrupting, Thomas said he was a grownup. He stated that he still needed his father, and he asked if he could count on Ridge.

Thomas wages war on Brooke

Thomas wages war on Brooke

Friday, September 27, 2019

At the Bikini Bar, Vinny had a beer at the bar and chatted with Danny about Thomas, who was designing from Vinny's couch. According to Vinny, Thomas was bouncing off the walls. Danny was confused about why Thomas wasn't at work.

Vinny indicated that some stuff had gone down, and according to Thomas, Brooke wouldn't let Ridge anywhere near Thomas. Danny flashed back to seeing Shauna leave the upstairs room. Danny said Ridge did his own thing, and Brooke definitely didn't own him. "He made that pretty clear when he got drunk the other night," Danny concluded.

Vinny wanted to hear more, but Danny decided that he shouldn't be gossiping. Claiming to be Danny's friend, Vinny said he wouldn't go to the tabloids. Danny warned Vinny against doing it. As the conversation continued, Danny revealed that "dude" got wasted, and it had looked like he'd had a really fun night, too.

Vinny inquired about what had happened, and as Danny described the evening, a flashback played of Ridge getting drunk, Shauna arriving, and Danny and Shauna carrying Ridge upstairs.

Vinny asked what had happened next and if the lady had left. Danny flashed a knowing stare, and Vinny's mouth gaped in disbelief. To Vinny, that didn't sound like "Mr. F." He asked if one of them had slept on the couch. Dispelling the notion, Danny said there was no couch.

Danny stated that he was just retelling what he knew. He wasn't saying anything had happened, but he claimed to know for a fact that Ridge and the woman had slept in that bed. Danny knew it because he'd made the bed. Danny revealed that the woman in question had been Flo's mother. Shocked, Vinny decided that he had to tell Thomas.

At Brooke's house, Ridge appreciated all that Thomas had said to him but advised Thomas to leave before anyone else saw him. Unable to accept that it would be that way forever, Thomas wanted to find a way to fix the family and return to Forrester. Ridge said Brooke wouldn't let it happen at that time.

Thomas expressed that he and the others had kept the secret, but Buckingham had been the one to sell the baby. Thomas believed that Ridge understood that Thomas and the others had been caught up in Buckingham's schemes, and that was why Flo was no longer in jail. Thomas was grateful for Ridge's compassion. It meant the world to Thomas. Thomas hugged Ridge, but over Ridge's shoulder, Thomas flashed a sinister expression.

At Forrester later, Ridge settled into the office. Shauna arrived. She'd talked Charlie into letting her into the building. Ridge said she probably shouldn't be there. She agreed, but she'd had to see him. She couldn't stop thinking about the night they'd had together.

Ridge said he shouldn't have gotten out of control that night. He appreciated Shauna looking after him. She giggled about how freaked out he'd been when he'd awakened in the morning. He thanked her for going above and beyond, but he was sure he didn't have to remind her. Shauna told him not to worry because Brooke wouldn't find out from her.

Ridge wanted Shauna to understand that he still hadn't changed his mind about Flo or Shauna. He divulged that he and Brooke didn't see eye-to-eye about all the culprits, and Brooke thought that everyone involved with the secret needed to pay. All Ridge wanted was for Buckingham to be prosecuted. Shauna said Reese needed to pay for what he'd done to Hope and Liam.

Ridge asked about Steffy, who'd lost her child. He said no one talked about her anymore. Agreeing, Shauna couldn't imagine what it was like for Steffy, and Shauna was sorry that Flo had been involved in it. Ridge said Brooke couldn't hear Flo's name without losing her temper. Shauna replied that she'd hoped Brooke would have started to come around by then.

Ridge stated that it wasn't happening when it pertained to Flo, Shauna, or Thomas. Shauna figured it was hard on Ridge. She understood the need to protect one's kid, even if one didn't agree with what the kid had done. Ridge relayed that he didn't condone Thomas' actions. Ridge felt that Thomas was spoiled, and Ridge knew that it was his own fault.

In the middle of speaking, Ridge stopped. Shauna asked what the matter was. It was nothing. Ridge just found her easy to talk to. Shauna was sorry Brooke was putting him through all that. It was okay for Ridge, who said Brooke was his wife. He was confident that he and Brooke would get through it and put the family back together.

Shauna got that Ridge wanted support as he tried to support his son. She was sure Brooke would come around. Ridge wasn't. Shauna hoped that Brooke would at least stop stressing him out. In Shauna's view, he was too cute to be stressed. Ridge didn't seem to know how to take that comment. Shauna said that if he needed a friend, she was there for him.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke entered and found Thomas relaxing on her sofa. She immediately ordered him out of there and said he wasn't welcome. Thomas questioned whether he was welcome in his father's home. Asserting that it was her home, Brooke said that he'd either get out, or she'd call security. Nearing her, he asked her to hear him out.

Brooke didn't want to hear what Thomas had to say. Thomas told her to stop fighting him. He wanted his life back. He refused to be treated like an outcast by her or the Logans any longer.

Brooke asked where Douglas was. She didn't want Thomas anywhere near the boy. Thomas conveyed that Ridge had taken the child to a play date. Thomas reminded Brooke that he was still her son-in-law and still had full custody of his child. He suggested that she stop treating him like garbage if she wanted his son to spend time with her daughter.

Brooke retorted that she was treating Thomas the way he deserved to be treated. Thomas noted that his father was showing incredible grace and understood that Thomas was dealing with his son losing his mother. Brooke yelled that Thomas didn't care about Douglas; all Thomas cared about was what benefited Thomas.

Claiming that he'd been mixed up after Caroline's death, Thomas said his mother was helping him realize that he'd been putting his raw emotions into Hope. He knew he'd been wrong, but he said he'd been doing it out of love. Brooke found the excuse to be unbelievable, but Thomas persisted in saying he'd done it for Steffy, too, so that Steffy wouldn't lose her daughter and family. Thomas asked if he'd committed the crime, switched babies, or killed anyone.

Brooke thought that remained to be seen, and she cited the mystery surrounding Emma's death. Thomas warned that his father wouldn't want to hear her accusing him of murder, and he told her to just admit that he hadn't committed a crime. Brooke said that he might not be guilty in a court of law, but she was giving him a life sentence as someone she'd never trust.

Thomas assumed that Brooke wanted to be mean to him and kick him when he was down. He told her to go ahead and point out the few mistakes he'd made along the way. Brooke was aghast that he'd refer to his actions as "a few mistakes."

Thomas said it was too bad that Brooke had an ugly take on things, especially since he had something Hope and Brooke wanted. Brooke asked if he'd use his son as leverage. She asserted that he was unfit to be a parent, and she threatened to get a restraining order to keep him far away from Douglas.

Thomas wished Brooke luck in taking Douglas from the only parent he had left. Thomas suggested that she change her attitude if she wanted Hope to be in his son's life. Brooke refused to change how she felt about the sick and dangerous Thomas.

Citing that she was a Logan, he said the name only got her so far. He, on the other hand, was a Forrester. He was certain his father wouldn't turn his back on him. He ordered Brooke to stop trying to keep him out of his company and his family.

Thomas received a text message that read, "Yo, I'm at Bikini. Found out something major. Get over here."

Brooke wanted Thomas to get out of there. She suggested that he go to Paris, so his mommy could hold his hand. Noting his parents' empathy and willingness to forgive, he asked if Brooke was saying that she never would. Brooke affirmed that she wouldn't.

Thomas thought he'd been generous to let his son stay there and said all he'd asked for was to have Brooke stay out of his way. He claimed not to be after Hope and said he was fine that Hope was "over there with Liam." Thomas stated that he was moving forward, and he asked Brooke to stop filling his father's head with her negativity. He claimed that it was his family, his company, and his future. He wouldn't let Brooke ruin it.

Brooke told Thomas that he was out of control. Thomas replied that Brooke was Ridge's on-again, off-again wife, but Thomas was Ridge's son. Thomas was sick of the Logan sanctimony, and he accused her of trying to ruin his family so she could have Ridge to herself. Brooke called Thomas' accusations ridiculous.

Thomas screamed that Brooke had done it to his mother for his entire life. He claimed that his family had been together, but Brooke had ruined it. He said that Steffy had made peace with it, and Taylor was still trying to make sense of it; however, Brooke had met her match with him. He was sick and tired of the Logans profiting off the Forrester family's success and trampling on and disrespecting their family. He yelled that "it ends now."

Brooke swiped her hand across Thomas' face. She ordered him to get out of her house. Thomas told her that she'd made a mistake, and he wasn't wrapped around her "slutty little finger," as his father was. He declared that her "reign of terror" over the Forresters ended with him.

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