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An anonymous donor stepped in to save Katie. Katie requested to meet her donor, and the Logans were astonished to learn the donor's identity. In an effort to heal his family, Ridge asked Steffy to let Thomas move into the cliff house.
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Katie was shocked when her anonymous living kidney donor turned out to be Flo
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Katie gets bad news about her transplant

Katie gets bad news about her transplant

Monday, October 7, 2019

At Steffy's house, Ridge told Steffy that pointing the finger at Thomas over and over wouldn't solve anything. He said that they had already lost their sister, and he didn't want them to lose each other, too. Steffy replied that Ridge couldn't expect her to forgive Thomas. Ridge asked Steffy to keep an open mind.

Steffy yelled that Thomas had known that she'd been raising Hope's baby. Thomas replied that he hadn't wanted Hope and Liam to take the baby from Steffy. Steffy asked if his solution had been to lie to everyone and run away once the truth was out.

Ridge stated that Thomas was ready to face it. Ridge said that, as a family, they needed to support each other and, in time, forgive each other. Ridge proposed that Thomas move into the cliff house with Ridge and Steffy.

Thomas suspected that Steffy believed that having him around would remind her of things she didn't want to think about. "But what about me?" he asked. He said he could have died when Brooke had pushed him off the cliff, but he was "willing to consider it" because he didn't want the mess to affect Douglas and Kelly any more than it had already.

"Oh, now you care about the kids?" Steffy quipped. Thomas hoped it wasn't too late. Ridge stated that it wasn't. Steffy noted that Beth was with Hope, and Kelly felt abandoned by her sister. Thomas stated that Douglas felt as if he'd lost his father, but he hadn't. Thomas wanted to be there as a father and brother and decided that moving in there would be a good idea.

Steffy incredulously asked if Thomas thought that they'd be one big, happy family. Ridge told her that they'd all lost something. Thomas said he felt somehow responsible for what had happened between Ridge and Brooke. Thomas knew that he had a lot to make up for. He decided to leave and give Steffy time to think about it. He wouldn't give up and said he was committed to making the family good again.

Thomas left, and Steffy and Ridge glared at each other. Steffy understood Ridge's intentions, but she couldn't have Thomas there at her house. Ridge said that her brother needed help, but Steffy insisted that she needed to control her own life and who stayed in her home. Ridge replied that it was her decision, and she declared that she'd made it.

Ridge noted that he'd decided to move in with Steffy if she'd let him. He was committed to finding a way to make peace between her and Thomas. Steffy shook her head, but Ridge believed that Thomas regretted things and wanted to make it better. Ridge stated that Thomas had lost his way. Steffy warned Ridge not to lose his and asked what was going on with him.

Ridge shrugged, saying that Brooke was upset with him. Steffy assumed that it was Thomas. Ridge agreed that it was Thomas -- and other stuff. "Dad..." Steffy said as Ridge fidgeted. She asked him not to say that it was another woman.

Nervously, Ridge replied that he was not involved with another woman. Steffy pointedly asked him who it was. He began to stammer about Brooke being unforgiving those days. "Who is it?" Steffy insisted. Ridge said Shauna's name, and Steffy glared at him.

At the Bikini Bar, Thomas met Vinny. Thomas was in a great mood because the plan had worked. He said that, thanks to Vinny and Danny, Ridge was finally free of Brooke. Vinny was surprised to hear it when Thomas revealed that his father had moved in with his sister. Thomas toasted to the beginning of the end for Ridge and Brooke.

At the hospital, Bill tried to encourage Katie. Katie was brave, but she was worried because no one tested had been a match. Confident that Brooke would be the one, Bill said the sisters would have matching kidneys.

Later, Donna, Quinn, and Eric were visiting Katie, and Bill received a message that Wyatt and Will were at the beach house. While discussing Brooke's chances at being a match, Bill told the group that the hospital was performing tissue typing and a cross match to ensure that Brooke's kidney would be a match.

Eric and Quinn offered to have Will over at their house later to give Bill time at the hospital that evening. Bill and Katie conveyed that Will had been disappointed that Katie couldn't leave the hospital yet. Katie felt lucky to have a family member willing to donate, but she was worried about the long list she'd be on if Brooke wasn't a match. Donna was confident that Brooke would be a match and said that the Logans were survivors.

Quinn and Eric took off, and Dr. Davis entered with bad news. Brooke was not a match for a kidney donation. Bill wanted a retest, but Dr. Davis said the test had been conclusive. She was optimistic because Katie was still on the donor list. The doctor left, and Katie began to panic.

Bill tried to reassure Katie. She wondered what they would tell Will. Bill held the sobbing Katie. He was determined to figure it out and fight. He vowed not to lose her.

At Shauna's place, Brooke ordered Shauna to stay away from Ridge. Shauna asked who Brooke thought she was to barge into Shauna's house, slap her, and bark out orders. Brooke replied that she was Ridge's wife, and Shauna had better not forget it. Stating that she and Ridge were trying to recover from the damage the Fultons had done, Brooke revealed that Ridge was staying at Steffy's house. "Wait. Ridge moved out?" Shauna asked.

Brooke scoffed and said that, no matter where Ridge was, Shauna would leave him alone. Brooke thought Shauna should leave town. Giggling, Shauna said she wouldn't dare do that just when things were getting interesting. Shauna assumed that Brooke had pushed Ridge out of his home because of Thomas. Brooke replied that Shauna didn't know what she was talking about.

Shauna admired Ridge for supporting his son. Brooke suspected that the handsome, wealthy Ridge had become Shauna's knight in shining armor. Brooke asserted that Shauna was delusional to think a tramp like her could win a man like Ridge.

Insults didn't faze Shauna, who'd been called names her whole life by women as insecure as she gauged that Brooke was. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't interested in Shauna; he and Brooke were married and would remain married. Brooke stated that she and her husband just had different priorities at the time.

Shauna stated that even though Ridge thought his son could be redeemed, Brooke didn't. Brooke emphasized that Ridge had agreed to the deal for Flo for Thomas' sake, and it had been nothing more. "He doesn't care about you, Shauna," Brooke insisted. Shauna felt that Brooke wouldn't be there if Brooke's marriage was solid.

Brooke explained that she was there because of Shauna's behavior, not Ridge's. Shauna contended that Ridge had been drunk because he'd been upset with Brooke and probably still was. Brooke claimed to see through Flo and Shauna and their attempts to ingratiate themselves into Brooke's family. Brooke stated that Flo wasn't a good person.

Shauna claimed that Flo felt bad for her actions. Brooke thought that was exactly what Flo, who in Brooke's eyes was "a lying bitch" just like her mother, should feel. Shauna stated that Ridge had asked her to stay that night, and in the morning, he had been in no rush to go home to Brooke. Raging at Shauna to stop it, Brooke hurtled a figurine at the wall.

Flo entered the apartment and asked what was going on in there and what Brooke was doing there. Brooke told Flo that she should have left town the second she'd gotten out of jail. Shauna asked if it had been the day that Ridge had gotten Flo released. Brooke asserted that it hadn't happened that way. Brooke and Shauna began bickering, and Shauna said not to blame her because Ridge had moved out.

Brooke emphasized that it was temporary, and she felt that she and her family should not have to pay the price for what Flo had done. Flo understood Brooke's feelings because she was still upset about Thomas, too. Flo figured that if Thomas' family could forgive him, then maybe "we" should, too. Flo was still hoping Brooke's family would forgive her.

Brooke's mouth dropped open in shock. She asked if Flo really thought she could forgive Flo. "Never. Some people deserve forgiveness, and some people don't," Brooke concluded. Shauna noted that people had forgiven Brooke, who was no saint. Brooke stated that Flo had stolen Brooke's grandchild, and Brooke didn't even know where to start with Shauna.

Brooke told Flo that the family had embraced Flo and had believed all of her lies. Shauna said that even though Flo expressed regret, Brooke didn't want Flo's apology. She reminded Brooke that Flo was Storm's child, and it wouldn't change. Flo told Shauna that she wasn't helping.

Brooke received a text message. She was stunned that she wasn't a match and couldn't be a donor for Katie. Brooke stated that she had been Katie's last chance. Shauna said she was sorry. Brooke decided that she needed to be with her sister. As she left, she told them to stay away from her family and her husband. "You're not allowed in our lives anymore," Brooke said.

Brooke departed, and Flo expressed sympathy for Katie. Shauna was upset that Brooke couldn't show compassion for Flo, whom Brooke would never forgive. Flo didn't think there was any way that she could show the Logans what they meant to her.

Shauna stated that there was something that Flo could do. Flo didn't want to hear whatever scheme her mother had in mind. Shauna reasoned that the doctors hadn't tested all of the Logans, and Storm had been a match for Katie's heart. Shauna figured that Flo could be a match, too. "Maybe you're the one, Flo. You're the one who could save Katie," Shauna stated.

Flo secretly researches kidney donation

Flo secretly researches kidney donation

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

At Steffy's house, Steffy concluded that Ridge had asked to move in with her because he was involved with Shauna. Ridge denied it was the reason. Steffy expressed that she still didn't understand why he'd gone along with the immunity deal. She said she'd had her child ripped from her, and next, she'd had to learn that her father was in bed with Shauna.

Ridge stated that nothing had happened with Shauna, and it was nothing to be concerned about. He assured Steffy that he was there because he wanted to spend time with his kids. Not buying it, Steffy asked what he'd done and what had happened between him and Shauna.

Later, Ridge ended his tale of what had gone on the night he'd been drunk by saying he'd awakened in the tiny room above "Bikini." He claimed to believe that Shauna had stayed the whole night to make sure that he'd been okay.

Steffy was snarky about it, and Ridge stated that he knew Steffy had a problem with Flo and Shauna. Steffy quipped that she was great with Flo and Shauna -- except for the facts that Flo had illegally sold her a baby and that Shauna had helped keep the secret. Ridge replied that Shauna had been trying to do the right thing and had brought him coffee to sober him up.

Steffy asked why Shauna hadn't stopped by to check on Ridge during the night and returned in the morning. Ridge assumed that Shauna felt indebted to him due to the immunity deal. "Yeah, and I feel betrayed that you agreed to it," Steffy replied. Citing that Ridge had slept in a room all night with Shauna and had tension with Brooke because of Thomas, Steffy concluded that it was no wonder that Brooke was upset with him.

Ridge doubted that his daughter believed him, but Steffy said she knew he'd never lie to her. He assured her that he wouldn't drink anymore. The binge had given him a three-day headache. She couldn't imagine that it had been worth it. He affirmed that it hadn't been because his wife was upset with him.

Steffy didn't want to talk about Shauna anymore or even hear that name -- or Flo's name, either. Claiming to understand that, Ridge said he needed Steffy to know that he wasn't there because of Shauna or his fight with Brooke. He was there because he hadn't given up on his kids, and he wanted to heal his family.

Later, Steffy told Ridge that she didn't envy his position, but she, like Brooke, had wanted to see Flo get some punishment. Steffy added that Hope and Liam had wanted it, too, and Flo had deserved it. Ridge agreed that Flo should have been punished, and Thomas should have been, too. Ridge said he'd thought about sending Thomas to prison, but Thomas was his son. As a parent, Steffy got it.

Ridge admitted that he had been making bad decisions. He said he never would have ended up with Shauna if he hadn't left Brooke's house that day. Steffy believed that Brooke and he could get past it. Ridge felt that he was always fighting, and his family was breaking apart. He was tired of losing people.

At Flo and Shauna's house, Flo was shocked by Shauna's idea that Flo give her kidney to Katie. Shauna said the donation was a way to get back into the family. To Flo, it wasn't a reason to go through surgery and give up a kidney. An operation like that was a huge deal in Flo's eyes. Shauna persisted, saying that Flo could be the one to save Katie's life.

Believing that Katie hated her, Flo doubted that Katie would go along with it. Shauna said the gesture could heal all wounds. Flo reasoned that, if she did it, she wouldn't want the Logans to think that she'd done it to get back into their good graces. She claimed that she wasn't manipulative like that.

Shauna doubted that the Logans would think that. She was sure they'd be grateful. Shauna didn't think things could heal between her and Brooke, but Shauna said that it was different for Flo. Shauna thought that giving Katie a new life would change everything for Flo, but the first thing Flo and Shauna needed to do was to find out if Flo was a match.

In a room in the hospital's transplant center, Flo and Shauna waited. Flo asked how Shauna had known to go there. Shauna explained that her online research had advised that they find out if Flo was a match by going to Katie's transplant center.

Tyler, a hospital representative, approached and said that Flo had no medical issues that would stop her from donating. She asked what had made Flo decide to do it. Flo and Shauna explained that Flo had a sick aunt in that hospital, and even though the relations were strained, Flo wanted to help.

Tyler said Flo could be saving her aunt's life. She left Flo with some information about donating. Once alone with Shauna, Flo was amazed by how fast it was happening. Shauna replied that Katie didn't have a lot of time, and they had to be prepared in case Flo wasn't a match.

Flo stated that the Logans had already lost Storm but didn't have to lose Katie, too. Flo didn't want to donate just to get back into the family. She wanted to save Katie's life. Though Shauna thought it was admirable, she said there was an added bonus. Shauna thought it might redeem her in the Logans' eyes, and Wyatt would remember what a loving, giving woman Flo was.

Later, Tyler returned and collected Flo's blood samples. She said that someone would be in touch with the results and would talk to Flo about the process going forward if she were a match. Tyler exited, and Flo expressed her anxiety about the donation. Shauna said it was Flo's chance to save Katie and be with Wyatt. It was Flo's chance for redemption.

Flo said she didn't know if she was even a match yet. Shauna believed that there was a cosmic connection and that Flo was the one meant to save Katie.

At the hospital, Brooke arrived in Katie's room as Dr. Davis expressed her disappointment at the way Katie was responding to the treatment. The damage to Katie's kidneys was more extensive than the doctor had realized, and dialysis wouldn't be enough. Dr. Davis planned to keep trying but warned that Katie needed a transplant as soon as possible.

Dr. Davis said that Katie was still on the donor waiting list. Bill shouted that Katie didn't have time. He noted that the doctor knew who he was. He asked her what it would take to get Katie to the top of the list or if he could buy Katie onto another list. Dr. Davis replied that it didn't work that way, but Bill insisted that it did in his world. "So, if I don't find a kidney..." Katie said. Dr. Davis asked Katie to be hopeful that they would.

Bill figured that there was no reversing the kidney damage done by Katie's anti-rejection medication. Affirming that, Dr. Davis added that the heart transplant complicated matters for the kidney transplant because the kidney had to also withstand the medication. Brooke asked how the doctor knew that they wouldn't have the same outcome with the new kidney.

Dr. Davis said that Katie was on a new medication regime. The hospital would have to monitor Katie's heart and new kidney to make sure each one responded well to it -- assuming they found the new kidney. Katie figured that getting the kidney was the hard part because time wasn't on her side.

Later, Dr. Davis was gone, and Katie was sobbing. She wasn't ready to die, and she feared that she didn't have a lot of time left. Bill and Brooke tried to convince Katie to be positive and keep her hopes up. Brooke offered to call their cousins. Katie said Donna had already done that, and no one had been a match.

Brooke sat with Katie as Bill went to confer with the doctor. When he returned, he said that Dr. Davis had asked him to be patient. That wouldn't cut it for him, and he'd put out some "feelers" of his own. Brooke thought that was good and encouraged him to do what he needed to do.

Katie cried because she didn't want to die. She wanted to be there for Will, Will's prom, and his wedding. Sobbing, she said she wanted to see the man Will would grow into. Will needed her, and she needed to be there for him. Brooke said that Katie would be there, but she had to stay strong and encouraged. Bill said Katie would be there longer than he would.

Katie was scared. She didn't want to leave her family. Bill held her, but she continued to cry and fear leaving her family.

Katie learns that an anonymous kidney donor has been found

Katie learns that an anonymous kidney donor has been found

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

by Pam

At the hospital, the doctor told Katie that her condition was stable, but it was causing stress on her heart. Bill worried, and Katie said she felt weak. She wondered how much time she had left, and the doctor told her to be positive.

Bill agreed, and the doctor said she would check in later. Bill refused to allow Katie to give up. He promised that they would find a miracle. Katie wanted to be realistic, but Bill called her fatalistic. Katie was tearful and closed her eyes.

Brooke and Donna entered with Will, and Katie was elated. Brooke called Will the best medicine. Will wanted to talk to Katie's doctors because he wanted to be her donor. Kate and everyone were choked up. Katie embraced Will and told him how sweet and thoughtful he was, but she said he needed both his kidneys because he was young and needed to grow big and strong like his daddy.

Bill, Donna, Brooke, and Will all agreed the right donor would come along. Brooke and Donna cried. Bill, Will, and Katie embraced. Katie said she had everything she needed "right here." Katie said she was lucky to be Will's mom. She was proud of him and the young man he had become, and she knew that someday he might have kids of his own.

"I want you to be confident. Trust yourself," Katie said to Will. She added that she wanted him to trust in his dream and never stop dreaming. "I'm so proud of you," she said. Brooke and Donna smiled. Bill hugged Katie and Will.

Later, Brooke was alone with Katie. Brooke wished that she had been a match. Katie said that she'd had a good life and was loved by her sisters, her son, and Bill. Katie added that Bill was scared. She knew that he was putting a on a good face, but he was worried. Katie made Brooke promise to take care of Will if she died. Brooke cried and promised. Brooke wanted to be confident, but Katie worried she was running out of time and that the odds were slim that she would find a donor.

Outside Katie's room, Bill begged the doctor to bend the rules to find Katie a kidney. The doctor shook her head, and Bill asked her to tell him how to bend the rules. "I'm not losing my Katie," he said. Bill insisted there had to be something that someone could do.

At Flo's apartment, Flo paced and wondered why the transplant center had not called her about her offer to donate a kidney to Katie. Shauna suggested she needed to be patient. Shauna added that the Logans would be "grateful to you forever" if Flo was a match. She added that the Logans would see Flo as making a generous gift that would be greatly appreciated, and the Logans would welcome her back into the family.

Flo insisted she wanted to remain anonymous. Shauna reminded her that many good things could come from it, including a rekindling of her relationship with Wyatt. The phone rang, and Camille from the transplant center wanted to meet with Flo that day. Flo promised to meet immediately.

Flo wanted to know if she was a match. Camille said the tests were almost complete, but she wanted to discuss all the ramifications of the kidney transplant surgery. Camille reminded Flo that it was major surgery, and she wanted to go over details in person. Flo agreed and said she wanted to give Katie the gift of life.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt visited with Liam, and Liam assumed that Wyatt had been looking for Sally -- "your fiancée," he said. Wyatt said he was there to check on Liam and had to tell him that things did not look good for Katie. Liam was upset, and Wyatt added that he knew their dad was scared.

Wyatt shared that no one in the family was a match for a kidney donor so far, and there were no other candidates. He worried that finding a donor might take longer than Katie had. Wyatt and Liam agreed that the family had been tested too many times. No one had yet recovered from Liam and Hope thinking they had lost Beth.

Liam agreed, but he and Wyatt worried that Katie had had a terrible time. Her heart issues had been troublesome, and she had almost died when she'd given birth to Will. They both felt that Bill would never be the same again if anything happened to Katie. Wyatt said they could look for answers for everything that had gone wrong, but there were none.

Wyatt added that he was still upset with Flo for her involvement in what had happened with Liam, Hope, and Beth. Wyatt added that he had been surprised that Flo had been involved. Wyatt confessed that he had been closer to Flo than anyone in his entire life. Liam and Wyatt agreed it had been smart for Wyatt to distance himself from Flo.

Flo, Shauna, and Camille met in Camille's office, and Camille explained that the kidney donation was major surgery. She wanted to make sure that Flo was doing it for all the right reasons. Flo shared that her aunt needed a kidney, and Flo wanted to help because Katie had a young son.

Flo explained that she and her mother had been estranged from the family, but she wanted to help her aunt stay alive to raise her son. Camille agreed it was an admirable reason to want to save her aunt. Flo was anxious to know if she was a match, and Camille said the results should be in momentarily. She told Flo that the after the surgery, it would take several weeks for Flo to recover. Flo understood. Camille left to check on the results.

Flo and Shauna discussed that if Flo was a match, it would help her make up for everything that had happened with Beth. Flo said she kept asking herself what the point of being saved from jail was if she couldn't do something for someone else. She had been given an incredible life. She felt she was meant to save Katie's life.

Shauna was proud of her daughter and said she was surprised that Flo didn't want anyone to know she was the donor because she could get her family back. Flo said she was doing it to save Katie, not for redemption, and she wanted to remain anonymous.

Later, Camille returned to report that Flo was indeed a match. Flo and Shauna were happy. Flo asked how soon the surgery would take place. Camille said it would happen quickly, and she would call the family and doctors immediately. Flo told Camille that she wanted to remain anonymous, and Camille agreed.

After Camille left, Shauna asked Flo to be absolutely sure that it was what she wanted to do. Flo agreed and said, "I want to do anything I can do to save Katie." They both smiled.

In Katie's hospital room, Brooke, Katie, Bill, Will, and Donna had received news that the doctor wanted to speak to all of them together. Katie worried that Will was there. The doctor entered and announced that she had happy news that a donor had been found, and the transplant would take place the next morning.

The family erupted in happy cheers, and the doctor shared that the donor wished to remain anonymous. Brooke, Katie, Donna, and Bill agreed the donor would always be a part of their lives and their family. They celebrated that it was the best news, and Bill and Will said it was the miracle they had been hoping for.

Flo and Katie undergo surgery

Flo and Katie undergo surgery

Thursday, October 10, 2019

In Flo's hospital room, Flo was in bed. Shauna stood by the bed as Flo signed papers that the donor advocate had for her. Flo wanted to be sure Katie wouldn't see the hospital papers that Flo had just signed. The advocate said it was unusual for family donors to remain anonymous.

Flo and Shauna alluded to tensions within their family, and Flo said there wasn't time for Katie to "come around" about Flo's donation. The advocate asked if Flo felt unduly pressured. Flo didn't, but it was important to her to give something other than pain to her family.

The surgeon arrived to talk to Shauna and Flo. He said that Flo should have a quick recovery. It could take two to four weeks. He wanted Flo up and moving around that day. She couldn't play any sports for a while, but he didn't want her just lying around, either. Flo was amazed that it would be so quick that no one would know she'd had surgery.

The doctor left, and Shauna asked Flo not to be nervous. Flo wasn't. Shauna said that, if it happened, she wanted Flo to think about how the Logans would react to the selfless thing Flo had done for them. Flo reiterated that it wasn't why she was doing it. She wasn't doing it to make up for her mistakes. She was doing it because her mistakes weren't the sum of her.

Shauna stated that Flo was a Logan and had goodness and generosity in her blood. She was proud of Flo and believed that Storm would be, too.

Later, Shauna paced in a corridor. An orderly directed her to a vending machine and figured that she had to be proud of her daughter. Shauna hoped that, someday, the rest of Flo's family would be proud of her, too. Once alone, Shauna said a prayer for Flo to be okay and for the Logans to open up to Flo again.

In Katie's room, Katie was with her sisters, Bill, and Will. Will was anxious for his mother's surgery to happen already. Dr. Davis stopped in to say that Katie would go into surgery shortly.

The doctor left, and Katie promised Will that she'd be back to being his mom soon. She suggested that Will do something fun with Donna during the surgery and said that Bill would let Will know when he could return to the hospital. Hugging him, she said that Will's face was the first one she wanted to see when she woke up. "And yours, too," she added, grinning at Bill.

Later, Brooke, Bill, and Dr. Davis were alone with Katie. Dr. Davis explained how the surgery would go and noted that she had a cardiac team on standby. Bill asked how long it would be before Katie could go home, and Brooke asked if Katie would be okay with just one kidney.

In Dr. Davis' opinion, Katie's recovery depended upon how the kidney reacted to the anti-rejection meds. Dr. Davis revealed that Katie would actually have three kidneys. Katie's original kidneys would remain in place. During the surgery, the doctor would place the new kidney in Katie's lower abdomen and attach it to an artery and the bladder.

The doctor left to prep. Bill and Brooke offered Katie their support. Bill saw the new kidney as a miracle, and he said the donor was a hero.

In Katie's waiting area, Liam ended a call and assured Hope that Beth had settled in with Sally and Wyatt. Hope was amazed that Katie had found a kidney donor and said it proved that there were still good people in the world. Ridge arrived. He was glad that Katie had found a kidney. He wanted to be there for Katie "and for Brooke, of course."

Later, Hope and Liam expressed confusion about what Ridge had just told them about himself and Shauna. Liam asked for assurance that nothing had gone on with Shauna. Affirming that nothing had happened, Ridge said he'd just wanted to be up-front with them because he didn't want anyone thinking that he was at the cliff house for any reason other than his family.

Brooke exited Katie's room and was surprised to see Ridge in the waiting area. Ridge said he'd missed his wife, and he'd figured she'd be there for her sister that day. Although he viewed the protective and supportive Brooke as the strongest woman that he knew, he noted that sometimes, the strongest people needed to be held. He hugged Brooke.

Brooke thanked Ridge for being there. Bill strode up. He and Ridge acknowledged each other, and Bill also thanked Ridge for being there. Justin arrived. Bill said he'd thought Justin had places to be. Justin had canceled his meetings that day because he felt he'd had somewhere more important to be.

Justin offered to help with Will, but Brooke said the child was with his aunt. Bill stated that Will was trying to stay Spencer strong and just wanted his mother to be home. Brooke conveyed that Katie was going through a challenge, but all she'd shown Will had been her love for him.

In the operating room, Katie was on the table with sheets over her. One sheet was tacked vertically to shield her upper body from her lower body. Dr. Davis donned full surgical gear. Katie was ready to get it over with and get back to her life. Dr. Davis said that when Katie awakened, she'd have a brand-new, functioning kidney, thanks to the anonymous donor.

In another operating room, a surgeon commended Flo for what she was doing for her aunt. He said he'd like to have her as his secret Santa. "Let's begin," he instructed his team.

On-screen, a montage of hospital scenes played to signify the passage of time as Flo and Katie's loved ones waited around during the operation.

In Katie's waiting area, Bill became impatient and told Justin that he felt helpless. Bill couldn't even think straight and stated that he was so worried about Katie that he didn't even care that Forrester was there.

Nearby, Brooke and Ridge sat together. She told him that she missed him, and he replied in kind. He conveyed that he was trying to get Thomas to move into Steffy's house, too. Brooke commended Ridge for what he was trying to do and let him know that Douglas was happy and in good care. Ridge suggested that they just focus on Katie.

Brooke was, but seeing Will with Katie had reminded Brooke of parents giving their kids unconditional love. Brooke said that Ridge was doing that for Thomas, and Hope and Liam were doing it for Douglas. Brooke believed that the boy should stay with them, but Ridge replied that Liam and Hope had their own kid. Brooke stated that Douglas was part of that family.

What Shauna and Flo had done to Liam and Hope started to get to Brooke again, but Brooke became determined to focus on Katie. Brooke knew one thing -- she would never forgive Flo and Shauna.

Hospital staff members spoke to Bill, and he informed everyone that the surgery was going well. Relieved, Brooke expressed how upsetting it had been when they'd discovered that the Logans hadn't been able to give Katie what she'd needed. Brooke had felt as if she'd failed Katie.

Brooke continued to speak, and her voice played over a scene of Flo during surgery. Brooke said that, even though the Logan sisters hadn't been able to do it, a brave and generous angel had been willing to sacrifice a part of herself to send Katie back home to her family. Brooke didn't know how they'd ever thank the person. She didn't think they'd ever know who the person was, but in her view, "this day, that person has become part of us."

Katie is shocked learn who saved her

Katie is shocked learn who saved her

Friday, October 11, 2019

At the hospital, Flo's surgeon removed Flo's kidney and sent it to Dr. Davis in Katie's operating room. Shauna received word from the donor advocate that Flo's surgery was concluding. Though Shauna believed it was a miraculous gift, she hoped that Flo wouldn't live to regret it. She said that Flo had done her part, and at that point, it was up to Katie.

The donor advocate didn't know why Flo wanted to remain anonymous. Shauna conveyed that Flo didn't have a good relationship with her aunts. The advocate thought that the donation might be a big help. Shauna replied that the advocate didn't know the Logan sisters.

Later, Shauna visited Flo in recovery. Flo was still out of it, but the doctor said she'd pulled through well. Shauna stated that she was very proud of Flo. Flo roused and asked how Katie was. Flo's surgeon stated that Katie was doing well. He felt that Katie was lucky to have Flo in her life. Shauna uttered that all the Logans were, "if only they knew it."

In Katie's waiting room, a nurse told Bill that the transplant was proceeding. Brooke received a message from Donna that Donna was driving Will back to the hospital. He wanted to be there despite the long wait ahead.

Sitting with Hope and Liam, Brooke wished they could thank the donor in person. Liam thought it was a big deal that someone had undergone surgery for a total stranger. Bill stated that he'd always be grateful, and he was positive that the transplant would work.

After a while, Will and Donna arrived. Donna said she and her nephew hadn't wanted to be anywhere but there. Glad that Will was there, Bill restated Katie's desire for Will to be the first person she saw upon awakening. "But sometimes people don't," Will replied. Bill asked what Will meant, and Will said that people didn't always wake up.

Will began to refer to what he'd read online. Interrupting his son, Bill explained that most online cases depicted rare circumstances. Bill was confident that Katie would be as good as new. Brooke asked Will to name the strongest person that he knew. Will said it was his mother -- no offense to his father. Brooke stated that Will had to trust the doctors and his mother's strength.

Brooke decided to take Will to get some candy, but Ridge offered to do it so that Brooke could remain there in case there was a development. After Ridge and Will left, Hope pulled Brooke aside and informed her that Ridge had told Hope about the night with Shauna. Though Hope knew it wasn't the time to talk about it, she still had to ask, "What the hell?"

Brooke conveyed that she'd felt that way, too, but despite that issue, Ridge had been there for her. She felt lucky to have him in her life. Hope asserted that Ridge was lucky to have Brooke, and Hope hoped Shauna understood that. Brooke didn't care what Shauna understood.

Hope asked if Brooke thought Shauna had done what she'd done with Ridge to score points. "With me?" Brooke asked. Brooke said there was no way Shauna or Flo could ever score points with her, and she wouldn't forgive the Fultons for anything.

Later, a nurse let Bill and the family know that Katie's surgery had concluded. Katie would be in recovery for a while. The nurse added that Dr. Davis would fill him in on Katie's condition.

After a while, the nurse returned to let the family know that they could see Katie. Everyone entered but Liam and Justin. Katie was still sleeping. Dr. Davis told the family that Katie was doing well and that kidney rejection, though fairly uncommon, happened within the first six months. The doctor would monitor Katie to determine how she responded to the medications.

Katie awakened and saw Will. Bill welcomed her back, and she asked if she was okay. Will said that Katie had promised she would be. Bill stated that Katie always kept her promises.

Liam and Justin opened the door to the room, and Dr. Davis decided that Katie had too many admirers. Bill decided to take Will to eat with Liam and Justin and said he and Will would return later to spend time with Katie. Will wanted to stay in case Katie needed him. Katie replied that she always needed Will, but she wanted him to get a meal with his father.

Will and Bill exited with Liam and Justin. Ridge, Brooke, Donna, and Hope stayed in the room. Dr. Davis expressed confidence that Katie's family would take care of her. Katie told everyone that she wanted to meet the donor and the person who'd given her back her life.

Back in Flo's recovery room, the donor advocate returned to let Flo and Shauna know that Katie wanted to meet her donor. Flo looked away, and the advocate said she'd agreed to at least ask. Shauna urged Flo to think of everything she'd gone through and the sacrifice she'd made for a family who wished she didn't exist.

Back in Katie's room, the family excitedly talked about the donor, who already felt like part of the family to them. Katie wanted to invite the person to Thanksgiving dinner, but Ridge warned her not to scare the person off.

The donor advocate entered and introduced herself as Camille. She notified Katie that the donor had changed her mind about being anonymous, and an orderly was escorting her there.

Shauna entered the room, and Brooke asked what she was doing there. Brooke said Shauna couldn't just barge in on a private family matter. Shauna tried to say why she was there. Brooke didn't care why, and she asked Shauna to leave so they could proceed with meeting the donor.

Shauna was sorry that seeing her upset everyone so much. She agreed that it was a family moment, a moment that included Flo, their niece. Shauna stated that Flo had been concerned about her aunt and had wanted to do something. Ridge asked what Shauna was talking about.

An orderly wheeled a patient into the room backwards. Shauna told Katie to meet her donor. The orderly turned the patient around, and the Logans gasped when they saw that it was Flo. "Storm's daughter, your niece, saved Katie's life," Shauna stated.

Thomas and Hope... Liam and Hope... what about both?
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Thomas and Hope... Liam and Hope... what about both?
B&B's brand-new Ridge Forrester, Jr., debuts this week
Y&R's Courtney Hope gives the scoop on Sally's pregnancy
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