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A battle over custody of Douglas began, causing a sharp divide between the Forresters and the Logans. Brooke relinquished her wedding rings to Ridge, and Ridge and Thomas took Douglas to live at the Forrester estate. Thomas asked Zoe to move in with him.
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A battle over custody of Douglas caused a sharp divide between the Forresters and the Logans
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Thomas invites Zoe to move into Vinny's place

Thomas invites Zoe to move into Vinny's place

Monday, October 21, 2019

At Vinny's place, Zoe and Thomas continued to chat. Zoe assumed that her father's sentencing would help bring about closure for those involved. Thomas stated that he'd never have closure until every Logan was out of his company. She noticed that Shauna was on his "In" list on the dry erase board. Thomas replied that Shauna might be the key to pulling things off.

Zoe was amazed that Thomas wanted Hope out, too. She said he'd been in love with Hope for a long time and had even married her. It didn't matter anymore to Thomas, who wanted his father to be free of Brooke, and Liam to be free of Hope. Thomas asserted that Liam would be with Steffy right then if it weren't for Hope. Thomas couldn't believe the hold the Logan women had.

Thomas' father had been under it for years, but Thomas believed that Liam still had a chance to get out. Zoe asked if Thomas wasn't overreacting to Hope breaking up with him. Thomas flashed back to kissing Hope on their wedding day. He sighed and claimed it wasn't about Hope. It was about accomplishing what Stephanie hadn't been able to. He said that his father and sister were the co-CEOs, but he was the true leader of the family.

Thomas didn't think it would be that hard to banish the Logans. Donna was dumber than a pile of bricks, Katie was at death's door every other week, and Brooke was the slut from the valley. Zoe asked about Hope. Thomas claimed that Hope was just like her mother, using and manipulating men to get what they wanted; however, Hope was about to learn that the Logans wouldn't always get what they wanted.

To Zoe, it sounded as if Thomas had traded the obsession of having Hope for the obsession of getting rid of her. Thomas guessed he was freaking Zoe out. Trying to reassure her, he said that all he was saying was that he was a designer at the most prestigious house in the world; it was the House of Forrester, not of Logan.

Zoe chuckled as if she got it, but still, she asked him to promise she wouldn't receive threatening text messages about it. Thomas promised. Zoe stated that she didn't have anything threat-worthy in her life. She had no job or place to live. She revealed that she was temporarily subletting her place, and once the owners returned the next day, she'd have to once again scramble for a place to stay.

Thomas asked if Xander could help, but Zoe reminded him that they'd broken up. Thomas said someone else would realize how smart, talented, and beautiful she was. She joked that he made jobless models feel appealing. Insisting that she was those things, Thomas showed her the model he'd sketched on his pad and revealed that Zoe, the only one loyal to him, was his design muse.

Although she was flattered, Zoe didn't think modeling was in her future. Zoe's mother had been pressuring her to return to London. Zoe couldn't afford to stay in town. Thomas offered to let Zoe stay at Vinny's place while Vinny was out of town for a few days. Thomas reasoned that it would buy her time to figure out what to do.

Zoe replied that she couldn't afford to pay him anything for living there. Thomas said that they'd work something out. Zoe pushed his shoulder and, blushing, said his name. "What? You're beautiful. I'm not supposed to notice?" he responded. She said he wasn't so bad, either.

Thomas asked if it meant that Zoe would stay. Zoe wasn't sure. He asked if she wanted to work at Forrester again. Shrugging, Zoe affirmed it. He stated that he could make it happen. She called him crazy. Thomas bragged that he was passionate, and when he wanted something, he went all in.

At Forrester, Shauna offered to model if Ridge needed her to. She clarified that she was joking and understood she wasn't welcome there. Ridge said it wasn't entirely true. Shauna wished things were different, but Flo's predicament had ruined Flo's chances at Forrester and with her family. It had even ruined things for Shauna, things like her ability to be friends with Ridge.

Ridge asked who'd said they couldn't have a friendship. Shauna reasoned that they might be able to, but Buckingham had ruined many lives. Ridge agreed, and she assumed he was thinking about Thomas. Ridge said he had to help his son and would give Thomas as many chances as Thomas wanted. "The bottom line is that, when he's doing better, I can move back in with Brooke," Ridge concluded.

Shauna considered Ridge to be a good father. Ridge wasn't so sure about that, but he felt that he was at least trying. Shauna said that she often had to remind herself that she was at least giving Flo the things that Shauna hadn't had as a child.

Shauna hadn't had the best of opportunities growing up, and she'd thought she could find more in a casino. It had taken her a long time to realize that the polished men in the casinos were just there for a good time and not to whisk her away. The lowest point of her life had been not knowing who Flo's father had been.

Ridge guessed that it hadn't been easy to be a single parent. Shauna said she'd fallen in love with Flo from the moment she'd seen her. He felt that Shauna had done a good job. He considered Flo's gesture toward Katie to be amazing. Shauna asked if he thought Flo had a chance to reconnect with her family and if the Logans would forgive her.

Ridge reasoned that giving Katie a kidney had been a start, but a lot of people had been hurt. It would take time, and Shauna needed to understand that. He did believe, though, that people made mistakes and deserved forgiveness.

Deciding to leave, Shauna said that she'd known many men in her life, and there was none like Ridge. She hoped that Brooke knew how lucky she was. Shauna stated that she'd never let a man walk out of her house, no matter what he'd done.

At the cliff house, Hope insisted that Liam tell Steffy that he saw his future with Hope and Beth. Liam told Hope that "this is so unnecessary." Disagreeing, Hope said that Steffy needed to hear, in his own words, his plans for the future.

Kelly stirred, and Steffy went to see about her. Hope told Liam that it was time, and she and Steffy deserved to hear from him. Hope asked Liam to set boundaries, but he said it wasn't that straightforward any longer. Hope insisted that Steffy needed to know that his relationship with her was about parenting and that the romantic element was over.

"Yeah, okay, but -- " Liam started to say. He was interrupted when Steffy entered with Kelly. As he greeted Kelly, she asked him to stay. Liam said that he didn't live there anymore, but he would see Kelly as often as he could. He promised to bring Beth with him. He told Kelly to never forget that Daddy loved her.

Steffy put Kelly back in the nursery and returned to say that Beth was stirring, which meant they didn't have a lot of time to talk. Hope wanted them to get out in the open where they stood. Liam's position was that he was a father. He was focused on what was right for the children. He wanted them to be adults and focus on what was best for Beth, Kelly, and Douglas.

As Liam spoke, he headed toward the nursery. He went inside the room, and Steffy told Hope that he was right. Hope replied that she'd been trying to put the children first from the start. Steffy asked why Hope was putting unnecessary pressure on Liam.

Liam returned to the room with Beth, saying it was time to go home. Hope suggested that Liam take Beth home because Hope could use a moment with Steffy. Liam hesitantly left with Beth. Hope told Steffy that they both knew what acting like adults and putting the children first meant.

Steffy said that Liam was focused on being a parent. Hope thought it was fair that Beth got to bond with her parents, too. She conveyed that she and Liam hadn't been there during the first critical months. Steffy replied that Beth had been well cared for. Hope knew that. Hope's point was that Liam was focused on making a family with the four of them.

Wondering what that meant, Steffy asked if Hope was pregnant. Hope said that, by the four of them, she meant Douglas. Steffy stated that Hope wasn't Douglas' mother. Aware of that, Hope described Thomas as unstable and unable to care for Douglas. Steffy asked what Hope was trying to say.

Hope stated that Liam planned to do what was best for all of the children. That meant bonding with Beth, offering stability to Douglas, and being active in Kelly's life. Steffy called Hope crazy and accused her of making decisions for Liam. Steffy said Hope had barged in, making demands, just like Hope had barged in and taken Steffy's daughter.

Hope tried to tell Steffy that Beth was Hope's daughter, but Steffy cut her off, claiming she'd tried to empathize with Hope; however, Hope thought her family was better than Steffy's and that Douglas was Hope's child. Steffy called Hope selfish and self-absorbed and said Hope couldn't even see that Liam wasn't going along with it.

Hope told Steffy that it wasn't true. Steff claimed that Hope had tried to force him to make a commitment, but he wouldn't. Instead, he'd said that he was focused on his children. Steffy declared that whatever Liam's decision was, it would be his decision, not Hope's.

Hope left, and Steffy gazed at the portrait on the wall.

Hope and Thomas square off about Douglas

Hope and Thomas square off about Douglas

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

At Vinny's place, Thomas was reading his phone as Zoe accepted his offer to move in. Thomas yelled, "What the hell? Brooke had better not be standing near a cliff the next time I see her." Zoe asked what the issue was. Apparently, a personal attorney had left a message for Brooke at Forrester. Charlotte had transcribed it, and the lawyer had said Brooke's documents were ready.

Zoe was puzzled about why that upset Thomas. Thomas added that Brooke was trying to steal his child, and the documents were adoption papers. "'I see it. I want it. It's mine. That's the Logan M.O.,'" he griped.

Zoe thought it was an empty threat, but Thomas refused to underestimate Brooke, who'd put Ridge out of the house in order to execute that plan. Thomas was sure that it was an eye for an eye in their view because Hope had lost her child for a time.

Thomas wanted to know if Zoe had been contacted to testify against him in a custody hearing. Zoe hadn't and claimed she wouldn't cooperate. She asked how she could testify without incriminating herself.

Thomas handed Zoe a key and said he'd figure things out with Vinny in the morning. Thomas turned to leave, and she asked where he was going. He asserted that he'd "be damned" if he let anyone say he'd abandoned his child.

Later, a confused Vinny stepped into his doorway. Zoe asked him if he was looking for someone. Vinny was looking for his apartment. Zoe assumed that he was Thomas' roommate, and Vinny assumed that she was Thomas' friend. Zoe informed him that Thomas had offered to let her stay there for a few days, but she guessed she couldn't just sleep in Vinny's room.

Zoe apologized and said Thomas had told her that Vinny was out of town. Vinny guessed that Claremont could be considered out of town. His girlfriend lived there, and it was where he'd just been. He said that he'd had to take two buses and a train to get there, but Thomas had let Vinny have Thomas' old car. It made it easier, and Vinny thought Thomas was a good friend.

Zoe replied that she was beginning to appreciate Thomas more and more. Vinny decided that Zoe could have his room. He'd stay with Jane, who he was sure wanted him to. Vinny was concerned about Thomas. Zoe relayed that Thomas had gone to see his son, and she hoped it wasn't too late. Vinny asked why she'd said that.

Zoe said some people were trying to take Douglas from Thomas. Vinny was surprised that anyone would take Thomas' kid away. Vinny remarked that he'd grown up next door to Thomas until Vinny's parents had gotten divorced. Vinny's father had gotten into trouble and " -- Well...yeah..." Vinny concluded. Zoe said it could happen.

Vinny thought Thomas had been "on the ball" as a child and had wanted to be like his father. Vinny was sure Thomas wanted the same thing for his kid. Zoe remarked about Hope. Surprised Zoe knew about "that," Vinny said he was glad it was over. Zoe was, too.

Zoe said that Hope and her mother probably wouldn't give up Douglas. Vinny didn't think Thomas would let it happen. He said that Zoe knew Thomas. Zoe agreed that she did. Vinny stated that with Thomas on one's side, doors just opened up.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope arrived home and assumed that Liam was upset with her. Liam replied that he was just surprised. Hope asked how she was supposed to view a text message to him from Steffy with heart emjois and love symbols in it. Liam claimed to get those kinds of texts from Pam. Hope snapped that he hadn't been married to Pam.

Liam predicated that, given his history with Steffy, a text like that should appear normal. He said that Hope had wanted him to give Steffy a verbal smackdown, but he hadn't wanted to do it because Steffy had lost a daughter. He asked why he and Hope would deliberately hurt Steffy more. Hope agreed. She said she'd taken it too far.

In Hope's view, Thomas was the threat, not Steffy. Liam stated that Douglas was clearly happy to be away from Thomas. Hope proposed making that a permanent state of affairs. Liam asked what Douglas had to say about his father. Hope replied that Liam knew because he saw the boy as much as she did. Liam stated that it really didn't come up in conversation.

Hope deduced that Douglas didn't think about it as much anymore, and she said Douglas had stopped asking for Thomas and wondering when Thomas would be back. She just knew that Douglas doted on Beth and idolized Liam. Liam added that Douglas called her mommy.

Brooke arrived with a document. Hope was surprised to see that it was a petition for adoption. Brooke stated that it was time. Smiling, Hope said she and Liam might have reached the same conclusion. Brooke noted that Thomas would have to sign the termination of parental rights.

Hope and Liam sat down to review the documents. Liam noted that he and Hope were listed as the adoptive parents. Brooke said Douglas lived with them, and she'd thought it was what they wanted. "Sure, but shouldn't Douglas be part of the discussion as to whether this is a permanent situation?" Liam asked.

Hope doubted that Thomas would sign it. Brooke noted that he'd signed the annulment papers. Brooke didn't think it would be hard to prove in court that he was an unfit parent. Liam thought that Brooke's relationship with Ridge was strained enough without a court battle.

Though Liam believed Douglas was thriving in their care, he didn't know if Douglas thought it was his home or just a cool place to hang out. Brooke urged Hope and Liam to make a wise decision for Douglas before he incurred trust issues that would affect him long into the future.

Douglas arrived home from school via a carpool with a friend. Douglas had a cake box, and the adults marveled about what could be inside. It was his science project. After schooling Liam about science, Douglas wanted to show Beth the project. Beth was asleep, so Hope sent him to the garden to pick flowers for the dinner table.

Hope expressed love for Douglas, and Brooke noted that he loved Liam and Hope. Although Liam felt that it was the best feeling in the world to have Douglas look up to him, Liam felt that it was a huge responsibility, and he barely got to spend time with his other daughter as it was. He asked if they could hit the brakes and talk about their options.

Liam thanked Brooke, but he wanted to take it one step at a time. Brooke asked how much time they had before someone else with legal standing decided to take Douglas away.

Thomas barged into the cabin. He said he hadn't knocked because they probably wouldn't let him in. Hope said it was because he wasn't welcome there. He thought his son being there was all the permission he needed. Thomas called for Douglas, but Hope said to lower his voice because the baby was asleep.

Liam said that if Thomas wanted to see the child, he should call, not barge in like he owned the place. Thomas said he'd been generous. He'd signed the annulment and let them spend plenty of time with the child. He said that Douglas needed to be with his father. Brooke asserted that Thomas wouldn't take Douglas from the home.

Hope said that Douglas was happy where he was. Thomas quipped that he had been happy there for a few days, too. "But that never should have happened, anyway," he concluded.

Douglas entered with the flowers. He was chatting about a bee but stared in awkward silence when he saw Thomas. Thomas asked if Douglas had been stung. Douglas said the bee had flown away. Brooke told Douglas to go to the main house with Liam for a snack.

Thomas stopped them from going and said he missed Douglas. Douglas asked if Thomas lived far away. Thomas said he didn't, and he was setting things up so that they could live together like before. He hugged Douglas, and Liam took Douglas out of the house.

Hope asked why Thomas was suddenly interested in his son. Thomas asked if he was banned from the premises or a bad father for not showing up. Brooke noted Douglas' reaction upon seeing Thomas. Thomas claimed that fathers and sons had their issues, just as he'd had with his father and just as Ridge had had with Eric.

Brooke asked Thomas not to be in denial about Douglas' well-being. It was obvious to her that Douglas felt safer there with Hope, Liam, and Beth. Thomas said it was because they'd made Thomas into the monster under the bed, but it would change once Douglas was back with him.

Looking at Douglas' bouquet, Thomas guessed that Douglas didn't know the difference between weeds and flowers. Hope said the child thought everything was beautiful. She could only think of one thing that would scare him. Thomas guessed that the thing would be him. Hope said Douglas feared being taken away from that life. Thomas replied that kids were resilient, and Douglas would be fine once Thomas found them a place of their own.

Hope asked if Thomas was ready to be a single parent. Thomas barked that he could pay for whatever help he needed. Thomas falsely claimed that since Brooke had thrown Ridge out, Douglas wasn't related to anyone on the property by blood. Thomas said that Douglas had a family, but it wasn't theirs.

Brooke reasoned that they could be Douglas' family. She said that the Forresters were scattered, but "we" were not. Hope handed Brooke the papers. Brooke said she'd drawn up papers for Hope and Liam to adopt Douglas. Thomas replied that Douglas wasn't an orphan. Brooke asked if Douglas had a father who loved him enough to do what was best for him.

Thomas warned Brooke not to question his love for his son. He claimed he'd be nothing without his child. He said he was driven to create a bigger, better life for Douglas than he'd had. Hope stated that feeling love for the child wasn't enough. Douglas needed attention, consistency, love, and kindness. In Hope's view, things between her and Thomas had gone bad, but he'd been right about one thing -- that Hope was the right mother for Douglas.

Hope reminded Thomas of Caroline's last wish about what kind of woman Caroline had wanted to care for Douglas in her stead. Thomas had told Hope that it had been her. She didn't know if it was even true; however, he'd told her to believe it, and she did. Brooke handed Hope the papers. Hope said no one was saying he couldn't see Douglas again.

Hope handed Thomas the folder containing papers. He opened the folder. Brooke said that Thomas merely needed to sign the top page to get started. Hope implored Thomas to let her care for Douglas and give him the life he needed. She asked Thomas to let her be a mother to Douglas.

Hope and Thomas discuss adoption of Douglas

Hope and Thomas discuss adoption of Douglas

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Ridge looked at designs that Thomas had completed. Steffy commented that her brother was "oddly talented." Ridge joked that Thomas got that from him. Steffy wasn't laughing. Ridge appreciated that she had offered a professional opinion of the designs in spite of her personal feelings. Ridge suggested that he would change the hemline, but he was happy to see that Thomas was designing.

Ridge told Steffy that a compliment from her "would mean the world to Thomas." Steffy looked surprised. Ridge understood that she was still hurt, but he added that he didn't want her to give up on family. "I can't forgive and forget," she said. Ridge tried to convince her, but Steffy said that sibling loyalty wasn't something that Thomas understood. He had ripped her heart out, and he'd hurt Hope, Liam, Beth, and Kelly.

Steffy reminded Ridge that she and Thomas had been very close, and that made it all worse. Ridge said that Thomas was trying to make things right, and Steffy needed to open up and let him try. Steffy agreed and said that Thomas had texted her frequently. "He's still your big brother," Ridge said. He tried to defend Thomas and agreed that Thomas had made a lot of mistakes, but he was trying to make up for them.

Ridge worried that Thomas hadn't seen much of his own son, and Ridge knew that Thomas "loves his little boy." Steffy understood, but she knew that Brooke had been clear that she didn't want Thomas near Douglas. Steffy thought it was sad, and she felt that Brooke had overstepped. Steffy added that Brooke and Ridge appeared to be on a collision course that would affect their marriage.

Ridge felt it might be good to put a little distance between himself and Brooke. They disagreed on what Thomas needed. Ridge encouraged Steffy to help her brother. He asked her to allow Thomas to apologize and to listen to him.

At Hope's house, Brooke, Thomas, and Hope discussed what was best for Douglas. Brooke and Hope wanted Thomas to allow Hope to adopt and raise Douglas, but Thomas argued that he loved his son. Brooke wanted Thomas to "do the right thing for a change."

Thomas refused to give his rights away, but Brooke insisted that Thomas was not emotionally equipped to give Douglas what he needed. Hope encouraged her mother to leave so that Hope and Thomas could talk alone. Brooke maintained that it was not a good idea, but Hope insisted. Brooke glared at Thomas and left.

Thomas was apologetic and said he had never wanted to hurt Hope. He said it was the biggest regret of his life -- what he had done hiding Beth's identity from Hope. Hope looked away. Thomas knew that he couldn't make excuses for what he'd done; however, he had never recovered from losing Caroline, and he had hoped to build a family with Douglas and Hope. Hope had rejected Thomas, and he admitted he didn't deal with rejection well.

Thomas said he was ashamed, but he was surprised that she wanted to adopt Douglas. He promised that he would consider the offer for only one reason, and that was for Hope. Hope sighed. Thomas added that it was nice that after all that had happened, he and Hope could have a civil conversation. Hope agreed.

Hope said that after Caroline had died, Thomas had wanted her to be Douglas' mother, and that was what she wanted, also. It wouldn't be a family with Thomas, but it would be what was best for Douglas. Thomas feared that Brooke just wanted revenge against him, but Hope said her mother was not the one adopting Douglas.

Hope understood it had to be hard on Thomas not to raise his son, but she reminded him that Douglas was truly happy for the first time since Caroline had died. Hope told Thomas that she wanted him to trust her to take care of his son. Thomas admitted that it might be what was best for Douglas, but he had to think about it. Hope was happy that he would even consider it.

Hope started to talk about how she loved Douglas like he was her own son, but Thomas was suddenly distracted. His thoughts were about how much Brooke had destroyed his family more than once, and he wanted to destroy the Logans; however, he loved to look at Hope and listen to her talk. He wished he could kiss Hope, and he felt she was driving him insane. He stopped his thoughts suddenly when Hope asked if Thomas would consider the offer.

Thomas said he was staying awake nights, thinking about everything he'd done wrong. He promised that he would always care about Hope, and he apologized. He said he needed time to consider the offer. Hope looked nervous.

At Brooke's house, Liam played video games with Douglas and admired how well Douglas played. Brooke watched from the door. Douglas asked if his dad was still at the house, but Brooke said Thomas was talking to Hope. She said they were discussing plans for the future. Liam looked concerned.

Douglas was getting ready for a playdate, and Brooke and Liam worried that Thomas and Hope were alone. Brooke said that Hope felt she had a better chance of persuading Thomas to sign adoption papers if Brooke wasn't there.

Liam felt it was a little early to be asking Thomas to waive his rights as a parent. Brooke argued, but Liam maintained that he and Hope were raising Douglas, anyway. He wasn't convinced that they needed to legalize it. Brooke said that Douglas was thriving while living with Hope, Liam, and Beth, and he loved being a big brother. Brooke said Thomas was dangerous and could snap at any minute, and she wanted Douglas to live with Liam, Hope, and Beth. Liam looked reticent.

Ridge and Brooke face off over Douglas

Ridge and Brooke face off over Douglas

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Bill found Wyatt at the cliff house, babysitting Kelly. The men hadn't had a chance to touch base for a while, and Bill wanted to catch up with his son. He relayed that Katie had daily nurse visits and was improving. Wyatt figured that Bill had cornered Wyatt at Steffy's house to talk at a time when Wyatt was babysitting and couldn't escape Bill.

"An engagement, Wyatt? Really? You got down on one knee for Sally?" Bill asked. Wyatt wasn't hearing that from Bill, who had never liked Sally. Bill claimed that he wasn't there to criticize. He wanted to hear Wyatt out and learn how Wyatt really felt about Sally.

Wyatt didn't expect Bill to understand Wyatt's connection to Sally. Bill didn't see why Wyatt couldn't string Sally along like the other "kids" did. Wyatt retorted that he wasn't a kid, but Bill refused to give Wyatt points for wearing clip-on ties to the office.

Wyatt saw no reason for him and Sally to wait. Bill stated that it wasn't what Wyatt's "mommy" thought. Apparently, Quinn had asked Bill to talk Wyatt out of the engagement. Bill said that, before he and Wyatt talked about Sally, they needed to talk about Flo.

Because marriage was a lifetime commitment, Bill wanted Wyatt to take a step back. Wyatt stated that he and Sally had already wasted enough time, and he wanted Sally to know that she was it for him. Bill asked if Wyatt's relationship with Flo had been a "waste of time." Wyatt stammered that he hadn't said that.

Wyatt explained that it hadn't worked out, and he and Flo had "kind of" moved on. Bill didn't think they had. Wyatt didn't understand Bill's motives and reminded Bill how he felt about Flo. Bill didn't deny that he had issues with Flo, but he said he didn't have Wyatt's history with her. Bill also couldn't deny what Flo had done for Katie -- even if the gesture might have been self-serving.

Bill reasoned that if he had mixed feelings about it, he could only imagine how conflicted Wyatt was. Wyatt asked if Bill was pulling for Flo. Bill countered that he was pulling for Wyatt's common sense. He assumed that Wyatt had proposed to Sally before learning about Flo's donation.

Wyatt didn't see the connection. Bill said it was noble to be a man of one's word, but Wyatt hadn't had all the facts when he'd spontaneously proposed. Bill noted that a ring hadn't even been involved. Wyatt scoffed. Bill said that, despite what Flo had done to Liam, her kidney donation had probably thrown Wyatt for a loop.

Wyatt started to state something about who the kind gesture reminded him of. Cutting Wyatt off, Bill said it reminded Wyatt of the old Flo. Bill sensed that Wyatt still cared about her. Bill told Wyatt that he was a good man, and Bill didn't want to see Wyatt blinded by his commitment. Though Bill wasn't saying Wyatt should return to Flo, Bill advised Wyatt to be clear about what he wanted.

At Forrester, Thomas arrived late, and Ridge asked if Thomas had finished his revisions. The preoccupied Thomas hadn't had time to because of his meeting with Hope about Douglas. Ridge was surprised to hear that Hope had served Thomas with adoption papers. Thomas stated that "they" wanted to keep Douglas forever.

Thomas handed Ridge the papers, and Ridge said Thomas couldn't sign them. "I don't know..." Thomas replied. He wondered if he even deserved Douglas. Livid, Ridge said Douglas was Thomas' child. In Ridge's view, Thomas was improving and couldn't sign his rights away.

Thomas felt as if he owed Hope because he'd kept Beth away from her. Ridge replied that Thomas didn't owe Hope a child. Thomas still loved Hope, and he didn't know if he'd ever get over her. He revealed that being alone with her for the first time in a long while had affected him. He remarked that Hope had been gentle and kind to him.

Ridge yelled that Thomas couldn't give his son away. Thomas asked what he was supposed to do. He was confused, and his head was spinning. Ridge stated that Thomas was improving; Liam and Hope had been looking after Douglas, but that was over. In Ridge's view, no matter what papers Hope had drawn up, she wouldn't get the child.

Thomas revealed that Brooke had drawn up the papers. Ridge was stunned to hear that his wife had done it. He asked how Brooke could have done something like that. Thomas replied that Brooke hated him and thought he'd hurt his child. Thomas claimed that he'd never do that. Ridge replied that he hadn't been there for Thomas, but he was there for him from that point on.

Thomas pleaded for Ridge's help and guidance. Thomas thought he could have been a better, more patient father. He'd been in a fog since Caroline's death, and he'd wanted a mother for Douglas. His first inclination had been to tell everyone the truth about Beth, but after seeing Steffy with Liam and Kelly, Thomas hadn't been able to destroy his sister's life.

Thomas thanked Ridge for helping him to see that keeping the secret had been a mistake and for making him a priority. Ridge replied that he'd told Thomas that he wouldn't turn his back on Thomas. Thomas stated that he, Ridge, and Douglas should be together, like three generations of Forrester men. Agreeing, Ridge said it was time to get Thomas' son back.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived as Liam and Brooke were discussing Douglas being on a playdate. Hope, Brooke, and Liam discussed whether Thomas would really sign the papers. Hope noted that Thomas knew Douglas needed a mother and had seen how happy Douglas was; however, Thomas said to Hope that if he did it, he'd do it because of Hope.

Liam still didn't like Hope being alone with Thomas. Brooke thought that desperate times called for desperate measures. She wanted them to get Douglas away from Thomas as soon as possible. Liam agreed about keeping Douglas safe, but he felt that there were many ways to do it. Liam wasn't sure if a permanent adoption was the solution.

Insisting that it was, Brooke said that Douglas deserved a better father than Thomas would ever be. Liam wanted to do what was best for Douglas, but he wasn't sure that adoption was the best solution. "We've got Beth. We've got Kelly, too," Liam noted. The girls would always be Liam's first priority, and though he was committed to taking care of Douglas, he wasn't sure if the situation was fair for Douglas.

Hope reasoned that they had enough resources and love for all the children. Liam didn't think it meant that they had to adopt. He remarked that there were visitation laws, and Douglas had other relatives that would happily take him. Liam added that Douglas loved his father.

Refusing to turn her back on Douglas, Hope said she couldn't abandon their hero, the child who had given them Beth back. Liam didn't want to turn his back on Douglas, either. Noting Liam's leeriness of Thomas, Hope asked if Liam thought she should let Douglas live with Thomas.

"I hear you," Liam replied. Liam stated that when he'd met his father, he'd finally understood why his mother had kept him for all those years; however, his father had changed. Liam wondered if it was in Douglas' best interest to take him away from his father permanently because there was a chance that Thomas might change, too.

Hope was adamant that, after all Thomas had done, she couldn't let him have a legal right to Douglas. Liam groaned. She asked him to trust her when she said it would work out. She stated that they'd just be making official what they were already doing for Douglas.

Brooke became animated about protecting Douglas and said it wasn't up for debate. Ridge entered the house, followed by Thomas. Brooke asked what Thomas was doing there and hoped it meant Thomas was ready to do what was best for Douglas.

Ridge asked if Brooke had ambushed his son with adoption papers. Brooke replied that she'd done it for Douglas. Ridge declared that it wasn't happening, and they couldn't steal a kid. Hope asked if Ridge was really saying that to her. She just wanted to protect Douglas.

Ridge yelled that Douglas didn't need protection. He asked Brooke what she was doing and if she'd had papers drawn up behind his back. Brooke stated that Ridge had known she'd been looking into custody. He replied that it had been a ridiculous idea then and still was.

Brooke advised Ridge that the boy was thriving there, and they'd become a family. Ridge bellowed that Douglas had a family. He asked if she was trying to get back at Thomas. Thomas asked if they were punishing him by taking his kid. Hope said Douglas was better off with them.

Ridge decided that Douglas was better off with his own flesh and blood, not Hope or Liam. Ridge suggested that they back off if they truly wanted to be helpful. He told them to let Thomas get back on his feet and raise his kid the way he wanted to.

In everyone's silence, Ridge stated that they could be "pissed off" for the rest of their lives if they wanted to, but they were never, ever to threaten his son with legal papers. Staring at Brooke, he asserted that no one would ever take Douglas away.

Ridge and Brooke's marriage begins to unravel

Ridge and Brooke's marriage begins to unravel

Friday, October 25, 2019

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Donna, surprised to see Eric, said, "Honey bear!" Eric was taken aback by hearing the pet name. Apologizing, Donna explained that old habits were hard to break. Eric joked that Donna should be glad Quinn hadn't heard it.

Donna was looking for Ridge. Eric revealed that Ridge and Thomas were on their way to pick up Douglas. Donna became concerned about Ridge and Thomas snatching the child away from Hope. Eric explained that it wasn't a kidnapping, and Douglas was Thomas' son.

Eric was worried about how it would affect Hope. Donna said that bonding with Douglas had saved Hope. In Eric's view, it was a terrible situation all around. Donna was worried about the problems it would cause for Ridge and Brooke. Noting that they had survived a lot over the years, Eric hoped that the dispute over Douglas wouldn't be too much.

At Brooke's house, the standoff between Brooke and Ridge about Douglas continued. Ridge had thought Douglas' custody situation was temporary until Thomas had himself together, but Brooke claimed that, before moving out, Ridge had told her that he'd get Thomas to sign custody papers. Agreeing, Ridge said he'd also told her that it was a bad idea.

Ridge concluded that Thomas could draw up papers himself if he wanted to do it. Ridge thought that it was fine for Liam and Hope to support Douglas, just not as parents. "It's not your kid. This is Thomas' son!" Ridge declared.

Ridge refused to let Thomas give his rights away. Brooke figured that it was up to Thomas. Thomas said he'd been struggling, but it didn't mean that he was unfit to be a parent. He was thankful for Hope and wouldn't have gotten through the last months without her; however, it was his son they were talking about.

Ridge said it was time for Hope to focus on Beth, not to take Douglas as punishment. Hope asserted that it wasn't about punishment. Liam said that custody aside, Douglas felt safe there. Ridge contended that Douglas felt safe with his father. Brooke stated that Douglas wanted to be at her house, and at her house was where he'd stay.

Hope implored Thomas to leave Douglas there, where he was thriving with Beth. Liam stated that Douglas loved Beth and treated her like a sister. That was fine with Ridge, who said Douglas could keep doing that, just not as Hope and Liam's child. Ridge asked if Liam was trying to accumulate even more children.

Liam acknowledged that he was already split between two families, but Douglas was his cousin's son, which made Douglas family to Liam. Liam believed that Caroline would have wanted him to look out for her child. Liam was conflicted because, even though he didn't like Thomas, he wondered if Thomas might improve and become a stable father for Douglas.

Brooke yelled that Thomas wasn't stable, and Ridge ordered her to stop disparaging his son. Thomas understood Brooke' view and tried to assure her that he was getting better. She asked if he was doing that while hanging out with Vinny. Ridge yelled that Thomas was trying, but undermining Thomas and trying to take his kid wasn't helpful.

Liam figured that everyone wanted to do what was best for Douglas. Liam proposed that, while they sorted it out, Douglas would stay at Brooke's house, where he felt safe. Liam noted that Douglas had school in the morning. Ridge replied that Thomas could take the boy to school.

Hope said she was the one who packed Douglas' lunch and took Douglas to school, and she was the one the teachers knew. Ridge stated that Thomas could call Hope if he needed to, or Hope and Thomas might do it together. "But you and you are not the parents," he concluded.

Hope said that Douglas called her Mommy Hope for a reason. She was the adult who'd stepped up for him. Crying, she asked if Thomas really wanted to take it away from her and Douglas just when they'd found some peace. She asked if Thomas would put her through that pain after everything else he'd put her through. She asked him not to do that.

Ridge said he was sorry, but Douglas was not her child. Brooke responded that Hope was functioning as his mother. Hope added that Liam had been acting as a father, and Ridge and Thomas couldn't just storm in and take the child. Ridge asked if Hope was saying that taking Beth out of the only home she'd ever known had been a mistake.

Brooke scoffed. Hope said that it wasn't fair and that it had an entirely different circumstance. Ridge didn't see how. He said he and Steffy hadn't liked it, but Hope had gone in and claimed what was hers -- something Hope had had every right to do.

Thomas claimed not to want to hurt Hope. Hope said he'd always be Douglas' father and should let her be the mother. Thomas had wanted that, but he'd wanted it to be with him, not instead of him. Brooke asked how Vinny's place could be a good environment for Douglas.

Ridge explained that Quinn and Eric had agreed to take them in, Ridge included, and it would be four generations of Forrester men beneath one roof.

Hope received a message that Andy's mother was about to drop Douglas off. Assuming that the drop-off would occur at the cabin, Thomas motioned to leave. Brooke rushed toward him. "Whoah! Remember the last time you pushed me?" Thomas asked, and he left through the terrace.

Brooke told Ridge that he could still fix it. She insisted that Thomas was dangerous and that Ridge knew it. She asked him not to let Thomas leave with Douglas. Ridge said it was what Douglas needed and that Douglas belonged with the Forresters. She told Ridge that she was a Forrester. "But you don't see me that way, do you?" Brooke asked.

In Ridge's silence, Brooke concluded that Ridge didn't. She guessed that Thomas and Douglas were Ridge's family, not her or Hope. Ridge didn't know where Brooke was getting that from. Brooke claimed to see him looking at her the way Stephanie had and said he might as well say that no slut from the valley was worthy of raising a Forrester.

Ridge stated that it wasn't about pitting the families against each other. It was about what Douglas needed. Hope said that Ridge knew Thomas wasn't ready for it. Ridge contended that Thomas had been raising Douglas for years, but Hope thought a couple of months had made her the expert. Liam tried to tell Ridge that forcing Douglas back into Thomas' life wasn't the answer.

"Ridge, I swear, if you let him walk out of here with Douglas, I'll -- " Brooke started to say. Ridge asked what she'd do. Brooke had tried to be patient and let Ridge get Thomas the help he needed, but instead, Ridge had let Thomas do whatever he wanted. Brooke was convinced that Thomas was a sick man who shouldn't be near Douglas. Brooke refused to allow Ridge to jeopardize Douglas' safety.

Ridge replied that Brooke didn't get to decide where that boy lived. Brooke raged that if Ridge would let Thomas take another child from her daughter, then Ridge could just take "this," too. Brooke pulled off her rings and planted them in his hand. Ridge asked if removing her rings was supposed to protect the family as she claimed to want to do.

Brooke stated that Ridge had promised to love and cherish her above all else. "But you can't. You're not capable," Brooke concluded. He asked if it was because he wouldn't allow Hope to steal his grandson. Ridge concluded that Brooke wasn't capable. He said she wasn't capable of forgiveness, and Thomas wouldn't lose his kid over it. Brooke asked if they'd lose their marriage over it.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas met Douglas, who'd had a great time at the arcade with his friend. Thomas said he'd take them the next week, and Douglas asked if Thomas had his friend's phone number. Thomas planned to get it from Hope.

Thomas announced that he and Douglas would live together. Douglas assumed it meant that Thomas was moving back in, but Thomas said he had a place for them. Douglas replied that he'd thought "this" was supposed to be his home. Thomas appreciated that Liam and Hope had cared for Douglas, but it was time for Douglas to be with Thomas.

Thomas knew that Douglas didn't trust him, but he planned to change that. Thomas said he missed Douglas. Douglas hugged Thomas and said he'd missed Thomas, too. Douglas wondered if Thomas was still mad at him. Thomas said he'd been mad at himself, but from then on, he'd be the daddy that Douglas needed him to be. The two hugged again.

At the main house later, Thomas entered with Douglas and his bags. Douglas wondered if Hope would still be his mommy and if he'd done anything wrong to make her want him to go. Hope assured Douglas that she would always be his mommy and that he hadn't done anything wrong. She wished he could stay there.

"Me, too, but I miss my daddy. He says he wants me now," Douglas responded. Ridge told the child that he could visit Hope whenever he wanted. Douglas and Hope said they loved each other, and they hugged. Liam held the sobbing Hope as Thomas left with the boy.

Ridge told Hope that Douglas was Thomas' son. Hope cried that it was the son Thomas had used and abandoned. She said Douglas had been scared of his father, but he'd become happy and was no longer having nightmares. Hope feared all that progress would go out the window. She warned Ridge that Thomas had better not put the boy in harm's way and implored Ridge to look after Douglas.

Douglas returned to the house with Peanut Butter, the bunny Caroline had given him. He thought that Hope should have it for a while to make her feel better. Hope thanked Douglas, and he left with Thomas.

Ridge held Brooke's two rings up in front of Brooke. Brooke silently refused to take them, and Ridge walked out of the house with them. Liam and Brooke comforted the sobbing Hope.

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