The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for the week of January 13, 2020

Hope sent Liam packing for kissing Steffy. Steffy and Ridge warned a trembling Sally that her designs were bad enough to cancel the showdown. Brooke ordered Eric to divorce Quinn and evict Shauna. Flo and Wyatt reunited as Sally made sexy plans for Wyatt.
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Brooke ordered Eric to divorce Quinn and evict Shauna
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Liam admits that he kissed Steffy back

Liam admits that he kissed Steffy back

Monday, January 13, 2020

At Eric's house, Shauna found Ridge in the living room, and he was worried and frustrated. She guessed it was about Thomas and Hope, but Ridge conveyed that it had to do with the disappointment headed Steffy's way. Shauna figured that it was about Liam.

Ridge felt for Liam and knew what it was like to be stuck between two beautiful women. Shauna guessed that history was repeating itself. Ridge claimed that he didn't want that for Steffy, but Steffy loved Liam. Shauna said that the heart wanted what it wanted.

Ridge pulled out his phone to call Thomas, who, at the time, was creeping by the window adjacent to Steffy's front door. Ridge told his son that Steffy would need him that day because Liam and Hope were getting engaged. Ridge thought Steffy would have a tough time with it. Thomas told Ridge not to worry; Thomas was already taking care of it.

Later, Ridge asked Shauna what she did in the guesthouse all by herself. Shauna revealed that she read a lot. She loved reading romance novels. There was something about love overcoming the odds. She said that her library was digital, and people couldn't see when she was reading the juicy parts. Ridge concluded that she was naughty, and she quipped that she was also nice.

Ridge asked how Shauna was able to take all the weight off his shoulders. She said that one had to keep things in perspective. He began to ask why Brooke couldn't do that, but then he realized that he was dumping his problems on Shauna again. Shauna said she'd told him that she'd be his friend, and she'd meant it. He hoped to return the favor someday. Shauna was sure that he would.

At the cliff house, Steffy had gotten dressed, and Liam sat in a daze, wondering if Hope had just broken up with him after seeing him and Steffy kiss. He asked if it was even possible that it was actually over. Steffy was sure that he and Hope would work it out once Steffy explained that she'd kissed him. Liam replied that he'd kissed Steffy back, and Hope had seen it.

Liam empathized with how Hope had felt upon seeing the kiss. Steffy flashed back to Thomas pressuring her to do something to upset Hope and Liam's relationship. Liam told Steffy that he wasn't blaming her for it. He just wished that Hope hadn't seen it.

Later, as Thomas watched and listened outside the house, Liam put down his phone and said that Hope had turned her phone off. Steffy reasoned that Hope might be taking time to think without a bunch of voices in her head, and Hope would be okay once she took a step back.

Liam asked if Steffy thought forgiveness was possible. Steffy quipped that they were talking about Hope. "Of course, she's gonna forgive you," Steffy concluded. He couldn't accept that after all he and Hope had been through, it was over. Steffy replied that it shouldn't be, and Hope wasn't making a fully informed decision. "And that needs to stop," Steffy concluded.

Wondering what that meant, Liam asked if Thomas had done something. Steffy asked Liam to forget about her brother. For her, it was about the history between herself, Hope, and Liam.

Steffy began saying that she and Hope had families to protect and had done things that they wouldn't normally do. As Steffy stammered, her phone chimed. Thomas had texted her not to say anything and to meet him in the front yard. Steffy grimaced.

Liam said that he knew what Steffy was getting at. He didn't want her to feel guilty because it was all on him. He found it uncanny that Hope had arrived at the exact moment that he and Steffy had been kissing. He said no one could have predicted that.

Thomas sent Steffy another message to order her to go outside. As Steffy read her phone and looked troubled, Liam assumed he was interrupting Forrester business and decided to take a walk to "make sense of things."

Liam went out the back door to the beach, and Steffy went into the front yard, where she accused Thomas of spying on her. Thomas suspected that she'd been about to tell Liam the truth. Steffy admitted it and said she felt terrible about initiating the kiss. Thomas told his sister that she'd done a great job. Sarcastically, Steffy quipped that she was really proud of herself for setting Hope up.

Thomas insisted that Steffy should be. He said she should be proud to fight for her family. "You don't owe Hope anything. You have just as much right to Liam as she does," Thomas said. Steffy replied that it had been nice to wake up to Kelly snuggled with her father. It had brought back memories, and Steffy hoped Kelly could have more of that with her father.

Thomas stated that Steffy could have more of it every day, and it was time for Steffy to reclaim her family. Thomas volunteered to do most of the work and said she'd only have to do the "heavy lifting" from time to time. Steffy grimaced. Thomas asserted that they could build a future for their families together; it was what they deserved and what Kelly and Douglas deserved.

Thomas urged Steffy to make it happen with Liam and to take her family back.

In Brooke's cabin, the upset Hope stuffed Liam's clothes and various picture frames from around the living room into a duffel bag. Brooke arrived, and Hope asked for help in packing Liam's things. Brooke didn't understand what was going on, and Hope revealed that she'd broken up with Liam after walking in on him kissing Steffy.

Brooke was shocked and didn't like what she was hearing. Hope didn't like it, either, but she proclaimed that she and Liam were over. Brooke asserted that one kiss didn't mean that Steffy and Liam were back together, and it was possible that they'd just gotten caught up in a moment.

To Hope, it sounded like Brooke was trying to justify it. Hope assumed that Brooke's reasoning emanated from Brooke's history with Ridge, but Hope didn't want that for herself. She didn't want to keep waiting for a man to make up his mind about her. She also couldn't accept that Liam wanted her to renege on a promise that she'd made to a child.

Brooke replied that Liam wanted to keep Hope away from Thomas, not Douglas. Brooke didn't think Hope should be tied to that psychopath, either. Noting that Brooke had made Hope's point, Hope said that if Thomas was a psychopath, Douglas needed her all the more. Hope loved Liam more than anything, but the one thing that kept getting between them was Steffy. It killed Hope to say it, but she wondered if he was meant to be with Steffy and not her.

Hope tossed more clothes and framed photos into the duffel bag. She remarked that Liam was having a difficult time because she'd made choices that had allowed Thomas deeper into their lives. Brooke hoped that Hope wouldn't forget what Thomas had done and would continue to hold him accountable.

Hope planned to, but she said it was about Douglas for her, not Thomas. She asked where it would leave Douglas if she just got rid of Thomas. She said Douglas would lose another mother, and Hope couldn't do that to him. Brooke believed that Douglas deserved all the love in the world but insisted that it was time for his father to give it to him.

Hope asked if she should just bail on Douglas and break his heart. Brooke asked if Hope was willing to give up on the family she'd worked so hard to have with Liam and Beth -- and all because of Thomas. Hope couldn't comply with Liam's conditions about Douglas and said that Liam should know that already.

Hope declared that she'd continue to love and protect Douglas. She just wished Liam had done the same with her heart. She cried that it had been years on the carousel and with the back and forth. She'd thought they'd found stability, but Liam had been back in Steffy's arms, kissing her.

Hope had thought they'd be engaged, but instead, they'd been torn apart. Sobbing, Hope ran outside to get some air.

While Hope was in Brooke's garden, Liam strode on the beach and around Steffy's property. A song with the lyrics "If I could turn back the hands of time" played over a montage of times Hope and Liam had shared together, ending in Hope crying over Liam and Steffy's kiss.

Sally's designs might jeopardize the showdown

Sally's designs might jeopardize the showdown

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

In the design office, Sally struggled to hold a pencil steady as she sketched. Frustrated, she ripped up the design she'd been working on.

In the CEO's office, Ridge noticed that Steffy hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. Affirming it, Steffy guessed that Hope hadn't, either. "It's just a kiss, right? You didn't mean for that to happen," Ridge stated. Steffy didn't want to talk about it. She had a lot of things on her mind -- like Sally's sketches for the fashion show.

"What is that?" Ridge asked, pointing at a sketch. Steffy said that it was Sally's work. Looking through a stack of designs, Ridge asked if Steffy had talked to Sally about the problem. Steffy had tried, but Sally didn't seem like herself. Steffy was losing confidence in Sally and feared that Sally was losing confidence in herself.

To Ridge, the designs looked like Spectra, not Forrester. Steffy said the designs would make them a laughingstock, and she couldn't let it happen. Ridge and Steffy discussed the number of times Sally had gone back to the drawing board only to return with something worse. He guessed the pressure was getting to Sally.

Steffy had tried to be encouraging, but she needed to make a tough choice. Ridge asked if she still believed in her line. Steffy did, but she was losing faith in Sally.

Sally entered and noticed that Steffy and Ridge were reviewing her designs. Worried, she asked what they thought. Ridge said they weren't good enough for Forrester. Steffy added that they might have to cancel the fashion showdown.

Sally was willing to make whatever changes she needed to make. Ridge stated that situations sometimes arose in which a designer just couldn't fix it, and it just wasn't working. Sally was shocked that they'd "kill" her designs just like that. Steffy replied that she'd given Sally chances.

Sally asked if Steffy really wanted to kill the line, their baby. Steffy didn't, but she had to do what was best for Forrester. "And honestly, Sally, I'm really worried about you," Steffy added. Sally was a mess of tears, saying she'd neglected her life and relationship with Wyatt for the line. She couldn't believe that it was just over.

Steffy said that whatever decision they made, it would be purely business. Sally asked if there was anything they could salvage. "No, there is not. How could you? What would you do? Look, there's nothing. This is -- This is -- " Ridge said. Taking a breath, he stated that sometimes, creative people hit walls and had to step back.

Accepting it, Sally asked what it meant for her career. She asked if she'd get reassigned to another line. Ridge said they hadn't made any decisions on it. Sally began to get very upset about not knowing whether she'd even have a job. Steffy asked Sally to calm down.

Sally said that working there meant everything to her. It was her entire life, and she'd given it her all. It was unthinkable to her that she'd get the boot because her designs were a little off. Steffy said the showdown was stressing Sally out. She noticed that Sally was trembling. Ridge decided that they needed to take a break and discuss it another time.

The tearful Sally exited the office. She stared at her trembling hands and asked herself what was wrong with her.

In Eric's guesthouse, Flo was visiting with Shauna. Flo had spent a few weeks away and had done some soul-searching. Shauna replied that Flo had said that when they'd been together at Christmas. Flo had reflected upon the lie she'd gotten caught up in, becoming a Logan, and reconnecting with Wyatt. She'd always love him, but he was engaged to Sally.

Shauna had a feeling that things were about to change. Shauna revealed that Quinn had told Shauna about how awkward it had been between Sally and Wyatt during Christmas. Shauna urged Flo not to give up on Wyatt and said that Quinn would agree.

Flo tried to temper her mother's expectations. Flo didn't want to interfere in Wyatt's life or complicate things. She didn't want him or the Logans thinking that she'd given up her kidney in hopes of absolution. Shauna replied that everyone but Brooke knew that, and Wyatt knew Flo's heart and her core. Shauna believed that he was still in love with Flo.

Flo sighed. Shauna said that she wasn't saying that Wyatt didn't love Sally. It just wasn't the same as with Flo. Shauna stated that it wasn't too late for Flo to fight for the man she loved. Flo inquired about the man Shauna was fighting for -- Ridge Forrester.

Shauna conveyed that she'd been spending time with Ridge. The two had been enjoying it, but Ridge was dealing with a lot of family stuff. Shauna had made it clear that she was there for him as a friend. Shrugging, she said it would go wherever it went. Flo asked where Shauna wanted it to go.

At Eric's house over coffee, Wyatt told Quinn not to make him regret confiding in her that Sally had called him Liam. He said it had been completely unintentional. Quinn scoffed and emphasized that Sally had called him by her ex-flame's name during a wedding discussion. Quinn guessed it was why the couple hadn't been lovey-dovey at Christmas.

Quinn asked where things stood. Wyatt remarked that he and Sally hadn't been spending time together because of her line. Quinn revealed that she'd heard that Steffy wasn't impressed with Sally's designs. Quinn didn't blame Steffy because, in Quinn's view, Sally was tacky. Wyatt took exception to the statement. Quinn doubled down on it and said Sally wasn't the woman for him.

Quinn wasn't out to discredit Wyatt's feelings for Sally, but Quinn wanted him to listen to his instincts. Quinn said he didn't even know Sally and hadn't even met her parents. Wyatt replied that Sally didn't even know where her parents were. "Exactly! They walked out on her and her sister and never looked back. Have you ever asked yourself why? Have you ever asked Sally?" Quinn asked. Wyatt wondered what her point was.

Quinn said that Sally and Wyatt had grown up differently, and Wyatt didn't know what kind of person Sally was. On the other hand, Flo and Wyatt had grown up together, and he knew exactly who Flo was. Quinn stated that Flo had had one unfortunate time in which Reese had taken advantage of her. In Quinn's mind, all was well because Reese was in jail and because Hope had her baby back. Quinn asked him to forget the past and admit he still loved Flo.

Quinn urged Wyatt to stop pretending with Sally. Wyatt claimed that he wasn't and that he cared about Sally. Quinn questioned whether Wyatt really wanted to spend his life with Sally, with whom he was spending less and less time. Wyatt asked Quinn to stop and said she didn't know what she was talking about.

Quinn claimed to see love and admiration in Wyatt's eyes whenever she mentioned Flo. Wyatt admitted to admiring Flo and her kidney donation. Quinn said Flo had done it for Katie and to prove that she was the compassionate person that Wyatt had always known. Quinn reminded Wyatt that he'd forgiven his mother for many mistakes. She asked why he couldn't do the same with Flo and see Flo as the woman he'd always loved.

Wyatt admitted that he might have overreacted about Flo. Quinn tried to get him to admit his mistake about Sally, but he objected. Quinn insisted that he'd had conflicting feelings about Sally for a while and hadn't given Sally a ring or set a wedding date. It was as if they really weren't engaged. Quinn believed that he really wanted Flo to be his wife.

Wyatt tried to change the subject to Quinn's love life and asked her not to leave out the kinky details. Noting that he'd asked for it, Quinn began to talk about the many uses of a spatula.

Shauna, who was there to get lunch, asked if she was interrupting something. Wyatt was thankful for her arrival, and Quinn said she'd just been giving him some advice. Assuming it was about her daughter, Shauna revealed that Flo was in the guesthouse. Quinn and Shauna urged him to go see Flo, and as he left, Quinn told him that he looked handsome.

Back in the guesthouse, Flo flashed back to kissing Wyatt. Wyatt arrived, saying he'd seen her mother at the main house. He remarked that he hadn't seen Flo for a while. Flo said she'd been laying low and reevaluating life. She'd really missed Wyatt. He stated that he'd missed her, too.

Brooke asks Eric to evict Quinn and Shauna

Brooke asks Eric to evict Quinn and Shauna

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

by Nel

At home, Brooke told Ridge that she had tried to convince Hope not to give up on Liam and that Thomas was the underlying destructive force. Ridge said Thomas had had nothing to do with the kiss between Liam and Steffy. He accused Brooke of always blaming Thomas. Brooke criticized the fact that Ridge lived at Eric's house and Shauna lived in the guesthouse. She stated that Ridge should be living with her. Ridge agreed, but he defended Shauna. He said that Shauna had nothing to do with their living arrangements.

Brooke told Ridge that Shauna had endorsed Flo's secret about Beth. Ridge claimed Shauna had been helping him unite his family. Brooke shouted that Shauna would say or do anything to be near him. No sooner were the words out than Brooke apologized and said she shouldn't have brought Shauna up. She wanted to talk about them. Ridge claimed he'd been trying to fix them. He said he had something to tell Brooke. He admitted that he and Shauna had spent a lot of time together and that she had been helping him figure out how to heal his family. He admitted that at times, they had crossed the line and kissed. He assured Brooke that things had never gone further than kissing.

Brooke couldn't believe Ridge had kissed Shauna. She reminded him that she had warned him about Shauna. Ridge admitted he'd made a mistake kissing Shauna, but Shauna was his friend. Brooke wanted to know why he'd kissed Shauna. She claimed that the things tearing them apart were Thomas and Shauna. She didn't understand why Ridge would let that woman get between them. Brooke knew Ridge didn't want to be with Shauna, but it still hurt her.

Brooke reiterated that she had warned Ridge about Shauna. Brooke stated that they loved each other, but they were under attack. Thomas had driven a wedge between them, and Shauna had moved into the guesthouse to be near Ridge. It suddenly occurred to Brooke that Eric wouldn't have invited Shauna to live in the guesthouse, but Quinn would. Ridge told Brooke to be angry with him, but Brooke claimed she was angry with him, Shauna, and Quinn. She said that Shauna and Quinn had hijacked her future with Ridge.

In the Forrester living room, Shauna and Quinn speculated on how the conversation between Wyatt and Flo had gone. They both wanted Wyatt and Flo to find their way back to each other. Shauna admitted that Flo had made a horrible mistake keeping the secret about Beth, but Flo had been working very hard to make amends and to move forward. Quinn and Shauna held out hope that Wyatt and Flo still had a future together.

Quinn and Shauna discussed Brooke and Ridge's divorce. Quinn couldn't believe how Brooke could be so reckless. Shauna claimed that if she had a man like Ridge, she would do everything in her power to keep him, but she noted that Brooke and Ridge had a very strong connection. Quinn said that while Ridge had been getting closer to Shauna, he and Brooke had constantly been arguing. Shauna didn't want to be the reason Ridge and Brooke broke up. Quinn chirped that if they broke up, Shauna would be there to comfort Ridge.

Eric entered and invited Shauna to stay for lunch, but she declined because she wanted to get back to the guesthouse to check on Flo. She told Eric how grateful she was for his and Quinn's hospitality. Quinn told Eric how happy she was with their life together.

At the guesthouse, Flo told Wyatt she had missed him. Wyatt commented that he liked that Flo was smiling again. Flo stated that Wyatt and Sally had been engaged for quite a while. Wyatt said that Sally had been busy creating a fashion line for Steffy, and he'd been busy getting Liam up to speed at Spencer Publications. He claimed that he and Sally hadn't seen much of each other lately. Wyatt told Flo that Quinn claimed that if it was meant to be with Sally, it would have happened already. He said that Quinn kept reminding him how much Flo had meant to him.

Flo and Wyatt agreed that Quinn and Shauna kept talking to them about the other and hoping things would work out for them. Wyatt asked why Flo hadn't been around. Flo told him that she'd taken time to reflect and to discover what mattered to her. At that moment, Flo and Wyatt received a text message from Katie asking to see them. Flo asked Wyatt to go with her, but he felt she would be fine on her own.

Flo asked Wyatt if she should bring a gift for Will or a bottle of wine for Katie. Wyatt said that she had already given them the biggest gift. She'd done a beautiful thing, and she should be proud of herself. He embraced her. Flo kissed Wyatt.

Shauna returned to the guesthouse. Alone, she smiled as she recalled the kiss she'd shared with Ridge. She called Ridge and invited him for cocktails after work. Ridge declined. Shauna offered dinner, but again Ridge declined. He told Shauna that he'd told Brooke that they had kissed. He said Brooke was still his wife, and he didn't want any secrets between them.

Eric was alone in his living room when Brooke stormed in. Brooke told him that Shauna couldn't stay in the guesthouse because she couldn't be trusted. She told Eric that she had been trying to save her marriage to Ridge, but Shauna had done everything possible to get between them. She told Eric that Ridge had admitted he'd kissed Shauna. Eric found it difficult to believe. Brooke maintained that Shauna had been making moves on Ridge, and Quinn had been helping her. Eric said Quinn wouldn't do that.

Quinn was at the top of the stairs, eavesdropping.

Brooke told Eric that allowing Shauna to live in his guesthouse was undermining her marriage to Ridge. Brooke knew Eric loved Quinn, but she admitted that it bothered her to see Quinn's portrait hanging where Stephanie's should have been. Brooke reminded Eric that Quinn had tried to seduce Ridge, and Shauna was doing the same thing. Brooke stated that Quinn and Shauna were two of a kind, and she wanted both of them gone.

Quinn and Brooke declare war on each other

Quinn and Brooke declare war on each other

Thursday, January 16, 2020

At Spencer, Bill, Will, Justin, and Donna gathered with Katie, who had wanted to meet to discuss gratitude. Flo arrived, and Bill said that it was no wonder that Hope and Brooke weren't there. To Flo's surprise, Wyatt arrived because he'd been worried about what Flo would walk into at the meeting.

Katie said that it was about gratitude and forgiveness. She stated that Flo's lie had hurt the family, but life was short. Katie had to acknowledge what Flo had done for Katie's son and family. Will, who said the adults hadn't told him much about the baby thing, was willing to give Flo another chance.

Katie admitted that she'd said harsh things to Flo, such as that Storm wouldn't be proud of her. In hindsight, Katie believed that Storm actually would be very proud of Flo. Katie urged the others to accept Flo back into the family.

Bill stated that Katie was asking for a lot. Katie said that forgiveness wasn't easy, but it was necessary. "If it's earned," he added. Katie said that Flo had given up her kidney. Interrupting, Flo conveyed that she didn't want to be forgiven because of the kidney. She hadn't even wanted them to know she'd been the donor. If they ever forgave her, she wanted them to forgive her because they knew that she regretted what she'd done.

Donna asked if they could believe it. Katie, who'd been talking to Flo almost every day since the surgery, believed it. Katie believed that Flo's remorse was genuine and that Flo was sickened by what she'd done. Katie didn't think Flo would forgive herself and said it was why they had to do it for Flo. Katie told Wyatt that he had to most of all, and he could open his heart to Flo again.

Flo said that none of them had to forgive her. She was just happy to have her Aunt Katie in her life. The mushy Donna decided that Flo had her, too, and she hugged Flo. Justin reminded Bill that Flo had given Bill back his family and that Bill knew that he couldn't function without Katie.

The most important thing to Bill was that Will had his mother. Katie was the smartest person Bill knew, and if Katie felt that Flo was remorseful, Bill would try to believe it. Wyatt said that Bill was right about Katie, who'd been smart enough to gather them all to face the truth about Flo. Wyatt stated that Flo was bigger than one lie, and it didn't define her; they were lucky to have her in their lives.

Later, Flo and Wyatt were alone in Bill's office. She asked if Wyatt should go to the meeting, too. Wyatt stated that there was no meeting, and Bill had made it up to give Flo and Wyatt time alone. Surprised, Flo said she appreciated the time they'd been given, and she appreciated Wyatt being there to hear what Katie had had to say.

Wyatt thought what Flo had said had been more important. He'd finally heard Flo. He'd heard her regret and remorse. He'd been lost ever since the truth had come out. He'd been trying to figure out how to go on without Flo after he'd just found her. She'd been the one that he'd wanted to have a marriage and children with.

Flo had wanted it, too. She'd believed in it even when it had seemed impossible. She'd never stopped loving Wyatt. Wyatt said he'd been doing a lot of thinking. He'd realized that he hadn't stopped loving her, either. He'd missed being with her and seeing her smile. Flo exclaimed that she'd missed him, and they kissed.

At Eric's house, Quinn listened at the top of the staircase as Eric tried to empathize with Brooke and get her to calm down. Desperate, Brooke told him that he'd always supported her and Ridge's relationship and knew all they'd endured. She believed that she and Ridge could reunite. She implored Eric to help her by sending Shauna and Quinn packing to the desert.

Eric asked if Brooke needed a hug or a punching bag. He offered to be those things for her. Brooke stated that Eric had been her and Ridge's biggest supporters. She asked Eric not to abandon them when they needed him the most. Eric stated that he wasn't going to divorce his wife, and sending Shauna to the desert wouldn't solve the problems.

Though Eric hated to do it, he needed to get to the office. Brooke decided to go there, too, to get her mind on something else. Unable to find her phone, she said she'd look for it and see Eric at the office. Eric hugged her and left. Brooke scowled at Quinn's portrait.

At Forrester, Ridge was on a call with Shauna, telling her that he'd been honest with Brooke about the kisses he'd shared with Shauna because he wanted to save his marriage. Shauna hoped that Brooke appreciated his honesty, and Shauna promised to continue to be his friend.

Later, Eric arrived in the office, upset that Ridge and Shauna had been kissing. He asked Ridge what he was doing. Ridge said he was trying to save his marriage and had told Brooke about the kisses because he wanted her to know everything. Hoping that was the right call, Eric stated that Brooke was really hurting.

Ridge assumed that Brooke had been at the house to see him. Eric revealed that Broke had been there to ask him to help her get rid of Shauna -- and Quinn.

At the guesthouse, Quinn stormed in, irate about Brooke, who'd been raving like a lunatic to Eric about Shauna and Quinn. Shauna said that Ridge had been honest about the kiss because he didn't want a divorce, and Brooke might see that if she'd just get out of her own way. Quinn was furious that Brooke was trying to tell Eric who could stay there and to end his marriage. Quinn refused to let Brooke get away with it.

Back in the main house, Brooke found her phone as Quinn arrived. She let Brooke know that she'd heard what Brooke had said to Eric. Brooke was glad. She thought Quinn should know how Brooke felt about Shauna going after Brooke's husband. Quinn asserted that Shauna wasn't going anywhere and needed a place to stay.

Brooke figured that Shauna could stay with Felony Flo and that having Shauna live in the mansion was an attack on Brooke's marriage. Quinn shot back that Brooke was attacking Quinn's marriage. Quinn revealed that she'd heard what Brooke had said to Eric. Quinn warned Brooke to back off and promised that Brooke didn't want to make an enemy out of Quinn.

Brooke said that she and Ridge were going through a tough time, and instead of being supportive, Quinn was urging her friend to go after him. Quinn responded that it was a huge estate, and she didn't see why she'd have to tell her friend not to be there because of Ridge. Seeing right through Quinn, Brooke accused Quinn of wanting her out of the family.

Quinn asked if Brooke was even in it anymore because Brooke's status seemed to change from week to week. Brooke figured that her closeness to Eric bothered Quinn. Quinn admitted that she didn't like that her husband had so much affection for his discarded wives, but she was not threatened -- yet. Quinn advised Brooke not to do anything to make Quinn feel threatened, such as telling Quinn's husband to leave her.

Quinn asserted that she made Eric happy and had proven herself to be a good Forrester matriarch. Brooke seethed that being married to Eric didn't make Quinn the matriarch. If Brooke had her way, Quinn would never be able to call herself that. Brooke noted that Quinn wasn't afraid of Brooke, but Quinn would be soon. Brooke declared that she wanted Quinn and Shauna out of the house and family for good.

Brooke asserted that Quinn had gone dormant for a while, but Quinn was still a liar, schemer, and manipulator. Brooke said Quinn might have tricked a Forrester into marrying her, but she shouldn't get her trashy friends to do the same thing. Brooke said that Shauna was so beneath Ridge that it was laughable.

Entering the house, Shauna asked if Brooke would say it to her face. Brooke was glad to do it and told Shauna to have the decency to stop throwing herself at a man who didn't want her. Shauna quipped that the way Ridge kissed her said otherwise. Brooke called it disgusting and accused Shauna of preying on a man going through a difficult time.

Blaming Brooke for Ridge's difficult time, Shauna said she'd been helping him to see that life wasn't all doom and gloom as Brooke made it seem. Shauna asked what kind of woman would lash out and give ultimatums to her husband. She said it was no wonder Ridge was looking for something better.

Brooke smacked Shauna. Whipping Brooke around to face her, Quinn asked what was wrong with Brooke. Brooke replied that she'd learned that from the real Forrester matriarch. Stephanie had taught Brooke how to protect her family and would be really proud of Brooke for standing up against Shauna and Quinn, who didn't belong there.

Brooke promised that Stephanie's portrait would go back on the wall, and Quinn's would go in the garbage. Brooke wanted Quinn out of there and asserted that she'd tell Eric all about Quinn's craziness.

Smacking Brooke to the ground, Quinn asked, "Stephanie taught you how to slap? Bitch, you should have learned that from me!" Quinn vowed that Brooke would never be in Quinn's home, talking about Quinn and her friend that way again. Quinn said that Stephanie had tried to get rid of Brooke for years, and if Brooke thought she'd had trouble with Stephanie, Quinn would give Brooke a battle like she wouldn't believe.

Brooke screamed at Quinn to bring it on. "If you want a war, you've got one!" Brooke yelled with her finger in Quinn's face.

Brooke orders Eric to throw Quinn out

Brooke orders Eric to throw Quinn out

Friday, January 17, 2020

At Eric's house, Brooke warned Quinn not to hit Brooke again. Quinn claimed to be defending Shauna. Brooke accused Shauna of disrupting Brooke's marriage, but because Brooke had signed divorce papers, Quinn told Brooke to get over it. Brooke declared that Ridge was still her husband. Quinn asserted that Eric was her husband.

Eric arrived home, asking what was going on. He'd heard them from outside. Quinn said she'd overheard Brooke ordering Eric to kick Shauna out and end his marriage. Brooke interjected that, instead of talking to Eric about it, Quinn had attacked Brooke and knocked her right off her feet.

Eric was shocked to hear it. Shauna said it had been after Brooke had hit Shauna. Eric asked what was going on around there. Quinn blamed it on Brooke, who'd accused Quinn of orchestrating the end of her marriage. Eric couldn't believe that Quinn had let it get out of control. He said someone could have gotten hurt. It wasn't how Forresters should behave, and he certainly didn't expect such behavior from his wife.

Eric abhorred violence in his own home, and he said it went for Brooke, too, even though he understood why Brooke was upset. Quinn asked if he was excusing what Brooke had done. Eric wasn't, but he was also upset about Shauna kissing Ridge. Quinn asked what he thought of the things Brooke had said about Quinn.

Quinn believed that Brooke was trying to play the victim when she was the one who'd attacked Quinn's friend and Quinn's marriage. Eric replied that Brooke felt betrayed by Quinn and Shauna. Outraged, Quinn said that Brooke had been ordering Eric around, telling him to throw Quinn and Shauna out. It had hurt Quinn, who said Brooke shouldn't have the right to disrespect Quinn.

Figuring that Eric wanted her to apologize, Quinn launched into an insincere apology to Brooke for causing her marriage to end and her husband to turn to another woman. Brooke asserted that Shauna had thrown herself at Ridge. Shauna denied it. She said she and Ridge had talked about Thomas and Brooke, and Ridge had needed someone to listen when Brooke hadn't.

Quinn said that Brooke had the gall to accuse her and Shauna of ruining Brooke's marriage when Brooke had done a good job of it herself. Eric had heard enough. He had thought the women were better than that.

Quinn claimed that she'd been defending her and Eric's love and marriage. She thought Eric should understand because he understood Brooke's side. Quinn said that Brooke desperately wanted Eric to take her side. "But I am your wife, Eric. You need to defend me!" Quinn exclaimed.

Later, Eric asked if anyone would apologize. Quinn claimed she had done it already, and Brooke refused to apologize to the people who were trying to destroy her relationship. Shauna said that Ridge had needed Brooke to compromise, but Brooke wouldn't listen or give him an inch. Brooke replied that she didn't need to explain herself, and her marriage wasn't Shauna's business. Quinn said her marriage was none of Brooke's business.

Brooke stated that Eric knew her; they'd been married and had children together. Brooke knew that he cared about her relationship with Ridge, and Brooke cared about Eric. Brooke was worried about Eric because of Quinn and said Quinn's dark side was still there.

Quinn asked if Brooke would take responsibility for the divisions she'd caused in the family. Brooke was sure that Quinn wanted to hit her again. Shauna told Brooke to stop goading Quinn.

Brooke said Quinn had started it by storming in and saying that she was the Forrester matriarch. Brooke told Eric that it wasn't true, and Quinn didn't deserve to have her portrait in the place where Stephanie's had been for all those years. Brooke asked him to take it down because Quinn wasn't to be trusted, and Quinn was a toxic mess. She said that Shauna and Quinn saw the separation between Brooke and Ridge as a game, but it wasn't a game to Brooke.

Quinn thought it was funny that Brooke was interested in her marriage again after Ridge had become interested in a beautiful woman. Shauna added that she'd thought the marriage had been basically over. Brooke asserted that it didn't mean Shauna could put her lips all over him. Quinn told Brooke that she'd done it to herself.

Brooke asked Eric to do something about Shauna and Quinn. She was sure Shauna and Quinn would hurt him, too, so the best thing to do in Brooke's view was to send them packing, especially Quinn. Brooke told Eric to tell Quinn that she was no longer his wife.

In the design office, Zoe noted that Sally wasn't designing like her usual self. Sally said she was trying to design more like Forrester and less like Spectra. Sally felt lucky to still have a job and asked if Thomas had mentioned anything about the showdown being canceled. Zoe hadn't heard that. Sally was worried that Steffy's line would be eliminated -- as would Sally's job.

Sally figured that she shouldn't have said anything. She didn't want to start rumors. Sally had been stressed out and working nonstop. Zoe liked Sally's work, but Sally said she wasn't giving Steffy what she wanted. Sally couldn't balance things, and she'd barely seen Wyatt since Christmas. She worshiped her job but didn't want it to interfere with her and Wyatt.

Zoe thought that Wyatt would understand the work pressures, and she suggested that Sally put some of her passion for work into her relationship. Zoe advised Sally to do something special for Wyatt. Sally decided that Zoe was right, and she'd do just that.

At Spencer, Wyatt told Flo that he'd always imagined a life and future with her. Flo asked what it meant and what he'd do about Sally. Flo asked if Sally knew that he'd been having second thoughts. Stammering, Wyatt explained that he and Sally hadn't been spending much time together. He thought Sally was a wonderful person, but something was off. He added that something had happened to make him hesitant to give Sally a ring.

Later, Flo was amazed that Sally had called Wyatt by Liam's name. It had been like a punch in the gut to Wyatt and a huge red flag. Wyatt claimed that he and Sally hadn't been talking about Liam, and she'd had no reason to say his name.

Wyatt wondered if Sally wanted his brother or if he was overreacting. He said Liam basically had a history with every woman in the city. Flo chimed in that Liam didn't have one with her, and Wyatt was the only Spencer man she had ever been interested in.

Wyatt received a call from Sally, who wanted him to meet her at the design office. Desiring to see her, too, Wyatt agreed to be there soon.

After the call, Wyatt told Flo that he'd meet Sally, and it would give him a chance to tell her what had happened. Flo wished him luck, and he left.

At the design office later, Wyatt entered the room and called Sally's name. She appeared from behind the dressing screen in lingerie and a robe. Wyatt began stammering. She told him to lock the door. Pulling him close to her, she said they deserved a little fun. Because they hadn't seen each other much, she wanted to show him how much she was missing him.

Sally said she wasn't thinking of any other man, and she was totally about Wyatt. The two kissed, and Wyatt gazed awkwardly at Sally.



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