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Hope allowed Thomas to comfort her after her breakup. Brooke got Shauna evicted from the mansion. As Brooke planned to make Quinn the next to go, Quinn spiked Brooke's drink. Sally sought a doctor's opinion about her symptoms. Steffy agonized about setting up Liam.
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Brooke got Shauna evicted from the mansion and Quinn got even by spiking Brooke's drink
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Steffy struggles with her guilty conscience Steffy struggles with her guilty conscience

Monday, January 27, 2020

In the design office, Thomas was on a call with Steffy, talking about the day she'd had with Kelly and Liam. Steffy loved having Liam there, but she still felt guilty about staging the kiss. Thomas urged her not to feel that way because Steffy hadn't done it to hurt Hope. In his view, Steffy had been on the sidelines long enough, and Liam and Steffy loved each other; Steffy had merely been defending the family she deserved.

After the call ended, Hope arrived. Thomas asked if she'd gotten his message. Hope seemed irritated and distracted. He stated that he knew what had happened with Liam and Steffy. Hope couldn't believe she was in that position again. She was also upset about Liam proposing that she walk away from Douglas. Hope had been willing to talk it through, but she'd found Steffy and Liam together. Hope didn't understand why it was happening.

Thomas was grateful that Hope hadn't cut Douglas out of her life and hadn't caused the child to lose another mother. Thomas thanked her for not abandoning his son.

Hope couldn't believe how quickly things had changed. At one moment, Liam had been proposing, and in the next moment, he'd been kissing Steffy. Flipping back to the ultimatum Liam had given her, Hope mentioned that Liam hated Thomas. She said she should hate him, too. Thomas asked if she didn't hate him.

Hope replied that she'd never forget what Thomas had done. Thomas said that he wouldn't, either, and he'd never regret anything more. She didn't want to lose Liam and the life they'd shared, but she'd made a promise to Douglas. Sobbing, Hope said she didn't want to turn her back on Douglas. She didn't know what to do anymore.

Thomas put his arms around Hope and grinned as she cried on his shoulder.

At the cliff house, Steffy cleaned up toys, and Liam entered the living room to tell her that he'd bribed their daughter to get her to take a nap. As Liam cooed about Kelly, Steffy said that it was great having him there. Being a family was everything to her.

As Liam and Steffy joked about Kelly getting sand everywhere when they'd been on the beach, Liam saw a toy on the couch and uttered that Beth had the same one. Steffy guessed that he really missed Beth. Though Liam enjoyed being at the cliff house and making new memories, he had another family, and he still couldn't get over Hope ending things because of the kiss.

Steffy said their history was complicated, and Hope had said that it had been the reason Hope had "left for Paris in the first place -- everything that happened between us," Steffy stated. Liam replied that he'd hurt Hope, but Steffy said she should feel guilty because she'd kissed him.

Liam didn't want Steffy to feel guilty and said it hadn't been as if they'd planned the kiss. He apologized for talking about it again and said he wanted to enjoy his time with Steffy and Kelly. Steffy wondered if he had to go to work. He asked if she was trying to get rid of him. She assured him that it was the last thing she'd want to do.

Later, Steffy was alone, staring at the portrait on the wall. She flashed back to kissing Liam. Liam, who was dressed for work, emerged from the nursery and said Kelly was still asleep. He noticed that something was wrong with Steffy. Steffy claimed she was okay. She really enjoyed having family time and said it was selfish of her, given what he was going through.

Steffy said the last few days with Liam and waking up with him had made a huge difference in her and Kelly's lives. Steffy cherished the moments, but she felt bad about what he was going through. Liam told her not to. He didn't blame her. In his view, it had taken both of them to kiss. "Not really," she responded.

Liam asked what Steffy meant. Steffy said that he and Hope should blame her. Hope had been there to work things out, but something very different had happened. Steffy flashed back to Thomas instructing her on what to do. Steffy said she'd let herself get pulled into something that she'd known would have enormous repercussions. Liam seemed confused. Steffy stated that there was something he needed to know about the kiss.

At Eric's house, Wyatt tried to figure out what was wrong with his mother. Quinn murmured that Brooke was causing trouble again. Preferring to talk about him, Quinn asked what was going on in his life. Wyatt stated that she'd be pleased to hear about the developments.

Quinn was ecstatic to hear that Flo and Wyatt had reunited. Popping open some Champagne to make mimosas, Quinn wanted to know how Sally had taken the news. "Well, Sally said she's not letting me break things off with her, so cheers," Wyatt said. He tried to toast with Quinn, but Quinn snatched her glass back.

Quinn was confused by Wyatt's statement. Wyatt explained that Sally was hurt, and he'd hurt her. Quinn figured that he'd been gentle about it and said Sally's feelings were on Sally. She was sure Sally would bounce back. Wyatt wasn't so sure. He saw something different in Sally that time. He hoped things would get better for her soon.

Wyatt wanted Sally to find someone who'd make her the center of his universe. Wyatt just wasn't able to do it. Quinn urged him to stop beating himself up about it. Wyatt claimed not to be doing that. He knew that his life was with Flo, but it didn't mean he'd stopped caring about Sally.

At Flo's apartment, Sally arrived to set the record straight about her fiancé. Sally asserted that Flo's newest play for Wyatt wouldn't work. Flo insisted that she wasn't making a play, and she and Wyatt had history. Sally said he'd proposed marriage to Sally, and Sally hadn't changed her mind about it. "Even if he's changed his?" Flo asked.

Sally figured that Flo thought that Sally was being unrealistic. Sally hid her trembling hand behind her back and asserted that everything would be fine. Flo said that it was normal to have expectations about a relationship. Sally asked if Flo considered marriage proposals to be an "expectation."

Sally was sure she and Wyatt would be married already had it not been for her slip-up. She insisted that it had been just a slip-up, and it wasn't the end for her and Wyatt. Flo said that Wyatt wanted to be with Flo. Sally wouldn't accept it, but Flo asked if Sally really wanted to be with a man who wanted someone else.

Weak on her feet, Sally abruptly sat down. Flo asked if Sally was okay. As Sally tried to steady herself, she said she'd skipped breakfast and was lightheaded. Flo asked what she could do.

Standing up, Sally said Flo could stay away from Wyatt and give Sally and her future husband a chance to reconnect. Flo wished Sally could accept Wyatt's choice and not blame Flo. Flo said it would be more painful if Sally didn't let go.

Sally admitted that she'd been under a lot of pressure at work. She was in fear of losing her job. She was tired of losing. "And if I lose Wyatt, too -- I'm not gonna let that happen," Sally asserted. Flo replied that Sally couldn't force Wyatt.

Sally didn't want to force Wyatt. She wanted him to remember why they'd fallen in love and what had made them special as a couple. She and Wyatt had been good together and good for each other. It was why she wouldn't give up or give in. Sally told Flo that Wyatt would take a few days to get his head on straight, and then she and Wyatt would reunite and be better than ever.

Flo's phone rang, and as Flo took the call, Sally shook and wrung her trembling hand.

Eric makes a decision about his houseguest Eric makes a decision about his houseguest

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy told Liam that she'd enjoyed kissing him. "And to have you respond that way..." she uttered. Steffy wanted to tell Liam about Thomas. Liam conveyed that Steffy wasn't responsible for anything her brother tried to do to derail Liam's life.

As Steffy began to reference the kiss again, Thomas entered the house. He heard Liam telling Steffy that she had nothing to feel guilty about because she hadn't planned the kiss or known that Hope would be there. Liam didn't know what she thought Thomas had to do with it.

Startling Steffy and Liam, Thomas chimed in, offering to answer the question for Steffy. Liam replied that he didn't need Thomas to tell him about his own life, something Thomas knew nothing about. Claiming that he did know, Thomas stated that he'd been urging Steffy to tell Liam how she felt about him for months.

Thomas was sorry that Hope had gotten hurt, but he was glad that Steffy had finally made a move. He asserted that Liam belonged with the family he'd had first. "Oh, yeah, so you can be with Hope," Liam quipped. Thomas replied that he was with Zoe. Liam, however, was willing to bet his last name that it would change if he and Hope broke up.

Chuckling, Thomas said that, according to Hope, she and Liam had already broken up. Steffy asked the men not to make the situation worse. Liam stated that it was what Thomas did, and ever since Thomas had returned, he'd been the epicenter of every crisis around there. Unable to deal with Thomas, Liam asked Steffy to tell his daughter he loved her, and he left the house.

Thomas asked if Steffy had been about to tell Liam and ruin everything. Steffy said she'd been down the road of scheming to get what she wanted, and she hadn't wanted to do that type of thing again. Thomas reasoned that she couldn't tell Liam because he'd go to Hope, costing Steffy and Kelly the chance to have their family. Thomas added that if Ridge found out, he'd think that Thomas was obsessed with Hope again.

"Well, are you?" Steffy asked. She noted that he'd followed Hope there the other day. Thomas asked if it was too crazy to think that he just thought Liam and Steffy should be raising their child together. Steffy replied that it was indeed crazy if he thought that because it was the way he and Hope would be together.

Steffy wanted the truth and warned Thomas that he had better not be using Zoe as a cover. Thomas claimed that he was doing what Steffy had told him to do. He was getting his life on track, designing, and being a father. Thomas claimed to be happy hanging out with Zoe. He insisted that Steffy could be happy, too, if she just listened to him.

Steffy refused to trick Liam into being with her. Thomas, who'd seen the kiss, insisted that it had been real and that Liam still had feelings for her. In Thomas' mind, Liam's breakup set Liam free to express his feelings for Steffy. Steffy called the kiss a setup.

Thomas urged Steffy not to feel guilty about trying to reunite her family. He said that Kelly shouldn't have to look at a picture to see how much her parents loved each other. Although Thomas hated Liam, he felt that Liam and Steffy belonged together. He urged her to fight to have her family again.

At Spencer, Liam couldn't concentrate during a meeting with Bill. Liam said he was preoccupied with the Hope situation, but Bill thought Liam was beating himself up over that kiss. Bill ordered Liam to get his focus where it needed to be -- on work and rebuilding his life with Steffy.

Liam asked what had happened to Bill being supportive. Bill replied that he'd just been happy that Liam was happy, but "now if you tell me you're kissing Steffy..." Liam admitted that he enjoyed his time with Steffy and Kelly. Bill asked why Liam couldn't just admit that Steffy was the woman for him.

Liam said that it was complicated. The only thing Bill saw as complicated was Liam's life with Hope. Bill asked what Hope was doing, raising a kid with that "thumb-sucking, diaper-wearing degenerate Thomas." In Bill's mind, Douglas was a Spencer, and Caroline would always be Douglas' mother. Bill felt that Hope always had to be the center of some unnecessary crisis.

Bill reasoned that Liam was that way, too, and Liam probably thought it made him and Hope perfect for each other. Bill insisted that it didn't, and Liam needed a woman who didn't add to his drama. Instead, Liam needed a woman who grounded him -- Steffy. In Bill's opinion, Steffy made Liam a better man.

Liam had thought his and Hope's troubles would have ended when they'd gotten Beth back. Bill said it would have been that way if Hope hadn't dragged the sociopathic Thomas back into the mix. Bill had to wonder if Hope wasn't secretly attracted to Thomas.

Liam got riled up, but Bill insisted that opposites attracted. He cited himself and Katie as examples. Bill figured that Katie would be upset about him steering Liam away from Hope. Bill didn't care because he'd always thought that Steffy was the woman for Liam.

At Brooke's house, Brooke watched Douglas and Hope play cards. Douglas was glad that Hope was his mommy. He said he prayed that he wouldn't lose her like he'd lost his mother. Douglas went upstairs to retrieve a drawing that he'd been working on. Brooke offered to watch the kids if Hope wanted to talk to Liam.

Hope missed Liam, but he'd been asking too much of her when he'd asked her to turn her back on Douglas. Brooke said that Thomas had manipulated the whole situation. Hope contended that Thomas hadn't had anything to do with Liam kissing Steffy, and no one could blame Thomas for Liam running to Steffy when things hadn't gone his way.

Brooke insisted that it had all been because Hope and Liam were at odds about Thomas, who was trying to create so much chaos that Hope would just go back to him. Hope said it wouldn't happen, but Brooke implored Hope not to let Thomas cause her to push Liam further away.

Brooke persisted that it was all Thomas -- "and now Shauna." Hope asked what Shauna had to do with it. Brooke believed that Thomas had instigated Brooke's divorce, which had led to Ridge talking to Shauna -- with Quinn's blessing. Brooke didn't think it had been bound to happen and insisted that Ridge had been very committed to her.

Hope asked if something had happened. Brooke conveyed that Ridge had told her that he and Shauna had kissed. Brooke had never thought she'd have to worry about Ridge being at Eric's house. Brooke hadn't even realized that she'd had to worry about Quinn. Brooke was adamant that Quinn had orchestrated the whole thing by moving her best friend into the guesthouse.

Brooke didn't know how she and Hope could keep their relationships together with so many forces pulling them apart. Hope couldn't believe the news about Shauna. Brooke said she'd warned Ridge about Shauna, but Quinn had had other plans. Hope didn't believe Quinn had moved Shauna into the guesthouse for that reason. Brooke replied that Quinn had seen a chance to cause trouble, and Quinn had known Eric wouldn't kick Shauna out.

Brooke said that Quinn hadn't changed, not even after all that time. When Quinn had been cornered, she'd lashed out and knocked Brooke to the ground. Hope was surprised to hear it. Brooke stated that she'd told Eric and had tried to get him to open his eyes to how dangerous Quinn still was. Brooke said that she and Hope weren't helpless. All they had to do was stand up and fight. They needed to fight for their families and get the manipulators out of their lives.

At Eric's house, Shauna was trying to calm down Quinn, who was still fuming about Brooke. Eric appeared and asked for time alone with Quinn. Shauna left, and Eric asked Quinn what Shauna had decided. Quinn didn't know what he meant. Eric stated that it wasn't appropriate for Shauna to stay at the guesthouse or cause more trouble between Ridge and Brooke.

Quinn said she'd agreed to leave Ridge's marriage alone, not throw Shauna out. Eric believed that Shauna's presence undermined Ridge's marriage. Eric said that Shauna was a friend, but Brooke and Ridge were family. As such, the couple had every right to expect Eric and Quinn's support. Quinn asserted that Brooke needed to get her home in order and stop making demands inside of Eric and Quinn's home.

Eric wanted peace in the family. Wanting that, too, Quinn stated that Brooke should be talking to Ridge instead of whining to Eric and picking fights with Quinn. Eric hated that it had gotten physical between the women. Quinn didn't like it, either. He understood that she'd been provoked, but he was asking her to go easy on Brooke.

Eric was concerned about Brooke, who was never good when she was without Ridge. To Eric, Brooke was acting like she had when she'd been drinking, and he hated the thought of her going back to that dark place again.

Eric implored Quinn to just do it for him. It was nothing against Shauna, but they had to do what was best for their family. He said they'd given Shauna a temporary place to stay, and it was time for her to move on. As he left the house, he asked his wife to let him know how it went. Quinn scowled as she watched him go, and her eyes narrowed on the minibar in the living room.

Later, Quinn ranted to Shauna about Eric's decision. Shauna didn't want Quinn to worry about it. Shauna assumed she'd move back in with Flo, and if things went well with Wyatt and Flo, Shauna would have the place to herself. Quinn didn't want Shauna to go. Quinn said it was her home and her husband, but somehow, "the bitch" had gotten her way.

Quinn hated Brooke's pity act. Shauna didn't want Quinn to risk her marriage. Asserting that it shouldn't even be about her marriage, Quinn said it made her sick to hear Brooke's words in Eric's mouth. She didn't think removing Shauna would make a difference because if Ridge wanted to kiss Shauna, he would do it, and she didn't think Brooke got to decide it.

Shauna replied that she had decided it for herself. Shauna had figured Eric had wanted to talk to Quinn about it, and Shauna had already packed. Shauna didn't want to mess up Quinn's marriage.

Quinn didn't want to mess up her marriage, either, and Quinn was furious that Brooke had called Quinn's character into question. Quinn relayed that Stephanie had called Brooke the slut from the valley, and if anyone needed to leave the family, it was Brooke. Quinn said she'd do more than knock Brooke down if Brooke didn't back off. "I'm gonna put an end to her," Quinn concluded.

The Bold and the Beautiful did not air The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

Sally visits a doctor about her symptoms Sally visits a doctor about her symptoms

Thursday, January 30, 2020

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge walked into a meeting with Quinn. She wasn't there to talk about work; she wanted to discuss his "precious Logan." Quinn didn't want to tell Ridge how to live his life -- though she thought he would be much better off with Shauna. Instead, Quinn wanted him to tell Brooke to back off and stop trying to turn Eric against his wife.

Quinn didn't doubt Eric's feelings for her, but she said that a good marriage was hard to maintain when someone was trying to sabotage it. Ridge asked who was doing that. Frustrated, Quinn said that Eric's "B.F.F." blamed her for Ridge and Shauna's indiscretions. Quinn didn't even know why Ridge had had to tell Brooke about the kisses.

Ridge claimed that it was complicated. Quinn said that Brooke was on the warpath, and Quinn was the number one target. Quinn asked if Ridge knew that Brooke had forced Eric and Quinn to throw Shauna out and was forcing Quinn to defend her marriage. Ridge was shocked to hear it. Quinn believed that Brooke was using her connection to Eric to undermine Quinn.

Ridge asked Quinn to see that Brooke was going through a lot and wasn't dealing with stress well. He brought up the fact that Brooke had a history of drinking, but in his mind, it didn't mean that Brooke was mean or wanted to ruin Quinn's marriage.

"The hell she doesn't!" Quinn exclaimed. She informed Ridge that Brooke was telling Eric to leave Quinn. Quinn refused to put up with it anymore. She ordered Ridge to talk to Brooke because Brooke didn't know who she was dealing with. Quinn declared that Brooke didn't want to make an enemy out of Quinn.

At Eric's mansion, Eric conveyed to Brooke that Shauna had moved out of the guesthouse. Brooke thanked him, and he said he'd agreed with her that it had been inappropriate to have Shauna there while Ridge was on the grounds. Brooke appreciated Eric's support.

As Eric and Brooke talked about the difficult time Brooke and Ridge were having due to Thomas, Brooke said the problem was also Quinn, who supported Shauna going after Ridge and who had knocked Brooke to the ground. Eric insisted that Quinn was embarrassed that it had gone so far. Brooke doubted that Quinn was embarrassed or ashamed. She asked him to open his eyes and see who Quinn really was.

Eric said that Quinn was his wife and deserved his loyalty. Brooke insisted that Quinn's dark side was still there. Eric believed that he knew his wife, and Quinn wasn't the same person as she'd once been. Brooke insisted she was. He asked if it counted for anything that Quinn had granted Brooke's wish to remove Shauna.

Brooke asserted that Quinn had done it for Eric; however, Eric insisted that Quinn had done it for Brooke because it was what Brooke had wanted. He asked Brooke to try to get along. Brooke asked why she should do that when Quinn didn't "give a damn" about Brooke or Brooke's family. "Because I'm asking you to," he desperately uttered.

Brooke apologized, but she couldn't change her opinion about Quinn. Taking her hand, Eric said he knew. He decided to head to work. Brooke said she'd leave after sending off a few emails.

Brooke drank juice from a bottle and stared at Quinn's portrait. Behind her, Brooke heard Quinn tell her to get over it because the portrait would never come down. Quinn asked what Brooke was doing in Quinn's home. The two began bickering about Brooke's right to demand that Shauna leave the house. Quinn said that Brooke didn't get a say about what happened there.

Brooke claimed that she'd spent more time in that house and with that family than Quinn ever would. Brooke asserted that she knew Eric better than Quinn ever would, but somehow, Quinn had convinced him that she'd changed. Brooke claimed that Quinn still had the look in her eyes that she'd had when she'd knocked Brooke down. To Brooke, the look said that Quinn would do anything to hang onto her marriage.

Brooke said that she'd arrived there to talk to Eric about Quinn. Brooke had meant it when she'd said she'd protect him from his "crazy-ass" wife. Quinn asked Brooke how she dared say that when Eric and Quinn had a good marriage. Brooke called Quinn trash and said she wouldn't let Quinn take Eric down to Quinn's level.

Quinn stated that she'd warned Brooke not to make an enemy of Quinn, and once Quinn was attacked, she'd retaliate. Brooke dared Quinn to hit Brooke and show Eric how crazy and dangerous Quinn really was.

Brooke yelled that she'd get Quinn's portrait off the wall and make sure that Eric was far away from Quinn. "And there's nothing you can do about it!" Brooke concluded. Quinn's stared at the liquor on the minibar in the living room.

In the design office, Steffy arrived and found Sally working on her designs. Observing the worn-out designer, Steffy noted that Sally didn't seem like herself. Sally said she was fine, just tired. She hadn't been sleeping well. Steffy said it had been going on for a while; it was affecting Sally's work, and Steffy hoped that Sally wasn't putting too much pressure on herself.

Sally didn't want to let Steffy down. Steffy stated that she cared more about Sally's health than the clothing line, and she'd been thinking of talking to Wyatt about it. Not wanting Steffy to do that, Sally revealed that she and Wyatt were having a rough patch.

Steffy was sorry to hear it. Sally confided that Flo had returned to Wyatt's life, and Sally didn't know where she stood with him anymore. Steffy asked if the couple was still engaged. Sally said that they were, but there had been no ring and no wedding date set. She blamed herself for it, saying she'd said something that she shouldn't have.

Sally believed that Wyatt was the man she was supposed to be with. Steffy advised Sally to fight for it. Sally said she was trying everything, but it was very hard to get through each day. Sally became unsteady, and she braced herself against the chair she was standing beside. Steffy assured Sally that everything was okay.

Grabbing her sketchpad, Sally said she was going to get back to work. She walked out of the office, leaned against the doorframe in the corridor, and tried to pull herself together.

Later, Steffy was in the CEO's office with Ridge, discussing whether or not to cancel the showdown. Ridge decided that there was no rush, and they could just take a step back from it for a moment. Agreeing, Steffy said she didn't want to add to the pressure that Sally was already under. Ridge replied that Sally wasn't the only one losing it around there.

Ridge told Steffy that Quinn and Brooke were at it again. Steffy asked what was new about that. He said it was on a new level. It was turning into an all-out war.

In a doctor's office later, Sally thanked a doctor for seeing her on short notice. He asked what was going on. Sally had been feeling off for a while. She'd had headaches and dizziness. She was under a lot of stress at work. She'd awakened in the night, and she'd noticed that her hands had started to tremble. She said her issues with her fiancé might be part of it.

The doctor asked if Sally had stumbled or fallen. She said she'd had to catch her balance a few times. She was afraid that it could be something serious.

At Spencer, Flo surprised Wyatt with a visit. She'd wanted to see him and to get away from her new blonde roommate. He assumed that she was referring to her mother. Flo explained that Eric had asked Shauna to leave the guesthouse because she and Ridge had shared a few moments together that had made Brooke upset.

"Your mom and Ridge?" Wyatt asked. Flo explained that Shauna had sworn that it hadn't been more than a few kisses. Wyatt could see why Brooke would be upset, and he wondered how she was taking it.

Flo asked if Wyatt had talked to Sally since he'd told her about his decision to leave. Wyatt claimed that he hadn't because Sally had been swamped with her line. He said Sally hadn't been herself for a while. Flo stated that breakups were always painful. Wyatt explained that Sally hadn't been able to hear it about breaking up. It had been as if Sally couldn't take on any more pain.

Wyatt didn't want the problem to affect him and Flo. Flo said it wouldn't, but she didn't like seeing Sally in pain. Wyatt stated that Sally shouldn't have gone to Flo's place like that. Flo got why Sally had done it. He asked how Sally had seemed. Flo believed that Sally was in denial, and it was as if Sally was overwhelmed by everything around her.

Wyatt, who'd sensed the same things about Sally, hoped that Sally had the support she needed to get through it. He couldn't help but care about what Sally was going through. Flo said that it proved he was the caring guy she knew, and they hugged.

Quinn escalates the war with Brooke Quinn escalates the war with Brooke

Friday, January 31, 2020

At Forrester, Steffy wasn't convinced that Quinn and Brooke would just break out into war. Ridge admitted that he'd shared a few kisses with Shauna. He said that Brooke believed that Quinn had been encouraging it. Rolling her eyes, Steffy asked if she had to remind him of what that woman and that woman's daughter had done to her.

Ridge said that Steffy didn't. Steffy asked if she had to remind him that he was still technically married. He responded that she didn't have to remind him of anything, and Brooke had been pretty hurt. Steffy bet that Brooke had torn into Shauna. Ridge stated that it wasn't just Shauna; Brooke thought that Quinn was to blame for most of it.

Ridge had known Brooke would be upset by the kisses, but he hadn't banked on it being so bad between her and Quinn. He questioned why he hadn't predicted it. Steffy recalled that she, and most others, had had problems with Quinn in the past. He noted that the keyword was "past," and no one had battled with Quinn for a long time.

Steffy said Quinn had changed, and being with Eric had softened her -- or at least it seemed so. Ridge figured it wouldn't be unicorns and butterflies, but Quinn wouldn't be the cold, calculating woman she'd once been. Steffy replied that, according to Brooke, Quinn hadn't changed.

Steffy said that Quinn and Brooke would probably exchange barbs, but it wouldn't get out of hand. Ridge hoped that was true because the last thing Brooke needed was a war with Quinn.

At Eric's mansion, Brooke noted that she'd wanted Shauna gone, and Shauna was gone, even though Quinn had wanted it to be different. In Brooke's mind, history mattered, and she said she and Eric shared a ton of it. Glancing at the liquor in the room, Quinn said one had to learn from history so one wouldn't repeat it. Brooke asserted that Quinn thought she'd learned and wouldn't be the next to go; however, Quinn would have to go and only had herself to blame.

Quinn remarked that she ought to record for Eric the things Brooke said. Brooke replied that she'd like for Eric to hear how fiercely she defended him and how much she wanted to protect him from a black widow like Quinn. Brooke affirmed that she'd get him to see Quinn, and Quinn's days as a Forrester were numbered.

Quinn didn't know why she had to plot to undermine Brooke's marriage when Brooke was so good at destroying her marriages on her own. The only marriage being undermined around there was Quinn's, and Quinn wanted Brooke to just let Eric and Quinn be happy and at peace. Refusing, Brooke said she'd looked the other way for too long. In her mind, people didn't change; they just got better at hiding who they really were.

Quinn questioned whether it meant that Brooke was still a drunken mess, drowning her sorrows in a bottle. Brooke said that Quinn knew that Brooke didn't drink anymore. Quinn seized on the statement, proffering it as proof that people could change and grow. Quinn wanted Brooke to let go of the fantasy that Quinn was an evil genius, trying to keep Ridge from Brooke. "Genius, no. Evil, yes," Brooke responded. She intended to make Eric see it.

Quinn didn't even know what Brooke's point was because, even if Brooke succeeded, their lives and families would still be connected. Quinn cited that her son had reunited with Brooke's niece. Brooke called that a mistake, but Quinn contended that Flo was great for him. Brooke disagreed and added that Flo wasn't in Brooke's life.

Quinn noted that Flo had given Katie a kidney. That didn't absolve Flo in Brooke's mind, and Brooke wished Flo and her mother would go back to where they belonged. She didn't understand why Wyatt wasn't still angry about what Flo had done to his brother. Quinn said that it was because he'd forgiven Flo, just like Katie had, and Quinn didn't want Brooke interfering in it the way she was interfering in Quinn's marriage.

Quinn offered to go back to faking it with Brooke and exchanging pleasantries at the office and family gatherings. It was what Eric and the family needed them to do. Brooke asked what would happen if she couldn't. Quinn warned that Brooke would regret it and lose against Quinn.

Brooke took it as a threat, but Quinn denied that it had been. Quinn asked if she should say nothing as Brooke waltzed in to attack Quinn's marriage. Quinn loved her husband and their family. She was determined to defend her place in it.

Brooke roared back that the problem was that Quinn didn't know her place in the family. Brooke felt that Quinn had had no right to send Shauna after Brooke's husband, and Eric didn't want his wife doing things like that. Quinn felt sorry for Brooke, whose marriage was over. She guessed that it had to feel horrible that Ridge was enjoying the company of another woman so soon.

Brooke sighed. Quinn thought that blaming her was a cop-out. Brooke had been the one to remove her ring and push Ridge away, but Brooke was blaming Quinn and Shauna for it. Quinn didn't want to fight with Brooke. It was unnecessary, in Quinn's view, but if Brooke didn't stop, Quinn would get Eric and Ridge to take her side. "And they will," Quinn asserted.

As Brooke and Quinn continued to bicker with each other, Brooke placed her juice bottle by the minibar. Brooke goaded Quinn about wanting to push Brooke off a cliff or lock Brooke in a cabin. She urged Quinn to let her inner self out but to do it far from Los Angeles.

Brooke received a call and took it with her back to Quinn. Quinn poured herself a drink. She saw Brooke's bottle and dumped a splash of clear liquor into it.

After Brooke's call had ended, Quinn said she wouldn't stop Brooke from leaving the house. Brooke said her priority was protecting Eric. Raising her juice bottle to her mouth, Brooke stated, "Once a raging bitch, always a raging bitch -- and I'm gonna make Eric see it."

At Spencer, Katie arrived, looking for Bill. Wyatt said Bill was at a meeting. Wyatt debated sending a text message to Sally, and Katie asked why he'd be hesitant. He revealed that Sally hadn't taken their breakup well. Katie was glad that her get-together had worked for Wyatt and Flo. He expressed that he was kind of worried about Sally.

Though Katie knew that breaking up wasn't easy, she said that Sally was a big girl. She didn't see it sending Sally into depression. Wyatt replied that Katie was assuming that Sally had accepted the breakup. He cared about Sally a lot and hated to be the one hurting her. He hoped Sally would respond but guessed he didn't deserve it. He hoped Sally was doing okay.

Wyatt thought it was cliché to want to still be friends with Sally, but he didn't want to lose her from his life completely. Doubting Sally would let that happen, Katie said that, although the pain wouldn't go away overnight, nothing would keep Sally Spectra, the survivor, down for long.

Katie's phone chimed with a notification of an appointment she had to get to. Wyatt thanked her for the push with Flo. He knew that he'd had to break it off with Sally, but it had been hard. Katie hugged him and said things would work out as they should.

At Dr. Pappas' office, the doctor discussed Sally's symptoms with her and learned that she'd been having fainting spells a few times a day and experiencing hand tremors. She wondered if it could be stress. Dr. Pappas wanted to run some tests to see what they could find out.

Sally smiled as she received a text message from a friend. Turning her attention back to the doctor, she asked what they'd do next. Dr. Pappas wanted to start with blood work, but he suspected that it might take time to get Sally's blood drawn on that busy day. He left to see about getting her squeezed into the schedule.

As Sally waited for the doctor, she received Wyatt's text, asking her to talk. With trembling hands, she typed, asking if he was available right then. She sighed.

A nurse stood in the doorway to tell Sally that someone would be with her soon. Katie happened by and saw Sally in the room. Katie asked to talk to Sally. Katie was sorry to hear about Sally and Wyatt. Sally replied that the verdict was still out on it. Katie said that Wyatt clearly cared about Sally. "Cares enough about me to leave me -- just like everyone else," Sally murmured.

Sally changed the subject to why Katie was there. Katie claimed that it was almost her home away from home with all the follow-ups. She asked why Sally was there. Sally tried to play it off as just a checkup, but Katie said that if there was something more, it could help to talk about it.

Sally admitted that she didn't know what was wrong, and it was scary. Katie knew all about being scared in the hospital and offered to stick around if Sally wanted her to.


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