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Hope confronted Zoe and Thomas about their boisterous bedroom behavior. Katie intervened in an employee firing at Forrester. Ridge made Sally's couture dreams come true. Wyatt asked Sally to live with him again, and Sally suspected that Katie had betrayed Sally's confidence.
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Ridge and Wyatt made Sally's dreams come true, leading to Sally suspect that Katie had betrayed her confidence
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Brooke tries to make peace with Ridge regarding her relationship with Thomas

Brooke tries to make peace with Ridge regarding her relationship with Thomas

Monday, February 24, 2020

In Douglas' room, Thomas entered as Douglas begged Hope to marry Thomas. Thomas said Douglas' wires were crossed; Thomas had proposed marriage to Zoe, not Hope. Douglas asked which woman Thomas wanted to marry more. Thomas began to explain, but Hope cut him off, saying that they just couldn't be together. She stated that she was sorry, but she couldn't marry Douglas' father again.

Thomas told his son that Hope couldn't do it, but Zoe could. He was sure the boy would soon grow to like Zoe very much because Douglas would be spending so much time with her. Douglas said it wouldn't be too much time because he'd also be with Mommy. Thomas agreed but said they were creating a whole new family with Zoe.

Hope asked Thomas to think about what he was saying in front of the child. Thomas replied that things would change with the marriage, and Zoe had opened up a new world for him and Douglas. Thomas wished he could have united Douglas' parents, but he beamed that it was even better because Doulas had two moms. "How lucky are you?" Thomas asked.

Douglas noted that he already had two -- Hope and Mommy in heaven. Thomas replied that he'd meant two mommies on earth -- Hope and mommy Zoe. "She's not my mommy!" Douglas exclaimed. Hope pulled Thomas aside and asked why he was doing that.

Thomas pretended not to know what Hope meant. "You can't call Zoe his mother yet!" She seethed in a hushed tone. She said that his marriage wouldn't change her position in Douglas' life, and as Douglas' father, Thomas needed to make that clear to Douglas.

Thomas replied that his job was to help with the transition, and he hoped Douglas' mother would do the same. Thomas thought Hope should have known that things would change once one of them got married to a different person. Thomas claimed that he'd found an awesome stepmother for the boy, one who would love Thomas in the way that Hope couldn't.

It wasn't the future Thomas had expected, but he was okay with it. He'd messed up with Hope and hadn't known if he could have another relationship. Zoe had given Thomas another chance, and that had given Thomas the chance to give Douglas the family he deserved.

Thomas offered to take Douglas back downstairs, but because it was time for bed, Hope decided to get Douglas ready for a night of sleep. Thomas thanked her and said it gave him more time to celebrate with Zoe. He offered to read Douglas a bedtime story the next night but then said Zoe, who had such a beautiful voice, could do it.

Later, Thomas was in his room, lighting candles as he talked to Vinny on the phone about the engagement. Vinny said that Thomas didn't love Zoe, but Thomas replied that he loved what she did for him. Thomas said that she was a great woman and awesome in bed. Vinny was certain that Douglas had been freaked out. "Now that you mention it..." Thomas responded.

Vinny was disappointed in Thomas for using his son and asked what would happen if Douglas just let Thomas marry Zoe, anyway. Thomas stated that he had to go. Looking at the bed, he said he had one more gift for Zoe and a surprise for Hope and Douglas.

In the living room, the engagement party was winding down. Liam and Steffy had already gone. Ridge, Zoe, Brooke, Quinn, and Eric remained in the living room, talking about the surprise marriage proposal. Zoe said she wouldn't have accepted if Thomas hadn't said he loved her. Brooke snapped that the words had sent Douglas running upstairs upset. Zoe felt terrible about it and hoped that Thomas was reassuring the child.

Eric opened Champagne, and everyone except Brooke toasted to Zoe being a Forrester. Brooke murmured that Zoe would be Douglas' stepmother, and it was shaping up to be a bumpy transition. Eric asked Brooke not to scare Zoe off. Unafraid, Zoe hoped that Douglas would eventually come around and that they'd have a great relationship.

Eric and Quinn congratulated Zoe again and decided to head to bed. Quinn asked Ridge to show Brooke the way out when she was ready to go. Brooke quipped that she knew her way out after all those years. Zoe received a text message from Thomas, who asked her to go upstairs.

After Zoe had gone, Brooke remarked that she didn't like Zoe but also didn't like to see Zoe get used. Ridge asked where Brooke got that kind of stuff from, and she asked him to tell her that he could see through the engagement ploy. Brooke asked if he really thought Zoe and Thomas were ready to get married. Unsure, Ridge said it was up to them.

Brooke pointed out that Zoe hadn't even been ready to accept the proposal because Thomas had never told her that he loved her before that night. "That's pretty weird, don't you think?" Brooke asked. Ridge reluctantly agreed, but he defended Thomas, who he believed was finally moving away from Hope. Ridge said that Thomas was building a healthy relationship with another woman, and Ridge asked if that was okay with Brooke.

Brooke questioned whether Ridge thought it was healthy to build a relationship with a woman Thomas barely knew. Ridge insisted that was positive. He said that it was a step away from Hope, which should make Brooke happy. Ridge thought it was genuine. Even though it was fast, Ridge believed that Thomas had feelings for Zoe, and the marriage would be good.

Brooke said it would be good if Thomas actually had feelings for Zoe. Brooke pondered whether she would feel better about it once it actually happened. Ridge asked if Brooke would believe Thomas had moved on once the wedding happened and eighteen kids were born of it

Brooke repeated that a wedding might make her into a believer. It might make her forgive Thomas, too. She wanted to forgive Thomas and save her marriage. "But I just don't think that's going to happen, Ridge. I really don't," Brooke concluded, to Ridge's chagrin.

In Thomas' room, Zoe arrived. She was amazed by the romantic setup Thomas had created in the room. He asked if he'd made her cry. Zoe was shedding what she called "happy tears," and she still couldn't believe that they were engaged. She wondered if he was sure about it. He affirmed that he was. She wondered if they were moving too fast.

Thomas didn't care if it was fast or slow. He was being sincere. He asked her to prove that she was, too. They began kissing and undressing each other. Zoe pushed Thomas onto the bed. She lost her balance and slammed into the bookcase behind her.

In Douglas' room, Hope had just read Douglas to sleep. She heard a clamor from the next room. It was followed by Thomas and Zoe laughing and talking loudly. Hope left the room and charged into Thomas' room. Zoe and Thomas were on the bed in their underwear. Hope asked "what the hell" they thought they were doing.

Hope asked if Zoe or Thomas had any idea of how loud they were being with Douglas next door. "Oh, my God," Zoe uttered, embarrassed. Thomas asked if Douglas was upset. Hope stated that the boy was asleep, but she'd heard it. Thomas stated that he and Zoe had gotten carried away, but they were engaged. Hope replied that she would have happily taken Douglas home with her if "that" was how Thomas wanted to celebrate.

Thomas started to say that he hadn't intended it, but rephrasing himself, he again stated that he and Zoe were engaged. "Yeah, about that," Hope replied. She asked if Zoe was sure that she wanted to be married to someone who still loved another woman. Thomas said Hope's name. At the same time, Zoe said, "Excuse me?"

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" Hope asked. Zoe chose not to be offended. She said that she was the one with Thomas' ring and in Thomas' bed. Stating that he'd be honest, Thomas claimed to love both of them. As great as Hope was for Douglas, she wasn't an option for Thomas. Zoe asked if that was supposed to mean that she was in second place.

Thomas assured Zoe that she wasn't and that he loved her. He wanted to be with the amazing Zoe. He decided that he should check on Douglas, and Zoe quietly decided to go freshen up. She kissed him and went into the bathroom.

Thomas told Hope that her barging in had been weird. Hope replied that she hadn't wanted Thomas to traumatize his son any more that night. Denying that it was his intent, Thomas reasoned that, if awake, Douglas wouldn't have known what he'd heard, and Hope could have made something up. Hope stated that she wouldn't have been able to explain what Thomas had been doing in there with Zoe.

Hope reminded Thomas that Douglas was upset because his parents weren't together. Thomas replied that it would never work, and Hope had said she didn't want it. Hope replied that it definitely couldn't work, but she didn't get why Thomas had to rush into an engagement with Zoe when moving so fast was hurting his son. Thomas insisted that he was doing what was best for his son and paving the road for their future. He repeated that Hope wasn't an option, and she again affirmed that she was not. He asserted that he was moving forward.

Zoe emerged from the bathroom and asked how Douglas was. Thomas said he hadn't checked yet. Hope said she'd do it, and Zoe and Thomas could return to celebrating -- quietly. Thomas pulled Zoe into his arms. She giggled. Hope rolled her eyes and left the room.

Wyatt asks Sally for a chance

Wyatt asks Sally for a chance

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In the design office, Katie tried to talk Sally into seeing a doctor, but Sally was adamant about not spending her last days searching in vain for a cure. She implored Katie not to tell anyone about the illness. Katie moved on to trying to convince Sally to tell her family or Wyatt, but Sally refused to put anyone, including Wyatt, on her deathwatch.

Sally received a text message saying Wyatt wanted to see her at Spencer. Urging Sally to go, Katie said that Sally didn't want him to get suspicious about her avoiding him. Sally thought that the breakup was a good enough excuse for avoiding him. Katie reasoned that Sally should be curious about what Wyatt wanted and suggested that the visit could bring closure.

As Sally turned to leave, Bill opened the door. He announced that Sally looked really good. Sally was confused, and Bill added that the whole "snakeskin thing" was working for her. Sally glanced down at her snakeskin print coat, thanked him, and left.

"Wow, smooth," Katie quipped. Bill asked if he should have told Sally how sick she looked. Noting that Sally was off to see Wyatt, Katie hoped Wyatt could be more subtle than his father.

Katie wasn't sure that she'd done the right thing by telling others. Bill pointed out that he and Katie had figured out that it was best to not keep secrets from each other. She still didn't know if it had been right for her to tell Wyatt. Bill wanted Katie to stop beating herself up. He believed that Sally would be glad to have Wyatt by her side when things got rough.

Bill said that Katie had been a good friend to Sally, who'd need it a lot more. From what Bill had heard, Sally's design career might be history. Katie didn't know how Sally could work with shaky hands and pounding headaches. Katie had known things were bad at Forrester, but she hadn't known that Sally and Ridge were thinking of letting her go. Katie refused to let it happen.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Ridge had muffins and talked about Thomas' engagement. Steffy was skeptical about it, but Ridge, who'd gotten an assurance from Thomas that it hadn't had anything to do with Hope, believed that Thomas was trying to move on. Steffy made a face. She wanted to support Thomas and said they'd see what happened.

The conversation turned to Sally. Steffy showed Ridge an unfinished design and said that they had a problem on their hands. Ridge murmured that Sally had the problem. Steffy and Ridge discussed how off Sally had been, and he didn't understand why Sally hadn't completed the design. Steffy suggested that Sally was preoccupied with Flo and Wyatt, but Ridge figured that it had to be something else.

Ridge and Steffy didn't want to make the tough decision, but they couldn't use designs like that on the runway. Steffy said that they'd have to cancel the showdown, and Ridge added that Sally's days there were numbered. Steffy asserted that the collaboration should have worked. It actually had been working, and Steffy didn't understand why things had suddenly changed.

Ridge figured that a piece had gone missing for Sally, but it wasn't Steffy's fault or up to Steffy to find it. He said they'd thought Sally would fit in, but it hadn't worked out. It was time for Sally to go. Steffy hated that part of being a boss. Ridge offered to do it, but Steffy felt that they needed to handle it together. He was sure the setback would make Sally stronger in the future.

Katie entered. Ridge said he'd been just about to call her. Steffy and Ridge explained that they'd needed to let their head of PR know that they were letting Sally go. Katie asserted that they couldn't do it. Ridge and Steffy conveyed that Sally's designs weren't cutting it, but it was okay because Sally had a long career ahead of her.

Katie murmured that that wasn't the case. Ridge asked what was going on. Katie asked them to just take her word for it that firing Sally would be a mistake. Steffy said it was a business decision. Aloud, Katie deliberated on how to say what she had to say. She revealed that Sally didn't want anyone to know it, but Sally was dying and didn't have much time left.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Flo kissed. They couldn't get their minds off Sally, and Flo insisted that Wyatt spend as much time with Sally as possible. In Flo's mind, Flo and Wyatt had the future to be together, but Sally didn't have that kind of time. She believed that she and Wyatt could make a sacrifice for Sally.

Wyatt said that Sally hadn't responded to him yet, but Flo assumed that Sally was in a meeting. He told Flo that she was an amazing person with a big heart. She thought the same about him and said helping Sally was the least they could do. Remarking that the women had been rivals, Wyatt was amazed that Flo wanted to make Sally's time better. Flo had turned an awkward situation into something better, and it was what they'd do for Sally.

Flo said it would take work, but once Wyatt got Sally to believe that Flo and Wyatt were "over," Sally would open up to him. Wyatt was skeptical, but Flo said it was exactly what Sally wanted. Wyatt received a call that Sally was on her way up, and Flo decided to get out of there.

When Sally arrived, Wyatt pretended to be working. He invited her in, and she asked what it was about. He said he'd missed her. "Not this again," Sally replied. He insisted that it was true and said the world was a darker place without her in it. She found it funny that he'd say that.

Flo walked up to the cracked office door and listened. Inside the office, Wyatt was facing the door as he said that it was great to see Sally. He'd missed her. Sally didn't know how he'd had the time to miss her while making up for lost time with Flo.

Wyatt claimed that he and Flo had been having trouble. Things had happened to make him open his eyes and have a new appreciation for Sally. Sally asked what he was saying. He deeply regretted hurting her. He hadn't known what he'd been thinking. He missed Sally and wanted to fix it. He wanted Sally in his life and to spend time with her.

Confused, Sally mentioned Wyatt's relationship with Flo. Wyatt stated that it hadn't worked out as planned, and things had gotten complicated. "So now you want to be with me?" Sally replied. He understood that she was skeptical, but he hoped she wouldn't shut him down. He asked for time to convince her that he deserved a chance.

Sally uttered that she didn't have time. Wyatt asked what that meant. Hopping from her seat, Sally stated that she didn't know what was going on with him and Flo, but Sally was sure they'd work it out. Sally urged him to be with Flo, whom he really wanted. Wyatt claimed that he wanted to be with Sally more than anything.

"Damn it, Wyatt! Do you know how much you hurt me when you left me twice?" Sally yelled. Wyatt replied that he really wanted to make it up to her. She had really wanted to spend every spare moment of her life with him, but it wasn't an option for her.

Wyatt asked Sally not to focus on the big picture. Doing that always got them into trouble. Instead, he wanted her to focus on the moment and his desire to hold her. He asked if he could do that. Sally's posture slackened, and Wyatt held her. Crying, she said he didn't know how much she'd needed it, and life sucked sometimes.

At the door, Flo looked away and wiped away tears. Wyatt told Sally that she was strong and independent, but he was there, anyway. Her days of being alone were over, and she could count on him to be her rock and strength. He'd always be there for her. She sobbed, and he hugged her again.

Ridge asks Sally to work on the couture line

Ridge asks Sally to work on the couture line

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

by Nel

At Forrester, Katie told Steffy and Ridge that Sally was suffering from a terminal illness. She begged them not to fire Sally. Katie said she wanted them to know what was going on, but they couldn't tell Sally they knew about her condition. Ridge realized that Sally's work had gone downhill, but he didn't understand why Sally hadn't said anything to them about her condition.

Katie told Ridge and Steffy that Sally didn't want anyone to know. She said that Sally wasn't being realistic, and she'd begged Sally to let her help. Ridge asked what Sally's symptoms were. Katie said Sally suffered from fatigue, trouble concentrating, shaking, and excruciating headaches.

Katie told Ridge and Steffy that Sally wanted to do it on her own. Katie said that she'd managed to convince Sally to let Katie be with her for support. Katie said it had been devastating, and she couldn't imagine facing something like that on her own. Ridge agreed with Katie and said that Sally couldn't go through her situation alone. She said that Sally thought of herself as tough, and she didn't want to burden her family.

Katie informed Ridge and Steffy that she'd told Wyatt. He'd promised not to let on that he knew about Sally's condition. Katie said that Sally needed to focus on something so she didn't lose her job. Steffy said she felt terrible because she'd pushed Sally so hard. Katie said that Sally was determined to make Steffy's collection a success. Steffy said that Sally's drawings had been incredible then suddenly they'd gone downhill. Ridge said that Sally couldn't put her designs on paper anymore.

Ridge thanked Katie for telling them about Sally. Katie asked them not to let on that they knew about Sally's condition, and she left.

At Spencer Publications, Flo stood outside Wyatt's office, listening as Sally told Wyatt that she hated feeling needy. Wyatt said he knew she'd gone through a lot, and he knew the pressure she'd been under trying to please Steffy with her designs. Sally said she could handle a lot more than that if she didn't feel so alone. Wyatt assured her that if she let him back into her life, she would never have to be alone again.

Sally asked Wyatt about Flo. Wyatt said he'd made a mistake going back to Flo. Sally said she'd never stopped loving him. She tried to apologize for calling Wyatt by Liam's name, but Wyatt said regrets were for others, not adventure-seekers like them. He wanted her to feel like she didn't have a care in the world or think about things they couldn't change. He just wanted her to be there with him.

Sally reminded Wyatt that they had tried more than once to be together, but something always messed it up. Wyatt said he took responsibility for that. At that moment, Sally received a text message. Sally told Wyatt that Steffy wanted to see her at the office. Sally admitted that Steffy had been anxious because she hadn't been on her game. Sally believed she was about to be fired. Wyatt said that Steffy would understand if Sally explained that she'd been going through a rough time.

After Wyatt told Sally that he wanted to see her as much as he could and that he wouldn't abandon or bail on her, Sally said she hadn't felt that good in a long time. Wyatt said that she was right; there was no perfect woman. He said perfection was a fantasy. When he saw her beautiful smile, that was what was real, and he really wanted it to last.

Outside the office door, Flo cried while Sally and Wyatt hugged.

After Sally left, Flo told Wyatt that she had hoped that Sally would have opened up to him. She commented how brave Sally had tried to be. Wyatt said that Sally was really sick, and he was surprised he hadn't seen it before. He felt bad that Flo had been forced to hear the things he'd said to Sally. Flo said she knew that Wyatt had meant them, and he'd spoken from his heart. Flo asked Wyatt to talk to Steffy about Sally keeping her job.

Wyatt told Flo that Sally had wanted to be a world-class designer, and things had taken off for her once she'd been hired at Forrester Creations. Wyatt wished that Sally had been honest with him, but he didn't want her to feel she was being tricked. He didn't want Sally thinking that he and Flo were still together. Flo assured him that Sally wouldn't because Wyatt needed to be with Sally for as long as necessary, even though they had no idea how long that would be. They didn't know how much time Sally had.

Flo told Wyatt that things had to be that way, but Wyatt was concerned how hard it had to have been for Flo to see Sally in his arms again. Flo said that Sally needed him, and it was all about Sally. Wyatt was concerned how it would affect them, but Flo asked him what kind of future they would have if he just let Sally go. Flo said that when Sally had arrived to see Wyatt, she'd been broken, but Wyatt had made the light in her eyes shine. It was clear that Sally was still in love with him, and Flo didn't want Wyatt to hold back because of her. She said that Wyatt needed to spend his time with Sally.

When Sally arrived at the office, Steffy and Ridge were waiting for her. She noticed that they had been going over her designs. Sally said she knew what they were going to say -- that her designs weren't up to par and that they needed someone who could design and get the collection ready. She said they obviously had no choice but to let her go. Sally admitted that Ridge and Steffy had been very good to her, and she was grateful for the opportunity they'd given her. She claimed she'd had a good run. Steffy told Sally that she wouldn't have asked Sally to design for her collection if she hadn't been good at it.

Katie listened at the door.

Ridge said that Sally was a very talented designer. Sally was sorry she'd let them down. Ridge showed Sally one of her drawings and said he'd added a few touches. Sally was stunned. She said it was what she would have done. Ridge said that Sally had a wild abandon that he didn't. Steffy said that Sally's designs wouldn't be included in her collection, but they would be in Ridge's couture line. Sally couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Ridge told Sally he believed she would be great for Forrester Creations and for herself. Sally claimed that she hadn't felt more alive as an artist or designer than she did at that moment. She thanked Ridge, and he hugged her.

Katie stood outside the door and cried tears of happiness.

Wyatt asks Sally to move in with him

Wyatt asks Sally to move in with him

Thursday, February 27, 2020

At Spencer, Flo and Wyatt discussed the plan to put their relationship on hold so that he could be there for Sally. Wyatt gushed about his love for Flo, saying that no other woman would be so understanding and selfless. Flo said it wasn't about her; it was about him and Sally and how much time he could spend with Sally before she died.

Flo wanted Wyatt to feel as if he'd done everything he could for Sally. Wyatt noted that Flo was doing a lot, too, and Sally didn't even know about it. Flo stated that she'd want someone to help her if she were in that position. Wyatt asked if Flo was sure about their plan.

Flo reasoned that she and Wyatt had time, but Sally didn't. Flo figured that Sally would want to spend the time she had left with him, but Sally wouldn't say it because she wouldn't want pity. Flo didn't think it was pity and said that Wyatt really cared about Sally. Flo stated that it wouldn't change anything between him and Flo, but it would mean a lot for Sally.

Flo suggested that Wyatt ask Sally to move back in with him. Wyatt thought it was a big commitment and asked if Flo was really okay with it. Flo was all for anything to make Sally's last days easier. Wyatt wanted to be careful in approaching Sally with it because she was a proud woman and didn't want to lean on anyone for help.

Flo said Sally would shut down if she suspected something. Wyatt added that Sally would then shut him out. Sure that it wouldn't happen, Flo suggested that he call Sally. Flo said the sooner Wyatt convinced Sally to move in, the better.

At Forrester, Sally was astounded by what Ridge had done with her design. It was as if Forrester had thrown her a lifeline. Ridge insisted that it was Sally's talent and Sally's design. He'd just tweaked it a bit. Steffy stated that Sally's work deserved to be in the couture collection.

Sally planned to cherish the moment for the rest of her life. She said the Forresters had given her something to look forward to. It was a wonderful gift. She was beyond grateful. Ridge stated that he couldn't do the kind of work Sally did, and the designs were filled with her and her spirit.

Steffy began to talk about her admiration for Sally, who'd had to fight. "And you still have to fight -- " Steffy said. Ridge cut Steffy off and clarified that the fight was in the design world. Sally hadn't felt like she'd belonged, but that day felt a lot brighter to her than the day before.

Katie entered the office, and Steffy said they'd just been giving Sally some good news. Sally revealed that her designs would be in the new couture collection. Katie was thrilled for Sally, and Steffy said she expected her to be there, working on her designs, every day. Sally tried to pick up her purse, but it fumbled out of her trembling hand. Katie was the only person in the room who appeared to notice it.

Sally received a call from Wyatt. Katie, Ridge, and Steffy talked across the room as Sally took it. Sally told Wyatt that the most unbelievable thing had happened at Forrester. Wyatt asked her to meet him at his house so he could hear all about it.

After the call, Sally took off. Katie thanked Ridge and Steffy for everything they'd done for Sally. Steffy wondered what the call from Wyatt had been about. Katie said that Wyatt wanted to help Sally, and Katie was hopeful that he had a plan for it.

Later, Katie had gone, and Steffy and Ridge talked about how close they'd gotten to firing Sally before learning about her illness. Steffy said that Sally was struggling but had still gone to work every day. Ridge replied that Sally was a Spectra and a fighter, and it was up to Forrester to make sure Sally's designs were a hit in the fashion world. "If Sally has to go out, she's gonna go out on top," Ridge asserted.

Back at Spencer. Flo was alone, waiting for Katie, who'd sent Flo a message to meet there. Katie arrived and told Flo that the Forresters were keeping Sally on at Forrester. Flo wished the doctors would call Sally and tell her that they'd made a mistake on her tests. Flo knew it was a long shot and said that, if Sally didn't get the call, they just needed to make her as happy as possible. No one could do that better than Wyatt.

Katie appreciated Wyatt's willingness to be there for Sally and said that Flo's willingness to step aside was amazing. Katie knew that Flo didn't want praise. Flo said she felt terrible for Sally, and none of the competition for Wyatt mattered anymore. Flo wished that Sally would open up about it and was sure Sally would have nothing but support.

Katie agreed. She said that Sally didn't want to be pitied and wanted to go out on her own terms. Flo got it and guessed that the best thing they could do was to show their support without Sally knowing that they knew. Katie asked why Wyatt had asked to meet Sally, and Flo revealed that he wanted to ask Sally to move in with him again.

At Wyatt's house, Sally had a dizzy spell on the porch. She pulled herself together and entered the house. Wyatt greeted her. As she stared around the house, he said they'd had a lot of memories. He wanted to make more memories, ones to last a lifetime. He asked her to say that she wanted the same thing. "If only it could be that way," she replied.

Assuring Sally that it could be, Wyatt said he wanted to spend as much time as he could with her. It was what he wanted more than anything.

Changing the subject, Sally told Wyatt that Forrester was incorporating her designs into couture. Wyatt congratulated her and hugged her. Sally thought that it was ironic that things she'd wanted most to happen at her job and with Wyatt were materializing.

Wyatt claimed that he'd missed Sally a lot. He said that the thought of not being able to see her and share moments with her wasn't acceptable. He reminded her that he'd told her that he loved her, and he meant it. He wanted her face to be the first thing he saw in the morning and the last thing he saw at night. He wanted her to move in and share his life with her. He asked her to say she wanted to be in their home again.

Sally sighed, and Wyatt hugged her. He urged her to say that she'd spend the rest of her life with him.

Sally suspects Katie betrayed her confidence

Sally suspects Katie betrayed her confidence

Friday, February 28, 2020

At Wyatt's house, Sally was overwhelmed by Wyatt's offer to live together. Wyatt said it had been her happy place. She felt that a lot had changed since then. Wyatt didn't want to see her hurt anymore or under stress. He desired to make things up to her and spend every moment he could with her. He urged her to agree to stay and share her life with him.

The invitation seemed sudden to Sally, but Wyatt told her that she'd been on his mind more than she knew. Sally conveyed that it was nice to hear that. He wanted to pick up where they'd left off. He asked her to stay and never leave. She said she'd have to leave at some point. He joked that she wouldn't, and that was what delivery was for.

As Wyatt tried to talk Sally into it, Sally remained skeptical. She said that he'd told her that it was over with Flo. Sally wasn't sure if she could really believe that. He asserted that his words were straight from his heart. He'd always loved Sally, but he hadn't appreciated her the way he should have. He wanted to spend the rest of his life making it up to her and proving how important she was to him. He didn't blame her for being guarded.

Sally needed to be sure. She couldn't go through more pain. She just wanted to be happy. Wyatt wanted to make her happy. He wanted to be with her forever and not waste another second. He asked her to stay with him. He offered to walk on the beach, stare at the moon, and play poker together. He stated that, whatever she did for the rest of her life, he wanted her to do it with him.

Sally wanted to agree to it, but she needed time. There was something she had to do before she could give him her answer. Before she left the house, she asked if he could hold her. Wyatt took Sally into his arms and held her on the sofa.

At Spencer, Katie and Flo discussed how bad Katie felt about breaking Sally's confidence. Flo believed that Katie had done the right thing. Katie was amazed that Wyatt wanted Sally to move in with him. Even though it was a beautiful gesture, Katie wondered if Flo was really okay with it.

Flo said that she and Wyatt had decided together. Katie remarked that it was a huge sacrifice. Flo felt that she could afford it and said it was nothing compared to what Sally was going through. Katie didn't want Flo to feel pressured into it and said there were a lot of other ways to help Sally besides having her live with Wyatt.

Bill arrived and asked if he'd heard right. He was stunned that Flo was okay with Wyatt asking Sally to live with him. Flo explained that it was what she and Wyatt wanted for Sally. Bill asked Flo to be straight with him about her feelings on the matter because he knew a lot of strong people who wouldn't be able to handle it.

Flo thought Sally deserved to feel loved and to be happy and comfortable in her final days. Katie stated that it was who Flo was, and Bill should feel lucky that Flo was in Wyatt's life. Bill admitted that Flo was growing on him a bit, but it was challenging for him because of the way Flo had been introduced into their lives.

Bill reminded Flo that she'd participated in his granddaughter's kidnapping and cover-up. He couldn't just meditate that away. Flo didn't expect him to. Bill said she was at least moving down the road to redemption. Flo had given Katie her life back and was putting Sally's feelings ahead of Flo's own.

While praising Flo for her benevolence toward Sally, Bill realized that Wyatt's offer to Sally could raise some red flags for her. Bill thought that Sally might figure out that Wyatt knew the truth.

Later, Flo and Bill were alone, wondering why Sally had asked Katie to meet her. Wyatt arrived and wondered if he should be worried that Bill wasn't being nice to Flo. Offended, Bill said that he and Flo were practically old drinking buddies. Bill asked how it had gone with Sally.

Wyatt revealed that Sally wasn't sure about whether she should trust him or not. Flo asked what he'd told Sally. He said he'd been honest about his feelings and desire to be there for her. Flo was sure it meant a lot to Sally. Bill said that Flo was being remarkable about it. Wyatt felt lucky that he and Flo were on the same page about Sally moving in with him.

Flo asked if Wyatt had gotten through to Sally. Wyatt believed that Sally wanted to accept. Bill asked if Wyatt had put so much on Sally that she'd begun to suspect that he knew. Bill presumed that it was why Sally had asked Katie to meet her. Wyatt wondered why Sally wanted to talk to Katie. Bill deduced that, after Wyatt's big profession of love, Sally would probably grill Katie about blabbing that Sally was dying.

Bill, Flo, and Wyatt began to worry about how Sally would react. Bill suspected she'd leave town and go it alone. Wyatt couldn't have that and vowed to support Sally while playing along with the "damn" secret.

Bill didn't know why Sally wouldn't just tell people. He offered to fly in the best doctors in the world. Wyatt replied that it wasn't who Sally was; Sally was stubborn and didn't want anyone to pity her. Bill advised Wyatt not to blow his cover. Wyatt was trying his best. He was worried that if Sally learned that he knew, she'd think everything he'd said had been out of charity.

Flo didn't think Sally would question Wyatt's compassion. Flo said they'd have to believe that Sally wouldn't realize what was going on. Bill thought it would be impossible for Sally to hide her condition if she lived with Wyatt. Flo was glad that Sally had told Katie because it enabled them all to know what was going on. Bill was sure that Katie would keep the secret safe and convince Sally to move in with Wyatt, so that Sally wouldn't have to be alone.

In the design office, Katie waited as, in the hallway, Sally wrestled with her sick feeling and entered the office. Katie asked how things had gone with Wyatt. Sally told Katie that Wyatt had said wonderful and amazing things to her. Katie thought that was good.

Sally pointedly stated that Katie had sworn not to tell anyone about her, and Katie knew how important it was for Sally to keep the secret. Sally didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her. Sally asked Katie if she had told Wyatt about Sally's illness.

Katie asked why Sally thought Wyatt knew. Sally said it had been in Wyatt's words and behavior. In a rush of words, Sally explained that things were over with Wyatt and Flo. Wyatt missed Sally and regretted the pain he'd caused her. He didn't want to spend another moment apart. He wanted to be with Sally every minute, morning and night. Katie thought it was amazing that Wyatt had realized how much he needed Sally and wanted her back.

Sally added that Wyatt also wanted her to move back in. Thinking that it was fantastic, Katie asked if it wasn't what Sally had wanted. Sally had wanted it and said Wyatt was the love of her life. She wished he'd asked months earlier. She needed him more than ever. Katie insisted that it was time to let him back in.

Sally sighed, and Katie guessed that Sally was leery. Sally said she already had a problem with trusting people. She guessed she had nothing to lose by trying to trust. Katie asked if Sally had accepted Wyatt's offer. Sally had wanted to. She'd wanted to jump into Wyatt's arms, but she didn't know how she could keep her secret while living with him.

Katie exclaimed that Sally didn't have to keep the secret from Wyatt or anyone else. Sally was adamant that no one would know and begged Katie not to tell anyone. Katie replied that it was Sally's decision, but she urged Sally to find happiness and peace. "Say yes to Wyatt," Katie said and hugged Sally.

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B&B TWO SCOOPS: Darkness and light
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