The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for the week of March 16, 2020

Douglas and Liam planned an impromptu in-home wedding. Quinn surreptitiously lifted a damning video from Shauna's phone and uploaded it to Brooke's digital photo frame. Sally confessed her illness to Wyatt, but Penny urged Sally to admit that she wasn't dying at all.
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Douglas planned a wedding, Quinn tried to undo a marriage, and Sally revealed she wasn't dying
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Douglas sets a sweet surprise in motion and for Liam, Hope, and baby Beth

Douglas sets a sweet surprise in motion and for Liam, Hope, and baby Beth

Monday, March 16, 2020

Near the front door at the mansion, Eric thought it had to be a first for Carter to have a service with two brides. Carter said that when it had become obvious that Thomas had been about to switch brides, Carter had felt bad for Zoe. Eric had, too, until he'd realized she'd been in on the plan. Quinn thought it had been brave of Zoe but painful. Carter said that Zoe would someday be at the altar with a guy who really wanted to marry her.

Carter pulled Zoe aside to see how she was holding up. Zoe was surprised by how well she was doing after getting dumped at the altar. Carter reasoned that she'd done the dumping. She said she'd been hoping that Thomas' feelings had been real. Carter had been, too, for her sake, but he assured her that there were better days ahead.

Ridge and Steffy were by the fireplace, looking at his phone. Thomas hadn't contacted Ridge back, and Steffy hoped that Vinny would find her brother.

Ridge and Steffy approached Hope, Liam, and Douglas, who sat on Liam's lap. Steffy was proud of her nephew. Douglas thanked him but figured his father was very mad at him. Ridge said Thomas should only be mad at himself. Hope stated that they'd exposed the truth, which had been the right thing to do, and Thomas might see it that way after he calmed down.

Douglas asked if he could stay with Hope until then. Hope said he could stay with her as long as he wanted. Agreeing, Liam stated that Hope was Douglas' mother, so Douglas could always stay with them if he wanted because he was family.

Steffy let Douglas know that he was lucky to have many people whom he could call family. "The Forresters, Spencers, and the Logans. We're all connected," she explained. Steffy believed that her brother would one day show his good side, but until then, Douglas had a family with Hope, Beth, and Liam. Steffy was happy for them.

Ridge approached Brooke, but he didn't know what to say to her after learning that she'd been right about Thomas. Brooke said she hadn't wanted to be. Ridge hoped that Brooke could forgive him. Brooke and Ridge hugged.

Later, Hope arrived downstairs in the dress she'd worn to the wedding. Liam and Hope thanked Steffy for what she'd said earlier. Hope stated that Steffy and Kelly were a part of Hope and Liam's family, and they were all one big, blended family. Steffy was glad Hope would say that "after what I..." Steffy's cut herself off when she noticed Douglas listening to her every word.

Douglas asked if Kelly would visit him. Steffy promised he'd see her and Kelly all the time. Hope hoped it was true. Affirming it, Steffy said the kids would grow up together, just as they'd planned.

Steffy went to talk to Ridge, and Douglas assumed that his aunt was worried about his father. Hope conveyed that they all were, but she didn't want Douglas to worry. She approved of what Steffy had said about Thomas being a good man again. Hope believed Thomas wanted to be a good man for Douglas.

Agreeing, Liam figured that Douglas was upset about the whole thing and had wanted Thomas to marry Hope. Liam hoped Douglas wouldn't mind if Liam helped her look out for Douglas. Liam wanted to prove to Douglas how safe and loved he was with Liam and Hope. Douglas was confident about it. Douglas said Liam had always been nice to him, so he was totally cool with it. Liam and Douglas hugged.

Later, Eric bade Zoe farewell and was certain Carter would get her home safely. After Carter and Zoe exited the house, Ridge approached Quinn and Eric, who were about to excuse the caterers for the evening. Eric promised Ridge that they'd get Thomas the help he needed.

By the fireplace, Brooke expressed how worried she'd been when she'd seen Hope in the wedding gown. Hope apologized for not telling Brooke about the plan. Hope hoped that exposing Thomas had paved the way for Ridge and Brooke. Brooke hoped so, too.

Liam and Douglas approached to see if Hope was ready to go home. Douglas couldn't wait to tell Beth that he was staying with them. The threesome said goodbye to Steffy and Ridge on their way out.

Brooke approached Steffy and Ridge and said she'd been impressed by Steffy. Brooke stated that wishing Hope and Liam well couldn't have been easy for Steffy. Agreeing, Steffy said she'd rather do what was right than what was easy. Even though Liam was Kelly's father, he belonged with Hope, Douglas, and Beth. It wasn't easy for Steffy to say, but she was strong enough to accept the truth. Ridge hugged Steffy.

Brooke asked Steffy what Hope had been referring to when she'd said Steffy had told her everything. Steffy revealed that she'd confessed to doing something she wasn't proud of. She explained that Thomas had caught her at a weak time, and he'd talked her into staging a kiss so that Hope could see it.

Brooke didn't understand how Steffy had been able to time something like that. Steffy explained that Thomas, who'd been following Hope, had called Steffy to signal when to do it. Steffy said the guilt about setting Liam up had weighed upon her, and Hope and Liam could have been married. Knowing that Thomas was still obsessed with Hope, Steffy had finally told the truth.

Steffy felt terrible about it, but she was glad she'd confessed. She felt that Liam and Hope were finally the family that they were supposed to be.

Later, Brooke had gone, and Steffy thought it was something, at least, that Brooke hadn't slapped her. Ridge said Brooke wasn't upset with Steffy, who'd done the right thing. "After doing the wrong thing," Steffy quipped. Changing the subject, she sensed some groveling in her father's future. Ridge didn't think he needed to grovel and said Booke had forgiven him. Steffy didn't know why Ridge wasn't already on the way home, since Thomas was no longer between Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge said he was the one who looked after his daughter, not the other way around. Noting that the man she loved had just left with another woman, he asked if Steffy was okay. Steffy claimed to be fine, but he told her that it was okay to be hurt. She admitted to being in pain, but she wasn't sad or jealous. She asked how she could be after what Liam and Hope had gone through. The pain was worth it to know that they and the children had the family they deserved.

At the cabin, Hope, Douglas, and Liam settled in. Amelia had gone, and Beth was still asleep. Liam asked if Hope would check on the baby and give Liam and Douglas some guy time together to talk. Hope left the guys alone, and Liam told Douglas that he had a way to make that night very special for their family.

After Hope returned to the room later, she learned from Liam that Douglas was working on a project in the other room. When Douglas returned to the room, Hope noticed that he had marker ink on his hands. He said he'd been working on a secret project just for her. Liam asked Douglas to show them what he'd been working on, and Douglas ran back into the other room.

Hope thanked Liam for taking on the fatherly role for Douglas. Liam was glad to do it because Hope was Douglas' mother, and they were a family.

Douglas returned to the room with two white tee shirts. He handed one to Liam and one to Hope. "Uh, bride and groom shirts?" Hope asked as she and Liam held their respective shirts up to their chests. Hope thought Douglas was upset that she hadn't married his father. "Not anymore. I want you to marry Liam!" Douglas affirmed.

Hope concluded that "this" was what the guy talk had been about. Douglas stated that Hope could still be a bride if she wanted to. Hope was impressed that Liam and Douglas had pulled it together so quickly. Liam said Douglas was a fast worker.

"Especially when I want something," Douglas added. He wanted Hope to be happy. Hope expressed that she was happy because she had Douglas and Liam at home finally. Douglas reasoned that she'd be even happier if Liam married her.

Douglas was no longer afraid. He understood that she didn't have to marry his dad to be his mommy. Affirming it, Hope said nothing would ever change that, and he always had a home with her. Douglas asked if it would still be that way even if his father got better. Hope replied that it would if it was what Douglas wanted.

"Then make it official," Douglas prompted. He said that Zoe and Thomas hadn't gotten married, but Liam and Hope could. To Hope, it sounded as if Douglas was saying to do it right then. Liam asked when Douglas had ever steered them wrong. Liam thought doing it right there and then with the four of them would be a nice way to start their family.

Hope reminded Liam that they didn't have a license, but Liam said they could do whatever they needed to do at the courthouse the next day. For the time being, they had what they needed -- a bride, a groom, and incredibly good-looking children. Liam asked what she'd say. Hope exclaimed that she'd do it. Liam swept her and Douglas into his arms, singing, "She said 'yes.' She said 'yes.'"

Douglas officiates a family wedding

Douglas officiates a family wedding

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

At the cabin, Hope couldn't think of anything more meaningful than saying vows around the family she and Liam had fought so hard for. Hope decided that Douglas and Beth could be the witnesses, but they needed an officiant. Douglas asked who that was. "Carter," Liam replied.

Hope explained what an officiant did, and Liam thought he had the perfect candidate for the job. He touched Douglas' shoulder, and Douglas exclaimed that he could do it if they'd coach him. Hope decided that it was settled, and she couldn't wait to don her wedding T-shirt.

Later, Beth was in her highchair, and Liam, who was in his T-shirt, and Douglas were alone in the living room. They'd just set out some candles for the wedding. Liam asked if Douglas had anything he wanted to say about what had gone on that day. If so, Liam was there to listen.

Douglas stated that his father had been doing bad things again and had needed to be stopped. "We had to stop him," Douglas affirmed. Liam agreed but said Thomas was still his dad. Liam figured that Douglas might get confused at times, and if it happened, Liam wanted Douglas to know that he could always talk to Liam about it.

Hope announced that she was ready. Liam started some music on his phone. Hope entered in her T-shirt with a bouquet of garden flowers. Douglas welcomed Hope to her wedding. He greeted everyone and asked if the bride and groom were ready to get married.

Liam and Hope were enthusiastically ready. Douglas had a few words to say. He said "you guys" had known each other for a long time, before he'd even been born. Douglas noted that Liam made Douglas' mommy smile, and she was always happy when she was around him. Douglas knew that he was just a kid, but he could tell that they loved each other a lot.

Douglas prompted Hope and Liam to say something to each other. Liam said that the year had been a challenge, and they might have lost Beth forever if it hadn't been for Douglas. Hope expressed to Douglas how grateful she and Liam were for him, and Hope said that the bright side in their tragedy was that they'd gotten Douglas out of it and had become a happy family.

Douglas cheered. He said that he and Liam would love and protect Hope. Douglas moved on to the vows portion. Liam wanted to say something first. He told Douglas that he wasn't Douglas' father and wouldn't try to replace his father; however, Douglas always had backup if he needed it. Liam told Hope that he was proud, honored, and grateful to become her husband.

Hope's heart was full, and she had the people she loved most in the world around her. Talking to Beth, Hope said she didn't take a day with the child for granted, and Beth was there because of her brave big brother. Hope was honored to call herself Douglas' mother.

Hope told Liam that he was the best man she knew. He was kind and patient and made her feel loved. There had never been anyone else for her. Liam had her heart forever.

Douglas vowed to speak for himself and Beth. Douglas stated that he and Beth loved Liam and Hope and were proud to have them as their parents. Douglas promised that they'd eat all their vegetables. Hope readily promised to remember that.

Douglas moved on to the ring portion. Liam handed Hope a ring and said he wanted it right back. Hope slid the ring on his finger and said she promised to love, honor, and cherish Liam. She'd stand by his side until death did them part. Liam placed a ring on Hope's finger. He pledged his life and heart to her. He said she was his everything, and it was his "intention" to walk through life with her until death would them part.

Douglas announced that, by the power "invested" in him, Liam and Hope were husband and wife. Douglas prompted Liam to kiss Hope and cheered that they were married.

Hope grew emotional about how well Douglas had officiated. She called him their hero and said he'd changed their lives with the four words he'd said. She asked if he remembered the words. "'Baby Beth is alive!'" Douglas proclaimed.

Liam and Hope swept the children into their arms. Like a team, they stacked their hands together, and Douglas positioned Beth's on top. He declared that they were a family. Liam rocked their hands and everyone tossed their hands into the air.

At Spencer, Wyatt was amazed to find Bill still daydreaming in his office in the evening. Wyatt asked if Bill had talked to Liam. Bill had, and he reported that Brooke and Liam's instincts about Thomas had been right all along.

Later, Wyatt asked if he had it right. Recounting what Bill had told him, Wyatt said Thomas, believing that Hope had wanted to marry him, had broken it off with Zoe, only to have Hope say she hadn't really wanted to marry him. Bill stated that there was more; Zoe, Hope, Steffy, Liam, and Douglas had concocted a conspiracy that Thomas hadn't been able to weasel out of.

Wyatt was surprised to hear that Douglas had been in on it. Bill asked why everyone forgot that Douglas was a Spencer with Bill's blood in his veins. Bill believed that Douglas was tough and would be fine. Bill added that Liam and Hope were making a family with Douglas and Beth.

At Brooke's house, Ridge knocked on Brooke's bedroom door. Brooke, in her negligee and robe, opened it, grabbed his tuxedo lapels, and told him to get in there. Ridge said he liked that room. Brooke replied that it was his room, too, and she welcomed him home.

Ridge wanted to stay in the room for a month. He said they'd lost time because of him. Brooke didn't think they needed to talk about it. Ridge, however, wanted to apologize to Brooke, who'd been right about his son from the start. He was sorry he hadn't listened to her.

Brooke hoped that Thomas knew that all roads to Hope were closed. Ridge didn't know why Thomas hadn't seen it before. Ridge berated himself for being a man who hadn't listened to his wife. He said he'd never doubt her again -- or doubt them.

Ridge didn't know how Brooke had become more beautiful than when he'd left her. Brooke claimed that he was just as handsome as when they'd met, but he told her that she needed to get her eyes checked. Brooke stated that meeting him had been the beginning of her life. Ridge noted that they'd had a lot of obstacles, but she said they'd overcome them because he was her destiny. He told her that she was his, too.

As Brooke and Ridge were about to kiss, Brooke's phone rang. She didn't want to answer it. Ridge suggested that it could be important. He was in no hurry and said he'd be there for the rest of her life. He decided to take a shower and went into the bathroom.

Brooke answered the phone and sighed Bill's name. Bill revealed that he'd heard about the wedding from Liam. Bill was happy for Brooke. She thanked Bill for caring. He said he wanted to talk about what had happened between them. Brooke didn't want to discuss it. She said there wouldn't be another word, and she clicked off the line.

Later, a freshly showered and pajama-clad Ridge took Brooke into his arms. She said she'd dreamed about being in his arms for a long time. Ridge said he'd never let her go. When he wasn't with her, it felt wrong, as if half of himself was turned off. He didn't like that feeling. Brooke felt the same way when they weren't together.

Ridge said he and Brooke had loved each other for a long time. Brooke added that she'd loved him even when they'd been apart. Ridge was sorry he'd made her feel alone. He'd failed her as a husband, but he'd never do it again. "Because life without you is really no life at all. I love you so much," Ridge uttered. Brooke told him that she loved him with all of her heart. They hugged.

Quinn sees the video of Brooke and Bill's kiss

Quinn sees the video of Brooke and Bill's kiss

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

by Nel

Brooke woke up alone in bed. Ridge arrived with a breakfast tray. Brooke said that she and Ridge didn't need to leave the bedroom, and she was very happy that Ridge had never filed the divorce papers. Ridge was all in for that, but he continued to beat himself up because he hadn't listened to Brooke about Thomas. He promised it would never happen again.

Brooke told Ridge that she'd spoken to Hope. Hope told her about the sweet little wedding they'd had at the cottage and that it had been officiated by Douglas. Brooke told Ridge she loved him. Ridge said he'd decided that they would only look forward because the past few months had been awful. Ridge claimed he wanted to be with Brooke every day. He stated that he was committed to her. Brooke said she was committed to Ridge.

Ridge told Brooke he had a surprise for her. She opened her gift, and it was a digital picture frame. Ridge told her it was to be filled with their life together. He said he'd sent the link to the rest of the family so they could add their pictures to it, as well. Ridge and Brooke proclaimed their love for each other, and they kissed.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn described the events of Thomas and Zoe's wedding to Shauna. Quinn said she hated that Brooke had more than likely patted herself on the back for having been right about Thomas. Quinn said that Thomas had almost salivated when he'd seen Hope wearing the wedding dress he had designed for her. He'd thought his plan had worked and that Hope would actually marry him. Shauna expressed her concern for Ridge. She said he was probably very disillusioned, and she was certain that Ridge and Brooke had reconciled.

Quinn told Shauna that no one knew whether Ridge and Brooke had reconciled, and if they had, it didn't mean it would remain permanent. She said Ridge and Brooke had a strong history of breaking up and making up. Shauna claimed that Ridge was committed in his relationship with Brooke.

Quinn told Shauna that Brooke had worked her way through the Forrester family men, and when she'd been done with them, Brooke had betrayed Katie by setting her sights on and marrying Bill. Quinn couldn't figure out how Katie could have forgiven Brooke for that. Quinn said she found it hard to forgive Brooke for storming into her home and demanding that she leave Eric.

Shauna told Quinn that she'd seen something she couldn't get out of her mind, and it gave her pause to be concerned for Ridge. Quinn said that Stephanie had hated Brooke and never more than when Brooke had tried to lure Ridge away when he'd been married to Taylor. Shauna asked Quinn to tell her Brooke's history with Bill and how Brooke had betrayed Katie. She wanted to know how and why it had happened.

Shauna told Quinn that she didn't want to come between a husband and wife, but she guessed that Ridge and Brooke had reunited. Shauna asked if Brooke was worthy of having Ridge. Shauna claimed that Ridge was an amazing man who should be appreciated, cherished, and respected. She wondered how anyone couldn't fall in love with him. Quinn asked why Shauna was so interested in Brooke's relationship with Bill.

Shauna told Quinn that she'd been caught completely off guard. She showed Quinn the video she'd taken of Bill and Brooke kissing at the cottage. Shauna wanted to know how Brooke could do that to Ridge. She asked how Brooke could be committed to Ridge when she was busy locking lips with Bill.

At Spencer Publications, Bill told Katie about Thomas and Zoe's wedding. Katie figured out that since Thomas' manipulations had been revealed, Ridge and Brooke had reconciled. Talk turned to Wyatt and Sally. Bill said he had to hand it to Wyatt because his situation couldn't be easy, considering how Wyatt felt about Flo. Katie wished that Sally would come clean to Wyatt about her condition because it would make her life so much easier. Bill said that Sally's life was better because of Katie.

Bill told Katie that Sally would never have imagined that she would be back in Wyatt's life, and thanks to Ridge, she was back at Forrester Creations in a big way. However, that didn't compare to what Katie had done. He said that Sally's days were much better. Bill and Katie kissed. Katie said that nothing worth fighting for was easy. She admitted that she hadn't made things easy for Bill because of her health issues, but she'd had his love and support. She said that Sally had Wyatt's love and support, and it made a difference for her.

After Katie left, Bill had a flashback to kissing Brooke. He then looked at a photo of Katie and Will.

At the beach house, Wyatt wore a chef's hat and told Sally he would get her whatever she wanted for breakfast. When Wyatt was about to leave, Sally told him she already had everything she wanted because she was back with him at the beach house. She said she didn't have much of an appetite, and being with Wyatt was all she needed.

When Wyatt's back was turned, Sally tried to pour a glass of orange juice; her hand shook, and she spilled it. Wyatt came to her rescue. At that moment, Sally received a text message from Dr. Escobar asking Sally to call her immediately because they needed to talk. Sally ignored it. Wyatt asked if something was wrong, but Sally asked what could be wrong when she was with him. Wyatt suggested that after he'd had a shower, they could take a walk on the beach before they went to work. Sally thought it was a great idea.

While Wyatt was in the shower, Sally took a call from Dr. Escobar, who begged Sally to come in and talk to her, but Sally told the doctor she wasn't interested in anything the doctor had to say. She asked the doctor to leave her alone because she had things under control. She disconnected the call.

Escobar forces Sally to tell Wyatt the truth

Escobar forces Sally to tell Wyatt the truth

Thursday, March 19, 2020

At Forrester, Katie could tell how Brooke was feeling by looking at her face. Brooke said she hadn't felt that relieved since Katie's transplant. Katie replied that Brooke had been vindicated about Thomas. Katie was happy that Brooke and Ridge could go on to enjoy their lives together.

Katie figured Brooke had known that she and Ridge had been bound to reunite. Brooke said there had been more to overcome, and Thomas hadn't been the only wedge between her and Ridge. Brooke never would have let Ridge go to the mansion if she'd known that Shauna had been there, ready to pounce.

Katie couldn't believe Quinn had urged Shauna to go after Ridge. Brooke replied that Quinn had never liked Brooke, and Quinn had wanted her and her friend to each have Forrester men. Ridge hadn't seen it and had thought they'd been just friends. Noting that they'd kissed, Katie said it sounded a lot more than friendly. "Yeah," Brooke sadly acknowledged.

Katie told Brooke that everything was good, and Brooke didn't have to worry about anything or anyone else. Brooke noted that it was advice from a woman who thought of everyone but herself. Brooke thanked Katie for her support. She hadn't wanted to burden Katie after the transplant. Katie said Brooke could talk to her about anything.

Brooke was happy that things were working out for her and Katie. She was happy that Katie was back with Bill and raising her sweet family. It was all Brooke had wanted for Katie.

Later, Brooke was alone. She glanced at a picture of herself and Katie that was on the cabinet behind the desk. Brooke flashed back to the kiss with Bill and stared in deep thought.

At Eric's house, Quinn was stunned as she viewed phone video footage of Brooke and Bill, who, according to Quinn, had "been all over each other" in Brooke's cabin the night before Thomas' wedding. Quinn didn't know why Brooke would take such a risk while working so hard to save her marriage to Ridge. It had seemed that way to Shauna, too, but she was beginning to doubt Brooke's commitment to Ridge.

Shauna didn't get it because Katie and Will were Brooke's family. Quinn stated that Bill and Brooke had been hot and heavy a short time back, and it had driven Ridge crazy. Quinn said that Brooke's disdain for Shauna was nothing compared to Ridge's for Bill, and once Ridge saw Shauna's video, that marriage would be over.

Shauna was thinking about deleting the video. Discouraging it, Quinn said Shauna loved Ridge. Shauna affirmed it, adding that it could hurt Ridge really badly. "Oh, but it could hurt Brooke so much more!" Quinn exclaimed and said Brooke had cheated on Ridge. Shauna added that he'd been unfaithful with her.

Quinn said that they were talking about Ridge's nemesis and Katie's husband, but Shauna noted that Katie and Bill weren't married. Quinn asked Shauna to see the big picture; Shauna finally had the ammunition to end Brooke's marriage for good. Shauna had proof that Brooke was still the slut from the valley.

Shauna replied that she hadn't stayed to see if anything else had happened. Quinn said Shauna hadn't had to, and Ridge would go crazy upon seeing Brooke in Bill's arms. Shauna felt bad because, that very night, Ridge had been hopeful about reuniting with Brooke. Ridge was committed to Brooke. Quinn stated that it could change if Shauna wanted it to.

Shauna claimed that she'd gone to see Brooke to say that Brooke didn't have to worry about Shauna; Brooke just had to get her head straight and get her husband back. Shauna had wandered around the property and had been about to knock at the cabin when she'd seen Brooke and Bill in the cabin. She hadn't heard their conversation, but they'd started kissing.

Shauna didn't know why she'd pulled out her phone. Quinn thanked God that Shauna had and said there was no way that Brooke could giggle and shimmy her way out of it. Shauna said it would kill Ridge, but Quinn thought it was nothing because Brooke had let him down before.

Shauna said that was on Brooke, but showing him the footage would make Shauna the predator Brooke had accused her of being. Shauna believed that she was better than that, but because of the way Ridge felt about Bill, there was no way Shauna would let Ridge see the video.

Quinn didn't know why not. Shauna wasn't in the business of destroying marriages, and she didn't want to get between Brooke and Ridge. Quinn noted that Shauna hadn't done anything wrong, and Ridge had a right to know. Quinn doubted Brooke would tell Ridge, who'd be on his way to find Shauna once he knew. Quinn urged Shauna to defend the man she loved.

Shauna had an unsure look on her face, so Quinn asked Shauna to think of Katie, who'd been good to Flo. Quinn said that Brooke was fooling around with the father of Katie's child again. Quinn reasoned that Shauna would be saving Katie and Ridge the humiliation of being lied to again. Quinn exclaimed that it was Shauna's chance to land Ridge.

Shauna noted that Quinn had a stake in it, too. Quinn admitted that she'd love to get rid of Brooke, who thought she was the real Forrester matriarch. Quinn believed that Ridge and Shauna had something special. Shauna didn't know how she'd condemn Brooke when Shauna had been kissing a married man.

Quinn claimed it was different, but Shauna didn't want to be "that" woman. Quinn persisted in trying to convince Shauna, to no avail. Giving in, Quinn asked to see the video one more time before it would be gone, and she sent Shauna to pour herself a drink.

Handing Quinn the phone, Shauna complied and went to the bar. Quinn fiddled with the phone and kept checking to see if Shauna was looking.

With her back to Quinn, Shauna said it wasn't about the video. She just felt wrong about snitching on Ridge's wife. She didn't want to target Ridge's happiness. Shauna sipped the drink, handed it to Quinn, and took the phone back. Shauna concluded that she just couldn't cause Ridge that kind of pain. She deleted the video from her phone.

Later, Quinn was alone. She clicked an alert on her phone that announced a message from Shauna. The video of Bill and Brooke kissing played on Quinn's phone. "Gotcha, bitch," Quinn uttered and grinned.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt was hesitant about delaying his and Sally's walk. Sally urged him to go to work. It had sounded as if the matter he needed to deal with there was important, and she didn't want to give Bill a reason to hate her again.

At Spencer later, Flo stopped by for a surprise visit with Wyatt. She hadn't been able to help herself because she missed him. He kissed her and said he missed her, too. She asked how Sally was. Wyatt conveyed that Sally hadn't opened up, and he hadn't wanted to push her.

Wyatt didn't want Sally to fear being honest with him. He understood why she didn't trust him. Flo replied that he was there for Sally, whether she fully understood that or not. He felt that it could be easier if they both could be honest with each other; instead, they were both keeping the secret from each other.

Wyatt told Flo what had happened when Sally had been too shaky to pour juice that morning. He'd had to pretend it had been no big deal and hide his knowledge of what had been going on. He wasn't questioning his decision to be with Sally, but it was harder than he'd thought it would be.

Flo thought that what Wyatt was doing was beautiful. Wyatt said that she and her encouragement were beautiful. He was grateful that Flo had let him have the time with Sally.

Back at Wyatt's house, Sally looked at a website about coping with a terminal illness. To her shock, Dr. Escobar arrived, determined not to let Sally duck her anymore. The doctor didn't want Sally to play around with her illness and urged Sally to tell everyone the truth. Escobar asserted that the problem wasn't going away, and neither was she.

Sally ordered the doctor to get out of there and leave Sally alone. Escobar insisted that Sally needed to deal with it before it was too late, and she offered to help Sally explain it to others. Sally said she hadn't asked for help, and it wasn't the doctor's choice to make. Sally was handling it the best way for her. "Yes, but I'm part of this, too," Escobar rejoined and urged Sally to think about what she was doing.

Sally asserted that it was her life, and she ordered her doctor to stay out of it. Dr. Escobar said it would get out, and Sally couldn't keep it a secret. Sally was determined to keep the secret for as long as she needed to and told Escobar that she wouldn't say anything about it.

Outside, Wyatt approached the front door and heard two women bickering inside the house. He entered and asked what was going on. Assuming that he was Wyatt, Dr. Escobar introduced herself. Sally revealed that Escobar was her doctor.

Wyatt remarked that Escobar made house calls. Dubbing Sally a special case, Escobar was glad to meet Wyatt, who deserved to know what was happening with Sally. Escobar said Sally had been reluctant to discuss it with others, but Escobar felt the need to tell Wyatt.

Interrupting, Sally said she'd do it herself. She really didn't want to do it. For the first time in her life, she'd been happy and at peace. She sensed that Wyatt had been, too. She hadn't wanted to wreck that. She didn't want him to view her differently. She decided that he needed to know the truth. She'd been keeping a horrible secret from him.

Wyatt cleared his throat and peered quizzically at Sally. Sally revealed that she was sick, and it was why the doctor was there. "I'm dying," Sally tearfully said. Wyatt repeated Sally. She nodded.

Sally makes a stunning announcement

Sally makes a stunning announcement

Friday, March 20, 2020

At Forrester, Brooke told Eric about the cabin wedding. Brooke was glad that Hope was able to close the ugly chapter with Thomas. Eric figured that Brooke could, too, and noted that it had taken a toll on her marriage. Brooke happily reported that she and Ridge were back together. Eric, who'd been rooting for them, said that it was forever that time.

Glad that Ridge hadn't filed the papers, Brooke said she was still Ridge's wife and always would be. Eric thought that all was right with the world. She mentioned that Ridge had given her a digital picture frame. Aware of it, Eric revealed that Ridge had given him an app to access the frame and add pictures to it. Eric planned to put some on it later that day.

Brooke thanked Eric for supporting her and Ridge, even when Quinn didn't want him to. Eric remarked that Brooke and Quinn weren't best friends. Brooke quipped that Quinn had her "BFF from the desert" for that. Chuckling, Eric thought Brooke sounded like Stephanie. Brooke took it as a compliment.

Eric wondered if Quinn and Stephanie would have gotten along. Brooke reckoned that they would have killed each other already. She offered to be civil for Eric's sake, but it was all she could promise. Eric said Brooke might not believe it, but Quinn wanted what was best for the family and was a big supporter of Brooke and Ridge. Surprised to hear it, Brooke asked if Eric was sure about that.

At the mansion, Quinn reveled in her thoughts as she viewed the Bill and Brooke video that she'd surreptitiously acquired from Shauna's' phone. Ridge arrived in an excited hurry to retrieve some things for his move back to Brooke's house. Quinn asked if he really wanted to do that.

Ridge didn't want to hear it. He asked what was wrong with Quinn, who couldn't be happy for him and Brooke. Quinn didn't think anyone wanted someone to interfere in their marriage. She knew she didn't want that, but things could happen that were out of one's control. She figured that it was better to know what one was dealing with.

Ridge stated that Brooke had proven herself and was a loyal person. Quinn questioned that. He insisted that Brooke was loyal, and he was lucky that she'd given him another chance. He asked what Quinn was doing and what she was holding onto. She affirmed that she was indeed holding onto "something." He told her to let it go.

Ridge turned to go upstairs, but Quinn stopped him. Angry, he asked her to please just do it another time. Quinn agreed that another time might be better.

Later, to Quinn's delight, Eric had returned home. As they talked about their days, Eric mentioned his talk with Brooke. The conversation turned to Ridge and Brooke reuniting, and Eric said he was happy to see his son head over heels in love.

Tapping on his tablet, Eric told Quinn about his plan to fill Brooke's new digital photo frame with memories. He'd already started uploading some. Quinn was intrigued. Eric showed her what he was doing with the tablet, and her mind churned in thought. He put down the device and went to the bar to make them some martinis. Quinn grinned.

At Brooke's house, Brooke welcomed Ridge home and assured him that there was room for his things. She'd known all along that he'd be back. He said he'd never leave again, and she promised to never kick him out again.

Ridge noticed that Brooke had put out the frame. They marveled at the pictures scrolling on it. He said he'd given Eric permission to upload to it. Brooke was happy to be in Ridge's arms again. As they hugged and kissed, on the frame behind them, Shauna's kiss video played.

Back at Eric's house, Quinn heard a ping, announcing that her upload had completed. She grinned like a kid on Christmas morning.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna did laundry and discussed how great it was to be roomies with her daughter. She guessed that it was hard for Flo to be away from Wyatt while he lived with Sally. Flo missed Wyatt but didn't think Sally should be alone. Flo hoped Sally would open up and tell him the truth about her illness.

Shauna wondered why Sally wouldn't just admit it. In Shauna's view, Sally needed to link up with the right people and have a support system. Flo said that whether Sally decided to talk about it or not, Flo was just glad that Wyatt was there for her.

Shauna let her daughter know that it was okay to feel uneasy about the situation. Flo, however, wasn't. Flo didn't feel threatened by Sally or concerned about Sally and Wyatt. Flo trusted Wyatt. Shauna reasoned that Sally and Wyatt had a history, and Shauna didn't want to see Flo hurt. Shauna stated that people could surprise people.

Assuming that Shauna had switched subjects, Flo asked if her mother was thinking about Ridge. Shauna figured she was pretty transparent. Flo wondered if Brooke and Ridge had gotten back together.

Shauna affirmed it but said Thomas wasn't the couple's sole issue. She clarified that she wasn't causing the problem with Ridge and Brooke and didn't want to be the problem. Ridge was committed to making his marriage work. Shauna just hoped that Brooke was, too.

At Wyatt's house, Sally revealed to Wyatt that she was dying. Wyatt said that he was sorry. Confused, she questioned his lack of surprise. He stammered, and she deduced that Katie had told him. He admitted it but asked her not to be upset with Katie. He was happy that it was out and that they could stop pretending.

Sally asked if pretending was all it had been for Wyatt. She assumed that he'd moved her in and broken up with Flo out of obligation. He stammered again, and she demanded to know the truth.

Wyatt said Sally didn't have to pretend to not be sick anymore, and he'd be there for her, even if just to hold her hand. She replied that he felt sorry for her. He denied it. She pressed to know if it was true that he'd returned to her because he'd made a mistake in being with Flo again. "I exaggerated a little bit about Flo and me because you wouldn't let me in," Wyatt responded.

Sally guessed that Flo was in on it. Wyatt affirmed it but said Flo wasn't scheming or plotting. Sally called herself a charity case, but he asked her not to put it that way. Sally yelled that he'd made her think that he had missed her and wanted her in his life and home. He said he did feel those things. Sally replied that it was because he thought she was dying.

Sally guessed that Flo and Wyatt weren't even broken up. Wyatt admitted that they weren't. Sally asked if he'd planned to just go back to Flo once Sally was gone. Wyatt muttered that the statement was unfair. Sally realized that it was the reason that Wyatt hadn't let things go too far between them. She couldn't believe she'd been stupid enough to think any of it was real when the truth was that Wyatt just felt bad for her.

Upset, Sally tried to rush out of the house, but she stumbled on the step leading to the front door. Wyatt helped Sally up. Dr. Escobar said that the fašade Sally had put on for Wyatt was causing enormous stress. He pointed out that Sally could have hit her head and blacked out. The fall had settled it for him. He determined that Sally was staying put.

Sally wasn't sure about that, but Wyatt asserted that he wanted to be there for her for all the right reasons. Sally asked if he meant it. He affirmed it. She replied that her doctor had been right about her being lucky to have Wyatt. He told Sally to keep fighting. He thought they could beat it. She replied that Escobar had been trying to get Sally to go about it differently.

Agreeing that it was good advice, Wyatt said it was what Sally had to do. Wyatt tucked Sally beneath a blanket on the sofa. He was glad she'd opened up to him. He wanted to share those moments with her. Her presence in his house meant something to him. It wasn't lost on him that she'd chosen to be there. He wanted to spend as much time with her as he could.

Sally said it was nice to hear. Wyatt claimed that he was committed to her and "there for the rest of your -- " Cutting himself off, he said he was there as long as she wanted him to be.

Wyatt decided to let Sally talk to her doctor. He asked Escobar to get Sally to handle things differently. Escobar said it was why she was there. She wanted him to stay and hear what she had to say. Sally stated that she wanted to talk to Escobar in private.

Wyatt exited the house. Hopping off the sofa, Sally asked "what the hell" Escobar thought she was doing. Escobar asked the same question of Sally, who was playing games with Wyatt's feelings. "Don't lecture me, Penny. I really don't want to hear it!" Sally seethed.

Throwing her hands up, Penny said she was done and wasn't putting up with it any longer. Sally asked what Penny wanted her to do. She asked if Penny wanted her to go after Wyatt and tell him that the whole thing was a scam and that she'd been lying the whole time. She asked if she was supposed to tell Wyatt that she was completely fine. "Do you want me to tell him the truth, 'Dr. Escobar'? You want me to tell him that I'm not dying?" Sally asked.



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