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Sally pressured Penny to continue her silence about Sally's fake diagnosis. Quinn uploaded an incriminating video of Brooke and Bill to Brooke's new digital photo frame. As Shauna packed to leave town, Ridge and Katie exploded on Bill and Brooke about their secret cabin kiss.
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Video of Brooke and Bill's kiss played at Brooke and Ridge's party
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Donna is stunned when she witnesses Brooke betraying Katie

Donna is stunned when she witnesses Brooke betraying Katie

Monday, March 23, 2020

At Spencer, Wyatt and Flo canoodled as Bill and Katie arrived at Wyatt's behest. Wyatt had asked them there to reveal to them that Sally's doctor had been by the house, and everything was out. He said Sally knew everything. Katie asked if Sally knew that Katie had told him.

Wyatt affirmed it, and Katie grimaced. He said Sally wasn't upset with her. Sally was upset with him because she'd assumed he was with her out of pity. He explained that while trying to walk out on him, Sally had fallen. The doctor had helped him settle Sally back in, and he had insisted that Sally stay with him through whatever time she had left.

Later, Bill and Katie sat at a table, talking together. By the desk, Wyatt was telling Flo that even though Sally knew that he intended to return to Flo, he believed he'd convinced Sally that he genuinely desired to be there for her. Flo wanted that for Sally and Wyatt. Flo figured that, with it out in the open, she and others could reach out to Sally.

Behind Flo, Katie and Bill exchanged uneasy glances as they listened to Flo. Flo expressed her desire to reach out to Sally. She said it would be kind of cool to let Sally know that she supported Sally and Wyatt being together at that time. Wyatt thought it was a good idea and said that the more support Sally had, the better. Katie frowned. Wyatt thought that a show of support would let Sally know that she had nothing to fear.

Later, Bill and Katie were alone. Katie felt that Wyatt and Flo were naive to think that Sally would appreciate Flo's support. Katie received a message about Brooke's dinner party and told Bill that it was to celebrate Brooke and Ridge's reunion. As Katie said that couples like Brooke and Ridge always ended up back together, Bill flashed back to kissing Brooke.

At the beach house, Penny agonized over the lie and said it had gone on long enough. Sally contended that it would go on as long as she needed it to. She said Penny needed to stop freaking out, stick with the plan, and continue being a good friend. Penny feared that her job was on the line. "Oh, my God. Like you care," Sally retorted.

Sally reminded Penny that she'd never wanted to be a doctor, anyway, and it wasn't as if Sally had forced her into the plan. Holding her stomach, Penny whined that they were going to get in "so much trouble." Sally said it would happen if Penny kept panicking. Sally advised her friend to take a deep breath and follow her lead, so that both women could get what they wanted.

Penny asked how Sally could lie to Wyatt. "You're not dying, Sally. It's beyond cruel to make everyone think that you are," Penny said. Penny was ready to "cure" Sally, but Sally said it wouldn't work "because you gave me three weeks to live." All Penny knew was that it had to end. She was stressed enough at work without adding that mess to it.

Sally reminded Penny of the reason she'd chosen to help Sally: Penny wanted to get into fashion. Penny replied that she'd always wanted it, but her parents had pushed her into medicine. As a result, Penny was overworked, swimming in debt, and handing out fake death sentences to her friends.

Sally quipped that Penny should go into acting. Sally recalled that Katie had believed every word of it and had done exactly what Sally had figured -- blabbed it to the world. Sally felt that her plan was going well, but Penny insisted that people needed to know Sally wasn't dying.

Sally asked if Penny wanted Sally to get her in at Forrester or not. Penny wished she'd turned Sally down when Sally had pitched the crazy plan. Penny claimed that the lie was pushing her over the edge. She said she'd helped Sally, and Sally had to help her by coming clean.

Penny had to get to the hospital. She asked if Sally would come clean or not. Sally intended to eventually be cured but not that day. Penny reasoned that Sally had gotten what she'd wanted. Sally's designs were being used in the couture line, and Sally was back with Wyatt.

Sally said that Wyatt had only done it because he thought she was dying, and he was still in love with his stupid high school sweetheart. As long as Wyatt was only with her because she was dying, Sally felt that she still needed to be dying. She didn't think it would take much longer to get him to remember that they'd been good together.

Penny reasoned that Wyatt would be relieved to hear that Sally wasn't dying and suggested they tell him that the diagnosis had been wrong. Sally replied that he'd be "so relieved" that he'd go back to Flo. Sally didn't want that to happen again. Sally needed more time and said she'd never be able to get Penny into Forrester without it.

Penny exclaimed that she had talent and would be much happier at Forrester. She figured that she could help Sally or one of the executives. Sally advised Penny to keep her eyes on the prize. "Now, say it with me: I'm dying," Sally stated, and Penny stated that Sally was dying.

Later, Sally wore earbuds as she did yoga in front of the sofa and ended in a dead man's pose. She didn't hear Flo knocking at the door. Flo peeked in through the window and saw Sally laying on the floor with her eyes closed. Flo rushed in and shook Sally. Sally hopped into an upright position, removed her earbuds, and asked what Flo was doing there.

Flo seemed shaken. She stared at Sally knowingly. Sally stared back conspicuously as if wondering why Flo's expression had changed.

At Eric's house, Quinn was quite satisfied with herself once she saw a notice that the kiss video had been uploaded to Brooke's digital frame. Eric handed her a martini and asked what they should drink to. Supposedly tired of the anger and tension, Quinn wanted to toast the newly reunited couple. Quinn was happy that Brooke was finally getting what she deserved.

Eric received a message from Brooke. Quinn was eager to know what could be going on at Casa Logan. He conveyed that Brooke and Ridge were throwing a family party to celebrate their reunion. Quinn assumed that Bill and Katie would be there. Eric figured so and asked why Quinn had thought of them. Quinn had no reason. She was just thinking of how special it would be for Brooke, who'd have the people she loved around her as she reunited with the man she "truly" belonged with.

Later, Quinn was alone by the table near the fireplace, grinning at the video on her phone. She turned down the picture of Ridge and Brooke that was on the table.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge kissed as the digital frame behind them scrolled through pictures. The video Quinn had added to it went unnoticed as Ridge suggested that he and Brooke take the canoodling upstairs. Brooke hated to disappoint him, but Donna was on the way over to help plan the dinner party that she and Ridge were throwing at their house.

Ridge noticed a photo he hadn't seen before on the frame. He and Brooke assumed that Eric had uploaded it. Brooke thanked Ridge for the frame and said it was fun. She liked that the family could upload photos. Ridge said they'd never know what would pop up next.

Later, Donna arrived and was discussing with Ridge and Brooke the food they'd order for the party. Donna noticed the digital frame, and Brooke explained how it worked. She said, "Mr. Romantic here keeps finding ways to surprise me."

Later, Ridge left for the office. Donna joked that, because Ridge didn't want to be involved in the planning, she and Brooke should hire male strippers for the party. She imagined the wild pictures they could upload to the frame.

Brooke asked if Donna had any photos of Brooke and Ridge that she could upload. While searching her phone, Donna found her dating profile pic and jokingly uploaded it to the frame. Brooke loved the picture of her sister in fiery red but asked what it had to do with the theme of the frame. Donna told Brooke to delete it, but Brooke didn't know how to do it.

Brooke decided to go upstairs to search for the manual for the frame. She suggested that Donna fiddle with the device to find a way to manually delete files. Brooke left, and Donna saw the video of Bill and Brooke kissing play on the photo frame.

Brooke returned downstairs. She couldn't find the manual upstairs. Donna acted strangely as Brooke asked Donna to pick up food from Il Giardino. Donna agreed to do it, but Brooke asked what was wrong. Donna stammered that Katie was their little sister, and they'd always taken care of her. Donna was sure it wouldn't even cross Brooke's mind.

Puzzled, Brooke scowled. Donna didn't think that Brooke, while having trouble with Ridge, would make a move on Bill. Brooke didn't even know why Donna was bringing it up. Donna said that they were about to celebrate Brooke and Ridge's reunion. She asked if it was what Brooke wanted. Donna couldn't imagine what "that" would do to Katie.

Brooke stared wordlessly at Donna. Donna said that Katie had thought she'd been dying, but Katie had worked her way back so that she could raise Will with the man she loved. Brooke didn't know why Donna was talking about it. Hysterically shaking her hands around her head, Donna yelled that she couldn't think of a reason Brooke would want to prevent that.

Brooke asserted that she never would. "Then why?" Donna asked, pointing toward the frame. "I know what you did. I saw it with my own eyes. You and Bill? I saw you kiss Bill!"

Brooke confronts Quinn about the video upload

Brooke confronts Quinn about the video upload

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

At Brooke's house, Brooke swore that she could explain, but Donna questioned whether her sister really could. Brooke made it clear that it had happened the night before the wedding when she'd been exasperated with Ridge and their fights. Bill had been there for her. He'd been supportive, and he'd listened. "It just happened," Brooke concluded.

Donna reacted in shock. Brooke said she knew it had been a mistake, and she and Bill had vowed not to do it again. Brooke swore that he was committed to Katie, and she was committed to Ridge. Brooke said that Donna had to believe her.

Donna quietly replied that she did, but she was still stunned by it. Brooke asked how Donna knew. Brooke assumed that Donna had seen Brooke and Bill in the cabin. Donna replied that she hadn't, but someone had.

The video popped up on the frame again. "There! That's how I saw it!" Donna said, pointing at the frame. Brooke gasped in despair as she stared at the video of herself in Bill's arms. Brooke grabbed the frame, fretting about where the video had come from. She was willing to break the "damn thing" if she had to in order to get rid of the footage.

Donna searched the Internet on her phone for instructions for the frame. Upon finding some, she said Brooke could reset the frame, but she'd lose everything, not just the video. Brooke didn't care and ordered Donna to do it. Donna pressed a button and reset the entire frame, erasing everything that had been uploaded to it.

Brooke thanked Donna for her help and for believing her. Donna reasoned that Brooke had gotten caught up in a moment with a man she'd once loved, and it didn't have to mean anything. Brooke insisted that it hadn't. She swore she was committed to Ridge, and Bill was committed to Katie. Donna said she knew, and she hugged Brooke.

Wondering who'd uploaded the video, Brooke figured it had to be someone who hated her or Bill. Donna reasoned that the person might hate Ridge or Katie, but Brooke insisted that no one hated Katie. Brooke recalled that Ridge had permitted Eric to upload to the frame.

Donna doubted that it had been Eric. Brooke decided that it had been Quinn. Brooke shoved the frame into a drawer, swore Donna to silence, and left the house.

At Eric's house, Quinn recalled the way she'd acquired the footage of Bill and Brooke kissing. Shauna arrived, looking upset. She couldn't get the footage out of her mind. Quinn wasn't happy that Shauna had deleted the video off her phone but confidently said Ridge could still learn the truth. Shauna said she'd made a decision.

Quinn proclaimed that Shauna would always be her best friend because Shauna always had attacks of conscience before going on to do the right thing in the end. Quinn asked when Shauna would tell Ridge. Shauna replied that she wouldn't say anything to Ridge about that video. In fact, Shauna didn't even think she'd see Ridge again.

Quinn asked what Shauna was talking about. Shauna revealed that she was going back to Las Vegas. Shauna claimed that staying there permanently had never been part of the plan. Quinn exclaimed that Shauna couldn't leave her; it was out of the question. Quinn insisted that it was the wrong time because once Ridge found out about Brooke, it would clear the way for Shauna.

Quinn concluded that it would be foolish of Shauna to return to struggling in Vegas. Instead, Shauna would stay put and watch Brooke get blown out of the water. "And then you are going to be with the man of your dreams!" Quinn asserted.

Quinn asked if Shauna was afraid of her dreams coming true. Quinn said Ridge's head would explode when he learned that Brooke had been kissing his mortal enemy. Shauna would be there to pick up the pieces, and her whole life would change. All of their lives would change when they finally rid "Forrester world" of Brooke Logan; therefore, Shauna couldn't leave.

Later, Quinn was alone when Brooke walked into the house. Quinn figured that Brooke was there to talk about the celebration of love and devotion she was planning. "Eric's not here, and I'm not buying it -- so you can go," Quinn quipped.

Brooke thought that Quinn would be more sympathetic because she and Eric had had to overcome obstacles just like Brooke and Ridge. Quinn claimed to be thrilled for the couple. Brooke asserted that she and Ridge were back together, and nothing would break them apart. Quinn said it was a lofty goal and asked if it was realistic due to Brooke's history.

Brooke asked what that was supposed to mean. Quinn stated that it galled Brooke that Quinn's portrait was where Stephanie's should be, and Brooke saw herself as the Forrester matriarch. Quinn asked if it was because Brooke had slept with every man in the family. Brooke scoffed as Quinn added Deacon and Bill to the list.

Quinn was amazed that Brooke had harnessed her libido enough to stay faithful to Ridge and asked how long it would be before Brooke was looking for another strong man to lean on -- someone who was unavailable and who she was dying to kiss.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Brooke asked. She asked who else would be that sick and twisted. She asked who else wanted her best friend to swoop in and steal Ridge away. Brooke put Quinn on notice that no one -- not Quinn, Shauna, or anyone -- could get between Brooke and Ridge ever again.

At Spencer, Bill and Katie were still together, discussing the way Wyatt and Flo were handling Sally's illness. Katie said it was one thing for Wyatt to be around Sally, but Katie doubted that Sally would want any pity from Flo.

Wyatt arrived, and Katie asked if there had been any word about Flo and Sally. Wyatt said it was too early for an update. Bill warned that things might not go well between the rivals. Wyatt claimed that he was behind the women, and Flo just wanted Sally to live her best life for however long she had left.

Bill said that not all women would be as generous as Flo. Wyatt hoped that Sally would see that and hoped Flo and Sally could forge a new understanding for the brief time that remained. Katie remarked that Wyatt was living with Sally, who had limited time, but he'd just reunited with Flo. Wyatt said he and Flo had what Sally didn't: time.

Bill and Katie were sorry. Wyatt wished it hadn't happened to Sally and that he and Flo were finally starting their future together. He wanted to make it clear that being there for Sally wasn't a chore for him. He wanted to be there for her.

Later, Wyatt had gone, and Bill tried to get out of going to Brooke and Ridge's dinner party. Katie said it would be rude, and she thought it meant something that the couple had invited him. Bill had a feeling that Ridge hadn't been a part of the decision. Katie said it was important to Brooke, and that made it important to Katie. Katie said they should be there because Brooke supported their relationship. In return, they should support Brooke's.

At the beach house, Sally was surprised that Flo had arrived without calling. Flo said she'd been anxious to see Sally, and to her, Sally looked well. Sally replied that she had good days and bad days. Sally suspected that Flo knew what Sally meant by that and had known for some time.

Sally assumed that Flo knew Sally was dying. Acknowledging it, Flo hoped Sally wouldn't be upset with Wyatt for revealing it. Sally quipped that she'd thought she'd had a big secret, but as it had turned out, everyone had known. Flo understood Sally's reason for the secret but was glad that it was out so that the people who cared about Sally could support her. "And for the record, that includes me," Flo stated.

Flo was sorry about the diagnosis. Sally quipped that nothing was promised. Flo couldn't imagine how shocking hearing it had been. Sally said she hadn't wanted anyone to know, especially Wyatt. She hadn't wanted him to feel sorry for her or responsible for her.

Flo tried to assure Sally that it wasn't the case, but interrupting Flo, Sally said she and Wyatt had been very open with each other. Wyatt had assured Sally that he didn't pity her. He'd said he'd wanted to be at "home" with her until the end. That was the only thing that was getting Sally through. It was the only thing she was holding onto.

Sally congratulated Flo on getting back together with Wyatt but then remembered that the two had really never been apart. Flo said she wanted to talk woman to woman and leave all that other stuff behind. Flo approved of Wyatt being there and spending the time with Sally. Becoming emotional, Sally said that Flo was remarkable. Sally had never met a woman like Flo, who was so caring and selfless.

Sally pretended to get dizzy, and she sat down. Flo rushed to her side. Sally said she was okay and just needed a second. Flo offered to get Sally anything she needed. Sally claimed to see why Wyatt cared about Flo, who was "so amazing." Sally uttered that the time with him meant more than Flo could know. Flo replied that she knew what the time meant to Sally, and Flo and Wyatt didn't want Sally to be alone.

Wyatt arrived and greeted the somber Flo and Sally. He assumed it was safe to say that everyone knew the truth. Wyatt wanted Sally to know he and Flo had just been thinking about Sally's best interests. Sally understood and was glad that things were out in the open. Sally had just been telling Flo how grateful Sally was that Flo was making a sacrifice so that Sally and Wyatt could spend time together.

Sally didn't know how much time she had left, but she wanted to spend as much of it as she could with Wyatt. She knew that he'd said he'd wanted the same thing. Wyatt replied that he did. His phone rang, and he stepped outside to take a call.

Alone with Flo, Sally stated her awareness that Flo could have chosen to have a real problem with the situation. Instead, Flo had been sweet to step aside and let Sally have the precious time with Wyatt. Sally would never be able to thank Flo enough.

Flo said she'd been thinking about Sally and her situation a lot. In Flo's view, Sally had had a hard time in her life and career, and finding out that Flo and Wyatt were back together had to have been a lot for Sally. "I just want you to know that we will be here for you as your friends and a support system for you for whatever time you have left," Flo said.

Hugging Flo, Sally thanked her for the time. In Sally's mind, she said it would be just enough time to make Wyatt hers again.

Brooke contemplates exposing the kiss herself

Brooke contemplates exposing the kiss herself

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy discussed how things were with them. Steffy was good. She missed Liam, but he was where he was supposed to be -- with Hope, Beth, and Douglas. Steffy figured that things were good with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge grinned.

"Okay, that good," Steffy responded. She assumed that Ridge had spent the night at Brooke's house. Ridge was glad that he hadn't filed the divorce papers. He said Brooke had been right about Thomas, and from that moment on, Ridge wouldn't question anything Brooke said to him.

Ridge asked if Steffy would be at the dinner. Steffy intended to attend. She said Kelly would be with Liam, Hope, and the kids because Hope had wanted the children together. Ridge thought that was sweet. Steffy asked who'd be at the party. Ridge replied that it would be the family -- and Bill. Steffy flashed her father a look. Ridge claimed that he'd let bygones be bygones for the night because no one would derail his reunion with Brooke.

As Ridge and Steffy prepared to leave, Steffy inquired about the gift he'd gotten Brooke. Ridge excitedly talked about the digital frame and its upload capabilities. He'd turned the frame into a show of his and Brooke's commitment. Steffy called him a romantic. Ridge believed that Brooke was the romantic one. Brooke had said that love could conquer all, and he thought he might be right because he and Brooke were back together.

At Brooke's house, Donna was deep in thought about her talk with Brooke earlier about the video that had been on the frame. Katie arrived, wondering where Brooke was. Seeing the digital frame in Donna's hand, Katie asked if it was the gift Ridge had given Brooke. Donna seemed out of sorts, and Katie wondered what was wrong with her sister.

Donna decided she was parched and needed a drink. Katie picked up the frame and commented on how romantic it had been of Ridge to make Brooke a frame of memories. Katie wanted to see what was on it and asked how to turn it on. Taking the frame and fiddling with it, Donna concluded that it was out of power.

Bill arrived, and Donna returned the frame to the desk drawer. Katie greeted him, and he wondered if they were the first to arrive. Donna was sure Brooke would be there soon, and Ridge wouldn't be far behind her. Bill frowned. Katie playfully chided him, and Donna stared at Katie and Bill as they kissed. Bill noticed that Donna was looking at him strangely, and he asked what was wrong.

Donna pretended to be merely distracted by all the things she had to do for the party. Katie told Bill that she and Donna had been talking about how happy they were for Brooke and Ridge. Donna asked if Bill was happy for them, too. Katie affirmed it, saying it was why they were there, and Katie believed Ridge would always be Brooke's true one and only. "Just like Katie will always be your true one and only, right, Bill?" Donna asked.

Later, Donna carried in an ice bucket with a chilled bottle in it. Steffy and Ridge arrived. Steffy thought it was strange that Brooke wasn't there yet and wondered if Brooke had a surprise in store. Acknowledging Katie and Bill's presence, Ridge said he was glad they were there.

Bill unenthusiastically pumped his hands up, saying he was all about a party and to "raise the roof." Bill noted that there would have been no need for a reconciliation if Ridge had been a little supportive of his wife. Katie quickly said they weren't going to do "that" at that time, and she took Bill to another part of the room.

Steffy walked over to where the frame had once been displayed and asked where it was.

At Eric's house, Brooke put Quinn on notice. Brooke was onto Quinn and said the attack on Brooke's marriage wouldn't work. Chuckling, Quinn accused Brooke of being a drama queen. Brooke revealed that she knew what Quinn had done with the digital frame.

Quinn acted surprised, and Brooke told her to stop pretending she didn't know what Brooke was talking about. Quinn didn't think Brooke knew what she was talking about and warned that Eric would be angry that Brooke had been there, slinging around accusations. Brooke countered that he'd be upset at Quinn upon learning what she was doing.

Quinn stated that Brooke made Quinn sound deliciously devious. Insisting that Quinn was, Brooke was convinced that Quinn knew Eric had been uploading pictures and videos of Brooke and Ridge to the digital frame. Quinn asked if the videos would be of Brooke with the man she loved or of Brooke with the man Katie loved.

Brooke concluded that Quinn had indeed uploaded the video. Quinn reminded Brooke that Quinn had said Brooke would regret crossing Quinn. What Brooke regretted was letting the shameless Quinn get a foothold in the family.

Quinn thought that was rich coming from Brooke, who'd been kissing her "sexy stallion." Brooke demanded to know how Quinn had gotten the video and if Quinn had been spying on Brooke. Quinn said she'd been home with her husband, something that committed wives did. Brooke accused Quinn of being committed to stirring up trouble.

Quinn replied that Brooke had started it, and "as they say, payback is a 'you'!" Quinn exclaimed. Brooke insisted upon knowing how Quinn had gotten the video and deduced that it had been from Quinn's only friend, Shauna, the creature from the desert. Brooke concluded that Shauna was Quinn's partner in crime.

Quinn smirked, and Brooke said that Quinn "Fuller" was showing her true colors. Correcting Brooke, Quinn touted being a Forrester, just like Brooke. Brooke said that Quinn wasn't good enough to carry the name; Quinn was just a crazy interloper who'd convince Eric that she was something she wasn't. Brooke stated that Quinn had the moral high ground, but Brooke intended to fight back. She repeated that no one would get between her and Ridge.

Quinn claimed that Shauna had gone to the cabin to defend Brooke's marriage and Ridge and to get Brooke to calm down about Thomas. Brooke asked where Shauna was. Brooke wanted Shauna to delete the video, and Brooke divulged that she'd already taken it off the frame. Quinn said Shauna had deleted it herself.

Brooke figured that it had been after Shauna had uploaded it. Denying it, Quinn said Shauna didn't even know why she'd taken the video at all. Quinn admitted that she'd been doing cartwheels over the video. Quinn said Shauna hadn't wanted to hurt Ridge, so she'd erased it. Quinn invited Brooke to ask Shauna herself and insisted that Shauna didn't have the video and hadn't uploaded it to the frame.

"Because you did," Brooke deduced. She stated that Quinn had obtained the video before Shauna had deleted it, and Quinn had uploaded it to the frame.

Quinn figured that Brooke had a party to get to and noted that all the guests were there. "You wouldn't," Brooke uttered. Quinn wondered what better place there was to expose Brooke's latest scandal than a party about Brooke and Ridge's "commitment" to each other. Brooke refused to be intimidated by Quinn. Quinn replied that Brooke already was, and Quinn was deeply enjoying it.

Quinn felt sorry for Ridge and Katie. Brooke didn't feel like she needed to explain, but she decided that she would. She said she and Bill had a history, and they'd just gotten caught up in something. It had meant nothing because their commitments were to Katie and Ridge. Quinn asked if Brooke had even thought about Katie and wondered how much more Katie had to endure. Quinn was sure that Katie and Ridge would be devastated.

Brooke asked what Quinn wanted. Quinn wanted respect. "And while I'm making out my list for Santa," Quinn added that she wanted Brooke to leave Ridge, leave town, and leave the family. Brooke refused to let Quinn blackmail her. Brooke said she'd tell Ridge the truth. That way, Quinn couldn't hold anything over her. Brooke raged that it had been one kiss.

Quinn corrected Brooke, saying it had been a full-on make-out session. Brooke called it a bad mistake. She figured that Ridge would understand, and Eric and Ridge would see how vile and despicable Quinn really was. Brooke stated that when the dust settled, the woman who'd be walking away would be Quinn, not Brooke.

The picture frame exposes Brooke and Bill

The picture frame exposes Brooke and Bill

Thursday, March 26, 2020

At Eric's house, Quinn doubted Brooke would tell Ridge about the kiss, but she invited Brooke to go ahead and expose herself as the lying, conniving witch that she was. Brooke concluded that Quinn didn't really want Brooke's respect. Instead, Quinn wanted to destroy Brooke's relationships with Ridge and Katie. Quinn said Brooke had done that by making out with Bill.

Brooke stated that Shauna shouldn't have been snooping around, taking video. Quinn explained that Shauna had deleted the video to give Brooke a second shot. Quinn might have done the same thing if Brooke hadn't attacked Quinn's marriage.

Brooke was confident that Ridge wouldn't see the video or break up their marriage over a silly little kiss. She intended to celebrate their reunion and tell Ridge about the kiss later. They would put the ugliness behind them, and everyone would see that Quinn was the woman Brooke had been warning them about. Brooke left, and Quinn gazed at her portrait.

Eric arrived home. He intended to change clothes quickly for the party. Quinn needed to do that, too. Eric expected her to get beyond her differences with Brooke, starting that night. Quinn said she very much looked forward to the party. Eric was counting on the family to pull together.

Eric went upstairs to change, and Quinn called Shauna to implore her to stay in town. Shauna was packing at the time and said she and Quinn had already talked about that. Quinn insisted that Brooke and Ridge's marriage was in jeopardy. Wary, Shauna asked if Quinn had told Ridge about the kiss. Quinn said she didn't have to because the video said it all.

Shauna said that Ridge was committed to Brooke, and Shauna refused to interfere with that. Quinn continued to believe that Ridge deserved better and deserved to have Shauna. Shauna, who'd promised to be Ridge's friend, was adamantly against derailing his marriage. She did love Ridge, but he wasn't meant for her. She felt that Brooke was his future.

Shauna said she'd really miss her bestie. She asked Quinn to tell Ridge farewell for her. Quinn ordered Shauna not to hang up, but Shauna had already done it.

In Flo's apartment, Shauna sorted clothes and flashed back to her talk with Quinn about the video and Shauna's vow not to get between Brooke and Ridge.

Later, Shauna flashed back to her interactions with Ridge. Flo arrived, wondering if Shauna could get groceries. Shauna said she'd love to, "but..." Flo asked Shauna what was going on. Shauna revealed that she was going back to Las Vegas. Shocked, Flo said that Shauna loved living in Los Angeles.

Shauna affirmed that she did, but she felt that it was time to go. Her life was in Vegas. Flo thought the move was about Shauna's heartbreak over Ridge. Flo said it was okay to feel that way because Shauna and Ridge had shared something special. Flo figured Shauna would rather leave town than cause heartache for him. Shauna replied that, as hard as it was, she felt that it was the right thing to do.

At the party at Brooke's house, Katie urged Bill to be on his best behavior. As he promised to try, he noticed Donna staring at him. Bridget arrived, and Donna and Katie greeted her. Bridget was in town for a medical conference, and when she'd called to invite Ridge and Brooke to dinner, she'd wound up invited to the party.

Glad Bridget had made it, Ridge suspected Brooke would arrive soon. He asked Donna if Brooke had said where she'd been headed. Donna gazed around with a helpless expression.

Later, Katie, Bill, Ridge, and Donna were discussing the party guests. Bill was surprised they were just waiting for Eric and Quinn. Donna mentioned that Liam and Hope wanted to spend time with the kids but might stop in later. Brooke arrived. Greeting her with a hug, Ridge said she'd had the guests anxiously waiting. "One guest in particular," he added, pointing at Bridget.

Brooke cried out in surprise and hugged her daughter. Brooke hadn't known Bridget would be there. Bridget said she'd had to be there to celebrate, and there wasn't an obstacle Brooke and Ridge couldn't overcome. Brooke hugged Ridge and thanked him.

Brooke and Donna exchanged tense glances. Donna flashed her eyes at Bill, and he cynically glared back.

As the party continued, Donna pulled Brooke aside to talk. Donna asked if Brooke had been right about Quinn. In a hushed tone, Brooke conveyed that Quinn had done it, all right, but Shauna had been the one who'd filmed it. Donna fretted about how bad it was. Brooke wasn't sure. She said Shauna had deleted it from her phone because she hadn't wanted to be "that woman."

As a puzzled Bill gazed at Brooke and Donna, Brooke told her sister that it still hadn't stopped Quinn. Donna said Ridge had been asking about the frame. Brooke responded that it was empty, but Donna asked about the possibility that Quinn would show her video file to Ridge.

Brooke concluded that it was why she had to tell Ridge herself. Brooke reasoned that Ridge had kissed Shauna many times, but Brooke had only kissed Bill once. Brooke insisted that she and Ridge were back together, and they'd stay that way.

Brooke returned to Ridge's side, and they talked to Bridget and Steffy, who were glad that each's moping parent was happy again. Brooke was happy that her and Ridge's daughters supported the couple.

Brooke headed toward the front door, and Bill asked if she was sneaking out of her own party. Brooke had been on her way to check to see if Eric and Quinn had arrived. Bill asked Brooke to check on her nuttier-than-usual sister Donna, who'd been staring at him a lot.

Brooke sighed. Panicked, Bill asked if Donna knew. Nodding, Brooke said that Donna had seen them. Before Bill could find out how that had happened, Eric arrived with Quinn, who was clad in black leather. Seeing Brooke and Bill together, Quinn asked if she and Eric had caught them in the middle of something.

As Eric greeted people, Katie, Steffy, and Ridge located the picture frame in the drawer. Quinn walked over and said the gift was a great way to display what Brooke and Ridge meant to each other. Pressing buttons on it, Ridge said it didn't seem to be working. Quinn thought it was too bad and said she was sure there were things on it that they'd all love to see.

Later, Brooke and Ridge quietly talked. Brooke wanted to get a moment alone with him later that night. Ridge was all for that. She said it would be about "that," too, but she also needed to talk to him about something once the guests were gone.

Remembering the guests, Ridge wanted to show off the picture frame and asked why Brooke had put it away. Brooke claimed that something was wrong with it and said they'd fix it later.

Brooke walked away, and Ridge strode back over to the frame. He used his phone to input something into the frame's app. "And reset," he said. Images began to play on the frame. Satisfied, he placed the frame where it had once been on the table in the back of the room.

Katie called for a toast. As she gave a glowing speech about Ridge and Brooke, Donna noticed the frame scrolling through pictures behind Katie and Bill. Donna glanced around nervously and cleared her throat to get Brooke's attention. Brooke saw the frame playing. Everyone clinked their glasses, and Brooke stepped forward to head toward the frame.

Ridge pulled Brooke back to his side and began making his own speech. Donna and Brooke exchanged anxious expressions. Quinn looked at the frame just as the video of Brooke and Bill began. Brooke went pale as she watched it.

"What is that?" Steffy asked. The guests' attention turned to the frame. "Bill, is that you and Brooke?" Katie asked. Ridge turned his attention to the frame. A tear fell down Brooke's cheek as he said, "Logan? Logan!"

Bill and Brooke scramble to explain the kiss

Bill and Brooke scramble to explain the kiss

Friday, March 27, 2020

At Flo's apartment, Flo questioned Shauna's decision to give up on living in Los Angeles just because Ridge had reunited with Brooke. Flo was even more disillusioned when Shauna said she'd leave that very day. Shauna claimed she'd be back for Flo's birthday. Flo didn't want her mother to just visit on special occasions. She'd thought she and her mother had been putting down roots and making a home in L.A.

Shauna said that it had been a break from the desert, but she was looking forward to going back home and possibly working at the boutique again. Flo replied that Shauna hadn't liked that job. She accused Shauna of running away because of Ridge. Shauna stated that Ridge and Brooke had reunited, and she hoped that Brooke would give him the happiness he deserved.

Flo and Shauna said they'd miss each other. Shauna reckoned that it was an hour's flight, and they'd see each other often. Flo felt that it was unlike Shauna to retreat. Shauna said Ridge didn't know she was going. Thinking about Bill and Brooke, Shauna added that Ridge didn't know about many things. Flo implored her mother not to leave because of Brooke and Ridge.

Shauna didn't want her daughter to worry about her. Flo believed that Shauna could be happy there, with or without Ridge, and any guy would kill to go out with her. Shauna replied that it wasn't about that; she just needed a change. Shauna assured Flo that Flo would be okay, and it was only a matter of time before the Logan family embraced Flo.

"Well, they're your family, too, mom," Flo claimed. Shauna said she'd always be Flo's mom and would rush back when Flo needed her. Flo noted that Shauna had been into the married Ridge for a while, and she wondered why Shauna had chosen to leave so suddenly. By the look on Shauna's face, Flo assumed that something had happened. She asked what it was.

Shauna tried to change the subject, but Flo insisted upon hearing what was really going on. Shauna swore Flo to secrecy and admitted that something had happened, but it had been between Brooke and Bill. Shauna said it broke her heart, but she didn't think Brooke was as committed to Ridge as she claimed to be.

At Brooke's house, the party devolved into stunned silence. Ridge asked Brooke "what the hell" he was looking at. Brooke asked him to turn off the frame and go somewhere with her to talk. Katie stated that they didn't get to leave. She wanted to hear what Brooke had to say. Katie reasoned that there might not be anything to say, and it might be exactly what it looked like.

Eric asked for an explanation, but Steffy thought it was self-explanatory. Katie wondered if it was even real and asked if it was the first time Bill or Brooke had seen it. Eric asked if it was old footage, but Quinn pointed out Beth's baby monitor on a table in the video. Ridge said that it had to be a mistake because Brooke wouldn't do that to him and Katie again.

Slamming down her drinking glass, Katie growled, muttering that she couldn't do it again. Brooke said that she could explain. Ridge replied that an explanation wouldn't make things go back to the way they had been. The kiss had changed everything.

Ridge couldn't believe that Brooke had kissed Spencer. Eric asked them all to let Brooke explain. Brooke said she'd been distraught over Thomas. Ridge asked if his son was her reason for making out with Bill. "You know how I feel about this guy! You know how your sister feels about this guy!" Ridge raged and figured Brooke hadn't planned on telling him about it.

Brooke claimed she'd intended to tell Ridge about it and reminded him that she'd asked to talk to him about something after the party. Ridge figured that she'd known the video had been on the frame and had tried to hide it from him. Brooke exclaimed that she hadn't wanted him to find out that way. He said that had to be why the frame had been in the drawer.

Brooke replied that she hadn't wanted to ruin the party. "Oh, the party! The 'party!'" Katie chimed in. Katie was glad Brooke had her priorities straight. Brooke said Bill had been trying to be a friend. Pointing at everyone, Ridge said not one of them believed Brooke. He couldn't believe she'd done it and said it was a slap in the face.

Brooke begged Ridge to let her explain what had happened. Ridge rasped that he'd seen what had happened, and he couldn't unsee it. He said he'd wanted to have their journey in pictures. "And you destroyed everything!" Ridge screamed, smashing the frame on the floor.

Katie shouted that she'd trusted Bill and Brooke. "And after everything we've been through, this is what you do to me!" she yelled, shoving Bill. Brooke tried to tell Katie that Bill adored her and hadn't meant it, but Katie told Brooke to shut up.

Brooke said to Ridge that she loved him. She and Bill had made a mistake. She asked Ridge to listen because she wanted to make it right. Katie asserted that Brooke had gotten caught. Brooke was sorry and said she and Bill hadn't meant to hurt Katie. Brooke stated that the kiss hadn't meant anything; Bill had been there as a friend when Brooke had been vulnerable.

Ridge wanted Brooke to stop with the "friend" stuff because she didn't just go off and make out with all her friends. Brooke agreed that she didn't and started expressing the worries she'd had about Thomas. Ridge quipped that she was putting it on Thomas again.

Bill chimed in, saying that Thomas was the root of everyone's misery, and if Ridge needed to blame anyone, he could blame Bill. Ridge said he did blame Bill. Bill conveyed that he'd gone to see Brooke because of Ridge, who'd refused to listen to her and see that something was wrong with his psycho son. Brooke had been right the entire time, but for months, Ridge had let Brooke agonize over her daughter's safety.

Approaching Bill, Ridge asked Bill to get to the part about making out with Ridge's wife. Bill explained that Thomas had been there when Bill had seen Brooke at the cabin. Brooke had been upset, so Bill had listened to her. He'd understood her. Brooke had needed to be heard, something Ridge hadn't been capable of for months.

Bill explained that Brooke had gotten emotional, and Bill had tried to comfort her. Ridge growled. Bill continued, saying they'd gotten swept up in the moment. Katie asked if Bill had comforted Brooke by holding her and kissing her. Katie said he had claimed to be showing compassion, but it had looked like passion to her.

Bill began to apologize and say it would never happen again, but Katie was sobbing and talking over him. Brooke implored Katie to believe them. Bill urged Ridge to hate him and take it out on him. As Bill told Ridge not to be a bigger fool by taking it out on Brooke, Ridge punched Bill.

Ridge said he'd made mistakes; however, Bill had betrayed his "wife," and Brooke had betrayed her sister. Ridge added that they'd betrayed Will and everyone in the room.

Ridge stated that he and Brooke always got close, but Bill always got between them. He didn't know what Bill gave Brooke or did for her, but he was tired of trying to find out. "I'm done," Ridge uttered. He was broken and didn't get what had happened there or even why someone had wanted them to see that video.

Brooke looked at Quinn, who defiantly stared back. Brooke hated that she'd hurt the two people she loved more than anything in the world. She asked Ridge to believe that she'd been vulnerable, and Bill had just tried to comfort her. She said she hadn't meant it. She told Katie that Bill loved her and Will. Brooke swore that Bill didn't want her, and she asked Katie not to let something stupid tear her family apart.

Brooke said that she and Ridge had overcome many obstacles. It was what the night was about. She sobbed that he knew how much she loved him. He was her soul mate and destiny. She asked him to say that he believed her and that he forgave her.

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