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Ridge walked out on Brooke, and Bill pleaded with Katie to save their relationship. At Quinn's urging, Ridge found Shauna and elected to go with her to Las Vegas. Sally's attempts to placate Flo backfire, causing Flo to desire to be more involved in Sally's treatment.
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Ridge walked out on Brooke and decided to go with to Las Vegas with Shauna
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Quinn urges Ridge to go after Shauna

Quinn urges Ridge to go after Shauna

Monday, March 30, 2020

At Flo's place, Flo was surprised to hear about Brooke and Bill kissing. Wyatt had told Flo about the pair's affair, but she thought it had happened years back. "Maybe not," Shauna responded. Flo asked what it meant for Ridge and Katie. Shauna didn't know how a woman in love with her man could kiss his worst enemy. Flo asked how Shauna had heard about it, and Shauna said she'd seen it.

Shauna didn't know what Brooke had been thinking to kiss her sister's husband -- or whatever Bill was to Katie. Flo became worried about Katie and said the stress would not be good for her aunt. Shauna could see why Quinn couldn't stand Brooke. Shauna didn't like her, either, but Shauna didn't want to hurt Ridge. That was why Shauna had made it clear to Quinn that Shauna wouldn't tell Ridge what she'd seen.

Flo stated that Shauna was protecting a marriage she didn't believe in because the man she loved was in love with his wife. Flo was proud of her mother for not being "that woman" and figured Brooke would just deny it, anyway. Shauna said that wouldn't fly because Shauna had recorded it on her phone.

Shauna hadn't even known why she'd recorded it. It had just been an unconscious reaction. Flo asked if Bill and Brooke had seen Shauna. Shauna quipped that they'd been a little busy. Shauna explained that Quinn had wanted Shauna to go to Ridge with the footage, but Shauna didn't want to be the cause of upending his marriage. She said that if Bill and Brooke were sleeping together, the truth would eventually get out, but it wouldn't be due to Shauna.

Flo thought the video could make a difference. Shauna believed in timing. She wasn't sure if she and Ridge had lost their moment or if it was yet to come, but it wasn't then. Flo reasoned that it could be then, and Ridge's natural next step would be to go to Shauna. Shauna said Flo sounded like Quinn, but Shauna was going to Vegas. She'd already deleted the video, and no one would know about the kiss between Brooke and Bill.

Shauna said it was a shame on Brooke. Flo added that it was a shame on Bill, too. Shauna stated that Flo was always fair. Flo replied that she was raised right. Flo reasoned that Shauna could have used the video and gotten Ridge. Shauna insisted that she couldn't hurt Ridge that way, and he'd never hear from her that Brooke had been unfaithful and didn't deserve him.

Flo respected that and said she'd miss her mother. Shauna cherished the time she'd spent with Flo, but Shauna had to leave because she couldn't watch Ridge with Brooke while knowing what she knew about Brooke. Shauna just wanted to put it behind her and forget about the most incredible man she'd ever met.

At Brooke's house, the family looked on as Brooke expressed sorrow for the kiss. She hadn't meant for it to happen. Ridge asked if she'd tripped and fallen onto Bill's lips. Bill tried to speak, but Ridge told him to shut up. Brooke told Bill not to try to defend her because there was no excuse for what she'd done. "What we did," Bill corrected.

Katie uttered that Bill and Brooke made her sick. Brooke was sorry and implored Ridge and Katie to find a way to forgive her. Ridge didn't know what to say to Brooke. He asked Katie if she was okay. "No, but thanks for caring," Katie replied through her tears. Bill attempted to speak to her, but she didn't want to hear what he had to say. Brooke asked Katie not to punish Bill over a kiss that meant nothing.

Katie asked if she was supposed to feel better upon hearing Brooke say that. She asked if she meant nothing to Brooke, and what kind of person risked everything for something meaningless. Brooke didn't know and didn't understand herself at times, either. Bill wanted to go home with Katie and talk. Sobbing, Katie asked how Bill could do it again after all they'd been through. She asked how he could betray her again with her sister.

Katie felt like a fool for loving Bill and Brooke. Bill was incapable of being faithful to her, and Brooke didn't care how much she hurt Katie. Brooke said it wasn't true. Katie cried that the two were all over each other on video for everyone to see, and it was humiliating for Katie.

Ridge asked why Brooke would do it to her sister. He'd seen Brooke's love for her sister and demanded to know why she'd do it to Katie. Bill stated that Brooke hadn't been alone. Ridge flared up at Bill, but intervening, Eric said Ridge had already taken his shot at Bill. Eric didn't want the situation to devolve into a brawl.

Brooke promised that it would never happen again, but Katie said the words lost impact after the third or fourth time Brooke said it. Unable to take it anymore, Quinn claimed that the only reason Brooke was having an attack of conscience was because she'd known the truth would get out.

Eric asked what Quinn had had to do with it. Ridge told her to stay out of it because it had nothing to do with her. Insisting that it did, Quinn revealed that she'd uploaded the disgusting video to the frame, and she wasn't the least bit sorry that Brooke was exposed for the cheater she was.

Eric asked why his wife would put herself in the middle of it. Quinn felt that someone had to hold Brooke accountable. Donna asked if Quinn couldn't have done it in private. Quinn apologized to Katie for Quinn's methods but said it would make everyone stop finding excuses for Brooke.

Bridge asked if Quinn hated Brooke that much and wondered what Brooke had done to Quinn. Quinn replied that Bridget would know if she was around more. Bridget guessed that Quinn had taken the video to hurt Brooke. Quinn said she hadn't taken the video. Brooke revealed that it had been Shauna, who'd been after Ridge all along.

Quinn quipped that if Shauna had been after Ridge, she'd have him already. In Quinn's mind, Brooke should be thankful for Shauna's restraint, which had given Brooke a second chance with Ridge. Quinn stated that Brooke had blown that by making out with Bill, and Brooke was disgusting for her inability to keep her lips off her sister's man.

Brooke told Quinn not to judge her, but Quinn claimed that she had the moral high ground. Bill interjected that Quinn wouldn't know a moral high ground even if she were drowning in one. Bill told Katie that he was sorry. Stating that he was right about that, Quinn called him and Brooke sorry human beings.

Eric ordered Quinn to stop and said it was enough. Quinn yelled that it wasn't. She asked if he intended to defend Brooke for betraying her sister and his son. Quinn said it was "business as usual" for Brooke, who'd been poisoning the family for years. Quinn was sorry for blindsiding Ridge, but she hoped it opened his eyes. She told him to take his pride back, kick Brooke to the curb, and move on with a woman who deserved him.

Brooke asked Ridge not to listen to Quinn, who didn't know Brooke or her heart. Brooke had never claimed to be perfect. She admitted that she was impulsive and didn't think things through at times. She also made mistakes that hurt the people she loved. She was sorry and hadn't meant for it to happen. She wished she could take it back and that she had been the one to reveal it.

Bill said he should have revealed it, too. Turning to Katie, he told her that he hadn't intended to tell her because he hadn't wanted to put that hurt look on her face over something that wouldn't happen again and hadn't affected Katie and him. Katie asked how he could say that. She asked if she looked unaffected to him. He replied that he was sorry.

Brooke was sorry, too, and she asked Ridge for another chance to make it right. Ridge was disappointed. He'd looked forward to reuniting and celebrating, but what he'd gotten instead was Brooke and Spencer. Brooke replied that they could get through it. Ridge stated that it was their life. "Aren't you tired of just getting through it?" he asked.

Ridge loved Brooke very much. He said she was his blessing and his curse. He decided that he couldn't be there. He asked Brooke not to go after him, not to call him, and not to try to find him. He asked her to just let him be. Quinn grinned as Ridge strode out the door.

At Eric's house later, Ridge turned down a photo of himself and Brooke by the fireplace. Quinn knew that Ridge was upset with her, along with Brooke and Bill, but Quinn refused to apologize. Ridge asked how Quinn had gotten the video.

Quinn explained that she'd gotten it off Shauna's phone and uploaded it, but Shauna hadn't known anything about it. She said Shauna had deleted the video, and that was the kind of woman Shauna was. Quinn told him to let Brooke be with Bill or whomever the next man was, but they were running out of time.

Ridge asked what that meant. Quinn said that Shauna was packing to return to Vegas as they spoke. Quinn told him that he couldn't let Shauna leave.

Quinn derides Brooke for losing Ridge

Quinn derides Brooke for losing Ridge

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

At the mansion, Ridge didn't feel like getting into it with Quinn. He needed time to wrap his head around what had just happened. Quinn warned that he didn't have time; Shauna was moving back to Las Vegas, and he needed to stop her.

Ridge asked why Shauna had recorded the video. Sensing his anger, Quinn told him that he was losing sight of who the bad guy was. She said that Shauna wasn't responsible for Brooke's behavior. She urged him to go to Shauna before it was too late.

Ridge wanted to understand why Shauna had taken the video. Repeating that Shauna wasn't the bad guy, Quinn said Shauna hadn't wanted to expose the kiss because she'd shared kisses with Ridge. Ridge thought that made him a hypocrite, but Quinn insisted that there was a major difference. While Ridge had kissed a single, available woman, Brooke had kissed a man Ridge hated and a man supposedly committed to her sister.

Quinn asserted that someone had to stand up and say that Brooke's history with men was disgusting. It was what Quinn had done that day. Quinn urged him to let Brooke go and go to Shauna.

Ridge figured that it wasn't his place to stop Shauna if she wanted to return to Las Vegas. Quinn claimed that Shauna was leaving due to Ridge. Quinn portrayed Shauna as a good woman who hadn't wanted to see Ridge hurt, which was why Shauna had decided to delete the video and leave town. Quinn urged Ridge to go to Shauna and tell her about seeing the video. Quinn bet it would make Shauna stay.

Ridge's phone rang. It was Brooke calling. Quinn told him not to answer it and not to give Brooke another chance to plead for forgiveness. Quinn said Brooke wasn't Stephanie's successor or the Forrester matriarch. Quinn dubbed Brooke the Forrester tramp and said Ridge had to let her go.

Ridge said that Bill was the one who'd done it. Quinn agreed, saying Bill had initiated the kiss. It had been because Bill had known that he could. Quinn said Brooke had let Bill do it and would let him do it again. Shauna, however, would never do it. Quinn reminded Ridge that he'd said Shauna made him smile and laugh, everything that Brooke didn't do. Quinn urged him to go to Shauna and finally have a woman he could count on.

At Flo's apartment, Flo urged Shauna to stay, but Shauna didn't want to stand in the way of Ridge having his dream life with Brooke for as long as he could have it. Flo asked if Shauna regretted moving there. Shauna didn't. She'd enjoyed her time with Flo and was glad she had gotten to meet Ridge.

Flo begged Shauna to stay one more night. Shauna didn't want to for fear of second-guessing her choice. Flo thought that sounded like a good idea. Hugging Flo, Shauna said she'd call when she got settled. Shauna asked her daughter not to be mad.

Flo wasn't mad. She didn't like it, but she wasn't mad. Flo didn't get that her mother was running away and choosing to be alone. Shauna didn't think she was doing that. She'd never met a man before who'd made her feel that it could be forever until Ridge. Shauna had been blessed to have him as a friend. Shauna asked for one more hug before going to the door with her bag.

When Shauna opened the door, Ridge was on the other side, preparing to knock. He asked to talk to Shauna alone. Flo decided to go to the store and asked her mother not to leave until Flo got back.

Alone with Ridge, Shauna asked why he was there. He said he'd seen it. She asked what he'd seen. Ridge said that instead of having a day of love and celebration, he'd experienced betrayal. He stated that he'd seen Shauna's video. Shauna stared back in confusion.

Ridge asked why Shauna had recorded people kissing. Shauna didn't know why she'd taken the video. She'd done it in shock. She hadn't planned to do anything with it or show it to anyone. Ridge replied that she'd shown Quinn, who had, in turn, shown it to everyone else.

Shauna was shocked and asked how it had happened. Ridge said Quinn had gotten it off Shauna's phone somehow and had uploaded it to a frame on display at Brooke's. Shauna figured that Ridge was angry with her, but he said he wasn't. He stated that she hadn't betrayed him or her sister. Shauna asked why he was there.

Ridge had heard that Shauna was leaving town. He said that Quinn had told him that Shauna didn't want to complicate his life or marriage anymore. Shauna didn't want to get in the way of Ridge finally getting what he wanted. Ridge told Shauna that she made his life easier. She'd given him friendship and had made him laugh when there had been nothing to laugh about.

"And now they pulled the rug out from under me, and you want to leave me? Come on. Don't do that," Ridge said. Shauna told him that she had to go. Ridge decided that he'd go, too. He wanted to go to Vegas, and if she wanted to go so badly, they'd go together.

At Brooke's house, the guests had left, and it was just Brooke, Bill, and Katie. Brooke and Bill tried to apologize to Katie. Bill didn't even know how to explain what had gone on in the cabin. Their explanations were failing miserably in Katie's eyes. Bill asked Katie not to do it.

Katie asked if she shouldn't stand up for herself. Katie stated that there were lines that weren't meant to be crossed, but it might be time for her to accept that Brooke and Bill would always cross them. Bill knew it was a lot, but he asked Katie to forgive him and Brooke for the momentary lapse in judgment and an isolated incident. He implored Katie to accept that.

Brooke said Bill loved Katie and hadn't meant to hurt her. Katie didn't doubt that, and she believed that it hadn't happened on purpose. It didn't change anything, though. She'd thought she could finally breathe without having to worry about Brooke and Bill. Katie couldn't go back to that. Bill said Katie wasn't going back to anything and urged her to believe in his commitment to her. Bill wanted to strangle Quinn for what she'd done, for opening those old wounds.

Katie was confident that Quinn had done it for the wrong reasons, but Katie was glad that Quinn had uploaded the video. She didn't want to go through life with blinders on, and her eyes were wide open. Picking up her purse, Katie said she was leaving.

Brooke asked Katie to stay and work through it. Katie replied that they couldn't. Bill asked what Katie was saying. Katie needed time to think. She didn't know what the future held for any of them. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to go home and hold her son.

Katie left, and Brooke urged Bill to follow Katie and get her to forgive him. Bill strode out of the house, leaving Brooke alone and sobbing.

Brooke sent Ridge several text messages, telling him that she loved him, asking him to answer the phone, and requesting that he return home. Her eyes narrowed on the digital frame on the floor. She picked it up and slammed it on the floor.

"Oh, is that any way to treat a gift?" Quinn asked, entering the house. Brooke ordered Quinn to get out, but Quinn wouldn't leave without saying what she wanted to say. Quinn said Brooke was all alone, and it was her own fault. Brooke stated that Quinn had uploaded the video, but Quinn replied that Brooke was the one who'd given in to her raging libido.

Quinn said she'd told Brooke not to go to war with her. Brooke replied that Quinn didn't care what the kiss had been about. If Quinn had, she would have talked to Brooke about it instead of uploading it. Brooke called Quinn disgusting and despicable. Quinn claimed that Brooke had been getting away with her disgusting behavior for years.

Brooke asserted that it wouldn't break her and Ridge up. Quinn guessed it was where "destiny" entered the picture. Quinn said Ridge was seeing things differently, and if "destiny" was a lying slut from the valley, it was okay to kick it to the curb.

Quinn recalled how badly Brooke had wanted to get Eric to throw Quinn out and remove her portrait. Quinn asked who the unworthy person was; it was Brooke. Quinn asked who the loyal, committed wife was; it was Quinn.

Brooke reasoned that Quinn had proven how malicious she was, and Eric had seen it. Quinn figured that he'd be disappointed by the way she'd exposed Brooke, but it wouldn't last long amid all the disappointment aimed at Brooke. Brooke knew that Quinn wanted to push her out so that Shauna could take Brooke's place with Ridge.

Brooke believed that she'd be forgiven, and Ridge wouldn't leave her. She ordered Quinn to get out of the house, but lingering, Quinn said Brooke had done it on her own. Quinn stated that Brooke had shown Ridge who she was, and things had changed. Ridge no longer believed that he had to make destiny work, and he deserved to find love with a good woman like Shauna.

Ridge decides to go to Vegas with Shauna

Ridge decides to go to Vegas with Shauna

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

by Nel

In Brooke's living room, Quinn told Brooke that it was over for Brooke and Ridge. Quinn said that Shauna wouldn't be unfaithful to Ridge, but Brooke always needed to be the object of desire when any man looked at her. Quinn said the only person responsible for pushing Shauna into Ridge's arms was Brooke. Brooke asked if it bothered Quinn who she'd hurt or whose marriage she'd destroyed as long as Quinn destroyed Brooke.

Quinn told Brooke that she hated the fact that she'd hurt Katie by exposing Bill, but because of that video, Ridge realized that he could do a lot better than Brooke. Brooke claimed that Quinn was deluding herself if she thought it was the final chapter between her and Ridge. Quinn stated that it was probably the end for Katie and Bill, too. Quinn wondered how many times Katie could forgive Brooke for seducing her husband. Brooke vehemently denied that there had been a seduction. Quinn shot back that there had been a hot kiss, and Katie had seen it. It had been burned into Katie's mind and was something she could never unsee.

Quinn asked Brooke why Ridge would settle for someone so incapable of being true and loyal when he could find commitment and love with Shauna. Brooke decided to call Ridge, but he didn't answer, and Quinn smugly took that opportunity to point out that the call had gone to voicemail because Ridge had probably found the comfort he was looking for with Shauna. Quinn said Brooke's life would change once Ridge filed the divorce papers. Brooke said it would never be over for them.

Quinn asked why Brooke would choose an arrogant man like Bill over Ridge. Brooke said she hadn't chosen Bill. Quinn asked if Brooke really believed that she and Ridge would reunite. Brooke believed they would.

Quinn and Brooke's discussion turned to the portrait over the mantel. Quinn wanted to stop Brooke from barging into her home and claiming she was the Forrester matriarch. Brooke stated that Quinn wasn't the matriarch because she was an evil schemer, and her portrait shouldn't be above the mantel. Brooke claimed it was an insult to the woman who should be up there, Stephanie. Quinn said that Brooke sounded ridiculous ranting about a portrait over the fireplace. Quinn said she was married to Eric, and that made her the Forrester matriarch. With a sly grin, Quinn said she wouldn't mind sharing that title with Shauna.

Brooke accused Quinn of trying to solidify her place with Eric by destroying Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Brooke said she would stop Quinn, and she would stop Shauna. They wouldn't win.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna asked if Ridge really wanted to go to Vegas with her. Ridge said that he had decisions to make, and he said that she'd helped him in the past. He confirmed that he wanted to go with her. Shauna said that he still loved Brooke and had just reconciled with her. Ridge said he had for about 30 hours, but then Brooke had done what she always did -- she'd seen something shiny, and off she'd gone. He said his relationship with Brooke wasn't like his relationship with Shauna. He said he'd finally figured out why.

Ridge told Shauna that he believed they got along well because they had no baggage, unlike him and Brooke. That was all he and Brooke had. Shauna pointed out that Brooke and Ridge had a lifetime of memories. Ridge said he wasn't minimizing any of that, but it wasn't enough because he'd seen Bill's hands on Brooke -- and Brooke's hands on Bill. He said every time it happened, Brooke claimed it was the last time, but she never learned. Shauna said that it had only been one make-out session, but Ridge asked how they knew it had only been one session. He said there might have been others. Ridge said he could forgive almost anything, but not that.

Ridge told Shauna he had gone to see her because he hadn't wanted her to leave. He said he couldn't lose her. Shauna said that Ridge made it sound very simple. Ridge claimed that he and Shaun had no secrets, and he wanted them to get to know each other. He wanted to go to Vegas with her. Shauna said Ridge needed to go back to Brooke. She said she wouldn't be used by Ridge in order to get over Brooke. Shauna reminded him that they had also kissed, but Ridge said that had been different. Ridge vowed he wouldn't use her that way.

Shauna said she knew Ridge wouldn't, but she was aware of the long history he had with Brooke, the breakups and the makeups. She asked where she would be if he decided to reunite with Brooke. She stated that she didn't want to be a rebound for Ridge. Shauna admitted she'd fallen hard for Ridge. She loved the way he looked at her and the way he touched her. She said she want much more, but she was scared it would end with her heart broken.

Ridge said he wouldn't hurt Shauna like that. She'd been there for him, and she'd supported him. Shauna said Ridge had needed it at the time. She needed to know that he was serious about her. She didn't want to be discarded when Ridge decided to run after Brooke again. Ridge stated that he understood why she wanted to leave, but he wanted to learn more about her. He said it was a new chance for him. If Shauna was going to Vegas, then he was going with her. They kissed.

At Bill's house, Katie was packing her clothes when Bill walked in and asked her to stop packing. Bill asked Katie not to blame Brooke. Katie said he and Brooke were both to blame. Bill asked Katie to hear him out, but Katie said she didn't want to hear any more excuses. She said she'd heard enough of them, and she was exhausted from listening to his excuses and him telling her it would never happen again. She said it always happened between him and Brooke. Bill asked what he could say or do to assure her.

Katie told Bill that when they'd been at Brooke's, Donna had said that Brooke was Ridge's one and only. When Donna said that Katie was Bill's one and only, Bill had never said a word. Katie said she'd been okay with that because she'd always known Bill didn't like to get affectionate in front of people, but she didn't feel it was okay anymore. Bill said it had been one stupid kiss, a crazy moment in time. Katie wanted to believe him. She knew that Brooke had been upset at the time, but she couldn't understand how that had led to a kiss.

Katie told Bill that she felt like a fool for trusting that he loved her. Bill stated that he did love her, and he only wanted a life with Katie and Will, not Brooke. He said he wouldn't allow her to leave. Katie argued that it was his house, but Billy corrected her and said it was the family home, and if anyone was going to leave, it would be him. He said it would be temporary. He became emotional when he told Katie that they had been through "so much." He said he wouldn't give up nor would he stop fighting for them. He asked Katie to tell him she wouldn't give up on him.

Flo contemplates speaking to Dr. Escobar

Flo contemplates speaking to Dr. Escobar

Thursday, April 2, 2020

At Wyatt's house, Sally was in the back hallway, maneuvering toward the main room with a metallic green walker. She heard Wyatt on the phone with Flo, planning a visit. Sally entered the room as the call ended, and Wyatt attended to her. He felt bad about leaving, but she said he had things to do. She was confident that he'd be back.

As Wyatt turned to leave, Sally shouted, "Snake!" Wyatt sprang into action, only to discover that Sally had mistaken a lamp cord for a serpent. He assumed that she was still afraid of snakes.

Sally settled down. She expressed how grateful she was for Wyatt and Flo, who'd made Sally realize that all she wanted to do was to spend the rest of her life with Wyatt.

Wyatt stepped out of the room, and Sally patted on more pale face powder from a compact in her pocket. He asked if she was sure he should go. Sally yelled back that he didn't need to keep Flo waiting. He returned to the room, and Sally said she'd heard him on the phone with Flo.

Wyatt was apologetic about not being up-front. He hadn't wanted to upset Sally. Sally wasn't upset. In fact, she wanted him to thank Flo for her. "Look, when Flo came to town, you and I were engaged. So, she knows how much we mean to each other," Sally claimed. She stated that only a confident woman would allow her and Wyatt to spend that time together.

Sally said Flo was a woman who felt she had nothing to worry about. Sally was glad Flo felt that way. Wyatt replied that Flo would be happy to hear that. He hugged Sally and left. Sally murmured that what she really wanted was for him to tell Flo that it was over.

Later, Sally was watching a show on her tablet when the front door opened. She was upset to see Penny enter the house. Penny refused to let Sally "ghost" her when her career was on the line. "Really? A walker?" Penny asked, gesturing to the walker near the sofa. Sally told her friend to stop freaking out, but Penny was certain that it was a matter of time before people figured out that Sally wasn't dying.

Penny was concerned about Sally, who didn't look so good to her. Utilizing her compact again, Sally asked if it was too much. She'd been trying to be subtle with the sickly makeup. Sally insisted that her plan would work for both of them. Penny didn't know how and again stressed that Sally wasn't dying.

Sally stated that the symptoms that had led her to see Dr. Pappas had been real. She'd had the light-headedness, the shaking, and dizziness. Penny said they had been stress-related symptoms. Sally quipped that she could die from stress. Penny replied that she should never have agreed to it.

In Sally's mind, it was too late, and Penny had told Sally that Penny hated being a doctor, anyway. Penny hated being overworked and in deep debt just to make her parents proud. Fashion was her passion. Sally thought that Penny had an eye for design, but to get her foot in the door, Penny had to help Sally first. Penny claimed to have done it already.

Sally asked if Penny kept showing up because she wanted to ruin it and see Sally's man back with the manipulative baby thief. Sally insisted that they keep going, and she'd remind Wyatt of the bright future they could have together. Sally promised that it wouldn't go on forever, and she and Wyatt would get back together.

Penny asked if Wyatt had started to love Sally again. Sally contended that he'd never stopped. She and Wyatt had been derailed by Flo with her "poor me, I just gave a baby up for adoption con job." Sally stated that Flo had pulled his heartstrings, but Sally would pull harder.

Sally explained that it had been sheer dumb luck, according to Sally, that Katie had shown up at the doctor's appointment. Katie, who barely knew Sally, had felt so deeply for Sally, and Sally had wondered what would happen if Wyatt found out that she was sick -- or even better, dying. Sally had known exactly what to do, and she'd had the perfect person to help her.

Penny questioned why Sally had lied to Wyatt about it instead of bringing Wyatt to Penny's office. Sally said Wyatt would have asked too many questions. Sally had wanted to keep it vague. She'd known that Katie would be too polite to ask questions but was also a blabbermouth. Penny countered that Katie had been genuinely worried about Sally.

Agreeing, Sally added that they all had been -- for the first time in Sally's life. She'd known that Katie wouldn't let her die alone and that Wyatt, upon learning about her illness, wouldn't bail on her when she needed him. He'd feel too guilty.

Sally insisted that Wyatt loved her, and they'd be married if it hadn't been for Flo. Sally had thought that, once Flo had found out about the illness, Flo would tell Wyatt to stay out of it and forget about Sally; however, the actual outcome was even better. Flo was actually encouraging Wyatt to be with Sally because they didn't want Sally to suffer alone.

Penny noted that Sally had made it sound like a bad thing. "It's arrogant," Sally rejoined. Sally explained that Flo wasn't doing it because she cared about Sally. Flo was doing it because she wanted people to admire her, especially Wyatt. "It's sick," Sally concluded. Penny cited that it was coming from the person pretending to be dying.

Sally admitted that she'd gone to extremes, but she believed that she was protecting her man from the scheming "bitch" who'd made her life miserable. Penny wondered how Flo could be so bad if Wyatt wanted to be with her. Sally was convinced that Flo had everyone fooled. Sally said she'd welcomed Flo into her home, "and what did she do? She stole my man. So, you know what they say about payback."

Penny asked what Sally would do. Sally said she'd send Flo flowers. Sally reasoned that if she treated Flo like the saint Flo thought she was, Flo wouldn't have a single reason to worry about Sally. "And then, when Wyatt finally tells her it's over, she will be completely and totally blindsided, just like I was," Sally concluded.

Penny claimed she hadn't signed up to help Sally get revenge on that woman. She said it was to get Wyatt to recommit to Sally. Sally was certain that Wyatt and Flo wouldn't last. He was spending a lot of time with Sally, who reasoned that, with their chemistry, something was bound to happen.

Penny asked when it would happen. She couldn't eat or sleep. Keeping the secret was killing her, and she felt as if she were the one dying. Sally urged Penny to hold on and said Penny didn't want to be driven out of medicine by some scandal. Sally told Penny to stick to the plan, and Sally would go into "recovery" once she had Wyatt again. Sally was certain that her dying would bring her and Wyatt's love back to life.

At Flo's house, Flo was surprised to receive a visit from Zoe. Flo had heard about what had gone on with Zoe, whom Flo hadn't seen in a while. Flo asked if Zoe was okay.

Zoe said she was okay, and she'd heard about Sally's illness and that Sally was living with Wyatt just when Flo and Wyatt had reunited. Flo clarified that she and Wyatt were still together but had agreed not to let Sally spend her last weeks alone. Zoe thought it was generous but questioned whether it was a good idea.

Flo conveyed that she wanted Sally's last days to be happy. Zoe remarked that some feelings might remain between the previously engaged Wyatt and Sally. Flo knew that Sally still loved him, but it didn't worry Flo. The tragedy had put things into perspective, and Flo didn't want to be territorial. Flo was sure Sally had understood Flo when she'd said that Wyatt was there for Sally as a friend, and that was it.

Zoe figured that Sally had been shocked to learn that Wyatt and Flo had already known Sally was dying and that Wyatt and Flo were still together. Flo explained that Sally hadn't wanted Wyatt to be with her out of pity. Zoe asked if Sally was still at Wyatt's house. Affirming it, Flo said that Sally was glad for the time with Wyatt, and he felt the same way.

Zoe was concerned about it. Flo understood Zoe's reservations. Flo said she wasn't giving Sally her boyfriend. She was just giving Sally a few weeks of total contentment and happiness. Under any other circumstances, Flo wouldn't be okay with Sally and Wyatt living together. Though Zoe wasn't trying to make Flo feel nervous, Zoe recalled that Sally had intense feelings for Wyatt.

Just then, Wyatt let himself into the apartment via a key. He greeted the ladies, and Flo conveyed that Zoe had heard that he was living with Sally. Zoe asked how Sally was. He relayed that Sally was emotional and had heard him and Flo on the phone. He said that Sally wasn't giving in to her fate. Sally was living the life she wanted for as long as it would last.

Later, Flo lay on top of Wyatt on the sofa, kissing him. He wondered if he should feel guilty about it. She asked if he did. "Only because it feels so good," he replied. Flo said they weren't sneaking around. He said Sally knew about it and had been pretty upset about it earlier.

Flo mentioned that Zoe had seemed concerned about it, too. Wyatt had been concerned about it, too, and said Sally could be intense about her relationships -- more intense than her fear of snakes. Flo asked what he was talking about. Wyatt told Flo about Sally's fear of snakes and what had happened at the house earlier.

A delivery person arrived at the door with a bouquet of flowers for Flo. Flo assumed they were from Wyatt, but he denied sending them. Attached to the flowers was a card from Sally. On it, Sally remarked that she hadn't known such kindness existed. She thanked Flo for the greatest gift, Wyatt. Moved by the gesture, Flo said the illness was very unfair.

Flo had thought that being with Wyatt would make Sally seek treatment. Wyatt said he'd thought it had been why Dr. Escobar had been at the house. Flo wanted to meet the doctor and convince her to get Sally to try treatments to fight the disease.

CLASSIC EPISODE: B&B's 7000th episode - An Australia wedding

CLASSIC EPISODE: B&B's 7000th episode - An Australia wedding

Friday, April 3, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of The Bold and the Beautiful's 7,000th episode, which aired on March 23, 2017, which also happened to be the show's 30th anniversary. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1987.

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