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Katie told Bill that it was time to inform Will of his parents' separation. Flo's underwear graffiti foiled Sally's plot to seduce Wyatt and become pregnant. Steffy remained unconscious after her motorcycle collided with Bill's car.
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Steffy was injured in a motorcycle accident and Wyatt learned that Sally wasn't dying
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Katie and Zoe catch Carter up on everything he's missed

Katie and Zoe catch Carter up on everything he's missed

Monday, July 20, 2020

In Forrester's CEO office, Carter watched as Katie played a promotional video on the wall television. During the video, an electric guitar version of The Bold and the Beautiful's theme song played. Between images of Los Angeles, fashion, and models, words in the show's iconic font flashed across the screen, saying, "We are bold...We are beautiful...We are back." In the video, someone flipped a "closed" side to "open."

Katie switched off the video and asked Carter what he thought. Carter expressed excitement. She explained that digital ads like those had been producing buzz while their boutique had been relocated. She was very happy that the wait was finally over.

After designating which ad contracts he needed Katie to sign, Carter admitted that he'd been too busy with projects to notice that the boutique had still been closed. He felt as if his workload had kept him out of the loop, and enthusiastically, he invited her to fill him in on what had been going on around there. Katie laughed nervously.

Later, Carter was amazed to learn that Brooke and Bill had kissed again. Katie couldn't get the image out of her head. Carter asked if she'd been there for it. Clarifying that she hadn't, Katie said she'd seen it due to Quinn, and people should think twice about owning digital picture frames.

Flashbacks played of the party in which the digital frame exposed Brooke and Bill's kiss. Included in the scenes were Katie and Ridge's furious reactions to the betrayal.

Katie told Carter that Ridge and Brooke had been through a lot, but it was different that time. It was different because Quinn was after Brooke, and Shauna was enamored with Ridge. "Who knows what she's capable of," Katie remarked.

A series of flashbacks played of Shauna's view of the situation. Among them were scenes of Quinn urging Shauna to use the video of Bill and Brooke, Ridge convincing Shauna to take him to Las Vegas with her, and Ridge and Shauna's drunken night in Vegas that included a mysterious stop at a wedding chapel.

Later, Zoe was in the office, grinning at Carter and apologizing for interrupting his talk with Katie earlier. He brushed it off, saying that Katie had been catching him up on events around there. Joking, Zoe called it gossiping, but Carter replied that he'd left his tub of cookie dough at home. Zoe, who'd seen Carter work out, stated that there was no way he'd ever touched cookie dough in his life.

Carter asked how Zoe had been doing "after...everything." Zoe assumed Carter was referring to how she was after Thomas had tried to marry her to get to Hope. Scenes played that summarized what had happened with the failed coupling, beginning with Thomas proposing to Zoe. In the next clip, Steffy, Hope, and Liam concluded that they needed to stop Thomas' sham wedding. Lastly, Zoe and Hope exposed Thomas' true feelings about them in a wedding interruption showdown.

As images of Hope, Liam, Douglas, and Beth at the makeshift cabin wedding played, Zoe stated that she was grateful that the wedding had failed before she'd made a big mistake. She was happy that Hope and Liam were back together. Carter told Zoe that she could do much better than Thomas. When she asked if Carter had anyone in mind, he hinted that he might.

Just before Zoe could leave, Katie strode in. Carter attended to a message on his phone, and Zoe wondered if Katie had an update about Sally. Katie shrugged apologetically in response. Putting away his phone, Carter asked what the women were talking about. Katie had assumed Carter had already heard from Ridge. Carter quizzically shrugged.

Katie asked Carter to keep it between them, and she revealed that Sally was dying. His eyes widened in disbelief, and Katie noted that she'd been there when Sally had gotten the news.

Katie flashed back to urging the sobbing Sally to tell Wyatt about her condition. Sally, however, refused to have him be with her out of pity. To Carter, Katie remarked upon how brave Sally was and said everyone was working hard to make her remaining time special.

In flashbacks, Flo convinced Wyatt to suspend their relationship so that he could spend Sally's remaining time with Sally. Sally told Wyatt that he was giving her a life worth living.

Carter felt sorry for Sally. Zoe thought Wyatt and Flo were doing an incredible thing for Sally. Kate couldn't believe that an incredible force like Sally was dying.

In scenes flashing back to the past, Sally was irate that Dr. Penny Escobar kept cropping up at the beach house. Penny was done with the whole thing, and Sally asked if she was supposed to tell Wyatt that she wasn't dying. Later, Flo gave Sally and Penny a rundown of the fates that would befall them for lying about Sally's health. Penny clobbered Flo with a candlestick, and she and Sally dragged Flo to the bedroom just as Wyatt entered the house through the front door.

The rock 'n' roll version of the theme played as Wyatt kicked in a door. Darrin Brooks announced that "Bold" is back. A preview video ensued.

Sally reveals her unhinged plan to get Wyatt

Sally reveals her unhinged plan to get Wyatt

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy worked remotely and took time out with Kelly. Liam arrived for an unexpected visit, and Steffy said he couldn't have picked a better time. Liam hoped Steffy wasn't working at home because the child was sick. Steffy replied that she'd just needed some "Kelly time." Liam replied that he had, too -- even though he hadn't been away that long. "But a lot's changed," Steffy responded, focusing upon the wedding band he wore.

Later, Liam had put Kelly down for a nap and returned to the living room. He was amazed by the way Kelly's fingers twitched in her sleep. He felt lucky to be her father and hoped "the situation" would never cause her to question his love for her or how important she was to him. Steffy was sure it wouldn't. "You, either," he added.

Steffy was cool about it and said things didn't have to be awkward. "I mean, we're good," she explained. To Liam, she seemed good. Wondering about him, Steffy asked how married life with Hope was. He stammered that it was nice. Steffy quizzically repeated the word, and he admitted that he was trying to be vague.

Steffy didn't think that was necessary. She asked if he was happy. He stated that he was, and she said she was happy for him. Liam and Steffy had always wanted the best for each other, and they agreed that his marriage wouldn't change that. Liam added that they were still Kelly's parents, and they were still "us." Steffy felt that the best thing about them was honesty.

Putting the statement to the test, Liam asked Steffy how she was doing. He hoped it was well but let her know that she could tell him if it wasn't. As a single mother in charge of the most successful fashion house in the world, she didn't know if she was coming or going at times. He asked if she was making time for herself.

Steffy promised to add that task to her list. Liam wanted her to make it her first priority. In Steffy's view, Kelly was Steffy's first priority. He said it was fine if she wanted to concentrate only on work and Kelly, but he couldn't help thinking about all the plans they'd made when Kelly had been born. He added that it had meant a lot to Steffy when he'd been living there.

Steffy recalled that Liam had proposed to Hope months back, and the only reason he'd moved in with Steffy had been because Hope had turned him down. He murmured that it hadn't been the only reason. Steffy admitted that she'd let the dream of a life with him cloud her judgment, but that dream had ended the moment Hope had put the wedding ring on his finger.

At Forrester, Bill sat with Katie to talk about their relationship, but Katie couldn't get Wyatt and Sally out of her mind. Bill wanted to focus on his and Katie's situation; however, Katie said they had time to figure it out and do what was best for themselves and Will. On the other hand, Sally's time was almost up.

Bill wasn't surprised that Katie was concerned about Sally and Wyatt. Katie had the biggest heart of anyone he knew, and he was sorry he'd broken it again. He was insistent that one indiscretion wouldn't undo all they'd built together, but Katie was concerned that they hadn't built it on a sturdy foundation.

Bill declared that foundations could be repaired. He wouldn't let one kiss be the end of them. He was prepared to face the consequences of what he'd done -- "short of losing you and our family." Katie believed that he was sincere, but she didn't think he was seeing it from her point of view.

Bill assumed that Katie needed to trust him, but she stated that she needed to trust herself. She loved Bill more than she'd ever loved anyone. When things were good between them, they were really good. She wanted to forgive him and go on with their lives, but given the history between him and Brooke, Katie didn't know that she could.

Katie didn't know how to get Bill or Brooke to see what the kiss had done to Katie. Katie had worked hard to return to a place of confidence only to have it undone by a moment that hadn't meant anything to him. The moment meant a lot to Katie.

Bill got it, but he was adamant that he and Katie would not be the collateral damage of a mistake that Quinn had weaponized against Brooke. He asked for a chance to prove himself to Katie, but Katie noted that he'd been on that chance when the incident had happened. She was ready to tell Will that his parents were separated and might not get back together.

At the beach house, Wyatt was dumbfounded when he arrived home and found his living room in disarray. He marched through the house, calling for Sally, but no one was there. He worriedly stared at her overturned walker.

At Sally's former apartment, Sally gazed down at the job she and Penny had done tying the unconscious Flo by her ankle to a radiator. They'd tied her with what appeared to be mismatched pantyhose. As they moved furniture and accessories out of Flo's reach, Penny fretted because Flo hadn't awakened yet. Glad about it, Sally reminded Penny that she'd checked Flo's vitals. Penny regretted what she'd done, but Sally reasoned that Flo had brought it upon herself.

Sally's phone rang. Penny urged her not to answer it, but it was a call from Wyatt. Slipping into her sickly character, Sally answered the phone with a meek tone. Relieved to hear her voice, Wyatt asked what was going on. Sally tried to pretend things were fine, but she was at a loss for words when he described the mess he'd found in the living room.

Thinking fast, Sally pretended she'd gotten dizzy and fallen when her driver had arrived. She claimed that the driver had helped her to the car, and she hadn't even realized she'd left the walker behind. Wyatt asked where she was, and she said she was with her doctor.

Wyatt was surprised to hear that Sally had had an appointment. He told her that, despite how intense things had been, he wanted to "be there for" her. Sally responded, "And I want to be with you. More than I can say. I can't wait." She promised to be back soon.

After the call, Penny railed at Sally for not telling Wyatt the truth. Penny believed that if Sally had come clean with him, none of it would be happening. Sally recalled that Penny was the one who'd knocked Flo on the head. Penny was sure Flo would have them arrested for kidnapping. Deciding that it was over, Penny said they'd let Flo leave after she awakened, and Sally would go to Wyatt with the truth. "No!" Sally exclaimed.

Sally asserted that she hadn't gotten that far only to lose Wyatt. Although her plan was falling apart, she knew that Wyatt cared about her and wanted to be there for her. She just needed him to care more. "The threat of just losing me isn't enough," Sally determined.

Penny didn't know what Sally had in mind, but Penny drew the line at kidnapping. Sally reckoned that they'd just relocated Flo somewhere safer. Sally barely saw her neighbors. It was super quiet there, and with the concrete walls and highway noise, one could barely hear anything at that apartment. Penny hoped that whatever Sally had planned didn't involve screaming.

On the floor, Flo stirred herself awake. She asked where she was, and Penny suspected Flo didn't remember anything. Penny assured Flo that she'd be fine, and Sally said that they hadn't meant to do it. "Do what?" Flo asked, panicking when she discovered that she was bound to the radiator. She tugged at her ankle bindings and asked why she was tied up. Touching her head, she asked if they'd hit her.

Sally said it had been an accident, but it had happened because Flo had been about to tell Wyatt everything. Flo raged that they'd attacked her and kidnapped her. She demanded to be untied that instant. Penny exclaimed that she'd told Sally it had been a mistake. Flo suggested that Sally listen to her doctor. Sally said Flo wasn't supposed to have gotten hurt, but Flo hadn't listened.

Flo told Sally that it would never work, and people would look for Flo. Sally repeated that it had been unintentional, but Sally wanted Flo to hear how Sally felt about Wyatt. Flo warned that Sally wouldn't get Wyatt that way, and it was crazy. Penny stated that she'd been trying to tell Sally that from the start.

Sally recalled that Wyatt had been there for her. She just needed time to remind him of what Flo had stolen from them. Flo said she hadn't stolen anything, and Wyatt could make his own choices. "We're going to jail," Penny whimpered. Flo believed that Sally needed to seek help and said a broken heart wasn't an excuse.

Sally insisted that Wyatt loved her. She and Wyatt would have a future and a family together, and there was nothing Flo could do about it. Sally and Wyatt had talked about kids, and she insisted that they'd have a child. Flo asked Penny why Sally was acting as if she was the one with the blow to the head. Penny asked Sally what she was talking about.

Sally announced that the timing was perfect, according to her ovulation app, and a baby would tie her and Wyatt together. "A baby?" Penny and Flo replied in unison. Sally insisted that she had to do it. She refused to lose to Flo, and Wyatt wouldn't abandon his child. Sally vowed that she would have Wyatt's baby.

Back at the beach house, Wyatt straightened up toppled furniture, walked by Flo's car keys on the counter, and stared out the window. He picked up a picture of himself and Flo and sighed.

Steffy is involved in a motorcycle accident

Steffy is involved in a motorcycle accident

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

by Nel

At the beach house, Wyatt left a voicemail for Flo. He said he wanted to hear her voice and asked her to call him back. He said if he didn't answer, it was because of Sally. As Wyatt ended the call, Bill arrived and asked what had happened. Wyatt told him that Sally had fallen. Bill asked how many times she'd fallen. Wyatt said he didn't know where Sally was, only that she'd gotten a ride to the doctor's office -- or something. He thought that Sally had been doing well, but he suddenly realized that he didn't have a lot of time left with her.

Bill told Wyatt to appreciate the time he had with Sally and to move forward and appreciate the time he had with Flo. He told Wyatt not to take Flo for granted. Wyatt asked why he got the feeling they were talking about Katie. Bill explained the he'd really screwed up, and Katie probably wouldn't forgive him that time. He couldn't believe that Katie wanted to tell Will.

Wyatt said that Katie didn't want to risk getting hurt by Bill again. Bill claimed he'd been trying to make Katie understand. Wyatt interrupted to say it was until there was another spur-of-the moment happening or another one-time incident. He said he was attempting to make Bill understand where Katie was coming from.

Bill told Wyatt he understood, but he wouldn't accept it. He said that Will deserved to have his parents together. Wyatt claimed that Bill couldn't control everything, but Bill insisted that he could. He stated that he wasn't a quitter, and he didn't want to be responsible for hurting Will again. Wyatt told him not to beat himself up. He said Bill was a good father, and he would make sure that Will's future would be bright even if he and Katie weren't together. Wyatt said that even if Katie didn't come around, Bill had to believe in his family and his relationship with Katie. Bill agreed.

After Bill left, Wyatt received a text from Sally that read, "Will be home soon. Doc said not to worry about the fall, but I might need extra support from here on out. Let's make tonight special, OK? Something we can both treasure. Might not have many chances left." Wyatt looked puzzled.

At Sally's apartment, Flo continued to struggle, unsuccessfully, to free herself from the radiator. Sally assured Flo that she and Penny would keep Flo comfortable. Sally urged Penny to apologize to Flo for whacking Flo over her head. Sally told Flo that she would let her go as soon as it was safe. Flo asked if that meant after Sally was pregnant with Wyatt's baby.

Penny asked why Sally hadn't told her about her plan to get pregnant. Sally claimed it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Flo claimed it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment decision because Sally had already been tracking her cycle so she would know the ideal time to get pregnant. Sally explained that she needed a backup plan because her original plan was taking too long, and Wyatt should have already fallen in love with her.

Flo asked if Sally's plan B was to get pregnant by a man who didn't want to be with her, but Sally claimed that Wyatt would be in love with her before they knew it. Sally said that if Flo hadn't had her panic attacks about wanting to uncover the truth and Penny hadn't tried to convince her to give Wyatt up, she wouldn't have needed to go to plan B. Sally claimed she'd run out of options. Flo reminded Sally that she couldn't get pregnant if the other person didn't want to participate, but Sally assured Flo that Wyatt had always been a willing participant. She said he might need a little persuasion, but in the end, he would grant a dying woman her final wish.

Flo told Sally that her plan would blow up in her face. Penny agreed that the situation wouldn't bode well for either of them. Sally claimed that nine months down the road, she would be provided with a miracle cure and would be holding her newborn baby. That sounded like a pretty good ending to her. Sally was aware that Wyatt would probably be upset, but he wouldn't stay angry for long, knowing she was carrying his child. Flo said that Sally would be carrying Wyatt's child in prison because that would be where Sally and Penny would be serving time for kidnapping and assault.

Sally told Flo that she needed one more night with Wyatt to cement their future. Flo said things didn't need to end in a total disaster. She said it was Sally's last chance to let her go, and Sally could walk away with a bit of dignity. Sally said she would walk away with Wyatt, and ultimately, it didn't have anything to do with Flo. She wished Flo the best as long as Flo's best didn't interfere with Sally's. Flo asked if Penny was willing to go to jail and lose her license for Sally instead of doing the right thing.

Sally told Penny that no one was going to go to jail, and no one would get hurt. If Flo wanted to press charges, Sally and Penny would explain that it had been a simple misunderstanding. Sally told Flo that high school sweethearts weren't supposed to last forever, and after Sally was carrying Wyatt's child, Flo would finally understand that she was part of Wyatt's past.

Sally stripped down to her sexy black underwear and asked Flo what she thought. She told Flo that she'd sent Wyatt a text message telling him she had something special planned for them. She wondered why Wyatt hadn't responded. Flo said that Sally could look as slutty as she wanted, but Wyatt wouldn't sleep with her. Sally assured her that he would. Flo said that Sally had underestimated Wyatt's commitment to Flo. Sally said Wyatt would sleep with her with Flo's approval.

Sally strutted in front of Flo in the outfit she'd picked for that evening. Flo grabbed Sally's ankle. Sally lost her balance, and during her fall, she hit her head on the table and wound up unconscious on the floor. Flo found a marker and wrote something on Sally's leg. Sally regained consciousness and asked what had happened.

At the cliff house, Liam asked Steffy how she was, but Steffy claimed she didn't have time for self-reflection. Liam stated that he would always be there for Steffy and Kelly. Steffy said it was really sweet, and she respected his commitment to her and Kelly. She knew he genuinely wanted to be there for her and Kelly, but he couldn't because he had a wife, a child, and another life. She said that to pretend otherwise wasn't a good idea.

Liam told Steffy that because he was married to Hope and living with her, Beth, and Douglas, it didn't mean that he'd forgotten about Steffy and Kelly. He said that Steffy and Kelly were always on his mind and always in his heart. Nothing would change that.

Amelia arrived and went directly to check on Kelly. Liam told Steffy that he should be the first one she called whenever she needed someone to stay with Kelly, but Steffy said that Liam needed to go home to Hope, Beth, and Douglas. Liam thanked her for being the mother of his child. It meant a lot to him to have such a caring, and competent mother who took such loving care of their child. Steffy laughed and asked if Liam was trying to make her feel guilty for dumping Kelly on a babysitter for a few hours. Liam also laughed and said that he was, but he wanted her to enjoy her "me" time because she'd earned it.

After Liam left, Steffy donned her leathers and her helmet, and she rode off on her motorcycle. A short time later, a car suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and Steffy was knocked off her bike. She lay unconscious on the road.

Wyatt is alarmed by what he sees in the mirror

Wyatt is alarmed by what he sees in the mirror

Thursday, July 23, 2020

At Sally's old place, Sally was on the floor with Flo, who was tied to the radiator across the room. Sally couldn't believe Flo had attacked her. Flo, who couldn't believe Sally had kidnapped her, said she'd been trying to escape and stop Sally from doing something else that was stupid.

Getting up, Sally told Flo to stop being dramatic. Flo thought it was outlandish that Wyatt would knowingly sleep with Sally and impregnate her. It wasn't outlandish to Sally. Sally said she'd let Flo go but not before Sally made a lasting connection with Wyatt.

Penny arrived with a bag and asked what was going on. Sally explained that Flo had shoved her and made her hit her head. Penny asked if Sally was okay. Sally believed she would be -- once she got home to Wyatt. Flo was confident that Wyatt would reject Sally after all she'd done.

"Not if I'm pregnant with his child," Sally argued. Flo persisted in her belief that Wyatt would never forgive Sally for pretending to be dying. Sally snapped that he'd forgiven Flo. Reasoning that never was a long time, Sally stated that wounds healed, but if they didn't -- and she lost everything, including Wyatt and her job -- she'd at least have a baby with the man she loved.

Flo implored Penny to talk sense into Sally; however, Sally insisted that that night was the night, and it would last forever. Sally received a message that her ride was there, and she left.

Flo tried to convince Penny that she and Sally were in over their heads, and Penny needed to let Flo go. Penny said they'd been in over their heads from the start, and she'd warned Sally several times that it would explode in their faces. Flo guessed that Penny hadn't been able to resist what Sally had offered. Penny admitted she'd been desperate, and Sally had been, too.

Flo assumed Sally had been so desperate that she'd lied to everyone in her life to get their pity and to get Wyatt. Flo stated that Sally was about to make it worse by trying to get pregnant, but Flo and Penny could stop it if Penny would just let Flo go. Reminding Flo that she had heard Sally, Penny said Sally would release Flo after that night.

Flo yelled that it would be too late. She asked if Penny didn't get that. Flo reasoned that Penny didn't have to be involved anymore if she didn't want to. She urged Penny to save herself by helping to save Flo and Wyatt.

Later, Flo panicked when she saw Penny pick up Flo's phone. Flo asked what Penny was doing, and Penny responded that she was following Sally's instructions. Flo asked if Penny was contacting Wyatt, pretending to be Flo.

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt left another message for Flo. On the message, he stammered, saying he wanted to make sure she was okay. "You are okay, right?" he asked with a nervous laugh.

Later, Sally arrived. Wyatt asked if she was okay. Sally said she was fine, but he clarified that he meant her condition after the fall. Sally claimed that she'd just been a klutz.

Wyatt felt bad because he hadn't been there. He ruminated on how hard the illness was for Sally to handle alone. Stopping Wyatt, Sally said she didn't want him to feel guilty. She wanted the night to be about them, what they had meant to each other, and what they'd always mean to each other. Wyatt asked what she was saying.

Sally said she finally saw an answer and something to live for. Happy, Wyatt assumed Sally wanted to look into treatments. Sally stated that he'd given her hope and something to look forward to, something to build her future on. It was a future she hoped would begin that night.

Wyatt assumed that Sally had been with her doctor earlier, discussing treatments. Sally agreed with the statement and said she owed Dr. Escobar a lot -- just like Sally owed Wyatt. Nearing him, Sally talked about how great he'd been with her. It reminded her of how great they'd been together and of what could have been.

Sally recalled that she and Wyatt had shared many dreams and had talked about starting a family. Slowly undoing her top, Sally stated that, if she had to leave his house, there was just one thing she wanted before she went.

Awkwardly, Wyatt told Sally that he cared about her, but he was committed to Flo. Just then, he received a message from Flo. Unbeknownst to Wyatt, at Sally's old place, Penny typed away, and Flo demanded to know what Penny was saying to Wyatt.

Sally asked what Flo had said. Silently, Wyatt read his phone. On it, the message said, "Hey, been thinking more. Sally doesn't have much time. Tomorrow, we can start our life together. Make tonight for you two." Puzzled, he said Flo wanted them to have the night together.

It was amazing to Sally, who wanted the same thing. Undoing more buttons on her top, she said she wanted it more than anything, just one more night to feel desired.

Back at Sally's old place, Flo ordered Penny to stop texting Wyatt and to reveal what she'd written. Penny read the messages and said he'd replied, asking what Flo was saying. Flo could not believe Penny was doing it. Penny said she just wanted it over, whatever it took.

Penny typed more, texting to Wyatt that it was what Flo wanted. Blowing it off, Flo said he'd sense that it wasn't her, and it didn't even sound like her. Penny asked what Flo would say.

Flo figured Wyatt would need convincing to get caught up in Sally like that again. Flo began throwing out ideas, like texting, "'No regrets. I want you to enjoy her. I want her to enjoy you and just, you know, do it for the both of you.'" Flo emphasized that they should enjoy each other head to toe and not miss anything.

Finding it good, Penny began to type. Flo yelled at Penny not to type it, but Penny persisted.

At the beach house, Wyatt read the messages. Sally urged him to listen to Flo, who knew how much it would mean to Sally. She wanted to feel his arms around her and feel sexy again. Sally removed her top, exposing her bra. She asked for one more time with the man she loved.

Wyatt advised Sally to put her clothes on. Dropping her skirt to the floor, she asked him to grant her final wish. As he gazed at her in her underwear, he noticed something in the mirror behind her. Words had been written across the top of her panties. "'Help me...Flo,'" Wyatt read aloud.

Sally became confused. Immediately, Wyatt asked where "she" was and what Sally had done. Sally asked what he was talking about. Wyatt demanded to know where Flo was.

That evening at the hospital, a doctor was briefed by an EMT on his patient's condition. The female had been a victim of a motorcycle accident. She was still unresponsive. She had multiple contusions and abrasions to her arms, legs, and chest. He asked if she'd worn a helmet.

Bill appeared and affirmed that she'd worn a helmet. The doctor immediately recognized Bill and introduced himself as Dr. Finnegan. Bill identified the patient as Steffy Forrester and said he needed to see her. Dr. Finnegan asked Bill to wait until the doctor knew Steffy's condition.

Later, Bill paced around the waiting area, recalling the crash. He remembered making the emergency call and asked Steffy to hang in there until help arrived. More time passed, and Bill sat in a chair. Dr. Finnegan emerged from Steffy's room, and Bill hopped up to ask about Steffy.

Steffy was still unconscious, and Finnegan intended to run more tests. Bill asked if she'd be okay. All Finnegan could say was that she was stable for the moment. Bill took that to mean she'd be fine, but Finnegan stated that it meant she was getting the best care possible. He wasn't sure how it would be if she hadn't worn her helmet.

Bill elaborated that the accident hadn't been Steffy's fault. He stammered and said he needed to be in there, so Steffy wouldn't be alone. Dr. Finnegan decided that Bill could see Steffy once the nurse had finished up in the room.

After the nurse had finished, Bill entered Steffy's room and gazed upon her sleeping form. He told her that he knew what kind of fighter she was, and she'd be okay. She had to be. He explained that he'd been on the way to see Kelly, who was beautiful, strong, and "kick-ass" like her mother.

Sobbing, Bill said he'd just been driving along, "and suddenly, there you were. I'd slammed on the brakes, but...Oh, God..." Crying openly, Bill told Steffy that he was sorry.

Flo exposes all of Sally's lies

Flo exposes all of Sally's lies

Friday, July 24, 2020

At Sally's old apartment, Flo ordered Penny to stop text-messaging Wyatt. Penny said Sally wanted Wyatt to think Flo approved of him sleeping with Sally, and with the texts coming from Flo's phone in a script provided by Flo, Penny was sure he'd gotten the message. Flo hoped so.

Flo yanked on her bindings and told Penny to let her go because the scam would never work. Wyatt would not allow Sally to seduce him. Penny remarked that Sally thought she had a chance. Flo called Penny and Sally nuts. She announced that the writing was on the wall -- or somewhere a little more hidden.

Later, Flo tried to reason with Penny, but Penny figured it would be over soon. Flo quipped that it would be over when Wyatt shot Sally down. Noting Flo's faith in Wyatt, Penny wondered if he'd be able to keep his pants on if he thought Flo approved of him giving Sally her dying wish.

Flo was counting on Sally not keeping her pants on and confident that Wyatt would do the right thing. Flo asked why Penny was going along with it, knowing it was wrong. Flo figured it would be best if Penny appealed to Wyatt before Sally got exposed, because there was no telling what the desperate Sally was capable of doing.

At the beach house, Wyatt demanded to know where Flo was. Sally was sure Flo was fine and reasoned that Flo just wanted the same thing Sally wanted. Wyatt repeated the question, and she asked why he was harping on where Flo was. "Look in the mirror. Look behind you," he instructed. Sally turned and gasped when she saw "Help me!" written on one side of her underwear, and "Flo" written on the other side.

As Sally covered herself up in a robe, Wyatt slowly realized that Sally had been with Flo, whom he hadn't been able to reach all day. Certain Flo had left him the message as a clue, he insisted that Sally tell him what was going on with Flo. Sally urged him not to think about Flo for just one night. "What are you talking about?" he incredulously exclaimed.

Sally persisted in trying to convince Wyatt that Flo wanted him to sleep with Sally, but Wyatt threatened to call the police if Sally didn't answer his question about Flo. Whimpering, Sally said he didn't have to do that. She uttered that it wasn't like her.

Wyatt put the question to Sally again, and she admitted that Flo was with Dr. Escobar. He asked if they were at the hospital. Sally said that they were at Sally's apartment. She claimed she'd never meant to hurt Flo or Wyatt. Without another word, Wyatt stormed out of the house.

Later, the miserable Sally sank down on the sofa. Penny arrived. Sally said that if Penny was there to confess to Wyatt, he wasn't around. Sally asked what Penny had done with Flo. Penny said Flo was tied up in the apartment. "Great," Sally murmured. Confused, Penny reminded Sally that she had instructed Penny not to let Flo go.

Penny asked where Wyatt was. In Sally's silence, Penny deduced that Wyatt knew. Penny asked where he was, and Sally stated that he was on his way to her apartment, where he'd find out the truth.

Alarmed, Penny asked how he'd figured it out. Sally stood and showed Penny the message on her backside. Penny read it and scoffed. Sally deduced that Flo had written it when Sally had been knocked out on the floor.

Back at Sally's apartment, Flo tried to untangle the nylon bindings on her ankle. She heard Wyatt jiggling the front door knob and calling her name. She answered, and he told her to open the door. She yelled back that she was tied to a radiator, and Escobar would probably be back any minute. She urged him to get in there and free her.

Wyatt kicked the front door open. He found some scissors and cut Flo loose. He helped her up, and they hugged and kissed. Glad that Flo was okay, he told her that he'd been confused by her text messages. Flo explained that it had been Escobar pretending to be Flo, because Sally had decided that "tonight" had been the perfect time.

"For what?" Wyatt asked. Flo stated that Sally had been planning on getting pregnant that night. "Whoa. I -- um -- what?" Wyatt asked. Flo said it was why Escobar, posing as Flo, had been urging him to sleep with Sally. Flo had been desperate to get a message to him to warn him.

Wyatt told Flo that he'd seen the message. He wanted her to know that he never would have gotten with Sally. He loved Flo and only Flo. "I know," Flo replied. He didn't even get how the sickly Sally could have even kidnapped Flo, let alone why she'd do it.

Flo said Wyatt wouldn't believe it. She was sorry and relieved to be the one to tell Wyatt that his kindness to Sally had been all for nothing. Sally had been lying. The doctor's visits, the walker, and the shakes had all been a sham. Sally had been lying about her illness the entire time. "Sally isn't dying," Flo stated.

At the hospital, Bill apologized to Steffy and urged her to wake up. Dr. Finnegan arrived and asked Bill to step out while he examined his patient. In the hallway, Bill pulled out his phone.

At Forrester, Ridge met in the CEO's office with Zoe and approved of her "message of inclusion" campaign for HFTF. He figured that Zoe had ambitions bigger than modeling. Zoe shyly chuckled. He apologized for the rocky way things had been for Zoe, but he was glad that Hope and Zoe had begun collaborating.

Zoe replied that she and Hope were working through things, and it was getting better between them. Ridge could tell that Zoe and Hope had put a lot of time into it. Zoe appreciated the chance to do it, and she had a lot of time on her hands after what had happened with Thomas. Sighing, Ridge apologized for his son's behavior.

Brooke arrived. Seeing Zoe and Ridge in a meeting, Brooke apologized for interrupting. Zoe, who was ready to take off, thanked Ridge for hearing the pitch and exited the office.

Brooke missed Ridge and wanted him to be at home with her. Ridge, however, preferred staying at Eric's house. She guessed the kiss still plagued Ridge, and he wondered why Spencer was always messing with his life. She stated that Bill wouldn't be a problem for them, but Ridge noted that she'd said it before. She promised that it was true.

Checking the time, Ridge wondered when the meeting was supposed to be. Brooke replied that Steffy should have been there 20 minutes earlier. Ridge was worried because it wasn't like his daughter to be late, and he said he couldn't reach her.

Brooke reasoned that Steffy might have forgotten the meeting. Brooke offered to postpone it so that she and Ridge could talk about their future. She said they couldn't let a meaningless kiss get between them.

Ridge's phone rang, and he was perturbed upon seeing that it was Bill calling. Curtly answering, Ridge asked Bill what he wanted. Bill replied that it was Steffy, and there had been an accident. Ridge repeated the word, and Bill stated that Steffy was in the hospital. He advised Ridge to get there quickly. As Ridge ended his call, Brooke asked what had happened. Ridge said Steffy was in the hospital, and they had to go.

Later, Brooke and Ridge rushed into the hospital waiting area. Ridge was anxious for word on Steffy, but Bill didn't know much. Steffy was unconscious but stable, and Dr. Finnegan was still with her. Brooke asked about the accident, and Ridge hoped his granddaughter hadn't been involved.

Bill revealed that Steffy had been on her motorcycle. Brooke asked if Steffy had crashed, but he replied that a car had hit Steffy, knocking her off her bike. Brooke asked if Steffy had worn a helmet. Bill nodded. Ridge uttered that he had to see his daughter.

As the Ridge, Brooke, and Bill waited for Dr. Finnegan, Ridge wondered why Bill was there and how he had known about the accident before Ridge had. Brooke asked if Liam had called Bill.

Dr. Finnegan emerged from Steffy's room. Ridge introduced himself and listened as Finnegan announced that Steffy's condition hadn't changed. Ridge asked to see her, and the doctor approved the visit.

Ridge hurried into the room. He kissed Steffy's forehead and sat at her bedside. Softly, he told her that he'd do everything within his power to help her through it.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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