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Wyatt decided what should happen to Sally as a result of her misdeeds. Katie was disillusioned to learn that Sally had used her to get to Wyatt. Brooke and Ridge reunited, but Shauna informed him that he'd married her in Las Vegas.
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After reuniting with Brooke, Ridge learned that he had married Shauna in Las Vegas
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Steffy gives in and takes her doctor's advice

Steffy gives in and takes her doctor's advice

Monday, August 3, 2020

Outside Sally's room, Penny pondered the significance of Wyatt still being in with Sally. Flo knew what Penny wanted it to mean. Penny claimed that she wasn't a bad person. Flo figured that Penny was just gullible, and that had to be the reason Penny had risked her career.

Penny said her career was more important to her parents than to her, but Penny hadn't expected Sally's plan to go off the rails. Flo believed that Sally had just been thinking about herself when she'd put together her half-baked pity scam. Penny replied that the anxiety attack had brought things home for Sally. Flo asked if Penny thought Wyatt would really forgive Sally after all she'd put him through.

Speaking for herself, Penny said that she couldn't keep apologizing, and Flo would either believe her sincerity or not. Penny wished she could go back and refuse to go along with the plan she'd had misgivings about from the start. Flo knew the feeling. She knew people who could sell someone on something, and even though the someone had known she could lose everything, she'd still done it.

Penny assumed she'd lose her medical license and face charges alongside Sally. Penny could only hope that Sally got through to Wyatt and that Flo could find a way to forgive them, too.

In Sally's hospital room, Sally realized that she was asking a lot of Wyatt. She said she'd understand if he had her arrested or wrote her off entirely. She just hoped that she wouldn't lose him entirely and that, one day, he could look upon her differently than he did at that moment.

Sally conveyed that she'd been scared, lost, and angry that Flo had returned to town and ignited a chemistry between her and Wyatt. Sally had refused to accept it. She'd reverted back to the old Sally Spectra, who wasn't above doing anything to get what she wanted. Sally regretted that and regretted hurting him.

Sally wished Wyatt would say something. When he began to speak, she cut him off, afraid of what his words would mean for them. She realized that there was no "you and me." Sally stated that she'd created the elaborate hoax for nothing because, in truth, he loved Flo the way Sally wished he'd love her. Sally could finally accept that, but she couldn't accept it if she'd alienated him forever. She just loved him too much to think she might have lost him for good.

Wyatt knew how sorry Sally was and that she wanted his forgiveness. "But, Sally -- " he stated. Just then, Flo opened the door and asked to enter. Sally explained that she'd been asking Wyatt for his understanding and forgiveness. She hoped she'd gotten through to him, but if not, she was hoping that Flo could. Flo asked what Sally was asking of her.

Sally knew that it was weird. She also knew that Flo knew what it was like to get caught up in a consuming lie and knew how life-changing it could be to get the forgiveness of a loved one. Flo replied that she did know what it was like to lie and hurt loved ones, and she knew that healing power of forgiveness; however, Flo's experience with it didn't change what Sally had done. Flo claimed that she'd paid for her mistakes and was still paying. Flo said Wyatt's forgiveness wasn't up to Flo. It was up to him, and he'd decide what he'd do.

Sally was grateful that Flo knew what it was like and had found forgiveness. "Maybe I can, too," Sally concluded. Wyatt asked for a moment alone with Sally, and Flo exited the room.

Tearfully, Sally said she'd been living with a lot of stress. It was karma for her to be in the hospital after lying about dying. She'd just wanted back what she and Wyatt had shared. When she'd been "sick," she'd experienced his love again -- even if she'd merely been deluding herself. She couldn't spare him the pain she'd caused, but she implored him to forgive her.

Wyatt told Sally that she had to know how upset he was. He'd been under the impression that they'd been spending her last days together. He was extremely grateful that she wasn't dying, but her love for him had gotten out of control. Though he'd hurt her, it didn't justify how she'd treated him, Flo, Katie, and others. He called it horrible and selfish.

In his view, Sally had really crossed the line by taking Flo. It had been kidnapping. It had been criminal. He said that they should press charges, but he couldn't do it to Sally. He couldn't act like nothing had happened, either. That was why he thought Sally should just go away for a while -- or at least stay away from him and Flo.

Wyatt hated that they were in that situation. He thought Sally was amazing and talented. She had a lot to give the world, but he also thought that she needed to find the incredible woman inside her again, the one who'd shared her life with him. "So, goodbye, Sally," he said.

As Wyatt turned to leave, Sally called his name. Crying, she said she'd really miss him. Sally sobbed as he walked out the door.

In Steffy's room, Dr. Finnegan asked Steffy to gauge her pain. She rated it between a six and seven but said it was nothing she couldn't handle. Finnegan, who didn't need convincing of that, said she seemed to be as tough as people could get. She admitted that the ice pack helped. He recommended a heat and cold regime but said she should let them know if she hurt enough to require something more.

Steffy accepted the advice but insisted upon riding it out on her own for as long as possible. Dr. Finnegan asked if she wanted anything, and she jokingly ordered a margarita. He offered her juice instead, but she said she was fine. Dr. Finnegan relayed that the recovery could take weeks, and even though he understood that she wanted to tough it out, he again impressed upon her the importance of letting them know if she needed anything.

Steffy smiled at her doctor as he exited the room. Once he was gone, she winced in pain. She spied some ice in a cup on a bed tray that had been rolled back and hovered over her calves. She lifted herself up to reach for it but instantly recoiled onto the pillows, grimacing in pain.

Outside Steffy's hospital room, Brooke suggested that Ridge call Taylor in Paris. He'd been holding off on that but decided that he'd make the call and contact Thomas, too.

Nearby, Liam and Bill watched Ridge stroll off, and Bill remarked that Ridge hated having Bill there. Certain that it wasn't Bill's fault, Liam stated that Bill had done all he could to avoid the collision. Bill didn't know if Ridge would ever accept that but concluded that only Steffy mattered at that moment.

Ridge returned after making his calls. Taylor wanted to fly there, but he'd convinced her to just let him update her on things. He wondered why the doctor was still in with Steffy. Liam was confident that it wouldn't be for much longer. Liam and Bill took off to get some coffee, and Brooke reassured Ridge that Steffy would be okay.

Ridge suggested that Brooke go home to help Hope with the children. Dr. Finnegan appeared in the waiting area, and Ridge, who didn't want his child suffering, was anxious for more news. Dr. Finnegan said they were trying to do everything they could to make Steffy comfortable. Brooke assumed the strong-willed Steffy wasn't making it easy.

Finnegan explained that Steffy wanted to power through without pain meds, but he'd told her that she didn't have to do that. Ridge agreed to talk to her. He knew from experience how healing from broken ribs went. The doctor said that it was ultimately up to Steffy. Only Steffy knew the degree of pain she could tolerate.

Later, Ridge, Bill, and Liam went into Steffy's room. Liam let her know that he'd talked to Hope, who'd said that Kelly was on her way down for the night. Ridge added that Brooke was on her way there to help with Kelly. Steffy asked if Hope had read Kelly's favorite story to her. Liam said Hope had done it and had told Kelly that her mother, who loved her, would be home soon.

For Steffy, it couldn't be soon enough. Bill apologized again for not seeing Steffy in time on the road, but Steffy told him that he had to stop beating himself up over an accident. Ridge asked how she really was. She claimed to be okay. The best medicine for her would be to be with her daughter, who was her miracle cure. She couldn't wait to hold Kelly again.

Dr. Finnegan stepped into the room, and Liam assumed they were about to get kicked out. Finnegan said Steffy had had a long day and needed her rest. He left, and Liam took off, promising to send any updates on Kelly.

Bill stepped toward Steffy, and she warned him not to apologize again. Agreeing not to, Bill announced that he'd check on Steffy in the morning. He left, and Ridge assured Steffy that she'd be fine. He wanted her to stop being superwoman and let her doctors take care of her. Steffy took the advice, and Ridge left.

Steffy winced and groaned in pain. Dr. Finnegan returned, assuming she was in more pain than she'd been letting on while with her father. He reminded her that she had the option to take pain medication. Quietly, Steffy nodded and acquiesced to receiving the meds.

Steffy goes home, and Katie hears about Sally

Steffy goes home, and Katie hears about Sally

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

At the hospital, Steffy was anxious to get home and hold her daughter. It was all she wanted to do, but Dr. Finnegan reminded her that, with fractured ribs and a "strained" back, she shouldn't be picking up anything anytime soon. He asked if her pain was still within the same range as the previous day. Steffy stated that she was a little sore, but it was nothing she couldn't live with.

Dr. Finnegan reminded Steffy that she'd been in a serious accident, and there was no need to tough it out when there was medication to help her feel more comfortable. Steffy knew it but didn't want to be out of it. He confirmed that it would make her groggy, but he felt that it was essential to stay ahead of the pain before it got too hard for her to manage. Steffy assumed Finnegan was telling her not to try to be a hero.

Ridge arrived, asking who was ready to go home and see her daughter. Steffy answered that she was. She said seeing Kelly was the best medicine Steffy could ask for.

After Steffy had gotten dressed, she told Ridge that she couldn't wait to see Kelly. He informed Steffy that Kelly had been in good care, and Liam and Hope had prepared the cliff house for her.

Dr. Finnegan entered to let Steffy know that her pain medication and discharge papers were at the nurse's station. He conveyed that it was important that Steffy took her meds as directed. Fractured ribs were one of the most painful injuries a human could have, and it would hurt every time one breathed. Ridge promised to make sure Steffy stayed on top of it.

The doctor advised Steffy to go easy on herself. It would take a few weeks for her to heal. There would be no driving or heavy lifting. He told her to take her next pill once she got home. Earlier, he'd given his phone number to her. He urged her to call if she experienced any setbacks or increasing pain. Steffy and Ridge thanked Finnegan for all he'd done.

At the cliff house, Hope put the finishing touches on the homemade decorations Kelly and Beth had made for Steffy's homecoming. Liam exited the nursery, amazed that arts and crafts could be so exhausting. Hope was glad that Steffy was healing and returning home. Liam hoped that it was a good thing that the doctor was releasing Steffy so soon.

Looking at the flowers and balloons lining the room, Liam was sure Steffy would appreciate it. Hope had enjoyed watching the kids spend the night with each other the previous evening. She was willing to keep Kelly as much as Steffy needed them to while Steffy recovered. Liam liked the idea of him and Beth seeing more of Kelly while Steffy rested. He intended to run the idea by Steffy, but he believed her first priority when she got home would be spending time with Kelly.

Later, Hope checked on the girls in the nursery, and when she returned, she cooed about how cute they were together. She told Liam that he made beautiful children. Hope was glad they'd had the chance to decorate, stock the fridge, and welcome Steffy home. Liam stated that being away from Kelly had been hard on Steffy.

Liam and Hope talked about how fortunate it was that the accident hadn't been worse for Steffy. Hope didn't want to think of how different it could have been if Steffy hadn't worn her helmet. He replied that Steffy had still gotten banged up, and it would take awhile to heal.

After a while, Liam received a message saying Steffy and Ridge were in the driveway. Hope thought it was perfect timing. He asked if she'd seen the flowers from Taylor. Hope thought they were lovely. He remarked that Ridge was updating Taylor -- as well as Thomas. Nodding, Hope replied that Thomas had apparently told Douglas about it.

Ridge entered the house ahead of Steffy, who took smaller, pained steps over the threshold. Steffy chuckled with delight to see the decor, and Hope welcomed her home. Steffy thanked Hope and Liam for keeping Kelly. She was anxious to see her sleeping child, but Ridge told her to sit down and take it easy as the doctor had said.

Steffy insisted upon seeing Kelly. Liam urged Steffy to listen to Ridge and relax, but Steffy persisted in walking into the nursery, insistent upon seeing her baby. With the door open, the others could hear Steffy tearfully let Kelly know that her mother was there. Steffy emerged from the nursery and uttered, "Thank you. I'm feeling better already."

Steffy sat in the living room with Liam, Hope, and Ridge. It was scary for Steffy to think of what she could have lost. Hope said that the important thing was that Steffy was a survivor. Steffy replied that it was for Kelly, who was Steffy's world. Liam promised that nothing would separate Steffy and Kelly again -- until Kelly went to Harvard. Steffy laughed, but he replied that Kelly had probably already gotten accepted.

Steffy reached down for something and winced in pain. She tried to say that she was okay, but Ridge reminded her that her doctor had admonished her to stay ahead of her pain. Not wanting to rely on medication, she insisted that she was fine. She grimaced again. Ridge said that was it, and she was taking a pill.

Retrieving the pills from her bag, Steffy stated that she didn't want to be groggy in front of her daughter. Liam asserted that she'd just been released after being hit by a car. "You have broken ribs and a 'sprained' back. For God's sake, please, please make yourself comfortable," he said.

Reluctantly, Steffy tossed medication in her mouth, threw her head back, and swallowed.

At the beach house, Wyatt had coffee and recalled his sensual night with Flo. Flo emerged from the bedroom in a nightie. They teased each other about not getting any sleep the night before. Flo asked how he was feeling and if it was weird that Sally wasn't there. "Not after finding out that it was all a lie that Sally was dying," he responded.

Wyatt wanted to put Sally behind them and not think of her anymore. He had a couple of hours before he had to be back to work and suggested that he and Flo return to the bedroom. As they kissed, Katie arrived, expressing concern over some weird, apologetic messages she'd gotten from Sally. Wyatt told Katie that she had better sit down because they had a story for her.

Later, Katie was relieved to hear that Sally would be okay, but Katie couldn't believe that anyone would do what Sally had done. Katie stated that Sally had used her, knowing full well that she wouldn't be able to keep the secret from those who cared about Sally. Wyatt stated that Sally had conned them all, and Katie didn't even know the whole story yet.

"It gets worse?" Katie asked. Affirming it, Flo stated that Sally played with their emotions and hadn't cared who she'd hurt. Wyatt said he'd always care about Sally, and he wanted her to get her life back together. There was only one woman for him. Turning to Flo, he said he was looking at her.

Later, Katie was amazed upon learning that Sally and her doctor had abducted Flo in hopes of Sally getting pregnant by Wyatt. Flo said Sally had thought having Wyatt's baby would help keep him around her. Wyatt acknowledged that he hadn't always handled things well with Sally. He knew that she'd felt hurt and rejected, but it still didn't justify what she'd done.

Katie agreed and was surprised that they'd had enough mercy not to have Sally and her doctor locked up. Flo replied that she'd left it up to Wyatt. Wyatt explained that he just couldn't do that to Sally. He couldn't have her locked up. He'd just told Sally to get her life together and stay away from him and Flo.

Katie couldn't imagine how Flo and Wyatt had felt to learn that Sally had duped them. Flo replied that her heart had broken for Wyatt, who'd been betrayed. Katie hoped that Wyatt knew what he had in Flo, who'd put his needs and feelings above her own. Wyatt had learned his lesson and would never let Flo out of his sight again.

After Katie had gone, Wyatt and Flo discussed how hurt Katie had been, and Flo noted that Sally had put a lot of people through a lot of pain. Wyatt thanked Flo for being there for him. He stated that she'd literally given a part of herself to Katie and had put her needs aside for Sally. Flo could have had Sally and Penny arrested but hadn't because that just wasn't who she was.

Wyatt saw Flo as the same beautiful, charismatic person he'd fallen in love with years back, but ten times more wise, loving, and beautiful than when he'd first seen her at her locker. Sally hadn't torn them apart. Sally's lie had made them closer. He believed that he and Flo would be together for a very long time -- until they'd have to use Sally's walker for real. Flo told Wyatt that he could use it first. That was how much she loved him.

At Sally's apartment, Sally cried in the dark living room. Katie arrived and asked, "How could you?"

Katie is horrified by Sally's manipulation

Katie is horrified by Sally's manipulation

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

by Nel

At the cliff house, Steffy told Ridge that it had been very sweet of Liam and Hope to decorate her house for her homecoming, and it had been wonderful to see Kelly and Beth together again. Steffy was in pain. Ridge encouraged her to take her medication when she needed it. Thomas entered and presented Steffy with a bouquet of flowers. Steffy told Thomas that she was happy to be home with Kelly.

Thomas said he knew that Steffy was still angry with him for his past deeds, but he'd heard she'd been in an accident. Ridge chose to leave Thomas and Steffy alone and went in to check on Kelly.

Thomas told Steffy that when he'd heard she been in a serious accident, he'd hardly been able to breathe. He asked her not to risk her life. Steffy promised she would do her best. Ridge returned and asked how Thomas was. Thomas said he was doing okay, but he'd had to see how Steffy was.

Steffy asked how Thomas' time alone for reflection had been. Thomas said it was hard not to be with Douglas, but looking back on his behavior had been enlightening. He said he spoke to Taylor daily, and he thanked Ridge for helping him, as well. Ridge stated he loved them both, and he left.

Once Ridge was gone, Thomas told Steffy to stop pretending because he knew she was in a lot more pain than she wanted anyone to know. Steffy ignored him and told Thomas that the beard looked good. She asked what he'd been doing during his days of solitude. Thomas said he'd been mostly driving up and down the highway, but never too far because he wanted consistent time with Douglas. Thomas said that Douglas was an amazing little boy.

Steffy tried to reach for something but groaned in pain. Thomas chastised her and said that she'd been in a serious accident, and her pain would take a long time to heal. He said that asking for help wasn't a sign of weakness.

After Thomas left, Steffy heard Kelly calling her. Steffy picked up her medication because she was in pain and looked at the bottle, but she put it down without taking any. She went to look after Kelly.

At Forrester Creations, Donna told Brooke that she was sorry to hear about Steffy's accident. Brooke said that Steffy's healing process would take a long time. Donna asked what kind of pain Steffy was in. Brooke informed her that Steffy had internal injuries, bumps and bruises, broken ribs, and a sprained spine, but no head trauma. Donna said that Ridge had to have been freaked out. She was happy that Brooke had been there for Ridge, and she asked if Steffy's situation had brought her and Ridge closer.

Brooke said unfortunately, it hadn't, mainly because Bill had been there to admit that he'd been the one who had hit Steffy. Brooke lamented that she wished things would go back to normal again and that she and Ridge could resume their normal life together. She stated that she and Ridge had been through a lot, especially with Thomas. Donna acknowledged that Brooke had been right all along about Thomas.

Brooke told Donna that Ridge was still hurt and kept his distance, but the accident confirmed that they were still a family and still supporting each other. She said she was going to keep trying to reconcile because Ridge was her destiny. She said that they had overcome many obstacles, and it only took one party not to give up. She wasn't going to give up. Donna said that the secret to success was when one held onto hope and fought for what they believed.

Ridge arrived. Brooke asked him how Steffy was doing. Donna felt it was her cue to leave, but before she left, she told Brooke and Ridge to let her know if they needed anything. Donna left. Brooke stated that Ridge looked stressed. He admitted he was because Steffy was in pain, and she wanted to tough it out. That concerned him. Ridge told Brooke that Steffy had received a surprise visitor -- Thomas. Brooke admitted she was happy that Thomas was there for Steffy.

Brooke told Ridge that she'd thought about all the barriers that had been thrown at them: Quinn, Thomas, Ridge kissing Shauna, and Brooke kissing Bill. Brooke said that Ridge had become so upset with her that he'd taken off to Vegas. She didn't want Ridge to have another drunken night, and she wanted them to vow that they wouldn't let anything destroy them again. Ridge had a flashback to the time he'd kissed Shauna, and he recalled drinking too much.

At the beach house, Wyatt asked Flo if she wanted to go out for dinner, but she preferred to order in. Wyatt was pleased because he wanted to get back to doing what they'd been doing before Katie had interrupted them.

Talk turned to the bombshell that they had dropped on Katie about Sally. Wyatt told Flo that he was certain that when Katie had left, she'd gone to confront Sally. Wyatt said that he'd known about Sally's past, but he'd believed that Sally had changed. He'd never thought she would go to such extremes.

Wyatt and Flo kissed. Wyatt said he couldn't believe how lucky he was. He said that Flo was his first love, and after the many years that they hadn't seen each other, she was with him once again. He said that that time, he wouldn't let her go. They kissed again.

After Wyatt and Flo made love, Wyatt told Flo that she was beautiful in every way, and he felt very fortunate that she'd picked him to love. He promised not to take that for granted and said he wouldn't allow anything to come between them. Flo said she loved the sound of that.

At Sally's apartment, Katie asked Sally to explain herself. Sally admitted that she wasn't dying. Katie said she already knew that. Sally admitted that Wyatt and Flo were correct; she'd pretended to be dying. Katie asked why Sally would do such a thing. Sally stated she didn't have a defense. She admitted she'd been wrong, but she said she'd done it because she couldn't lose Wyatt to Flo again. Katie said that Sally was better than that.

Katie asked how Sally had known that she would be at the doctor's office that day. Sally admitted that it had been a coincidence. Sally said she'd really been ill, and she'd been scared. However, when she'd seen how concerned Katie had been for her, that was when she'd developed a plan that perhaps someone could actually care about her, especially Wyatt. She told Katie that Wyatt had wanted to marry her, but Flo had arrived and taken Wyatt away from her.

Katie said that wasn't what had happened. Katie state that the situation should have stayed between Sally, Wyatt, and Flo. Katie said she had her own problems to look after, but she'd taken on Sally's because she'd felt terrible that Sally's life would be cut short, and she'd wanted Sally to have a safe and happy place. Katie said that it had turned out to be a joke, and she'd set Sally's lie in motion. Katie said she'd been worried about Sally, but she was grateful that Sally wasn't dying. Katie admitted she was shocked how Sally had manipulated her.

Katie said that she'd advocated for Sally with Ridge and Steffy so they wouldn't fire her, and it had been a masterful plan how Sally had manipulated her. Sally had known that Katie would go to directly to Wyatt. Sally said that Katie had been the best friend she'd had, and she was sorry she'd taken advantage of Katie. Katie said she'd known the person Sally had been before the situation, and she hoped that Sally would find a way to get her life back on track and let go of her obsession with Wyatt. She said that Wyatt was in love with Flo, not Sally.

Ridge reveals his intentions for his marriage

Ridge reveals his intentions for his marriage

Thursday, August 6, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy ended a phone call with Amelia, who was running late. In great pain, Steffy eased into a chair at her table and glanced at her pill bottle. She received a call from Ridge, and he became upset that his daughter was alone. She informed him that Amelia was running late because PCH was like a parking lot of traffic. Ridge urged Steffy not to overexert herself, and Steffy said she'd call if she needed anything.

As she gazed at the pill bottle again, Steffy received a call from Dr. Finnegan. It had been a few days, so he'd thought he'd check on her. She conveyed that she had an appointment with her primary doctor that week. He asked how the pain was, and she murmured that she was managing. He asked if she was taking her medication. She said she was when she had to.

Dr. Finnegan advised Steffy to stay on top of it and keep to a schedule. Trying to tough it out might prolong the healing process. She promised that she was following doctor's orders.

Steffy ended the call, and Thomas arrived with flowers and a small gift from Vinny, who had been sorry to hear about her accident. He suspected that Vinny had developed a major crush on her. Thomas asked how she was, and Steffy replied that she was hanging in there.

Steffy was still hazy about how the accident had happened. Thomas remarked that Steffy had awakened to the news that the idiot Bill Spencer had hit her with his car. She quickly responded that it had been an accident, and Bill had gotten her help as quickly as he'd been able to.

Steffy reached for something, but her pain constricted her movement. She figured it was time for another pill and remarked that her doctor wanted her to stay ahead of the pain. Shaking a pill from the bottle into her hand, Steffy noted that she didn't have many pills left. She'd been hoping to feel better before she'd needed a refill. She didn't like taking them, but sometimes the pain was too much. Thomas told her that they'd been prescribed for a reason.

Thomas received a call about a shipment he'd been waiting on and decided that it was time for him to go. He reminded his sister to take it easy and to call him if she needed anything.

Later, Steffy's doorbell rang. She checked her phone and grinned. As locks popped back on her front door, she told Dr. Finnegan that the door was open, and he could enter. Dr. Finnegan entered with an envelope. He had the paperwork his assistant had called her about. Steffy stated that she'd been on a conference call and had had her phone on "do not disturb."

Dr. Finnegan apologized for being there, but because he lived nearby, he'd decided to just drop off the papers. They were discharge and follow-up paperwork. He felt awkward for stopping by unannounced, but Steffy was glad that he had. It gave her a chance to thank him for taking care of her. He stated that it was why he'd been there.

Steffy had been so anxious to get home to her daughter that she hadn't told him how grateful she was. "Or take your paperwork," he added. Steffy replied that it had been kind of him to bring the papers and make the call earlier. He deduced that she was doing okay. She replied that she was better and better every day, and they grinned at each other.

At Wyatt's house, Flo and Wyatt were happy when Shauna showed up for a surprise visit. Wyatt and Flo had updated Shauna on what had gone on with Sally. Shauna said she'd had her reservations about Sally moving in there, but Shauna could see that Flo and Wyatt were back together and more in love than ever.

Wyatt decided to head to work. He told the ladies that he'd take them out that evening. Shauna didn't want to monopolize Flo; however, Wyatt said Flo had missed her mother, and Shauna's presence made Flo and Wyatt's reunion even better.

Wyatt took off, and once alone with her mother, Flo suspected that Shauna had arrived in Los Angeles for more than a family visit. Guessing that it had to do with Ridge, Flo recalled that he'd gone to Las Vegas with Shauna. Shauna said he'd been gracious to give her a ride on his jet, and she'd given him the whole VIP experience.

Flo believed there was more to it, but Shauna asked why something else had to be going on.

Flo didn't believe her mother had returned just to check on her. "What can I say? I can't stay away," Shauna concluded. Flo asked if Shauna couldn't stay away from L.A. or Ridge.

Shauna claimed she'd helped Ridge get his mind off his problems. She went on and on about how much attention he'd gotten on the strip and how irresistible he'd been when he'd spoken Italian. Flo was surprised to hear it when Shauna divulged that Ridge had stayed at their house.

Shauna replied that Ridge had needed her understanding and support, and she'd been there for him. "As a friend?" Flo asked. In Shauna's silence, Flo asked if Shauna had slept with Ridge. Shauna didn't know if that was any kind of question for Flo to ask her mother. Flo pressed, but all Shauna would say was that Las Vegas was her past, and Los Angeles was her future.

In the CEO's office, Ridge recalled some of his drunken night with Shauna. He was glad when Brooke arrived; however, Brooke suspected he wouldn't like the reason she was there. "I'm leaving," she announced.

Ridge asked about Brooke's meeting with Fenmore's, but Brooke replied that Katie was taking it. Brooke had decided to visit Bridget and Logan for a few days. Brooke had been in touch with Bridget a lot, and it had helped keep Brooke's spirits up. Though Brooke wanted to work through her and Ridge's issues, she felt she needed the time with Bridget, too.

"It hasn't been easy, has it?" Ridge asked. Brooke agreed that it hadn't been, but she felt that they'd been doing their best. She figured that the time apart would be good for them, and Ridge could decide where he wanted to go next. She loved him. She wanted a future with him, and she wanted their marriage to be stronger than ever.

Brooke claimed not to be running away from their problems. Ridge said that was good because she could take it from him that running didn't work. She added that it wouldn't erase her kiss with Bill, either. She knew that it had been wrong, and it had been humiliating and unfair for Ridge to find out about it the way he had. She hadn't blamed him for running away, but she pointed out that he'd gone to Vegas with Shauna.

A vision of Ridge and Shauna kissing in front of the chapel in Las Vegas flashed through Ridge's mind. Brooke believed that Shauna had tried to lure him away and once again take advantage of the problems that they'd been having. In Brooke's mind, no one could do that because their bond was too strong. They'd overcome many things in the past, and they'd get through that, too. She asserted that nothing had happened that they couldn't overcome.

Seeing Brooke and Spencer together had hurt Ridge and had made him angry. "And maybe I overreacted. I don't know," he conceded. He hadn't wanted to stay and work out their problems. He'd wanted to run because, after they'd worked so hard on their relationship for months, Brooke had turned to Spencer.

Ridge's faith had shattered, and that had been why he'd opened up to Shauna. Brooke said they didn't have to get into it right then, but he insisted that they did. He had many things to say to Brooke, especially if she was leaving.

Brooke didn't want the moment to be about Shauna. "We're still married. We still love each other," Brooke pointed out. She said that they'd move forward when she returned to town. She asked him to say it was what he wanted, too. Chuckling, he affirmed that it was all he'd ever wanted from the moment he'd moved out of the house.

Ridge wasn't sure of anything but that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Brooke, protecting Brooke. He told Brooke to go ahead and see Bridget, and he'd be waiting for Brooke to return. Brooke smiled through her tears, and the two kissed.

Shauna derails Ridge's reunion with Brooke

Shauna derails Ridge's reunion with Brooke

Friday, August 7, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy thanked her doctor again for delivering her papers. Dr. Finnegan didn't mind. He joked that he'd always wanted to be a house-call doctor from the old movies. Steffy figured that Dr. Finnegan needed a travel bag if he planned on making house calls. She noted that he hadn't even brought anything to take her temperature with. Finnegan replied that he was pretty adept at "hand on forehead."

Steffy was glad there was someone she could call upon from the neighborhood when she felt feverish. "For you, any time," the doctor responded. Steffy joked that Finnegan was treating her like a special patient. He affirmed that she was. After he'd heard the nurses talking during her hospitalization, he'd done some research. She warned him not to trust anything online. "Like how successful you are?" he challenged.

Twirling her hair, Steffy decided that Finnegan could trust just a little bit of it. Steffy was proud of her accomplishments, but she didn't consider herself special. She said he was the one saving lives. He was grateful for the part he'd played in saving hers, and he was even more grateful that it hadn't been worse for her.

As Steffy went to make Kelly a snack, the doctor took a call from the hospital. She overheard him identify himself on the call as "Finn." Once the call ended, she inquired about it, and he said his good friends and colleagues called him that. Steffy asked if he had kids. Finn didn't. He'd thought about going into pediatrics, but he'd wound up in the ER.

Steffy apologized for multitasking by making the snack during his visit and said it was a little tough being a single parent. Finn asked if Kelly's father was involved. Steffy conveyed that he was married with another child, and it was a long story. Pointing to the portrait on the wall, Finn assumed it was Liam. Finn recalled Liam from the hospital and said Liam seemed decent.

Steffy replied that Liam was the definition of "decent." Finn guessed that she was the definition of "super mom" or "super woman." He noted that she made snacks, ran a company, and took motorcycle rides. He'd read her file, and he knew it hadn't been her first crash. Steffy affirmed it. Finn said his friendly neighborhood doctor's advice was to leave the bike in the garage.

As he prepared to leave, Finn asked Steffy to call if anything came up. Steffy was sure she'd be fine, but he asked if he could check on her. After all, she was on his way home. She replied that it would be sweet. She called him Dr. Finnegan, but he sensed that she was itching to call him Finn. "So bad," she replied, and he permitted it.

Finn exited, and Steffy experienced a sharp pain. She checked the time and saw that it was time for another pill. Steffy took a pill and shook the bottle to gauge how many were left.

At Forrester, Brooke was happy that Ridge would be waiting for her after her trip. Ridge stated that they needed each other, and she had to be by his side. She was confident that they could have their life; get over Thomas, Bill, and Shauna; and leave all of that in the past. "Where it belongs," Ridge said, hugging Brooke.

Ridge was ready to leave it all behind them and not dwell on the past. Brooke said they had a lot to look forward to in the future. He suggested that she not visit her daughter and that they instead start their future right then. Brooke told him that she'd be back before he knew it. Ridge replied that she could have the trip if he could have the rest of her life. "Deal," she responded.

Brooke invited Ridge to go with her, but he said that he couldn't play hooky from work while Steffy was recuperating. Brooke wondered what had happened to them. Once upon a time, they'd celebrated reconciliations by spending all day in bed. He said they'd celebrate when Steffy was better and able to pick up the slack. "And then, we won't do it for a day. We'll do it for a week," Ridge promised.

Brooke stated that she'd known that she and Ridge would get back there. Ridge told her to go and visit Bridget. He'd be there, waiting for Brooke and their happily ever after.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Donna was there, giving Brooke a gift to take to Logan. Brooke seemed distracted, and Donna asked what was going on. Brooke announced that Ridge had forgiven her, and she had her husband back.

Donna thought it was fantastic news and assumed Brooke would postpone her trip. Brooke asked if Donna thought Brooke should. Donna stated that it was anticlimactic to board a plane after reuniting with the man of one's dreams. Brooke said she'd only be gone for a couple of days, and she'd promised Ridge that they'd celebrate when she got back.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn, who'd gotten Shauna's message, eagerly called Shauna and asked if she'd seen Ridge. Shauna hadn't since Las Vegas, so Quinn suggested that Shauna get over there pronto and bump into him.

Eric entered as Quinn ended her call. The abrupt way she'd done it made him nervous, but she assured him that she wasn't up to anything. She said it had been Shauna, who was back in town, and Quinn hoped he didn't mind that she'd invited Shauna for a visit. Eric had no problem with Shauna and didn't blame her for Ridge and Brooke's problems.

Quinn thought it was obvious where the blame went. Regardless of where it lay, Eric believed that the couple would patch things up. Quinn thought a marriage should be about more than surviving, and at some point, someone had to decide that it was enough. She believed it would be Ridge. Eric thought it would be hypocritical of Ridge to leave Brooke over a kiss after Ridge had been kissing Shauna.

Quinn said it was an entirely different situation, and Ridge hadn't kissed someone committed to his sister. Quinn couldn't believe in Brooke and Ridge when there was a woman more suited for Ridge and a woman who wasn't tied up in drama. Quinn believed that Shauna, not Brooke, was the right woman for Ridge.

As Eric declared that Ridge had been in love with Brooke from the moment he'd first seen her, Ridge arrived in the house. Ridge announced that he had good news; he was moving out. Eric didn't know why that would be good news.

Quinn quipped that Ridge was old enough to be okay on his own. Ridge didn't know about that, but he said they wouldn't find out because he'd be moving in with Brooke. "I told you," Eric said to Quinn. Eric asserted that Ridge would never walk away from his wife. Quinn readily agreed.

Just then, Shauna arrived. Surprised, Ridge said he'd thought she'd decided to remain in Las Vegas. Shauna stated that it was too hard to be away from Los Angeles, Flo, and her husband. "'Husband?'" Eric repeated. Ridge asked what she was talking about, and Quinn and Shauna exchanged knowing glances.

Shauna figured that Ridge didn't remember. She'd been able to tell from their phone call that he hadn't recalled much of that night in Vegas. Ridge asked what she was saying. Shauna explained that she'd stayed away because he hadn't remembered, but eventually, she'd done what he'd asked her to do. Ridge asked what that was.

Shauna explained that as his pilot had taken him away, Ridge had asked her to pack her bags and move to L.A. Ridge was at a loss for words. She told him that it had been a sweet, beautiful ceremony. He asked her to take him through it because he didn't remember it.

Shauna recalled hanging out and having fun at her place. Ridge remembered that, and he remembered hanging out at the strip. She informed him that they'd ended up at an all-night chapel. "And we kissed," he said. She asked if he remembered the vows. She'd meant every word she'd said. She'd promised to be a loving, faithful wife until death did them part.

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