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Ridge deemed his marriage to Shauna merely paperwork, but Brooke was horrified to learn that Ridge had taken vows with another woman. Steffy attempted to refill her prescription, but Finn determined that it was time for Steffy to step down to over-the-counter meds.
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Ridge and Brooke had different reactions to Ridge's surprise marriage to Shauna
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Shauna tells Ridge what else he did in Vegas Shauna tells Ridge what else he did in Vegas

Monday, August 10, 2020

At Steffy's house, Steffy stopped short upon seeing Thomas in her living room. "I'm back!" he exclaimed. He wondered if he was becoming a nuisance, but then he decided he didn't want her to answer that question. He offered to leave if Steffy wanted him to, but he was there because he loved her. He was her brother, and she'd put them all through a scare.

Picking up a paper bag, Thomas reckoned that it was terrible that Steffy had to go through such an ordeal without her favorite ice cream. "Mint chocolate with marshmallows," he said. Steffy grinned. As he grabbed spoons for them, Steffy was out of his line of sight, cringing in pain.

Later, Thomas and Steffy talked, and he mentioned that he'd taken Douglas to a children's museum. Steffy was glad to hear that her brother was trying to make things right with his son. Thomas hadn't been sure if he should have brought Douglas with him for a visit with Steffy yet, but he said Douglas was making her a get-well card.

Steffy was startled to hear that Douglas knew about the accident. Thomas replied that he understood that she didn't want people to worry about her, but he'd told Douglas that she was doing better. Steffy grimaced, and Thomas questioned whether it was really true. He asked her how she was really feeling.

Steffy claimed that she wasn't great, but she was okay. Thomas thought she was lucky to be alive. Agreeing, she said she'd known that when she'd seen Kelly again. Thomas wondered when Kelly would be awake. He wanted to hang out and play peekaboo. Steffy snippily asked if he was trying to be Uncle of the Year.

Thomas replied that he had a lot to make up for, especially to Steffy, and he'd been scared by the thought of losing her. Steffy insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. She just hadn't expected to be in that much pain. Moving her body the wrong way or picking up something too heavy made her experience the most pain. He asked how she picked up Kelly.

Steffy stated that she had to be careful, and Liam was being really helpful. She gasped in pain. Thomas became anxious, but she assured him that it was manageable. He asked if she was taking her pills when it wasn't manageable. She was, but the pills were almost gone. Thomas suggested that they get a refill, so she wouldn't be without them.

Thomas received a message from Vinny, who was in a jam and needed Thomas' help. Thomas offered to see Kelly another time. He got her to promise to get a prescription refill. He hated seeing his sister in pain. Steffy hated being in pain. She wanted to heal and do everything for Kelly that she'd been able to do before the accident.

After Thomas had gone, Steffy called Finn, who grinned when he saw her name on the caller ID. Steffy hoped he didn't mind that she'd called him directly. He didn't at all. It had been the reason he'd given his cell phone number to her. Steffy was down to one pill and had figured she should call before she ran out.

Finn asked if the pain level had decreased. Steffy said it had since the accident; however, she was still pretty sore and was experiencing breakthrough pain. Finn replied that it was good, and if that was the case, there would be no more refills. He was ready to step her down to a high dose of ibuprofen. He offered to prescribe it or tell her what dose to take of the over-the-counter pills.

Steffy had some ibuprofen at the house. She listened as Finn advised her of the dosage. He asked her to let him know how it went, and he said he was there for her any time she needed him. "By the way, it was nice seeing you outside from the hospital," he added. He'd had a good time. Steffy said she had, too.

Finn added that it was cool that they didn't live far from each other. Steffy grinned and agreed that it was cool. She figured she should let the busy doctor go, but he stated that he was never too busy for her. He said he'd be in touch, and they each ended the call with smiles.

At Forrester, Donna and Brooke discussed Brooke's trip to New York to see Bridget and Logan. Donna was surprised that Ridge was okay with it after he and Brooke had just reunited. Brooke said that it was a huge moment for her and Ridge. Part of Brooke felt kind of bad to go at that time, and Donna suggested that Brooke call Bridget to cancel.

Brooke, who was tired of merely video-chatting with her grandson, wished she could be in two places at once. Donna said Bridget had been worried after what had happened. Brooke hated that Bridget had been drawn into "that," especially after traveling there to celebrate Brooke and Ridge. Brooke vowed to never forgive Quinn for what she'd done to hook Shauna up with Ridge.

Donna pointed out that Ridge had gone to Las Vegas with Shauna. Brooke replied that Ridge was home, and Shauna was there, so Quinn hadn't gotten what she'd wanted. Donna and Brooke wished Eric and the world would see Quinn the way they did. Brooke hoped that Quinn and Shauna would realize that there was nothing they could do to get between Ridge and Brooke again.

Just as Brooke was about to head for the airport, Bridget called to say that her understaffed hospital needed her to work double time. Brooke expressed disappointment but said they'd do the visit another time. After the call had ended, Donna stated that the upside was that Brooke got to be with Ridge. Brooke said nothing could derail her and Ridge's happiness, and if there would be any surprises, they'd only be the good kind.

Donna suspected that Brooke was up to something. Brooke was coy about it, and Donna asked if Brooke would call to let Ridge know she was staying in town. Brooke, who'd thought of a more entertaining way of informing her husband that she wasn't leaving town, decided that when Ridge moved back into her house that day, he'd get a surprise he'd never forget.

At Eric's mansion, Shauna said that she and Ridge had had a lot to drink that night in Las Vegas, but it hadn't changed what had happened -- or that they'd both wanted it to happen. Shauna was "so happy," and she hoped he felt the same way.

Ridge stammered quizzically about being married to Shauna. Eric asked how it even could have happened. Shauna said it had been a spontaneous decision, but it didn't mean she didn't take it seriously. She'd meant her vows, and she was completely devoted to Ridge and the marriage. Ridge asked if she could be mistaken. Shauna said she had proof if Ridge wanted to see it.

Eric assumed Shauna had proof of drinking and dancing at Shauna's place. Quinn told him not to make it sound so tawdry. Eric said he was trying to figure out how having a good time had led to what Shauna claimed had happened. Quinn felt that Shauna had already explained -- Ridge and Shauna had had a good time on the town before winding up in an all-night wedding chapel.

Shauna was bursting with joy about becoming Ridge's wife and presented him with pictures of the event. Ridge opened a folder called "Wedding Chapel Memories." He sighed, reviewing its contents. He concluded that they'd obviously gone to a chapel and said "whatever it is that we said," but it was impossible for them to be married.

Quinn bet the pictures were beautiful, and the couple looked so in love. Ridge asked who'd taken the photos, and Shauna said the minister had. She asked if he remembered. Ridge vaguely remembered. He said it had happened, but he couldn't be married to Shauna because he was already married to Brooke. Shauna and Quinn exchanged glances.

Ridge stated that it seemed like the words he and Shauna had said in the chapel had meant a lot to her. Affirming it, she said she loved him, and she loved who they were together. He told her that she'd brought him joy when he'd needed it, and that was why he hated hurting her like that. "But we're not married. This was all fun and games," he said.

It hadn't been to Shauna. She said it might have started out that way. Ridge asked what she was getting at. She claimed something else had happened in Vegas, but he didn't remember it. She assured him that she wouldn't have gone to the chapel unless she'd really thought they'd get married. Ridge told her that they'd been drinking all day and had had unclear heads.

Ridge asserted that he was married to Brooke. Shauna replied that he wasn't. Insisting that he was, he said it was why he was at the mansion. He was packing to move back in with Brooke. Shauna brought up his divorce papers. He said he hadn't filed them, but she stated that he had. Ridge didn't know what she was talking about.

Shauna claimed that Ridge had filed the divorce papers the night they'd been in Vegas. She stated that he'd been tired of Brooke's betrayals, "and off to the chapel we went." Shauna claimed that he'd ended his marriage to Brooke that night. Swearing it was true, Shauna declared that she and Ridge were Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Shauna worries about what she and Quinn did Shauna worries about what she and Quinn did

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

At Eric's mansion, Ridge disbelieved that he was Shauna's husband because he'd never filed divorce papers for him and Brooke. Shauna insisted that he had done it -- right before they'd gone to the chapel. Quinn cast a sharp look at Eric.

Ridge didn't recall much about that night. Eric guessed Ridge had had a lot to drink. Quinn countered that the couple had had a good time, according to the photos, and had ended the evening in a significant way. Ridge said that it had obviously happened, but it couldn't be legitimate. Distraught, he wondered how he could have filed the divorce papers.

Shauna and Quinn exchanged glances. Carter knocked on the front door and entered. Quinn welcomed him inside. He presented Ridge with a copy of his executed divorce papers. Ridge said he didn't recall discussing it with Carter. Carter showed Ridge the date and time stamp of when he'd received the request. Ridge said it was the night he'd been in Vegas.

According to Carter, Ridge had text-messaged Carter with an order to file the papers. Carter had even double-checked with Ridge. Carter had tried to call, but Ridge had sent the call to voicemail and texted to just do it. Carter had the texts on his phone still and said he'd never leave it to a misunderstanding.

As Ridge and Carter pulled out their phones, Shauna and Quinn exchanged glances. Carter said that as Ridge's friend and lawyer, Carter hadn't expected a text like that. Eric didn't think any of them had expected any of it. Quinn exclaimed that Vegas was all about the unexpected, and it was exhilarating not knowing what the night would bring.

Ridge looked at Quinn as if she were crazy. Shauna felt bad that he didn't remember it. She claimed that he'd been enthusiastic about them and what they'd been about to do. Turning to Carter, Ridge asked if he was divorced from Brooke. Affirming it, Carter reminded Ridge that he'd asked Carter to hold the signed papers. After the text, Carter had assumed that Ridge had finally reached the decision to dissolve the marriage.

"My marriage is over," Ridge quizzically stated. Carter reaffirmed it and asked what he was missing. Eric explained that Ridge had married Shauna later that same night. Quinn claimed that Brooke and Ridge had been divorced by then. Unable to believe it, Carter asked if Ridge had been coerced in any way. "I'm not saying that," Ridge replied.

Eric had a feeling that Ridge would be in touch with Carter later. Eric and Quinn thanked Carter for stopping by, and Carter left. Quinn grinned devilishly, but Shauna seemed unsettled.

Shauna was sure that it was overwhelming for Ridge, but she insisted that she wouldn't have done it if she hadn't been sure it was what they'd both wanted. Just because it had happened in Vegas, didn't mean it wasn't meaningful, and it was just the beginning. Shauna said he had her promise that she'd be the best, most supportive and loving wife he could ask for.

Later, Shauna and Quinn were alone, and Shauna wondered if Ridge had gone straight to Brooke. Quinn didn't care. With Eric at a meeting, Quinn said she and Shauna could celebrate. Shauna was still absorbing everything. Quinn told Shauna to absorb that their plan had worked, and it had worked better than they'd thought it would.

Quinn wanted to open a bottle of Champagne, but Shauna asked if her friend had seen Ridge's reaction. Quinn said Shauna had changed the trajectory of his life. Shauna noted that he'd been blindsided. "Ah, he'll get over it," Quinn responded, adding that Eric would, too.

Shauna stated that Eric was Brooke's biggest fan, but Quinn replied that everyone would see how good Shauna was for Ridge. Shauna was worried about what people would do when they found out what Shauna and Quinn had done to make it happen. Quinn said that what they'd done had been brilliant; Ridge was married to Shauna, and Brooke was out of his life for good.

Quinn thought that Shauna should be over the moon to be Ridge's wife. Shauna wished she could focus on it, but she couldn't get over the look on Ridge's face. Quinn said he'd been stunned because he didn't know what had happened that night. Only Quinn and Shauna knew.

Shauna asked what would happen if someone figured it out, and she noted how concerned Carter had been that Ridge hadn't recalled texting him. Quinn said they had the text trail, and the papers had been filed. She told Shauna to stop second-guessing what they'd done.

Shauna murmured that it was easy for Quinn to say. Quinn replied that she'd put her neck on the line to help Shauna, and Eric would never speak to Quinn again if he found out what she'd done. Quinn said they needed to stay the course, and no one needed to know what they'd done.

Shauna seemed unconvinced, but Quinn insisted that Shauna had done the right thing for Ridge. She announced that Shauna was Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and Shauna smiled.

At Forrester, Brooke informed Donna that Brooke would do more than call her husband to let him know that she was staying in town. Donna had sensed that Brooke and Ridge wouldn't be apart for long. Brooke said they'd been tested a lot. Donna brought up Shauna. Brooke added that Thomas and Quinn had been on missions to break up Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said it had only made them stronger, and she had an evening in mind that Ridge would never forget.

At home later, Brooke changed into purple lingerie, lit candles, and flashed back to times with Ridge. She heard the door to her bedroom opening, and she posed on the bed. Ridge entered. "Surprise!" Brooke exclaimed. As she told him about her canceled trip, she stood and modeled her lingerie. "I'm all yours tonight, my sexy, handsome husband," she told him. Ridge drank in the sight of her and sighed morosely.

Brooke was thrilled to have Ridge home where he belonged. She hadn't planned to talk about it, but she knew that he'd run to Vegas with Shauna because of what had happened with Bill. Brooke said they would put it behind them, and they'd overcome another obstacle. She said she'd been remembering their good times and hardships. She believed that they were stronger together. She stated that they'd grow old together as husband and wife.

Ridge recalled Shauna telling him that he'd ended his marriage to Brooke and had married Shauna. He stated that everything Brooke had said about their past and the love they'd shared was true. From the moment he'd seen her, he'd known that she'd be the woman to define his life. He said they'd overcome a lot, especially recently.

Brooke could tell that something was bothering Ridge. She said that he could tell her anything because she was his wife.

At Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt and Flo spent a candlelit evening together. He assured her that he had learned his lesson, and he'd never let her go. The discussion turned to their mothers. Flo said Shauna had the biggest heart, but she'd spent too much time in her life helping others. Flo felt that Shauna deserved a good life, love, and a good guy.

Wyatt stated that Shauna had a wonderful daughter. He hoped Flo knew how much she brought to his life. Flo didn't know who she'd be to stop him from repeating himself. Wyatt felt the list could only get longer, and it might take days and days to tell her. Flo offered to make time in her schedule for it. He cited her patience as one of them.

Wyatt began to sing Flo's praises. He expressed amazement that she was doing it all with one kidney. He wanted her to know that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. The two made out on the sofa and stripped off each other's clothes.

Later, Wyatt and Flo talked by the fireplace. She said they'd have a lot of stories to tell their kids. Wyatt was amazed that she'd expressed an interest in having kids with him. She said it would happen someday, and the kids would be great with his traits. He guessed that was where she'd start listing his good qualities. Flo joked that there wasn't enough time in the world, and they kissed.

Brooke receives devastating news from Ridge Brooke receives devastating news from Ridge

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

by Nel

At Eric's, Quinn and Shauna celebrated Shauna's marriage to Ridge with a glass of Champagne. They were very pleased with themselves. Shauna crowed that she was Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Quinn asked why Shauna wasn't smiling from ear to ear. Shauna wished the wedding had happened differently. Quinn said that Shauna had a lot to learn about being rich, and Quinn was going to be Shauna's greatest teacher. She said that they were going to have spa weekends and shopping sprees. Shauna said that her wildest dreams had come true since she'd met Ridge.

Quinn and Shauna toasted to all-night wedding chapels. Shauna said she would have been happier if Ridge had remembered marrying her, but Quinn claimed that eventually, Ridge would remember everything. Shauna stated that she loved Ridge "so much," and she wished he loved her as much. However, she had to be realistic, because Ridge loved Brooke, and she couldn't make him love her. Quinn said that Ridge loved her, otherwise he would have had no reason to marry her. Shauna said they had both been hammered. Quinn claimed it was a minor detail, and the end result was what mattered.

Quinn acknowledged that Shauna's conscience was playing on her. Quinn asked if Shauna had any reservations about being Mrs. Ridge Forrester, knowing the condition he'd been in. Quinn told her to see it as a gift. She said that what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas. Shauna admitted she wasn't any good at secrets and lies. Quinn said that was only because Shauna hadn't had enough practice, but Quinn would guide her. Quinn gloated that they'd pulled off the greatest scam for the good of everyone -- except Brooke. She told Shauna to stop doing the battle between good and evil and to allow herself to be happy.

Shauna told Quinn she knew that Ridge cared about her, but Ridge loved Brooke. Shauna said she wasn't fool enough not to recognize that. She was excited that she was married to Ridge, but Ridge had been seconds from moving back in with Brooke. Quinn said that Ridge and Brooke would never make it and that Bill had caused nothing but heartache for Ridge.

Quinn said it was a good thing that Ridge had found out about the kiss between Brooke and Bill, and it had been brilliant on Shauna's part to take the video. She praised her own part of making Ridge aware of what his wife had been doing with Ridge's mortal enemy. It had led to Ridge leaving for Vegas with Shauna.

Shauna told Quinn that it had been the best night of her life, and it was all because of what she and Quinn had done. Quinn said it had been done for the greater good of everyone, and they had cut the last tie between Ridge and Brooke. Shauna said she was thrilled to be married to Ridge, but she wished deception hadn't be necessary.

Quinn told Shauna that sometimes they needed to take what was theirs, and Shauna had followed Quinn's direction. Shauna couldn't imagine not having Quinn as a friend. She said that Quinn could have put her own marriage in jeopardy if Eric had ever found out that Quinn had coached her to take Ridge's phone and send Carter a text message for him to file the divorce papers. Ridge thought he'd done it, and she wondered what might happen if Ridge knew what they had done for him.

In the design office at Forrester Creations, Hope agreed with Zoe's comments about the Hope for the Future line. Zoe told Hope that she was worried she'd ruined their professional relationship because of what her father had done. Zoe hoped they could get back to the way they'd been before her father had entered the picture. Zoe said she felt terrible about what had happened. Hope said that she might not fully get over what Zoe had done, but Beth was great. She thanked Zoe for apologizing, but it was time to let it go.

Donna entered the main office, and she was surprised to see Eric still there. He said he needed to do a few things. He asked why she was still there. Donna said she wanted to get a head start on the next day, since she had no one to go home to.

Eric invited Donna to sit down, and he told her that he didn't like choosing sides between Quinn and Brooke, especially when he disagreed with what his wife had done. Donna stated that Quinn was the real reason he'd remained in the office. Eric said Donna knew him too well. He admitted he needed space. He loved Quinn, but she frustrated him. He said it had been wrong of Quinn to show the video at Brooke and Ridge's reunion party. Donna said what Quinn had done had been petty and spiteful, and she resented Quinn's interference in Brooke's marriage.

Donna told Eric that Quinn was determined to free up Ridge for Shauna. She said it wouldn't happen in a million years. Donna didn't trust Quinn because Quinn lulled everyone into a false sense of security. Donna pointed out that Quinn had wanted Ridge and Katie to see the video with Brooke and Bill in front of the entire family. That should have been a happy occasion for Ridge and Brooke, but Quinn had wanted to cause as much trouble as possible between Ridge and Brooke. Eric said he was very disappointed in Quinn. Donna stated that many people had tried to tear Brooke and Ridge apart, but nothing would break their marriage apart. Eric said nothing.

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke told Ridge that she was really happy to have her husband back. Ridge said Brooke was beautiful and that she meant everything to him. Brooke said she'd missed him, but he was where he belonged. She sensed something was bothering him, and she encouraged him to talk to her. She said they'd always worked things through because of their love and commitment to each other.

Ridge told Brooke he would always love her, but something had happened between him and Shauna in Vegas. Brooke recalled all the instances between him and Shauna, but she didn't want to keep rehashing them. She said they had overcome many obstacles, and they wouldn't allow anyone to come between them. Ridge said it wasn't that simple. He said something had happened, and it broke up their marriage.

Ridge told Brooke that the kiss between her and Bill was behind them and that they'd both made mistakes, but at the end of the day, they always wound up together. Brooke said that no one could touch the way they felt about each other. He said that when he'd woken up at her house after Vegas, he'd been terribly hung over, and he'd only been able to recall bits and pieces of what had happened in Vegas, until he'd been at Eric's, and Shauna had shown up. He'd told Shauna he couldn't recall their night in Vegas, and she'd appeared terribly hurt. He said he'd had no idea why until earlier that day.

Brooke asked if Ridge had slept with Shauna. He said he hadn't, but it was worse than that. He said that he and Shauna had gotten married.

Ridge claims his marriage is just paperwork Ridge claims his marriage is just paperwork

Thursday, August 13, 2020

In the design office, Hope and Zoe decided that the best way to move forward was to work on the line. Zoe said they made a great team and had taken down Thomas. Hope was forever thankful for Zoe's help and said they had to find a way to move on from him, too. Hope noted that Zoe could just walk away from Thomas, but Hope had to co-parent with him. To Hope's relief, it was actually going pretty well. Hope said the same could be true for her and Zoe.

The conversation turned to the messaging side of HFTF, and Hope suggested creating an HFTF scholarship. Zoe liked the idea. Hope gave Zoe some instructions to get the legwork started for it and then said once they had things narrowed down, they could make their decisions on the scholarship together. "Together," Zoe repeated.

In the CEO's office, Donna noticed Eric's restless look and wondered what was bothering him. Eric said that she wouldn't believe what Ridge had done.

Later, Donna was shocked to hear that Ridge had married Shauna. Donna still didn't believe it, even after Eric told her about the marriage certificate and pictures. It was impossible to Donna because Brooke and Ridge had never filed their divorce papers. Donna called the marriage illegal. "I wish that were the case," Eric replied.

Eric explained that Ridge had had Carter execute the papers before the wedding. Eric claimed that it was legal, and Brooke was no longer Ridge's wife.

At Eric's house, Quinn was still in a celebratory mood, but Shauna persisted in worrying about Ridge's memory of their wedding. Quinn said Shauna had shown him pictures and the marriage certificate, and it had been priceless when Carter had arrived with Brooke and Ridge's divorce papers. Shauna reminded Quinn that they, not Ridge, had told Carter to file them.

Quinn didn't know what Shauna was so anxious about. She stated that Shauna was married to the man of her dreams and had saved him from perpetual heartache with Brooke. In Quinn's view, Ridge had known exactly what he had been doing when he'd gone to the chapel. "He didn't know everything," Shauna replied.

A Las Vegas flashback played. In the flashback, Shauna was still at home, and Ridge was in the shower. Quinn called Shauna and guessed Shauna was having a good time. Shauna explained that she and Ridge were about to go out. Shauna didn't want to jinx it, but she felt like something was happening between her and Ridge. Ridge had been talking about him and Shauna, and he'd told her that he was done with Brooke.

As the flashback continued, Quinn said Shauna knew how Ridge liked to get all loosey-goosey and drink his feelings away. Quinn decided that she and Shauna could help Ridge be through with Brooke for good. Quinn instructed Shauna to get Ridge's phone, find Carter Walton in it, and text-message Carter to file Ridge and Brooke's divorce papers.

Shauna exclaimed that she couldn't do that. Quinn convinced Shauna that Ridge wanted her, but Brooke would just suck him back in. Shauna didn't know if she could do it and wanted to talk about it another day. Quinn explained that Brooke was looking for Ridge and would track him down. Quinn urged Shauna to help Ridge cut the cord.

Shauna grabbed Ridge's phone but wondered what would happen if Carter wanted to talk to Ridge about it. Quinn said to just text back an exclamation that he needed to just do it. Shauna looked around skeptically and then sent the text to Carter.

As the flashback ended, Quinn was telling Shauna that she'd give him a better life than Brooke ever could. She said that Shauna needed to embrace the fact that Ridge was her husband. Shauna was thrilled to be married to Ridge. Quinn said he was thrilled, too, but Shauna recalled that he hadn't sounded that way when he'd gotten back home.

Shauna had felt bad that Ridge hadn't remembered. She'd wanted to forget it, but then she'd gotten the wedding pictures from the chapel. She gushed about her memories of the night. Quinn said it was a good thing that Shauna knew the guy who ran the chapel. Shauna replied that she did know him, but he still hadn't wanted to do it.

In another flashback, Ridge and Shauna were at an altar with an officiant, who said that Ridge had just recited a poem of sorts, not vows. Ridge smiled drunkenly. "I -- I -- I'd like to buy an A, please. Because it's a vowel -- vowel. And I would like to solve the puzzle," Ridge replied.

Looking at Shauna, the officiant said he should call it, and she and Ridge could return the next day. Shauna stated that they were "so close." She implored him to continue. Ridge almost fell over, and Shauna begged the officiant not to ruin her wedding night. She said Ridge wanted it as much as she did. The officiant pronounced them husband and wife.

The flashback ended. Shauna wanted to believe she'd make Ridge happier than Brooke did, but Shauna was concerned about how things had happened. She hadn't been able to stop smiling on the way home, snuggled in the backseat of the car with her new husband. She'd thought of making him breakfast in the morning -- if she wouldn't be too tired from celebrating.

Quinn asked if Shauna and Ridge had "celebrated." Shauna said she'd started celebrating at the chapel. Quinn replied that Shauna knew what Quinn meant. Shauna giggled naughtily. Quinn pressed to find out if Ridge and Shauna had had a "wedding night" or not.

Shauna said that she'd hoped Ridge would rally when they'd gotten back to her place, but his pilot had burst in and dragged him out of there. Even though they "didn't get to...," it was still a night she'd never forget. It was too bad he didn't remember it.

Quinn stated that Ridge and Shauna had a lifetime to make memories because they were married. Quinn said that he'd married Shauna because he loved her, and all she and Shauna had done was make it legal. It would always be their secret.

In Brooke's bedroom, Ridge told Brooke not to panic because they'd handle it. In disbelief, Brooke responded that Ridge had been angry with her, but he wouldn't just go and marry Shauna because of it. He said he was sorry, but he'd done it.

Brooke contended that Ridge had never said a word about it. He replied that he hadn't remembered. She didn't know how he couldn't remember that. For him, the whole night had been a blur, and Shauna had just told him about it that day.

Brooke didn't know how Ridge could have done it. She exclaimed that she'd warned him about Shauna. Brooke asserted that he couldn't be married to Shauna because he was still married to Brooke. "You are my husband!" Brooke stated.

Ridge replied that in his heart, it would always be that because it was their time. "And we'll get back to it, but we have to deal with this situation first," he reasoned. Ridge told her that as much as he wanted to be her husband, he was, in fact, not her husband.

Ridge told Brooke that they'd signed divorce papers. Brooke told him that he hadn't filed them. Ridge replied that he didn't remember doing it. Brooke scoffed. He figured it had been before he and Shauna had gotten to the chapel. He really didn't know.

Brooke told Ridge to stop. Ridge wished he could stop, but it was real. He said Carter wouldn't have done it without Ridge requesting it. Ridge believed that it was official. His divorce was final, and he was married to Shauna. "I did this. I screwed this up. I ended our marriage and started another one," he stated. Brooke asked if he'd wanted Shauna as his wife all along.

"No, I want to be with you. This is just paperwork. I want to spend my life with you!" Ridge responded. Brooke told him that it wasn't just paperwork. He'd betrayed them and what they meant to each other by marrying someone else. Sobbing, Brooke repeated that she'd warned him about that woman trying to get between them from the moment Shauna had seen him.

Brooke didn't want to hear that Ridge had been drunk and didn't remember. She didn't care. He'd done it, and he needed to leave. Ridge didn't move, and Brooke ordered him to go. Before leaving, he told her that he'd always love her.

Brooke concedes defeat to Shauna Brooke concedes defeat to Shauna

Friday, August 14, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy left Kelly's room to find Milton, a stuffed animal. When Steffy reached down to grab it off the floor, she was crippled by searing pain. Speaking to the child who was still in her room, Steffy said that Milton was sleeping and that Kelly should get ready for bed. Steffy reached for her pill bottle, shook the last pill into her hand, thought about it, and put the pill back into the bottle.

Thomas arrived. He had been at Bikini with Vinny, who couldn't stop thinking about Steffy. Thomas had decided to check on his sister, but he guessed he should have called first. Steffy joked that the drinks were cheaper at her house. As he got himself a beer, he asked how she was. Steffy wasn't awesome, but she wasn't terrible, either. He asked which way she leaned, and she replied that she leaned toward terrible.

Thomas asked Steffy to give her pain a number on a scale of one to ten, but she asked if he was trying to play her doctor. Thomas was concerned about the amount of pain she was in. She told him that she had an appointment with her doctor that week, and the ER doctor had been checking in on her. She said the ER doctor had been really sweet.

Thomas inquired about Steffy's refill. Steffy said the doctor wanted her to step down to nonprescription meds, and she didn't mind because she didn't want to be taking those other pills, anyway. She was willing to step down if it helped because she needed to be there for Kelly.

Thomas thought it was weird that her doctor had cut her off so soon. Steffy said that the prescription was only supposed to be for a few days, nothing long term. He contended that she just needed one more refill to get her through, but Steffy trusted the advice of her doctor, who'd gone above and beyond for her. Her brother said he just wanted to make sure that she was advocating for herself. "Have you met me?" Steffy asked.

Thomas asked what he could do for his sister before he left for the evening. He even offered to go grocery shopping, but Steffy said a little pain wouldn't stop her from going to the grocery store. He told her to call if she needed literally anything.

Thomas left, and with great effort, Steffy hobbled over to her table. She put her last pill into her hand, tossed it into her mouth, and washed it down with some water from a bottle nearby. Steffy glared hopelessly at the bottle as if one pill wouldn't be enough.

At Brooke's house, Brooke cried alone in the dark, thinking of what Ridge had just told her about their divorce and his new marriage. Donna arrived and said Eric had told her about Ridge. Brooke still couldn't believe it. Brooke had been preparing for an evening with her husband, only to find out that he wasn't her husband. He was Shauna's.

Brooke deduced that Shauna had gotten Ridge drunk and had dragged him off to the wedding chapel. Donna reasoned that that kind of thing happened all the time in Las Vegas. She said that after winning a little money and getting a little drunk, one would think to themselves, "Why not get hitched?" Brooke looked at Donna as if she was crazy and replied, "What? No. Would you ever?" Donna said it was why they'd invented annulments.

Brooke said that was only if Shauna agreed to an annulment. Donna believed Shauna would and asked why she'd want to be married to Ridge when he clearly wanted to be married to Brooke. Brooke replied that Ridge had said it was a matter of paperwork, and he'd call Carter. Donna assumed that it was a matter of time, and Brooke and Ridge could go back to the way they'd been.

Brooke didn't know how she and Ridge would do that after what he'd done. Donna said he'd been drunk, but Brooke stated that he'd thrown aside their marriage and committed himself to a woman who'd been trying to come between them for months. Brooke conceded that Shauna had finally won.

At Eric's house, Quinn urged Shauna to stop feeling guilty and to start enjoying her marriage. Shauna wanted to, but she couldn't help thinking that she wouldn't have a legal marriage if it wasn't for what she and Quinn had done. Quinn asserted that no one would ever find out as long as they kept their secret.

Just then, Ridge arrived and wondered what the ladies were talking about. Quinn said she and Shauna had been talking about the wedding, and Quinn wished she'd been there. He grimaced, and Shauna asked what the matter was. He conveyed that he'd had to tell Brooke that they had no marriage because he was married to someone else. It had been one of the hardest things he'd had to do.

Quinn figured that Brooke, who'd signed the divorce papers, had to have been expecting it. Shauna said it was probably still a shock for Brooke and for Ridge. Shauna pledged to be his safe place if he needed her for anything. Quinn said Shauna had to be because she was Ridge's wife.

Quinn decided that, since it was the newlyweds' first night together, she'd leave and give them some privacy. "That's not necessary," Ridge quickly said. It had been a long day. He was exhausted and wanted to get some sleep. Shauna faked a smile and said it was okay. He told her that they'd talk in the morning. Quinn congratulated Ridge. He thanked her and went upstairs.

Once Ridge was gone, Quinn urged Shauna to go upstairs after him. Shauna replied that he'd said he was exhausted. Quinn insisted that he was in need of comfort. She ordered Shauna to go and comfort her husband.

Shauna went upstairs and found Ridge's room. As he sat on the bed, she told him that he'd said he was tired but not that he wanted to be alone. Ridge, always happy to see Shauna, didn't want her to take his next words the wrong way. She said he was tired. She understood and just wanted him to know that she was there for him. She stated that she was his wife. "Let me act like one," she added.

Ridge felt awful for not remembering the wedding in Las Vegas. Shauna knew that he did and was not trying to make him feel guilty for it. She felt lucky to have exchanged vows with him. She said the ceremony itself might have been a bit hazy for him. He was sure it had been beautiful. Shauna claimed it had been until his pilot had dragged him away. She was okay with it because they had a whole lifetime together, and they could start right then.

Ridge asked what Shauna was suggesting. Shauna claimed that she wasn't suggesting anything. She was ready to take the next step in their marriage whenever Ridge was. She wanted to show him how much she loved him. Ridge told her that she'd always been honest with him about her feelings. He thought it was wonderful, and he was lucky to have her in his life. Any man would be blessed to be with her, married or not, but he just wasn't... He didn't finish what he was saying.

Shauna guessed that Ridge wasn't ready. Ridge affirmed that he was not ready. He said he didn't want to hurt her. He wanted to be honest with her the way she'd been honest with him. She respected that. She claimed that she could wait, and they had the rest of their lives for whenever he was ready. Shauna kissed Ridge on lips. "Goodnight, my husband," she uttered and exited his room.

Ridge stared out his window, just as Brooke was doing at her house. A song played over a montage of Brooke and Ridge's memories. The lyrics sang, "I know that we belong, and I just can't accept defeat...because I know that we belong."

Downstairs, Shauna smiled, staring at her certificate from the ceremony.

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