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Steffy confessed to taking pills that her doctor had not given her, and the stunned Liam removed Kelly from Steffy's care. Accusing Liam of kidnapping Kelly, Steffy attempted to recover her daughter at knifepoint.
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Liam removed Kelly from Steffy's care, and Steffy attempted to recover her daughter at knifepoint
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Liam ransacks Steffy's living room

Liam ransacks Steffy's living room

Monday, September 21, 2020

At Brooke's cabin, Hope and Thomas entered, leaving Douglas outside to play. Thomas appreciated the way Hope loved his son, and Hope thanked him for letting her share the child. He wanted to give Douglas every advantage in life, so having Hope there was a no-brainer for Thomas. He said Douglas was happy because of her.

Hope informed Thomas that she and Douglas had noticed Thomas' efforts. Thomas thanked her for keeping the door open to forgiveness -- or at the very least, moving on. Hope said that, as co-parents, they had to get along for Douglas' sake. Thomas believed that Hope had created an amazing environment for the boy. He wished he had more time with his son, but he knew that Douglas deserved to spend most of his time with his mother.

Thomas contemplated developing the pitching arm he'd noticed on Douglas -- at least until basketball season. As they chatted, Thomas figured he'd better leave before Liam got there. Hope murmured that Thomas was fine because Liam was off rescuing Steffy, and he hadn't been able to get over there fast enough.

Thomas assumed that Hope didn't like that. Hope asked who'd be comfortable with it. She'd accepted that Steffy had been a constant in Hope's relationship with Liam. She said Liam had married her and turned the page. "And if Steffy is ready to do the same, I say we should let her," Hope concluded.

Agreeing, Thomas said Steffy didn't need Liam holding her hand for the rest of her life. Thomas didn't know why Steffy kept putting up with it and guessed that it was love or a force of habit. He didn't think it was healthy for Hope or Steffy. He wanted Liam to let Steffy go, so she could move on, "and maybe take the damn picture down!"

Secure in her marriage, Hope was worried about Steffy and believed that if anyone deserved a break, Steffy did. She thought that doctor might be just what the doctor ordered. Thomas asked if Hope thought Liam would try to prevent Steffy from moving forward with it.

Hope was sure Liam would try, but in her view, Steffy could take care of herself. Hope figured it had to be special because Steffy hadn't been actively trying to get involved. Hope thought it was fantastic, and she didn't think that guy would be Steffy's doctor that much longer, anyway. Hope said that Steffy had her friends and family and didn't need Liam hovering.

Hope wondered if her reaction was wrong. Thomas replied that a reaction couldn't be wrong. Hope considered that there was a lot of history there, and Liam had chosen Steffy more than once. Hope wondered if her personal investment in Steffy moving on was keeping Hope from seeing that Liam actually had a point about the doctor.

Thomas denied it was true and believed that Liam was just trying to control Hope and Steffy. He believed that his sister needed Liam to back off and let her live her life. Steffy didn't need him to police her. Thomas was still bothered by the way Liam tried to hold onto Steffy and Hope. Thomas wanted Liam to stick to his choice to be with Hope and leave Steffy alone.

"Well, when you're right, you're right," Hope uttered. Thomas felt that Steffy had been through a lot, and she'd wound up alone in her house, pretending that her losses didn't matter as she buried herself in work and motherhood. He said she was acting like an emotional life didn't matter, and then Bill, with his ridiculous spray tan, had hit her, adding physical pain to it all.

Hope stated that was where the hunky doctor entered the picture. Thomas hoped the doctor was the man of his sister's dreams. He felt that Steffy deserved to be with someone for real, not pine after a history that was long gone. He believed she deserved better, and he'd told Liam that, too. Thomas had told Liam to back off and let Steffy move on, and Thomas said he was sorry if Hope didn't approve of that. Hope replied that she felt the same way.

Thomas advised Hope to tell Liam, who listened to her. He advised Hope to tell Liam how wrong it was for him to stick himself into Steffy's life like that. It was disrespectful to Hope, and if Liam really wanted to help Steffy, he'd stay away from her.

Later, Thomas and Hope returned to the house after checking on Douglas. Hope liked that the child could play just as happily alone as with his "sisters" or friends. Thomas felt that Douglas was well adjusted because of Hope, and he and Douglas had been better off for having her in their lives. She stated that she was doing what any mother would.

Hope believed that Thomas had had an influence on Douglas. Thomas reasoned that it hadn't been good. In Hope's view, Douglas adored Thomas as if all that other stuff hadn't happened.

Back to the topic of Steffy, Hope agreed with Thomas about his sister's suffering. Hope wanted Steffy to find happiness and believed the doctor might be able to help Steffy move on physically and emotionally. "And Liam -- he doesn't need to get involved," she concluded.

At the cliff house, Liam shook an unresponsive Steffy and urged her to wake up. He wondered if she could even hear him. He yelled and clapped his hands. Slowly, Steffy's eyes opened, but she remained prone, as if she were full of lead. He asked what was going on.

Groggily, Steffy lifted her head and assumed she'd fallen asleep. Liam was surprised that she was unsure. He'd never seen her so out of it before. She claimed to be fine. He said being conscious was an improvement.

Steffy suddenly panicked about Kelly. Liam said the girl was fine. Steffy tried to get up to go to Kelly, but, unable to manage it, Steffy fell back onto the sofa. Steffy seemed to try to focus. Liam asked if she was sick. He was freaked out and asked if she needed to go to the hospital.

Later, Steffy thanked Liam for the bottled water. He asked if she wanted to tell him what had happened. "I already did. I fell asleep," she replied. Snickering, Liam said it had been more than that. He considered her to be a light sleeper, but he hadn't been able to wake her up. Kelly was in the nursery with the baby monitor tossed aside.

Shrugging, Steffy guessed she'd gotten tired. Liam asked if she didn't remember. Claiming that she did, she asked why he was making such a big deal of her falling asleep on the couch. She said it happened all the time. She didn't know why he was interrogating her or even there.

Scoffing, Liam said he'd wanted to try to have a conversation with her. "About what?" she snapped at him. He asked if she would open up for it, because he'd need her to actually hear him.

In a confrontational tone, Steffy told Liam to say what he had to say. Liam stated that he was concerned about her and her doctor. Steffy asked what about it concerned him. He felt that her doctor was attracted to her, which kind of created a problem. Stammering, Steffy asked if he was seriously trying to tell her who she could and could not see.

Denying it, Liam said that, as a suitor, the doctor might be peachy, but Liam didn't trust him to be her doctor. "You don't have to. He's my doctor, not yours," she quipped. Liam believed that the doctor wanted to be more. "So what if he does? What's it to you?" Steffy asked. He asked if that was a serious question. He said he was sorry that she was the mother of his child and that he happened to care about her.

"Yeah, one of them," Steffy mumbled. Liam told her not to do that. He felt that she and Kelly were his family and always would be. She claimed that she and Kelly were just fine. He agreed that Kelly was, but he wasn't so sure about Steffy. He didn't want her recovery to be in the hands of someone who couldn't be objective. "Oh, my God! I'm done with this! I am done hearing this!" Steffy bellowed, hopping up from her seat.

Liam began stammering. Mocking and mimicking him in a nasally tone, Steffy repeated that he cared about her and was just looking out for her. She was over it and asked him to leave. "I don't even need you! I don't need you anymore. I don't need anyone," she concluded. Steffy didn't want him babysitting her. She was fine without him.

Liam decided that "this" wasn't Steffy. It wasn't like her to be combative or defensive. He asked what was wrong. Steffy said he was what was wrong. She didn't want him entering her house and questioning her like he was the police. She didn't feel she deserved it.

Figuring she was in denial, Liam asked if Steffy knew she'd been out cold on the couch with Kelly in the house. Steffy stated that she'd taken a nap, and her ears were trained for the monitor. She asked if anything had been wrong when he'd gotten there. "Was she screaming? Was she crying?" she asked.

Liam admitted that Kelly hadn't been, and Steffy told him to get off her case. Liam stated that he cared about Steffy a lot, "and the grief you're giving me..." Steffy said "whatever" to that and told him to go home to Hope. He decided to ask Steffy if she was still taking the pills. Steffy recalled taking one of Vinny's pills but asked Liam what pills.

Liam asked if the doctor had given Steffy more pain medication. Steffy replied that the doctor had refused to do that. He asked if she was saying that she wasn't medicated. Again, Steffy asked him to leave. He asked why she was making it difficult. Steffy laughed.

Liam believed that Steffy was clearly hiding something from him. He asked if she thought he'd let it go. She asked if he was calling her a liar. He said he didn't buy her bluff for a second, and he'd figured out what she was keeping from him.

"Are you still here? Leave!" Steffy retorted. Liam stated that his daughter lived there, and "if you are abusing prescription pills here..." Steffy yelled that there were no pills in the house. He guessed she wouldn't mind him looking.

Liam began ripping back cushions from the furniture and overturning things on the tables until he found Vinny's pill bottle under the sofa cushions. Liam said he'd asked for her honesty, and Steffy had lied to him.

Liam threatens to take Kelly with him

Liam threatens to take Kelly with him

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

At the cabin, Thomas and Hope entered after playing catch with Douglas. Thomas was ready to put his son into baseball and watch the boy rise to the pros. Hope set a timer for Douglas' playtime before his bath. Thomas asked if something was wrong. Hope was surprised that Liam wasn't back from Steffy's house yet.

Thomas was surprised that Liam had gone over there at all. Liam wasn't Steffy's husband and had no say over her life, regardless of sharing a child. Hope figured that her husband was worried that Steffy hadn't been herself. Thomas didn't know how Steffy could be after what she'd gone through, and he didn't know how she did it while off the high-powered pain meds.

Hope was worried that things might not be okay over there, and that was the reason Liam wasn't home yet. Thomas figured that Liam was doing his thing, rescuing the damsel in distress. Hope replied that Steffy had never been like that and was the strongest woman Hope knew. Thomas stated that Liam should know that, but he had it out for the doctor.

Hope didn't think that was it, but Liam's antenna was up. Thomas asked why that was and said it was because the doctor liked Steffy. Thomas asked what the problem was with the doctor stopping by to check on Steffy and giving her day a lift. Hope agreed and said the doctor seemed great. He wouldn't be her doctor forever, either.

Thomas wished Liam could say that but figured he just didn't want to. Hope asked what that was supposed to mean. Thomas reasoned that Steffy had been through a lot, and it didn't help for Liam to interject himself into Steffy's life, even if it was for what Liam had convinced himself were the right reasons.

Thomas checked on Douglas outside, and Hope flashed back on good times with Liam. When Thomas returned, he talked about Douglas and his friend Arlo the lizard.

Hope seemed distracted. Backtracking to the talk about Liam, Thomas said he hadn't meant to make it weird. He just thought that Liam should back away and stop stirring things up. Thomas asked who cared that Liam didn't like Steffy's relationship with her doctor. Hope said Liam didn't see it that way and was worried about Steffy and her daughter.

Disbelieving that was what it was, Thomas posited that it was Liam playing the amazing boy scout. Thomas asked what Dr. Finnegan had done besides being super attentive to Steffy. That was Liam's real problem -- that any man would show any personal interest in Steffy. Hope insisted that Liam was just trying to look out for Steffy.

It wasn't necessary, according to Thomas, who was looking out for his sister. He added that Ridge was, too, and Vinny was sending her gifts, looking out for her. Thomas said Steffy had people who loved her, and Hope had seen for herself that Steffy had been in great spirits. He felt that if Liam stepped back, he'd also see that Steffy was doing better.

Hope checked on Douglas outside, and Thomas flashed back to times he'd considered to be romantic with Hope. Hope returned as he text-messaged Vinny. Hope thought it was sweet that Vinny was sending Steffy gifts. Thomas revealed that Vinny had sent flowers first. Next, he'd sent the coffee and a toy for Kelly. Thomas said Vinny was crushing pretty hard. Hope said people sometimes did nice things just to do them.

Thomas assumed Hope was still worrying about Liam. Hope told Thomas to save his breath about Liam still wanting Steffy because Hope wasn't insecure. Hope said Liam was focusing on Steffy, but once she was better, everyone's lives would return to normal. Hope believed that Steffy might even find love again.

"Not if Liam has anything to say about it," Thomas responded. Hope explained that Liam was just protective of Kelly's mother, and they wanted to help out with Kelly as much as they could until Steffy was better again.

At the cliff house, Liam upheld the unlabeled pill bottle and proclaimed that he'd known Steffy hadn't been herself, and she'd been passed out because she'd taken the pills. He wondered what would have happened if Kelly had had a nightmare and had called out for Steffy, who'd been crashed out on the couch. Steffy said that Kelly was fine.

Liam wasn't so sure that Kelly's mother was fine. He said Steffy wasn't fine if she was sneaking pills and pretending that she could handle the pain all on her own. Steffy replied that she'd never said she was pain-free, but he contended that she'd pretended to be done with the pills.

Steffy yelled that Liam had no right to go through her things. They weren't married, and he was Hope's husband, not Steffy's. Liam said it didn't mean he'd stopped caring about her. She wanted him to go, but he asked how many she'd taken. She claimed not to have taken any. He ordered her to stop lying to him and to herself.

Steffy said that Liam was out of line and making more of it than it was. Liam emphasized that she'd been totally unconscious and too out of it to pull herself together once he'd roused her. He'd never seen her like that, and it had freaked him out to see her passed out.

Steffy denied that she'd been passed out and insisted that she'd been sleeping -- just like Kelly was at that moment. Steffy ordered him to keep his voice down. Liam wondered how traumatic it would have been for Kelly to find Steffy the way he had. Steffy asserted that Kelly was safe, and she told him to stop acting like something had happened.

Raising the pill bottle, Liam asked why Steffy refused to admit that she was using the pills to manage her pain. Steffy didn't know where Liam had gotten the nerve. She hadn't even asked him to be there; however, he'd barged in there and was bullying her into admitting she'd done something that she hadn't. He asked her not to turn it around on him. He was just trying to help.

Steffy seethed that Liam was always trying to help and save some poor, misguided soul. Steffy didn't believe she needed rescuing. She was fine and taking care of herself. He told her that the pills wouldn't take care of her; they'd take control of her. She replied that she hadn't taken them, but he didn't believe that she wasn't self-medicating.

Liam asked if Steffy got that they were opioids, an extremely powerful and addictive drug that could ruin people's lives and change their entire character. Steffy asked if that was what he thought had happened to her and if he didn't recognize her because she was doing drugs.

Liam replied that he didn't recognize Steffy, and she wasn't the same person he knew and loved. Steffy got upset that he was calling her a drug addict. He claimed he wasn't saying that. He'd thought something had been off with her for weeks, and he realized it was the pills. In his mind, though, it wasn't just the pills. It was the doctor who'd prescribed them.

Liam began sounding off on how inappropriate Steffy's relationship with the doctor was. Liam accused the relationship of clouding the doctor's judgment and said no worthy doctor would let it happen to a patient. Steffy yelled that she'd taken the pills and asked if he was satisfied. She'd just needed a little more help to get her through.

Liam asked if Steffy knew that the pills were nuclear if people weren't careful. Steffy said the doctor had told her about them. He was amazed that the doctor kept giving them to her and asked what had happened to his oath to do no harm. Steffy uttered that the doctor didn't know.

Confused, Liam asked why Steffy was keeping it from the doctor, him, and everyone else. Steffy sobbed that she was in pain. There wasn't a moment that she didn't experience pain, and the only thing that gave her relief were the pills. She'd tried to get off of them as the doctor had advised, but the pain had gotten worse. Steffy needed to be there and to function for Kelly.

Liam said he understood. Steffy yelled that he didn't understand, because he'd moved on. He'd walked away from her and Kelly to a future with Hope and Beth. In Steffy's view, he had his perfect everything. He asked where that left her. She was alone. "I'm alone!" she repeated.

Liam claimed to be there for Steffy at that moment. He said she didn't need the pills or the doctor, whom he no longer trusted. Steffy said that doctor had been nothing but kind to her and didn't judge her the way Liam was judging her. He claimed not to be doing that. "I'm just trying to get you to see -- " Liam began to say.

Interrupting, Steffy replied that she saw that her mother was out of town, her father was dealing with his drama, and Liam's life was all about Hope and Beth. Steffy admitted that she really did need something because of the state that she was in. She needed someone who listened and who cared, and her doctor did that for her.

Liam began to say something about it, but Steffy cut him off. She said Liam didn't get to walk out and then tell her that she couldn't be with the doctor. "You left. Not me!" Steffy yelled. Steffy asked Liam to go. He refused. She didn't want to hear him anymore and ordered him to leave. Steffy went into the room behind the kitchen.

When Steffy returned, she saw Liam coming back in through the front door. She said she'd told him to go, but he insisted that he needed to get through to her. Steffy refused to be his newest charity case in his mission to save her from herself. She asserted that she wasn't a "junkie." Her body hurt, and she had pain in her heart; however, she wasn't abusing meds.

Steffy decided Liam was making it worse and ordered him to go. Liam was sorry that he'd made her feel as if he wasn't on her team, but he wouldn't turn his back on her. Steffy again ordered him to leave. He said he was leaving, and he was taking Kelly with him.

Steffy accuses Liam of stealing her daughter

Steffy accuses Liam of stealing her daughter

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"You can't do this! I won't let you take our daughter!" Steffy snapped, exhibiting both rage and fear. Liam expressed his concern over Steffy's reliance on painkillers. Steffy insisted she was fine, making sure to note that Liam's father had been responsible for her accident. Liam assured Steffy that he was not passing judgment, but he noted that Steffy had "some stuff" to work through. Because of that, Liam argued that his "only option" was to temporarily remove their daughter from Steffy's home.

"You are making a big deal out of nothing," Steffy said, fighting back tears, insisting, "I am not going to let you take our daughter over one stupid pill." Liam argued that Steffy hadn't taken just one pill. Liam called the situation "out of control" and noted that Steffy would do the same thing if things were reversed. Steffy burst into tears as she pointed out that Liam wanted to take her only daughter to be with Hope. "You already took Phoebe away from me, and now you're gonna take Kelly? I thought you loved me," Steffy sobbed. She pointed out that she and Liam had been happy, but she added that Liam no longer loved her the way that he once had.

Just seconds later, Steffy's demeanor changed completely. Her crying stopped, and speaking in an almost Valley Girl tone, she said, "Oh, my God. Like you're being so dramatic. I was tired and I took a nap. Like, big deal." Liam put his hand to his head and remarked that Steffy's family needed to see what was happening to her. Steffy became angry again and warned Liam against spreading rumors about her. Liam told Steffy that until she got some sort of professional help, he could not allow her to be around Kelly. Liam turned and walked out of the house. Steffy screamed for Liam to return.

Brooke and Hope had a moment to chat, thanks to Donna offering to look after Douglas and Beth. When the topic of Liam came up, Hope admitted that things were a little frustrating at the moment. The conversation then veered toward Hope's affection for Kelly. Brooke praised Hope for handling her "blended family" so well. Hope said it was easy to have Kelly as part of the family because Hope saw so much of Liam in the little girl. Hope also told her mom that there was never any question that she would step up to help while Steffy recuperated. Brooke gushed profusely about how special it was for Kelly to be able to spend time with her siblings.

Moments later, Liam arrived, noticeably upset. Brooke and Hope both asked if everything was okay. Liam responded that Steffy had been lying to them all. Both Brooke and Hope looked confused. Liam recounted how he'd found Steffy passed out on her sofa and how he'd torn Steffy's place apart and found a hidden bottle of painkillers. He explained that he wasn't sure how or where Steffy had gotten the medication.

Brooke said that Steffy sounded "very unstable," and Hope told Liam that they could not let Kelly be alone with Steffy. Stating that he had to protect his daughter, Liam told the women that Kelly was down at the cabin with Donna and the kids.

Back at the cliff house, Thomas showed up to visit Steffy and found his sister agitated and looking for her keys. Steffy ordered Thomas to leave, but he refused to go until Steffy told him what was wrong. A frenzied Steffy told Thomas that Liam "stole" her baby and took her to Hope. Steffy repeated over and over that she could not find her keys.

Thomas asked Steffy to explain what Steffy meant by Liam having "stole" Kelly. Steffy said only that Liam had barged in and claimed that she was an unfit mother and a danger to Kelly. Thomas admitted to disliking Liam, but admitted that Steffy's account of what had happened seemed unbelievable. "It's true. I'm not exaggerating," Steffy chattered. Steffy then found her keys and announced that she was going to get her daughter back. Steffy raced toward the door, with Thomas following closely behind.

Hope sent text messages to Steffy but got no response. Brooke told Liam and Hope that she'd spoken to Donna and that Donna was going to take the kids for ice cream. Brooke assured Liam that she hadn't told Donna what was going on. Liam shared that sneaking Kelly out of Steffy's house was the most difficult thing he'd ever done. Liam said that he knew that opioid addiction was a serious matter, but he claimed that he'd never thought that Steffy would become addicted to painkillers. Hope told him that addiction could happen to anyone.

As Hope was telling Liam that they needed to do whatever they could to keep Kelly safe, a frantic Steffy burst into the room. Liam urged Steffy to go to "a program," a comment that seemed to upset Steffy even more. "I don't need a program," she snapped, insisting, "I don't need anything from any of you. I just need my daughter." Steffy then chided Hope for having stolen her husband and for also wanting to steal Kelly, too. "I want my daughter now!" Steffy exclaimed. She then stared angrily at Liam, Hope, and Brooke.

Ridge rushes to Steffy after Thomas tells him of her odd behavior

Ridge rushes to Steffy after Thomas tells him of her odd behavior

Thursday, September 24, 2020

At the cliff house, Ridge rushed inside. He asked where Steffy was, and Thomas stated that she'd gone to Liam's place. Thomas was worried about her. She hadn't been acting like herself. She'd told Thomas that Liam had been making accusations and had taken Kelly. Ridge assumed it would be for the night, but Thomas replied that Steffy had called it a kidnapping.

"Liam's a strange boy, but he isn't a kidnapper," Ridge reasoned. Thomas agreed that it wasn't like "L.A.'s favorite Boy Scout." Ridge assumed there had been a schedule mix-up, but Thomas added that Liam had called Steffy an unfit mother -- at least that was what Steffy had claimed to hear from him. "If I understood her correctly, that is," Thomas concluded.

Ridge asked what that meant and if Thomas hadn't heard his sister speaking. Thomas had heard Steffy, but she hadn't been making sense. She'd been paranoid or panicked. Ridge figured it was appropriate behavior when believing someone had taken one's child. Sensing that it had been more than that, Thomas conveyed that she'd been in pain.

A flashback played of Thomas and Steffy as she frantically searched for her keys and left the house. As if Thomas had relayed that scene to Ridge, Thomas added, "And if she's going over there to Liam and Hope with this, this is going to get a hell of a lot worse."

Ridge didn't know what to do. He figured that if Steffy were under the impression that Liam had stolen her daughter, then she'd need help. He guessed Steffy wouldn't answer her phone, so he dialed Brooke's number. Thomas figured Brooke would know if there was a custody grab going on. Ridge reached Brooke's voicemail and asked her to return his call because something was going on with Steffy, Liam, and Kelly. Ridge said he needed Brooke's help.

Time passed, but Brooke didn't call back. Thomas wondered if he should call Hope, but Ridge figured that Hope wouldn't answer. Ridge wanted to go to Brooke's and asserted that Liam couldn't just take the kid. "Okay," Thomas agreed. He was ready to go, but Ridge asked his son to remain there in case Steffy returned.

In Brooke's living room, Steffy ordered Liam to give her daughter to her. Liam said no one would prevent her from seeing the child, but she shouldn't be alone with Kelly like that. Hope suggested that Steffy stay there that night, and Brooke said there was plenty of space. Steffy refused, and Liam stated that Kelly wouldn't go home with Steffy until Steffy was ready.

Steffy was offended. She saw what was going on and accused Hope of being on a mission. Figuring that taking Phoebe and Douglas hadn't been enough for Hope, Steffy asked what sick person made a hobby of collecting children from other families.

Steffy demanded that they give Kelly to her at that instant. She figured they were exacting revenge upon her for taking Beth, even though she'd been lied to just as they had been. Hope denied it, and Liam said Steffy wasn't thinking clearly. Scoffing, Steffy asked if it was because she'd taken one pill.

Brooke cited Liam's assertion that Steffy had been passed out with Kelly in the house. Hope said it was about was keeping Kelly safe. "From her mother?" Steffy asked. Hope replied that it would be temporary, and Liam added that it would be until they knew Steffy had kicked the pills. "And Hope's just gonna give her back?" Steffy incredulously asked.

Liam affirmed it, but Steffy called him naive. Hope emphasized that it would just be for a little while. Ordering Liam out of her way, Steffy began to ascend the stairs to get her child. Hope said Kelly wasn't up there, and Steffy frantically asked where her daughter was. In everyone's silence, Steffy demanded that they give her daughter to her.

Liam asked if Steffy got that they couldn't do that, for Kelly's sake. He felt that it would be traumatic if Steffy was yelling and crying, taking Kelly from her sister. Steffy whimpered that she wouldn't do that. Hope received a message that Donna was back at the cabin with the kids after getting ice cream. Liam assured Steffy that Kelly was having a good time and was safe with her sister and her cousin.

Brooke remarked that the kids were sweet together. Hope said it was the big blended family she and Steffy had wanted. Steffy snapped that Hope taking Kelly as her own wasn't anything close to what they'd wanted. Hope asserted that no one was taking Kelly from Steffy. Certain of that, Steffy threatened to call the police to get her child back.

Liam said there was no reason to do that, but Steffy raged that he'd kidnapped her daughter. Upset, Hope asked if Steffy would really say that to Hope, of all people.

In Hope's view, a kidnapping wasn't even close to what had happened. Stating that he was Kelly's father, Liam reasoned that she belonged with him, too. "Not all the time, she doesn't," Steffy contended.

Brooke tried to reason that it would give Steffy a chance to focus on her health, but Steffy was sick of hearing that. Her only focus was her daughter. Hope said that was true, but the problem was that Steffy had been abusing pain medication and lying about it. Steffy chuckled sardonically. Liam added that Steffy had been hiding it.

Brooke remarked that Steffy wasn't herself. It wasn't like her to rage at people. Liam said Steffy needed help badly. Steffy felt that she only needed her daughter. She yelled that she'd go to the cabin, and she'd take her daughter home. She told Liam not to dare to try to stop her.

Liam decided that everyone could go to the cabin and have a nice visit. Steffy asked if he was hearing himself. She wasn't interested in anything resembling a court-ordered visit. She believed that he didn't trust her, but that belief didn't give him the right to take Kelly away.

Hope asked how many times she had to say that no one was taking Kelly away from Steffy. Instead, they'd take care of Kelly for Steffy with love and attention. Steffy assumed it was because they thought Kelly couldn't get that from her drugged-out mother. Brooke stated that Hope and Liam were just trying to protect Kelly. Steffy yelled that it would be from the one person who'd cared for Kelly since she'd been born.

Liam reasoned that Steffy would have Kelly again. She just had to get help first because she wasn't herself. Steffy asked if he'd be himself after what she'd gone through. He didn't think so, and she asked why he was blaming her for what she was going through.

Liam replied that none of it was Steffy's fault. He understood why she'd been on those pills, but somehow, the pills had gotten ahold of her. Brooke stated that it wasn't uncommon.

Steffy told Brooke to save it because Steffy didn't need the intervention speech or fake concern. Steffy believed that all Brooke cared about was taking Kelly, and that was all it was ever about -- the Logans taking from the Forresters. She yelled that they'd taken from Stephanie and Taylor, but it would end there. Steffy wouldn't let them take her daughter.

Liam loved and valued Steffy's bond with Kelly and claimed that he was stepping in to protect it. Steffy yelled that she wasn't an addict. Liam stated that his purpose in life was to do what was best for Kelly, even if it meant standing up to Steffy. He believed it was best for Kelly to stay with him and Hope until Steffy was better, and he didn't care how long it took.

In Steffy's mind, she was getting better and finding her way back to a normal day-by-day life. She asked how she could get better without her daughter, all the while knowing that they'd stolen her. She sobbed that she wanted her girl that instant.

Empathizing, Brooke expressed that it was scary to realize one had a problem. Steffy said that Brooke's inability to control herself around alcohol didn't give her the right to create addictions for others. Brooke said it wasn't about her, and Steffy ordered her to stay out of it. Persisting, Brooke figured that Steffy had developed a serious issue if she had to lie about it.

Steffy accused Liam, Hope, and Brooke of being liars who really wanted to take her child. Hope said Steffy was lying about the pills. Liam asked Steffy to at least admit that something was wrong. He wondered how long Kelly, scared and hungry, would have had to try to awaken Steffy if Liam hadn't been there. Brooke said Steffy had to realize she needed help.

All Steffy realized was that the Logans were always going to take from the Forresters. Hope believed that was all in Steffy's mind and asked what the Logans had taken from Steffy. Accusing Hope of being the worst, Steffy said Hope had stormed into Steffy's home and taken Phoebe away without any consideration of Steffy's feelings. "You mean Beth," Hope said.

Steffy yelled that Hope hadn't even given Steffy time to process it, not even a day or two to say goodbye. "You just took her!" Steffy yelled. Liam began to speak, but Steffy shut him up. She accused Hope of manipulating Douglas into forgetting all about Caroline. Steffy accused Hope of planning to push Thomas out, too, just as Hope planned to do with Steffy and Kelly.

Steffy asked if Hope was satisfied. Steffy said Hope had Liam and had torn Steffy's family apart, just like Brooke had done with Taylor's. Brooke's mouth dropped open. Steffy felt that enough was enough. She wished her mother was there to witness what was happening. "I wish the same because we need all the help we can get with you," Brooke replied.

Deciding that she was done there, Steffy declared that she was getting her daughter. Hope stepped in front of the patio door. Steffy told Hope not to try it. Hope believed Steffy would thank her one day. Hope was grateful for all the months that Steffy had taken care of Beth, and Hope believed that it was her time to return the favor.

Hope stated that Kelly would stay there and get the care she needed while Steffy worked on herself. Hope wanted Steffy to return to herself and not be reliant on drugs. Until Hope and Liam saw proof that Steffy was doing the work, their home would be Kelly's home.

Ridge deescalates a deadly situation

Ridge deescalates a deadly situation

Friday, September 25, 2020

At Forrester, Thomas tried to sketch in the CEO's office, but he was preoccupied by thoughts of what had happened with Steffy earlier that day. Zoe entered to get a gown off a rack and became anxious to leave when she saw Thomas. He asked her to stay because there was something he wanted to tell her.

In her silence, Thomas said he didn't want Zoe to stay if he was making her uncomfortable. Zoe opted to stay and closed the door. He stated that they hadn't talked for a while, and when he'd returned to the job, he'd wanted the chance to apologize. She figured that they could keep things professional between them for the sake of the job.

Thomas acknowledged that things had been left in a weird place after the wedding. Zoe preferred to just keep it behind them. He realized that she might have gotten over what he'd done to her, but he hadn't. He felt that he'd been horrible, selfish, and cruel. He wanted her to know that he hadn't lied to her about everything. Zoe rolled her eyes.

Thomas said he wasn't trying to make himself feel better or his deed less awful, but he had really cared about Zoe. He wouldn't have proposed to her if he hadn't had feelings for her. Zoe stated that he'd apologized to her enough. To him, it didn't feel like it. "Good," she quipped.

Thomas wanted a fresh start. Zoe began to speak. Interrupting, he told her that he'd at least put it all out there. That way, it had at least been said, unlike what he was seeing his sister go through. "The pain and the anger, and I -- " Thomas began to say.

Zoe asked what was going on with Steffy. Thomas stated that he'd thought his sister had been in a good place, but he'd become really worried about her.

Later, Zoe found it hard to believe that Liam would just kidnap his daughter because Steffy had been napping. Thomas said there had to be more to it. He'd seen his sister's way of handling things before, and she hadn't been herself. She'd been foggy and erratic. Zoe asked if everything had been okay when Thomas had seen Steffy before Liam had arrived.

Thomas recalled that Steffy had seemed fine. He'd been there to check on her and drop off a gift from Vinny. Zoe noted that the gift had been a sweet gesture. Thomas was concerned. He'd never seen Steffy act that way before. He'd told his father about what had gone on with Steffy and Liam, and his father had gone to Hope and Liam's to figure it out. Zoe had faith that Ridge would get to the bottom of it, and it would work out. Thomas hoped so.

At Brooke's house, Steffy demanded to have Kelly, but Hope, Brooke, and Liam urged Steffy to see that it was best that Kelly stay there until Steffy got the help that she needed. Steffy yelled that she didn't need help or therapy. She believed that she'd been getting help and recovering since the accident, and she wanted her daughter back.

Liam instructed Steffy to calm down and listen, but Steffy replied that he'd had no right to go into her home and take her child. Liam questioned what could have happened to Kelly. Steffy said the child hadn't been in danger. She ordered Hope, who was still blocking the terrace exit, to get out of the way.

Just then, Ridge entered through the front door. Steffy pleaded for her father's help and accused the others of kidnapping Kelly. Ridge asked Liam why he was keeping Steffy from her daughter. Steffy said Liam had had no right to do it, and Hope replied that he'd been trying to protect Kelly.

Ridge asked what was going on there. Brooke explained that a lot of things were going on, and they were things no one had realized before. Steffy cried to her father, imploring him not to listen to those who were trying to take her baby away. Ridge asked if she was okay and said he and her brother were worried about her.

Steffy said that her ex had taken her child, and that was why she was rightfully freaking out. She believed it would be fine once they moved out of the way, and she got Kelly home. Wishing he didn't have to do what he was doing, Liam asked if Ridge remembered when Liam had thought something had been wrong. Liam stated that it was worse than he'd thought. Ridge asked if "all this" was about Steffy and the doctor.

Liam replied that it wasn't. Steffy said he was overreacting and wouldn't be taking Kelly if he cared about Steffy. Liam claimed he was doing it because he cared. He knew Steffy didn't want to hurt Kelly but claimed that Steffy almost had. Steffy yelled that nothing had happened to the child. Ridge asked what had happened to Kelly. Liam replied that nothing had.

"See!" Steffy exclaimed. Liam insisted that it could have if he hadn't shown up. He revealed that Steffy was still on her medication. He said she was abusing pain pills, and it was putting Kelly in danger. "So, my daughter's a drug addict now? Is that it?" Ridge asked.

Steffy told Ridge that she was trying to recover from an accident. Ridge asserted that she was in pain because of what Liam's idiot father had done to her. Liam stated that he wasn't a doctor and couldn't call her an addict, but he felt that she had a problem. Steffy retorted that her problem was Liam and Hope playing house with her little girl.

Hope and Brooke urged Steffy to be honest with her father. Steffy said she'd been resting, but Liam yelled that he'd been unable to awaken her. Steffy replied that she napped when Kelly napped. Liam explained that he'd knocked on the door, he'd called her phone, and he'd yelled her name in her face. The whole time, she'd been unresponsive. When she had finally come to, she'd been disoriented and slurring her words. She hadn't been herself and still wasn't, according to him.

Steffy claimed it was because she was fighting for her baby. Liam added that he'd asked her about the pills, and she'd denied taking any. Ridge believed her. According to Ridge, Steffy had talked to the doctor and Ridge about it and knew how dangerous it was. He didn't believe she'd lie about it. Brooke replied that Steffy wouldn't normally, but Steffy had been struggling.

Steffy told Brooke to stop talking as if Steffy wasn't there. Throwing up her hands, Brooke asked why Steffy wouldn't admit she had a problem. She said that no one was blaming Steffy for doing it on purpose. Brooke noted that the pills could be addictive, especially with all Steffy was going through. Steffy quipped that Brooke didn't know what Steffy was going through; none of them did. Liam responded that they did, and that was why they wanted to help her.

Steffy felt as if Liam was making her out to be a bad mother. Liam went on to tell Ridge that Liam had found the pill bottle. He said that Steffy had been lying to everyone, including Ridge. Ridge asked if it was true. Feeling that Liam was twisting things, Steffy said Liam hadn't let Steffy explain, and he'd taken Kelly when Steffy had been out of the room. Steffy hadn't even known what had been going on.

Ridge told Steffy that she'd been out of pills. Steffy affirmed it. He asked if the doctor had given her more. She denied that the doctor had. Liam said he'd thought that doctor had been the problem, but the doctor didn't even know about the pills. Ridge asked where Steffy had gotten the pills. "God only knows," Liam responded.

Steffy flashed back to getting the pills from Vinny's gift box. Ridge asked Steffy what was going on. She said he wasn't listening, but he roared back that he was. He was listening to everyone. He stated that, at that moment, he was listening to her. He asked if she was taking pills.

Steffy admitted to taking a couple of pills. She said it wasn't a big deal. She'd gotten hit by a car and could have died. Sobbing, she said Ridge didn't understand what it was like, and none of them did. "I'm going through hell! I can barely work! And I'm alone!" she cried, adding, "I don't have my daughter. I don't have Liam!"

Pointing her finger at Hope, Steffy said she'd wanted a life with him, but Hope had taken him from Steffy. It was just like Brooke had taken Ridge from Steffy, Thomas, and Phoebe. Steffy screamed that it was what the Logans did -- take, and take, and take. Steffy accused Brooke of destroying Ridge's relationship with Taylor, and Hope of destroying Steffy's with Liam.

Steffy sobbed that they'd taken Phoebe away, and they wanted to take Kelly. "I'm losing my mind here!" Steffy cried. Hope said it wasn't true. Claiming to know how hard it had been for Steffy to lose Phoebe, Liam stated it was why it had been hard for him to take Kelly. He'd known that it would dredge up awful memories for her.

Steffy replied that they were just memories for Liam, but she lived with the pain every single day. "And you're making it worse," she sobbed. She asked if he wanted her to be completely alone. She asked why he kept doing it to her. He said it was to protect their daughter, and she'd do the same thing. Liam asked Ridge to say he saw "that I did what I did -- "

"Yes, you did what you did, okay?" Ridge shot back. He asked Steffy to talk to him. She said there was nothing wrong with her, and they were turning him against her. He agreed that there was nothing wrong with her. It was the pills, and they'd get her help. Insisting she was fine, she said she didn't need his pity. She was done with it.

"I want my little girl, and I want her now," Steffy asserted, flicking open a long-bladed pocket knife.

"Whoa..." Liam uttered. Ridge asked what his daughter was doing. Hope asked Steffy to think about what she was doing and wondered what would happen if Kelly saw Steffy in that moment. Steffy ordered them to give her daughter to her.

Ridge told Steffy that Kelly would stay there with Brooke, Liam, and Hope until Steffy felt better. Steffy accused him of choosing the Logans all over again. She said he never chose his real family and always abandoned them. "Now you're betraying your granddaughter," she said.

Ridge tried to get near Steffy, but she ordered him to stay away from her. He said she could call her mother. "When my daughter finds out what you did, she's going to hate you as much as I do," Steffy uttered. Ridge took the words like a wound to the heart. Grunting, he said Steffy could hate him as much as she wanted, but he loved her. He'd do everything within his power to get her through it.

"Look at you. What's the plan now? You gonna cut me? Liam? That's gonna solve the problem? What's the next step here?" Ridge asked. Steffy stood, limply holding the knife, her face red and wet with tears. Ridge offered to take her home. Dissolving into sobs, Steffy dropped the knife. She told Ridge that she'd never forgive him. She'd never forgive any of them.

Steffy charged out the front door. Ridge picked up the knife. He told Brooke to take care of his granddaughter while he took care of Steffy. Ridge exited. Liam choked up and began sobbing.

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