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Quinn moved in with Wyatt and was surprised by who she found at Eric's house. Finn alerted Steffy to a disturbing conversation he'd had with Thomas. Fighting to keep a grip on reality, Thomas packed up the Hope doll, and it laughed at him in response.
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Struggling to maintain a grip on reality, Thomas dismantled the Hope mannequin
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Zende's misopportunity turns out to be lucrative for Carter

Zende's misopportunity turns out to be lucrative for Carter

Monday, October 26, 2020

In the morning at Vinny's place, Thomas emerged from the bedroom and saw the mannequin posed on the sofa. Still in disbelief about the figure, Thomas yelled and clapped his hands in its face. "Nothing to say?" he asked. Deciding that the situation was nuts, Thomas grabbed his shoes, determined to clear his head.

"Wait, Thomas. Don't go," Thomas heard the pseudo-Hope voice say. Thomas waved his hand in front of the figure's face and pinched its hard nose. He told himself that she wasn't real. "Not even a she. It's an it. It's a mannequin," he decided.

At Carter's loft, Zoe descended the spiral staircase in nothing but Carter's work shirt. From the kitchen area, he said the shirt had never looked so good. He asked if they could talk about the night before and how amazing it had been. She agreed that they had been pretty great together. He asked if she knew what people said about practicing. She replied that it involved perfection. He proposed that he and Zoe practice a lot.

Over breakfast, Zoe decided that she could get used to a sexy man serving her meals. She suspected that the personal chef the other night hadn't been necessary. Carter admitted that he'd been single for a long time and wasn't a takeout kind of guy. Cooking relaxed him. Zoe said she'd wouldn't have guessed. He hinted that he was a man of surprises, and she should move in to find out about them.

Carter said he didn't intend to pressure Zoe. He was talking about eventually. He couldn't get enough of her and wanted to know everything about her. Zoe replied that a woman had to have her secrets. Zoe's air of mystery impressed Carter. She said she didn't want him to get bored. Carter was endlessly fascinated with her and wanted her around all the time.

"Look, Carter, I -- umm -- " Zoe stammered. She wasn't rejecting Carter, but she wasn't ready for a step like that. She said she was really into him, but there was a lot going on in her life. She didn't want to rush into things like she'd done with Xander and Thomas -- or with trusting her dad. She'd just begun to feel stable at work, and she was astounded that Hope both valued and sought her opinion. Zoe said her head was spinning, but what she did know was that she was there with Carter. She didn't want to rush what they had.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Hope thanked Zende for arriving at work early for a meeting. She wondered where Zoe was. Hope wanted Zoe's opinion in the meeting. She'd messaged and called Zoe that morning, but Zoe hadn't responded yet. Hope figured that Zoe was still driving in and would be there any moment.

Later, Hope and Zende went over possible changes to his designs. Hope preferred softer necklines. Zende asked if she wanted them scalloped. Entering the office, Thomas remarked that they were too cluttered and needed curves "here and here" above each breast to produce the softness Hope wanted. "Gee, thanks," Zende snarkily responded.

Thomas became mesmerized by Hope's gestures, eyes, and lips. She asked if something was wrong. Snapping out of it, he said she'd reminded him of someone -- or something. He asked if he could talk to her alone, and Zende left to work on his designs.

Once alone with Hope, Thomas noted the previous exchange about scalloped versus curved with Zende, and Thomas said it was why she needed Thomas on the line. He'd seen the fix immediately, and he had experience. She replied that experience wasn't everything, and Zende had talent. Thomas figured that Thomas might be the most talented designer in the world, and he said that if she wanted her line to excel, she needed him.

Hope didn't dispute Thomas' reputation, but she couldn't make the kind of commitment he wanted. She liked the way the team was gelling together and didn't want to throw it off by adding someone else to the mix. Thomas responded that he wasn't just a random person. Agreeing, Hope said that, even though he'd been working on himself, it wasn't the best time to add him back to her line.

Thomas reserved the right to try to change Hope's mind and prove that she could trust him again. Hope said he was free to do that. She glanced down and began working. Thomas zoned out, watching her and thinking of the mannequin telling him that it was Hope.

Gazing up, Hope said that if Thomas was serious about regaining her trust, he'd tell her why he was staring at her the way that he was. In Thomas' silence, Hope said she knew Thomas well enough to know when something was going on with him. Thomas replied that he wasn't plotting or going off the rails. He was just tired. He hadn't been sleeping. The previous night had been rough, and he was a little ragged.

Hope asked what was causing it. Thomas cited that Douglas was spending most of his time with Hope and Liam, and Zende appeared to be the lead designer for HFTF. That left Thomas wondering what lesson he was supposed to be learning. Figuring he'd get through it, he said he'd get a dog or something. Hope replied that it wasn't a bad idea.

Thomas said it was about becoming a better person -- one that Hope could see herself working with and spending time with. He decided to let her get back to work. At the door, he heard the pseudo-Hope voice ask him to wait and not go. He asked Hope what she'd just said. Looking up from her work, Hope replied that she hadn't said anything.

Thomas could have sworn he'd heard Hope tell him not to go. Hope repeated that she hadn't said anything. As Hope studied Thomas, in Thomas' mind, skewed and jumbled flashbacks of the mannequin played. The things the mannequin had said to him reverberated in his head.

In the design office, Zoe arrived as Zende was working. He said he'd just been thinking about her. She wondered if Hope had set up their meeting. He replied that he and Hope had already met and that Hope had tried to reach Zoe, who'd been nowhere to be found. "About last night," Zoe and Zende said in unison. They chuckled, and he told her to go first.

Zende received a phone alert. He opened it and saw that the alert was indicating that the message he'd sent Zoe to meet him the previous night had never gone through. He expressed shock, and she asked what was wrong. He replied that it was just a missed opportunity. He asked her to say what she'd been about to say regarding the previous night.

Zoe said she and Carter had been dating for a while, and Carter moved faster than she did. The woman she'd once been would have thrown caution to the wind, but the woman she'd become was more cautious. It was why she hadn't moved in with him. Zende asked if she'd changed her mind. Zoe said she hadn't, but she had taken a step closer. She'd spent the night with Carter.

At Spencer, Flo and Wyatt were amazed that they were so happy. He wished they could say that about their mothers. Flo didn't believe the marriage scheme was something Shauna would do, but Wyatt said elaborate schemes gave his mother life. He stated that his mother was too smart not to learn that the schemes never ended well for her. According to Wyatt, Shauna had gotten caught up in a "Quinn Fuller Special," and she and Quinn were paying the price.

Flo speculated about what could have happened if the mothers had just let "nature run its course" with Ridge. She figured that Ridge had had genuine feelings for Shauna and might have married her on his own. Wyatt doubted that would happen as long as Brooke pushed for a reconciliation with Ridge. Wyatt figured it was why his mother had chosen to act and worry about the consequences later. He asked if Shauna was sorry about letting Quinn rope her into it.

Flo replied that Shauna was owning the whole thing and had been willing to go along with it because it had gotten her to be Ridge's wife. Flo asked what the status was with Quinn and Eric, and Wyatt responded that he'd been keeping his distance.

"That's why I had to come to you," Quinn responded, entering the office. She acknowledged that Wyatt had been giving her the silent treatment and that she'd disappointed him and Eric. Reluctantly, Wyatt asked if she was okay, and equally reluctant to admit a problem, Quinn bit out that it had "kinda" been a bumpy ride. Wyatt was sorry, but Quinn accepted that it was her fault. Wyatt felt that Quinn had been doing well up to then. He wondered what had happened.

Loudly talking over Wyatt, Quinn said, "I know. I know! I screwed up." She figured he wanted to tell her all about it. Slamming down her purse, she asserted that she could take it. Wyatt said he didn't get what went through his mom's head at times. She'd been doing so well in his eyes and had been impersonating a normal human being for a while. He'd believed that marriage to Eric had made her more gentle and had relieved her need to plot and scheme.

Quinn claimed that it was true, and her marriage had been solid. She hadn't needed anything, and she'd wanted the same happiness for her best friend. Wyatt asked if Shauna was happy, and Quinn admitted that Shauna wasn't. Wyatt said Quinn hadn't concocted the scheme merely to give Shauna the good life. Quinn admitted that she'd wanted Brooke out of Eric's life. Wyatt asked how that was working out for Quinn.

Wyatt wishes Flo hadn't been so generous to Quinn

Wyatt wishes Flo hadn't been so generous to Quinn

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

At Spencer, Wyatt and Flo asked where things stood with Quinn and Eric. Quinn conveyed that the couple wasn't in a good place. She'd moved into a hotel to give Eric space, but she believed that it would just be temporary because her and Eric's marriage would survive. She was just waiting for him to realize that he wanted her back.

Flo expressed concern about her mother. Quinn hadn't spoken to Shauna since she'd left. Flo had text-messaged her mother a few times, but that was it. Quinn figured Shauna just needed time to herself. Wyatt quipped that Shauna needed it after Quinn had ripped her life apart.

Quinn insisted that some people wanted to be alone, but Quinn didn't. She was looking to get out of the hotel as soon as possible. Flo decided that Quinn could stay at the beach house. "Ugh..." Wyatt groaned and gulped

Quinn said she never would have asked, "but if you're offering..." Wyatt's gaze avoided hers. "Are you offering?" she narrowly asked him. Wyatt reasoned that the thing about it was that the house wasn't that big. In fact, her hotel room was probably way bigger; plus, the hotel had room service, a spa, and an infinity pool. Quinn said it was nice, but it wasn't home.

"Well, home is where Eric is," Wyatt readily responded. Flo reasoned that they were family, "so..." Quinn said that was right, and it was what she needed. She needed to feel grounded and supported; therefore, she agreed to take them up on their generous offer.

As Quinn turned to leave and chattered about the things she had to do before relocating, Wyatt mouthed to Flo, asking why she'd done that to him. The two mouthed back and forth but stopped when Quinn turned back to look at them from the doorway, saying that they could have dinner that night and breakfast in the morning. Quinn told Flo not to worry because Quinn would go shopping, and they wouldn't have to eat all the fatty "crap" Wyatt liked.

Flo and Wyatt sounded less than thrilled when they told Quinn that it would be great. Quinn was aware that Wyatt didn't relish living with his mother again, but she insisted that it would be temporary. She hadn't given up on Eric and refused to believe he'd given up on her.

After Quinn had gone, Wyatt told Flo that donating her kidney had been a tiny sacrifice when compared to living with his mother. Flo asked if he'd seen the shape Quinn was in. Flo felt that Quinn needed a stable place to regain herself so she could get Eric back. Wyatt thought the best place might be an insane asylum.

Flo urged Wyatt to be positive. He reasoned that he could be positive about Quinn not being there for long. In fact, he became pumped up while thinking about that. Flo had the faith that Quinn would get Eric to forgive her, and Flo and Wyatt would get their house back.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Carter was glad that he'd found Brooke and Ridge together. Ridge said no one would ever find the two apart again. Carter, who'd been to the courthouse, announced that their divorce papers had been rescinded. "Even though they'd been filed?" Brooke asked. Gesturing to a document, Carter said it wiped out the divorce filing.

Brooke stated that she and Ridge were married, but Ridge replied that they had never not been married. So that there would be no doubt, Carter pronounced them still husband and wife.

Later, Brooke and Ridge were alone when Eric arrived. He'd received their text message. Ridge and Brooke informed Eric of the good news about their divorce. Eric assumed they could get married again, but Ridge explained that they had never been not married.

Eric guessed Brooke and Ridge could move on. Eric was sorry for Quinn's role in things, but Brooke didn't want him to apologize for Quinn. He said Brooke had warned him that Quinn had been out to ruin Brooke's marriage, but he'd never thought Quinn would do what she'd done.

Brooke said it was hard to hear, but Quinn wasn't the woman he'd thought she was. Quinn had deceived him and manipulated the family. Brooke urged him to rip off the Band-Aid and end his marriage to Quinn that day.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were in their bedroom and still talking about Eric and Quinn. Brooke refused to give up on Eric where Quinn was concerned. She was sure Eric would get lonely in his house, and Quinn would beg to be let back in. Ridge doubted that Quinn would beg. Brooke insisted that they couldn't let Eric forget what the devious Quinn had done. In Brooke's view, Eric needed to get Quinn out of his life as soon as possible.

Ridge felt for Eric but didn't want to concentrate on anything but restarting a life with Brooke. Brooke said it would be with no one getting in the way. He thought that was rare, and she cited that many people had gotten between them. First, there had been Stephanie, Taylor, his children, and Brooke's children. Brooke asked who would have thought Shauna and Quinn would be the ones to almost break them up.

Brooke had almost believed that Shauna had won, but as it had turned out, Brooke and Ridge were still married. Ridge offered to throw a party. Brooke was against having more weddings. She just wanted to move on with their predictable marriage. "No surprises?" he asked.

Brooke believed she and Ridge had met their quota, but he wondered what they'd do with all the years ahead of them. Brooke and Ridge teased each other about growing old together. She offered to put an elevator in the house when they couldn't make it up the stairs. "You know how much fun we have in elevators," she said.

Ridge asked if they'd just have dinner and go to bed each night. Brooke didn't mind having a lot of time in bed. Ridge replied that they'd be old and just sleeping. Brooke claimed to get the best sleep of her life when curled up with him. He said she'd made the future sound pretty bright. Brooke just wanted to spend her life with her sexy, but sometimes grumpy and cranky, very loving and devoted husband. "I said it. Husband," she repeated, and they kissed.

In the design office, Zoe told Zende how romantic and thoughtful Carter had been the other night. As Zende checked his phone, which displayed an alert that his message to Zoe hadn't been sent, Zoe said that she was moving closer to a decision about moving in with Carter.

Zende's opinion mattered to Zoe. Zende replied that he'd merely told her to do what felt right. Zoe responded that she'd taken it to heart. Zende, who'd known Carter for a while, could tell that Carter was really into her. Zende wondered what kind of friend he'd be if he hadn't gotten behind that. "And if it makes you are happy, aren't you, Zoe?" he asked.

Zoe couldn't believe how fortunate she was. Zende assumed she wouldn't change a thing and was where she wanted to be. Zoe expressed that she was in a place beyond what she'd imagined as an important contributing member of the HFTF team. To top it off, there was Carter. Zende murmured that there weren't a lot of guys like Carter out there.

Zoe stated that Carter was incredible. Checking his phone alert again, Zende added that Carter hadn't hesitated to say how he felt. She noticed that Zende had checked his phone a few times and asked if he had something to deal with. He replied that he thought it might be too late.

Carter entered and announced that he'd found the woman he just couldn't stop thinking about. He hoped he wasn't interrupting anything. Zende said Zoe had just been telling him about the dinner the other night. She added that he'd been about to tell her something. Zende dismissed the thought and decided to get out of the way because Carter was there. Carter, however, had a meeting to get to. He'd just wanted to know if Zoe could do dinner that evening.

Zoe claimed that she wouldn't know when she'd be done at work because she'd missed a meeting with Hope that morning. Carter got an alert and asked her to think about it while he took care of something.

Carter left, and Zende said he had things to do, too. Zoe hoped she hadn't made things awkward by telling him about her evening with Carter. Zende said she hadn't. He was glad that she'd told him and said it could have been more awkward if she hadn't. He noted that she seemed happy, and she should be happy. She had every reason, in his view, to be excited about taking a big step forward with Carter, who was a very lucky guy.

Back in the CEO's office, Quinn arrived as Eric sketched at the drafting table. Eric didn't want to talk. Quinn knew. She'd left the house to give him time. He asked where she was staying. She conveyed that she'd been at a hotel, but Flo had just invited her to stay with them. Wyatt, who was disillusioned with Quinn, had reluctantly agreed to it.

Quinn was upset that she'd disappointed the two most important men in her life. Eric affirmed that he was disappointed. He was also sad. He was sad that the love they'd shared hadn't changed her view of the world.

In Eric's opinion, Quinn still thought that deception and manipulation were the ways to get what she wanted. He'd defended her, and he'd let her invite her friend into their home. He stated that Brooke was right; Quinn hadn't changed. He said Brooke had encouraged him to end his marriage to Quinn, and Brooke had been right.

Quinn disagreed. She said she'd been a loving and faithful wife to him. She'd made mistakes, but she wasn't the heartless con artist Brooke made her out to be. She asserted that she'd changed because of him. She claimed that if she were the woman she had been, she wouldn't be there at that moment. She wouldn't be sorry or feel bad for hurting anyone or letting down the man she loved. She wasn't afraid to face what she'd done if that was what it took to make things right. Quinn claimed that she'd changed, and it was because of him that she believed in the power of forgiveness. She loved Eric and wouldn't give up on them.

Steffy tells Liam that she and Finn are eloping

Steffy tells Liam that she and Finn are eloping

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Thomas walked nervously around his room. He looked uneasily at the Hope mannequin before telling himself to get a grip because the life-size doll wasn't real. "Don't go," the doll supposedly replied, continuing, "You're the man I've always wanted, Thomas. Not Liam."

At the cliff house, Ridge proudly held a drawing done by his "talented" granddaughter. Ridge mused that he looked forward to working with another generation of Forresters. Steffy urged Ridge to slow down because Kelly had to tackle preschool first. Ridge told Steffy that had she not left the office so early, she'd have been around for some good news: he and Brooke were still married. Steffy said that she was happy for her dad, bur Ridge wasn't so sure that Thomas felt the same way.

Steffy told her dad not to worry about her brother. Steffy explained that Thomas didn't want to disappoint Ridge. She added that she didn't want to, either. Ridge assured Steffy that her addiction had not embarrassed him or disappointed him. "You said there was a problem, something that you had to fix, and you did it," Ridge explained, adding that she had also returned to being the most amazing mother around. Steffy smiled and told Ridge that he should have become a motivational speaker.

The topic then turned to Finn, and Ridge smiled broadly as he asked Steffy why the doctor was still making house calls. Ridge told Steffy that he needed to go because he knew Steffy's boyfriend would probably be arriving soon. Steffy told her dad that he didn't need to run off, and she commented that she and Finn were "not that serious." Ridge didn't believe her but offered some parting words. "It's nice to see someone treating you the way you need to be treated," Ridge said.

As Ridge was leaving, Liam and Hope arrived to see if they could spend some time with Kelly. Liam went into the little one's room. Hope lingered behind to talk to Steffy. Hope told Steffy that she was "looking good" and wondered if it had something to do with Finn. Steffy dodged the question. Liam emerged from Kelly's room and asked if he had lost his touch as a dad. Hope and Steffy looked on curiously as Liam explained that Kelly had fallen asleep while he'd been reading "the elephant book." Steffy laughed and shared that Kelly was probably tuckered out from playing with Ridge.

Liam then awkwardly asked about Finn. He was surprised to learn that Steffy and Hope had already been talking about the doctor. "Finn and I are tying the knot," Steffy explained, adding, "We're gonna go to Cabo tonight and elope." Liam's jaw dropped as Steffy went on to share honeymoon plans. "I'm really happy for them," Hope chimed in. Liam eventually realized that he'd been had, and the three broke into laughter.

Steffy asked if Liam was truly happy for her and Finn. "He's proven that he's a good guy," Liam replied. Echoing something Steffy had said earlier, Liam declared that he wanted them all to be a big, happy family. Hope and Steffy agreed that they also wanted that. Liam then brought up a "six-foot variable" named Thomas. "I'm not accusing him of anything," Liam shared before announcing that he needed to "remain vigilant" because Thomas was "disturbed."

At Forrester, Finn wandered into the office and told Thomas that he wanted to apply for a job as a Forrester designer. An agitated Thomas turned around in disbelief. Finn mused that he doodled on prescription pads and thought he'd take the leap to fashion designer. Seeing that Thomas didn't realize that he was joking, Finn said he was just looking for Steffy. Thomas, still unamused, told Finn that Steffy had left awhile earlier.

Finn sensed the tension and said that he'd be on his way. Thomas closed his eyes and took a deep breath before telling Finn that he had something he needed to say to Finn. Finn assumed that Thomas was going to launch into a tirade, but Thomas said it was quite the opposite. Thomas thanked the doctor for being there when Steffy had needed help. "As a big brother, I really appreciate it," Thomas said, explaining that a "proper thank you" was long overdue. Finn chuckled and asked Thomas if they were having a bonding moment. Thomas asked Finn not to make him regret being nice.

Finn remarked that Steffy and Thomas seemed to have totally different personalities. Thomas said that he and Steffy were both "headstrong." Thomas shared the he regretted having done things in the past that had hurt Steffy. He then said that Steffy deserved to have joy in her life and not be saddled to a man who would "set her up just to let her down over and over again." Finn knew that Thomas was referring to Liam. Thomas angrily stated that he could not forgive Liam for the way he had "ripped apart" Steffy, even if Steffy had.

"Liam is a waffler," Thomas stated. He told Finn that Liam had been bouncing between Steffy and Hope for years. Finn said that he thought Liam and Hope seemed happy. Thomas also explained that he and Hope were co-parenting Douglas. "Liam seems pretty committed to his wife," Finn said. Thomas told Finn that it was only a matter of time before Liam circled back to Steffy. "Don't trust Liam," Thomas warned.

Finn observed that Thomas was threatened by Liam. Thomas said that Finn would feel different if he knew the real Liam. Thomas reminded Finn how Liam had initially reacted when Liam had seen Finn and Steffy together. Finn wondered if Thomas' "Liam bashing" had anything to do with Thomas still having feelings for Hope.

Thomas began to stammer as he heard the Hope mannequin declare her affection for him. As he heard the voice, Thomas unknowingly said that Hope "really wants to be with me and not Liam." Finn asked Thomas if Hope had really said that she wanted to be with Thomas and not Liam. Thomas closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. As he did, Finn asked repeatedly if Thomas was okay.

Finn shares some disturbing news about Thomas with Steffy

Finn shares some disturbing news about Thomas with Steffy

Thursday, October 29, 2020

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Finn asked if Hope had really said that she wanted to be with Thomas, not Liam. Thomas sat at the drafting table as if he hadn't heard Finn. Finn tried to get Thomas' attention. Thomas snapped out of it but seemed disconcerted. Finn asked if everything was okay. Thomas claimed that he just had a lot on his mind.

Finn stated that if something was bothering Thomas, Finn wanted to help -- not that psychology was his field. To Finn, it seemed as if Thomas had spaced out. Thomas said he was good and thanked Finn for his concern. Finn returned the topic to Thomas' assertion about Hope and again asked if Hope had really said what Thomas had claimed.

From what Finn had seen of Hope and Liam, they seemed to be a happily married couple. Thomas stammered and seemed confused, struggling to explain that he and Hope shared custody of Douglas and were raising him together. "Right. I understand all that," Finn replied. He just wanted to know what made Thomas think that Hope was giving Thomas signs that she had feelings for him.

In his mind, Thomas thought of when the mannequin had said she preferred a man like Thomas to "Mr. Flip-Flop" Liam. In Thomas' silence, Finn asked if Thomas was okay. Thomas scratched his head and guessed he was stressed out. He had a lot on his plate and things he had to do for Hope. Finn asked if Thomas was feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

In Thomas' silence, Finn warned Thomas against overworking himself. Thomas promised that he wasn't sick or anything. He claimed that he hadn't eaten and hadn't slept the previous night. He figured that all he needed to do was eat and drink water.

Finn recommended that Thomas take care of himself. Thomas said that he liked talking to Finn; however, Thomas had work to do, and in his estimation, Steffy was probably already home. Finn bade Thomas a farewell but paused at the door to observe Thomas, who drank water and stared off intently.

At Steffy's house, Hope stood at the door and said goodbye to Liam, who was leaving in his car. She went back into the living room and told Steffy that he would have stayed with Kelly all day if it hadn't been for his meeting. Hope and Steffy felt blessed to be able to function as a family and acknowledged that it had been a long, bumpy road to get there.

Steffy and Hope each credited the other for making their blended family work. Hope appreciated that Steffy let Hope visit Kelly without making it difficult. Steffy said that Liam and Hope had taken care of Kelly, and Steffy would always be grateful for that.

Hope observed that Steffy seemed to be doing really well, and Hope wondered if it had anything to do with a certain handsome doctor. Hope said Steffy had done a lot to recover from the accident. Steffy recalled being in a lot of pain back then, and sadly, she'd become addicted to pills. Hope said it could happen to anyone, but Steffy had come very far.

In Hope's view, it hadn't hurt to have a nice, caring doctor at Steffy's disposal. Steffy stated that Finn had been wonderful and a big factor in her recovery; however, he hadn't been her doctor for a while. Hope stated that Finn and Steffy were still spending time together, though. Steffy affirmed it, and Hope grinned knowingly. Hope said it was nice to see Steffy happy, and she suspected that Finn was playing a more significant role in Steffy's life -- like boyfriend.

Steffy noted that Liam was finally on board with her dating Finn. Hope replied that it had taken Liam, who'd been being overly protective, long enough. Steffy got it. "He's Kelly's father, and then, all of a sudden, this other man is in the picture, and we're spending all this time together," Steffy said. Hope believed that it had made Liam uncomfortable at first, but then Liam had seen how happy Steffy had been and how great Finn was with Kelly.

Steffy wanted them to be friends, even if it seemed unrealistic. Hope said she wanted that, too. Hope and Steffy joked that if Hope and Steffy could get along, anyone could.

Steffy and Hope enjoyed their ability to get along as a family, but Steffy noted that Liam still had issues with Thomas. Hope felt that Liam had a right to, after all Thomas had put them through. Steffy said it had seemed like Thomas had been getting better. He'd even been checking on her while she'd been recovering. She guessed it was different because she was his sister, and she wondered how he'd been with Hope and if he'd done anything to make her uncomfortable.

Shrugging, Hope said she didn't see Thomas unless it was at the office and in regards to Douglas, but in her view, Thomas had been professional. Hope thought it was a huge deal that Thomas had allowed Douglas to live with her and Liam without any custody issues. Hope believed that Thomas was on the right path and seemed to be in control of himself. Steffy was glad to know that he was over his obsession with Hope.

Later, Steffy was alone when Finn arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Steffy and a mini bouquet for Kelly. Steffy was sure Kelly would love it and be excited to see him, but for the moment, Steffy wanted him all to herself. He said he'd missed Steffy. She'd missed him, too, and revealed that she'd just been talking about him.

Steffy stated that Hope and Liam had been there earlier, and Finn guessed that Liam had pronounced a change of heart about Finn. Steffy replied that Liam was coming around, and Hope had become their number one fan. "Like your arch-nemesis, Hope?" he asked.

Steffy said that Hope seemed happy for Steffy and happy that Steffy was in a serious relationship. "Serious relationship," Finn echoed with satisfaction in his voice. He liked that almost as much as he'd liked her saying she loved him. Steffy noted that he'd said it back to her, too. Neither one of them regretted saying it.

Finn revealed that she hadn't been the only one talking about them that day. He'd also been talking about them -- with her brother. Steffy groaned, but Finn said it had gone better than expected. He explained that he'd gone by Forrester to surprise her, but he'd encountered Thomas instead.

Steffy guessed Thomas had given Finn a hard time. Finn replied that Thomas had actually been excited and supportive. Steffy felt that Thomas was turning a corner. He was over his obsession with Hope and ready to move on with his life. Finn said Steffy shouldn't hold her breath about that one. Finn suspected that Thomas still thought he had a chance with Hope.

Steffy asked if Thomas had said something to make Finn think that. Finn said there was a chance he could be totally wrong. He asked if Thomas usually opened up to her. She said he had a lot before the whole Hope obsession thing. Finn conveyed that he'd picked up a vibe from Thomas while they'd been talking. Hope had come up, and Thomas had zoned out. He'd seemed off to Finn. Steffy said she'd been hearing that for a long time.

Sitting down, Steffy explained that there had always been an intensity about Thomas. She conveyed that it could be due to their parents splitting up or losing their sister, but Thomas had always had issues. The latest issues had involved Hope. Finn asked if something was wrong with Thomas medically. Steffy wasn't aware of anything and still didn't understand why Finn thought Thomas was still fixated on Hope.

Steffy told Finn that Hope had said that Thomas had been professional and hadn't done anything to make her feel uneasy. Finn thought that was good. Steffy believed that Hope, who was wary of Thomas, would sense awkwardness from a mile away. Steffy figured that if her brother wanted to be with Hope, he wouldn't agree to let Liam and Hope raise Douglas.

Finn believed it was promising but thought Steffy should know something. Finn conveyed that Thomas had said that Hope had been giving him signs that she wanted to be with him, not Liam.

Back at Forrester, Thomas tried to work, but he was plagued with thoughts of the mannequin. He gazed at a framed promo of Hope and recalled how happy the mannequin had been that he'd left it out of the box. He recalled the mannequin saying it had missed him and asking if he'd missed it. He remembered it saying that he needed it as much as it needed him. He kept hearing Hope say that she needed him.

"I need you!" Hope said, shaking fabric at Thomas. Thomas snapped out his thoughts. Hope needed Thomas to help her with some fabric choices. She asked if everything was okay with him. He murmured that she didn't really care. Confused, Hope said, "Of course, I care about you." Thomas gazed intently at her.

Hope asked why Thomas was looking at her like that. She figured he knew she cared about him and reminded him that they were co-parenting Douglas. "Right,," Thomas replied and resumed drawing.

Hope expressed her appreciation that Thomas was still drafting designs for her. Thomas said that Zende was the lead designer, and there was no room for Thomas on the line. As Hope commented on the design he was working on, Thomas thought of the mannequin saying how happy it had been to be there, just the two of them.

Thomas studied Hope as she walked around with the design sketch, saying that one of his techniques had really made it pop and come alive. Hope kept talking, but Thomas didn't hear a word. The scenario with Thomas and the mannequin at Vinny's place went through his head again. He relived the mannequin telling him how it was their time to be together. Again and again, he heard the mannequin declare, "I want you. I want you -- you -- you..."

Shauna's newest move surprises Quinn

Shauna's newest move surprises Quinn

Friday, October 30, 2020

At Eric's house, Eric congratulated Ridge on his and Brooke's reunion. Eric gazed at Quinn's portrait. Ridge asked if Eric wanted Ridge to get Brooke to ease up about Quinn. Eric didn't and said he could understand why Brooke wanted him to get a divorce after the painful things Quinn had done. Ridge said it had been Shauna, too. Eric agreed but thought it was clear who the pawn was in that friendship.

Just then, Quinn arrived. She knew she should have called first, but she hadn't wanted to risk Eric turning her down. She'd really needed to see Eric and to be home. Eric didn't think there was anything left for them to say to each other. Quinn said they could just spend time together. She asked how they were supposed to heal if they were apart.

Ridge didn't know if his father sought healing. Turning to Ridge, Quinn said she'd had a chance to plead her case to Eric. She wanted to do the same with Ridge. Quinn had realized that she'd been misguided, but she'd thought she'd been helping. Ridge asserted that she'd been helping herself, as usual. He asked if she'd thought she'd really been doing him a favor.

Quinn replied that Brooke had been making him miserable. Quinn had thought Ridge and Shauna could bring each other happiness, peace, and fulfillment. "And to hell with Brooke?" Ridge asked. Quinn claimed she hadn't thought that. Because Quinn believed that Brooke always landed on her feet, Quinn hadn't thought it would take Brooke long to move on.

Ridge concluded that Quinn didn't know him at all. Quinn was ashamed that she'd thought she'd known him better than he knew himself. He expressed that he was glad she was ashamed. He ordered her to live with that for a while. He asked why she'd even shown up at the house.

Ridge asked if Quinn wanted his or Brooke's forgiveness. He told Quinn that she wouldn't get it, and Brooke, in fact, wanted Eric to leave Quinn. Quinn asked if Ridge agreed with Brooke. Ridge yelled that it didn't matter if he did or not. It was Eric's decision. Seeing that Quinn still didn't get it, Ridge growled and strode out the front door.

Quinn asked Eric if Brooke had convinced him to leave the marriage. Quinn admitted that she'd made a big mistake. "But you still want me to be your wife -- don't you?" Quinn asked. Eric asked what she expected him to say. She didn't expect him to say anything. She just wanted to know that the marriage was just as important to him as it was to her.

Eric yelled that it was and asked why Quinn thought he was in pain. He asked how many times he'd have the rug yanked out from under him after believing she'd changed. He said believing in her was a little hard those days. Quinn replied that he couldn't give up on them; he had to forgive her and have her home. She asked him not to let Brooke, of all people, tell him what to do.

"'Brooke, of all people?'" Eric repeated and asked if Quinn's victim had a say in matters. Quinn insisted that she was ashamed of what she'd done and deserved Brooke's wrath; however, Quinn questioned whether Brooke had a say in Quinn and Eric's marriage. Quinn believed that Brooke was butting in because she hated Quinn so much, and Quinn said the feeling was mutual. Quinn had wanted Ridge and Shauna to be together because Shauna was the opposite of Brooke. Shauna was kind and put the needs of the person she was with first.

Quinn claimed that Shauna was the sweetest person and would never have done any of it on her own. Eric didn't disagree. He could see that Shauna had gotten caught up in Quinn's lies. Eric decided to change the subject to where he and Quinn would go from there.

Before Eric could speak further, Quinn pleaded her case again, insisting that she needed to be home. She believed that he felt the same way, or he would have removed her portrait. She asked what it said that it was still hanging.

Behind Quinn, Shauna descended the stairs. "Hey, Quinn," she said. Surprised, Quinn turned and asked what was going on. "Eric, what is she doing here?" Quinn asked in Shauna and Eric's silence.

At the cliff house, Steffy thought that Finn had been mistaken about Thomas, but Finn was certain that Thomas had made it pretty clear that Hope was signaling that she wanted to be with him instead of Liam. Finn added that when he'd pressed Thomas about it, Thomas had shifted to talking about his and Hope's shared custody of his son and had seemed disoriented to Finn.

Steffy found it hard to believe that Hope, who was committed to Liam, would send signals to Thomas. Confounded about it, Steffy said she'd thought Thomas had been getting better. She asked if Finn was really saying that, after all that time, Thomas was still fixated on Hope.

At Forrester, Hope asked the zoned-out Thomas if he was okay. Thomas shook off his muse about the mannequin and said not to mind him because his mind was elsewhere. Hope asked if he'd tell her where it was. Thomas stammered. Unable to answer her question, he shifted to asking what Hope had been saying before.

Hope told Thomas that she'd been commenting on his design. She decided she wanted to talk about the lack of sleep he'd said he'd been getting. Thomas assumed that could be why he was out of it. Still acting disoriented, he revealed that he'd been having nightmares. Hope asked if he wanted to talk about it. She said she always urged Douglas to talk out his bad dreams, and it always seemed to help him.

Thomas said he'd remember that with Douglas, but Thomas didn't want to bore Hope with talk of his dreams. Thomas thanked Hope for being a good parent, especially when he hadn't been able to be. Hope replied that he could "be one now," and she was glad that they could co-parent. She hadn't been sure it had been possible to do it, but she could see that Thomas was working hard to show people that he regretted what he'd done and was moving on from Hope.

Later, Hope was quietly working at the desk, and Thomas worked by the conference table. He thought of the mannequin telling him that it had always wanted him. He received a text message from Steffy, who wanted to see him as soon as possible. Thomas decided that he had to go. Hope asked him to set up a time with her to talk more about the designs.

Thomas heard the pseudo-Hope voice in his head, telling him to stay and not to go. He told Hope that he was going to see his sister and then to his place, where he was working on a project. Hope figured something had to be inspiring him because he'd been very productive. He chalked it up to the coffee he'd been drinking in the absence of sleep.

Hope was about to say she was glad about something. Thomas figured that she'd say she was glad that whatever was inspiring him wasn't her. He promised her that she didn't have to worry about that anymore.

Later, Hope was in the office with Zende. He was saying that he'd taken most of her suggestions, but he hadn't been able to bring himself to alter the sleeves. Putting the design aside, Hope was grateful about it because he'd been totally right. She deemed the design good to go. Glancing at another sketch on the desk, he asked if it was Thomas'.

Hope affirmed it, and Zende said he had to admit that Thomas was a talented artist. Hope added that he was a tortured one, as well. Zende agreed. Hope said Thomas was talented with a lot to offer the world, but there was always something going on behind his eyes. It was hard to know what Thomas, who might always be troubled, was feeling.

Hope emphasized to Zende that Thomas was in a much better place than before. Zende was sure Hope wouldn't be in the same building with Thomas or let Douglas be around him if that weren't the case, but Zende reasoned that "healthier" was a long way from "healthy." Hope was sure Zende had heard the stories about the pain Thomas had caused by thinking he'd been in love with her. She didn't know what she'd do if Thomas still had his sick obsession.

Back at the cliff house, Thomas asked Steffy and Finn what was going on. Finn said he wasn't one to keep secrets, so he'd told Steffy. Thomas asked what Finn had told her. Finn elaborated that it was about their earlier conversation. During it, Thomas hadn't been making sense, and Finn had thought Steffy would want to know.

Steffy asked if Thomas had really said Hope was giving him signals. Steffy implored Thomas to say that Finn had misunderstood and that Thomas hadn't said Hope would rather be with him. Thomas wasn't sure why Finn would think that. "'Cause you said it," Finn replied.

Finn stated that Thomas had said that, deep down, it was Thomas that Hope wanted, not Liam. Thomas claimed that he'd been referring to the past. He said that he and Finn had been talking about how Liam had waffled between the women. Hope hadn't liked it and would rather have been with Thomas. "But that was in the past," Thomas said.

Thomas guessed he could understand Finn's confusion because Thomas had been all over the place. He hadn't eaten anything or slept well. He hadn't been thinking straight, and the subject of Liam always riled him up. Steffy asked if Thomas still felt that way about Hope. Thomas said he didn't. He had accepted that Hope was happily married to Liam and raising a family with him.

Steffy accepted Thomas' answer. Finn hoped Thomas wasn't upset that Finn had told Steffy about it or that he'd gone behind Thomas' back. Thomas claimed to understand that Finn was just looking out for him. Steffy asked Thomas to promise he was being honest about it.

Thomas affirmed his honesty. He said he'd always care about Hope. Hope was a big part of his life, but she wasn't the only part of his life. That was what had changed. He wasn't always thinking of her or wishing they were together at his home. He said when he got home, things were different -- very different.

Later, Finn and Steffy were alone, and he assumed he'd gotten her worked up over nothing. Steffy seemed skeptical, and Finn asked if she disbelieved Thomas. Steffy said she always believed her brother. "Then he does something to..." she started to say. Steffy concluded that she was just worried about Thomas.

Ridge arrived as Steffy had been speaking and asked about whom Steffy was worried. Steffy revealed that she was talking about Thomas, and for a minute there, she'd thought he'd been still after Hope.

Later, Finn and Steffy had explained to Ridge what had happened with Thomas. Ridge asked if Thomas had explained himself. Steffy and Finn felt that Thomas had and that he'd even felt grateful that they were looking out for him. Ridge was glad to hear that. He'd hate to think that Thomas had been lying to them and hadn't gotten over Hope at all.

At Vinny's old place, Thomas arrived. He stared at the Hope mannequin, which was still posed on the sofa. Thomas told the doll that she wasn't Hope and needed to stop. Rethinking it, he decided that he was the one who needed to stop. He never should have had the thing there in the first place. He told it that it was going back. "No arguments, okay? None!" he said.

Piece by piece, Thomas dismantled the doll and placed it back in the box. He set the head in the box, facing the opening, and turned away from the box. The eyes of the mannequin came to life. Its eyes turned red, and the mannequin started laughing maniacally.

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