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Quinn ordered Shauna out of her house, but Eric decided that Shauna was there to stay. Zoe's little sister developed a crush on Zende, but Zoe warned Paris not to get ahead of herself. Liam confronted Thomas about the Hope mannequin, and it gave Thomas a deadly command.
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Zoe's sister, Paris, arrived unannounced, and Thomas received a deadly command
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Zoe's sister, Paris, arrives unannounced at Forrester Creations

Zoe's sister, Paris, arrives unannounced at Forrester Creations

Monday, November 2, 2020

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke told Ridge how lonely the room had been without him. In her view, it had been tragic. She was happy that Ridge was back, but she kept seeing Eric's sad face in her head. Ridge stated that Eric had really thought Quinn had changed. Brooke hoped that Eric had had the wake-up call he'd needed to help him see the person Quinn really was.

Bridget called between her hospital rounds to congratulate Brooke on reuniting with Ridge. Bridget hoped that her father's eyes were open to Quinn and Shauna. After the call ended, Ridge said that the call had been nice of Bridget. Brooke said her daughter was worried about Eric, and Brooke decided that if he wouldn't give Quinn the boot, Brooke would.

Ridge revealed that Quinn had shown up at Eric's house earlier. Brooke doubted Quinn would let everything she had go without a fight. "Well, if that's what she wants, I'll give it to her," Brooke asserted. Brooke expressed concern that Eric loved Quinn and would forgive her.

Ridge didn't know what his father would do. To him, Eric had seemed reticent. Eric had never believed, no matter who disliked whom, that Quinn would ever harm the family. Brooke said that Quinn had proven again and again that she was a horrible person, and her bestie was no better.

Ridge decided that he didn't want to be in anyone else's business anymore. He said Shauna, Quinn, and Eric were adults and could figure it out. Ridge wanted to focus on himself and Brooke. Brooke was on board with that.

Ridge stated that their bedroom was full of memories and special moments, and he saw mostly the good ones in Brooke's eyes. Brooke said she and Ridge would never lose each other. He was her destiny, and there was no getting around it. There was no obstacle too big, and they'd always find common ground, no matter how long it took.

Ridge said that the next time there was an obstacle, instead of trying to go through it, over it, or under it, they'd go around it and have smooth sailing. From that day forward, he wanted them to live life on their terms and to forget everyone else. Brooke said it was a deal. She reached her arms out and gave a naughty look when Ridge began to walk toward her.

At the mansion, Quinn asked why Shauna was there. Eric replied that he'd asked Shauna to stay. Quinn questioned why he'd do that -- and why Shauna would agree. Quinn was disillusioned that Eric had invited another woman to live in their home without consulting her.

Eric said it was his home, and he'd invite whomever he'd like. Shauna, who was living in the guesthouse, claimed that she'd gone upstairs to retrieve a brush she'd left the last time she'd been living in the main house. Quinn said she'd invited Shauna to stay as Quinn's friend, and Shauna would still be prospectless, sweating under the desert sun, if it hadn't been for Quinn.

Eric told Quinn to stop talking to Shauna like that. "Excuse me? Is this The Twilight Zone? What the hell is going on here?" Quinn demanded to know. Eric warned Quinn not to bully Shauna. In his view, Quinn had cost Shauna enough. Confused, Quinn repeated him. Eric claimed that Quinn had used Shauna and her feelings for Ridge.

Quinn didn't want to hear the "poor Shauna" routine and asserted that Shauna had been all-in on the plan. Not wanting to argue, Quinn preferred to find a resolution and return home to Eric. Eric didn't see that happening anytime soon. He was angry and disappointed that Quinn had moved people around like pawns on a chessboard with no regard to their feelings or how it would affect anyone's life -- including Quinn's.

Quinn insisted that she'd thought she'd been doing something good. She'd seen that two sad people, Shauna and Ridge, had lit up when together. Eric replied that it hadn't been Quinn's decision to make. He ordered her to go. "Seriously?" Quinn replied.

Shauna requested permission for Quinn to stay and talk to Shauna. Eric asked if Shauna was sure, and Shauna assured him that she'd be fine. Eric went through the door to the den, and Quinn asked if Shauna was seriously making a play for Quinn's husband.

Shauna didn't know how Quinn could say that and claimed to be unable to flip a switch to turn off her love for Ridge. Shauna understood that her presence was a shock. Quinn said it was inappropriate for Shauna to live there alone with Quinn's husband. Quinn asked how it even had happened that Eric had forgiven Shauna but not his wife. "We're both guilty," Quinn said.

Shauna said she'd been trying to tell Eric that. Quinn thought Shauna was making lousy progress, because Quinn was out while Shauna was in. "Unless that's your intent," Quinn reasoned. Shauna denied it. "But to be honest, Eric's not that receptive to you right now, Quinn," Shauna added. Quinn found that laughable, saying, "But he is to you."

Quinn stated that she was Eric's wife. "Who really disappointed him," Shauna concluded. Wryly, Quinn replied that in the meantime, her willing accomplice was getting off scot-free.

Quinn said it had been her idea, but Shauna had done all the heavy lifting. Quinn recounted that Shauna had texted Carter, gotten Ridge drunk, and taken him to her friend's wedding chapel. Shauna had been the one who'd married Ridge. "And then, when all hell breaks loose, it's all evil Quinn's fault?" Quinn asked. She insisted, "No. Eric is my husband. He belongs with me, not you!"

Shauna couldn't believe she had to defend herself to Quinn, of all people. Shauna respected Quinn's marriage and was still in love with Ridge, but she asked Quinn how she could refuse Eric's offer for her to live there. "Easy!" Quinn replied. Quinn told Shauna that she should have thanked Eric but told him that it would be inappropriate for her to live there when Quinn wasn't.

Shauna asked if Quinn saw that it wouldn't change her standing or that Eric wasn't ready to live with her yet. That was what Quinn didn't get. She didn't get why she was getting all the blame when she and Shauna were equally responsible. Shauna said it was because Eric had heard the words from Quinn's mouth. Quinn yelled that Shauna had texted Carter and married Ridge.

Shauna said she wasn't denying it. Quinn ordered Shauna to use her new influence on Quinn's husband to get him to forgive Quinn. Shauna asked what Quinn thought Shauna had been doing. Quinn ordered Shauna to try harder. Quinn felt that she was in the mess because of Shauna and a desire to help Shauna have a life with the man she loved.

"I was trying to help both of you! Ha! And this is the thanks I get?" Quinn asked. She yelled that it was her husband, her home, and her portrait on the wall. She declared that it was her life. "Mine! Do you hear me? You cannot be in this house. You need to pack up your things, and you need to move out today!" Quinn decided.

In the Forrester lobby, a young woman with pink curly hair arrived to see Zoe. When Donna figured out that the woman didn't have an appointment, she tried to schedule one. Zoe emerged from the CEO's office, expressed surprise, and called the woman Paris. She hadn't known Paris would be there, and Paris smiled, saying she'd wanted to surprise her big sister. Donna introduced herself to Paris Buckingham, and Zoe and Paris went into the CEO's office.

Eva exited the design office, and Donna noted that Eva had been quick. Eva, who was on her way out, suggested that Forrester install the Hope mannequin. It had been a big hit with the customers in Paris. Donna and Eva agreed to have drinks the next time Eva was around. As Eva left, Donna grimaced, catching a mistake she'd made.

In the CEO's office, Paris was impressed to see Zoe's office, but Zoe replied that she wasn't that important at Forrester to have an office like that. Though she sometimes worked out of the office, she was mainly in the design office when she wasn't modeling. Paris cooed that her sister was such a "bossy lady."

Zoe wondered how the college graduate was doing. Zoe didn't believe Paris was there just to see Zoe. Paris, who did social work, was there to help a friend of hers who was dealing with homelessness in Los Angeles. Zoe expressed pride in Paris.

Paris asked to talk about their father. It was still insane to her that he'd kidnapped a baby. Zoe was glad that Paris had brought it up and felt Paris deserved an explanation of Zoe's part in it. Paris didn't think Zoe needed to explain herself, but Zoe felt Paris should know how Zoe could cover up a kidnapping.

Paris said she already knew. She knew how their father operated and got people to do whatever he wanted. She asked what button Reese had pushed. Zoe replied that he'd asked if she'd really send her own father to prison. Zoe stated that what they'd done had been unspeakable. Noting that Zoe was there, Paris guessed Liam, Hope, and Steffy were amazing people.

Zoe was amazed that everyone had given her a second chance. Paris advised Zoe to put the past behind her and remember that she hadn't been malicious. She said their father had stolen the baby, not Zoe. Zoe had kept the secret to protect him. Zoe asked if Paris thought less of her. Paris didn't and asked if Zoe had heard from Xander.

Zoe hadn't heard from Xander since he'd returned to London. Paris said it wasn't like Zoe to be single for long. Zoe claimed to have other priorities. Paris asked if Zoe had a man in her life. She was sure some man other than Xander or Thomas had caught Zoe's eye. Zoe claimed to be focused on HFTF, but Paris teased Zoe about the possibility of her having a new man.

Just then, Carter strode in, letting Zoe know that the steam room was empty. Zoe interrupted him and introduced him to her sister. Carter, who'd heard a lot about Paris, introduced himself. He said he saw the resemblance in the sisters, but Paris quipped that she paled in comparison -- especially in the secret-keeping department. She asked when Zoe would have told her about that gorgeous man.

Shauna gets caught between Eric and Quinn

Shauna gets caught between Eric and Quinn

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

At the mansion, Shauna said that Quinn was taking things the wrong way. Quinn replied that her best friend was living in Quinn's house with Quinn's husband. Shauna clarified that she was in the guesthouse, but that didn't matter to Quinn, who felt that Shauna should have turned it down. Shauna asked if she should have left Eric alone to stew in his own grief.

Quinn, who didn't believe Shauna locked herself in the guesthouse all the time, reasoned that Quinn's husband might have missed Quinn if he hadn't been having cocktails with Shauna by the fire each night. Shauna asked if Quinn knew what Shauna and Eric talked about. "You," Shauna said. That wasn't reassuring to Quinn because Eric had ordered her out of the house -- where Shauna should be going.

Shauna said that Quinn shouldn't be upset with her. Quinn replied that if Shauna was Quinn's friend, Shauna would leave. Quinn was irate that she'd been crashing in her son's guest bedroom while Shauna had been playing lady of the manor with Quinn's husband. Shauna claimed that if Quinn had returned, Shauna would have left to let her and Eric work things out. "But you didn't," Shauna said.

Quinn affirmed that she was there at that moment. Shauna replied that if Quinn wanted to return home, she needed to listen to Shauna. Quinn asserted that she was going to be home. She ordered Shauna to pull out her pompoms, do her best cheering for Quinn with Eric, and then leave so that Quinn and Eric could work on their marriage.

Shauna realized that Quinn was disconcerted about things. Quinn said she didn't understand why neither Shauna nor Eric had said anything about Shauna being there. Shauna claimed not to be able to speak for Eric, but she hadn't thought Quinn would want to hear from her. Quinn said she would rather hear from anyone than be blindsided as she had been.

Shauna said she'd wanted to turn Eric down. "You should have," Quinn interjected. Shauna knew it, but then she'd thought of all Quinn had done for Shauna and Ridge. Shauna said it hadn't been malicious. Quinn asked if Shauna had told Eric that. Shauna couldn't believe that Quinn had to question whether Shauna would go to bat for her and affirmed that she had.

Quinn surmised that it wasn't working. Shauna replied that Eric was hurt. Quinn pointed out that he'd forgiven Shauna, and Shauna insisted that he'd eventually forgive Quinn, too. Quinn wanted to know how Eric had responded to Shauna's pleas on Quinn's behalf. Quinn figured she knew Eric better than Shauna did and would be able to tell how close he was to forgiving her.

Shauna promised to tell Quinn everything but thought the best thing at the moment was for Quinn to leave. Quinn couldn't believe Shauna was asking her to leave her own home. Shauna said that it was because seeing Quinn reminded Eric of his disappointment. Shauna promised that she'd talk to Eric and then leave. She encouraged Quinn to stay positive about her marriage. Quinn warned Shauna not to keep Quinn in the dark, and Quinn left.

Eric emerged from the den, wondering if Quinn had gone. Shauna affirmed it and guessed that seeing Quinn had upset him. She said it was because he still loved Quinn. She believed that because he'd forgiven Shauna, he could also forgive Quinn. Eric stated that Shauna had made a mistake, but Quinn had broken a promise to him.

Shauna said Quinn had wanted Shauna to have a better life. Quinn had just wanted Shauna to have a marriage and family like Quinn had. Eric added that Quinn had also wanted Brooke's marriage to be in ruins. Eric stated that he'd believed that Quinn had changed, but the things she'd convinced Shauna to do had shaken his faith.

Shauna claimed that Quinn had been shaken, too, and she'd moved out so she wouldn't hurt Eric more than she had. Quinn wanted to make it up to him, and Shauna asked him not to give up on her. He guessed Quinn had asked Shauna to say that.

Shauna affirmed it but said it wasn't anything she hadn't already told Eric, and it was one of the reasons she'd agreed to stay there. Shauna wanted to convince him to open his heart up to Quinn, and to do that, she had to make room for the couple to reconcile. Eric asked what that meant. Shauna was grateful that Eric had let her stay, but it was time for her to go.

Later, Shauna wheeled a small carry-on into the foyer. Eric said he wasn't asking her to leave. Shauna thought he'd been a prince to let her stay after the trouble she'd caused his family. She was blown away by his kindness and understanding. Shauna said that Quinn loved him, and Shauna loved Quinn. Shauna urged him to make things right with Quinn, whose portrait hung in the house as a way to honor her and her role in his life.

Eric recalled defying his family to marry Quinn. Quinn had offered to wait, but he hadn't wanted anything to get between them, not even his children. He said he'd been so in love and had given Quinn all that was within him. Quinn had promised to never return to her scheming and harmful ways, but she'd done it when she'd set out to destroy his son's marriage.

Shauna said she'd been just as responsible. Eric replied that she regretted it. Shauna stated that Quinn did, too. He insisted that Shauna wouldn't have even done it if Quinn hadn't talked her into it. He didn't think Shauna was that kind of a woman. He saw Shauna as kind and thoughtful. He'd thought Quinn had been that kind of a woman, but he'd been wrong.

Shauna insisted that Eric hadn't been wrong, and she asked him to say that he wasn't considering a life without Quinn. Eric replied that he'd defended Quinn for too long, believing that she'd change. He didn't think it should be that hard.

Eric noted that in all the time that Shauna had been there, she'd never said a negative word about Quinn. Shauna had been remorseful and hadn't made excuses for herself. "Only for Quinn," he said. He thought that Shauna had every right to be angry and vengeful that Quinn had turned her life upside down, but Shauna wasn't. "And I find that lovely," he stated. It was the kind of energy Eric wanted to have around there.

Grabbing Shauna's bag, Eric decided that he'd take it back to the guesthouse because Shauna wasn't leaving. Eric left out the front door. Shauna gazed at Quinn's portrait and grinned in satisfaction.

At Spencer, Flo stopped by to see Wyatt. He naughtily offered to lock the door if Flo had a little time. The office felt more private to him since Quinn was living at the beach house. Flo guessed he wouldn't let her live her offer to Quinn down, and he vowed that he wouldn't.

Flo wondered if Wyatt had heard from her mother. Wyatt hadn't. Flo expressed concern because Shauna was being secretive, not telling Flo where she was. Wyatt didn't blame Shauna for wanting to lay low after what Quinn had put her through. He believed Shauna would desire interaction again, but until she did, she'd probably stay far away from there.

Quinn stormed in, wondering if "she" had told Flo not to say anything. Flo didn't know what Quinn was talking about. Wyatt offered to talk about whatever Quinn was talking about at home, since she lived with them. Quinn raged that she should be at her own home with her husband, but someone else was living there. "Your mother. Shauna!" Quinn told Flo.

Flo was surprised to hear it. Quinn said Eric had invited Shauna to live in the guesthouse. Wyatt thought it was a good thing that Eric had forgiven Shauna. Quinn said he'd forgive her, too, as soon as Shauna moved out so that Quinn and Eric could work on their relationship.

Flo didn't get it. Quinn explained that there was only room for one villain in the tale, and, as usual, it was Quinn. Flo asked if Quinn was saying that Shauna was staying with Eric because they were teaming up against Quinn. Quinn asserted that she'd told Shauna that she wasn't staying there, and she should be packing up at that very moment.

At Forrester, Carter said he hadn't known Paris would be in town, and Paris teasingly noted that Zoe hadn't told her just how well she'd been doing. He informed Paris that he'd been seeing her sister for a while, and Zoe added that they'd been taking it slow. Carter revealed that he'd been interested in Zoe for longer than he cared to admit, and Paris concluded that the humble Zoe probably hadn't wanted to brag about or jinx the new relationship.

Carter invited Paris to join him and Zoe for dinner later that night. Paris wasn't sure of how her plans with her friend would go yet. Carter hoped he'd see her later, and he left for a meeting. The moment he was gone, Paris ordered her sister to start talking.

Zoe said she wasn't hiding things. She and Carter were just being discreet because of his new job as COO. Paris was happy for her sister, who seemed to have hit the jackpot in work and love. Zoe's eyes darkened, and Paris questioned whether it felt that way to Zoe. Zoe said that it did and asked how it couldn't feel that way.

Just then, Zende tried to enter the office. Paris was standing by the door, and he bumped her with it. He apologized, and Zoe introduced them to each other and let Paris know that he was a designer. Zende wondered how he and Zoe could spend every day together, but he hadn't known she'd had a sister. He guessed he and Zoe weren't as close as he'd thought.

Paris quipped that there wasn't much to say about her. Zoe said that wasn't true. She was proud of Paris' accomplishments and what Paris would do in the future. Zoe received a message about a meeting she needed to take, and Zende offered to keep Paris company and hear all the embarrassing stories she had to tell about Zoe.

After Zoe had gone, Zende asked if Paris was a model. Paris thought it was "some kind of line," but he replied that half the people in the building modeled. Paris divulged that she'd just graduated and had focused on social work. She wanted to help people. She guessed it didn't sound glamorous, but Zende called it noble.

Paris didn't see it as noble. She just liked to help fix problems, and she'd garnered the tools to do it. Zende repeated that it was noble. She asked about him. She wasn't up on fashion and wondered if he designed anything she'd know. He explained that he was new to the HFTF team.

Paris figured Zende was a new designer. Zende explained that he wasn't new to fashion. It was a part of being a Forrester. Paris was impressed to learn that he was a Forrester, like the name on the building. He explained that the company was on his mother's side, but his father was a designer, too. Paris said his name. He stated that she hadn't heard of him yet, but she would.

Paris makes a confession, unaware that Zende is behind her

Paris makes a confession, unaware that Zende is behind her

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

At Forrester, Thomas showed off his "latest and greatest" designs to Hope. Hope was silent, but Thomas sensed that she loved them. Hope didn't confirm his suspicions, instead saying that Thomas was fishing for compliments. After a moment of silence, Hope called Thomas' designs "exceptionally good." Thomas beamed proudly.

Hope walked back some of her praise, noting that Thomas had inherited world-class design skills through his DNA. If that was true, Thomas questioned why Zende was the lead designer of Hope's line. He turned, perhaps to force Hope to say something to stop him from leaving, but before he made it to the office door, Hope received a phone call from Liam.

Hope put the call on speakerphone and learned that Liam was headed over to Steffy's house to see Kelly. After the call ended, Thomas watched intently as Hope sighed deeply. Thomas asked Hope if she was really okay. Hope didn't get a chance to answer because Charlie knocked on the door and announced "Excuse 'em moy," which he shared was French. Thomas tried to tell Charlie that it wasn't a good time, but Charlie insisted that he had a matter that needed attention "ASAP -- or sooner."

Hope asked what was wrong. Charlie told her that some Hope for the Future property had gone missing. He turned to Thomas and reminded him of the box he'd delivered from the boutique. Hope inferred that the box had to have contained a mannequin that had been ordered. As Charlie and Hope discussed it, Thomas reflected on how he'd taken the Hope mannequin home. Charlie asked Thomas to let him know if the box turned up somewhere, and he headed back out on his search.

Hope noticed that Thomas seemed to be elsewhere mentally, and she asked him what was going on. Thomas claimed he had just been thinking about where the box might have gone. He then steered the conversation back to what he and Hope had been talking about before Charlie had shown up.

Thomas told Hope that he sensed that she was not happy with the amount of time Liam was spending with Steffy via his spending time with Kelly. Hope told Thomas that she did not think it wise for the two of them to be discussing Liam and Steffy. Thomas pressed on, insinuating that Liam spending so much time at Steffy's was gnawing at Hope. He mentioned how he'd grown up watching Ridge bounce between Taylor and Brooke. "If Liam would just do what he said he would, we wouldn't have all the problems that we have," Thomas stated.

Thomas called Hope amazing and said that he looked up to and respected Hope. Thomas told Hope that he wished she could see inside his head so that she could understand how incredible she was. He added that he'd always thought of her that way and always would. Hope stood silent, her eyes looking from side to side while trying to avert them from connecting with Thomas'.

Paris knocked on the door to Zende's office. He mused that she was making a habit of the unannounced drop-in visit. Paris explained that she'd had a meeting downtown, and Zoe had told her she could stop by. She then told Zende that she was "intrigued" that he was a Forrester. Zende explained that he had been adopted by Eric and Stephanie's daughter, something he called "a pretty amazing story."

Paris asked for the whole story, but Zende said that would ruin the "mysterious persona" that he had crafted. Paris said that she would ask Zoe and get all the details. Zende countered that Zoe had been sworn to secrecy. The mention of the word "secrecy" reminded Zende that he hadn't even known that Zoe had a sister. He asked Paris to tell him all the juicy details of her life.

Zende said that he already knew that Paris had recently graduated from college with a degree in social work, stating that she was going to "save the world." Not the whole world, Paris replied, "Just a small corner of it." Zende told Paris that he admired her for wanting to help others. Paris' face scrunched up slightly as she noted that her career path was not nearly as glamorous as Zoe's modeling career, and she ceded that she'd never travel in the same circles as the Forresters.

Zende smoothly replied that he believed Paris could give Zoe a run for her money. The two traded compliments. Zende dared Paris to show him the craziest photo on her phone. Paris rummaged through her bag but was unable to find her phone. As she continued to search, Zende was called away to the cutting room.

Moments later, Donna entered the office to drop off a file folder. Donna noted that Paris "pretty much fanning [herself] off" after Zende left the room. Paris owned her interest in Zende, calling him "just about the most handsome guy" she had ever laid her eyes on. Donna agreed that Zende was attractive. Paris gazed off into the distance and remarked that when Zende looked at her, she melted. "All that charm and hotness wrapped up into one," she cooed, unaware that Zende had stepped back into the office. Donna chuckled, snapping Paris back to the present. "No. Pl-Please don't tell me he is... is he?" Paris turned around and saw Zende smiling back at her.

At the cliff house, Steffy told Liam that he didn't need to apologize for wanting to see Kelly. The two marveled at how quickly their daughter was growing up Within moments of their talking, Kelly had gone from preschool to attending Stanford -- or the Paris Fashion Institute. Kelly was still asleep, and Liam didn't want to wake her up, so he said that he'd take a few moments to catch up with Steffy.

Liam eventually went in to see Kelly. When he returned to the living room, he found Finn and Steffy engaged in a passionate exchange. Liam apologized for his bad timing and assured Finn that he had only dropped by to see Kelly. When Finn noted that Liam was also probably visiting Steffy, Liam noted that Steffy and Kelly were kind of a package deal. But, he said reassuringly, he could kick Steffy out the next time he dropped by. Finn wasn't amused and asked Liam how much time he spent at Steffy's house. "Bare minimum. Just enough to annoy you," Liam quipped.

Steffy noted that Finn sounded a lot like Thomas because Thomas also wasn't thrilled with the idea of Liam visiting Steffy. Liam admitted that he wasn't a fan of Thomas and said that their mutual animosity probably wouldn't be easing anytime soon. Steffy conceded that Thomas had made some mistakes, but she insisted that Thomas seemed to want to get his life back on track. When Steffy said that she hoped Thomas' "obsession" with Hope was finally over, Finn questioned Steffy's use of the word "obsession." Liam realized that Finn probably didn't know all that Thomas had put them through over the past year. Finn told the pair that he had picked up on "an odd vibe from Thomas" recently. Liam questioned what that meant.

Finn recounted his discussion with Thomas and how Thomas had had a "confusing moment" in which he'd claimed that Hope had been giving him "mixed vibes." Steffy asked Liam not to overreact, but Liam wanted to know every syllable of Finn and Thomas' conversation.

Liam sees more than he bargained for while confronting Thomas

Liam sees more than he bargained for while confronting Thomas

Thursday, November 5, 2020

In the design office, Charlie questioned Zoe about the HFTF mannequin. Paris arrived, and Zoe said she had Paris' phone. After Zoe introduced Paris and Charlie, he asked if Paris was good at solving mysteries. Paris became intrigued, and Charlie told her about the missing mannequin. He asked them to keep an eye out and contact him if they found anything.

After Charlie had gone, Paris said she'd met a lot of interesting people that day, and she'd already embarrassed herself with Zende. Paris conveyed that Zende had overheard her gushing about him to Donna. Paris had been embarrassed that he'd caught her crushing on him; however, he'd handled it like a gentleman and had even complimented her in return.

Paris was sure Zende had been just being polite. "But we'd have cute babies together," Paris kidded. She wasn't ready for kids, but she'd go on a date if he asked. Zoe warned Paris not to get ahead of herself. Paris asked if Zoe wouldn't go out with a guy if she were single.

In Zoe's silence, Paris talked about how generous, kind, and humble Zende was. He'd also seemed interested in her career in social work. Ecstatic, Paris asked if she'd mentioned that he'd mistaken her for a model. Zoe could tell that Paris appreciated Zende, but she warned Paris not to get too caught up. She didn't want Paris to get hurt.

Paris sensed that her sister was warning her about Zende. Paris let Zoe know it wasn't that serious. Paris said she'd just met the guy, and she wasn't dreaming of picking out a wedding bouquet. Paris playfully suggested that Zoe let Paris have some fun.

Zoe stated that talking to a new guy could be exciting. "A new single guy," Paris added. Zoe claimed that was the thing -- Zende had been married. "Might still be married," Zoe added.

Paris was surprised that Zoe didn't know whether Zende was married. Zoe replied that Zende had been vague about his relationship with Nicole, and Zoe wanted Paris to be careful. Paris said she'd been talking a big game about Zende, but she was kind of just playing around. Paris asked why Zoe was so serious about it when Paris might not see Zende again. Zoe claimed to be just looking about for her sister.

At Steffy's house, Finn was hesitant to draw conclusions about Thomas. After all, Thomas was Steffy's brother. Liam, however, urged Finn to say if there was something weird going on with Thomas. Steffy said it was easy to read into things, and Liam shouldn't jump to conclusions. Liam insisted upon knowing what Thomas had said in regard to getting signals from Hope.

Steffy said it wasn't what Liam thought, and Thomas had been referring to the past when he'd said that Hope had been better off with him. Liam asked if Finn bought that. Shaking his head, Finn replied that Thomas had said Finn had misunderstood him. Steffy added that Thomas had conveyed his acceptance of Hope and Liam, and Thomas no longer felt that way about Hope.

Finn added that Thomas had claimed he'd been out of it because he hadn't slept much. That sounded like a cover story to Liam, who still didn't trust Thomas. In Steffy's view, Thomas had been on his best behavior and said Liam couldn't tell her that he hadn't noticed a change in Thomas. She believed the therapy was also helping her brother.

Liam quipped that a long-distance call to Thomas' mother once a week wasn't therapy. Steffy believed she'd seen her brother again in Thomas. She knew that it was hard to forget the past, but she asked that Liam at least give Thomas the benefit of the doubt.

Steffy went to check on Kelly. Liam inquired about what else Thomas had said to Finn. Finn conveyed that Thomas had warned about Liam's proclivity to circle back to Steffy. Liam asked if Finn had gotten the impression that Thomas had been trying to scare Finn off. Finn didn't know.

Chuckling, Liam asked how much Finn wanted to bet that Thomas was trying to push Liam back to Steffy so that Thomas could have Liam's wife. Finn's brows furrowed in response. Liam didn't believe that Thomas had changed a bit.

Finn took a call from the hospital, and afterward, he said he was due to make his rounds. Finn knew that he could be hypersensitive as a doctor, so he wondered if he could be off base about Thomas. Liam didn't think Finn was reading too much into it. Liam even had stories to tell about Thomas, the pathological manipulator.

Finn said he was asking Liam because Steffy might not be objective about a family member. Liam admitted to having his own problems with Thomas. Finn said the problems seemed fairly justified from what Finn had heard.

Fearing that Thomas was lying to everyone, Liam said Thomas was a pro at convincing people that he'd learned his lesson. Every time, it was bull, and Liam thought Thomas was still dangerous. Heading for the door, Liam stated that he was doing everything he could to make sure that Thomas didn't cause more damage.

In the CEO's office, Thomas noted that Liam had been spending a lot of time at Steffy's house. Hope claimed to understand it because Liam was spending the time with Kelly. Thomas observed that it obviously hurt Hope, and he didn't like seeing her in pain. Hope offered to change the subject, citing that the subject of Liam and Steffy had never been a good one for Hope and Thomas.

Charlie arrived, wondering if Hope or Thomas had leads on the missing mannequin. Hope thought it was a question they should be asking Charlie. Charlie had nothing to report but was confident that he'd find it. Hope joked that it wasn't as if the thing had wandered off.

Charlie mentioned that it was uncanny how much the mannequin resembled Hope. Hope said she hadn't seen it in person yet, only in photos. Charlie was surprised that someone had moved it before she'd had a chance to see it. Sure that it was in a closet around there somewhere, she couldn't imagine what anyone would want with it.

Charlie asked what the "daydreamer" thought of the matter. Thomas snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Charlie. Charlie recalled that Thomas had been there when Charlie had dropped the mannequin off. He asked if Thomas had seen anyone pick it up and leave with it. Thomas said he would have remembered something like that. Thomas told them not to worry; he'd make sure the mannequin made it back to where it belonged.

After Charlie had departed, Hope tried to talk to the distracted Thomas about the mannequin and wondered if he had a clue about where it could be. Thomas repeated that he'd do everything within his power to make sure it got back there.

Hope noted that Thomas had been helpful and wanted the best for her line. She was impressed with Zende's designs, but she'd also seen how dedicated Thomas had been and how hard he'd been working. Although she'd said she hadn't wanted to adjust her team, she felt it would be a waste not to utilize his talent.

Thomas asked if Hope were saying what he thought she was. Hope announced her desire to officially invite Thomas to join her team. Thomas said it was amazing. He thanked her and promised to make the line as magical as she'd wanted it to be.

Thomas stated that he and Hope worked well together and were raising Douglas together. Hope added that they were doing a great job of it. Thomas credited her with creating an environment for Douglas to thrive in. Thomas felt that he should give Liam credit, too. Hope replied that Liam loved Douglas, too.

Thomas knew that and said it was okay to be bothered that Liam was spending so much time with Steffy. Hope asserted that it didn't bother her. She knew that Liam had a child with Steffy. Hope added that she'd be lying if she said it was simple, but she'd prefer to leave it at that.

Later, Steffy arrived as Hope worked alone in the CEO's office. Hope had thought Steffy had been working from home, but Steffy said she'd had a meeting at the office. Steffy was impressed by some designs she saw spread out on the table, and Hope revealed that they belonged to Thomas. Steffy couldn't deny her brother's talent.

Hope asked about Liam's visit with Kelly. Steffy cooed about how well it had gone and all the books Liam had read Kelly. Steffy thought he was an amazing father. Hope agreed but offhandedly mentioned that he'd been spending a lot of time over there lately. Steffy asked if Hope wasn't okay with it.

Hope wasn't bothered by it at all, but she was worried that Liam might be cramping Steffy's style, since she had a new relationship. Dismissing the idea, Steffy said she wouldn't let it affect her relationship, and Finn and Liam were starting to get along.

Turning the topic back to Thomas' designs, Steffy admired a particular one and said one couldn't deny Thomas' gift. Hope revealed that she'd asked Thomas to contribute to her team. Steffy was surprised to hear it and asked what had changed Hope's mind.

Hope said she'd never forget the things Thomas had done, but he'd been working very hard. She'd seen a change in him. He'd been dedicated, and there was a difference in him. She'd seen an eagerness to create and had wondered why she wouldn't reward it. From her estimation, all he'd been doing had been work, and he couldn't think about anything else. "And he does bring something unique to Hope for the Future that no one else really can," Hope concluded.

Steffy asked if Hope had stopped worrying that things could get messy. Hope wasn't as worried as she had been. She didn't think Thomas was a threat to her anymore.

At Vinny's place, Thomas gazed out the window. Flashbacks played of him proposing to and marrying Hope. He recalled Douglas and Hope's love for each other and smiled.

Thomas turned and strode up to the mannequin. It was standing up by the window, facing the front door. He recalled Charlie questioning him about the mannequin's whereabouts and his own promise to get it back to where it belonged.

Someone knocked on the door. Thomas froze, gazing at the mannequin anxiously. He sighed and opened his door enough to look into the hallway. Liam was there, wanting to talk. Thomas had nothing to say. Liam quipped that nothing Thomas said meant anything to Liam, anyway. Liam got that Thomas wanted everyone to think that he was no longer obsessed with Liam's wife, but Liam knew better.

"Get out of here, Liam," Thomas said, slamming the door. Before the door could close, Liam stepped over the threshold, and the door bounced back open. "What the..." Liam said when his gaze fell onto the Hope mannequin. Puzzled, Liam asked, "What the hell is this, Thomas?"

Thomas receives a dark directive from the doll

Thomas receives a dark directive from the doll

Friday, November 6, 2020

At Forrester, Steffy thanked Hope for giving Thomas another shot at the HFTF line. Hope and Steffy agreed that he'd earned it, but Steffy questioned whether Thomas had earned more time with Hope. Hope hadn't seen it as possible before, but Thomas had been persistent about his designs. Hope believed that Thomas understood her vision. More importantly, he understood and had learned to respect her boundaries.

Relieved to hear that, Steffy said she sometimes questioned whether Thomas was better or still scheming to get to Hope. Hope had had those thoughts, too. Steffy said it was why she was surprised by Hope's decision. She asked how Hope thought Liam would take it or if Liam even knew about it. Hope indicated that Liam didn't know, but she didn't think it would be a big deal.

Steffy reminded Hope that Liam didn't trust Thomas. Hope felt that it was good to be cautious around Thomas, and Liam knew that she was. Hope added that Liam could see how well she and Thomas worked together as parents. Steffy conveyed that she'd told Liam that the therapy seemed to be working, and Thomas was making an effort. Hope said she felt the need to give Thomas credit for being great the past few months.

Zende arrived and backed out of the room after surmising that he was interrupting. Before he closed the door, Hope asked him to stay. There was something she needed to tell him.

Later, Steffy worked and listened from the desk as Zende and Hope sat together at the table, discussing her decision to add Thomas to their team. Zende said that Hope had every right to build the team she wanted, and Thomas had tremendous skills. Hope replied that she wouldn't have picked Zende to work with her if she didn't think he was talented, too. Zende was still her lead designer, and she assured Zende that Thomas wouldn't affect Zende's position.

It hadn't crossed Zende's mind to worry about his position. Zende didn't have self-esteem issues. He looked forward to working with Thomas, who was family, after all. Hope said she should have known Zende wouldn't feel threatened. Zende joked that he should have given Hope a hard time and thrown a fit. Hope was glad he hadn't. Steffy quipped that it might have been good practice for Hope, who'd probably get that reaction from Liam.

Zende was surprised to hear that Liam didn't know about Thomas joining the HFTF team yet. Hope said it had just happened, and she hadn't had a chance to call Liam yet. She'd begun to think she needed to talk to Liam in person. Zende asked if it was because Steffy was right to predict that Liam would flip out over it. Zende said that, after what he'd heard, he understood why Liam wouldn't be comfortable with Thomas working with Hope.

Hope reasoned that she wouldn't be doing it one on one. Thomas was joining a team, not a partnership. He'd also be working with Zende and Zoe. Hope added that Liam had also seen how well Thomas and Hope parented together. Hope felt that Thomas had stepped up.

Agreeing, Steffy said she and Ridge talked about it a lot. Before, Thomas had been completely using Douglas, but Steffy could see their bond returning. She was proud of Thomas and believed they'd continue to see positive changes. Hope said it would hopefully lead to everyone getting along, even Liam and Thomas.

Later, Hope and Steffy were alone, discussing how well it had gone with Zende. Hope felt that she'd lucked out with getting him on the team. Steffy joked that half their models had lucked out, too, for other reasons. Hope said Zende's singleness might cause a backstage riot.

The topic turned to how well Hope and Steffy were getting along. When Steffy called them a big, extended family, Hope got a look on her face. Steffy noted that it was the same look Hope had gotten when she'd noted that Liam was at Steffy's house a lot. Steffy asked if Hope was really okay with it or if it bothered her that Liam was spending time with Kelly and Steffy.

At Vinny's place, Liam pointed at the mannequin and demanded to know what it was. Perturbed, Thomas said it was rude of Liam to barge into other people's homes. Liam insisted upon knowing what it was.

Thomas locked eyes with the mannequin, and then he asked what Liam thought it was. In Liam's silence, Thomas said it was a mannequin made to look like Hope. Liam was baffled, and Thomas began to explain the purpose of a mannequin.

Liam cut in, saying that he knew what a mannequin was, but he didn't get why there was one there that looked like Hope. Liam accused Thomas of having it custom-made, but Thomas said he hadn't had anything to do with it. Liam didn't believe it. Thomas insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the production of the mannequin.

Liam ordered Thomas to explain why he had a life-size replica of Liam's wife in the apartment. Studying the doll, Liam concluded that Thomas had been lying and was really still obsessed with Hope. Thomas said Liam could think what he wanted, but it wasn't true.

Liam asked if it was normal to keep what was essentially a blow-up doll there. Thomas called Liam sick and said it was obviously a mannequin. Liam was weirded out by how much it looked like Hope and asked why Thomas had it there. Thomas claimed that it was a prop. Liam asked if Thomas was making movies those days.

Thomas explained that it was a promotional prop that Forrester had used in its boutiques. Liam claimed to have been to the boutiques and said the mannequins there didn't look like that. Thomas replied that the promotion was over. Liam asked again why it was there, and Thomas decided that it was a sketch prop. With a distrustful gaze, Liam asked what that was.

Thomas didn't think Liam, who wasn't a designer, would understand, but Thomas claimed that it helped to have a model -- or in that case, a mannequin -- to test his sketches on. Liam guessed it also helped to have the mannequin look like the woman Thomas was obsessed with.

Thomas murmured that no good deed went unpunished. It was Thomas' story that he was using the mannequin out of respect for Hope. He hadn't wanted to ask her to let him test his designs on her because that obviously would have made Liam uncomfortable. Liam asked if Thomas knew how freaked out Hope would be upon seeing the mannequin and knowing Thomas had it.

Thomas looked at the mannequin, seeming to share a gaze with it. Liam flipped its hair, and Thomas ordered him not to touch "her." With a knowing gaze, Liam repeated, "'Her?' Don't touch 'her?'" Shrugging, Thomas said, "It. Her. Whatever."

Liam thought the pronoun usage made a difference, but Thomas told him not to make a big deal out of nothing. Liam asserted that Thomas was playing house with a replica of Liam's wife. Thomas insisted that it was for work. Liam reasoned that if Thomas was using it for work, then it would be at work for the entire team to use. Instead, Thomas had a Hope doll alone with him in his apartment. Liam thought it was disturbing.

Thomas thought it was disturbing that Liam's mind would even go there. It was disgusting. Thomas told Liam to get his mind out of the gutter. He asked why Liam was even there. Liam said it was about Thomas' conversation with Finn. Liam asked why Thomas would warn Finn that Liam always circled back to Steffy if Thomas wasn't trying to get Hope back. Liam said he'd arrived to get answers, and he'd certainly found them.

Thomas guessed Liam thought it proved that Thomas was obsessed with Hope, but to Thomas, it proved that Liam was obsessed with himself. Thomas said he'd stated those things before about Liam, and Thomas felt he was correct about Liam's need to hold onto Steffy and Hope.

Liam said that he was married to Hope. Thomas advised Liam to explain that to Hope, who was at home alone whenever he was at Steffy's house. Liam asked if Thomas was referring to when Liam visited his daughter. Thomas said that if it was about time with his daughter, Liam would pick Kelly up, spend the day with her, and drop her back off. Instead, Liam flaunted the idea of a family that Steffy wished they'd continued right in front of her face.

Thomas asked if Liam understood the damage it did to Steffy and Hope. He didn't think Liam even realized what it was doing to his own wife. Liam guessed that Thomas thought he did understand and was, therefore, spending more time with Hope. Thomas replied that they worked together. Liam believed that Thomas wanted it to be more than that and that Thomas was trying to get into her head and turn her against Liam. Liam said it hadn't worked before and wouldn't then. He told Thomas to stay away from Hope.

Thomas said it wasn't possible because Hope was Douglas' mother. Liam began to talk, and Thomas and the mannequin seemed to be exchanging looks. Liam advised Thomas to talk to Hope about Douglas or work, but that was it. Liam said Thomas didn't want to know what would happen if he found out that Thomas was filling Hope and Finn's head with lies and jealousy. Liam told Thomas to know his place and stay there.

The camera panned from Thomas' eyes to the mannequin's eyes as if they were communicating. Thomas said that Hope was an independent woman and didn't need Liam telling people what they could and couldn't say to each other. Liam said he was just doing it with Thomas, and if Thomas wanted to say anything to do with something other than business, he could tell "her." Liam pointed to the mannequin.

Thomas said that Hope decided who she did and didn't spend time with, and Liam had another thing coming if he thought he could tell people what to do. Thomas berated Liam for making mistakes but telling everyone else what they should do. Thomas referenced one of Liam's mistakes as stringing Hope and Steffy along, but Liam said he wasn't doing that.

Thomas felt that Liam was addicted to it and thrived off knowing both women were in love with him. Thomas claimed he'd seen it his entire life, and it was what his father had done. Thomas wouldn't let Liam do it to Hope and Steffy. Liam replied that he had daughters with them.

Thomas quipped that it had worked out well for Liam, who'd found a way to tie both women to him for life. The ones who'd end up suffering the most were the girls. They'd grow up seeing Liam express love for each of their mothers. Thomas said the children would see the back-and-forth, and they'd get confused. At some point, the girls would figure out that Liam had never loved either of their mothers, and he'd only loved himself.

Liam guessed it was how Thomas justified his obsession. Thomas welcomed Liam to prove him wrong. Thomas yelled that it was what Liam did. Thomas was sick of the back and forth, and he wouldn't stand for it any longer. In a calm voice, Liam stated that Thomas was losing it.

Thomas told Liam to shut up. Deciding that it wasn't about him, Liam said Thomas was really mad at his daddy for being caught between two women. Liam believed that Thomas was projecting all of his anger onto Liam. Liam suggested that Thomas take the issues up with Ridge and leave Liam and his daughters out of it. Liam asserted that Steffy and Hope didn't need rescuing from Liam -- they needed rescuing from Thomas.

"Case and damn point!" Liam added, pointing to the mannequin. As Liam spoke, Thomas rubbed his hands through his hair and seemed disoriented. Liam said Thomas wasn't right in the head and stormed out of the apartment.

Thomas collapsed, hitting his head on a desk as he fell. As Thomas struggled to stand, the mannequin spoke. It seemed to have somehow moved closer to him. It said that Liam was wrong, and Hope needed Thomas' help. Liam was the problem, and Thomas knew what he had to do. Again, the doll's eyes came to life and reddened as it instructed Thomas, "So, do it. Kill Liam."

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