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Zende wistfully wished Zoe and Carter the best, but Paris suspected that Zende might not be thrilled about the engagement. Even with Shauna gone, Eric still wasn't ready for Quinn to move back in. The mannequin lurked nearby as Hope and Douglas paid Thomas a visit.
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Even with Shauna gone, Eric still wasn't ready for Quinn to move back in
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Wyatt questions Shauna's motives toward Eric Wyatt questions Shauna's motives toward Eric

Monday, November 16, 2020

In the Forrester CEO's office, Steffy and Hope got Zende's opinion on fabric for a design. He seemed a little distracted, and Steffy wondered what was going on. He told them that something might have happened the previous night; Carter and Zoe had probably gotten engaged.

The proposal topic titillated the ladies. Hope didn't know why Zoe wouldn't accept Carter's proposal. Steffy said Carter was the total package -- and hot. Pointing to Steffy, Hope repeated that he was hot. Zende mumbled that Carter was the lucky one. Steffy thought it was a good match and was happy for them.

Entering the office, Thomas asked whom everyone was discussing. Steffy announced Zoe and Carter's engagement. Thomas thought that was great, which took Zende by surprise. Thomas stated that Zoe deserved happiness after what he'd put her through.

Hope and Steffy exchanged glances. "Shocking, I know," Thomas told them. He said that he could indeed be self-aware. He added that he could also be sorry for the things he'd done.

At the drafting table later, Zende watched as Thomas sketched an idea on the shoulder of one of Zende's designs. Zende liked it and had never thought of the gown that way. He appreciated Thomas' input. "Look at my brother playing nicely with others," Steffy observed. Thomas said that if he couldn't beat them, he'd "impress the hell" out of them.

Hope stated that she knew of Thomas' desire to be the lead designer. Thomas claimed to be happy just being on the team. Hope was glad for that sentiment. She felt that Zende and Thomas were each phenomenal and said that she and Zoe were impressed with the design production.

Steffy thought the designers were terrific solo, but together, they were next-level. She figured Thomas already knew how she felt, and she didn't want to make his head any bigger. "But you, Zende, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your talent," Steffy said. Hope thanked Thomas for working hard and persistently. She was glad to have him back on the team.

Later, Zende had gone, and Steffy expressed how impressed she was that Thomas was willing to collaborate with someone else. She recalled that he'd been the lone designer but was putting everything on the table and giving Zende the benefit of his experience. Thomas replied that they were all in it together. Hope was glad to hear him say it and mean it.

Thomas said that there had been a time when he would have competed with Zende, but Thomas had learned that teamwork made a design house stronger. That was what Thomas was about going forward. He wanted to do the best for Hope and her line.

Sometime after Steffy had gone, Hope and Thomas discussed a design. He thanked her for the second chance -- and the third, the fourth, and the fifth. Hope asked who was counting, and he said that he was. He was grateful that they could work together, and she replied that they'd had to figure it out for the sake of their even bigger collaboration.

Thomas believed that the greatest gift he'd ever given his son was Hope as his mother. He was ashamed that he'd gone off the rails and had used his son. Hope stated that it hadn't been his finest hour. Agreeing, Thomas said it was amazing that Douglas was still a cheerful, wonderful kid and that Thomas' thoughtlessness and carelessness hadn't caused him to damage his own kid. Thomas figured Hope was the reason for that, and he intended to keep getting better for Douglas.

Thomas said it hadn't been long since he'd seen his son, but he missed Douglas. Hope said Douglas missed his dad, too, and Douglas always loved spending time with his father. Hope offered to remedy it and invited Thomas to go with her to the cabin at that moment. Thomas was floored that Hope had asked and said he'd love nothing more than to be with their son.

In the design office at Forrester, Paris gushed as she looked at Zoe's engagement ring. Carter said there would be nothing but the best for his wife-to-be. Paris figured he'd done a lot of convincing, but he said he'd just told Zoe the truth -- that he loved her with all of his heart. Zoe rendered an awed expression, and he said he intended to make her happy from that day forward.

Zoe told her sister that she hadn't seen the engagement coming. Carter was surprised that she hadn't picked up on the clues. Zoe replied that asking her to move in had been a far cry from a proposal. In Carter's view, it wasn't if one knew what one wanted for one's life.

Zoe recounted to her sister how the proposal had gone, and Carter joked that it had gone from romantic to comical when the fire alarm had gone off. Recalling that Zende had stayed with Zoe while Paris and Carter had tended to the alarm, Paris wondered if Zende knew about the proposal. Zoe flashed back to asking Zende if she should accept the proposal, and then she stammered that Zende knew about it.

Paris was proud of Zoe for rebuilding her life and not letting her mistake of protecting Reese define her. In Paris' view, Zoe had expressed her sincere apologies, and the Forresters had forgiven her. "And look at your life now," Paris said. She noted that her sister was modeling and consulting on one of the hottest fashion lines while engaged to a fine man. Paris wanted to be like Zoe when Paris grew up. Carter replied that there was only one Zoe.

Paris was still stunned that Zoe and Carter were getting married and asked to hear what the ceremony would be like. Zoe said to hold on because they'd only been engaged for a few hours. Zoe jokingly asked Carter to officiate, and he chuckled mirthlessly.

Paris became quizzical, and Zoe explained that Carter had married half the town to each other. Carter said it seemed like that, but he mostly performed ceremonies for Forresters. "And they do get married a lot," Zoe added. Paris was all-in for the planning and thought of having herself as a bridesmaid and Zende as the best man.

Zoe figured Ridge was in the running for best man, but Paris would definitely be the maid of honor. Paris took notes as Carter described the lively wedding reception he envisioned.

Zende ducked his head in the doorway. He entered the office, saying it sounded festive in there. He saw Zoe's ring and said it told the story. Carter called himself a lucky man. Zende was wowed by the engagement and asked when the big day would be. Carter replied that the sooner, the better worked for him.

Paris asserted that Carter had proposed, but the wedding was in her hands. Zoe joked that she'd created a monster, and Paris dubbed herself maid-zilla. Zende said that finding love was no small task, and one had to move on it before it slipped away. He wished the best for Carter and Zoe.

Later, Paris and Carter had gone, and Zende decided to get Zoe's opinion on Thomas' design change because Zoe would be the one wearing the dress. Zoe thought the change was brilliant. Zende commented that her ring was blinding. She replied that it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever had.

Zoe recalled that Zende had wanted to tell her something the night of the engagement, and it had seemed important. Zende flashed back to sending Zoe the text message and then realizing that it had never been sent. He stated that it didn't matter. He wished her the best and hoped that she'd have a life that made her look forward to each day. He believed she'd have it with Carter.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Flo entered in beach attire. Wyatt wanted to ravage her in the living room, but she feared that his mother might walk in on them. He cast blame on Flo for that one, but Flo asked why he hadn't stopped her from inviting Quinn to move in. Wyatt replied that he'd tried. He made a cutting motion at his neck and said it had been his signal for her not to do it.

Flo wished she'd listened. Wyatt and Flo wanted to send Quinn back to Eric's house, but Wyatt saw no chance of that happening until Shauna moved out. Flo replied that Shauna had already done that, but Wyatt revealed that it wasn't the case.

Sitting down with some lotion, Flo was surprised Shauna hadn't told Flo that she was still at Eric's house. Wyatt figured it was because Shauna knew how shady it was and felt guilty about it -- as she should. Flo didn't think he should judge before hearing Shauna's side of the story. "Shauna isn't talking, babe," Wyatt rejoined, adding that Shauna was laying low at Eric's.

Wyatt claimed not to be hanging halos on Quinn at Shauna's expense. He believed that his mother's attempt to break up Brooke and Ridge had been crazy, but Quinn had had good intentions. Those intentions hadn't extended to Brooke, but Wyatt thought it was significant that Quinn had created the scheme to help Shauna be with the man she loved and have the life she'd always dreamed of. It sounded to Flo like he was making a lot of excuses for Quinn.

Wyatt replied that he was just discussing his mother's view. He said Quinn had risked her marriage for Shauna. He asked what Quinn had done it all for and if it had been just to find out that Shauna was secretly living at Eric's even though Quinn had asked Shauna to leave. Wyatt didn't understand how Shauna could do something like that.

Walking through the front door, Shauna stated that she could answer that question, and she'd only stayed at Eric's because he'd insisted. Flo expressed that she'd been worried about her mother, and Shauna stated that, as Flo could see, Shauna was fine. Flo wanted to know why she hadn't heard from Shauna since Shauna had supposedly left Eric's house.

Shauna stated that Flo was right, and Shauna should have called. She claimed that she hadn't because she hadn't wanted to be judged or have her motives questioned. Flo quipped that she'd always judge her mother; however, it shouldn't matter, and Flo shouldn't have to worry about where her mother was at any given time.

Flo wondered what would have happened if there had been an emergency. Shauna griped about her daughter being melodramatic. It hadn't been as if Shauna had fallen off the face of the earth, and Shauna was certain Flo knew how to leave a message if Shauna didn't answer her phone. Shauna was, however, sorry she hadn't let Flo know that she was still at Eric's house.

Raising his hand, Wyatt indicated that he had a question about that. Wyatt asked how Shauna could call herself Quinn's friend and still live at the house of Quinn's husband. Shauna claimed she'd had her bags packed and had every intention of leaving, but Eric wouldn't hear of it. Shauna hated to say it, but she wasn't sure Eric would be able to forgive Quinn.

Later, Shauna insisted that she wasn't working against Quinn. She claimed to lobby on Quinn's behalf any chance she got. Wyatt said Shauna was doing that while living in the house of Quinn's husband. Shauna repeated that Eric had insisted upon it, and she'd thought she could use the access to Quinn's benefit. Wyatt asked how that was working out.

Shauna admitted that it wasn't going well. Although Eric loved Quinn very much, he also felt hurt and betrayed, and Shauna wasn't making the progress she'd hoped for. Wyatt decided to "respectfully suggest" that Shauna pack up and move out as his mom had asked her to do in the first place. Shauna's expression flattened, and she looked at Flo.

Wyatt said that Eric was Quinn's husband, and Quinn had every right to object to Shauna living with him. Wyatt further reasoned that, as Quinn's best friend, Shauna should be eager to do the right thing -- unless Shauna had other motives. Wyatt felt that he had to ask if Shauna was trying to take Quinn's place in Eric's life.

Liam continues to worry as Thomas makes inroads with Hope Liam continues to worry as Thomas makes inroads with Hope

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

In the Forrester CEO's office, Steffy strode in and sat at the desk as Thomas and Hope discussed going to the cabin to see Douglas. Douglas hadn't had school that day and was on a playdate. Steffy told them not to let her hold them up. She didn't advocate for employees playing hooky, but Thomas had been doing great work and seemed excited about seeing his son.

Later, Liam arrived as Steffy was working. He'd expected Hope to be there, but Steffy said he'd just missed Hope. Liam seemed to be waiting around for Hope, so Steffy informed him that Hope had gone home with Thomas. Liam believed Steffy was mistaken. Steffy was sure of what she'd heard and said it had been Hope's idea.

Liam reasoned that it hadn't been the first time Thomas had tried to use Douglas to be close to Hope. Steffy repeated that it had been Hope's idea. "Were you in the room when she brought it up, though?" Liam pressed.

Steffy admitted that she hadn't been, but when she'd arrived, Thomas had been excited about something. Hope had explained that she was letting Douglas and Thomas be together. Steffy knew that Liam didn't think Thomas had changed; however, Steffy did, and Hope had to, also, or else she wouldn't have set up the impromptu get-together for Douglas and Thomas.

Steffy tried to reason with Liam about Hope and Thomas, who'd found a way to co-parent well. Thomas was even working on HFTF again. Liam mumbled that he still had a problem with it, and Steffy asked if they could just find a way to move on from it. "Please?" she asked.

"Fine, but you can't just pretend that Thomas is this magically different person," Liam replied. Liam theorized that if Thomas were really trying to get over Hope, he would have gone to Paris. He would have worked on another line. Instead, Thomas was working himself deeper into Hope's orbit, and they were together at that moment, playing Mommy and Daddy.

Steffy asked why Hope believed that Thomas could redeem himself, but Liam didn't. Liam replied that someone had to stay objective. Steffy flashed a look of disbelief and asked if "this" was him being objective. Liam claimed he was looking at Thomas' actions, not listening to him.

Guessing she couldn't change his mind, Steffy asked Liam to try not to worry so much. Liam said he'd never forget everything Thomas had done to them all. Liam couldn't imagine what else Thomas could have done if Liam had "tried not to worry" back then.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Thomas awaited Douglas, whose playdate had run long. Thomas thanked Hope for making it happen. He knew how busy she was, and he was grateful. Hope replied that she never wanted to keep Douglas and him apart.

Hope received a message that Douglas was on his way. She noted that Thomas seemed nervous. Thomas couldn't stop thinking of how he'd let Douglas down, and all Douglas had ever wanted had been for Thomas to be happy. Thomas was in disbelief that he'd told Douglas to lie. Hope said it should be the last thing on Thomas' mind at that moment.

Thomas claimed that he wasn't beating himself up, but he'd been doing a lot of soul-searching. She mentioned that he was designing, too, and he remarked that he'd been spending a lot of time alone. Hope joked that he hadn't been necessarily "alone." Catching her drift, he said he didn't want to think about that. She replied that she was just giving him a hard time. Thomas decided that spending time with the mannequin wasn't the same as spending time with Hope.

Thomas was glad that Hope hadn't been upset about him taking the mannequin. Hope admitted that seeing it had been unnerving. He noted that it hadn't made her distrust him. She affirmed that it hadn't. He was glad and said he didn't want to mess up their progress.

Thomas was resigned to return the mannequin, but Hope didn't want him to. He'd created stunning, inspirational designs. She wanted them in her collection, so she wanted him to follow the inspiration the mannequin gave him.

Thomas couldn't tell Hope what her words meant. He'd thought he'd ruined everything in his life -- his career and family relationships -- but Hope had given him more encouragement and support than he'd thought he'd ever deserve. He never wanted to let her down again.

Later, Hope said Brooke had messaged that Douglas was on his way from the main house to the cabin. Still nervous, Thomas felt as if he hadn't seen Douglas in forever, but in reality, it had been only a few days. Thomas recalled that he'd always been so upset with Ridge being gone that he'd give Ridge the silent treatment, whether it had been for three days or three months.

Hope doubted Douglas would do that and said he knew how busy Thomas had been at work. Thomas wondered if Douglas knew how sorry Thomas was. Thomas had apologized again and again, but he didn't think Douglas understood. Hope reassured Thomas that Douglas loved him and was still his son. Thomas didn't want Douglas to doubt how Thomas felt.

Douglas rushed through the front door and began chattering to Hope about a science experiment he and his friend had done. Hope thought that was great, but she had a surprise for him. He turned around and saw Thomas behind him. "Dad!" he exclaimed.

Thomas let Douglas know that he'd missed Douglas and knew all the things Douglas had been up to the past few days. Douglas had started swimming lessons and finished the robot they'd been working on. Thomas wished he'd been there more. He was proud of Douglas and loved him. Douglas wrapped his arms around Thomas' legs. He loved Thomas, too, and was glad to see Thomas.

At Wyatt's house, Flo hoped that Wyatt wasn't suggesting that her mother was after Eric. Shauna said it would be absurd. Wyatt merely wanted clarity about why Shauna was still living in the house when her best friend had asked her to move. He said it didn't look good, so he had to ask if Shauna was trying to help Quinn or move in on Quinn's husband.

"Of course, I'm not after Eric!" Shauna replied. She said she'd been about to leave the house, but Eric had insisted that she remain. He'd taken her bags back to the guesthouse. Flo noted that Shauna wasn't staying in the main house with Eric. Affirming that she wasn't, Shauna said that, knowing how Quinn felt, she could never sleep under the same roof as Quinn's husband.

Flo didn't think it was a good idea for Shauna to stay there and recommended that Shauna thank Eric but tell him that she couldn't remain any longer. Flo stated that Eric had to work on his marriage, and Shauna needed to move out.

Wyatt and Flo deduced that Shauna was trying to repay Quinn for helping her. Shauna said it was true, and Flo gestured as if signaling to Wyatt that her mother was on the up and up. Wyatt conveyed that it was best that Shauna give Eric the space he needed to figure it all out.

Shauna replied that she wasn't crowding Eric. Wyatt pointed out that Shauna was a reminder of everything that had gone on. He imagined that when Eric looked at Shauna, he saw the video of Brooke and Bill, the wedding in Las Vegas, and the fake text message to Carter. Interrupting, Flo told him that they didn't need a rundown of every single thing that had happened.

Wyatt's point was that Shauna kept it fresh in Eric's mind. Flo contended that it wasn't what Shauna wanted. "No, of course not," Shauna responded. Flo asserted that she and Wyatt knew that. Shauna claimed that she was being a friend to Eric and Quinn and wanted them back together. "Perfect. Then you wouldn't mind moving out," Flo concluded.

Shauna reasoned that she was in the guesthouse, and it wasn't like she was shacking up with Quinn's husband. Wyatt asked why she seemed to be fighting it. She claimed she wasn't. Flo added that Shauna had told Quinn that Shauna would go, and Flo thought it was best if Shauna did. To Shauna, they seemed to be making it seem as if she were doing something wrong.

Wyatt said that wasn't it. He believed that Shauna had done her best to defend his mother to Eric. The problem was that the needle hadn't moved at all; therefore, it was best for Shauna to step aside and let Quinn and Eric find a way to repair it. Agreeing, Flo advised Shauna to leave the mansion and not let Eric convince her to stay again.

Later, Shauna had gone, and Wyatt hoped Flo didn't think he'd been too hard on her mother. Flo said it was okay, and she agreed with him. He noted that Shauna hadn't left Eric's house, despite being asked. Flo noted that Eric seemed to want Shauna to stay. Wyatt felt that Shauna had to know that Quinn wouldn't be happy about Shauna being there.

Flo reasoned that Shauna had thought she'd been doing well. "Was she, though?" Wyatt asked. Flo shrugged. He said that his mother was still living at their house, and it was driving him nuts. Agitated, he added that Quinn wouldn't let him eat doughnuts in the house. "I love those things. She threw 'em out the other day!" he exclaimed. Flo replied that she'd seen that it had happened.

Wyatt figured that Shauna felt she was doing the best she could, but things could be better for him and Flo. Flo said it was why she'd been determined to get Shauna to leave Eric's. Wyatt was glad that they were on the same page.

Flo was sure her mother was on the same page, too, and didn't want to be in the middle of it. Wyatt questioned if that were true. Flo concluded that Shauna knew what she had to do. Wyatt hoped Shauna left that time -- and fast -- because she did not want Quinn to find out that she was still living there.

At Eric's house, Eric received a text message from Quinn, who wanted to see him and be home. He sighed and gazed at her portrait.

Shauna arrived while Eric was reading. He greeted her and said he'd knocked on her door earlier. She revealed that she'd been with Flo. He wondered if she'd run into Quinn. Shauna said she hadn't, but they'd talked about her. Eric quipped that he and Shauna didn't have to. Shauna believed she'd said all she could on the subject.

Eric reasoned that there were other things to talk about. He offered to tell Shauna over martinis about something he'd been reading. Shauna said she'd love to hear it, but she thought they'd already enjoyed their last martini together. She'd miss the martinis, but she'd miss his dry wit even more. To Eric, it was starting to sound like some kind of goodbye.

Shauna hoped not. She said they could still see each other when he and Quinn reconciled. Eric asked if it had anything to do with his conversation with Wyatt the previous night.

Shauna decided that it wasn't appropriate for her to be living there in Quinn's home. Eric had been a fantastic host and gentleman. Shauna had treasured her time in the guesthouse and hanging out with him. She felt as if she'd gotten to know him and all the reasons Quinn adored him. It had been wonderful, but she said they both knew she couldn't stay there any longer.

Quinn lashes out when she learns Shauna hasn't moved out Quinn lashes out when she learns Shauna hasn't moved out

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

At the Forrester mansion, Shauna told Eric that she had to move out. "You have a wife," Shauna said to a confused Eric, clarifying, "Quinn belongs here, not me." Shauna explained that it was unfair that Quinn had taken most of the blame for Shauna's faux marriage to Ridge. She urged Eric to forgive Quinn. Eric told Shauna that the situation with Quinn was complicated. He feared that allowing Quinn to move back in would signal to Quinn that what she'd done was okay. "Sometimes loving someone is not enough," Eric stated. Asked if he really believed that, Eric said that he did.

Eric lamented that Shauna moving out meant an end to their martini hours. Shauna duly noted that Eric wouldn't be alone, even if she moved out, because Zende had moved back into the mansion. Eric pressed Shauna to reconsider, but she remained steadfast in her decision to move out. Shauna told Eric that she understood why Quinn was fighting so hard for Eric.

At Forrester, Liam told Steffy that he should head to the cabin to check on Hope, Douglas, and Thomas. Steffy asked why, noting that Hope felt it was a good idea for Thomas and Douglas to spend some time together. Liam countered that Hope was too trusting when it came to Thomas and suggested that Thomas was using Douglas "to get in Hope's head." Steffy admitted to having been skeptical herself, but she explained to Liam that she and Hope were not using the same lens that Liam used when he looked at Thomas.

Liam claimed that Douglas had been "thriving" while living with him and Hope. "Children have big hearts, and they want to forgive," Steffy told Liam. Liam insisted that he was not wrong about Thomas. Steffy stated that she'd seen the changes Thomas had made over the past few months.

Liam started to say that he had never used his daughter to manipulate anyone the way Thomas had with Douglas, but he stopped before he finished the sentence. Liam paused and promised to try to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt when it came to Douglas, but he quickly added that he'd always be wary of Thomas' feelings for Hope.

At the cabin, Douglas seemed surprised that his father had missed him. Thomas told Douglas that he was the "best kid a dad could ever ask for." Thomas told Douglas that he always thought about Douglas, even when they were not together. With each kind word that he said to his son, Thomas glanced over at Hope to check on her reaction.

Douglas chirped merrily that he had taught baby Beth to play Simon Says. Thomas recalled that Caroline had taught Douglas the game. Douglas then expressed, as best as he could, that he was emotionally torn. He liked living with Hope, Liam, and Beth, but he missed being with his dad. "When will we be able to live together again, Dad?" Douglas asked.

Thomas told Douglas that he wasn't sure when they'd be living together again. Hope interrupted during a pause in the conversation and told Douglas that he needed to get started on his homework. Douglas grabbed his school work and mentioned that he might need help with his math. He wondered if his dad could help him. Thomas smiled broadly and said that he doubted his son would need help. After Douglas scurried out of the room, Hope reiterated that she believed Thomas was a good father.

A short time later, an exuberant Thomas emerged from checking Douglas' homework. In a heavy Boston accent, Thomas called his son "wicked smart." Thomas thanked Hope for going the extra mile with Douglas. Thomas vowed to prove that he could be a "full-time father" to Douglas. Hope admitted that a part of her would always be guarded around Thomas because of the hurtful things he had done in the past.

Douglas burst out of his room with the extra credit work he'd done and proudly proclaimed that he'd gotten all of the answers correct. Thomas looked over the paper and confirmed that Douglas had gotten every problem right. Thomas then jokingly stated that Douglas had to have gotten his intelligence from Caroline. Thomas then looked over to Hope, and the two shared a smile.

In his beachfront home, Wyatt told Flo that her mother should not have been staying at Eric's. Flo agreed but, in her mother's defense, said that Shauna had been using her time at the Forrester manse to talk up Quinn to Eric. While he appreciated Shauna going to bat for Quinn, Wyatt insisted that it was not a good idea to have Shauna in the middle of Quinn and Eric's marital problems. Wyatt and Flo disagreed about whether or not Shauna would move out of the Forrester mansion.

Wyatt told Flo that under ordinary circumstances, Shauna could live with him. However, he didn't think it would be a good idea to have Quinn and Shauna living under the same roof. As he mentioned that possibility of a massive "catfight," Quinn returned and wanted to know what "Shauna the backstabber" was "up to now." Flo told Quinn that she wished Quinn and Shauna were not fighting. Despite Wyatt's insistence that Shauna not move in with Eric -- Eric had invited Shauna to stay at the Forrester mansion -- Quinn refused to see it that way. "She could have said, 'Thank you, but no thank you,'" Quinn snapped.

During the heated exchange, Quinn repeatedly made mention of Shauna having "finally done the right thing" by moving out of Eric's home. Wyatt finally broke the news to her that Shauna had not, in fact, moved out. Quinn was incensed and demanded an explanation. Flo and Wyatt explained that Eric "wouldn't let" Shauna move out. Quinn railed against her former friend and claimed that Shauna absolutely had designs on Eric.

At that exact moment, the front door opened, and Shauna walked in. "How dare you!" Quinn yelled upon seeing Shauna. Wyatt asked the two women to try to be civil to each other. Quinn told Shauna that it was "totally inappropriate to be living in a house with another woman's husband, no matter what the circumstances." Shauna fired back that she probably should not have spent a single night in Eric's home, but she insisted that she had advocated for Quinn the entire time she'd been there.

Quinn remarked, somewhat oddly, that it would be easier if Shauna would just admit that she wanted Eric because then Quinn would know what she was up against. Shauna announced that she was no longer living at the Forrester mansion because that was where Quinn belonged.

Before Thomas' eyes, the mannequin makes an incredible move Before Thomas' eyes, the mannequin makes an incredible move

Thursday, November 19, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, Hope helped Douglas with his Spanish. She was proud of how well he was doing. He wanted to learn physics. Hope thought he might be a genius. He remarked that his teacher had told him that he was the smartest in his class but had asked him not to say anything. Hope replied that they'd keep it a secret. He guessed it was okay to tell Thomas.

Douglas wondered when he'd see his father again and added that seeing his father had made him happy. Hope reassured Douglas of his father's love for him and of his father's desire to spend all the time he could with Douglas. Liam opened the front door as Douglas asked if his father could move in and live with them, too.

Liam asked how Douglas' time with Thomas had gone. Douglas had had a lot of fun and wished his dad could be around all the time. Liam reminded Douglas that he got to see his dad whenever he wanted. "Only when he has time," Douglas murmured. Hope acknowledged that Thomas had been preoccupied, but she believed that Thomas loved Douglas and wished he could see Douglas all the time, too.

Douglas felt sad that Thomas lived all by himself and suggested they ask him if he wanted to live there. Hope wasn't sure it would work because so many people lived in the cabin, and they all lived there as a family. Douglas contended that Thomas was family, too. Hope replied that, though she and Thomas were Douglas' parents, she was married to Liam.

Hope asked if Douglas understood. Douglas shrugged a little. Liam thought it was okay for Douglas to want his dad around and to miss him. Douglas asked if Liam missed his father when his father wasn't around. Glancing Hope's way, Liam stammered, "Uh, yeah! Of course, I do."

Satisfied, Douglas left to do homework in the other room. Liam asked Hope what was going on and noted that they hadn't arranged Douglas and Thomas' earlier visit. Hope replied that she'd been saying that the two needed to spend more time together. Liam asked if it had been her idea alone. She affirmed it, and he asked if she were sure it was a good idea.

Hope understood and validated Liam's feelings. He asked how many times she'd given Thomas a chance, only to have him disappoint her or worse. Hope claimed that it felt different that time. She said she'd seen Thomas and Douglas together and had witnessed their love and trust. She didn't think Thomas could fake that. She said Thomas' feelings were genuine, and Thomas wasn't who he'd been before.

Hope asked Liam to look at the position she was in. Liam understood that she was responsible for maintaining ties between Douglas and his father. Liam just wanted to be cautious. Hope agreed -- to a certain extent -- and claimed she'd been on the lookout for red flags. Liam noted that he'd already seen quite a few. Hope replied that she hadn't.

Hope wished he'd seen how Thomas and Douglas had been together. It had been a beautiful thing to watch, and it had been in no way associated with her. In her view, Thomas was the most stable that he'd been in a long time, and she was the last thing on his mind.

At Forrester, Steffy was surprised to see Thomas back at the office. She asked how it had gone with Douglas. Thomas had had a great time, and it had reminded him of what he'd been missing out on by not being with Douglas daily.

Steffy said Thomas hadn't been MIA, and he saw his son when he could. Thomas thought he'd been sporadic. He'd been worried that Douglas had stopped believing in his father, but he hadn't. Instead, Douglas had run into Thomas' arms. The hug had meant everything to Thomas. Thomas felt that he owed it all to Hope and was grateful that she wanted them to be closer.

"You and Douglas?" Steffy replied. Affirming it, Thomas asked whom else he'd be talking about. Steffy conveyed that she was at times concerned about his gratefulness to Hope and didn't want Thomas to get caught up and forget that Hope was married to Liam.

Thomas claimed that he couldn't forget it because each time he saw Liam, Liam reminded him -- over and over. Thomas suspected Steffy believed he might go after Hope, and he said he needed Steffy to know that he wasn't doing that.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Steffy was with Zende, admiring his designs. Zende had been in the zone, and things had begun to click for him. He felt that the entire collection was fire, and he added that Thomas had made big contributions, too.

Steffy said one could count on Thomas; he just needed to stay out of his own way. Zende noted that Thomas had been pretty chill. She replied that her brother was definitely working on that. Zende remarked that there had been some tension "there." Affirming it, she thought it had been huge that Hope had asked Thomas to be on the team.

Zende admired Hope for doing that but was surprised that she'd be willing to work with Thomas again. Steffy said Zende wasn't as surprised as she was.

At Thomas' apartment where Vinny had once stayed, Thomas observed the mannequin that he'd dressed in a white Boho dress. He sketched on a pad, looked up, and saw the mannequin's face warp into Hope's and then return to normal.

Thomas told the mannequin that he'd had a great day. He almost said that he'd seen his son, thanks to her, but then he realized that he was talking to a hunk of plastic as if it were human. "You're going back to Forrester," he decided.

Hope's real face and real neck appeared under the mannequin's wig. Thomas did a double take when the mannequin became totally real and began to walk mechanically toward him. It pleaded with him not to leave it. It wanted to stay there with him. "It's me -- Hope," it said. It seemed alive, but its eyes were dead as it told Thomas that it loved him and always would.

In sheer terror, Thomas grabbed and tugged his hair. He gasped, tearfully staring at the living mannequin. It tilted its head and mirthlessly smiled.

At Wyatt's house, Quinn continued to berate Shauna for living in Eric's guesthouse. Wyatt noted that Shauna had moved out and asked what more Quinn wanted. Quinn sought an apology from her supposed best friend. Shauna replied that she was still Quinn's best friend. Quinn raged because Shauna had stayed and hadn't told anyone about it after Quinn had asked Shauna to move out.

Flo instructed her mother to apologize. Shauna complied and promised that nothing shady had happened. Shauna wasn't a threat to Quinn or her marriage. Quinn asked how she was supposed to trust Shauna again. Flo interjected that Shauna was Quinn's friend and hadn't done anything to intentionally hurt Quinn. Quinn persisted in her belief that Shauna had made a play for Quinn's husband.

Shauna wondered how many times she had to say she wasn't interested in Eric. Quinn exclaimed that he was everything Shauna had ever wanted -- rich and well-connected. Shauna claimed that he was just a friend and had insisted that she stay. Quinn barked that she should be at the house, not Shauna. Shauna replied that Quinn would be, but she had to trust Shauna.

Quinn asked how she'd know Shauna hadn't helped Eric gather up all of Quinn's things. Quinn feared that she'd go home to find her things strewn all over the lawn. That was absurd to Shauna, who reminded Quinn that it was "me" she was talking to. Quinn stated that she didn't even know who Shauna was anymore, "and if you laid one hand on my portrait -- "

Wyatt interrupted Quinn to ask her to listen to Shauna, but Quinn didn't know what could be said to make up for what Shauna had already done. Shauna asserted that she'd defended Quinn to Eric again and had asked him to take her back. Shauna believed that he was still in love with Quinn. Quinn asked how she could know Shauna was being straight with her.

Shauna promised that she was. "Swear it on Flo's life," Quinn ordered, pointing at Flo, who'd burn in hell if Shauna wasn't telling the truth. Wyatt called it insane, but Flo was fine with her mother swearing on her life. "Okay, fine. I swear on Flo's life. Nothing happened!" Shauna said. Shauna revealed that she was still in love with Ridge, and Eric was just a friend. Shauna believed that if Quinn handled it right, Quinn could go back home.

Later, Quinn had gone, and Flo said she wished Quinn luck with Eric. Shauna felt that Quinn needed it. Though Shauna was praying Eric took Quinn back, Shauna acknowledged that he was hurt and betrayed. Flo replied that no one could say Shauna hadn't tried on Quinn's behalf. Shauna wanted her friend to be happy. Flo said Shauna had done well.

Wyatt thought they all could agree that it hadn't been the best idea for Shauna to stay at Eric's place, whether it had been the guesthouse or not. "Fine, whatever. But he did insist that I stay there," Shauna replied. Shauna figured that he'd been lonely and had wanted companionship because Quinn had been gone -- someone to share a martini with. Wyatt asked if Shauna could see how that would bother Quinn. "Of course. That's why I left," Shauna claimed.

Wyatt wondered where Shauna would go. She hadn't figured it out but hinted that his beach house looked nice. Wyatt replied that he'd known that had been coming. He figured that Quinn would probably reconcile with Eric and move out, so Shauna was more than welcome. Shauna said they'd figure it out. She definitely didn't want to return to Las Vegas.

Wyatt was sure Shauna wasn't the type to throw out fresh doughnuts after he'd waited an hour in line for them. Flo laughed. Shauna said they were all rooting for Eric to take Quinn back.

At Eric's house, Quinn gazed at her portrait, and her eyes settled on a picture of her and Eric. Eric entered and asked what she was doing there. She hoped he hadn't minded that she'd let herself in. She'd been thinking of the good times and bad times. The bad were mostly on her, and she took full responsibility for that and for hurting him.

Quinn didn't know why "I do this." She felt as if she were just protecting their marriage. When she'd seen Brooke attack the marriage, Quinn had wanted to protect their bond and help her friend. Quinn asked if she and Eric could agree that she was misguided at times. Eric agreed.

Quinn asked for agreement that she and Eric were good together and still cared for each other. She loved him and didn't want to live her life without him. Wyatt and Eric were her family. Eric was all she wanted and needed. She was sorry for hurting him and hoped he could forgive her enough to let her return home.

Quinn remarked that she'd spoken to Shauna, who'd said she'd moved out of the guesthouse and that nothing had been going on with her and Eric. Quinn wanted to believe that. Eric claimed that the friendship had been innocent, and nothing had been romantic about it on either side. Relieved, Quinn said she'd feared she'd lost him forever.

"That wouldn't be because of Shauna," Eric stated. Quinn was sorry that she'd hurt him. He replied that she'd hurt him deeply. He'd sided with her at the risk of alienating his family, and she'd hurt people he cared deeply about. He'd soul-searched since Quinn had been gone. He'd studied the portrait and had thought of the good and bad times, too.

"If there were any way back -- " Eric began to say. Quinn became hopeful that there was a possibility, but Eric told her that he wasn't ready. He wasn't ready for her to return to living with him yet. It was okay with Quinn as long as she knew he hadn't shut the door on them. She planned to put her heart and soul into proving that their love was worth saving.

Manne-Hope lurks in a box as Hope and Douglas visit Thomas Manne-Hope lurks in a box as Hope and Douglas visit Thomas

Friday, November 20, 2020

In Steffy's office, Steffy and Zende discussed Thomas' progress. Zende could tell that she was proud of her brother. He said he'd like to trust Thomas, his cousin. "But for a while there..." Zende said. Steffy asked if he trusted Thomas. Zende replied that he did until Thomas proved otherwise.

Relieved, Steffy said they should stick together as a family and support Thomas -- especially since some were unwilling to give him a shot. Zende assumed she meant Liam. Affirming it, Steffy said Liam wouldn't ever trust Thomas again, especially around Hope.

As Steffy left for the evening, she opened the office door and encountered Paris, who was looking for her sister. Steffy guessed Zoe was off with Carter. Paris wasn't surprised. Steffy liked Paris' energy and hoped to see her around more often. Glancing back at Zende, who was still in the office, Steffy ordered him not to stay there all night.

Alone with Zende, Paris guessed she should have known her sister was with Carter. The two had been inseparable since the engagement. Zende glanced away. Paris noted that he looked troubled. She assumed Zoe was playing hooky from work, which miffed him, but he said that wasn't it. Paris deduced that he was bothered by Zoe, Carter, or the engagement.

Dismissing the idea, Zende said that he was happy for the couple. Paris warned that he'd better be because she was lobbying for herself and Zende to stand up for the bride and groom at the wedding. She refused to have a grump in her photo ops. Zende doubted he could ruin any photo that Paris was in, and he took note of her smile. She was flattered that he'd noticed her smile. He said it was hard not to when she always seemed to be in a good mood.

Paris replied that she couldn't help it. It was how she was wired. Zende decided that it was his favorite part about her, and it was infectious. He stated that when she walked into a room, everyone lit up. "I certainly do," he added. Paris' grin widened.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam looked at a laptop and was impressed with the projections for HFTF. Hope said they'd see how it turned out. Liam stated that the line was about more than profits, and the clients believed in the messaging. Hope admitted to wondering if it was getting old, but in Liam's view, the beauty of it was that the message evolved with each collection. He said she changed, times changed, and the message changed. It was exciting to him.

Hope noted that her new message involved "inclusion." Liam said he was a proud husband, and Hope was full of excitement for the new line. Her team was hardworking, and she'd never been more confident in them. Liam wished the team didn't have to include Thomas.

Hope's smile faded. Liam still couldn't buy into her belief that Thomas was mellowing out. "All I was trying to say before is that I don't think he's fixated on me," Hope replied. She considered it to be something she and Liam should each be thankful for.

Steffy called Liam to remind him about a beach party for one of Kelly's friends that he'd agreed to attend. After the call, Liam explained to Hope that Kelly had wanted both of her parents to be at the huge party, but he'd stay home if he were needed there. Hope was tickled that he'd asked permission, but she wanted him to go and spend as much time with Kelly as possible.

Liam offered to make it a bigger event and take Beth, Hope, and Douglas with him. Hope noted that Kelly wanted to spend time with her parents, and it was okay with Hope that it was just the three of them. Liam thanked her. He knew it wasn't easy for her that he had another daughter to raise and that it sometimes took time from their family.

Hope reiterated her mantra of putting the children first and said she'd never interfere in Liam's relationship with Kelly. Liam asked how Hope could be so understanding. She decided she'd remember that for the next time they argued. He denied that they ever argued, but she reminded him about his favorite subject, Thomas.

Liam said he might overreact, but he was trying to protect her -- and Douglas, too. Liam didn't think Thomas had earned the right to be a bigger part of their family. Historically, Thomas had always been a threat to their family, and Liam sensed Thomas always would be.

Insisting that she wasn't na´ve, Hope said she wouldn't forget all Thomas had done. Liam asked if she were sure, and she replied that they'd been some of the most painful moments of her life. Liam thought it was exactly why they needed to limit their exposure to Thomas. Liam didn't believe a manipulative personality like Thomas' could change overnight.

Hope didn't think it was an act. She started to say she'd been spending more time with Thomas. Liam interjected that that was her problem right there. She doubted Thomas had rid himself of all of his demons, and she realized that such a feat would take more time and therapy. "But is he making an effort? Is he changing? That is my point," she reasoned.

Liam didn't know how Hope did it. Hope replied that it was Douglas. She wanted the boy to have a father he could count upon and believe in. For it to happen, Hope had to believe in Thomas. It was confusing to Hope when Liam praised her for understanding about Kelly but then lashed out at Thomas and ordered him to stay away. Hope asserted that Douglas and Thomas needed each other, and it was the same as Liam and Kelly. Liam didn't think it was the same.

Frustrated, Hope asked if Liam even wanted Thomas to get better. Liam claimed he did -- for Douglas' sake. Hope reasoned that strengthening Douglas and Thomas' father-son bond was important. She needed Liam to trust her on that. Liam rocked on his heels in stubborn silence. Hope believed Thomas was working on becoming a better man.

Liam asked what he'd just said about Hope and him not fighting. She asked if they were fighting. He didn't want to be. He was just trying to look out for their family. Appreciating it, Hope said she was protective, too, of their family and kids, including Kelly, who was waiting to see her father.

Liam guessed they'd talk more later. Hope agreed under the condition that he didn't let it ruin his time with Kelly. She didn't want him to waste a second on the beach, worrying about Thomas.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas asked if the mannequin was alive. The mannequin, which looked human at that point, twitched mechanically. It inched toward him robotically, but he cowered by the door. It told him not to be afraid; it was there, and it was all his. He refused to believe that it was really happening, and it asked why not.

"Because you're not really here!" Thomas screamed at the top of his voice. Reaching for him, the mannequin declared that it was there for him. It tried to near Thomas again, but he darted to the other side of the room, demanding to know what it wanted from him. It wanted Thomas to not give up on Hope. "Free her. Free her. Free her from Liam," it instructed.

Thomas told the mannequin that it had to stop talking to him. He told it that Hope was happy with Liam and had the life she wanted, but the mannequin said it wouldn't be there if that were true. He didn't want to listen to it anymore and affirmed that he was trying to be a better man, a better father, and someone Hope could admire. "Someone Hope can love," it added.

Thomas called Hope, who was at home, reading a book, to ask if he could have dinner with Douglas. Thomas was stammering, and Hope asked if he was okay. As he mumbled that it was kind of lonely over there, the mannequin rotated behind him under its own "fleshly" power. Hope decided to drop Beth off with Brooke and head over to Thomas' with Douglas.

Later, Douglas and Hope arrived. Thomas greeted them and stared conspicuously at a long box in the corner. Douglas asked what was in the box. Douglas picked up a box of toys, and Thomas said Douglas hadn't had toys at the apartment, so Thomas had gotten some.

As Douglas went through the toys, Thomas asked Hope if she'd had to convince Douglas to be there. Hope replied that it hadn't been needed because Douglas wanted to spend time with his father. Thomas valued his time with Douglas, and Thomas valued Hope.

Hope seemed taken aback by the comment, but Douglas interrupted her thoughts to show her one of the toys in the box. Thomas grinned, watching them together. Behind Hope, white eyes shone out of a handle slit in the box that was in the corner. The pseudo-Hope voice said Hope should know how Thomas felt, and a family with Thomas and Douglas was better for Hope. It urged Thomas to tell Hope that she was the only one for him.

At Steffy's house, Steffy and Liam had just put Kelly to sleep with a story. He thanked Steffy for reminding him about the party and wanting him to attend. Liam said that Kelly was growing up fast. Every day he spent away from her was hard. He stated that Kelly was the best of both of them, and he was behind Kelly in whatever she wanted to do in her life.

Steffy told Liam that he was a good father to both of his daughters. She didn't want to keep him and was sure Beth, Douglas, and Hope were missing him. "Yeah, probably," he dubiously said. The mention of Douglas had made Liam think of Thomas again. Steffy rolled her eyes.

Liam expressed his fears that Thomas was getting into Hope's head, and even though Hope and Steffy believed Thomas was a new man, Liam didn't think it was possible. He stated that guys like Thomas didn't change overnight.

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