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Hope talked Thomas down from a psychotic episode with the mannequin. Thomas collapsed, and Finn diagnosed him with brain trauma. Liam, believing that Hope had betrayed him, had sex with Steffy. Liam was stunned when Hope revealed that Thomas had been kissing the mannequin and not her.
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Liam was stunned when Hope revealed that Thomas had been kissing the mannequin, and not her
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Unable to forgive Hope, Liam makes out with Steffy

Unable to forgive Hope, Liam makes out with Steffy

Monday, November 30, 2020

At Thomas' apartment, Thomas was irritated that Finn was there to check on him. Finn, who liked to think he was a big part of Steffy's life, wanted to make sure Thomas was doing okay. Thomas said not to look at him as if he was a patient. He offered to call if he ever felt that he needed a doctor.

Finn asked if Thomas had a headache. Thomas did, and Finn's "interrogation" wasn't helping. Finn mentioned that he'd seen Hope and knew that she'd been there with Douglas earlier. Finn assumed it had been nice for Thomas. Thomas asked if Finn thought Thomas was still obsessed with Hope. Finn replied that he hadn't said that.

Thomas conveyed that Hope meant a lot to him, but her relationship with his son and HFTF were what drove him. Finn sensed that Thomas was fighting his innermost feelings and still loved Hope. Finn also noticed that Thomas seemed short of breath and anxious. Thomas claimed that he'd been working out, which was supposed to be good for one's health.

Finn noted that Thomas hadn't answered the previous question. Assuming Finn wanted to hear that Thomas still loved Hope, Thomas admitted that he did. He'd always care about her, but he wasn't after her. Thomas knew what was real and what wasn't. He respected Hope and cared about her, but that was where it ended. He wasn't obsessing over her anymore. He insisted that he wasn't that guy -- not anymore.

In Brooke's cabin, Wyatt arrived as Hope was reading. He had Spencer contracts for Liam to sign, which would add seven companies to the conglomerate. Wyatt hadn't seen Liam at the office all day. Hope explained that Liam wasn't there and hadn't responded to her messages yet.

Wyatt and Hope were each surprised that Liam wasn't home already, but Hope offered to let Wyatt wait. She assumed Liam was driving back from Malibu after spending the day with Kelly and Steffy.

Later, Hope had explained that Liam was with Steffy, and Hope had been with Thomas earlier. Wyatt wondered if he were in an alternate universe. Chuckling, Hope explained that she'd intended to drop Douglas off at his father's place but had wound up staying for dinner.

Wyatt said that Hope was way more forgiving of Thomas than Wyatt could ever be in her shoes. Hope replied that it was for Douglas, and she constantly reassured Liam about it. Wyatt said that Liam didn't trust Thomas, and Wyatt didn't, either.

Hope realized that it might be the reason Liam hadn't texted her back. Wyatt asked what might be the reason. She hoped that Liam wasn't upset that she'd been with Thomas.

Because of Thomas' baggage and Liam's doubts, Wyatt wondered if it was worth it for Hope to work with Thomas in addition to raising Douglas. Hope promised that she was being careful. Her marriage and family were first with her, and she'd never let Thomas get between her and Liam.

Later, Hope was alone. She sent a message to Liam. He responded, claiming that he'd sleep at the office because something had come up. Hope replied, affirming that she'd gotten the message and loved him. Her phone rang. Reading the caller ID, she sighed and answered it.

Thomas was on the line. He'd wanted to see if she'd made it home safely. Hope thanked him for helping her find her purse. Thomas apologized for freaking her out by what he'd said. He'd just wanted her to know that he cared about her as Douglas' mother.

Hope decided to make sure she and Thomas were on the same page. She said they were co-parenting Douglas and working together, but she was married to Liam, the only man she loved. Thomas indicated that he got it. She told him that it was good that he did because he couldn't say what he'd said again. She brought up Liam's feelings and suspicions about Thomas and said she needed Thomas to respect her marriage and husband. She didn't want Thomas to do or say anything to hurt Liam.

At Steffy's house, Steffy was incredulous about Liam's assumption that he'd seen Hope kiss Thomas. Liam insisted that he'd heard Thomas say Hope's name, and Liam had seen them. Liam wanted to know "why the hell" Hope had been making out with Thomas.

Steffy picked up her phone to call Thomas, but Liam was confident about what he'd seen. Steffy said it was impossible that Hope would do that to Liam. That was what Liam had thought, too, but he'd seen what he'd seen. Steffy said it had to have been someone else, but Liam asserted that Hope had been making out with Steffy's brother, who'd had his hands all over Liam's wife.

Liam went to Steffy's bar to make himself a drink. Steffy asked if it was a good idea. He affirmed it, and she said he might as well pour her one, too. As she went to get lime slices, she and Liam continued to discuss the situation Liam had witnessed at Thomas' place. Steffy wished Liam hadn't gone over there. He was glad he had because at least he knew for sure.

Steffy asked to hear what had happened again. As he recounted the events that had transpired when he'd stood outside Thomas' door, a flashback of it appeared on the screen. Liam stated that Thomas had kissed Hope, and she hadn't resisted at all. He asserted that Thomas should be in jail for what he'd done to them, but Hope was over there, making out with him behind Liam's back.

Liam threw back a shot and poured more tequila. Steffy suggested that he talk to Hope before he got more riled up. She wondered if it all added up if Hope was supposed to be at Thomas' place for dinner with Douglas. Liam replied that he couldn't unsee what he'd seen. He asked what Hope could say after breaking their marriage vows.

Steffy thought it was too strange for Hope. Liam asked if Hope had thought for one second about all that Thomas had put them through. Liam wondered how many times it had happened. He'd always thought of Hope as a perfect woman. He scoffed at the idea of her loyalty. He claimed that he could forgive a lot because of what he'd done himself, but "Thomas -- nope. No way. Can't forgive that."

Liam felt unprepared because he'd never questioned Hope's commitment to the marriage. He assumed he'd been naive because Hope had been opening herself up to Thomas all along. Hope had married him and was raising "kids" with him. Slurring, Liam stated that she was practically Douglas' mother.

Liam griped, wondering if "this" was the guy who was worth throwing away their entire marriage for. He'd thought he and Hope had been happy and wondered if he were crazy. Quietly, Steffy replied that he wasn't. He said he'd given up "so much" to be with Hope. "Yeah. You did," Steffy responded bitterly. Liam gazed at her in realization.

Later, Liam let Steffy know that Hope had been texting him, and he'd told her that he'd stay at the office. He had work to do there and would get a car to take him. Steffy thought that was a good idea. She stated that he'd given up a lot, like tucking in his little girl every night. "Yeah, now you've moved on, too," he added and noted that she and Finn seemed close.

Steffy stated that things were getting pretty serious. Finn spent a few nights a week there, but he'd leave before Kelly awakened. Pointing an empty glass at her, Liam said it wasn't easy to watch her move on, and he knew that he was a complete hypocrite for saying it. "We really had something, didn't we?" he asked. Steffy nodded.

Liam told Steffy that he'd known the day would come that she'd find someone. He never wanted to stand in the way of her happiness, but days like that day made him question every decision he'd ever made. Steffy replied that he'd been drinking and didn't know what he was talking about. He replied that half of him had never been more clear, and the other half was confused.

Liam and Steffy gazed at the portrait. She said she looked at it every night, and it was a tribute to the wonderful times they'd had together. She advised him to sleep it off at the office and talk to his wife the next day. Steffy was sure there was a reasonable explanation for what had happened at Thomas' apartment.

Liam didn't know if he could ever look Hope in the eye again after that night. He couldn't get the image out of his head. It was devastating. He wondered if it had happened for a reason. Steffy asked what he meant. Liam replied that he had no right to ask her, "but how serious are you and Finn?"

In Steffy's silence, Liam asked if Steffy knew that he'd never "not loved" her. Pointing to the portrait, he said she didn't want to take it down, and he didn't want her to, either. It was a symbol of what was, and it might be a symbol of what could still be. Steffy and Liam began to kiss.

Hope orders Thomas to step away from the mannequin

Hope orders Thomas to step away from the mannequin

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy exited the nursery in her robe and groaned when she saw the shirtless Liam asleep on the sofa. Liam awakened and gazed at the remnants of the previous night's drinks on the coffee table. He was glad that Kelly was still asleep because it gave him and Steffy a chance to talk. Steffy reluctantly agreed.

Later, Steffy gazed at the portrait and flashed back to kissing Liam. He entered the room, fully dressed and grateful for the coffee she'd set down for him. "Did we really make love last night?" he asked. Regretfully, she affirmed it and guessed the big question was what would be next.

Steffy and Liam each asked how the other felt. Liam answered first. He'd had every intention of sleeping at the office after what he'd seen. He flashed back to Thomas kissing "Hope." Liam said he'd awakened thinking that it had been a bad dream, but it hadn't been. He'd actually seen Hope and Thomas kissing.

Liam had never been more shocked than to see Thomas' hands all over Hope, and she'd been just letting him do it. Steffy said it was understandable that Liam would be upset. He replied that he shouldn't have stayed there. "You know how I feel about you, but you've got a boyfriend," Liam responded. He stated that he'd drunk way too much.

Steffy said that they both had. It had felt like old times with tequila stirred in. He stated that one thing had led to another. Steffy and Liam stared at each other with guilty expressions. Liam couldn't believe that he and Steffy had slept together.

"I know," Steffy said. She told him that, even though he had a right to be upset, Hope was his wife, and they were raising children together. "And you're with Finn now," he replied. Liam didn't know how Hope could let Thomas kiss her after everything Thomas had put them through. Steffy advised Liam to talk to Hope.

Liam was sorry he kept going on about it. He wasn't trying to be disrespectful. Steffy said it was fine. Liam didn't know how Hope would explain making out with Thomas.

At Hope's house, Donna had just left with the kids, and Hope saw that Liam hadn't messaged her overnight. She gazed around in disillusionment. Finn arrived. He said he would have called, but he didn't have her number. He was there out of concern for Thomas.

Finn explained that he'd seen Thomas the previous night, and it had reinforced Finn's worries. Thomas wasn't the same person as when Finn had met him. Back then, Thomas had been welcoming and supportive, but the Thomas from the night before hadn't been able to get rid of Finn fast enough. Hope assumed Thomas had been working and cranky that Finn had interrupted him.

Finn felt that more had been going on. Thomas had kept rubbing his head and had mentioned headaches while Finn had been there. Hope divulged that Thomas had recently felt dizzy and had hit his head. Finn said it could explain a lot and asked if Thomas had seen a doctor. Hope replied that Thomas had downplayed it as if it wasn't serious.

Finn stated that head injuries were indeed serious, and Thomas shouldn't be making that call. Finn and Hope went over Thomas' behavior. With Finn, Thomas had been suspicious, impatient, defensive, and unfriendly. Finn explained that if Thomas had a concussion, it could disrupt the connections between the blood vessels and neurons in the brain, produce an inefficient way of processing information, and skew emotional reactions.

Finn asked if Hope had picked up on any red flags with Thomas. She hadn't. "No anxiety? Impulsivity?" Finn asked. Hope, feeling she had the most experience with an erratic Thomas, said Thomas had seemed steady and focused. She wondered if Finn had caught Thomas at a bad time, but Finn said it wasn't possible.

Hope began to worry about Thomas, who was Douglas' father and had had issues in the past. Finn recommended that she remain vigilant and contact Finn if Thomas needed anything. Hope saw Finn out the front door and thanked him for the heads-up.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas peered at the mannequin. "Are you there?" he asked. Thomas was interrupted when Ridge arrived. Thomas put the mannequin away and let his father in. Thomas was antsy, and Ridge wondered if everything was okay with his son.

It was comforting to Thomas that his father was concerned about him. Ridge said it would be the same with Douglas and Thomas, and Douglas would always be Thomas' little boy. Thomas got down on himself for using Douglas, an innocent child who loved him unconditionally. Ridge replied that it was the past, and one had to move on and live with their mistakes.

Thomas grumbled that it wasn't always easy. Ridge said that growing up was hard. "But you're doing it, man," Ridge reasoned. He felt that Thomas was doing it personally and professionally, and Thomas' work had never been better.

Ridge figured that, even though it was hard for Thomas to see his son with Liam and Hope, Thomas had done it because it had been best for the boy. Ridge said fathers made tough choices, and Douglas was doing well. Thomas replied that it wasn't due to him; it was due to Hope.

Ridge admitted that he saw red flags when Thomas talked as if he were in awe of Hope. Thomas stated that he wasn't in awe, and Ridge hoped it stayed that way. Thomas did admire Hope, though. Ridge flashed a look, and Thomas explained that it was okay for him to admire Hope, who displayed all the wonderfulness of humanity. Ridge reminded Thomas that there was a line that he couldn't cross.

Thomas didn't want to cross the line. He wasn't just throwing around the word "therapy." He was actually "walking the walk." He didn't want to repeat the terrible things he'd done in the past. He didn't want to hurt his son, Hope, or Ridge. Thomas said it would be horrible and stupid to go there and ruin everything he'd gained.

Thomas admitted that something hadn't changed about him. He still couldn't stand Liam, who'd never be worthy of Hope. Ridge replied that not everyone shared that opinion. Thomas said it wasn't an opinion; it was a fact. Liam kept going back and forth between Steffy and Hope, and it wasn't right. Thomas would never get what Hope saw in Liam, but Thomas had learned that he didn't have to get it. He just had to accept it. He'd learned to accept it.

Later, Thomas was alone with the mannequin. He declared that it had to go. He didn't think he could take it back to work, so he had to figure out an excuse for what had happened to it. The "flesh" mannequin animated itself and told Thomas that Liam was the one who had to go. It told Thomas to make Hope his.

Thomas didn't want to do that. He felt he had to be his best self, and the mannequin wasn't helping. The mannequin urged him to take what he wanted. He said he couldn't do that. He had to earn Hope's love and respect. "And that's what I'll do because, at some point, Liam is going to screw up," Thomas decided. He was sure it would happen, and he had to be there to pick up the pieces for Hope. He'd be a good father and a good man. He wanted to be those things.

Thomas didn't know why he was talking to the mannequin as if it were real. It said it was real. Thomas figured out that it had all started when he'd hit his head at work, and he'd hit it again after Liam had gone the other day. Thomas wondered if it could be the reason "for this, for you."

The mannequin began to robotically walk. It declared that it was Hope and asked Thomas to take "me." Thomas yelled at it to stay back and leave him alone. It ordered him to get rid of Liam. It told Thomas that Hope wanted him.

Outside Thomas' door, Hope heard Thomas arguing with someone. He yelled that the person had to stop because he wasn't that guy anymore. He said the person had to get out of there, and he had to get rid of the person. "You are not Hope!" Thomas yelled.

Hope opened the front door and saw Thomas shaking the mannequin. She told him to let it go. Thomas looked at Hope. Confused, he gazed at the "flesh" mannequin. Hope ordered him to let the mannequin go. He looked at the mannequin again, and it had returned to an inanimate object.

Hope tries to reach out to a delusional Thomas

Hope tries to reach out to a delusional Thomas

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

At the cliff house, Liam looked out at the ocean. Liam thought it would best for him to leave before Kelly woke up so that his presence didn't confused her. "You're her father. She'll have no idea that you spent the night," Steffy replied. Liam questioned how he'd gotten to the point where he'd betrayed his marriage. Steffy admitted that she also felt guilty. Liam stated that he didn't necessarily feel bad about having slept with Steffy. He did, however, feel bad for the fact that they'd betrayed their partners. Liam placed the blame for their transgressions squarely at Thomas' feet.

Neither Liam nor Steffy understood why Hope had just stood still while Thomas had kissed her. Liam posited that he would have been able to forgive Hope kissing a stranger -- but smooching Thomas was another thing entirely. If Hope really did have feelings for Thomas, Liam said that it might be best for him to walk away from his marriage. Steffy was surprised that Liam would give up after all he'd gone through in order to be with Hope. "She's attracted to the craziness," Liam snapped.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke exchanged flirtatious glances. Brooke said that she felt "there [was] peace right around the corner" for them and their family. Brooke expressed her desire to find a romantic partner for Thomas. Ridge agreed with the idea in principle but hinted that he wanted Thomas to have a little more time to get himself together before dating. Brooke worried that Thomas might still be obsessed with Hope.

Thomas looked back and forth between Hope, who stood in the doorway, and the mannequin. Hope pleaded with Thomas to take his hands off of the mannequin. An increasingly angry Thomas told Hope that "she's been telling me terrible things." Hope was startled to learn that Thomas believed the mannequin had been talking to him. "She's evil!" Thomas snarled. He stepped forward until his nose was just inches from the mannequin's and again screamed, "Evil!"

Hope slowly edged her way into the apartment and closed the door behind her. She repeated that Thomas was referring to a mannequin and that it was not a real person. Thomas turned his attention back to the mannequin and demanded that it tell Hope what it had been saying. "Kiss her," the mannequin said to Thomas. Thomas gestured to the mannequin and looked back at Hope. Thomas was perplexed when Hope told him that she hadn't heard anything. The mannequin became increasingly sinister, ordering Thomas to show Hope how he felt.

Suddenly, Hope realized that Thomas had kissed the mannequin. As Hope tried to convince Thomas that the mannequin was not real, the mannequin turned up the heat and instructed Thomas to "make [Hope] yours now." Thomas pressed his face into his hands and exhaled deeply. He told Hope that the mannequin didn't understand that he wanted to love Hope the right way, not like how he'd done it in the past. Hope, clearly frightened, was unable to speak.

Eventually, Hope spoke up and asked Thomas how she could help him. "Show her you love her," the mannequin growled. Hope asked Thomas to look at her. When he did, Hope told him that the mannequin's eyes didn't blink because it wasn't real. "It isn't me," Hope said softly. Tears welled in Thomas' eyes, an occasional tear overflowing and spilling down his cheek. Thomas lit up as he finally "saw" Hope.

Speaking haltingly, Thomas told Hope that there was something he needed to tell her before the mannequin came back. "I love you," he sobbed, adding, "And don't take this the wrong way, but Hope... I will love you for the rest of my life." Her back still against the door, Hope replied, "I understand." Thomas realized that he had to seem crazy. He broke down in tears as Hope pledged to get him the help that he needed. "I'm here for you," Hope said reassuringly. Thomas nodded his head before falling to the ground.

Liam confronts Hope, and she responds cluelessly

Liam confronts Hope, and she responds cluelessly

Thursday, December 3, 2020

At the cliff house, Liam asserted that none of it would be happening if Hope hadn't let Thomas back into their lives. Thomas had been after Hope again. "Nobody else saw it, but I saw it!" Liam exclaimed, and Steffy sighed. Liam concluded that Hope had to want to be close to Thomas.

Steffy didn't think Liam really believed that. Liam didn't know what else he should believe after he'd seen Hope and Thomas kissing. Steffy told Liam to remember his family. She said that he couldn't just walk away without talking to Hope and figuring out what had happened. Steffy stated that Hope and Liam could still work it out, and he didn't have all the facts.

Liam was confident that he hadn't misinterpreted what he'd seen. He didn't know how Thomas had gotten to Hope, but somehow, Thomas had convinced Hope to give him another chance. Liam pondered whether Thomas was using Douglas again.

Steffy urged Liam to talk to Hope, but Liam decided there was someone he needed to talk to first. She warned him that it wouldn't help to talk to Thomas, but Liam had already shut the front door behind himself.

Moments later, Ridge arrived and wondered why Liam had just rushed out of there.

Later, Ridge didn't believe it when Steffy said Hope and Thomas had been together, and Liam had seen them kissing. "No, he did not," Ridge emphatically responded. Steffy said she hadn't been able to believe it, either, but Liam had been certain.

Ridge wanted to know what Liam had said to Hope and Thomas and was astounded to hear that Liam had left without confronting them. Steffy defended Liam, saying Ridge, of all people, should understand that Liam had been in shock. Ridge said he hadn't been there when Brooke's kiss with Bill had happened.

Ridge asked if Liam had called Steffy and was further surprised to learn that Liam hadn't even gone home the previous night and had stayed at Steffy's house instead. Steffy defended Liam, who'd been rocked and stammering after the incident. She claimed he'd been blindsided because Hope had been reassuring him about Thomas. Steffy felt blindsided, too, because she'd had no idea that Hope had been developing feelings for Thomas.

Ridge was confused because he had just talked to Thomas. Ridge was sure that Thomas understood that what he'd done with Hope had been a mistake. Knowing how his daughter felt about Liam, Ridge asked what the development would do to Steffy's relationship with Liam and Liam's relationship with Hope.

Steffy said it had just happened. She didn't know what it meant for any of them, but she'd advised Liam to work it out with his wife. Ridge wondered if things were a little different because Liam had gone straight to Steffy after seeing Hope with Thomas.

Steffy claimed that if it had been anyone but Thomas, Liam would have reacted differently and would have demanded an explanation. She claimed Liam didn't need an explanation when it came to Thomas; Liam just wouldn't accept it. Ridge asked if Liam blamed Hope, and Steffy replied that the kiss had seemed mutual.

Ridge seemed at a loss for understanding it. Ridge was certain that Thomas had come to grips with his feelings for Hope and was focused on better things in his own life. He reasoned that part of Thomas would always love Hope, but Thomas wouldn't throw his life away over it.

Steffy said there was more to it than Thomas' feelings. Liam was frustrated because he'd warned Hope to stay away from Thomas. Ridge figured that the couple needed to talk about it, but Steffy said Liam wanted to have it out with Thomas first and had gone to confront Thomas.

At Thomas' apartment, Hope, who'd already called emergency services, couldn't rouse Thomas from his prone position on the floor. She called Finn and frantically explained what had gone on with Thomas. Finn said he wasn't far from Thomas' place. He instructed Hope not to move Thomas and to unlock the door. Finn would be there as soon as possible.

Hope attempted to talk Thomas into waking up for Douglas. Finn arrived and immediately dropped to the floor beside Thomas. Hope began to explain what had gone on in the moments before Thomas had passed out. She said he'd been delusional and talking to the mannequin.

Finn asked for clarity on the matter, and Hope explained that Thomas had been shaking the mannequin and telling it that it wasn't Hope. Hope wasn't sure he'd been able to distinguish between talking to her and to the mannequin.

Finn asked if Thomas had hit his head when he'd fallen. It had happened too fast for Hope to have seen. Finn said there was no way to tell what was going on with Thomas without brain scans. Finn heard the paramedics in the corridor and directed them into the apartment. Hope told Thomas that he would be okay.

Later, Hope was alone. She circled the mannequin and flashed back over all the events that had occurred since she'd heard that Thomas had the mannequin at his place. She recalled the psychotic break Thomas had just had, and she knocked the mannequin to the ground.

Hope heard Liam outside the front door. Glad to see him, she hurriedly answered the door. Liam guessed that he shouldn't be surprised to find her there. Liam barged in, looking for Thomas. Liam asked why Hope hadn't told him and why he'd had to find her there.

Hope said she'd been there out of concern. Something had happened, and she'd been right to be concerned. She hadn't text-messaged Liam before she'd left the house because he'd been busy with work. She knew he'd spent the night at the office. "What about you?" Liam smugly asked. He questioned whether she'd spent the night at home or at Thomas'.

Hope said she hadn't slept there and didn't know why Liam would even ask that. She tearfully began telling him that something had happened with Thomas, but all Liam wanted to hear about was "last night." He claimed he'd seen everything "last night." Hope began explaining the events leading up to her accepting Thomas' dinner invitation.

"Dinner? Are you kidding me right now? Dinner is what you're going with? That's all that happened was dinner?" Liam asked. Hope reminded Liam that Thomas was Douglas' father, but Liam warned her not to put it on Douglas. It was about Hope, who'd let Thomas back into their lives and had added him to her team at work.

Liam said Hope had asked him to be more understanding of the guy who'd robbed them of time with each other and their daughter and who'd attacked them over and over with his sick obsession with her. Liam had been expected to take Thomas' word that Thomas had changed, but it had been a lie. Thomas had reeled Hope in and had her lying, too.

Liam asked how Hope could do it to them. Hope asked how she could do what. She had no idea what Liam was talking about. Liam yelled that he'd seen Hope and Thomas together. Hope shook her head in confusion. "You just destroyed our marriage!" Liam declared.

Back at Steffy's house, Ridge and Steffy were discussing whether it had been wise for Liam to confront Thomas. Finn called Steffy to tell her that Thomas was at the hospital after he'd collapsed at his apartment. Steffy said she'd get ahold of Amelia, and she and Ridge would be at the hospital right away.

Liam is mortified to learn that Thomas kissed the mannequin

Liam is mortified to learn that Thomas kissed the mannequin

Friday, December 4, 2020

At the hospital, Ridge and Steffy met with Finn about Thomas, who the doctors were still evaluating. Not caring if Thomas was still with the doctors, Ridge was frantic to see his son and find out what had happened. From the look on Finn's face, Steffy gleaned that it had to be serious. Finn asked them not to jump to the worst-case scenario. Finn reminded them that Thomas was young and strong; however, Finn had to admit that he was concerned.

Steffy and Ridge were anxious to know what had happened to Thomas, but Finn said they still didn't know everything. Ridge recalled Steffy saying that Liam had been upset when he'd gone to Thomas' place. Steffy asked Finn if Liam and Thomas had gotten into a fight. Finn revealed that there hadn't been a fight. In disbelief that Thomas had collapsed out of nowhere, Ridge asked if Liam had called paramedics. Finn stated that Liam hadn't been there; Hope had.

Later, Ridge ascertained that Finn had just said that Hope had gone to see Thomas due to Finn's concern for Thomas. Affirming it, Finn said it could have been worse if Hope hadn't been there, and Hope had done all the right things to help Thomas. Ridge couldn't understand why no one knew what had caused Thomas to collapse out of nowhere.

Finn hadn't wanted to alarm them, but in his opinion, Thomas was suffering from some sort of brain trauma. The news weighed heavily on Ridge, who'd just seen his son that morning. Thomas was usually the first at the office those days, but when Thomas hadn't shown up, Ridge had gone to see Thomas. Thomas had been in good spirits, and Ridge was proud of Thomas for the strides he'd made. Ridge had credited Thomas with making a good life for Douglas, but Thomas had told Ridge that the credit should go to Hope.

Finn conveyed that Thomas had seemed off when Finn had visited him the other night. Finn asked if Ridge had noticed anything different about Thomas. Irritated, Ridge yelled that he had not noticed anything. For once, Thomas had actually been doing well from what Ridge had seen. Ridge asked Steffy to agree, but in her withering silence, Ridge asserted that Thomas had been great until that moment.

Ridge flashed back on Thomas' declaration that he didn't want to go down old roads and lose the gains he'd made. Ridge asked to see his son. Finn went to check to see if it was okay and returned to let Steffy and Ridge know that they could briefly see Thomas.

In his private room, Thomas slept on a bed. Around his head, there was a crown of monitoring nodes. Ridge and Steffy entered, and Ridge sat by the bed. Ridge let Thomas know that they were there, and things would be okay. Ridge and Steffy told Thomas that he'd collapsed in his apartment, and Finn, along with a team of doctors, was caring for Thomas. They urged Thomas to fight for Douglas' sake, and they promised to be there when Thomas opened his eyes.

At Thomas' apartment, Hope couldn't understand why Liam was saying she'd destroyed their marriage, but she had something that he needed to know about Thomas. Liam screamed that he already knew and had seen what Hope had done with Thomas the previous night. Hope didn't know what Liam thought he'd seen, but she'd had a completely innocent dinner with Douglas and Thomas. "You did not just say that!" Liam responded.

Liam didn't know how he and Hope could have a marriage if she didn't see what a big deal it was. In tears, Hope didn't know what he wanted her to say. Liam wanted her to be honest and admit that a lot more than dinner had gone on there the previous night. Hope stuck to her story that she and Douglas had had dinner with Thomas. She said she didn't see the harm in it, "but for some reason, you do!"

Liam claimed to have a dozen reasons and launched into a litany of the things Thomas had done to them over the years. Liam said it was tragic that Thomas had finally gotten what he'd wanted, but Liam was disillusioned by the way that it had happened. He asked how Hope could do that to them.

Hope didn't know what was going on with Liam, but she claimed she was trying to be sensitive to whatever he thought he'd seen. Liam wished he could unsee it, but it kept replaying in his head. She was sure they could work out whatever it was, but at that moment, she wanted to tell him something about Thomas. Again, Liam claimed that he knew all he needed to know. "You and Thomas were kissing," Liam stated.

Hope called it ridiculous, and Liam asked if she'd really deny it. "Yes, I'm going to deny that. I'm absolutely going to deny that," Hope responded. Liam stated that Thomas hadn't changed, but Hope had. Liam believed that Hope had once been able to see the devastation Thomas had caused everyone, but Thomas was suddenly back in their lives, despite it all. Thomas was at the center of Hope's life in a way that Liam had never thought possible.

Liam concluded that Hope had always found Thomas irresistible. Hope told Liam that he was wrong. Liam was the man she loved, and he always would be. He wished he could believe it, but he'd seen the kiss. It had been passionate. Liam didn't understand why Hope would throw it all away for Thomas, but if that was what she wanted, then she could go and be with Thomas.

Hope told Liam that she cared about Thomas as Douglas' father, but she did not want to be with him and had not kissed him. Liam insisted that he'd seen it, but she said he hadn't seen her. Liam asked who else Thomas would call by Hope's name.

Hope glanced at the mannequin on the floor. She flashed back to Thomas telling it that he wouldn't kiss it anymore. She asked what time Liam had gotten there the night before. Liam didn't know but said it had been getting late. She assumed she'd already left with Douglas. Liam tried to say what he'd seen again, but Hope insisted that it hadn't been her.

Liam asked who it had been. Hope hoisted the mannequin from the floor and held it up beside her. Dumbstruck, Liam asked what it was still doing there. He stated that Thomas had returned it weeks back. Hope replied that there was a reason Thomas hadn't done that. Liam blamed it on Thomas' obsession with Hope, which she kept overlooking.

Hope told Liam to stop and remember that he'd said himself that the mannequin looked like her. She asserted that he'd seen the mannequin, not her. Liam thought Hope had to be kidding. Hope explained that she hadn't been there, and Thomas hadn't been kissing her. "No, no, no...Thomas was kissing the mannequin...?" Liam uttered and froze in guilty silence.

Hope told Liam that she hadn't kissed Thomas and would never betray Liam. She said she wouldn't betray their marriage any more than he would. Liam looked as if he might cry and soil himself at the same time.

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