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January 4 to 8, 2021
Carter had mixed feelings about Paris' decision not to take the job, and he asked her to think about it. Zende figured out that Paris wouldn't accept the job offer because of Zoe. Refusing to let Paris miss out on the opportunity, he tracked her down and convinced her to stay in town and accept the job. Liam convinced Steffy that they had to tell Hope and Finn about their night together, even before they'd gotten a paternity test. As Liam told Hope about the events that had unfolded the night he'd seen Thomas kiss the mannequin, Hope cried, asking where Liam had slept that night.
January 11 to 15, 2021
Zende tracked Paris down and persuaded her to take the job at the foundation. He received a kiss in return. Zoe objected to Paris defying Zoe's wishes, but Paris refused to leave her dream job or her dream man. Carter asked Zoe to set a wedding date, and in response, Zoe asked Zende if he thought they could have something. Zende wasn't the type of guy to hurt his friend and turned Zoe down. Hope and Finn decided to try to maintain their relationships despite the infidelity of their partners. Hope suspected Steffy wanted the baby to be Liam's, and Finn warned Liam that if Finn was the father, things would change around there.
January 18 to 22, 2021
Finn stood in doubt of Steffy's feelings for him and Liam. Steffy assured Finn that she wanted a future with him regardless of who'd fathered her baby. Thomas overheard Liam pleading for Hope's forgiveness. To Hope's surprise, Thomas urged her to forgive her husband. Steffy confirmed her pregnancy test with her doctor and requested one more test. Summer Newman, in town for a Spencer meeting, sought information about Sally, and Flo hinted that she knew plenty. Zoe was confused when she received a delayed text message from Zende.
January 25 to 29, 2021
Paris confronted her sister about Zende, but when Zoe plowed forward anyway, Paris figured she had to save Zoe from herself. Zoe was adamant that she and Zende spend the night together, so that she could know if she was meant to be with him or Carter. Ridge overheard it and blasted the pair for disrespecting Carter. Zoe rushed to set a wedding date with Carter, and Zende told Paris that he wanted her. Bill reached his limit of life without Katie and implored her to return to him. Dr. Campbell told Steffy that she couldn't test for the baby's paternity until the ninth week of pregnancy.
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February 1 to 5, 2021
Carter announced that he and Zoe had set a wedding date, but Ridge advised Carter to have a conversation with his fiancée about her feelings for Zende. Carter confronted Zoe about his belief that she was only with him because he was the closest thing she'd gotten to marrying a Forrester. Zoe blamed her problems with Carter on Paris and attempted to force Paris to resign from Forrester. Steffy and Finn took a paternity test. Brooke had words with Steffy about her drunken night with Liam. Ridge, upon learning about Steffy's pregnancy, hoped the family could find a way to unify; however, Hope was unsure that she could put the betrayal behind her. Vinny was surprised to hear about Steffy's paternity dilemma from Thomas.
February 8 to 12, 2021
Separately, couples Ridge and Brooke, Liam and Hope, and Finn and Steffy sorted through the ramifications that the paternity test could have on their families and relationships.
February 15 to 19, 2021
Bill convinced Donna and Brooke that he was sincere about Katie, and the sisters spoke to Katie on his behalf, urging her to let him back into her life. While confronting Zende and Zoe about their entanglement, Carter looked to Paris for honest answers about Zoe. Zoe implored Ridge to help her convince Carter to give her another chance. The paternity test results revealed that Liam was the father of Steffy's baby. Devastated, Hope and Finn didn't know how to move forward in their relationships in light of the fact that Steffy and Liam would have yet another child together.
February 22 to 26, 2021
Flo felt disconnected from her Logan family, and Wyatt urged Katie to intercede on Flo's behalf with the Logans to get them to accept Flo into the family. As Hope, Liam, Finn, and Steffy grappled with the reality of the paternity test results, Thomas began to suspect that Vinny had had a hand in the answer the test had given. Thomas tracked Vinny down and demanded to know if he'd altered the test results. Finn confronted Liam about the way he'd treated Hope and Steffy over the years. Liam showed up and offered to take Steffy to her routine doctor's appointment, but Steffy advised him to focus on his wife instead.
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MARCH 2021
March 1 to 5, 2021
Katie, Donna, and Brooke heard Flo out and decided to try to forgive her and integrate her into the family. The Logan sisters convinced Ridge to hire Flo to work in the PR department at Forrester. Bill capitalized on the Logan forgiveness in the air and got Katie to agree to let him spend time with her and Will. Zoe went to Carter's loft in a sexy dress to try to persuade him to take her back. Zende whisked Paris away from work to have a romantic evening alone with him at the Forrester mansion.
March 8 to 12, 2021
Carter broke things off with Zoe, and Zoe lashed out at Paris, accusing Paris of ruining Zoe's life. Zoe ordered Paris to leave town, but Paris instructed Zoe to search a mirror to find the root of her troubles. A fistfight in the hospital lab culminated in Vinny confessing to tampering with the paternity test and making Liam the father instead of Finn. Thomas rushed to the cabin to give Hope the news. Finn learned that Steffy was secretly leaving for Paris to spare him the burden of watching her and Liam raise another baby. Finn headed off Steffy's plan and offered a plan of his own when he proposed to Steffy on bended knee.
March 15 to 19, 2021
Thomas told Hope that Vinny had altered the paternity tests. Hope gave Liam the news but asked Liam if he'd told Steffy that he loved her when they'd slept together. When Ridge heard what Vinny had done, he called Lt. Baker, who took Vinny into custody. Ridge was miffed when Brooke questioned Thomas about his feelings for Hope. Finn informed Steffy that he was her baby's father, and Steffy accepted his marriage proposal. Steffy didn't feel it would be complete until she did one last thing -- remove Liam's portrait from her wall.
March 22 to 26, 2021
Hope decided that she needed a formal separation from Liam. Wyatt felt bad that his life was taking a turn for the good while Liam's might be taking one for the bad, but the brothers affirmed that they'd support each other no matter what. Katie, Donna, and Brooke presented Flo with papers to officially change her name to Logan. When Flo announced to Wyatt that she'd legally become a Logan, he asked if she'd consider changing her name again -- to Mrs. Wyatt Spencer.
March 29 to April 2, 2021
Quinn and Shauna reaffirmed their devotion to their friendship and were overjoyed when Wyatt and Flo announced their engagement. Hope gave Flo a cool reception at work and raised her brows when Flo asked if Hope would accept Flo like Hope had accepted Thomas and Zoe. Brooke remained at odds with Ridge and Thomas over her distrust of Thomas. Worried that Thomas would take advantage of Liam and Hope's separation, Brooke urged Liam to put a stop to Thomas. Liam romanced Hope with sweet deliveries, but when his visit with Beth reminded Hope of what a wonderful father he was, she softened and let him kiss her. With Quinn's help, Zoe put herbs for Eric's stomach issues into Paris' drink.
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APRIL 2021
April 5 to 9, 2021
Liam and Hope shared a kiss and made lunch plans for the following day. On a dark road, Bill put Liam into Bill's car and sped away after Liam hit Vinny with Bill's car. Hope became worried when Liam canceled their date at the last minute. Finn saw a familiar face at the morgue and asked Thomas to meet there to make an identification. Quinn helped Zoe play a prank on Paris with the hopes of ruining Paris' date with Zende, but Zoe frowned when Zende seemed undeterred by the "ghastly" noises Paris had made earlier that evening.
April 12 to 16, 2021
Zoe decided to accept responsibility for her own mistakes and make amends with Paris. Paris readily accepted her sister's apology. Quinn went to Carter's place to advocate for his relationship with Zoe, but Quinn wound up expounding upon her own relationship problems with Eric in the bedroom. Thomas positively identified Vinny in the morgue and became determined to make the killer pay for what he'd done. Chief Baker questioned Thomas and learned about Vinny's drug-dealing. Liam avoided an encounter with Baker, but Thomas told Liam that Baker would probably question Liam about the paternity test results switch.
April 19 to 23, 2021
Detective Sanchez and Chief Baker deliberated about whether Vinny's death had been drug-trade related or whether one of his victims from the paternity test fraud had taken revenge upon him. Quinn had a frank discussion with Carter about her nonexistent sex life with Eric, and Carter urged her to open up the communication with her husband. Quinn attempted to have a romantic evening with Eric, but he preferred to get some sleep. Hope became worried that Liam was distancing himself from their family. At the same time, Bill urged Liam to return to his normal routine. Hope told Liam that she was ready to work on forgiveness, and she invited him to return back home.
April 26 to 30, 2021
Bill tried to deter Chief Baker from questioning Liam by proffering other possible suspects in Vinny's death, but Baker seemed determined to follow through with his hunch about the paternity test motive. When Liam arrived with good news about Hope wanting him to move home, Baker interrogated Liam about his disdain for Vinny Walker. Liam kept his cool and denied wanting to hurt Vinny. Paris warned Zoe not to trust Quinn, but Zoe insisted upon sending Quinn to talk to Carter again. Freshly wounded from Eric's rejection the other night, Quinn fell prey to her attraction to Carter, and the two made out on the floor of his loft.
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MAY 2021
May 3 to 7, 2021
Carter and Quinn woke up in each other's arms but swore it would never happen again. Zoe continued to believe in Quinn's ability to persuade Carter, even after Quinn admitted she'd handled things wrong with him. Eric overheard Quinn and Shauna talking about a night that could ruin the Forrester marriage, but Shauna lied that they'd been talking about the Vegas wedding night. As Eric confided in Shauna his belief that Quinn would betray him again, Quinn was back in Carter's arms. A memorial tribute video for Vinny sent Liam reeling. Chief Baker questioned Thomas again about the paternity test fallout, and Thomas urged Baker to find the real killer.
May 10 to 14, 2021
Brooke and Ridge helped Eric sort out his feelings for Quinn, and Eric decided to reconcile with his wife. Zoe slipped into Carter's loft to surprise him but was devastated to find him in bed -- with someone's clothing on the floor. Brooke, Ridge, Eric, and Paris were shocked to learn from Zoe that Carter had another woman. When Zoe spotted the red jacket she'd seen on Carter's bedroom floor, Shauna took ownership of the jacket and the affair with Carter. Realizing that he'd gone too far and that he was better when he was with Zoe, Carter reinstated his engagement to Zoe. Eric apologized to Quinn and expressed his desire to work on their marriage.
May 17 to 21, 2021
Wyatt continued to question Bill about what could be antagonizing him, and Wyatt was deeply affected by Bill's devotion to his sons. Thomas visited Bill at Spencer and was shaken by Bill's lack of empathy and humility for Vinny. Liam planned a romantic evening for Hope, and the couple consummated their reunion. After a visit from Thomas, Liam confessed to Hope the truth about what had happened to Vinny Walker.
May 24 to 28, 2021
Zoe questioned whether Shauna could let Carter go so easily, but Shauna was certain that it was over. Zoe insisted that Shauna, or any other woman, would never touch Carter again. Carter, Quinn, and Shauna swore to each other to keep their secret. Bill walked in on Hope and Liam as they were about to go to the police. Bill urged them to take one night to think it over. The couple spent the night cherishing their love, and the next day, Hope wondered if it was really wise for them to risk it all by going to the police.
May 31 to June 4, 2021
Finn and Steffy returned from their camping trip, and during a doctor's visit, learned that they were having a baby boy. Bill arrived at the police station in time to try to talk Liam out of confessing. Liam pretended that he'd leave and meet Bill at the office, but once Bill had gone, Liam confessed to killing Vinny. When Bill learned about the confession, he confessed his role in the cover-up, and Baker decided to arrest him, too. Thinking it would free Liam, Hope informed Baker that Bill had done the cover-up, but Baker informed her that Liam's silence had made him complicit in it.
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JUNE 2021
June 7 to 11, 2021
News quickly spread of Bill and Liam's arrest. Justin took on Liam and Bill's defense cases but wished his clients hadn't spoken so freely to the police. Quinn and Eric consummated their new commitment to each other, as did Zoe and Carter after Zoe accepted her ring back from him. Paris overheard Shauna and Quinn talking about how it had been Quinn, not Shauna, in Carter's bed. Shauna urged Paris not to hurt her sister by revealing the truth. Quinn basked in the joy of her night with Eric, but Shauna warned that it might all come crashing down on Quinn.
June 14 to 18, 2021
Bill couldn't figure out why the wheels of justice moved so slowly, and he demanded Justin spring into action while Wyatt, not Justin, commanded the business. Liam asked Thomas to be there to support Hope, but Wyatt told Liam that Thomas was bound to take that to a level Liam didn't intend. Ridge wanted Brooke to have faith in Thomas, but at the same time, Ridge made sure Thomas understood that everyone, not just Thomas, comprised Hope's support system. Quinn and Carter implored Paris to keep their secret, but when Carter contemplated telling it himself, Quinn became so distraught that he hugged her. Eric walked in and asked what was going on.
June 21 to 25, 2021
Liam and Bill met in the jail yard. Each was perplexed by why Justin hadn't sprung them yet, but Bill put all his faith in Justin to come through for them. With Zende's help, Thomas rebooted his phone, and Vinny's previously unseen messages poured into Thomas' phone. Contained therein was a video from Vinny, who'd recorded himself jumping into the path of Bill's moving vehicle. When Thomas shared the news with Justin, Justin punched Thomas and locked him in a cage in a soundproof area of Spencer. Tired of being Bill's sidekick, Justin saw Bill's crime as a way to get the power Justin believed he deserved at Spencer. All Justin had to do next was figure out what to do with Thomas. Quinn suggested to Eric that they host a vow renewal ceremony.
June 28 to July 2, 2021
Justin refused to release Thomas from the cage, and with a drink in hand, Justin savored his time in Bill's chair. Finn and Steffy welcomed their new son, Hayes, into the world via a water birth. Quinn ordered Carter to get out of his agreement to officiate at Eric and Quinn's vows ceremony, but Carter didn't know how he could avoid it. Brooke overheard Quinn threatening Paris, and with some prodding and guesswork, Brooke figured out that Quinn and Carter had had an affair. Before Eric could renew his vows to Quinn, Brooke stopped the ceremony and convinced Carter to expose what he and Quinn had done.
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JULY 2021
July 5 to 9, 2021
Eric threw Quinn out of his house and fired her from Forrester Creations. Paris caught up to Zoe and exposed the truth about Quinn and Carter before Zoe left for Paris. Hope heard Thomas' phone ring in Bill's office. Hope infiltrated Justin's secret room, and Thomas told her the truth about Vinny. Ridge didn't buy Justin's stories about why he had Thomas' phone or about Thomas taking a trip. Feeling that the heat was too much, Justin decided to free Thomas and take him to the police with the truth. However, when he opened the room with the cage, he found an empty cage and a crowbar on the floor.
July 12 to 16, 2021
Justin anonymously delivered the evidence that set Bill and Liam free, but it was too little, too late for Bill, who never wanted to see Justin's face again. To keep himself out of jail, Justin offered his loyalty to Ridge in an alliance against Bill. Eric offered to let Carter remain at Forrester and represent Eric in his divorce, as long as Carter stayed away from Quinn. Carter agreed to it, but less than 24 hours later, Carter and Quinn were making out in each other's arms. Steffy seemed hesitant to go through with Finn's pop-up wedding in their living room.
July 19 to 23, 2021
Quinn and Carter gave in to their desires. Carter convinced Eric to keep the jewelry line. Carter and Quinn wondered if they were in lust or love. Steffy turned down Finn's offer to get married in their living room. She at least wanted to meet his parents first. During a visit from Paris, Steffy and Finn learned that Paris had been left virtually homeless when Zoe had decided not to return to town. The couple opened their home to Paris for as long as she needed it.
July 26 to 30, 2021
Zende suggested that he and Paris slow things down so that they didn't ruin a good thing at work and in their personal lives. Quinn showed up at Forrester, despite Eric's rule that she stay off the premises, to personally drop off jewelry and tell Eric how his past treatment of her had led her to cheat on him. Eric felt responsible for hurting Quinn by valuing Brooke more, but Brooke asked a vulnerable Eric to steer clear of Quinn until the divorce was final. Quinn told Carter that she'd been thinking of Eric, and Carter said it wasn't too late to try to get Eric back. Finn's father arrived in town, and he and Finn told Steffy that Finn was adopted. Introspectively, Jack Finnegan wondered if he should tell Steffy and Finn something else.
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August 2 to 6, 2021
Li Finnegan arrived, and Steffy and Finn took the Finnegans to get to know the Forresters. The couple sent out a wedding announcement, and it was received by a mysterious stranger. Steffy asked Hope to be her matron of honor, and at the wedding, Jack accosted a veiled stranger. It turned out to be Pam, who was quite emotional to see her sister's portrait over the mantel. In the guesthouse, Sheila emerged from the shadows and proclaimed to be Finn's mother.
August 9 to 13, 2021
Finn was anxious for his family to meet Sheila, but her presence threw the family into an uproar. Ridge wondered if Finn had been in on Sheila's plan, and no one believed that Sheila was really Finn's mother. Jack affirmed it, saying she'd contacted him when Finn had been a child. The Forresters threw Sheila out and requested that Carter file a restraining order. Sheila tricked a hospital staff member into giving her Finn's number. Finn promised Steffy that he'd have no contact with Sheila, but when Sheila sent him a farewell text, he responded with a heart emoji.
August 16 to 20, 2021
Finn told Paris about the communication he'd had with Sheila but swore Paris to secrecy about it. Finn promised Steffy he wouldn't have anything to do with Sheila and would protect their family. When Quinn went to sign her divorce papers, Eric shocked her by ripping them up and asking her to return home. He had Carter rehang the portrait at the mansion, but on Quinn's first night home, Eric pretended to fall asleep downstairs. Jack warned Sheila to stay away from Finn, but Sheila reminded Jack about how they had gotten it on in the supply closet at Li's hospital in the past. Sheila warned Jack against ordering her around after she'd kept his secrets.
August 23 to 27, 2021
Eric confided in Quinn that he had pushed her away due to erectile dysfunction. Brooke and Ridge tried to reason with Eric about taking Quinn back, but Eric and Quinn defended each other and their marriage. Quinn vowed to help Eric and love him through the problem. Jack agreed to convince Finn to let Sheila see Hayes in order to keep the secret that Jack was Finn's father. Together, Sheila and Jack convinced Finn. Steffy went ballistic when she walked in on Sheila holding Hayes.
August 30 to September 3, 2021
Steffy couldn't look at Finn, and he stayed in the guesthouse to give her space. Steffy was unable to file their marriage certificate amid the turmoil. Paris lent an understanding ear to Finn and offered her support. Just as Steffy and Finn had a breakthrough, Sheila visited Finn and fainted in his living room. Eric shut down another of Quinn's attempts to ignite passion between them. Carter admitted to her that he missed her. Eric overheard Quinn confiding in Shauna about sacrificing a passionate relationship to return to Eric.
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September 6 to 10, 2021
Steffy accused Sheila of faking her collapse. Paris went out of her way to lend Finn her support, and Zende suspected that she had a crush on Finn. After the doctor found nothing wrong with Sheila, Finn resumed his decision to have no contact with her. Sheila vowed to be in Finn and Hayes's lives and wished Steffy ill if she tried to stop it. Quinn pledged to work with Eric's problems, but after overhearing a conversation between Carter and Quinn, Eric decided that just because his sex life was over, it didn't mean Quinn's had to be.
September 13 to 17, 2021
Finn and Steffy hosted a beach day for their blended family with Hope and Liam and confided in them about their Sheila troubles. Finn thanked Paris for her support, and Paris fantasized about Finn kissing her and saying he needed her. Quinn and Carter refused Eric's offer. Quinn even seemed resentful of it; however, when Eric sent her to Carter, carrying an envelope with instructions, Quinn and Carter began kissing. Brooke and her sisters reached out to Eric, to no avail. Ridge and Brooke tried, too, and Eric shouted at them to stay out of his marriage. As Quinn made out with Carter, Eric had martinis alone, gazing at Quinn's portrait.
September 20 to 24, 2021
Steffy and Finn thought their living arrangement with Paris was going well, but one too many fantasies about Finn led Paris to decide it was time to move out. While Steffy was alone with the kids, Sheila slipped into the house. Quinn and Carter took Eric up on his suggestion to make the night theirs, and they took the next two afternoons, too. Ridge called in his favor with Justin and sent him to surveil Quinn. Justin wound up in Carter's bedroom, announcing that Quinn and Carter were busted. Eric faced lonely nights alone until his neighbor Katie showed up to lend an ear. Her gentle approach with Eric caused him to admit he was lonely. Hope and Thomas spent time with Douglas and solidified their friendship.
September 27 to October 1, 2021
Finn sided with Steffy after he walked in on another confrontation between her and Sheila. On Keith's advice, Sheila text-messaged her feelings to Finn. Finn confessed to Hope that he still desired to get to know his birth mother. Justin busted Carter and Quinn, and they told Justin the truth about their arrangement due to Eric's ED. Justin conveyed only half the information to Ridge and Brooke before they rushed off to confront Carter and Quinn. Ridge didn't believe Quinn's ED story, but even after Eric confirmed it, Ridge accused Quinn of taking advantage of Eric. Eric confessed that he'd orchestrated the whole thing to stave off his loneliness.
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October 4 to 8, 2021
Eric stood by his decision to let Quinn be with Carter so that Eric didn't have to be alone. Hope lent Finn a compassionate ear about his predicament with Sheila and Steffy. He failed to tell Steffy when Sheila sent him another text message. Zende began to allow himself to fall for Paris. Thomas became intrigued by Paris' singing and eye for design. Ridge, Liam, and Brooke were upset when Hope invited Deacon to her place, fresh out of prison. While grabbing a drink at a bar, Sheila and Deacon learned they had a lot in common. Sheila told Deacon that the Forresters didn't stand a chance against the two of them.
October 11 to 15, 2021
Deacon knew that teaming up with Sheila was bad news, but with no money or place to stay, he found himself bunking with her and listening to her plans for them to team up against the Forresters. On the cusp of buying a house, Thomas sublet his apartment to Paris; however, Thomas' real estate deal fell through, and he and Paris agreed to live in his apartment together until he found another place to stay. Eric finally admitted that his agreement with Carter and Quinn wasn't the answer, and he asked Quinn to end it with Carter. When she met with Carter, he asked her to run away with him. The heartbroken Bill sought Katie out and asked her for one more chance.
October 18 to 22, 2021
Katie set out to berate Carter for hurting Eric but wound up making a friend. Bill begged Katie for another chance, but Katie revealed to Carter that it was over for her and Bill. Paris and Zende made love in Eric's guesthouse. Sheila and Deacon arranged for their kids to catch them kissing at Il Giardino, but Finn and Hope found it hard to believe that their parents had just so happened to fall in love. After Brooke insisted that Eric and Donna talk, Donna revealed that he'd always been the love of her life. Donna flicked open a honey bottle, and with just one taste, Eric said he was more than remembering their time together.
October 25 to 29, 2021
Deacon played along with Sheila when she tried to convince Finn and Hope that Sheila and Deacon were a couple, but he became enraged when he learned that Sheila's ultimate plan was to benefit from wreaking havoc in Hope and Finn's marriages. Eric's "breakthrough" with Donna fizzled out by the time he got to Quinn. Katie and Brooke pried until Donna revealed that Eric had responded to her in a way that he couldn't with Quinn. After Quinn overheard Brooke rejoicing about it and urging Eric to be with Donna, Quinn threatened Donna with a chair. Carter wondered why Katie had informed him about the new development with Eric and Donna, and Katie revealed that she cared about Carter and thought he should know.
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November 1 to 5, 2021
Steffy overheard Hope and Finn discussing the fairness of keeping them away from their parents, and Steffy warned Hope to keep her advice to herself and stop interfering in Steffy's marriage. Sheila was surprised when Deacon thanked her for her hospitality and left. Hope pleaded with Brooke to admit that she'd seen something good in Deacon at the time of Hope's conception. Deacon went to Brooke to ask forgiveness for the things he'd done, and he admitted that he fantasized about being a family with her and Hope. Hope rushed in and hugged Deacon. Quinn demanded that Eric fire Donna and banish her from their lives. Donna quit to spare Eric the pain of saying the words. Quinn tried to justify her demand to Eric, but he said she'd overreacted.
November 8 to 12, 2021
Ridge was livid upon finding Deacon at the house, but Hope asserted her right to know her father and threatened to move out if Ridge and Brooke weren't on board with it. Hope believed Liam would be supportive but was disillusioned when he still expressed reservations. At Il Giardino, Jack hid during his meeting with Sheila as Finn arrived. As Steffy headed to the restaurant, Sheila sat with Finn, and he questioned her about his birth father. Douglas wondered if Paris was Thomas' new girlfriend. Quinn was curious when, instead of castigating Carter for his role in hurting Eric, Katie instead mitigated his role and defended him.
November 15 to 19, 2021
Zende commissioned an engagement ring from Quinn. After seeing an interaction between Thomas and Paris, Carter warned Zende to keep his eyes open. Thomas planned a romantic roommates' night in, and Paris reminded him that she had a boyfriend. He informed her that she had other options -- if the feeling was mutual. Quinn told Carter that she might be the problem in her marriage, and she confessed the same thing to Eric. Quinn offered to leave, but Eric told her that she belonged in the house with him. Sheila advised Jack to tell the truth about himself before Finn discovered it on his own. Jack revealed to Li that he was Finn's biological father, and Li forced Jack to tell Finn.
November 22 to 26, 2021
Paris told Thomas that she wanted to remain friends. He took her answer in stride but decided he'd never find a place if he didn't move out of the apartment. Paris confided in Carter about the incident, and her bond with him strengthened. Finn threw Jack out of the cliff house, and a devastated Jack revealed to Sheila that he might have lost his son forever. To Jack's surprise, Sheila proposed that she and Jack unite against Steffy. Brooke and Ridge hosted Thanksgiving at their house for Hope and Steffy's families, Zende, Paris, and Carter. In Sheila's hotel room, Deacon and Sheila fantasized about being welcomed to spend Thanksgiving with their kids.
November 29 to December 3, 2021
Hope overheard Steffy prodding Liam to convince Hope to abandon her desire to get to know Deacon. Hope suggested that Steffy take the advice she'd given Hope and butt out. Steffy insinuated to Ridge that Brooke might be softening to Deacon. Brooke insisted that she didn't have feelings for Deacon. Moving to protect his marriage, Ridge advised Hope to move out if she insisted upon having Deacon around. Meanwhile, Brooke decided to welcome Deacon for Hope's sake. Deacon questioned why Brooke put up with Ridge. Katie canceled a lunch date with Carter to do a video call with Bill and Will, and while at lunch with Paris, Carter wondered why he always picked unavailable women. Envious of Deacon's progress with Hope, Sheila sneaked into Finn's office at the hospital to see how he felt after Jack's revelation.
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December 6 to 10, 2021
Envious of Deacon's progress with Hope, Sheila sneaked in to see Finn, to no avail. Sheila also grew frustrated with Deacon's fixation on Brooke, whom he claimed to be saving himself for. When Sheila saw Deacon in his new place in the Il Giardino supply closet, she pitied him and offered to take him home with her. Deacon refused, and Sheila assured Deacon that he'd never have Brooke. Deacon grinned, thinking of how Brooke had welcomed him into her home. Ridge and Brooke continued to clash over Deacon and Hope. Liam and Hope decided to move, but Brooke wouldn't hear of it. Steffy and Thomas reminded Ridge that he had another family with Taylor. Taylor took Steffy by surprise when she arrived in town to stay a while. Liam met Bill for advice about Deacon, and Bill warned Liam to do everything he could to protect his family.
December 20 to 24, 2021
Ridge unburdened upon Taylor his feelings about Deacon and Brooke. Taylor admitted to Ridge that she'd always love him. Brooke extended an olive branch to Taylor and was taken aback by Taylor's reaction to Brooke wondering about Taylor's dating life. Taylor overheard Finn and Steffy turning Sheila down for Christmas and suggested that they invite Sheila to their family gathering. Steffy was against it, but Taylor reminded Steffy of Finn's feelings and looked at it as a chance to study Sheila. On Christmas Eve, Hope and Deacon spent time together alone, the Forresters gathered at Eric's house for eggnog and songs, and Steffy gave Sheila a precious few minutes to hold Hayes and visit Finn.
December 27 to 31, 2021
Brooke and Sheila got into it when Brooke declared that she'd never let Sheila near Finn, Hayes, and Steffy. Sheila swiped the non-alcoholic champagne Brooke had ordered from Il Giardino and swapped it out for the real thing. Ridge had a last-minute business trip, and bad weather delayed him from returning home for New Year's Eve. Deacon and Brooke took vodka shots, and wearing a Santa hat, he kissed her. Unbeknownst to them, Douglas watched them from the terrace. Taylor was leery when Sheila showed up at Taylor's new office with a cactus plant. Just as Zende was ready to propose to Paris, Carter text-messaged a heads-up to Paris. Paris gushed to Zende about loving the single life, and he refrained from proposing. When Paris thanked Carter for the heads-up, the two wound up kissing.
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