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Quinn and Shauna set the record straight about their friendship. Distrustful of Thomas, Brooke urged Liam to stop Thomas from taking advantage of Hope. Liam romanced Hope, with pleasing results. Zoe and Quinn spiked Paris' drink. Flo asked Hope for acceptance.
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Brooke warned Thomas not to make a move on Hope, and Brooke and Bill encouraged Liam to fight for Hope
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Wyatt and Flo deliver their news Quinn and Shauna Wyatt and Flo deliver their news Quinn and Shauna

Monday, March 29, 2021

At Forrester, Brooke and Katie worked on marketing mockups. They were still thinking about Flo, and Brooke said Flo had had no idea they would ask her to take their name. "You did what?" Ridge asked as he strode into the room. Brooke conveyed that they'd offered Flo papers, and she'd signed them, changing her last name to Logan.

Surprised by the gesture, Ridge said it had been one thing to welcome Flo back into the family and give her a job. "Giving her your last name, what does that mean?" he asked. He wondered if it meant that everything that had happened with Beth had been forgiven.

In Brooke's silence, Ridge said he wasn't questioning the decision. He just wanted to know if it meant that the Logans were all on the long, high road to forgiveness. Katie affirmed it. Brooke admitted that it had taken her a while to come around, and it might take Hope even longer.

Ridge asked if Hope was okay with sharing a name with the woman who'd kept her from her baby. Brooke replied that Hope had a lot on her mind. "So, she doesn't know and may still have issues," Ridge gleaned. Brooke replied that she wouldn't tell Hope how to feel about it, but Donna and Katie had convinced Brooke to do it. Brooke was glad she had. She said they'd given Flo more than a name; they'd given her a connection to the father she'd never known.

Katie and Brooke conveyed that their brother had been their hero, and he would want them to embrace Flo and give her the Logan name. They felt that no one was more giving or devoted to family than Storm, and Hope wouldn't keep Flo from partaking in Storm's legacy. Citing how supportive Hope was of Thomas and Douglas, Brooke believed Hope, a very forgiving person, would come around eventually. Ridge said he saw where Hope got her forgivingness from.

Later, Brooke was working alone at the table and sensed Ridge's eye on her. She looked at him and asked what he was smiling at. He said he was smiling at her. He claimed she impressed him all the time. Giving the family name to Flo had been a big step, in his eyes. Brooke said she'd asked for forgiveness enough in her own lifetime.

Ridge felt that it was more than that. He was floored by the way Brooke could find forgiveness. Brooke wasn't sure she was quite there yet with Flo. Ridge knew how much Storm had meant to Brooke, and keeping Flo around helped keep Storm's memory alive. Ridge guessed it might be why Flo was in the family at that time. Ridge loved that Brooke could find ways to get beyond tough moments for a brighter future. "You did it with us," he said.

Brooke agreed that she and Ridge had had a rocky point, but she said that no matter how far apart they'd gotten, they'd remained connected somehow. It was because Brooke loved him. She always had and always would. She felt that achieving peace could be a challenge at times.

Ridge replied that it was worth it. She wanted that for Hope and Liam. Brooke wanted to intervene with the couple, but she had to let them work it out for themselves. In the meantime, she'd focus on what was good and positive in her own life, starting with Ridge. "And just like that, I'm impressed all over again," Ridge replied.

At Spencer, Flo couldn't stop looking at her ring, and Wyatt couldn't stop looking at her. He revealed that he'd had a different plan to propose to her at home in a romantic setting, but he hadn't been able to wait another moment. Flo wouldn't have the proposal any other way, and she loved the ring. He said it had taken him a while to find it.

Flo assumed that meant Wyatt had been planning it for a while. "Since we were teenagers," he replied. Flo shooed away the idea. She thought it was amazing that his mom had kept the secret. He indicated that he hadn't risked telling Quinn and added that he and Flo had been waiting a long time for it. He insisted that he'd had to find the perfect ring. It had to be as unforgettable and gorgeous as the woman who'd wear it.

Flo was excited. She didn't know how to feel and said it was almost too much. Wyatt hoped not and said it was only the beginning. She wondered how many amazing things could happen in one day. She was excited about the future. She had thought she'd forever be an outsider, but things had changed. None of it would have happened without Wyatt. He was the most supportive man she'd ever known, and she loved everything about him.

Flo felt lucky that the guy she'd fallen for in high school had turned out to be the love of her life. Wyatt claimed he'd been dreaming of the day ever since he'd seen her in the cafeteria and wondered how he'd get someone as fly as she was to marry him. Flo thanked him for not using "fly" in the proposal. Wyatt replied that he was saving it for their vows. He claimed that Flo had been it for him from the very first minute. She'd agreed to go out with him, and he'd felt like the luckiest guy in the world. She guessed he knew she'd felt the same way.

Wyatt had had a hint about it. Flo asked what she was thinking at that moment. "Oh," Wyatt replied, suspecting she wanted to continue the celebration in their bedroom -- or in the living room if they couldn't make it that far. He was even willing to lock the door at the office, too.

Flo replied that they had forever for that. She wanted to see their mothers. She promised they'd celebrate the moment they got home. Wyatt readily exited the office with her behind him.

At Eric's house, Quinn was nervously preparing for an important person's visit. Eric asked who it was, and into the house walked Shauna. Shauna had gotten a text message that had said Quinn had wanted something important, and Shauna asked what it was.

Quinn noted that she and Shauna hadn't seen much of each other since their last brush. Eric had thought the women had gotten over that. Quinn had thought so, too. She wanted to believe that she and Shauna were still best friends, but Quinn also didn't want to assume anything. "So...are we?" Quinn asked.

Shauna believed that her friendship with Quinn was stronger than any disagreement. Quinn said it was more than that, adding, "What I did -- " Shauna cut in, stating that it was what they'd done together. Their plot had been reckless and regrettable, and it had caused a lot of trouble; however, Shauna didn't think they could let it ruin their relationship.

Quinn recalled that she'd accused Shauna of wanting Quinn's husband and had insisted that Shauna move out of Quinn's house. Quinn didn't blame Shauna for wanting to keep her distance, but Quinn missed their friendship.

Shauna did, too. Shauna had been keeping her distance out of respect for Quinn's marriage and to give it a chance to regroup. Shauna said Quinn never had to worry about their friendship. Even being apart for years hadn't changed anything for Shauna, who believed that Quinn was a part of her. "Right here," Shauna said, touching her chest.

Later, Shauna thought it was a shame that Eric had had to go. She was sure Quinn would have special time with him later. "Oh, I wouldn't count on that," Quinn murmured. Shauna asked why, but Quinn replied that it was a story for another time.

Shauna said Eric had left before Shauna got to share the good news. She announced that Flo's aunts had given Flo paperwork to become Flo Logan. Quinn thought that was a big deal and recalled how important it had been for Wyatt to become a Spencer. She asked how Shauna felt about it. Shauna liked the confidence it gave Flo and the connection to Storm. "But..." Shauna started to say. Stopping herself, she said Flo would always be her little girl.

Quinn hoped Wyatt would get around to changing Flo's name again, making Flo Quinn's daughter-in-law. Quinn and Shauna felt that their kids had been living together long enough to know if they were it for each other. Quinn said Flo had been Wyatt's one true, constant love.

Quinn figured that Wyatt had had the same idea as Shauna about giving Quinn space and time with Eric. Quinn had assumed that Flo and Wyatt had needed a break from Quinn. Shauna said Flo hadn't mentioned it, but Quinn felt that Flo was too polite. Quinn wasn't good at respecting boundaries, but she was trying to stay out of Wyatt's personal life.

Just then, Flo and Wyatt arrived. Quinn said Shauna had relayed the great news about Flo becoming a Logan. Quinn was happy for Flo. Flo stated that it had been a great day with amazing surprises. Shauna said she and Quinn had just been talking about how great it was that Flo and Wyatt could share those moments together. Wyatt suspected the women had been dissecting their kids' relationship.

Quinn admitted that she and Shauna might have touched upon the relationship. Quinn was trying to respect their privacy, but it was clear to her that they belonged together. Wyatt agreed. Quinn ordered him to do something about it and said he and Flo had been in love since high school. Wyatt agreed that it was true.

Wyatt said his love for Flo had been more than a crush. He'd always known that she'd be the one. She'd been the one he'd never forgotten. Wyatt said they'd grown up. He'd become a Spencer, and she was a Logan. He sensed that Flo wouldn't be a Logan for long, though. He was hoping she'd change her name soon.

Quinn and Shauna became excited. Speaking at the same time, they asked what Wyatt was saying and if he'd proposed. Flo flashed the ring, and Quinn and Shauna squealed for joy. "Destination wedding!" Quinn and Shauna yelled. As their mothers started planning the wedding and babies. Flo and Wyatt smiled at each other.

Douglas pitches Thomas as a new roommate for Hope Douglas pitches Thomas as a new roommate for Hope

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In the design office, Thomas was impressed by Douglas' crayon-drawn designs. Hope said she'd told Douglas that his father would be. Thomas said he'd teach Douglas some things, like the difference between drawing and designing. Douglas thought his father was a good "drawer -- designer." Hope replied that she was lucky that Thomas was.

Douglas wondered if Liam was there. Liam hadn't been home the previous night or that morning. Douglas wondered why Liam had sent all those flowers. Douglas asked where Liam was and didn't get why Liam hadn't been home.

Thomas said Liam was probably busy and had a very important job. Noting that Liam had always spent time with Douglas and Beth, Douglas asked if Liam had gone somewhere. Hope stated that Liam was staying with his dad. Douglas asked why, but Thomas told his son not to ply Hope with questions.

Hope claimed that it was okay. She told Douglas that she and Liam had decided to spend some time apart, but it didn't mean they didn't love Douglas and Beth. Douglas wondered if Liam moving out meant that Douglas' father could move in. Thomas said Douglas was full of questions. Douglas deduced that Liam's absence made room for Thomas. "Right, Mommy?" Douglas asked. Thomas said it didn't work that way. Douglas figured that it could.

Hope said that she and Liam were still married. Douglas asked why Liam had moved out. She replied that sometimes things happened, and adults took time away. It didn't mean Liam wouldn't be around or be there for Douglas and Beth. Douglas assumed Hope and Liam were taking a time-out, but he wished his dad could be with them more.

Thomas noted that he didn't have to move in for that to happen. Douglas replied that it wasn't the same as them living together, but Thomas stated that it would have to do. Hope received a message that Donna was ready to take Douglas to Andy's house. Douglas went to the door.

Hope told the child to have a good time. She said that no matter what happened in Adult Land, everyone loved him. Douglas noticed that she looked sad. She said it was her serious face, and she could never be sad around him or Beth. Thomas decided to walk Douglas out.

While alone, Hope received messages on her phone. She smiled at the videos and pictures of her family that appeared in the messages. Thomas returned and asked if everything was okay. She said that Liam kept messaging her with photos and memories.

Thomas decided that he agreed with Douglas that Hope looked sad. Thomas didn't think that having a kid asking her a bunch of questions had helped. Thomas wanted her to know that he hadn't put Douglas up to the things he'd said. She believed Thomas hadn't done that. He was glad because he'd been working hard to fix things and restore trust between him and others.

Hope knew that and said that, for the record, she hadn't minded Douglas' questions. Hope had figured the boy would have questions about Liam's absence and wonder when Liam would return. Hope hadn't expected Douglas to ask if Thomas could move in, but she said Douglas could ask all the questions he wanted to, even if she wasn't prepared for them.

Thomas responded that it was good to know because he'd been avoiding saying anything that might make Hope feel more hurt, and that included saying Liam's name. Thomas knew that Hope had wanted things to turn out differently.

Hope replied that she hadn't thought the betrayal had been possible, and she'd been blindsided while under the impression that her marriage had been in a good place. Hope indicated that none of the pain would have even been necessary if Liam had done anything but turn to Steffy. That was what Hope couldn't forget. She missed her life with her husband, but she couldn't figure out a way beyond his betrayal.

Hating to see her in pain, Thomas asked if there was anything he could do. Hope said he was already doing it by being a strong designer and father. She figured that she needed to stop indulging in her pain and be strong for Beth and Douglas. She noted that Beth couldn't understand it the way Douglas could.

Thomas was sorry for his role in the problem. He felt that everyone would be better off, and Hope would still be happily married. "And oblivious," she added. She said she'd be completely unaware that Liam was still in love with Steffy. That wouldn't have been any better than where Hope was at that moment, and she asked him to stop apologizing. He wasn't to blame.

Thomas said he'd try to remember that. Hope intended to keep reminding him of it. Thomas stated that he'd told everyone, and he might as well tell her again. All he wanted was her happiness. If she wanted Liam, that was what Thomas wanted, too. If Hope was tired of Liam going back to Steffy and had had enough, Thomas was right behind Hope.

Hope didn't know what the future held for her and Liam. She didn't know how she felt, and she needed time to figure out what had happened and where to go from there. Thomas told Hope that she could count on him for whatever she needed. He'd design until his finger fell off, and he'd look after Beth and Douglas without advance notice. Thomas wanted to help her find peace and happiness.

Hope's phone chimed, and she said she needed to take it. Thomas asked her to remember what he'd said. She answered the phone, saying, "Jarrett, hi," as Thomas exited.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Brooke discussed the Logans giving Flo their last name. Brooke had had to be convinced because she hadn't been at a place of forgiveness after Flo had really hurt Hope. Ridge replied that Brooke was getting there. Brooke agreed that she was, and it had been amazing for her to witness how much the acceptance had meant to Flo.

Ridge thought the other day had been an amazing day for Flo, who'd also gotten a marriage proposal from Wyatt. Ridge noted that Brooke still hadn't told Hope about it. Brooke replied that she would. She said Hope was just going through a lot at that time. Brooke was really sad about Hope and Liam's separation.

Ridge acknowledged that the separation had been a big step. Brooke knew how Hope was feeling, but Brooke also thought that hard times could bring couples together. Hope's love for Liam and the kids were reasons to keep the marriage together. Ridge asked if Brooke really thought the couple could keep their marriage together.

Brooke thought anything was possible. She believed that her daughter just needed time apart from Liam. Brooke thanked God that Liam hadn't fathered another child with Steffy but said Hope was still dealing with the fact that Liam had turned to Steffy. Ridge replied that it complicated things. Brooke believed Hope and Liam could work through it.

Brooke recalled that Liam and Hope had always worked through their problems and become stronger. Brooke stated that Liam and Hope were each other's destiny. Hearing the word "destiny," Ridge said he and Brooke had had quite the journey. They were still standing, against all odds, and he'd never stopped loving her.

Brooke had never stopped loving Ridge since the day she'd met him. "Man, I remember that day!" he exclaimed like a kid. He said he'd seen her across the room, and he'd thought that he'd been put on earth to love that woman; that had been it. Brooke wanted that for her daughter. She wanted Hope to have certainty in her relationship and see light at the end of the tunnel.

Brooke was confused because Hope hadn't had to worry about Liam being intimate with Steffy, but then it had just happened. Ridge thought it was good for Hope to take a break from Liam to keep the kids from picking up on things. Brooke hoped Liam and Hope could put the marriage back together, and she didn't want Thomas to use it as a chance to move in on Hope.

In Ridge's silence, Brooke apologized. She knew it stung when she expressed her reservations about Thomas. Brooke thought that Thomas meant well and that he thought he was a better guy; however, Thomas had no impulse control, and his obsession was there under the surface.

Frustrated, Ridge replied that he understood Brooke's reservations, but he felt that Thomas was trying. Ridge believed that Thomas had gotten better and only wanted to be a father and a designer. Ridge said they would have seen something by that point if there was a problem. "Unless he's gotten really good at hiding his obsessive feelings," Brooke reasoned.

Ridge insisted that his son had worked hard to be better, but the problem was that Brooke either couldn't see it or didn't want to see it. Brooke replied that she wanted to believe that Thomas had changed, but Ridge stated that after all Thomas had done, she still didn't trust him. "No. No, I don't," Brooke responded, and Ridge cut his gaze stubbornly away from her. "I'm sorry, Ridge, but I don't. Not around my daughter," Brooke asserted.

Brooke said that Thomas had been troubled in the past. "Here we go," Ridge replied. Brooke didn't think she'd be a responsible mother if she wasn't wary of Thomas' feelings for her daughter. She noted that Thomas had said he loved Hope. Ridge replied that love wasn't something one could turn on and off. He asked if Thomas had offended Hope.

Brooke said it hadn't happened, but Hope had the inclination to forgive. Ridge insisted that it was in Brooke's nature, too, but he noted that she could do it with everyone but Thomas. Brooke replied that Thomas didn't have a great track record, and she had no confidence in "that." Ridge asked her to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt or at least wait until he actually did something wrong.

In the corridor, Thomas heard Ridge in the CEO's office saying that Thomas had had a brain injury, but he'd bounced back. Ridge believed that all his son wanted to do was to be a good designer and father. He asked Brooke if they could give Thomas credit for that.

Thomas approached the door as Brooke replied that she wanted to. She applauded the changes Thomas had made, but she didn't want her daughter to get caught in the crossfire. Ridge believed that Thomas didn't need that from them. Thomas had changed and needed love and support.

Brooke agreed that Thomas had made incredible strides and had improved his relationship with Douglas. Brooke just wanted Thomas to stay away from her daughter. Ridge asked how that could happen when the two worked together and raised a child together. Brooke accepted Ridge's point but felt that Thomas' feelings were unhealthy. She wondered how Thomas' feelings for Hope could really be love. Brooke thought it was an obsession, which was dangerous.

Brooke understood that she and Ridge were on thin ice. Ridge grunted in agreement. Brooke explained that they loved their kids, but she'd had to watch Hope go through "all of that" with Ridge's son. Brooke had seen all of the pain. "So, cards on the table," Brooke said, tears falling down her face. "If he thinks he has a future with my daughter, I'm here to tell you -- that that will damn well -- it will not happen!" Brooke declared, wildly pointing her finger for emphasis.

Brooke accuses Thomas of still being obsessed with Hope Brooke accuses Thomas of still being obsessed with Hope

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

At Spencer, Bill razzed Wyatt over his engagement to Flo. "She said yes?!" Bill asked incredulously, questioning, "Did you catch her off guard or put her on the spot?" Bill then joked that his son had to have gotten Flo drunk. Wyatt, somewhat annoyed by his dad's reaction, announced that he was going home. Before Wyatt could leave, Bill revealed that he was "just busting [Wyatt's] chops" and that he was very happy for him. Liam, who had been occupying himself at the coffee bar, said that he was also very happy for Wyatt.

Liam revealed that he had been crashing at Bill's house since his separation from Hope. Bill hoped that Wyatt and Flo were not going to elope and then took it upon himself to anoint himself Wyatt's best man. He then announced that the Spencer men had to have a "boy's night" before the wedding. Liam jumped into the fray, commenting that his accommodations at Bill's house had "not been bad." The less-than-enthusiastic review got a rise out of Bill. "Not been bad?" he quipped. He specified, "You have your own suite! I got those organic bamboo sheets you like, [and there's] tofu in the refrigerator."

Bill admitted that the situation might not be perfect, but he was quick to point out that he didn't complain about Liam's shortcomings. "I don't complain when you're having your nightmares and walk in your sleep, and you're standing over me, staring at me," Bill quipped. "Do I do that?" Liam asked. Bill eventually calmed down and said that he was happy to spend time with Liam until Liam and Hope were able to work things out.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Bill then suggested that Liam hire Ed Sheeran to parachute down to Hope's house and serenade her. Liam smiled broadly and thanked Bill for the idea. He remarked that he did not think that a parachuting songster would make Hope forget about Liam and Steffy's affair. Bill urged Liam not to lose faith. Liam explained that he'd taken the "privilege" of being Hope's husband for granted and that he had to re-earn that privilege. He then assured Bill that he was doing all the things that he needed to do to win Hope back. "I believe that we're going to get our life back on track," Liam said assertively.

Later, alone in Bill's office, Liam remembered the highs and lows of his life with Hope.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Brooke bickered over the possibility that Liam and Hope's separation could somehow leave the door open for Thomas to become involved with Hope. Ridge didn't view it as a problem, but Brooke strongly voiced that she didn't "want this to be [Thomas'] chance to be with Hope." Both were unaware that Thomas was listening from outside the office.

Ridge asked Brooke to cut Thomas a little slack. As the argument heated up, Thomas opened the office door and revealed himself. Ridge and Brooke both seemed somewhat embarrassed that their conversation wasn't as private at they'd thought. Thomas told Brooke that her concern was understandable. Ridge told Thomas that he did not have to defend himself to Brooke. Ridge was summoned away to handle a shipping issue and asked that Thomas and Brooke "play nice" while he was away.

In Hope's office, Paris and Hope chatted about work. Hope shared that work was a good distraction from her personal life. Paris, insisting she didn't want to pry, told Hope that she was there for Hope should she need someone to talk to. Hope said that she didn't want to dump her problems on Paris, but Paris quickly explained that helping people was her job.

Hope explained that her kids didn't quite understand what was going on between her and Liam. Paris assured Hope that she was doing an amazing job as a mom. When Hope explained that Liam was still involved in daily dad activities, Paris mentioned that it was probably helpful that Thomas was also still in the picture to help with Douglas. Hope shared that she and Thomas had a complicated history but that they were seemingly in a good place.

Ridge entered Hope's office and apologized for interrupting. Paris left the two to talk, and the topic of Thomas came back up. Ridge admitted that he thought that Thomas still loved Hope, but he swore that Thomas only wanted what was best for Hope.

Back in Ridge's office, Brooke and Thomas continued their discussion. "Your father doesn't understand where I'm coming from," Brooke said as she avoided eye contact with Thomas. Thomas admitted that his most recent struggles had scared him and changed his perspective. "I want to repair our relationship, Brooke, and I understand why you don't trust me right now," Thomas said.

Thomas suggested that he and Brooke try to work things out for Ridge and Hope's sakes. Brooke listened as Thomas explained how he and Hope were working through things and trying to be the best parents possible for Douglas. Brooke nodded, but made it clear that working together and co-parenting were fine -- but being more than that to Hope "was not an option."

Brooke then praised Thomas' recovery and how he'd stepped up to be a better father to Douglas. "I love my son," Thomas said as he smiled, adding, "And Hope has been amazing for him." Brooke quickly asked why Thomas always turned the conversation back to Hope. "When you talk like that, it raises my suspicions," Brooke stated. Thomas didn't understand why Brooke was suspicious of him being supportive of Hope. "I don't think it stops there," Brooke replied flatly, explaining, "Hope's ultimate happiness lies with Liam."

Thomas disagreed, saying that he did not believe that Hope would be "fulfilled" with Liam. "Look at how many times he has hurt her [and] he has hurt my sister," Thomas explained. He said, "Once a womanizer, always a womanizer." Brooke snapped that while Thomas might have fooled everyone else, he had not fooled her. "You are still obsessed with my daughter," Brooke snarled, asking, "What is it -- a compulsion? Is Hope like a drug to you?" She then warned Thomas that he would never be with her daughter.

Brooke appeals to Liam to save Hope from Thomas Brooke appeals to Liam to save Hope from Thomas

Thursday, April 1, 2021

In the design office, Ridge told Hope that she could see more than anyone that Thomas had turned from a dark corner. Ridge felt that Thomas' feelings for her were genuine, and Thomas had come to understand right from wrong again. Hope asked why Ridge was bringing it up and if Ridge was trying to encourage something between her and Thomas while she was still married to Liam.

Ridge claimed that he wasn't suggesting anything. He said Hope might return to Liam, and Ridge and Thomas wanted what Hope wanted. Agreeing, Hope said Thomas could have kept the paternity results incident a secret, but he'd chosen not to.

Ridge thought it was a difficult decision for Thomas, and it needed to be acknowledged. He said they'd almost lost "the kid," and Thomas needed faith and support from his family. Hope thought everyone was doing a good job of it -- at least she knew that she and Ridge were. Ridge replied that it would be nice if Brooke could do the same thing.

Later, Hope was working alone when Flo entered. Flo apologized, and Hope murmured a greeting. Flo guessed it was hard for Hope to see Flo there. Hope replied that it was a lot to process that her mother and aunts were so willing to accept "the woman who..."

Flo got it and wanted to make sure that Hope was comfortable. Flo suggested that she avoid Hope when Hope was there. "Or, I don't know -- umm -- " Flo said.

"Give up your job?" Hope suggested. "I mean, I wouldn't ask you to do that. You are family, after all. Logan."

Flo asked how much that bothered Hope. Hope replied that it was just a lot to process. Flo said that being a part of her father's family and calling herself a Logan meant everything to her, but it would mean more if Hope could find a way to forgive her, too. "Forgive you?" Hope replied.

Flo guessed it was probably too much to even ask. "But you'll ask it anyway?" Hope responded. Flo cited the saying that time was supposed to heal all wounds. She wasn't sure she believed it, but she'd never forgive herself for what she'd done. She could never make up for what she'd done. She was deeply sorry for all of it. She hated thinking she'd forever be an awful person to Hope.

Flo wanted Hope to be in Flo's life -- especially "now." Flo said she was engaged to Wyatt and was working at Forrester. She was getting to know her aunts, and she wanted to get to know her cousin. Flo could understand if Hope wasn't ready, but Flo remained hopeful that Hope would forgive and accept Flo -- "the same way you accepted Zoe. The same way you accepted Thomas."

In the CEO's office, Thomas asked why Brooke was saying "all this." Brooke thought someone needed to because of the way Thomas talked about how Hope could rely upon him. He replied that Hope could. Brooke added that he'd said he'd always love Hope. He claimed that he'd explained what he'd meant by that, but Brooke asserted that his explanations were coverups for what he really wanted.

Thomas insisted that Brooke didn't have to worry because he only wanted Hope's happiness. Brooke wished she could believe him. Confused, he recalled that she'd said she did believe him and was impressed by him. He asked if it had been a lie. Brooke stated that she was impressed with the changes he was making. As Ridge's wife, she wanted to believe Thomas, but as Hope's mother, Brooke couldn't. Brooke believed he was still obsessed with Hope.

Thomas reasoned that he wouldn't have told the truth about the paternity test results if he'd still been obsessed with Hope. He understood that Brooke might not forget or forgive what he'd done, but he said she'd been in his life for as long as he could think. She'd even helped raise him. He asked if it would be good for the family if Brooke and he could get along.

From the doorway, Ridge agreed with Thomas and said healing was exactly what the family needed. Ridge wanted Thomas and Brooke to get along and trust each other for their own sakes. Ridge said if Brooke really listened to Thomas, she might believe him.

Brooke claimed that she wanted to get along with Thomas, and she felt that they had been -- or at least trying. She asked Thomas, and he said he'd thought so, too, especially since she'd let him recuperate in her home. Thomas noted that she still refused to believe his intentions toward Hope, even when his words and actions proved that he was working on himself.

"Okay, I will say this," Brooke began. She saw that Thomas was working on himself, how far he'd gotten, and the strides he'd made; however, it was a long way to the finish line. She wanted to support him along the way, but she couldn't pretend to be comfortable, especially when he talked about Hope. Brooke asserted that she was not comfortable with that.

Brooke didn't think Ridge should be, either. She said Thomas' attraction to her daughter had caused problems throughout the years, and it was best that he kept his distance. Thomas asked if Brooke meant to keep his distance from Hope. Brooke said she knew Hope and Thomas worked together and co-parented Douglas, but in Brooke's mind, Hope and Liam would reunite.

Ridge asserted that Brooke wasn't listening, and Thomas had said he'd support what Hope wanted. Brooke just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. Deciding to leave, Brooke said she had to see someone. Ridge tried to stop Brooke, but she left.

Thomas said that Brooke would never trust him around Hope. He felt that he'd worked really hard, but Brooke still didn't trust him. Ridge asked Thomas to look at it from Brooke's point of view. Brooke was just trying to protect her kid, even though she didn't need to. In Ridge's opinion, she could just open her eyes and listen to Thomas.

Thomas understood, but he said he'd be reasonable even if Brooke couldn't be. He wouldn't let her drive a wedge between him and his father. Ridge replied that she wasn't doing that, and it wasn't her intention. Thomas didn't think Ridge could see it. Thomas said, subconsciously or not, "since we were kids," Brooke would always circle back to Ridge and wedge herself between Ridge and his own family and try to make him choose between her and them. Thomas claimed that nothing had changed, not one thing.

Later, Thomas was in the design office with Hope. Thomas was taking Douglas to the movies that evening. Hope said it was a big deal for Douglas. It was a big deal for Thomas, too, and he promised that a fun night with Douglas wouldn't keep Thomas from having fresh designs in the morning. Hope didn't doubt it and appreciated his dedication to her line.

Thomas wished Brooke felt that way. Hope became curious, but he said he didn't want to badmouth Brooke. Hope insisted upon knowing what Brooke had said, and Thomas revealed that Brooke still thought he had ulterior motives toward Hope. Thomas stopped talking, but Hope asked what else. Thomas revealed that Brooke had said that Liam was the only man for Hope; Thomas would never have Hope, and he was obsessed with Hope.

Hope said she was sorry. Thomas was, too, but he didn't understand why Brooke thought that after all he'd done and said. He stated that all he'd been doing was for Hope. He wanted the dark cloud lifted for her, and he wanted her beautiful smile on her face. It didn't matter if Hope wanted Liam or not. Thomas respected whatever she wanted, and he'd be there as a friend, designer, and father of their child. His commitment to and love for Hope wouldn't waver.

At Spencer, Wyatt walked in as Liam was on a call with a florist, dictating a card message to put on a bouquet of flowers. After Liam concluded the call, Wyatt said he had thought Liam had already sent flowers. Liam replied that he'd been thinking of Hope. Wyatt told Liam that hourly bouquets would not do the trick, and the only way to win Hope over was to earn her trust back.

Wyatt asked how Liam planned to do that. Liam didn't know. He'd said the words and made promises and gestures. Wyatt decided that Liam had to do more than that because a "certain Forrester dipstick" was willing to do anything to take advantage of the situation. Wyatt insisted that Thomas would use the separation to get close to Hope.

Liam felt that he knew Hope, and if he had any chance of getting to her, he couldn't go at her with theories about Thomas being unhinged. Liam felt that he'd lose if he focused on Thomas. Liam had to make it about Hope and prove to her that they would have the life and future that they wanted.

"Hear, hear!" Brooke said, entering. She congratulated Wyatt on his engagement, and he thanked her for giving Flo another shot and welcoming her into the family. Wyatt decided to leave, and as he went, he warned Liam not to let his guard down.

Brooke asked what that meant, and Liam explained that it had been about Thomas. She replied that Thomas was why she was there. Brooke was worried and said Liam should be, too. She asked why Wyatt had warned Liam about Thomas. Liam said Wyatt was just concerned that Thomas might try something.

Brooke urged Liam to listen to his brother. She hated being that way about Ridge's son, but she didn't trust Thomas at all. Liam didn't know what he could do if Thomas hadn't done anything. Brooke replied that Hope and Thomas were always within close proximity while at home and work.

Liam added that the rest of them had to pretend Thomas wasn't obsessed. Brooke claimed she heard it in Thomas' voice and saw it in his eyes. She believed he was completely obsessed. She believed that Thomas looked at the separation as an opportunity, and it gave him a sick sense of confidence. She urged Liam to do something to fix the marriage, or Brooke was certain Thomas would do something to make sure Hope and Liam never got back together.

Liam understood Brooke's concern and even shared it, but he couldn't worry about Thomas. Brooke said Liam had to. Liam didn't think it was going to work for him to run up to Hope and start telling her how to parent or what to do at work. He felt that Hope needed his support and to know that he'd give her the space she'd asked for.

Brooke replied that Liam couldn't give up or give Thomas an advantage. Liam said he was just trying to do right by Hope. Brooke asked if it meant letting Thomas in the door to put his grubby hands all over Hope. Liam didn't think Hope would let that happen. Brooke asserted that she wouldn't let it happen.

Brooke had told Thomas that he couldn't have Hope, but Brooke feared her words weren't enough. She needed Liam to do something. She wanted him to get Hope back as soon as possible and urged him to take action "now."

Hope and Liam take a step forward during their separation Hope and Liam take a step forward during their separation

Friday, April 2, 2021

At Spencer in the evening, Liam checked his phone to see if dinner had been delivered. Bill said Liam had been getting Hope flowers, candy, food, and the works. Liam replied that he wanted to show Hope that she was and would always be his one true love.

Later, Liam was telling Bill about Brooke's fear that Thomas would use the separation to his advantage. Agreeing with Brooke, Bill urged Liam not to let "Mannequin Man" get away with it. Bill advised Liam to step up his game and go beyond Hope's favorite sushi. Liam replied that he'd go to the cabin to see Beth as soon as he wrapped up at work.

Bill told Liam to go at that moment because family was more important than business. Liam was shocked to hear Bill say it and appreciated how supportive Bill had been. Bill griped about having Liam as a rent-free roommate, but Liam said Bill loved it. Bill stated that he wanted Liam to be with the woman he belonged with, and Bill would do whatever he could to make it happen.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke was with Hope, who was folding a blanket. Brooke wanted to help her daughter. Hope suggested that Brooke check on Beth, who'd made a fort under a bed with her stuffed animals. Douglas was out with Thomas and wouldn't be back for a while.

Brooke wondered if it was overwhelming at times because Hope had co-parented with Liam. Hope replied that it was still that way; Liam just wasn't living there at the moment. "'At the moment?'" Brooke echoed and wondered what that could mean.

Later, Brooke returned to the living room after checking on Beth, who was rearranging her stuffed animals. Hope thoughtfully gazed at a bouquet of tulips as she sniffed a tulip that was in her hand. She told her mother that Liam had been sweet and thoughtful. Each day, it was a different thing and a new gesture. Brooke said it was to show how much he loved her.

Hope loved Liam, too, and the separation was hard on her and the kids. However, Hope couldn't pretend that Liam hadn't wound up in bed with Steffy again or that he hadn't told Steffy that he still loved her. Brooke replied that betrayal hurt, but hanging onto pain only made it worse. Brooke urged her daughter to move past it and find forgiveness.

Later, Hope was alone, reading a card from a new bouquet of flowers. "I meant every word," Liam said, entering the cabin. He asked her to tell him if he was going overboard with the messages, meals, and flowers. He just wanted her to know that not a day had gone by without him missing her. Hope missed him, too, and said the children did, as well.

Liam asked where the kids were. Beth was coloring in her room, and Douglas was spending time with his father. Amazed that Beth was coloring, Liam wished they could keep her the same. Hope replied that change was inevitable. "Not always," Liam replied. He wanted to be the man she needed him to be, and nothing in his life "now or ever" made sense without her in it.

Later, Hope was alone, and Liam was with Beth in her room. Hope smiled, viewing her baby monitor and listening to Beth's laughter. Liam expressed his love for Beth and her laugh. "I love you, Dada," Beth responded, and the words tugged at Hope.

Liam emerged from the bedroom as Hope put down the monitor. He said she should have joined them, but Hope hadn't wanted to interrupt Beth's time with her dad. Hope thought he was a wonderful father. He wished he could be a wonderful father all of the time.

Hope gave Liam a drawing from Beth. Beth had worked really hard on it for her father. Hope said it was their daughter's vision. Holding up the squiggly drawing, Liam said it was their family.

Liam claimed that he wasn't trying to push Hope. It was just hard for him to be away from her and the kids. He told her that his life wasn't anything without her, without the home they'd made, the movie nights, the laughter, and the chaos. He missed it all, especially Hope. He missed holding her and touching her. "Kissing you," he added, and they kissed.

Liam noted that it was the first time Hope had let him kiss her "since..." Stroking her head, he said he loved her.

At Brooke's house, Brooke had just ended a call with Ridge about dinner and when he'd be home. Bill rushed in. He didn't care if Forrester was there or not. Bill needed to talk about their kids. She said Ridge was caught up in a design meeting. She said Bill seemed serious.

Bill was trying to stay out of his kids' personal lives, but Liam was living with Bill. The separation was eating Liam alive. Liam was desperate to make it right. Brooke said that Hope was still suffering, and despite what had happened, she did want Hope and Liam to reunite. Bill smiled.

Brooke guessed Bill was surprised by her stance. She was surprised by it, too, in light of what Liam had done. Brooke said there was nothing they could do. It was all up to Hope and what she could forgive.

In the design office, Zoe noticed that her sister was drinking a health drink. Paris was hooked on the drink and said it contained all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants. She drank one every day. Zoe noticed Paris' one-shoulder, studded black dress. Paris said she and Zende had a date. Zoe's face darkened, and Paris hoped her sister wasn't jealous.

Zoe asked why she'd be jealous that Paris and Zende were getting closer while Zoe and Carter couldn't be further apart. Paris asked if Zoe had talked to Carter, but Zoe said that it was over. Paris was sorry about it, but she stated that, if Zoe would be honest with herself, the only person she had to blame for it was herself.

Quinn, who'd been outside the door, scowled. She entered the office to retrieve her purse. She asked if everything was okay with the sisters. Zoe felt that it depended upon whom Quinn asked. Zoe painted Paris as practically giddy. Paris received a call and quickly excused herself to take care of something.

Alone with Zoe, Quinn said that Zoe was lousy at hiding her feelings. She asked Zoe what was going on and assumed that it had something to do with Zende. "What?" Zoe asked. Quinn guessed Zoe forgot that Zende lived with her at the mansion. Quinn was up on all the Forrester family drama and the office gossip. Quinn knew why Carter had called off the engagement.

Zoe said it was exactly what she hadn't wanted to happen. Zoe was upset that Paris had come to town and gotten so involved in Zoe's career and relationships. "Seriously, she comes to town, I lose Carter, yet she gets to be with Zende," Zoe said. Quinn guessed that it didn't sit well with Zoe. Zoe figured she should be supportive and wishing Paris and Zende the best.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I say that?" Quinn asked. In Zoe's silence, Quinn said not to act surprised. Quinn added that they both had checkered pasts and knew what it was like to screw up and work their butts off for second and third chances. Quinn didn't think Zoe had set out to hurt Carter on purpose.

After thanking Quinn for understanding, Zoe said she hadn't done it on purpose, and she loved Carter. Zoe conveyed how fast the engagement to Carter had happened. Quinn asked where Zende fit in. Quinn guessed that Zende was handsome, charming, and talented, and Zoe had gotten swept up. Zoe admitted that she'd gotten caught playing with fire.

Quinn asked where Paris and Zende stood. Zoe replied that they were doing great, and he'd invited Paris to Quinn's house that night. Quinn knew and said Eric had told her to give them some space, which was why she was at work.

Pulling a jar of herbs and seeds from her bag, Quinn said she'd gone to get it for Eric. Eric swore by it to help his digestion. Although Quinn knew it was "TMI," she couldn't help but talk about the sounds Eric's stomach could make. She called it a symphony of sounds, and she put her hands to her face to beat-box mimic them. "Oh, my God. Yikes!" Zoe responded.

Quinn figured that was enough of making fun of the boss. She asked what Zoe would do about it. Zoe was confused by the question. Quinn asked what Zoe would do about her sister. Quinn assessed that Paris had Zende, Zoe had lost Carter, and Zoe had to be looking to get even.

Quinn asked if Zoe would settle the score with Paris. Zoe didn't know what she could do. It was a pretty big night for Paris and Zende, and Zoe didn't know how to keep it from escalating. Quinn picked up the herb jar and turned it to and fro. She set it right next to Paris' drink and decided that she needed to go powder her nose. "Watch my purse," Quinn said, and she left.

Zoe hurriedly rushed to the desk, opened the herbs, and put a heaping helping into Paris' cup. She shook it up and put the herbs back into Quinn's purse.

Paris entered. She'd just met with some potential donors before they'd left the building. She picked up her drink and waved it near her mouth. She put the cup down as she talked about the connections the donors had. Finally, she sipped from her straw, and Zoe hid her smirk.

Paris noticed the time. Zoe said Paris didn't want to keep Prince Charming waiting. Zoe added that Paris might be in store for a big surprise that night that she wouldn't forget. Paris smiled and sipped her drink. It sounded as if the cup was almost empty.

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