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Thomas identified Vinny at the morgue and vowed to make the killer pay. Chief Baker questioned Thomas about the case, and Liam narrowly avoided an encounter with the police. Zoe made amends with Paris, and Quinn advocated for Zoe in her relationship with Carter.
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Chief Baker questioned Thomas about Vinny's death and Liam panicked when Vinny paid him a visit
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Thomas expresses his determination to find Vinny's killer

Thomas expresses his determination to find Vinny's killer

Monday, April 12, 2021

In the CEO's office, Katie and Brooke met with Flo, who had the newest results for a HFTF focus group. Brooke and Katie were impressed by Flo's thorough work. Flo was glad to hear it and said she wanted to make them proud. Welcoming Flo into the family had been good for Brooke, and it had shown her that forgiveness was necessary.

Brooke explained that she'd been trying to work on Hope forgiving Liam. Katie was sure it would take time because Liam's infidelity with Steffy had been Hope's worst nightmare. Brooke thanked God that the baby was Finn's because Hope probably couldn't have gotten beyond Liam having another child with Steffy.

Flo added that Hope definitely wouldn't have been able to get beyond the night Liam and Steffy had had together. Brooke replied that Liam should have known better instead of jumping to the wrong conclusions. Katie added that he'd fallen back on old habits; however, she believed he'd learned his lesson and wouldn't do it again, and she said Steffy and Finn were happy together.

Brooke was thankful for that. She wanted the same thing for Hope and believed that Liam and Hope could have it again. Katie suspected that, in addition to Brooke supporting the marriage in general, Brooke was especially promoting it because she didn't want Hope near Thomas.

Brooke admitted that her feelings for Thomas were complicated. She said he was Ridge's son, and Ridge believed everything Thomas said. It wasn't so easy for Brooke to do that. Katie figured that Brooke hadn't forgiven Thomas for keeping Beth from Hope.

Brooke replied that she hadn't. She said Thomas had manipulated Douglas and Hope, and Brooke didn't think it was that easy for someone to get over a fixation like Thomas had. Katie asked if Brooke had seen anything that set off alarm bells for her. Brooke hadn't. Katie wondered if Flo had seen anything at work. In Flo's view, Hope and Thomas seemed like good friends, and Flo didn't see Thomas "angling" for Hope in any way.

Katie concluded that Hope had to feel comfortable with Thomas to let him design for her. Brooke said Hope always wanted to see the best in people. Flo figured Hope would have her guard up after what had happened. Brooke replied that Hope had claimed to, but Brooke got a strange feeling every time Thomas was around Hope.

Katie called Brooke a protective mother, and Flo recalled that Thomas had been the one to tell Hope the truth about the paternity test results. Brooke replied that she'd thanked Thomas for it. Brooke had always thought Vinny was shady, but she'd never thought he'd switch paternity test results so that Hope and Thomas could be together.

In the morgue, Thomas was devastated by the sight of the dead Vinny on the table. Dr. Ricks asked if Thomas could provide Vinny's full name for the record. Thomas stated that the man on the table was Vincent Walker. Thomas asked how it had happened and who'd done it.

Later, Vinny's body was gone. Dr. Ricks closed the door to a refrigerated cabinet drawer and left the room. The red-eyed Thomas still couldn't believe that Vinny was gone. Hope said she was sorry. Finn guessed that Vinny had been Thomas' oldest friend. The tearful Thomas acknowledged it. He recalled that he'd been furious at Vinny and had blocked Vinny's number.

Hope said Thomas had been understandably upset with Vinny. Sobbing, Thomas reasoned that Vinny might have been sorry, like Thomas had been in the past. Thomas said he could have shown Vinny compassion. Thomas needed to know what had happened and how Vinny had died. In Thomas' view, Vinny had been young and healthy. Thomas couldn't believe he was talking about his friend in the past tense. "I could have been nicer to him," Thomas murmured.

Hope tried to tell Thomas not to do that, but Thomas yelled that Vinny had been his best friend. Thomas apologized for yelling and asked what Finn knew about what had happened to Vinny. Finn didn't know much, but he was sure a police investigation would be imminent. He explained that a car had hit Vinny in Bel Air. "In Bel Air? In the middle of the night?" Thomas asked.

Thomas wondered what the driver had said. Finn explained that the driver had left the scene. "Vinny was killed in the hit-and-run," Finn concluded. Thomas couldn't believe some "son-of-a-bitch" had just run his friend over and left. Thomas said that, despite other things, Vinny had been a good guy. When Thomas had gone off the rails, Vinny had offered Thomas a place to stay. Thomas asked why he hadn't been there for Vinny.

Hope asked Thomas not to beat himself up, but Thomas persisted in the belief that he could have talked to Vinny, yelled at him, or had one last conversation. Thomas knew that Vinny hadn't been perfect, and his bad decision could have robbed Finn of his child and destroyed Hope's marriage; however, Vinny had thought he'd been doing Thomas a favor.

Thomas wasn't defending Vinny but noted that Vinny had thought he'd been doing it for a good reason. Thomas said that what Vinny had done for money hadn't been good. It had made Vinny rough around the edges, but Thomas had thought Vinny had had potential. Angry, Thomas raged that it wasn't even a possibility anymore because some animal had run Vinny over on the side of the road. The person hadn't even stopped to help Vinny.

Thomas asserted that Vinny hadn't mattered to the driver, but he'd mattered to Thomas. Thomas said that the cops had better find who'd done it, or Thomas would himself.

At Bill's house, Bill persisted in trying to convince Liam to refrain from going to the police about the incident with Vinny. Exclaiming that it had been an accident, Bill said he'd been there and had seen Vinny step in front of the car. Bill doubted a jury would believe it because of how much Liam hated Vinny, and Bill wouldn't let Liam throw his life away over it.

Liam claimed that he never would have let them leave the scene if he hadn't been passed out, and he raged that Bill always made things worse. Bill reasoned that confessing would make it worse, and Liam didn't need to do that because there was nothing connecting him to Vinny's death. Bill added that Vinny hadn't even been identified.

Bill reminded Liam that Bill had gotten rid of the car and Vinny's wallet and cell phone. Bill had also jogged to the scene and had spotted no cameras in the area of the crash site. Bill insisted that it was going to work and ordered Liam to just put it out of his mind.

Closing the front door, Wyatt demanded to know what was going on and what Liam had to put out of his mind. Liam wandered to the terrace and gazed out the window. Bill began bickering with Wyatt about just waltzing into the house without calling or knocking, but Wyatt said he'd thought Bill had said his home was their home. Bill wanted privacy in case he was doing "who knows what" in there. Undaunted, Wyatt insisted upon knowing what had happened.

Bill claimed everything was fine, but Wyatt noted that Liam hadn't said anything. Liam stammered that nothing was going on. Bill distracted Wyatt again, pulling him into a bickering match about how Wyatt was overreacting. Wyatt wouldn't be deterred and asked if Liam was okay or needed to talk about something.

Bill said Liam wasn't feeling well, and Wyatt was making it worse. Wyatt asked Liam if he wasn't feeling well. "Nauseous," Liam uttered. Wyatt said that was a start, but it still didn't explain the tension Wyatt had felt when he'd arrived. Bill argued that Wyatt had brought the tension in and claimed that it was what Wyatt did.

Wyatt asked Liam if he'd tell Wyatt if something was wrong. In Liam's silence, Bill decided he'd tell Wyatt what was going on. Bill couldn't believe Wyatt couldn't figure it out for himself and asked Wyatt why Liam was living there in the first place. Bill reminded Wyatt that Liam was separated from his wife and children. Bill asked Wyatt how he thought that made Liam feel.

Bill explained that the bottom had fallen out of Liam's world. "I mean, look at him. He's in pain. He's suffering. He's tormented by what he did," Bill stated. Bill added that what had been done was done, and Liam had to let it go. Skeptical, Wyatt replied that if it was true, he was sorry and should have realized what had been going on.

Liam stated that he probably shouldn't have left. Bill asserted that there was no going back. Wyatt agreed and told Liam to stop beating himself up. The tearful Liam said it was easier said than done. Wyatt believed that Liam was a good person. Liam replied that he really wasn't.

Wyatt didn't know anyone more caring than Liam and said Liam wouldn't deliberately hurt anyone. Agreeing, Bill repeated what Wyatt had said about Liam. Bill added that there was no point in Liam tormenting himself because it could cost him everything he cared about and loved. "You just have to let it go, son. Let it go," Bill said. Bill told Liam to forget what had happened and move on.

Hope tells Liam that Vinny died in a hit-and-run accident

Hope tells Liam that Vinny died in a hit-and-run accident

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

In the CEO's office, Quinn worked on the settee and asked Zoe, who was by the desk, if she'd heard about Paris' romantic dinner with Zende. Zoe replied that Zende had gone all out, but Paris' stomach had started howling. Quinn guessed the digestive concoction had worked.

Zoe replied that Zende hadn't been as turned off as Zoe had thought he'd be and had sent Paris a romantic selfie with the caption "until next time." Zoe claimed she felt kind of icky about the whole thing and thought she should be more supportive of Paris.

Entering the room, Paris asked if she'd heard her name. Flo also arrived. She was going on a run for smoothies and asked if Paris wanted her usual. Paris did not want it. Paris explained that it didn't agree with her, and the other day, one had made her stomach all crazy. Quinn asked if Paris was sure it had been the drink, and Paris said it was all she'd eaten that day.

Zoe was sorry that the stomach issues had ruined Paris' date. Paris divulged that Zende wanted a rain check. Flo cooed about it and said it was good for Paris. In Flo's view, he was a catch, and Zende and Paris made an adorable couple. Flo asked what Zoe thought.

Zoe agreed that Zende and Paris made a great couple. Paris asked if Zoe meant it. Affirming it, Zoe repeated the sentiment. Paris said it meant a lot to hear it come from Zoe. Paris decided she needed to find Zende for Foundation business. As she left with Flo, Flo promised not to buy any more smoothies. "Please don't," Paris uttered, closing the office door behind them.

Quinn asked if Zoe had meant what she'd said to Paris. Affirming it, Zoe felt awful about spiking the drink. Quinn said Zoe had been having a little fun at Paris' expense. Quinn told Zoe not to beat herself up and added that Paris wasn't worse for wear.

Zoe reasoned that it had been mean spirited, and as the big sister, she was supposed to be the mature one. It hadn't felt good to hurt Paris. Zoe just wanted Paris to be happy. "What about you?" Quinn asked. Zoe replied that she wanted to be happy, too.

Zoe had done a lot of soul-searching, and she'd concluded that she'd handled it poorly when Paris had arrived in town. Quinn reasoned that Zoe had established her independence and had created a life for herself. Zoe didn't think she should have seen Paris as a threat to any of it. Zoe thought Paris was a good person, and she loved her sister. She felt she should support her sister, despite her own romantic problems. Sabotaging Paris wasn't who Zoe wanted to be.

Quinn concluded that it was big of Zoe. Zoe replied that she wanted to be honest with herself and focus on Carter. She missed him and wanted him back. She hoped it wasn't too late.

In the design office, Zende and Carter put on their shirts after a workout. Zende appreciated that Carter hadn't completely iced him out. Zende said that what had happened with Zoe hadn't been cool, and even though he and Zoe hadn't done anything, it had been wrong. Zende was sorry about it. Zende also told Carter that Zoe missed him.

Carter replied that he missed Zoe, too, but "so what?" Carter refused to let his guard down again with Zoe. Zende asked Carter to give Zoe another chance and to let her prove herself.

Later, Zende was alone with Paris. He was impressed by the silence and wondered if it meant Paris felt better. She felt much better and apologized for ruining the night he'd planned. Zende dismissed the idea, saying she hadn't ruined anything, and they'd have plenty of other nights. She asked if he still wanted to be around her. Zende claimed he could barely get enough of her.

Paris informed Zende that they might have a new supporter in her sister. Paris said Zoe was finally accepting Paris and Zende being together.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was with Thomas. He couldn't believe that Vinny was gone. Thomas recalled that they'd been in Little League and high school together. They'd been inseparable, but Thomas had had to identify Vinny's body. He said someone had just left Vinny there to die.

Thomas had never had to identify a body before. He'd been upset with Vinny about the paternity test results tampering, but he hadn't wanted anything bad to happen to Vinny. Thomas asserted that Vinny was gone because of some heartless animal.

Thomas never thought Vinny would go out in a hit-and-run. "In Bel Air, of all places," Thomas said. He became emotional about it, assuming that Vinny's girlfriend would be heartbroken and his parents devastated. Hope asked what kind of person drove away without calling the cops. Thomas theorized that the person might have been drunk. He called the person a sick individual for leaving the scene of an accident that way.

Hope wondered if it had been an accident. She'd been thinking of Thomas' remarks that Vinny had had shady interactions with people. She wondered if it was possible that the killer had known Vinny. She theorized that Vinny might have upset someone or owed someone money.

Thomas wasn't dismissing the idea, but he'd never gotten the feeling that Vinny had been running from anything or had been in danger. Hope figured Vinny hadn't wanted to let on or might not have known someone had been out for him. She was sure that the police would investigate all options, but it was feasible that someone had wanted Vinny dead.

Thomas stood, thinking that he should tell his father. Hope guessed she should tell Liam before he found out another way. Thomas went back to their earlier conversation about Vinny. Thomas reasoned that Vinny had done some bad things, but he'd been a decent person at heart. Hope said Vinny hadn't deserved to die, no matter what he'd done.

Thomas didn't even think Vinny had been a mastermind with the paternity test results. Thomas said Vinny had thought he'd been helping Thomas. Smiling, Thomas conveyed that Vinny had been a good person and had helped his grandma every Sunday. Vinny had volunteered at an animal shelter. Vinny had been decent and had had good qualities. Thomas couldn't imagine someone trying to kill his friend.

At Bill's house, Liam was upset and believed that Wyatt had walked out of there with even more questions after Bill's lies. Bill said Wyatt's suspicion was due to Liam's pathetic behavior. Liam called Bill delusional for thinking he could single-handedly cover the accident up. Bill ordered Liam to pull himself together. "I killed a guy, but, you know, pull myself together," Liam quipped.

Liam felt like a monster. Bill replied that Liam wasn't. Liam corrected it, saying he wouldn't be if they'd handled it like an accident. Bill asked what Liam thought would happen if they talked to the police. He asked if Liam thought the police would let Liam off. Bill insisted that they wouldn't because there had been a bad history between Liam and Vinny. Bill was certain that the cops would slap the cuffs on Liam, and it would be off to prison.

Every time Liam closed his eyes, he saw Vinny's face. Liam said it would haunt him. Bill urged his son to dig deep. Liam stated that he'd seen Vinny take his left breath. Bill insisted that Vinny had stepped in front of the car, and that was why he'd died. Bill said he and Liam had been over it a thousand times. Liam asked if Bill thought Hope wouldn't see that something was wrong.

Bill replied that Liam couldn't let it happen. Bill said Liam couldn't tell Hope or confess. Liam asked why anyone would assume he wanted Vinny dead when Vinny had been arrested and had been awaiting trial. Bill insisted that Liam couldn't leave it in the hands of a judge or jury. Bill asserted that there was no second-guessing or turning back; they were in it.

Liam asserted that he could have handled it. He said he could have done it his way, and "they" would have believed him. Bill replied that Liam didn't know that. Bill asked if Liam knew how many wrongly convicted people were rotting in prison. Bill said that Vinny had been in jail, but the guy who'd put Vinny there had mowed him down.

Liam said it had been a coincidence. Bill wondered if Liam would feel at peace and that justice was served if the authorities didn't believe him and left him to rot in prison, separated from everything Liam knew and loved. In Liam's silence, Bill yelled that it was their new reality, and Liam needed to suck it up. Bill was trying to keep Liam out of jail, but there was only so much he could do if Liam insisted upon being consumed by guilt.

"You can't confess! I need you to tell me that you hear me, Liam. That you understand what I'm saying. You can't say a freaking word to anyone," Bill told Liam. Liam uttered that he couldn't do it. Bill screamed that there was no bringing Vinny back, and it was no great loss to humanity.

Bill didn't get what difference a confession would make. Bill said that Vinny's life was over, but Liam had a life. Liam had Hope and the girls. Bill asked how Liam would feel if he could never tuck the girls in again. Bill refused to let Liam go down for it and said Liam wasn't to blame.

Liam received a call from Hope. Bill said not to answer it, but Liam did, anyway. On the call, Hope said she and Thomas had just returned from the hospital morgue. Liam put his hand over his face and seemed to be stifling sobs. She said that Thomas' friend Vinny had died.

Hope asked if Liam had heard her. Liam replied that he had. Hope explained that she'd gone with Thomas for support when he'd gotten the call. She knew people didn't have much sympathy for Vinny, herself included, but it was still awful.

Bill glared with wide eyes, anxious to know what Hope was saying. Liam told Hope that it was awful. Hope explained that it had been a hit-and-run in Bel Air, and someone had just left Vinny on the side of the road. She asked who would do something like that. Hope had thought she should call and give Liam the news herself. She asked if he had anything to say.

Liam told Hope that he was sorry. Hope asked if something else was going on with him, and she recalled that he'd canceled their lunch date. She told him that it was okay, but he stated that it wasn't. Hope was concerned about how he sounded and asked if he was sure everything was okay. Liam stared at Bill, and Bill flashed Liam a warning expression.

Vinny pays Liam a visit

Vinny pays Liam a visit

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hope sensed that Liam seemed very upset by the news of Vinny's death, and she apologized to Liam for not telling him the news in person. Hope also shared that, regardless of the things that Vinny had done do to them, she did not believe anyone deserved to have "some heartless person just running him over and leaving him to die all alone." Bill watched as Liam started to stammer and seemed to inch closer to saying something he shouldn't. Bill suddenly snatched the phone away from Liam and told Hope that she had called at a bad time because he and Liam were in the middle of a very important business decision. Before Hope could do anything more than voice her confusion that her father-in-law was suddenly on the phone with her, Bill told Hope that Liam would call her later and ended the phone call.

Bill ordered Liam not to answer his "freaking phone again" until Liam got himself "under something that resembles control." Liam insisted that he was doing his best, considering that he'd killed a man. Liam said that there was no way that he could keep that from Hope. "This isn't an affair," Bill snapped. He told Liam that if he told anyone else about the accident, it would be "game over" for him.

Bill promised that he had taken care of everything. "The evidence is gone," Bill said reassuringly. Liam, however, countered that Bill was not the "world's greatest criminal mastermind" and worried that Bill had forgotten or overlooked something. "They won't find one damn thing," Bill replied. Bill disagreed with Liam's assertion that some things were beyond Bill's control.

Bill received a reminder on his phone that he had to attend a conference call. Before he agreed to join the call, he made Liam promise that he would not call, text, or visit anyone until Bill returned. Liam agreed.

Alone, Liam lay down on the couch but was plagued by visions of the night he had hit Vinny. He was roused from his daze when a voice asked, "Why, Liam?" A startled Liam jumped from the sofa when he spotted Vinny standing in the corner. "I was walking down the street, minding my own business, and you hit me," Vinny said. Liam panicked and insisted that he'd wanted to help, but Bill hadn't let him. "You left me on the side of the road, Liam. Bleeding. Dying," Vinny snarled.

Liam covered his face with his arms. After a moment or two, he looked up and saw that Vinny had disappeared. He gently slapped himself across both of his cheeks and walked over to a mirror to look at himself. When he did, Vinny appeared behind him. Liam cowered in the corner as Vinny approached him and vowed that Liam would not get away with his crime. Liam hyperventilated as he struggled to remain on his feet. He tightly closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, Vinny was once again gone. Liam looked back in the mirror and ran his hands through his mussed-up hair in an effort to style it back into its normal state.

Back at Forrester, Hope told Thomas about Liam's "strange" reaction to the news of Vinny's death. Thomas politely stated that he couldn't really think about Liam's feelings because he was still trying to process his own. Hearing Vinny's name as he returned to his office, Ridge wondered what sort of trouble Vinny had caused "this time." "He's dead, Dad," Thomas replied. Ridge understood that Thomas was grieving the loss of his friend and refrained from speaking ill of the dead. Ridge told Thomas to call him if Thomas needed to talk.

In her office, Zoe listened as Quinn voiced her support for Zoe wanting to change her ways and be more sisterly to Paris. "As fun as being petty and underhanded can be, it doesn't really get you anywhere," Quinn said. Quinn admitted that she'd learned that lesson over and over. Quinn theorized that if Paris could see Zoe in a new light, perhaps Carter could, too. Zoe admitted that she wanted nothing more than to have a second chance with Carter.

The door to the office opened suddenly, and Carter stepped inside. Though it was unclear if he'd heard his name mentioned, Carter apologized for interrupting and said that he'd be out of the women's way as soon as he grabbed a file. Quinn shot Zoe an encouraging look, prompting Zoe to speak up to again vow that she'd do whatever it took to earn Carter's trust. Quinn nodded slightly to show her approval of Zoe's proclamation.

Carter understood and appreciated that Zoe knew her behavior had been wrong, but he flatly told her that he could not be a part of her life at that time. He turned and left the office. Seeing that Zoe was crushed, Quinn pointed out that Carter hadn't used the word "never." Zoe was certain that Carter was done with her -- even if he hadn't used the word "never." Quinn rolled her eyes as Zoe reflected on how great Carter had been to her and how she'd ruined it. "Are you done?" Quinn asked. Quinn told Zoe to stop beating herself up over her mistakes and to instead focus on what she could do to get Carter back.

Zoe wasn't sure what else she could say or do to prove herself to Carter. Quinn offered to speak to Carter on Zoe's behalf.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Zende was astounded that Zoe had somehow come to accept him and Paris as a couple. Paris echoed Zende's surprise, saying that Zoe "likes to keep people guessing." Paris surmised that Zoe's turnaround had something to do with Zoe and Carter's breakup. Zende was miffed that it had taken Zoe's relationship falling apart for her to realize how important Paris was to her. From the other side of the room, an angry Carter snarled that he was tired of everyone talking about his "failed engagement."

Zende quickly explained that they had not been gossiping but rather talking about how Zoe had made positive changes in her life. Paris jumped in to say that she and Zende were hopeful that those changes might get Zoe and Carter's relationship back on track. Carter admitted that he'd loved Zoe a lot but quickly added that Zoe had hurt him a lot. He then told Paris that he was not sure that he could ever open himself up to Zoe again.

Later, Zoe tracked down Paris and said that she was committed to rebuilding their relationship.

Carter returned to his office, relieved that no one else was there. He had just sat down in his chair when Quinn returned. Carter hoped that Zoe was not following behind Quinn because he said that he couldn't take Zoe "throwing more apologies" at him. Quinn closed the office door and asked if she and Carter could talk.

After Hope and Ridge left Thomas alone to sketch, Lt. Baker stopped by to find out if Vinny's death had been an accident or if someone had had a motive to harm Vinny. Thomas was surprised to hear that Vinny's death could be anything but accidental. Lt. Baker mentioned Vinny's recent arrest for altering paternity test results and proffered that Thomas had to have felt very betrayed by his friend's actions. "What exactly are you implying?" Thomas asked as he realized that the detective could be implying that he'd had something to do with Vinny's death.

Liam dodges an encounter with Lt. Baker

Liam dodges an encounter with Lt. Baker

Thursday, April 15, 2021

In the design office, Carter told Quinn that there was a very short list of people he discussed his love life with, and she wasn't on it. Quinn figured that was why he'd been so unlucky in love.

Eric entered and paused upon seeing Quinn. There seemed to be unspoken tension between the two. Eric hadn't realized that Quinn had had a meeting with Carter. Carter snapped that she didn't. Eric asked to meet with Carter later.

As Eric turned to leave, Quinn said she was hoping that she and Eric could talk. Quinn wanted to plan a special evening for them. Eric replied that they could discuss it later. She mentioned that she'd missed Eric that morning. Quinn wanted to contact Cafe Russe to get Robert to set aside their favorite table for a romantic dinner.

Eric said it was sweet and thoughtful, but he couldn't reschedule the conference call he had that evening. He asked Carter to send him some numbers and abruptly left.

Carter asked Quinn if everything was okay. She asked why it wouldn't be. She said she and Eric were busy people with demanding schedules, and it was hard to make time. She thought that anything important was worthwhile -- just like Carter and Zoe.

Carter decided he didn't want to have that conversation. He said he'd get Eric the numbers and go home. Carter exited the office. Quinn gazed at a photo of herself and Eric on a shelf.

In the backstage area at Forrester, Zoe acknowledged that she hadn't been much of a sister to Paris, and she hoped that Paris could forgive her. Paris readily agreed to and said she wanted nothing more than for them to be close again.

Zoe stated that it had been all her fault, and she was determined to clean up the mess she'd made. She'd really tried to get through to Carter, and she was hoping Quinn could put in a good word for her with Carter.

Just then, Quinn arrived, and Zoe asked if Quinn had talked to Carter. Quinn replied that Carter hadn't wanted to have the conversation, and he'd left. Quinn asked if Carter was worth fighting for. "Absolutely," Zoe responded. Quinn stated that they wouldn't give up on him then.

Later, Zoe and Paris were alone again. Paris wondered how Zoe had gotten Quinn to talk to Carter. It seemed random to Paris. Zoe said she and Quinn had kind of become friends, and Quinn knew what it was like to fight for second chances. Zoe explained that Quinn had fought for Eric's love and gotten his family to change their opinions of her. Zoe hoped Quinn could help Zoe do the same with Carter.

At Carter's place, Carter was about to take off his shirt when someone knocked on his door. To his surprise, Quinn was on his doorstep. She said they hadn't finished their conversation. "About Zoe? You came all the way here to talk to me about Zoe?" Carter asked. Quinn told him not to be rude and to "invite a lady in." Carter ushered her inside.

Quinn noted that Ridge had let Carter keep all of Ridge's furniture and decor. Carter asked Quinn to get to the point. He hadn't known she was a big supporter of Zoe. Quinn claimed to be a supporter of second chances and knew what it was like to hurt the man she loved. Carter guessed Quinn was thinking of Eric.

Quinn stated that Zoe missed Carter and asked if he missed Zoe, too. In his silence, Quinn decided to take the look on his face as an affirmation.

At Bill's house, the frightened Liam eased onto the sofa as Bill returned to the living room from his conference call. Liam stated that Vinny had been there and had been looking right at Liam. Bill rolled his eyes, and he explained that Vinny was dead. Liam knew it had all been in his head; however, it had been very real, and Vinny had said Liam had left him on the roadside.

Bill told his panicked son that Vinny hadn't said anything. Bill stated that Vinny had been dead before they'd left, and it had been an accident. Liam uttered that Vinny had said they'd find Liam, and Liam was going to pay. Bill tried to convince Liam to pull himself together for Hope and the kids. "Hell, for me!" Bill added.

Liam didn't know how to. Upset, he said Vinny had come out of nowhere. "The sound. The awful sound," Liam said, crying. Bill yelled that they couldn't keep going over the same thing. Bill insisted that Vinny had been dead, and Bill had gotten Liam out of there to protect him.

Bill remained adamant that no jury would believe it had been an accident, and that meant Liam would go to prison. Bill ordered Liam to look at him. Liam struggled to meet Bill's gaze. Once Liam did, Bill asserted that Liam had to put it out of his mind forever. Liam didn't understand how Bill could be "so..."

"Cold?" Bill assumed Liam would say. Bill stated that he wasn't cold; Vinny was, and that was why Bill wasn't concerned about Vinny. Bill was only concerned about Liam being a father to his children. Liam asked how he could do that or anything good. Bill ordered Liam to stop. He said it was Liam's problem, and Liam always had to be perfect. Bill yelled that Liam wasn't perfect, and Liam had made mistakes.

Liam's phone rang. Bill pulled it out of his pocket and said it was Hope again. Bill instructed Liam to answer it. Liam claimed that he couldn't and that Bill had told him not to. Bill knew that, but he said she'd get suspicious if Liam didn't communicate with her.

Liam composed himself and answered his phone. Hope was outside the design office. She'd wanted to check on him because Vinny's death had hit him hard. The death had made her think about how precious time was. Hope wanted Liam to meet her at Forrester to talk about the kids and their schedules. She'd wanted to do it over lunch, but he'd canceled that.

Liam looked at Bill and repeated that Hope wanted him to meet at Forrester. Bill nodded, and Liam agreed to do it. Grinning, Hope said it was important for the kids to have some normalcy while their parents were apart. Hope also wanted to talk about their marriage and finding forgiveness and acceptance. "But baby steps," she said. Agreeing, he said he'd see her soon.

Liam ended the call and wondered what he'd just done. Bill said Liam couldn't just disappear on his wife and family. Liam replied that it wasn't that simple. Bill insisted that he'd taken care of everything, and he urged Liam to go back to his life. Liam conveyed that he knew Bill was trying to protect him, but the truth always got out, one way or another.

In the CEO's, Baker figured that Thomas had felt some sense of betrayal when Vinny had altered Steffy's paternity test. Enraged, Thomas replied that his friend had been run over like garbage, and he asked if Baker really thought he'd done it. Baker cited that there had been no phone or wallet, and the killer had gone to great lengths to cover his tracks.

Thomas couldn't believe Baker thought Thomas had killed Vinny. Baker claimed not to be thinking anything yet, and he was just there to get information. Thomas repeated that Vinny was dead, and his cellphone and wallet hadn't been on him. Baker clarified that the items were missing. The police had searched Vinny's home, his car, his girlfriend's apartment, and other places Vinny would have frequented; however, it had turned up nothing.

Baker concluded that someone was covering their tracks. He assumed it was someone close to the victim and said it wouldn't be the first time. Thomas was adamant that he'd never hurt Vinny. Baker said he was just there to ask questions. He asked if Thomas knew of anyone who'd want Vinny Walker dead.

In Thomas' silence, Baker's patience was wearing thin. He needed Thomas to cooperate. Thomas stated that there was a lot that Baker didn't know about Vinny, like he'd been a drug dealer. Surprised, Baker said he'd thought Vinny had worked in the hospital lab.

Thomas explained that it was where Vinny had been getting his drugs. Thomas didn't know all Vinny had been involved with, but Thomas wanted the monsters who'd killed Vinny found. Thomas wanted them to pay for what they'd done.

Baker turned the topic back to Vinny changing Steffy's paternity test result, saying that Vinny had played God. Baker couldn't imagine what it had done to Steffy when Vinny, according to Baker, had changed the name on her paternity test results. Baker claimed that Vinny had made the test say that it had been Liam's child and asked why Vinny had done that.

Thomas replied that Vinny had been misguided but loyal, and he'd thought he'd been helping Thomas. Thomas revealed that he had feelings for Liam's wife, Hope, and Vinny had thought that if Liam had fathered a baby from his affair with Steffy, Hope would leave him.

Just then, Hope arrived. Thomas explained that Baker had just stopped by to ask questions about Vinny's death. Hope stated that it was tragic that Vinny had been left on the side of the road. Baker replied that Mr. Walker had been on a lot of bad sides of a lot of people, but sooner or later, Baker would find the truth. Baker was betting on sooner. Baker thanked Thomas and said he'd be in touch.

After Baker left, Thomas wondered if someone had intentionally killed Vinny. Hope believed that the police would find who'd killed Vinny. Thomas conveyed that Baker had given off vibes as if he'd known who'd killed Vinny. "He just needs proof," Thomas suspected.

In the corridor, Baker stopped to write something down. Liam rounded the corner near the display but ducked out of sight when he saw Lieutenant Baker. Baker strode to the elevator, and Liam walked to the door to the CEO's office. "Hold it right there, Liam Spencer. I got you," a voice said. Liam put his hands into the air.

Quinn and Carter connect while discussing disconnections

Quinn and Carter connect while discussing disconnections

Friday, April 16, 2021

In the CEO's office, Thomas and Hope discussed Deputy Chief Baker's visit. Thomas was sure Baker would find the culprit, but Thomas wished he could have been more helpful with the case. Hope was glad Baker had left before Liam had gotten there. She said something was going on with Liam; she didn't know what it was, but Liam was not himself that day.

In the corridor, Liam was trembling with his hands over his head. A man behind Liam said that Liam had thought he'd get away, but the man had gotten Liam. Liam said he'd turn around very slowly. When he did, he saw Charlie, who was holding an ID badge. He said Liam had forgotten to pick it up at the front gate.

Liam sighed, trying to calm down. Charlie asked if Liam was okay. Liam looked a little shaky to Charlie, as if Liam had committed a 2-11. "It's armed robbery," Charlie elaborated. Liam mirthlessly chuckled. Charlie was amused by how he'd gotten Liam and had made him freeze in his tracks. Charlie laughed about the deep voice he'd just used, stating that he'd always said that the voice was the key to speaking with confidence in security.

Charlie added other things that were key, including the eyes, which were how he had seen that Liam hadn't had a badge. That wasn't the only thing Charlie had noticed about Liam. Charlie claimed he'd been trained in the art of human observation, and he saw things that people overlooked. Charlie hadn't needed anyone to tell him that Liam had moved out of Hope's place.

Charlie said it was written on Liam's face. "And look at your clothes. Looks like you got stuffed into a garbage bag," Charlie observed. Charlie guessed that Liam was staying with his father, which was a short drive from Hope's home. He asked if Liam took Sunset or back streets.

Liam asked why Charlie wanted to know. Charlie said they lived in Los Angeles, which meant they talked about traffic and gossip. Charlie had been down at the precinct, and he'd heard some really interesting stuff. "Like -- " Liam began to say.

Hope stepped out of the office and said she'd thought she'd heard Liam. Charlie realized that Liam was there for a meeting with Hope and apologized for detaining him. She asked what was going on. Charlie said Liam hadn't had his ID badge, but he'd keep his eye on Liam. Hope assured Charlie that Liam wouldn't forget to sign in again. Charlie reminded Liam that a lesson learned was a really good thing.

Liam followed Hope into the office. Thomas greeted Liam, and Liam said he hadn't known Thomas would be there. Hope said they'd been talking to Deputy Chief Baker. Thomas asked if Liam had talked to Baker, and Liam quickly said he hadn't. Hope was sure Baker would want to talk to Liam and Steffy about the paternity test results. Liam asked why.

Thomas explained that Baker wanted to know everything about the case, and they needed to do what they could do to help. Thomas asserted that the monster who'd killed Vinny was still out there and didn't deserve to spend one more free moment in the world.

Thomas got that, after what Vinny had done with the paternity test results, Liam wasn't losing sleep over Vinny's death. Liam said that wasn't true. Thomas recalled that he and Vinny had been friends since childhood. They hadn't always been together. Sometimes, Vinny would leave town and return with a grin and some story about what had happened in his life.

Vinny had made bad decisions and had done things that Thomas hadn't been able to condone, but Thomas believed that Vinny had been a good person. Vinny had been a good person, but someone had mowed him down and left him to die. Liam's mind flashed to the accident, hearing someone grunt before the car hit something.

Hope said they all hated what Vinny had done with the paternity test results, but no one had wanted "this." She shuddered, thinking that the killer was still out there. Thomas didn't think it would be that way for long and said that if the police didn't find him, he'd make sure they did. Thomas vowed to make sure "this bastard" paid for what he'd done.

At Eric's house, Eric gazed at Quinn's portrait. Ridge arrived. Ridge sensed that there was a problem. Eric acted as if he was fine. Ridge offered to listen, but Eric said he wasn't one to dump his problems on his kids. Assuming that meant there was a problem, Ridge asked what was going on with Eric and Quinn.

Ridge made martinis for himself and Eric. Eric said Quinn had promised not to give in to her dark impulses. Ridge said that when it had happened, Eric had found a way to forgive. Eric affirmed it but stated that forgiveness wasn't a magic potion that made everything go back to normal. For him, forgiveness was just the beginning, and what one did after that was what counted.

Ridge asked if Eric and Quinn were making headway. Just then, someone knocked on the front door. Eric yelled for the person to come into the house. Zoe arrived in a new change of clothes for the evening. She acted as if she hadn't meant to interrupt. "Probably looking for Zende," Ridge bit out. Zoe affirmed it, and Eric said his grandson wasn't there.

Zoe suspected how she might look to Eric and Ridge, but she said it wasn't what they were thinking. She wasn't interested in Zende. She wanted a life with Carter. Eric said he and Ridge cared about Carter. Zoe knew it and had no excuse for what she'd done. She explained that things had been happening fast, and she'd had to be sure of her feelings for Carter.

"The problem was the feelings you had for Zende," Ridge replied. Zoe admitted that she'd gotten too caught up in Zende, and it had been a huge mistake. Zoe had been scared because Carter had envisioned their life and future so clearly. "And you couldn't?" Eric responded.

Zoe admitted that "that stuff" was complicated for her. She mentioned her relationships with her father and her sister and the last time she'd tried walking down an aisle. Ridge admitted that what had happened with Thomas had been screwed up, but to Ridge, it didn't explain her involvement with Zende. Zoe said they weren't involved anymore -- and had never really been involved in the first place. Whatever it was, it wasn't happening anymore.

Ridge said it was because Zende was involved with Paris. Zoe agreed that it was true, and she was happy for them; however, it wouldn't matter either way to her because she was completely focused on the man she loved and reconciling with Carter.

At Carter's place, Quinn said she knew what it was like to make bad decisions and miss the man she loved. Carter wasn't sure Zoe had ever loved him. "But you miss her, anyway," Quinn replied. Seeming to admit it, he asked if it was ridiculous. He felt that what Zoe had done had been hurtful. He asked who did things like that. "And she wants to be forgiven?" he asked.

Quinn asked if Carter was saying that there was no hope for him and Zoe. Quinn understood that betrayals left marks. She was going through the same thing with Eric. Carter replied that Quinn hadn't been with another man. She reasoned that her point was that betrayal cut deeply, it took time to heal, and it could leave a scar.

Carter murmured that scars could last forever. Quinn replied that they could add character, and he smiled. Quinn asked if Carter intended to be bitter and live like a monk for the rest of his life.

Later, Carter strode across the room that no longer had a bed as its main feature and took a seat in his living room area with Quinn. Handing her bottled water, he said he'd loved Zoe, but all the good had been buried beneath lies. Quinn replied that it was hard to dig out from there. He said he couldn't live his life wondering if Zoe would be honest with him, so he'd broken it off.

Quinn assumed that Carter was having second thoughts about it, and to her, that was reasonable. "Is it, though? I mean, come on. When someone hurts you the way Zoe hurt me, you don't miss them, Quinn," Carter stated. Quinn reasoned that Zoe had been the one, and he'd been committed to a life with her.

Carter recalled how in sync he and Zoe had been in their lives, in their dreams, and in the bedroom. He admitted that when that connection and passion were no longer in one's life, it was a big loss. He guessed that was more than Quinn had ever wanted to hear about him.

Quinn replied that it was fine. Carter hoped he hadn't made her feel uncomfortable. She said he hadn't, and she'd been the one who'd shown up at his house and dragged him into a personal conversation. She got that he missed the way his life had been. "Even if it was an illusion?" he asked. Quinn replied that people missed those most of all.

Quinn reasoned that it hadn't all been an illusion, and the physical relationship had been real. Carter said it might have been the only real part, but marriage took more. Quinn agreed, but a little of her own frustration showed when she said it was wonderful to have a sexually satisfying relationship. It connected people and left an incredible void when it was lost.

Quinn decided that she was oversharing. Carter said he'd thought things were okay with her and Eric. She replied that she and Eric lived together, but things weren't back to how they'd been. She said "that" aspect of her marriage wasn't as fulfilling as it had been.

Quinn figured she'd shared more than she should have, especially because Carter was close to Eric. Carter said it was only fair that she got to share, and he didn't think Eric would feel comfortable having that kind of talk with him. Carter admitted that he'd picked up on something between Eric and Quinn at the office, but Carter hadn't wanted to inquire about it.

Quinn asked if it had been that obvious. Carter conveyed that there had seemed to be some distance between her and Eric. Quinn said Eric was always kind and respectful. Carter figured that things hadn't gotten back to the way they'd been. Quinn didn't think they would, but she felt strange talking to Carter about all of it. She didn't want to put him in an awkward position.

Carter reasoned that Quinn was there out of concern for him, and the feeling was mutual. Quinn thanked him, and he asked what was going on. Quinn confided that she and Eric were really trying to move forward, and they valued their marriage and friendship. She knew that Eric was trying to be sweet and forgiving. She just didn't think it was working. "It really hurts when the man you love used to look at you like you were the most beautiful woman in the world, and he hasn't looked at you or touched you like that in a very long time," Quinn admitted.

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