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The police developed theories in their hit-and-run case. After a heart-to-heart discussion with Carter, Quinn attempted to reignite the passion between her and Eric. Concerned that Liam was withdrawing from her, Hope asked him to return home.
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The police developed theories in their hit-and-run case, while Eric rebuffed Quinn and Hope asked Liam to return home
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Monday, April 19, 2021

Due to CBS News coverage of closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preempted, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, April 20, and picked up where the Friday, April, 16, episode concluded.

After their talk, Quinn sees Carter in a whole new way After their talk, Quinn sees Carter in a whole new way

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

In the CEO's office, Thomas wondered how anyone could live with themselves after what they'd done to Vinny. "Right, Liam?" Thomas asked. Hope asked Liam if he was okay. In Liam's silence, Hope asked again. Thomas figured that Liam was a lot better than Vinny, but the police wouldn't stop until they found the scumbag who'd killed Vinny.

Liam recalled that Thomas had said Chief Baker had been there, asking questions. Thomas conveyed that Baker had known about the results switch, and Thomas had provided what information he could. Thomas wanted to see the killer behind bars. He wanted to look the killer in the eye before the bars closed upon the killer, who'd rot in jail for years and years.

Thomas wondered if the coward had looked back. He asked how one could not even think about looking back. Thomas said the guy could have called the paramedics to at least try to save Vinny, whether it had been possible or not. "But at least you could try," Thomas said. He insisted that it was inhuman, and justice should be served. "Right, Liam?" he asked.

Liam agreed. He said that whoever had done it should pay. Hope asked for a moment alone with Liam, and Thomas left the office. Hope immediately told Liam that something more was going on with him. He didn't answer, and she guessed that she was right.

Hope said that Liam had been attentive, sending flowers and her favorite foods. He'd been doing everything he could to show her that he loved her. The gestures had stopped; he'd canceled their lunch date, and she could see that he wasn't himself. Liam replied that he didn't mean to worry her. He asked if she knew how something unthinkable could happen. Stammering, he agreed that he wasn't himself.

Hope figured that Liam missed the kids. Liam said he'd give anything to be with her and the kids. There were many things he wished he could do over again. Hope suggested they go home to spend time with the kids. Liam said he couldn't, and it wasn't a good idea. Hope asked how spending time with her and the kids wasn't a good idea. She asked what he was talking about.

Liam said it just wasn't. He abruptly decided that he needed to go. Hope stopped him, saying he wouldn't leave like that. She reminded him that they'd promised each other to be honest and have no more secrets. She urged him to tell her about whatever was weighing him down. She asked what it was, what had happened, and what was wrong.

At Eric's house, Zoe told Eric and Ridge that it might be too late for her and Carter, but she intended to do everything she could to fight for the relationship. Zoe acknowledged doing things that she hadn't been proud of and said she'd hurt her sister. Eric asked if Zoe had talked to Paris, and Zoe conveyed that her sister had forgiven her.

Zoe desired a second chance with Carter -- if he wasn't seeing anyone else already. Zoe stated that Ridge was Carter's best friend. She asked if Ridge knew if Carter was seeing anyone. In Ridge's silence, Zoe said she wouldn't be surprised if Carter was dating someone.

Zoe was amazed that Carter would even talk to her. Ridge was, too. Zoe would give anything to be engaged to Carter and planning their life together again. Eric replied that it could still happen. Ridge flashed Eric a doubtful look and shook his head. Zoe guessed that meant not to count on it. Ridge replied that they just wanted what was best for Carter. Zoe wondered again if Carter was dating someone. Ridge said he didn't think there was another woman in Carter's life.

Zoe asked if Eric and Ridge would put in a good word for her with Carter if either of them got the chance. Zoe left, and Ridge remarked that relationships were complicated. Eric asked if Ridge was referring to Zoe's relationship or Eric's. Ridge noted that Eric still hadn't revealed what the trouble was between Eric and Quinn.

Ridge didn't mean to pry, but things between Eric and Quinn didn't seem to be what they'd once been. Ridge thought it might help Eric to open up a bit. Eric agreed, saying things weren't the same -- especially in the bedroom.

At Carter's place, Carter said it hadn't been easy for Quinn to admit it. "That my husband won't make love to me anymore? That it's been far too long?" Quinn replied. Carter joked that she'd put it more delicately than that earlier. She guessed she was embarrassing everyone.

Carter said there was nothing to be embarrassed about. He figured Eric and Quinn just had things to work out. Carter recalled all the obstacles the couple had overcome and admitted that even he hadn't been thrilled with the marriage at first. He believed the couple could persevere.

Quinn remained unsure. She said that Eric had forgiven her, "but if he won't make love to me -- " She stopped herself, embarrassed to be going on when she was supposed to be there on behalf of Zoe. Carter replied that he and Quinn had just realized that they had a lot in common.

Quinn noted that Zoe and Carter hadn't gone through what Eric and Quinn were going through. Carter agreed, saying sex hadn't been the issue; the issue had been Zoe's fixation on Zende. Quinn believed that was over and that Zoe regretted throwing everything she and Carter had had away over a silly flirtation. "Wow, a flirtation? It felt like it was a lot more than that," Carter replied.

Quinn asked if the attraction to Zende had been a symptom of something deeper. She suspected that was the reason Eric wouldn't be intimate with her. Carter asked if Eric hadn't forgiven Quinn for tampering with Brooke's marriage. Quinn believed that Eric had on the surface, but not when it came to the bedroom. Quinn deeply missed her husband. She felt as if Eric were slowly slipping away from her.

Quinn hadn't even told her best friend about it, and she and Shauna shared everything. Carter deemed himself Quinn's "newest bestest" friend, and she chuckled. She'd been wanting to talk to someone about it for a while. She'd been hoping it would just fix itself. She'd tried everything she could to reignite the spark, but nothing had been working.

Quinn stated that she and Eric went to bed each night. He'd go to sleep, but she'd stay awake, worried that what she'd done had caused her husband to fall out of love with her. Carter didn't think it was the case. She replied that she and Eric had had an active sex life, but it wasn't so much so those days. Carter asked if she and Eric had talked about it.

Quinn replied that she didn't want to pressure Eric. She wasn't sure if the problem was that he couldn't make love to her, even if he wanted to, and she didn't want to emasculate him. Carter guessed she'd rather go on the way they were. She didn't want that. She giggled, still unable to believe she was talking to Carter about it.

Carter gathered that Quinn believed that her husband might have lost his sex drive, and she also feared that Eric no longer trusted her. It was undermining their marriage, including intimacy. Carter saw no other way to deal with it than for Eric and Quinn to talk about it and face it openly and honestly together. "Lawyer, a COO, a marriage officiant, and now a sex therapist," Quinn said. She suspected there was no end to his talents.

Carter asked how else Dr. Carter could be of help. Quinn thought he'd made a difference and said it helped to talk to someone who cared. She reminded them both that it hadn't been her intention when she'd arrived there. She'd hoped to see if he'd give Zoe and him another chance. Quinn asked if she'd succeeded. Carter replied that Zoe was lucky that Quinn was backing her.

Quinn replied that all any one of them ever wanted was passion, intimacy, love, and connection. She thanked him for listening, and he thanked her for her concern. He reminded her that communication was key -- and it was sexy, too.

Carter needed to change for the gym. Quinn received a call. He offered to let her take it at his place, and she said she'd let herself out. Carter went up the spiral staircase, and Quinn answered her phone. Zoe was on the line, wondering how it had gone with Carter.

Quinn had gleaned from what Carter had said, and hadn't said, that Carter might be willing to give it another chance. Zoe asked if Quinn really thought so. Quinn did, but she wanted to talk about it later in person. At the time, Quinn really needed to get home to Eric.

Quinn ended the call and recalled the encouragement Carter had given her about her marriage. Carter, in nothing but shorts, saw her from the top of the stairs. He sauntered down them, and she stammered that she'd intended to let herself out. He said he'd left his workout clothes down there, and standing by the fireplace, he asked her to toss them to him. He caught them.

Embarrassed, Quinn said it had been a nice catch. Looking at his body, she added that it was a nice everything.

Eric makes an admission about the specific issue he is having with Quinn Eric makes an admission about the specific issue he is having with Quinn

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

In the evening at Forrester, Hope implored Liam to let her help him and to tell her what was going on. She promised not to judge him. Liam said all he ever wanted was to deserve her and the kids. She asked if it was about the night with Steffy. Liam said it was much more than that.

Just then, Bill entered the office. He'd been looking for Liam and needed his son. Hope asked if it could wait because Liam had been about to tell her something important.

Bill prompted Liam to say what was on his mind. Liam apologized to Hope and said he'd thought he'd been a better person. Hope said he'd made a mistake, and even though it had messed things up, he couldn't let it stop him in his tracks. Bill was glad to hear Hope say that, and he shared her concerns. Bill claimed it was why he had Liam staying with him. It was so that Bill could keep an eye on Liam, get him help, and slap him around a bit if he needed it.

Hope was glad Liam had Bill and said Liam shouldn't be alone. Bill called it trying times. In his view, it was hard when one didn't recognize the man in the mirror, but Bill intended to help Liam, get him through it, and make sure Liam was ready to meet his bright future.

Reminding Liam that Bill needed him, Bill prompted Liam to leave. Hope asked Liam to visit and said the kids missed him. Liam started to reply but wordlessly let Bill prod him out the door.

Later, Hope was working at the desk when Thomas arrived to show her some adjustments to a design. He asked if he could stop by later to see the kids. Their energy seemed to lift the weight he'd been feeling since Vinny's death. Hope said they'd be happy to see him, especially since she didn't know when Liam would be by. Thomas asked how things had gone with Liam.

Hope believed that something was off, and Liam wasn't acting like himself. He'd been distant and quiet. Thomas didn't think that was surprising, due to the separation. He figured that Liam missed his family, and that was translating as weirdness. Thomas told Hope that men weren't that great at processing emotions.

Hope replied that Liam was good at it. Liam loved talking about his feelings, analyzing them, and overanalyzing them. Liam was usually an open book, but not lately. Thomas remarked that all the soy had gotten Liam in touch with his feminine side. "But he's still not that deep," Thomas reasoned, saying it wouldn't take much digging to figure out that Liam missed his family.

Hope welcomed Thomas to say how he really felt. Thomas really felt that Liam was an idiot; however, Thomas knew that she loved her husband, and Thomas respected it. Hope wondered why Liam didn't just visit if he missed his family. She thought there was more to it, and she was a little worried about whatever it was he wasn't telling her.

At Bill's house, Bill poured a drink, certain that Liam had been about to tell Hope about Vinny earlier. Bill asserted that Liam couldn't do that unless he wanted them to go to prison. Liam said the secret was killing him. All he saw when he closed his eyes was Vinny. Liam stated that Hope wasn't oblivious, and she could see that something was wrong.

Bill advised Liam to stop walking around like a flashing, freaking neon sign. Liam asked if Bill understood that Liam couldn't keep the secret and function at the same time. Bill said Liam could do it; it just took time. Bill stated that Liam had to realize that his thoughts didn't control him. Instead, Liam controlled his thoughts. Liam asked how and said he'd just killed a man.

Bill insisted that Vinny had appeared out of nowhere, and Liam hadn't had time to react. Bill persisted in the theory that no one would believe Liam because the paternity test results had given Liam a motive to run over Vinny. Bill figured that it didn't matter because the car was across the world, and there had been no cameras at the scene.

Liam told Bill to stop patting himself on the back after leaving a man on the side of the road. Bill murmured that he'd left a rat there. Liam told Bill to stop, but Bill insisted that, after what Vinny had done to Liam, Vinny had been a dead rat, not worth sacrificing Liam over.

Bill insisted that he and Liam had to take the secret to their graves. Liam didn't think Bill got it. Liam explained that he'd had to turn down time with his family because he couldn't even be around them. Bill encouraged Liam to be around his family and have some normalcy. Liam yelled that he wasn't normal. He was radioactive, and he wouldn't take that around his children.

Liam yelled that his family was slipping through his fingers. Everything that he cared about was disappearing. There would be a giant hole where his soul had been. "I can't go on like this! I can't" Liam exclaimed.

In Carter's loft, Carter had thought Quinn had gone. Chuckling, Quinn said it was a good thing that she hadn't left because she would have missed "all of this." Looking at him, Quinn had come to understand why Zoe wanted Carter back so badly.

Carter put on his gym shorts and asked if Quinn was just going to stare at him. "You bet I am," she responded. She wasn't coming on to him; she was merely appreciating him -- like a work of art. Thanking her and pulling on his sleeveless shirt, he said he worked hard to stay in shape. Quinn let him know that it wasn't a wasted effort.

Quinn inquired about Carter's secret and if he worked out for hours on end. Carter admitted that he wasn't that diligent and said she should see what he ate on Saturdays. Quinn told him that whatever he was doing, it was perfection. He decided he'd tell Quinn the same thing the next time she went to work out. She vowed that it would never happen.

Quinn didn't think Eric would put up with it, anyway -- even if he was still interested in her. Carter was sure that Eric was, but Quinn reminded Carter that she and Eric hadn't been intimate in a long time. Carter reasoned that it might not have anything to do with her, and she needed to talk to her husband. Carter couldn't imagine any man who wouldn't find her desirable.

Quinn thanked Carter. She'd really needed to hear that. Heading for the door, she decided she'd really leave that time. Carter thanked her for stopping by and talking to him. She was glad she'd talked to someone about what was going on -- and what wasn't going on -- in her life. He told her that her secret was safe. Quinn thought Carter was a great guy, and after seeing him in practically nothing, she knew why Zoe was kicking herself for letting him go.

At Eric's house, Ridge and Eric had martinis, and Ridge said that every couple had their troubles. Eric believed his situation with Quinn was different, especially in the bedroom. Eric said he'd thought he'd forgiven Quinn, but he hadn't gotten beyond how cavalier she'd been in destroying Ridge's marriage. Eric wasn't sure he could trust her again.

Surprised, Ridge thought Eric had gotten past what Quinn had done. Eric had thought so, too. Eric had forgiven Quinn, but he asked where the respect had been in his wife trying to destroy his son's life. Ridge said that Quinn had no filter, and being herself wasn't meant to be disrespectful of Eric. Eric recalled that he'd told Quinn from the beginning that he'd had no room in his life for her manipulations, and she'd promised she wouldn't have to do them.

Ridge noted that Quinn had kept her promise for a long time. "Until she didn't," Eric noted. Eric had been trying to get over it, and for the most part, he had. He said the basics of their marriage were still intact, but they'd lost their connection. It wasn't there, especially in the bedroom.

"Dad, uh..." Ridge uttered. Eric said he'd stay in the living room until he thought Quinn would be asleep, and then he'd pretend to sleep himself in the bed. Ridge asked if Quinn knew about it. Eric didn't think she wanted to upset the delicate balance. He knew that she missed the intimacy. He wasn't sure they could ever get it back.

Later, Eric was alone, tending to the fire. He gazed at Quinn's portrait. Quinn hoped he was having good thoughts. Eric turned and saw Quinn entering the house. She said their years together had been the best of her life, and he said it was the same for him.

Eric divulged that he'd just been telling Ridge how compatible Eric and Quinn had always been. Quinn recalled that it had been in one area in particular -- if her memory served her correctly. She stated that it had been a long time. She was glad to be home with the man she loved and said that no one made her laugh as he did. He replied that she was easy.

Quinn told Eric that she loved every moment with him. She didn't want to seem greedy or ask for too much too soon. She knew that forgiveness happened in stages, but she was hoping that they could move to the next level and get closer.

Later, Quinn recalled that Eric had said he'd talked to Ridge about her. She hoped it had been good. Eric said it was more complex than that, as it always was with Quinn. She knew that she could be exhausting, but she said that he had to admit that it had been awhile. Eric replied that it had gotten washed away when she'd targeted his son's marriage.

Quinn stated that she'd been trying to help Shauna. "And hurt Brooke," Eric added. He'd looked forward to repairing his marriage to Quinn and had looked forward to their future. Quinn was glad he'd given her another chance, and she knew she'd screwed up. She really wanted to make it up to him. She loved him and missed her husband.

Quinn missed loving Eric and touching him. The physical distance between them wasn't good, and she wanted them to rediscover the passion they had for each other. She wanted to make love with him. "Tonight," she said.

Hope's worry deepens, and Bill considers sending Liam away Hope's worry deepens, and Bill considers sending Liam away

Thursday, April 22, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was telling Thomas that Liam hadn't been acting like himself. Thomas thought Liam had been anxious at the office. She replied that Bill had shown up and had practically forced Liam to leave. Liam had even told her it hadn't been a good idea for him to see the kids. Thomas did think that was strange, and Hope replied that it was "so unlike Liam."

Hope sent Liam a text message, asking when he'd see the kids. She told Thomas that the kids would want to see Liam, even if it wouldn't be that night, but Liam hadn't responded to her.

Ridge arrived. He'd seen Thomas' car outside. Ridge asked if everything was okay, and Hope revealed her concern about Liam. Ridge figured that it had to be hard for Liam to be away from the kids. Hope said that after what had happened that day, she felt that it was more than that. Ridge was sure that Hope and Liam could work through it -- if it was what they wanted.

Ridge asked how Thomas was. Thomas said he had a hard time concentrating, and it was still hard to believe that Vinny was gone. Hope mentioned Chief Baker's visit at the office, and Thomas conveyed that he'd answered a bunch of questions and had realized that Vinny's lifestyle might have led to someone wanting Vinny gone.

Ridge replied that Vinny had made a lot of mistakes in life, but Vinny hadn't deserved that. Ridge stated that the perpetrator needed to be brought to justice.

Thomas said that Chief Baker had been adamant about leaving no stone unturned. Hope hoped they'd find that it had just been an accident. Thomas replied that, accident or not, the person had left the scene of a crime, and there would be a heavy price to pay. Ridge hoped they would catch the guy. Thomas asserted that he'd make sure of it.

Later, Hope was pensively staring into the fire in her fireplace. Thomas returned from checking on the kids, and she pointed to one of Beth's headbands that was on his head. He removed it, saying that the kids were sound asleep. He asked if Hope had heard from Liam.

Hope didn't understand why Liam hadn't visited the kids that night. Normally, Liam would jump at the chance to tuck them in. She said the kids were getting more confused the longer Liam was away. Thomas wished they knew why Liam was acting that way. Hope appreciated Thomas for spending time with the kids. Thomas loved it. Thomas enjoyed spending time with Douglas, and Beth had become Thomas' pal.

Hope replied that Beth was a fan of Thomas'. Thomas stated that Beth could always count on him, and so could Hope. He said Hope could rely on him. He'd never go MIA, and he'd always be there for Hope.

At Bill's house, Liam was losing his mind over the fact that he'd taken a man's life. Bill tried to calm Liam down, saying that Vinny had stepped into the road. It didn't matter to Liam. He said Vinny's life was over, and so was Liam's. For all Liam knew, the police were outside the door, ready to take Liam in. Bill said it wasn't true, but Liam cried, "Oh, God, what have I done?"

Later, Liam received a text from Hope, who wanted to see him. He couldn't do it. He wanted to be there for her and the kids, but he just couldn't. Bill told Liam that he had to get himself together. Liam was trying, but he said he'd never killed someone and covered it up before.

Bill instructed Liam to do the opposite of everything Liam was doing. "You've got to hide it, son. You've got to shove it down," Bill said. In his view, Liam was revealing way too much without even saying a word. Liam replied that it was his whole point. He wasn't good at it.

Liam recalled that there had been a moment at Forrester when he'd thought he'd been caught. He'd been standing there with his hands in the air. Liam asserted that he could not do it.

Liam revealed that Chief Baker had been at Forrester. Bill replied that Baker hadn't been looking for Liam. Liam said he'd thought he'd heard Baker behind him, telling him to hold it right there. Liam said he'd frozen and thrown his hands in the air. "What the hell, Liam?" Bill asked.

Liam said it hadn't been Baker. It had been Charlie. Bill asserted that Charlie was a complete goof. Liam replied that even Charlie had been able to see that something had been wrong. Bill replied that it was because Liam had no poker face. Bill said Liam had "guilty" tattooed on his forehead.

Bill didn't care if Liam had to think of rainbows or puppies, but he insisted that Liam do what he had to do to get that look off his face. Liam replied that, until he confessed, it wasn't possible.

Liam said he'd spoken to Hope and Thomas after his run-in with Charlie. Bill thought talking to them had been a mistake, but Liam said Baker had already been there, questioning Thomas. Bill said it had just been protocol, and Liam was being paranoid. Liam stated that even Thomas had said that Liam had hated Vinny.

Bill replied that Thomas didn't suspect Liam, and even if Thomas did, there was no evidence. Bill insisted that Liam get control of his emotions because Bill could not do it for Liam. Bill said Liam couldn't keep going on that way. Liam agreed, saying that it was tearing him up inside.

Bill decided that Liam was a ticking time bomb, and Bill needed to fire up the jet and get Liam out of there before Liam destroyed everything he cared about. Liam stated that he couldn't leave; his wife and kids were there. Bill asked if Liam had heard himself. Bill said that Liam was too consumed by guilt to see his wife and kids, and he was consuming himself with guilt at the thought of leaving his wife and kids. "You have got to get your head right, son!" Bill exclaimed.

Liam knew that his head wasn't right. Sobbing, he said that his kids counted upon him, and he was blowing it. He didn't think he was worthy of them. He felt that he was already ruining everything and asked what hope he had for a future.

In the CEO's office, Carter removed his tank top. He thought of Quinn asking him if he planned to be a monk for the rest of his life. Zoe arrived and said she'd hoped to find him there. Gazing at his bare chest, she guessed she'd found him at the right time. He said he'd been about to go to the gym, but the Sky Lounge was empty at that time of day.

Pulling a zippered hoodie around his naked torso, Carter asked what he could do for Zoe. He remarked that he'd seen Quinn earlier, and she'd spoken to him on Zoe's behalf.

Zoe hated being away from Carter, and she was grateful that Quinn had agreed to help win Carter back. Zoe felt that she needed all the help she could get. She refused to give up on Carter and didn't have a doubt in her mind about them. Carter said Quinn had made some valid points about everyone needing connection and intimacy. Zoe replied that Quinn was right, and he had no idea how much Zoe wanted to share it with him again.

Zoe wasn't proud of what she'd done, and she couldn't justify the pain she'd caused Carter; however, she knew what she and Carter had been to each other. Carter said he'd been wholly committed to her, but she hadn't been to him. He was having a hard time making peace with her going after another man. He didn't think she would have done that if she'd truly wanted him.

Zoe got why Carter was afraid to trust her. She hoped he didn't forget how it had been between them when no one else had been around. She missed that. She missed his smile. She missed being in his arms and making love. She hoped that, one day, he'd want to hold her again.

At Eric's house, Quinn professed her love for Eric. She didn't like the rift between them. Eric didn't like it, either. She missed being close to him, and she hoped that he missed it, too. Quinn appreciated his patience and understanding. He said he was working on it.

Quinn wanted to help Eric get there. She suggested that they spend the night reconnecting and getting back to where they'd once been. She stated that it had been too long, and even though it was just a phase, she missed loving him and touching him. She wanted to show him how much.

Eric was ready for bed. Quinn replied that it was early. She suggested that they cuddle on the couch, and she offered to make martinis. Eric said he was sorry and didn't mean to disappoint her. She claimed that she had plans and had thought they could rediscover each other.

Eric knew that it had been a long time since he and Quinn had made love. He wished things could magically be the effortless way they had been. Quinn insisted that they could be; they just needed to make it happen and rediscover the passion that had put them together in the first place. It was still there for her, and she could feel it was still there for him.

"I'm going up. I'm tired," Eric decided. He said he'd see her upstairs.

In their bedroom, Eric saw his wedding photo with Quinn, and he flashed back to romantic times with her. Quinn entered in a black negligee and robe. "Wow," he uttered. She asked if he remembered it, and he said it had been from their wedding night. She recalled that they hadn't been able to keep their hands off each other. He remembered.

Quinn hoped the gown reignited Eric's feelings of passion and desire. She knew he'd said he was tired, but she wanted to wake him up and remind them both of what they'd been missing. She said that a friend of hers had advised her to tell Eric how much she wanted him and not to be embarrassed to lay it all out there. Eric said she shouldn't be. He thought she was stunning.

Quinn knew that she and Eric had been through a lot, most of it her fault, but she believed that they needed to prioritize intimacy again. She suggested that they turn up the heat and stoke the flames of desire. Eric wished he could get caught up in all that again. She just wanted them to make an effort -- one night together, in their bed, holding each other. She longed for it, and she asked if he did, too.

Eric missed the passion, but he couldn't get past the manipulation and how easy it had been for Quinn to undermine Brooke and Ridge's marriage without a second thought. Quinn told Eric that she regretted it. He believed that, but he also believed that it was who she was. He said that, sooner or later, she'd do something like it again.

Quinn asked for a chance to prove herself to Eric. She wanted to prove that she was devoted to him and their marriage. Eric informed her that the next day was a travel day for him. He had a business trip and needed his rest. Eric went into the bathroom, and Quinn fought back tears.

Hope makes an important decision about her marriage Hope makes an important decision about her marriage

Friday, April 23, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Hope cleared away breakfast dishes and looked at her phone. She called Liam, who was asleep on Bill's sofa. She was concerned about Liam because he hadn't stopped by to see the kids the previous night. Liam apologized.

Hope asked if Liam could meet at the cabin at that moment to talk, and he asked if she was going to work. Hope claimed that it had been "awhile" since she'd seen him, and she was worried about him. She decided that, if he didn't show up, she'd be even more worried.

Brooke had entered the cabin during the call. Liam agreed to meet, and Hope ended the call. Hope told her mother that she didn't know what was happening; however, she believed that something was going on with Liam. Hope explained that she'd invited Liam to see the kids the previous night, but he hadn't thought it had been a good idea. Hope had hoped he'd change his mind, but he'd never shown up.

That didn't sound like Liam to Brooke, and she figured he'd had to work. Hope remarked that he'd had to do something with his father. Brooke figured that Hope thought there was more to it. Hope said Liam had been down on himself, and his entire attitude had changed.

Brooke reasoned that the separation had been hard on Hope and Liam. Hope agreed, but she believed it was more than that. She said they were separated, but Liam was still her husband. Brooke was confident that Hope would do what was right for her family.

Hope revealed that Liam had finally admitted that something was wrong. Brooke felt that it all seemed wrong, and she'd been hoping that the separation wouldn't take that long; however, she'd known Hope had needed to take the time to figure out their future. "Or if Liam and I even had one," Hope replied. She hadn't been sure, but upon seeing him struggle, she just wanted to be there for him. Brooke assumed that meant that Hope was closer to forgiving Liam.

At Bill's house, Bill entered the living room. He was headed to the office, and he said that Liam had to get his head right so that Liam could eventually do the same. Liam replied that it would take time because what had happened with Vinny wasn't something one could easily forget.

Bill ordered Liam to find a way, or Bill would put Liam on a jet and fly him out of there. Liam asked how he could go to work or face Hope and the kids. He murmured that he'd told her that he would, and he also mentioned that she wanted him to stop by.

Bill thought that was great. Bill said Liam couldn't change what had happened with Vinny, but Liam could save his family. He urged Liam not to let that loser take Kelly and Beth away.

Later, Liam arrived at the cabin as Brooke and Hope were talking. Brooke said that Liam and Hope had been trying to get together for some time, and Brooke would not interrupt them. With that, Brooke left. Liam said it was good to see Hope. She thought it was good to see him, too, and she wished he wasn't so reluctant to be there.

Liam said he didn't want the things he'd done to follow him there. Being there made him feel better. He was surrounded by memories. He said it might be just what he needed. Liam said he hadn't been there because he hadn't wanted to cause the kids and Hope more pain.

Hope assumed Liam had been pulling away in the same manner she had when they'd thought they'd lost Beth. Hope implored Liam not to let their issues get in the way of him spending time with the family. She said the kids missed him, and the entire point of their lunch had been to plan time for him with the kids.

Liam hated that he'd canceled on Hope. Hope said she knew that something was wrong. She didn't know what it was, and she didn't know how to help him. It scared her because she could feel him shutting down. She didn't want to lose him. He was too important to her. She said they'd always been able to rely on each other. The kids missed him, and so did she.

Hope said their home didn't feel the same without Liam. Liam asked what she was saying. Hope knew that Liam was tormented by what he'd done and that he hadn't expected it to disrupt their lives the way it had. Liam said it was ironic how one night could change things, and nothing could change them back.

Hope explained that she hadn't set out to punish Liam. She'd needed to sort out how she felt and what she needed. She stated that their marriage and family mattered to her. Even when her heart had been breaking, she hadn't stopped loving him. Hope hadn't been sure when or how she could get to a place of forgiveness, but "here I am."

Liam asked if Hope forgave him. Hope said that it would be a process, but she loved him. She said "this" was what mattered to her, and she wanted him to come home. Liam and Hope hugged. He kissed her, and they smiled together through their tears.

At Spencer, Bill was on the phone with Justin, talking about the car sale to the sheik. The car had been delivered, but Justin still didn't get the reason for the sale. Bill said that the sheik had been willing to pay over value for it, and it would have been a crime not to get rid of it.

As Katie entered, Bill was telling Justin that Liam had taken personal time off. Bill thanked Justin for the update about the car and ended the call.

Bill told Katie that she was the best surprise he'd had in a while. Katie asked if he had time and noted that he'd been out of touch lately. Bill claimed to be overwhelmed. She said Will missed him. Bill had been meaning to stop by, and he said that calling and texting wasn't enough.

Bill revealed that he'd congratulated Will on his history project. Katie replied that Will really wanted to show it to his father. Bill couldn't wait to see the work Will had done on the history of currency. Bill stated that he had a lot going on. Katie asked if it had to do with Liam.

Bill asked why Katie would think that. Katie said she'd just heard Bill say Liam wasn't going to work. Bill stated that Liam was taking personal time. Katie thought one had to be practically dead to miss a meeting around there, and she found it odd that Bill had allowed personal time.

Katie wondered if the boss needed personal time. Bill replied that if he had it to take, he'd spend it with her. She assumed it was getting crowded in the house with Liam around. Bill replied that it would be easier if Liam would listen to his father. Bill felt like Liam's guardian angel. Katie thought it was good that Bill was there for Liam during a difficult time.

Bill told Katie that Liam was floundering, and Bill wanted to help. Katie said there was only so much that Bill could do, and Liam had to deal with the consequences of his actions. Bill uttered that some consequences were unthinkable. Katie didn't think they should assume the worst, and she believed that Hope and Liam would work it out.

Bill said that Liam needed to get beyond the guilt he felt and see the future that he and Hope had planned. Katie asked if Bill thought it was possible. "Don't you?" Bill replied. Katie said she'd like to think so. Bill knew how Liam felt and said it was hard to be away from the woman that one loved. Bill was glad to be there for Liam, but Katie and Will were never far from Bill's thoughts. He said his family was his priority, and he'd do anything to protect them.

At the police station, Chief Baker thoughtfully closed Vinny's file. Detective Sanchez asked what Baker was thinking. Baker surmised that Vinny had gotten himself into some serious trouble, and it had caught up with him on the road that night. Sanchez gleaned that Baker didn't think it had been a random hit-and-run. Baker asked if Sanchez had corroborated Vinny's drug dealing.

Sanchez was still working on it. He said that if it were true, they could be dealing with a robbery or drug deal gone bad. That seemed reasonable to the chief. Sanchez sensed that Baker had another idea. Baker wondered if it was tied into the paternity test case. Vinny hadn't had any drugs, a wallet, or a phone on him; therefore, Sanchez sensed it was a robbery case.

Chief Baker sensed it might have been made to look like a robbery. Sanchez called Vinny a risk-taker for stealing pills from the hospital and changing paternity test results. Sanchez figured Vinny had eventually run out of luck. Baker said it had been that, or Vinny had run into the wrong person. Sanchez reasoned that drug deals went bad all the time.

For Sanchez, it was unfortunate that everyone they'd questioned had been a dead end. Baker believed people knew more than they'd said, and sooner or later, it would come out. Sanchez felt that the paternity case had been rectified. "To everyone's satisfaction?" Baker asked.

Sanchez said the truth about the results had come to light, and Vinny had been arrested. Sanchez couldn't see anyone wanting to kill for it. Baker claimed to have seen it happen over a lot less. Sanchez wanted to stick with the narcotics angle.

Baker figured Vinny's phone records would be revealing, and Sanchez planned to see if Vinny's car had a GPS system. He assumed Vinny had had a favorite spot to make his deals. Baker wanted to check Vinny's work schedule for where and when Vinny had taken his breaks.

Sanchez said they'd get the crime scene report that day. Baker conveyed that, in the meanwhile, he'd work on the other angle. He had questions for Thomas Forrester, Jonathan Finnegan, and Liam Spencer. Baker suspected that Finnegan would have a motive, but Sanchez stated that Vinny hadn't changed the test to cause problems for the doctor. Sanchez said Vinny had been trying to help Thomas Forrester.

Baker considered Thomas to be another person with a motive. Baker said that Thomas had to have been furious with Vinny, and Baker added that Sanchez knew how big brothers were. Sanchez noted that Thomas had a shady past. Sanchez added that Liam Spencer had been hurt by Vinny's actions more than anyone.

Baker said that Vinny had sabotaged Liam's marriage and family. The situation hadn't been resolved yet, as far as Baker knew, and Liam was probably harboring a lot of resentment. Sanchez could understand wanting payback for the paternity test tampering, but he couldn't see any of the people they'd named actually wanting to murder over it.

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B&B's most Taylor-made moments
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