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Bill and Chief Baker entered into a battle of wits. Liam held up under police scrutiny and moved back home with his family. Zoe continued to have faith in Quinn, but when Eric went out of town, Quinn succumbed to lustful passion with Carter.
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Quinn's talk with Carter turned passionate and Baker grilled Liam about Vinny's death
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Bill tells Chief Baker that Liam is not a murderer Bill tells Chief Baker that Liam is not a murderer

Monday, April 26, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam held each other around their waists. He felt she had no idea what it meant to him. Hope replied that she wanted their life back. He did, too, and vowed to do whatever it took to make it happen. She hadn't thought she'd get there, but she was ready to put the pain behind her and move on from it.

Kissing Liam, Hope asked when he'd move back in. Liam asked if she were really ready for that. Hope affirmed it; she wanted him to be home. Liam asserted that they'd get things back to the way they'd been. He knew that they couldn't erase what he'd done, but he thanked her for wanting him back. It had been what he'd wanted from the moment he'd left.

Liam kissed Hope. Suddenly, he flashed back to hitting Vinny. A tear fell from Liam's eyes, and Hope asked what was wrong. Liam played off his feelings, saying the situation was just overwhelming. She felt overwhelmed, too, and didn't want him to hide it. She said he'd have guilty feelings from time to time, but he'd proven that he could still tell the truth -- even if he had everything to lose. "So, fess up," she said.

Liam asked what Hope meant. Hope said he hadn't answered her about moving back in. She asked him to say he'd return home. She questioned whether he was ready or even wanted to move back in. Liam said he'd been waiting for it, and it was all he'd wanted. She sensed his hesitation but assured him that it would help them move forward together.

Liam said that if he'd seemed hesitant, it was just because he was in awe of her. He told her that he would return home. Hope hugged him and said they'd make it work. They kissed and hugged. In his mind, he wondered if Hope would understand that he had to keep one more secret from her -- one more, horrible secret.

At Spencer, Katie and Bill continued their conversation. Bill said he was doing everything he could to keep Liam on course. It was the darkest time in Liam's life, and Bill was determined to see his son through it. Katie asked Bill to tell Liam to hang in there and stay positive because Katie didn't think Hope wanted to end the marriage.

Bill remarked that Liam was with Hope at that moment. Katie thought that was good and that Hope might be ready to forgive. Bill hoped so. Bill believed that Liam needed Hope's stability and to have his life back. Katie thought it was an interesting way to describe Hope. Bill explained that stability was a Logan trait. She guessed it was good for the Spencer men.

Bill hoped Katie understood why he had to make Liam his priority. He was determined to help Liam get his life back on track and equally determined to do the same for himself and Katie. Katie said that was good to know.

Just then, Chief Baker arrived. Bill welcomed Baker and said Baker hadn't had to go all the way there about the annual fundraiser. Bill pledged to buy a table and make a significant contribution beyond that. Baker said he was thankful, as always, but he was there to speak to Bill's son about another matter. Having three sons, Bill asked which one. Baker was looking to speak to Liam and ask a few questions.

Katie decided to head back to the office. As she left, she told Baker that he could probably persuade Bill to buy two tables. Once Katie had gone, Bill said that Liam wasn't there that day. Baker thought that was interesting. Bill replied that it wasn't particularly, and Bill allowed personal time every now and again. Bill offered to answer Baker's questions if it was possible.

Thinking it might be, Baker said it depended upon how much Bill knew about Vincent Walker. Walker was dead, and Baker wanted to know why. Bill stated that, from what he'd read, Walker had been hit by a car. Bill asked why Baker wanted to talk to Liam about a random hit-and-run. Baker wanted to know if it had really been random.

Bill claimed not to be following what Baker was saying. Baker stated that Walker might have been hit on purpose. Bill didn't know what it had to do with his son. He said Liam hadn't been involved. "Liam's not a murderer," Bill stated. Baker asked if he'd said that Liam was.

In Forrester's CEO office, Quinn inspected jewelry. Sullenly, she looked across the room to photos of Eric, and she recalled his indifference to intimacy with her the night before. Zoe entered, anxious to know how things had gone with Quinn and Carter the previous afternoon. Quinn said she had to be honest with Zoe; Quinn didn't think he'd get over what Zoe had done.

Zoe asked what Carter had said, and Quinn figured that he'd said the same thing he'd said to Zoe. Quinn didn't think Carter could be swayed. Zoe said there had to be another way. Quinn knew that Zoe wanted to work it out with him, but Quinn explained that sometimes, it wasn't possible. Quinn stated that, sometimes, the person who'd been wronged wouldn't forgive.

Zoe requested that Quinn try again. Zoe believed that Quinn was very persuasive and could be the one to convince Carter to give Zoe another chance. Quinn wasn't sure there was anything more to say to Carter, and she asserted that the man's mind was made up.

Zoe guessed Carter didn't need more advice about taking her back, so she asked Quinn to offer to be a shoulder for Carter to lean on. Zoe figured that he'd open up and realize that he was ready to take Zoe back. Quinn reasoned that he was a good listener, so she could be one, too. She agreed to do it. Thankful, Zoe said that if she and Carter reunited, she'd owe it all to Quinn.

In the design office with Carter, Paris expressed her excitement that her fundraiser had exceeded its goal. Carter absently responded to her, and she stated that millions of people no longer had to worry about the "alien invasion." Carter agreed. Calling his name, she snapped him to attention and called him out for not hearing a word she'd said.

Apologizing, Carter replied that he had a lot on his mind. Paris hoped one of the things on his mind was giving her sister another chance. Paris believed that Zoe missed him, and Paris wondered if a small part of him missed Zoe, too.

Carter admitted that he'd been surprised to learn of all the fans he and Zoe had and who wanted them to work out their relationship. He got why people like Paris wanted it, but he'd been surprised to learn that Quinn was an advocate. He said it did make some sense because Quinn knew all about asking for second chances.

Carter didn't want to gossip, but he revealed that Quinn had been known for her manipulativeness over the years. It was why he'd been wary of her. Paris had heard a thing or two about it and stated that Quinn did kind of give off that vibe. Carter stated that Quinn was also nice, and he was beginning to see the goodness in her. He added that Quinn had become quite the advocate for Zoe when Quinn hadn't had to be.

Later, Carter was alone when Quinn arrived. She said she just needed the side desk in the office for a moment. Carter replied that he was just finishing up, anyway. He thanked her for stopping by the previous day. Quinn replied that it didn't have to be a one-time thing. She was always there for him any time he wanted to talk. Carter extended her the same courtesy and asked if she'd taken his advice and spoken to Eric.

Quinn responded that she had. She'd "screwed up" her courage, and she'd had a good talk with Eric. Quinn shared that the lack of intimacy stemmed from Eric's disappointment in her. Carter replied that Eric had taken her back. Quinn said it didn't mean Eric was over what she'd done.

Quinn didn't know what she'd do. Eric was her everything, but he was very cold and uninterested. It felt awful, and she'd realized that her own husband might not ever touch her again.

In the backstage area later, Paris was with Zende, who asked how she'd been feeling. Paris hadn't had any recurrences. She'd sworn off the smoothies, which she suspected had caused the crazy gurgling in her stomach. She said her love affair with the smoothie place was over.

Zoe, who'd been listening, entered, saying that the love affair she saw brewing between Paris and Zende suited Paris better. Zoe meant it. She was supportive of it and just wanted Paris to be happy. Paris wanted Zoe to be happy, too, and told Zoe not to give up on Carter. Zoe was glad to have people pulling for the relationship. Zoe remarked that Quinn was probably with Carter, reminding him of how good Zoe and he had been together.

Upon hearing of his troubles with Quinn, Donna cozies up to Eric Upon hearing of his troubles with Quinn, Donna cozies up to Eric

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Liam tearfully wondered if it was real and if he was really returning home. Hope asked if he thought it was about time. He hadn't wanted to pressure her. Grateful for that, Hope admitted that she was worried about him. She hoped that having his life and family back -- "And my beautiful wife," Liam breathlessly interrupted her. Hope said it hadn't been easy, but it was over. "All of that's over now," she uttered, and they hugged.

Liam wanted to treasure the moment and vowed to spend his life cherishing Hope as an exceptional mother and wife. He said Hope had given him a gift and a lifeline. He'd never be able to say how much it meant to him. He couldn't thank her enough for opening her heart and finding a way forward -- even though he wasn't sure he deserved it after that night.

Liam sighed and said he couldn't wait to tell his father that he was going back home to his life with Hope. Hope couldn't wait to start building their future together. Stroking her face, Liam said he'd needed it, and he loved Hope. He said he loved her, and they kissed.

Later, Liam had gone, and Brooke had arrived. Hope and Brooke were in the middle of a conversation. Hope felt that there was something more going on with Liam. Even though Hope didn't know what it was, she said that what mattered was that she and Liam needed each other. Brooke asked if Hope was saying she'd forgiven her husband.

Hope said Brooke had been hoping it would happen. Brooke replied that it was only if Hope was ready. Hope stated that watching Liam struggle had shown her how much she'd missed him, and his absence from the home had been costing their family. Hope knew what it was like to have an absentee father. Brooke said she was sorry.

Hope told Brooke that she'd been great and had given Hope an amazing life. Hope and Liam wanted the same for their children, so he was moving back in. Brooke was happy to hear it and thrilled that Hope could forgive Liam. Hope replied that it was a process. It couldn't happen all at once; however, she loved Liam with all of her heart, and nothing would get between them again.

At Spencer, Chief Baker said he hadn't called Liam a murderer. Bill felt that Baker had implied as much. Bill resented it. Baker was surprised that Bill resented the police for asking important questions about an investigation. Bill clarified that he resented Baker inquiring about a lowlife drug dealer and pointing fingers at Liam for something he hadn't had anything to do with.

Baker began to speak, and Bill haughtily assumed Baker would say he was just doing his job. Baker insisted it was true, and part of that job was to track down those connected to Vincent Walker and those with a motive to run him over. "And that includes your son," Baker said.

Bill felt that if it was about motives, the police should look into Vinny's drug dealing and other possible unsavory dealings. Bill suspected there were suspects in Vinny's seedy lifestyle who would have wanted to see Vinny exit their world.

Chief Baker said he'd track them all down if that was where the investigation led, but for the moment, he was there for Bill's son, who hadn't gone to work that day. Bill asked if Baker wanted to read something into that. Baker countered by asking if he should. Bill asked if Baker was trying to bait him, but Baker said that wasn't it at all.

Wanting to save them both time, Bill asserted that it had either been a drug deal gone wrong, a hit-and-run, or both. Baker told Bill that that was why Bill wasn't a detective. Baker saw one other possibility in Steffy Forrester's paternity test results. Baker suspected that Walker had incensed a lot of people, and it was Baker's feeling that Liam had been furious.

Baker asked if Bill agreed. Bill asked if Baker was wondering if Liam had been furious enough to kill Vinny. Baker affirmed that was his question, and he asked what Bill's answer was.

Chuckling, Bill asked if Baker had met Liam. Bill said Liam was against violence of any kind and wouldn't even hurt a fly. Even so, Baker said that it had to be humiliating for Liam to have the paternity test results altered. Baker guessed it had ruined Liam's family and disrupted Liam's marriage. Baker said Liam had had a right to be livid. Bill contended that Liam didn't get livid. Liam also didn't use a car to mow down people who'd "done 'em wrong."

Just then, Liam rushed in with some great news about Hope. Bill tried to stop Liam from talking, but Liam told Bill that Liam and Hope were reconciling. Baker said that it was great news, and Liam looked over to his left to see the chief standing there. Baker asked if he could ask Liam some questions about Vinny Walker's death.

Bill asserted that they'd already covered the absurd thought of Liam being a murderer. Baker replied that Liam could speak for himself. Liam asked what Baker wanted to know. Baker explained that Liam's marriage had taken a hit because of Steffy's pregnancy and the tampering Walker had done to the paternity test results.

Bill tried to interrupt, but talking over Bill, Baker said he couldn't imagine how upset Liam had been with "Vince" Walker, who'd attempted to take Liam's wife and family from him. "That would have been tragic enough if something similar hadn't happened to you before," Baker said. Baker asked if Liam saw what Baker was getting at and why Baker had to ask if it had ever crossed Liam's mind. Liam asked what had crossed his mind.

Baker asked if killing Walker had crossed Liam's mind. Bill shot up from his seat, saying that Baker was out of line. Persisting, Baker asked if Liam had murdered Vinny. Bill stated that Liam hadn't done it. In Liam's silence, Bill ordered Liam to tell Baker.

In the design office, Quinn revealed to Carter her fear that she'd never regain her disillusioned husband's trust. Carter said things could change, especially if there was still love between the couple. Quinn replied that the love was being tested, and she feared that Eric no longer wanted the marriage. She figured Carter would tell her to hang in there because she and Eric could work through anything. Carter said it was sound advice, especially if she wanted her marriage.

Quinn did want her marriage. Eric was everything to her. She knew he'd been married many times before, and she feared that her days as Mrs. Eric Forrester might be over. Carter doubted that she'd become Eric's ex-wife number "whatever" and urged her not to doubt herself or her marriage. Quinn said it was hard when Eric was pulling away emotionally and physically.

One thing Quinn thought was in her favor was that no one at work had sensed an issue. Quinn was sure that Brooke and Ridge were ready to take Quinn down and would like nothing more than to see Quinn gone from Eric's life. Carter didn't know about that. Quinn did, saying Brooke had made it her life's mission to undermine Quinn to Eric.

Quinn figured she'd given Brooke the ammunition after what Quinn and Shauna had done. Quinn didn't blame Eric for siding with Brooke, but it had hurt Quinn when it had happened. Carter could understand why, and she said he was probably the only one who did.

Quinn claimed it was a double standard. Brooke could make the most grievous mistake, and all was forgiven when Brooke turned on the waterworks. Quinn said that when she screwed up, she had to atone for what felt like forever. Quinn was worried that there had been too much damage, and she'd lost Eric forever. Carter was hopeful that they could get it back if they were patient and rebuilt the trust.

Thanking Carter for listening, Quinn asked what his hourly rate was. Carter asked if she thought he'd be a good marriage counselor. Quinn believed he'd be good at anything he did. Carter let her know that he was rooting for her marriage. Quinn replied that she was rooting for him and Zoe. Quinn decided to find Eric and see if she could get him to miss her a little bit while he'd be away.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Donna reminded Eric to pack his sleep mask and said he couldn't drift off to sleep without it. Agreeing, he blamed her for that and said he'd gotten addicted to it when they'd been married. Donna preferred to call it a compromise because he'd liked the bedroom dark, and she'd preferred a night light.

As Eric packed files into a briefcase, Donna said he'd be in Chicago for one night. Affirming it, he said it was a quick trip, and no one would miss him. "Not even your wife?" she asked. She decided it was a silly question. She recalled how she'd missed Eric when he'd been away and how lonesome the bed had been without her "honey bear." She figured Quinn felt the same way.

Donna asked if she should find Quinn before Eric left. He muttered that it wasn't necessary, and they'd already said their farewells. Donna's expression darkened, sensing something awry. She asked if he knew that he could talk to her about anything, even if it had to do with his marriage. Eric wasn't sure how his current wife would feel about that.

"'Current wife?'" Donna said and asked if that was how he referred to Quinn those days. Donna stated that she could read a lot into that statement. She wondered if she should.

Eric looked around. He guessed he had everything. Donna noticed that his tie was skewed to the side. She strode over and began straightening it.

At the slightly open office door, Quinn halted and watched as Donna fixed Eric's jacket lapels. Quinn told Donna that a currier was at her desk for a signature. Donna bid Eric safe travels and sauntered out of the office. Quinn forcefully shut the door behind Donna, and Eric asked if he could do something for Quinn. Quinn said she'd wanted to say she'd miss him and hoped he'd miss her.

Quinn conveyed that she hated it whenever Eric left. Eric replied that it was a short trip. She offered to go with him, but he said he'd be gone less than 24 hours. He didn't think she'd even miss him. Quinn insisted that she would. The house would feel empty without him, and she'd miss having him in bed. "It's only one night, Quinn," he persisted.

Quinn said that one night could feel like forever. She suggested they try to be close again when he returned. Eric said he wasn't ready yet. As he headed out the door, she asked him to call her when he got there. She said she loved him. Eric wordlessly rolled his suitcase out the door.

Baker grills Liam about Vinny's death Baker grills Liam about Vinny's death

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

"Vinny Walker came close to ruining your life," Baker stated matter-of-factly. "You had to be angry about that." Liam stood frozen in place. Bill spoke up, saying that it wasn't in Liam's nature to "get angry like that." Baker ignored Bill, instead adding layers to his initial statement about how he believed that Liam had reason to dislike Vinny. The deputy police chief then pointedly asked Liam if he had killed Vinny.

"This is ludicrous," Bill interjected. Baker's tone grew more acerbic as he again asked if Liam had had anything to do with the hit-and-run accident. Liam remained silent. Bill once again spoke up, asking Liam directly if he had intentionally hunted down Vinny with the intent to kill him. "Absolutely not," Liam replied. Bill told Baker that he had gotten his answer and could show himself the door. Baker told both men that they could contact him if they thought of anyone who might have wanted to kill Vinny.

Once Bill confirmed that Baker was off the property, Bill urged Liam to remember that he had not wanted to kill Vinny. "Just move on," Bill said. Liam was relieved that his marriage to Hope wasn't over. Bill reminded Liam that he would have to keep Vinny's death a secret -- even from Hope. Liam claimed to understand, adding that being under the same roof with Hope and the kids would fill him with happiness and love. He then shared that he hoped nothing would take that away from him permanently.

Hope told Brooke that she and Liam needed to function as a family and be under one roof. Brooke agreed. "For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about our future together," Hope said as she beamed. Brooke was confident that Hope and Liam would be stronger than ever. Hope admitted that she'd thought about how life could have been if no one had discovered that Vinny had forged the paternity test results. Still, Hope strongly believed that Vinny had not deserved to be run down. "What kind of person does that?" Hope asked.

Quinn stood quietly in Eric's office at Forrester, reminiscing about each of the moments captured in the photographs displayed there. Carter entered the office, looking for Eric so that he could get a signature on some contracts. Quinn, her back to the door, abruptly turned around and announced that Eric had left. Carter entered the office and closed to the door behind him. He asked Quinn what had happened.

Quinn didn't want to dump all of her problems at Carter's feet, but Carter explained that that was what friends did. Quinn admitted to being afraid that she and Eric would never be close again. When Carter assured Quinn that Eric would come around, Quinn remained doubtful. She questioned why she had ever thought that taking aim at Brooke wouldn't end badly for her.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Zoe dropped by to pay Paris a visit. The two exchanged pleasantries, with Paris joking that she always had time for her favorite sister. "Your only sister," Zoe said as she chuckled. Paris shared that she had spoken to Carter about Zoe -- and that Quinn had also been putting in a good word for Zoe. Zoe recounted how her whirlwind romance with Carter had made her panic. Paris nodded understandingly but offered another take. Paris felt that Zoe had sabotaged the relationship because Zoe didn't feel she was worthy of it. Paris said that they could blame their father for that.

Later, Zoe found Quinn, who was alone again in Eric's office. Zoe saw that Carter had just left and asked Quinn if she had gotten a chance to talk about Zoe to Carter. Quinn was agitated and snapped that Zoe needed to relax. Quinn told Zoe that she understood what Zoe was going through, but she made no mention of her troubles with Eric. Zoe again pleaded with Quinn to go to Carter's home and try again.

Zoe returned to her office and paced back and forth as she waited for some sort of update from Quinn.

A shirtless Carter answered the knock at his door and was surprised to see Quinn. Quinn apologized for stopping by unannounced, but she was pleasantly surprised to once again catch Carter in a state of undress. "You do have the best body I have ever seen," Quinn fawned. Carter thanked her for the ego boost, but Quinn insisted she was just calling it like she was seeing it.

Carter prefers to talk about Quinn, not Zoe Carter prefers to talk about Quinn, not Zoe

Thursday, April 29, 2021

At Spencer, Bill was happy that Hope had given Liam another shot, but Bill noted that a lot had happened during the couple's separation. Bill said the guilt of Vinny's death was evident on Liam's face, and it had to go. Bill said Liam had to be mentally prepared to keep the secret.

Liam thanked Bill for all he'd done to protect Liam. Bill recalled that the overwhelmed Liam had fainted upon seeing Vinny die, and Bill had had to get Liam out of there to protect Liam. Bill had been watching Liam torture himself "every day since." Bill insisted that Liam make sure he could handle being around Hope and the kids.

As Liam agreed and began expounding upon that idea, Wyatt entered. Liam suddenly stopped talking, and Wyatt asked what was going on. In Bill and Liam's silence, Wyatt said it always seemed like someone had died whenever he was around them.

Bill explained that he'd been giving Liam a hard time about packing up and leaving. "You moving back home?" Wyatt asked. Nodding, Liam said he was ecstatic about it. Wyatt was happy to hear it. Liam said he needed to get home to Hope, and Wyatt hurried his brother out the door.

Once Liam had gone, Wyatt's smile faded, and he asked what was going on. Bill didn't seem as happy for Liam as Wyatt thought Bill should be. Bill uttered that he had his concerns. Wyatt asked why. Bill just wanted Liam's marriage to work out. Wyatt said it was up to Liam not to screw up again. Bill replied that Liam couldn't do anything to jeopardize his future.

Wyatt noticed that his father was "extra tense." Bill rasped that he had a lot on his mind with the company. He said he didn't live at his father's beach house, surfing without a care in the world. "A -- you created that lifestyle for me, and B -- fine! I'm going back to my office," Wyatt said. He was about to leave but remembered why he'd arrived. It was for one small favor.

Whatever the favor was, Bill made his intention to deny it clear. Wyatt said Bill hadn't even heard what it was. Bill didn't need to. Wyatt wanted to take Flo for a romantic drive up the coast. Wyatt's car was in the shop, and he wanted to borrow the matte black car, the one Wyatt said Bill didn't let anyone drive ever. Bill stated that Wyatt couldn't use that one because it was gone.

Wyatt couldn't believe that the car Bill treated as a fourth child was gone. Wyatt asked what had happened to it, and Bill said he'd sold it. Wyatt recalled that Bill had said he'd never do that. Claiming he'd gotten three times what he'd paid for it, Bill asserted, "Of course, I sold it!"

Wyatt had thought Bill would leave Wyatt the car, and Wyatt would leave it to his kid, et cetera. Bill ordered Wyatt to slow his roll on engraving Bill's tombstone. Wyatt felt that Bill should have consulted Wyatt on the sale of the super-rare car. Bill suggested that Wyatt borrow another of Bill's super-rare cars and get out of Bill's hair. Wyatt left, and Bill recalled the accident.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke and Hope conversed about Liam's return home. Brooke thought the kids would be thrilled, and she was glad to see Hope smile. Hope was still hurt by what had happened, but she and Liam were ready to put it in the past and concentrate on the future. Hope said Liam had gone to tell Bill, who'd been pretty worried and protective of Liam recently. Unable to fault Bill for that, Brooke said he'd do anything for Liam.

Brooke figured that it was a big step. She said that forgiveness, while challenging, could be one of the most rewarding things a person could do. She also knew that it could be hard to let someone back into one's heart. Hope claimed that Liam had never left her heart, but part of her feared something else that might derail them in the future.

Brooke warned Hope not to drive herself crazy with those types of thoughts and not to let that one night turn her life upside down. Brooke wanted Hope to be happy, but Brooke was also leery of Liam causing more pain. Hope replied that she couldn't handle more heartbreak.

Brooke figured that it might take awhile for Hope to feel safe again, and she advised Hope to pace herself. Brooke knew that Hope was doing it for the kids, but Brooke wanted Hope to also do it for herself. Hope felt that she was getting there and said Liam wouldn't be moving back in if she weren't ready. Brooke said Liam had let Hope down, but it had been one regrettable night. Brooke didn't want Hope to let the past determine the future.

Entering the cabin, Liam agreed with Brooke. He was also trying to leave the past in the past, and being home with Hope and the kids was like a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Later, Brooke had gone, and Liam couldn't wait for the kids to be there. Hope welcomed him home, and he said he couldn't tell her what it meant to be there. Hope wanted to focus on the wonderful times ahead. Agreeing, he said he didn't want to think of anything but that.

Liam told Hope that she was the reason his actions hadn't destroyed their marriage. He planned to spend his life proving that he was worthy of her trust and love. Hope knew he regretted what he'd done. She was still working through it, and it wasn't an easy road ahead; however, she saw it as a first step forward. She said nothing and no one would take it from them ever again.

At Carter's place, Quinn figured that she should notify Carter before just stopping by. Carter said he was always happy to see her. She quipped that at least someone was. "Ouch," he replied. She insisted that she and Carter weren't doing "that" again. Quinn announced that she was there because Zoe had asked Quinn to talk to him again on Zoe's behalf.

Carter slid his arms into a royal blue shirt. Buttoning it, he said he still wasn't sure he could trust Zoe again. To Quinn, Carter sounded a lot like Eric; however, she asserted that if she couldn't give up, Carter couldn't, either.

Sitting on the sofa with Carter, Quinn sang Zoe's praises and said Zoe was deeply in love with him. He quipped that it was debatable. Quinn said Zoe had sabotaged herself; it was what happened when one had a fear of intimacy. Carter asked if Quinn spoke from experience.

Affirming it, Quinn asserted that Zoe was young and had never experienced a man like Carter, who'd been devoted to only her. Carter exclaimed that Zoe had made a move on Zende. Carter asked if he should brush that aside. Quinn thought he should do it and move on from it. In Quinn's book, if someone sincerely apologized, they should be forgiven.

Carter decided that Quinn was referring to her own situation. Quinn insisted that she was there to talk about Zoe. "I don't want to talk about Zoe. I want to talk about you," he uttered, and Quinn scoffed, with a wondrous turn of her lips.

Legs crossed, exposing much of her left thigh, Quinn exhibited a flirty facade as she indicated that she didn't really want to talk about herself. Carter mentioned her troubles with Eric and said that, despite them, she was there to talk about Carter's relationship. Quinn felt as if she'd bared her soul enough about her husband's disinterest in her, and she didn't want to sound ungrateful.

Carter said he was Quinn's friend, and she could keep it real and vent to him. Quinn didn't want to harp about her problems when her point of being there was to reconnect him with Zoe. Carter felt that what was happening in Quinn's marriage was just as important -- even more important. He was there for Quinn and got the feeling that she wasn't there just to speak to him about Zoe.

Quinn called Carter sweet, but Carter had meant what he'd said about being a good listener. Quinn was grateful, and it was refreshing for her that someone cared. He told her that he wouldn't judge her. She quipped that it was a rarity. She was used to people siding with Eric.

Quinn felt unheard and misunderstood most of the time, but it was easy talking to Carter. That was strange to her because he was so close to her husband and her husband's son. Carter said he could be objective. The coquettish Quinn decided that it was the lawyer in him. He replied that he was more than a buttoned-up guy. Bashfully giggling, she said she'd seen him unbuttoned a lot.

Carter laughed, too. He enjoyed his conversations with Quinn a lot. He felt that they were in similar situations, and they got each other. "We do," she agreed. He told her that she had many amazing qualities. She was a talented artist, a good mother, and an amazing friend to go to bat for Zoe. To top it off, she was beautiful and mischievous. "It's very sexy," he uttered.

Quinn peeked curiously at Carter from behind the hood of her raven hair. Carter was sure Eric would come around. "He'd be a fool to let you go," Carter decided.

In the design office, Paris noted that Quinn had really gone to bat for Zoe with Carter. While Paris wanted things to work out, she didn't understand why Zoe had put so much faith in Quinn. Zoe didn't know what she'd do without Quinn, who'd become a godsend to Zoe. Paris was skeptical of Quinn, but Zoe said she'd heard all the rumors.

Paris quietly added that a lot of them were true. Zoe believed that she and Quinn had connected quickly due to their past mistakes. Paris wasn't sure becoming close to someone like Quinn, who had a reputation for getting in people's business, was a good idea. Zoe claimed that it was exactly what she wanted Quinn to do. Paris wondered about the possibility that Quinn might take it too far and hurt Zoe's chances with Carter.

Paris didn't know much about Quinn, but what Paris had heard did make her wonder. Zoe replied that people could say the same thing about her. Paris wasn't one to judge, but she couldn't help but list a few things Quinn had done, like pushing people into rivers and messing with marriages. Zoe stated that Quinn had been a loyal friend to her. "So far," Paris contended and asked if Zoe was sure she could really trust Quinn.

Carter ignites a fire within Quinn Carter ignites a fire within Quinn

Friday, April 30, 2021

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Thomas showed Ridge a video memorial of Vinny. Ridge thought it was a nice tribute to a friend. The tearful Thomas missed his friend. He said some monster had run Vinny over without a second thought.

Brooke arrived. Ridge and Thomas told her about the tribute to Vinny. Thomas planned to take it by the cabin to show Hope on his way home. Brooke advised him not to do that. She said that Liam was there, and Liam was moving back home. Thomas was taken aback by the news.

Brooke asked how Thomas felt about it, and Ridge asked what kind of question that was. Thomas replied that it was a hard one. Thomas had discovered that true love was wanting what was best for the other person, and if Hope wanted Liam, Thomas wanted that for her.

Brooke said she still had issues with what Steffy and Liam had done, but Brooke felt that Hope was ready to move on from it. Thomas guessed that Brooke wanted him to give the couple space. Ridge said to let Liam and Hope have that moment. Brooke stated that it was the beginning of a much brighter future for the couple.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam put the toys scattered around the living room in a basket. Hope wondered how long that happy-to-be-home cleaning phase would last. Liam was happy to be home. He wanted to be with her and the kids and block everything else out. The fact that Hope wanted to find forgiveness with him had taken a big weight off him. Cupping Liam's forearms, Hope said she wanted to move forward. Liam did, too -- more than she could possibly know.

Later, Liam and Hope returned to the main room after reading the kids some bedtime stories. Hope said the kids had missed him. He'd missed them, too. He said he had past memories, but he also had the future to think of. He planned to be the father and husband his family deserved.

Hope sat down. She wanted to talk about whatever had bothered Liam awhile back. Liam claimed to be good and no longer bothered by anything, but she insisted, wanting him to know that he could be open and honest with her. She needed that from him, too.

Liam admitted that the last weeks and months had been some of the hardest for him. Hope said she knew, but he didn't think she did. He told her that he'd let bad things happen because he'd let his fear control him. Being with Hope and the kids was his lifeline. Hope assured him that she and kids wouldn't go anywhere, and she assured him that he wouldn't, either.

Later, the living room was dark, and Liam checked the locks on the front door. He told Hope that being there made him feel as if he could breathe again, and he felt for the first time that things would be okay. He said it was because of her love and faith in their marriage. He wasn't sure he deserved her. Hope replied that he did.

Liam said that he loved Hope very much. He stated that he could lock the doors, and the world around them didn't exist. Hope and the kids were his universe, and "this" was the man he wanted to be and the life he wanted to live. He just had to protect it. He couldn't let anything derail it.

Hope assured Liam that it wouldn't happen, and she kissed him. She said they were together, and their family and future were all that mattered. She assured him that nothing would get between them again, and they hugged.

In the design office, Paris and Zoe ate from Chinese takeout containers, using chopsticks. Paris was trying to talk Zoe into letting Paris speak to Carter. Paris remarked that she'd convinced him to give her a job without even trying, and if she got through to him, she'd be his sister-in-law. Confident in Quinn's abilities, Zoe said Quinn was probably with him right then.

Paris felt that was where Zoe should be. Paris pointed out that Quinn had been working on Carter for a long time and hadn't gotten anywhere. Zoe said it could change that night. Paris replied that if it didn't, Zoe needed to change her game plan or find a more reliable messenger.

Zoe had realized that Quinn wasn't a favored person, but she was still a Forrester. Zoe believed that Carter respected Quinn. Zoe didn't want to let Quinn's mistakes define Quinn, especially when Zoe was trying to get Carter to look beyond Zoe's mistakes. Paris questioned whether Quinn was really Zoe's most reliable advocate.

Zoe was adamant that her future rested in the persuasive Quinn's hands. Paris warned Zoe about her habit of trusting the wrong people. Zoe felt it was different and said Quinn knew how much Zoe wanted Carter. Zoe was sure that Quinn was giving it her all.

At Carter's house, lamps lit his darkened living room. As Quinn sat with her legs crossed, the front slit of her dress hung down, revealing the valley between her thighs. Carter hoped his compliments hadn't made her feel uncomfortable. She stated that she hadn't gotten one in a long time. He felt that he should be thanking her.

Quinn assumed that meant the needle had moved just a little bit in Zoe's direction. Carter didn't think the needle could move, but it meant something to him that Quinn cared. She told him that he didn't have to be hurting and lonely. "Neither do you," he replied.

Carter still couldn't get over Zoe's consideration of Zende. "For one minute," Quinn replied. Carter didn't want to be the second choice when he was planning a future with someone. She claimed that he was the most sought-after person in their office building, which was filled with the most beautiful people in the world.

Carter quipped that it took more than that to make a connection with him. Quinn countered that it should also take more than that to break it. He couldn't deny that he was still drawn to Zoe. He still wanted to touch Zoe, hold her, and make love to her. He said it had been a long time. Quinn knew the feeling and couldn't recall the last time she'd felt wanted.

Carter had thought Zoe had been his "end-all, be-all," but she'd let him down. Quinn had thought the same about Eric. She'd been living in a paradise with her portrait above the fireplace. She uttered that Eric looked at the picture more than he looked at her. She and Eric had become strangers, and Eric recoiled when she touched him.

Carter said it wasn't true. Insisting that it was, Quinn was starved for her husband's affections. She knew she seemed tough, but at times, she just wanted to be held.

Later, a fire blazed in Carter's fireplace, and Quinn stood before it, watching it burn. She couldn't believe she was talking about it. It wasn't like her. Carter strode up to her, and she turned around, her back to the hearth. He couldn't believe he was talking about it, either. Quinn had scary questions in her mind, but while talking to him, they didn't seem so terrifying.

Carter asked what the questions were. Quinn said she wondered if she and Eric would get through it, if he'd trust her again, and if he'd hold her the way he once had. She asserted that it was different for Carter and Zoe, who still had a chance. Carter didn't know about that.

Quinn insisted that Zoe hated herself for what she'd done. Carter figured it had been for the best. It had opened his eyes. He didn't want to chase anyone. He wanted someone who truly wanted him. He wanted a real visceral connection with someone.

Knowing how Carter felt, Quinn said that in the past, Eric had told her that she was the most desirable woman in the world. It had given her confidence and security. It had made her feel sexy. She just wanted to feel that way again.

Carter stepped forward, cupping Quinn's face. They gazed longingly at each other, and Quinn flipped back the buttons of his shirt. Her hands touched his chest slowly, as if he might burn her, and she seemed relieved when he didn't flinch.

Seductive music played over the scene as Carter undid the buttons of Quinn's dress. With one flick, Quinn unsnapped her belt. Carter's lips trailed over her shoulder, and she shuddered. Pulling back, his cheek nestled in her long, raven curls. Nose-to-nose, they stood together in agonizing silence. Finally, Quinn breathily uttered, "We can't..."

With an almost imperceptible smile, Carter drew Quinn in and kissed her. Their lips fell together in time, and Quinn peeled off his shirt. The music shifted to a slow song about "irresistible skin." Carter undressed Quinn down to a black slip and eased her onto his sofa. There, he began stripping away even that layer of clothing, kissing her neck and lips along the way.

"There's no turning back...On a one-way street..." the singer sang.

Cupping her bottom, Carter pressed the bra-clad Quinn against the wall near the window, passionately kissing her. He lowered her onto the blanket before the fire, and hovering over her, he kissed her.

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